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tv   Today  NBC  November 27, 2012 7:00am-11:00am PST

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we'll talk to a man who knows a thing or two about making money, warren buffett in, a rare live interview. exhumed. the body of the late palestinian leader yasser arafat taken out of his grave this morning, eight years after his death. now, authorities are trying to determine if he was poisoned. and don't watch. the teenage star of "two and a half men" calls his own show filth and urges viewers to change the channel. >> please stop watching "two and a half men." i'm on "two and a half men." i don't want to be on it. and who knows. his bosses may just grant that wish today, tuesday, november 27th, 2012. from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everyone.
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welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. i'm savannah guthrie. >> and i'm matt lauer. a few years ago buying online was something of a novelty and made a lot of people nervous, including myself. now it's a way of life and huge business. >> that's right. new numbers released overnight show just that. sales up significantly over last year, and that is thanks in large part to consumers using mobile devices. shoppers spent more than $1 billion. is this the sign we've been waiting for that the economy is finally on the mend? we're going to ask a guy who just might be the best investor ever to walk this earth. how is that for an introduction. >> pretty good. >> warren buffett, glad to have you here. >> all right. an important health warning. if you've having a grapefruit or grapefruit juice for breakfast this morning, it can have serious, even fatal side effects, if you're using certain medications. dr. nancy snyderman will be here to explain that. >> a lot of medications take. like mother, like daughter. anna nicole smith's little girl is modeling for the clothing brand guess just like her mother did.
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we'll have more on that story. we're also going to tell you about a recent health scare for oprah winfrey. >> we want to begin with cyber monday, big success. diana alvear is live from phoenix at the fulfillment center. good morning to you. >> reporter: lots of happy faces on the floor this morning. now that it's clear the consumers were out in full force, shopping with their laptops, their devices, turning amaz into their top online destination. whether you were shopping from home or on the go, cyber monday seems to have been a monster success. >> we should see somewhere around $1.5 billion of spending by consumers online. >> reporter: game-changer this year, smartphones, tablets and other devices. ibm's research estimates the number of shoppers using mobile devices on cyber monday grew more than 20% over last year.
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that very convenience could cost brick and mortar retailers. it's called showrooming. consumers look at products they want, perhaps even test them out, all the while comparing prices in real time with their smartphones. >> before you know it they are buying online. that could be the physical retailers' worst nightmare. >> reporter: across the board online business was booming on cyber monday. at land's end they set a company record with 24,000 orders placed in just one hour. here at, they are celebrating being the number one online destination on black friday and beyond. >> it's huge. an incredible amount of volume will come through these buildings. however, it doesn't just stop then. customers are going to continue to shop right up until christmas. >> reporter: what will change is what consumers buy. >> we do see customers switch to things like gift cards because those are available to be printed out right from the computer, or they can be sent via e-mail. >> reporter: so far, it's also been a good season for all
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retailers. >> we got a tv. >> reporter: holiday sales over the weekend went up 13% in a tough economic year. they hope to keep the momentum going by staggering deals and offering flash sales right up until christmas eve. >> retailers played this particular inning well, but there's still, you know, quite a bit of a game ahead. >> reporter: and, of course, this game will continue. you're looking at the very busy inbound department here at they will be turning product over several times a day until at least christmas eve. amazon won't have the hard numbers until december at the earliest but judging by the smiles on people's faces i think they had a pretty good day. >> diana, thank you very much. one man who has had his finger on the pulse of the economic is famed investor warren buffett, chairman and khoe of bataway and has written
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an op-ed, tax on the wealthy. i'd like to ask you about black friday and cyber monday. numbers robust about any standard what. is it telling you about how consume remembers feeling about the overall economy? >> consumers are feeling reasonably confident. the economy has been coming back for a year and residential housing is coming back, so they are feeling better. >> when you say they are feeling reasonably confident, what are big investors, guys like you? when you start looking forward to the economy in 2013, how confident are you? >> well, i'm confident. i can't speak for others, but i -- we buy stocks almost every day, so i -- but i'm confident about the american economy over the decades to come, and we'll have ups and downs and i can't really predict them. one thing i'm sure of is america is a winner. >> let me read you something that the ceo of honeywell said on "meet the press" on sunday
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and he said right now i'm not all that bullish. in fact, i'd say there's a great uncertainty that's just hanging over the entire economy because we're not confident our guys can govern anymore. there's a lot of money on the sidelines that people are willing to invest but people like me just aren't hiring now because they aren't confident that people can do it. that's a very troubling statement, isn't it? >> at berkshire hathaway we're investing $9 billion in plant and equipment if 2012. that's a record for us, 10% more than we did last year and last year was a record. so i've got great confidence in america. it's always uncertain. december 6th, 1941 was uncertainty but we didn't know it. >> if a guy like mr. cote is saying he's not hiring because the fundamentals of the economy is being wrong, but washington is wrong. that's a difficult situation to fix. >> it may, but it's manmade and can be man corrected. we've had plenty of times when people have gotten upset with congress, although i'll add mitt
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we're at a new time high on that. >> as we come to the fiscal cliff in the next month or so and one of the sticking point, tax rates for the wealthy, you favor a minimum tax rate for the wealthy of 30% for taxable income between $1 million and $10 million, 35% for income over that. do you see the political will in washington right now to accomplish that and come up with a compromise? >> i wouldn't be surprised if it happens. >> that deal? >> that deal could happen, sure. i mean, i think there's a generally feeling among the american public certainly and even among many in congress that the rich like me have been getting away with low tax rates, and it's time to make the tax rates more progressive. >> one of the ideas being pushed out there by the right is that if you raise taxes on the wealthy it will have a chilly effect on hiring in the country. part of the op-ed you wrote, bear with me. suppose that an investor you admire and trust comes to you with an vest deal. this is a good one, he says enthusiastically. i'm in it and i think you should
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be, too. your replay possibly be like this, it depends on my tax rate? if the taxes are too high, i'd rather leave the money in my savings account earning a quarter of 1%. only in grover norquist's imagination does such a response exist. why do you think republicans are clinging so tightly to that idea? >> well, i think they are worried about primaries next time, but i think you're seeing people peel away from that. i'll call you at midnight, matt and tell you i've got the greatest stock i've ever seen. you're not going to say what's the tox rate, you're going to say what's the name of it? >> bottom line, would raising taxes on the wealthiest americans have a chilling effect on hiring in the country? >> no, and i think would have a great effect on the morale of the middle class who have seen themselves playing high payroll taxes, income taxes and they watch guys like me end up paying a rate paid by the people in my office. >> mr. buffet, appreciate you being here. want to tell our viewers to stick around.
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you'll be back in the next half hour to chronicle a new book. always good to have you here. >> thanks, matt. >> now to savannah. >> a potential showdown in washington over the fatal attack at the u.s. consulate in libya, one that could affect who president obama nominates as his next secretary of state. nbc white house correspondent chuck todd has the latest on this story. chuck, good morning to you. >> reporter: well, the woman who could be president obama's pick to replace hillary clinton as secretary of state, u.n. ambassador susan rice. she's going to capitol hill today for some closed door meetings with republican senators, including some of her toughest critics like john mccain as she attempts to explain her comments about the benghazi terrorist attacks, a move that could also signal the president is planning to go ahead with rice's susan rice heads to capitol hill today where along with the acting cia director, she'll meet with three of her toughest republican critics to do damage control, a move that could pave the way for rice's nomination for secretary of state. at issue, rice's initial
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incorrect explanation of the september 11th terrorist attack in benghazi. >> this is a spontaneous reaction to a video. >> reporter: when rice's name was first floated for secretary of state, gop senators pounced. >> we will do whatever is necessary to block the nomination that's within our power as far as susan rice is concerned. >> reporter: rice, who said she was relying on preliminary intelligence reports, responded to mccain last week. >> i do think some of the statements he'd made about me have been unfounded, but i look forward to having the opportunity at the appropriate time to discuss all of this. >> reporter: late monday mccain told nbc news rice herself requested today's meeting. >> i'll be glad to have the opportunity to discuss these issues with her. >> reporter: savannah, the actual nomination to be secretary of state, it's the first of the second-term cabinet appointments we expect, and it could come as soon as late this week but probably early next
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week. and if susan rice is the pick, expect john kerry tapped to be defense secretary. >> chuck todd from washington, thank you. let's get a check of the rest of the morning's top stories. natalie is standing by at the news desk. natalie, good morning to you. good morning, everyone. the remains of the late palestinian leader yasser arafat have been exhumed and reburied this morning as investigators look for clues as to whether or not he was poisoned. nbc's martin fletcher is on the west bank in ramallah with more. martin, good day to you. >> reporter: hi, natalie, good morning. well, it's a grim moment here at yasser arafat's shrine in ramallah, scientists picking through the bones of the palestinians' legendary leader. specimens will then be taken to lack labs in russia, france, and switzerland to try to solve the enduring mystery of his death. was yasser arafat murdered? hidden behind the wall of blue tarpaulin investigators exhume the the body of yasser arafat this morning. he was buried in a frenzy of grief eight years ago.
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at rest in this shrine in ramallah ever since. revered by his people as a freedom fighter, and reviled by others as a terrorist. the last time a frail arafat was seen in public, he flew for treatment to paris. there he died in his hospital bed. cause of dead, never made public. his wife kept the medical report private, and rumors flew. he died of aids. he was murdered, poisoned. >> each one of us want to know the truth. what killed yasser arafat? we're obsessed about this. >> reporter: it was object after a report by al jazeera tv this year that the pressure grew on arafat's wife to agree to exhume her husband's body. al jazeera claimed that arafat was poisoned with radioactive polonium 210. al jazeera reported the scientist in switzerland found high levels of polonium on arafat's clothing given to him by his widow, so if he was murdered, who did it? that's obvious, palestinian
7:13 am
officials say. israel. israel's always said that's nonsense. they had plenty of chances over the years to kill arafat when they were at war, so why poison him when they weren't fighting? scientists say it will three months to reach a verdict, and the israelis say they are sure the verdict of death and the cause of death will be established as natural causes. natalie? >> all right. martin flesch owner the west bank for us. thank you, martin. the nation's largest organic peanut butter processor has had its operations suspended by the fda. officials found salmonella all over sunland inc.'s processing plant. earlier this year 41 people across 20 states, most of them children, fell ill from the company's peanut butter which is primarily sold at trader joe's. the company had been set to reopen today. a health scare for oprah winfrey. the media mogul revealed that she thought she might have breast cancer last month. the scare turned out to be a false alarm. she shared the news at an "o" magazine news conference. and chaos in sydney,
7:14 am
australia, this morning as construction workers were forced to flee the city's biggest crane as it caught fire towering above the university of technology there. a 65-foot crane arm came crashing down on to a nearby building. no one was seriously injured, and the crane's driver is being credited with swinging the arm away from the busy street below. that guy is a hero. it is 7:14 right now. backer of the savannah, matt, and al. scary moments there. >> no question. thanks very much. >> we're going to get some snow around here. >> that's right. >> what happened? >> well, a little laryngitis. >> oh, my goodness. a lot of laryngitis. >> okay. >> i don't think it's -- i don't think it's at all contagious. >> okay. do the weather. >> let's take you a look. >> that's good. go ahead.
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>> let's go to reading, pennsylvania, to show you what we've got. we've got a little light snow, wet snow falling. some of the roadways covered. that's about it. here's what we've got. a frontal system pushing its way and low pressure along it. rain to the south and colder air there's light snow developing. as the day goes on, we look for the snow to get a little bit heavier at worst, maybe 1 to 3 inches of snow stretching to the west of pennsylvania on up just to the north of new york city. we'll get to your local forecast right after this oh...santa. [ male announcer ] the charmed memories collection at kay jewelers. each charm is hand-crafted in italy, and with hundreds of charms to choose from, you can turn your special moments into charmed memories. this weekend, get this free charmed memories bracelet or a charm valued up to $45 with any charmed memories purchase of $100 or more. at kay, the number one jewelry store in america. these are for me, right?
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♪ every kiss begins with kay good tuesday morning to you. this is our last mild day before heavy rain comes into the bay area starting tomorrow morning. 64 degrees in livermore, you'll hit about 63 in fremont and 64 in santa teresa. meanwhile mid-60s just about everywhere. the storm gate opens up as we head throughout the next couple days. the jetstream has taken a dip to the south so we're expecting a series of systems to impact the bay area starting tomorrow and lasting through monday. >> all right, al, thanks. if you like having grapefruit for breakfast, you probably know that it can be dangerous if you're taking certain drugs. well, now a new study finds the risk of that is even bigger than we knew. dr. nancy snyderman is nbc's chief medical editor. >> good morning, savannah. >> we've heard grapefruit can interact with different drugs. what does this study tell us? >> this study comes out of canada.
