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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 22, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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high concentration. >> reporter: the highest tce levels measured in ground water reached 130,000 parts per billion. anything over five parts per billion the epa considers unsafe. >> once we found these concentrations, which were surprising, we took immediate action. >> reporter: this is another home where they found high levels of tce. the company installed a series of four pipes in and around his home to ventilate the toxic fumes leeching from the ground away from the house's interior to the outside. >> they found high concentration and with the system it pumps out all the fumes so it's safe. >> reporter: he and his family lived here 45 years. despite the contraptions pumping air away from the inside of his house he says he's not worried about his or his family's health. >> they can prove that they have an issue with the fumes, but
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it's not death-defying or it's not going to be a detriment to your health. >> reporter: included among those structures two new google office buildings where renovations allowed higher than expected levels of tce to leach into the air where google employees worked. >> scared, nervous, worried. very worried. >> reporter: teresa larue remains concerned, concerned that not even the epa can say how long the fumes have been leeching into her neighborhood or how long she and her family have unknowingly been exposed. >> i'm very scared. i have children. i have grandchildren. >> reporter: as for the 0 plus office buildings including google's where the epa found higher than acceptable levels of tce, these test results show that some levels of tce with air conditioning systems in some
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buildings were 26 times higher than expected safe levels. the epa now says that those systems are in place to keep those vapors outside the buildings and google tells us they may take this matter very seriously. they've already taken measures to ensure that those buildings and those work areas are now safe. raj? jessica? >> you see the number on your scre screen. 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to the unit. new tonight at 6:00, a second woman has been charged in the high-profile killing of a multimillionaire. 32-year-old katrina marie was ararnd on charges today and held without bail. police arrested her and detectives claim she is a prostitute who was frequently hired by the victim who was killed in a home invasion. her brother is one of three men charged in the case as well. prosecutors aren't commenting
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how her role took place in the crime. another woman had previously been charged as an accessory after prosecutors say they found photos of entry points to cura's home on her cell phone. well, she has been fingered again, ayala who garnered notoriety seven years ago after placing a severed finger in a bowl of wendy's chili is back in jail. damian trujillo covered the case in 2005. she's back at the hall of justice with the new details. damian? >> reporter: inasked the d.a. if ayala has a problem tell the truth and he says, we'll see. now if she is convicted of being an accessory to a felony after the fact and for lying to police, ayala could spend another four years in prison. she hid her face after noticing cameras were waiting for her inside the courtroom. ayala is back in jail gash,
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again, accused of lying to investigators. >> she obviously didn't learn her lesson. >> reporter: ayala's son was also in court on crutches. police say the family dialed 911 back in october after he accidentally shot himself with the gun. they say the duo tried to finger someone else as the shooter but that reyes later said he was lying. >> he admitted to it, however, she helped out. now i'm going to stonewall you. i don't know who you're talking about, similar things we saw in 2005 with the chili case. she didn't learn if that whole case. >> reporter: she garnered attention after placing a severed finger in a bowl of wendy's chili. she wanted to sue the fast food chain but was caught and convicted for making up the story. she doesn't like seeing ayala behind bars again. >> it's not good. i worry.
