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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 20, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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good evening. i'm kris sanchez. we begin tonight with the giants, the team is back home here in the bay area gearing up for tomorrow night's must win game. of course, game six of the national league championship series against the st. louis cardinals. we might not be talking about another game if not for the pitching performance of barry zito. nba is in san francisco in san francisco near at&t park. fans are still riding high from last night's, full of praise for barry zito. >> a lot of credit for barry zito. he is everyone's hero around here. i don't think they stopped celebrating since last night as they anticipate tomorrow's game here at at&t park. the giants need a three-game
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sweep to get in the series. they need a great starting pitcher like they had last night in barry zito. this was the scene during game five across the street as the giants escaped elimination in the national league championship series. fans say they are thrilled the team is back in the bay where they can cheer them on. it starts at 4:37. fans say while the odds are not in their team's favor they are confident they will defy statistics and get another win. fans say it was like a mini stadium last night and great to be able to share the excitement and the torture. >> it's the way of life. we live for the torture. it's the only way we know. >> the last minute every time. we just enjoy it. just enjoy it. >> we've gone all this way and i'm so proud of them. i'm so proud of the giants. they've gotten so far. yeah, it's torture but it's great. >> reporter: so again, tomorrow's game, start time of 4:37. odds not in the team's favor. they are confident, though.
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fans are confident their team will defy statistics and get another win. with any luck, they say, a repeat of 2010. a world series win. live in san francisco, nbc, bay area news. >> thank you, kimberly. our coverage of the giants playoff run continues with meteorologist rob and, rob, fans planning to go to the game are probably wondering what to wear and what to bring since rain is in the forecast. >> yeah. we're seeing the beautiful pictures outside right now. hard to see this complete pattern shift that's going to bring in clouds and increasing chance of rain. especially by tomorrow night. here's the good news. earlier on in the day, the raiders game, early afternoon. just fine. partly cloudy skies. game time tomorrow for investigation six of the national league championship series. after 4:00. turning breezy, increasing clouds for the game. if the game goes into extra innings there's a chance that after 8:00 or 9:00 we may start to see a few showers coming on in as you might have noticed here hour by hour on the forecast, tomorrow, we could see the rain approaching the coast
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heading into monday around midnights. a strong pattern. it's not only going to bring us rain and wind for the bay area, the first significant fall snow in the sierra and maybe even thunderstorms. it does look like we're going to get in the start of the game on a dry note but a big change as we get so the workweek. we will time line all of that for you in the seven-day forecast coming up in few minutes. >> thank you, rob. happening now, crews are hard at work on the san mateo bridge which is closed until monday. looking live at the bridge is a little eerie in this sunshine. but caltrans crews are replacing the deck and seismic joints. the bridge should reopen by the 5:00 hour. by monday morning, then it will close again next weekend. if you need to get somewhere without the san mateo bridge, you can highs highway 237 as your alternate route. investigators are working to figure out what went wrong after a crash in san jose that left three people dead. around 12:45 this morning, investigators say a career ended
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an suv parked on the right-hand shoulder of highway 101 just north of blossom hill. the driver, a 58-year-old man from carmel was pronounced dead at the scene. two of his passengers died at the hospital. a fourth suffered minor injuries as did the other driver. investigators think the driver of the jeep pulled over because he was tired. in desituation 2012, governor jerry brown was in the bay area today pushing for voters to pass prop 30 and reject prop 32. dozens of california educators were on hand at the burlingame news conference to show their support. prop 30 would prevent billions of dollars in cuts to schools and colleges. prop 32 prevents unions from using dues for political purposes. he values the quality of education he got and wants to make sure that quality continues. >> we need in school not just standardized tests that comes
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out of washington bureaucracy but we also need arts programs, science programs, fileld trip, librarians, counselors. >> critics of prop 30 say it does not guarantee any new jobs or funding for schools, that it is actually bad for jobs and harmful to small businesses and the folks who are yes on prop 32 argue that it removes special interest money from politics. the call for a san jose city councilwoman to return campaign money is growing louder this weekend. last week the state fair political practices commission ruled that san jose mayor violated state law when his political action committee donated $100,000 to rose herrera. the commission is ordering that herrera and her team pay that money back in full. that demand was echoed today by the president of san jose police officer's association. >> we've reissued the letter that we sent to rose over a week agole aing for her to repudiate