7:17 am
we've known grapefruit and grapefruit juice can interact with medications but now there's so many more medications on the market the possible interactions have skyrocketed to the point it can make drugs more dangerous and more potent and in some cases can make them inactive, so combining the two is never smart. and the drug-drug interactions are greater in the over 50 age group. why? because they drink more grapefruit juice and the consumer is on medication. >> a long list of drugs but some are very popular like statins. >> statins, you're right, a lot of people take. cardiac drugs, something called beta blockers which slow down the heart rate and regulate the heart rate. people know if they are on them, and the third common is antibiotics. so the take home here is at least know the interactions can exist. no one is saying don't drink grapefruit juice, but certainly don't drink your medications in
7:18 am
proximity to it. at least let it get through your stomach. >> did it give any indication of grapefruits, did you have to eat a whole plate? >> not a perfect study and you have to drink a quart or more. yes, we support the grapefruit, an extraordinary fruit. separate when you eat or drink for when you take your medications and at least give six to eight hours to get out of your stomach. that's when problems will take place. statins and people, that's a big one. >> thank you. once again, here's matt. thanks. nearly three and a half years after her death actress farrah fawcett is at the center of a new controversy, a trial is about to begin over a portrait of her by andy warhol that hangs in the home of her onetime love ryan o'neal. >> reporter: andy warhol produced two portraits and ryan
7:19 am
says the one that belongs in his bedroom says that belongs to him but the university of texas said she left all her artwork to her alma mater, hence the upcoming trial. farrah fawcett and ryan o'neal were a couple whose on-again, off again relationship made the pages of tabloid. in 2006 it was definitely off when she talked about the reality show "chasing farrah." >> how many of these did he make of you? >> well, he probably made three. i don't know. he had two. >> reporter: her household insurance policy listed two synthetic polymer paintings by andy warhol of farrah fawcett each 40 x 40 inches, the same two she shipped earlier to the l.a. condo where she later died. the living trust never mentions o'neal and leaves all artwork to the university for its general
7:20 am
charitable purposes. >> was the painting in her house at the time that she died, because if it was, i think the court or executor are probably going to assume that the contents of the house belong to her. >> reporter: o'neal says this warhol was given to him by the artist himself. her daughter tatum mentions it in her memoir and only gave it to fawcett for safekeeping when a new girlfriend objected to it and how did it get back in the bedroom, as shown in a reality show launched last year. he had wrongfully taken possession of it after fawcett's death. last spring o'neal talked to matt on "today" about his ex. >> she loved me. she said so. she loved me. >> reporter: but the dispute over the warhol portrait may be
7:21 am
less about love than money. pasadena gallery owner buys and sells warhol pieces and says this one could be worth millions. >> $10 million out of the question? >> you know, it would be my guess that it would be closer to that than 30. >> $10 million is an awful lot of money. >> an awful lot of money. >> reporter: o'neal's spokesman calls the lawsuit ridiculous and that there are dozens of witnesses who will confirm his version in court. >> mike taibbi in los angeles, thanks very much. more problems for the hit sitcom "two and a half men." now one star says people shouldn't watch it anymore. that later, but first this is "today" on nbc. anna nicole
7:22 am
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smith's daughter now a guess model herself. >> that story after your local news.
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that forecast. in san anselmo, neighbors hoping they do not see another flood like the one back in 2008. there's a creek that runs right through the middle of town and it is known to flood big-time. we talked to one man who had a landslide on his property last year and he told us he never wants to see that again. >> it is a lovely here and every place has problems, it could be snow, it could be something else so the rain is part of it. we definitely need the rain, but you've got to prepare for it. you see a lot of people that don't clean their gutters. i'm amazed. >> the city is making sandbags and sand available free of charge so residents there can try and prepare. meteorologist christina loren has been hustling in that weather department telling us it's going to be kind of wet. >> it certainly is. you have one more dry day to clean out your storm drain and we'll see a lot of city workers doing that just today with the potential of 5 inches of rain in
7:27 am
parts of the bay area. we do have some fog out there. livermore about half a mile visibility, same for santa rosa right now. keep that in mind. the fog will burn off the second half of the day. by mid-morning we should see partly cloudy conditions. we have a series of storm systems on the way. the first one arrives at of tomorrow morning. heavy rain and gusty winds just in time for tomorrow morning's drive. let's take a look at your drive right now with anthony slaughter. >> thank you, christina. we do have an accident in san jose. this is actually right under the bridge. 280 at 17. we can't actually see the accident but you can definitely see the backup all the way on 280. that backup is quite a ways away. also you can see lots of red in that specific location. we also have a couple of accidents in the east bay right around auto mall parkway and mowery and that is slowing things on 880 in the southbound direction. that backup goes all wait back to san lorenzo. the altamont pass still remains slow at this hour, jon.
7:28 am
>> appreciate it, my man. brace yoselves, grab an umbrella. we'll be back with another local update in a half hour. the "today" show rolls on.
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twaflmen, if you watch "two and a half men", if you watch "two and a half men," please stop watching "two and a half men." i'm on it and i don't want to be on it. >> i think that would fall under the category of biting the hand
7:30 am
that feeds you. that's angus t. jones slamming his own show. so what's going on? we'll have more on that coming up in just a couple of minutes. 7:30 on tuesday morning, november 27th, 2012. i'm matt lauer alongside savannah guthrie. coming up, warren buffett, the third richest man in america worth $46 billion shares the secret to success. we'll take a look at a new book and all the things written about him in the past several years. >> we know he's good at making money. there's another way to get rich, powerball that now stands at $425 million. is there anything can you do, any strategy to snatch that winning ticket? coming up, one multiple time lottery winner explains how he believes you can in fact boost your odds. also ahead. anna nicole smith's daughter back in the spotlight in a new modeling campaign just like her
7:31 am
mom. >> and it's tuesday which means, of course, the professionals are here. this morning we'll get their take on the black friday frenzy which stretched into thursday and monday. >> exactly right. stretched right out. >> let's begin with yet another controversy surrounding the hit sitcom "two and a half men." this time it's not charlie sheen but the show's youngest stars raising eyebrows. telling his fans the show is no good. nbc's kristen dahlgren is at "two and a half men," the set for that show. good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, good morning, matt. that interview took place right here on the warner brothers lot inside angus t. jones' trailer. it's likely the studio didn't know what he was going to be saying. you would expect the star to encourage people to watch his work. instead he told fans to stay away. it's the show that made angus t. jones famous. on "two and a half men" jones plays likable lost cause teenager jake harper. >> can i go to vegas? >> no. >> reporter: and has almost half his life.
7:32 am
america watched him grow up in the role and now on youtube, another side of jones. one encouraging viewers to stop watching the show. >> please stop watching "two and a half men." i'm on it and i don't want to be it. please stop watching it. please stop filling your head with filth. >> reporter: the video was posted by forerunner. jones was baptized as a seventh day adventist this year, and in the clip the 19-year-old talks about finding god. >> you cannot be a true god fearing person and be on a television show like that. i know i can't. i can -- i'm not okay with what i'm learning what the bible says and being on that television show. >> reporter: jones reportedly makes $350,000 an episode, a sum that made him the highest paid child actor on tv for starring alongside ashton kutcher and
7:33 am
john crier. warner brothers who produced the show had no comment. >> if there was language in his contract requiring him to refrain from disparaging the show, they could sue him or they could say, hey, we're ending your contract and not paying you. there's no chance that that would ever happen. warner brothers is in business to keep this show on the air. >> reporter: of course, "two and a half men" is no stranger to controversy. who could forget charlie sheen's epic split with the show? >> we can get all the answers and the truth. wow, winning. >> reporter: after sheen's rants against "two and a half men" and its producers got him fired, ashton kutcher took over, a move that had fans tuning in to watch the fallout, which could be exactly what happens this time. >> it put "two and a half men" in everybody's heads, and they were more likely to tune in, so i think if there's any impact on the show, it's going to be in the opposite from what angus t. jones suggested. i think more people might watch.
7:34 am
>> reporter: now we reached out to reps for jones and didn't hear anything back. the big question, of course, becomes will he quit the show? he may not have to. "two and a half men" may actually be in its final season so perhaps he'll collect a few more paychecks before it's over. >> all right. kristen dahlgren, thanks very much. here's savannah. >> thanks and now to the powerball lottery. the chances of winning about as good as having a ufo land in the front yard but people from coast to coast are going wild because it's a $425 million jackpot. mara schiavocampo has more on the story. mara, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. those odds aren't deterring people much. this $2 ticket is what everyone is after. more than 350 million powerball tickets have been sold since this pool started growing. it's now reached almost half a billion dollars and may continue to soar before someone finally hits the jackpot. from atlanta. >> i'm the luckiest guy alive.
7:35 am
why not. >> reporter: to new jersey. >> a little bit of money for a lot of possibility. >> reporter: to new york. >> when it's over 100 million, that's a nice ticket. >> reporter: all across the country a surge of energy over powerball and its record jackpot of about $425 million. >> i hope i'm the winner. >> reporter: current pool has been growing for more than seven weeks, getting bigger and bigger each time no one wins as the jackpot soars, so does the excitement. >> house boat, yacht, mansion. >> reporter: and the prospect of a $278 million cash payout, powerball's biggest ever. >> eight's been a good number lately so i try to include that in everything. >> i think about numbers. as i'm thinking the numbers, they just pop in. >> it's my husband and i, and we play our birthdays and our anniversary date. >> reporter: this year powerball kicked the game into high gear making changes that raise the odds of winning and the minimum jackpot to $40 million. >> mega millions is breaking
7:36 am
records. >> reporter: 2012 may be the year of big payouts. in march three megamillions players won a record $656 million, more than half a billion. >> she giggled for about four house, i think. >> reporter: the powerball drawing is wednesday night. while many are counting on sheer luck, some say you can play to win. >> the one thing that i tell people is don't play quick picks. >> reporter: florida player richard lustig says he's won the lottery seven times, pocketing millions in prize money. >> it doesn't matter how you pick your numbers. what matters is what you do with that set of numbers after you've chosen it. i teach people how to research that set of numbers to find out if it's a good set of numbers, and if it is, you play it, and you play it all the time. >> for this drawing lustig has
7:37 am
bought several powerball tickets of his own, one of many hoping to hit the jackpot. tickets will continue to be sold until about an hour before tomorrow night's drawing, and if nobody wins tomorrow night, that jackpot will keep growing, and it's likely to top half a billion dollars. savannah. >> mara schiavocampo in midtown manhattan, thank you. now a check of the weather with al. >> thanks, savannah. big changes coming out to the west. you can see all the storms that are stacked up out there and that's going to be bringing in a lot of wet weather over the next 72 hours. as you look ahead you can see the rain making its way from northern california all the way up into the pacific northwest. inland we're looking at mountain snow. these are rainfall amounts. anywhere from 6 to 10 inches of rain over the next 72 hours, just north of san francisco, into coastal oregon, so it is going to be wet. we're probably going to see some flooding before this is all out. that's what's going on around 7:38. good morning to you. we've got quite a bit of low cloud cover but we're looking good right at the immediate
7:38 am
surface. you can actually see the roadway over most of the bay area this morning. our temperatures are going to be comfortable today but i really want to spend some time on your seven-day outlook and show you what's to come. this is your last dry day before the heavy rain arrives wednesday into thursday. we're going to get periods of rain. thursday the wind continues, getting pockets of rain in the north bay and the heaviest rain arrives on friday. >> and that's your latest weather. savannah had. >> all right, al. thanks. coming up next, more with legendary investor warren buffett. can you learn how to make money just like he does? and later going down. what might be the funniest and meanest elevator prank ever, but first these messages. job. tell me we'll always be together. ♪ tell me i've still got it. that our traditions matter. tell me you love me for who i am. that you can't wait to be home. tell me you're glad i've joined your family.
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back at 7:42. in 1966, if you spent about $220 to buy ten shares of stock in my next guest's company it would be worth more than $1.3 million today. warren buffett, the chairman and chief executive officer of berkshire hathaway is the subject of a new book called "tap dancing to work," warren buffett on practically everything. carol lummis has covered warren buffett for "fortune" magazine for decades. welcome back, mr. buffet. you went back and looked at 80 or more articles written on this guy. you've known him for years and years. did you learn something looking back? >> you know, i did because i saw a great arc of his business life. the book is basically a business
7:43 am
biography, and i just learned -- i think maybe the most important thing i learned is how consistent he's been in his thinking. he's never changed. >> i didn't put this to any kind of a computer test. i haven't fed this in to get the numbers. you know the word that i think probably comes up more than any other to describe his style of investing rational. >> rational. >> is that the key to his success? >> it absolutely, is and it's the un-key to most people's success. they just can't do it. they get very emotional about investing. >> people have used the word rational to describe me, too, but not in glowing terms. you know what i often think they mean. i think they mean boring. >> in my case they do, i don't know about you, matt. >> is perhaps part of your genius you have a somewhat boring approach to investing? >> i couldn't be more boring. >> is that the key? >> it's true. i look at the facts and wherever the facts lead me, i go. >> the crux of it is this, carol. he says you go out and find undervalued companies so their
7:44 am
stocks can only go up. make sure they don't have a lot of debt and they have good managers in place and then you jump on those companies. people out there are saying, duh, why don't i think about that, but why does he find them where other people miss them? >> well, he says that it's simple but not easy, and that's why other people i don't think can do it. but he also thinks about business 24/7, and most people aren't doing that. he is -- he brings a frame of reference to any business subject that comes up and there's no one better. >> he looks kind of dapper today, all right? but i've seen him on the golf course, all right, and there's somewhat of a sight guide because if warren buffett walked into a restaurant and you didn't know who he was, the third wealthiest man in the world, you would not realize it. >> especially when it came to the tip. >> is that part of the magic perhaps, that he catches people off guard? >> i think it's less so today because you walk down the street with him today, he's likely to
7:45 am
be recognized by lots of people, but he does catch them off guard because he, first of all, he's very nice. he's so funny, and -- and people the are -- just don't see this complex guy. >> it hasn't all been roses for you. you took a beating like a lot of people back in 2008 and 2009. 2008 on paper was your worst year. >> probably. >> what did you learn from it? >> i learned i can get a chance to buy stocks a lot cheaper and i like that. if i buy hamburgers today and the price goes down today, i like it better tomorrow. >> you see the opportunity always for the next year. >> always, always. >> this book seems like a little bit of a gift, a little bit of a good-bye letter to a long friend, and i don't mean it that way. you've known each other for a long time, doing this for a long time, battled health reasons, talked about leaving, you've chosen a successor but not named him. what's it going to mean to the
7:46 am
world of investing when he hangs up his investing shoes? >> 20 years from now when maybe that's the case. >> you think he's going to go that long? >> maybe i should say 25. at any rate, he will be remembered -- his -- his role in life will be remembered into the next century. i don't have any idea about that. i don't know for sure whether it's going to be philanthropy or investing that's the lead item but people will be reading about warren buffett 100 years from now. >> do you have a date in mind? seriously, do you? >> methuselah made it to 999. >> great to have you. >> pleasure to have both of you hear. >> the book is called "tap dancing to work." and we're back right after this.
7:47 am
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bring them all together, and be inspired like never before. scrapbooking. create yours with nook hd - and even bigger with hd+. find yours at barnes & noble. well, the daughter of the late model anna nicole smith has been kept out of the spotlight since the very public custody and paternity battle over here but now that's changing.
7:50 am
natalie is here with that story. >> dannielynn burkhead is a beautiful girl so it's no surprise she is now a model for the very same clothing line that helped make her mother famous. it's a high-profile commercial debut for a 6-year-old girl. dannielynn burkhead frolics in this black-and-white ad for the clothing guess. her mother modelled herself for the guess brand. >> i hate to tell you, but i told you so. >> her father larry birkhead has recently kept her out of the public eye but recently invited us into their kentucky hem. >> people like to take pictures and do things so it's kind of like you have to build your own little fortress. >> he offered glimpses into the life of the first grader who shares his mother's striking looks and playful personality.
