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tv   Today  NBC  November 28, 2012 7:00am-11:00am PST

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in u.s. history and we hope this man is holding the winning ticket. fighting back. the florida socialite caught up in the scandal that took down david petraeus now defending herself. why she says she's been unfairly portrayed and may sue the u.s. government. a young star of "two and a half men" stays he's sorry about hez comments but he's not taking anything back, wednesday, november 28th, 2012. from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> and i'm savannah guthrie. we should explain something. howie, who we just showed you, is allegedly the lighting designer here at the "today"
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show but more importantly he's the keeper of the office pool. >> and has been, he says for five years. i've been giving this guy money for ten years. not sure where it's going help. takes it very seriously. gets very disappointed if we don't win. calls us from his home in monte carlo to tell us the news. here's what it's going to look like, if we win this lottery tomorrow, that's what the control room is going to look like. howie and everybody else will be gone. >> the sound of crickets. we'll show you the machine that will actually be the center of attention tonight. your odds of winning a mere 1 in 175 million. we're going to have more on the jackpot fever straight ahead. what's it like to become a multi-millionaire overnight? we'll talk exclusively to the couple who won the last big powerball jackpot worth $202 million. >> health news this morning, are some women with breast cancer having double mastectomies they don't need? coming up, the results of a new study that will get a lot of attention.
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and then yahoo!'s ceo marissa mayer has been touted as the woman who could have it all, so how is she adjusting to her new job and life as a new mom? we're going to hear from her for the first time since she went back to work just two weeks after giving birth. >> cue the breaking news music this. just in kate middleton debuts a new hairstyle, bangs. matt lauer, quick reaction. >> i'm speechless. >> let us begin though with tonight's record powerball drawing, a whopping half a billion dollars and counting. nbc's andrea canning is at a store in new york city where tickets are probably a hot commodity. andrea, good morning. >> reporter: yes, they are. this is a big deal. selling hundreds of tickets every hour. people started lining up at 5:00 a.m., and this jackpot, it just keeps growing. it's grown $175 million in just the last three days alone.
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>> ticket sales are expected to top a whopping $1 billion by tonight's drawing where a single winner could walk away with a cash prize worth $327 million before taxes. >> there you go. good luck. >> i would take my entire family on a cruise around the world. >> a sports car for me. >> aston martin. >> i'll pinch myself. >> reporter: and it's not just the lucky winners who win big. $1 of every $2 powerball ticket goes to the state covering lottery overhead and supporting programs like education. the federal government also hits the jackpot, taking a quarter of the winner's earnings in taxes and, yes, there's more. states and cities can take an additional 5% to 12%. a new york city winner would pay the highest taxes, but lucky winners in eight states may no
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state taxes on winnings at all. until today the biggest powerball on record was $365 million won by eight nebraska meat packers in 2006. >> we process hams and corn beef? they went from corn beef to caviar overnight and so could you. but jeremy elson, a senior researcher from microsoft says it's okay to dream, but don't quit your day job just yet. >> mathematically it's not a good bet to buy a lottery ticket, even though the jackpot is very large. >> reporter: odds of winning, 1 in 175 million. >> so if you imagine a line of 175 million pennies stretching from l.a. to chicago and just a single one of them has an "x" on it, you have the same chance of winning a lottery as taking a road trip, stopping alongside the road in a random place, flipping over a single penny and finding that one with an "x." >> reporter: still, you can't blame people for getting mesmerized by the power of the powerball frenzy. >> i would be thinking it's freaking incredible to have that much money.
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>> reporter: all right. i know we have the office pool. i'm going to increase our chances even more. tom, i'll take $20 in quick picks for the "today" show studio. the drawing is 10:59 eastern. you can buy your tickets until an hour before that. i'll get these numbers and you'll be in check of checking these numbers from home >> you don't want to give me those, and iia. thank you for thinking of me. appreciate it. more on powerball frenzy a little later on. right now here savannah. >> now to washington where ambassador susan rice holds more meetings with lawmakers on capitol hill, and it is becoming clear that a showdown is looming if rice is the president's pick to replace secretary of state hillary clinton. nbc's foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell has the details on that. andrea, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. white house officials say president obama still plans to nominate susan rice as secretary of state and democrats are confident they will have the votes to confirm her in the senate if she's nominated but top senate republicans are not backing down from their opposition.
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susan rice returns to capitol hill today for another day of republican outreach. this time with senator susan collins of maine and bob corker of tennessee. but rice's fence mending stalled as she submitted to a grilling over benghazi by her republican critics who had this to say. >> we're significantly troubled by many of the answers we got and some we didn't get. >> bottom line, i'm more disturbed than i was before. >> reporter: rice acknowledged she was wrong on key facts days after the attacks when she went on five morning programs and said benghazi was a copycat attack after protests in egypt. >> what happened in benghazi was in fact initially a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired hours before in cairo. >> reporter: tuesday rice acknowledged there was no protest in benghazi, but she blamed the cia, as she did last week. >> i relied solely and squarely on the information provided to
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me by the intelligence community. i made clear that the information was preliminary. >> reporter: acting cia director mike morel accompanied rice tuesday, in effect her wing man, but it didn't help. >> i'm more troubled today knowing, having met with the acting director of the cia and ambassador rice. >> reporter: both senator kelly ayotte and senator lindsey graham threatened to block rice's nomination. rice did persuade one senator. >> she said what she believed was true, and she was under no political influence from the white house. >> reporter: but joe lieberman is quitting the senate and won't have a vote rice and president obama are closer than he and the iconic hillary clinton. the president has made it clear he will fight for rice and tuesday the white house was not backing down.
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>> the focus on, some might say obsession on comments made on sunday shows, seems to me and to many to be misplaced. >> reporter: one veteran former diplomat says rice should not be made a scapegoat for doing her job. >> she was simply representing the viewpoint of an entire administration, and many of us have been in positions of defending administrations, republican and democrat in the past. >> reporter: and there's still another problem now. the acting cia director who accompanied rice late tuesday acknowledged that he had misspoken during his morning meeting with the three senators only add together administration's problem is a the president tries to assemble a foreign policy team for his second term. savannah. >> andrea mitchell in washington, thank you. let's turn to chris matthews, host of msnbc's "hardball," chris, good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. >> as andrea pointed all indications are that susan rice will be the pick for secretary of state and all indications are that it would be a very ugly confirmation battle. is it worth it for the president
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to take on this fight, and at this point, does he have any choice given how vigorously he's defended her? >> officially the white house has not made a decision yet. i was told last night right at the top over there they haven't made a decision yet, but he clearly has to get some separation it seems from the fight over what happened in benghazi, the testimony she gave on "meet the press" in mid-september was and the issue of picking secretary of state. if he can separate the two issues by a couple of weeks. if he has to make the nomination right in the middle of this, we'll have an opening act to the second term which will be very messy and hot and not helpful. >> would that be a fight worth having? >> it will distract over the next couple of weeks. clear that the president has to win the battle over a fiscal cliff. he's got those on the left who doesn't think it is a cliff and he needs to get the business community to put pressure on the republicans to get a deal before christmas. the president is playing it right so far, making it about
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the middle class and get the rich people to pay their taxes. it's really a tough fight. if this were his only fight it would be a tough fight. >> let's turn back to rice for a moment and look at the substance of that. she acknowledged was what she did was repeat unclassified talking points that came from the intelligence communities. if she had classified information that was somehow different or would have added more to it, obviously she couldn't have said it on the sunday shows, but should she have been more direct that the information she was providing to the american people was at that point not just preliminary but incomplete? i guess the bottom line is did she mislead? >> right. i think the big question -- it is a question. we don't have the answer. was she a flack out there in politics, mouthing the words that somebody told you, or is she a thoughtful cabinet minister to be a potential cabinet minister, and that's the big question because if she knew the classified didn't square with the unclassified, then she
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should have left some openings there, but from what i'm told she got the facts directly unchanged, unspun by the white house. nobody changed anything. if anybody's at fault here it's the intelligence community for giving her incomplete information for their own purposes. by the way, this story remains murky for a reason. i only say in politics if it's better than it looks, they will tell you. if it's worse than it looks, we have a cia operation going on in benghazi we're still covering up, and that's what they don't want to talk about. >> chris matthews, we'll see how it it develops, thank you. catch chris on "hardball" weeknights at 5:00 and 7:00 on msnbc. matt? >> thank you. one of the women involved in the scandal that brought down two generals, david petraeus and john allen is making headlines again this morning. jill kelley is launching a full-court press to respond to what she claims are mistaken notions about her. nbc's pete williams has the latest on this. pete, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. just when this story had about run its course, one of the central figures, jill kelley, is back. her lawyers says some allegations reported about kelley are false, so he's
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conducting a vigorous campaign to correct what he says are mistakes. jill kelley, the tampa woman who first told the fbi about what she considered abusive e-mails sent anonymously from a woman when turned out to be paula broadwell has reached out to a friend, high-powered criminal defense lawyer abbe lowell to correct what she says are lingering misimpressions. in a letter to the florida bar association lowell says a tampa lawyer who once represented the kelley family acted unethically by making public comments about her two weeks ago, suggesting she was trying to be a social climber at a florida air force base. >> i understand that -- that there was an effort made to infiltrate, to use a word of art, the deal and the brass. >> reporter: in response, the
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lawyer, barry cohen, says nothing he said was based on the legal work for the kelleys, and kelley and her sister are, quote, architects of their own agony and in another letter abbe lowell asks if there's a leaked investigation to find out how kelley's name became public in the first place as the recipient of paula broadwell's e-mails. a source close to the kelley family insists jill kelley is not trying to keep her name in the news, and the source calls simply false any suggestion that she had an affair with general petraeus or general john allen. never happened, the source says. in another development, the south korean news agency says the government of south korea is revoking kelley's status as an honorary consul for the country. the source close to the family says she has never tried to use her military friendships or access to do anything improper and is instead being victimized by government leakers and the news media. matt? >> all right. pete williams in washington on this, pete, thank you very much. >> want to get a check of the day's other top stories. natalie morales is over at the news desk. natalie, good morning.
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>> good morning, everyone. protesters in cairo are rallying in tahrir square. once again they are demonstrating against president mohamed morsi. through clouds of tear gas protesters called for morsi's ouster after a power grab. he's the first freely elected president taking office after a popular revolution removed hosni mubarak from power last year. a new analysis from "consumer reports" finds a majority of pork for sale in the grocery stores contains high levels of a dangerous bacteria. the magazine found 69% of samples contained high levels of contaminants that causes food poisoning in about 100,000 americans, many of them children, each year. and more troubling, many of the samples were antibiotic resistant. "consumer reports" found that ground pork was more likely than pork chops to contain the
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bacterium and reminds readers to properly cook all meat. three officials have been arrested in connection with a factory fire in bangladesh that killed 112 people amid reports that workers trying to escape the flames were locked inside. meantime, records found by the associated press inside the charred factory show it produced clothing for walmart, disney, pixar, sears and other western companies. a new challenge to the pentagon's ban on women serving in combat. four female service members have filed a lawsuit for the right to fight saying the policy as it stands now blocks them from advancements that are open to men who serve in combat. and an apology from the youngest star of "two and a half men." while he did not take back his comments calling his show filth, angus t. jones said he apologized if his remarks were disrespectful of his colleagues and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to be on the show. we'll have more on the story coming up in a live report. and "gangnam style" is the dance craze that has taken the world by storm. just about everyone is doing the horsey dance, except for our
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matt lauer. he conveniently wasn't here that are psy's concert on our plaza so jibjab has found a way to make matt dance. >> that's not funny. ♪ ♪ ♪ oppa gangnam style >> something's so wrong about that but so right. go to and put any face you want in there. it's free. so matt, savannah. >> that's really nice. >> you brought this on yourself. >> you could have done the horsey dance. >> am i now off the hook since i've done it, at least computer generated? >> no. >> natalie, thank you very much. stephanie abrams is here this
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morning because al's still got this laryngitis. >> hopefully he is feeling better this morning. al, hopefully you're watching, and you are recovering. >> he's got the tree lighting with you tonight. >> i can't do it alone. >> what are you doing tonight? >> the gangnam dance. >> anything but spend the night with me, okay. >> let's have a look at the weather and we'll start off in the west, and the rain is starting to come ashore. this is just the start of many storm systems that will be pulling in. there's the wide shot. can you see the clouds all the way out in the pacific and yet another storm behind that. it's going to go on for days. over the next 24 hours, 1 to 2 inches. we could see up to a foot of snow in some locations with this system. otherwise it's pretty quiet across the rest of the country. we'll get a check of your local weather right after this.
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good wednesday morn. we have strong winds picking up as the front comes on shore. heavy rain on the way as we head through the next three hours. sustained wind speed at 20 miles per hour. in san jose. you're at 26 in oakland. flight cancellation, and delays at three hours out of sfo. the front is moving in quickly, about 15 minutes away from heavy rain in san jose. as we head throughout the next couple of days, the rain continues. savannah. matt, over to you. >> all right. stephanie, thank you very much. yahoo!'s new ceo, 37-year-old marissa mayer, is one of the country's most high-profile working moms. so how is she adjusting to her pressure-packed job and being a
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new mother? we got exclusive access to mayer's first interview about how she's juggling it all. nbc's diana alvear has more on that. diana, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. two months after the birth of her son marissa mayer gave her first and last interview about life as ceo of yahoo! and new mother in chief to her newborn. it was in palo alto, california at a dinner. interviewed by "fortune" magazine in front of a crowd of invited guests, mostly women, marissa mayer focused on her two new roles. >> i knew that the job would be hard, and i knew that the baby would be fun, and i -- and i -- and the thing that surprised me, and really puzzled me so, is that the job is really fun. like yahoo! is -- yahoo! is a really fun place to work, and the baby's been easy. the baby's been way easier than everyone made it out to be.
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>> reporter: mayer was just 37 years old in july when she was named ceo of yahoo! becoming the youngest ceo of a fortune 500 company. she was also six months pregnant and announced that she only planned to take a week or two away from the office. in contrast, in a 2008 interview on "today," mayer, then a google executive, seemed to back longer maternity leave. >> i mean, basically said, you know, a baby and a googler should have their parent at home for six weeks or three months, and it should be standard from that child's point of view, and i think that means that ultimately it's a really supportive environment for women, but it doesn't necessarily mean special treatment for women. >> reporter: on september 30th came the birth announcement via twitter from mayer's husband and true to her word, two weeks later, the new mom tweeted she was back at work. >> what's the most important thing that you do to get it all done?
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>> you have to prioritize, and i do -- that's one of the reasons i haven't been talking and i'm going to go back to not talking. >> reporter: all mayer has only run yahoo! since july, her management style is clearly clicking with investors. the stock is up 18%. as a wisconsin native, she cited legendary green bay packers coach vince lombardi for his drive for success and winning. >> vince lombardi says, you know, in my life there are three things, god, family and the green bay packers, in that order, right? and, you know, i think for me it's god, family and yahoo! in that order. >> and in a few hours, mayer joins a group of ceos for a meeting with president obama about the ongoing negotiations over the so-called fiscal cliff, and then she'll have just enough time to get home for her son's two-month birthday on friday. matt? >> diana, thank you very much. just ahead, more on tonight's $500 million powerball jackpot. we're going to talk to a couple.
