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tv   Today  NBC  February 28, 2013 7:00am-11:00am PST

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wear. you have to go back 600 years to see a pope abdicate his position. he's expected to emerge from the apostolic palace. from there he will take a helicopter to the castel gandolfo and make the final brief appearance there. and the final end to the benedict papacy comes four hours from now when the doors of gandolfo close and they leave. let's go down to keir simmons covering it all for us. kear, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, savannah, good morning, the saints looking down on the square have not seen a day like this in medieval times. in the papal palace, over my shoulder here, the pope, as you say, has been meeting were his cardinals, tells them, i'll be with you in prayer.
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dawn across rome. this city has seen more than 260 pontiffs, only two popes passed in the last thousand years have left like this. the cardinals, princes of the church, gathered this morning for a warm farewell to pope benedict. some cardinals wants to speak to him for as long as possible. pope benedict will resign just after sunset. this home, this beautiful summer palace, quiet after a frantzic few weeks. >> at 8:00 exactly, he will stop being pope, the swiss guards who stand guard outside the palace and he'll go. >> reporter: rough seas he admitted yesterday and now the task begins of choosing his successor. >> i think there's a yearning
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out there for something different. somebody new somebody fresh. perhaps it younger. the conclave with 200 years of experience, secret ballots cast in the existing chapel. in many ways this will be different, this time a retired pope will be watching from the sidelines. >> we have to watch to see how it plays out. it's completely uncharted waters. >> reporter: the cardinals must choose a man to lead the difficult time for the church. they have yet to set a date but the new pope must surely be in place by easter week. around an hour from now, the bells will ring out across the city as the pope is taken in a white helicopter to castel gandolfo. his summer residence. he will wave from the balcony. perhaps say a few words. and in just four hours from now, he will be pope no longer. savannah? >> keir simmons in st. peter's square for us this morning.
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thank you. cardinals timothy dolan, the archbishop of new york joined us shortly after he took part in that momentous meeting and i began by asking him what those moments were like. >> it's the kind of somber for me. i love him very much. he means the world to me. all week, catholics call him our holy father. the italians call him el papa. he's like the daddy of the family. to see this gentle, learned, loving, holy man to see him fragile to see him make what i consider to be a remarkably humble and courageous decision, it was very moving. it was a very tender moment. i was honored when i went up. i only had a little while with him. i was honored that he remembered my name. it's always good when the boss remembers your name. i said to him, holy father. i love you. i thank you. i'm praying with you and for you, and so are the people of
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the archdiocese of new york, and i meant it. >> even as you say good-bye to this pope, thoughts inevitably turn to his successor. you've been here 24 hours. i know you've seen a bit of fellow cardinals who will make this difficult choice. how much urgency do you and your fellow cardinals feel to get this conclave moving? >> i'll tell you what, there's kind of a mixed feeling if i'm detecting it right, savannah. i'm a rookie. i've never participated in a conclave before. so you hear the cardinals say there's a sense of -- there's a strong desire to have a new pope as soon as possible. but for that to happen in the most prudent and enlightened way we need some period of prayer and reflection getting to know each other. there's a balance there. you heard the dean of cardinals announce we will begin the general congregation. that's not the conclave. those will be the meetings prior. we'll begin those monday. i know one of the first items on that agenda for the general congregation of cardinals, when
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will we begin the conclave. >> as we look for potential successors are there any front-runners and feel free to name names. >> i'm not trying to dodge your question. let me tell you this, i'm finding myself on two levels. first of all, the morning of the departure of pope benedict celebrating what is his great legacy. only now, it dawned on me today that i said, these are my cardinals with whom i'll be in conclave with. only now am i concentrating on the who. i say all the cardinals, praying for guidance, beginning to look at other cardinals, are looking forward to some days of prayer, reflection, apostolic eternity so the decision will be a good one. >> i think on the shocker scale
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this abdication was a ten on a scale of one to ten. we've seen it with surprise. some of the scales of the catholic church laid bare. like it's opened wounds. do you worry about that, do you worry in the resignation was a mistake? >> no, i wouldn't say that. i would have such high regard for the holy father's sense of prayer and decision making that i do not think it was a mistake. i do think you've got a point, savannah. look, there's always been sin. there's always been sin and corruption in the members of the church. at a time like this when the church is under such intense scrutiny. those are obviously going to come through. we refer to the church as the mystical body of christ. there are warts on the mystical body. there are scars. and st. augustine said often the mystical body lifts because the church is in pain. the church is wounded. and we see that now. and i think all that means, we would hope we would use this
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time for spiritual renewal. rededication to the valuable goals that benedict xvi has put out. >> i would be remiss if i didn't ask you what you think the chances are that you walk into the sistine chapel behind us as cardinal and come out as pope? >> about the same as me taking a-rod's place on third base for the new york yankees. >> it's an honor to have you here. >> thanks. i hope i see you through the week. >> you will, indeed. >> thank you. we'll have much more coming up. meanwhile, the pope's resignation is not the only major news to come out of rome this morning. secretary of state john kerry is here as well. we want to get to richard engel there covering the talks. we're hearing about a real change in policy, tell us about it. >> i'm not sure if it's a real change, i think the state
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department is billing it as a real change. secretary of state kerry wants to show that he's taking the position seriously. >> the u.s. now saying it will provide nonlethal aid to the opposition. describe. >> they've already been doing that. i think what you're seeing is more nonlethal aid. the united states until now mob providing communication mostly radio. about $50 million. today, secretary kerry said there will be another $60 million, another toe in the water, if you will, toward the opposition to provide them with food. to provide them with money. to help govern liberated areas. it's significant, because when you put another toe in the water, there's a possibility that you're going to jump in with the full body. but that's not what we're seeing right now. it's non -- military aid, nonlethal aid. it's a little more. >> there has always been some reluctance on the part of the administration, as you said to dive too deeply into this concept of syria. and one of the areas they cite
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is not knowing who the opposition is. and the concern there might be al qaeda among the opposition fighters. what would you say to that? >> there certainly are al qaeda among the opposition groups. the problem is, you'll have the liberals liberate an area, or partially liberate an area. and the more radial groups in particular will establish governance there. and the united states is telling the rebels, we want to stop that. we don't want that to happen. now, a relatively small amount, $60 million, it sounds like a lot but in a wartime economy doesn't go that far, the u.s. is at least putting real beef on the table saying, okay, we don't want the extreme aists to total run the areas. here's a little bit of money for the opposition. >> a bit of evolution in u.s. policy. >> evolution is a better way of describing it.
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>> richard engel, thank you very much. back to matt in new york. now to politics in this country. a war of words between the white house and the veteran bob woodward. kristen welker is at the white house, and she has more. good morning to you. >> matt, good morning to you. that dustup all started with an article that bob woodward wrote this past weekend and underscores how fraught the battle is under the sequester. as deep as the spending cuts known as the sequester loom, there's another behind the scenes. bob woodward alleged the white house sent him a threatening e-mail for writing an article suggesting the skweflter was all president obama's idea. woodward telling politico -- >> i talked to this person and
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he yelled at me for about a half hour and sent to me this e-mail. he says, i think you will regret staking out that claim. >> reporter: the white house says the e-mail was not to be threatening. and now that the full correspondence has been released the exchange appears to be more friendly. meanwhile, talks for the budget cuts seem to be stalled. president obama and the leaders aren't meeting until tomorrow the same way that the sequester cuts are slated to begin to take effect. and the only acknowledged meeting between the president and lawmakers occurred wednesday just before the event honoring rosa parks. so brief, republican sources say it only lasted for about one minute. on the president's schedule today, meetings for gop house speaker john boehner. also meetings, plenty of time but no plans to talk to each other. analysts say there's less urgency than past fiscal fights. >> there's no tax increase portion in this deal.
