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tv   Today  NBC  September 25, 2012 2:05am-3:00am PDT

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television from nbc news, this is "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. hoda just leaned over to me on fun day monday. what's in our show today? >> i have no idea. >> this is called blind faith. >> it's a big day here, hoda. >> this is a huge day, and this is why i'm so caught up, because we were talking about which college is going to win our competition. and in our brains, we have the winner. we know who and we're going to announce it in just a couple of seconds. >> yes, we are. >> the six finalists, in case you forgot, they were syracuse university.
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the ohio state university. university of tennessee. brandeis university. and creighton. you guys voted like crazy. we had 150,000 votes and we know where we're headed a week from today, and the winner is -- >> drum roll, please. >> drum roll, please! go! >> university of tennessee! thank you. ♪ ♪ good ole rocky top ♪ rocky top tennessee ♪ rocky top tennessee >> that's sarah, in case you're wondering. all right, we're going to do our show october 1st live from the hill, oldest part of the campus. that's their mascot, smokey the dog. you know what, it's going to be fun. we are going to tennessee. that's the home of the volunteers. that's where peyton manning went to school. >> you know, it's unbelievable
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what happens to a person when they put on a dog head. just can't help yourself. they are called the volunteers because, i guess, over 30,000 people volunteered from tennessee to fight in the mexican war. >> this sung "rocky top" has been sung by so many different people. ♪ >> going to be such fun. it's going to be fun. a week from today we're going to do our program live from the campus there at ut. i hope we have someone singing. >> 27,000 students there, so y'all come down. how was your weekend? you were very big at the aarp. can't say it because i'm losing my teeth. >> i went to the aarp convention in new orleans. it's a 50 and over crowd. >> what's fun with that? we have fun too. >> thousands of people showed up. there was some politics and some fun. president obama spoke, paul ryan spoke. in between those two -- >> there was a hoda sandwich.
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with a little emerald lagasse. he was great. anyway, there's emerald. we did a little conversation with him. i got to tell you, jane pauley was there. these aarp people know how to party. there was a concert with stevie nicks, gladys knight, and melissa etheridge. i had my iphone, i took a video, you can't hear or see, but i did it. i did it. >> who's that singing? >> guess. ♪ ♪ i'm coming home ♪ come to my window >> anyway, by the way, when i was flying back, i want to point out, when i was flying back from new orleans, i was sitting on the plane and there was a girl sitting next to me with her ipad watching a movie without headphones. just enjoying the movie without hearing it? >> everyone could hear it. >> i gave her the eye. people have no excuse for that, you can get little headphones on the plane.
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>> she was unaware, clearly, she did her own thing. i glared at her and she ultimately turned it off. >> you're using your bully pulpit here to shame people into doing the right thing. good for you, hoda. >> how was your weekend? >> went up to nantucket. frank and i went saturday afternoon, came right back saturday night. everything was so crazy with rehearsals and everything, but our grandson, first grandchild. michael kennedy got married. that leaves one, rory is not married. he married a beautiful girl named mary campbell. >> pretty wedding? >> they've gone off to tanzania and zanzabar for a honeymoon. you talk about how great it would be on safari. it sounded romantic. if i weren't so exhausted, i was going to go. you know what i mean? any way, i watched a little of the emmys last night. let's talk first what everybody cares about, the fashion. i think the best dress, by far,
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was heidi klum's sea foam green dress. >> she had the leg. it was a high, high, high slit on both legs. she looked beautiful. she always looks free and breezy. like she didn't try too hard. >> always looks like she smells good. you know who else i thought looked good? her dress was unique. edie falco. i don't know if you could see it when she turns. it's hard to see. it's all white in the back. isn't that kind of interesting? and the belt was black in the back. >> christina hendrix, she just walks in and dominates. she was nominated for best supporting actress for "madmen." they have their own zip code, don't they? >> what's going on with that situation? that's crazy, right? >> that's what frank calls a formidable woman. >> some of the critics didn't
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love glenn close's dress. >> you mean you, you couldn't stand it. she's a beautiful woman, has a lovely figure. just didn't flatter her. looked like something off spider-man. >> lina denim got tons of press, by the way. she has tattoos, on the show "girls." >> she writes it, doesn't she? >> she does everything. we're going to have a bit with her in a second. also the girl from "revenge." >> she was fantastic. >> i love that show. anyway, had lace on it. it's pretty. >> it's hard to see from here. >> yellow was the big trend, hoda woman. you'd think for summer, but it's fall. of course, it was hot as all get out. >> do you know how many times they said on the red carpet is it hot enough for you? >> wimps. >> stop whining is the point. >> that's an unusual color. what is it -- >> careful.
