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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 20, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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he went from fighting fires to fighting for his life. a major milestone for a south bay firefighter hospitalized for almost a month after nearly dying on the job. i heard screaming at the top of my lungs, everybody get the hell out of here. >> we'll hear from the man firefighters are calling a hero after flames erupt at an east bay gas station. nbc bay area news at 11:00 starts now. good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. jon kelley is off today. we begin this morning with the latest details about an 11-year-old boy who was rushed to the hospital overnight after being shot when someone opened fire on his family's home. nbc bay area's bob redell joins
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us live from oakland with the boy's condition as well as the very latest on this investigation. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. we're outside the hernandez family home here in oakland. they're scared and frustrated because twice before people have walked by their home here on macon road and fired guns into the air and yet there were no arrests. early this morning, there were more gunshots. but as you can see, this time they were aimed at their house seriously injuring a young boy who is now recovering at oakland children's hospital. >> i feel for his brothers and sisters. why him, why that happened to him? >> reporter: anna hernandez doesn't have an answer to that question, why 16 bullets were fired into herrous on macon road around 1:00 this morning. some from a .38, some from a aren't 45. one bullet pierced a photo of her son, luis antonio. another hit the boy himself. that shot traveled through the exterior wall into the master bedroom.
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through the bedroom door and into an interior wall, finally into the chest of the sixth-grade boy southbou asleep the other side. he stopped that bullet from hitting his older brother who happened has been sleeping next to him. >> i told him it was going to be all right. the ambulance is coming, just be strong. then he said he was going to stay strong. that's what he did. he stayed strong. he's in the hospital. >> reporter: what's remarkable is that none of the nine other family members crammed together in this house were hit by the bullet, including grandma and her new grandchild. the family is not sure who fired the shots but two of the children believe that whoever did this hit their house at random. >> just scary. crazy. why y'all doing this for? we ain't did nothing to y'all. you're hurting our family. we didn't do nothing to your family.
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my brother is suffering right now. >> reporter: 11-year-old luis antonio is in a lot of pain. the bullet pierced his lung and lodged in his liver. after an operation, doctors have determined it is too dangerous to remove the bullet. but in spite of all that, the family tells us that he will survive. they expect him out of oakland children's hospital in about five days. opd, oakland police, has made no arrest and has no comment on the investigation only to say that they responded to the shooting that took place here last night. reporting live here in oakland, bob redell, nbc bay area news. about 90 minutes earlier, there was another shooting on oakland streets, this time three adults were injured. it happened about five miles north of the shooting bob just told us about. two of the victims are still in stable condition. the third is in serious condition. and those suspects are still the run.
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a san jose firefighter whose heart stopped while battling a fire three weeks ago is now out of the hospital and will be back on the job soon. firefighter frank ryan was released from regional medical center yesterday. the 41-year-old went into cardiac arrest while on scene of a fire at st. patrick's church in downtown san jose last month. doctors say his fellow firefighters saved his life. that includes his captain who says as soon as ryan was released yesterday, he visited the crew at station 1 where he's been working for a decade. >> he's a great guy. he's a lot of fun. loves the fire department. longtime station 1 guy. >> reporter: is there a little more pep into station 1 now that he's back? >> i think everybody was emotional. just a great day when he walked through the door yesterday, to see him come back and visit. it was wonderful. >> since his collapse, ryan has never been alone.
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firefighters kept a round-the-clock vigil at the hospital while he recovered. ryan plans to return to the department in a few months. the family of a teen shot and killed by a south san francisco police officer will hold a rally today on what would have been the boy's 16th birthday. derek gangs was shot at a gas station back in june after police say he reached for a gun that had fallen out of his waistband. investigators later determined the gun was not loaded. the department has ruled it a justifiable shooting. the teen's family disagrees and has filed suit against south san francisco. the rally and march starts at 4:00 this afternoon at the arco gas station where gaines was shot. troubling new detail this is morning in a high-profile homicide near watsonville. monterey police say they believe naval professor lawrence jones repeatedly shot his 29-year-old estranged wife inside their home and then cut apart her body
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before dumping the parts near watsonville. jones is being held without bail at the monterey county jail. an oakland teen accused of killing his adoptive parents will stand for trial as an adult. a judge has now ruled there is enough evidence to try 16-year-old moses kaimin'. prosecutors say he killed his parents in a fit of rage over trouble at school. his lawyer says kamin suffers from mental disorders and other conditions due to a traumatic childhood in another foster home. it could have been a whole lot worse, that's what officials are saying about a fire at a martinez gas station. the entire incident was caught on video. we'll show it to you here. this cell phone video was shot at the flax oil on alhambra avenue yesterday afternoon. you can see an suv backing up quickly, then smashing into a gas pump and sparking that fire. firefighters were on scene minutes later but admit the situation could have been a lot
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worse if a station manager had not acted quickly. >> there was a lady standing in front of him pumping her gas when it happened. as soon as i saw the smoke, i shut off the emergency switch and started screaming for everybody to get out of here. everybody took off and ran. >> martinez police say it appears the suv's driver accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brakes. uc berkeley police have a new warning for students, beware of robbers posing on campus as magazine salespeople. on september 10th, a student reported being robbed by a man selling magazine subscriptions in the plaza. the victim claims when she refused the subscription, the man and two accomplices threatened her and forced her to withdraw money from a campus atm. another student reported a similar incident later that same day. yesterday, the university posted the new warnings. since then, multiple students have come forward with similar stories.
