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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 19, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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the retired school chief in santa clara county has a plan to get out from under his under water property. i'll explain coming up. how about $300 for a pizza. why some customers are reeling after being slapped with a hefty fee. and did jesus have a wife? the new evidence that may provide the first evidence that jesus was married. for now, we take you outside for a live look at san bruno mountain. rob mayeda will be here to fill in on what it feels like today. nbc bay area starts right now.
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good morning. very happy you could join us. i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm marla tellez. new this morning, police are searching for a man who they say tried to assault a jogger in palo alto. a woman in her 20s was jogging in palo alto on the path through the park on palo alto avenue near alma street. the man grabbed her from behind and tried to pull her down. the suspect is described as middle eastern or hispanic. 5'9" tall and 40 years old. he was wearing a light gray shirt and dark gray or black runni running pants. campus police say a flasher exposed himself at albany village. the man said he was a
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maintenance worker. he asked a woman to let him into her apartment. after getting inside, he appeared to inspect the apartment and after using the restroom, he came out and exposed himself. the woman screamed and the man ran away. this is described as a white man about 50 years old and 6'ta tal. he was wearing a long shirt and khaki pants. we told but this this morning. the cello has been found. the suspects were caught on tape. the suspect walked into the conservatory of music on sunday and casually walked out with the cello. the cello belonged to adam young. left it in the unlocked locker for two hours on sunday afternoon. in the south bay, a superintendent wants to unload
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his condo on taxpayers. it lost a chunk of the value since the purchase four years ago. we have christie smith live in santa clara with more on the unusual request the school board will consider tonight. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, marla. certainly there are a lot of under water properties out there, but the retired school chief has an unusual plan to get rid of his. he wants the board of education to assume the ownership of the property. that according to "the mercury news." his he retired this year. the board of education offered him a low-interest loan to move here. he borrowed about $900,000, but stayed in ventura, never moving here on a permanent basis. he needs to repay it, but cannot sell it for what he paid for it.
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he wants the board to take it and sell it or lease it. taxpayers gave that idea a thumb's down. >> it can't be, oh, we bought our house and the economy goes down and we're like, okay, we'll take the house back. it's not right. >> i don't agree with that. >> reporter: the board may consider its options tonight when they meet in closed session. the agreement was that he had about 18 months to pay that back. we have reached out to the board president and him for comment, but haven't heard back. reporting live, christie smith, nbc bay area news. the man accused of robbing the home of steve jobs is facing a hearing. he was expected to enter a plea today, but that has been delayed until october 17th. we have a crew on the way to the hearing and we will bring you the latest.
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mcfarland is facing charges of stealing and jobs' wallet from his home back in july. the red cross is helping people after flames tore through their apartment complex in the south bay. firefighters were called at 4:30 this morning to a fire in san jose near west capital expressway. a second floor unit was damaged by the two-alarm fire. investigators say one firefighter suffered minor burns, but he is expected to recover. one resident was treated for minor smoke inhalation. people said they did not have much time to leave. >> living in the upstairs unit. there is an upstairs deck. it was coming out the deck and there is a tree. it burned quickly. >> did you see the flames? >> oh, gosh, gushing out of the window up there. we thought it would get ours,
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but they didn't. they found my cane. >> the cause of the fire is ski still being investigated. an attempted kidnapping and high-speed chase sends officers to the hospital in the east bay overnight. this started in fremont when 30-year-old robert abatta tried to get three young men in this truck. the men were able to flag down police and officers found the suspect's truck and that led to a chase. abatta ended up crashing his truck and the two cars in union city. police tased him, but that did not do anything. they then let a police dog loose on him and bit him. officers say he was high on meth and he wanted to have sex with the young men. the suspect and officers were taken to the hospital. a dog that attacked a police horse on chrissy field is getting a reprieve.
