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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 27, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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for the entire community. today a e memorial growing outside the santa cruz police department to honor fallen officers. sergeant lauren baker, father of three and detective elizabeth baker a mother of two. questions linger over jeremy goulet and over any of the violence had to happen in the first place. this morning we have team coverage in place. we start with bob riddell live with details on what we have learned overnight. bob, good morning. >> reporter: finally left the scene more than 12 hours after the shooting. police will update us around
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11:30 with a news conference to update us on what happened here yesterday. a day that the santa cruz police chief says is the darkest day in the history of the police department. this is the first time the department lost officers in the line of duty. elizabeth butler, a detective, ten years with the department leaves behind her partner peter and two young boys. both are following up with the suspect around 33oh!3 yesterd:3. the follow up was in regard to the arrest for allegedly breaking into a co-worker's home making inappropriate sexual advances toward her. at some point yesterday he shot and killed both officers. as you can see in this cell phone video, law enforcement swarmed the area. goulet tried to escape. you can hear officers and
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deputies unloading weapon withes. one witness said it sounded like the fourth of july. there were so many shots fired. the 35-year-old suspect was shot and killed. the chief of police later speaking with us was at a loss for words over the deaths of his two officers. >> long time. there just aren't words to describe how i feel personally about this and how my department is reacting. >> it has rocked our community to our foundation. >> it's not clear how goulet was able to take down two veteran police officers. but according to one report he was a former marine and soldier who owned three guns including a beretta and 40 caliber si sig sauer. bob riddell, "today in the bay." >> we are learning more details about the suspect, 35-year-old jeremy goulet.
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good morning, kristy. >> reporter: good morning to you. neighbors in berkeley described jeremy goulet as super creepy. those are the words used. they say he had serious arguments with his brother who sometimes stayed with him in berkeley and a girlfriend who stayed with him briefly. they say he moved in in 2011 in an apartment in the elm wood neighborhood. only stayed for two years before suddenly moving. the 30 -- >> unfortunately having problems with with kristy's live shot. we'll hopefully get back to her soon to update the information. we'll continue to have coverage on the story all morning long. investigators planning an update at 11:30.
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we'll bring you the updates on just search santa cruz. >> meantime, 6:05. new this morning, fire crews are working to cap a water main break that caused major flooding in san francisco's inner parkside neighborhood early this morning. here is the video. unbelievable pictures coming from the break at the intersection of 15th avenue and wowona street. you can see the intersection was completely flooded. residents have reported flooding in their cars and homes. a look at the traffic impact. mike is standing by. >> good morning. >> we'll give you a reference for where it is. this is a view of the city overall and your bridges coming in are just fine. we'll zoom in toward 15 ath and wowona. it's not far from 19th. slow to one of the bordering roadways as well as west portal avenue. as we look at video again we saw slowing on the maps. some folks are avoiding the
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area. not just because of inches near the intersection. the bulk of the roadways meet in a dip so it is collecting there. major roadways, 19th. slope boulevard and west portal avenue. those are all open to traffic flow. i have heard of no delays for the system heading to the area as well. it's the transit. avoid that intersection and a block around it. i'm sure there will be folks like those with flashing lights to tell you to avoid the area. they don't want you to get stuck. a mini cooper was up to the driver's side window earlier. flooding water. back to the maps. we'll talk about the mass transit impact. muni not affected. caltrans, no problems there either. we'll look at the bay bridge. there is a backup at the toll plaza with the cash lanes having the backup. the fast track, not yet. i look at the traffic backup
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with and the headlights here. christina gets to focus on the sun rise. what's going on? >> good cop, bad cop and exchanges on the show. 6:07 now. mike pointses out the sunrise slow down that will be a factor. grab your shades. san jose crystal clear to start the day. you will notice az in the atmosphere throughout the afternoon. not a lot. still in the good air quality. 43 degrees in san francisco. mild compared to monday morning at this time. we'll keep the numbers warming this hour. each and every day through saturday. our mornings will be milder and the afternoons are going to be warmer as a result. you can hit the beach. not just santa cruz. half moon bay today, 65 degrees at 4:00 p.m. with sunshine. a beautiful day shaping up at the beach. what's so great about weather in california, in my next report i will bring you live from tahoe the latest conditions at squaw and alpine. it's a weekend you can hit the beach or the slopes. 70 degrees inland bay side.
