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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 28, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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her 11-month-old son but they are concerned about her mental state. morgan hill police have been looking for mar see keelin since she attempted to shop lift. she was reportedly near lake tahoe with her 11-month-old son. one of the relatives asked them to give her a call and police learned that she was on the way to reno. keelin sufferses from manic depression and she's made suicidal statements. >> the mother is distraught and according to the grandmother she may be suicidal. our concerns are obviously for the child and also for marcy to turn herself in. >> reporter: now, police have issued an alert in lake tahoe and morgan hill. she was last seen driving a
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green ford explorer with a wyoming license plate with 4-1118. she may have swapped the plate out for a california plate. if you have any information that could help, you're asked to call the morgan hill police department. live from morgan hill, monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> monte, thank you. a bay area woman is fighting for justice for her autistic brother who was beaten at a b.a.r.t. station in july. just stein west says a man punched her brother in the face. this is a photo of trevor after he was hit. >> trevor sustained very, i would say, horrible injuries to his face. he had brausing, cuts, he was bleeding from his mouth. he had obviously been beaten by someone. >> reporter: she says police arrested the man and the alma immediate da district attorney's
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office later charged him with possession of marijuana but not for assault. tonight, people in marin county are coming together to grieve the death of a 12-year-old girl who was killed in a car accident. she was hit by an suv near school yesterday. there's now a growing memorial at the crash site. ratliff was flown to oakland where she later died. the driver did stay at the scene and did cooperate with the police. police say they don't think drug or alcohol were a factor in this accident. rarely has the opening of a new pedestrian bridge garnered so much interest and so many tears. it's called xander's way, a little boy killed by an amtrack train. it happened off of blossom hill road in san jose. damian trujillo was at the accident seen in 2005 and went
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back today for the new beginning. she can't believe this is actually happening, that she's not scurrying across the railroad tracks with her kids. >> i first crossed my bike and then came back for my kids. >> reporter: that's dangerous. >> yeah, it's dangerous. but if i went around, it would go so far. >> reporter: but thanks to a little boy named alexander, her and her children can cross the tracks safely without worrying about the train. >> this is huge. i'm just thankful that it's here and that it's going to save a lot of lives. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: it is xander's crossing, named after a 2-year-old who didn't make it across trying to follow her little brother and baby sitter in 2005. alexander walked on the overpass this morning in memory of her son. >> this is amazing.
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it's beautiful. i can't even -- >> reporter: alexander's little brother who did make it across safely that tragic day, overcome with reaction. he couldn't speak. perhaps his t-shirt did all of the talking for him. >> it was tough. it was tough. >> reporter: veteran police officers who responded to the scene that day felt they, too needed to be here for the opening. >> it's one of those events in the career that you'll never, never forget. it was tragic. many of us had families. we had children. and we can relate to that, a loss of that magnitude. >> that's why i'm here. it's healthy for me. some of these images, unfortunately, that we are subject to do stick with us and they stay with us for a long, long time. >> reporter: one image they won't soon forget is that of a smiling 2-year-old. many hearsay he died so others
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wouldn't. a child who made it possible for other families to walk safely on the tracks without worrying about the train knowing they are on xander's crossing. in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> a painful new beginning. in albany a. middle school teacher accused of molesting a student has not been charged, at least not yet the investigation of james izumizaki is still under way. he declined to comment this morning. he is expected to be in court on october 24th. until then, he remains out on bail but off campus. a big victory for guy rights activists. the government is changing its policy when it comes to same-sex partners that are undocumented. the undocumented immigrants will be able to have their deportations put on hold. democratic lawmakers and guy rights anctivists have been
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pressing for the move. it's the first time they have been recognized for immigration relief but the decision to grant reprieves would still be considered on a case by case basis. well, it's nearly october but tomorrow is a spare the air day and it's going to feel like summer. jeff ranieri joins me in the weather center with a look at this. it's going to be a little sizzler. >> that's right. for the next few days we have a multi-layered heat event. we're going to start by putting this in perspective. when san francisco starts to get warm, then we definitely have hot weather inland. today it was not warm. it was 65. this time last year we had 90. no doubt, september is, as many of you know, can get very warm. what we're expecting by this sunday is temperatures in the mid-to upper 70s. so above average near record setting for parts of the coastline but definitely not super hot. we're not expecting 90s to 100s at the coastline. but overall, what we're also