7:51 am
>> people say oh, is she going to shine, and really in all honesty, she's the biggest dramatic toddler i've ever seen in my life. falls down on cue and goes into all big dramatic things but she knows who is friend and foe and once she gets to know you she's like most other kid. >> but most kid hasn't been under the public eye her entire life. dannielynn was five months old when her mother died of a prescription drug overdose in 2007. >> she knows her mom's image and can recognize her but i don't let her see anything that's over the top. she will see, you know, dad, what happened to mom. mom is in heaven, the doctors couldn't fix her and, you know, one day you'll get to see her again and that's kind of how we leave it right now, and i don't really go beyond that because i really don't know what to say to her. that's good for now. you see pictures around and see things of her mom, and sometimes i don't know if that's too much. i try to keep her mom's memory alive for her.
7:52 am
>> birkhead says the ad campaign is a one-time tribute to smith and all proceeds will be set aside for dannielynn. by the way, the ad campaign with dannielynn is scheduled to appear on buses and billboards starting in mid-january and larry birkhead says the primary focus is on dannielynn's education. >> our focus is on al's health. his voice is nearly gone. >> a little shaky. >> do you know where we can go? >> go to the bull pen. >> who better than scarlett johnasson. >> do you have any experience? >> i have a lot of experience with weather, yes. i would say this is my dream come true doing the weather with al roker. come true doing the weather with al roker. >> no, no[ horn honks ] [ gps ] hello dave. oh, not again. [ gps ] dave, do you know where your wife went last week? she went to jared to look at tag heuer link lady watches. i'm not going to the cleaners anymore, am i? [ gps ] no dave, you're not. [ wheels screech ] right turn. [ engine revs ] [ male announcer ] jared has an incredible selection
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first we're gonna check our bags for free, thanks to our explorer card. then, the united club. my mother was so wrong about you. next, we get priority boarding on our flight i booked with miles. all because of the card. and me. okay, what's the plan? plan? mm-hmm. we're on vacation. there is no plan. really? [ male announcer ] the united mileageplus explorer card. the mileage card with special perks on united. get it and you're in. it is 7:56. good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. milpitas police on this hour on the lookout for a gunman who allegedly fired at an officer early today. police say the officer tried to pull over that suspect on jacklin road near arizona avenue. police say the suspect got out of the car and started shooting. the officer returned fire but
7:56 am
the suspect was able to get back in his car and drove off. police at this time do not know if the suspect was actually hit during the shootout. we can tell you the officer was not injured. now, as far as your weather forecast, this morning christina loren has been using expressions like rain boots and arc. i'll let her tell you the rest. good morning. >> good morning to you, jon. yeah, we've got a lot of rain headed our way. let's look at the positives, you don't have to wash your car, turn your sprinklers off a few days of the starting with a foggy look over san francisco. you have one more dry day before the heavy rain arrives. 64 in santa teresa and 63 in san francisco so let's talk about that rain. we stop the clock on your futurecast at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. it is going to get very active for your morning commute tomorrow and then the showers continue all the way through this weekend. potentially all the way through the first part of monday. make sure you've got that umbrella ready to go. let's take a look at your drive, it's rush hour. good morning, anthony. >> we do have an accident to report. in fact there was a person trapped in a vehicle in a
7:57 am
location in san jose. on 280 under 17. you can see the accident is right under the bridge but the backup continues at least a quarter of a mile in that specific location, again in san jose. also in the east bay we're looking at a couple of accidents on 880, one . >> thank you very much. once again as christina mentioned, if you're planning on washing your car, don not bothe. lots of rain on the way. the "today" show rolls on.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 now on this tuesday morning, november 27th, 2012, and we are already getting a bit of weather, shall we say, here at 30 rockefeller plaza, but folks here are happy to be here
8:00 am
smiling through the rain which we think may turn to snow, but al roker is feeling under the weather this morning. unfortunately, he has la laryngitis. >> but we have scarlett johnasson here. >> i'm going to read the weather now. >> did you realize since you've been here his voice has gotten worse and worse. >> now just like whispers. >> milking is. >> the crew is really excited about this. >> wonders if you have any nursing experience after the weather? >> i think that's a loaded question. i'll take a pass on that. >> also ahead, the professionals are in the studio. they will weigh in on everything from all the craziness surrounding black friday to medical marijuana for a 7-year-old. even that little intimate where
8:01 am
justin bieber met the prime minister of canada wearing overalls. they will be talking about that. >> all right. when she's done with the weather scarlet will talk about the fabulous new movie "hitchcock" already getting a ton of buzz. we'll catch up with her about that. >> and later dr. phil be here. >> wonder if he has any experience in laryngitis. he'll explain how to get negative people who said it's fortunate you've got laryngitis. >> did you get your flu shot? >> i don't believe in flu shots. >> get a surgical mask. >> let's get the day's top stories. >> good morning, everyone. the economy got a boost from record cyber monday holiday shopping. early figures show sales were up more than 28% compared to cyber monday last year. that would make it the biggest online shopping days ever. sales from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones rose 10%. the woman who could be
8:02 am
president obama's choice for the next secretary of state is meeting with key lawmakers today on capitol hill. u.n. ambassador susan rice will try to explain her initial incorrect comments about the deadly september attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. rice will be accompanied by the acting cia director as she meets with her toughest republican critics, including arizona senator john mccain. now let's head to wall street and cnbc's mary thompson at the new york stock exchange for us. mary, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, natalie. investors likely to applaud the latest lifeline for greece. finance ministers helping the country avoid bankruptcy. still that deal could be delayed by governments who are just tired of coming to greece's rescue and president obama meets with small business owners as part of a week long effort to drum up support for his plan to help the country avoid the fiscal cliff. back to you. >> mary thompson at the new york stock exchange, thank you. actress halle berry's ex-boyfriend was granted a restraining order following a
8:03 am
thanksgiving day fight. some of the pictures you're about to see is quite graphic. he suffered cuts and bruises and a broken rib at the hands of martinez but it was aubrey who was arrested and released on bail. the restraining order requires martinez to stay 100 yards away from aubrey until a hearing next month. the two have been locked in a custody fight over their 4-year-old daughter. now for a look at what's trending today. our quick roundup of what has you talking online. a chicago woman is winning internet sympathy over a bad romance that turned into a parking ticket nightmare. jennifer fitzgerald says her ex left the car registered in her name in an airport parking lot for three years, and it racked up more than 600 tickets leaving jennifer with a $100,000 tabitha she is now fighting in court. well, her new job as editor at large "southern living" magazine
8:04 am
made jenna bush hager a top search on bing last night. she calls herself a homesick texan living in new york and this prank scared up 2 million his. the lights would go out and a ghostly girl would sneak in through a hidden panel. well, just as frightening, the lights would go out again and the ghostly girl would vanish through the trap door as quickly as she had appeared. that would scare the living daylights out of me. it's 8:05. let's go back outside to matt, savannah, al and scarlett. >> al has laryngitis and scarlett johnasson fulfilling a lifelong dream of doing the
8:05 am
weather. let's look at the radar right now. showers in the northeast and snow developing in the northeast. expect thunderstorms from new orleans to atlanta. heavy rain developing in the northwest. 3208 inches of rain. look for 1 to 3 inches of snow from western pennsylvania to southern new england, and that's your latest weather report. here's what's happening i . thank you. nice job there. good morning to you. taking a live look over san jose. the clouds will continue to increase. as we head throughout the day, we have three storm systems on the way. 64 degrees in livermore. 64 in gilroy. 63 in san francisco. the rain arrives tomorrow morning. heavy rain and gusty winds continue through friday. we will lighten up a bit over the weekend, but still staying wet through monday. local weather. matt. take it away. >> you said that with such aplomb and flare. >> i even like it when you did
8:06 am
the gesture towards pennsylvania. >> thank you very much. >> we're getting news now from the control room. our director now has laryngitis and they would like you to head down there. thank you. >> it's very contagious. >> when we come back, the pros are in the studio and they will talk about everything including medical marijuana for a 7-year-old. but first these messages. while managing their schedule with my producing partner. i set up kid's corner so they can learn and play games without deleting my stuff. "working mom" is sometimes a tough role to play, but it's definitely the one i was born for. [ clattering, children laughing ] and...action. that's me. and this is my windows phone. [ male announcer ] new windows phone. reinvented around you. ♪
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8:10 am
where our power players take on the hot issues of the day. star jones, donny deutsch and nancy snyderman who need no introduction. >> holidays and merry christmas, shopping hon thanksgiving and black friday. so many instances of people, you know, creating mobs outside the store. one where a guy left a kid in the car while he shopped all night. we asked the question as charlie brown did so long ago, isn't there anyone who knows what christmas is really all about? has this just gone craze? >> the fact that you said christmas is the hot button item because people say happy holidays. >> that's a whole other story. >> i didn't like the fact that stores were opening on thanksgiving which is one of those great american holidays where there are no presents, there is no religion and you really get to give thanks. that's when i think we jump the shark. >> you know, i was one of those that actually shopped online. did i all of the black friday shopping, bought myself a tv online for $280, it was a good deal, i'm telling you the truth,
8:11 am
but i also did small business saturday, and that was my feel good time of the thanksgiving holiday. >> i guess the larger question is have we made the holidays too much about consumerism recognizing this is very important for our economy. it's not what we make it. it's very important, advertising and marketing and brands get blamed for ore commercializing everything. we're filling demand. it's like we don't create people who want to use deodorant. they want to use it and obviously people have the need and want to shop and want those deals and i think also parents have the ability at home to distinguish between teach their children when christmas and hannukah is versus great shopping and wonderfulness. it's reality. everything is commercialized in the world. >> it's interesting. steve jobs said why would i wait for a focus group to tell me what people want that don't even know what they want until i give it to them and that's what's happened to the holidays. >> people wanting to shop at 5:00 a.m. on thanksgiving they wouldn't be there. >> but it got created and then
8:12 am
the frenzy started. >> i want to get to our next topic, medical marijuana and kids. a 7-year-old being treated for an aggressive form of leukemia. she has been given by her doctor medical marijuana and takes it in bill former single day. this goes to our doctor, whether you think it's advisable for kids to be taking marijuana for medical purposes. >> i have no problem with a child dying africanser getting some relief from nausea, vomiting. >> 75% of surviving. >> and therein lies the rub. one of the parents said that she credited the marijuana with saving her daughter's life and being part of the cure. there is no evidence for that. so i think, you know, sort of the -- the blank statement, is it okay for 7-year-olds? you have to break this down case by case by case. >> and aren't there other medications that can be used to alleviate the nausea?
8:13 am
>> nothing works as well. oregon law approved requires no monitoring of a child's medical monitor use by a pediatrician. >> that's dumb. >> god forbid any of my children were sick and there could be anything that could alleviate their pain or discomfort, i would do it. no blink of an eye. >> and then you have the problem that these parents are divorced, and if one parent in that -- that parental family, if you will, decides that they don't want their child to take certain medication, then that brings in another legal rub which is what you have. >> and the dad in this case said i'm worried about what it will do to my child's brain and that's a very responsible way. >> when he saw his little girl she was stoned. >> when you're on morphine you're stoned. we're probably not competent, the three of us have never tried pot, so we're probably not -- >> not even touching that one with a ten foot pole. >> i definitely can't. go ahead.
8:14 am
>> next topic, denied boarding death of a woman. a woman visiting overseas from hungary. tried to get back on three different flights, 425 pound, obese. had one leg that was amputated so she needed a wheelchair. three different airlines on three different occasions were not able to board her. it's not that they denied her. were not able to get her on the plane, according to the airline. she died. she apparently did not want to seek treatment in europe, and she died of whatever was ailing her. i guess the question is what is the airline's obligation in that situation? >> at some point we have to determine whether or not obesity is now considered a disability. >> well, it is covered. >> it's covered, eeoc has been pushing for full coverage. however, you know, in preparation for this topic, i went online to a pilot forum to read what pilots were saying. >> you study for this stuff. >> this is what i was taught. what's interesting about what happens in a safety situation
8:15 am
for everybody else on plane if the woman could not board the plane safely, then that means she couldn't get off in an emergency safely. >> right. >> and that's an issue that we're going to have to determine when it comes to air transportation. there's not an air ambulance. >> i don't understand how she got there. went there for vacation so went conceivably on an airline. did she get fatter or sicker? they made it sound like delta, they couldn't even get her in the wheelchair so something happened. >> each airline has absolutely different equipment, and they have different rules. >> right. >> some airlines say that you have to be able to sit comfortably in one seat. >> the pilot does have the legal right to say that this is my ship. >> last topic, all casual, all the time. did you see the pictures of justin bieber who we adore around here wearing his overalls to meet the prime minister stephen harper of canada. he was receiving an award, quite a prestigious award, wearing his overalls, one down and had his
8:16 am
hat behind him. justin said in his defense, behind the scenes of a show and he was about to go on stage. what say we people? >> if that's the case -- if literally the guy showed up and he's on stage, look, if he was my kid, obviously he'd be dressed differently because i'm so serious, but i think we have to -- us elders have to start to understand -- >> i can't believe you're going to say this. >> the same thing with zuckerberg. it's a different world now, guys. >> no, it's not. he's the head of state. >> he was performing. >> no, no, no! >> are you craze? >> i'm not crazy at all. >> he's supposed to be going on stage immediately following. >> by the way. >> that's what he's supposed to be wearing. >> apparently the canadian equivalent of a kennedy center honor. >> going on stage. >> not in five minutes. had plenty of time to meet a head of stage. >> my family has bieber fever. >> i'm going to dial an expert. she's done the weather and
8:17 am
scarlett johnasson, what say you? >> the look is rad, a good look. the '90s are back, and he's rocking it in the right way. >> run, run. >> matt lauer has laryngitis and i'll be conducting the interview. hi, how are you? >> good, how are you? >> dony is such a slut. >> more after this. research hospital created a special brain tumor treatment just for arianna. our bold, new procedure is helping to extend her life... and give her family hope. look what i made. beautiful... hug your child tonight... give thanks for the healthy kids in your life. and give to those who are not. go to st. jude dot org or shop where ever you see the st. jude logo.