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66 and 63 at the coast. we have not yet hit our max when with it comes to the warm-up. we'll talk about the that. the seven-day forecast ready to go. we want to get the wheels going. help you make outdoor plans coming up. back to you. >> thanks. new this morning, pope benedict xvi making his very last public appearance this morning before retiring tomorrow. >> i would ask each of you to pray for me and for the new pope. >> thousands of people gathering in st. peter's square to witness the historic event. the pope first spoke in italian and then english saying he would continue his work for the church through prayer. we'll have a live report starting at 6:50. >> 6:09 now. a follow up this morning.
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a bay area couple missing for a month in peru is now found safe. the u.s. embassy in peru says garrett hand and a jamie neil were recently spotted in a remote village heading for ecuador. the cycling trip started wu but friends and relatives lost contact with him back in january. >> the west sacramento police officer accused of raping women while on duty is set to appear this afternoon. sergio alvarez including kidnapping, sexual assault and burglary. he would pull women over while on patrol. six victims have been identified so far. it was arrested and fired this week following a five-month investigation. >> it's 6:10. ski week is over for schools. we have a look at conditions for the sierra ahead. >> plus, push back in the yahoo!
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work from home. >> what's on the label should reflect wut what's on n the can. >> strong arguments brewing over watered down beer. >> the bay area lawsuit over budweiser. we'll have that ahead.
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>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." >> it's 6:13. welcome back, everybody. today a vote will decide if millions of dollars will be spent on a grand opening bash for the new span of the bay bridge. look at the bay bridge in the darkness. the bay bridge society is deciding if it is worth toll money to pay for public safety and access during the investigation of the new span which will open up.
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private funds will be raised for a big time fireworks show. >> here's a quick check of the top stories. the santa cruz police department is mourning the loss of two of the officers today. the officers got into a shootout. the suspect jeremy goulet was also killed. >> pope benedict xvi officially retires tomorrow after a speech. the pope rode through st. peter's square. >> they will avoid $85 billion in automatic cuts and no signs of progress on capitol hill. president obama has warned american wills suffer if the cuts take effect. republicans accused the president of exaggerating the numbers. >> the budget office is weighing in as well. >> it says 800,000 americans
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could go without it. scott, it is hard to get an accurate estimate. >> because of the way the sequester is written it doesn't specify who gets cut and who doesn't. the white house and congress have the other side to do it. it will come down to the white house with with and the executive branch. the obama administration has given estimates but on friday it has to issue actual with furlough orders to actual people. lots of backlash over the yahoo!'s ceo decision to end work from home programs. some saw it as anti-family but yahoo! insiders say she decided to discount the program because she wanted to make sure people were actually working. yahoo! said yesterday this isn't a broad industry view on working
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from home. this is about what's right for yahoo! right now. insiders say their work at the home force isn't productive. john swartz points out mayer came from google and it's different from yahoo! requiring work from home employees to come into the google flex very often. i am struck about a how many people do weigh in on this. the e-mail is full of i don't work attiyah hoo and i don't stay ott home. here is my opinion. yahoo! will do what yahoo! needs to do. >> and we have to debate about this. it's a job. you can go in and do work. >> be happy you have employment. >> show us all about it. >> yeah. okay. >> 6:16 now. christina loren is back. a long night at cinequest. working hard for your money
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here. >> if i could come in my pajamas, everybody attiyah hoo maybe it wouldn't be so bad. 6:16. it's not cold enough in most places for fog or frost. it's really dry. let's start with the with toyota snow report. brian hager joins us from squaw valley with a look at a conditions on the slopes. you have more snowfall anti-depressanted your way. late saturday into sunday. how are we looking? >> we are looking forward to it. it may not be cold there but it's chilly here this morning. the cold temperatures keeping it fresh. >> you're rocking the super pipe. >> we have the new 22-foot super pipe in the main line train park. it's stellar out there. a lot of people have been hitting it, having a good time. >> they are stoked. let's look at the conditions. it will be beautiful.
