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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 27, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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hit the field for the very first time. will do it tonight. we have an inside look at that deal that's ending the lockout coming up in a live report. why you don't want to fight back if you're mugged in san francisco. what new numbers from police show. that story coming up. upper 80s and 90s today. that means 80s bayside, 70s at the coast. we'll tell you if your city is slated to hit the triple digits this weekend coming up. and we're trading the money for a trip across the bridge. at the toll plaza, a new incident reported. i'll give you the latest when we come back. taking the latest live look outside, hp pavilion. boy, the sharks need to get back and play. when will the sharks hit the ice? it's thursday, september 27th. this is "today in the bay." good thursday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cangarcia-cann >> and i'm jon kelley.
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we start this morning with a developing story from the world of pig skin. that's right, the nfl finally getting a deal done to bring pro football refs back outonto the field and no count a welcome amount of news for the nfl. the teams and the fans have been screaming in agony watching replacement refs for weeks. not really looking very good. christie smith is live in oakland and she has all the welcome details. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. you know we're out here by a coffee shop in oakland. i have to tell you this is coming out by break news. people getting it by text, hearing on their cell phone and it's about time, those are the words that we keep hearing over and over again from niners fans and raiders fans recalling that green bay game, saying they certainly don't want that kind of call to happen to their beloved teams here in the bay area, so they are very excited that the regular nfl refs are expected back on the field, as you said, tonight for a game. after refs -- or nfl and the
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refs union announced that a tentative agreement had been reached to end that lockout, the replacement refs, sparked a twitter frenzy outrage putting it mildly after a missed call on the last play at seattle monday that cost the packers the game. the tentative deal is eight years. still needs to be ratified, though. that's expected to happen this weekend. in one online report it suggests that at least one oakland raiders player is somewhat ambivalent about the real refs coming back. i asked a lifelong raiders fan about that this morning. >> i don't know maybe because they like to commit a lot of penalties so they might see more stuff. i don't know. you can't really call it. but the other refs were a joke obviously. >> reporter: of course it can go either way with those replacement refs. not giving the raiders a play against the chargers on their
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monday night game probably wouldn't have changed the outcome but just another example of some of the odd calls made by those replacement referees. that's the latest from here. i'm christie smith, "today in the bay." skblmpt more needs to be done to protect public safety. local lawmakers are calling for a state hearing on the fire at the richmond refinery. they want to know what steps government agencies are taking to prevent another fire from happening again. chevron for its part is issuing an industry alert about the corrosion in the pipe that caused the blaze. the plant manager said the pipe was made with a low level of silicon which let the metal corrode faster than expected. though the pipe was inspected, the flaw was not reported. fighting back during an attack may land you in the hospital. an examination of muggings on san francisco streets finds resistance usually doesn't help. in the end, the bad guy usually gets what he wants.
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bob redell is live with more on the uptick in crime and what police say happens to those who try to fight back. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. numbers from sfpd show that if you are robbed while out and about here in san francisco, if you are mugged, there is a very good chance you're going to get hurt regardless of what you do. this is based on reporting done by the "examiner" which used statistics from police. there were roughly 100 mugs in late august, early september. out of those mugging victims, a third fought back. when they did, the majority were beaten up. we're talking about cuts an bruises. there were hardly any injuries that were life-threatening. only a few of those people were able to get back their stolen items. when you look at the group of people that cooperated, there was still a good chance of getting assaulted. many of those, about half were attacked even though they didn't resist. the best advice from police, clearly do not resist.
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cooperate with muggers. you do want to keep an eye on your surroundings and try to be in places where obviously you wouldn't be getting mugged. reporting live here in san francisco, bob redell, "today in the bay." an 11-year-old boy shot last week while sleeping in his bed is back home this morning. luis hernandez spent six days recovering after being shot last thursday in oakland. doctors decided not to remove the bullet which actually remains lodged in his chest. but they say he's expected to make a full recovery. hernandez underwent five surgeries. this morning he says he's happy to be home but he doesn't like the reminders of what happened there. >> i don't like to sleep in my room no more. because of the bullet holes. >> understandable. the investigation into that shooting continues. police say the house may have actually accidentally been targeted. so far, no arrests have been made. it is 6:05. a marin county judge has granted
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a trial delay for an alleged serial killer, but not as much time as he was asking for. joseph naso wanted the trial postponed from november to february if not longer. the judge agreed to push jury selection until january. he is acting as his own attorney. he's hired an fired a series of adviser lawyers and he claims he now needs more time to prepare with his latest adviser. naso is accused of killing four northern california women from the 1970s to the 1990s. it is 6:06. uc davis is settling with protesters who were pepper sprayed during an on-campus demonstration. the university of california will pay out more than $600,000 to 21 students. each student will receive about $30,000 and a written apology from the university chancellor. the money will come from the school's general liability risk program, a self-insured fund that has no impact on campus programs or class funding.
