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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 24, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>> that's right. looking for at least one suspect who may still be in the area. and there's still a trail of damage behind me, shattered glass, twigs and branches. here's the stolen silver mercedes benz. fremont police spotted the car and went after the carjacker and the chase ended at union landing. the stolen mercedes hit this tree and support stick causing both to fly about 70 feet. the benz smashed into the white nissan. there was a woman sitting inside. she had to be airlifted inside. the mercedes kept on going, smashed into four other parked cars. we spoke to them watching a movie at century theaters and came out and saw all the commotion. >> the person that committed this crime, hijacking the gentleman's mercedes, he caused all of this mess. we were just enjoying our sunday
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at the movie. >> they're still looking for one suspect. live in union city, nbc bay area news. >> george, thanks for the update. in palo alto police are looking for a man who reportedly tried to rob another man at gun point. the attack happened at 8:30 friday night outside the webster parking garage. the victim is a man in his 50s who helped police come up with this sketch of the suspect. the would be robber rode up on a bicycle, pulled out a gun and demanded cash. when he couldn't wrestle away he managed to run away unharmed. three other armed robberies have happened in palo alto in three weeks. we have new information on the incident that landed mc hammer in jail. hammer was arrested on thursday in dublin. the rapper claims he was the victim of the rasht profiling and the first words out of the officer's mouth was, quote, are you on parole or probation.
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they say the car he was parked in was not renlg tgistered to hd it was expired. he refused to exit the vehicle when the officer asked him to and continued to argue. over twitter hammer dubbed the incident a teachable moment. later, desmond bryant also in trouble with the law. he was arrested in florida for criminal mischief. no other information about the arrest has been released. he has played for the raiders for four years. used to be a restrictive free agent next month. considered armed and dangerous. pla police in los angeles are on the hunt for a man who shot and killed a person on the strip. suspect is 26-year-old lamar harris. kidnapping, robbery, sexual assault. harris opened fire from a black range rover has both he and oakland republican rapper kenny
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cherry. after cherry was shot, his car, a mass rad difficult, was crashed, killing the driver and passenger in the taxi. police found the suspect's suv yesterday. the farm lfamily of a bay a couple is trying to do everything they can to find the loved ones. they were last seen in peru a month ago. nbc bay area's kimberly terry is in oakland with the latest on the search. >> reporter: family of the couple are working this weekend to try and coordinate search evident for t efforts with authorities in peru. they are obviously frustrated having to be thousands of miles away. 25-year-old hand and 27-year-old neil left the bay area in november. for a five-month cycling adventure through south america. they chronicled their trip on facebook but their posts abruptly ended on january 25th. at that point the couple was in
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peru. a day later a security camera in lima captured images of the two getting off the bus and into a taxi. >> i'm extremely concerned. i'm very peerful that something bad has happened. it's not likely that they're -- it's not as likely that they're just out, you know, on an excursion away from internet access. they had been using the internet and skype and facebook, you know, all that stuff to stay in contact and contact has ceased. >> reporter: the owner of the pedler bike shop where neil worked for the past two years sans everyone who knows the couple is worried, especially since the state department issued a traveling warning this month about members of a criminal organization planning to kidnap american tourists in the region. neither of the two have made any financial transaction since january, according to their families. we hope to learn more about the state department's involvement
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in the search by tomorrow since this is, of course, developing news. live in oakland, nbc bay area news. and just in tonight, have you seen this woman? police in san francisco and san bruno are working to track down 36-year-old cecelia zamora. a fire in san francisco damaged a five-story apartment building this afternoon. officials say quick police work prevented any injuries there. the fire burned on golden gate avenue near the civic center. investigators say it started on n. a restaurant on the ground floor when a pot left on the stove sent flames shooting up a flew five stories high. no injuries. a total of eight apartments were damaged and most are saying the friends or relatives the red cross is also providing help to
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the folks who need it. two men seriously hurt in an electrical blast at the san jose warehouse remain in critical condition tonight. the men are being treated by severe burns. fire crews were called to the site yesterday morning. the fire captain says three men were working on an electrical unit on the back of a building when it exploded, causing that fire. jimmy carter was in san francisco today addressing thousands at a meeting of the common wealth club. the series is atlanta the war memorial building. mr. carter spoke about the challenges and responsibilities facing the united states as a world super power. he said the characteristics of a great nation include commitments to peace, justice, freedom, democracy, human rights, protecting the environment, and sharing wealth with others. >> let's look at america for a moment. let's talk about peace, for of all. since world war ii we've been almost constantly in war.