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44 degrees in squaw valley. comfortable conditions as you ski and race down the mountain. 96 inches at the bay. we are looking good there. alpine meadows, 85 inches. perfection this weekend. next week the jet stream dips to the south. three consistent days -- consecutive days of rain and snowfall. that's the good news. winter isn't over yet. temperatures in the 40s. we started in the low 30s monday morning in pleasanton. each day we get warmer in the afternoon and the mornings are more mild. weak system coming through the bay area colliding with a big strong ridge of high pressure which holds strong all weekend. just about. we have a little storm system on the way. that means if you want to get
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outdoors you will get more sunshine, warmer weather on saturday than sunday. we'll get to the seven-day outlook in a minute. for today, beautiful. 68 degrees in concord. 66 in redwood city. let's hope you make the plans. good to look ahead on a wednesday. 74 degrees on friday. saturday, places like san jose, 80s in the outlying warmer cities like gilroy. san jose about 75 degrees. you consider it in los angeles. they will hit 85 degrees on friday and saturday. getting into monday and tuesday the pattern changes. the rain returns. it looks like tuesday, wednesday and thursday we'll have showers on the way to the bay area each and every day. don't put the umbrella away yet. let's check your drive. mike? >> good morning.
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the metering lights are turned on. got word that they were turned on. the backup forms back past the 880 over crossing coming off approaching the toll plaza as well. nothing unusual here. we'll peek at folks coming through berkeley and emeriville at west 80. you see the traffic and headlights coming off past the racetrack. good spacing closer to the camera. there is a nice flow of traffic. you are in the upper 50s as we look at the map. speed sensors show that's the case off highway 4 from hercules through the merge where we picked up with the live view. the berkeley curve. the maze moving smoothly and the tunnel. this is east 580. we had big problems yesterday through the dublin grade. things are moving nicely now. no problems eastbound. west is your commute. there's the build north 238 down to south 880 and the san mateo bridge.
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west 580 to the dublin interchange. this is your standard flow slowing into livermore and now building into pleasanton. we'll see slowing as well. northbound 101 is the only slow spot between 680 and 880. 8 and 85 showing the build. the metering lights. things start to pog down. we'll see slowing away. we'll get a look farther north with a live camera. folks coming over the bridge to the foster city side. a smooth steady flow. no delays over to 101. not a big deal. >> 6:21. coming up, a battle over watered down beer. we'll tell you why a lawsuit against budweiser is on tap in the bay area just ahead. >> we want to give you a live
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look at san francisco. tough to see in the dark here. this is a water main break just flooding the streets at 15th and wowona a near west portal muni there. you can't tell from this angle but three to four feet high buries cars to get it under control. mike's been talking about the traffic impact. we're back in minutes. ♪ alright, let's go.
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>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." >> welcome back. forget bitter beer face. how about a hops and barley conspiracy that may land the king of beers in court. josh boxer is filing a class action lawsuit in california against an hieszanheiser-busch. he says former employees insist they are watering down budweiser and other beers to stretch the product reducing the alcohol content in every can. >> bringing the levels down below what is stated on the labels. >> completely false and these lawsuits are groundless. >> we will be serious about nice
6:24 am
weather. christina loren sprinkling sunshine our way. >> yeah. all over the bay area. good morning. 6:25. what a spectacular start. want to point out a couple of things. you can see the haze out here. no low cloud cover. you can see all the city lights. it's clear to start the day. 35 in livermore and 43 in oakland. we are headed toward the upper 60s today. by noon, already comfortable enough to peel off a layer. 68 in san jose. highs around 3:30 in the afternoon. let's take a look at the drive. mike? >> south bay shows your traditional backup. we have the volume of traffic slowing north from tulley to the airport for 101. upper 50s at the worst. that's good for the south bay. through fremont into the area joining up with folks north out of san jose meaning south bay
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proper, san jose proper will get good slowing. the bay bridge toll plaza. we had a little bit of a change. the metering lights are on but the street lighting has changed the view a bit. we see the backup continuing toward west grand avenue. back to you. >> thank you so much. still ahead, it's complicated. we'll tell you why today's annual shareholder meeting at apple could get ugly. just ahead after the bell. >> plus, grief, shock and outrage in santa cruz after two officers are killed in the line of duty. we have new details about the shootout suspect and his troubled life in the east bay. that and more ahead.