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looking at here is high pressure building in that will produce plenty of hot weather inland. that's where it's going to be most crucial, especially into sunday and monday with increased fire danger, a slight offshore wind, a few 100s possible and then if you are headed out to the beach, more milder weather and dangerous rip currents. let's get a look at our biggest concern as we head throughout the weekend. we're going to have unhealthy levels of the ozone and if you have allergies it's going to be tough. again, this saturday, sunday, even into monday. excessive heat watch already been issued for sunday and monday. that looks like the hottest stretch of weather for us. this includes the north bay, south bay, and also for the east bay and this does seem like commonsense information but we all need to remember when it gets this hot, drink plenty of water. take frequent breaks with your kids and also remember those pets. so, again, sunday and monday,
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some of the hottest weather. we'll detail these temperatures coming up throughout the show. >> jeff, thank you. see you shortly. smoke in a willow glen home is being credited of saving the lives of a mother and daughter this morning. the house went up in flames just before 7:00 a.m. the house is located on mull berry lane near meridian. the fire had burned through the attic. the smoke detector jolted the mother and daughter out of their sleep. both women were able to escape along with the family dog. the husband had already left for work. no word yet on what caused the fire. b.a.r.t. coming to the south bay. steel beams are in place as crews are on the job. this is the scene in fremont. huge beams are stacked up for this massive construction project. before the trains can travel, workers will have to widen mission boulevard between 880 and warm springs boulevard. they will also build on and off ramps because warren avenue will be routed underneath the tracks. >> we either have b.a.r.t. going
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under or over so in this case we were depressing warren avenue underneath the future b.a.r.t. operations and a significant added benefit it is will be depressed underneath the current railroad operations. >> this is what warren avenue will look like when the work is finished by 2018th is a joint project shared by the city of fremont, alameda county and the vta. closing two campus in the hope of avoiding a possible shutdown, san francisco city college will shut the castro campus instructional site. the classes held there will be relocated. they are hoping to save money and rent on operating costs. cool trustees made the decision last night as part of a plan to keep the school from losing its accreditation last year. the acrediting team blamed the school for going beyond its
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means. >> no doubt about it, it looks scary and violent. but it was just a drill. specialists in response training put on masks and carried prop guns as san jose city college, students, and staff rehearsed where to go and what to do under threat. the exercise would have been unthinkable just over a decade ago but now it's become a common safety measure. >> this is one of many different kind of training sessions we've had to prepare the students and faculty for any kind of an emergency situation. today's training is focused on the active shooting training. so it's very important that we have these regularly and that we encourage all faculty and staff to participate. >> most of today's training focused on what to do in the first few minutes before law enforcement arrives. well, still ahead tonight, a dramatic scene in downtown oakland after a crash involving the city truck sent several
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people to the hospital. i'm scott budman. apple apologizing for something on its phone while virus fires warn about something on android phones. also, helping education or hurting education. judge for yourself. the bay area man making international headlines. we go behind the scenes with socon.
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a massive critical mass right during rush hour in san francisco. thousands upon thousands of cyclists from all over the country are gathering in the plaza to celebrate the 20th anniversary of that ride. even people from out of the country. organizers say there's no planned route. it's a movement literally on the move. san francisco police say expert patrols, including officers on bicycles will be on duty in case of any trouble. drivers, though, will likely experience the biggest inconvenience in all of these
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years. if not, be patient because cyclists are going to be all around here. >> it is a rolling bike ride, if you will, through the city. so there are no set plans, there are no set routes. basically we just kind of follow them and just essentially monitor this event to make sure that everyone's rights are being respected and that there are no violent confrontations. >> critical mass is held every month but this is the mother of all rides. san francisco event has inspired similar rides across other cities and many have changed their policies regarding bicycling commuting. it's really taken off, from 60% in 2006. is your iphone flawed? a lot of people say yes and today apple's ceo apologized. the new map application, not up to apple standards. but here is the twist.