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our country is now looked upon about nation on earth and almost a complete dirth now of commitment of america to negotiate differences with others. >> during his term as 39th president carter helped broker peace between israel and egypt, established diplomatic relations with china and signed a treaty of soviet union to scale down the number of nuclear weapons in the world. he won the nobel peace prize in 2002. coming up next at 6:00, a report from around the world after a shooting rampage that rocked their community. tonight, how the team of newtown, connecticut, are saying thank you. also, if you visited the pump recently, the gas prices are sky high. we saw a warmer finish to the weekend around the bay area. highs today did reach the upper 60s in parts of the north santa
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rosa. 52 around san jose. before we see temperatures warm even warmer in the 70s we've got that system you're looking at right there that may toss a few showers our way early tomorrow morning. we'll talk more about the changes in the forecast when we come right back. [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ]
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tens of thousands of people packed into st. peter's square today for pope benedict's last audience. he addressed the crowd from the window at the vad can. this will the last sunday from him. look at that crowd. and people at st. francis church in the city had mixed reactions to the pope's resignation today. >> i think they would pick a younger, a younger candidate to take over so he can serve for a much longer time than this one did. >> i've given it soumsome thought, i just think, these are changing times. i just think we have to accept change. >> you know, i'm sorry to hear that the pope is leading. he was a great pope. i'm looking forward to the new pope. i pray for the new pope and the old pope. >> the church cardinals will gather in march to choose the next pope. people who live in newtown, connecticut, are working to archive the tens of thousands of letters and cards of condolence
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sent. town leaders say about 175,000 pieces of mail came flooding in after 20 children and 6 educa r educators were killed at sandy hook elementary school. archive volunteers hope to put images of the mail online. handwritten notes. organizers say going through the cards and letters have helped some of those evidented by the tragedy start to heel. gun control activists plan to hold a vigil in honor of the victims and others killed with firearms. vigil is accept for 6:30 at the corner of gregly la lory lane a cleveland road. it was organized by the contra costa chapter of the brady campaign. still ahead at 6:00, if you do a lot of driving, this can hurt. sky high prices at the pump, but will they continue to climb? find out what analysts have to say about future price. a live look over wooster
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city. rob will fill us in on future temperatures and maybe some rain.
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are leading to be record high prices here in the bay area. >> prices rose as much as 11 cents a gallon overnight according to aaa. analysts also added the gas prices in california are expected to level off and begin falling as soon as mid week. right now aaa says the average in san jose is $4.17. san francisco, $4.25. oakland, $4.16 a gallon. gas prices may not be the only thing that are falling in the near future.
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rob mayeda has the weather. >> light showers in the north bay bay tomorrow morning. right now we've got mainly 50s outside. a bit cooler out near the coast in san francisco where the see breeze has surround. that's one of the reasons why. the winds are going to drop down just a little bit across the bay tomorrow. things change again. as we pass the middle part of the week, the high pressure brings us 70s to wrap up n february. we're going to hope that we see a few showers tomorrow morning in the north bay. drizzle on the coast. this is a pretty weak system. one that will bring in clouds which we're starting to see right now at sun down. approaching from the northwest. unlike a storm system that tends to be strong and brings a lot of moisture through the bay area, this is going to be glancing over a very strong ridge of high pressure which has been more or less parked here off our coast
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since january. you can see the systems try to come across pacific to stretch out and thin out by the time they reach the bay area. for the first half of the week the high is going to hold on strong. dense in this ridge is going to happen as we go into tomorrow. the system drops in from the north with clearing skies tomorrow afternoon and tuesday and wednesday things are dry. thursday and friday this high is going to build over northern california and give us a slight offshore breeze which means warming temperatures. inland valleys. north bay around areas around san jose should see 70s, especially come friday. and saturday could see maybe even some mid 70s. gilroy will start march off on a dry note. best chance of any precipitation will be tonight. right underneath our logo on the north coast there, 7:00 and 8:00 around the sonoma coast, just a few sprinkles there. you can see how quickly things clear out. tuesday and wednesday, you will notice high clouds going by. typically this time of year
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future cast has nonstop rain every day or two. tuesday to wednesday, dry. i think wednesday you may have to watch out for gusty north winds. setting the stage for that second half of the week. warm-up, we will see gusty winds in the hills at times with dry conditions as we head through the end of the week and approach next weekend. tonight, 30s and 40s outside. we'll see increasing clouds. again, maybe a few sprinkles or drizzle out on the coast. more likely north of the golden gate, then clearing skies heading into the afternoon tomorrow. maybe not quite as warm as today. pretty close though. low 60s in san jose. closer to pleasanton tomorrow. and low 60s out towards fairfield in the north bay with north winds. we should see highs in the mid 60s again tomorrow afternoon. close to 60 in san francisco. 50s on the coast. second half of the week, everybody the coast should see 60s and 70s as the winds turn offshore saturday. monday and tuesday, early tomorrow morning. maybe a few sprinkles.