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i know what you're thinking. >> i can't think of the name of that yellow. >> jimmy kimmewas the host. he can get mixed reviews. >> we love our jimmy. some things work, some things didn't, like life. >> the beginning was cool. they had his face all botoxed. let's watch the beginning in case you missed this bit. >> don't look at me. >> what's wrong? >> i can't host the show tonight. >> why can't you host the show tonight? >> i got a little botox. is it bad? >> no. >> i look hideous. i can't host the emmys. >> we'll do it! >> that part worked. >> come on. >> notice how eager everybody is. you know, he said when he was first asked to do it, that will be fun. then it dawns on you, crud, now
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i have to do it. it's a lot of work that goes into that. >> we're going to talk about the winners and the ones that didn't win with jason kennedy. >> "madmen" got shut out. zero. how is that possible, 12 nominations or something and not one emmy? >> believe me, i know the feeling. that was the susan lucci of daytime for many years. 17 nominations. >> makes us look bad. looks like we don't know what we're talking about. >> because we don't. >> don't have any idea. >> jon stewart won best variety show. i want a shout out for kevin costner for winning best actor. he was amazing in "hatfields and mccoys." i'm really happy for him. >> i've never seen "homeland." i want to see that now. >> hoda, you're an extremely busy woman. perhaps that's why you never know what you're talking about. you're just all over the place. you know what i'm saying? >> no, i don't. >> apparently, there's a new study that says americans sleep too much. i don't believe that.
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>> the video? >> should we? okay. >> good. >> any time would be good. >> "the daily show with jon stewart." [ applause ] ♪ >> "the daily show with jon stewart" received four nominations this year. they have now won an emmy in this category ten consecutive years. >> oh, i'm not in the kind of shape i should be in to do a bit with jimmy fallon, who's in very good shape. >> that was good. >> well, that was cute, was it planned? >> i don't know. >> why am i asking you? did you know that americans sleep too much? i'd like one person to say they get too much. i don't know anybody who gs enough sleep. >> that's a new study that's out. all right, it is football season. our favorite things, okay, show
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the picture first. hoda! sweaters in your favorite team colors. that is frank yesterday. >> that's really cute. >> lola, louis, and bambino. >> doggy sweaters? >> yes, look at this. this was louis', then i ran out of room. isn't that cute? they are available from preppy puppies. they are $30 at i think that is terrific. very, very cute. >> my favorite thing is a book by mitch albom. he wrote all those terrific books. >> like what? >> "tuesdays with morrie" or something like that? >> i'm having terrible brain issues. but i'm fine with it. >> alcohol does that. >> please roll so i can see the name. >> so she can remember the name of the book. >> "time keeper." no, it's actually very good. >> $14.40 at
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she'll be all right. what do you have, baby? >> mine is also a book. i've had so many people stop me because of the book you recommended, "gone girl." i found one myself, "defending jacob." it's a mystery. it's a bunch of people in our office read it. you're going to set me off now. but it's one of those books you talk about after you're done. >> quiz her! >> jacob is the son of these two parents, and it goes into the difficulties of how much is nature versus nurture in crime. it's fascinating. >> a comedy, great. >> it's hilarious. get it now. >> we're reminding people in case you didn't realize, we're going to tennessee on monday. >> yes, we are. we have a terrific oscar-nominated actress with us. >> maggie gyllenhaal, you guys. this is a terrific movie. >> she will not back down when it comes to her daughter. also justin timberlake, we're going to talk about him.