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8:20 am
'cause you get a little angry when you're hungry. better? [ male announcer ] you're not you when you're hungry™. better. [ male announcer ] snickers satisfies. she is one of hollywood's hottest stars and now scarlett johnasson is starring in the movie "hitchcock" about the making of the classic movie "psycho." and she plays actress janet league. >> i'm curious to know how are you going to shoot the shower scene? well, it's only from here up. i'm not exactly boyish. >> i'll be doing short bits from various angles and cut together the montage which suggests nudity, suggests violence. nothing will actually be shown, but, of course, having you in the shower will make it all that more, well, titillating.
8:21 am
>> scarlett, welcome back. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> helen mirren is there is there some sort of a surcharge added to the price when you have scarlett johnasson, a dame and a sir in the same movie? >> i don't know, but i better be cutting a cut of it. >> how do you address them on set? do you have to call them sir and dame? >> no, i just, you know, i call them. they are incredibly casual. it's tony, of course, tony is very casual with his panama hat on set and helen, you know, we just -- just call her hey you. she loves that. >> just comes to anything. >> hey you. >> this is a movie that's all about hitchcock. you're a young lady. you just turned what, 28. >> yes. >> he died a long time ago. were you very aware of his work? is that kind of a rite-of-passage for any actor or actress? >> you know, i was raised on hitchcock films. my mother is a huge film buff
8:22 am
and i saw hitchcock, "psycho," probably when i was too young, like 7 or 12k3w4r8 ye. >> me, too. >> too young. and when the chair was spun around at the end it petrified me. >> when it came time to shooting that, when it came time to shoot that for the movie, what came to your mind? >> you break it down into each piece, each shot, you know, kind of what -- what hitch had edited in, and then, you know, you kind of make it your own. you sort of wing it, and -- >> do you have that music in your mind the whole time? >> no. i think when you have tony hopkins there stabbing at you with a completely frenzied psychotic look on your face you don't need that kind of mood. sort of puts you right there. >> all the motivation you need. >> seeing hannibal lecter from also way too young was enough
8:23 am
to, you know, give me that kind of naturalistic feel, you know. >> i know you didn't want to do an impersonation of janet leigh but you did talk to her daughter about it. what did you want to learn? >> i think more than anything it must be strange to have somebody play your mother and especially someone as beloved and celebrated as janet, and -- and i just wanted to reach out and -- and jamie was lovely. she sent beautiful photographs and gave me some wonderful stories. >> she said something really nice. at the end when she watched, it she thought you captured her mom's sweetness. >> which is really as an actor is the most -- it's the most rewarding thing you could hear. such a wonderful communication that we -- that i was fortunate enough to be able to have and, of course, janet first and foremost was a loving, loving mother, and -- and wife, and she, you know, reiterated that.
8:24 am
>> speaking of sweetness, you get a sweet new tattoo recently. i saw that you showed to a host of another show before here. i'm not going to ask to see it. that's not the new one. >> that's an old one. >> that's another one. >> how many pieces of ink do you have? >> i've lost count. >> more than ten? >> oh, come on. there it is. my gosh this photograph will circulate for the rest all time. >> when you stand on a street and show it like that, chances are it's going to show up somewhere. >> some photographs, as i'm sure you might know yourself, were meant for personal consumption, not for the public. >> what does it say? >> it says lucky you. that says lucky you. >> you turned 28 on thanksgiving, what did you do for the day? >> stuffed my face like everybody else and i had cake and, you know, everybody drank. we were all merry. i was with my grandmother. this is her 90th birthday this year, so we were really excited to have her. >> happy >> and great luck with
8:25 am
"hitchcock." thank you very much. >> and we're back after your local news. . . . . good tuesday morning to you. 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the police standoff on treasure island is now over. police were trying to stop a car
8:26 am
they say was driving through red lights near bush and mason streets in san francisco. the suspect fired at officers before speeding off to treasure island. police cornered him. during the standoff, police shutoff access to the island. let's check the morning commute. anthony is in for mike. >> we are looking congested. a bit of congestion in the south bay. an accident at 280 and 17 that is being cleared away. this is a live look at 880 and fremont. a slow go there. southbound direction is the heaviest with congestion. this is an accident that has just been reported right around tennison on 880. altamont pass is heading to clear. it looks like you are good to go there.
8:27 am
all right. picking up out there. thank you. we'll have another local news update in a half hour. in the meantime, have a great tuesday morning. 
8:28 am
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we're back now. 8:30 on a tuesday morning. it is the 27th day of november, 2012. and you can see it's raining here in new york city, and if you look down at our plaza, got some nice people there. that is the current "american idol" champ serving as our holiday elf this morning in our 19th annual holiday toy drive, and by the way, these people are being awfully generous, if you can't come down in person, you can donate online. go to and find out all the details about that, and i should tell you, as i say that i'm matt lauer along with savannah, almost said scarlett johnasson. >> you wish. >> natalie morales and al roker. scarlett johnasson did the weather because al has a serious case of laryngitis. >> can you have laryngitis the
8:31 am
day after and the day after. >> oh, that's terrible. >> and so philip phillips is going to take on the weather chores in this half hour. >> yes. >> all right. >> now, meantime, coming up, we'll talk about the holidays and we love to talk about great things for the holidays but sometimes you have to talk about the grinches in your lives. how to watch out for the backstabbers, abusers, imposters and takers and sometimes you really see those people pop up during the holidays. >> and if you want to save some money at the supermarket, then you're in luck because the original coupon queen is here to share her secrets, including whether generics are really cheaper than the name brands. >> all right. now we'll head into the kitchen in a little while and get some lovely comfort food, perfect for a day like this. >> we all agreed scarlett johnasson was a perfect ten doing the weather the last half hour. no pressure. first of all, nice to see you. >> good morning. >> you ready. >> i will try to. >> let her rip.
8:32 am
>> look for rain and thunderstorms in the southeast. expect 1 to 3 inches of snow from southwestern pennsylvania to southern new england. flood watches for the pac floodif watches in northern california. 3 to 8 inches of rain by thursday. in the southwest. i did it. >> it's a little easier to read. well, thank you, phillip phillips. the time just turned 8:33. this is a live picture over high atop san bruno mountain.
8:33 am
highs today on the cool side. 65 in livermore. 64 in santa teresa. as we head throughout tomorrow morning, heavy rain arrives and gusty winds. thank you very much. why don't you stick around and we talk to you for a second. we mentioned you're the current american idol champ. you just released an album. it's great to have you here. you're so closely associated. are you happy to be promoting your own music? >> i'm really excited for it. i got to do a lot of writing. it really represents me. i'm really proud of that. people seem to be enjoying it so far. so that's a good thing. it's always good to hear that. >> sit down with great musicians and be so supportive. was that a fun process for you? >> it was. some of the few people i wrote with, they wanted me to make songs too. so they wanted me to write the songs for me.
8:34 am
i really appreciated that. . i had a great producer. everything just kind of happened at the right time. >> meanwhile, your single "home" just went certified double platinum which is a huge accomplishment for your first big single. >> it's insane. i always get nervous even people are like have you seen it? i don't want to know. i get too nervous. i'm glad it it can help people out. so i just did help with the choir in staten island. >> such a great cause. if al could speak, he would say thank you for being a part of our holiday toy drive and the best of luck with the world of the side of the moon. >> we'll have you sing the forecast next time. >> you're here to sing later on. >> much more ahead on a tuesday
8:35 am
morning. first this is "today" on nbc. ♪ [ female announcer ] nature exists on the grandest scale... ♪ ...and in the tiniest details. ♪ and sometimes both. nature valley granola thins pack the big taste of granola and dark chocolate into one perfect square, under 100 calories. nature valley granola thins. nature at its most delicious.
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8:37 am
this morning on consumer, the original coupon queen susan sam says you can use them to save big. she has been doing it for decades. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> you and i make quite the pair this morning. >> and i'm in heels. >> me too. we'll get through it together. we first met you back in 1978. we have the footage to prove it. you have on "the today show" talking about couponing. what has changed since then? >> the most major thing that has changed is in 34 years since i was on, there's been an explosion in couponing. probably as a result of that original show and the footage you're going to show. the other thing is the internet wasn't even in existence at that
8:38 am
time. we had a small underground of network that exchanged everything through the mail. the typical coupon on it today had a bar code. there was no such thing back then. not on the coupons or products. i gave the checker my coupons and she added them up on a brown paper bag. >> just so folks know, couponing is still very in. >> when i began in 1972, there were 23 million coupons. now there will be 311 billion coupons issued. >> proving you are the coupon queen. you used to take your little ones to the store and they wanted to buy something, you had a phrase they would always hear. >> they helped me cut out the coupons at the kitchen table. that was one thing. when we e got to the super market, they would want different products and my answer w was, i'm sorry, i don't have a
8:39 am
coupon for it. end of discussion. >> your son and granddaughter is here. look what's in her hand. a coupon. >> we have a couponer in training wagon for her. >> we love chatting with her. you're going to debunk some myths. a $1 coupon is always more valuable than a 75 cent coupon. not so. why? >> the item is on sale. but my store doubles that 75 cent coupon to $1.50. so i'm actually just going to pay $1.82. i'm getting them for that using the sale and using my 75 cent coupon doubled. that's the first myth. 75 cents in this case is worth $1.50. in this case only $1. >> so you have to read the fine print. >> that doesn't mean you have to
8:40 am
buy three. so always keep in mind when you see 3 for $5, it's your discretion. >> sometimes they require you buy multiple. >> that's why i have the two cookies over here. >> our next myth is that the generic brand is always cheaper than the national brand. i was a believer in this. >> if you never looked at a coupon or sale, you might be right. i went into the store $3.79. but i went become to the flier and they have the same brand of the same cereal for $1.l 88. my final cost was 88 cents. again, $3.79, which was the generic brand. so that myth is definitely not true. >> your third myth is a lot of one people believe. you can't get fresh food with coupons. >> people say i have never seen it on fresh dai or produce. but manufacturers are branding
8:41 am
every single thing in the store. you'll see it on fresh fruits and eggs. so when it's on sale, the normal price of these eggs is $3.49 each. it tells me i have a limit of two. each one of these coupons is doubled. my final cost for each dozen eggs is 49 cents instead of $3.49. >> we bow down. 98 cents from $6.98. >> you're getting a good name brand. manufacturers have come to learn that people are not looking just for process eed items but fresh stuff. >> finally, if something looks too good to be true it probably is. >> i'm going to debunk that in this case. with this pickles. two pickles. if you see them on the shelf you may not be paying attention to the fact this one has something on it.
8:42 am
but i paid attention because i knew it was on sale for $1.99. but when i looked at the pickles, this one had $1 off of two jars giving me the two jars for $3 instead of one jar for $3.49. >> you amaze me. susan santer, you are still at it and you're just great. thank you so much. i think we make an adorable couple. how tall are you? >> one thing that will never change i was 4'9" when i was first here and i'm still 4'9". >> it's great to have you. you can catch susan on extreme couponing tonight. next dr. phil and how to keep negative people out of your hair. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
the holidays are here and while it's the season of cheer
8:45 am
and good will, dr. phil wants you to be on the lookout for negative people in your lives. it's part of his new book "life code." dr. phil, welcome back. it's good to see you as always. >> glad to be here. >> you talk about baiters. >> i'm just saying there are people in life that we would rather not meet or have them in our space. that's an acronym. back stabbers, abusers, imposters, takers, exploiters, reckless. reckless with your life and theirs. you have worked with them. and some are in your own family. the problem is, and my dad used to say the holidays are when people who don't know each other get together in too small a space for too long a time and make each other miserable. that's because our family sometimes was dysfunctional. but the truth is you do get
8:46 am
together sometimes with people you're kind of thrown in with that you'd rather not because they thrive on drama. >> when you talk about baiters and negative people, if it's a friend or an associate, maybe you can reduce the time with them. not so much with family. >> one of the things i talk about in "life code", there are things we have to do in the real world if we want to win. and one of them is knowing when to pick your battles and at the holidays, look, that's a time you can choose. i'm not going to join issue. you have drama and want to talk about this issue, how i treated your kids, or how you treated my kids, i'm not going to join issue. i choose not to do it because i determine what battles i pick. i'm not going to fight with you. you have the power to do that. >> you also talk about in your book, which it sounds like playing your cards close to the vest, i can name 100 people who
8:47 am
would be shocked to know how i feel about them. what's the principle behind that? >> the principle is you don't have to let everybody know everything you think all the time. there's a good example. i talk about this in the book. a woman was talking about a great job that had opened up across town. she was so excited about it. 25% salary increase, better hours, so excited. she was telling her friend about it. her friend applied for the job and got it instead of her. and she felt so betrayed. i'm like dummy, you told her about the job and she outmaneuvered you for it. you just need to play the game well. some people say i don't like playing games. life is a game. that's what this book is about. i'm telling you how the gamt is really played. . not how you wish it was, but how it is. >> you feel parents should talk to kids about?
