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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 28, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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new this morning, a mother is still on the run in the south bay after police say she left her 10-year-old daughter at the scene of a crime. good morning, i'm marla tellez with that story coming up. also, dozens of military veterans gathering in san francisco this morning to file a lawsuit against the secretary of defense and other high-ranking military members. and a major milestone today in the effort to bring b.a.r.t. to san jose. and right now a live look. a nice way to get your friday started. this is san francisco, the moon, the flag, got the clouds, you've got it all. it's friday, september 28th. this is "today in the bay." it always feels so very good to say friday. good morning, everybody. it's now almost 4:31. i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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let's first check the forecast and say good friday morning to meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you, jon and laura. we've got a really good-looking day shaping up. it's going to be cooler than yesterday but we are still setting in for that heat wave we'll still be talking about on monday and tuesday of next week. i'm talking about the hottest weather of the year so far in parts of the bay area, so i will detail, yeah, just how hot it's going to be. i'm talking about three days out of your seven revealing triple-digit heat. we'll tell you when it arrives, when the heat breaks and when we get the break. any problems? >> problems, no. folks, we're looking at the westbound deck of the bay bridge coming into san francisco from oakland. no problems here. eastbound, the lower deck, there is report of a four-wheel lawn tractor type vehicle over on the
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shoulder. no lanes reported blocked but that is the lower deck getting over to treasure island. now 880 coming past the fremont truck scales, we lose lanes approaching brokaw. i'll point that out in san jose coming up in the next report. we start things this morning with a mother still on the run in the south bay after police say she used her young daughter as an accomplice in a crime that did not pay off in the end. marla tellez is in the newsroom with the story including a description of the woman being chased by police. >> reporter: good morning. police in morgan hill say 38-year-old marcy keeland left her 10-year-old daughter at the scene of the crime once she saw that her attempt to steal some groceries wasn't going to work. jon, as you say, she is still on the run. she and her daughter filled a grocery cart with about $150 worth of groceries at the safeway store in morgan hill. instead of paying, investigators say the mother instructed her
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daughter to wait at the store's front door until she pulled up in the getaway car. safeway employees caught on to the scam. when the mother saw this, she just drove off, leaving the 10-year-old behind. that little girl is now staying with her grandmother in morgan hill who spoke with us about her daughter's mental health. >> daughter is manic-depressive and i think she's in a manic stage. that's really all i know. >> courtney duncan says the daughter lives in wyoming and was just visiting. she's 5'11", weighs about 200 pounds. she drives a green ford floerer with a wyoming license plate. the number is 4-11118. if you see her, call morgan hill police. there is a warrant for her arrest on the charges of burglary and contributing to the delinquency of a miles per hour. highway 101 redwood city
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back open after a deadly accident. officers arrived just north of mar sh after midnight on reports of a road hazard. they found a car blocking a lane with no lights on. a body was on the road. officers closed three lanes more than two hours while they collected evidence. they're still trying to determine if it was a hit and run or solo accident. also police in novato looking for a witness to a crash that killed a young girl out riding her bike. the 12-year-old was hit by an suv around 3:00 yesterday afternoon. this all happened less than a mile -- a half a mile from san marin high school. she was flown to children's hospital of oakland where, sadly, she later died. that driver did stop at the scene and is right now cooperating with police, but officers would like to talk to any witnesses so they can try to piece together exactly what happened. today also marking a somber anniversary in east palo alto. one year ago today 6-year-old
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sierra torrez was run over in a crosswalk on her way to school. now, the driver was not charged and neighbors say it's a very dangerous intersection. the accident triggered a public call for better safety measures and a stop sign at that intersection. after a study, the city did install flashing lights on the crosswalk and intersection warning signs. it also eliminated some of the curbside parking to improve drivers' sight lines. a lawsuit will be filed in san francisco federal court on behalf of more than 20 u.s. veterans. they say they were sexually assaulted while on active duty aptd military turned a blind eye to it all. the 20 are suing defense secretary leon panetta as well as the secretaries of the u.s. army and navy. the suit claims all three branches failed to protect them from sexual assault while on active duty. immediately after the filing the vets will be joined by their attorney and congresswoman jackie spear for a news conference. mental health counselors