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they recently won over $200 million. they will tell us how it feels, but first this is "today" on nbc.
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>> "two and a half men" apologizes, sort of. >> after your local news. ♪ ♪ ♪ music is a universal language. but when i was in an accident... i was worried the health care system spoke a language all its own with unitedhealthcare, i got help that fit my life. information on my phone. connection to doctors who get where i'm from. and tools to estimate what my care may cost.
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so i never missed a beat. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for more than 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. [ female announcer ] kay jewelers presents neil lane designs. from hollywood's premier jewelry designer. hand-crafted diamond rings, earrings and necklaces. at kay, the number-one jewelry store in america. ♪ every kiss begins with kay it is 7:2. i'm jon kelley. the wind and the rain the big story. on the bay bridge, there is a
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big-time wind advisory in effect. what's it look like out there? >> good morning to you. i can tell you, the rain has been coming down at least for 20 minutes now and it hasn't stopped. if you're heading out this morning, bring your wet weather gear. this is what the toll plaza is looking at. there's already a car out there that looks like he has a flat tire. the backup is long. hold on to the steering wheel. winds could get up to 50 miles an hour. caltrans is saying workers on the deck and cables of the new bridge are now on a two hour hold due to the rain and wind. they're going to be operating with a skeleton crew. the wind picking up as well. certainly something to keep in mind as you head out this morning. reporting live at the bay bridge, i'm christy smith. >> right now, let's check back in with meteorologist christina loren. what's the weather outlook? >> we're expecting the worst of it between 8:00 and 10:00. we'll tart to see the showers
7:27 am
held up slightly around the 11:00 hour. that's your sustained speed. in san jose, we've got 25-mile-per-hour winds. and gusts up to 40 to 50 miles per hour from time to type. the heaviest band of moisture pushing on shore. san jose still relatively dry. once that rain starts, we're in this wet pattern all the way through the beginning of monday. let's check on your drive with mike. >> here's the san mateo bridge. a little farther south than the bay bridge. soupy conditions coming over into that midst and the drizzle and the rain. look at the peninsula side. 101, slow through san mateo. the green shows you wet conditions. blue is ponding and puddling. all along highway 101 as well. the entire area of the peninsula. in the south bay, it's kind of ringing the freeway. really bogging down.
7:28 am
>> we'll be back in half an hour with the latest in our storm watch coverage. send your weather photos and i havos in.
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there's a pretty shot of the rockefeller center christmas tree and that 80-foot norway spruce will look even better tonight when the switch is flipped on.
7:30 am
it has 30,000 lights. al and i will be there tonight, and we'll bring it live right here on nbc. al is resting his voice this morning so that when he talks about how beautiful and spectacular it is, he can do so with full gusto. >> you call it the christmas tree. i call it the birthday tree. it's tice lauer's birthday. when they flip the switch, i've convinced it's for him. >> happy birthday. now fallout from angus t. jones' rant against his own show, "two and a half men." we'll tell you what the young actor is now saying after he urged fans to stop watching what he called the filth on his show, and then a movie that has a lot of people really interested. this is "the hobbit." things got a little wild at its world premiere. >> we know they will draw a crowd for that movie, wow. and then a new study in the battle against breast cancer. women will want to pay attention to this one. are too many patients getting a double mastectomy when they
7:31 am
don't really need to have that operation? we'll talk about that with dr. nancy. let's begin this half hour with more on the $500 million jackpot and in a moment we'll talk to the winners of the last big drawing but first nbc's erica hill is here with a warning. if you're dreaming big this morning, might want to temper your dream. >> reporter: just a little bit, good morning. for many the big financial gain eventually translate to an even bigger loss which has some people talking about the curse of the lottery. it's become an all too familiar tale. >> always a dream. always a dream. >> reporter: for most people winning the lottery sounds like a one-way ticket out of the daily grind. >> tired of working. i've been working for 60 years >> reporter: options seem limitless. >> house boat, yacht, mansion. >> buy a lot of concert tickets. >> a big house, mansion probably in las vegas. >> reporter: and for some striking gold is more than just a far-fetched dream. >> it's enabled us to help others. >> reporter: jackie and gilbert
7:32 am
sis narz of the l.a. area struck it rich two years ago using their winnings to give back to the community. >> good fortune that allowed us to start a foundation with the focus on hispanic education. >> reporter: winning the lottery is obviously a wonderful event, but it's all about your coping skills going into something that really changes your life entirely that will predict whether ultimately this will be a happy event or not. >> reporter: but for many financial haniness comes at a cost. >> it changed my life for the better, but in reality it change it had for the worse. >> reporter: this winner faced a slew of problems. among them a brother who tried to have him killed, a land laid who took a third of his jackpot in a lawsuit, a conviction on an assault charge and bankruptcy, and he's not alone. juan rodriguez was a parking attendant making less than 30,000 a year when he won a jackpot worth $149 million. soon after his wife divorced him and took half his winnings.
7:33 am
in south florida, a woman is on trial accused of killing a man who won a $30 million jackpot. she pleaded not guilty. >> i think wing the lottery is a real double-edged sword. some people are able to really feel happier, have a more comfortable life, but more often than that, people are overwhelmed. the money erodes away at their relationships. they get self-destructive and at the end of the day they would have been better off not winning a lottery. >> reporter: nevertheless there are, of course, still plenty of people hoping to walk away as the winner of tonight's big jackpot, and they are happy to take their chances. matt? >> erica, thank you very much. brian and mary know what it's like to become instant multi-millionaires. two months ago they claimed a $202 million powerball jackpot. they are with us for their first national interview. brian and mary, good morning. nice to see you. >> good morning. >> since it's your first national interview how does it sound when you hear your name next to multi-millionaires? >> a little strange.
7:34 am
>> a little different. >> takes some getting used to? >> every time we see a number about, you know, the financial projections, it -- you -- we can't fathom it. it's unreal. >> i was reading about you, and the one thing that impresses me about you is you guys are being very careful. you are not the couple, an you've got three kids, by the way, that ran out and started buying things up. one of the things you did that was really smart, you put together a team before you even claimed the jackpot. who was in that team? >> we have financial advisers from goldman sachs, an accountant. we have two attorneys. always have to have an attorney. >> how did you know to do that? where did you get that advice? >> well, i'm an attorney, and i actually did estate planning, a little bit of estate planning, took estate planning classes so i knew the basics of what large amounts of money needed to do. >> so when you started to talk to these people that eventually became your team, did you be honest with them, did you say hey, i'm thinking of hiring you because we wouldn't lottery?
7:35 am
>> the attorney i sent her too to the day she told me she won put together the team, he worked with other high net individuals and knew who to call. >> 130 million is what you end up. >> 90. >> after taxes. instant temptation. everybody wants to go out and do something, splurge on something. you really haven't done that yet, have you? >> well, we've got a couple new cars, you know, clothes, nothing big, and our attorney, the one thing that i hope whoever wins tonight, if it's not us. >> are you playing in this one, too? >> she's got a ticket. >> people would hate you. >> i know. >> there would be like a lynch mob after me. >> it would be terrible. >> i just won $4 a couple weeks ago. >> he said grow into the money. don't go out and get everything now. you'll have time for all of that. just grow into the money. >> people i know have contacted you, want to help you spend your money. they have asked you for donations to things. is there a downside to becoming
7:36 am
instant millionaires? >> you can't help everybody. i mean, we would like, to but you can't. i've got a stack of letters at home this thick of people, just strangers, wanting, you know, and you want to help them but you can't. you don't know who is telling you the truth and who is not. >> again, i think you guys have handled it awfully well, and i hope you'll continue to do that. congratulations most importantly. >> thank you. >> now let's get a check of the weather from stephanie abrams. >> hitting the lottery when we're talking about our temperatures today. we have heat into texas into the 70s, even into the northeast, the 30s and also the 40s. what about snow? what about rain? here it is for you. it's basically the west coast with just a few flurries there around portions of the great lakes, and then the big tree lighting tonight with al and savannah. it's going to be not too bad. 36 to 39, but that wind, 10 to 15 miles an hour, even though it's pretty light. it's still
7:37 am
>> it's not cold out there, temperatures are in the 50s and 60s, but it is certainly wet. taking a live look at the bridge. slick conditions. more rain on the way. the heaviest part of the snow about 15 minutes away from san francisco. the winds are starting to gust. we've got a lot more rain on the way. this is the band of moisture i'm watching towards san francisco. that's going to arrive in the next 15 to 20 minutes and then a long line of thunderstorms through the afternoon. nk you. the young star of "two and a half men" is addressing the backlash to his video rant against the show. angus t. jones urged people not to watch it, but now he's issuing an apology to his co-workers. nbc's kristen dahlgren is in los angeles this morning with more. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. didn't take long before this went viral, received so much media attention to hear new
7:38 am
comments from angus t. jones trying to send a much different tone. he is the half on "two and a half men" who stirred up a whole lot of controversy when he said this. >> please stop watching "two and a half men." i'm on "two and a half men," and i don't want to be on it. please stop watching it, please stop filling your head with filth. >> reporter: late tuesday angus t. jones released a different statement. i apologize if my remarks reflect me showing indifference to and disrespect of my colleagues and a lack of appreciation of the extraordinary opportunity of which i have been blessed. jones, who has literally grown up on the show playing jake harper over the last ten years, didn't retract his earlier comments, but he did praise warner brothers which produces the hit show and his co-workers. i also want all of the crew and the cast on our show to know how much i personally care for them and appreciate their support, guidance and love over the years. it is a far cry from what jones,
7:39 am
who was baptized as a seventh day adventist said in the testimonial for the "forerunner chronicles," a religious publication. >> you cannot be on a television show and be a god-fearing individual. >> reporter: he makes $350,000 an episode played first with cryer and charlie sheen after sheen was fired for his own troubles and rants against producers. >> we can get all the answers, wow, winning. >> reporter: after jones' comments first surfaced sheen told "people" magazine it's radically clear to me that the show is cursed. "two and a half men" has two episodes still to shoot before the holiday break, and sources tell nbc it's purely coincidence that both episodes, written long before jones' video, don't include him. >> now when they come back in 2013 to film the rest of the season's episodes, he is
7:40 am
supposed to be in some of those episodes, so that's when we'll see if he's going stay or if he's going to least show. he's going to stay or leave the show. >> reporter: now warner brothers and cbs offered no comments. i guess fans will just have to tune in. exactly, savannah, what jones was trying to discourage them from doing. >> bet the producers would like that. kristen dahlgren in los angeles, thanks so much. still ahead, an important new study on double mastectomies, are wostectomies, surgeries they may not need? and later the story behind kate's new hairdo? but first, these messages. i love the holidays.
7:41 am
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febreze. breathe happy. back new at 7:44 with an emotional choice faced by women with breast cancer. what is the best way it treat it? a new study suggests most women who have a double mastectomy actually don't need it. dr. nancy snyderman is nbc's chief medical editor. nancy, good morning to you. >> hey, savannah. this is an important study that comes from the university of michigan comprehensive cancer center, and it is small, but still clearly shows that most women who are diagnosed with cancer in one breast have a very low risk of having cancer in their other healthy breast. it's not a decision e news host giuliana rancic made lightly. >> at the end it came down to choosing to live and not looking over my shoulder. >> reporter: but after consulting with her doctors and family she decided it was right for her, announcing her decision here on "today."
7:45 am
>> and i'm going to go ahead and move forward with a double mastectomy. >> reporter: thousands of women with breast cancer face the same question every year. what form of therapy should i choose? for a growing number of women the answer has been to have both breasts removed. >> for me it was important to get the cancer out. >> reporter: but a new study by the university of michigan finds that for the overwhelming majority of women who have had both breasts removed, the risk of cancer developing in the healthy breast is very low. >> for most women over the 20 years after a breast cancer diagnosis, their risk of getting a new second cancer is in the range of about 5% or 6%, very, very small. >> reporter: actress christina app apegate had the surgery and sharon osbourne had the surgery after learning she had a high-risk gene but using the
7:46 am
double mastectomy as a preventive measure may be unnecessary. >> many people are doing the procedure without the understanding of what the risk is for the other side. >> reporter: study suggests that fear of recurrence is one of the biggest factors driving the decision to have preventive surgery. 90% reported being very worried cancer would develop in their other breast. doctors say the science suggests for most women that fear is unfounded. >> the idea that by doing bigger surgery you're being safer and helping ensure a better outcome just simply true. >> there are some notable exceptions. women with a very strong family history of breast cancer, at least two or more immediate relatives, and those who carry very strong genetic mutations, for those women, yes, having a double mastectomy may be advisable, but those are the individuals who must make those decisions talking to their doctors and fear, we found, is the overriding reason people are having those, not the individual
7:47 am
family decisions. >> let me pick up on that. let me be devil's advocate. no woman wants to do a double mastectomy but if she feels she should is there any harm? >> it's a major surgery. having a breast removed is not a simple operation. you also leave some breast tissue behind. place a bet that there's a 70% chance of you not ever having trouble or 90% chance, would you go ahead and have major surgery, the answer is no. we've let the fear of cancer override the statistical chances of getting cancer, that's a bad equation. >> have doctors been routinely recommending these double mastectomies? >> i think not, but doctors haven't been standing up to patients and say you must listen to me on this one, let's not go forward. i think they haven't been frankly honest enough. >> dr. nancy snyderman, thank you very much.
7:48 am
>> thanks very much. >> brad pitt opens about when he'll marry angelina jolie and taking heat about the chanel ad and the duchess of cambridge and her new hair, sporting bangs. that after this. [ horn honks ] [ gps ] hello dave. oh, not again. [ gps ] dave, do you know where your wife went last week? she went to jared to look at a beautiful diamond necklace. i'm not going to the cleaners anymore, am i? [ gps ] no dave, you're not. [ wheels screech ] right turn. [ engine revs ] [ male announcer ] jared the galleria of jewelry has five times the selection of ordinary jewelry stores...
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♪ [ female announcer ] just for these hectic holidays, mccafé brings you a cup of holiday cheer. ♪ rich peppermint mocha and peppermint hot chocolate. holiday cheer with chocolate on top. ♪ the simple joy of unwinding. ♪
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the simple joy of unwinding. even though our mom tries, she doesn't really get us. and she'll never know who we are, or what... no way, madden girls?? nike! they're so awesome! nike! wow! yeahhhh! thank you! who's your mommy now? it's a christmas miracle. give victoriously. famous brands. famously easy. famous footwear. victory is yours. all right. so apparently we have a new style choice this morning. when it comes to the duchess of cambridge. ladies, take it away. >> at an event on tuesday, he'll offer his analysis in a moment,
7:52 am
she debuted new long flowing side bangs, a heavy part and vintage curls. >> say the style experts. >> yeah. i don't actually -- i've got to tell >> you it's more of a swoop. >> i'm not sure i would have noticed anything different from her hair. >> some are saying it's inspired by like farrah fawcett, and others are saying it's inspired by other own natalie morales. there is the duchess of cambridge. >> that's more. >> that's cute. >> there's the duchess of cambridge again. >> there's farrah fawcett. >> not farrah fawcett. >> natalie morales. >> you know, there's a little similarity there. >> coincidence? >> i think she's deflecting other pregnancy rumors. >> there's a theory. you're local news is next.