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a judge decided to stay the execution of the 18-month-old pit bull named charlie. charlie was in golden gate bridge park in august when he chased a police horse and biting it several times. city officials say the dog is vicious and aggressive and needs to be put down. a lawyer for charlie's owner says the city does not have the right to order charlie's death. a hearing will be set in the coming weeks to determine what will happen next. cal state trustees will vote today on another possible tuition hike. it will go in effect if the voting in november fails. under the plan, students would see a 5% tuition increase in january. in-state students would pay $150 more per semester. customers at two little cesar's will be hit for food
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they bought months ago. debit and credit charges were delayed at the stores for as long asinine months. the transactions are coming through all at once. one man was hit with a $300 charge for purchases back in february. the restaurant manager telling the "press democrat," saying there was a problem with the bank that processes the transactio transactions. all right. rob mayeda joining us on set. he is in for christina. the sun is showing its pretty face. >> that is the positive of things. we are watching the sun break through clouds around san francisco. there is one spot for you. san jose is seeing it too. the low clouds entrenched on the coast and central bay. from the areas south of san francisco and san mateo bridge and east bay.
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as we take you further south into san jose, the clearing in santa cruz. that is the place to find the sun. 69 degrees in gilroy. we still have a good strong sea breeze which you notice in fairfield. southwest winds up to 21 miles per hour and southwest wind in concord. the clouds will break up midday. filling in again for the evening. temperatures will run very cool for the afternoon. near 80 in livermore. as we roll into the evening ours, it will cool. matt cain takes the mound. 58 degrees at first pitch. sweatshirt weather. we will let you know that things will warm up for the game tomorrow. >> thank you, rob. i'll tell you what, new this morning, book worms are being told to grab the biggest bags
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you can find. >> 500,000 books and books on tape will be on sale as of today at the ft. mason center. the sale runs from today until saturday from 10:00 each morning until 6:00 each night. the friends of the san francisco public library have hosted this event for 48 years straight. still ahead, the space shuttle endeavour is flying over the skies of san francisco. and the discovery that could have christians viewing jesus differently. he is still rich, but mark zuckerberg takes a hit down the list. and outside live, you can see the clouds clearing up. rob mayeda will be back to show
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us the forecast to tell you what it is like today and into the weekend. we'll be back in a minute.
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happening right now, the space shuttle endeavour embarking on the final journey from the cape canaveral space center. a very cool scene. we can tell you this is the beginning of the massive cross country farewell tour. it will flyover two other sites and head up to sacramento before a finale on friday. it will include a low altitude flyover of the golden gate bridge. nasa says it will be a thing to see. if weather cooperates, you can see the shuttle at 9:00 on friday morning. after that, the shuttle will eventually touchdown in los
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angeles and will be hauled along the city streets and come to a halt at the science center. the cartoons of the prophet muhammad are fueling more anger over the anti-islam film. the film sparked protests from asia to africa. the cartoon is playing off the film. riot police are outside the magazine's office which was fire bombed last year after release. schools and embassies are ordered to close tomorrow. we can tell you the "forbes" list is out and myself and marla tellez and scott mcgrew still not on it. >> the new list looks like the old list. bill gates is still on top with
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$66 billion. warren buffett has $65 billion. mark zuckerberg has dropped to 36th. congress has a new search engine this morning. you can search for bills. this is more like google. a live look at my ipad as we wait for it to update with io6 released an hour ago. i have been staring at this screen for some time. good-bye google maps. as many of you heard, on friday, they will offer a new phone as well. i don't know if you heard about that. back to you. >> the iphone 5? >> scott, thanks a lot. way to update us. let's check the forecast with rob. how is it looking? >> we are watching the low clouds this morning. especially friday morning. you can see right now from san
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bruno mountain with the overcast above and the space shuttle will come over the bay area and pass over the golden gate tower which is 750 feet high. the aircraft with the shuttle on its back makes the path over the area. the low cloud layer we have or the base or ceiling is close to 1,000 feet. at the top, 2,000 feet. this is right at flight level at 8:00. by 9:00 and 10:00, drier air will break down. we are looking at partly cloudy skies and some clearing. we are keeping the optimistic view for friday. things look better for the mid-morning hours on friday. here is the issue you saw from the san bruno mountain camera. we have the clouds over the coastal range and into the central bay. not as much into the san jose area. the temperatures are climbing in
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gilroy in the upper 60s. that has a chance of getting to 80 degrees. fairfield with southwest winds up to 21 miles per hour. the ocean air conditioning on all day long. we have the sunshine and we head toward the evening and low clouds spill in once again. you can see the high temperatures. the last days of summer not feeling like it. low 70s around the santa clara valley. low to mid-70s in the north bay. tomorrow, a similar day. friday, for the valley, should be the warmest day of the week. on saturday, falling temperatures. back to you. mother nature timed it just right. >> indeed. >> the harvest is getting under way in wine country. >> last year, you were out there. you talked about the grapes. you were good. we can tell you this year's round is costing wine makers to pick the grapes.