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the agreement also calls on the university to work with civil liberty advocates to modify crowd control policies and police response tactics. a new financial agreement between america's cup organizers and the city of san francisco is moving forward. if approved, the city would be forced to make escalating payments starting at $29,000 each day if it doesn't have specific venues ready for regatta use by mar 1st. the city facing maximum payments of $9.8 million if it can't meet its obligation for hosting the main event next summer and fall. the deal was approved by budget committees last night. it's now moving to the full board. >> all right. it might be a good day to get out there on the bay today. warm temperatures hanging on. >> you might want to jump into the ocean, seriously. even if you live in san jose. starting with a live look here, it's going to be hot this weekend. you might need to use your ac if you can't take the heat with triple digits in places like
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livermore. starting out here, you can actually see the mountains in the distance. another day of hazy sunshine. even the water vapor forced right to the surface so similar to the picture yesterday. something else that is happening out there, that marine layer is getting forced to the surface and your down to hundreds of feet of visibility in gilroy so travel cautiously. give yourself extra type as we have not had fog like this in months. down to a quarter of a mile in napa and santa rosa and the fog will get worse before it gets better. by 10:00 look what happens, it pushes way back out to sea and we are left with stellar sunshine for the day. temperatures will be warm as a result. 93 degrees. 80 inland, 70 at the coast. we'll tell you how long it's going to last coming up. first let's check your drive with mike. let's start at the toll plaza, the bay bridge where the cash lanes have the backup and the metering lights should be turned on in the next five minutes. fastrak still a big advantage
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but there's some sort of traffic hazard. sounds like a stalled vehicle. a smooth drive through the maze. still have construction for the east shore freeway heading away from the bridge but no slowing because of the zones. those should be cleared over the next few. we'll move to the south bay. pretty typical pattern. 85 and 87 to follow in close suit. christina talked about that fog in gilroy recommendigistering i hundre of feet. the orange shows mist and low visibility affecting the speeds for your drive. 152 an 101 as well heading over towards hollister. live look over on the peninsula shows you quite the contrary, a clear view. just checking the volume. northbound with the taillights. no slowing up through san mateo but watch for fog along the coast as well. back to you. >> maybe watch out for some flooding too. coming up, the south bay under water. it's an alarming risk that could submerge parts of santa clara
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county if the big one hits. the actress in that controversial youtube video sues in court. we'll take a look at the case coming up. right now a live look downtown san jose. the weather forecast going to get hot. the forecast for the sun, it should be coming up soon. we're back in a matter of minutes. i'm a professional stylist
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they each have their own unique style, so t.j.maxx is a great place because they have such an incredible mix of designers for so much less than the department stores. when my friends feel beautiful i just feel like i scored. fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. i'm a maxxinista and now so are all my girls. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you. good thursday morning to you. it's 6:12. a new report on seismic safety is searching as a wake-up call to the bay area. scientists say tremors as far away as india and other parts of asia could easily trigger major activity on the hayward and san andreas faults. marla tellez is live with details of the report and the consequences it could have on the south bay in specific. good morning. >> reporter: laura, good morning. whether or not you've loved in the bay area for long, you know
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that we are in the heart of fault line country. here in the south bay on one side we have the san andreas fault. on the other it's the calavares fault. we're live at the santa clara valley water district which just happens to be holding a public meeting today to update south bay folks on the anderson dam seismic retrofit project. that dam in morgan hill sits on the calavares fault and is a major concern. water district leaders are concerned it could fail in the event of a major earthquake. if you'd like to hear the latest on that retrofit project, that meeting is at 4:00 this afternoon at jackson elementary in morgan hill. now, the timing is interesting because just released is a new study that shows a major earthquake on the other side of the globe could trigger the bay area's two biggest faults, the hayward and the san andreas faults. usgs guyologiseologists found t 8.6 quake that hit off sumatra,