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i worry. >> reporter: ayala's son is a felon and is not supposed to have a gun. ayala is accused of being an accessory for a felony, knowing her son illegally had the gun. and the misdemeanor for lying to police. her bail is set at $150,000. >> she has a his trif manipulating the system for her own gain and we feel she is a flight risk. >> reporter: investigators say they have caught ayala in another lie. and, again, this investigation lasted for months. police say they have better things to do especially with the low staffing lels. live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo. on his way to get a marriage license and something unexpected happened. a san jose police officer was out of uniform and out of his jurisdiction, but he went to work anyway. he came to the rescue arresting a strong-armed robber on a b.a.r.t. train last week. >> the other passenger on the train -- amazing. it was so nice to see, motivating for me, people who
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don't have training, they're not police officers, they don't have weapons, and they're trying, trying their best to keep this person on the train and keep him from getting away even using tazers. so it was really neat to see. that was one of the things that motivated me. i can't let these people without training doing their best. if they're doing it, we're all jumping in. >> he says it's probably his last arrest since he's about to undergo a sixth knee surgery which might force him to retire. why five knee surgeries? he's a former football star at the university of washington. tonight a former actor and theater teacher is facing child molestation charges. jason pedroza. they received a tip he engaged in sex acts with underaged girls. he turned himself in. p police believe it happened in
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walnut creek. the company says he was fired in november. pedroza worked at a ballet school. police are urging anyone who might have had contact with pedroza to contact them. >> seven years gone, part of a lifetime stolen by a criminal justice system that wrongly convicted ronald. the man walked out of jail and in a a new life, one that sees him as innocent and sees him as free. jodi hernandez is live in dublin. jodi, so emotional for him especially for his mom. >> reporter: very emotional, jessica. the mother and son hugged and sobbed in the courtroom as the judge ordered ross' release this morning, then late this afternoon ronald ross walked out of the jail feeling the freedom of sunshine on his shoulders at last. that's how ronald ross says it felt to walk out of jail a free man after spending nearly seven
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years behind bars for a crime he didn't commit. ross has been released. how does freedom feel? >> oh, it feels great. man, it feels great. i mean, it's a blessing. it's a blessing. i was blessed by god. >> reporter: he was wrongfully convicted of attempted murder of a shooting after two witnesses misidentified him, only to recant later. it took lawyers from the san francisco law firm and from the northernc california innocence project four years to win hiz freedom. >> in june 2011 we finally got a break in the case which was a declaration from one of the witnesses saying that he lied at trial and that ronald ross was not the shooter. and from there everything started falling into place. >> that's a day for me. lord knows. >> reporter: ross' mother says her prayers have finally been answered. she could barely contain herself when a judge ordered his release this morning. >> i feel like when he said that, i feel like i could jump
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up and holler and scream and say i told you he was innocent. i told you he was innocent. >> reporter: ross' mother says he requested a meal of sh rrimp and oysters, a meal she intended to fix him tonight. now ross says he plans to take a vacation and reconnect with family. interestingly enough he said he is not angry and said he feels blessed for what he calls a dream team of attorneys, attorneys that without he believes he would still most certainly be behind prison walls. reporting live in dublin, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> what a great homecoming tonight. unsettling new research on earthquakes. still ahead at 6:00, the connection to a population boom. >> and then how safe are your kids on the slopes? we're going to tell you about a big boost in safety for california ski resorts. >> and behind the gates of the california national guard. after months of avoiding questions about a disturbing culture, we catch up with the general in charge.
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and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. mrent they of extremes in the weather department this week. right now temperatures close to 70 degrees in gilroy with 67 and here we go again, a system off to the north. we'll track our chances of drizzle for tonight coming up in a few minutes.
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the california national guard members used its highest ranking officer of failing to address a disturbing culture. >> david baldwin avoided answering questions on the matter before and after a series of investigations with our sister station out of los angeles. tony kovaleski, the general is talking and he's not happy with what you've been reporting. >> reporter: i think that's fair, jess, and he's not happy
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with members of his own guard questioning what they've labelled as a toxic culture. he declined our interview request but we told general baldwin to expect our cameras and our questions. he found both in san francisco. joel baldwin? tony can kovaleski. do you have a few minutes to talk with us. >> we can walk down to the h hotel. >> reporter: members of his leadership team have said general david baldwin has a great story to tell. i would like too much your answers to questions brought up by members of your guard. but for some unknown reason general baldwin has continually avoided our request to sit down for 15 minutes and answer accusations raised by more than two dozen members of his guard. >> i can tell you the culture in the 129 rescue is fractured. it's toxic in my opinion. >> i'm angry because to make changes in the organization.