8:48 am
what age? >> every step of the way, and i'll tell you why. the most important thing that we do as parents is to prepare our children for life. we put them out into the world. but you can't put them out into the world you wish they were going to live in. look, this isn't pleasantville. you have to put them into the world they are really going to live in and the number one way to protect a child is to teach them to self-protect. so if it's predators online, if it's bullies at school or whatever, you have to teach your child that there are people out there that would do them harm. and i got to give you an example. we tell our children mind adults, do what you're told, be respectful. then we turn them over to people we don't know much about. teachers, coaches, priests, what do we really know about these people? we need to teach these children to listen to themselves, pay attention to their instincts and
8:49 am
not give people the benefit of the doubt. i want everybody to read this book. you can get it on the it's not in stores until after the first of the year. it's in a pre-sale. >> just in time for the holidays. the book is called "life code." dr. phil, thank you. we are back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
8:51 am
this morning on "how to cook everything today" comfort food for a chilly night. all it takes is meatloaf filled with flavors, sweet maple glazed carrots and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. need we say anything more. the recipes come from mark bittman's "how to cook everything, the basics" cook book. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you know al roker is under the weather when we're doing the meatloaf covered in bacon. we all need comfort food, you're a little bit under the weather. >> a little bit. >> an american classic, everyone's favorite. >> you start with two different kinds of meat here though. >> meatloaf is not hamburger shaped like this. meatloaf has to have tons of flavor. >> so you like a little extra fat. >> you like extra fat which pork will give you, pork and beef so you get a nice combination of flavors. >> okay. >> you do breadcrumbs soaked in milk so the idea is you really want to maximize moisture and kind of lightness. you don't want to really dense,
8:52 am
thick, but, again flavor. >> how long do those soak for, the breadcrumbs, ten minutes? >> garlic and sage, use any herb you like and some egg. >> binds it all together. >> i really love parmesan cheese. these, by the way, are great as meat balls also, so you can shape them however you want. parsley, onions. i mean, it's all great stuff, right? salt and pepper. >> okay. >> and then the idea is i would do much more pepper than this but doesn't make for great television. the idea is handle it lightly. you want to make sure it's mixed, but you don't want to be packing it together. >> don't want to overmix it. >> lightness. >> not going to be fluffy, but kind of avoid it becoming super, super dense. >> and you're doing the free form meatloaf rather than put it in the loaf pan.
8:53 am
>> why? >> i do free form, three reasons, one, all the excess fat runs off. if you do a loaf pan it's sitting in a puddle of fat. >> two, you get more surface area this way so you get nice little exterior crispy bits, and obviously it's pretty easy. >> i love all the color in it. >> and three, the bacon. >> this is gilding the lily department. >> no glaze, just bacon. >> bacon glaze. >> does it get any better? >> so -- >> yeah. that's it. >> put that on top and then you'll pop it in the oven, how long? >> 350 until it's done, half an hour, 45 minutes depending on how you shaped it, and -- >> super easy. >> easy to do, delicious. >> gorgeous, we have a shot of it later on. >> and then you're going -- you've got to have the maple glazed carrots to go with the meatloaf. >> got to have something.
8:54 am
>> side of mashed potatoes. >> something vegetablish to go with the meatloaf. >> yeah. >> this is the most easiest and beautiful carrot recipe. take carrots and cut them into little coins, in a pan. >> okay. >> the pan is hot. some water, some butter which could be -- which could be oil instead. >> right. >> and then brown sugar or maple syrup. maple syrup is also a little more glamorous. >> let that simmer down for how long? >> ten minutes with the cover on. the water kind of evaporates, the butter obviously melt and glazes the carrots, the maple syrup reduces a little bit. >> bacon. >> i know. you need some bacon meatloaf. >> and then you've got that. >> that's beautiful. >> and especially if you put some parsley on there, totally beautiful. serve the sick man a plate.
8:55 am
>> and lovely. >> and then chocolate oatmeal. >> chocolate oatmeal cookies, a little bit of sinmun and a lot of butter. this is not diet food, this meal, but you'll both feel better. stuff that everyone likes. >> he's upped the weather. >> i need a shield. >> we need scarlett johnasson to come up here. and i'm not a germaphobe. thanks, guys. >> speaking of food, they say this is the latest craze to hit the internet. it's called milking. >> i don't know about that. >> oh, no. >> that's a perfectly good gallon. >> after your local news. it would go great with that meatloaf.
8:56 am
good morning to you. 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. enjoy a clear day because there is a lot of rain on the way to the bay area. in san anselmo, people are preparing for possible flooding. a creek runs through the middle of town which is known to flood. the city is making sand bags and sand available free of charge so residents can prepare. so, when is it coming? christina. good morning to you. first showers arrive through tomorrow morning. today, you get one more dry day before the heavy rain and gusty winds. winds whipping across the bay area. saturday and sunday, the tail end of the system swings through with lighter rain. arianna is creating a special drawing just for me...
8:57 am
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and st. jude children's research hospital created a special brain tumor treatment just for arianna. our bold, new procedure is helping to extend her life... and give her family hope. look what i made. beautiful... hug your child tonight... give thanks for the healthy kids in your life.
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and give to those who are not. go to st. jude dot org or shop where ever you see the st. jude logo. and we're back now with more of "today" on a tuesday morning. it's the 27th day of november, 2012. the weather outside not great. you can see the umbrellas,
9:00 am
although we've got a hardy crowd gathered. they have been here for several hours now. we want to thank them for stopping by. nicer inside. i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie, al roker willie geist and vanesse mitchell who is stepping in and john harris down here exactly. >> coming up, all have people on our holiday list that are impossible to shop for. this morning what may be a perfect answer, a personalized gift basket that won't break the bank. >> plus a rum cake, and then there is a lot of holiday stress, a lot of joy and also some stress around the holidays. we think we have just the man to help you through it. tony robins, a strategy and guru for presidents, pop stores, and he'll help you out with your
9:01 am
holiday troubles. >> and if you're looking for a sweet ending for your next holiday party, got an expert in house who has some delicious desserts, including a new twist on the brownie sundae, but first let's get a check of the headlines with natalie standing by over at the news desk. natalie. >> good morning. good morning, everyone. lawmakers are racing to avoid going over the so-called fiscal cliff divided along party lines along tax rates. republicans are pushing to keep the rates the same and democrats are looking to raise rates for the rich. meantime today, u.n. ambassador susan rice heads to capitol hill. rites is widely considered the president's front-runner for the next secretary of state, but she has received strong opposition from house republicans. rice will discuss her now controversial comments delivered in the wake of the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. online sales may have been even better than expected on cyber monday. internet shopping jumped more than 28% over this time last year according to ibm
9:02 am
benchmarks. so far this holiday season americans have spent more than $13.7 billion online. the dangers of consuming grapefruit for grapefruit juice while taking certain medications may be greater than first thought. according to a new study in the canadian medical association journal the number of drugs adversary affected by grapefruit has grown from 17 in 2008 to 40. they include anti-cancer agents, heart drugs and central nervous system drugs used to treat pain, schizophrenia and other conditions. side effects can include gastrointestinal problems, difficulty breathing and sudden death. the teenage star of "two and a half men" has stunned fans by slamming the show. in a video posted on the yout n people to stop watching the show
9:03 am
which is filled with filth and doesn't want to be on the show which pays him $250,000 an episode. in the clip he talks about finding god. actress halle berry's ex-boyfriend was granted a restraining order monday against berry's fiance following a thanksgiving day fight. some of the pictures you're about to see are quite graphic. the ex-boyfriend says he suffered cuts and bruises on his face and a broken rib at the hands of olivier martinez. however, it was aubrey who was arrested and later released on bail. the restraining order requires martinez to stay 100 yards away from aubrey until a hearing next month. the two have been locked in a custody fight over their 4-year-old daughter. and a rare photograph is up for auction. it's believed that this image shows the iceberg that sunk the "titanic" just two days before the ship hit it and sank back in 1912. the picture is expected to sell for up to $10,000. it is now four minutes after
9:04 am
the hour. up to date right now, let's go back over to savannah and the whole gang. >> not going to do the whole name. only another hour for this show. natalie, thank you. earlier this morning the crowd showed its holiday spirit by donating it our 19th annual holiday toy drive, and we want to thank singer philip phillips for pitching in to collect the toys. somebody else contributing generously through the years is john harris, senior vice president for hillshire brands company. john, good morning. >> good morning, great to see you guys. >> whenever we see you we know there are glad tidings. tell us about your donation. >> this career we're donating $250,000 worth of jimmy dean hillshire farm, ballpark, sara lee to children all over the country. it's our seventh year doing it, did it as sara lee and now as the hillshire brands company and can't think of a better cause than this wonderful toy drive. >> a lot of places you can put your efforts. why this? >> what's great about this effort, matt, it allows us to reach so many different people and so many different charities at once and really reach those
9:05 am
who need our help most, and that's why we love doing it and you guys are terrific partners. we urge other companies who haven't done it yet to come out and be a part of this. it's a great, great cause. >> a lot of the food items are good, healthy items, too. >> sausages as well, organic line. a lot healthier. jimmy dean's delights, lots of great stuff. >> thank you for your participation this year and always. you've been great. thanks so much. >> and don't forget, you can help so many children by donating to our toy drive. come by the plaza with a i to. donate any time at the nbc experience store or participate online with our partner, if you want the details, head to, and now we get a check of the weather from vanesse mitchell. >> better after this. just put the map up and there you go. >> well, we see rain in the northeast. we do.
9:06 am
bad weather. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> snow is coming as well. 1 to 3 inches. >> you want to just sit on my lap? >> yeah, there it is. >> clouds. >> that is what this was all about. >> yes. from the very get-go. >> and in the pacific northwest, they got rid of it. a lot of wet weather, and then there's the cue to the local thank you very much.m here. taking a live lk at the storm in the pacific northwest. that will approach our area. our first heavy rain arriving tomorrow. enjoy the dry conditions while they last. 65 in livermore. 64 in santa teresa. 62 in san francisco. rain moves in as of 4:00 a.m. heavy rain on the way for friday as well. saturday into sunday, we keep showers in the forecast.
9:07 am
>> all right. now to today's "take 3" where we take on three top thanks has you talking. joining us again, vanesse mitchell/weather man. now on shaq's all-star comedy jam tour. in l.a. >> this friday, l.a., nokia theser. >> a big venue. >> yes. it's going well. >> we want to get to the story that natalie mentioned a few minutes ago about the "two and a half men" co-star ranting, angus t. joan blasting his show by "the forerunner "chronicle"s," and a youtube channel run by the seventh day adventist. >> please stop watching "two and a half men." i'm on "two and a half men" and i don't want to be on it. please stop filling your head with filth. you cannot be a true god-fearing person and be on a television show like that. i know i can't. i can -- i'm not okay with what
9:08 am
i'm learning what the bible says and being on that television show, so, you know, just -- it's -- you go all or nothing. >> he's been on the show for about half his life. just got a pay bump and makes $350,000 an episode. >> about $8 million a year. >> 8 million bucks a year. i know at "snl" you made 350 grand an episode which was nice. >> i did not. >> would you ever trash the show you're on? >> i'm a god-fearing man and god is speaking to me right now saying i'll take his job. that what he told me to say and they can change the name to "two men and a brother." i'll take that job. have no problems, i'll show up early with cove and doughnuts. >> i would watch that show, by the way. >> what does a studio do? they said they have no comment, other than hire you. >> yeah. >> hire me. i don't know how you can go back to work and -- and pretenth tend like things will be normal after you say something like that and trash the show and they have
9:09 am
been paying you this money all these years. if you feel that strongly about it, give all the money back and see how god is talking to you then. >> he's not tried to quit the show at all. he says he doesn't want to be on it anymore, but nobody really knows if he's tried to get out of doing it, and he is cashing hig his check and doesn't seem to have a problem cashing that 350,000 an episode check. >> another layer because his mother feels like -- she said publicly, the term wasn't brainwashed. >> a cult. >> that he's joined some sort of a cult which is an unfair characterization of the church he's in. >> yes. >> but feels like he's being used by that church. >> kind of the last season. >> it is, maybe the last of it anyway. >> take the 350 grand, want to give it to the church and move on. >> never happens with broke people. never happens with people coming in and all of a sudden people on your left and right telling what you to do with your jobs because you don't have a job and you're broke. >> i'm all for the spinoff, finesse, with you as part of the cast. >> i agree.
9:10 am
>> two men and a brother this fall on nbc. this one i don't understand. watch the video. remember planking? >> yeah. >> this is milking. it's hit the internet. you get a gallon of milk and you take it outside while fully clothed. >> just gross. >> and pour it on yourself in public. >> why? >> a group of students in the uk have videotaped them doing it. >> oh, it's uk. >> putting it on fook since wednesday. got almost 100,000 hits. they say it's a political statement in this case because the government is milking them. so why not milk themselves. >> oh, that will show them. >> absolutely. >> you think this is going to catch on? i don't think so. >> no. it's a perfectly -- a waste of a perfectly good gallon of milk. not going to add the cookies. >> never understood the planking, the tebowing, all this stuff where you gratuitously take a picture of yourself. >> there is art to that. >> what is planking? >> when you're doing that pose right before you go into the
9:11 am
swimming pool. >> i'll be honest. >> i just have toom too mu much for captain crunch to do anything like that. >> put it to better use. we have sons in law, seen the movies "meet the parents" and "every loves raymond," deals with in-laws, don't love seeing them over the holidays, supposed to have conflict. that's the stereotype. there's a piece in the "wall street journal" this morning, pretty interesting finding, that says it's better to get along with the in-laws. in fact, there's science behind it. a new study says if men get along with their in-laws it leads to a better and longer marriage. >> reduces the divorce rate by 20% or something. >> the same isn't true for women? >> not the opposite. >> 20% for women because whimper receive their in-laws, they perceive the relationship as meddling or interfering with their parenting or being a spouse in general. >> better to have a good relationship than a bad one.
9:12 am
>> right. >> not that complicated. >> would you like to compliment your mother-in-law? >> not only she beautiful but she's a great cook. >> do you think it's harder for women to have a closer relationship with the in-laws than it is for you? >> more difficult you think? >> i think it's easier for guys. you guys can bond over football and eating your wings which we're going to eat in a moment. >> this is fantastic. >> all right. we've got to move down here because there are buffalo wings. >> a new show called "inventions usa" premiers tonight on the history channel. the host is one of the great names in television. >> hi, guys. >> all right. real quick. tell us what you've got here. >> you want to start here. >> this is like a normal guy like joe normal construction guy comes up with this idea where you're out there working, comes up over your ears for dust. you could rob a bank. you could rob a bank. >> what's so awesome about it.