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and this. so furniture has nothing to fear. good boy. [ female announcer ] see last sunday's paper for a buy one, get one free coupon for pledge multi-surface. s.c. johnson, a family company. the new film "won't back down" stars maggie gyllenhaal as a single mother turned activist who fights for better education for her daughter. >> to make that happen, she has a unique proposal for one of the school's teachers. take a look. >> i'm sorry if you're, like, the only person who actually says what she's going to do around here. >> i'm sorry. >> you want to start a school with me? >> what? >> wow. >> wow. >> viola davis, right? she's so, so brilliant. when you play a mom who's from a lower-class neighborhood who's just sick and tired of her kids sort of being the victim of this awful school system, which i'm
2:20 am
sure a lot of people watching this can connect to. >> yeah, she's, you know, she's in the position that i think no mother should have to be in in this country where she, you know, her daughter's in a failing school and she's at the end of the line. there's nobody who can help her. her daughter's dyslexic, yeah. even if she weren't, i think it's just, in this case, it's -- in the case of the movie, it's really a school that isn't working. >> a lot of mothers would feel helpless, there's not one thing i can do. what's your game plan with viola? >> it's interesting. my character in the movie, she does end up becoming an activist, but she starts out as someone who doesn't consider herself political or an intellectual or any of those things. and i think what's in her heart, her need activates her and, you know, together with viola's character, you know, they take over the school. viola's character is a teacher.
2:21 am
>> apparently there's a line that is fantastic where at one point your character says something in the realm of, you know those kinds of moms who lift up one-ton trucks -- >> off their kid, they are nothing to me. >> i love that. every mother can relate to that. >> she's not a perfect mother. you can watch it and see. no such thing as a perfect mother or anything near a perfect mother. >> if there was, you wouldn't want to play her, because you'd be so boring. >> and dishonest. >> exactly, exactly. >> and given the state of the education system, do you think this is one of those movies that will become a call to action? >> i certainly hope so. the movie has started up some controversy, which is really a surprise to me. >> it might be antiunion. >> the important thing, i am a total union supporter. i come from, like, the most progressive lefties there are. i wouldn't be allowed to come home for thanksgiving if i made an antiunion movie, but it's important to hold two things in your mind at once.
2:22 am
you can absolutely support unions fundamentally with your mind and heart and can find some faults within them. >> they are not perfect either. >> even the things we believe in most stop serving us. >> when they stop serving the children, that's when they need to be addressed. >> that's the one thing i want to say. the disagreements between the adults in this situation get in the way of helping the children in this country who need to be educated, then we are absolutely failing. and i hope that all of these people who are taking issue with this movie will ultimately see that the movie can be used to help them. >> just like waiting for superman did. >> that was a great movie. >> i just watched that movie again the other night, crying, crying. this movie too, by the way, bring kleenex if you go. >> you're a mom now of two. you can understand even if this character you're playing is so completely different from you. what a mother or great father's
2:23 am
reaction would be to watch the despair that happens when you see your child failing like that. >> if you have an incredible teacher, i take my daughter to school almost every day, not today, because i'm here. you see that teacher and think if that teacher's amazing, i want them to be rewarded, get down on my knees and thank them. if they are struggling, i want a system in place to help them and if they are not fundamentally able to teach, i don't want them to teach my child or anybody's child. >> that's completely fair. >> we like you. >> we like you a lot, maggie. >> thanks for coming to see us. "won't back down" hits theaters friday. rosie perez comes to talk about her role in the film on thursday. whether it's the school bake sale or field trips, why parents should. feel pressure to volunteer all the time. and the surprises and snubs of last night's emmys on hollywood buzz. first, these messages. i have a cold, and i took nyquil,
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we are back now and it's monday, so that means it is time for our fan of the week. >> ms. sara haines is here to tell us who the lucky winner is. who is it? >> the south is doing well today. this is from lexington, kentucky. amy hosier who watches on lax-18. must-see tv for amy and her puppy pals, who i guess we don't get to know the name. but whether 10:00 a.m. or 2:00 a.m., she loves getting the best beauty tips from boni -- bobbie, taking adventures in the city with me. but her favorite part of the show is today's talk, and she has even put on a mock kathie lee and hoda hour for family and friends in front of her own window on the world. >> that's funny. pause here for a minute. this is her house? >> see the dog, yes. >> that's her back window? >> her back porch. >> okay, continue. >> you've got amazing devoted family and friends, but
2:29 am
congratulations, amy, because we are sending you to beautiful sonoma county, california. >> we want to come with you! >> dinner and round trip air fare for two. the hotel and air fare were accommodated by >> that's awesome. i love it up there. so beautiful. >> absolutely gorgeous. >> we should have said at the top, guess what team came in second. >> we're going to tennessee, in case you guys missed it. >> little creighton came in second, only lost by a couple thousand votes. >> it's a much smaller school than any of the big ones. hats off to creighton for really getting in there. >> absolutely, absolutely, good for them. >> we're going to ut, i heard a rumor. >> one week from today. >> yeah. jason kennedy is here. we love him, we love him. he didn't cover the emmy's yesterday. he was flying in to be here with us. but there's lots more than just the emmys we're going to talk about, paris hilton, amanda bynes.