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clearing skies for the afternoon. wednesday and thursday, breezy and look at the temperatures coming up as we kick off march and unfortunately the same dry s pattern we're seeing to start the year. quite a few clouds there but not many rain drops. that system will start to weaken. at this point pencil in, don't ink it in, but pencil in march 59, tuesd 5th, that's how far we have to look to see the next chance of rain. >> you mention tuesday, tuesday has been the day. >> yeah. just like last week. >> yeah. >> it seems to be the bun day of the week we get rain. >> i want to ink the 72 on saturday. i can ink that one? n.? >> yes. when we come back, we have a preview of matt lauer's "today" show interview with gold medalist skier lindsay vonn. why she says not to count her out in the games.
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brothers of accused killer oscar pistorius is also facing a charge of homicide. the family lawyer says the athlete's brother carl faces a culpable homicide charge. a woman on the a motorcycle was killed in the crash the. >> the thing with road accident is always a sad thing. this is doubly sad because now it's involved with oscar and his brother. all the family. they've got siblings in trouble. not good.
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again, hopefully this is purely an accident. >> the statement from the family said carl deeply regrets the accident and blood tests prove he was not under the influence of alcohol at the time. oscar pistorius is charged with murdering his girlfriend and is free on bail. lindsay vonn says rehab is going well. >> in a sneak peek in her interview she said she knew the exact moment she was in trouble. >> and my knee just completely buckled. >> you let out a sleek? >> oh, yeah. i knew that -- i initially thought it was going to be worse. there was just so much pain they couldn't quite tell exactly where it was coming from. >> the full interview airs tomorrow morning on the "today" show. vonn injured her knee racing super g on the opening day of the world alpine championships in austria. she says she is set on competing though in the winter olympics to defend her downhill title.
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the olympics are in one year in sochi, russia. time to check in are henry on comcast sportsnet with more on the reported trade of alex smith. >> we're going to recap the breaking news story we had at a the top of the newscast. alex smith, 49ers quarterback, s staying or going? minnesota and the great american race, daytona 500. danica patrick on the pole. and she had a car that said, go daddy. was she going big time out there? that's the question. results are in. we'll recap it, next.
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. welcome back to nbc bay area. we begin with breaking news as we reported at the top of the newscast. there are multiple reports of the 49ers have a deal in place to trade quarterback alex smith. cbs sportsline reporter jason
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was the first to report this story about an hour ago but the deal can't be finalized before march 12th which is the official start of the new league year. more information on that story however. he says the kansas city chiefs have emerged as the leading candidate to complete that trade with alex smith, other teams, jaguars, cardinals, browns, bills, and jets are interested in acquiring the 28-year-old according to the report. also, he says that the unnamed team is effectively -- effectively the deal is complete. over to the track tort daytona 500. danica patrick, the first female ever to start from the pole, in lap 33 kasey kahne is in that 5 car. he spins out. nine car s involved in this crash. kevin harvick and tony stewart knocked out of the race.
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also had more history on lap 90. danica becomes the first woman ever to lead a lap in the daytona 500. she's in that cargo d go daddy it was someone else taking the checkered flag. >> you just won the 500! we won the daytona 500! >> jimmie johnson pulled away head pack. the five-time nascar champion second daytona 500 victory. congrats to him. over to basketball. warriors visiting the t-wolves. warriors up one with 90 seconds remaining. wolves up one. but seth curry comes backfiring. hitting this jumper to put the warriors up one. we had a game go down to the wire. final seconds of the regulation. misses. and there's going to be one last chance for minnesota.
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is trying to be the hero. not this time. warriors win, 100-99. they have won three straight. over to baseball. giants lost a close game to the cubs today, 4-3, the final. bruce botchy had eight pitches today pap they were unearned. cane was hit in the right knee by a line drive but says he was okay. pablo sandoval. the giants are l. face the white sox tomorrow. the angels, first inning. cocoa crisp on first. and chris young with the double. over the head of vernon wells and you know he's got it. no problem. taps it home plate. bottom of the first now. runners on second and third. looks like a hit but chris young says, i don't think so. makes a night catch. young would leave the game afterwards for precautionary reasons. just a cramp in his leg.
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they go on to win, 7-5 is your final. that will do it for sports. much more coming up tonight at 11:00. >> thanks, henry. thanks for choosing us. sigh you back here at 11:00 12k3w. >> we have a live studio audience tonight.
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