9:13 am
it's not over there. it's -- it's an easy thing to make. he made it, and it's a real guy out there. >> use it while cleaning, too, some people get worried about the fumes from the cleaning sprays. >> what's wrong with these? >> so i've heard. >> what about the mask, if you're a real guy and out still work, it's over there or on top of your head, like your phone rings, whatever. this is legit. >> so you think this is a good invention. >> i think it's a great invention and showing there's somebody in america built just a cool thing with ease and we're getting in front of the manufacturer. >> this is what we really want to know about. >> the point just made about the fumes, that's exactly what we test when we get an invention, hit right on that. >> talk to us about this. >> want to demonstrate. >> you learned how to demonstrate. >> this is for wings. >> who came up with this and why? >> a couple of guys, eric and dan invented this because they were using things like hand heads and iphones and droids. >> if your phone is ringing right now, you're mad because
9:14 am
now you just put it down and go. >> you've lost your other hand. >> exactly. >> they just sit there, so, i mean, they look a little weird and a little unusual, but if you have a business meeting, totally would do that. >> if you pull one of these out when you're at a restaurant. >> they will be sitting on the side. >> that was in it, you'd totally doing it. >> i'm not doing this in a sports bar. i'm not doing that. i feil like to feel my chicken. >> maybe in the privacy of your home. >> this is called what again? >> trongs. >> get it? >> i thought you were saying thongs and i was excited. >> a big letdown. >> you could really grab on to the meat see and pull the meat off the bone. >> a lot of people will have to have a meet begun this. >> finesse, get in there and test drive those for us. >> i'm a vegan right now. >> your show on the history
9:15 am
channel. >> right. >> this is little tiny stuff we brought you. >> we'll check it out. >> check it out. >> thank you, guys. up next, an answer to your nails. gift baskets on a budget right after this. capital one venture miles for their annual football trip. that's double miles you can actually use. tragically, their buddy got sacked by blackouts. but it's our tradition! that's roughing the card holder. but with the capital one venture card you get double miles you can actually use. [ cheering ] any flight, anytime. the scoreboard doesn't lie. what's in your wallet? hut! i have me on my fantasy team. ♪ you are exactly ♪ ♪ one of a kind ♪ who wants a pizza? i'm gonna cut the pizza. what flavor is that? lemon green! ♪ clean up time ♪ ♪ clean up time ♪
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9:18 am
expert. good morning. >> good morning. >> such a great idea and much more personal than bringing a bottle of wipe or a bouquet of flowers. >> it is, and i think people get really intimidated by expensive gift baskets they see online but i want to show you an easy way to do it at home. >> you can do this on the cheap, much less expensive. >> start with our packaging here and two great websites for that. one is called garnish and the other is shop sweet lulu and you can tell. they have really cute boxes and paper suitcations you can put things in, little crates and very inexpensive. everything here is under $10, if that even. >> so don't think gift basket has to be necessarily a basket. >> some way to economize, buy a case of wine. >> great websites now, this one is from guiltcase and buy tons of wine and then you have it around the house in case you have guests or want to break it up into different baskets. >> right. >> let's move on over here. this is a great idea, if you're maybe going to somebody's house
9:19 am
to present them with a date night out, pasta basket. >> nicer thing to do would be to probably cook it for them, and you use simple things. i've actually taken ribbon and tied it around pasta. >> put it in a little glass jar. >> really small things you can do to make a different in these baskets and make them really personal so people really like them. >> if you're staying overnight, this is the breakfast basket. >> i call it -- if somebody shows up at my house with this, i'm going to invite them back or just ask them to stay with me, because if you've taken care of breakfast for your hostess, how nice is that. >> maple syrup, granola. >> muffins. >> coffee, of course. >> get as creative with it as you want. >> okay. now this one is the baked goods basket. >> baked goods basket which is my favorite that i love to bake. if you have a friend that doesn't like to bake, send them along with already baked cupcakes and include the decorations for them. that way they can do it for
9:20 am
themselves. it's an afternoon activity for them. >> perfect. my kids would love that. over here, this is the apple a day basket. >> the apple a day basket. >> for a teacher perhaps. >> a great idea for a teacher. mack maybe you need something more unique and one of my favorite party tricks is to pick apple pies in mason jars. >> i love that idea. >> can't give away. pre-made pie crust. put the apple pie filling in there and cut some things out with cookie cutters and you're good to go. >> great idea, beautiful. >> this basket i think the guys will love this, the game day basket. >> i hope so. >> guys are impossible i think to shop for, so if you send them something for game day, how could they not love this. you do their favorite beer. found here they have pizza decals that you can put on a pizza and eat them off. it's an edible decal. >> really. >> what do they taste like? >> not too sure about that one,
9:21 am
okay, and then chili mix and different things for them, so i just think, again, something really unique, you put some thought into that they are really going to appreciate. >> make sure you know their team here for the giants fan. >> giants and jet fan. >> okay, and then finally, the ice cream social basket. i imagine this is great again for kids. >> great for kids. everyone loves ice cream and you can throw in different things like cones, topping, chocolate syrup, and, again, i've got these great little cute cups here. >> great candies to decorate. >> yeah. >> doesn't have to be intimidating, means a lot to people because you've put a lot of thought into it. >> great job. thanks so much, and we're back right after this. the naturally sweet monk fruit,m something this delicious could only come from nature. now from the maker of splenda sweeteners, discover nectresse. the only 100% natural, no-calorie sweetener made from the goodness of fruit. the rich, sweet taste of sugar. nothing artificial.
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9:25 am
aunt sally's singing again. it's a tradition, honey. [ singing christmas carols ] mmmm. [ female announcer ] make new traditions with pillsbury grands! cinnamon rolls. good tuesday morning to you. 9:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. taking a shot at birds. today, san jose could change the rules about who can fire at birds to clear them from
9:26 am
airfields. san jose international airport says it is trying to crackdown on the deadly danger to planes. since 2009, the airport has had 180 bird strikes. airport management says police and military officers can only shoot at the birds at the airport. they hope the city council changes the code and allows trained staff to shoot the birds. blanks are usually used to shoot the birds. san jose city council will address the issue at a meeting this afternoon. we will take a quick break, but we'll get to the forecast and look at the commute after this.
9:27 am
welcome back. the time now 9:26. we have a good-looking day shaping up. in turn, we will not see the rain just yet. heavy rain on the way tomorrow and the next six days, we have rain in forecast. very very wet commute. 65 in livermore. 63 in fremont. 62 in san francisco. the jet stream is taking a significant drop to the south.
9:28 am
that opens the storm window. we will see storm system after storm system move through the bay area. look at what is on the bay for tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. heavy bands of moisture. the system will come in vertical. it will impact the entire bay area for the drive. we have a lot of orange and yellow to contend with. that is light-to-moderate and heavy rain on the way to the bay area. wintry pattern continues through wednesday. thursday into friday, the heavy rain continues. saturday and sunday, it lightens up a bit. let's check on the drive right now with anthony slaughter. we have a congested area in fremont at 880 because of the accident at dixon landing and another accident as you make your way up hayward. this accident is actually right near mowery avenue. one you get up to the toll plaza, you notice yellow and reds. also in the peninsula, some
9:29 am
congestion at burlingame and san mateo. thank you. thank you for joining us as well. another local news update is coming up in a half hour. have a great tuesday morning. >> okay. here we go. five, four, three, two, one! >> it was a beauty.
9:30 am
that was the tree lighting in rockefeller center last year, and tomorrow the festivities get under way again with everyone from mariah carey to cee lo green to rod stewart and the rocket rockettes. we will have a preview tomorrow morning. i'm enmoralis here along with al roker and willie geist. you're set to host tomorrow. you've got to rest the voice of yourself. >> going to the doctor in an hour. >> get a little shot in about an hour. >> and i'm going to the doctor. >> we need to shut al down for the day. >> coming up, our next guest, weather man finesse mitchell had his moments and tony robins will do it. did you know you were doing the weather? >> no, but i don't think my voice is much better than his. >> after we get the weather from tony he'll help you deal with some of that holiday stress. >> all right. plus seven tips on how to stay healthy during the holidays. >> and who knew it could get any better? until you had to make a new and improved, believe it or not, brownie sundae. >> lots of chocolate in this
9:31 am
sundae, more chocolate than anything else. first, tony, your moment to shine. going to come out or not? >> today there's wet snow in the northeast and some airport delays from boston to d.c. tomorrow there's heavy rain but no katrinas, don't worry about that. some high winds and mountain snows in the west coast and rockefeller christmas tree lighting, ideal weather, mid to upper 30s. good morning to you. we are looking good today. we have thick pockets of fog out there. overall, we are not expecting the heavy rain to arrive until we hit tonight. i want to take a live look over the city of san francisco and show you the clouds are increasing this morning. as we head throughout the day, highs will be the mild. mostly in the 60s. then as we get into the weekend,
9:32 am
we continue the rain chance up to 5 inches is possible over the bay area. resume on file. >> coming up next, tony's back to share more of his good advice for beating holiday stress right after this. ♪ [ female announcer ] let betty crocker do the measuring and get a head start on delicious homemade cookies. ♪ just pour,
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i want a ballerina tutu, a pink bike, a unicorn night-light... [ female announcer ] this year, bring their wish list to life. [ girl ] ...princess doll, markers... [ female announcer ] this year, bring their wish list to life. mommy! i went potty! that's great, honey.... where? for life's bleachable moments. all right. it may have been a little stressful for best selling author tony robins to do the weather a few moments ago but nothing like the stress you may feel during the holidays. tony here with great advice. thanks for sticking around. you passed the test. we'll call you in a pinch. >> 40 years with roker, stick with him. >> he's still our guy. a time of joy and carols and family and everything else. for a lot of people it's not about going to a mall on friday night and bashing through the door and getting whatever you can.
9:37 am
this is a very difficult time, especially now for so many people. how do you begin to get through it if you're on that side of the holiday. >> today it's more than just holiday stress. it's katrina. when you lose your home, it's more than blues are experiencing or people coming back and dealing with the economy without a job or individuals coming back from the war. what i've been focused on, for years people studied post-traumatic stress and its effects but in the past years there's post-traumatic growth, people with the stimulus that caused the stress now they grow like never before. someone loses their arm or job, the first thing that separates from other people is the part inside of them that say i will not let this defeat me. there's something inside where they draw the line. if they do that, three things happen, someone who makes it through the post-traumatic situation and grow. first, they really discover who they are, what their strengths and ability are. people realize they are stronger and find out who their real
9:38 am
friends, are not the facebook friends and the people who are there for you when things are going you have to and deepens all the relationships and it gives you an antibody against other forms of stress. actually, got to learn to use stress instead of stress using you. that's how life changes. >> one thing you talk about is getting a ritual. how do you explain that to people watching? >> habits control us. we all have rituals, whether we know it or not. get real with yourself. we have a delusion in our society if we get everything the way we want it we'll be happy. in 2006 we had the highest levels of unhappiness in this country at the peak of the economic boom. i'll give you a better example. if i asked you what's the best thing that ever happened in life, give me your ten-second answer, what would that be? >> birth of my children. >> the number one answer, win the lottery, $200 million lottery, i'm set. what's the worst thing that can happen, number one thing is, to have somebody else take care of you because you become a quadriplegic. one one, the person who wins the
9:39 am
lottery, or the quadriplegic, which one three years later is happy? >> the quadriplegic. >> no. >> neither. the three rituals, the basic level about that, a ritual of focus. what you focus on is what you feel. what they can't control right now, focus on what they don't have. you lost electricity but didn't lose your home. focusing on what you have and being grateful is number one. put it in different state so you can help people. >> what you do is have enough physical energy to deal with challenges you face. right now exercise of 20 minutes three times a week has a anti-depressant effect on your body, and thirdly it's really the ritual of giving. when you're in the worst place, all the research shows, if you did five acts of kindness, it affects you three weeks of your life. doing something simple and that's why i'm here. >> you talk about giving, basket brigade for the holidays.
9:40 am
talk about that? >> when i was 11 years old. we were very poor and had no money on thanksgiving. somebody game by and delivered food to our family and it made me believe strangers cared, completely changed my life. this year we'll feed 2 million people and we're on track for 3 million because of what's happened here with the hurricane. i'm dedicating -- my foundation is doing half a million and i'm doing half a million in the tri-state. people would like to help out. build a basket of food, join a group of people already doing it and donate and go to or the anthony robins foundation and we'll send them a download of an audio of rituals that will strengthen you for the holidays and for 2013 and beyond. >> the man with the biggest handshake in the business, just swallows your hand, wish you could be here. thank you so much. happy holiday. >> thank you. seven tips on staying healthy during the holidays. that's right after this. ! now i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? well, inside the brewer, there's this train
9:41 am
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9:45 am
health," seven tips to stay healthy during the holidays. good morning. >> good morning. >> atime of year when we don't have time to take care of our health. >> at "prevention" magazine we give you ways to stay healthy. watch your sugar. too much sugar weakens your immune system. keep your sugar grams down to 60 grams, equivalent of six teaspoons, the amount of sugar in half a can of coke and the fruit-flavored yogurt and the sugary drinks, the alcohol and egg nogs and sodas. keep check of your sugar intake and stay healthy. >> the warm drinks, the hot teas and coffees, not to overtea it with that.
9:46 am
>> hot teas and coffees act as diuretic. alcohol is a diuretic so it will lead to more dehydration. dehydration increases our chances of getting sick so we really want to increase your water intake for every one of the hot drinks you have. two glasses of water for every one of those drinks. >> okay. also the time when a lot of families are getting together. a lot of colds in the families and flu getting passed around. how can you avoid getting the flu? >> unfortunately, holiday season and cold and flu season always coincide so the key is get a flu shot. the flu season extends all the way to spring so it's not too late to get a flu shot and within the magazine we talk a lot about natural remedies for preventing the cold and flu and treating the cold and flu. >> washing hands and if you have a colleague like you work with like al roker. >> stay away. >> being off. you said it. next, a lot of people going outside, looking for holiday presents, and you say watch out for dry eyes and muscle tension,
9:47 am
starting with the dry eyes first. what does that signal? >> when the dry air, can really irritate your eyes. the best way is carry moisturizing eye drops and wear protective eye gear. talking about tension from the cold, outside, stressed, you're stressed, cold, walking on snow or ice and the body contowards and you make yourself more prone to injury so the best way to prevent that is maybe stretch before going outside. shuffle on ice or snow. don't lift your feet up and wear protective foot gear, and that can help prevent injuries. >> and also not -- don't forget about your skin. a lot of people may not think about it. this is the time of year when it's cold and dry, as you mentioned, and so your skin really pays the price as well. >> everyone forgets, you know, kind of their routines when they are in the holiday season. important to moisturize. dry skin has a higher chance of infection. carry lip balm and moisturize especially after showering or bathing because that's when you lose the most moisture from the
9:48 am
skin and protect yourself, drink a lot of water as well and that will help keep your skin moist as well. >> rehigh detroit and replenish. a lot of people hope for a white christmas and if you're out in the snow, and we'll get some date, hazards when it comes to shoveling and hazardous activity. >> snow injuries, approximately 11,000 snow injuries a year, back pain, chest pain, cardiovascular issues so protect yourself. dress appropriately, hat, gloves, scarf, use your legs to shovel snow. there's ergonomic snow shovels, i'm in atlanta, never seen one of those and shoveling in two directions and pushing snow rather than pulling snow can protect you from the snow injuries. >> doctor, great advice. thanks for the seven tips. >> thank you. >> coming up next, a new take on an old favorite, the brownie sundae, but this is triple chocolate and some apple pie, too, but, first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:49 am
oh, you have a keurig vue brewer? oh, it's great!
