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tv   Today  NBC  January 10, 2013 7:00am-11:00am PST

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thursday, january 10th, 2013. >> from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, welcome to "today" on this thursday morning. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm in for matt this morning. cases widespread in all but nine states. health officials reporting a real problem in massachusetts. >> that's right, at least 18 flu-related deaths so far. 700 confirmed cases in boston alone. hospitals are overrun with people complaining about flulike symptoms from coast to coast. we're going to get the latest in a live report straight ahead. and after confessing the other day among all of us, only matt received his flu shot this season. we're going to do something about it, we're going to get our flu shots live. roll up that sleeve. >> also this morning, the battle of gun control heats up, vice president joe biden comes
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face-to-face with members of the nra today. we're at the white house with details. distracted drivers in deadly accidents. why some sentences are so light. we're going to break down this morning's oscar nominations. >> very excited. we want to start with the outbreak of the flu virus that's happening across the country right now. we have two reports this morning, beginning with dr. nancy snyderman, she's in boston this morning. nancy, good morning, i know there's some serious cases there. >> reporter: good morning, savannah, yes, a state of emergency has been declared in boston at brigham women's hospital where they were seeing patients yesterday in the hallway. representative of the stranglehold of influenza is hitting across communities. i've been now in two major hospital emergency departments in the last two days and have never seen anything like this in the united states. >> i am declaring a public
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health emergency in the city of boston. >> reporter: with 18 flu-related deaths in the state of massachusetts alone, boston mayor is warning the threat is very serious. so far this season, there have been approximately 700 cases in this city alone, a ten-fold increase from last year's flu season in total. at boston's women's hospital, veteran e.r. nurse janet gill has seen it all. >> we have seen more cases this year than in my 27 years working here that i've ever seen. >> reporter: and boston is not one. the deadly flu outbreak is being felt across the country, from seattle, washington. >> last year there were only two deaths for the whole season. we've had three this early in the season already this year. >> reporter: to minnesota, where high school athlete carly christensen died. >> we're kind of dealing with the shock right now. >> reporter: to dallas, texas, where the father of 6-year-old tahela johnson said his little
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girl suffered from flu symptoms and died. >> she didn't want to go to school. >> reporter: it's so bad, the hospitals are restricting visitors or prohibiting them altogether, at least for the time being. across the united states, the flu outbreak caused some schools to close temporarily or postpone extracurricular activities. >> last year was such a mild season. we had hardly any influenza. it's come back early and rather fiercely. it's a rather verial in strain. >> reporter: 63-year-old beverly moss said her symptoms started suddenly. >> it hit me like a mac truck and i felt sick all over. >> reporter: doctors are urging the public to get the flu shot as soon as possible. >> it will take about ten days to two weeks for your protection to be as strong as it's going to be, but you would like to be protected. >> reporter: i want to underscore, carl, especially to
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you and savannah and those who haven't got their shots, it's plentiful vaccine this year, it's a good match for the virus. if you look at the people we profiled in this story, doesn't matter your race, your age, how healthy you think you are, it's out there. if you do think you have influenza, please, don't go to your emergency room, call your doctor first. you catch this in the first couple of days, you can get an antiviral. carl, i think today you're going to start to see hospitals delay operations, tell people to get out of the hospital. this has not yet reached epidemic proportions, but that's going to be tossed around the next couple of days. >> we're going to get shots on this desk. dr. nancy snyderman, thanks. meantime, emergency rooms in milwaukee, wisconsin, have seen a surge of flulike symptoms. kevin, good morning. >> yes, at the st. francis hospital, not only here in
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milwaukee, it's throughout the midwest. as we heard from dr. nancy, it's across the country. this particular milwaukee area, they are actually practicing something they are referring to as diversion where so many hospitals are filled with patients suffering from flu symptoms, they are actually sending ambulances hopscotching from here to there so people get the care. we're fortunate this morning to be joined by dr. cathy shallow. i guess the first question i want to ask is is this worse than, say, the swine flu of 2009? >> the swine flu of more hype and not as real as the flu epidemic as we're seeing now. >> this is real. >> this is real. we're in the middle of flu season, seeing a lot of flu cases. it feels like more and it is more this year. >> reporter: we all have had the flu when we were kids, for example, and mom would put us in bed with a lot to drink, take some aspirin, stay there for three or four days. why should you go to the hospital and are you seeing people that shouldn't go to the hospital? >> there are a lot of unnecessary visits.
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the reasons why we'd want to see you is if you have shortness of breath, dehydration, weakness, or coexisting illnesses that would make your symptoms worse. if you have emphysema, diabetes, congestive heart failure, those kinds of things would make the flu more potentially dangerous. >> of course, as we are all hearing and i'm about to find out and now i understand you're about to find out, the best solution or perhaps the best protection is to take off your jacket, roll up your sleeve, and visit these young ladies right back here. back to you, carl. >> i don't know if america can handle the sight of those guns, kevin, but thank you for that. kevin in milwaukee. we'll have a lot more on how you can protect your family from the flu a little later. savannah? >> i was worried too, thank you. it could get tense today as vice president joe biden sits down with represents from the national rifle association. this as the obama administration looks to curb gun violence after the wake of the deadly school
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shooting in connecticut. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. the vice president's gun violence task force has a full day of meetings scheduled, bringing in hunters, members of gun rights groups, also members of the entertainment industry, but the day may be highlighted by the afternoon session that's going to include the nra. the white house trying to keep the gun safety debate in america's sights, today hosting the nra. one of the country's most powerful lobbying groups that's long opposed many of the very proposals the white house is now considering. >> the president and i are determined to take action. we're reaching out to all parties. >> i was one of the few survivors in the virginia tech shooting. >> colin goddard, with three bullets still in his body, is featured in the documentary "living for 32." >> people tell me that god was looking out for me that day, that's why i'm here.
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i just got lucky. >> reporter: now an antigun violence advocate, he was sharing his story with the vice president. >> no one wants certain people like criminals, felons, to get their hands on a gun too easily. we're on the same page. >> reporter: among the executive actions, extending background checks for gun purchase, but there may be only so much the white house can do. >> the president is going to need some help from congress, and that's why any sole executive action in this field is going to be limited. >> reporter: republican congressman jeff duncan challenged the administration saying, the founding fathers never envisioned executive orders being used to restrict our constitutional rights. we live in a republic, not a dictatorship. president obama has called for reinstating an assaults weapons ban and limiting high-capacity magazines. in new york, andrew cuomo was fired up tuesday, demanding a
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strict new crackdown on guns. >> no one hunts with an assault rifle! no one needs ten bullets to kill a deer! and too many innocent people have tied already! end the madness now. >> reporter: gun safety isn't the only issue at the top of the president's agenda right now. about the exact same time the vice president will be meeting with members of the nra, here at the white house the president will be introducing his next treasury secretary, it is jack lew, he's presently the president's chief of staff. you see him on your screen. formerly the president's budget director. he replaces outgoing secretary timothy geithner. another position vacated by hilda solis, who is the labor secretary. >> peter alexander, thank you. now here's carl. >> savannah, thanks. of course, one of the worst shootings last year, the deadly
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massacre at a colorado movie theater. now a judge decides if the gunman will stand trial. at the courthouse in centennial, colorado, mike, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carl. if there's going to be an insanity case, there's going to be a mountain of evidence that james holmes spent months planning the attack. a shooting rampage was long in planning, the newly revealed evidence shows. an arsenal for mass murder accumulated in an extraordinary two-month buying spree, mostly online, and ending just days before the massacre. holmes himself telling police after the arrest how he booby trapped his apartment with a dozen bombs, hoping for an explosion to divert police there, while he was opening fire at a theater three miles away. he cased the theater twice before that night, taking photos inside and out, and even turned
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his camera on himself, posing with his weapons or smirking with his tongue out just before leaving that night. in court, prosecutors played 911 calls from the theater. the sounds of gunshots and people screaming for help, jarring for the victims' loved ones, including jonathan blunk's wife chantel. >> kind of makes you imagine it actually being there a little more, and it's something you don't want to imagine. >> from where i was sitting, i could see his face, his eyes, his expression, and he just looked very evil and just sat in the courtroom pretty much delighted. >> reporter: he didn't care who he killed or how many he killed, the prosecutor argued. he wanted to kill them all. overwhelming evidence, say legal analysts. >> prosecutors are letting the defense know what they are in for if this case goes to trial. >> reporter: in a surprise movie, defense attorney dan king chose to call no witnesses. this is neither the proper venue, nor the time, he said, to put on a show or present some truncated defense. that led to a couple of fist
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pumps outside the courtroom from newly elected district attorney, who told nbc news he's not ready yet to tell whether he'll seek the death penalty against james holmes. the judge will rule tomorrow on whether or when a trial in the case might take place. there's been ample speculation a plea argument, guilty on all counts, and not the death penalty, but life in prison without parole will be how this case ultimately ends. carl? >> mike in centennial, colorado, thanks for that. we want a check on today's other top stories, natalie, good morning to you. >> good morning, everyone. a bombing this morning in tel aviv, police say the explosion was a criminally motivated assassination attempt and is not a terrorist attack. eyewitnesss report a man on a motorcycle tossed a bomb into a car. several people were wounded in the blast. investigators are searching for what caused a high-speed ferry to crash into a dock on wednesday.
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the boat's crew passed alcohol breath tests. the boat had undergone a recent overhaul, installing new engines and propulsion system, but officials don't know if those were factors in the incident. about 70 people were injured in that crash, at least two critically. more trouble for boeing and the company's much-touted 787 dream liner. japan's on the pond airways cancelled a domestic flight on wednesday after a faulty computer notification regarding the brakes. this after another 787 caught fire and another suffered a fuel leak. boeing calls the mishaps growing pains for the new aviation technology. aig is backing down amid public outrage and ire from congress. the insurance giant has decided not to sue the u.s. government over the multibillion bailout that saved the insurance giant. they claimed the rescue was
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unfair to the company's shareholders. now to wall street at the new york stock exchange, good morning, kayla. >> good morning, natalie. wall street is watching jack lew, president obama's nomination for the next secretary of the treasury. once confirmed, lew will take the reigns over avoiding the country's credit card limit. holiday retail sales rose 2.5%, that is less than expected and retailers' stocks are reacting. meanwhile, the overall market is unchanged on the week. natalie? >> thanks. the astroid did a fly by of our planet last night, but as you can see, we're all okay. nothing happened. when it was discovered back in 2004, it earned the unfortunate nickname of doomsday astroid as scientists thought it had a 2.7% chance of hitting the earth in 2029. that impact has been ruled out. good thing, too, new data shows us the astroid is much bigger than first estimated.
7:15 am
huge sigh of relief. 7:15 right now, back over to savannah, carl, and al. >> if you look really close, bruce willis is on that. >> that video looks a bit like the game "astroids" i remember from the '80s. it does. >> up in the sky! it's a bird! it's a plane! >> still have the high score. let's get a check of the whether with mr. roeper. >> we have a lot going on today. starting in the northwest, a big winter storm, winter storm warnings, winter storm watches, winter weather advisories. this system is going to bring in parts some areas blizzardlike conditions over the next 48 hours. snowfall in the pacific northwest and wasatch mountain ranges, the cascades, one to two feet of snow. plus, more heavy weather going on down in the south. we've got tornado watches now and flood watches up for parts of the lower mississippi river valley and the gulf coast.
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look at these storms firing up. severe thunderstorm watches and tornado watches until 12:00 noon today. rainfall amounts from four to six inches of rain in the lower gulf. we'll get to your local forecast. but first, this message. [ female announcer ] take the special k challenge. lose up to six pounds in two weeks. with the cereal you love... and so much more. what will you gain when you lose? good thursday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren live from twin peaks, san francisco. a frigid start to the day. let's get to radar. a mix of rain and snow at this
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point down to 2,000 feet this morning. most of that activity along the coastline. 49 degrees today inland. 50 at the coast. hope you have a fantastic day. we'll be back here all morning long. hay películas han sido >> good morning, natalie. lincoln leads the pack with 12 nominations, but in this year they were also some 3 c3 que se viene para el próximo
7:18 am
7:19 am
and allen from argo. also a who's who for the supporting ladies. sally field is mary todd lincoln. helen hunt for the sessions, jacki weaver from "silver linings playbook," and anne hathaway, who might be getting the most early oscar buzz for "les mis." >> not just affleck, but catherine biglow and tom hooper shut out the oscars, natalie, will be given out on february 25th. >> thanks. chief correspondent, dave,
7:20 am
that is the biggest headline right there. >> ben affleck not getting in for "argo." that movie had so much buzz leading up to this. >> people outraged? >> all over the twitter sphere, but one thing i'm happy for, this actress who's 85, she's been acting for 50 years. the oscars take place on her 86 birthday. it will be a great, special celebration for her. >> dave, thank you. coming up, much more on the oscars. this is "today" on nbc these sweet honey clustery things have fiber?
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good morning. 7:26. i'm marla tellez. we're getting reports of a big rig that crashed and then caught fire in vallejo. we want to check in with mike inouye who has all of the details for us. >> good morning, marla. typical commute at the bay bridge. in the north bay this is the big issue. we'll take you for a look. your commute here okay. before you get to the carquinez bridge we have drama off interstate 80. just closed down connector from eastbound and westbound interstate 80 toward westbound 37 which will take you to the intersection of highway 37 at 29 is where this big rig fell on its side off the roadway and caught fire and flames all over the place and the closure there at the major interchange for the north bay will be a an issue for folks coming over from san rafael out of novato over toward interstate 80. you'll have to be diverted off the freeway.