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indonesia, in april triggered sizeable aftershocks up to a week later, one felt as close as monterey county. that 8.6 shaker happened on a strike slip fault and those types of quakes travel underneath the earth's surface and can reach distant areas. the hayward and san andreas faults are also strike slip faults. the lesson here this morning is now is the time to make sure that you an your family are earthquake prepared. live in san jose, marla tellez, today in the bay. 6:14 right now. if you're just joining us, here's a quick check on today's top stories. yes, the real ones, the real guys, the regular refs are back. the nfl and referee union announcing they have reached an eight-year contract agreement. east bay lawmakers calling for a state hearing about last month's fire at the chevron refinery in richmond. in the meantime, chevron is issuing an industry alert about
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flawed silicon pipes that may have corroded actually leading to that explosion. the country's gay marriage fight takes another crucial turn today. a u.s. appeals court in new york will hear arguments about whether the country's defense of marriage act should be struck down. the court will decide if the federal law unfairly treats same-sex couples who are legally married under the laws of their own state. a ruling is not expected for months. one of the actresses who appeared in that anti-islamic film, the one that was very, very devastating across the middle east, has now sued youtube in a south bay court. >> in fact scott mcgrew joins us. scott, she wants that video taken down. >> that's right, good morning. that's the gist of the suit. we've been talking with the lawyer in the case, laura. she thinks they'll get action from federal court in san jose quite quickly. the video, which we have not shown and aren't going to show on tv, caused a huge uproar across the islamic world for its disrespect of the prophet muhammad. youtube took it down in many
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countries, citing local law, but left it up in america. actress cindy garcia says she was tricked into appearing in the movie. here's where it gets interesting. she's claiming she owns the copyright on the film. she never signed any release. her lawyer says, therefore, she owns the rights to her own appearance. so youtube doesn't have the nerm permission in their opinion to run the video. it's an interesting argument. a decision by the federal court either way has the potential to set legal history. some new video for you from that foxcon factory. people interested in job interviews. this video comes from a private marketing firm in china, the same plant where violence erupted late last week. the "wall street journal" this morning has an interesting theory about the cause of this violence. there are several plants making iphones and other high-tech devices. management has been moving worker from the southern plant to the northern plant near
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beijing. apparently things are more relaxed in the south, so when workers arrive in the north, there's a culture clash both with fellow workers and with guards. lastly, speaking of looking for a job, we got the latest weekly numbers, jon and laura. looking at people going to the unemployment office, lowest number since july. we'll get far more important numbers, the jobless rate, next week. >> all right, thank you very much, scott. it's 6:17. an official announcement expected today on whether melky cabrera will play for the giants in the postseason. yesterday csn bay area insider andrew baggarly reported the giants would not put cabrera in the lineup. manager bruce bochy is expected to make that official today. cabrera is reportedly disappointed with the club's decision but does not have plans to file a grievance. >> you do the crime, got to do the time. christina here to tell us about more soaring temperatures. >> more soaring temperatures. if you don't favor those, we've
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also got rain on the seven-day forecast. it is crazy, you know. it's one of those years we're looking towards a potential el nino so it could be wetter than average. that's what we're looking at right now. this morning, it is the fog. that is the story of the morning. very, very thick. in fact you're down to hundreds of feet of visibility in portions of the bay area, especially the higher elevations, an also along the immediate coast. really dropping like a rock in santa rosa. quarter of a mile here, quarter of a mile in napa an even in gilroy, hundreds of feet of visibility. wherever you're headed, it will create a lag effect. 54 degrees in livermore, we're at 46 in novato, 52 in san francisco. we're nice and clear in livermore and concore is starting to drop off a little bit. fairfield is nice as clear as well. sunshine coming in right after sunrise, just after 7:00 a.m. blazing heat later on today. but this is what we're watching. look at this. very, very organized system of
6:19 am
low pressure. it's out here in the gulf of alaska right now. it's going to start to drop into the bay area as we head through the next seven days. slowly tracking closer and closer to the coastline. this is going to bring us cooler weather, cloudier weather. more potential for some showers. i just want to show you how much organization that system has gained overnight. before we get to that, we've got a heat wave to get through. trip triple-digit heat, one last taste of that summer sizzle before we feel like fall around here. temperatures today in the 90s. we're trading the 80s in for the 90s inland but that mean you're going to get 70s at the coast. if you've got tickets to this game, the last game of the regular season at at&t park, 2:00 p.m. they're taking on the diamondbacks. they're already going to the playoffs, so go giants. 92 degrees in livermore, 73 in san francisco. and your seven-day outlook looks like this. hot weather this weekend. 100 degrees on monday. hottest day of the week will be sunday.