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apple's old map system was doing just fine. so what now? let's talk to scott budman. >> apple took a risk, pushing aside the more established google maps for it its own newer map app. apple maps have been flawed and today apple's ceo tim cook apologized to its users. he and apple are, quote, extremely sorry, unquote, for the mapping mistakes. while apple fixes the problem, users should use competing maps to get around. and blogging about a security breach in android phones that compete with the iphone, when opened it can clear all of the data off of samsung htc, motorola, and sony ericson phones.
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a secure update has been put into place. if all of this makes you want to get away from it all and go on vacation, scuba diving from the deep on your computer. >> reporter: as the divers swim smoothly through the great barrier reef, his cameras snaps thousands of pictures. soon to become this, an interactive underwater map brought to you by the google street view team. >> this is just like street view in that you can navigate around, look all over the place and really experience it for yourself. >> reporter: a great idea, says the owner of diver dan's. >> 90% of the population doesn't dive. >> reporter: after all, if more people see these videos, they might be tempted to take the plunge. >> maybe in the great barrier
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reef of australia, hawaiian reefs, just the spectacular things that i see underwater, hopefully we can share that with the whole world. >> we went to google headquarters to see how the street view team is taking its act off the road and underwater, heading to hawaii. here's a peak of what you'll find. >> capturing turtles and mantra rays, you can see those just like you do in street view. >> reporter: diving for data to help you find your way. >> google street view has seen six underwater spots so far. >> i'll take it from here. thanks, scott. high-powered racing yachts will be back on the water for next summer's america cup. the field of international racing teams were on the bay
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today practicing. they are going to have plenty of company on the water next week. they will be sharing the bay with fleet week. you have boats, jets, everything. fleet week, of course, features the air show and a parade of military ship. race organizers say that the events will give them a chance to introduce the regatta to a whole new audience. >> with the concert going on and everything, it's a really big weekend in san francisco and there's a huge opportunity for us to show people what the america's cup is all about. >> should be a lot of fun. fleet week taking up the marina green, they are setting up their space. the races run from october 4th to the 7th. we know it's going to be warm inland but let's ask jeff ranieri how it is going to be in the city? >> well, we're going to get a gradual warmup through part of san francisco. livermore will see temperatures near 100 degrees this weekend. it will usually eke out warmth for the headlines.
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we're not going to be close to that all-time hottest temperature in september for livermore. 115 degrees but it's definitely going to be h-o-t for a lot of you out there. so warm that an excessive heat watch has been issued. it's going to be peaking out for us with slight offshore winds. this includes the north bay, south bay, and east bay. in the zone from 95 to 101-degree heat. here are heat tips. we brought them to you earlier. it seems commonsense but definitely great advice. drink plenty of water, take frequent breaks if you're outside and don't forget the pets. let's bring you outside to the hd camera. some of the haze has been pushed out from fog in san francisco. it's been cloudy. it's been cool. but as a lot of you know, even when you have a picture like this, it changes very rapidly. that's what we're expecting over
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the next 48 hours. marine layer is extensive. the key component in getting all of this out of here right now exists with the winds. we've seen it shift more out of the north in a northwesterly direction and you get the hot air building on top of this and that should be a good enough equation as we head throughout the weekend to get us our warming. the only hitch here in not getting super hot temperatures is the area of low pressure across the south and it will keep things cool. not only hot weather but also increased fire danger. for all of you heading out to the event tonight that i'm going to be emceeing, it's called paint the town. here's your personal forecast in the 60s. if you're not familiar with rebuilding together in the silicon valley, they provided very needy and necessary upgrades for people who can't afford it and also accessibility modifications to people's homes. rebuilding together in silicon valley, search them and find a
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lot of information. i'll see all of you out there tonight. for tomorrow, near 80 by the bay and low to mid-90s for the interior valley. saturday is not the hottest day. as we head into sunday and monday, upper 90s to near 100 with an excessive heat watch in effect. raj and jess, there's your warming at the beach. it's not -- i guess you could be in a bikini and shorts. it's not going to be super hot right now. >> thank you, jeff. speaking out after a gruesome injury. brandon mccarthy gives an interview after being hit in the head earlier this month. hackers demanding cash if you want your files back. we look at our your computer could be at risk. back in a moment.