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i just can't accept that. >> they don't want their reputation to be tarnished. they don't want heat or light on their unit. >> reporter: they said that you have not met their expectations in fixing the culture. how do you answer that? >> we had a survey done last july by the equal opportunity management that shows we have the best command climate in the entire department of defense. >> reporter: but the connection is not clear. we don't know how the survey addresses accusations raised in our investigation that the general since taking command nearly two years ago has ignored a toxic culture hyped the gates of the guard. they say you haven't answered questions about sexual harassment, racism, retaliation. >> they're wrong. all of their allegations have been thoroughly investigated by outside, independent experts, the department of defense, are from the united states air fo e force, and none of their allegations have been substantiated. >> reporter: accusations by more than a dozen guard members were documented in this report
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co-authored by a member of the oklahoma national guard. >> it was clear to us, according to them, that california's national guard was not following the proper procedures as squout lined in the national guard regulations. >> reporter: it read in part sexual harassment and hostile working environment are common place in the california air national guard. it said racial tension has been high since 2008 and petty says he found proof the california guard failed to immediately assign counselors and investigators when its members filed complaints. a violation of national guard standards. what is the current reputation of the california national guard? >> it's not a good one. it's not a good reputation. it's not. >> the petty report. you order ed it. taxpayers paid for it and essentially it was ignored. how do you argue that? >> there was no report. that document was merely a collection of individual
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statements that were never investigated. >> reporter: in your decades of experience, have you ever seen anything like you found in california? >> no. no. i never found that many people who weren't getting -- >> i can't believe the chain of command can't take care of people. >> they like to keep this a dirty little secret. they like to keep it in the closet with other skeletons. now the skeletons are starting to spill out. >> reporter: we asked to sit down with you. we didn't want to meet you on the street like this. why have you avoided answering our questions? >> because i find your journalistic ethics to be completely substandard. >> reporter: you specifically talked about what we've done -- >> an allegation that said one of her complaints may not have been investigated, you held on to that for six months. that's reprehensible, tony. >> reporter: we believe he's talking about our six-month investigation before and following our report general baldwin has had several opportunities to address claims members of his guard failed to
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properly handle issues of sexual assault and sexual harassment brought to light by master sergeant jessica brown. >> i just want it to stop. i just want it to stop. >> reporter: we gave you every opportunity to answer it. we gave you every opportunity to answer it and you avoided our questions. will you sit down with us, sir? >> can you please go outside? thank you. >> reporter: so after five months and multiple interview requests, the general spent less than two minutes answering some of the questions raise d by our investigation and members of his guard. we remain willing to sit down with general baldwin for an in-depth review of the issues, and we did confirm the survey general baldwin cite ed d in ou interview, but we were not allowed to confirm his claim issues raised by members of his guard were actually investigated. the california guard will not
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provide those reports for our review. jess? >> okay, thank you, tony. it's information that we discovered most ski resorts have but just don't tell you. the new ski safety bill would change that. the new legislation introduced in the wake of an nbc bay area investigation. state senator bill monte represents portions of monterey, santa cruz, and santa clara counties. his new bill would require california ski resorts to prepare an annual safety plan detailing accident prevention efforts and to report injuries and deaths that happened on the mountains and that would be available for public viewing. he hopes the bill will make it ease wrer to make it to governor brown's desk. if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call 888-996-tips. we always pay close attention to our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, but on fridays, we pay really close attention. >> you guys are so selfish, so
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concerned with what you're going to be doing on the weekend. you'll be happy to hear we have some great weather saturday and also sunday. rapid temperature rice, 31 in gilroy. by 2:38, 67. gilroy at 67 and close to 70 in san rafael, cooler there in san francisco and redwood city. we're undergoing changes. let's get you outside of the sky camera network and from our fremont camera it's a tale of two stories. some clearing skies for the south bay but there's the cloud cover increasing from the north down to the south on the right-hand side of your screen. and then we take you up to emeryville. a gorgeous shot as the sun reflects off some of the pollution. back near san francisco is some of that marine layer starting to push in which will tally give us the chance of some drizzle in the forecast. that's all sparked off by this cold front to the north. we have rainfall associated with it. you can see in the last hour that we've surrounded it starts
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to break up. generally for us the biggest thing if you're doing any traveling later on tonight, the cloud cover increasing, no big deal. then as we head throughout 3:00, 4:00, and 5:00 in the morning, a chance of drizzle across the east, the south bay and also for the peninsula. not expected to be much. and most importantly on your saturday, we get plenty of sunshine by the noon hour, also by the afternoon a cooler day for the interior valley with conditions in the low 60s and upper 50s at the coast. on your three-day forecast we warm up by sunday with mid-60s inland. plenty of sunshine. another weak system passes on by monday but we're not expecting any rainfall from that. now if you are heading out to the chinese new year parade on saturday in san francisco, some great weather. temperatures in the low 50s. a little bit of cloud cover but we are expecting a dry forecast so that is great news for the thousands of people heading to san francisco for that event on tomorrow evening.