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6:19. let's check your drive. here's mike. >> and here are all of my friends. the bay bridge toll plaza has metering lights turned on. seven minutes of backup filled in from the metering lits aghts the way back to the 880 overcrossing. this is northbound heading up to the area past high street so just a steady flow of all these people but the nimitz doesn't show any major slowing. we do have some slowing unexpected but there, predictable for westbound 580 out of the altamont pass all the way through to the isabel interchange. a smoother drive but speeds into the 50s approaching the dublin interchange. no major problems getting over in toward fremont. now we're looking over for the north and we're seeing the slowdown possibly because of some of the fog in vallejo and westbound 37 but that's typically a heavier commute as well. no problems off the carquinez bridge and actually a pretty light volume coming through concord as well. we do show slowing coming out of
6:21 am
petaluma and thick fog, talking about santa rosa. christina has been telling you about that along the coast as well for highway 1. so you might have to use those windshield wipers. we'll show you how things are coming across to the peninsula side. here's westbound 92 with that volume building up but no problems from hayward over to san mateo an foster city. eastbound obviously very light. 101, a nice drive along the peninsula. down in the south bay we have continued slowing from tully road all the way up to the airport from northbound 101. as well as for 87 coming into downtown but a slower build for the south bay as well. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. it's 6:21. coming up, closing the gap. don't worry, we're not talking about the department store. why mitt romney is playing catch-up with president obama in key battleground states. we'll have a live report from capitol hill just ahead. and a live look outside this morning. what a beautiful live look as we're waiting for the sun's arrival. a lot more ahead, stick around.
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now to decision 2012. president obama trying to boost himself in the polls with a new campaign ad aimed at romney's economic plan. >> governor romney believes with even bigger tax cuts for the wealthy, all of us will plus per. he doubled down on the same trickledown policies. >> these new ads are getting lots of attention as new polls show romney slipping in key
6:25 am
states. tracie potts is live on capitol hill with a look at the widening gap between the presidential candidates. good morning. >> reporter: jon, good morning. virginia is one of those key states. it's where both nominees will be today. the president, according to all the polls except for one this month, has a lead between one and eight percentage points. yesterday they were in ohio where according to the latest poll, quinnipiac university, president obama now has a ten-point lead over romney. but romney says he's not deterred. he'll do well there. >> i'm going to win ohio. i'm going to become the next president in part because i'm going to have support of people in ohio. >> reporter: early voting starts in ohio on tuesday, but in iowa, it starts today. officials there, john, have already told us that requests for absentee ballots in some areas are already up 30% over 2008. >> okay, tracie potts, thank you
6:26 am
very much. we want to get to that forecast with meteorologist christina loren. do you like this kind of thing? you're keeping very busy. because next week it shows rain? >> i don't like to be bored. i'm like you, i like a lot happening. 93 degrees inland, 80 bayside and 70 at the coast. as you're getting your kids ready for school, dress them for the two parts of the day. it's going to be hot inland today. let's check your drive, here's mike. >> we're noticing a difference here as the volume builds. 101 slows here. we see other northbound routes parallel to it. it's all building in the northbound direction. the commute is on for the south bay an coming down out of the east bay we're looking at fremont as well. good volume of headlights and the taillights, well, there's no slowing but we're bulgilding th as well through oakland. it is 6:26. still ahead, indecent exposure. our first look at a flasher
6:27 am
traumatizing teenage girls in the south bay. and sharks territory definitely feeling the chill. how businesses near the hp pavilion are trying to defrost the bottom line. we'll have all that just ahead. [ male announcer ] the magic of nature blooms in every seed, in deep red apples and in each golden bead. it blends into a perfect crunch you'll savor, giving us the most perfect lesson in flavor. nature valley, nature at its most delicious. crispy granola, layered with creamy peanut butter or rich dark chocolate flavor. 90 calories. 100% natural. and nature...approves. anola thins. from nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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worth it or a waste of time? the nfl appears to cave in as referees cut a deal to get back on the field. >> we'll take you back outside live as that sun slowly starts to peek over the horizon. it will be blazing in the bay area. christina loren will be along to tell us about that. it is thursday, a day away from friday, september 27th. this is "today in the bay." good thursday morning, everybody. it's 6:29. i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. developing news in the nfl. this morning pro referees reaching the goal line in a deal
6:30 am
to bring them back to the gridiron. it is welcome news for nfl fans and teams who have been crying foul in replacement refs for weeks now. christie smith is live in oakland and joins us with the details and of course some reaction from people. missouri doubt they have got it. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. thank goodness are the words we keep hearing over and over again. one raider fan told me he's really glad the regular refs are back because having the replacement refs in, it was really hard to sit there and watch a game and watch the calls being made. so what's happening is that the regular refs, the regular nfl refs are expected back on the field at a game starting tonight. the last play of the monday night football game between green bay and seattle still has fans talking out here this morning, saying a deal certainly had to come after that. the nfl and the refs union announced a tentative agreement had been reached at the end of the lockout that started in june.
