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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 27, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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parents in albany shocked after learning a teacher at their children's school is behind bars this morning. the charges that he's facing. and no deal in the national hockey league, which means san jose sharks fans won't see their team in action for at least another week. local businesses are bracing for disappointment. also preparing for the big one. a brand-new study shows how earthquakes halfway across the world can actually affect our fault lines right here in the bay area. and here's a live look at the city by the bay, san francisco. get ready for the heat. christina has your full forecast coming up. you're watching nbc bay area. good morning. thank you for watching. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez.
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parents at an east bay school are learning this morning that a teacher has been arrested for sexual assault on a student. >> that's right. the suspect was actually a teacher at albany middle school. that is where nbc bay area's christie smith is. christie, we're hearing just heard from the school's district superintendent. what's happening out there today? >> reporter: good morning. everyone seems to know this particular teacher and to say that they're shocked is an understatement. the superintendent says she knows him personally. this is a copy of the letter that went home to families here. without really going into detail about the allegations. a lot of people we spoke to said they want to reserve judgment until all the facts are in. >> he's one of the best teachers here, very well-loved. and our hearts go out to him. >> reporter: parents are shaken by the news. a popular sixth-grade teacher arrested and now on leave from the district. >> it's supposed to be the best
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school district. yeah, i'm surprised. >> reporter: 28-year-old james izumizaki was arrested on suspicion of a lewd act on a child under 14. the school's superintendent says the report came to her monday from the high school about an incident with a student. albany police arrested him wednesday. >> it's always a shock. you can't be in this business and be in a business of educating children and not be surprised and shocked when allegations of this nature come forward. >> reporter: she says he was a coach in volleyball and basketball. he began in 2007 as a substitute and then was hired on in 2008. she said he's been known and well-liked. >> above average. he is highly respected. at the middle school and a very popular teacher. >> reporter: students in his class will be put into other classes. >> the important thing is that
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we have parents who are vigilant, administrators who are vigilant and hopefully the system works appropriately. and i think in this case, it did. >> reporter: police are saying that this is still under investigation. and they're asking anyone who may have any inappropriate contact with the suspect to please give them a call. there's also a meeting tonight at albany middle school for families specifically of students that were in his classroom. reporting life in albany, christie smith, nbc bay area news. this morning, police still looking for a man who exposed himself to a teenager in the south bay. have a look at this. these are sketches of the man believed to be involved here. it happened in scotts valley. police say a 15-year-old girl was walking down the street when a man opened the door to his car and exposed himself. the girl immediately ran away and the man sped away in his car. the car is described as a small black four-door. there is a chance he could also
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be connected to an attempted abduction that happened in that same neighborhood. anybody with any kind of information is asked to police call scotts valley police. san jose sharks fans have to wait a little bit longer for hockey season. the nhl lockout remains in effect today. right now, we have a live look at the hp pavilion where the sharks were supposed to have their first preseason game tonight. instead, the tank will sit empty until players can reach a new contract with the nhl. fans are disappointed. businesses are also bracing for a rocky start to the season. restaurants in downtown san jose say they always see a jump in business when the sharks are playing. >> pretty busy. we get pretty good rushes. a couple of hour rush before the game. >> it's really good. we make a lot of extra money here, a lot of happy people come to see the sharks. >> they say on a normal night, things can get pretty slow.
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all hockey games have been canceled through october 1st and more could be coming. the nhl holds another meeting with the players union tomorrow. meantime, another high-profile lockout is coming to an end. the nfl has reached an agreement with professional refs that will put them back on the field tonight. we'll have the details of that new agreement coming up in just a few minutes. an official announcement expected today on whether melky cabrera will be playing for the giants in the postseason. yesterday, it was said that it was unlikely he would be put on the roster. bruce bochy expected to make the announcement today. cabrera was hit with a 50-game suspension back in august for testing positive for a banned substance. it appears at this point, cabrera will not be filing a grievance. now at 11:00, hundreds of people in sacramento will soon be out of a job as campbell soup
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company shuts the door on its oldest factory. it's cutting a total of 700 jobs. the company says demand for soup is dropping and so is the bottom line. the sacramento factory will close in phases before shutting down completely next july. the santa clara valley water district will hold a public meeting this afternoon over the anderson dam seismic retrofit project. they need to fix the dam because it might rupture in the event of a large earthquake. if the dam broke, it could flood an area from morgan hill to san jose. voters will have to decide on a tax measure this november ballot to fund the project that would start in 2016. today's meeting starts at 4:00 at jackson elementary school in morgan hill. a major earthquake on the other side of the globe could trigger the bay area's two biggest faults, the hayward and the san andreas.
