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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 31, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> good evening. thanks for joining us on this halloween, this giants style halloween. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm in for jessica. they know how to throw a party in san francisco. giants fans were treated to a world series victory parade. >> fans and broadcasters. we're still recovering. another magical moment in what's a magical period in giants history. early estimates now as our nbc chopper working the parade, 1 million people turned out for the parade down market street like in 1958 and like they did in 2010. they stood dozens deep behind the barriers in orange and black on this halloween. the parade ended, then at the civic center with special moments from receiving the broom to the city to a surprise musical guest. he looks familiar. a day that brought giants fans together from across northern california. >> we have all of the highlights and team coverage. let's begin with damian trujillo
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at at&t park with fan reaction. hi, damion. >> reporter: it was so loud in the parade route i told a san francisco police officer we needed earplugs and she jokingly said what? you know these fans came out to see their favorite giants and they did not disappoint. some arrived at 4:00 this morning, they braved the overcast skies and the lack of bathrooms all to get a glimpse of their favorite players. >> this is a fairy tale comeback story for the giants, baby! come back kings. >> one boy in the front row said he wasn't about to make the same mistake twice. >> i don't know what she was thinking. she thinks school is more important, she's wrong. >> i thought he had to go to school. i was a bad mother. in 2010, not now. >> and they got louder as the players made their way up market
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street. the giants knew they'd come out in droves. but even they were surprised by the large crowds and the noise they were making. >> 6:30 in the morning. >> it's awesome to see, this is a great experience. way better than being at school. >> they played like champions and they had the hardware and the roars to prove it. those giants were totally treated like rock stars. here in san francisco, right now at&t park stands quiet and majestically still, behind me here, but it will come alive next spring. by the way, the dugout at&t park is packed with a lot of people spending a lot of money. they got some money from me. i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area. >> i know you grew up a giants fan as well. from damian trujillo, over to lauren scott who also joins us in san francisco. with us on this route this
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afternoon. and you talked to almost every player. i thought it was interesting what you said today, the difference between 2010 and today was back then this was a celebration about the players, today it seemed like a celebration about the team and the community. >> reporter: i would say you got to look at this way. in 2010 kind of shocked. what was happening here. then the big celebration erupted. this time we watched the team that wouldn't die, the team that wouldn't be eliminated. come celebrate in san francisco. it's something to celebrate, the players loved it. here is tim lincecum first. >> obviously 2010 was hair raising but this is a whole other level. this is a great season for us, showed a lot about our character as a team and as individuals but to be able to share it and come back again with these fans is very special. >> this is a dream come true. i never thought this would be like this. i have to thank the fans for every single time that it has been for us, giving us support
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throughout the whole year. this is for them. we dedicate this to the fans. >> did you envision it like this? >> absolutely not. it's more i could have dreamed off, it's worth all of the work and i'm so humbled and grateful. >> the world series mvp you have to be in your element. >> you know what, a great moment in my life, being around a lot of people here, the fans, they support us every year. >> it's incredible. somebody had a sign that said happiest place on earth, san francisco. that says it all. that's true, makes us all proud. >> starting a family here in the bay area and being part of what's a larger family, you've got to love every second of this. >> that's well said. what's special about this city it does feel so tightly knit, and for us as players, we're really lucky.
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>> much more with buster posey coming up later in the show. as well as some other giants, truly a tremendous day. great fun. and today there are so many people we'll never forget. an awesome day. >> we don't know what's going to happen but we know this team was so special. we also know there was a 49ers connection here and you were there with all of them. what i understand alex smith was driving a car and had jim harbaugh driving one of the cars. >> reporter: exactly. coming back from the monday night game, jim harbaugh driving brandon belt. expect video of that. and then matt cain so fered by alex smith. i feen what would have been more fitting, driving barry zito. two comeback kids. to drive matt cain around not a bad day for both jim harbaugh and alex smith of the niners. great that they are backing this giants team.