6:31 am
now, the tentative deal, it was about eight years, still has to be ratified. that's expected to come sometime over the weekend. retirement benefits will be provided for new hires. again, fans out here saying that they're just glad that it's going this deal. salary increases, $149,000 to $173,000, capping at $205,000 by the year 2019. that's the latest from here reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> good news for the nfl. meanwhile the nhl still frozen out as it deals with a lockout of its own. here's a live look at the hp pavilion where throngs of fans wearing teal were supposed to be watching the sharks very first preseason game but that will not be happening tonight. the league has cancelled all games up until october 1st and more cancellations could be announced sometime next week. this lockout is a big-time blow to san jose businesses.
6:32 am
a 2008 economic report showing each shark game brings in around $800,000 of spending outside of the arena, but on the bright side, always looking for a little silver lining, only four home games were scheduled at the shark tank in october. businesses say they'll be relying on concerts and other live events at the hp pavilion during that time to help bring in more revenue. it's 6:32 and this morning police are looking for a man said to be exposing himself to teenagers in the south bay. they are going to soon release sketches of the man believed to be involved. it actually happened in scots valley. police say a 15-year-old girl was walking down the street when a man sitting in his car opened the door and exposed himself. the girl ran and the man sped away in his car. the car is described as a small black four door. he could also be connected to an attempted abduction in that same neighborhood. anyone with information should call scots valley police. parents in one san jose neighborhood are planning a safety march to protest prostitution near a local
6:33 am
elementary school. parents say fewer officers out on the streets has led to a spike in crime, particularly with prostitution near washington elementary school. they say it's not just at night but actually happens during school hours. the march, kicking off at 6:30 tonight will continue down south 1st street. it is 6:33. concerns over the spread of west nile virus prompting mosquito fogging in the east bay tonight. spraying is scheduled to take place in brentwood in an area bordered by sellers avenue, balfour road on the south and brentwood boulevard. it will start at 7:00 tonight and should last several hours. officials say stay indoors, close your windows if you live within that fogging area and bring your pets inside and cover your plants. santa cruz getting that green light to extend its ban on plastic bags to include restaurants. originally the ban did include restaurants in the ban but it
6:34 am
removed them to settle a lawsuit. tuesday night the county board of supervisors voted to put restaurants back on the restricted list and the restaurant restriction is all set to take effect next april. >> all right. the heat set to take effect today. >> it's on. >> we want to check in with christina loren. mother nature didn't get the memo that we're in fall. >> no, she certainly didn't or else she did and she's just trying to razz us a little bit. 6:34, taking a live look. beautiful sunrise shaping up over san jose. you might recall yesterday morning at this time we had a full deck of clouds overhead here. already clearing. look at this beautiful shot. this is what i was talking about earlier, how you can actually see that marine layer and this is what we're going to enjoy later on today, completely clear conditions above that marine layer. it's going to take a couple of hours for the fog to burn off but i'm forecasting 9:00 to 10:00, clear conditions in san francisco. yeah, known for its fog. what's funny is this weekend, the fog festival in pacifica, there's not going to be any out there. 93 degrees at 4:p.m. today, 80
6:35 am
degrees bayside and 70 degrees at the coast. triple-digit heat, the warmup continues. we'll tell you how hot it's going to be in your city coming up. first let's check on your drive. >> i hope they don't cancel that fog festival on account of sun. we're looking at northbound headlights for 101. let's look at the maps. we're talking about that continued build for the south bay. 87 like we talked about through the middle of your screen northbound slow all the way up into downtown. speeds down into the 40s at their worst as you're approaching the downtown exits. we'll get a live look outside and see how things are shaping up at the bay bridge. obviously we have the metering lights on and the backup has been building back toward the maze and very slow off of the 880 overcrossing. the approach through oakland looks okay. another live look outside, we'll show you this is palo alto, 101 southbound with the headlights coming up toward university. the volume starting to pick up for the peninsula. although we don't see any slowing, those speeds are picking up fine. but it's getting a little more
6:36 am
congested should san mateo as well. >> hanks. 6:36 right now. still ahead, a town where the only police officer with a badge wears a collar. we'll tell you why the top dog on the force is the only officer on patrol. a live look outside. golden gate bridge, there's a little bit of that fog, that haze to greet your morning as well as the traffic. christina an mike working together to get you through it. a lot more ahead. 6:36.