7:26 am
sonoma boulevard is blocked at 37. that interchange will be closed until we can address the fire and the chopper is headed to the scene. commute slow after an earlier car fire through castro valley. the car on the shoulder caught fire again and it was again cleared but now there's still considerable slowing off the dublin interchange toward 238 which slows over toward 880. typical pattern down toward san mateo bridge and build continues as folks continue to feed over from the livermore valley. back to you. >> just got to take it easy on the roads. thank you so much. we want to check that cold forecast with meteorologist christina loren. she's live at san francisco's twin peaks. looking good. >> thank you, marla. good morning to you. a live look out at the beautiful san francisco bay this morning. you can make out all of the features. at&t park, bay bridge. transamerica pyramid there. it's so cold that you'll need to double up the layers this morning. now we do have showers on the radar and we're getting a mix of
7:27 am
rain and snow down to about 2,000 feet as we continue to get into the coldest part of the day between now and the next half hour we could see the snow levels fall potentially to about 1,000 feet. that's what we're watching for this morning. temperatures are certainly at or below freezing in many parts of the bay area. so as we continue throughout the morning we'll have your seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. back to you for now. >> we'll be back at 7:56 with our next update.
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hello. oh my god! >> i love her. how would you react if this had happened to you? a driverless car, as it appeared, pulling up to a fast food drive through. we'll have more of those classic reactions and how the prankster behind it pulled it off. wait. he actually throws it in there. >> i tell you what. a lot of practical jokers are getting a lot of ideas. >> i know. i know. back out on our plaza this morning. it's a beautiful day on rockefeller plaza. boy, do we have a great happy boisterous crowd ready to say hello. good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie alongside
7:30 am
carl. good to see you this morning. >> the queen issuing a decree for the future just in case the duke and duchess of cambridge has a baby girl. >> the power of numbers when it comes to weight loss. we'll introduce you to 12 strangers who decided to change their lives together. they each lost at least 100 pounds. we were with them when they all met for the first time. cool story. monopoly, the granddaddy of all board games is getting a new game piece. that means one of the classics has to go. >> not the thimble. >> we will see which one people want to see go and which new ones to be added. >> wee might get in a fight there. now, to a race against time to save a pod of killer whales. here with this story, good morning to you. >> good morning. the drama is unfolding in a remote corner of quebec, 1500
7:31 am
miles from montreal. officials say the whales were likely caught off guard then when temperatures dropped and suddenly found themselves stuck. >> reporter: the video is dramatic and disturbing, and estimated dozen whales trapped for days under thick arctic ice, taking turns breathing through a tiny hole, jumping for air. the opening is in the middle of a massive ice field and as temperatures drop, it's shrinking fast prompting fears this pod of mammals may soon suffocate. >> the gfr overnor is asking fo help, asking for ice breaking help for the whales. >> we are concerned and there is no ice breaker here presently. they are down south. >> reporter: canadian officials say ice breakers are too far away. it's a real life drama, much like the 2012 film called "big miracle" to save whales trapped
7:32 am
in alaska in 1988. now, the video has gone viral. >> the video is very dramatic. you see a very small body of water with very agitated whale. >> many fear this may not have a hollywood ending. >> the one problem is food, how long can they go for and number two, how much smaller will that breathing hole get and, number three, how long can they last. >> the government sent a crew of scientists to see what can be done. ultimately warmer weather can mean the difference between tragedy and happy ending and temperatures are expected to be well below zero the next week. >> i appreciate it. a check of the weather from al. >> today's weather brought to you by international delight, gourmet coffee creamer. >> i would have to say we have the largest single entity crowd you have ever seen. you see all the red, a,000
7:33 am
sapp thousand members of the delta sigma sorority. their centennial celebration. they had a fantastic float in the rose parade. you are -- >> cynthia butler macintosh, national president. >> how many of you are here? >> thousands all of the city of new york today celebrating our 1 100th anniversary. >> wow! >> wow! >> i notice there are so many beautiful women here. who is the most senior member? >> the most senior member, our past national president is over there. >> okay. i don't know if they want to be known as the most senior member. thank you very much. now, you're getting them mad at me. thanks. congratulations on your centennial. >> thank you. >> let's check your weather and see what's going on. we have a were indy day out wes.
7:34 am
gale advisories, gale warnings, high wind watches all the way into kansas, a big system, as we also show you what's going on as far as temperatures are concerned, 70s and 80s into the south in texas. flori florida, and then teens and 20s in the rockies where we have blizzard-like conditions. man, this is a big crowd. good morning to you. live from san francisco i'm meteorologist christina loren. taking a live look at a beautiful sunrise over the city by the bay. mostly clear conditions here. we're still tracking showers on the radar this morning with snow levels down to about 2,000 feet at this point and continuing to drop off. your seven-day outlook shows you highs today will be cold. 49 degrees inland. 51 bayside and 50 degrees at the coast. hope you have a fantastic day.
7:35 am
carl, ricky gervais twe'll r more with the ladidies a little later. when it comes to distracted drivers who cause deadly crashes, the punishment doesn't fit the crime. >> a shocking statistic for you. a recent study. 97% of students -- 97% of students admitted to texting and dri driving even though they know it's wrong. and some say that won't change until texting and driving gets the punishment it deserves. >> reporter: dave was on his walk two years ago when a texting driver plowed into him. his grieving family told the judge they wanted the young driver to pay. >> whitney, there has not been a day go by i haven't thought about this very moment. this tragedy was not an accident. this was the heartbreaking outcome to yourself fishness and
7:36 am
reckless behavior. >> reporter: the sentence for whitney yeager, 45 days in jail for misdemeanor vehicle lar homicide. >> i felt sick to my stomach. >> you lost your husband and she got 45 days in jail. >> i felt betrayed by the system that was put in place to help the victims. >> reporter: whitney yeager declined our request for an interview. in a letter to nbc news, she's been ordered to speak to young people about the dangers and hopes she can prevent other similar accidents. >> people are getting a slap on the wrist for this. >> reporter: jennifer smith, whose mother was killed by a distracted driver has helped outlaw texts in many states. >> the first step is get the act illegal and then they have to go back to get the punishment to then fit the crime. >> reporter: yet across the country, drivers, many of them young people, are getting surprisingly light sentences on misdemeanor charges. in california, caitlin dunn na
7:37 am
way killed a 2-year-old toddler crossing the street with her mother. she got five days in jail and 115 days in home confinement. in connecticut, brianna mccu win was surfing the web when she killed a 44-year-old jogger. she was sentenced to probation and no jail time. >> to me, it's a no-brainer there should be a severe consequence for your action. >> on the other hand, i'm a parent. if it were my kid driving the car, who went to send a text and accidentally hit someone, i wouldn't want the book thrown at my kid. >> which is true. i have a daughter myself. i think about it all the time. what if she would have done this to someone. what if she does do it. it's a hard thing to stop. we just have to get tough on it and teach our kids they can't do this because we won't be able to save them. >> right now, 39 states have laws that do something that outlaw texting and driving for all age drivers and five to only
7:38 am
teen drivers. the thing is the severity of those laws and punishments that follow vary so widely from state to state and sometimes city to city. >> here's my question, texting is a phenomenon, we all do it. the whole world has gone mobile. why can't the laws keep up with changing society? >> the experts say we all, a lot of people do it so we sympathize with the texter and electors aren't passing stricter punishments because we sympathize. it's not being treated the way drunk driving is treated now. think about 40 years ago with drunk driving, what experts say we are with texting right now. >> we'll see what happens. >> you can see more of kate's story on ""rock center" with brian williams. >> what will the duke and duchess call their next child? the queen's decree, right after this. careful, pringles are bursting with flavor.
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queen eelizabeth has reve e reversed a century of tradition. nbc kier simmons is here with more. >> good morning, if kate and william's baby on the way, the royals are getting ready. for them it means more than preparing nursery and buying nappies or diapers as they're called here. they need to make sure the right royal protocols are in place. kate celebrating a low-key birthday with her family wednesday night. and now, a special present from the queen. a royal seal of approval for girl power. for the royals, how powerful you are stems from what you're called. when kate married william, she became a duchess, the third most
7:43 am
senior woman in the household. but now, the queen has decreed that the couple's first-born daughter, if they have a girl, would be a princess. it's a lofty royal rank not automatically given. >> i think the queen wanted to make sure that they are great-granddaughter, if she is born first, to william and kate, had the correct title that befit somebody that ultimately would be queen regent. britain's law is already changing, so if william and kate have a daughter, she will be queen. in the past, the yuger brother, the first-born boy, would be taken the throne and only he would get the title prince at birth. some say it all makes the monarchy more modern. though it's still about old-fashioned protocol. who gets introduced first at a reception line and who sits next to whom at a royal dinner. without the change, william and kate's daughter might be forced to curtsy to andrew and fergie's
7:44 am
daughters. that would never do. still, the royal titles could get royally confusing. william, the most important in the family has many. duke of cambridge, earl of strathburn, royal night companion of the most notable order of the garter. the list goes on and on, soon, he'll have another title, father and his daughter, if he has one, princess. now the british royals are good at changing with the times, but it is a challenge to be a 21st century monarch with all those rules going on. >> kier simmons, thanks so much. good to see you here. coming up next, a makeover from monopoly. which iconic game piece do you want to save? and the ghost car giving drive-through workers a big surprise. but first, these messages. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem,
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7:48 am
if you spend hours on end playing monopoly as a kid, a big change is in store for our beloved board games. >> hasboro is making a change to one of the classics. we've been having a discussion about which is our favorites. >> you like the thimble. >> who doesn't love the thimble? >> really? >> savannah is like, me? >> no. my sister and i always fought over the thimble. >> i always went for the scottie dog. we love the dog. >> the race car.
7:49 am
if they killed the race car, what killed would want to play again. that's true. >> you know another one i liked, this is weird. >> the iron. >> interesting you say that. >> all home making things and we all know i can't home make. >> and why they chose these various tokens, as they call them. interest interesting the poll results, the ones they want to see eliminated, the iron and wheelbarrow. >> the wheelbarrow is so cute. >> we have a christmas story of monopoly including the major award token. >> do you have the new options? >> the new options are the robot, ring, cat, helicopter or guitar. these are the ones you can choose from. by the way, hasboro is saying, go to their facebook page and this is where you vote. >> i vote ring. >> helicopter. >> where's the smartphone? >> i was like, computer? >> who's going to pick a ring?
7:50 am
>> guy? >> ladies. >> you want to put a ring on him if you like him? >> the announcement will be february 5th. we will announce the were in and loser live on february 5th. >> speaking of money, later today, the president is going to nominate jacob lieu as president of the secretary, a pick that is causing a stir because of his signature. >> an interesting way to put it. i say it's a glorified doodle. here is his actual signature. this would potentially be on every single piece of currency. >> i like it. >> looks like my husband's signature. why even bother. >> the treasury secretary, tim geithner cleaned up his signature. there is now a petition to keep ja jack's doodle. >> kind of like when your little kid draws hair on you. >> i can do better than that with this cast on.
7:51 am
>> we're doing autographs of the these. >> mine impossible. you can't even -- >> that's pretty good. >> roker's is beautiful. >> come on! >> makes you want to be a weather person. >> here's me. >> nat callie, looks like you did that with a cast. >> i did. >> what does that say? >> corbin bernsen. >> the simple like french. [ elizabeth ] i like to drink orange juice or have lemon in my water...