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>> very good. lawrence scott reporting. you never know. 49ers could have another parade come february. this was part 1, the parade, part 2 t ceremony. the soft spoken manager, this is a great shot. carried the new trophy out of city hall and set it on the stage. next to the 2010 world series trophy. >> lots of hardware. mayor ed lee handed a key to the city and a golden broom to the team president, a reward for the giants' sweep of the tigers. >> then the players introduced by hall of fame broadcaster john miller, one by one. the crowd loved it. usually we hear from bruce bochy. this is the team making history and sharing it with the fans. >> i thank you. i thank you for always being there. i thank you for never giving up.
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i thank you for showing up wherever we've been and thank you for making this one of the greatest moments of my life. thank you. >> we are the world champions. >> the ceremony wrapped up with a big photo shoot with all of the giants players hanging out with their new trophy. but before the players were brought out giants announcers john miller and dave fleming got into the gangham style craze. apparently dave has an involuntary reaction whenever the song comes on and just starts dancing. john miller you can see even got in on it, both showing off their stylish moves. >> the giants motto you might know, 25 guys, one common goal,
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win today. they sure did. in their wins, many of the recent wins after pregame pep talks by hunter pence. pence shared their pre-game ritual. you know what that is? >> i heard it. slow claps. >> slow clap and it's now trending across the bay area. the slow clap, little league teams and the beer league office softball team will start doing the routine before games. then that team picture, while queen filled the air. ♪ we are the champions ♪ of the world >> with all due respect to queen there was something better after this. while most of the crowd thought that was the end of the program, there was one last surprise. >> yes. a special guest. it's a total surprise.
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a special guest with serious pipes and before we leave we're going to leave you with the tony bennett. back in a moment. ♪ i left my heart in san francisco ♪ ♪ high on a hill it called to me ♪ ♪ to be where little cable cas s climb halfway to the stars ♪ ♪ morning fog that chills the
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air i don't care ♪ ♪ my love waits there in san francisco ♪ ♪ high on the hill and windy sea ♪ ♪ when i come home to you san francisco golden sun will shine for me ♪
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thank you very much.
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unfortunately there were flare-ups near the giants parade. one man is in critical condition tonight after he and another man were shot near the civic center. it happened on levin worth street as the giants celebration was wrapping up. when police arrived they found two young men with gunshot wounds. both were wearing giants colors. the gang task force has been called in to investigate. >> it was a picture scene all over media, a man vandalizing a muni bus after the giants won. that man has a mug shot. last night police arrested 22-year-old gregory granits for felony vandalism. the photo generated tips, this one identifying him as the man
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in the photo smashing the window of the bus. the bus was later set on fire. his mother told the chronicle she is not sure if it's her son but if it is perhaps he got caught up in the moment. she added her son has never been in trouble before. >> they contain the evidence for rape cases bought backlog of so called rape kits. keeping alleged rapists on the loose. here in california state attorney general has made a priority of clearing the state's backlog and other states are urged to follow suit. monte francis spoke to the attorney general on this issue and is live in san jose. how widespread is this problem? >> reporter: it's estimated there are hundreds of thousands of untested rape kits across the country waiting to be processed. but here in california, it's a different story. >> these are sealed and bind
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over to the police officer waiting for it. >> reporter: linda richards is a program manager for the sexual assault response team. she is also one of the nurses who performs extensive forensic exams on rape victims in santa clara county. >> it's not unusual to receive a phone call from a patient a week or so after and say you know, what did you find out about the swabs that came from my body. >> richards says the turnaround is about two months which is good considering the backlog in some states can force victims to wait years for the results. figures show in 2010 the state of illinois had processed just 20% of its rape kits. and in one county in michigan more than 11,000 rape kits were discovered untested. some dating back to the 1980s. the obstacle for many is the expense, processing one kit costs between 1200 and $3500. >> until the kit is tested, we probably will not be able to
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establish identification which means the victim is sitting there petrified thinking he is out there somewhere and he is out there thinking he's gotten away. >> in california the state attorney general is credited with clearing the state's backlog of rape kits even in the face of a statewide fiscal crisis. >> we all have to make decisions and prioritize, right. for me there's no price you can put on this issue. >> it's revictimization for the client and it is retraumatization. >> for victims who endure the 6-hour exam, the director at silicon valley says knowinging the kits won't sit untested for months or years makes a world of difference. >> to be able to know that this backlog is being worked through and that our attorney general is actually making this a priority, that means something. >> santa clara county's rape