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6:39 am
new this morning, police say a man who fell to his death after killing an elderly woman in los angeles was an actor who appeared on the hit tv show "sons of anarchy." police say 28-year-old johnny lewis beat a woman to death and fought with two men before climbing a wall and falling to his death. lewis played the character kip epps on the biker drama for two seasons. this one is out of left field. a new chapter for the search of jimmy hoffa. the fbi and police in michigan are now looking into the possibility that hoffa's body is in fact buried in the backyard of this home near detroit. police say they have received a tip from a man who says he saw men bury a body just hours after hoffa went missing back in 1975. hoffa, for the record, was declared dead on july 30th, 1982. authorities in phoenix say a
6:40 am
man wanted to find out how fast police would react to a mock terror attack so he dressed his 16-year-old nephew with a sheet and sent him to a street with a fake grenade launcher. he pointed the mock weapon at passing cars. the man was arrested nearly two months after video of the hoax went viral on youtube. >> that's just crazy. ridiculous. anyway, a drug-sniffing dog the only certified member of the police force in a very small town in eastern new mexico. the police chief just resigned and he faces felony charges in an illegal gun sale. the town's only other officer isn't really certified and pleaded guilty to assault charges last year. that means the only qualified member of the police department is nika, a drug-sniffing dog. the town of 450 people trying to figure out exactly if it will decide to hire a human replacement officer. dog's best friend getting the
6:41 am
job done. 6:41. coming up, fight or flight. is it better to back down if you're mugged? a new report that could make you think twice before fighting back. interesting new jobs data and a cool new app coming from of all things nbc. we'll take a look at it coming up. >> i'll hang around for that one. right now we'll give you a look at sunol out there. the sun coming up. kind of hazy out there. christina loren will talk with the heat coming. it is 6:41. [ woman ] ring. ring.
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welcome back. good thursday morning to you. new details this morning about a safety overhaul at a san mateo elementary school after a young girl is attacked by an intruder inside a campus bathroom.
6:44 am
a phelfencing company has alrea started work fixing gates around the campus. from now on the school says parents will have to wait off campus to pick up their kids. police say a 25-year-old man walked into campus on friday, dragging a 9-year-old girl out of a school bathroom. the girl managed to fight him off, she ran back to the school and the suspect is now under arrest. new this morning, an east bay schoolteacher behind bars. he's being held on can s$100,00 bail. investigators say he allegedly had an inappropriate relationship with a former student at albany middle school. they're also checking to see if there happens to be any more victims. fight or flight. an examination of muggings on san francisco streets finds resistance usually doesn't help and in some cases could actually land you in the hospital. bob redell is live with more and what's happening to people who try to fight back.
6:45 am
good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, laura. these number that say we're about to show you from sfpd show you just how important it is to know your surroundings here in the city so you can avoid getting mugged, because if you are robbed while out and about here in sf, chances are you will get hurt regardless of what you do. this is based on reporting done by the "examiner." there were 100 muggings over a roughly three-week period in late august and september. out of those victims a third fought back and when they did, the majority, almost all of them, were beaten up. we're talking about cuts and bruises. there were hardly any situations where people were having life-threatening injuries. only a few of those people were able to get back their stolen items. when you look at the group of people that cooperated, there was still a good chance of getting beaten up. many of those, about half, were attacked even though they did not resist. the best advice from police, don't resist. you do want to cooperate with
6:46 am
the mugger. those statistics show you definitely have a better chance of escaping unharmed. here in san francisco, bob redell, "today in the bay." today is the final day of testimony in the case of a crime lab technician accused of taking lab samples. police say debra madden skimmed cocaine from the city's crime lab back in 2009. her trial began earlier this week. attorneys now expected to wrap up their cases today. if all goes as planned, there will be closing argument on monday. if convicted, madden could face up to four years in prison. in the meantime, in boston thousands of drug-related cases are now being questioned due to alleged mishandling at a police drug lab there. a worker admitted to faking results during the past three years. in a police report it says he forged signatures and skipped proper procedures. the drug lab has been shut down and now there are calls for a federal investigation. several penn state administrators still facing
6:47 am
perjury charges for their role in the jerry sandusky scandal. a judge deciding yesterday not to throw out felony charges against former vice president gary schultz and athletic director tim curley. the judge said there was sufficient evidence to begin the trial. both men facing charges for lying to a grand jury during the investigation in the sandusky case. schultz and curley return to court early next year. immigration officials must give priority status to thousands of green card applicants who lost their place in line for u.s. residency when they turned 21. those kids actually aged out while their parents face long waits for family-sponsored visas due to backlogs in the system. yesterday a federal appeals court ruled they remain eligible for special visas for children of green card holders. an actress in that controversial youtube film has filed another lawsuit claiming copyright infringement. cindy lee garcia filing that suit in federal court this week.