7:52 am
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good morning. it's 7:56. we're following this dramatic story. a big rig on fire after going off the edge of an overpass on westbound 37 at highway 29 in vallejo. look at this picture. chp tweeted out this approximpi showing flames engulfing the rig. let's check in with mike inouye. >> there's the shell of that big rig trailer. the cab is in the smoke somewhere. you have firefighters on scene. and reports are that someone was taken from that vehicle and actually may be surviving that. we're checking on that. a pickup on the overpass that looks like it has a blown out tire. a lot to sort out for this. the roadway from interstate 80 to westbound 37 is closed past the scene. was because of the smoke now possibly because of the investigation. use redwood road to get to the area. that's an alternate off-ramp. back to you, marla. >> we'll continue to follow that one. in the meantime, let's check that very chilly forecast with meteorologist christina loren atop twin peaks in san
7:56 am
francisco. good morning. >> good morning to you, marla. good morning to you at home. we got a good looking day shaping up. it will be very cold. throughout the next hour we'll keep that chance for black ice out there on the roadway. you really want to travel cautiously throughout the morning hours. and highs today we're going to stay dry but they will be cold. temperatures in the low 50s. a couple upper 40s expected as well. and we're not really going to warm up until we get into next week. your seven-day outlook tells the story. into the weekend temperatures stay cool and then as we head through monday and tuesday and next week, sunshine to kick off next workweek and by wednesday back to our seasonal averages. back out here live, twin peaks in san francisco. what i can tell you is that it is cold out here this morning. bundle up before heading out. back over to yo >> the key to this cold weather is layers. layer yourself when you head out the door this morning. we'll be back with our next news and weather update at 8:26. we'll see you then. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
8:00 now on this thursday morning. it's the 10th of january, 2013. what a crowd on the plaza today. they are happy, excited and just loud! we are now just three days away from the golden globes. we're taking our show on the road. >> and we're going to bring you all with us! promises, promises. >> that's right. >> getting on the bus as it's driving in. we're going to l.a.! >> well, matt, natalie and i are all going out there for the golden globes. we will have the live preshow on the red carpet, all the fashions. that's coming up. then monday morning on "today" we will be live in los angeles with the complete wrap-up of the
8:00 am
big night including the winners, the fashions and al roker will party all night. >> oh, yeah, oh, yeah. like that's any different than any other day, right? >> speaking of award shows, of course, in the next half hour we'll break down this morning's oscar nominations. all week, we'll share some inspiring weight loss stories. this morning, we'll meet 12 strangers who dropped at least 100 pounds each. they encouraged each other online and recently came together to run a marathon. what a story. and a little bit later on, our resident first daughter, jenna bush hager, catches up with one of the stars of nbc's new comedy set at the white house, 1600 penn. we're wondering if she gave him any pointers about life in the big house. i should say the white house. >> the big house, whatever you want to call it. >> it is the big white house. natalie morales has a check of the day's top stories. good morning again. >> good morning, savannah, carl and al. emergency rooms across the country are being overwhelmed by
8:01 am
flu patients, mounting evidence that the u.s. is having one of its worst flu seasons in decades. massachusetts alone has had at least 18 flu related deaths. in boston, there's been a ten-fold increase in flu cases from last year and the mayor has declared a public health emergency. vice president joe biden is meeting today with members of gun rights groups, including the national rifle association. biden has until the end of the month to come up with new proposals for preventing gun violence, an effort spurred by the sandy hook school tragedy. on wednesday, biden heard from gun control advocates and a survivor of the 2007 virginia tech shooting. more changes are coming to the president's cabinet as he enters his second term. president obama expected to nominate, as you heard, jack lew today to replace timothy geithner as treasury secretary. the move is already wrangling some republicans who say he has been too compromising in past budget negotiations. hi. da solis has announced her
8:02 am
resignation. movie theater shooting suspect james holmes took pictures of the doorways and theaters two weeks before the attack. it also showed photos of holmes with his hair dyed red, sticking out his tongue. a judge is expected to rule by tomorrow on whether there's enough evidence to proceed to trial. pap tests may some day be used to detect cancers of the ovaries and uterus in addition to cervical cancer. for the first time, researchers were able to find genetic evidence of the two additional cancers in pap smears. however, the research is still years away from being used in medical practice. and now for a look at what is trending today, a quick roundup of what has you talking online. sports fans are chatting about wednesday's hall of fame shutout. the new york sports section sums
8:03 am
it up. baseball writers failed to elect anyone to the hall, including first-time eligible roger clemens, home run king barry bonds and sammy sosa. some feel that players from the era of performance-enhancing drugs will be held to a higher standard even if they denied using them. lion look-alike dog is getting love online. police have released 911 calls from norfolk, virginia. >> i'm driving down the street and there's a lion that ran across the street, a baby lion. >> the lion is charles the monarch, a loveable labradoodle groomed to look like a jungle beast. he even has his own facebook page that chronicles his life as a party animal. this prank is racking up millions of views, hiding behind a car seat costume, drives
8:04 am
through a drive-thru window, seemingly invivl. >> really? hello? >> where did he go? >> just throw it in here. i'm a ghost. >> throw it in there? >> yeah. i'm a ghost. thank you. >> while most of the workers were a bit freaked out, one urged a co-worker to snap a picture and, quote, instagram that. back over to savannah and carl. it's a good one. >> we see a lot of videos. i love that one. >> it's pretty good. >> it is hilarious. mr. roker has a check of the weather. >> all righty. as we, again, have so many members of delta sigma, thousands, thousands of them here. let's check it out, show you what we've got. pick city of the day,
8:05 am
steubenville, ohio. wtov, nbc 9. sun sunny, cool. temperature of 44 degrees. and as we show you what else is going on right now, you are looking at heavy rain down through the gulf. we've had a tornado watch in effect for the lower mississippi river valley. we're also looking at more rain making its way into the pacific northwest. mountain snows in the plains and the rockies, blizzard conditions later today in the northern plains, windy but sunny here in the northeast. slight risk of strong storms in the lower belt. windy conditions along the southern california coast and on into the southwest. that's what's going on around the country. he good morning from the nbc bay area weather center this morning at 8:06. looking live over the san mateo. we don't have a whole lot of cloud cover. we are seeing some sunshine but temperatures very cold, back into the 30s for most of us. a lot of this activity, the precipitation is very light. but we are still seeing a mixture of rain and some snow,
8:06 am
especially across the santa cruz mountains. temperatures going to be cool today. back near 50 degrees for many of us. upper 40s in the north bay. cold for tomorrow as well. >> and that's your latest weather. they love me! they love me, carl! >> al, thanks. up next, this morning's oscar nominations and then a little bit later, we'll talk about how to keep your kids safe during what's turning out to be one of the worst flu outbreaks in years. and, yes, we will get our flu shot, right after this. years. yes, we will get our flu shots right after this. ♪ [ male announcer ] let's take every drop of courage, every ounce of inspiration, every bit of determination, and go where we've never gone before. ♪ introducing the radically new avalon.
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stouffer's. let's fix dinner. this is amazing, how did you find us? i thought we might be related, so i had a fiber analysis done and sure enough, we're family. but you're not even shredded. you're...crunchy?! that happens sometimes. and you help keep people full with whole grain fiber? just like you guys. [ female announcer ] they're different, but the same. new frosted mini-wheats crunch. a tasty square packed with a crunch... [ crunch! ] ...of whole grain fiber that helps keep you full. it's a big breakfast... [ crunch! ] new a little biscuit. smile! ohhh bring it in! ooohhhooh! back now at 8:10 with more on the flu outbreak that's only getting worse. children are among those at greatest risk. how can you keep your children healthy and safe? we're joined by dr. nancy
8:10 am
schneidermsnid snide -- dr. nancy snyderman in boston. >> we want to know how alarmed parents should be about this flu virus. >> reporter: we've been focusing so much on adults, the concern is children as well. we should look at kids, not only who have underlying health problems but those vibrant and healthy you think might not be at risk at all. a lot of those children are targeted. and early -- young babies. the recommendation for the virus to get the vaccine is six months and over. i want to underscore we talked so much about getting the vaccine. for women who are pregnant or think they want to get pregnant, if you get the vaccine, you transfer that immunity to your unborn baby, to ensure your
8:11 am
child is born healthy. that's the big message, get your kids their shot or nasal spray. >> quickly, should you go to urgent care or pediatrician's office if you think your child has the flu symptoms? >> reporter: if your child has flu symptoms, go to your phone first and call your primary care doctor. the ers are overrun with patients who heard about the flu and frankly clogging up the arteries for the hospitals. leave the emergency rooms for real emergencies. wash your hands, get your shots and call your doctor if you have severe problems. only if you have severe hydration or fever or cough that won't go away that scares you, should you go to the emergency room department. a lot of people are being admitted but those are the very ill. >> thank you. maybe it is time or pastime to get our flu shot. welcome in nurse teresa with nbc health services. good morning, teresa.
8:12 am
>> good morning. >> let's get it done. >> savannah first. >> you're so kind. we decided to do my right side because i'm a lefty. is that a good idea? >> it is a good idea because in case you get soreness at the site of the injection, it's not your dominant hand. will it hurt? >> no. >> what should we talk about? anyway. ow! just kidding. it hurt but i'm very strong. am i maybe one of the best patients you ever had? >> you are. >> ow! >> geez. >> there you go. ah. thank you, teresa. who's next? >> okay. i guess i'm here. it might as well be me. >> ladies first. >> i might as well have one good arm so i'm going to go right. >> poor nat. >> just a little today. >> it wasn't so bad. >> i will distract you. you are good. >> look at the different reaction between savannah and naturally.
8:13 am
>> i'm a drama queen. >> i can handle pain. >> we are going to be blinded by the gun show about to take place. >> i've heard of beefcake, but this is ridiculous. by the way, if the stage crew tells you to hurry up, take your tim time. >> i'm very happy you are all getting your shots though. >> we are. >> we have been getting close to 2,000 flu shots. >> have you seen any signs of a shortage? >> i heard some doctors' offices are running short of the flu. we have plenty upstairs in our medical department. >> how many times has matt lauer been up there for his flu shot? >> he got his early. >> i know. he's always first in line, we know. >> don't you get tired of seeing him? isn't he there like everyday? >> this is going to turn into a tank top. >> like vinnie barbarino.
8:14 am
>> is that a tattoo, carl? >> it says mother. >> no, you're not. you don't get off that easy, al. >> 1, 2, 3, al. we've got you. >> monday we talked about three of the four of us haven't had our flu shot. we feel so guilty and people were on facebook saying, come on. >> we wanted to make sure we did this and you're right. we should. >> we've done it and hope everybody does it soon. nurse teresa, thanks so much. >> do our kojak impersonation. who loves you baby! >> coming up oscar nominations. first, these messages. careful, pringles are bursting with flavor.
8:15 am
♪ pringles... bursting with flavor. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker oats. today is going to be epic. quaker up.
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woman: we're helping joplin, missouri, come back from a devastating tornado. man: and now we're helping the east coast recover from hurricane sandy. we're a leading global insurance company, based right here in america. we've repaid every dollar america lent us.
8:17 am
everything, plus a profit of more than $22 billion. for the american people. thank you, america. helping people recover and rebuild -- that's what we do. now let's bring on tomorrow. back at 8:18. this morning on new you, new year, 12 strangers who lost 100
8:18 am
pounds and ended up running marathon together. in followed with their inspiring weight loss story. good morning. >> reporter: this really is an incredible journey of 12 people who didn't know each other. they were strangers, as you said, now 12 good friends. they bonded as they shed the pounds and as they crossed the finish line together. >> i was 253 pounds at my haven't. >> at my haven't, at my heaviest, i weighed 349 pounds. >> at my heaviest, i weighed 269 pounds. >> at my heaviest, i was 275 pounds. >> reporter: katie, carla, ada and rick didn't know each other but they did have one thing in common, they were overweight. >> when i was a kid, i was getting teased at school. my make name was shamu in the fourth grade. it really ballooned after i had both of my kids.
8:19 am
my son wanted to learn how to ride a two wheel bicycle. i started running alongside his bike. i couldn't keep up. i was so out of breath. i remember feeling like the worst mom in the world. i knew i was overweight my entire life. i think right after my son was born, that's when it really became a possibroblem for me. >> my final straw was seeing pictures and seeing the actual size of me. i think our perception in our head is a little different than the size we truly are. >> the worst i remember i was always overweight. you see, most asians are very petite. i pretty much stuck out like a sore thumb. i was bullied and made fun of throughout my life pretty much. i was always looking for the quick fix. after years of doing that, you realize it doesn't work. i've been going up and down for years. >> i was always the fat kid, the classic kid picked last in gym class. it's all i've known my whole
8:20 am
life, was being the fat kid. i take after my father very much. he's also a heavier person, diabetic, back trouble. it just hit me one day as i was approaching 40, this is a preview of coming attractions. this is going to be me if i don't do something. >> after hitting rock bottom, they all hit the pavement and started walking and then running. along the way, each lost more than 100 pounds. >> my first goal was to run around my block without having to stop. it took me about six weeks to get to that point. i started seeing progress and started setting bigger and bigger goals. >> i started training for a half marathon. over the process of that training in the next year, i lost 100 pounds. >> i probably wrap, i don't know, like 100 feet. it felt like my heart was beating out of my chest. it was pathetic. >> i just started running a little bit at a time and i got better and better at it. i lost 99 pounds.
8:21 am
>> running has changed my life completely. i started at 253. my goal is 133. that's what i'm at right now. i'm happy at 133. >> through her blog, katie brought together eight other runners with similar stories, together, they formed a team. and stayed in touch online. last week, the 12 strangers met for the first time for the wagner relay marathon in florida. >> 3, 2, 1! >> reporter: 200 miles from miami to key west over the course of two days. at the finish line, an exhausting yet emotional accomplishment. >> the one thing they said they have learned is there is no finish line in this race to better health. it's a lot like running, one step followed by the other.
8:22 am
it's this journey that never ends. >> i think everyone needs to realize it's not going to be easy. nothing about losing 120 pounds was easy. i had to make a lot of sacrifices, but i made everything work into my life. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: you know, there are people watching, saying, that's you. you're special. i couldn't do that. >> we're not special. we're everyday couch potatoes who one day decided i'm not going to do this anymore and figured out a way to make it work. >> it sounds simple. >> it's not. it's a lot of hard work. but you start with something small. get off your couch, walk around the block today. that's it. do that today. tomorrow, walk around the next block. small successes and eventually, you're here. >> reporter: that incredible journey will be part of a documentary called "from fat to finish" which will be released
8:23 am
later this summer. carl. >> what a story. kerry sanders in fort lauderdale. thanks so much. >> we want to say hello to jenna one of the stars of "1600 penn." good morning. you get to play the first lady. is that what attracted you to the part? >> playing the first lady was intimidating at first. it wasn't one i grasped at first but trying to find that character. our executive producer director is jason weiner who directed the pilot of "modern family" in 18 episodes. and john levet, obama's speechwriter for four years and before that, hillary clinton and there's so much talent. there was a lot right about this show that drew me in. >> did you model any existing former or first lady? >> it's really a combination. i wanted to make sure. certainly inspired by michelle obama, in that she's modern and
8:24 am
has pride in her health and persona. is energetic and present and participatory, but the feistiness of eleanor roosevelt. >> we understand savannah guthrie has a little cameo. >> she does. she kind of tortures my character a bit. >> hard hitting. exactly. >> my character put herself through law school and ran her husband's campaign and got him into the presidency. what they took from my life, i am a classically trained dancer and they brought that to my character. she's like really -- >> let's put it this way. i'm the butt of the joke on that one. >> again? >> exactly. >> jenna elfman, it's a great series, "1600 penn." catch it at 9:30, 8:30 central. thank you.
8:25 am
good thrz morning to you. it's 8:26 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we continue to follow this big rig fire after going off the edge of an overpass on westbound 37 at highway 29 in vallejo. been quite a mess out there. we understand a passerby actually pulled the driver out of the car. he's recovering at the hospital. want to check the latest because it is affecting the morning commute. >> it is. we're looking at that intersection and the interchange through vallejo. we'll show you more video. chopper arrives on the season. the higher freeway is west 37. that's the reason why it was closed. all that smoke traveling across the roadway. and that pick-up truck looks like it has a blown-out tire and may be involved with the big rig that plunged over the side. still closed from interstate 80 over to highway 29. the eastshore freeway, slowly
8:26 am
through berkeley. starting to lighten up at the toll plaza. a new crash at stevenson. slow into the south bay for 680. the peninsula, we have a heavy volume of traffic southbound 101 coming toward us through san mateo. >> thank you very much. another local news update in about half an hour. enjoy your cold thursday morning. good morning! wow.
8:27 am
want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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8:30 now on this thursday morning, the 10th of january, 2013. a picture perfect beautiful day here in the northeast. the sun is shining. we say hello to everyone. good morning. i'm savannah guthrie. and carl is in for matt. natalie morales, al roker. just ahead, a big day in hollywood. >> they are getting up early on the west coast. we head to beverly hills for coverage of the academy awards coverage. >> savannah is leading shortly
8:30 am
to head to los angeles. so you will get a golden globes preview for us. >> yes. >> big hollywood adventure will be very exciting. as you wait to find out who wins the golden globes, well, we have our precarpet show. and our viewers will be choosing what your big adventure is going to be. choices are pretty woman, trip to wine country, and magic of greased lightning, the musical "grease." >> beverly hills cop is not an option. >> good idea, though. first a check of the weather. >> this is not m good morning. 8:31. anthony slaughter here tracking your forecast. lots of blue skies, rain and snow chance, fourmt. we're not really looking at a whole lot of activity. what's left is along the santa cruz mountains. a lot of this activity not even reaching the ground at this point. temperatures are going to be cold. bundle up.