2:30 am
a little of the emmys as well. >> plus, a woman who lost more than after of her body weight, she lost more than 200 pounds. she's the newest member of the joy fit club. and are your hands giving away your age? we're going to help you wave off granny hands for good. >> what? >> first, your local news and weather. it's time to change the way we clean. it's time to free ourselves from the smell and harshness of bleach. and free ourselves from worrying about the ones we love. new lysol power & free has more cleaning power than bleach. how? the secret is the hydrogen peroxide formula. it attacks tough stains and kills 99.9% of germs. new lysol power & free. powerful cleaning that's family friendly. another step forward in our mission for health.
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starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. [♪...] >> i've been training all year for the big race in chicago, but i can only afford one trip. and i just found out my best
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friend is getting married in l.a. there's no way i'm missing that. then i heard about hotwire and i realized i could actually afford both trips. see, when really nice hotels have unsold rooms, they use hotwire to fill them. so i got my four-star hotels for half-price! >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ >> announcer: save big on car rentals too, from $12.95 a day. time for today's buzz and all of the hollywood buzz. >> from justin timberlake to our friends, jason kennedy has all the scoop. >> we love when you come visit. >> i love you guys. >> jimmy kimmel did get mixed reviews, what did you think? >> i thought he was brilliant. you talked about earlier in the show the botox bit to lead things off. but before the show he said he was going to pull off this massive prank and what it turned
2:33 am
out being was him having tracy get up there on stage and say, hey, tracy, pretend you pass out. we're going to have the entire world tweet "tracy morgan passed out." tune in to abc. and it worked. it became a worldwide trending topic on twitter and a lot of people watched the show. that was good. had his parents escorted out by security in the middle of the show. memoriam video was kind of controversial, i thought it was funny. >> hard to get attention these days. certainly don't get attention by being bland. >> he wasn't at all. >> john cryer was a surprise from two and a half men. a lot of people didn't think he was going to get that. >> he was walking the red carpet before the show not being humble at all, i'm not going to win this, which he did. this was the first time he was in this category. normally he's nominated for supporting actor. he gets on stage and you can tell, he genuinely was shocked, as you can see right there.
2:34 am
it was fun to see, i love that. >> "homeland" killed it, by the way. >> never seen that show, but it must be amazing. >> i'm going to start watching it, freshman series, six emmy wins. outstanding drama. i thought it was going to go to "madmen," usually goes to "madmen." it's the show to beat next season, for sure. >> john hamm is always nominated but never wins. >> five nominations for john hamm, still hasn't won. even joked about it during the show, he didn't win, no. >> the guy from greenday, billy jay armstrong checked into rehab. >> iheart radio, i know you guys have talked about it before. he goes on stage right here -- >> his profanity-laced tirade because apparently they cut his set short. come to find out, they never cut it short. he started smashing a guitar on set. we later find out that, you know, he's going into rehab for substance abuse. there he goes.
2:35 am
starting to smash that. kids are there. it's just not the venue to do anything quite like that. obviously, going through some personal problems. >> you think? >> he's going to cut some appearances, obviously, out of his schedule because he's going to be in rehab right now. >> not true it was cut to make more time for rihanna or usher. it was always meant to be short. >> he apologized, back pedalled. >> what about the lindsay lohan thing, a guy accused her of hitting him. now she might go after him? >> she did an interviewing, saying that she smelled like alcohol. she's upset, so she may take action. she may file a defamation lawsuit against this guy, because she's afraid it's going to keep her from working if people think she's falling off the wagon again. it could be a problem. >> that's true. the other thing is, too, the man has no assets, it sounds like. it will put everybody else on notice, hey, you lie about me, i don't care, i will sue you. >> police on the scene said she wasn't drinking, along with other people.