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i think the urgency or immediacy in the american public which makes it less in its politicians. >> reporter: instead of negotiations on wednesday, only familiar talking points. >> the issue is political. and the question is whether or not we are going to see a willingness on the part of all parties to compromise. >> the democrats that control washington still haven't put forward the serious bipartisan plan. >> reporter: now, the senate is expected to vote on the democrats' plan to avert the sequester later today. but that bill is not expected to pass at this point. it seems all but inevitable, the sequester will go into effect. >> kristen welker at the white house. want to tell you that the sequester will be the major focus of "meet the press" this sunday morning. david gregory will have an exclusive interview with john boehner. natalie is here with head lines. good morning, everyone. today, the senate judiciary committee gets down to work with
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gun control legislation before sending the bill down to the full senate. on wednesday, the committee harder from the father of 6-year-old jesse lewis, a first grader killed along with 19 classmates and six adults at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. in an emotional testimony, he called himself the voice of his dead son. and said it is time to ban assault weapons and high-capacity ammo clips. in a movement that seems to be fine frosty regulations, partisan relations congress is said to expand the newly expanded violence against women act. the law had expired in 2011 by spa expanding the impact to include gays and lesbians. jack lew has been approved as the next treasury secretary. president obama praised the senate on the nominee. and said lew will work hard to
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ensure that everyone can make a decent live. a local news anchor that vanished, paula lopez had been reported missing prompting officials to search her nearby home with canine units and helicopters. this morning, her family is saying she's home. the first openly gay candidate for public office in mississippi has been found dead. 34-year-old marco mcmillian was running for mayer. police say a person of interest is in custody. new courts that caroline kennedy is being considered for the role as u.s. ambassador to japan. the daughter of the late john f. kennedy is a top contender is reportedly being vetted for the position. the 55-year-old kennedy has been a longtime supporter of the president since the 2008 for office. and an update in a story we brought you back in july. the canadian youth hockey coach
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caught on camera tripping a 13-year-old on the opposing team has now been sentenced to 15 days in jail and 12 months of probation for that incident. the boy he tripped fractured his wrist in the fall. and this video shows what might happen when you push your girlfriend over the edge. when this adventure junkie was filming this incredible video of the world's most epic rope swing. he might have been too pushy with his risk-taker girlfriend. >> are you ready? >> please don't push me. please don't. >> i am not. i'm not going to push you, i'm not going to push you. >> what did she say? >> i just got dumped. >> the video was produced by youtube all-star devin supertramp.
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no word on whether or not the couple's relationship survived that 400-foot plunge. 7:17 on the west coast. you don't think it's real? >> no, i don't think -- i think parts of it are real. i think parts are doctored. i don't think he seems like the best guy to have as a boyfriend. >> no, devin supertramp? no. >> i'm not going to push you, i'm not going to push you. >> on that downward swing, you actually saw the small coyote and the roadrunner. >> exactly. >> and the tnt. mr. roker, you got your eye on the storm in the pacific northwest? >> that's right. the big storm that caused all the problems in the midwest. first of all, we start off in madison, wisconsin where this woman is plowed in. i hate when that happens.
7:17 am
and grand rapids, where another is covers with three to six inches of snow. here's the beginnings of it as we go to the pacific northwest. we are looking at this system coming in. the low pressure that's attached to that warm front, out in the gulf of alaska will be making its way on shore. and by next week, may be causing big problems toward the end of the week. meantime, we're looking anywhere from one to three inches of rain, upwards of five in the puget sound area. mountain snows as well back through the cascades and intermountain regions. west of west coast. denver looking good. 68 and sunny in tucson, casper, on the chilly side. 76 in san diego. we're looking for a high of 57 degrees with showers in ewe 19, seattle, washington. more heavy rain, possible flooding. avalanche warnings in effect also for the pacific northwest. 84 local forecast coming up right after this message. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ 7:20 on a thursday morning. a beautiful day shaping up. look at this live picture, just spectacular. over san francisco, the bay bridge. almost like a painting. and temperatures are going to be downright comfortable. we have good air quality. great day to get out. 70 in livermore, 66 in san francisco. we hold strong, warming you up more so friday, saturday, 74 degrees. by sunday, much cooler and cloudier. enjoy the warm y-up while it lasts. u very much. coming up, prince harry's
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charity mission to africa and much more from savannah at the vatican on pope benedict's last day as the leader of the catholic church. ♪ coming up, historic moments here in rome.
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good morning to you. it is 7:26. i'm marla tellez. flags flying at half-staff statewide today in honor of two fallen santa cruz officers. sergeant loren baker and detective elizabeth butler. the memorial outside the santa cruz police department continues to grow this morning. many of the department's officers will return to work today after taking a day off to grieve. ♪ amazing grace last night there was a community vigil to remember the officers. we will receive more details
7:25 am
about a public memorial for the officers during a news conference later this morning. we're also learning more about the suspect, jeremy goulet's father says he was a ticking time bomb. officers visited jeremy's home on tuesday detecting about a break-in at a women's home. goulet opened fire, killing the two officers. he then sent a text to his twin brother saying, quote, i'm in big trouble. i love you. meteorologist krigs te christina loren with a look at the nice forecast. >> a live look, stratus clouds over san jose, beautiful start to the day here. we're going to touch on records. i'm forecasting a record in napa at 71 degrees. look at these numbers. hard to believe it's the final day of february. 70 for liver moor amore. a beautiful day shaping up in san francisco. even warmer tomorrow, jumping by three to five degrees. saturday into sunday things
7:26 am
change. almost ten-degree difference between saturday and sunday. let's check your rush hour drive. >> looking under some of those stratus clouds christine pointed out. we're pointing out a relatively light volume of traffic north 101. on the maps, this is your commute direction. just from 680, that orange stretch at the top of your screen, 280 gumming up, traditional there. as well as north 85. but no big surprises and no big slowing. south 880 out of hayward through fremont and union city, we do have speeds into the 40s at times. a good amount of traffic but no incidents there. and also coming down to the tri-valley, we have no problems once you pass through livermore. back to you. >> thank you, mike. we'll be back in about 30. until then, it's back to the "today" show.
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♪ 7:30 now on a thursday morning on west coast. february 28th, 2013. 4:30 in the afternoon in vatican city where moments from now, pope benedict xvi will leave the vatican and begin his retirement. that was the square there, as you see, the swiss guards, members of the swiss guard were gathered there. they're sworn, of course, to protect him until 8:00 rome time this evening.
7:29 am
this is an historic day for the catholic church. it's an historic day for people all around the world. i'm matt lauer in studio are 1a in new york. savannah guthrie is at the vatican this morning. good morning again. >> good morning to you, matt. we can start to feel that excitement and anticipation begin just below me in the st. peter's square, we've started to see some of the masses come. they're erected a huge monitor people wanting to be there to see the final moments of pope benedict xvi. and coming up, the biggest question facing the church today, who will be the next pope. we're going to take a look inside the conclave. this is the ancient and secretive process used to elect the next pontiff, we'll find out why, matt, campaigning for the top job is not a good way to get the top job. >> that smith some things we w
7:30 am
you know about in the states as well. willie is going to sit down with the president's speech writer, how he gets that position and one of the positions to have at the ripe old age of 31. and then south africa with prince harry's first engagement since returning from afghanistan. lots to get to. we want to get to the end of pope benedict's papacy as it will reflect on the cardinals who will elect the leader of the next church. anne thompson is here with more on that. >> reporter: these cardinals come from all around the world. there are 115 of them from 48 different countries. once that conclave begins, they will be sequestered from the world and they won't come out until they have a new leader of the catholic church. they take an oath of secrecy, sequestered behind the walls of vatican city.
7:31 am
and they don't emerge until there's a new pope. all cardinals stay in a vatican city residence called st. martha's house. george, take me inside the conclave. you're dealing with 117 princes of the church. so i imagine that has to create some unusual scenario. >> and most of them haven't lived in a dormitory for a long time. remember in '78, cardinal carberry of st. louis was fretting over whether there would be a place to plug in his electric razor. someone else was worried about whether he could bring chocolate bars in the conclave. >> reporter: the cardinals will be disconnected from the west of the world. no tvs, no internet, no phone. tradition shows blacked out windows take the cardinals to the sistine chapel for their daily votes. on the first day, once an afternoon. after that two votes in the morning, two the in afternoon.