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you turn on your computer and there it is.
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a notice that says your computer has been frozen and also you pay up, you will be prosecuted. >> it's called ransomware and hackers are making a fortune from it. how you can keep your computer from being hacked. >> it's the modern ransom note and your computer is the hostage. hackers get into your computer, freeze your files and change your passwords. you probably picked up the malware from a risky internet site. once you get it, there are a few things you should definitely not do. it's not the grind their used to at demosport in san rafael. owner steve maryfield worked hard to build his business 27 years ago. >> oh, this doesn't look good. this doesn't look good. >> he's rebuilding it. >> a screen came up that says, you have no access to your server. >> reporter: steve says a hacker
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took over his computer, freezing two programs he uses to track sales and special orders. >> we have hijacked the files, change your file extensions, we've changed your passwords. there's no possibility of accessing this data. >> reporter: but the crooks were kind enough to offer him two options. either spend years trying to decode their hack or regain control for a price. >> you can pay us this ransom starting with $3,000 immediately and $1,000 for every week seven days that you fail to comply. >> we're seeing a dramatic increase in ransomware. >> reporter: why is that? is it profitable? >> yes. they can make 50, $60,000 a day from hitting a couple of countries. >> reporter: the scheme is successful because often the ransom note often likes like an official notice accusing you of a crime. >> you have inappropriate contact, you've stolen content,
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you have child pornography on your machine, even though they've never done t. still that the fbi has said, we found child porn nothingraphy on your screen so we've locked it, that scares people to the core. >> you should never pay a ransom, even if you do regain access to your computer, the hackers have probably dropped other viruses on to your system. the best way to avoid ransomware is to avoid sites that you're not familiar with. we'll show you a program tonight at 11:00. plus, more on the fbi's latest warning on ransomware. >> if you have a tip, call us at 888-996-tips or send an e-mail directly to the unit at president obama's up coming fund-raiser, the musicians and
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athletes that will take a part. a lawsuit filed by women in the military just today. a dangerous scene in oakland. an accident sent several people to the hospital. the connection to city workers.
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>> for those who were there, they couldn't believe what they were seeing. six innocent people engineered after a bizarre accident. >> an suv collided with a city publics works van sending both barrelling into two oakland businesses. this all happened after 10:00 this morning at 14th and franklin in downtown oakland. jodi hernandez has more on what happened and, more importantly, how the injured are. >> i mean, it was really boom and the bodies and the glass. >> reporter: it's a crash that rocked gallery owner to the core. as a collision outside his business sent two cars up on to
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the sidewalk, slamming into his building and sending two pedestrians through the glass doors of his gallery. >> they were hit. they were really -- they were hit. yeah. you could here the boom. >> reporter: police say a city public works van and suv collided in the intersection of 14th and franklin, sending the vehicles into two businesses and into two people walking along the sidewalk. a witness took this sobering photo of the aftermath. >> it's unknown at this time exactly where they were standing but we do know that they did suffer injuries when the publics work truck came up on to the sidewalk and struck that corner building. >> reporter: the crash is the third recent incident in the east bay where cars driving in populated areas have ended up on city sidewalks. a teenager driving too fast struck and killed a father and daughter as they rode their bicycles in concord last april and earlier this month a woman was killed and her daughter-in-law seriously hurt when a driver hit them when they
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walked along a sidewalk in walnut creek. they are scenes that have police sending out warningings. >> watching your speed, paying attention to your surroundings and not being distracted by your electronic devices. the bottom line is, paying attention. >> reporter: the cause of today's crash is still under investigation and while the victims are expected to recover, those who witnessed it are rattled. they say drivers need to be more careful. >> just drive slowly. just take it easy. >> reporter: and you are looking at some of the damage that remains tonight. you can see this parked car was hit as well as a nail salon and an art gallery here on the corner which remained bordered up tonight. i can tell you five of the six victims received minor injuries while one of the victims, a female pedestrian, received serious injuries. again, the cause of the crash is still under investigation. in downtown oakland, i'm jodi