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i'll have more coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> okay, jeff. see you shortly. up next, one of the hottest chefs in one of the hottest spots of the bay area. his restaurant will be buzzing tonight. celebrity chef tyler florence, life in the kitchen and cooking for president obama. and then, does it hurt or does it help? the discussion about drugs that parents may not want to have with their kids. and a lake merit makeover, benefiting both people and the wildlife.
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a rough commute in the south bay, a bus slammed in a a bus leaving one person injured. the car ran a red light and hit the bus. 14 people were on the bus. one passenger hurt and had to be taken to the hospital. the other got on another bus and continued on. the new push to stop the use of styrofoam in san jose and here
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is why. take a close look. environmental groups say this is evidence san jose needs to ban styrofoam containers. this capture device is designed to filter out garbage from 60 acres of storm water run-off. the environmental groups along with san jose city councilmember gathered today in support of the ban. the city council will vote on the proposed ordinance next tuesday. for the first time, oakland waterways opened to boaters. the signal for a parade of boats to start down a recently opened channel at lake merit. the 750-foot channel was dammed. the city removed the dam as part of a bond measure passed ten years ago. now in a few years the city plans to knock down some other dams as well so boaters can travel all the way to the oakland estuary. >> historically it was full connection here to lake merit and so that will improve not
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only the recreational opportunities for boats and for pads down there but, again, it's a big improvement in water quali quality. >> the city will kick off the next phase next month. it's expected to take three years to open up the channel all the way to thee esestheestuary. i could actually physically feel the tumor starting to shrink. >> the one-two punch was developed right here in the bay area. >> also coming up, a historic step forward for online gambling leads to a big gain for a tech company. >> and concerns over flight delays. plus -- >> reporter: i'm scott budman. si silicon valley's economy is red-hot these days and thanks to what's going on here, so is the stock market. coming up, why some say the government could bring it all tumbling down.
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we have two big stories tonight that have to do with your money. one, a red-hot stock market led by bay area companies, the other $85 billion in federal cuts set to go into effect in about a week. >> can one affect the other? for that we bring in our business and tech reporter scott budman. scott, things are going well. is the government about to spoil things? >> reporter: that was the concern, jessica, until recently. after all, like you said, $85 billion in government cuts looming over our stock market, but if you look at stock market gains recently, you'll see they were fueled largely by gains in the tech industry. today, for example, the stock market rose to 14,000 at the close. google up to $800 a share. again, a big day for chip and biotech companies, even hp gained 12%. financial experts tell us no matter what the government does or doesn't do tech is likely to stay hot for some time. thanks to our desire for mobile devices, profits are high at tech companies these days. not just for hardware but for
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soft ware, services, and companies behind the scenes that make it all come together. >> we're riding the wave of the mobile internet. >> reporter: companies like ruckus wireless. they provide wi-fi solutions we rely on when we use our mobile devices. since going public in november, ruckus has seen its stock price jump more than 50%, one of many silicon valley tech companies helping the overall stock market soar. >> there's global trends that just can't be denied and one of them is smart devices and tablets. look at the sales of those devices worldwide, and they're just nonstopable. consumers want access to information everywhere. >> reporter: but is the stock market vulnerable to washington? the sequester that $85 billion government spending cuts do march 1st and lets politicians come up with a budget deal is hanging over certain federal programs like defense and energy but not so much over the tech
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indust industry. >> well, certainly the market always will react to what's going on in washington but based upon the current behavior in the market, the sequester doesn't appear to be as big of an issue as in various other -- whether it's the tax policy that we had recently. >> reporter: good news if you like stock market gains and good news if your company wants to keep riding the mobile wave. and the stock market has been consistent when it comes to gains lately especially when it comes to closing out the week. every friday in 2013 so far the dow has finished positive. jessica? >> okay, thank you, scott. better brace yourself for flight delays. ray lahood warned today that air travel will be impacted if congress can't agree on a budget cut by march 1st. that's when automatic spending cuts including $600 billion from the federal aviation administration. lahood said 47,000 employees will be forced to take furlough