8:31 am
topping out near 50 in many locations. a frost and freeze warning goes into effect for the san francisco shoreline tomorrow and east, south and north bay. all righty. >> all right. and we're here with the delta sigma theta. where are you guys from? >> wilmington, delaware. >> all 50 states represented? >> yeah. >> just about. fantastic. nice to see you ladies. now back inside to carl. >> al, thanks. we just talked to jenna elfman about "1600 penn." jenna bush haeger knows a little bit about that. good morning. >> good morning. normal family living in a fish bowl known as the white house. i sat down with comedian josh who is cast in the role of the first son. >> so much history here. roosevelt, superman. >> this is" 1600 penn."
8:32 am
a new nbc comedy imagining life at perhaps the most famous address in the world and an address my family called home. >> it's an ordinary family in the most extraordinary set of circumstances. josh gadd plays skip, the lovable but often bumbling reckless son of the president. >> so here we are in the oval office. >> let's see. >> the white house. >> give me russia. it doesn't work. >> it doesn't work? >> that's the main difference between this and the white house. >> well, this is obviously not the white house. we're just down the street, though, at the madame tussaud museum in washington. i heard you researched this role pretty extensively. >> i did. i researched a lot of the kids, including you and your sister. >> i don't know. should i find that insulting. >> no, no. >> you're sort of the black sheep of the family. >> but you're not -- sally, please apologize to generjenna
8:33 am
me. >> what is your secret service code name. >> meatball. >> meatball? >> uh-huh. >> that's self-explanatory. >> and yours is? >> twinkle. they said i had a little twinkle in my eye. >> he got his first break in the book of mormon, the music al that pokes fun at religion and just about everything else too. >> did you expect it to catapult your career? >> no. i thought it would hurt my career. >> his career is flourishing. he has done movies, tv, and once worked on the daily show. >> josh gadd. thank you very much. >> he grew up in florida where he learned at a very young age to use humor as a protective coat of arm our.
8:34 am
>> i was the product of a divorced household. it was kind of a painful period when i was about 6. and the one weapon that i always had was making my family laugh. >> and laughing is what "1600 penn" is all about. that and family dynamics, like trying to get a hug from the president when he happens to be your dad. in this case i thought i could help. i know somebody that will hug you. do you want to try it? nice hug, right? and, carl, the cast was thrilled to have a screening of the series last night at the white house. president obama got to give his two cents. >> twinkle. we'll be calling you that from now on. >> don't get it confused with
8:35 am
tinkle, please. >> catch it don't right here on nbc. up next, the oscar nominations. but first this is "today" on nbc. first, this is "today" on nbc. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits.
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8:37 am
it's a terrific time to be in hollywood. the golden globes this sunday night. a lot of anticipation as this morning the oscar nominations were announced. "lincoln" leading with a total of 12. glaring omissions 234 several categories. here's how it all plays out in beverly hills. >> hi there. good morning. i'm seth mcfarland, the host of the oscars. if you don't know who i am, pretend i'm donnie osmond. it will be fine. we'll get through this. it is a great honor to announce
8:38 am
the nominees. i don't know why we don't wait until noon to do this since people right now are either flying or having surgery. you can stop doing interviews where you pretend you had such a great time making the movie. here to help me out since there's nothing creepier than a guy standing by himself at act in the morning in hollywood is the lovely and talented miss emma stone. [ applause ]. >> thank you, seth. >> emma stone is the star of the new film "gangster squad." that seems more like an ensemble piece. >> the star of the new film" gangster film" and the brightest talents of her generation. some say she's better than meryl streep. who says that? >> i don't know. nobody. a lot of people.
8:39 am
let's just read the nominees. >> okay. >> okay. >> the nominees will be read in no particular order. >> for best performance by an actor in a supporting role, the nominees are christoph waltz in django unchained. philip seymour hoffman in ""the master"." he has won before. robert de niro in "silver linings playbook". he won before. alan arkin in "argo". he has won before. and tommy lee jones in "lincoln." he's won before. >> a breath of fresh air in that category. >> for best original song, the nominees are before my time from chasing ice. by j. ralph. pi's lull bibi michael danna. suddenly from "les miserables".
8:40 am
everybody needs a best friend from ted. music by walter murphy. lyric by seth mcfarland. and "skyfall" from "skyfall". music and lyric by adele adkins and paul atford. >> kind of cool i got nominated. i get to go to the oscars now. >> yeah. the mtv awards once gave michael jackson a lifetime achievement award just so he would show up. i'm not saying that's what's happening today. >> the 2012 nominees for best performance by an actress in a supporting role, sally field in "lincoln." anne hathoway in "les miserables". hell you want hunt in the sessions and amy adams in ""the master"." congratulations you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be
8:41 am
attracted to harvey weinstein. for best animated feature film, nominees are "frankenweenie", tim burton, pirates band of misfits. "wreck-it ralph", rich moore, paranorma paranormal. and brave mark andrews. >> for best foreign language film, nominees are, from austria, amour. >> from chile, no. >> from canada, war witch. >> from denmark, a royal affair. >> and from norway, kon tiki. i read amour was co-produced in austria and germany. the last time they got together and co-produced something it was hitler. but this is much better.
8:42 am
>> much better. >> highly recommended. yeah. >> for adapted screenplay we have lucy alaba r&b enm. "argo", tony kushner for lincoln. david o. russell for "silver linings playbook". and david mcgee for "life of pi". >> adapted screenplays. that means the writers basically calmed stuff from microsoft word and pasted it into final draft. >> for best original screenplay nominees are john gatins, flight. mark boal, "zero dark thirty". quintin taran teen from from skwrapbg going unchained. "amour". and wes anderson and roman coppola for moonrise kingdom. >> best achievement in
8:43 am
directing, nominees are david oefplt russell, ang lee, michael haneke. and ben zeitlin for beast of the southern wild. these are five people who are the very best at sit anything a chair watching other people make a movie. >> the nominees for best performance by an actor in a leading role are daniel day-lewis in "lincoln." denzel washington in flight. hugh jackman "les miserables". bradley cooper 234 "silver linings playbook". and joaquin phoenix in "the master". just a little fun fact for you. denzel's character was actually as drunk as half of the people who are up at this hour. >> nice. guilty. for best performance by an
8:44 am
actress in a leading role the nominees are naomi watts in the impossible. jessica chastain. jennifer lawrence. emmanuel leriva in amour. and the beast of the southern wild. >> a lot 85 leriva is the oldest best actress nominee in history. wallace is the youngest ever. she's 9. and finally we are pleased to announce that the film selected as the best nominees for 2012 are beast of the southern wild. >> "silver linings playbook", producers. >> "zero dark thirty", producers. >> lincoln, producers.
8:45 am
"les miserables", producers. >> "life of pi", producers. >> amour, nominees to be determined. >> django unchained, producers. >> and "argo", producers. >> "argo" has been nominated, somebody tell cranston he can unclench his teeth now. join us at the oscars sunday, february 24th, to find out who will take home the oscars. >> congratulations to all the nominees. >> all right. you just heard the nominations. let's bring in the chief correspondent editorial director for the hollywood reporter. good morning to both of you. "lincoln," no surprise, 12 nominations. you were surprised about amour
8:46 am
and beasts of the southern wild. >> those are two that made great gains. small indy. best actress nominee. she was six. she's nine now. amour about an elderly couple. the wife has a stroke, descends into dementia. and the director haneke and the film. that was a big showing for them. >> speaking of directors, some of the directors who were not nominated for director is going to lead to some speculation. >> huge subs this morning. everyone thought they were a given this morning. no kathryn bigelow. remember, she won the oscar for hurt locker a few years ago. no ben affleck. this is the movie everyone is talking about. it got a best picture nomination. a few others. that is the shocker of the morning. also, i believe no quentin tarantino. >> right. >> django unchained. he is the directors-director in
8:47 am
hollywood. that is stun to go me. obviously there has been a lot of controversy of the movie. maybe older members of the academy said we appreciate the movie but it is not his turn. >> it wrapped up picture and screenplay which is huge in itself as well. let's go through some of the actors and actresses. i don't think there was any surprise in that category at all. and i think everybody seems to think anne hathoway with les mis. >> jackie weaver did get nominated. >> she was in silver linings playbook. amazing. >> australian actress does such a great mom. i was happy to see her get in there. yeah, it's going to be tough for her to beat anne hathoway because that performance is off the charts. >> not to see hoffman, arkin,
8:48 am
tommy lee jones, jackman. >> i think arkin will be the person, correct me if i'm wrong, who had the oscar win the longest to go. i think it was 40 years ago. >> he won for "little miss sunshine".. >> you're right. >> five heavy hitters. couldn't you see any of these guys winning. >> they would all be happy, thrilled. of course seth macfarland made amount of jokes. he was funny. >> ricky gervais style of hosting might be back. >> and the weinstein stabbing. >> that was good and bad. >> below the belt. jennifer lawrence, i think everybody is predicting this is going to be her year. she's been nominated before. >> she's the youngest at age 22 to have two best actress nominations. i think it's between her and chastain for "zero dark thirty". but wallace in place of helen
8:49 am
mirren throws this race a little bit wide open. >> i think people love jennifer lawrence. she had a huge box office this year. she's not lipped say lohan. she's young but doesn't act like a fool around town. people really appreciate her seriousness. >> silver linings playbook is the only one to have four. so the academy is really taking to that movie. >> we are so excited. we're going to be talking more with you guys. but first this is "today" on nbc. ♪
8:50 am
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8:51 am
back now with more on the academy award nominations, thanks for sticking around, guys. we were talking about it before the break. and "the sessions," where they had to make choices about ac for
8:52 am
and actress, clearly only one got the nod. >> hawkes was so great in that movie and in any other time he would have been nominated. and joaquin phoenix who had been shut out in other awards got in. >> some people didn't like it. it was difficult and hard to under. >> joaquin wallace talks about how he hates hollywood. >> they don't care. >> "lincoln" is difficult to watch and got a best director nomination. "argo" and "les miserables" both got lots of nominations were not nominated in the directors category. that is kinds of a bad sign for their overall chances. very hard to win best picture
8:53 am
without a director nomination. >> thank you so much. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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8:55 am
good morning to you. it's 8:56 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. 9 getting some breaking news that there's been a big rig into a school bus in concord. mike joins us with the details. this is on highway 4. >> yeah, highway 4 around port chicago highway. the chp says they've closed down the entire roadway. let me show you where this is. this is your commute direction. things are starting to get a little lighter. folks are backed up all the way back toward the pass. you should consider that as your alternate.
8:56 am
the school bus was on the side of the road. sounds like a tire was being fixed. there was one student reportedly on board. no word of injuries. the big rig driver, we don't know either. oh! progress-oh!
8:57 am
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8:59 am
back now with more of "today" on this thursday morning, the 10th day of january 2013. a pretty mild day in our neck of the woods. is that okay? >> cnn's been using it lately. >> the wes srks >> the wes srwesasels at cnn. >> like they can't come up with their own. >> and best serial by al roker. >> number one, al roker. >> thank you very much. >> well-deserved. >> donny deutche was like, yeah. natalie, you've been slacking. i'm not that motivated. >> i had a very good co-author in laura martin.
9:00 am
that helps. speaking of big headlines. one of the guys in the headlines, vice president joe biden some pet petitioning he ought to have a hollywood reality show so we can follow him around washington. >> a lot of people have signed this petition and i'm all for it. >> and the baseball hall of fame, no one got nominated and wondering if it's about steroids. >> bottom line, we're not talking about finances. americans these days are sitting around more than ever at home and work and tv and computer. you're probably doing it right now. we will tell you why it can be so bad for your health. there's a new miss usa. you didn't miss the pageant. just that the first runner up is moving up now that the winner became miss universe. we'll meet her just ahead. >> in the news this morning, hospitals across the u.s. are jammed with flu patients in one
9:01 am
of the worst flu seasons ever. boston has the clairdeclared any and doctors say it is not too late to get a flu shot. vice president joe biden is hosting a second day of meetings to prevent gun violence. today, he meets with the nra and other gun rights groups and is expected to make policy recommendations and says he and the president are determined to take action in wake of the sandy hook school massacre. and a hearing will be healed on the aurora theater shooting. it was cut short wednesday when defense lawyers called no witnesses. they have told the judge holmes is mentally ill. if there is a trial, prosecutors have not said whether they will seek the death penalty. more changes coming to president obama's cabinet and he
9:02 am
prepares his second term. today, he announces his in tent to nominate jack lew for treasury secretary to replace geithner. and secretary hilda solis is resigning, the first latino to run a major u.s. federal agency. and trying to find out what caused a crowded high speed commuter ferry to crash into a dock wednesday in lower manhattan. about 70 people were injured in the accident. it recently got new engines and a new propulsion system but investigators don't know if an overhaul was a factor in the crash. banning risky mortgages and restrict teaser rates that go upward and cap a percentage of a borrower's income that could go towards loan payments and will take effect next year. oscar nominations, nominated for best picture, beasts of the
9:03 am
southern wild. "silver linings playbook," "zero dark 30," "lincoln," "les miserables," "life of pi," "amour," "django unchained" and "argo." "lincoln" leading the pack with the most nominations with 12. the oscars will be awarded february 24th. some incredible online video of the ultimate moonwalk. video of a man walking on a tightrope in front of the moon at yosemite national park. isn't that peaceful? >> the shot of dean potter was part of a project for national geographic called "the man who can fly". >> almost doesn't look real. >> it does. there's the tightrope there, i can guarantee you that. four minutes after the hour. >> that's mesmerizing. >> i like the music, very zen. >> i didn't know they played music like that. >> and now as far as weather is concerned, we have a lot going on out west, winter weather conditions, winter storm
9:04 am
warnings and advisories. a big storm coming in that will bring a lot of snow with it 1 to 2 feet in parts of the pacific northwest and blizzard conditions in the next 24 hours. through the south, we have a lot of rain. flashflood watch and flashflood warnings out, including a tornado watch, until 12:00 noon, for parts of louisiana and mississippi. heavy rain falling, rainfall amounts anywhere from 2 to 6 inches of rain good morning at 9:05. this is a live look at san jose. not a whole lot to talk about. lots of sunshine. a few passing clouds making their way through the south bay. the radar not very active. a lot of that rain and even that low snow moved out of the picture. temperatures going to be cold today. only talking about highs near 50 degrees in many locations. we're done with the rain and the low snow. but talking about frost and freeze advisories that go effect tonight with 20s and widespread 30s.