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hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> a new lawsuit accuses high-ranking u.s. officials of turning a blind eye to sexual assault in the military. that suit filed in san francisco by former and current u.s. soldiers and airmen. the suit details sexual abuse suffered by 19 molestees during times in the military. victims who came forward were afraid of subject to retaliation. while she was the victim of sexual abuse and rape by her own superiors. >> many have asked if i was scared over there and my response is yes. yes, i was scared. not of what many recognize as the enemy but of the man wearing the same uniform as i. >> the suit alleges that u.s. leaders of knew of a military culture that allowed abuse to occur but did nothing to stop it. leon panetta and donald
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rumsfeld. details tonight on president obama's upcoming bay area visit. this event will be a concert with the 49ers twist. performing for president obama and his supporters will be john legend and michael fronte and 49ers quarterback alex smith. tickets range from $100 to $20,000 per person. early voting is putting pressure on candidate mitt romney and his campaign even more critical. in eye way, early voting started yesterday and the turnout is breaking records, well over double four years ago. with an nbc poll reporting president barack obama leads romney in all key swing states, experts say it could hurt the gop. >> all totalled in these nine
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battleground states and we're going to see, look, romney needs a shift of a whole discussion and reframing of the campaign. >> romney says he's looking forward to the event and hopes for one liners and gotcha statements. a ban of carrying rifles and shotguns, the new law makes it a misdemeanor to display an unloaded firearm outside of a vehicle. there are exemptions for hunters and rural areas. this was introduced after unloaded guns in protests and rallies over previous good laws. the ban sparked lengthy debates with the bill attempting to infringe on second amendment rights. are you ready for football in los angeles? it's been 17 years since the raiders left l.a. to return to the bay area. here comes another attempt to
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get an nfl franchise in l.a. the city council in los angeles today unanimously approved plans to develop a 72,000 seat stadium in downtown l.a. it's not a done deal, though. the league still has to approve the deal and as of right now there's no franchise to play in the stadium. they helped to open the stadium by 2017. well, hollywood loves sequels but this one not so much. in less than half an hour from now, carmaggedon 2 gets under way. this is one of the busiest stretches in the country shut down for the entire weekend for repairs and construction and los angeles will apparently survive the carmeggedon. >> the fda is warning people to not buy drugs online. they are selling counterfeit drugs that could actually hurt
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you. if you do shop online, here are some of the federal guidelines you should be following. the pharmacies should be based in the u.s. and licend by the pharmacy board in your state. also, the website should have a licensed pharmacist available to answer your questions. and, finally, the pharmacy must require a valid prescription. any website that claims that it's not needed is really breaking the law. still ahead at 6:00, free again after a long ordeal. a milestone for a once injured hawk. and this bay area man has been making headlines for revolutionizing education but he's also being criticized by some teachers. we go one on one with him. i will see you there, a gorgeous forecast with temperatures in the 60s if you want to find out more, search rebuilding together and also we're tracking the heat. we'll have details on when the
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hottest day will be coming up.
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free at least, a hawk took off and circled the area several times before saying bye. it took nearly a year to reach this milestone. he had singed feathers on his chest and just couldn't fly. >> he was really stressed out and exhausted i'm sure from the
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capture and his injuries. >> after nearly a year of rehabilitation at the wildlife center of silicon valley, the bird gained back the weight he lost and was reconditioned to fly and hunt again. >> okay. we are ready for a hot weekend and jeff ranieri is here. >> it looks like the heat is going to be peaking out and that's a lot of fog. we'll let you know when that clears out in just a few minutes.