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days leaving airports short staffed. he specifically mentioned new york, chicago, and, yes, san francisco. those cities could see up to 90-minute delays during peak travel time. lahood had some biting words for congress specifically for republicans saying, wake up. this is, quote, not rocket science. new at 6:00, the new law in ne nevada. shares of san francisco-based online gaming companies up nearly 8% after nevada became the first state to legalize online gambling. they do not allow gambling for money on the site but says it is exploring the idea. >> it is the biggest pension fund in the entire country. thec california public employee retirement system. they carry a lot of cloud. even a small symbolic gesture like $5 million of gun stock can create big waves. in tonight's reality check, sam brock examines whether or not the state can really claim it's
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looking out for the public safety interest by selling the stock. >> reporter: good evening. it's a very good question and it's also where you could argue calpers finds itself in murky waters. if you look, there are some that are just as harmful, if not more so, than gun manufacturers. to this day, the nation still bows its head to the victims of newtown as capitol hill lawmakers figure out what steps should be taken to curb future bloodshed. while potential bans on assault weapons and high-capacity clips stall in congress, california's largest pension fund, calpers has voted to divest its $5 million stake in gun manufacturers. but is the decision consistent with calpers philosophy? to find out the most recent investment report from fiscal year 2011 and uncovered some pieces to the portfolio that
6:33 pm
don't seem to fit, like this u.s. stock investment, activision blizzard inc. publishes the game you are watching right now "call of duty: black ops 2"" regarded as one of the most violent gun toting games on the market to the extent these kinds of video games contribute to violence, how can california support the video game publisher with its money but not the gun manufacturer, the position seems inconsistent? scroll up the investment report and look under sovereign bond and there you'll find kingdom of bahrain. if you recall, bahrain experienced protests and vicious government crackdowns throughout the arab spring. now the country is a u.s. ally and it houses our fifth naval fleet but its government is accused of gunning down innocent pr protesters, torturing those in police custody and arresting thousands to preserve power. so why aren't the country's
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graphious killings and actions cause for divestment? the calpers fund supports anheuser-busch and they make budweiser, among other beers. alcohol abuse is linked to 75,000 deaths a year in the u.s. according to the cdc more than double the 32,000 people killed by firearms in 2011. so, again, we ask, where do you draw the line? now calpers'fficial policy states investment in a company does not it necessarily signify they approve of the company's policies, products or actions, but in this case fund administrators have made public safety a key priority and as we just outlined to you the public safety impact of other investments, certainly in the case of alcohol, is just as dangerous as assault weapons. when we made that observation to the treasurer's spokesperson he paused and said, yes, and the world has changed after sandy hook. i'm sam brock and that's today's
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"re "reality check. ". >> thank you, sam. earthquakes are growing more deadly, the conclusion of a new st study from local geologists in menlo park. 3.5 million people will die from earthquakes this century, double the number that died in the last 100 years. they will be more deadly because the population is growing in regions where earthquakes are hazards. most of those places don't have strict building codes like california does. experts point to places like china and the middle east where housing isn't designed to withstand an earthquake. he's a free man for now. a judge has granted bail to olympic track star oscar pistorius. the judge's ruling took about two hours but, in the end he says he doesn't believe the double amputee is a flight risk or a danger to the community. pistorius is accused of premeditated murder in the death of his girlfriend on valentine's day. pistorius says he thought an intruder was there. the trial is scheduled to begin this june. in the meantime pistorius must surrender his passport and his
6:36 pm
guns and also to stay away from drugs and alcohol. still ahead at 6:00, from dishwasher to celebrity chef. he built an empire, tv, books, and fried chicken. we go behind the scenes with tyler florence. plus, a conversation that parents may want to skip with their kids when it comes to drugs. and, good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. a quick look at the forecast, some fog and drizzle tomorrow morning and then plenty of sunshine for saturday. i have the full seven day coming up.