7:32 am
all paper ballots handwritten after each cardinal and burned after each vote. campaigning for the job is considered bad form. if a cardinal wants the job there are subtle maneuvers. >> a cardinal may come up and see a fellow cardinal and take his arm and lead him to have a coffee together and a five-minute conversation can perhaps change the balance in a conclave. >> reporter: pope benefit digit w benedict was stunned when he was elected after three votes. >> i remember getting the senior cardinal ratzinger saying your eminence will accept to be the supreme pontiff of the catholic church. and he said, no, i can't. he said, i accept as the will of god. and then he's pope. >> reporter: white smoke from the chimney and tolling bells
7:33 am
together signaling the history of the catholic church. and now the catholic church gets ready to say good-bye to pope benedict. you see the helicopter there, it's the white helicopter that will take him to castel gandolfo. he has been pope for eight years but lived here since 1981. >> anne thompson, a lot more from you coming up from the vatican. for now, back to new york and mr. roker. >> thanks so much, savannah. young man, wanting to push across the racing channel? >> starting april 6th of this year, i'll be pushing across the country. >> to do what? >> to raise awareness for all persons with disabilities and as to raise funds for an organization called stay focused. >> good luck. we hope you have good weather for it. >> thank you. >> let's see what we've got for you today. we're going to look basically at the snowfall for boston. they are nine inches above where they should be this time of year, almost 43 inches of snow. chicago, how have you been doing?
7:34 am
well, you're almost 10 inches below where you should be at this point at 19.4 inches. a lot of rain down south. mobile, alabama, 11.3 inches of rain. that's almost 6 1/2 inches above normal 7:36, thursday morning. good morning, i'm meteorologist christina loren. check out the embarcardero. just a spectacular start to the day. an area of low pressure to our north. clouds spilling into the bay area around that system. we're not expecting rain. in fact, a warmer day ahead. 70 on the way tore livermore, 76, four degrees away from 80. the final day of february. getting into tomorrow, even warmer. and we're going to stay warm for saturday. that's your latest weather. hey, matt, they made you out of macaroni. that would be matt lauer. >> very good. very nice. i'm very honored. i will come out and check that
7:35 am
it in just a couple minutes. thank you coming out, prince harry is headed back to britain following his first appearance following his tour of duty to afghanistan. the prince traveling to south africa to raise money for his charity. michelle kosinski is in johannesburg this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, matt. the kingdom lasoto prince harry visited is one of the poorest places on the planet. life expectancy of around 41. if you haven't heard about this, don't feel bad. that's one of the reasons why prince harry has chosen it, to try to help where he can. in showing up and shaking a few hands would never be prince harry's style. shaking a stick or his shoulders, that's more like it. he made the most of every minute
7:36 am
. at a school for the blind, the kids taught him braille. the school for the deaf, next, where he may have learned a sign or two. the prince even donned a royal purple teddy bear apron, a traditional print. it's always laughs when he's around. the prince here founded a charity which means forget me not in 2006. he spent a summer working here as a teenager and couldn't forget the need he saw. he also wanted to remember his mother, the brave work diana did in africa and the prince's mother. they plan to build a large center here for children with hiv. >> my mother would be proud, too. maybe with blueprints and sketches already mapped out.
7:37 am
and don't want to put the swing in the wrong place. >> reporter: together, these two have already impacted children suffering through poverty, disease, loss of their parents. harry stayed involved even during his tour of duty in afghanistan. he has often said he loves children. it shows. and now gets to reach out again with hands and smiles. people are sometimes surprised to hear prince harry's charity only has five employees in the uk another 15 in losoto. they want to expand to other african countries and quadruple the amount they raise each year currently $3 million. not bad for the 28-year-old prince. matt. >> all right. miche michelle kosinski in johannesburg this morning. coming up, a look at the royals coming up, a look at the rare gowns from prince harry's mom, prince diana, going up for auction. first, a look at the guy who
7:38 am
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we are back now at 7:43. what were you doing in your 20s? maybe you shouldn't answer that, but this man spent his at the hand of the president writing history. he will end his tenure at the ripe old age of 31. willie spent time with him. >> good morning. john started writing campaign speeches for john kerry at the age of 22, a few months removed from his college graduation.
7:42 am
he later teamed up with a freshman senator named barack obama, that now calls him his mind reader. the departing speechwriter takes us inside his life as the voice of the president. >> with common effort and common purpose, with passion and dedication, let us answer the cal of history. >> this is the second nauinaugu right here? one of the drafts the president wrote up. >> his very neat writing. >> reporter: john has spent the last years taking notes like these and turning them into soaring speeches for barack obama. >> generation of americans have responded with a simple creed that sums up the spirit of the people, yes, we can. yes, we can. >> reporter: the two have been unacceptable writing partners since he joined then senator obama in 2005. four years later, at 27 years
7:43 am
old, the massachusetts native became the second youngest head speechwriter in the history of the white house. >> there's a lot of focus on your age. people are obsessed you're this wonder kid. did you ever stop and say, i might be in a little over my head here? >> all the time i think i'm in over my head. >> still? >> of course. especially when you're writing for the president. >> reporter: he hit the ground running, writing for the inaugural address. making the case for health care reform. >> i'm not the first president to take up this cause but i am determined to be the last. >> scrambling to finish a nobel prize acceptance speech aboard air force one. >> for a variety of reasons it would be a difficult speech not the least that the president said i'm not sure i deserve this. >> he spent the night before going to lows writing material.
7:44 am
during the flight, everyone falls asleep and we are trying furiously to write the speech. it was one of the only moments we didn't know we would have a speech ready by the time he gave it. he handed us literally as he was going to the elevator to the stage and we put the final words on the prompter right as he was walking up. >> at this moment of challenge, this must be our work. >> how close were you not getting that speech in the prompter? >> uncomfortablebly close. >> with his age, looks and proximity to power, he became a star quickly. one of "time" magazine's most influential people and most beautiful. and asking about his relationships after he was spotted with actress rashita jones. >> what do you think of this celebrity? >> i've always been told never take your job or yourself seriously. this is more fodder for my friends that mock me relentlessly for than anything i
7:45 am
take seriously. >> favreau's job is most difficult during times of a national crisis. >> word of a school shooting at an elementary school. >> you're not a parent yet but when you're a parent, having a child is like walking around all day with your heart outside your body. >> suddenly exposed to the world. to possible mishaps or malice. >> that was a line we ended up using in newtown. in the eight years i've known him, i've never seen him like that. it affected him very deeply. >> reporter: even as favreau wal walkses way from the white house he expects he hasn't heard the last from his friend at the white house. i said i might be there if he needs me and he said once in a while i might cal and i will pick up the phone. >> you will not send him to voice mail? >> no. that's a call i will pick. >> he plans to open a consulting office in washington with a friend also leaving tomorrow. ultimately he has his eye
7:46 am
on-screen writing for television. as for the president's next speechwriter, the white house has decided to go with somebody a little older this time. cody keenan is 32. >> there's something about youth at the white house that works, has favreau seen television lately? does he know what he's getting himself into? >> he is going to try and a friend, john lovitt, a former speechwriter in l.a. and says, come give it a try out here. and the nation's best high school basketball team. we'll catch up with them right after this. . we got nothing. we just bought our first house, we're on a budget. we're not ready for spring. well let's get you ready. very nice. you see these various colors. we got workshops every saturday. yes, maybe a little bit over here. this spring, take on more lawn for less. not bad for our first spring. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. get ready for spring with this ryobi 18-volt trimmer,
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we're back now. 7:50. with the top ranked high school basketball team in the entire country. they come from a place you might not expect. here's nbc's miguel almaguer. >> reporter: they sit in the wasatch mountains far from the street courts of new york city or chicago. yet the nights are spent in a dunking way to a number one national ranking. coach quincy lewis says opponents are rarely intimidated by his clean cut squad. >> they wonder what the chess team from utah is doing. >> reporter: quickly they learn looks can be deceiving. the night of pure showtime. >> we like to run up and down
7:50 am
the floor. that's our style of play. >> reporter: and they win big, blowing out opponents by an average of 28 points per game. they cross crossed the country playing in tournaments against big city teams. surprised to see a running gun squad from utah. >> they like the pressure and they like to run. that's really something that has been really kind of reserved for inner city teams. >> reporter: tyrone's team from chicago lost to lone peak last year. he's candid about how the all white team defies racial expectations. >> they play exactly the play people would consider to be an african-american or black team to play. >> people don't look at us as the dominant team. they don't think we're good and we will come out and prove it and show we have worked hard and we've brought it. >> reporter: some of the knights have been playing together since the second grade. basketball isn't their only religion. next year, two seniors will play at brigham university after they
7:51 am
complete a mission for the mormon church. >> i got called to serve in frankfurt, germany. >> reporter: right now, they serve in another way and coach slaughter says they're breaking stereotypes. >> they play basketball the way people enjoy seeing basketball played. not a white game or black game, a basketball game and that's the way they play it. >> reporter: and game is exactly what these boys have. >> reporter: they play for a state championship on saturday and if they win, it would be their fifth in seven years. >> something in the cooking in lone peak. no question about it. thanks. coming up, a woman who got a bill in the mail for using ♪ >> announcer: this is an nbc news special report.