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and disavow this illegal transfer of money to a committee supporting her re-election. even today they're out together coordinating their campaigns, walking door to door, this needs to stop. the mayor faces penalties of up to $5,000 for each violation but the mayor denies any wrong doing. >> the government code section they're citing applies to candidates and candidate-controlled committees. i'm not a candidate. so they're acting based on a sworn complaint. i think once they get all facts they will have a different view. >> the mayor's attorney plans to discuss the matter on monday. as for herrera, she is run for city council against jimmy who is backed by labor union. police are calling it the modern day purse snatching. cellphone thefts are on the rise nationwide including right her. san francisco police say nearly afl of all robberies in the city this year are cellphone related. many taking place on transit
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lines. across the bay in oakland police say there have been at least 1300 cellphone thefts this year. and in new york city, police report more than 40% of all robberies there now involve cellphones, as well. a national database set up to track phones is ked chuled to launch late next year. a big change for the 408 today. if you are calling someone in the south bay you will now have to dial all the entire number p that mean 1-408, plus the number, even if you're calling from another 408 number. next month a new 669 area code will be introduced in the south bay because santa clara county is running out of 408 numbers. coming up, from love music to hogging seats to the down right disgusting b.a.r.t. riders can be rude. now, there is a very public forum taking them to task. live in berkeley where 30 years ago today sports history was made. you'll hear from two men whose lives were changed in just a
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we a live on the u.s. kirk berkeley calm pug with the reaction on the 30 th anniversary of the play. you know it's a big deal if it has its own name, right, monte? >> just about everyone remembers the play even though 30 years have passed. in just a matter of seconds two mens lives collided. >> the band is out on the field! he's going to go in the end zone. they have won! >> it was 1982 and cal was trailing stanford 19-20 and with four seconds to go in the game stanford picked off. the ball was lateraled from player to player and cal player reached the end zone as the stanford band was already there on the field to apparently celebrate their team's victory. but he scored and knocked over a trombone player by the name of gary terrell. cal won the game and is rest the sport's history. today they both attended to
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cal/stanford game and reminisced n't those few seconds 30 years ago that changed both of their lives. >> two seconds of my life 30 years ago. sort of incredible thing is that, you know, probably every month of my life since then someone has asked me about that two seconds of my life. >> it was great. it's a great memory to have. down the road, you know, you get older. one of those moments where you were a young player at cal. great thing to remember. >> terrell is now a cfo for a venture capital firm and mow went works for caldwell banker in southern california. people still recognize them three decades later and, of course, everyone still remembers the play. by the way, stanford won today's game, 21-3. live in berkeley, nbc bay area news. still to come, a much needed break from the current norm. why prices at the pump could fall faster than the leaves in
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the coming months. and enjoying mainly clear skieses. chance of meteor showers. the orion meteor showerses going on. good view for that. however, by tomorrow night, same time, we're going to see a chance of rain showers coming to the bay area. strong storm system starting to gather itself off our coast. what it means for the rest of your sunday forecast when we come right back.
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chatting loudly, putting bare feet next to other passengers, just some of the bad behavior caught on camera on b.a.r.t. and not on security cameras but on cellphones. the pictures are then posted on facebook meant to keep other riders in line. why doesn't the transit agency
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rail against those violators? here's nbc bay area with the hall of fame of rude riders. >> reporter: the sounds of the b.a.r.t. can be loud, especially early in the morning. but the transit experience isn't always so nice. >> it's easy to get frustrated were he b.a.r.t.s from oakland to san francisco. he says rude riders and gross habits went from annoy answers to plaguing his compute just about every day. >> the few friends were talking about the b.a.r.t. cosmonauts and one of them said i don't believe you. >> reporter: so he took a picture to document the worst of it and posted it on, where else, but facebook. >> the next person took a picture. it domino effect. and the next thing you know we had 100 people in a little group. >> reporter: now dubbed b.a.r.t.'s idiot hall of fame has. 000 followers who post pictures of every variety. >> it's funny. >> reporter: there's the light and funny edging on creative.