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in health matters tonight the fda approved a new breast
6:39 pm
cancer drug developed here in the bay area. an oncologists are calling it a smart bomb. denise was diagnosed in 2011. as part after clinical trial in walnut creek she received a new drug called kadcyla. she says she felt a difference from her first treatment. >> by the end of the first week, i could actually physically feel the tumor starting to shrink and the burning in my chest, after the first week, i started to feel my chest and all the burning was really going down. >> scans confirmed her tumor was shrinking. the drug was developed in san francisco. 23 patients in northern california have received the drug in clinical trials. the studies show it helped people live six months longer than patients who had traditional treatment. it dlifrts the benefits of chemo within the cancer cells so most patients can avoid side effects like hair loss and nausea. the drug is approved for women with a certain breast cancer.
6:40 pm
for parents who think ta talking about their experiences with drugs will discourage their children from using them, think again. a new survey found kids were less likely to think drugs are bad if their parents shared stories of past substance abuse. a straightford anti-drug message was the most effective way of communicating with your kids. >> let's turn things over to jeff. going to have a lovely weekend. >> yeah, it is going to be great no matter what you have planned. we'll have some fog and drizzle to worry about. we will get plenty of sunshine in here for the weekend. i'm going to have that full forecast coming up in a few minutes. you can't move the tv there.
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one of the most successful entrepreneurs isn't in silicon valley. niece marin county and he's built a mini empire, tv, wine, publishing and, yes, fried chicken. but does tyler florence live up to the national hype? see for yourself. tonight the interview behind the scenes with the famed chef. tyler florence was a celebrity chef before the term even existed. >> what they do have are four wheels and some serious competition. these are food trucks. >> for 17 years he's been hosting, cooking, and slicing his way into millions of homes on the food network. but it's at home, here, where we see his true reflection. is this shocking that people
6:43 pm
flock to this restaurant and they love this? we're in the bay area and people like fried chicken? >> if you don't like fried chicken, i don't want to talk to you. >> fried chicken, dark meat instead of brussel sprouts. >> the 41-year-old south carolina native is serious about his fried chicken, and it's a big hit at a san francisco hot spot. when you describe yourself, are you a tv guy or are you a chef or restauranteur? >> so i am and will always be a chef. so i started working in restaurants when i was 15 years old, i started washing dishes, and just gravitated to the energy and the pace and the creativity of being in a kitchen. being on television wasn't what my path was. it just happened to fall in my lap and i embraced it. i felt if i didn't do that i wouldn't know what it was like. if this all went away tomorrow i wouldn't have a problem going back to some restaurant and i could do that.