6:48 am
she claims that she owns the rights to her performance in the movie because she never signed a release for the filmmaker. the lawsuit demanding youtube remove the 14-minute clip from its website because it does not have her permission as the owner of the copyright. garcia sued youtube in state court last week to have that video removed. the suit was denied. speeches by world leaders and foreign ministers continue today at the united nations general assembly. among today's speakers, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. he's expected to warn the u.n. general assembly that iran should not be allowed to arm itself with nuclear weapons. yesterday iranian leader mahmoud ahmadinejad addressed the general assembly. this time he did not mention iranes nuclear program. speakers from libya, iraq, greece and china will also address the assembly today. julian assange is accusing president obama of seeking to exploit the arabian uprising for
6:49 am
personal political game a dressing a sideline meeting of the u.n. general assembly via a video link from his hideout in london. this happened yesterday. now, the australian activist has been living at that embassy beyond the reach of british police back since june to avoid extradition to sweden for questioning over sex-crime allegations. let's check the forecast now with meteorologist christina loren. it's an interesting one, i think. >> almost as interesting as your dog getting sprayed by a skunk this morning. caught that on facebook. that >> that's how i started my day. >> our hearts go out because it takes a while to get rid of that scent. we'll take a little time to get rid of the fog but i want to start with a live picture because there's a lot of science happening here. this is a live picture from san bruno looking out toward mt. diablo. you can see the marine layer, yeah, it's forced down by high pressure. high pressure just pushing it
6:50 am
down. what's interesting about fog is it actually clears from the top down. so this is what it looks like at the surface. you have very, very low visibility this morning. thick patches of fog up an down the peninsula. travel cautiously. mike is checking on the drive. he'll be back in just a moment with the latest. the deepest pockets are headed over in gilroy. quarter mile visibility in santa rosa and napa. so this morning temperatures are cool to start. dress for the two separate parts of the day. concord 54 degrees, 48 in santa ros rosa. headed towards the 80s by lunchtime in some cities. i want to step out of the way. you'll notice that counterclockwise swirl. look at that organized high pressure. this is slated to bring us our first fall showers. very significant system and it's gaining organization every time i check. before it arrives, though, it's going to push this big ridge of high pressure right over the bay area and as a result of that, we've got some hot days ahead. one of the hottest stretches of weather of the year as we head through the next four to five
6:51 am
days. so it works out like this. hotter tomorrow. that's when we'll see the return of the mid-90s. i kept your temperatures down in the low 90s in places like livermore and fairfield. the mid-90s tomorrow. then we're talking about the upper 90s saturday and sunday, triple digit heat lasting until monday. then we get showers wednesday into thursday. the best chance for showers will be late wednesday up in the north bay and then we all get a shot on thursday into friday. so we're tracking that for you. it's getting interesting in the weather department an we will keep you up to date. let's get that drive. here's mike. >> the traffic is affected by the weather as well. eastbound, i saw some flashing lights and tracked it across the high rise. it's made it off of the span so there should be no slowing now, just maybe a minor delay approaching the hayward side in the eastbound direction. here's westbound, that's your commute. no major delays but a good amount of traffic coming over from hayward towards foster
6:52 am
city. northbound 101 shows blips coming out of san jose into mountain view, palo alto. a new accident right around allen rock on the northbound side may cause additional delays around 680 but it's slow from capital expressway up to the scene. look at this, just like we talked about, north 85 coming over past 17 and heading up towards saratoga, there's the showdown we've been seeing the last couple of weeks. that is the pattern for north 85 as well. another live look outside. at the bay bridge we obviously have low cloud. christina is talking about fog in many spots but not here at the toll plaza. we just have all this backup to the berkeley curve. we will show you those maps. the orange shows the fog affecting your visibility on your drive coming off of the carquinez bridge. there's a slower drive west 37. of course the build as well as the fog in the north bay. petaluma shows slowing down into novato and highway 37. back to you. 6:52.