7:53 am
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it is 7:56. i'm jon kelley. we have a live look at the san mateo bridge. a high wind warning in effect till 11:00 this morning. the wind and the rain impacting your commute. we will check in with mike in a matter of minutes. first off, meteorologist christina loren is tracking that
7:56 am
wind for us. >> we're now in the thick of it. good morning. we have a batch of moderate rain coming down across san francisco. extending southward and into the south bay. we also have some very gusty winds to contend with. wind gusts just off shore being clocked very close to 50 miles per hour. you can see we're getting 45 mile per hour wind gusts up in the north bay so you want to travel cautiously with slick conditions already and the winds knocking you around over your open water bridges. it's a very dangerous combination. give yourself plenty of time. we have more rain on the way. our next system arrives as we head through late thursday into friday. that's packing a lot of moisture. we have another even wetter system on the way late saturday into sunday. 7:57. here's mike with your commute. >> just what christina said, wet wendy conditions. north 280 coming at us with the headlights. all that slowing going on on the
7:57 am
left. now wet, make things tougher. we're looking here at southbound 101 with all of these headlights jamming up through the wet. the camera shakes because of the wind. an issue for the san mateo bridge as well. you see the green where it's wet and blue where it's puddling. that's for 280. 101 at 92 really bogging down around the san mateo bridge. 280 both directions, ponding there. a live look at the north bay, slow, down through san rafael. back to you. >> slow and easy, always wise. thank you very much, mike. we'll be back in one half hour with the latest in our storm watch coverage. see you then.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 now on a wednesday morning. it's the 28th day of november, 2012. it's a pretty morning here in
8:00 am
rockefeller center. there's the tree that will be lit tonight and will be in all of her glory tomorrow morning. savannah guthrie and al roker doing the honors tonight, along with a large group of celebrities and great entertainers, and it's always a great show. if you can, tune in to "christmas in rockefeller center." i'm matt lauer along with savannah out on the plaza. coming up in this half hour, if you missed out on black friday and missed out on cyber monday, have no fear. >> that's right. there are actually certain days of the week that are better to shop for certain items, whether it's electronics, jewelry or lingerie, winter coats, whatever you're into. we've got some great tips and interesting information. also ahead, do you think you could possibly find love on the subway? a lot of people find things on the subway here in new york city. love usually not on the top of the list, but this young lady here is a matchmaker who specializes in bringing people together on the subway. >> that's a nice idea. >> and then would you like to own david hasselhoff's home or
8:01 am
perhaps one of madonna's new york city apartments? guess what, apparently they are for sale. we egcheck out a lot of celebrity homes up for grabs. fun to look at those pictures. >> before we get to that, natalie is standing by live at the news desk with all the headlines. >> good morning, everyone. the second biggest jackpot in u.s. lottery history is driving ticket sales for tonight's powerball drawing. the top prize has swelled to more than $500 million. your chances of winning it though are 1 in 175 million. with fiscal cliff budget talks at an impasse, president obama is holding an event with middle class americans to pressure congress to extend tax cuts for families earning $250,000 a year or less. meantime, white house officials say the president still plans to nominate u.n. ambassador susan rice as secretary of state despite renewed criticism from senate republicans who met with rice on tuesday. the tampa woman whose complaints about abusive e-mails led to the downfall of cia
8:02 am
director david petraeus is fighting back. jill kelley's attorney has released telephone recordings and e-mails that he and kelley say prove she never tried to exploit her friendship with petraeus. the attorney is also demanding to know why kelley's name was revealed during the fbi investigation of petraeus and his purported mistress, paula broadwell. for a look at what's trending today, our quick roundup what have has you talking online. scarlet johansson's stint as al roker's weather fillin getting lots of buzz online. scar jo stepped into al he is neck of the woods tuesday when he came down with laryngitis. getting better for tonight's tree-lighting. "saturday night live's" jason pidek is big on youtube after ellen let him know he's a master of impressions. she held a celebrity photo and had guess who it was based on jason's impersonation. >> absolutely horrible.
8:03 am
you're going to hollywood. >> simon could youel. >> eddie murphy. >> i love your show, not really. >> cher. >> as a reward ellen unveiled her house warming gift for jason and her girlfriend, actress olivia wild. that's hilarious. after "two and a half men" star angus t. jones went online urging fans to stop watching his show, he's being spoofed by "the office" stars rain wilson and craig robinson. >> if you watch "the office," please don't watch "the office." i'm on "the office," it's filth. >> please don't watch it. we're on thursday nights at 9:00 p.m. on nbc. do not watch the final season or that filth will rot your brain, seriously. >> as we mentioned, jones has since apologized to his she's cast and crew saying he has highest regard for them. it is now 8:04. let's go back outside to
8:04 am
stephanie abrams in for al with a check of the wetter. >> hi there, natalie. i have some guys here visiting from charlotte, north carolina all dressed up here. where did you guys get this idea? >> in a store in times square last night. just came to us. >> all you got was hats. >> i know. they went shopping. we had no say in it whatsoever. >> well, you guys look great. thanks for coming out to the plaz a. let's have a look at the weather. along the west coast, you need a rain jacket. forget about having the crown for the statue of liberty. that won't keep you dry because it is going to pour. look at all the advisories. winds 50 to 70 miles an hour. we have flood advisories and there are winter storm warnings as well. otherwise it's pretty quiet 8:05 now, take a live look at the 280/17 intersection. you'll notice the camera shaking from time to time. gusty winds out there. san jose, we have a sustained
8:05 am
wind speed of 18 miles per hour. closer to 30 in augusta. and still lighting up the radar at this point. from concord down to freemont, watch out for heavy rain headed in the next ten to 15 minutes. for the next few minutes, the rain continues. being a teenager? >> no, it doesn't. >> no, not at all. there you go, matt. over to you. >> thanks very much. are there better days of the week than others to buy the big items on your christmas list? we'll fill you in on that, but first, these messages. and always very curious.e my one day george got an important letter... he's built a rocket ship to travel into space. girl: google, how far is earth to the moon? google voice response: moon is 238,900 miles... mother vo: the great moment had come... ...3...2...1. ♪ ♪
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back at 8:09. this morning on "today's consumer," the best time to buy. holiday sales are in full swing, and can you save even more if you know which specific days to shop. a fashion contributor and senior fashion editor at "marie claire" magazine joins us. >> good morning. >> you've heard of black friday and cyber monday but the best day all year round which is the best day to shop? >> which is it? >> the 27th of december, the best day, if you're willing to fight the crowds that are returning unwanted gifts. >> and also getting the folks returning their christmas gifts. >> selection is great. >> there's some store secrets that you say are good to know about timing and when to go. >> absolutely. 10:00 a.m. in the morning is a great time to go to any stores because most stores stock the night before so you have a great
8:10 am
selection, and there's not a lot of people. avoid the midday because there's too many people around. >> lots of people on their lunch break at that time. >> exactly. >> secondly thursday evening is a great time because weekend sales kick in on a thursday evening. >> good tip. first, we're going to start with eastern items, certain times of year, best to get them. coats, if you want a coat right now, is this a good time to know? >> hold off. january and february, retailers want to make room for all their spring stuff. spring is in the air. they are not thinking about winter, so these you will grate discounts on. >> put a sweater on until then. >> layer up until then. >> how about sneakers? >> april is a great time to buy. retailers are realizing people are motivated to start running, get out running and pound the pavements. they are very competitive when it comes to sportswear so you'll get great discounts. >> jeans, i would think those never kind of go on sale. >> much more popular in the summer months, so when it becomes to september, back to school, october, sales dip, so you will see a great spike in sales by buying discount.
8:11 am
>> okay. great. now let's go on to the days of the week, fascinates me. >> yeah. >> each day you say there's something worth buying on that day. start with monday, what's a good deal on monday? >> research shows that on monday women are not thinking about shopping. they are thinking back to work so there's a deep completely in sales so retailers incentivize by having staples on sale, sunglasses, retailers have rebates which they pass on to consumer. >> monday if you want a new camera. >> tuesday. how about tuesday, women are still on their shopping diet and it's all about the guys. want to incentivize the guys to shop who do a lot of research on the weekends and buy on tuesday. you find big guyswear on tuesday. >> wednesday? >> wednesday is all about the kids, and women stop their shopping diet and they are back on full force so it's the things we can't resieve. the sweet spot, kids clothes, shoes great, and jewelry. find great discounts on wednesday.
8:12 am
>> so the idea is that -- they are going to actually offer discount on these days. you can find some good sales. >> yes. let us move on to thursday, a nice looking purse there. >> isn't it just. thursday is great for bigger ticket items because the traffic is the highest of all days, so they can afford to offer bigger discounts so handbags, obviously spend more money on them, can you find great bargains. >> accessories, too. >> more on friday, kind of the little pick me up before the weekend. >> yeah. >> and also -- and then saturdays and sundays we find a great skinny day, lingerie and swim wear. >> why on the weekends? >> i have no idea. >> show more skin on a weekend. >> maybe because people shop less for those things so retailers offer bigger discounts and you can find great bargains. >> should have asked you the beginning, just in the stores, or is there a difference between online and retail? >> these days of the week, discounts all apply more online. at the beginning of the month, so april for sneakers, january
8:13 am
and february for coats. in store and online. >> some good information. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> coming up next, call her the love conductor. a matchmaker with a unique approach to finding that special someone. and then we'll take tout overnight premiere of the much anticipated new movie "the hobb hobbit" right after this. [ jessica ] my days are action packed.
8:14 am
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8:16 am
♪ big, small, and plug in, it's yours to choose ♪ ♪ and let's hum, hum, hum, hum, let's hum ♪ ♪ a prius for everyone 8:16. back with the world premiere of the one of the year's most anticipated movie. this is "the hobbit" an unexpected journey. nbc's keir simmons has more on that from london. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. tens of thousands of loyal fans turned up for the premiere of "the hobbits" dresses at dwarves, wizards, pretty much every character. huge crowds turned out. >> we're from the u.s. a bunch of us have been camping out all night. >> reporter: for a movie that tells an epic story. >> far to the east of the ranges and rivers. >> reporter: and took its director years to make. >> i think the biggest challenge is always just actually making the movie.
8:17 am
>> reporter: new zealand's transformed into middle earth for the premier. the story centers on bilboa baggins played by martin freeman. >> a lot of work, a lot of hard slog and time and love, and it's a beautiful film. >> reporter: cate blanchett returns briefly. >> it's a privilege. you can only hope that you rise to the responsibility that you have to the fans. >> reporter: the actors are arriving on a specially chartered plane. >> even if you fly often. >> reporter: one airline recording a hobbit flight safety video. >> every time i land in wellington airport it feels like i'm coming home. >> reporter: "the hobbit, an unexpected journey" has everything you would expect from this franchise. plenty of small hairy people except, of course, for one. >> it's nice to be back. >> reporter: on a difficult journey, facing every obstacle with brave hearts.
8:18 am
>> loyalty, honor. >> reporter: and while "the hobbit," movies, there will be three are more like "lord of the rings," the fans are as devoted as ever. we'll see what fans make of the way "the hobbit" is filmed at 3-d and at a fast 48 frames per second which apparently not everybody likes. guys, if you look the book, there's a chance you'll love the new movies. >> key simmons in london, thanks very much. not the last you'll be hearing about the movies. ann curry is in new zealand for an exclusive interview with peter jackson. can you catch it on "rock center with brian williams" next thursday. ann will have more on the making of "the hobbit" and an interview with the cast right here on "today." >> cool. >> now for some help if you've been looking for love in all the wrong places. nbc's katy tur explains. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. if you're single and looking and don't want to do speed dating or online dating or don't want to get set up by your friends, have you ever tried looking on your
8:19 am
morning commute? one matchmaker is doing just, that and if you've been on a new york city subway and cbs all of the good looking people that are down there, you know that this is probably a pretty good idea. in a city of 8 million, you never know who you're going to meet on a new york city street. so this love story, we have to go underground. >> the real conductor. "l" for love. >> reporter: quick on her feet, eyes on the prize. >> let's see what we've got. >> reporter: fingers at the ready. >> here's the hat. everyone loves the hat. >> reporter: she's known as the love conductor. erica christianon is searching the subway for romance. diego, how old a fellow are you? do you know how cute you are? what kind of person are you looking for? >> would you ever consider signing up for my services and letting me help you find the love of your life? you're going to be a breeze with that face, 28. i can't wait. will you really e-mail she >> reporter: 31-year-old
8:20 am
matchmaker doesn't use algorithms, no massive computer database. for her it's all gut. are you single by any chance? >> i'm single. >> how is that possible? >> do you go on the train and try to hook people up. >> reporter: her business is called train spotting. if she sees someone she likes. >> any chance you're single. >> reporter: single and game for an adventure. >> i'm a matchmaker. >> reporter: they get her card. christianon charges anywhere between $39 and $446 per month for her services which can include love matching, coaching and a perfectly planned out date, love conductor style. >> i set people up on mystery dates, and that's always fun. you know, sometimes i'll give them code names. they meet somewhere. opera singer who rides horses. >> that would be great.
8:21 am
>> very specific, susana. >> and their a baritone, that's really fine. is there something romantic about the thought of what could come next, something you'd tell your grandkids? >> oh, yeah. if she manages to hook me up with the man of my dreams, that will be great. >> reporter: so is she successful? eliot says so. you hit it off? >> hit it off. it's been going strong, about a month and a half now. we'll see where it goes. >> reporter: but why the train? >> i think that you are getting the absolute best cross-section of all new york has to offer in the subway. >> you have my card. please get in touch if you want to. throw me an e-mail, and we eel go find her. >> okay. >> maybe on the train. >> maybe on the train. >> reporter: luck and love and locomotion. >> let's talk a little bit more about erik's success rate. pretty new, has a few dozen clients, but what she does say is she has been successful in marrying one couple. one that's still going strong, a
8:22 am
few other second dates. as for erica herself, no, she's not single, despite what you saw in the video there, looks like she's flirting a lot, not single, and no, she did not meet her beau on the train. >> katy tur, thanks so much. >> now here's matt. "today" contributing correspondent jaeger is adding a brand new title to her resume. starting in january she will be taking on the role of editor-at-large of "southern living" magazine. congratulations. >> thank you. >> you're not going anywhere, you're staying here this. job stays the same. this is an additional responsibility. >> additional responsibility. might as well work while i can. >> the funny thing about this is you're going to "southern living" magazine at a time in your life when you're a new yorker. >> yes. >> how did this come about? >> i'm kind of a homesick southern person, a texan living here in new york, and so, you know, they came to me with this idea of working with them, and it's fun to be able to go back to -- you guys may forget that i'm --
8:23 am
>> hard to forget. >> every once in a while we catch a twang. i'll tell you a story. when we were in london for the olympi olympics, we all had dinner one night and you do miss the things were you surrounded with growing up. >> definitely. i love new york. i love the energy of it. i love the fast-paced nature of new york, but i do miss the slow texas way, and i think it will be fun. obviously there's a picture of me in blue jeans with my mother. >> at a very young age. >> at a very young age. >> was "southern living" on your coffee table in your home growing up? >> definitely was. my mom read. it not much of a cook but would dream over the recipes i think of somebody else cooking them for her, and, you know, i think it's fun. i'm in my 30s, 31, and i think it's fun to be able to talk about what new generation of southern women are doing which is balancing a lot. >> i looked at the release that comes from the magazine, and they say one of the things you'll be doing is called the paper napkin interview.