7:52 am
the resignation of pope benedict xvi. here are matt lauer and savannah guthrie. good morning, everyone. i'm matt lauer in new york. savannah guthrie is at the vatican. where right now, as you see by the live images, pope benedict xvi is leaving his apartment at the vatican. he will make his way outdoors to vatican square to st. peter's square in the vatican. and he will leave that square for the last time, shortly, as the leader of the catholic church, savannah. >> that's right. we're seeing the reigning moments matt of the papacy of b pope benedict xvi. he held an emotional meeting this morning with his cardinals. any moment, we expect to see another emotional final farewell. as you mentioned, on the vatican grounds. we see him departing this morning from the papal residence. he took the elevator down, i'm told. in a few moments, he will come into the courtyard. this is the place where we see
7:53 am
the swiss guards that protect the pope take their oath. he's showing why, partly, he has decided to take this extraordinary step of adbdicatig the papacy. he's had some trouble with his heart. but he's been speaking with great strength and clarity in the final few days of his papacy. there he is as he walks out to be greeted with senior vatican officials, members of his staff. he will return one day to the vatican in a few months, but he will not return as pope. let's just watch for a moment. >> savannah, members of the swiss guard in attendance. you talked about this is where they take their oath this courtyard. they will guard him until 8:00 local time. rome time this evening.
7:54 am
and then they will be replaced by vatican police. they will no longer be required to guard the head of the catholic church. the pope will get into that car there in the courtyard. for a short drive to the helipad there at the vatican, where he will board one of the vatican helicopters. the white helicopter, for that short 20-mile or so trip to castel gandolfo, where he will take up residence for the next two months. and as you mentioned, this is an emotional scene that really reflects the emotions we've seen over the last couple of weeks and the last several hours as the college of cardinals greeted him this morning. i'm joined here in new york by father robert barren. i know you've got great work there in rome with you, and father baron, since we're watching something unprecedented in the last 600 years or so, let's just start with your emotions. >> yeah, and the emotions are conflicted. i think we speak about a lot of catholics about this, we feel a
7:55 am
certain sadness, a certain trepidation because we're not sure what this means. also a sense of relief for pope benedict. he's announced that he just can't go on physically and intellectually with this job. a certain relief for his sake. i think catholics have a lot of mixed emotions, i certainly do as i watch these scenes. >> savannah? >> as you mentioned, matt, we have greg burke with us, he's the vatican senior communications adviser. mr. burke, good morning. it's so good to have you with us. i wonder what he's last 17 days or so have been like for people like you here in the vatican, planning for something that was ultimately very unexpected. at least in terms of this resigning? >> yes, totally unexpected. i was not in the vatican when this happened eight years ago when john paul died. you have this uncertainty. but you also have this other thing which is entirely new. 8:00 tonight, it's over.
7:56 am
>> and to a certain extent, the pope and his cardinals are writing the rule books as we go along. one of these issues is, how much fanfare does the pope want as he says his good-bye. we saw the final audience yesterday. he had this emotional meeting with the cardinals this morning. is this the good-bye that he wanted? >> this is the good-bye, definitely. i mean, the people cheering right now are people in the secular state who work where i do. just two floors above where they are, the domicile. i think it's important that they were able to say good-bye. they didn't want anything huge. he had that with the audience. he's not somebody that likes big celebrations in general. i think it's only right that the people who worked with him, his clollaborators got to give him sendoff. >> as we watch his ride to the top of the hill to a white helicopter. a short ride to castel gandolfo,
7:57 am
about 20 miles out of rome, it's his residence. and then the pope emeritus. >> as we wait for him to arrive at the helipad. i know you have george there. i just wonder if george would comment on some of the comments as he dressed the cardinals this morning. one jumped out to me, george. prior to bidding farewell to each one personally, i want to tell you i'll continue to be close to you in prayer, especially over the few days so you'll all be fully docile in the election of a new spirit with the election of a new pope. >> joseph ratzinger, matt, in 2005, was one of only two cardinals who had participated in the papal elections. the two elections of 1978. he knows exactly what the purchas burden of responsibility is that these men are taking on themselves. he knows the conflicting emotions that many of them have.
7:58 am
some of which greg and father baron have just described. i think he was saying to them, look, i know how you feel. and i am going to be with you in solidarity and in prayer over the next several weeks. of what is going to be a difficult test. >> at the same time, he has made clear, he does not want to exert undue influence on the process. this is not somebody who's behind the scenes twisting arms saying this should be the next pope? absolutely not, savannah. he is going to disappear. we're not going to see this man for months. he's too much a respecter of the process. he's too much of a respecter of his brother cardinals. and he's too, frankly, humble a human being to try to monkey in any way whatsoever with the selection of his successor. >> matt? >> yeah, i was curious, though, and father baron jumped in on this as well, as i watched the images of him personally greeting the members of the college of cardinals, i was wondering, do you get the sense they felt they were seeing him
7:59 am
for the last time? or might they visit this pope emeritus in the area of the vatican that he'll be living in? might the future pope seek his counsel? >> you know, it's complicated to me. it's a bit like george washington who set a precedent with every move he made as the first president of the u.s. it's uncharted waters. everything that this now retired pope does i guess will set a certain precedent. so we really don't know. my guess is for the next several weeks and months, he will, as george said, pretty much disappear. he's a scholar, he'll disappear into his books. i can see cardinals coming to see him. will the new pope consult him. i don't know if that will set up too much of a tension and ambiguity. i think we're watching precedence being set every moment here. >> we want to just mention -- >> and as we watch the -- >> i'm sorry, savannah, once he boards the helicopter, just a
8:00 am
sense of the route he may be taking. he'll fly over the tiber river. perhaps with a review of the trevi fountain over rome's central train station. the neighborhoods surrounding rome. and he'll perhaps take the route what the romans called the queen of the long roads. and although there are several other small airports in that area. you would imagine the pope's helicopter has the right-of-way for the next ten minutes or so. savannah? >> no question about that, matt. and as we are joined here by not only george weigel our vatican analyst, we've got george burke from the vatican. reflecting on the papacy of the pope benedict xvi, he's a shy and bookish theologian who never really embraced the public spotlight. you got to see him from a perspective that we don't. >> he got a lot better at it.