2:36 am
>> good for her. she actually isn't guilty this time. >> for once. >> that's great! >> we've been teasing paris hilton that she made some slurs against gay people to her gay friend and the cab driver taped it. >> which is insane to me. you can't go anywhere these days. she needs to be careful. you shouldn't be talking like that as it is. this guy sells the tape, it's leaked out there. she basically says gay guys are disgusting, most of them probably have aids, these insane comments. now she's really back pedaling. she didn't mean any of it, she said. >> she said she was responding to the fact that this gay friend of hers told her he wanted to go on this site for gay men to hook up and have unprotected sex. that's what she says. i don't know. i wasn't with them, hoda woman. >> i wasn't there either. >> i have my hands full with her. >> you are on fire today, for the record, and i love it. >> we love you, jason. >> see you next time. one mother of three that
2:37 am
dropped more than 200 pounds. >> the ah-ha moment that kicked off her weight loss in the joy fit club. oh, my gosh, her whole family's in her pants. >> oh, my goodness. ♪ ♪ chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save.
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♪ look at me now the joy fit club of the one woman who was desperate to make a lifestyle change. >> when she had a hard time being the mother she wanted to be, jenny hodges realized she needed to do something fast. take a look at her story. >> my name is jenny and at 369 pounds, i was always the biggest person in the room. i tried to make jokes about my weight, and i was always thought of as the funny fat girl with the pretty face. when i became a mother for the third time in three years, my weight really began to take a toll on me. it was very difficult to take care of my children's most basic needs. i couldn't bathe them in the bathtub because i couldn't get
2:42 am
up off the floor from a kneeling position, so they took their nightly bath in the kitchen sink. i couldn't get down on the floor and play with them, and it was a struggle to take them to the park. i felt like i was failing them. in the summer of 2008, i fell in the backyard while i was attempting to play kickball with my kids. i couldn't get off the ground. the kids had to run for daddy. he had to roll me on a blanket and drag me inside the house. i was humiliated and scared. i knew that if i didn't do something, that i was going to leave my children without a mother and no way was i going to let that happen. i had to learn how to put myself first and leave the guilt of the previous 37 years behind. i was a woman on a mission. my weight loss has given me confidence that i can do anything. my family is so proud of me, but more importantly, i am proud of me. >> wow, what a great story. the leader of the joy fit club is joy bauer.
2:43 am
>> hi. >> that's really an inspiration for anyone who feels overwhelmed and strapped down. she did this while she was in graduate school and with three gorgeous kids. >> one is in love with hoda woman, wanted to hold her hand. >> all three are in mommy's pants. all three fit into mommy's pants. >> are you guys proud of mommy? >> yes. >> of course. >> they can't breathe. not easy to be in the middle. >> we're going to wow hoda and kathie lee. >> talk about the food. >> there were a few things that she did that i think were really smart. first, she allows herself a treat after dinner every single night, but she keeps it consistent. and we know through people reporting and through research, when you don't have a whole lot of variety, it's easier to lean on your sweet tooth. so this is her go-to snack, it's a greek yogurt pop. the reason i'm showing black bean soup and this turkey chili is because in her past life, she never cooked. it was fast food and she would
2:44 am
order in. her husband taught her how to cook and the secret ingredient in the chili, cocoa powder and beer. i'll throw these recipes on twitter and facebook. >> here is jenny's before picture. >> okay, jenny, come join the joy fit club. ♪ >> oh, my god. >> yeah! >> you go, girl! >> hot mommy. >> my god. >> how much time did that take, jenny? >> two and a half years, 20 months. >> you did it the right way. >> must be such a different ball game now being able to play with your kids. >> it's amazing the things that we can do together now that we couldn't do before. >> and you'll live a lot longer to be with them as well. >> absolutely, absolutely. >> what about the exercise program? >> the exercise is phenomenal. i found exercises that i love to do and i think that's been a key part to my success has been finding an exercise that i love
2:45 am
and then sticking with it and involving the kids. >> she's a marathon runner. >> now you're just showing off. >> triathlete now, add that to my list of accomplishments. >> good for you. >> thank you so much. >> you can take off the pants. >> congratulations, you guys. >> all the way off. from bake sale to pta meetings, why it's okay for parents to just say no sometimes. >> just say no right after this. good morning. i'm chris warren with your weather channel forecast. a chance for showers primarily in the midwest and the ohio valley. otherwise, a chance for a few showers possibly some thunderstorms throughout the enter mountain west. temperatures cool in some of the northern locations with the yellow indicating temperatures in the 60s and the oranges in the 70s.