8:24 am
what is that? >> i'll be talking with people from all over the south, people influencing our culture and hear how their southern roots have changed them. you're kind of from the south. >> no, i was born in new york city. i was from -- i now live on the southern shore of long island. so you can do it. >> if you want to interview me, that's fine. i'm not sure your readers would love that. what's the first project, do you have one in mind? >> i'm speaking with luke bryant, an up-and-coming country music star about his new album so that will be fun. >> the most important thing we need to mention is you're not going anywhere. we continue with you here as a "today" contributing correspondent, and you're adding this role at southern living." >> thanks so much. >> and we'll be back with much more after your local news. "sou" >> thanks so much. >> and we'll be back with much more after your local news.
8:25 am
good morning to you. it's 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. rain is hitting the bay.
8:26 am
>> good morning, laura. this say live look. this is basically the general sky over the general bay area as you see high atop this camera, shaking from time too-to-time, in addition to the gusty conditions, we have that and the bay getting slammed as we have been for the past hour. we will start to lighten up. the winds will increase as we head through the next few hours between 9:00 and 11:00. get ready for that. gusts upwards of 50 miles per hour. let's check on the drive with mike. >> let's take a look at the san mateo bridge. wet and windy conditions. heading over towards that sort of murky area. definitely wind is an issue. the peninsula is slow. oakland, 80 north as well. slow heading through, and the wind advisories as well. we'll look at the map see south of here, south bay, green on the map means wet conditions.
8:27 am
blue means ponding and puddling. an accident caused problems. >> we'll be back in half an hour. the latest in the storm coverage. sent your news to brennan, lad, do you know where golf was discovered?
8:28 am
scotland! aye...and do you know where your leukemia treatment was discovered? st. jude! right! after three unsuccessful marrow transplants, st. jude children's research hospital developed a bold new fourth transplant that helped save brennan. fore! i said four. why you yelling? good one! give thanks for the healthy kids in your life. and give to those who are not. go to st. jude dot org or shop where ever you see the st. jude logo.
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8:30 am
8:30 now on this wednesday morning, november 28th, 2012. kelly osbourne on our plaza, collecting toys for our toy drive. and remember, if you cannot make it here to the plaza, you can still donate. head to it's easier to click on than it is to say and we'll give you all the details. kelly is here to collect toys and is also a member of "the fashion police" and will fill us in on the holiday trends and not so best holiday trends. >> on her second bag so doing a good job collecting. >> barbara corcoran is here. she will show us some of the celebrity homes that are up for sale right now, everything from a beverly hills estate that was once owned by elvis to usher's atlanta mansion and mad d.a.'s $23 million new york city
8:31 am
apartment. how the celebrities live and what you can have if you have a lot of cash. >> that's a kitchen all right. not bad. also speaking of stars and celebrities, brad pitt is offering a clue about when his wedding to angelina jolie may take place, and also what he really thinks about this, that chanel ad spoofed by so many? oh, goodness. >> never mind. i'm not going to say anything. >> let's go to stephanie abrams in for al resting up for tonight's tree lighting. >> good morning. sarah is joining us from alaska. where are you from alaska and point it out. i'm from right about this. >> is this hot for you, these temperatures? >> absolutely. my family and have been peeling off our jackets every single day. >> what's cold? >> minus five. >> i'm a teacher and we have to have recess up until zero degrees. >> what? we don't have temperatures like that in the lower 48 today, so you don't have to worry about it.
8:32 am
highs quite mild across the country and in the west is where we'll be seeing the showers. that's going to continue for the next several days. the tree lighting tonight, you need to bundle up. the 30s will be our temperatures. mostly clear and cold with al and savannah and into tomorrow it continues to be nasty along the west coast, and pretty quiet well, we're now in the thick of it. the front has moved onshore. the greater bay area getting nice and wet. there's more moderate and heavy rainfall on the way as we head throughout the next hours. the rain will be heaviest through 11:00. same for the winds picks up at san jose. from time to time, highs of 50s, that's the highest wind speeds clocked this morning. stay cautious out there. the slick conditions will continue. more rain on the way as we head through tomorrow. rhode island is celebrating her 80th birthday. if it's your birthday all you have to do is go to speaking of birthdays, we'll
8:33 am
send it over to willard scott with more. willard? >> nothing like a little birthday party in the fall, the leaves, the trees, how sweet it is and smucker's jam on the table. eunice simon, 100 years old, loves to play trivia and loves to listen to nice music. jim mitchum, beatsville, arkansas, 100 years old. former chief of police. boy, you're in a heap of trouble, under arrest and loves all sort of politics. had a ball this year and margaret grant, newarc, delaware, right up the road from us. 102. loves to cook and loves to bowl but not at the same time. dorothy, little dorothy miller, and she is from arlington virginia. that's across the river.
8:34 am
100 years old today. a devoted teacher and enjoys swimming. life's best exercise in the world. richmond, virginia is famous for a lot of things, not the least of which harwood cochrane, 100 years old. he said his secret is his beautiful wife louise. love and take care of each other. can't beat that. bernard and loretta hammond, battle creek, michigan. 75 years they have been married. they love each other and care for each other, and you can't beat the combination. that's it. and i love new york. there's a song about that, new york. back to you. >> all right. thanks so much, willard. up next, kelly osbourne on holidays dos and don'ts this season, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:35 am
8:36 am
8:37 am
>> back new at 8:37 with "today's style." holiday trends from a real fashion authority. kelly osbourne has found her niche as part of e's fashion police. she's here to host and benefit the foundation for aids research. great to have you here. >> thank you so much. >> i want to talk trends for the holidays in a few moments, but let's talk about this milestone, 100 episodes of "fashion police." >> i cannot believe we have made it to 100 episodes. never filmed 100 episodes of anything in my life, but the fact that we've gone through 100 episodes and not one of us has ever gotten into an argument and all supportive, like family. me and george are like brother and sister, so when people see us like bickering, they are like stop being so mean to george. they don't get it. that's how we are. >> never gotten in an argument, except about fashion. >> yeah. of course. about the clothes, or if -- i kind of don't like it if some
8:38 am
users refer to somebody as a slut. they should say it looks slutty, because you don't know that about that person. >> well, you know, it's a good point. i was going to ask you. it's a tough business. you know, you've been on the other side of it where people are critiquing. >> i still am. >> do you ever feel bad about critiquing stars' fashion knowing that they have made their best efforts? >> i would never say anything to anyone that i won't say to their face and that's something i make a real strong point of, but what's amazing to me is what i say and what people hear is a completely different thing. >> that's for sure. >> a good observation. >> and common sense is not common, and they forget that it is a comedy show, and it's finally taken 100 episodes of people to start realizing that "fashion police" is a fashion-based comedy show. >> knowing what you know about how tough people are on celebrity fashions, is it hard to walk down the red carpet and feel all those eyes on you? >> no, because it's all about how you feel. it shouldn't matter what anyone
8:39 am
else thinks or what -- you know, what "the fashion police" think. if you feel beautiful, there's no better feeling. >> what's the worst fashion crime on the red carpet as far as you're concerned, doing something that's really bold but doesn't work? i'm thinking bjork with the duck, or being too boreing? >> to me it's when they don't wear the right undergarments. >> really? >> because i don't want to see their bully button through their dress, the shape of their belly button through the satin dress because it ruins everything. you stare at it. there's like a weird belly button. >> never noticed anyone's belly button and why i wouldn't belong on "fashion police." >> don't have the right bra and the boobs are hanging out. you need the right undergarment. >> like it when somebody takes a risk rather than being boreing? >> i love it. henna bonham carter and bjork because they are fun to watch. >> do you feel you've gotten better at this job over 100
8:40 am
episodes? >> no. >> it just comes out of my mouth before i've even thought about what i've said because i'm not scripted in any way, on any of the shows that i do on e, so it's -- sometimes i'll say it because it's what i really think and i'll get all of these death threats on twitter, and i'm like it's just my opinion, why do you care that much? >> right. let's talk about trends for the holiday, because you do tend to see some good fashions and not so good fashions at the office party. >> we all have our good and bad days. >> we like to wear something special around the holidays. let's talk about pants. you have dos and don'ts. >> completely change. everything used to be low-waistd, go high-waisted this year. >> come on, really? >> high-waisted because there's many ways, things you can hide if you're got a little bit of puffiness down there, and you can get high-waisted underwear and put a crop top on tom and accentuates the smallest part of
8:41 am
your body. >> high waisted, my many's jeans. sorry, mom. >> but that's what's back in the '70s. >> high-waisted. >> mine are high waisted right now, above my belly button, and you wear like a cropped top but if you don't have the physique, get a black leotard and it will give you curve and definition. >> talking about prints. dos and don'ts. >> houndstooth is a big thing, black-and-white prints, i love that. the scarfs. >> yeah, it's pretty. an easy way to, you know, snag something up. all you have to do is add like a red shoe and then it's a different outfit when it's black and white and that to me when you have that much versatility in an outfit, especially in a recession, it's important to buy clothing that, you know, you can reuse and change very easily. >> i'm totally depressed. you said no animal prints. i love animal prints. am i just out?
8:42 am
>> i don't know how to say this. if you're like a punk rock kind of kid, totally wear it, but when this season, i don't think so much leopard prints. >> i love leopard prints. >> i was afraid. i was like is this leopard print? >> going through my clothes, the only thing that's not black is leopard prints. >> let's bring it back. great to see you. >> thank you. >> good luck to tonight and catch the 100th episode of "fashion police" friday night on e. >> coming up next, celebrity homes for sale, including an inside look at madonna's $23 million new york city apartment. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
back at 8:45. this morning on "today's real estate" a peek inside celebrity homes across the country. barbara cochran is "today's" real estate contributor. good morning. >> good morning, natalie.
8:45 am
>> starting off with a house that the king once lived in and owned, and we're talking about a property in beverly hills, elvis lived there from 1967 to 1973, and what's interesting about this piece of property, i guess lisa marie -- priscilla and he rented if it for a while and then bought it. >> they did, right before the child was born and divorced while they were in this house so it represents a whole chapter in their lives. there's a floor-to-ceiling windows and walls of glass throughout the house. what's interesting when you look at that front gate, that was designed by priss [ laughter ] eliminated all the windows on the front of the house because crowds of people would constantly hang out trying to get a peek of the king himself. it was a nuisance, so now all the windows on the back of the house, when you see what they front on, you'll appreciate the beauty of this house. a brand new kitschen, as you see there. >> beautiful. >> a month old, very neutral. anyone will like this kitschen, plenty of space. the real charmer about the house, the best street in beverly hills, making that 12
8:46 am
million price easily gotten. look at the views. everything backs out to the house with views and total privacy. this is a perfect house for a celebrity. everybody is going to die for this house, and it's freshly put on the market. >> gorgeous backyard, and as you said total privacy there. it is fantastic. okay. next we'll head to the east coast and take a look at a new york home. this is madonna's apartment. it carries a $23.5 million asking price, and it was showcased in "architectural digest" back in 1991 so i imagine this has to be a spectacular property with great views as well. >> madonna, just loves real estate, and this actual apartment is actually three units combined. bought one when she married sean penn, bought the second one when she divorced him and added a third apartment to this space when she just decide she had needed a little ven vags project. >> likes her real estate. >> and loves lavender. almost every room into the house is lavender if you're into that, not an objection ability color. >> that's the view.
8:47 am
>> this has 110 square feet on the park, so -- >> central park west. >> central park west. >> looking over the east side, and you'll want to know that adds to that house value. two-thirds of its value. if that house didn't have that view, it would only be worth about $8 million but it's 23 million because of that. there's the taj mahal bedroom, a clothing rack on the ceiling, don't get that, but her private bathroom with a claw-foot tub and there are four other bathrooms in the house, and that, my dear -- >> is that a picasso? >> worth over $100 million, so if she would sell that painting she could buy three of the apartments. >> doesn't come with the 23.5 million. >> not at all. >> now let's go south and we're going to take a look at a property that usher has in atlanta, and this house is new to the market. apparently he's been wanting to sell this home in tlantor, for a
8:48 am
whi while. what's stopped him? >> usher has an ex-wife that does not want to move out. when there's a wife who doesn't want to move, it's a problem so he's decided to show it with the estranged wife in place. good luck to the broke ebroker. but if you see the unit, the view you get. >> it's beautiful. >> everything about this house is meticulous, but i think he'll have a real push selling this house. we's asking $3.2 million. >> right. >> what's $200,000 more than he paid for it. there's the door. where do you think that leads to? >> certainly not the ex-wife walking out of it. >> his first wife, no, not really. that's actually a wine cellar this. hard is going to be a hard one to sell, i must say, because in that part of the country that's a very high price tag. >> barbara corcoran, great homes. thanks for bringing them to us. >> up next, the
8:49 am
8:50 am
it has been just over a year since chris mann auditioned for season two of nbc's "the voice." as a member of christina aguilera's team, he made it all the way to the finals, and now he's out with his debut album and getting set to perform at tonight's tree lighting. excited to have him back. chris mann, good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> what a difference a year
8:51 am
makes. can you believe? >> no, i can't. been the craziest year my life and very thankful for everything. it's been amazing. >> needless to say you have a beautiful voy. you are a classically trained singer. >> yes. >> not immediately obvious you would be a pop sensation and here you are with a debut album. >> "roads" is a collection of my favorite things about music, has originals and the beautiful orchestrated crossover thing i like so much. >> you wrote or co-wrote two of the songs on the album. >> yes. >> and a lot of interesting cover songs, everything from willie nelson to coldplay. >> sort of reflects what i love about music in general. yeah, one of the highlights is definitely "my way," and paul anka rewrote it and as a sinatra fan, lady antebellum, willie nelson, coldplay. >> you definitely put your twist on it. chris mann, we'll see you at the tree lighting tonight. >> you will. >> but for now, take it away. >> thank you so much.