6:44 pm
that is ultimately where my passion is. >> was it tough to break in, not necessarily financially but just to break in in the san francisco saying here is this new yorker coming in, this tv guy coming in, and he's going to try to compete with these established chefs in san francisco. >> we didn't walk into san francisco with any inflated expectation people were just going to given us a big hug, right? it's an aggressive food scene and we moved here because of that. and when we moved here, it was everyone walked in, especially the social media. i get it. they don't know me other than the guy on television who makes meatloaf. they walked in cocked and loaded for bear, ready to shoot the guy down as fast as possible. let's let him dump a bunch of money into a restaurant and then humiliate him one article at a time. >> did you come in with a chip on your shoulder? >> not in the slightest. and i've always been humble about it. i understand what your preconceived notion of that is because you watch food network
6:45 pm
and there's a lot of people on there, you know, a range of cooking abilities and what they can do and can't do. i would say to someone who watched food network would say these aren't established chefs as much as they are home cooks with a good smile and some zippy one-liners, right? i could see how someone would think that. you walk in this restaurant, weigh are as serious as any other restaurant in america. >> some of the most interesting people you cooked for? >> i got a chance to cook for the president this election cycle, which i was very, very proud of. >> and the white house calls you and says, we want this, we don't want this? how does it work? >> exactly. it was a really great honor. i met the president a couple of times. he and michelle are so passionate about healthy food and healthy cooking, and it's nice that they're embracing chefs in this country to act as culinary liaisons when other n countries come to visit the white house specifically. >> do they test everything? how does that work? >> there's not a food tester, but there is a culinary secret
6:46 pm
service person in the kitchen because once you start cooking the president's food, he can't take his eyes off that plate. there is that person, but he's not going to say, put some salt or whatever on it. >> a food tester maybe. by the way, he said president obama likes grass fed organic beef. as for his famous fried chicken, it's delicious. and it's a two-day cooking process. we'll post the segment on our website >> and you have no fried chicken with you? >> that plate was did -- >> working with you if you bring no food back? >> excuse me. that plate was totally empty. >> i know i have a problem bringing it back but at least i give the camera a little love with the food. >> we'll bring it back. jeff, take it away. giving you a tough time there, raj. satellite radar picture showing you some rainfall here off to the north. it's breaking up quite a bit, the higher elevations wringing out all the moisture right over yreka. as this gets closer to us we are expecting mainly cloud cover to increase and also a slight
6:47 pm
chance of a drizzle. i'll have that for you coming up. out to the live hd sky camera network where temperatures are primarily in the 50s across the entire bay area and you can see unlimited visibility in san jose as you look off to the south. meanwhile, in downtown san francisco, a little bit of marine layer right up along the coastline. and that is going to bring us some fog for tomorrow morning and also, namely, the chance of drizzle. not a whole lot. you can see by 9:00 p.m. tonight cloud cover will be widespread. gradually down to the south bay and the best chance of this drizzle happening is not at 11:00 but 3:00, 4:00 and 5:00. we're reaching talking about any rain drops at all. this is a huge departure from what we experienced today. at about 5:00 a.m. our computer models are picking up on a slight chance of green down here in the south bay but that's also good for the east bay, peninsula and the north bay, right around 5:00 a.m. a chance for that drizzle with that cold front washing out as it moves across the bay. then throughout the late morning hours and also into the
6:48 pm
afternoon on saturday, we get some sunshine in here and dry weather for the weekend which i know a lot of you native to california want on your weekend. i hear you. 38 in santa rosa. start for tomorrow, 34 in napa. you'll need the jacket up into wine country. 36 in livermore. 45 in san francisco and also 37 in redwood city. daytime highs on saturday look like this in the south bay we're going to top out at 60 in los gatos. 62 in morgan hill. you'll notice the south bay that did get into the upper 60s today is going to be slightly cooler from that weak system as it passes by in the early morning hours. 59 in the castro valley. 53 in walnut creek. 60 in dublin and for san francisco, you want to check out tyler florence's restaurant, some great weather by the afternoon and also 60. 62 in santa rosa. the problem will not be, of course, the weather for this
6:49 pm