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crisis center is in the ywca, the services are free and confidential. monte francis, nbc bay area. >> there is a break in an east bay murder case. it was back in may you might recall when police received a report of a woman's body found stuffed in a garbage can. it was recently they identified the victim as a stockton woman, anna flores paneda. they arrested her killer, javier sandoval. they also served a search warrant on the woman's home which reportedly she shared with him. the trial of a south bay elementary school principal is under way. she is accused of failing to report child sex abuse allegations against a second grade teacher in san jose. opening arguments began today. prosecutors say the defendant ignored concerns about the teacher and did not report him
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to police. the teacher was arrested four months later after a second parent reported inappropriate behavior the teacher was arrested. the principal's attorney said she had no way of knowing the contact was sexual in nature. >> decision 2012. an $11 million campaign donation from a mystery donor in arizona continues to undergo scrutiny in an arizona courtroom. a judge made a preliminary ruling yesterday that the phoenix-based group must undergo audit. late today the judge withheld her final ruling. it may be issued late tonight or tomorrow. the state fair play political commission blocked the group from donating the millions intended to fight two california propositions. it's against the law to donate that much money for one single issue. new details 18 shark attack off the coast of eureka. the victim of yesterday's attack is speaking out about his ordeal. the 25-year-old was surfing when
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a shark bit him and pulled him under water. he says he punched the shark in the head until it let go. he suffered deep cuts but was able to paddle back to shore. he thanked the doctors and his friends who kept him from bleeding to death. the surfer added that the experience won't keep him from get back on his board and going surfing again. >> let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. this is prime halloween hours. >> i know. it's good for some of you and not so good for others. we're going to track this halloween storm coming up. we have areas of moderate rainfall coming down throughout parts of the north bay. it was also cold, we're at 67 in santa rosa, 66 in livermore, 64 in san jose. one of the coldest, los gads. what we're finding is the cold front across northern california, over santa rosa. no hope of this letting up. if you're in the north bay be prepared for that rainfall for the trick-or-treaters.
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let's bring you in closer. some drizzle across san francisco. the heaviest rainfall across the 101 corridor from santa rosa to petaluma, also san rafael. san francisco mainly a drizzle now. we're going to hold off on the consistent rainfall for probably the next 45 minutes to maybe an hour and a half. not too bad. a lot of people head that way. the great news, in the east, the south bay or the southern peninsula we're dry. we should stay dry about the next two hours with the rainfall very slowly moving off to the south. here it is in some sort of other fashion. trick or treat forecast, if you do better with this grid you can see at 6:00 p.m. we expect the chance of rainfall to continue through 10:00 p.m. for the north bay, a few showers potentially in san francisco over the next hour, hour and a half, the east and the south bay the best forecast tonight. but the rain not starting till about 8:45 to 9:00, then for the late trick-or-treaters at 10:00, rain in the east and also the
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south bay. the front tonight continues to move off to the south with some of the heaviest rainfall that we're currently dealing with throughout about 9:00 p.m. then it's going to continue to push off to the south through 11:00 p.m. what we're looking at throughout tomorrow morning is the heaviest rainfall moving out, a few showers and also the roadways will remain slick. by the afternoon hours on thursday we'll get some sunshine in here. about a quarter inch to maybe 3/4 inch up in the north bay expected winds about 15 to 25 miles per hour. and how about sierra snow. we had about two feet with the last couple of storm systems, it's way too warm to get snow piling up across the sierra. tomorrow we'll get sunshine by the afternoon and temperatures primarily in the 60s, upper 60s to low 70s inland. not a bad day for us here on thursday. on your three-day forecast, low 70s for tomorrow. a few morning showers, then clearing with the sun, then by saturday upper 70s coming our way to eventually some 80s in the seven-day forecast. we'll have that coming up later on in the show. >> we're going to heat up it
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looks like after this rain. still ahead at 6:00, president obama tours the damage left by hurricane sandy. we'll have the latest on the situation on the east coast. >> bay area schools failing to follow a federal law. our full investigation into title 9. >> a big day for netflix while apple and facebook fall. scott joins us with our business and tech head lines.