6:53 am
a new seismic report is out this morning and it is certainly a wake-up call to the bay area. scientists now say tremors as far away as india and other parts of asia could easily trigger major activity on two of the bay area's biggest faults. marla tellez is live in san jose with details on the report and the consequences it could have on the south bay in particular. good morning. >> reporter: laura, good morning. the san andreas fault runs through the south basement also you have the calavares fault that isn't far from where we are this morning, live at the santa clara water district. they are holding a public meeting today to update folks on the anderson dam seismic retrofit project. that dam sits on the calavares fault in morgan hill an water district leaders are concerned it could fail in the event of a major earthquake. worst case scenario, flooding areas from morgan hill to san jose. so if you're interested, that meeting is at 4:00 this afternoon at jackson elementary
6:54 am
in morgan hill. now, the meeting comes on the heels of a new study that shows a major earthquake on the other side of the globe, we're talking thousands of miles away, could trigger the bay area's two biggest faults, the hayward and san andreas. usgs seismologists found that that magnitude 8.6 quake that hit off the coast of sumatra, indonesia, back in april triggered impressive aftershocks as much as a week later, one that was felt as close as monterey county. okay, so what's the significance here? well, scientists have long known large quakes trigger small ones, but that 8.6 shaker triggered four magnitude 6 or larger quakes and close to us on the west coast. so the seismologist who co-authored the study said this could mean the san andreas and hayward faults are more susceptible to that next big one than we previously thought. if you'd like to read more about
6:55 am
this earthquake study, it's in the current issue of "nature." live in san jose, marla tellez, "today in the bay." we are learning the fewest number of people showed up to the unemployment office since pack in july. >> good news, scott mcgrew. >> it is. all of a sudden the economy not the biggest topic anymore in the presidential race as more americans think things are getting better. the big jobs number, the new jobs created, the unemployment rate, that we will get next week. the dow industrials up about 49 points this morning. the nasdaq up about 20. video for you this morning of a new app. it's called zbox. comcast and nbc, the parents of this tv station, have invested it in. it's an interactive app that follows along as you watch television. so, for instance, if you're watching msnbc right now, and i'm not suggesting you should, you would see what they're talking about along with a live twitter feed. and then when they mention
6:56 am
somebody, say claire mccaskill, you can click on that. people start watching two screens, that's become very common. >> very interesting. thank you. right now an update to a developing story. almost a done deal. a deal is now being put in place to bring pro refs back to the field in that nfl. it's a good time to say farewell to the replacement refs. now beat it. the nfl's regular crews will be back on the field starting tonight. christie smith is live in oakland with details of this last-minute negotiations that was really the final key in that lockout. good morning. >> reporter: i can tell you there's some awfully happy niners and raiders fans out here this morning, some of them telling us some of those games were hard to watch because they couldn't understand the calls by the replacement refs. as you said, starting tonight the real refs are back in place, ending a lockout that actually started way back in june. now, they were referees for about three weeks, but the
6:57 am
backlash really grew into a frenzy after really odd calls that cost green bay a win. the tentative deal, ailt yeaeig. still needs to be ratified. a vote will happen over the weekend. here's what fans are saying about having the real refs back. >> no, not really because the 49ers are still playing the way they're playing. actually i don't think that it would really bother the raiders too because i still think that they're doing a good job. >> i'm happy that they're back. you know, it ruins the game for you, for the fans. >> i think it's great. obviously the fake refs or whatever you want to call them, the real refs are going to do a better job. >> reporter: so the deal worked out salary, pension and retirement benefits. calls for an average calorie increase from $149,000 in 2011 to $173,000 in 2013 to $205,000 in 2019. now, in 2013, some officials actually become full-time. right now they're part-time employees of the league.
6:58 am
pension plans will be extended for at least five years. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." check in one more time with christina loren to check out that ever-changing forecast. >> thick fog forcing flight delays right now out of san francisco, guys, so make sure you're ready for that. some of the thickest fog we've had in months, down to hundreds of feet visibility in gilroy, quarter of a mile in santa rosa and napa. it's going to burn off by about 10:00 leaving us with abundant sunshine and a hot day ahead. we'll have the seven-day for you every 15 minutes throughout the "today" show. one last check of your drive. >> hey, the crowds on the roads getting about as thick as some of that fog. northbound 101, also 85, 280, 87, all really slamming down on your northbound commutes through san jose and heading up the peninsula. we'll check with palo alto, 101 also builds. the volume here just around university and willow. we see bursts of traffic not so bad right now but we've seen 101
6:59 am
slow through san mateo. and the volume builds for 880. fremont moves smoothly right now. back to you. >> thank you very much. all right. 6:59 right now. let's get to the day's top stories. police in scots valley looking for a man they believe exposed himself to a teenager. these are the sketches of that suspect. police say he exposed himself to a 15-year-old and sped off in a small black four-door car. students who were pepper sprayed during the occupy protests at uc davis will receive a settlement from the school. the university will pay out more than $600,000 to 21 students. it works out to be about $30,000 per student. president obama and mitt romney taking their final campaign trails in virginia. they'll have all that on the "today" show. >> thanks for joining us this morning. we'll have a local news update in about half an hour and every


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