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a shootout in santa cruz leaves two officers dead. we'll tell you what we are learning about the suspect and heiss his ties to the east bay ahead. >> plus, is apple about to split its stock?
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new speculation that things are about to get ugly at the company's annual stockholders meeting just ahead. >> and the place where a lot of people can keep track of stocks, the new york stock exchange ringing in the day. see if things can keep climbing out there, looking for a rebound from wednesday, february 27. this is "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> a community in mourning as investigators work hard trying to piece together the moments before a shootout that leaves two officers and the suspect dead. good morning, everybody. it is 6:30. >> santa cruz is mourning the deaths of two officers, their first ever in that city's history. the investigation is still active at the scene in scluz
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where we are looking live now where the suspect lived. today a memorial is growing outside the santa cruz in honor of lauren baker. detective elizabeth butler, a mother of two. the two have a combined 38 years on the fours. coming up, at 6:45, live reports of the shooting in santa cruz. a report from an apartment building in berkeley where the suspect once lived. >> also in 15 minutes, video you will see only on nbc bay area of the scene of the shootout. shots are fired between officers and the suspect. again that's coming up at 6:45. >> new this morning, today is apple's annual shareholder meeting in cupertino. things could get ugly. it's not so much what's on the agenda but who is on it.
6:30 am
>> and who sets the agenda. the fight is over $130 billion in cash. investors want to see it as a dividend. the man on the right david einhorn proposed apple create a special class of stock that pays a permanent dividend. the man on the left is tim cooke. we don't know what e he thinks. it's not clear. it is entirely possible einhorn would show up today. he made his pitch last week. we covered it in full then. this is a financial meeting for shareholders only. there was one bit of trivia. it was at a shareholder meeting in 1984 that steve jobs unveiled the macintosh. there will be discussion about dividends today. whether anything will be decided, i don't know.
6:31 am
marla, you asked might they split the stock, my opinion is no. i think this was a strategic rumor someone issued yesterday. not the big auditorium for reporters but we'll get word out of there and get a report. back to you. >> should be interesting stuff there. a lot of money on the line. thank you very much. >> christina loren, we are talking about a very nice day in store. let this continue. that's where you get the oranges and yellows in a beautiful sunrise shot here over san bruno. we are getting closer to spring. that's the 20th of march. two days in february left. march coming in on friday. it looks to be one of the warmest days of the trend. taking a live look at san jose.
6:32 am
a beautiful start. we'll check on the drive with mike in a few minutes. he's tracking things this morning. 38 degrees in concord. you may get by with a light sweater. 67 bay side. 65 degrees at the coast. the warm days are numbered at this point. we'll keep ratcheting up the roller coaster. then we free fall and bring the rain a back. look at the video. we have a comparison. we had feet of water at times. the intersection we show in the small box is 15th at wowona.
6:33 am
the water is gushing out of the sidewalk. we have water toward the windshields of some in the area. the roads meet in a gully there. on the right side the big box we see now that the same area where we saw the video. it's now just a bunch of mud and sludge. black because we have an issue with the chopper. let's get you on the maps as we get the chopper signal back. this is san francisco. the freeways through the area and 19th avenue, okay. important to note. 19th avenue, one of the major roadways near 15th. 19th as well as slow boulevard and west portal avenue are all open to traffic. it is just the one intersection and a couple of blocks in either direction you find traffic control there. no reports of impact toward the mass transit systems. muni not reporting delays through the area. neither is bart. caltrans, just showing you they are on schedule as well up and down the peninsula. on the maps as we look at the east bay side.
6:34 am
typical backup back to west grand avenue. we have incidents for the east bay south 880 approaching 238. east 580 we had problems. this morning, not a problem. back to you. >> it's 6:36 now. this morning there is a new person of interest in the deadly shooting and fiery crash that happened last week on the las vegas strip. police looking for 23-year-old tashina howard. howard was inside the suv that fired shots into a car driven by rapper kenny cherry. it killed two people inside. officers say the other suspect inside the suv may be out of the country. las vegas review journal reporting amare harris planned to leave pars the night of the shooting and be in london by the end of the week.