9:05 am
that's your latest weather. willi willie. >> all right, al, thanks. now to today's professionals we break down the hottest headlines that have you talking. our panel and lawyer, zstar zons and donny deutche and alex wagner. good morning. >> good morning. >> we'll start with baseball. >> i don't know if these chicks are ready. >> okay. that's when donny goes bye-bye. >> you might want to pump your brain. you do not know what you're talking about. >> i thought i'd get the party started. >> baseball hall of fame strikes out, the front page of the sports section. the inductees are and a white space. the message is clear, no one inducted into the baseball hall of fame including barry bonds, on the ballot for the first time, all-time home run king and roger clemens you can make a case as the greatest pitcher of
9:06 am
all time. they did not come close. you need 75% of baseball writers votes. bonds got 36%, roger clemens got 37% and others sammy sosa, mark mcgwire fall into that same category. star jones, should these guys who have the numbers but otherwise implicated in the steroid era be in the hall of fame. >> according to the sports writers it should be a group of people with a certain level of integrity and character and accomplishments on the field. if you have been tainted. if your accomplishments on the field have been tainted by the choices you made, in other words, you cheated, no, you should not be in, unless, of course, we're going to have a new section of the hall of fame that says, during the steroid era, then they would indeed be in the hall of fame. >> we laugh. there are people who suggested that, alex, there should be a wing, that's giving nod to these guys and say, yes, this was a different time, perhaps a corrupt time in baseball but they have the biggest numbers in the history of our game.
9:07 am
>> the hall of in ffamyinfamy. >> the fagt they're not putting younger inductees in is part of the institutional failure across sports. we talk about rg3's knees, violence in fool and lance armstrong doing a special with oprah, in a sense, winning isn't what it used to be. this is almost an expression of a real disenchantment where sports is at now. >> i think it's very simple, people don't like cheaters. sports is sports. this is asimple issue, we as a society will not condone cheating from the little league level. they will never get in, very simple. they don't deserve to get in. in reality, these guys were great athletes and probably didn't need to do it to get in. shame on them. >> if we applied that to everyone in the hall of fame, is there an entire gerneration tha
9:08 am
never played against african-american plays and didn't play against the best. what do we do with spitballers and ty cobb, aren't they all cheaters in their own way? >> the question is with whether or not they did something to damage their reputation on the field. a lot of people talk about pete rose. he bet on sports. >> he broke the rules. >> that's my point. you break the rules of sports. >> i was thinking about o.j. simpson in the hall of fame, he's there because of what he did in the field. if you were picking him based on his character, he would not get in. >> he would not have gotten in. >> that's the point, you get what you did on the field. >> ray lewis was acquitted but up for accessory to a murder years and years ago, interesting to see what happened. >> convicted of obstruction of justice. >> i guarantee you, he will get in. >> vp tv. there is a petition on the white house website that calls for a reality show that follows the
9:09 am
life and times of vice president joe biden. they want to see everything he does. let's be honest, this was launched because of a few moments last week. let's watch. >> you've got a million dollar smile. >> there's a lot to smile about. i want you next to me. i want you next to me. if you need any help, let me know. holy mackerel. >> there was a swearing in of members of congress. >> incredible idea, can i be the cameraman? >> he's the most entertaining man in politics. he says stuff off-the-cuff pu pushes the envelope. he said even if we do everything with absolute certainty, there's a 30% chance we do everything wrong. he pushed the president to be for gay marriage inadvertently.
9:10 am
he has color and humor and went in and cleaned up the fiscal cliff deal. >> he's the vice president. are you out of your mind? we don't want to see him doing this. i want him working. i don't want him playing to the cameras. i don't want him appealing to you and your base. i don't want to look at snooki all the time because that is not what his job is. >> interesting for politicians, chris christie and joe biden, in reality tv, the word is "real." people want real people as politicians now. whether on either side of the aisle, alex deals with these people everyday forget whether he has a show or not, we want to see warts and human beings and we're done with this very stiff things and the road map for politicians. >> we don't want to see how the sausage is made, i do not think so. >> as alex pointed out, he's at the center of the fiscal cliff deal and gun control thing. we're out of time and got so deep on the baseball team. >> who knew, baseball.
9:11 am
>> and although you weren't ahead. thanks so much, guys. up next, why sitting all day is so bad for all of us. >> who knew? try delicious light & fit greek it's no ordinary nonfat yogurt. it has twice the protein of regular lowfat yogurt. and at 80 calories, it's the lightest greek yogurt with fruit. its creamy, thick texture helps satisfy you. so you won't feel like you're running low on satisfaction. light & fit greek. be light and fit. and satisfied. people have been daring them to clean up tough messes. my fans think a paper towel can't handle this. ♪ that is tough when wet. [ peggy ] grab viva and break the rules on all your tough messes.
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get 4x the protection against stress sweat. introducing new secret clinical strength stress response scent. ♪ are you sitting down for this? you probably are. we talk about sitting, not so good. >> an obesity researcher at the mayo clinic says 5 staying in your chair too long is hazardous to your health, even than tobacco. not whether you go to the gym. he put together special tracking with sensors to find out. >> today is the day i get my
9:15 am
magic underpants. >> reporter: dr. levin lent us the equipment and we gave him three human guinea pigs including me. >> i'm totally inactive. >> reporter: bud "today's" show producer worries about the amount of time she spends at our desk. >> we talk about how much we sit and what is that doing to the span of our life. >> it starts early because restaurants are open early and go-go go. >> reporter: a restaurant manager constantly on her feet for work. after the three of us wore the sensors for 24 hours, dr. levine annualized our movements. the good news, we are all moving more than we thought. >> the red is sit, the blue is standing and walking and the green is sleep-time. >> reporter: levine had high praise for the amount of time severa was on her feet. he also sees she wasn't moving at full tilt. >> there's constant movement but
9:16 am
the intensity isn't that great. >> reporter: as for joanne, although she may feel chained to her desk, she's actually moving quite a bit. even the tiniest movements count. >> you are ginlg getting twice as much as anybody else. you could add everyone else's ginlg gets and twice as much as you. >> from the time we're little we are taught to figit. from what you're saying, we need to figit more. >> the figiting you are seeing is the brain's signal to move. >> reporter: almost 10 years ago, levine decided he needed to move more and came up with the treadmill desk. naturally, we couldn't pull up a chair to talk to him about this. levine consulted with the company to get the desk made but received no profit from its sales. with 60,000 on the market thus far, they're showing up in more and more places. >> al roker was ahead of the trend. let's check in with our figiter in chief in the newsroom.
9:17 am
hey, where are you? >> i'm here in the newsroom figiting. >> that's what we learned. it was surprising to see even though you're sitting a lot you are moving more than we thought you were because you do move around so much with little movements. >> it's funny. i did get yelled at in school for figit iing and moving so mu. i'm so much aware now of moving. watch what we do in the newsroom now. come on, guys! >> very good! anybody who knows joanne knows she's like a hyperactive squirrel. nice. >> he's working the phones like weights. >> impressive. very impressive. >> i think there's something to be learned. i hope you can watch the entire story on "rock center" with brian williams at 10:00 p.m. on nbc. it will get you up and off your butt, i'm telling you that. up next, we will meet the new miss's. first these messages. ♪
9:18 am
9:19 am
♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] take the special k challenge. lose up to six pounds in two weeks. with the cereal you love... and so much more. what will you gain when you lose? try our new southwestern mac and cheese with grilled chicken, served with soup or salad. chili's lunch combos. starting at 6 bucks. more life happens here. ♪ we all yearn for something...
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and that something... is the other sock. the everyday collection. by target. when you file your taxes. i read the whole 900 pages. i will give you a tax and health care review. i can help you figure it out. ♪
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people have been daring them to clean up tough messes. [ phone ding! ] another dare. they're proving that viva doesn't play by the rules. dunk it again for the close-up. my fans think a paper towel can't handle this. ♪ that is tough when wet. at least the fame hasn't gone to their heads. [ peggy ] grab viva and break the rules on all your tough messes. the camera loves your mom. she's a natural. we just brought you all the oscar nominations a short time ago, one of this men nominated, bradley super in "silver linings," they all got one, you name it. bradley joins us by phone. >> caller: good morning, guys. >> let me say in a partisan moment for you, hell yeah!
9:22 am
congratulations. i know the kind of guy you are and excited you were nominated. the film nominated in just about every category. >> caller: i have to tell you, seeing date of o. getti-- seein david get that nom, there are so many award shows, his heart is in that movie. and to see jackie weaver and bob and the editor. >> and jennifer lawrence your co-star. >> robert de niro. >> caller: i do have to say, ben affleck got robbed. >> i agree with that completely. that was one of my favorite movies as well along with "silver linings playbook." hey, bradley, you are from now on going to hear oscar nominee, bradley cooper. how does that feel? >> it's nuts. the fact i'm going be in a room and get to look at daniel day-lewis.
9:23 am
i just hope i'm not escorted out for odd stalking. >> just don't pull a hangover moment there, okay? >> caller: what does that mean? >> what does that mean? >> so many ways you can go with that. >> caller: want me to bring a tiger? >> don't do that. >> if you show up with a face tattoo, we'll be worried. when you first heard it, what did you think? >> caller: the funny thing was how i talked myself into i wasn't going to get up. but 4:30 in the morning in l.a., i'm puttering around the house and then i got my mom up and my dog and then we were watching it. yeah, it was pretty by the book, waiting with baited breath. >> we've got the golden globes coming up as well. i know you're probably getting your tux pressed and ready. did you write a speech already? >> caller: no, come on. >> stop by and see us on the red carpet on sunday. >> caller: for sure. you guys going be there?
9:24 am
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9:25 am
good morning to you. it's 9:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the man accused of setting his girlfriend on fire will be in court today. officers and u.s. mar sshals arrested dexter oliver. his girlfriend remains in critical condition in the hospital. she has severe burns to her face and chest. family members say she was doused with gasoline setting her on fire after she broke up with him on sunday. a plot by a cheating wife led to a bizarre ending and a home invasion in pittsburg. police say the woman and her boyfriend and two others staged a burglary to intimidate her husband to force him to move out. the husband reported a man breaking into his apartment on tuesday. he then stabbed and killed the intruder after a fight. turned out the intruder was
9:26 am
carrying a replica gun. the husband was not hurt and police say he will not be charged. more after this quick break, a look at weather and traffic.
9:27 am
you're taking a live look at your forecast for today. you'll notice temperatures are going to be very cold. 51 degrees in fairfield. only 50 in san francisco. look at this. this is what's headed our way for tomorrow. our attention now turns from the low snow we had for today towards record cold for tomorrow. frost and freeze warnings in place for the san francisco shoreline and also for the southeast and north bay. so very cold with widespread 20s and 30s by tomorrow morning. remember those sensitive plants and pets. >> getting a burst at the bay bridge toll plaza. there is slowing from oakland over into the city. two major issues. highway 4 has just reopened all lanes after the earlier crash closing things involving a school bus. no reports of any major
9:28 am
injuries. it's backed up. so use will lo pass road as your alternate to get you out of the back-up. but there might be a new crash near that interchange as well. still slow in the area on interstate 80 as well as highway 29. use redwood street to get over that. >> thank you very much. another local news update for you in half an hour. hope you get a chance to enjoy your thursday morning.
9:29 am
that was the scene at last year's golden globes. this year, matt, savannah, al and i will be coming to the carpet sunday for the pre-show and then we'll have a full fashion and awards round-up monday on today. >> meanwhile, just ahead, if you've been looking for love in all the wrong places, patty sangor can help, the matchmaker and she is on the quest for love herself. we will show you recipes that should keep your fuller longer and help you lose weight. and then these boots are made for walking. that's just what they will do. one of these days these boots will walk all over you. keep your feet on the ground and head to the stars and now, a
9:30 am
long distance dedication. >> you may notice this beautiful crown, which does not belong to me, sadly, i have to give it back. we do want to introduce the real miss usa, nana meriwether. congratulations! >> thank you for having me. thank you. >> it was officially given to you because oliva culpo went up to be miss universe and you were the first runner-up and you get to be miss universe. >> i was crowned yesterday by mr. trump and oliva was there, too. it was an amazing experience. >> i heard you were sitting in a restaurant when you heard it. >> i was at the restaurant and made them turn the knicks game off. the entire crowd was around the tv and it was memorable. >> what happened? >> i moved into a fabulous manhattan apartment. i actually live with miss universe and i get to travel and also i get to represent breast and ovarian cancer awareness and
9:31 am
do a lot of events on behalf of that. >> what are you most looking forward to besides the travel? >> i co-founded my own nonprofit foundation called the meriweather foundation and look forward to projects overseas in africa. >> i know you want to be a doctor, too? >> i studied medicine and went to ucla and played volleyball, too. >> i did, too. >> he does it all. >> congratulations. >> you wear that crown well. >> so do you. >> thank you. >> all right, al, how about a quick check of the weather? >> holy mackerel, let's show you what we've got. >> thanks, joe. >> you stand right over here. >> we're looking at snow from the plains on friday all the way to the rockies. we're looking at a lot of wet weather on the east coast, saturday, wet rain from the mississippi to the ohio valley and sunday-sunday rain from the ohio valley to the gulf and plenty of chilly weather in the pacific northwest but it will be
9:32 am
dry and nice and mild along the east coast. for the red carpet, partly cloudy and some of the models say it may be showery. gazelle bunchon told me that. temperatures will be in the low 50s. >> it's cold, al, what are we going to do? >> we're going to freeze. it's only in the 50s. >> it's cold. >> the suffering for your craft is so admirable. >> i will need hand warmers and all kinds of warmers. >> that's 9:33 this morning. looking at clear skies in san francisco and really across the bay area completely. temperatures are going to be very cold. look at our highs. only talking about 50s for daytime highs. our attention turns to frost and freeze warnings that go into effect tonight. make sure you bring in the plants and remember your pets.