8:52 am
♪ there are roads in this life that we all travel ♪ ♪ there are scars and there are battles where we roam ♪ ♪ when we are lost or wherever we may go ♪ ♪ they will always lead you home ♪ ♪ there are roads that have led me to another ♪ ♪ to a friend or to a lover i have known ♪ ♪ for every turn is the year that i have grown ♪ ♪ as i walk along these roads
8:53 am
♪ some are long and some are weathered ♪ ♪ and some will lead through a storm ♪ ♪ when you've gone astray you will find your way ♪ ♪ as you walk along these roads ♪ ♪ there were times when i doubled and i wandered ♪ ♪ and every joy and every step i won't regret ♪ ♪ is i have lived and i have loved like no other ♪ ♪ i won't fear what life
8:54 am
unearths ♪ ♪ ♪ because some are long and some are weather ♪ ♪ and some will lead you through a storm ♪ ♪ when you've gone astray you will find your way ♪ ♪ as you walk along these roads ♪ ♪ there are roads in my life that i have traveled ♪ ♪ there are scars and there are battles ♪ ♪ and i've been lost but no
8:55 am
matter where i go ♪ ♪ they will one day lead me home ♪ ♪ they will one day lead me home ♪ >> beautiful voice and a beautiful song, chris mann. thank you. again, chris is just one of the performers we'll see tonight on "christmas in rockefeller center," 8:00, 7:00 central right here on nbc, and we are back after your local news.
8:56 am
good morning to you. 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. meteorologist christina loren tracking the storm. >> we have heavy rain pockets over santa rosa. we have a really good batch of rain centralized over south and san jose. we're going to continue to see the rain for the next few hours before it lets up. in addition to the rain week clocking very intense wind gusts. up to 50 miles an hour from time to time. we're going to continue to see the winds pick up as we head throughout the next few hours. make sure you check in. we'll have the updates right here on nbc bay area.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
♪ it's a quarter after 1:00 and i'm still alone and i need you ♪ ♪ i need you now
9:00 am
>> nice to see you. >> hi. >> back now with more of "today." just been listening to the delightful sounds of chris mann, one of the performers we'll hear tonight as we light the rockefeller center christmas tree. good morning, everyone. it's the 28th of november, 2012. a great but chilly morning here. >> a little brisk. >> i'm savannah guthrie alongside willie geist. matt had to leave a little early for an assignment and coming up, do you have it? do you have the fever spreading across the nation? >> i do. i have the fever but not the ticket. i'll get it tonight. >> okay. you need the fever and the ticket. powerball fever. >> i've got it. >> we've all got. >> these guys, the couple we just saw actually won a huge lottery, so we'll talk about what it's like if you win. you dream a little bit, but also there's some reality. >> doesn't always end well. ended well for that couple from iowa. doesn't always end well. do you have in the back of your
9:01 am
mind the thing would you do with half a billion dollars? >> i would. >> would you like to share that with the national audience. >> i'd pay off my law school loans, and that would be the first thing. i'd hire like a personal chef and a personal trainer. >> those are both good. >> that would always be there and make me work out. >> the chef thing would be nice. not have to worry about it. >> i love my children, around-the-clock babysitter, someone who is always there. >> services. >> exactly. >> glad we worked this out. might use some of that money for steals and deals, can get a lot of them thanks to the great jill martin. leather totes and waterford crystals. >> can buy all three of those bags. >> up to 85% off exclusively for our viewers, and if you want to be the life of the party at the office, at home, wherever you, are you they'd to know what's going on in the world, and we'll get you some help tonight, keeping you in the know on the hottest headlines from hollywood and beyond with a new go-to
9:02 am
resource a lot of people are turning to now called the skim. we'll meet the two young woman who founded it and are running it. >> let's get to the day's top stories with natalie morales at her post at the news desk. good morning. >> good morning, savannah and willie. powerball fever is sweeping the nation ahead of tonight's drawing. the jackpot has reached a record $500 million and frenzied ticket sales could nudge that number even higher today. political divisions are coming to a head in the nation's capital today as senate democrats rally behind u.n. ambassador and likely secretary of state nominee susan rice. republican senators say that they are more troubled than ever by rice's account of the u.s. consulate attack in benghazi, libya. budget negotiations are at an impasse over how to address the fiscal cliff. the tampa woman whose
9:03 am
complaints of abusive e-mails that led to the downfall of general petraeus is fighting back. she say she and kelley never tried to exploit her friendship with petraeus and the lawyer wants to know why kelley's name was revealed during the investigation of petraeus and reported mistress paula broadwell. an apology from the youngest star of "two and a half men." while he did not take back his comments calling his show filth, angus t. jones said he apologize federal his remarks were disrespectful of his colleagues and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to be on the show. the duke and duchess of cambridge visited the city that is their namesake today. they arrived in cambridge by train and visited the city's university. it is their first time in cambridge since they were given their title on their wedding day last year, but it is kate's new hairstyle though that has a lot of people talking. she's now sporting ban ining ba
9:04 am
side fringe, as the british call it. wedding bells may be ringing soon for brad pitt and angelina jolie. "people" magazine reports at monday's premiere of his new movie "killing them softly" pitt said about marriage, the time is nye, it's soon. got a good feeling about it. and on "access hollywood" he was asked about the many parodies of his chanel ad. >> have you seen any parodies? >> i say fair play, absolute fair play. >> do you regret doing it? >> well, we don't -- we don't see a lot of each other's stuff actually. >> among first and best ad spoofed were the ones performed by pitt dead ringer on nbc's "saturday night live." that's pretty good. five minutes after the hour. let's go back outside to stephanie abrams in for al with a check of your weather. >> hey there, natalie. we'll start off with the toy drive. earlier this morning you saw kelly osbourne on the plaza
9:05 am
collecting toig toys and visitors on the plaza and here for the tree lighting, all these toys are on their way to families that are in shelters. thanks to everyone who is participating this year to our toy drive. >> i wouldn't say no to kelly osbourne. >> you are teaming up with crest white strips. this is a massive check. >> a $30,000 check from crest white strips and it supports bigger brighter smiles on families all across america, just what christmas is about giving. >> giving. >> christmas is about giving and you get caught up in the whole shopping and the festivities, but it's great when you can turn around and make other people's christmas. >> and give year round with britain and with unicef. >> we try. >> i'm an ambassador with unicef and i take part in children's hospital back in london, too, but i'm so privileged to hand
9:06 am
this over to you today because it's helping people here in the states. >> thank you so much, and congratulations on your nuptials that you just snuck off to rome. >> i did. that's what she good morning. we are on storm watch this morning. we have severe thunderstorms developing over the parts of the bay area. and you can see widespread rainfall this morning. i want to zoom into a very impressive cell over santa rosa. as you head through the next 15 minutes keep which mind, this is going to pack heavy gusts, rainfall and possibly lightning and pea-sized hail. we keep a stormy pattern in the mix all the way to the first part of monday. >> savannah, over to you. $30,000. wow. >> great to hear that. stephanie, take >> you not bad. now to today's "take 3" where we share our thoughts about the topics that have us talking. sticking around to add her two
9:07 am
cents our editor at large. >> i'm taking over. >> we'll just keep giving you jobs. >> i love it. >> jenna bush hager. >> do you think willie is from the south. >> went to school in the south. >> i lived in the south for a decade. >> you're like grandfathered. >> vanderbilt. >> i have the name savannah. >> that's the southwest. >> true. >> sorry, sorry. hey, come on. take one. >> take one is the powerball jackpot frenzy. what else could it be, half a billion and it could get up now that the craze is going on. more and more people buying tickets. the odds though, 1 in 176 million. now, there are some questions if you join one of these office lottery pools. >> which we all have. >> we should probably talk to a lawyer. >> yes. >> do you find that a little strange based on your $1?
9:08 am
>> i don't think howie strawbridge is going to like that. >> in the makeup room they were all doing it this mornings and i said, okay, are we shaking ton? i mean, is a shake good? >> i put my money in. >> they say whoever is straighting, hoy, pay attention, should be taking photocopies of all the tickets so that everybody knows the numbers and they can check them off because if howie goes and buys another ticket, let's say and ends up, that ends up being the winning ticket. >> i'll tell you right now, howie, i'm going sue you. >> savannah is our resident attorney here. do you think anyone in the history of the lottery has ever gotten a group together and said i've got all the tickets and now let's hire an attorney. no one has ever done that. >> because you can't afford it because you haven't won the lottery yet. >> and then the fight happens afterwards and studys suggest it doesn't make you happier. there are studies that say you're not any happier with $100 million. >> all the great religious and
9:09 am
philosophies have come to the same conclusion that money doesn't buy a happiness. >> you hit a set point of happiness, harvard business professors studied it for years and came to the conclusion that there's an adaptation to happiness, a certain level. >> right. >> in other words, if you -- if you have something and you keep wanting something, the more you have, the more you want. you're never going to real be that happy. >> assuming your needs of food and shelter are met but i think we'd be happy. >> mo money, no problems. take two, who is going gangnam. >> gangnam. >> gangnam. >> gangnam. >> first public statement since breaking the viral video record for 838 million views. >> not david gregory. >> not david gregory. psy has identified the o celebrity he wants to drop him down gangnam style, and that is tom cruise. psy wants tom cruise will. we were just talking, chocolate
9:10 am
thunder. >> he's hilarious. >> he would do it. a great dancer. >> let's invite him to. he could come on this show. >> already had matt lauer doing it this morning. >> jibjab. >> got that here? ♪ oppa "gangnam style" >> that's a lot of lauer, good clean fun right there. >> has more hair than lauer. >> the likelihood of matt lauer doing it is zero, we all know th that. >> i think that inside he wants to dance, but he's not sure he'll be a good dancer so he doesn't want to risk it. that's my analysis. >> i think next road trip we ply him with some wine and get him gangnam. >> christmas party. >> there you go. >> all right. >> exactly. >> i have a good one i think you're going to enjoy. take three here, calling it holy moly, the popemobile, the sacred vehicle is now for hire, rented limos for your prom or bachelor party and now you can rent the
9:11 am
popemoeshlgs the o popemobile, the one that carried pope john paul pope john paul ii has been sitting in a museum for quite some time. can you rent the popemobile for 400 something bucks. >> on the streets of dublin. >> i've already put in a reservation for when my unimportant child is born in 2025 for their prom, you know, no funny business is going to happen in that popemobile. >> that would be wrong. >> i don't know if either of you have been to a bachelor party, hold a bachelor party inside the popemobile. >> that would be sacreligious. >> when my child is going to be excellent, the way i know that will be, prom will be fine. >> the cost is $325 an hour, fits about 14 people, i don't know who you can fight over who sits in the pope's chair. >> the pope hot tub.
9:12 am
>> we're running out of time. can we get a quick shot of the treadmill desk, called the trek desk, 429, who is going to get on it? >> i took my shoes enna bush ha get up on there. >> it's fall so don't fall. >> there's times of study. i can go faster. >> you already have the treadmill and you can go your business. >> put your laptop right here. >> collate some documents over there. >> just a little bit. >> like all of a sudden -- i don't know -- are you ready? i don't know how to do it. >> slowly. >> all right. tell me when to stop, power walk. >> while jenna works out. >> thank you, jenna. >> it's 85% off. >> a little too much. this is embarrassing. run like the wind, jenna. i should have wore my sports bra.
9:13 am
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now to "jill's steals and deals, "big bargains exclusively for you, our "today" viewers, from waterford crystal glasses to leather totes, jill martin is here to offer some great holiday gift ideas. jill, good morning. >> good morning. first let's start off here. this is a blockbuster for us, probably the first time we've had it on "steals and deals, requests requests products by the body shop, not just any products, a ten-piece package from the body shop. >> feel like jenna needs this after the run so we'll give her one of these packages after, the retail for the ten pieces, 124, intensive hand butter, body butter, hand and nail cream, almond conditioning hand rom, lip roll on in coconut and bat lily and nut shower cream. >> are you going to smell very good if you do all of that at
9:17 am
once. >> retails for 124 and the price is $39, 65% off. >> that's great. waterford crystal glasses, also a first for us. these are going to go really quickly. tell us about these. >> after you pamper yourself, they retail $100. marquee by waterford, each come in a set of four, double old-fashioned glasses, highball glasses, champagne flutes and all-purpose white wine glasses and they are all dishwasher safe which is important because who handwashes? >> yeah. >> the retail 100 and the deal 27.50, that's 74% off. >> you get four glasses. >> four glasses. >> and a great gift. >> okay. fantastic. over here to the dvd sets from baby genius, great for little to the in your life right now. >> these are always a great learning tool. >> my kids watched these growing up. >> and a great gift to send. retail 129.80, get ten dvds and
9:18 am
ten bonus cds, national award-winning brand that encourages children to learn and discover. the retail 129.80 and the deal 29.95 for the full set, 77% off. >> fantastic. okay. over here to the great handbas s from ona ulrich, black, red, gray, green and brown. >> aren't they stuning? >> amazing. the retail is $650. it's the perfect classic bag. finest leather and gold hardware and cotton lining with a zipper pocket. it comes in six colors. celeb fans include cameron diaz and mila kunis. retails for 650 and the price $98. >> going to last you for a long time. and last but not least, such an incredible gift idea and we've done this before, a voucher for personalized photo canvas from
9:19 am >> pics of you. >> i wanted to see if you took old photos and they weren't in such great condition. >> you look so much like your mom. >> thank you. the retail is 63.83 to 129.80 and turn your digital photos in works of art. purchase a voucher and send it in. can print out the voucher, and the e-mail will be send to you. i want everyone to know within 48 hours so it's not going to come immediately once you buy it. the retail 60.83 to 129.08. the deal 14.95 to 29.95. that's up to 76% off, so there's three different sizes for to you choose from. >> how long did it take to get it converted to the photo, to the canvas? >> two weeks once you order it. so if you want it. >> give it a little lead time. perfect time to order it. that's fantastic. by the way, the pictures were kind of wrinkled and they were able to bring them back to life? >> scanned them and sent it.
9:20 am
so nice to have it. my whole family is not watching because happy holidays. >> there you go. jill martin, the best gift right here. thank you so much. the products are the ten-piece package from the body shop, the waterford crystal glasses, the dvds from baby genius, handbags and the gift certificate for personalized photo canvas from if you have any questions just go to coming up next, the "two and a half men" star who trashed his own show, apologizes, sort of, but first these messages. gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more... [ midwestern/chicago accent ] cheddar! yeah! 50 percent more [yodeling] yodel-ay-ee-oo. 50% more flash. [ southern accent ] 50 percent more taters. that's where tots come from. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. 50% more spy stuff.
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biotene gives me that fresh confident feeling. coming up, solving those diet dilemmas around the holiday. >> all right. plus too busy to keep up with social media and hot headlines? just skim. the newest resource to keep you in the know and make you sound smarter. that's just ahead after your local news and weather. ou seen ? they look like, they look like flippers. [ aunts laughing ] [ male announcer ] find some peace this holiday. get an 8 piece meal now with a dozen delicious cookies baked in-store. the kfc festive feast. all for just $19.99. yes you did, yes you did. no i didn't, no i didn't.