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the officer who pepper sprayed a group of students on the uc davis campus last november will not face criminal charges. the yellow county district attorney says there is insufficient evidence to prove the pepper spraying was unawful. the officer, john pike, has already lost his job. the campus police chief also resigned after this video surfaced online. right now, shuttle "endeavour" is in the air on the second leg of its cross-country farewell tour. this is in houston a few hours ago. "endeavour" just flew over tucson, arizona, to honor former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. it made low flyovers at other nasa locations in new mexico and will be touching down at edwards air force base in southern california later this afternoon. "endeavour" will also make a high-profile appearance in the skies above the bay area tomorrow morning. the visit will include a low
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altitude flyover at the golden gate bridge and moffett field as a special tribute to workers at the nasa research center. they developed the shuttle done and developed the heat seals. as many as 10,000 people are expected to gather at moffett to watch the flyover, expected to happen between 8:30 and 10:00. the space and science center is holding on event starting at 8:00 if you're willing to pay about $16 per person. if you're looking for a free view, we're told san francisco's chrissy field or marina greens should be great vantage points. we'll be breaking into programming tomorrow to bring to it you live right here on nbc bay area. the sight over the golden gate bridge, what's the forecast? sit going to be foggy. >> there's good changes we've started to see where the sky has started to clear out. this will be the most dramatic shot we'll see tomorrow morning. the golden gate towers close to 750 feet above the water and the
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747 and space shuttle supposed to do a pass at about 1,500 feet. that's been where all the fog and low clouds have been. but tomorrow morning, looks like patchy areas of low clouds. if you're heading out to moffett field, like jacket weather. should be dramatic and loud across the bay area. i had the pleasure of being able to see this once before when i was in tucson back in college. it is an amazing sight. it is a loud sight but one that will debtly get your attention when it comes through the bay area. a similar day tomorrow as well. you see how skies are starting to clear as north winds down the coast are starting to chew up that marine layer. so the weather computer models showing you the low clouds starting to go away. that's a sign of a warm-up as we head into tomorrow's forecast. we'll have an hour-by-hour forecast for friday and talk about warmer temperatures coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> rob, thanks so much. still ahead at 11:00, why an east bay teenager says he would
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put college on hold to serve his hometown. and mitt romney returns to the bay area for a fund-raiser in the wake of those secretly recorded comments he made about the poor. we'll show you who's on the guest list for the very pricey dinner. plus, a cacophony of criticism for photography. [ fingers tapping ]
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new this morning, request denied. the actress who claimed she was duped into starring in that low budget anti-islam movie lost a critical battle in court this morning. she asked a judge for an emergency injunction forcing youtube to remove the film. the judge refused. the film is blamed for violent protests in more than a dozen countries. cindy lee garcia says she's been getting death threats since the film hit the internet. she also filed a lawsuit against the filmmaker yesterday for fraud, slander and emotional distress. garcia says the filmmaker lied to her about the movie saying it
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was an historical arabian desert adventure film. turning now to decision 2012, tomorrow, mitt romney will return to the bay area for a private fund-raiser just days after a secret recording of another fund-raiser went public. romney will be in hillsboro on friday at the strawberry hill esta estate. tickets are pricey, as high as $50,000 per person. the guest list includes hp ceo meg whitman, peter mcgowan, scott mcgeely and former secretary of state george schultz. the media is banned from that event. a newly surfaced videotape has become the latest flash point in the presidential campaign. the 1998 video shows barack obama as an illinois state senator saying he believes redistribution when it comes to the nation's wealth. this follows a hidden camera video of mitt romney released only days earlier. nbc's peter alexander reports.
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>> reporter: at his first public event since his private comments surfaced, mitt romney tried to turn the page with a new message of incluesiveness. >> my campaign is about the 100% of americans. and i'm concerned about them. >> reporter: he counterattacked, furiously fighting back against his opponent. >> we've had a president who's been putting in place a political and economic program that a lot of us don't recognize. we haven't seen anything like this in america before. he said some years ago something which we're hearing about today on the internet. he said he believes in redistribution. all right. >> reporter: romney was seizing on comments made 14 years ago by then state senator obama during a conference on city government and public policy at chicago's loyola university. >> i think the trick is figuring out how do we structure government systems that pool
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resources and, hence, facilitate some redistribution because i actually believe in redistribution, at least at a certain level, to make sure that everybody's got a shot. >> reporter: the obama campaign quickly responded. >> governor romney and congressman ryan would redistribute wealth from middle class families to the wealthiest americans. >> reporter: and the pro-obama super pac attacked the comments in a new ad, now airing in six battleground states. >> they should take personal responsibility. >> and mitt romney will never convince us he's on our side. >> reporter: romney's aggressive new counterattacks follow three days of fierce criticism. this "the wall street journal" columnist blasting the campaign as incompetent, an intervention is in order, she wrote, mitt, this isn't working. speaking out on the issue for the first time, romney's wife, ann, said her husband's fund-raiser remarks were misinterpret and taken out of context. and the first lady alluded to the comments as well. >> as president, you have to be
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driven by the struggles, hopes and dreams of all of the people you serve. >> reporter: peter alexander, nbc news. a whole lot of criticism this morning for the problems plaguing the new apple maps. the program replaces google maps. and our scott mcgrew joins us. it took you just minutes to find very obvious errors. >> i just started looking up my own neighborhood in san jose and thinking, that's not right. apple needs to go back to school. if they can find a school. take a look. this is apple's brand-new map app. here's valley christian high school on the corner of branham and meridian. except valley christian is nowhere near there. the next map is supposed to be pioneer, home of the mustangs. do we have that one? i believe we do. here is pioneer. take a look close at the spelling.