2:46 am
nice day in chicago. this morning is not going to be as cold as it was yesterday morning. temperatures rebounding rather nicely, upper 70s. going to see temperatures heat back up throughout parts of the southern plains. 90s for dallas. even kansas city, mid 80s and warming back up in the southeast, as well. for wednesday, the frontal system drapes down, bringing cooler temperatures to parts of the midwest, also storms a possibility. coming down seven degrees from tuesday for wednesday in chicago. 70 will be the high. northeast in the 70s, as well. cold front on thursday, 60s and seths from boston to new york. atlanta, still in the upper 80s on thursday. by friday, mid 80s, each a little cooler now in dallas. instead of the 90s, temperatures in the 80s. 84 degrees. saturday, chance for showers and thunderstorms possible throughout parts of the southern
2:47 am
plains. the east coast, a chance for a few showers. also, cooler temperatures will be here on saturday. lower to mid 60s from boston to new york city. on sunday, best chance for showers and storms will be throughout portions of the south and parts of the tennessee valley and a chance for few showers in the northern portion of new england. remember, weekdays on the weather channel, you can "wake up with al." ♪ okay. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. i'd stay clear of that cleaner, too, if i were made of wood and granite. why don't you try pledge? ♪ pledge multi-surface. [ man ] its formula's safe on all kinds of stuff, like this... and this... and this. so furniture has nothing to fear. good boy. [ female announcer ] see last sunday's paper for a buy one, get one free coupon for pledge multi-surface.
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all right, kids have been back in school for about a month now and it's likely you've been asked to volunteer for pta or fundraising events. >> did you succumb to the parental peer pressure and sign up, or have you gone running for the hills? bruce is a father of two who wrote an article for the new york times that says it's okay to skip that bake sale. linda is a mother of three and editor in chief for "family circle" magazine.
2:50 am
great to see you both. >> you were gutsy to write this article. >> i think so let's just be clear about it. we know a couple of things from the research, number one, more parents are involved in their kids' education, that's great. monitoring homework, meeting the teacher, that's great. if you can volunteer if you're inclined, it's great. the schools need the help, they are overstretched, underfunded, but we also know that volunteering isn't going to help your child get ahead in school. by the way, we also know it brings some resent. after all i did for the school, you gave my child that grade? >> right, right. >> it's not the standard of good parenting. if you are too busy, have a toddler at home, have kids in different schools, you don't have to feel guilty if you say no. >> it does become competitive among a lot of the moms there. >> that's what i was saying, never feel guilty they are not volunteering enough at school. it definitely is a mom thing. just say no or do what you can. there's a lot of volunteering
2:51 am
opportunities either a night or perhaps a weekend or, you know, the one class trip during the year, which by the way, your child will probably remember going on. >> or may not want you to go. >> may not if they get a little older. definitely don't want you chaperoning the school dance, by the way. >> definitely don't want that. there's also some pressure for bake sales, first of all, not even allowed bake sales anymore because of the calorie police and the allergy thing. but the other thing, it's not home baked. you can't go out and buy something because you're stressed with time and serve it. it has to be home baked. >> we are from this age of parenting and overparenting. i'm a new, new dad. one of these dads that's very involved. at the same time, we know, for example, that work -- even working moms today spend more time with their kids than non-working moms did in the past. there is a kind of change that's going on, and i think that's where the pressure comes from.