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a few months ago we launched a series profiling the bay area's most dynamic people. are the subject came to us two months ago because of the way he was changing education. since then, almost everyone from the "new york times" to 60 minutes has shared his story. success continues but now there is some criticism. tonight, the interview with salmon con. in the heart of the silicon valley, just down the road from google, is an unmarked maroon door. upstairs, perhaps the most talked about educator in the world. >> the first thing i want to do to complete this square --
6:44 pm
>> with his outdated pc and pen tablet, sal has recorded more than 3400 instructional videos. >> if it does not intersect the x axis, it will have no solutions. >> it's what you are seeing around the world for free. most recently, his khan academy has expanded to a hands-on approach. >> and the collaboration you're doing with los altos, how did that come about? >> san jose just a few cities that are testing this high-tech approach. on approach, it's heavily funded. >> 20% of my brain was in the conversation and the other 80% was saying, you're talking to bill gates right now. do you realize that's bill gates right across the table? bill gates. i'd have to keep suppressing that part. >> do you consider yourself someone that is revolutioning education in a modern way? >> i am excited.
6:45 pm
what is the role of technology, how can it be used to supercharge classrooms. should people be given lectures anymore? so in that way hopefully we have already moved the dial. but i think we're nowhere near our potential. >> are you surprised by the controversy that you have elicited in terms of you changing the way education is in a dangerous direction? >> i think most of the controversy comes from people misperceiving what we are. >> you said you don't really know what you're going to say before a video. if you need to refresh, you'll google for a couple of minutes. you've said that but you've insulted a lot of people by saying that. do you regret it? >> by no means is it an intent to notify anybody or to make it look easy. people should not equate me with the in the trenches work that real teachers have to do. >> why not make it a for-profit
6:46 pm
and make a bunch of money? >> if i were to be very successful as a for-profit, sure, grow fast, get a lot of revenue, maybe we ipo. i could become fairly well off, by some new clothing. and that would be nice. nothing wrong with that. that's great. but then the other opg, especially for this organization, was we could reach -- maybe we could reach a billion people in my lifetime and maybe after i'm gone, if this organization keeps pursing this mission, we could make it like clean drinking water, electricity, what people pekts to have. >> for the bolly wood fans, who is the most famous khan in the world? >> for the time it's not me. >> he's -- >> just like him, you reach a lot of people. >> so i'll take it back in. in the -- well, amongst nonsouth asians, i might be edging him
6:47 pm
out. >> a bright young man. you can find the segment on our website, including web extras with khan. also, his book comes out tuesday. if you're a parent, an educator of any age, it's a good read. so salman khan, bright young man. >> that he is. let's get to the weather. it was very foggy out here today from the north bay to the south bay. and on that low cloud cover we're going to and switching around in foster city, still with us, one of our brand-new sky cameras and getting punched up, we'll see the low cloud cover. there it is in foster city. it's starting to break. i know that's hard for some of the other coastline to really understand at this point.
6:48 pm
we are getting more of an onshore wind and it's kicking on out. in san francisco, you can see that we are fogged in at this moment and it's going to clear in as we head into parts of the weekend. here's the first indication of things starting to shift in the atmosphere and a dry, northerly wind. oakland, san mateo, livermore, down into sunnyvale, that should be good enough to bring us cool weather. by this sunday, and also monday, temperatures look to jump anywhere from 15 to about 25 degrees for parts of the coast, especially down near santa cruz. even record-setting highs as we head through monday's forecast. that said, we don't get any warming through the coastline and it's going to mean hot weather inland temperatures ranging from 95 to 101 degrees. and plenty of breaks here,
6:49 pm
especially on sunday, remember those pets and bring them indoors. high pressure moving in across the west. hot air inland but this area of low pressure offshore, that's what is keeping us from getting too hot. more of a mild situation setting up into sunday, monday, and tuesday. widespread temperatures on the weather board over the next 48 to 72 hours. let's get you into the fog forecast. we've been shouded in the north bay and also for the entire coastline, by 11:00 in the morning, by all indications it looks like the north wind will help to push all of this out, help to dry out the atmosphere and we should be left with sunny skies. 49 in napa and 55 in concord and 56 in livermore. and for saturday, the weekend is almost here. 86 in san jose. 85 in sunnyvale. 90 in gilroy. that's the hottest along with morgan hill.