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will be on campus at albany middle school to talk to students about a popular teacher who was arrested. last night about 100 parents packed the library to find out more about the arrest of the teacher who taught sixth grade and gym. he was arrested wednesday morning on suspicions of lewd acts with a child under 14. the superintendent addressed that crowd at the parent meeting last night. >> we are in a very delicate situation of an arrest being made and an allegation being made but no charges as yet, so you have to be very careful when you talk to kids and when you talk to parents. >> a substitute will be teaching the classes today and next week. the school redistributed students among nine other sixth grade classrooms. ten years after one of the worst fires in san jose history, santana row businesses are
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joining forces to thank the san jose fire department. the fire broke out in august of 2002 while construction was still under way at santana row. it was huge. business owners say the firefighters were miracle workers. many of them plan to donate 10% of their profits to the department's trust found community education and outreach. investigators never really figured out what caused that fire. the nfl is all settled up and it's back to the bargaining table. efforts to end the nhl lockout resuming today. the nhl cancelled all preseason games yesterday and today the league will be meeting with players and the union for a weekend full of talks. i guess that's very good news at this point because originally it was scheduled just for a one-day talk for today. so far the nhl is conducting business as if the seaso will start as scheduled on october 11th. good luck. >> so hockey on ice but football
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hitting the gridiron again with the real refs. >> that's right. >> what about the forecast? let's check in with meteorologist christina lower sgl -- loren. temperaturewise this morning it's crisp out there. we've got more fog but that's going to lead to a cooler day before the heat soars into the weekend. we have a heat wave. wait until you see that seven-day forecast in my next report, but it's one of the hottest stretches of weather that we've had this summer so far. if it all pans out, it will be the hottest. 52 in san mateo, good morning, san jose. pleasanton, livermore, the tri-valley make sure you're ready for the heat. less than three-quarters of a mile visibility this morning. that's santa rosa. four miles in gilroy and ten miles or better just about everywhere else. these numbers will drop off as we have a lot of low clouds being forced right to the
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surface this morning so basically a repeat performance of yesterday. with additional low cloud courage, we're talking about 90 in livermore, 77 in san jose and 69 in san francisco. we will show you how that heat wave looks on your seven-day. yeah, it looks very, very discouraging. however, we've got a cooldown on the way, rain on the same seven-day. first let's check your drive. good morning. we're looking on this live shot on the headlights northbound 101. light flow of traffic through san jose. show you a couple of spots that i'm watching. overall northbound routes are looking pretty good but the southbound side of 880 i came across construction. you're down to one lane over by montana ggue and before the bro exit. north 101 as you're coming past tully, i'm seeing a lot of slowdown all of a sudden. this has had overnight construction the last few days but i'm told that it's open so we shouldn't see anything
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dramatic. maybe some crews. we'll track that as well. we'll show you farther up the peninsula, 101 moves nicely northbound past university. and across the bay, the san mateo bridge moves smoothly. this is the peninsula side. westbound, your commute direction looks just about the same so light volume here. >> staying on that transportation route, clearing the way to silicon valley. work is about to start on a $2 billion makeover of the mission warren area in south fremont. the remodel will be essential in preparing the corridor for the b.a.r.t. extension. improvements include widening mission boulevard, new on and off-ramps and a b.a.r.t. bridge that would allow the train to pass overhead. work should be done by spring of 2015. and from trains to two wheels, the last friday of every month is critical mass, a big bike ride up in san francisco. this year is the 20th
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anniversary of the ride in the very city where it started. thousands of cyclists are expected to meet starting at 6:00 p.m. tonight. expect some traffic delays. critical mass started back in 1992 to draw attention to bicyclists and to urge motorists to make sure to keep a heads up and share the road. it's 4:41. the final weekend before the first presidential debate as well. what the candidates are doing today. also the new law aimed at helping students deal with those massive state tuition hikes and possibly prevent some more. and facebook getting ready to offer something new for users. we'll have details in a live report.