6:35 am
>> a pick for the raiders. who's up for a prime position coming up. >> plus when push comes to shove we'll show you the brawl for the warriors. a bench clearing one. tafs a mess. >> live to the city by the bay. christina is working hard to bring you the full forecast coming up. it's 6:37. stay with us. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." >> last night in indianapolis it was push comes to shove comes to this. this was the warriors and the pacers. david lee suddenly starts exchanging shoves with with roy hibbert. curry goes down during the melee. they said it was business as usual. sticking up for a teammate. curry said the teams are gearing up for playoff basketball. not good on the court. >> the raiders could be getting much needed help in the front office. espn is reporting the silver and black in talks with former packers and seahawks head coach mike holmgren about a possible leadership position in the organization. holmgren is from san francisco. started his professional coaching career with the niners in 1986. he worked with raiders general
6:39 am
manager reggie mackenzie and was president of the browns for the last three seasons. >> coming up, witnessing history at the vatican. we take a look at the pope's last speech before his retirement coming up. >> plus, killed in the line of duty. for the first time ever, santa cruz police deal with the deaths of two with of their own. new details about the deadly shootout ahead. >> and the streets of san francisco turn into a water slide out there. wow. the dramatic detour for drivers coming up ahead. >> and a live look at an absolutely gorgeous sunrise over the bay bridge this morning. five minutes away from your official sun rise. the sun will be out until 5:59 when it sets and the warm-up continues. your 7-day outlook is next. >> and a live look at 280 toward 880. obviously the volume of traffic butching it up. we have a couple of other south
6:40 am
bay slow downs to watch.
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>> announcer: you're watch withing 15 minutes of continuous news, weather and traffic on "today in the bay." [ gunshots ] >> this morning only nbc bay area takes you behind police lines and inside the final moments of a shootout between police and a man suspected of killing two officers in santa cruz. those officers not just accomplished veterans but beloved parents whose families must now deal with an un-i manual nabl loss. today a memorial is growing outside the santa cruz police department to honor those fallen officers. sergeant lauren baker, father of
6:43 am
three. and detective elizabeth butler, a mother of two with. now questions linger over the suspect, jeremy goulet and over why any of the violence had to happen in the first place. this morning we have team coverage. kristy smith is live in berkeley where the suspect once lived. we begin with with bob riddell live in santa cruz with new details we have learned overnight. good morning. >> good morning to you, marla. in a few hours from now around 11:30, police do plan to update us with a news conference. they have just cleared the season within the past hour or so. this is where law enforcement shot and killed that suspect yesterday who had killed fellow officers in the afternoon. santa cruz police chief says he doesn't have words to describe how he feels and how his department is reacting to the death of elizabeth butler and lauren baker who served 28 years on the force. married with two daughters and a
6:44 am
sun who works at the department. butler leaves behind her partner peter and two young boys. the 35-year-old man had allegedly made inappropriate sexual advances on a co-worker after breaking into her home. around 3:30 yesterday afternoon during the meeting goulet shot and killed both officers. p.d. and the sheriff's office stormed the scene in this exclusive video. you can see what happened when law enforcement found him a short distance away. they fired multiple shots, hitting and killing him. >> it sounded like the fourth of july. it's about six or seven seconds of about 70 to 80 kbshs. then everything went quiet and a bunch of police officers were just yelling, trying to coordinate position. >> it's not clear how goulet
6:45 am
shot and killed two officers. according to one report this former marine and soldier owned three guns including a beretta and semi-automatic sig sauer. this is the first time in the santa cruz police department any officers were killed in the line of duty. bob riddell, "today in the bay." >> we are learning more details about the suspect. 35-year-old jeremy goulet. former coffee shop barista with a troubled past. kristy smith joining us live in berkeley that goulet called home before moving south to santa cruz. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. neighbors in berkeley have strong words b about jeremy goulet. some calling him super creepy. they say he had real anger issues, that he would get into huge shouting matches with a brother who stayed with him in this apartment and a girlfriend
6:46 am
who came and went. they say he lived here two years before moving out late last year. he has a troubled past that includes gun violence. he was convicted of peeping at a woman in 2008 in a shower and taping her. when the boyfriend tried to help goulet fired a handgun in the struggle. he was convicted of carrying a gun without a permit the same year. friday the santa cruz sentinel says he was arrested for disorderly conduct and in santa cruz he was fired saturday from his job after he broke into a co-worker's house and tried to assault her. the neighbors in berkeley said he lost a job at a coffee shop here, near where he lived. he apparently told neighbors he was in the military and was stationed for some time in
6:47 am
guatemala. kristy smith, "today in the bay." >> continuing coverage of the story all morning and all day long on the website. just search santa cruz. >> new this morning the inner park side neighborhood looks more like a lake rather than an intersection. wow. crews still out there working hard to clean up the water main break flood it is streets near 15th avenue. not too far from sloat boulevard and 19th. you can see the water there, a few feet high and some areas nearly submerging cars and flooding homes. rushed out into the streets. mike keeping an eye on it. >> christina, another nice day on tap. >> beautiful. don't let it get past you.