2:52 am
like, is this expected, is this -- where is that line between what's the normal responsibilities of a parent and what is overparenting or helicopter parenting. >> linda, that's not good for your child at all. they've got to learn independence. >> absolutely, and really as we talked about before, what's most important for your child and for the teachers, frankly, they get a good night's sleep, get a good breakfast, help them be organized, make sure the homework is done. that's going to help your child the most. >> generational thing, it seems. our parents didn't go to school. there was never one parent-teacher conference. >> i don't remember, when did all this happen? >> it is new, i think. because people now work and they parent, right, the idea of volunteering. all of our parents used to do whether it's the church or synagogue or local community, that's really what's fallen back. i think what can you do? go to school and meet the teacher. you're never going to regret that. if you need me, give me a call. we know that teachers will get
2:53 am
involved more if they know the parents are watching. you know what parents should do? monitor the hallways at home and don't worry about the hallways at school. ask creative questions. don't just say how was school today, you're going to get a fine and a grunt. >> exactly. >> be specific. >> what did you learn in math class, what experiment did you do today? >> one of my daughter's teachers sends home an ask me about sheet every week. there's 14 things. it's genius. we know what to ask about. >> so thank you both so much. >> thanks for coming to see us. an injection that can get rid of granny hands? >> another issue with hands. we're going to put this to the test. first, this is "today" on nbc. [ male announcer ] new 5 rpm gum. choose your energy. ♪
2:54 am
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2:56 am
you can get an eye lift, facelift, butt lift, everything. >> botox. >> to look younger, but one look at a woman's hands and it's a dead giveaway. >> wave good-bye with a minimally invasive treatment. it's called the granny hand lift performed by dr. mitch chasen. >> and tara o'leary, the patient and mary ellen is the nurse. lovely to see you all here today. >> doctor, we do have some photos, you said they were not photoshopped so people can get the idea of what the before and the after look like. and this is that, huh? >> that was actually my medical
2:57 am
assistant just a few days ago. so there's a dramatic improvement in a very rapid fashion. people take real good care of their faces now, but they have to realize the hands are just about as visible as the face. >> they don't put sunscreen on and the hands are out in the sun all the time. >> they are exposed to the environment, they suffer from the same signs of aging that the face does. >> do you put the same stuff you would do for botox in the hands? >> not necessarily botox, but lasers and topical products. >> i used on my face, which is an awesome thing. >> wonderful. >> you've already shot up this hand, and it's swollen, but that's usually what happens immediately after. and when does that go back down? >> tomorrow, that swelling will be gone and it will look like we've never been there. >> we need to know, does it hurt, tara? >> did not hurt. it was just a tiny little pin prick. >> you had lidocaine in the
2:58 am
actual filler. >> right. >> look at your hands and yop if you need it. why do you think you needed to get that done? >> well i use my hands every day, i'm an artist, i create things every day. i'm also not painting the paintings, but framing them, lifting them, installing them, putting 27 paintings in a show at the end of the week. every time i see my hands, they are bulging with veins, because i'm working with them. if i'm sitting like this, they are fine. but when they are constantly in use. >> it bothers you. and how long will this last and how much does it cost? >> it will last at least a year, subsequently, even longer. it's about $1,000 between the fillers and laser treatments. >> for both hands? >> yes. >> you're catching it, obviously, really early, but if you are already older, are you going to get remarkable results? >> incredible result. >> i'm talking a lot, i hope you don't stick her in front of us. >> tara's smart. >> where do you inject it, exactly? >> we're going to inject at the base of the hand and we're
2:59 am
going to gently massage. it's essentially a painless treatment and immediate result. >> okay, is this a craze? are more and more people asking for it? >> absolutely. >> they are? >> a lot of people talk with their hands. they don't realize sometimes they say too much. >> what are you saying? you're looking at me right now. what do you mean, doctor? >> beautiful hands. look at that. >> i could use it. oh, you're a diplomat. no, i could use it. i could use a lot of things, but who's got the time? >> we want to thank you guys for coming. i want to watch him do it. coming up tomorrow, jimmy fallon is here. plus all the guys with kids. and the real housewife, nene? nene leaks. have a great fun day monday, everybody. oh, my god! >> does it hurt? >> a little. >> see you tomorrow, everybody. -- captions by vitac --


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