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seismologists at uc berkeley and the usgs found that the magnitude 8.6 quake that hit off the coast of sumatra in april -- large quakes trigger small ones. but that 8.6 shaker triggered several magnitude 6.0 or larger quakes on the west coast. fight or flight? a brand-new study of san francisco crime showing resisting your attackers could land you in the hospital more often than not. bob redell has a look at what's happening to people who stand their ground and try to fight back. >> reporter: these numbers we're about to show you from police show you just how important it is for you to know your surroundings so you can avoid getting mugged here in the city because if you are robbed while out and about in s.f., chances are, you will get hurt regardless of what you do. this is based on reporting done by the examiner which used
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statistics from sfpd. there were 100 mugles over a three-week period in late august, early september. out of those victims, a third fought back. and when they did, the majority, almost all of them were beaten up. talking about cuts and bruises. hardly any situation where is anyone had a life-threatening situation. and only a few people were actually able to get back their stolen items. when you look at the group of people who cooperated, there was still a good chance of getting beaten up. many of those, about half, were attacked even though they did not resist. the best advice from sfpd, don't resist. you want to cooperate with the muggers. that gives you a better chance of escaping unharmed. here in san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. in the east bay, an 11-year-old boy shot last week while sleeping in his own bed is back home this morning. luis hernandez spent six days recovering after being shot last thursday in oakland. doctors decided not to remove the bullet which remains lodged
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in his chest. they say he should recover normally. this morning, he says he is happy to be home but does not like the reminders of what happened there. >> i don't like to sleep in my room no more because of the bullet holes. >> the investigation into this shooting continues. police say the house may have been mistakenly targeted. so far, no arrests have been made. a new financial agreement between americas cup organizers and the city of san francisco is moving forward. if approved, the city would be forced to make escalating payments starting at $29,000 per day if it doesn't have specific venues already for use by march 1st. the city is facing maximum penalties of $9.8 million if it can't meet its obligations for hosting that main event coming up next summer and fall. the deal was approved by the budget committee last night. it's now moving to the full board. uc davis has agreed to a
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settlement with protesters who were pepper sprayed during an on-campus demonstration. the university of california will pay out more than $600,000 to 21 students. each student will receive about $30,000 and a written apology from the university chancellor. the agreement also calls on university officials to work with civil liberty advocates to modify crowd control policies and police response tactics. coming up next, the world is right in pro football. that's right. the details of that brand-new contract with the nfl referees coming up. elementally schoolkids getting a taste of college. how it's helping them prepare for their future. temperatures keep climbing like a ladder. we're still keeping rain in the forecast. lots to talk about when we come back. [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts!
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now for the latest on that developing story from the nfl. the league has in fact reached a tentative agreement with the referees union.
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still has to be ratified. but this one means full-time officials will be back out on the field starting tonight. stephanie gosk has details of the settlement. >> reporter: the negotiations went late into the night, an indication of how much pressure there was on the league and the officials union to strike a deal. that's exactly what happened. and it turns out that the officials got almost everything they were asking for. >> the refs won because america now realizes, matt, how good they are. >> reporter: their pension scheme will remain more or less the same for the next four years. they also get an increase in salary from $149,000 a year to $205,000 a year. >> the owners and the commissioner finally remembered something, they work for the fans. >> reporter: they will have to submit to officials trading, one of the nfl stipulations. and this is tentative until the officials union can vote on it on friday and saturday. it follows three weeks of missed calls, bad calls and general chaos. >> i don't like the way this game finished.
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i have a bad taste in my mouth. >> reporter: the good news for coaches, players and fans, tonight's game will be officiated by full-time nfl referees. stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. more anti-american protests outside u.s. embassies this morning. you are about to look at video of a protest outside the u.s. embassy in bangkok. people held signs praising the prophet muhammad as hundreds of police officers guarded the embassy. the demonstrations were mostly peaceful. the protesters are upset over that controversial youtube video that mocks islam and are demanding the u.s. government punish the filmmaker. an actress in that youtube film has filed another lawsuit claiming copyright infringement. she filed a lawsuit this week. garcia says she claims she owns the rights to her performance in that movie because she never signed a release. the lawsuit demands youtube
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remove the clip from its website. garcia sued youtube in state court last week to remove that video. that suit was denied. >> scott mcgrew says no matter what the courts decide, that case will have interesting legal ramifications. >> you are absolutely right by saying courts. this is going to wind its way through several courts by the time it's done. and the ramifications of this, imagine if anyone appearing in any youtube video could claim copyright. of course, the actress in question wants the video off the internet now. so attached to that lawsuit are dozens of what we call takedown notices under the dmca. many video companies, including youtube on occasion, have removed videos from their service just based on a takedown notice. you know what? be an easy way for youtube to remove that video and save face. other news, comcast unveiled a new program for free wi-fi in