weekend but the allergy forecast. it will remain moderate to high. what we need to get this to get a lot better would be rainfall. unfortunately, that's not happening over the next three days. temperatures will warm up by sunday with mostly sunny skies. then as we head throughout next week, what you'll find is cloud cover increases for the beginning of the week but no rainfall here. we even have a few 70s that are possible by the end of next week where spring will officially start in a couple of weeks. i have to check out his restaurant. i'm so hungry now. >> ready for dinner? some fried chicken now. let's get to sports. jim kozimor with sports to come up for a field trip and we could all meet in the city. >> we need a table for ten. >> count me in. put me down, at one more, but i eat for two. let's move it along. a little sports coming your way. the first game of the cactus league season saturday. today the giants made a move. they made a trade for the chicago white sox. so got to head on down to the
6:50 pm
desert, don't we? we have the man who has covered the giants since the beginning of spring training, ahmed fareed in the desert. he has more on the newest member of the giants. ahmed? >> reporter: yeah, jim, it's jeff soppach. he's now on the giants organization, a good fastball, still a ways away from being major league ready. the guy they had to give up was a first-rounder back in 2008. he was not likely to make the giants coming out of spring camp here in scottsdale. we talked to bruce about this and he said he talked to gil espy before he went over to white sox camp. >> he knew the situation here. he's in front of him and the competition that we had here and it gives him a little better chance of breaking with a major league club, and so i think he's excited about having this opportunity with the white sox
6:51 pm
to make their club. >> reporter: one more piece of news coming out of giants camp today, announcing his tentative starting rotation. the number three spot in the rotation going to go to tim lincecum. he'll start the last game in l.a. that means the home opener will go to barry zito. all the pomp and circumstance of that. it's still tent tetch, though. reporting here in scottsdale with the giants, ahmed fareed, nbc bay area. well done, ahmed. thank you very much. let's move to the hard courts where we're learning now in the last hour warrior center will not play tonight against the spu spurs. he is out indefinitely and it's due to back spasms. he had an mri done earlier. results are not yet available. but right now not playing tonight. tonight is the night the warriors are going to finally play a game in their new special jerseys with the short sleeves on them. art jackson looking forward to seeing those things in action. >> it's going to be a lot of
6:52 pm
fun. i'm sure we'll be a trending topic. i'm sure a lot of dialogue about it. i think it's great for this organization. it's where the league is headed. it's an honor they picked us. >> and we are all over the country covering bay area teams. to indianapolis, indiana, where the nfl combine is. we're there with the 49ers and harbaugh was asked how important it is draft picks are truthful in their interviews. his answer was very harbaugh-like. >> i'm a big fan of the judge squ judy show. and when you lie in judge judy's courtroom, it's over. your credibility is lost. you stand no chance of winning that case, so i learned that from her and very powerful. and true. if somebody does lie to you, how can you ever trust anything they ever did say after that?
6:53 pm
>> judge judy never gets it wrong, guys. never gets it wrong. >> all right. and, jim, by the way, guess what jessica is wearing tonight for the 11:00 news is this. >> i cannot wait to see this. i want to see the guns, sugar. show the guns. yes, i love that look. >> fancy. >> thank you. >> you know what, that's a beautiful dress going out in night. >> it would fit her. >> thanks, jim.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
we show you the half court shots -- >> this is impressive. >> this is special.
6:56 pm
>> from a cheerleader. >> hey, hey, hey. >> nothing wrong with that. >> a cheerleader in mississippi, that's phenomenal. >> that's talent. >> have a great weekend. we'll see you at 11:00.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
>> now on "extra" -- breaking "extra" couples news. who's seth mcfarlane's surprise date? >> hollywood is getting ready for one of the biggest party nights of the year. >> bradley and anne's moms tell all. >> we always thought he would be a lawyer. >> plus, how will kimmel top last year's spoof with oprah? then -- >> oprah is in the house. >> renee's got queen o. opening up about her $11 million secret. >> i went what? >> the blade runner out on bail, where he's gone into hiding and the interview reeva gave days
6:59 pm
before the murder, professing her love. did new york's wife-choking anchorman try to strangle her before? why she let him off the hook. plus his affair with a co-worker who's a dead ringer for his wife. the queen of prime time, nancy grace, unleashing about jodi arias on the witness stand. >> the plain old she-devil is coming out on cross exam. >> now trending -- josh brolin snapped with a mystery woman the day after his divorce announcement from diane lane. plus mario and maria's mystery makeouts, what the -- >> "extra, extra!" [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution/] >> hey, everyone, welcome to "extra" here at the grove, i'm mario lopez. >> i'm maria menounos. at oscar headquarters, the dolby theater in hollywood. the red carpet is down, seth mcfarlane is putting the final touches on his script, an we have all the last-minute secrets touches on his script, an we have all the last-minute secrets from


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