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the plot thickens for a silicon valley online movie streamer. investors are ready to give it a standing ovation. >> let's check in with scott budman who has the good news from wall street. >> tell you the best news of all for the stock market is that they opened up after two days of being shut down. the trading was smooth, even better than smooth if you own
6:25 pm
netflix and shot straight up after carl icahn announced that he is taking a 10% ownership stake in the company. does that mean a possible sale? who knows but wall street approves of the news netflix stock up 14%. also closely watched today, facebook. today employees of the social networking company were able to sell some of their shares, nothing too dramatic but any move to put more shares out in the market makes the shares you currently hold less valuable. stock fell by 4%. apple down about 2%, this was the first trading day since its management runner-up. a stable day for your money. the dow and nasdaq down by a minor 10 points. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> the spirit of halloween is alive and well at the oakland medical center thanks to a little super hero, young patients now have costumes.
6:26 pm
when he found out a break in chemo meant he could celebrate his holiday at home he couldn't wait but he wanted his friends at the hospital to have halloween too so he began collecting costumes, receiving 160 donations. for patients like sydney, a visit from niko makes the hospital less scary. >> i didn't think i'd be able to celebrate halloween. i think i can go out there and walk. >> i want to shake your hand. you are an awesome. >> donors from as far as pennsylvania and arizona contributed costumes to niko's collection. >> one of my favorite stories all year. still ahead, we continue our coverage of the giants' victory parade from the fans to the players. were you out there, did you watch on tv, online? >> plus, going ferris as in ferris bueller.
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or bob redell catches up with some of the smallest giant fans who may have explaining to do to their teachers. alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ too bad the guys aren't here we're clear. ok, swarm! swarm! hello [ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies. let the making begin
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it has been a memorable halloween giants style. estimated 1 million people celebrating the world series champs, you see the coverage on the street, fans lined market street and cheered on the procession. >> players past and present were each in a convertible waving to fans and holding up the trophy. the parade culminated in a ceremony at civic center plaza. the fans were let in on the team's rowdy pre-game ritual. >> that's not confetti. that's peanuts and popcorn.
6:30 pm
the slow clap during the playoffs, we saw it before every game. you might have seen it there. peanut shells and sun flower seeds as the players got pumped up. it was the creation of hunter pence. >> i can see fans doing it next year. but we have team coverage. let's begin with lawrence scott who spoke to most of the big name players in today's parade. hi, lawrence. >> reporter: how you doing. it was a wonderful day. it's a wonderful day when you hear don't stop believing on a loop. when we were in detroit they played that song and they emphasized the born and raised in south detroit. if you look at a map that's actually canada. we have it. the players today enjoying themselves thoroughly. take a look. >> the second time around has to be even more sweet given everything that's gone on for this team and you to make it back here again. >> unbelievable.
6:31 pm
i think you're right. the second time -- it's hard to compare the two. man, this is unbelievable. it's so much fun be, the fans come out all year long. >> this is everything we worked for. this is it. the city backeds up. this is what they deserve as well. this is for the city. look at the outcome. look at the way the city gets together, everything about it. this is really what it's about about. >> all your years in baseball and waiting for a moment like this. it's tremendous. >> unbelievable, man. this is crazy. look around. signs everywhere, so proud, you know, we made so many people, you know, happy and you know, this is pretty much what you live for. you look around and see all of the people out here. just part of the organization
6:32 pm
right now. >> how proud of this team are you, the way they came together. overcoming all the adversity. >> a lot of life lessons. they are as good a people as baseball players, so great things happen to great people. >> this makes you go back to the off season and work harder for this. this is worth it. this is a dream come true and what we're here for, to take it to the world series. >> it was a fun day for us too. we had the nbc bay area float in the parade, all season long with our giants clubhouse segments, our program glints clubhouse tv show that i host, the home of the gimts, culminated with that wonderful parade. great stuff. back to you. >> lawrence scott, it has been a fun ride on nbc bay area. now turn our attention to damian trujillo who joins us from at&t park. not much going on now.