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we have bob redell live with more to explain it all. bob? you got the package? >> reporter: good morning, jon and marla. many of the grape pickers are some of the hardest working people on the planet. many are migrant workers. because of tighter immigration laws, they are becoming harder to find and the cost of labor has gone up. some have double pay over last season. here in livermore, the costs have gone up 10%. they will make up the costs with the production. >> the weather has been great. everything is going along well. >> reporter: oh, the glamour of being a wine maker. carl, traipsing through the area in livermore looking at the grapes at this ungodly hour.
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the temperature is right. >> just like processing fresh fruit. you want to keep it cool. temperatures are critical. >> reporter: his decision to pick on this day and this hour is based on the fruit's sugar levels. one of the many choices he will make over the next ten minutes as he makes the 2012 saturdchar. >> it makes it pretty fun and crazy. >> reporter: how do you wrap your head around it? >> you have the patience. lord granted me the wisdom to control what i can control and not control. >> reporter: carl tells us this year's harvest in livermore is about ten days behind the ten-year average which is where it was last year. as long as it doesn't rain between now and the end of
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harvest, the wine makers will be very happy around here. chardonnay, by the way. reporting live, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> the chardonnay is something to taste. that's for sure. >> looking fine. registered to vote here in california just got a lot faster and easier. we will show you how you can register from your smartphone. it is time to shop for all of the christmas gifts for all the little ones out there. we will have a list out of the hottest toys for the 2012 holiday season. and to join our discussion, check us out on facebook, search nbc bay area. a live look over san jose. you see the low hanging clouds out there. still nice day outside. temperatures rising as we speak. we're back in minutes.
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california lawmakers are looking for ways to increase voter participation in the golden state. today, the search might be over. this morning, california launched a new online voter registration system. it will allow you to register through any computer or mobile device. california has 10 million unregistered people. it is still early, but it is time to think about christmas. toys r us are releasing the top 50 hot toys. a few old favorites topping the list include a new version of the furby. an interactive robot.
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you see the teenage ninja mutant turtles. you are put down 20% of the cost to get a head start. if you like doughnuts and can talk like a pirate, today is your lucky day. today is september 19th. the tenth answniversary of talk like a pirate day. you can come into krispy kreme and talk like a pirate or wear an eye patch. >> you are telling me my captain morgan outfit will get me free doughnuts? >> do you do impersonations? >> i do not do pirate
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impersonati impersonations. coming up, here is a serious question. was jesus married? >> the shocking way christians could see jesus. so... [ gasps ]
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so a new discovery would change the way worshippers feel about christianity. >> a professor may have proof that jesus may have been married. she translated the papyrus and that talked about jesus talking about his wife being a disciple. the professor from harvard says we should be cautious because it was written centuries after jesus' time. the vatican has not responded to the findings. >> happy one-year anniversary. we started this show one year ago today. >> cheers to that. thanks for being with us. join us tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00.
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