8:01 am
when he came, he said he was not going to try to be john paul ii. i think it was clear that john paul was a professor and an actor. and joseph ratzinger was just a professor. he got better at it. people embraced him for what he was. george was mentioning the humility. he didn't have body language, but they saw by his nonbody language, his humility. you always sensed he was surprised that all these people had shown up for me. people grabbed that. they realized that. and i think for that reason, they were also willing to listen to him. >> we see now, matt, of course, the helicopter that will take the pope to his place of residence the next couple of months, castel gandolfo. >> and he won't be alone in the helicopter, father bearron, thee are aides flying with him? >> and the monsignor just in
8:02 am
recent weeks names as archbishop and acting as pope benedict's private secretary. he's been a major player in the life of pope benedict. we should also mention that once he arrives at gandolfo, he's expected to be greeted by the mayor of that city. as well as many of its residents. i think they're expecting as many as 8,000 people, to try to get a glimpse of this pope who is not yet the former pope, but will be in a couple hours as he lappeds at castel gandolfo, savannah. >> and as we reflect on who may succeed this pope, the question is, what that means for the catholic church at large? george, i think you and i were talking earlier, there's a way of looking at this, you have john paul who reigned for 26 years. then benedict who had been his deputy essentially. it's a continuation of this era. now, with this selection of a new pope, may we see a real change in the catholic church?
8:03 am
>> i don't think so, savannah. i think the course has been set by the second vatican council. as interpreted by john paul ii and benedict xvi. their relationship and the relationship of these two pontificates was a seamless one. we get caught up in so much, that we don't pay attention as we should to the continuity, the stretching out of one pontificate into another. i think the course is sweet the missionary catholicism of the future. and they embody that. >> let's just get practical from the spiritual to the mundane he will continue to wear the white cassock. >> he will continue to wear the white cassock and change from the shoes, but not a whole lot. the fisherman's ring. the fact of the matter is, i
8:04 am
think this is good, he's going to a house that he knows. he spent every summer there. part of every summer there. this is important. just in terms of evening, coming into his new house. he's at castel gandolfo, very much at home. and really probably more relieved than he was when he used to go there during the summer. more than ever, a time where he's able to read and pray which is what he wants to do. very impressive talking to the cardinals today. the humility talks, i will be praying for you as you make this important decision. >> as you watch these historic scenes and listen as bells are chiming across rome. we saw them a few moments ago on the screen. we hear them in rome as we stand next to st. peter's square. the pope, a modern pope at 86 years old has tweeted. he wrote thank you for your love and support, may you also experience the joy that comes from putting christ at your centre of your lives. maybe not the final words maybe
8:05 am
maybe the final words, matt. >> as you say, he did embrace twitter. although maybe more a toe in the water than a full-fledged endorsement of it. i that is his 39th or 40th tweet ever. we don't know if he'll sweet again before 8:00 this evening. guesting back to castel gandolfo for a second, savannah, he did have something to say about that place. the plaque outside the hall there, on the 2007 endorsement, he said, here i find everything, mountains, lake, and i can even see the sea. and of course, good people. the pope's helicopter now lifting off for the vatican for that short trip, what will his home for the next two months. and i would imagine that clears the walls, that comes into view of people of several hundred, perhaps a thousand have gathered in st. peter's square, watching this on a large monitor, it will be very emotional to watch this helicopter fly by.
8:06 am
>> it's amazing to watch the vatican. i have a view of it now with the setting sun here in rome. and one can only imagine what is going through the mind of pope benedict xvi as he surveys his ancient and historic city, leaving it as pope for the last time he was ordained in 1951 as a scholar, a theologian, a longtime official of the vatican. elevated to pope nearly eight years ago. and now going down in history for a host of reasons not the least of which the circumstances which he as abdicated. something thought done in nearly six centuries. >> that's right. people in rome at the vatican are not used to seeing what we're seeing. this is more akin to what we're used to as a president leaves office and gets in marine one and flies off the south lawn of the white house as the new
8:07 am
president is inaugurated. this is not something that the pope of a catholic church is used to. >> yeah. it doesn't overly politicize the office. it was still integral to the papacy that it was a long-long ministry, a lifelong commitment. i understand the papacy, but i share an understanding of that. less than we expect the pope to resign. >> do you worry as i read in some publications, perhaps in the future because of the precedence set by this resignation that when future pope or people disagree with future popes, they might exert pressure on them to also resign? >> that's what i mean by the footed station of it. i do worry about that. fully understanding what pope benedict did. at the same time, with your reference to the president leaving the white house speaks to that fear of an overly politicized statement. >> as we'rech whatting and
8:08 am
seeing images coming from another vatican helicopter that is flying behind the helicopter carrying pope benedict. >> and -- >> yes, savannah. >> i have to tell you the hospit helicopter just passed by close enough to wave. as he leaves to take in the historic moment of thousands of people in st. peter's square who came to watch this on a big screen monitor. they're able to view it as well. it's a short flight, as you mentioned to castel gandolfo, continuing the conversation you've been having with father barron in new york. what happens now, george weigel, we will have an emeritus pope and new pope sharing a personal secretary, will that be awkward? >> they will not share a special secretary. there are not going to be two popes. there will be no pope as of 8:00 tonight. and there will be a pope, the bishop of rome.
8:09 am
the roman pontiff, once the college of cardinals elects a man and he accepts. at that point, there will not be two popes. there will be one pope. one roman pontiff. one force of authority in the church. i just want to say one thing as we're watching this remarkable helicopter shot, the romans took to this man from the beginning. i remember eight years ago, walking through the borgo neighborhood, just a few blocks from here where cardinal ratzinger lived. and everybody there wanted the neighbor to get elected. >> let me just stop for a moment, so we can ago knowledge, he just flew over the ancient ruins of the colosseum getting quite a view out of town. >> it says something good about the catholic people of rome, having dominated this office for 455 years, they have been embraced, in a remarkably warm
8:10 am
way, the bold journey. and whether the next pope comes from latin america, asia, europe or north america, i think they'll embrace him as well. >> matt? >> savannah, as we mentioned maybe a thousand or couple thousand people in st. peter's square watching this unfold on big monitors. imagine how many people in rome right now have pulled their cars off to the side of the road and get a glimpse of this. or sitting in their apartments or office places. looking out the window, as this helicopter passes slowly overhead. in no hurry whatsoever. you mentioned scenery that it's passing. we've got claudio lavanga, nbc correspondent in rome. i imagine there's great anticipation here, claudio? >> reporter: there's great anticipation here in castel gandolfo.
8:11 am
thousands of people crowding the small square here, about 8,000 people. we're told they came here hours ago. they've joined me in prayer. and also first, when the loud leaving the apostolic palace, and secondly when the local church bells started ringing. well, the helicopter ride is about ten minutes from vatican city to here, so we expect to see or hear at least the helicopter arrive down here in about five minutes. the helipad here is about one mile away from the summer residence. that you can see just behind me, people are just waiting for him to take a little drive. ten minutes' drive. and that is going to appear on the small area you see above me. micro phone is on and tested. while there's no script. the vatican said that he's just going to improvise. the expectation is that he would want to thank everyone here and around the world for their
8:12 am
support and for the understanding of that difficult decision that he had to take for the good of the church. finally at 8:00 tonight, that is 2:00 p.m. east coast time, he will cease to be the pontiff. and all the executive powers of the catholic church will stop. and all the symbolic moment that everybody is expecting for the swiss guards. the guards of 500 years, the pope will walk out of that door, signifying there's no more pope to protect until a new one is elected matt. >> claudio, thank you very much. they're still monitoring the scene from the helicopter that is following the pope's helicopter that makes its way from vatican city to castel gandolfo where claudio was jut reporting from. and there is no formal ceremony at 8:00 tonight. there is no ceremony other than what claudio just mentioned. the swiss guards will leave. the door will close handy will be pope no longer. >> just seeing it all for the
8:13 am
first time. what strikes me, watching extraordinary pictures, the pope going over this incomparable importance of rome, passing over tremendous novelty and historicahistoric al importance. >> by the way, this pope will learn of the announcement of the new pope the same as everyone else will. he will hear the announcement and watch as the new pope is named. he won't get tipped off early or anything like that. just a couple minutes now until this helicopter touches down in castel gandolfo. >> you mentioned the first tweet, or the last tweet of the pope mentioning christ, that christ is the centre of life. central to teaching of ratzinger over the decades.