6:33 pm
when does spring training and the first game start? >> reporter: we're waiting for that. this place is going to be yumming opening day here, you know that as much as anybody else. at&t park right now is dark and quiet. but earlier today as lawrence mentioned the streets of san francisco were loud and boisterous as the giants came out for their heroes' welcome. the fans lined market street and some overnight and for seven hours they waited for their hometown heroes. it came to a boiling point at 11:00 a.m. as the players made their way. then it got really loud. a chant of let's go giants. the players knew there was going to be lots of people on the route but some even told me they were floored by the numbers and the decibel level of the noise they were making. many missed work and school to be with their beloved giants. >> who do you want to be?
6:34 pm
>> pablo. he's the best in the world. >> it's awesome to see, this is a great experience. way better than being at school. >> reporter: tim lincecum told me it was spine tingling in his words, to see the crowds and the love they showed for the men in orange and black. and the giants general manager was brought to tears telling me the team will win, the fan support was amazing. he told me, i asked because once he described the giants as cockroaches when they wouldn't die. i asked how he felt now? he didn't have words because he was too overcome by emotion to say anything. damian trujillo, nbc bay area. >> a great day. thanks so much. neatly produced event, part 1 of the parade, part 2 the ceremony, then came out the soft spoken
6:35 pm
manager bruce bochy, the new trophy and sit it on the stage next to the 2010 trophy. >> a lot of hardware. followed then by the players introduced by broadcaster john miller. one by one. then much like the other championship teams in various sports time to play the traditional champion song. ♪ we are the champions my friend ♪ >> a song by queen of course. very fitting end to the celebration. or so we thought. there was one final surprise. cue up, mr. tony bennett. ♪ i lost my heart in san francisco ♪ >> very nice way to end what was an incredible day.
6:36 pm
that song first written in 1954 i believe, performed by so many singers. but for the giants only one person sings this song, tony bennett. >> okay. so, many giants fans the parade should have kept a low profile since they were playing hooky from work or school but ended up chatting with our own bob redell. >> move heaven and earth to get a spot waking up at o dark 30. some even had to cover their tracks. coming up with a creative excuse, an alibi, for where they were actually supposed to be. aren't you supposed to be somewhere? >> yeah. >> where? >> school. >> what did you tell your school? >> i'm at the giants parade. >> you told them the truth? sounds like you have a cold. let me hear it.
6:37 pm
isn't your son supposed to get an education right now? >> he is getting an education. >> what are you supposed to be today? >> charter school, morgan hill. >> here with what excuse? >> the giants are awesome. >> only five were in class. that's how many were out of 40 were going to be here. >> you told your teacher that? >> sick. >> good thing she's not watching. >> it's a good thing. >> i any the parents will write them notes because they are the accomplices. we ask you to share your giants excitement sending in your celebration photos. we posted them on our website. here are a few. these are pictures through facebook and twitter. how cute is that. this is how you watch the parade in san francisco or from your home or office. many showing off giants spirit and to take part you can tweet them to us.
6:38 pm
>> on the east coast it's a different tone. the latest on hurricane sandy as president obama toured the damage also. >> we're tracking our halloween storm across the bay area, some of you getting wet. others still dry weather. we'll have the timeline for your forecast in a few minutes. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good?
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sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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>> president obama joined new jersey state governor chris christie to get a look at what sandy left behind. after an aerial tour and speaking to victims the president pledged continued federal support. hardest hit, new jersey, new york, connecticut and west virginia. >> we're going to have a lot of work to do.