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here's something you don't see or hear every day. how about this, a standing ovation and a rock star welcome back for those nfl referees. that's right, the real refs taking the field during last night's game in baltimore. the crowd taking to its feet for the standing ovation. even the players, their faces showing a little appreciation. they were happy to have them back. that all changed once the game got under way and the refs started flowing flags against the ravens. as expected, they got the boos,
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but fortunately no controversial calls like the one that ended monday night's game with the replacement officials. feel good, feel good thursday. a lot of love in the air. oh, yeah, there was a game. by the way, the ravens beat the browns last night 23-20. good to see you, fellas. >> black and white never looked so sweet. it's 4:45. starting this january college students will get a stay when state schools try to hike the tuiti tuition. governor jerry brown has signed ab-970. it requires officials to talk to students at least 30 days before they announce plans to increase tuition fees. it also requires a 90-day period between the approval of the increase and when it takes effect. the new rules will go into effect january 1st. facebook branching out and adding some new features for users, trying anything to get that stock price back up. for that and the rest of your news before the bell, we turn it over to bertha coombs live at cnbc world headquarters on a feel good friday. good morning, bertha.
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>> reporter: feel good friday, that's kind of redundant, right? it's friday, we always feel better about that. the futures right now are kind of flat, though at least the markets managed to break a four-day losing streak yesterday. investors reacted positively to that budget unveiled in spain which relies more heavily on spending cuts rather than tax hikes. not popular in spain but that's going to help the country in terms of getting the bailout money that they need. u.s. data also showed fewer people filed for unemployment last week. overnight we saw asian markets mixed. europe is a little higher this morning. we're also watching for data here on personal spending and income, manufacturing and consumer sentiment. the dow will start the day at 13,475 after rising 72 points. the nasdaq, 3136 after being up 43 points yesterday. and facebook is making it real. the social networking site is launching a feature to let users send actual gifts, not that farmville stuff. you can send chocolate, coffee,
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flowers to your friends for their birthdays. facebook gifts is being rolled out gradually in the u.s. a gift icon appears in your friend's timeline which they can unwrap virtually but an actual gift shows up on their doorstep a few days later. facebook's first major push into e-commerce will get a cut from each item that they sell. and i can tell you, i'm really fond of dark chocolate. >> i'm making a note right now, bertha, cockdark chocolate. >> reporter: starbucks too, they're pamping. >> she's adding to to her list. >> we've got you covered, bertha. >> christmas in soon-to-be october, i guess. certainly not temperatures to match, right? >> you want to keep your dark chocolate indoors this weekend. but you know what, if you have the ac, if you've got ac in your home, you will appreciate it inland as we head through this weekend. if not, you want to go ahead and start making plans to keep your
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house cool. good idea, a fly fan helps quite a bit and open up your windows. the coolest point of the day is right after sunrise right after 7:00 a.m. this is the bay bridge and you can see it is misty out there but not yet completely socked in with fog. that will take place between 6:00 and 8:00 this morning. temperatures are nice and cool to start. we're at 72 in san mateo. starting out at 61 degrees in livermore where we hit 95 yesterday, so taking your temperature from 95 today in livermore back to the low 90s. so about 90 degrees out there today. you'll notice a significant cooldown. we have more onshore flow but this is the last day of the 90s. we jump right into the triple digits this weekend. high pressure is strong, taking that storm track well to the north at least for the next few days. that storm track comes back into the bay area and we're looking towards our first showers of the season as of next friday so a week away. we'll be talking about showers on the radar so we've got some major swings happening in your
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temperatures an changes ahead, sharp turns when it comes to the bay area weather. here's how it works out today, mild in comparison to where we're headed this weekend. temperatures are going to soar and we're talking about potential for severe fire danger here in the bay area if we get enough offshore flow for those northerly wind to pick up. those winds are dangerous when you're also dealing with 103-degree weather on monday. look at tuesday, 102 degrees. so three out of the seven. the hottest stretch that we've seen so far this year if all pans out, so that's what we're watching for. it is going to get very, very hot. that's a strong ridge of high pressure. temps tumble wednesday. then thursday things start to change. the clouds come in and we get our first showers. as of next friday, just get ready for major changes. >> get ready to take this show on the road. it's 4:49. the california man behind a youtube movie that muslims say
