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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  February 7, 2013 11:00am-11:30am PST

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manifesto linking himself to the crimes. >> the lapd initiated more than 40 protection details throughout the region. these protection details were based on information contained in his manifesto. >> police say before the police shootings overnight, dorner may have attempted to steal a boat from a man in san diego. police say dorner is armed and extremely dangerous. >> we can tell you this manhunt has bay area officers on alert as well. the chp issuing statewide blue alert that happened earlier this morning. mike inouye joins us live in the newsroom with more on that side of the story and exactly how officers are trying to get the word out. >> good morning. the official term that you guys just used, blue alert. like the better known amber alert, this goes out to the general public. you see some of them here. this is lit up over interstate 80 in hercules. following a violent attack on a
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law enforcement offer, like this case, it's designed to get as many eyes as possible looking for the suspect and the suspect vehicle for a safe and hopefully swift capture. we have a picture released by the irvine police department showing both the truck and the suspect. though the alert started in southern california, it's statewide search. the suspect is said to be armed and dangerous. like the sign says, call 911 if you see a truck that matched that description. the gray nissan titan pick-up. police say it's quite possible that he has switched the license plates out by now. tips are coming in. there's a lot of information to vet. but thank you all for calling in, again, as the officers have said, call 911. don't do anything else but call 911. back to you. >> you can logon to for the latest. new at 11:00, a brother, sister and their mother are recovering from gunshot wounds
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in vallejo after burglars broke into their home early this morning. police are investigating the scene on mcdougal street. this is in north vallejo. this is also close to sears point road. nbc bay area's christie smith is live with the latest on this information. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning, marla. the extended family here is doing surprisingly well considering what happened overnight. two men in hoodies broke into this home behind me and started shooting. three people inside were hospitalized. i spoke with one brother, he thinks the home may be picked because it's on a busy street and there's a busy bar across the street but police aren't sure. two men broke in overnight and started shooting. la nguyen came down immediately after he saw news reports on his cousin's home. >> i said, that's my cousin's house.
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i called her husband. i called him. >> reporter: the husband was at work. inside, it was terrifying. a mom and her two adult children were shot. police say a daughter saw the men first. and as she retreated to her room, they fired, hitting her in the hand. >> the brother who's also in his 20s came out from his bedroom and was confronted by the two suspects. he was shot in the face. the mother came out from her bedroom and was shot in the lower body area. >> reporter: then the two men in hooded sweatshirts ran away. the family taken to the police as poli -- taken to the hospital as police arrived. investigators said they don't know if any words were exchanged or why this home was chosen, that it appears to be random. >> over here, a couple of gunshots not too long ago. all the time over here. maybe some guy jumped the fence.
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>> anytime we get an egregious act like this that's shocking to the conscience, we do all we can. >> reporter: the one brother that we spoke with this morning who wasn't home at the time says that his brother who was shot in the face is in surgery but all three of them are expected to make a full recovery. reporting live in vallejo, christie smith, nbc bay area news. police right now in san jose on the lookout for a parolee who ends up giving officers the slip. officers arrested and handcuffed anthony sanchez yesterday on hillsdale avenue in south san jose and somehow sanchez was able to slip his handcuffs to the front of his body. he then hopped into the driver's seat of a police van and simply drove off. he ultimately ditched that van in a neighborhood near almaden expressway and wren drive. police were able to find that van but they could not find sanchez. police are currently looking for
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sanchez, a 32-year-old man from san jose. he was arrested for a probation violation and warrants. he's 5'8" and 275 pounds. new this morning, san jose fire investigators are looking for the cause of an overnight house fire near the rose ganrden. the home was vacant. here's pictures from this morning. it happened a little after 1:30 at a home near dana avenue and mckendrie street, just a few blocks from the rose garden. new details expected today surrounding a triple murder in sonoma county. a victim's brother found three men shot to death inside a home in forestville on tuesday afternoon. investigators linking the killings to an illegal marijuana deal. an autopsy right now expected to be performed sometime today. meantime, police still searching for suspects in this case. an emotional debate about gun sales in los gatos takes an
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ugly turn. one of the owners of templar stores, robert chang, spoke at a crowded public hearing about his store and the future of gun sales in los gatos. he refused to publicly name his two business partners citing safety concerns. chang's attorney says san jose police are investigating the threats. he also notified the los gatos police because the town council is scheduled to continue this discussion about guns at a special meeting monday night. >> i suggested that they delay monday's meeting. that would give the chief an opportunity and los gatos police department an opportunity to take whatever security measures that they want to. >> chang is now taking extra security precautions but his attorney says the threat will not scare him out of business. it is the only fire station in the city of clayton. and it's only open six hours a day, six days a week. this cut as a result of a
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failure of measure "q," the contra costa district parcel tax. residents are trying to come up with creative solutions to help fund emergency services. for now, the station will only be staffed between 2:00 in the afternoon and 8:00 at night monday through saturday. it's raining, it's pouring. the old man is snoring. is that right? >> bumped his head -- >> when he went to head and he couldn't get up in the morning. >> talk about full service. >> it's raining out there, but nothing like we're getting ready to experience on the east coast. i like to put a little positive spin on things whenever i can. we need that rain. let's show you. the bulk of the moisture has come through the bay area. right here in the south bay at 11:09. what we're expecting from this system, we're not out of the woods just yet. all this moisture racing towards morgan hill.