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good luck searching for pioneer when they have it spelled as poineer. and collins elementary is listed here. but it's lawson middle school that's correct. this is the most mystifying. surely some apple employees send their kids to that school. you can see lawson middle school from the top floors of apple headquarters. part of the problem is some of the data appears to be incredibly old. valley christian, for instance, was at the corner of meridian and branham when bill clinton was president. it moved in 1999. google has had seven years to perfect its map. the apple map is, what, 24 hours old. can you hold to it the same standards as google? yeah, it is. when you're driving -- you understand minor gps errors. but it's not going to steer you over to 1999.
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>> my question is google when it first released its maps, did they have similar problems? >> the proviso would throw in there is we were nowhere near as dependent on mobile maps at the time. gps units were much more in vog vogue. these days, you have one unit to tell you where to go. if you want to go valley christian, that's a problem. >> thank you, scott. let's turn it over to rob mayeda in for christina. >> we're going to be watching things tomorrow. gorgeous view across the bay. clear skies. still a sea breeze out there. so the temperatures are going to be mild for another day before we warm up tomorrow. mostly 60s across the board. 59 in santa rosa. gilroy up to 65 degrees. sea breeze reaching fairfield, southwest at 17. but as that backs off, we're going to get more 80s in the forecast come tomorrow. heading out to the giants game, this is just a few minutes away now.
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12:45 start time. magic number, number five. let's see if it drops over the next two days. satellite/radar view shows this upper level low sitting offshore. let's take a look as we head towards friday morning, we'll see the low clouds before sunrise. but as the sun comes up and drier air mixing down into those low clouds, should see clearing around the time "endeavour" makes its trip around the bay area tomorrow morning. around the bay today, temperatures in the low 70s in san jose. 80 in morgan hill. warmest places in the tri-valley, in the 80s. towards napa and santa rosa, 63 in san francisco. the forecast is going to warm up. friday, the last full day of summer. fall officially starts on
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saturday. it's going to feel like it this weekend with more clouds, breezy and cooler come sunday into monday. >> thank you, rob. still ahead at 11:00, a fremont teenager focused on much more than just homework. why an 18-year-old college student is running for mayor of his hometown. and then why being a fan of san francisco's baseball team could take a giant chunk out of alex smith's wallet. what the nfl is telling him to leave in his locker. i work at the cable company, and i get to wear a hard hat...
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to get our triple play for $89 a month. and get the same great price for 2 years plus a total home dvr. and u-verse has more hd channels than cable, too. i want at&t. -me, too! -yeah! who wants to talk to a fireman? i do! okay. [ female announcer ] choose the bundle that fits your life. ♪ an east bay city is getting a lot of attention this coming election. voters in fremont must decide who will be their next mayor on the november ballot. one candidate says he is ready to take charge despite being just 18 years old. aziz akbari is running against a field of experienced
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politicians. but he says he's been active in politics for years. >> i worked on pete stark's campaign back like four years ago when he was running. >> you were 14? >> right, but i've been involved in local politics since i was about 8 or 9 years old. >> that's amazing. if he wins the mayor's race, he will be become fremont's first mayor of south asian decent. b.a.r.t. is celebrating its birthday by giving gifts to riders. to celebrate, they're giving away 40,000 free rides to bay area students going on school field trips. b.a.r.t. is also handing out $40 vouchers for free tickets starting tomorrow. next week, the agency will be giving free ice cream at san francisco's powell and oakland's rockridge stations. coming up next, why the nfl is warning alex smith to flip his lid in his postgame interviews. we'll be right back.
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off with the hats. the nfl has warned niners
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quarterback alex smith to stop wearing a san francisco giants hat. their message -- take it off or pay the price. smith began sporting the hat in postgame interviews last season, a tradition that he has continued this season. the qb says it's been his lucky hat. now the nfl has told him to take it off or pay $15,000 fines. under contract, players can only wear nfl-sponsored paraphernalia 90 minutes before and 90 minutes after the game. they've since retracted the fine but gave the quarterback a stern quarterback. the 49ers and their fans hope that smith and his teammates can overcome losing the lucky lid. >> wow. roger goodell must be a dodger fan or something. what's up with that? >> we all love the giants. thanks so much for being with us. join us tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. and anytime all day long at thanks for being with us.
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