6:50 pm
east bay, five to ten-degree warmup. 95 in livermore and 95 in walnut creek and for san francisco, looks like we'll do it, go above the 70-degree mark. three-day forecast, we have the hottest weather sunday and monday. monday is going to be a real scorcher for us. also, low to mid-70s remaining at the beaches. as we head throughout wednesday, thursday, and friday, temperatures start to cool on off and we look at a slight chance of a shower into the end of next week but not a big storm. plenty of time for that to change. focus on the weekend and enjoy all of the sunshine and hot air. >> i'm focused. >> i can tell. she's dialed in. >> let's get to sports. jim is here from our comcast sports newsroom. i know we have a big game for the as but more importantly, the pitcher, mccarthy is back.
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>> it's been three weeks since suffering a skull fracture after being hit in the head by a line drive. he spoke for the first time since the injury as the as host a playoff spot on the line. >> it really wasn't -- not like it's a surreal thing. when it happened, i was aware of what happened for the most part and everything after is not fun but i think me and amanda and my family handled it well. it was something we had to get through. more than anything, i was just really thirsty. i couldn't drink water or anything. that's really the one thing i remember from this whole time, being unbelievably thirsty for four days. >> boy, great to see brandon at the ballpark. how about the giants? already winning the title. the attention turns to the pozzi
6:52 pm
national league and hitting with a .333 average. andrew mccutchen went 0-2. mccutchen now at .340. eyeing a trip to a form mid-dabble east coast trip and jim decided to set up shop at youngstown, ohio, rather than deal with a jet lag of a return trip home. so what has gone on? the result? it was a dramatic win over the philadelphia eagles last year. that built momentum on a way to a 13-3 season. jim must have enjoyed that stay because as we head into this week's matchup, the jets are the opponent and the team is again holding camp in ohio and they can't afford an early season loss. >> the game was kind of strange. we kind of started off late in minnesota, you know, got up pretty quick and, you know, we
6:53 pm
made some mistake that we usually don't make and it kind of hurt us, you know. so i just think as a team, we just have to get back to us. >> all right. how about the silver and black? last week's upset over the steelers, darius received a concussion. peyton manning on sunday in denver, the fourth year whiteout. he needs to be cautious as the eventual return. >> that is just football. i signed up to go out there. that's what i've bb taught. people get hurt. you still have to go and through the process of doing the right things that the nfl and doctors want you to do. still got to do all of that stuff. i want to play football. this is what i do. this is what i do for a living.
6:54 pm
so definitely very eager to get back. >> on to golf, 39th ryder cup under way. americans got off to a good start day one. bradley helped sport some matches. thanks to this birdie on the 15th. bradley mickelsonontinued the good play. look at this. this is how jessica hits it when she's at the range. bang. america leads 5-3 after day one. and that is how things go. day two coverage of the ryder cup begins tomorrow. 6:00 a.m., jessica, are you going to be up for that? that's going to do it for sports. he'll have more tonight at 11:00. do you play? >> raj and i hung out. >> we're tight. jessica plays. jessica plays. >> i'm good in the 19th, is where i am. the 19th hole is my hole. >> thanks, jim.
6:55 pm
watch sports nets central tonight at 10:30. >> we'll be right back.
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tonight at 11:00, we follow breaking news. police are looking for this woman who has an 11-month-old son with her. she took him from morgan hill. officers are worried that she may be suicidal. the latest after "dateline" nbc. >> enjoy your weekend and we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00. >> bye-bye.
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