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be there in about half an hour. and on its way to gilroy in 45 minutes. spotty activity throughout the day today. the steady rain, at least for now, is going to give us a little bit of a break. showers and a cold blast on the way tomorrow morning. low snow levels here in the bay area. potentially a mix of rain and snow right on the valley floor. that's coming up. and then this weekend, near record lows will make way to bright sunshiny days. that's good news and also good news, friday eve. >> that's what i'm talking about. we'll check back with you in a second. maybe more nursery rhymes? >> hopefully. >> not really a singer. new details coming up in the terror attack in benghazi, libya. it ultimately killed a u.s. ambassador. we'll let you know why the secretary of defense is standing behind the military's response. plus -- >> until that time, she should shut up. >> new jersey governor chris christie responds to a doctor's
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taking you back down to southern california where we continue to follow that massive manhunt that has triggered a warning for law enforcement all over california. these are pictures from san diego as police surround a hotel in this area where they think christopher dorner may be holed up. he's a former l.a. officer who shot three officers overnight, killing one of them. we're just getting this in to our newsroom that the navy said the point loma naval base, right next to this hotel, is currently on lockdown. so this manhunt now affecting the naval base point loma in san diego. we'll stay on the story to bring you the very latest. and new details right now on the terrorist attack at the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya.
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defense secretary loma prieta telling the senate his department did everything it could to respond to those attacks. a total of four americans, including ambassador chris stevens, were killed in the attacks last september. panetta telling the senate armed services committee there simply was not enough time or information to mount an effective military response given the speed of this terrorist attack. the secretary added, he feels comfortable the defense department did all that it could in response to that sudden assau assault. boeing conducted a test flight of its 787 dreamliner this morning, the first since the planes were grounded after a serious of problems last month. this right here, new video of the plane taking off in ft. worth, texas. this is a crew-only flight and was very brief. the 787 dreamliner was grounded last month after the main battery in one of the planes caught fire. the ntsb will hold a news conference today to talk about the investigation into the dreamliner's battery problems. because of the recent issues,
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ana has canceled its dreamliner flights in and out of san francisco international through the end of march. scott mcgrew, an airline facing brand-new competition? >> yeah, $49 is the ticket price between here and l.a. restrictions apply. it's because of virgin america's prices. really southwest is cheaper than virgin because when you think about it, virgin charges $25 a suitcase and southwest doesn't. so if you do check a bag, the trip on southwest down to l.a.x., $97 total with taxes. that same trip on virgin would cost $147. also new this morning, a big investor has sued apple complaining apple has too much money. apple has an astounding $100 billion in cash, a record for an american company. and investor david einhorn says the money should be paid out as a dividend to investors.
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that is the idea behind buying shares in a company. you own part of the company, you're entitled to part of the profits. young companies don't pay dividends. but eventually investors want their payback. and apple is the most valuable biggest company in the country. >> scott, thanks so much. new jersey governor chris christie is firing back at a former white house physician after she made comments about his weight in an interview with cnn. >> if she wants to get on a plane and come here to new jersey and ask me if she wants to examine me and review my medical conversation, i'll have a conversation with her about that. until that time, she should shut up. >> christie is referring to comments made by dr. connie mariano who told cnn he is worried christie may die in office if he's elected president. christie is used to talking about his weight and has acknowledged he does have a weight problem. but he says that a doctor who doesn't know his medical history should not try to diagnose him.