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yes you did, yes you did. no i didn't, no i didn't. yes you did. did not. [ male announcer ] today tastes so good. your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head? can curlers! tomato basil, potato with bacon... we've got a lot of empty cans. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. good morning to you. it is 9:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. this morning, that rain is falling in a first as a series of storms hits the bay area.
9:26 am
darking a live look outside in san francisco. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> it starts. and we're getting the worst part of this front. the actual core will cross through the bay area in the next few hours. we already noticed storms developing so you want to travel very cautiously. if you can, postpone your traveling until after 1:00 p.m. you'll see a much calmer atmosphere. the next system is lighting up. with in combination with the rain coming down, winds up to 50 miles an hour. take it easy out here. check on that drive with mike. >> okay, the san mateo bridge has been soupy and slow all morning. this is 92 westbound on your right. starting smoother because there's less traffic on it. heading over to the peninsula, the gumup at 901 and 82. and heading through this area, shake the camera, peninsula
9:27 am
side, lighter volume, but still, that wind shaking that camera. there's the south bay, north at 880. smoother now. we'll show you on the map it's not as quite as bad as a half hour ago. >> thank you very much. we'll have a local news update right after this break.
9:28 am
welcome back, everyone. a berkley city counselwoman washted the city to consider putting the soda tax on the ballot. linda mallon voted for that. voters did that earlier this month. this is an amazing story. the school bus driver being hailed as a hero after saving a girl from a burning bus. wilma mccossack grabbed the wheelchair off the bus. she couldn't get the wheelchair off the lift so she just picked
9:29 am
up that little girl and carried her out. quite a remark about story. they hope to honor her later. >> we'll have another update in half an hour. hope you stay dry out there. thank you so much for joining us. join our local employees and others in clengting difficults this season. learn more at familygiving ♪ oh, the weather outside is frightful ♪ ♪ but the fire is so delightful ♪ ♪ and since we've no place to go ♪ ♪ let it snow, let it snow, let
9:30 am
it snow ♪ >> the unmistakable voice of rod stewart. he's been making music now for 50 years and counting, everything from rock, to folk, to disco and blue and will be a huge part of the tree lighting tonight in rockefeller plaza with savannah and al, and he'll stop on by to sing for us tomorrow on "today." i'm natalie morales along with willie geist and stephanie abrams who is in for al roker who is nursing his voice. >> he is. i texted him this morning. he said i'm better, not 100% but i'll better. i'll take better. >> playing the game tonight. >> he'll be there tonight. >> suited up and chin strap buckled. just ahead, from halle berry's custody battles to powerball fever, a cool new way to stay on top of all the hot headlines. it's called the skim, and we'll tell but it in a few minutes. >> love it and read it. a little bit of attitude and edge to it. >> meet the two young women who
9:31 am
created it, and then the "two and a half men" star who called his own show filth and told people not to watch, it now whistling a little bit of a different tune. the latest on that story. >> and then solving some of those diet dilemmas that come up when you're eating with friends and family, especially now during the holidays. madeline burnstrom is going to be our buzz kill this morning, but first we'll launch our quest for the best next contest. looking for the best gingerbread house in america. >> from cottages to castles, would like to see what you can do with a little cookies, gumdrops and three finalists will win a trip to new york city and a chance to cheat live in our studios for today's best. >> exciting to see the entry. now a check of the weather. >> i'm volunteering to eat those. >> me too. >> put your trees up yet? >> too early. >> i have to wait until after the tree lighting here. >> tonight. >> we'll give you that.
9:32 am
>> out of respect. >> the first tree. >> i know a lot of you put your trees up on thanksgiving day or the day after. maybe you're running out to get supplies today, won't have any problems across the country with the exception of the west coast. that's where it's messy and where it will stay messy. tonight for the tree-lighting, a little bit cold especially with the winds 10 to 15. you'll want to do the layers and bundle up. thankfully no rain or snow, and as we head into tomorrow, again, it's just the we are still tracking this wet and windy pattern and actually gets quite a bit more active was' speak. you can see for the most part, the bulk of the moisture right now confines right over the peninsula. we're about 59 minutes away from steady, heavy rainfall in the area of candle. 47 minutes away from cupertino and three minutes away from deer park. we'll continue to update you as the storms come in and roll onshore.
9:33 am
. >> so besides what's happening in the west, it's basically a big warmup for the next several days for a lot of country. >> like the sound of that, stephanieing thank you. the competition on the "the voice" is heating up, and all eight finalists charted on itunes after monday night's performances, but two were set home. des durant from team christina and teddy from team cee lo. good morning, guys. >> des, you had so much pressure riding on you, last person standing on christina aguilera's team, the last hope she had to have a win in this competition. tell me about the pressure you felt. >> you know, the goal every week was just to go out there and put together a great performance. i think that was what me and christina set out to do every week, never about just the competition for the competition. it was about the performance, so i'm proud of what we've put
9:34 am
together. i had fun every week and left my heart on that stage every time, so, yeah, it was a lot of fun. >> cody, i know you had previously tried to have a career in nashville, and you kind of gave up on that because of the pressure. are you thinking now that you've got a better shot at it? are you going to try again? >> well, i never gave up on it. i just -- it wasn't working as well for me as it has on "the voice," and, you know, with all of this happening now, i hope that i can go back with a different perspective and maybe some doors will open that were closed previously. >> and des, you had dropped out of yale, even played football at yale. are you thinking to go back to school, or are you going to pursue a music career? >> not immediately. you know, i'm really excited to make my own music, so that's what i'm really looking forward to in the next few even days, months, making new music and getting the music that i've
9:35 am
already made out there, so it's going to be an exciting time. >> well, we loved watching you guys compete. you did a great job. thanks so much. best of luck to you all. >> tnk you very much. and the final six contestants compete on "the voice" next monday at 8:00, 7:00 central on nbc. coming up next, how to be in the know all the time right after this. [ bells dinging ] ♪ hark how the bells, sweet silver bells ♪ ♪ all seem to say throw care away ♪ ♪ from everywhere, filling the air ♪
9:36 am
[ female announcer ] chex party mix. easy 15-minute homemade recipes you just pop in a microwave. like caramel chocolate drizzles. happier holidays. chex party mix.
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9:38 am
9:39 am
well, if you're the type of person that likes to be the conversation starter, then you may want to check out the daily online news letter, the skimm. that's with two ms. these are the founders. ladies, welcome. >> good morning. >> you completed abandoned us over the summer to start the skimm. everybody reads this thing. explain to people who haven't seen it what is the skimm in a nutshell. >> we found whether you're running around with the kids all morning or going from meeting to meeting, some people don't have time to look at the newspaper or read it cover to cover or even check out facebook or twitter feed. but they still need news fast. we created the skimm. it's an online news letter. we've got you covered from every topic. politics, sports, entertainment.
9:40 am
we've got you. >> carly, it's just the two of you running it at this point. >> we are. we're roommates. we don't hate each other. we lived together in college. it worked out well for us. >> give people a taste. one of the sections you have every day is repeat after me... the first is what to say when you're late for work. what would we say today? >> i would say i knew i was going to be on time even though i had an appointment, but the elevator was slow. even though i didn't mean to mislead you, i'm going off the intellect i had at that time. >> this is like susan rice of the day. after the attacks in libya in september, she said she didn't know what happened. then she said it was actually a terrorist attack. >> see what she did there? >> exactly. the republicans in washington
9:41 am
are not happy how this happened. they're worried she's going to replace hillary. they're giving her a hard time about what she said. next time susan just say no comment. >> good luck with the excuse at work tomorrow by the way. and what to say at breakfast this morning. >> did you eat grapefruit in the green room? >> no grapefruit for me. >> don't lie to me because you could die. i'm not joking. eating grapefruit when on sudden medications could lead to sudden death. >> it's really citrus sudden death. there are now 26 new medications that when they interact with grapefruit can cause serious harm. 13 of which can be fatal or sudden death. really, let's choose our battles here. >> there's one to wake you up in the morning. grapefruit's going to kill you. how about this one? what to say on a date.
9:42 am
>> i know you're despited i'm not halle berry. i'm in a good place about this. i'm thankful i'm not halle this week. >> i would too. she had a thanksgiving fisticuffs throwdown. when her ex-boyfriend dropped off their daughter on thanksgiving, things got rough with her fiance olivier martinez. gabriel is looking rough in some photos. >> he's looked better. >> yes. especially for a model. now he's saying it's not a great situation. he says olivier tried to kill him. >> sounds like a bad halle berry movie. >> now i wasted my time reading the newspaper this morning. all i have to do is read the skimm. great to see you guys. >> thanks. up next, the latest on the
9:43 am
"two and a half men" star to rail against his own hit show. that's right after this. "two and a half men" saga and the rail against his own show. that's after this. for using your red card. welcome home. she loves it. nintendo 3ds xl! nailed it. dad, i'm actually totally satisfied and have no complaints. ho, ho, ho! so smart with your money! plus free shipping at with your red card get an extra 5% off our everyday low prices... plus free shipping. thanks, guys.
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then two delicious entrees from five of our favorites. classics like eggplant parmagiana. or new favorites like smoked mozzarella chicken. three courses, two people, just $25 but only for a limited time. go olive garden. and try our unlimited homemade soup, crisp salad, and warm breadsticks lunch, just $6.95. nature knows all about baking. just mix together a few simple ingredients... and "voila". so for truvia baking blend, we mix sweetness from the stevia leaf with sugar, for a blend that bakes and browns like sugar, with 75% fewer calories per serving. the young star of "two and a half men" is addressing the backlash to his video rant against the show. angus t. jones urged people not to watch, but now he's issuing an apology, somewhat, to his co-workers. nbc's kristen dahlgren is in los angeles with more. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: hi, there, natalie.
9:47 am
didn't take long after this one went viral and received so much video attention for angus t. jones to offer up some new comments, but this time with a different tone. he is the half on "two and a half men" who stirred up a whole lot of controversy when he said this. >> please stop watching "two and a half men." i'm on "two and a half men," and i don't want to be on it. please stop watching it, please stop filling your head with filth. >> reporter: late tuesday angus t. jones released a different statement. i apologize if my remarks reflect me showing indifference to and disrespect of my colleagues and a lack of appreciation of the extraordinary opportunity of which i have been blessed. jones, who is literally grown up on the show playing jake harper over the last ten years, didn't retract his earlier comments, but he did praise warner brothers which produced the hit show and his co-workers. i also want all of the crew and cast on our show to know how
9:48 am
much i personally care for them and appreciate their support, guidance and love over the years. it is a far cry from what jones, when was baptized as a seventh day adventist this year said in his testimonial for the "forerunner chronicles," a religious website and youtube channel. >> i can be on a christian and be on a show like "two and a half men." you can't. you can't be a true god-fearing person and be on a television show like that. >> reporter: the 19-year-old, who reportedly makes $350,000 an episode, played jake harper first with john crier and charlie sheen and then ashton kutcher after sheen was fired for his own troubled and rants against producers. >> we can get all the answers and the truth, wow, winning. >> reporter: after jones' comments first surfaced sheen told "people" magazine that it's radically clear to me that the show is cursed. "two and a half men" has two episodes still to shoot before the holiday break, and sources tell nbc it's purely coincidence that both episodes, written long
9:49 am
before jones' video, don't include him. >> now when they come back in 2013 to film the rest of the season's episodes, he's supposed to be in some of those episodes so that's when we'll see if he's going to stay or if he's doing leave the show. >> reporter: warner brothers and cbs had no comment on the apology, so, i guess, natalie viewers will have to tune in to see exactly next what jones was trying to discourage them from doing. >> that's true. kristen dahlgren in los angeles. thanks so much, kristen. coming up next, family diet dilemmas solved, but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ crickets chirping ]
9:50 am
[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] oh, did you want it? yea we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light,
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buttery and flakey. that's half that's not half! guys, i have more! thanks mom [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin [ female announcer ] holiday cookies are a big job. everything has to be just right. perfection is in the details. ♪ get to holiday fun faster with pillsbury cookie dough. this morning on "take it off today," diet dilemmas,
9:52 am
especially now during the holidays. eating and drinking habits are never one size fits all and here to weigh in some tips and solutions is our diet expect. madeline, good morning. >> good morning. >> first they come from stories about your patients. the first one is about finding candy in your kid's room. >> first dilemma, while tidying up your 10-year-old daughter's room you find wrappers and candy hidden under the bed. do you ignore it? do you confront her about it? do you ask your what you might be doing to make her nuclear streets? do you worry she will be obese? >> what do you do? >> i would question why is she hiding food. i think you have to ask in a nice way why she feels the need to sneak the candy. also, you know, you're concerned not just about weight, but i think it's more about, you know, just having candy at night before bedtime, teeth, all of that. >> mom won't know. from the dad's perspective, if i
9:53 am
do this and hide it mom won't know and i'll still be the perfect child. >> there's a little guilt through the dad. i have two young kids and you're sneaking them a little something, you shouldn't do it because you go against the mom. mom said i couldn't have that snickers bar and slide it to her so you've got to be responsible yourself, too. >> think about your own behaviors. don't jump to somethg. >> pressure to break your diet. >> right. here you have dilemma number two. your partner likes a glass or two of wine every day and encourages you to detroit red wing too. >> that's my husband. >> you're watching calories and would rather eat your calories than drink them. what do you do? tell him to leave you alone and stop pressuring you? try explaining your calorie counting plan to him or just join women with a seltzer and lime? >> i try the seltzer and lime, it's hard to resist a little bit or a little taste of wine. just a little bit. >> you're getting hazed by your husband. >> i know. >> drink, drink. >> he's like share a glass of wine with me.
9:54 am
it's a social thing. you want to just -- when the kids are to bed, just relax and have our time together so you need to have that time but would i say if you can subs tutitute h seltzer, it's not the same thing or hot tea like i do. >> nobody likes to drink alone but don't pressure your spouse to drink with you. >> that's the spouse's problem. look, if you want a glass of wine or even if it's with food during dinner, you do what's good for you. natalie, indulging now and then. not the worst thing in the world. >> a little bit. good for the relationship, right? the next one is about yo-yo dieting, don't we all know about this one. >> a really tough one. your friend always tries the newest diet craze. would you like her to stick to a solid life still plan like you do. when she asks for your input, what do you do? just be supportive and encouraging? speak your mind about wacky detox plans and expensive shakes or help her identify a long-term plan and help her stick to it? is this really your problem to address? >> try to motivate her.
9:55 am
when i'm having friends dieting, i'm going for a run, want to come with me. try to get them to embrace a lifestyle change. >> willie, lifestyle change, they want your approval. do you approve, if it's health damaging, do you say, that's -- >> we have only ten seconds. >> be a supportive friend and know your friendship. >>
9:56 am
good morning to you. i'm marla tellez. right now i want to take you outside of the golden gate bridge where you see, yeah, slick roads and windshield wipers getting a workout. wind and rain and storms slamming the bay area. let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. you are busy. >> indeed, marla. good morning to you. we've got a good looking day shaping up as we head towards the end of the day. but we've got wet weather. strong storms developing. 1100 in pacific without power. we're expecting more outages as
9:57 am
the storm system moves onshore. san leandro getting hammered. that continues up north to richmond. and take a look at the wind speeds. and diablo, 50 miles per hour. at the surface. like i said before, between 1:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., the showers will lighten up for the evening commute. another round late thursday into friday and even heavier rain saturday into sunday. let's check on the wet commute with mike. >> my goodness, because of the wed conditions christina was talking about. windy conditions. toll plaza, you see the water. it's going to be the same condition or worse. flashing lights backing up here and heading across the bridge, there's a four-car accident reported on the bridge itself. and a slow climb up the incline. and moving across the bridge itself. no details on injuries.