8:14 am
i heard it in papal audiences, always the joy that comes from makes christ the centre, that's the dominant theme. >> as we continue to watch and wait for our next glimpse of pope benedict xvi some stations will be going to local programming right now. others will stay with us for more coverage right here on nbc. and we are back now with coverage of the resignation of pope benedict xvi. you're looking at the vatican helicopter that carries the pope makes its way to castel gando o gandolfo. matt lauer in new york, and savannah guthrie at the vatican. savannah, back to you. >> matt, as we stand here, we're all struck by the moment and the fact that this pope has departed in such an unusual way. i want to bring in greg burke
8:15 am
who is the vatican senior communications adviser. inevitably, the church's leaders are thinking about who may replace him. let's talk some mechanics here, as we have learned in the last few days, a conclave is the method by which a new pope is selected. we haven't yet gotten a date for the gconclave. there's work for the whole congregation of cardinals. 208. >> that's right. cardinal saldano, the dean of the cardinals will send out a letter. the fact of the matter is from the count, it doesn't look like all of them were in as of today. they will be called in to meet on monday. at which point there's been much point of whether or not the actual voting can be moved up. it has to start within 15 days of the vacant see which begins tonight. all the cardinals have to decide that.
8:16 am
as of monday, at least in starting the mechanics and starting the discussion. >> and to be a fly on the wall in those discussions, particularly when the conclave, the electoral cardinals, when they convene to actually go about the business to selecting the next pope. what do we know, george, about how this process unfolds? it's so secretive, as they will actually stay inside the vatican. almost like a sequestered jury. and by the way, also a sequester from listening or communication devices. >> i was thinking that earlier today, savannah, as secretive as back door politics in chicago in the 1930s. here's the story from inside the conclave told to me by pope benedict xvi when he was cardinal ratzinger. i asked him when he had his first serious conversation with battue, the man who re-elected
8:17 am
john paul ii. he said it was during the first conclave of 1978. he took a walk around that court that we just saw. and discussed the state of the church around the world and found each other of one mind together. so one of the things that happened in that conclave is that the ratzinger partnership -- the john paul ii partnership, was formed during the nighttime walk around that courtyard from which pope benedict xvi just departed. i wonder if that was on his mind. >> it's an interesting partnership that unfolded over the decades and ends here with a flight from rome to castel gandolfo under these extraordinary circumstances, matt. >> getting back to the conclave. i love to hear george comment on this. i'm reading an article where cardinal koenig commented.
8:18 am
he passed away. but he was asked about participating in the conclave in 1963 and 1978. about the drama inside the room and the intrigue and the emotion. what he said, george, actually, if you watched what happens inside, you'd be bored to tears. that apparently there isn't quite the drama that a lot of people think there would be. >> well, the balloting process itself, matt say, rather formal, some might say a rather baroque and slow one. let me tell you the story that the cardinal told me preparing for john paul ii. he said in the second conclave in 1978 when the two principal italian selectors had deadlocked, he went to see one night in the apostolic palace where they will living in jury-rigged apartments those days went to see cardinal poland.
8:19 am
and said to him, does poland have a candidate to present and cardinal baszczynski said, you don't think i should be pope, do you? and koenig said but there is enough. which is the man he had in mind all along, the youther man. >> father barron? >> i heard from a cardinal involved in the 2005 conclave. the conclave itself is more like a liturgical event. it's very quiet, very solemn. as they come up and take that oath that christ witnessed, it's a very formal, serious setting. and i was struck, too. this morning, my boss, cardinal george is quoted as saying maybe you've seen cardinals talking at these various events. we're not just talking about the weather. they're starting already assessing the process of the church and the candidates. some of that is going on as we speak. >> back in 2005, it's my
8:20 am
understanding only two of the members of the college of cardinals had been through a conclave before. now that number is 50. so they've been through it. they know the procedure. how might that affect their deliberations? >> i don't know how much it will affect it. they'll be more comfortable, obviously in the setting. they'll know what to expect. i'm not sure it will affect the voting all that profoundly. but you're right, a far greater number who have had some conclave experience. i get fascinated by that. i do think a lot of the cardinal electorals will be looking around the wider church. the church groves, south america, africa, asia, i wouldn't be surprised if they start looking around those parts the world. >> savannah? >> well, we're watching the helicopter scene. and appears that the landing gear appears to be down, let's bring in claudio lavanga, we have him posted at castel gandolfo. claudio, is the crowd going
8:21 am
there? >> reporter: oh, savannah, quite a scene here. thousands of people with their heads tilted upwards, all trying to catch a glimpse of the helicopter. it look tos like he's taken a route from the back. we didn't see it but also this is a very small medieval square covered by very tall medieval buildings. so that may be the reason why we haven't seen it. people are told by loud speakers what's going on. they started reciting prayers again. they got a glimpse of the pope himself. they have to wait for another small delegation and then take a small ride here and appear on that balcony above me where he will address that crowd and is so eagerly awaiting for him, savannah. >> and claudio, as we descends works getting a glimpse of that gorgeous italian countryside, the one that makes this such an appealing italian retreat, the
8:22 am
love so much. as we continue our debate, george weigel, the question is raised, for somebody following credentials, a searing intel elect, in truth, many people considered him to be a weak manager. is this an occasion where they'll be looking for someone, not only who has those spiritual credentials but somebody who can run this massive institution? i think i read one article that said maybe it's time for an mba coach? >> i think the first order of business is a man who can be one the universal pastor of the church. a man with pastorial experience, missionary experience. they can then find a strong secretary of state to ride herd on the democracy before him. >> we're seeing the chopper door
8:23 am
open. to see benedict xvi emerge after a short but scenic flight from rome to castelgandolfo about 20 minutes away from rome. i'll bring in greg burke, the vatican adviser, at 8:00 local time, the papacy officially ends, we entire a period of sede vacante. there is no pope. the interregnum. who runs the church? >> who runs the church? the secretary of state very well-known. he has been at the helm. he knows how business is run. it's ordinary business. precisely the rules are precise here and unknown. we may be uncharted territory with other things with an application. but in terms of what happens with the sede vacante that starts at 8:00 tonight, that's clear. it's simply business in getting the conclave started. you can't start naming bishops or making reform to the church
8:24 am
or anything like that. >> it's also worth noting at 8:00 tonight, with one or two exceptions, every senior official in the vatican loses his job. bortoni will be not be the secretary of state. the heads of the congregation mr. lose their jobs. the head, of the pontiff will lose their jobs. but everybody's out of a job. as of 8:00 tonight. so the new pope can start. >> as a practical matter, how much change do popes typically do? i mean, do they reappoint some of these same people? >> it depends on the pope. some do and some don't. pope benedict xvi reupped everyone right away. i rather doubt that's going to happen this time. >> as we watch the pope on the helipad in castel gandolfo
8:25 am
meeting with officials in anticipation of one fine glimpse of him from the balcony of castel gandolfo where people have gathered to catch a glimpse. matt, back to you.savannah, let timing of the appointing of the pope. we'll talk about the future of the church, the issues of the church. and in some ways do those discussions point us in the direction of a front-runnein ot theres a key issue? >> i spoke to a number of cardinals that said just that. they got to rome they saw him leading with such creativity and command of language that he emerged as a front-runner. they'll ask the cardinals to
8:26 am
assess the situation in their part of the world. and in that process, they're going to see the intelligence, linguistic skills and recepti receptiveness in the cardinals. >> there are a couple of guys being talked about. in the article i'm reading now, they're called in quotes, big dogs. i don't mean that with any lack of respect. we're talking about angelo sodano, the dean. and george just mentioned cardinal bartone. and he is someone who probably doesn't have as much chance as otherwise would have because he's been faulted by some as perhaps being the blame for some of the managerial problems that this pope has had over the last several years? >> because of his age, too, he's 78 years old. i'd be surprised that the cardinals elect someone much beyond the early 70s. given the fact this man was
8:27 am
elected at 78 and now retiring of old age. as you say, bartoni was a conversational figure. >> let's talk about geography, okay, because obviously, there are 115 cardinals voting. let's break it down, europe of the voting cardinals, had 60 of them. north america, 17. south america, 17. 11 in africa. 10 from asia, central america, 3. so when you look at those numbers, keeping in mind that 8 of the last 10 popes have come from italy. do you start to see some trends developing that are hard to break? >> well, i think it's fair to say that europe is probably overrepresented among the cardinals. given the fact that the church is struggling in western europe. the numbers are growing. i'll give you an example. there's only one cardinal in the philippines, yet some 68 million catholics in the philippines. only three in mexico.