9:50 am
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9:51 am
>> this morning in "today's kitchen," delicious desserts. the pastry chef joins us. here with a new spin on a classic dessert, brownie sundae. good to see you. >> good morning. >> this is kind of a specialty for you guys at sugar and plum. the big browny. >> we have many specialties, one of the best desserts we have which is spelled with a double "m" in case you go to the website. >> what makes this difference? >> the best premium chocolate and local butter from vermont. we make everything homemade and everything is fresh. >> three types of chocolate, right? >> yes. >> let's get us started and take us through the process. >> one of the secrets to our brownie a la mode is we use everything that's all natural
9:52 am
and for our caramel sauce i like to add a little bit of salt which gives it a savory taste to it. you want to get like a light amberg color and not too -- and whisk it and add in a little bit of salt and cream. the cream would actually stop the caramel process. >> i love that caramel with the sea salt, so great. >> can we do this whole operation at home? something people can do in their kitchen? >> absolutely. one of the best things about this is you can actually control the amount of sugar that you add or the cream and the butter. you're getting the best product, and you know what's going into the body. >> you're going little bit by little bit. >> you a brownie fan? >> especially a la mode and the ice cream melts on it, delicious. >> this is regular chocolate. >> so this is what happens after
9:53 am
like you bring it to a boil and then it gets to a dark amber color. >> wonderful. >> you want to add the butter. >>the butter will help thicken it up and give it body, but as you can see, a little bit of butter for a lot of sauce. >> what am i doing over here? >> let me help you out on this. >> the chocolate bits that you've added in there. >> that's chocolate. >> we use a combination of chocolate that we use. it really depends. >> you've got the chips and the powder, the cocoa, right? >> that's processed. >> and we also have honey and also salt. >> i'm going to add a little bit. >> okay. >> and can you add the chocolate in for me. >> all of it? >> there we go. >> yeah. >> i saw that. he snuck a chip. >> got to sneak one. quality control. >> how is it? >> it's really good. >> 100% quality. >> what do you make of the whole dessert craze? everybody is eating cupcakes and
9:54 am
brownies and everything else. where did that come from? >> it's good for us. >> i'm sure it is. >> not so good for the waist line but good for the soul. >> you know, a small indulgence for, i think, for this economy and times right now, it's always good to treat yourself to something a little bit like that. not everybody can afford to go on vacation. >> is this done in terms of the batter, we bake it? >> this is the sauce. >> that's the sauce. >> and you just put three scoops of ice chrome on. >> three. >> okay. >> so the brownies were already made. >> that's not too bad. >> right on top. right on top and gently press it down a little bit. >> oh, my. now we're talking. >> now it's a party. >> and add a little chocolate sauce on top. >> now we have the whipped cream. >> okay. >> much more than that. >> goo big. >> how about that? >> okay. >> chocolate sauce on top. >> get the caramel and chocolate
9:55 am
on top. >> it looks delicious. sugar and plumm is the restaurant. >> heaven on a plate right there. coming up, kathie lee and hoda will bring you a live performance from "american idol" winner philip phillips. we'll be back after your local news and weather.
9:56 am
good morning to you. 9:56. i'm marla tellez. south of crescent city, the search for a teen that was swept away to sea is now over. rescue crews called off the search last night for the 16-year-old boy whose parents were killed after plunging into power surf to save the family dog from drowning. state park officials say the boy was initially able to get out of the water safely, but went back in the water to search for his father. the boy is presumed dead. the boy's girlfriend and sister watched the tragedy unfold from the shore. the dog managed to survive. rain is on the way throughout the bay area.
9:57 am
let's get a look at the forecast with christina. >> thank you, marla. unfortunately, this is the last dry day for the next four-to-five days with the series of storm systems on the way. it is a good day to clear out your storm drains before the heavy rain arrives. 64 in livermore. 62 in san jose. 63 in san francisco. as the jet stream dips to the south, we are just going to see storm system after storm system bull's-eyeing the bay area. look at the seven-day forecast. gusty winds and rain. thursday, periods of rain. friday, the heaviest rain arrives. the tail end of the system arriving saturday and sunday. we stay in that system through the first half of monday. let's take a look at the drive. anthony. we are still looking at congestion on 880 and fremont. no major accidents to report. a typical slowdown. it looks like congestion is starting to break up just a bit. as we get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you notice a bit of a
9:58 am
slowdown. the ramp is at least clear. an accident at 580 in castro valley at redwood drive. the right shoulder is blocked. marla. anthony, thanks so much. we will be back with the next news update in 30 minutes. we will see you again at 10:26.
9:59 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford
10:00 am
and hoda kotb live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody, it's a drizzly booze day tuesday. we don't let that dampen our spirits, do we, hoda woman? >> we do not, it's a perfect day to go to a movie. if you could see one movie, one movie this entire month, i saw it yesterday by chance, walked by a theater, saw "lincoln." i cried within the first five minutes, you will too. daniel day lewis is lincoln. >> what great acting. >> no, the outfits are authentic. they actually used lincoln's real time piece in the movie. this is the great thing about him to me, he was so smart, but a genius listener.
10:01 am
when he looked at someone, he waited and really listened to what they had to say and was able to talk to probably the smartest and least educated the exact same way. it was amazing. you understood why he was so great. sally field was off the hook as his wife. >> mary todd who was a little -- he thinks she's a brilliant actress, didn't think she was right for it or something. you never know if what you read is true, but anyway, there's a story he couldn't get her off his mind, then asked her to test. just to see if it was right. daniel day lewis and she did a screen test and he said, good morning, mother, just like lincoln would. good morning, mr. president. they stayed in complete, total character the entire time and it
10:02 am
was electric when they were together. i hope that story's true. >> this is based on a book called "team of rivals." they said daniel day lewis was so interested in the part, asked her to take him to lincoln's old home to feel it, breathe it. it has oscar written all over it. it's a home run. >> i can't wait! >> whether or not you're into that history, doesn't matter. guess who's here. >> philip philips. so, so cute he had to be named that twice. american idol winner and georgia native. reached number one on itunes, became the unofficial theme to the summer olympics, what do you want? >> he's going to sing us a song that's not been sung before. >> philip philips sings "gone,
10:03 am
gone, gone." there's a theme. anyway, we're looking forward to that. >> speaking of great voices, "the voice" was on last night. they are narrowing it down even further. it's getting exciting. this show has caught fire this season more than ever before. the numbers are crazy. anyway, there are a bunch of people we loved yesterday. here's amanda from team adam. she sang "someone like you." take a look. ♪ ♪ someone like you ♪ nothing but the best for you too ♪ ♪ don't forget me i remember you said ♪ ♪ sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead ♪ ♪ sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead ♪
10:04 am
>> they are going to eliminate tomorrow. here's a real favorite. this is cathy pope from team blake. she sang "are you happy now." ♪ could you look me in the eye and tell me that you're happy now ♪ ♪ could you look me in the face and say are you happy now ♪ ♪ are you happy now >> she's got an alanis look. >> everyone loved her, everyone's loved her from the beginning. i'm beginning to like her a lot more the more she's doing it. and trevin you know from team cee lo.
10:05 am
♪ >> always so hard to sing whitney, isn't it? >> great job. >> good for them. so the live show tonight on 8:00 p.m. eastern. >> yes, it is. >> lovely they have a hit on nbc besides us. >> crazy. >> that's supposed to be funny. so anna nicole smith's daughter is now 6 years old. i can't believe she's 6. >> they didn't know who the daddy was, all of that. she's now the newest face of guess kids. her mom was a famous guess model. the father is photographer larry
10:06 am
burkhead. i think this is just to be a tribute to her mom, but we'll see. >> anyway, so she's been modeling a little bit, so we'll take a look. ♪ >> cute. >> adorable. oh, she's got her mom's smile. wow, she has her mom's smile. >> she does. >> uncanny, adorable. speaking of interesting models, this is an unlikely model. a chinese grandfather, he's 72 years old. i guess his granddaughter started a clothing line and while she was having friends over, he decided he was going to try on a jacket, it looked good, everyone laughed, ultimately, he's the face of her clothing line. let's see how grandpa looks. >> that's grandpa? >> are you kidding? >> i wish we could see it up close and personal. 50 shades of grandpa.
10:07 am
>> they call him maddy gaga. >> that's what i'm trying to be in life, funny elderly. this is something a woman did in chicago that wasn't great. i don't understand the story. >> this is just sad. a chicago woman racked up more than $100,000 in parking tickets for a vehicle she says she hasn't driven in three years. a car signed over to her for $600 by her uncle in 2008 was driven by her then-boyfriend. the car is technically registered to her, but he abandoned the car for more than two years, two years ago. >> she's been getting tickets ever since. now she's caught paying? >> yeah, she filed a lawsuit against her ex. >> that's terrible. really terrible. >> it really is. i don't think she should be held accountable, but i guess legally she is. >> i've gotten my share of
10:08 am
parking tickets throughout my life. >> hoda has a story here. >> when i was in college at virginia tech, i almost didn't graduate because i had so many parking tickets, but in my defense, i worked for the campus radio show, i had to cover breaking news. >> of course, you did. >> ultimately, you have to pay or they won't give you your d e diploma, which i learned. when i got to new orleans, i did the same thing. i used to live in the french quarter. you'd take a padlock for your parking space and lock it behind you. i would get off work so late, i was unscared. >> yeah. >> in the quarter, still, you never know. i would parallel park and block my own parking place. no, i got tickets every single
10:09 am
day. i said this is my spot i'm blocking. they said, too bad. so i paid a portion. all righty, we got to try this. you know, since last friday we've been saying. >> what is it? >> something infused peanut butter. bourbon infused. it's delicious. it's reginald homemade pecan peanut butter. $5 to $10 a jar. >> taste it, just taste it. >> it's good. i've been eating it since friday. sara, any time you want to look up from your blackberry or iphone, will you tell us about the i do over? >> if you had a wedding or honey moon go wrong, we want to hear your story for a chance to win a trip for two to the bahamas. round trip airfare for two. i wanted to get a third
10:10 am
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10:13 am
♪ you are exactly one of a kind ♪ yummy. ♪ a-b-c-d want to drive it to daddy ? ♪ for always ( giggles ) time for today's buzz, catching you up on all things
10:14 am
hollywood. >> catching you up, entertainment weekly senior writer. >> we call him our studly stat man. >> oh, appropriate. dripping from me, dripping. >> liz and dick, you were tweeting during it. first tell us about the ratings, how did it do? >> didn't do great, it did okay. i think with the hype and social media explosion it created, for me. it did 3.5 million viewers for lifetime, which is okay, it's their fourth-highest rated tv movie this year. it's behind steel magnolias. >> what did you think of it? >> the best train wreck since "show girls." i think i could play a better liz taylor in a wig. >> what's the prognosis for her career? >> it's not good. it's not good. she needs to learn how to read clearly. that script was bad. >> is she still doing love life?
10:15 am
>> i don't think she's doing that anymore. amanda siefrid did a version of it. >> tell us about chris brown. >> none of these stories are going to end up well. >> chris brown got in a twitter war over the weekend with a comedian named jenny johnson. she said nasty about him, he said something nastier, said things about pooping, farting, her face. should have just watched liz and dick. i didn't mean tweet anyone. i was mean tweeting lindsay lohan a little bit. i'm not controversial. >> let's talk about the halle berry brawl. i thought it was a squirmish. wait until you see the picture. i don't know if we can use it. >> he's got a black eye. >> halle berry, her boyfriend,
10:16 am
ex-boyfriend, came over with their daughter and got in a fight with her current man, who used to be a professional boxer. gabriel, the canadian male model, dude, what are you thinking? he got the bejeezus kicked out of him. he got granted a restraining order against olivier. >> this one, aubrey, was arrested. >> yes. they thought he initiated it. >> now he's got a restraining order. >> halle berry has two hot men fighting over her. please, i could barely get someone to open the door for me. he's so hot. i know. this is # halleberry problems. two men fighting over you. >> there is an element of tragedy. she wants to take her child to france, which is so much more
10:17 am
paparazzi friendly. >> that's true. >> he now may be kicked out of america. >> he has a work visa. who is this, green card? haven't you been in this country forever? >> let's talk thanksgiving day box office. >> not him, the other one. >> record box office. >> hoda's gone. >> it was a record box office over the weekend, like $295 million, which is the record since 2009. "twilight," "sky fall," "lincoln." i heard sally field tears it up in "lincoln." i love a sappy lady. >> yes, you do! and we love our studly man. >> was that an interpretation of me? >> no, it wasn't. we love you, sweetheart. >> love you too. that's the way the cookie crumbles. a holiday treat. great destinations every family member will enjoy after
10:18 am
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10:21 am
and it's time for sara in the city, when our sara haines leaves the safety of our studio to explore everything new york has to offer. >> this time she goes crazy for cookies. >> lucky me. this classical holiday dessert comes in all shapes and sizes. i did taste tests at different sweet spots all over manhattan. what better place to do a cookie tour than the classic milk and cookie? the bakery is known for its 14
10:22 am
creative cookie combinations, and i can't wait to dig in. first up, the bacon snap. i never would have put bacon in a cookie, that's amazing. next, the gingersnap. that is the holidays. then tina lets me design my own holiday cookie. >> this is going to be everything but the kitchen sink cookie. >> seven minutes later -- tina, do you have a pizza slicer? >> good choices. >> next stop is elini's. a place known for colorful conversation cookies. i learned the fine art to frosting. what's the secret? >> i think patience. >> eleni is patient as i frost and frost and frost my way to a perfect santa. for those who are less patient,
10:23 am
edible ink markers. pretty much exactly like hoda so far. next up, levain bakery on the upper westside. i can actually already smell the cookies, great sign. the specialty here, four signature cookies. >> chocolate chip walnut, chocolate raisin, dark chocolate, and dark chocolate peanut. >> that doesn't stop me from tasting all four. oh, my god. >> so good. >> now i'm on the upper west side. let's go see what they've got baking. here they serve up classics with a twist. >> really just meant to be an american-style bakery with a sort of playful approach. >> including their holiday cookies. >> we crush up candy canes and fold them in the cookie dough we
10:24 am
sell. >> and the compost cookie. their version of the chocolate chip. >> has chocolate chips, pretzels, potato chips, coffee, butterscotch chips, and gram crackers. >> those are amazing. even the littlest critics agree. how good is that cookie? yeah! so, of course, i couldn't come back empty handed, so first of all, hoda, i would like to say eleni was sweet enough to save the cookie i made of you. >> it's got my ipod. >> can i try that? we're going to show you great trips for the whole family. dad: hello! mom: hi!