6:48 am
the warm days are numbered. we have fog, low clouds. i just want to show you the visibilities are perfect e at the surface. all the particulars from mike. this morning that's the low 70s. we keep the warming trend going into the weekend. 35 degrees in livermore. 38 in sunnyvail and 48 in san mateo. los angeles as we head through the heat of the warming trend, they will get close to 90 degrees town south. close to 80 degrees. it will be the warm withest weather of the year so far. it's not that far out of the realm of the norm. high pressure is firmly in control. you can see the big area of clearing clouds just wrappinging around the big ridge of high pressure. what happens is you get the
6:49 am
clockwise flow pushing the ml back out to sea. with all the sunshine coming in it negate it is marine influence. look at the highs as a result. 70 degrees for livermore. 67 in fremont. 65 degrees in san francisco. all good things must come to an end. i can tell you we are going to come to a screeching halt in our warm-up from saturday into sunday. we have an area of low pressure bringing snowfall to tahoe. maybe a stray shower to the north bay. overall dropping the temperatures, increase the on shore flow so you can wake up sunday morning with a different scenario. temps in the low 60s. monday and tuesday it starts to get active here. we'll track showers on the radar for three consecutive days. tuesday, wednesday and thursday next week. temperatures will fall into the 50s. old man winter is coming back.
6:50 am
enjoy the saturdays while he's out. let's kek your drive with mike. >> first of all we show the freeway traffic. north 101 is. the map shows you we have slowing before tully road past 680 and to the airport. that's a standard area through the south bay. 87 jammed up capital into downtown and just in 280 north around 880 up towards saratoga. the south bay commute kicking in. yesterday, a nightmare this morning. standard for a wenlds. we'll track it as well as the rest of the commute. it's jammed from marina to a street. there was an earlier stall that looks like it's cleared. a crash south of 238 causing backup on northbound 238 back to the castro valley. these are commute directions contrary to yesterday's problems. things are moving nicely eastbound 580. not like yesterday. we have a smooth drive to the
6:51 am
bay bridge toll plaza. we had a backup at the toll plaza itself. focus on the city. we have no problems with the freeways. it's just off 19th. we have 15th closed because of a water main break at wowona. sloat boulevard and west portal. they are out at the scene and they are a sink hole as they cleared the water from the earlier area. jon showed you the flooding. looks like they have stopped the water main but this has to be addressed. big sink hole. avoid that intersection. back to you. >> happening now, catholics from all over the world are coming together outside the vatican one day before pope benedict 16th steps down down. today the pope making his last public appearance in front of the faithful in st. peter's square. mary ann joins us live from the vatican. what's it like to be there?
6:52 am
>> reporter: it's been an emotional send-off for pope benedict xvi. he spoke of the joy and light of the papacy and spoke of difficult times. today benedict thanked the faithful for understanding his decision to retire. in his words, to love the church means to have the courage to take difficult painful decisions. he was realistic. speaking of the troubled seas and rough winds. of course controversies follow any pope at times it seems these days. for him it's been that way in the final days. one pope resigning from great britain as well as the los angeles cardinal, some pressure on roger mahoney not to show up and vote. so we are with waiting to hear when the conclave will take place, marla.