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bay area cities. you do have to be a comcast customer. look for this when you scan for wi-fi connections and log in using your comcast e-mail address and password provided for you when you signed up. this tv station is owned by comcast. still a pretty cool service. back to you. >> indeed it is. we can say with authority that the fog is clearing in san francisco. let's get a look at the forecast. >> we've got some good-looking weather out there, especially where marla is from, up in wine country. we had really deep pockets. this was the fog guest mornigie we've had in months. the pea soup fog is back. but just for today. morm, mu tomorrow, much less tol with. high atop san bruno overlooking
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the bay area, we have a little bit of fog left over, over daly city. temperatures today are going to continue to climb now that the sun is breaking through the clouds. oakland holds on to the cloud cover for quite some time. you're at 55 in oakland versus 71 in livermore. but the sun is now fully out in oakland. get ready for some warm weather. the same goes for san francisco. those giants back at it. just about an hour now. all the action getting started on our sister station, comcast sports net bay area, 12:45. the very last home game of the regular season. they've already made it to the playoffs. we're excited about it here at nbc bay area. the proud broadcast home of the san francisco giants, cheering them home all the way. 86 in napa. 69 in san francisco. downright hot in livermore at 90 degrees. look out towards alaska. that's an organized system for
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this early in the season. it's going to move that big ridge of high pressure through the next 48 hours. that is our warming machine. that is going to bring your sump temperatures up into the triple digits this weekend. it looks like we stay hot as we kick off next week as well. here it all goes. 92 on friday. 97 by saturday. triple-digit heat sunday into monday. temps tumble tuesday. a few stray showers up in the north bay wednesday and thursday. a little bit of everything for everybody out there. >> thank you very much. this one may seem like it's a lifetime away. but dozens of grade school kids are getting a little taste of college life today in the south bay. kids have high schools, middle schools and elementary schools in santa clara county spending the day at san jose state for college day. damian trujillo is the man on the scene running the show as the emcee. looking and feeling good. students hearing from the president of san jose state and some other college
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administrators about the importance of higher education, indeed. today's events, all part of a nationwide push to encourage students to get themselves all ready for college. a record number of americans are dealing with at least some kind of stent debt. a steady finds nearly one in five households had college debt in 2010. the increase was driven by higher tuition costs as well as rising college enrollment during the economic dunturn. the average outstanding college debt was more than $26,000 in 2010. the biggest burden fell on the young and financially challenged. speaking of higher education, one of the nation's top colleges is actually paying people not to go to its school. m.i.t.'s business school is offering up $20,000 for students not to enroll this year. that money would be applied to next year's tuition. m.i.t. says the sloan school of management has an unusually high number of students enroll this had year and they do not want to
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expand their class sizes and water it down. so far, a total of four students have taken them up on their offer. up next, the videotaped stunts lands an arizona man in jail. we'll show you what he did. and how about a mid flight melttown. a passenger on a flight to orange county losing his cool. we'll let you know what the other passengers did to finally restrain him. >> join us the discussion. check us out on facebook. search nbc bay area.
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a passenger on a cross-country flight is behind bars this morning after he became unruly and had to be strapped into a seat for three hours. >> please help me! they're hurting me.
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i can't breathe! >> this cell phone video shows the incident on board a united airlines flight from chicago to orange county. authorities say 26-year-old arash durrani was tackled by his fellow passengers who used their own belts to hold him down. >> he looked at every one of us and said, i'm going to kill you and your entire family. >> passengers say durrani was drunk. the pilots never left the cockpit before the deal. sheriff's deputies came on board and arrested durrani as soon as the plane landed. this one goes into the bonehead stunt hall of fame. authorities in phoenix say a man wanted to see how fast police would react to a mock terror attack. no joke here. he allegedly dressed a's 16-year-old nephew in a sheet and sent him out into a busy street with a fake grenade launcher. the teen pointed the mock weapon at passing cars as you can see. beyond ridiculous. the man who put him up to this
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was arrested earlier this week, nearly two months after this video of the hoax actually went viral on youtube. >> hard to believe. drug-sniffing dog is the only certified member of the police force in a small town in eastern new mexico. the police chief just resigned and faces felony charges in an illegal gun sale. the town's only other officer is not certified and pled guilty to assault charges last year. this means the only qualified member of the police department is nica, a drug-sniffing dog. the town of 450 people are trying to figure out if it will hire a human replacement officer. we'll be right back after this.
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meatballs out of the garage feature. he finally found a permanent home. >> this video taken several weeks ago, you see the 400-pound california black bear known as meatball cooling off in the grenada hills pool. >> why? because he can. >> he's been living in a cage since being caught. that's at lion, tigers and bears sanctuary. he's being built a permanent bear habitat. >> cleaning off, shaking his fur. >> he needs his own olympic size pool as well. >> imagine him talking to the other animals going, what did you do this summer? how did you spend your summer vacati vacation? >> thanks for being with us. join us at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. >> see you tomorrow. ah.
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