10:25 am
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it is 10:26. good morning. i'm marla tellez. today, outside the recruiting center, protesters will gather together to support wikileaks. he is trying to avoid trial by claiming he has already been punished enough by being locked up alone in a small cell and having to sleep naked for several nights. manny is charged with the biggest security breach in u.s. history by sending the classified cables to the web site wikileaks.
10:27 am
we will check the forecast and the roads after the break. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun.
10:28 am
faster than mandy can hang up on mr. monday. you hang up first. [ female announcer ] in just 60 seconds, you've got snack-defying, satisfying totino's pizza rolls. [ ringing ] it's on. let's roll. welcome back. time is 10:28. getting a look at the live conditions at the golden gate bridge. these are high-level clouds. no fog to report. we have three storm system s slated to bring us rain. we have 64 in fremont and 62 degrees in san jose. we will time out the storm systems for you at 11:00.
10:29 am
let's check out the drive with anthony slaughter. thank you, christina. it is congested out there. not as bad as this morning. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. good news there and in the east bay along fremont and 880 southbound. the headlights or the traffic is moving along there. there is an accident at fremont road at 880. otherwise, everything is working out pretty good this morning. marla. thanks so much. we will have much more of the day's top stories coming up in 30 minutes. jon kelley and i will see you at 11:00. we're back on this booze day tuesday with travel and holiday trips for the entire family. whether you just haven't had the time to plan your vacation or
10:30 am
can't figure out where to go, help is here. >> kids, grandparents, general manager, virtual tourist is here with trips for a little something for everybody. >> hey. >> hi, guys. >> congratulations, you got married this past year. >> thank you, hi, denise. >> you want to start us off in san diego. >> yeah, virtual tourists have a million members around the world and tell us suggestions for places to travel. they came up with san diego. i thought it was great, because the weather is fantastic and the holidays is different. some of the ideas you can do, hotel coronado. >> love that hotel. >> they do skating by the sea. they put up an ice rink, palm trees, ice, pacific ocean. just a really, really glorious thing. and then the harbor, in the harbor, all the boats get decorated and they have this kind of parade of harbor lights and the people check out from the ocean.
10:31 am
i think that's the hotel del cor you're looking at. so the boats, it's a great thing for the whole family. >> looks like the grand floridian. >> take us to colorado, would you? >> for skiing, you may be traipsing around aspen in fur coats, but steamboat springs is a great cowboy town. >> it's a fun town. >> real historical. they are great, because they have this thing if you buy tickets for five days and rent your skis, it's free for the kids and they have daycare and ski schools and all that kind of stuff. that's really great. they are doing a new thing this year where they'll come on a horse-drawn sleigh and take you to a dinner in a snowy woods in a tepee. >> this city is one of your spots, too, new york city. >> i love new york, it's my favorite time to be here during the holidays.
10:32 am
we were walking around last night because of the lights. i, myself, am not a shopper, but within 30, 40 minutes, you can see some of the best highlights of window shopping. that's great. awesome skating just back here, which we checked out. >> it will be lit tomorrow night. >> we checked out the skating, i can confirm you do not need to be an expert. there was some alternate skating out there, let's just say that. of course, f.a.o. schwartz with the kids for the holidays, they are putting on a shin dig with tours, toy soldiers, all that. >> i took the kids to central park and they ran wild. it's a perfect spot for kids, winter or whenever. >> don't forget broadway, lots of great shows. broadway when you come, definitely. >> savannah, georgia. >> savannah was another great recommendation of the virtual tourists. it's off the beaten path, one of
10:33 am
the first cities in america, it's beautiful, they have this whole historical district there with federalist homes and they get decorated and have this thing called the holly jolly trolley that goes around with elves and carolling. it's beautiful there, it's great. >> if you're more adventurous, london is another one. >> so much of our imagery is london, christmas carol, charles dickens. they put on a whole thing, winter wonderland, there are rides, ice castles, skating, stalls. >> london is an expensive town. you have to be surprised about the prices in london. >> it is expensive. some of the hotel picks has kitchenettes. >> you can do all these trips affordably if you plan right. >> if you check out some of the tips we've given on virtual tourist, you can do it on a
10:34 am
budget. >> thank you, chief. >> thank you. how sweet it is. >> a roundup of confections from chicago's fine chocolate show after this. >> sissy is in the house, you know that's trouble. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] let betty crocker do the measuring and get a head start on delicious homemade cookies. ♪ just pour,
10:35 am
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smiles make more smiles. when the chocolate is hershey's. life is delicious. calling all chock-a-holice lifestyle expert sissy
10:38 am
biggers is back from the first-ever fine chocolate show with a roundup of all things chocolate. how are you, sissy? >> i'm great. it was amazing. it's the first time they did it in chicago, it is the first city for chocolate. they manufacture so much there. >> i didn't realize that. >> first, when i got back, i had a craving for chocolate jewelry. i went to miami, your biggest fan in miami. she set up lovely rings for you girls. >> is this real chocolate? >> real chocolate. when you eat it, you can return
10:39 am
it to wendy and she'll make it again for you. >> for the women who have everything, this is perfect. >> here's a history of chicago and chocolate. since 1939, ever watching on the north side of chocolate and think you smell chocolate, you do. they manufacture and process most of the cocoa in the yieuni states. of course, this is the fannie mae brand. they are leaders now in chocolate. hand crafted. >> they look plastic. >> they are flavor profiles is what they are advancing now, they have lemonade, candy apple, in addition to espressos., which is now owned by 1-800-flowers. >> these are cookies? >> chocolate-covered marshmallows. this is a new group in chicago, these are called puffs of doom.
10:40 am
husband and wife couple were showing at the show, all-natural ingredients. this is sort of a couple of generations of chocolate. >> are these filled with something? >> filled with chocolate, drizzled with chocolate. first chocolate was a drinking chocolate back in the stone age. >> frank and i were born. >> not called hot chocolate anymore, it's drinking chocolate. it's an entire category. >> you are kidding me. >> french press. i saw them serving the chocolate this way, this is an organic, delicious hot chocolate. what a cute pairing for a gift. >> great idea. >> this is a chocolate wine shop. >> i can smell it. >> oh, my gosh. >> isn't that incredible? it's chocolate red wine. a great gift for anybody who loves wine. pairs beautifully with cheese. >> wow. >> this is a sparkling. >> why not? >> i hope you're up for a drink. i got a better one than that.
10:41 am what do you think, hoda? >> i think it's interesting. >> i'm going to finish strong on the drinking category. this is the 360 double chocolate vodka. >> come on. >> we can't. >> we have lunch with our new boss today too. >> what do you think? >> go ahead, hoda, throw it back, baby. >> 60-proof chocolate. >> that is kind of good. >> that's actually good. >> looking for a product i've never seen before, go ahead, will you please try a chocolate covered banana? it's a huge hit in eastern europe. i've never seen it here. >> that is delicious. >> they were at the show looking for a distributor. aren't those fun? >> delicious, delicious. >> by the way, we have about ten cases in props. banana for everybody. this is another trend, this is the art of chocolate. this woman is out of california, she used to be an artist, then
10:42 am
self-taught chocolateir. each one is a work of art. >> wow! >> hand crafted. look for her, great gifts. now we've got chocolate in bars, painted. a great example for another gift is this bricks. it's a wine, instead of cheese. move over, cheese, it's chocolate served like cheese, served with wine. >> amazing, okay. >> finally from our friend daniel in napa valley, the 12 days in christmas in truffles. you can even get a box for every day, 178 truffles delivered. >> thank you, sissy. who's better than sissy? nobody! >> congrats to your daughter. >> thank you. >> stay tuned for another treat, everybody. >> phillip phillips is going to sing a brand new song called "gone, gone, gone" right after this. nope. just can't fit 'em in my budget.
10:43 am
well, with the walmart credit card special financing offer, you can get the sony blu-ray home theater system with wi-fi and the high zoom cyber-shot camera with full hd. look at you, spreading some christmas joy! my cart's kinda full. mind holding these? sure. you know what, muscle man, me and you together, we can knock this christmas thing out. this way, sweetie. [ male announcer ] get the season's hottest brands like the sony blu-ray home theater system. make an electronics purchase of $429 or more on your walmart credit card and get no interest if paid in full within 18 months. america's gift headquarters. walmart. [ female announcer ] holiday cookies are a big job. everything has to be just right. perfection is in the details. ♪ get to holiday fun faster with pillsbury cookie dough.
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10:47 am
the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. american idol winner phillip phillips broke record when his song "home" broke triple platinum. >> in three short weeks after touring, phillips churned out his highly anticipated debut album, we've been waiting for this "the world from the side of the moon." >> we're so happy for you. you with wrote half of the songs and co-wrote the other half. >> i'm proud of it, not many people from iowa get to do that. >> has it all sunk in, just all of everything that's happened to you? >> no, everything's been going so fast, haven't had time to let it sink in too much. i think it's a good thing. >> got to love it while the fire is burning hot. >> i guess so. i've been enjoying it all.
10:48 am
>> excited about the new song. it hasn't been sung before, it's called "gone, gone, gone." >> yes. >> ready to do it? >> i'll do my best. >> all right, philip. take it away, hon. ♪ ♪ when life leaves you high and dry ♪ ♪ i'll be at your door tonight if you need help ♪ ♪ if you need help ♪ i'll shut down the city lights ♪ ♪ i'll lie cheat i'll beg and bribe to make you well ♪ ♪ to make you well ♪ when enemies are at your door i'll carry you away from more ♪ ♪ if you need help if you need help ♪ ♪ your hope dangling by a string ♪ ♪ i'll share in your suffering to make you well to make you well ♪ ♪ give me reasons to believe that you would do the same for
10:49 am
me ♪ ♪ and i would do it for you ♪ for you ♪ baby i'm not moving on ♪ i love you long after you're gone ♪ ♪ for you for you ♪ you would never sleep alone ♪ i love you long after you're gone ♪ ♪ and long after you're gone gone gone ♪ ♪ when you fall like a statue i'm going to be there to catch you ♪ ♪ put you on your feet ♪ you on your feet ♪ and if your heart is empty not a thing will prevent me ♪ ♪ tell me what you need ♪ what do you need ♪ i surrender honestly ♪ you've always done the same for me ♪ ♪ and i would do it for you
10:50 am
♪ baby i'm not moving on ♪ i'll love you long after you're gone ♪ ♪ for you for you ♪ you will never sleep alone i love you long after you're gone ♪ ♪ long after you're gone gone gone ♪ ♪ you're my back bone you're my cornerstone ♪ ♪ you're my crutch when my legs stop moving ♪ ♪ you're my head start you're my rugged heart ♪ ♪ you're the pokes that i've always needed ♪ ♪ like a drum baby don't stop beating ♪ ♪ like a drum baby don't stop beating ♪ ♪ like a drum baby don't stop beating ♪ ♪ like a drum my heart never stops beating for you ♪ ♪ for you baby i'm not moving on i love you long after you're gone ♪ ♪ for you for you
10:51 am
♪ you would never sleep alone i love you long after you're gone ♪ ♪ for you for you ♪ baby i'm not moving on i love you long after you're gone ♪ ♪ for you ♪ you would never sleep alone ♪ i love you long long after you're gone ♪ ♪ like a drum baby don't stop beating ♪ ♪ like a drum baby don't stop beating ♪ ♪ like a drum baby don't stop beating ♪ ♪ like a drum my heart never stops beating for you ♪ ♪ long after you're gone gone gone ♪ ♪ i love you long after you're gone gone gone ♪ >> we'll be back. thank you, phillip phillips! >> that was so great!
10:52 am
>> we'll be back with more of "today" on nbc. >> how good was that? >> that was good. oh, you have a keurig vue brewer? oh, it's great! now i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? well, inside the brewer, there's this train that's powerful enough to carry more coffee and fresh water to make coffee that's stronger and bigger... and even hotter!
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actually, i just press this button. brew the coffee you love -- stronger, bigger, or hotter -- with the keurig vue.
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our 19th annual holiday gift drive is off to a terrific start with so many donations for the millions of needy kids on our list. >> karen davis, vice president of community relations for hasbro. we're so glad you're here. this is not your first time. >> it's not. we've been helping since the beginning. we've given $1.8 million in toys so far. >> you have a furby on your lap. >> i was able to grab some to give for the "today" show toy drive. this year we're doing something different, encouraging kids to be joy makers. we started an organization called generation on.
10:56 am
we're asking kids to bring holiday joy to their community and make a pledge of service. for every pledge, we'll give a toy to the "today" show toy drive. >> that's so great. >> nicolas, you've been doing this for a few years, huh? >> yeah, i have. when i was 11 years old, i started got to have sole to give shoes to kids in homeless shelters throughout the u.s. in the past few years i've given shows to 3,100 children. >> thank you for all you do. tomorrow, a performance by singer/song writer chris mann. >> and how to entertain with chapel pai champagne. >> have a great day, everybody, see you at "scandalous."
10:57 am
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tropical storm force wind gusts and 2 to 6 inches of rain on the way to parts of the bay area. we are timing it out in your city to your door step coming up.


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