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>> that's really funny, actually. i would ask to sit in the hammock. >> reporter: to blasting b.a.r.t. riders who rest their feet, shoes and all, on the seats, to those with no shoes at all. and we get that you're tired, but really, at least this guy got innovative. then there are those who pretend the train is not packed and claim multiple seats, even if they only paid for one. he thinks that's b.a.r.t.'s problem, not the passengers. >> i have a direct route to sfo and also the oakland airport. they have to understand that luggage is going to come on. it takes space. >> reporter: space, something these folks apparently won't give up, not even for the pregnant women, the elderly, or those with disabilities. like 63-year-old rankin who uses a prescribed walker but in a statement b.a.r.t. says its hands are tied. no known law that allows b.a.r.t. police to cite persons sitting in those chairs. as the sign states, federal law requires that those seats be
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made available. okay. how about the noise? a top complaint is people playing music loudly, mostly from their cellphones. b.a.r.t. says its officers can ticket people. unfortunately now, we visit the plain disgusting. like this picture of what appears to be human feces on a seat. >> a few times i've seen drunk people throwing up on b.a.r.t. or you get on the train and there's already puke in the seat. that's not too nice. >> yeah, i definitely don't wear my clothes around my house when i sit down in the seat. >> reporter: so what began as a joke poking fun at b.a.r.t. and routine riders has morphed into a public forum. >> hopefully the group will generate ideas that b.a.r.t. has overlooked. >> through this hall of fame warning, smile, you could be caught on candid camera. >> they don't want their face on the idiot's page, so maybe they'll act a little better. >> reporter: nbc, bay area news. >> i know.
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i think some people just don't care. meteorologist is here with the forecast that is -- had a little bit of everything this weekend it seems like. >> certainly the nicer part of the weekend for outdoor plans was, that's happening right now outside. we've got clear skies. a little windy out there. the temperatures today that did climb in the mid 70s midland, 74. cooler, 56 in fremont. and 79 santa rosa. 69, santa cruz. the coast, sea breeze is turning stronger. and eventually leading to some cooling temperatures around santa rosa. look at livermore, down to 62. strong southwest wind picking up. southwest wind, gusty winds around oakland and novato. some of the weather headlines now. next 36 hours, increasing clouds tomorrow. increasing winds southeast at the cold front offshore and the main event of the rain arrives late tomorrow night and monday morning commute. rain changing to showers monday
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afternoon. as that colder air arrives, dropping down snow levels to 6,000 feet and increasing the chances of convictive showers and thunder showers in a few spots on tuesday. right now things are still calm but that's about to change as the jet stream now starts to drop into california. the complete opposite pattern we had two days ago, 80s and 90s. now the jet stream pattern buckles in central california, this is going to open up the door for the first system and a couple more as we go through the week. again, increasing clouds tomorrow. winds picking up out ahead of that code front for the monday morning commute. heaviest may be above an inch. very likely half an inch for the north bay and a quarter inch for places south into monday morning. hour by hour for tomorrow, more clouds than we're seeing now. increasing chances of seeing the showers coming in as we get into sunday night and monday morning. there is the cold front right there. we hope that only as tomorrow's game should be okay in terms of showers but if there is a game seven, some clearing skies towards monday evening out
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around san francisco. but more scattered showers into tuesday. 40s an 50s tonight. patches of low clouds forming again on the coast. maybe some drizzle for a few spots tomorrow morning. highs tomorrow running a little bit on the cool side. 60s to near 70. it's going to be breezy though. the winds are going to be out of a different direction. they're going to be picking up out of the south during the day. 66 in san francisco. cooler for sure in the north bay as the clouds fill in. rain drops fly morn morning with wind. chance of scattered showers. thunder. a few spots on tuesday. especially along the coast. then one more system comes in wednesday into thursday impacting areas mainly north of san francisco. everything cams down, heading towards next weekend. patchy morning fog might be the main concern for next weekend. let's see if we can get in these national league championship series game without issues. hopefully we'll get that clearing for monday night as well. >> no extra innings. we will right back with a prediction drivers everywhere will want to hear.