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>> that story getting a little bit salty. moving to golf, it's the only event on the pga tour where fans don't come out to see the pros. >> it's all about the celebrities. they are converging on pebble beach this morning. we sent our own bob redell down to pebble beach this morning for a preview of the day ahead. bob redell, i am so jealous. >> reporter: especially with this beautiful view out ear this morning right here on the monterey peninsula. good morning. 312 professional and amateur golfers teeing off for a 2013 at&t national pro am. there are some professionals getting a lot of attention. one of them, this gentleman right here, talking about phil mickelson, seen teeing off at the monterey country club. he's here this year to defend his title. he's a four-time champion, one
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title away from tying five-time winner mark o'meara. who's been crowned the king of pebble beach. the pros are paired up with celebrities like ray romano. also with them was huey lewis and bill murray. there was a big name in the newcomer division this year. talking about former secretary of state condoleezza rice. she lives near the course on campus. she does try to play a lot. and we hear she's quite good with a 16 or 17 handicap. she admitted she's nervous about playing in front of a gallery. we turned to a regular amateur around here on how to deal with the pressure. >> i think if it's your first time here, the nerves on the first hole, you can't avoid that. maybe on the second hole. i think after a while, people --
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the fans know the amateurs are just there to have fun even though we're really -- inside we're playing, we're very competitive. but they're not expecting much. so i think if you know that, anything you hit good is just a bonus. if you hit it bad, they're expecting us to hit it bad anyway. >> i have wanted to do it. the scheduling has never quite worked out. maybe i wanted to get my golf game a little bit better. >> reporter: what are your expectations here so far? >> i'm just going to try to hit the ball well and have fun. >> reporter: any pressure playing in front of a gallery? >> no, of course! are you kidding? >> reporter: how do you feel about your game today? >> well, there are a lot of nice people. it's always fun to come and play. it's a gorgeous place.
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>> reporter: the always very modest bill murray. the facial hair is not for effect. he's grown that out for a new movie that he'll be starring in. it's a wes anderson film. a couple of notable exceptions, no-shows this year, george lopez. on the professional side, tiger woods. play continues throughout today. and, of course, will go on throughout the weekend on sunday reporting live here along the monterey peninsula, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> bob, thanks so much. surprising about lopez because he lives right down there. >> george loves to play golf, too. christina loren telling us we're going to see rain down there? >> they certainly are. pebble beach, look at the front headed their way. it's going to be about three hours before it makes it to pebble beach. but they'll certainly have some wet golfing pictures to show you tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00.
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can't wait to see the other interviews bob is going to score. want to show you where the front is currently draped. bulk of the moisture over san jose, south to morgan hill. it will be in gilroy in the next 47 minutes. as we head throughout the day today, we have two more waves of moisture to get through. this is the first one. i just showed you where that is right now. this one arrives just in time for the evening commute. want to time that out for you, starting at about 7:00 a.m., the coast getting slammed yet again with light to moderate rainfall. continuing those showers overnight. that third wave comes through. snow expected now on top of mt. hamilton. a nice dusting above 2,000 feet and potentially getting a little bit of snow, everything timed out just right, even on the valley floor. it's going to be really interesting when we meet back here tomorrow morning. we stop the clock at 3:00 p.m. friday. still getting very light shower
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activity. but then those skies open up, the cold sets in. and we're going to be talking about potential records on saturday morning. some of the coldest air of the year on the way as we head into the weekend. it's still going to be nice out there at at&t park for fanfest on saturday. overall next week, looking pretty good. temperatures warming up a touch. another storm system on the way late wednesday into thursday. back to you. >> christina, thanks so much. still ahead, startling news in the fight against alzheimer's disease. we'll tell you about the new statistics doctors hope will take the search for the cure to the next level. and then a new study shows healthier fast food is good for more than just your waistline. why lowering the calories is boosting restaurants' bottom line.
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doctors have a dire prediction for fighting alzheimer's. new research showing the number of americans living with alzheimer's will triple in the next 40 years. the projections and besides the need to find a treatment for the mind-robbing disease, however, doctors fear a cure or better treatment is still fairly far off. researchers also focusing efforts on early diagnosis. a new report reveals low-cal ri menu items are gaining in popularity and beefing up restaurant sales. a study of 21 fast-food and sitdown restaurant chains found low-cal food and drink refills rose between 2006 and 2011. high calorie items fell more than 4%. restaurants that increased their low-cal options significantly boosted their sales while those with fewer diet entrees saw their profits drop. >> as you live by healthy, clean
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living. way to go. >> we'll be right back.
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just learning riverside police are just starting a press conference about this manhunt under way in southern california these pictures from a hotel where police have surrounded looking for christopher dorner who shot three l.a. police officers overnight. the very latest tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents are awesome.
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