6:41 pm
i don't want anybody to feel that somehow this is all going to get cleaned up overnight, we want to make sure that people have realistic expectations, but what i can promise you is that the federal government will be working as closely as possible with the state and local officials and we will not quit until this is done. >> millions remain without electricity, the recovery process is under way. two of the three major airports in the new york city area were able to open up again. after things shut down for two days, the new york stock exchange reopened. >> for the north bay, it's been a little different. but for the peninsula, east bay and south bay you held off the rain. >> exactly. doing what we can. going man, this is not good. in san francisco, some heavier rain coming on down in the north bay eventually getting closer, a gorgeous shot of the halloween evening. your forecast in a few minutes.
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6:43 pm
should you be concerned if your parent. a federal law meant to protect students is being overlooked by some schools and no one is enforcing it. >> a look what time she's
6:44 pm
uncovered by title 9 in some local schools. >> good evening. title 9 many of us think of athletics for women. the law was set up to do more than that, it also protects students from sexual harassment by requiring schools to set policies and have a system in place for victims to file a complaint. they are supposed to make that process well known. but we found some educators aren't following the law and others don't even know what title 9 is. a teacher and a principal. >> elementary school teacher has been behind bars. >> the victim of sexual battery. >> sexual abuse by a teacher and coach. >> it's haunting news. >> popular teacher and coast accus accused. >> children allegedly victimized at school. >> did something like this happen to your kid your world turns upside-down. >> this mother doesn't want to reveal her identity. >> 40 counts later it's being tried. >> she tells us her 6-year-old was molested by an employee at
6:45 pm
an after school program in the south bay. >> request for parents that don't have any idea they know something inappropriate happened for them not to know where to go is troubling. >> schools that get federal dollars must have a title 9 coordinator to handle sexual harassment complaints and that person's contact information must be made public. so we decided to test the system using a standard e-mail address, we sent this message to more than 200 principals across 25 districts in the bay area. asking how to contact the title 9 coordinator. we even pointed out this person handles sexual harassment complaints. here is some of what we got back it we don't have one. i think that would be me. i'm not sure who you would need to talk to. i have no idea who it is. try labor relations. they should know. >> it's not just embarrassing, it's scary. >> terry miller runs an organize called sesame, she lobbies for
6:46 pm
laws to protect children in schools. >> is this something all principals should know? >> absolutely every principal. we contacted 35 principals in the district and none could name the title 9 coordinator. >> i believe they didn't know what you were talking about. >> we showed how some of its principals responded. i have no idea what title 9 is. sorry. and, i need to know who i'm talking to before i send that information. some principals said they don't have a coordinator. >> they were confused? >> principals at larger school district in the bay area confused. about where to send someone to file a sexual harassment dplant. >> if you said who can i go to the i have a complaint about discrimination at your school site every principal should have said you can talk to me about a complaint and if they didn't i would love to know their names. >> we did say that in the
6:47 pm
e-mail. >> here is our e-mail. remember, we clearly said, this person handles sexual harassment complaints. >> are these responses okay? >> our principals will respond to parents and students about concerns and we absolutely welcome them. >> not going to say one way or another if these responses are acceptable. >> we welcome our students and parents to come to us with any concerns about sexual harassment or discrimination splxt she told us the title 9 coordinator for the district is ruth depp but her name isn't on documents which is required. the district says principals also handle complaints. >> they know their responsible -- >> why wouldn't they tell us. >> they know their responsibility to process harassment and discrimination complaints. >> only three wrote back that they handle complaints. and here's another problem. the u.s. department of education doesn't keep a list of coordinators so no one knows if
6:48 pm
schools are complying. >> cheryl is the assistant superintendent of milpitas unified. she handles sexual harassment complaints but because of our investigation is now the official title 9 coordinator. >> we're in process of modifying our policies. >> thank you for making us aware of this. >> everyone should be aware of who the coordinator is at oakland unified. it's posted on line and at school but of the 26 principals we e-mailed only one knew the answer. >> yes, that's concerning that more principals weren't aware. obviously this points to a need to be more vigille lant about training and communication. >> for san francisco. >> it hasn't been brought to us as a concern by a parent or student so if it is we'll absolutely look into it. >> because we're bringing it to you it's not a concern but if a parent would, it would be? >> we have shared all about your rights and responsibilities in our handbook.