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rvenlgs r. drivers prepare to breathe a sigh of relief. gas prices with k. drop significantly over the next few weeks. the average price of a gallon of gas could drop by as much as 50 cents by late november. less sde manned and reduced wholesale cost as the reason for lower prices. here the california, analysts say prices could drop to the $4 mark. currently, the average price for a gallon of gas in san francisco is 457 in san jose. it is $4.46 in oakland. it is one penny more. and now time to check in with henry of comcast sportsnet and we are waiting for the big game happening tomorrow. still talking about the big game that happened today as well. >> absolutely. in the berkeley hills, two teams trying not to run out of gas because their programs have a long history of facing each other. california, berkeley, when they face-off they're not just battling for that hat, they're battling for pride. it was all on the line this
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afternoon. in-depth highlights coming up next.
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walnut creek back to nbc bay area. the giants are repairing to stay alive. facing elimination once again. but this time they're at home. san francisco will host the st. louis cardinals in game six of the nlcs tomorrow at 4:30. kill previews this big showdown.
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>> ryan vogelsong made his postseason debut 11 days ago but he's already earned the reputation as big game pitcher. vogelsong believes the ups and downs throughout his career have helped to prepare him for baseball's biggest stage. >> god's been preparing me for this moment for a long time. you know, overseas, winter fall, 33, all the struggles. i feel like god's been using all those situations preparing me for this postseason. that's where my confidence comes from. >> it's incredible, what he's done. you know, we definitely -- we would not be here if it wasn't for his performance. and really just looking forward to getting out there and playing behind him again. >> he's absolutely taken advantage of a new life here in san francisco and has thrown the ball extremely, extremely well. so, you know, this is -- this is an opportunity for anybody to do
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something different. whenever you get a new life and he comes over here with them and seems to really find his niche. >> reporter: vogelsong has every reason to be confident going into game six. he's held the cardinals to just one run in 14 innings this season. he's pitching at home in front of a packed house. because as you know, nothing brings out the fans like a voge start. at at&t park for the giants, for nbc bay area news. >> thank you, kim. let's stick with baseball. it didn't take long for the as to jump into their off season mode. take a look at this. outfielder chris young from the diamondbacks in exchange for shortstop cliff pennington and minor league prospect. young, who is only 29 years old, battled injuries last season but was an all-star in 2010. big game now, stanford on the line in berkeley. first quarter, stanford, trying to slow down stephon taylor was
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very difficult. the cardinal is in the end zone for the first td of the game. and in second quarter, kevin hogan. in at quarterback, we find him for the td. later in the second quarter, possession, josh nunez pass to a wide open zach. 21-3, stanford. into the fourth quarter, cal, fourth and 11th. maynard pass is intercepted by wayne lions. stanford wins 21-3. they keep it for another year. third big game victory in a row. also, the warriors will south curry down for the rest of the preseason after he tweaked his ankle that has given him so many problems the last two seasons. mark jackson says the move is precautionary and curry should be available for this season opener. i don't know about you, chris,
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but every time i see him out there i just keep my fingers crossed hoping he doesn't tweak that ankle. it happens very often. we wish him the best. >> we are thinking about ryan vogelsong and his practice eating enchiladas before a game. >> i didn't hear that. >> we're going to get -- we're going to get to the bottom of that delicious sports trivia. thank you very much, henry. thank you for choosing the bay area at 6:00. "tech now" is coming up next. see you back here at 11:00. until then, good night. coming up next on "tech now," one-on-one with the cofounder of twitter on his next career move. we take you inside facebook where they're hacking the future of education. kids all over the place love build a bear. we'll show you how the company is embracing a high-tech future. and google goes


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