8:28 am
europe is certainly overrepresented in that sense. so we'll see. >> i just want to say before i throw it back to savannah, you get a sense for just the beauty of castel gandolfo here as we watched the pope's motorcade make its way from the helipad to the actual palace. and the stunning grounds and gardens that surrounds this place. i believe that might be the palace in the background there. but this is a summer retreat. it was designated that to avoid the stiflingly hot summers that rome is notorious for. this is a bit of a hill. an area where there is say breeze which is welcomed during the months of june, july and august. and, again, just scenically breathtaking. >> beautiful. >> savannah. >> the motorcade descends here. as they goes from the vatican not far from the papal residence, in fact. as we talk about the future of
8:29 am
the chump, i'm sure what direction doctrinally the church may take under a new pope. these lectors were all voted under john paul i i or pope benedict xvi. we're not going to see a sea change in terms of theology or doctrine? >> it's not so much who appointed who, savannah it it is because of the fact that changing popes is not like changing a governor or changing the president of the united states. the church has, if you will, a constitution, in the british sense of constitution, not american. the church has settled deacons and those are not susceptible amendments by the pope. the pope is the servant of the church's tradition, not the master of it. now, popes can interpret that tradition. popes can stretch it. john paul ii certainly stretched the church's teaching on human rights, for example. putting religious freedom at the
8:30 am
center of any rational scheme of human rights. but in terms of the so-called hot button issues, it's simply not susceptible to change. >> we are watching, of course, as the pope gets out of the car, arriving in castel gandolfo. we will see him in a few moments, a final glimpse of him as pope from the the balcony, greg burke is with me. the vatican adviser. >> yes, he's in the courtyard right now, outside the palace. the people outside. you can't see hi but you'll see him go up. there's an elevator behind that door. he'll go up one floor to the balcony. >> we've been talking about the future that's understandable. he's the man of the moment. greg, you have a vantage point that not everyone has. what kind of person was benedict xvi? what is his reputation, among the cardinals, among staff members such as yourself who work inside? >> among staff members and i
8:31 am
think cardinals, it's the same. it's a gentle man. a humble man, and a wonderful scholar. and somebody who's often done things he didn't really want to do them but he did them because he thought they were the will of god coming to rome in the first place because john paul ii. he wasn't thrilled. he was a german professor. called several times to go home. john paul wanted him here and kept him here until the very are end. he finally thought he could go home and then, of course, was elected pope. >> matt, we watch as the town square awaits a glimpse of pope benedict. >> it's good to go back to claudio lavanga there in the square. claudio, give he a sense of the emotion you're seeing? >> reporter: you can see it behind me. thousands of people waving their flags.
8:32 am
the pope has a arrived. and going to appear on the balcony shortly now. i spoke to the the ares earlier today, and what they are saying, the pope is coming home. while the pope in the past has used this summer home as a summer residence to find solace. but this pope in particular, pope benedict xvi loved this place, this is where he can get away from the prying eyes. when he appears on that balcony. he's going to deliver that short speech and then disappear from the side of the square here but also from the public eye as a whole. matt. >> just a beautiful setting. i was just looking down at that image of the square just belowed balcony. and i saw one souvenir store. they're going to be doing a brisk business, i would imagine for the next couple of months, claudio. by the way, we want to mention, that savannah mentioned that the pope will be speaking off the cuff off that micro phone. we will have a translator standing by to understand exactly what pope benedict xvi is saying to the faithful down
8:33 am
in that square. claudio, i can't make out what they're saying there, what are they saying? >> reporter: well, they are just chanting "benedicto" they know he's going to appear on that balcony soon. this souvenir shop, but brisk business for the restaurants and bars as well. they have named as well, their paninis and pizzas with pope benedict xvi and ratzinger. this pope will be the special guest for the next two months, but as they said, he's just coming home, matt. >> and greg burke, over in rome, any idea for what the pope will have plans for after 8:00 tonight when he becomes pope emeritus?
8:34 am
how might he spend his first evening in that new role? >> i think, matt, reading and prayer. he normally has dinner around 7:30. watches the news at 8:00. i'll be curious to see whether he watches the news because obviously he's going to be the lead story. but that's normal procedure. and then reading and prayer. and what he's wanted to do for a long time. he finally gets to do as of 8:00 tonight. >> and, greg, as we watch these images of the pope these last couple of days one can't help but be struck by what a frail figure he has come these days. we've seen him walk with a cane. just learned in the last few weeks he has a pacemaker. that the battery had to be replaced recently which i understand is routine. but what can you tell us about how he's feeling these days physically? >> physically, we all feel in the last few months there has been a slowdown, definitely at christmas. those festivities. there are a lot of different
8:35 am
liturgical celebrations. christmas eve mass. on the 6th of january, he ordained a number of bishops. long and tiring for him. there's no doubt about that. difficulty negotiating steps and that kind of thing. i think his mind, you can see, is great, from when he speaks off the cuff. and he did for a long time during this period since announcing it, spoke for 40 minutes to roman priests. his mind is clearly, perfectly but the body is slowing down quite a bit. >> greg, you're a reporter, have you been able to do any reporting these last two weeks about when benedict has been seriously started thinking about abdicating, i know he mentioned it in the book. >> he mentioned it in the book a couple years ago. and i think it stood out to a couple people. being a traditionalist, nobody
8:36 am
thought he would break with televisi26 centuries of tradition. the trip, i was on the trip, was one that tired the pope out and he began thinking shortly after that making that decision. >> and you can help us locate ourselves within the walls of castel gandolfo and about to come to the balcony and address the people. >> on the first floor which has a nice view of the lake out there. >> let's listen.
8:37 am
[ speaking in foreign language ] >> translator: in friendship, thank you very much. [ speaking foreign language ]
8:38 am
>> translator: and we thank god. i've chosen pilgrim in this pilgrimage. with my heart, with my prayers with my reflection, with all my internal power to serve god. and i feel very fortunate to keep going forward. thank you. my heartful thanks. with my entire heart and my blessings, i empart my blessings, in the name of the
8:39 am
father, the son and the holy spirit. thank you, good evening. thank you, everybody. >> addressing supporters and the faithful down in the square of castel gandolfo who have waited probably more than an hour or two to see him at his new retreat for the next couple of months. simple words from a man who has had a very long and storied and complicated journey over the last several decades. and certainly the last eight years, father barron, as the pope. what struck you? >> what struck me he's the top dog. he's the papa. pope is derived from papa, the father. he's not just the church, he's our holy father. just that wonderful deeply emotional and spiritual connection between him and the people. the beautiful display of the
8:40 am
fatherhood of the pope. >> what about the power of the fact that he's a man of his word and we certainly know him to be, that is the last we will see of him for a very long time, perhaps ever. >> maybe, i think certainly for a very long time. i think he will want to disappear. again for personal reasons but also he doesn't want any conflict between him and the new pope or any ambiguity about who is pope, as george is pointing out so clearly. so i think very happily and with purpose, he will disappear. >> savannah? >> well, i'm joined here by greg burke and george weigel, our vatican analyst. i would like to get your take on a very short and trademark humility in a speech in which he says i am just a pilgrim. what a pilgrim and life he has had, george? >> savannah, i was struck and moved by how much of the mileage of that pilgrimage you can see
8:41 am
on this man's face. he has really poured himself out for the church. for the church's lord. and you can see that in him. and that is something that i think commands respect. it certainly commands the love and affection of the crowds and catholics around the world. the hpilgrimage has not been a simple or easy one and he's showing the effects. >> a the few moments, greg burke, your thoughts of these scenes? >> sort of like john paul, i have run the race. you know, you get very much the sense of that, he's run the race or carried the cross. i think the timing of the pope's decision is also interesting. now in probably new folk by the time of holy week, very symbolic he's carried the cross to where he can. he said, i'm not abandoning, but obviously, somebody else's job to pick up the cross. >> for those of us with us this morning, we are witnessing history.