9:58 am
oakland, i-80, past the coliseum. and the camera shows conditions here, camera shakes because of that wind. wind coming across the san mateo bridge as well. from the hayward side, you see it on the right. here's palo alto, lighter commute. back to you. >> okay. mikes, thanks so much. we'll be back at 10:26. make new memories and make a family tradition at the kristi yamaguchi downtown ice. visit nbc bay area for information. i'm troy baker. for of the past ten years, our employees have collected holiday gifts for bay area children in need.
9:59 am
this year, we're proud to be part of the holiday wish drive presenting sponsors and encourage you to join us by granting a child's holiday wish. please visit
10:00 am
witness, wednesday, november 28th. >> big day around the country it is powerball day. >> drawing tonight. the pot is over 500 m singer whipper could walk away. >> look at our numbers. >> worth more than 327 million after taxes. can you imagine? >> no, that's crazy. tell you what the odd of running are, 1 in 175 million. >> i feel lucky. >> okay. listen. these are our numbers. we did a quick pick, which i kind of like. >> somebody did it for us. i gave them five bucks and said make it count. >> good. >> two and a half. >> anyway. i always do the quick pick but they say a lot of people pick the ones that are like calendar years because those numbers mean something, if you go out of that range, 51, 53, may be better.
10:01 am
>> so we are going to hold onto these. >> let you know if we won. >> let us know if you did. >> we will let you know if you won, we won't be here tomorrow, perfectly well. >> hearing what people said they would do >> what would you do? it is very, very clear to me, what i would do find the very best theater or build the greatest theater that broadway has ever seen and then i would endow it so that people who have never been to theater, never known the magic of theater, never known how life transforming it could be could come for free, completely -- like the st. jude's hospital, you know, if you can't afford it you come. just so wonderful entertainment can be expressed. theater changes people's lives, good theater k so that's what i would do what would you do hoda? >> horses. no, i would probably get -- i would make sure everyone in my family had a great house. >> right. >> somewhere exactly where they wanted it, on the beach. i think we all loft beach house. you know what -- >> not about stuff? >> yeah.
10:02 am
i really don't. sounds weird. probably a lot of things that would be nice, i don't know how i would spend t probably travel more. i would love to have a beautiful beach house, i thank you would be one of my things i would definitely get. >> nothing pretty other than for your family. >> bic night tonight. the tree gets lit and so do we. >> so do we. a tradition that dates back to 1933 the most famous christmas tree in the world is ready to get lit in front of thousands of people in the plaza, millions at home, much better weather today than yesterday. so glad about that air on television tonight on christmas in rockefeller center. >> al and savannah, he has voice problems but resting his voice today. great people singing, mariah carey, rod stewart, trace adkins, tony bennett, ill volo is singing. >> love ill volo. >> you know who else is singing, my favorite person and singer in the whole world. >> chris mann. came to me today. come over. >> my gosh. >> saw you sing october earlier hour, the song that i'm in love
10:03 am
with called "roads." >> let's crank this up what do we have playing? >> so beautiful. and just went right to my dressing room, started listening to it over and over. the whole cd. congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> this is one of the most glorious voices god ever gave a man. can we crank it, please? ♪ >> not only is it technically gorgeous but your sincerity. if you're a jerk, you're hiding it really well. i believe every word you're singing. >> what a are you talking about? >> whisky wednesday. >> so i know about winesday, when i wake up, it's fourth hour. so -- and i -- >> you wake up with us. >> in the i wake up with you. yeah. >> how sweet. >> i tweeted you yesterday and i said have whisky ready and she poured the whole bottle. >> jervey a generous guy. >> cheers. >> congratulations, this i'm looking forward to hearing.
10:04 am
>> i'm excited about tonight. lighting you the christmas tree in rockefeller center. i have a christmas record at wal-mart, some on itunes. home for christmas. >> what are you doing tonight? >> "o holy night," my favorite song and "i'll be home for christmas." >> and "i have a maria." >> is a song i have been singing my whole life and the version on "roads" pretty spectacular. >> you will sing later for us on the program? >> get a camera on your beautiful fiancee, laurie or laura? >> laura. >> she is so beautiful. and i asked him -- when you got engaged and you said -- i will let you tell it? >> engaged last night after the voice and we are on an amazing ride and it's such a pleasure to have -- to be able to share t we used to live -- we used to live here. >> quick to say, we have been together six years. i'm not a gold digger. i didn't jump on the band -- waiting tables, right? >> we were in new york city
10:05 am
waiters and actually i used to work at bank of america right over here, right there, and i used to go to dean and deluka and sit here and look at the tree and be bitter. >> did you ever think one day you would be drinking whisky at 10:00 in the morning with hoda and kathie lee? >> whisky at 10 in the morning happened, too. >> singing at the lighting of the christmas tree? >> chris, we are so happy for you. >> honestly, i heard you sing today and i was like, oh, my gosh, you are my new favorite male voice on the planet. >> chris, have a great time tonight. >> cheers. >> thank you. >> merry crist malls. >> all the happiness to you. >> where are you going with our powerball? >> bye. see you guys. if you win, share. okay. all righty >>. >> oh, thank you. >> speaking of "the voice." >> yeah, last night, you guys, i think christina is in mourning. >> it was her birthday you right? >> her birthday is coming up but she no longer has a team. dez, who was her guy -- >> her big hope. >> is gone. >> and no way he can get back? that's it? >> nope, it's over. every other coach has two
10:06 am
competitors left, christina has no team left. >> she will sit there like a lump and have nothing to do? >> don't say lump. >> i mean -- that's just a saying, i sat there like a lump, five nothing to do >> there was something fun, cee lo green had an interesting rendition. >> a duet, he didn't he? >> yes, he did. why don't we just watch and listen. ♪ green is the color of spring ♪ >> you know, yeah. ♪ oh, and green can be cool and friendly like ♪ >> just like you. ♪ ♪ and green can be big like an ocean ♪ ♪ or important like a river ♪ or tall like a tree ♪ like you and me ♪ yeah >> heartwarming. >> awesome. >> kermit and mrs. greenjeans. >> i love that. >> oh, wow. >> wonder what you guys think of this, everyone making a big deal
10:07 am
out of it kate middleton's new lid. she found a kur ling iron. here is before. >> this is breaking news. >> important information. and then she got layers, okay? everybody, what do you think? >> you know, she is a beautiful girl and she -- i just -- >> little wispy bang. >> more like elizabeth hurley now. very pretty girl. she is classy and elegant and a nice change of pace from what we have gotten used to over there. the grace walds are back. >> if you guys have ever seen "christmas vacation," so funny u. >> they are back, chevy kmas and beverly deangell low. >> courtesy of old navy. take a look. >> old navy pop pants are making this the most colorful christmas ever. >> behold the graiswold's like spectacular. >> make the season bright with colorful cords, lights and jean
10:08 am
he is. >> sparky, i love it. >> it's magnificent. >> decorate the family all the way with pop pants, adult it $19, kids, 15. ♪ joy to >> catch on fire and burn down? >> i don't know. i -- >> i like the movie. >> doesn't make too much sense. they just got the free commercial on nbc. there you go. now, what is with jimmy kimmel, how thought was our friend? >> apparently, he claims he is, there is a promo out, not 100% sure he still s. >> haven't heard this, but we have heard about it. >> let's listen to aly. >> jimmy's got big news. >> are you excited about this, guillermo? >> very excited. >> january 8th, he will make his biggest move yet. >> my long-term goal is to be so early we go head-to-head with kathie lee and hoda. >> so far, we're batting zero. >> i love jimmy kimmel, what does he mean? >> on so late. we don't understand 'cause we are not that smart.
10:09 am
>> something went right in your life last night? >> last night, i found one of your friends wandering around, regis and his wife, joy, were at the carlyle a lot of fun. >> steve tyrell, a terrific -- >> i know it is blurry, he is in the middle. someone else took t. >> roseanne scott. >> another shot of your posse. >> reege and joy. >> they louvre. -- they love you. >> singing the songs of sammy kahn. at the carlyle. very little rooms in new york you can go to enjoy that kind of music and have that kind of an old-fashioned, in a good way, new york night. so good for the carlyle keeping it going. the feinsteins at the regency is going to be closing, i heard. it breaks my hear. just -- you know. >> let's get happy with the girls at the desk. we have some girls from caa. >> champagne. >> going to toast the ladies at
10:10 am
the desk. hello caa. >> hoda's agency. you guys going to have a confab later. don't let her leave the meet. no matter what you do >> all right. let's toast. >> why are we doing that? >> i don't know. >> get ready for our upcoming segment, how to pair champagne and caviar during the who will day? >> yes, indeedy, what is going on. we have a fun show, by the way you today. >> good. good. so far -- >> kelly osborn's here. >> thank god for chris mann. >> chris mann saved us. >> he will sing for us later. sara an i do? >> an i do over bahamas get away give away. we already have 800 entries. get in there if you haven't. if you had wedding or honeymoon that went wrong for whatever reason go to our website, for chance to win three nights at the resort, include picture, tell us your story, we want to hear about it but it's going to be 12 couples
10:11 am
so a really great deal. fun trip. >> fun. they will bond. those -- all going at the same time? >> i'm sure they don't have to coordinate. they only married each other, not the whole group. >> fun if they went together. >> the hotel and airfare provided by the bahamas ministry of tourism. coming up, a tv host, a singer around an actress and a certified fashion authority. >> cracks me up i saw her downstairs. she goes my mother says to say hello, she says she watches you every morning and she taught my daddy how to dvr your show 'cause i'm on today. dvr away. always fun. see what he is up to after this. an italian dinner for 2. start with all the fresh salad and warm breadsticks you want. choose an appetizer made for sharing. then two delicious entrees from five of our favorites. classics like eggplant parmagiana. or new favorites like smoked mozzarella chicken. three courses, two people, just $25
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10:15 am
kelly osborn is host of "fashion police," breaking down the good, bad and truly ugly from all the red carpet events. >> worried about what we are wearing. >> definitely pass the test. hello, we're wearing patterns, the same color. >> i have a question about your pants. >> yes. >> tell me about these. >> high waist and this little flap here which usually makes women's bums look bigger but because the way they are cut -- >> can you stand up for one second? >> of course. >> oh. yes. >> pockets. >> ring in my pocket. what is that? >> ring off so we could see those nails. >> yes. >> hosting an event tonight. >> i'm host the voguing ball for
10:16 am
amfar tonight, at the w hotel. going to be amazing. >> so your nails say amfar -- >> and vogue. into the voguing. >> look at those fingernails. do you have a favorite designer or are you -- >> i have a -- zack posen, not only do i love his dresses and the way they make me feel, but him. the nails, i'm so happy about i can get acrylics again, my niece is old enough, you can't have acrylics with a baby or if you work in the medical industry. >> i didn't realize. >> that >> they have a bacteria that kind of makes you feel dirty. my niece. >> that is jack's little girl. how precious is she? >> i call her the miracle, she has brought our family so much closer together. even more than we were. >> really? >> and there's me and my brother and pearly. >> how is he doing? >> he is doing absolutely amazing. >> in remission right now from the ms? >> you never really are. when you have ms, you have it
10:17 am
your whole life. >> i know that but periods where it's dormant. >> he doesn't have any -- right now and he has completely changed his diet, lifestyle, goes to work every day. he is like doing really well, produce and tv and stuff. >> that's great. >> coming up on the 100th episode of "fashion police," you, joan rivers. >> julianna and george, right? >> like a crazy group of people. >> speak for yourselves, ladies. >> it gets riotous. you have to bleep joan every five seconds. >> yes, you do. >> she is the funniest woman on the planet. >> she is. can i just say, what an honor it is to work with a true legend as her. how much i learned from her is just unbelievable. she is amazing. we all love each other so much. i can't believe that 100 episodes, not one fight. >> ever get uncomfortable criticizing someone? you like the person, their outfit may not to be your taste but to someone else's. do you -- >> i tried very lightly, with my
10:18 am
friends, but i don't talk about the person u.n.less i hanless i reason and i wouldn't say anything i wouldn't say to someone's face you that. is how i get by. it is a comedy-based show. >> it s joan. >> a sense of humor about yourself, you are in the wrong industry. >> now you get criticized, yourself, for some of the things wear, purple hair, stuff like that. >> i mean, look at me, for god's sake. >> how do you deal with the criticism that you get from other people? >> that's their opinion. it's totally fine. >> yeah. >> what went into the purple hair? why did you decide on that tint, that hue? >> when i was 13 years old, i snuck into my sister's room and went through one of her fashion magazines and tore out this page i liked and it had five supermodels with five old ladies that had five different rinses of gray. and i have done all of them and this is the last one. and i'm keeping it.
10:19 am
i love it. and it makes people so angry sometimes. >> what do they say? >> i can't swear on tv. >> really? go there? >> they go there. and then i get a lot of young girls, i'm dyeing my hair just like you, makes me feel really cool, like i started something that usually people were calling me the worst name. >> people can be cruel. anyway -- congratulations, have a good time tonight. raise a lot of money for a great cause. >> good for you. >> sara haines has the photos that made you stop and say, how did they get on television? no, what the what, after this. i have a cold, and i took nyquil,
10:20 am
but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth! my skin loses moisture nearly twice as fast as yours does, mom. that's why you use johnson's baby lotion twice a day to keep my skin baby soft. you've really got this "mom thing" down. ♪ i am so getting an a. [ gasps ] oh! [ screams ] [ female announcer ] when good intentions turn into bad messes, there's clorox clean up. with the combination of a cleaner
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10:22 am
girl: google, how far is earth to the moon? google voice response: moon is 238,900 miles... mother vo: the great moment had come... ...3...2...1. ♪ it is wipes days, we you know what that means. >> what? >> what the what, we look at all those photos that make you do a double take and just laugh like crazy. >> sara sifted through both of the pictures. >> don't falter her. you are my burst of sunshine. our first photo from jamie cochran from winter park,
10:23 am
florida. >> okay. >> this is her daughter right when they handed her to santa. the boys went into autopilot. >> that's adorable. >> a great shot. >> i look at them all with the same shirt. wow. >> amazing mother that can get that many children:00ing adorable at the same time. >> okay. jennifer from morris town, new jersey, submitted that photo. >> ten his on the >> they saw that at a local park and mom is like i don't know what to do with this. >> what the what? >> the rule or do you let them go? >> i don't know. >> next up, a photo from dawn bud from cape may courthouse, new jersey. >> how cute is that? >> the dog every time passes this fountain gets up to play with the other dog. that's statue. >> oh. oh. >> that's statue. >> i didn't get that. >> the dog tries to play with it all the time. >> i thought he was getting a drink. >> me, too. >> he pushes his paw at him and tries to get him to play. >> that is unbelievable. never gets it. >> just going to be over and over again. sherry thurman from wildwood, missouri, sent us this feet toe.