9:33 am
and that's your latest weather. >> thanks. coming up next, the secrets to finding love from matchmaker patty stanger next. you gave my ? well, yeah, yes. the "name your price" tool. you tell us the price you want to pay, and we give you a range of options to choose from. careful, though -- that kind of power can go to your head. that explains a lot. yo, buddy! i got this. gimme one, gimme one, gimme one! the power of the "name your price" tool. only from progressive. you hmmm. let's see if walmart can help you find the same look for less. okay.
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♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] take the special k challenge. lose up to six pounds in two weeks. with the cereal you love... and so much more. what will you gain when you lose? they've got it all, money, power, cars, planes, what they don't have is a toul soul mate. leave it to patty stanger, two wealthy clients hand-picked.
9:37 am
while patty, they may be successful in business. when it comes to love, they need a little help and that's where patty comes in. good morning. >> good morning to you, too. >> for people who haven't seen the show, you are very honest what women are looking for, not love or companionship, money. >> people looking for relationships. at the end of the day, it's various degrees. most of the guys want "the one" and most want "the one" and gay millionaires, too, want to get off the date iing scene. we don't have gold diggers. i didn't think you were going to go there. you slthrew me. gold diggers we don't have. we screen for them in our club. women who can't give financially because they're not rich, take their shirts to the cleaners and do other things. >> this one is a little different coming up. it is a little older community.
9:38 am
>> i've been begging for it. this community is living longer and single. denise richards comes on, my pal, and her dad and fix her up. he was a dream client, probably the best experience i ever had. then, they give me a gift. i've been looking for a gay millionaire esfor six years. she gives me chef kay, charlie and denise's chef and comes on a later episode to do her own datin dating. >> what is it like for the older set, more secure in who they are, don't have a lot of patience and will write someone off after a couple days. >> not the old grumpy grandma and grandpa. tell you what they think right to your face. and they're kind of open minded about it. >> we will also get a look inside your own dating life for the very first time. tell us about the lucky guy.
9:39 am
>> david is my boyfriend. i met him online. i got an intervention at the end of this season. why are you single? you're too old to be single, you're a matchmaker, the cobbler with new shoes. i opened my book and never had done my book, and i did dating detox and got spiritual intervention and met him online. >> tell me about what it's like for someone who made her living to fix people up. is that a difficult thing for him? >> it wasn't because he didn't know who i was until the fourth date. his 14-year-old teenage daughter told him. >> what did he say? >> then he knew and didn't care. he's pretty confident in his own skin, not a celebrity and didn't know anything about it. i don't know everything when it comes to myself. i make a lot of mistakes and know how to correct it later on. >> we solicited tweets. people who have relationship questions for you. you haven't heard these yet.
9:40 am
this is kristin. patty, where do you go to meet successful bachelors? where should women go when look for ac beneficiarimbitious men? >> steak houses. like the palm, these are the places. morton's. >> what do due? >> you get there at a quarter to 5:00 when they're setting up. make friends with the bartender, girl, guy, doesn't matter. you will stay there, order an appetizer and cocktail. go by yourself. those who travel in packs do not attract. the next thing you know, you smile to signal the guy. they're all wealththy. guys love to eat at steak houses and eat at the same place week after week and then you can change neighborhoods, deficit towns and city for different guys. >> you go to the bar first and sit down and eat with them. >> you sit down by yourself. the game is going to be on, whether it's the knicks game. you will know the score hopefully or you can say, excuse
9:41 am
me, do you know what the score is? >> and twirl the hair. that's important? >> totally. you can have a conversation start starter and start the conversation. >> patty, in your experience, do opposites really attract for the long term? true or false? >> this has been study ied scientifically, yes, they do last. if you're a morning person and they're late night. the common thing is chemistry has to be there and one interest you share in common. >> this is good advice, educational for me. had the best time. >> you can catch the season premier of the millionaire matchmaker 9:00, 8:00 central on our sister network. coming up, foods to help you stick to your diet. right after this. [ rain pattering ] [ heels clicking ]
9:42 am
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to creating a nonprofit pharmacy for our troops... to the first child safety caps. walgreens has been innovating for over a hundred years. and we're just getting started. with more and more ways to be well every day, the corner of happy and healthy. savicchy. be well be happy today is brought to you at the corner of walgreens. >> this morning on be well be healthy. skinny foods to help you stick to your new year's resolution. joy bauer is here with low cal ideas to keep us from falling off our prescribed lifestyle change. >> hello. first of all, let me say congratulations on your book. i read it every day. >> first, coleslaw. >> creamy foods. >> and you take fatty coleslaw and skinny it down a bit. >> the best part is it's
9:46 am
pre-made for you. they already do the slicing and dicing. the entire bag is only 80 calories and cabbage has cancer fighting properties. mix non-fat greek yogurt and light mayonnaise and splash of apple cider vinegar and it's sensation. you can dump this on the skillet with oil and seasoning. >> have a stir-fry. >> or soy sauce and have mu chui vegetables. >> cauliflower. >> i like to put it on the baking seat. roast it for 30 minutes, take it out and top it with parmesan cheese, put it back in for five minutes and it crisps up beautifull beautifully. also use half potatoes and cauliflower and drive down the calories. >> i actually seem it and mash it. >> and use light cream cheese and broth, and seasoning, really
9:47 am
goo good. >> mushrooms. >> this entire pile is only about 80 calories. saute them up with salt and pepper, it has that substantial flavor. >> especially portabello sauce. >> and you top a turkey burger with swiss cheese and sauteed mushrooms, easy to eat it without the bun. >> if you want a great substitute for pasta. spaghetti squash. >> say you're craving pasta but don't want the calories. if you put it in the oven for 30, 40 minutes, scrape, you get a great big bowl of pasta noodles for a fraction of the calories and top it with whatever sauce you want. i have put in creamy ricotta cheese and artichoke hearts. >> cucumbers, not my fave but a lot of folks like them. >> it's more than 95% water, only 40 calories. rook what you can do with it, instead of bread, i made a
9:48 am
cucumber sandwich, save a bunch of calories, light cream cheese and turkey slices. in a japanese restaurant you can order it without the rice and they wrap the cucumber around. >> you want something sweet. >> this is the perfect solution for dieting, frozen grapes, wash them, pat them dry, pop them in a ziploc bag and you have a shot of sweetness. >> i have a bag already in the freezer for the kids. thanks for helping us stay in shape. coming up next winter style with a lout of soleness.
9:49 am
(woman) 3 days of walking to give a break cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you meet new friends, and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ undeniable (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because everyone deserves a lifetime. visit to register or to request more information and receive a free 3-day bracelet today. ♪ building up from deep inside it was 3 days of pure joy.
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9:51 am
>> this morning, "today's" style, the hottest trend in boots. and here with all the great looks. great to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> can i start with the model here. a young aspiring model. >> he looks fantastic. al is running the trail running shoes. if you're doing outdoor running in the winter, switch to this boot to keep your feet extra warm. you want to look for three ws. waterproof, water resistant and wam warmth and durability. >> you can run outside? >> i wouldn't run in wet snow but you know what i'm talking abou about. >> we'll start with these. >> this is the men's duck boot. these are from land's end. both are under $100. people think winter boots have to be very expensive, they don't. this is what i call a dress
9:52 am
boot. guys hate wearing snow boots with a suit. these are from durrell and have this nice warm lining to keep your feet warm in the nice snowy days. for a cool hiking boot. these are from berkeley and insulated and have the signature winter grip sole. >> these are north-based as well? >> north-based. >> and for the guy who doesn't want to take off the sneaker. in the winter, these are new balance. >> and now, for the ladies, natural natalie morales. what is she wearing? >> the 4 inch high heel boots. >> i actually own these. >> you wear them all the time. >> i like the heel. >> and you think they're comfortable. >> mostly and waterproof. >> and from sorel. >> are these comfortable? >> the fashion winter boots. faux fur. >> willie, come on. >> i'm all function.
9:53 am
>> these are flat. a little function in fashion there. lace-up boots for winter, look for something with a crepe sole, these are from ugg. these are a little more sabtabl because the laces stabilize your foot in them and talk about cozy, these are from sorel, the cozy joan boots and you can wear them outside with the nice bottom. these are snow boots from land's end, function snow boots, super light. these will help you when it's freezing out, up to negative 65 degrees from columbia. >> they're not crazy expensive. >> $120. >> the kid's stuff. >> you're modeling a kid's boot. >> a big kid. with a pituitary disorder. >> these are for the dad and little boys. same version just a smaller size and also for the girls. how cute are these tiny boots
9:54 am
for babies. woollen socks, handmaid in himalaya, takes 40 hours to make these and hiking boots for the whole family from baby girls, adorable. >> thank you. >> great to see you. >> coming up tomorrow, the best and worse celebrity baby names. >> kathie lee and hoda coming up next after your local news and weather. so... [ gasps ] these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? i just wanted you to eat more fiber. chewy, oatie, gooeyness... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one.
9:55 am
[ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ] this fiber one 90 calorie brownie has all the deliciousness you desire. the brownie of your dreams is now deliciously real. good morning to you. 9 it's 9:56. i'm marla tellez. the oakland zoo will give us an update on the condition of a alligator found guarding a stash of pot. officials came face to face with mr. teeth, the name of this guy. check it out, a five-foot-long
9:56 am
caimin alligator. he was in a tank apparently guarding 34 pounds of dried marijuana. mr. teeth's owner says the gator is about 16 years old. the oakland zoo officials say the gator is very sick. his owner is under arrest. christina loren is back in studio after braving the elements outside. much warmer in studio, huh? >> most certainly. now i know what it feels like to be in your shoes. good morning to you. we have a big weather day happening across the bay area. temperatures very cold as we head through tomorrow morning. talking about the coldest temperatures potentially of the entire winter season. so it's going to get even colder than it is right now. temperatures right now are in the 30s. we have a couple of 40s out there as well. but only going to hit about 49 degrees as cold air rushing onshore just about all day long. friday into saturday, nice and chilly. finally monday into wednesday of next week, a little bit of a warm-up on the way. it is rough out there this
9:57 am
morning, mike. >> yeah. you came through a pass as you approached the station, a tough drive. 101 is okay. but the maps show you where the jam is. this is north 85 but also the one over by the station is 880 and 101, that zigzagging in the north direction still slow. the earlier action clearing north of the airport for 101 there. also slow up the peninsula through palo alto and south through san mateo. a little late clearing that. slowdown through oakland in both directions on 880 and the vallejo sigalert continues. >> we're back with our next update in 30 minutes. hope to see you at 10:26.
9:58 am
9:59 am
from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> i think it's -- well, for the first time ever -- >> in history -- >> it really is thirst day thursday. january 10th, 2013. >> let's toast ours -- >> drink water, but today i'm going to -- yeah. >> thirsty thursday. >> this is only day three? can you believe it? >> longest three days of our lives. >> that is water. >> you could get used to that. if you were desperate. >> jay leno had a little fun with us last night because it was -- it's a new era because now it's jay leno versus -- >> jay kimmel and david letterman. >> jay leno ended up on top
10:00 am
followed by jimmy kimmel and david letterman. >> let's see what jay had to say about us, shall we? >> the "today" show is taking viewers behind the scenes this week showing what it takes to put a show together. today they went inside the hair and make-up room. it was interesting. here. here. >> we do four hours of live programming every day, so we have twol make-up rooms. one downstairs on the concourse and this one right here with the lovely kathie lee and hoda have their morning meeting. >> please don't disturb us. [ laughter ] >> can i say something? that really is us before hair and makeup. >> that -- >> laura and mary are geniuses. >> that was -- >> that's funny. >> that's hysterical. >> we'll have to find a way to get back at jay for that. >> big nominations today. that is a huge, huge deal. >> i guess the little taste of what it's going to be like with farley who some people know well.
10:01 am
other people -- you walked in and said who is that? somebody did. >> i didn't. he is very, very funny. >> anyway, the big headline today was "lincoln" led the pack. "lincoln" got 12 nominations. >> all of them well deserved according to you. >> it's such a terrific movie. >> best picture and more. >> this was a huge category. >> nominated for film of the year. "argo" "beasts of the southern wild," "django unchained, cody saw it last night and said it was really rough stuff, but he liked it. "les miserables," "life of pi." "zero dark 30." >> i really, really want to see it. >> i saw "bambi." just kidding. >> we had the best actress nominations are out too. these are jessica chastain, jennifer lawrence, naomi watts, eman wellle reva.
10:02 am
she's the oldest nominee -- >> ever. >> and the youngest nominee ever is this lovely little girl which we're going to butcher her name. it's quisani wallace. >> okay. got it. >> and we have, or do we not have one of those lovely ladies on set? >> not yet. >> we're trying to get one. guess who? >> i'm so happy for bradley cooper, who is often seen in movies that are up -- that are funny and "hangover" and are raunchy, and he is adorable, but is he getting nods of best actor nominee. daniel day-lewis. almost a shoe-in. and a guy named hugh jackman. denzel washington, who is everybody tells me is amazing in "flight" and joaquin phoenix in "the master." >> here are the nominees. amy adams, sally field from "lincoln." ann hathaway from les mis.
10:03 am
>> who has the best buzz. >> helen hunt for -- i thought that was a lead role. >> for the sessions about a sex counselor. that's what they call it now. >> and jacki weaver. >> we loved her. >> we loved her. played the philadelphia, you know, mother which that's why they call it acting. supporting actor, this is a group of actors want one new name in it. alan arkin, robert deniro. phil i seymour hoffman and -- >> anyone could win. >> it's unbelievable in "django unchained." >> "django unchained" you would hate. >> so much violence? >> and language. just -- i can't stand to watch other people treating other human beings like that. >> this is the snubbed category. >> ang lee, steven speilberg for "lincoln." >> every time i see him nominated i'm thrilled because he only does great work. michael haneke.