6:49 pm
>> after talking with us for just ten minutes. >> thank you. >> that's it. thank you. >> she walked out. >> more oversight i think to make sure title 9 is followed. >> the office of civil rights in washington, d.c. told us they respond to complaints but no one is enforcing title 9 on a regular basis. of the more than 200 e-mails we sent a few principals did identify the coordinator about tut majority did not respond or i didn't know who it was. as a result of our investigation a national nonprofit group says they are taking action. we'll have those as they emerge here on nbc bay area. >> thank you. making a difference. thank you. if you have a tip fora, give us a call. send us e-mail to the unit at
6:50 pm >> trick or treat from you tonight? >> it's no trick that there's rain on the radar, but a little bit of a treat, we're holding it off for the east and the south bay. pretty good transition. thanks for that. 57 in santa rosa now, it's cold on this evening. 62 in concord, 63 in almost and 63 in san jose. not only that but we're tracking this storm with some of the consistent and heavy rainfall. it's moving very slowly so this is good news for some of you, not others. picked up about .1 inch of rain. some of the heaviest rain on the 101 corridor, now also finding pockets of rain getting close to san francisco. we had a few bands move by but this will pick up over the next hour. if you do trick or treating, some sort of holiday party be prepared for the wet weather. let's get a move to san bruno and burlingame over 30 minutes. the good news, east bay and south bay trick-or-treaters and
6:51 pm
any one else, you got about another hour to hour and a half maybe two hours before we start to see the rainfall moving in. as far as the forecast goes tonight. it's going to be cold on this halloween, temperatures in the 50s to low 60s. once again some of the driest for the east and the south bay. to our sky camera network. we got the cloud cover and we also have a busy city. not only the world series parade, but a lot of people staying in the city on this evening. let's bring you back to the weather boards. this rain migrating to the south for tonight by 9 and 10:00 p.m. that rain is going to push off to the south. we think by 11 p.m. we'll have rain in san jose. tomorrow morning a few spotty showers lingering, we'll be clearing out by afternoon so not a major wet day on thursday. temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s. we'll warm up by saturday, upper 70s, even a few 80s.
6:52 pm
let's get a look throughout sunday. 80 degrees and dry and sunny and may be a few more showers by next wednesday night into thursday. so, hopefully your costumes are holding up in the north bay. >> we all dress up as news anchors in. >> i dressed up as -- >> looking good. >> basketball season. henry is here. >> absolutely. we're ready to talk some hoops. the warrior season begins tonight and seth curry had a huge treat. apparently the warriors think his ankle problems are behind him because they gave him big time bucks. the two sides agreed to a contract extension. the team hasn't released the terms of the agreement. however, our warriors insider says the deal is for 4 years an
6:53 pm
$44 million. >> that was amazing. sign my first one coming out of college, the excitement i felt, just knowing being part of hopefully a winning organization going forward and knowing that i'll get better for the next four or five years. that's exciting for anybody. >> all right. to football. 49ers quarterback alex smith has been named to nfc player of the week. 18 of 19 and threw for 232 yards and three tds monday night. it's all about giants. barry zito and sergio romo. and remember, it has a name now.
6:54 pm
romo after closercloser. you guys were fantastic. great job out there. >> thank you. we wish you were there with us. ♪ just put a little bit of yourself ♪
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6:57 pm
alike. >> that's crazy. he could be like his body double. make appearances for bruce. >> we love dealing with. >> before we say good-bye we leave you with more highlights from today's festivities and san francisco giants victory parade. >> good night. ♪ >> congratulations on sweeping the world series championship. >> number 48, the mvp of the world series. ♪ ♪ san francisco open your golden gates ♪ alright let's break it down.
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