10:24 am
>> sit means sit. >> dog training, sorry, we don't train husbands, wives or kids. this is not the place to send your children. finer pepper from corbin, kentucky, submitted this photo. this is -- this is a legit sign at the bottom of mccloud mountain in tennessee. how do you even -- you have to take a snapshot of that to even remember what was next. >> wow, in other words, many curves ahead, be careful. >> go slow. >> thank you, sara, for that information. >> thank you ever so. >> thank you champagne wishes and caviar dreams? we are trying out both see what's best to impress your guests this holiday. he is one of tonight's performers at the rockefeller center tree light bug we got him first. amazing singer. we are already madly in love with him, chris mann is with us. >> all after the your local news and weather. [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent.
10:25 am
oh, did you want it? yea we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey. that's half that's not half! guys, i have more! thanks mom [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin mom: what's that, rosie? ♪ you are exactly one of a kind ♪ toy sfx: hi there! let's learn to clap! clap, yeah! ♪ we were made for each other ♪ mom: a-b-c-d-e-f-g ♪ for always. toy sfx: h-i-j-k-l-m-n-o-p. mom: h-i-j-k-l-m-n-o-p. q-r-s. q-r-s.
10:26 am
for a professional cleansing device? join the counter revolution and switch to olay pro-x. get cleansing results as effective as a $200 system. guaranteed or your money back. olay pro-x. are you surviving the rain? good morning. i'm marla tellez. a look at the 280 interchange in san jose county. definitely wet roads throughout. we do want to check the forecast with christina loren. >> good morning to you out there. we are tracking significant rainfall and isolated storms embedded. what i can tell you within the next three hour, the storm system will start to deteriorate. in fact, by 2:00 this afternoon, we'll be dealing with mostly clear conditions when it comes to showers. taking to you the forecast at
10:27 am
11:00, we're talking about power outages. i will be out there live in the rain. stay tuned for that. let's talk to mike about the drive. >> you're talk about the first of a premajor event here. the roadways are wet. the result of berkeley curve off to the right backing up as you're approaching. still slow across the bridge. here in oakland, one of the reasons why it's soupy and traffic conditions are slow. not good there or the peninsula side of the bay. look at that rain dropping down. back to you. >> okay, mike. thanks so much. we'll have a look at the stories we're following today right after the break. hi, i'm kevin donley from rambus. this year, our employees are collecting holiday gifts for children in need. we hope you can do the same. visit family giving and made the holidays brighter.
10:28 am
10:29 am
here's a look at one of the stories we are following today. gillroy police are on the lookout for the suspects they say opened fire on a home with a 4-month-old baby inside. police say the suspect shot an empty parked car in the corner of west tenth street on glennview drive overnight. at least one round landed inside the home. eight people were inside that home at the time, including a 4-month-old baby. officers are now looking for an older red honda sink with a hatchback seen leaving shortly after the shooting. we will see you at 121:00. we are back with more of today on this winesday wednesday and time for our weekly trivia game called "who knew", today we will test your tv jingle knowledge, the ones that stick
10:30 am
in your head all day long? as always, kathie lee gifford is across the street at the nbc experience store, ready to happened out 100 bucks to anyone who gets the questions right and to those that don't, they get her awesome cd. all right. here to help me out is the ceo of deutsch inc., valerie defibo. are we ready? >> we are ready. >> see if our people are ready. go ahead, kath. >> who did this. ♪ you'll learn the meaning of easy cleaning with the only foam that's lysol ♪ ? that was me. any way, celebrity, by the way, happy birthday, ms. birthday girl. >> thank you. >> what celebrity is best known for appearing in the jell-o commercials, george lopez, bill cosby, steve martin or billy crystal? >> bill does kim. >> yes, indeed, bill cosby, very icon knick that commercial. >> very iconic. bill does fwhifs jell-o commercials for almost 30 years. he started in 1974 following a lot of the programming that he did with kids on "the electric company" in the early '70s, just a natural with kids,
10:31 am
conversational, made them file like he talked to them like real people. >> all right. yeah. i remember that kids say the darndest things. kath, back to you. >> lovely lady from connecticut, finish the words to this famous candy commercial, gimme a break, gimme a break. >> game may break of that kit kat bar. >> right. i think it was one word. >> close enough. the technical anticipate, break me off a piece of that kit kat bar. right. >> so this is another 1986, this commercial, what's great about this jingle is the sound, it comes directly out of how you eat that candy bar so you're breaking off a piece, it's directly related to the form. the newest commercials don't even use the words, they mimic the sounds and the rhythm of the old commercials and -- >> really? >> very recognizable. >> kath, back across to you, hon. >> maine. >> name the brand that has this catchy jingle. listen. ♪ meow, meow, meow >> meow mix. >> yeah that didn't take long.
10:32 am
[ ding ] these are too easy. >> a point. meow mix. >> meow mix. what is interesting, first of all, you can get as a ring tone. >> are you kidding? that would be so annoying. >> fun fact, cee lo green just rearranged this piece of music for, you know, recently, and the proceeds go to paws l.a., which is -- which is an organization with rescue cats for elderly people. so, just terrific. he brings his cat, purr-fekt on t "the voice." >> we know that back to kath. >> beautiful girl from utah, fill in the blank with the store name in this jingle, i don't want to grow up, i'm a blank kid is it -- tata tata, is it target, fao schwartz, toys "r" us or walmart?
10:33 am
>> toys "r" us. >> toys "r" us. >> toys "r" us just relaunched this song a week ago, prior to the holidays, they are having a nationwide contest, basically, a sing along on thanksgiving night, where people all across the country could sing this song together and really for people my age and my parents' age to introduce the song to their kids. so, nostalgic. >> back across to kath. >> lovely lady from ohio, finish the words to this oscar mayer commercial, i love to eat it every day and if you ask me why i say, 'cause oscar mayor has a way with -- >> b-o-l-o-g-n-a. >> a bad day for me. >> got to make them harder, kath wants to give away her cds. baloney. >> baloney. do you also know that oscar mayor had a wweinermobile, 1936 iconic marketing? also did i love to be an oscar meyer wiener, 1963. so, this commercial, the boy in
10:34 am
the commercial on the dock with the fishing pole, many people remember, that boy is now a computer programming. yes, he is. and an entrepreneur. so people go on to do great things. one more. might stump them. try this one. >> nice man from ohio. mo ho wrote the jingle for band-aids, i'm stuck on band-aid band because band-aid's stuck on me? >> i only know this 'cause i live with a fan nil low, it's barry manilow. >> a clean sweep. it s accident know that barry man level amazing. >> ba require manilow wrote jingles for state farm insurance, for mcdonald's earthquake and john travolta informs a 1975 commercial for band-aid. so, there are lots of nostalgic things for band-aid brand. >> we have time for one last one. >> memphis. all righty. what soft drink commercial had the tag line i'd like to bite world a -- was it dr. pepper -- >> the world. um.
10:35 am
coke? [ ding ] >> got it can't give one of those away. like to bite world a coke. >> written on -- ♪ buy the world a coke >> i connick. so famous, hit the charts in the united states and europe. the interesting thing about this commercial, done by mccann erickson, was that it was written on the back of a napkin in an airport when people were nothing delayed and basically sharing over cokes, their stories and being, you know, just being together in that airport during this delay. that's what inspired the song. >> good tune. thanks, honey, thanks for joining us. >> thank you so much. it is winesday, we are doing what we best. we are gonna have a drink and we are gonna pair fine champagne with caviar, after these messages. in here, the oven.
10:36 am
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10:39 am
want to wave to daddy ? ♪ you are exactlyne) one of a kind ♪ we're going to win. woah, that's awesome. ♪ cause we were made for each other for always ♪ score ! it is time to get this party started with some champagne and caviar pairings for all that holiday enter taken. >> document have to win the powerball tonight to indulge in these delicacies, here with serving suggestions is he will ya, managing director at caviar ruse in new york city. >> hi, how are you? >> a little pricey for some people. we have different price points as we go along? >> absolutely. three different caviares, three different price points and champagne to pair with it to clear your palate. >> exactly. we need to do that. >> what are we starting with? >> american sturgeon. you are going to start -- this is for you. >> oh. >> this is for you. >> my gosh, we get three each?
10:40 am
>> take this one spoon here. >> okay. >> okay. >> so what do we do? >> in the -- >> really nice quality, a little bit more salt content. >> very salty. >> a little sip of that crisp, fresh champagne, you will clear everything through. >> that is sensational. what's next? >> the next is the siberian sturgeon caviar. >> yours is over there. >> i get that now. >> very velvety, delicate, works very, very well this rose say? >> yeah. mild, refined. not as salty. >> champagne good? >> love that. that is delicious. >> my gosh. >> rose say works well this. a medium body. >> this is pricier? >> a little bit more pricier, yes. >> it's delicious. >> finish off you the star of the show exphenomenal, large grain size in egg and it's
10:41 am
really -- >> i don't like for you to say egg. like to call it caviar. not think about what it is. a champagne for a celebration, dom perrin yin. >> i love that one.ignon. >> i love that one. >> now what are we doing? >> entertaining at home, caviar ser server, crushed ice, let the guests help themselves, starch, toast points, crepe bellinis, creme fraiche, should you choose. >> capers and lemon. >> look ought showing off with the way you like it. >> i do like it like that. >> great, by itself it is perfect. >> this is our -- do an hors d'oeuvres plate for guests at home, caviar, creme fraiche and you have -- >> that one. >> then you have your being
10:42 am
beggar's purses. >> what is the middle one? >> berg's purses, crepe bellini, caviar inside and a chive thai. >> do it all in one bite? >> yeah. >> do it. >> fop right in. perfect. >> my god. >> i love my work. [ laughter ] >> life could be worse. >> this one, chris mann going to sing for us, too. good day, hoda. >> what is this? >> simply another serving suggestion, a little smoked salmon. classic caviar. >> so good. >> okay. >> i don't want to count the calories we just consumed. >> actually -- >> how much is in these? >> caviar is very, very nutritious, per gram, one of the most nutritious foods out there enjoy and celebrate. >> i like you, your attitude. >> one calorie per bite, per gram. this is just simply unadorned for the caviar aficionado, intimate with your guests, a spoon of caviar, serve it just
10:43 am
like this. >> do you eat it every day? >> you know, i taste it every day. but, you know, it's part of my job. >> you have to. >> someone has to taste the caviar before it goes out. >> the way we think. part of our job, what we do. what else have you done? get that last one. so delicious. excuse me. >> pardon me. >> caviar ruse, we play with food and the caviar all day long this is really simple, no frills, new year's day bagel, caviar, cream cheese. >> what's going on with this fruit salad? >> a really beautiful dish, a tuna with classic served on top, cucumber, yogurt. >> look what's happening. >> telling us we are out of time. we are going to finish and -- >> try that. >> okay. >> what is that, real quick? >> really quick, ice cream and caviar, nobody would have ever thought. works perfectly. sweet and salty, caramelized
10:44 am
brioche. more calories here. >> we do have another show -- >> performance by our new friend, classical singer and former finalist on "the voice," chris mann. have to tell you everything that's in their products. but sc johnson isn't just a company. we're a family who cares about yours. that's why we're working to share all of our ingredients, right down to the fragrances and dyes. so with products like windex, you know what you're bringing into your home. going beyond the industry standard -- that's the family standard. ♪
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10:48 am
just last year, classical singer chris mann auditioned for season two of nbc hit series "the voice." and his fans -- let's listen a moment. >> took him all the way to the finale, representing team christina. >> classical crossoverer singer, chris mann, out with his official debut album entitled "roads," he is here performing a cover of lady ant bellum's hit song, "i need you now." >> our new very favorite guy in
10:49 am
all the world, chris mann. ♪ picture perfect memories scatter all around the floor ♪ ♪ reaching for the phone 'cause i can't fight it anymore ♪ ♪ and i wonder if i ever cross your mind ♪ ♪ for me it happens all the time ♪ ♪ it's a quarter after one i'm all alone and i need you now ♪ ♪ i said i wouldn't call but i lost all control and i need you
10:50 am
now ♪ ♪ and i don't know how i can do without ♪ ♪ i just need you now ♪ another shot of whisky can't stop looking at the door ♪ ♪ oh i'm which you'd come sweeping in the way you did before ♪ ♪ and i wonder if i ever cross your mind ♪ ♪ for me it happens all the time ♪ ♪ it's a quarter after one, i'm a little drunk and i need you now ♪ ♪ i said i wouldn't call but i lost all control and i need you now ♪ ♪ and i don't know how i can do
10:51 am
without ♪ ♪ i just need you now ♪ yes i'd rather hurt than feel nothing at all ♪ ♪ it's quarter after one i'm all alone and i need you now ♪ ♪ and i said i wouldn't call but i lost all control and i need you now ♪ and i don't know how i can do without ♪ ♪ i just need you now ♪ i just need you now
10:52 am
♪ i need you now ♪ it's quarter after one i'm still alone and i need you ♪ ♪ i need you now >> perfection! perfection. >> beautiful. >> you can catch chris mann on "christmas in rockefeller center" tonight on nbc. >> we are back with more of "today" on nbc. >> should have had him say and sing us some more. through december 24th, donate a bag of prepacked groceries, the goal to feed
10:53 am
$30,000. it's a simple way to make a real difference because every bag counts.
10:54 am
10:55 am
one of the many companies that gives so generously to our toy drive is for life, a small
10:56 am
company but dedicated toing about the the lives of children all around the world through nutrition and education. >> david and bianca a husband and wife team behind the company. a pleasure and honor to welcome you all. >> good to be here. >> sixth year, you're giving back, already give so much, yours is a non-profit organization right? >> non-profit but do a lot of philanthropic work. >> okay, i misunderstood that okay. >> tell us what you are giving this year. >> we have something really cool this year, a v-reader. it is an interactive e-reading system for kids, to help them learn,read. there's games for phonics training and it's really cool. i think the kids will really love this. my gosh. yes. >> a back back a whole bunch of school supplies, pencils, pen, crayons, paper. >> some supplements to keep the kids healthy. >> just hearing about your daughter who just came bang from the philippines and learned a lot, right? >> she gave amy a real life-changing experience, as any humanitarian work we can do. it changes you forever.
10:57 am
>> really happy for all you guys are doing. congratulations for giving. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> especially as a family, nothing more beautiful than that. thank you all very much. >> you can bring your toy to the plaza, you can donate online go to our website u. >> tomorrow, actor and director ed burns and ambush makeovers and "scandalous" two times today. bye.
10:58 am
10:59 am
right now at 11:00, severe weather just pounding the bay area, this one, according to christina loren, just getting warmed up. from trop


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