6:53 am
until we hear that, when the pope leaves tomorrow there will be no leader for some time. >> do we think a new pope will be in place for easter? >> well, certainly easter is the most holy of holidays for the roman catholic church. the cardinals begin their discussions in congregations. maybe a conclave march 10 or 15th. that conclave is in quiet prayer and voting. who with's to say what time they will choose the next successor. but clearly there is pressure to have a new leader in place before palm sunday at the end of march. >> thank you so much for reporting live for us vatican city. we appreciate it. >> 6:55 now. the p.r. nightmare could be over soon for boeing. the f.a.a. allowing boeing to
6:54 am
hold more test flights of the 787s next week. this would allow them to make fixes to airlines to ground the fleet. an international probe pinpointing the cause of several fires aboard a pair of 787s last month directly to those batteries. >> apple holds its shareholder meeting today. >> scott mcgrew says rumors of a stock split seem to be just that. >> as i make sure my microphone is on as well. rumors of that. there we go. a stock split on apple, yeah. probably more of a rumor than anything else. we are thinking this morning apple stock is mostly unchanged this morning. dow industrials up about 32 points. the nasdaq up about a 6. we'll continue to watch apple throughout the day. >> thank you so much. 6:56. >> it is. one final check on the top stories. the santa cruz police department
6:55 am
now mourning the loss of two of its officers today killed in the line of duty. the officers got into a shootout with a suspect yesterday afternoon. the suspect, jeremy goulet was killed as well. >> three people including a suspected gunman killed at a shooting at a wood processing plant near lucerne. several others were injured. the general public isn't in danger. >> a statue of the late civil rights leader rosa parks will be unveiled later today in wash sh. she becomes the first african-american woman to have her full-sized likeness displayed at the national statuary hall collection. president obama will be speaking at today's dedication ceremony. >> christina loren is up bright and a early after a busy night in san jose. if you misseded it, christina walked the red carpet last night at the cinequest gala at the california theater. she looks stunning in pink.
6:56 am
the film festival runs through march 10. you were not alone. jeff was there as well. did you have a great time? >> i did. mike just raised the roof for me for the first time. i think mission accomplished. good morning to you. if your mission is to get to work on time this morning the weather isn't going to interrupt your drive. grab the shades. the sun is blazing out there. 36 degrees in livermore. on our way to the 70s. grab something. maybe a light jacket this morning. something you can peel off by noon as temperatures climb into the upper 50s and low 60s. 70 degrees on the way i land bay side. you will hit 67 degrees. at the coast we are talking about the 60s at half moon bay and pacifica. hint, hint. the tourists don't realize we are getting this beautiful weather in the heart of winter. enjoy it. come summer, you will enjoy it with plenty of company. let's see how much company you have on the roads. hey, mike. >> good morning. you have a lot more company in
6:57 am
the east bay. we are slow south 880 starting just before you get to marina and davis. headed down to san lorenzo and hayward. we have a crash and an earlier stall which caused backup around the interchange with 238. we have a crash with activity on the shoulder. northbound side distracted and north 238 into the area jamming up as well. they should clear it quickly. southbound is kicking in. 101 through san jose and mountain view. 87, 85 all slowing in the northbound directions as well. i would like to take the palo al to camera to give folks a note here. this is what we talk about the sunrise slow down. easily drive for the flow of traffic. sun causes folks to hit h the brakes around the corner. it's in there the whole stretch. be careful. now to the chopper over san francisco. this is near 15th and wowona.
6:58 am
there, no more water. this is the mud, sludge, cleanup. they have crews here. avoid the area because of the earlier flooding and now the cleanup continues. back to you. >> the west portal muni is there. >> no delays he says. thanks for being with us. we'll be right back at 7:25 with the first local update. >> enjoy the weather. see you tomorrow. . good morning, final fair well. a breathtaking site at the vatican this morning. where pope benedict just held his last public audience. tens of thousand of people packed into st. peter's square. millions more watching from around the world as the first pope to step down in 600 years says good-bye to the faithful today, wednesday, february 27, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news this
6:59 am
is a special edition of "today," the resignation of pope benedict xvi with matt lauer in studio 1 a and savannah guthrie, live from vatican city. and good morning, welcome to a special edition of "today" on this wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer here in new york. savannah guthrie is at the vatican in what looks like a savannah, good morning. >> good morning to you. a beautiful weather day in rome. this is always hall load historic ground no more so than today as the pope makes his final address. this weekly audience is normally held indoors. but the vatican received so many requests for tickets it was moved outside the square. what a day for it. the the pope waved to the crowd in this open-sided vehicle. a crowd of


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