10:04 am
>> that's for "amore." >> david o. russell. >> that's for that movie that we hadn't heard of before. >> right. then benh zeitlin. >> those are new names, and this is fun. >> tom hooper from "les mis" didn't get a best director nomination. >> a lot of people were put off by how -- >> ben affleck did not get a nomination for "argo." >> he so so beloved by that community. love that movie. >> this was a big shocker. catherine big low defendant's exhibit get one for directing "zero dark 30." >> she won that big award the other night. so did the film. >> this is what i have never understood. how can a movie be the best picture nominee and the person who is responsible for making it so good is snubbed is this nobody has ever been able to explain that to me. >> you're right. >> in terms that i understand. >> of course, i'm not the sharpest tack on the board. >> she's 85, and the little girl was 6 years old for "beats of the southern wild." she's now, i think, 8 or 9.
10:05 am
>> oh, you're enjoying it. >> still water. i was just checking. >> you were expecting a miracle? >> expecting a miracle. >> beyonce's post-baby body. this is unbelievable. it's been a year since blue ivy was born. >> yes. >> she's on the cover of "gq" and she is looking good. >> she looks amazing. this cover got leaked. >> it wasn't supposed to be out until january 16th. anyhow -- >> how does it hurt "gq?" they're not giving any quotes. they're letting the picture speak for itself. >> that's unbelievable. >> there's a recent picture. i guess it's also leaked. it's also from that. she is much exposed in some part of her body, and the minute i thought, i didn't just think she looks great. i was thinking beyonce is one of those talented human beings, women on the planet, and i just always wish they didn't do it.
10:06 am
i don't know why. >> what? they didn't -- >> they didn't show. >> it's not that she showed so much. it's like really? i didn't -- i wasn't happy. >> she's not trying to please me. sometimes women do that sort of thing because they can't get noticed any other way. >> i also hate to see. she can get noticed any other way. >> let her talent speak for itself. >> she will be at the inauguration as well. >> and the super bowl. >> she's -- >> i love her as a person too. she's a really good lady. monopoly, which i haven't seen since it came into being in the 1800s, is -- hasbro, they have a contest. >> they're tired of the same old playing pieces like the iron. look at the iron just real quickly. >> i have an iron like that. >> you have to heat it up on a fire. >> i have one. >> they're trying to get people to vote off one of the pieces and vote in something that you like. there's a wheel barrow and a boot. a thimble.
10:07 am
>> get out of new york more often. >> thimbles, i haven't seen in a long time. mroo write us and let us know if you use a thimble for anything. >> which one do you think people should get rid of it? >> people still have dogs. still need shoes. what happened yesterday? everybody wants you to adopt buffy. >> let me tell you what happened with buffy, and i don't know all the details. i was holding the most beautiful dog on earth during a segment. >> that was a cute one. >> next to bambino. >> it was the cutest dog ever. >> there was love. instant love. >> there was a connect. the dog got adopted before i could get her. >> you were saying that day this is my dog. >> we're going to try to bring the family in who adopted the dog. i'm going to beg for it. >> are you? >> i don't think you can do that. that would be -- >> that would be cruel. >> somebody got the dog before me. >> not that you shouldn't do it, but it would be cruel. >> buffy is i think -- >> it wasn't in the cards for you. another little doggy needs you. more importantly, you need it.
10:08 am
>> i know. i love -- >> that was such a perfect little -- >> buffy. >> now, listen, you guys, if are you depressed, it might be because you're drinking so many diet drinks. this is by the national institutes of health. it links the amount of diet drinks that you drink to increased risk of depression. >> we're going to have joye bauer talk about this and explain it, but they say people who chose diet soda or in a lot of cases regular soda too, it connected with depression, and sometimes, you know, who knows what it could be? it could be when you drink all those sugary or even a diet drink that rots your teeth, you feel bad, you never know what could cause the depression. they didn't do a cause and effect, but they found people that -- >> i honestly do have a friend who battled weight all of his life and did nothing but cut out diet. i'm not going to say the name of the product. it was well known around the world. he lost 30 pounds. like that. >> wow. >> just didn't change. anything except he started drinking something else, and it wasn't -- it had no diet stuff
10:09 am
in it. >> i have to call them and find out what he says to do it for. >> this is a great song. it's my hoda play list. >> oh. >> this is so good. it's a country song. >> i'm probably going to like it. >> this is a band perry. this is about a woman who is so much who won't live without a man. it's bordering on psycho. ♪ ♪ i told you on the day we wed i was going to love you 'til i dead ♪ ♪ made you wait until our wedding night that's the first and the last time i wear white ♪ >> this is your wedding song? that's sick. here we go. >> nothing says love like this. ♪ tying a knot like a hangman's noose ♪ >> oh, god. >> it gets better. ♪ i'll go to hell before i see you with someone else ♪
10:10 am
>> it doesn't rhyme. ♪ you in the ground six foot down ♪ >> oh, my god. >> really? here we go. ♪ get out the gun loving one man just a little too much if you go before i do i'm going to tell the grave digger that you better dig two ♪ >> now, it's from the movie "silence of the lambs." >> i love it. >> all righty. love that, hoda. awesome. >> love you too much. >> okay or not okay from the magazine of the same name. now, i thought the question was is this okay to ever trash your boss? you said and i said -- >> not without the consequences. >> yeah. yeah. >> what does that mean? >> well, yeah, if you are going to do it, you have the right to do anything you want. if you do it, you're going to suffer the condefenses. >> what did i say? aka -- >> you said no, it's not okay.
10:11 am
if you have a problem that the boss confidz only in your nearest and dearest, don't put your stuff out on the street. >> a big congratulations to mr. al roker. his book is on the "new york times" best sellers list. he had a fun little book party. the chicks came out. he had -- everyone was there. brooke shields came, gale king came. i think there's a photo. there it is. ann curry, of course, is there. bobby was there. >> look at hoda. does everybody else look a little more dressed up? what is going on there? >> i didn't realize it was so dressy. >> she lives at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. 16 penn. married to the president in tv's new show. jenna elfman. we have a few questions for her. >> it's ambush thursday. we're going to turn these ladies around right after your local news. jolly rancher crunch n' chew.
10:12 am
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10:15 am
com"darma and greg." she's playing another housewife, so to speak, as first lady on the new nbc sit com1600 pennsylvania house. let's take a look. >> first lady and daughter apparently left their lights on. take a listen. >> what if one time i actually let loose and made a mistake? >> it would be healthy. >> i am pregnant. >> you're going to be okay. >> is that -- >> yes. i got to get to the press secretary. i did not like seeing that. >> oh, my god? >> does the president know? >> this is my fault? >> i'm not a family guy. >> does the president know? >> no. >> it's a funny peek inside the lives of the first family, but when an off camera discussion between her and her daughter was recorded, then -- >> >> you haven't changed at all since your darma days. that's a compliment. >> a mother of two young boys
10:16 am
now, which is -- that will change you. >> how old are your kids? >> 2 1/2 and 5. >> now, you play an interesting role. you're not the first wife of the president. you're the second wife, and some refer to you as the trophy wife. which you don't like. >> she's anything but really. she's accused of being a trophy wife. she's the stepmother of the four children, but she put herself through law school and ran her husband's political campaign from congressman to president. >> it's one of those kind of relationships. >> yes. >> yeah, yeah. >> you know, she's very confident in that area, but she's trying to find her way as a stepmother. >> now, you went -- your crew and cast and stuff, went to the white house yesterday for a screening of this. was it with the first family, or how did that work? >> the president -- i got this e-mail from the white house social office saying the president would like to invite to you the white house for a screening of "1600 penn." >> that must have been unnerving. >> it was exciting. >> had you been before to the white house? >> i had been to the white house. yes. i hadn't ever met a president at
10:17 am
the white house. >> which is a whole other thing. >> that's a new dynamic. that was really exciting. it was just the cast and our executive producer. >> what did they think of it? >> it was -- the president is very busy these days. he didn't stay for the -- >> were the girls there? >> no, i think michelle and the girls were off, you know -- >> mother and daughtering. >> she was doing her most important job. >> well, we just thought it would be kind of fun if we put you to the test with your improvizational skills. >> oh no. >> you and hoda and you are now -- think of us differently. we are members of the press. >> i used to be a member of the press. >> seriously. >> not anymore. >> i will remind you i'm an actress. >> exactly right. >> mrs. gilchrist, we hear the first dog has gingervitis. >> we will be brushing his teeth more often, i promise. >> ma'am, according to white house insiders your husband gets up to pee multiple times in the night. does he have a prostate problem?
10:18 am
>> no, i just keep him well hydrated. that's all. >> what about the rumor that betty white and a guest were in the lincoln bedroom, and they broke the bed. >> that's skip's bedroom, and that might be interesting. >> we hear that guest was al roker. >> uh-oh. >> she did well. >> we're very excited about this show. you can catch the series premier of 1600 penn tonight 9:30, 8:30 central here on nbc. >> we wish you all the best. >> good luck. >> two funny web casted videos. >> we'll be right back. [ boy ] eggo! [ female announcer ] eggo waffles are a great way to get your family together for breakfast. in fact, they might work too well. [ ding! ] [ shuffling, scooting ] [ clears throat ] [ children laugh ] [ female announcer ] golden, crispy outside.
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10:22 am
check it out. >> okay. >> you immediate to know how to do this. okay. so what we're going to talk about today -- >> i don't think he did it. >> no. he did not do it. >> did he. the guy came -- he is 17 years old. he realized he could do it, and it became a trick. >> he is kwishing the water and literally swallowing it. >> i don't think that's healthy. >> i think you could drown. >> i don't think that's something you would want to do a lot. >> let's not -- i just heard a thing about a woman who drowned from drinking too much water. >> i have heard that before. this one too. >> all right. okay. >> we don't recommend you try that at home, but nothing it is funnier than 9-year-old ava than gulping air. check it out. >> are you thirsty? would you like something to drink? ava? [ gulping sound ]
10:23 am
>> she's 9 months old. let me clarify that is not a 9-year-old. her mom was drinking, and she kept reaching for the glass. she handed her a plastic one, and no joke, this little girl cannot get enough of it. >> ah. >> what's funnier than this? >> she's going to be -- >> they taped it because she wanted to post it so the dad could see, and it got a ton of attention. it doesn't get better. >> even when it hits her in the head, she thinks it's funny. >> you can hear that little laugh from her toes. >> thank you, sara. >> we're going to tell you when it's okay or when it's not okay to flirt. >> also, calorie cutting tricks to help you drop those pounds. you know what you did over the holidays, and you are so shamed by it. >> then two women get instant
10:24 am
makeovers. we'll reveal their gorgeous new look. >> and big ang. little sunken places. l'oreal creates revitalift triple power moisturizer. with 3% pro-xylane- our highest concentration- to stimulate collagen. revitalift addresses the three dimensions of aging. wrinkles. two...refirm contours. three...replenish facial volume. anti-aging? make mine triple power! new revitalift triple power, from l'oreal. we're worth it.
10:25 am
( ♪ ) for those nights when it's more than a bad dream, be ready. for the days when you get a sudden call from the school, be ready. for the times you need to double-check the temperature on the thermometer, be ready. when you have children's motrin on hand, you're ready. for high fever, nothing works faster or lasts longer than children's motrin. be ready with children's motrin. hello, good morning to you. it's 10:26. i'm marla tellez. the oakland zoo will give us an update today on the condition of the alligator named mr. teeth found guarding a stash of pot inside a castro valley home. sheriff's deputies came face to face with the gator yesterday.
10:26 am
he's five foot long. officers found him in a tank apparently guarding 34 pounds of dried marijuana. mr. teeth's owner says the gator is about 16 years old. oakland zoo officials say he is very sick and will be in ga quarantine for 30 days. the owner is in jail. coming up after the break, we'll take a look at the forecast. it's cold. and have a look at those roads. ♪
10:27 am
♪ if loving you is wrong, i don't wanna be right ♪ [ abrupt record scratch, music stops ] what!? it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, 100% whole grain oats... and that sweet honey taste. you can't go wrong loving it. bee happy. bee healthy. [ female announcer ] find your favorite and fall in love with the great taste of cheerios. welcome back now. the time is 10:28. look at this.
10:28 am
a crystal clear sky over the bay bridge. we've got a really good-looking day shaping up. it's going to be cold but our air quality has been purified from the showers that came through. and we have a good deal of cloud cover right now on the western-facing slopes surrounding san jose where we're still getting a light dusting of a rain of mix and snow at about 3,000 feet. so as we head throughout the 11:00 hour, we'll continue to tell you about these showers as they develop. and we'll talk about the coldest morning potentially of the year on the way tomorrow. let's check your drive with mike. >> here in palo alto, cameras still shaking it's a little cold. traffic nicely here. north of that, san mateo southbound 101, reports of a minor crash. that will cause a little more slowing. still slow in that direction for your morning commute. north 880 okay. south 880, there's a disabled vehicle causing slowing. >> more of the day's top stories coming up in 30 minutes. laura garcia-cannon and i hope
10:29 am
to see you at 11:00. back now with more of today on this thirsty thursday. time for ambush makeovers where two women from the plaza get two new looks. >> as always today credibilitior and stylist to the stars luis bacari. >> thank you. >> yeah. >> you got to change it p for the new year. >> today contributor and contributing editor for people style watch jill martin. >> she's also an author. >> i have heard that rumor. >> there was a crazy fun crowd of women from the delta sigma theta sorority today sdwloosh yes, there was. they all had on their make-up. it's hard to choose because everybody looked great. >> were they fighting amongst themselves for the opportunity? >> we had a big cat fight. >> let's start off with emma allen. she's 53 years old from helena,
10:30 am
alabama. between volunteering at her local elementary school and church and spending time with her grandchildren, she doesn't have a lot of time to focus on herself, and she was thrilled when we approached her in the plaza. let's take a look. >> happy anniversary, and what a way to celebrate, huh? >> yes, yes. >> when you met emma, what did her hair look like? >> it was blacker, and she didn't have any gray, and now she always complains that she doesn't like that gray, so she wants to -- she's always saying i need to do something about this gray hair. >> you met her two decades ago, so things were a little different. what do you think about coloring your hair? >> i would love to do it. i have lore in here now, but as you can see, it's not working. >> we're going to give you a little louis bacari, what do you think? >> i would love it. >> oh. >> the colorist to the stars. >> emma looks great. i can't believe she's 53. we're going to show you emma's before picture. all right, emma. let's see the new you.