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mocks the prophet muhammad this morning. the judge has ruled he should be held without bond. the 55-year-old is accused of violating the terms of his probation. he was convicted of check fraud in 2010 and barred from using the internet without permission. investigators say he's behind the film "innocence of muslims" and that by putting it on youtube, he actually violated his parole. the movie is linked to deadly protests around the middle east. just in case you're keeping track at home and keeping score, election day now just 39 days away and this morning we're getting a better idea of how the presidential race is shaping up as next wednesday's very first debate approaches. tracie potts has the latest this morning on where that race stands at this hour. >> getting elected will help. >> reporter: mitt romney's message to donors last night as polls show a tight race in nevada and north carolina. romney is only two points behind
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president obama there, but seven points behind in new hampshire. >> now your job is in danger. >> reporter: both sides came out swinging with new campaign ads thursday. >> if i can sit down with you in your living room or around the kitchen table, here's what i'd say. >> reporter: what he said in virginia beach was something new, something he calls economic patriotism. >> an economic patriotism rooted in the belief that growing our economy begins with a strong and thriving middle class. >> reporter: romney also in veteran told veterans the nation's debt is more than just numbers on paper. >> trillion dollar deficits. that debt is owned by somebody. someone holds that. that puts america in a position of economic risk. >> reporter: but even supporters are split on how romney can win this race. >> he has to get a little more fire in the belly. >> he has to stick with the facts. it's all about the economy. >> reporter: more than half the country has already started voting just days before the first presidential debate. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> very much looking forward to
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getting the debates on. talk about some real stuff. 4:52. everybody, of course, we all love the word "free." a couple of things you can get for free this weekend. and just over three cars at the bay bridge toll plaza. i'm watching the east shore freeway in the distance. we'll give you that update coming up. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. introducing at&t u-verse high speed internet with more speed options, reliability and wi-fi hot spots than ever.
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good friday morning to you. it's 4:54.
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it's also the perfect weekend to visit a museum with your family because admission is free. tomorrow is national museum day. nearly 1500 museums across the country will be free to the public. the annual event is sponsored by the smithsonian magazine. here's some of the museums in the bay area you can visit. hiller aviation in san carlos. bay area discovery museum in sausali sausalito, cartoon art museum in san francisco and the museum of craft and folk art also in san francisco. you can find the complete list at day. speaking of free, something we all love around here, 7-eleven offering free coffee this morning. get your java on. stop between 6:00 and 10:00 to get a large hot cup of joe, cappucci cappuccino, latte or tea, it's
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free. they have the red and the blue available so you can decide who you're getting for. on the election, 7-eleven claims it's a very unscientific poll but by having people choose they have correctly predicted the results of 2000, 2004 and 2008 election. so enough of the polls from the big, big corporations. let's just go to 7-eleven and find out who's going to win this thing. >> oh, thank heaven. >> they have got to love it this morning. >> we're going to love them come 6:00. let's check the morning commute right now? >> pretty light. you can use a travel mug, whatever size or whatever color you've got on that mug. we're looking at a nice flow of traffic across the bay bridge. my concern is getting over there. we'll show you the map and the approach from the maze as well. a smooth drive. construction just typical spots, 880, 24 and the berkeley curve. no major slowing. you're just down to 60 where it's yellow. west 80 or east 580, same
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difference passing by university accident. that has completely cleared with no problems slowing in the westbound direction, your commute. coming off the carquinez bridge, an easy drive despite construction down towards highway 4. we have that zone taking you down to one lane at times. very light volume of traffic. it will pick up as the construction clears. back to you. pretty shocking wake-up call for a family in kentucky. take a look at this. a louisville police officer responding to the emergency, but in the video here, you will see the officer swerve to avoid another car and, oh, my gosh, watch this. he'll actually slam into that house, careening off the street into that house. the officer actually suffered minor injuries. a neck injury in that crash. luckily no one was inside the home so no one was hurt. >> wild, wild video. we'll be right back after this. have you heard of the new dialing procedure
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for the 408 and 669 area codes? no, what is it? starting october 20, 2012, if you have a 408 or 669 number, you'll need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. o.k., but what if i have an 408 number and i'm calling a 408 number? you'll still need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out!
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