10:31 am
>> oh, i am sorry. >> wow. >> hey. are you ready to see yourself? >> i am. >> are you sure, emma? >> i'm sure. >> spin right around and look at that mirror behind you. you look good. >> she's beautiful. >> sexy hair. >> i love the hair. >> turn right around and look right at this camera right here, hon. tell us what you did with the hair? >> first of all, vanessa gave her this great haircut. she gave her the bangs, which really -- >> flirty. >> framed her face and put it in great proportion. i made her, browner, a little lighter, and added barely there -- >> really soft highlights. >> warm up the whole thing. you're to glamorous. it's incredible. >> are you hot. >> the perfect outfit. >> pretty dress. >> there's a big black tie on saturday night where everybody goes for the party. >> this is london times. i love it because they've got built-in jacket, and then, yes,
10:32 am
you can wear open toe shoes in the winter, which everybody always asks. >> beautiful. >> oh, my gosh. >> big round of applause. >> we'll ask you to stand right over there and face the wall so you don't see your friend who is coming out. >> that friend is our next lady, debora harris from hoover, alabama. she told us she loves putting on makeup, but she's not very good at it, so she jumped at the opportunity to get a glam new look. let's hear her story. >> all right, emma. it's debora's turn. what do we think? >> i would like to see her hair done differently. this is her standard style. i would really like to see her change. she's always saying i just don't know what i'm going to do with my hair. my beautician does this and she does that, but it just doesn't come out right. we want to have her done and see what she looks like with a different style. >> okay. because we're ready to celebrate. have you ever had straight hair? i have a feeling we may straighten a little bit. >> i had it since i was young, and i would lot of to see myself again in straight hair. >> ready for ten years off?
10:33 am
>> oh, yes. >> what two lovely ladies they are? >> adorable. >> emma is going to wait and see, and we'll take a look at debora and bring out the brand new debora harris. ♪ >> wow. wow, wow, wow. >> stand right there. >> wow. right there. >> are you ready to -- >> emma, you ready to turn around and see her? >> are you seeing each other. >> oh, yes. >> you look beautiful. >> well, look at yourself. turn around, debora and look in this mirror, please. [ scream ] >> whoa! i look beautiful. >> you ladies are two sticks of dynomite. i'm telling you. >> turn around and look right there, please. >> what a nice change. >> what did she say? >> i'm -- >> how do i look? >> well, it doesn't even look like the same person. it really doesn't. tell us what you did. >> debora needed fullness in her
10:34 am
hair. her hair was too close to her head. it was flat. vanessa gave her this great haircut. very simple haircut, but gave it this fullness with the swept over bang, which is always very sexy. >> so pretty. >> then i gave her highlights to take away some of the red caps which were fighting her skin tone. >> did you have straighten it or no? >> this is blow drying. >> yeah. >> oh, so pretty. >> thank you. >> these ladies are going to rock it on saturday night. >> i have your dress from london times. i love how it shapes her body, and you can even get them from a trimming store and just wrap them around. >> let's bring emma and step out here. >> congratulations. delta sigma theta, happy birthday. 100 years old. >> all the best ladies. there is a big hit show called "mafia wives" and hide the children and sharp objects. all of that. after these messages. [ female announcer ] imagine skin so healthy, it never gets dry again.
10:35 am
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10:38 am
>> angela came on to the scene as one of the stars of the vh1 series "mob wives." >> her larger than wife personalities along with other larger than life things led to her own spin-off called "big ang." she even wrote her own book. with more laughs and more surgery, but not where you think. take a look. >> i did the two big toes and the pinkie here, the pinkie
10:39 am
there. we moved them. >> i did have six toes. i don't have the downtime to do one at a time. it would take me six years. >> oh. now, she's with us today. we haven't seen you in a while. >> how was your holiday? >> it was very good. i'm very glad it's over. it's overrated. >> it is? >> tell us about the toes. what's going on? why did you have all that surgery? >> because i had ingrown toenails on the big toe, which i couldn't deal with anymore because the pedicure people just wreck it every time you go, and the two pinkie toes had -- they're called hammer toe, so i took the bone down. so the shoes don't hurt. >> how do they feel now? >> they feel good. >> you got high heels on too. >> so all is well. you can put your -- you can walk and do your hang from the chandelier in those things? >> everything is great. >> run from your friends, which in new episodes. >> i better wear sneakers. >> these women are tough
10:40 am
cookies. >> i'm scared. >> you're kind of the peace maker, which is -- >> everybody sort of comes to to just make some sense out of insanity. >> because they're arguing over stuff from 20 years ago. >> right. >> why don't they leave the past? what happened is in the past. >> that's what i say. >> she's a big problem this year. a big one. >> this -- when the hurricane hit, a lot of people were affected, and we got -- >> staten island. >> you especially. your whole business sort of got -- >> my salon got washed away. we're starting to rebuild this week. >> what about the drunken monkey? >> that was fine. >> we are so glad. >> keep the drunks safe. >> they need to have a place to go too. i hope it's okay to do this, but in real life you're married to an irishman. >> thank you. >> he is very cute. you want to come over and say hello to america? come over since you're not miked. there you are. there you go. >> how come we've never seen you?
10:41 am
>> i have to share my -- >> oh. let's see. >> right next to big ang. when did this happen? >> show her. >> where is it? >> show her. >> wait until you see this. >> oh, gosh. >> can we get a -- oh, my gosh. >> look at that. >> that's love. >> i think that means you two are blissfully happy. >> very happy. >> how long have you been married? >> four years. >> you are stuck with her forever. >> you are stuck with her forever. >> what's the easiest? >> eating her food. >> eating her food. awesome, yes. >> what's your favorite dish she makes for you? >> her sunday sauce, meat balls. she makes the best meat balls. sfoo what's the hardest part? >> what's the hardest part? >> she boxes you around? >> living with her. >> you are adorable. >> come back and make meatballs sometime. >> i would love to. >> the whole world can eat 24e78. >> she makes the best. >> what a cute couple you are,
10:42 am
by the way. >> thank you. >> adorable. four years and -- >> 40 years old. i'll be 53. >> big ang is a cougar. >> yes, you are. >> happy new year to you, but i just -- you're having a happy nigh year. batting the eye lashes, a tilt of the head. we'll tell you when flirting can lead to trouble. the allergy mud. you know who you are. you can part a crowd, without saying a word... if you have yet to master the quiet sneeze... you stash tissues like a squirrel stashes nuts... well muddlers, muddle no more. try zyrtec®. it gives you powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because zyrtec® starts working at hour one on the first day you take it. claritin® doesn't start working until hour three. zyrtec®. love the air.
10:43 am
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10:44 am
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10:45 am
it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
10:46 am
>> oh. >> are you hodie? >> i'm very tactile. >> wow. >> when you are dress the up to look good for that co-worker or bat your eyes at the man in the gym every day. hoda. >> yeah. i'm just tactile. it's good and natural, and it's a great way to meet people, but as you have probably found out, it can lead to trouble. when is it okay and when is it not okay? >> here with some advice, sex and relationship therapist to the stars iank rearne and laurie
10:47 am
laslo. >> people are still, still not learning from mistakes, are they? >> in this new world, in this new year, nothing has changed. >> nope. nope. i mean, when it comes to flirting, i have a simple rule. i don't know if you agree. i think if you are in a relationship, if are you married, you do not flirt with anyone except your partner. >> that's -- >> there's not enough flirting in your relationship. >> i think he is right. >> couples get too disconnected, too bored, and you put all that flirting energy into somebody else and not your partner. tloo then they get jealous. >> i agree with that. you should always be flirting with your partner. flirting is a gift. the way you two flirt with each other. you have someone you love, show them all the time. >> but here's the thing. i think when some people are tactile, and when you talk to somebody, if you hold someone's eyes, like i'm holding your eyes for longer than is normal, i know it's okay to do that, but there is ae point where everyone
10:48 am
who flirts knows when they're stepping over the line. >> i don't know if they know. hoed wra. >> flirting is fun. >> let's talk about being friendly. you are just talking about being professional. you are not talking about altering the energy and making it a little sexier. >> you're not married, hoda. you're not in a serious relationship. >> god. thanks for that. >> you can flirt with everybody. >> i woman drive my husband crazy. it creates problems. >> what about it? you are going out with your friend. your dear presented. >> hoda. >> you are married, and you are her wing woman. you have got to flirt for her. >> but, you know -- >> let's be real. you do flirt. you do flirt. that's your nature. your nature is that -- >> you know what, remember the trouble with trouble is you don't know you're in trouble until you're in trouble. i learned that because i was flirting one time, and it could have been dangerous. i ran for the hills. it leads to trouble. >> i think it does. i mean, if you are single, i
10:49 am
think it's a completely different story. then you want to put out signals when you are in that courtship context. you want to flirt. i mean -- >> when -- >> don't put out. >> there you go. men and women take it differently, don't they? women who flirt are seen as -- it's charming and adorable. men who flirt too much, they're gross. >> weird. >> you know how men flirt? they flirt with humor. they usually flirt verbally. i feel so sorry for women because you have to put up with all the lame humor of men who flirt. women usually are just a little more physical about things and -- >> women are coy. >> jim bell, our boss here, you flirted with him. >> we love his wife. we're not doing anything -- we know that's okay and we're not crossing over the line. >> if are you in a relationship and you can flirt as though your partner were there in the room with you, i think you're in good shape. >> that means i can't flirt at all ever. >> i mean, i'm single for other things. i'm not single and happily married. we flirt. me and my business partner, we
10:50 am
flirt all day, but we know we're off the table. >> are you off the table. >> great. all right. we just learned something new. >> we sure did. >> you want to look good for all that flirting, you we have tricks to cut on the hundreds of calories. >> really? >> you won'ts even miss them. >> joy bauer has one of these. yeah.
10:51 am
(woman) 3 days of walking to give a break cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful
10:52 am
(woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information and receive a free 3-day bracelet today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
10:53 am
>> only ten days into 2013 so you are probably still trying to take off the holidays pounds. >> joy bauer has clever tricks to cut calories in our favorite foods and snacks. who is more clever than you. >> nobody. >> thank you. >> we talked at the top of the show about how diet drinks and sodas seem to cause depression. what is the truth about that? >> well, first off, this is a serious study. it was out of nih, and they followed over 250,000 people. it's an association. what that means is out of this large group of people, the people that were drinking
10:54 am
regularly the sugary sodas and the diet tote toad yashgs were more likely to be diagnosed with die d depression later on. it didn't show the chemicals in diet soda or the sugar in regular soda caused it. i think this raises eyebrows. researchers are going to dive in. at the end of the day soda is not good for you anyway. it doesn't even matter what the outcomes are. >> i had a friend that lost 30 pounds after giving up diet soda. >> some people feel like it intensifies the sweet cravings. that's probably what happened. >> let's talk -- >> let's eat while we talk. what are we doing here? >> everybody loves guacamole, but unfortunately it's very good for you, but it's fattening because it's a lot of good fat. a half a cup is 170 calories. i want you to dump this into here, the guacamole. you're going to dump the sals why into that. we are going to drive those calories down simply by adding salsa. what you are going to do -- it
10:55 am
looks delicious. >> hoda, you're going to guess how many calories per half cuff that same half cup and this version has right over here. >> i'm going to guess 200. >> what are you going to guess? >> how much was it to begin with? >> no. >> i don't understand the question. >> half a cup of regular guacamole is 170 calories. now that same half a cup that you have added salsa, how much is it now? >> 100. >> wow. kathie lee gets the point. whu. >> i didn't know what it was before. >> move along here. >> better. better. >> you pour yourself a glass of fruit juice, no matter what it is. orange, pine apple, apple. 210 calories for this innocent little glass. to still get that shot of sweetness and a refreshing beverage, you are going to fill up a glass two ounces and then you are going to fill it with some seltzer. >> no calories at all in
10:56 am
seltzer? >> no. nothing. no sugar. no artificial sweeteners. >> that's your best friend. >> how many calories in the -- >> i would say 110. >> kathie lee. >> no. close to 100 again because it's the sugar. >> how about this? 35 calories zoosh what? >> good one. >> 210 to 35. >> it's good. >> i actually like it better. >> i do too. >> you get the point again? >> no, she did not. >> it's a tie. it's a tie. >> so this is a huge one. 750 calories for one cup of traditional trail mix. you would have to walk eight miles to burn that off. how many calories do you think my new version with popcorn? >> it's got raisins and cranberries. >> raisins cranberries, almonded, peanuts, dark chocolate chips. >> 500. >> 15 seconds. >> 110. >> stop it. >> okay. >> we got to go. can we come back and do more of
10:57 am
these? lucky charms?!
10:58 am
♪ yer always after me lucky charms! whoa. i forgot how good these taste! [ lucky ] ♪ they're magically delicious now all general mills big g kid cereals have more whole grain than any other ingredient in cereals like lucky charms and cinnamon toast crunch, the delicious way to help them grow up strong.
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good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon in for jon kelley. we do begin with breaking news this morning are the alameda county sheriff's department and oakland county police are at a stand-off. this is a live look at the picture. we see officers on the scene. it looks to be in a residential area. a spokesman tells us the civil unit was serving some sort of papers in an apartment complex there. a deputy went inside. there was a man in a bed with a gun. now, the deputy backed off and reportedly no shots were fired. but they are evacuating that apartment complex in that area. once again, the 3700 block of fruitvale avenue in oakland. we'll continue to follow that story as


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