8:42 am
you see the beautiful castel gandolfo. this is the place where pope benedict xvi will spend the next few months. but he will be pope for not much longer. just a few hours until the sede vacante is under way. we want to give our thanks to father barron and greg burke and george weigel.we'll have more. '. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
welcome back. 8:46 with an interesting new way for you to get dinner on the table. >> erica hill is here with more on that. >> hi, nice to see you. i heard about this, this is a little strange. it's a food sharing service developed out of the philosophy we could all share a little bit more, waste less and in turn not only eat better but be better neighbors. think of it as a potluck meets takeout with plenty of home
8:45 am
cooked goodness. >> i'm making my dad's and mom's laundry day soup. >> reporter: she's making it for strangers, a home cook ed male swap. >> it's an individual art. >> reporter: it's called meal ku. >> it's where folks cooking and preparing for themselves can share it with others. >> reporter: ted is the founder of this food share iing cooperie launched last july. >> we see moms cooking and students and professionals who only have one day to cook. >> reporter: meal ku acts as the middleman, a place to organize food exchanges, screen potential members and coordinate the pickup and delivery --
8:46 am
>> often by bike messengers. >> reporter: it is more than a hearty bowl of soup. meal ku is a community on and offline in today's fast paced world. >> i love that idea, when your own cup is full, whatever spills out, you share it with others. that's the philosophy of meal ku, wasting less and sharing more. >> reporter: oh, that's good. >> the service costs $10 a month. but the transactions are handled with ku. a point system. members earn ku points when they post a dish and use ku when they order a meal. it's expected to be five star cuisine? >> no. because you set the expectations and live with the expectations you set. >> reporter: hi, lawyuren, with meal q. >> reporter: while meal ku is open to new members, not everyone can join. a so-called welcome cook comes to visit to make sure you and your kitchen fit the meal ku
8:47 am
philosophy. >> i felt very comfortable after the welcome visit they looked around and want someone who's clean and were particular enough i felt i was comfortable with it. >> reporter: once a cook and kitchen are approved, the work begins. it's not all in the kitchen. they're are no photos used on me meal ku. it's the dish and story behind it. >> this woman heard a fantastic story about a woman doing laundry in greece. i said, this is awesome, i have to try it. >> reporter: one woman's decision helping to fuel a mini revolution, one dish at a time. meal ku currently has 1500 members in new york city. people are setting up their own meal ku communities in southern carolina to california and you met this woman in the piece who had a laundry day bean soup and
8:48 am
her grandmother made it. she put feta on top and i made it and my kids like it. my husband ate it. it was delivers. the soup's great. a lot of recipes are online. >> that's great. >> there is a small service fee, right? they just added a $10 a month service fee, part of it to pay for the messengers and to keep the runners going and back end technology. >> thanks for feeding us. >> any time. >> and tomorrow, too. this is "today" on nbc.
8:49 am
8:50 am
this morning on "today's" home, shopping smart when it comes to things like kitchen appliances and cookware. hgtv magazine surveyed for their best saving secrets. and sarah peterson is here with results. good morning. >> good morning. >> we will take a look how we can save in home to. sometimes it's not only knowing where to shop but when to shop. >> when and how. and great deals online. >> you will guide us through the certain months to buy things, starting with bedding. when is a good time? >> sales in january. you want to look for one-day sales all year long.
8:51 am
at big department stores, bed, bath and beyond, macy's always have one day sales and call and find out where they are. >> where else? >> online, smart bargains online, all kinds of linens and great brands and the company shore has great options. >> you love decorating, chances are you like to play with pillows. >> the easiest makeover ever. >> where can you find good deals on pillows >> online is your best bet all year long. great ones at qvc, great ones at jc penney. the magazine is always featuring pillows under $30 from these places. >> a great idea from design experts, sometimes the filling inside is not great. >> this is a good tip, a good trick. the inserts you buy them with, sometimes polyfill. if you replace them with down fill they look more expensive. >> more plush and lush.
8:52 am
>> you can find them at >> good tip. let's talk about cookware. we all love to cook with this kind of enamel cookware. >> it lasts a lifetime. places like cooking stores all year, april, may and november, december, think fall and spring, when you're getting in the cooking season. >> sounds good. >> check out t.j. maxx and home goods. >> i always find good deals at those places. kitchen gage gedgegadgets. appliances can be pretty costly. when should you think about buying these? >> same as cookware, april, may, november, december. check the manufacturer's websites. a lot of times they have refurbished and reconditioned small appliances and the factory remade them and you can get warranties on them and for a lot less. >> and you can get warranties on
8:53 am
them. >> and return it if you don't like it. >> going to fine china. if you're one of those people that never got your full set and want to complete your china set. >> september is a good time for china deals. dinnerwe dinnerweardepot is good and replacemen you have a set, broke one dish and you can find its match and find wholesale sets for deep discounts. >> if you're looking for one wineglass, you can fill in. >> you have seven and need eight. >> vacuum cleaners, last but not least. these can be a couple hunded dollars for really good ones. >> these are really big items. the best time to buy, this is the time to check the big home stores with in-house coupons, bed, bath and beyond. kohl's are good. april and may are good. june models of vacuum cleaners come out. like cars, get the vacuums
8:54 am
before the new models come out. april and may. >> a sarah peterson, thank you. >> would you let someone pay you to name their baby? coming un, the news and weather. good morning to you. it is 8:56. i'm marla tellez. meteorologist christina loren tracking a very nice forecast. >> yeah, it is so nice and you know what the good news is? we're actually going to hold onto the warmth for the first part of the weekend. beautiful conditions here.
8:55 am
from san bruno, let's show you san jose, a little hazy. still in the good air quality range. feel free to open up the windows in your home. but we have high pollen levels for the next few days. 51 already in san jose. we're already on that climb towards near record warmth. 71 degrees forecasted high for napa. that could be a new record. 69 in fremont. and getting even warmer finishing off the week for your friday. hello?
8:56 am
the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters.
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welcome to "today" on this thursday morning, february 28th, 2013. it's the very last day of february. >> bye-bye. >> no leap year this year. good riddance, noce or rain? >> this is a pre-take. >> pre-bonus. >> what do you think of willie's shirt. >> who are you wearing? >> you want it? >> yes. >> hi. how are you, jason kennedy. this is from the good people of
8:59 am
l ledberry. ledberry shirts. they make a good shirt. >> this is pinkberry. >> i love it. >> i love it, too. complimented you right away. it definitely pops, makes a statement. >> have i jumped the gun and wait until march 17th. >> you're wearing your st. patrick's day shirt. on the 17th this year? >> as you know, jason kennedy is here, fresh off the oscars. why don't we start there with take one already thinking about our oscar host from next year because frankly seth macfarlane referen referenced tina pay and amy poehler, bows of the job they did at the golden globes should they be the next ones? tina fey was on letterman last night and was asked that very question. >> would you and amy poehler come on and host the academy awards? >> for a woman, just the amount of dresses you would have to try on. >> yeah. >> that's a deal breaker.
9:00 am
i'm out. >> just for the dresses? >> come on. >> she's trying to brush it off. >> they would be great. it's such a thankless job no matter who does it they will get criticized. >> are we sure seth mcfarland won't do it? >> so did ricky gervais. >> and he did it three times. >> the numbers are up. you can say what you want, at the end of the day, more eyeballs were watching. >> there's another reason, jimmy fallon hasn't been on it. it's an nbc show and they don't like to promote abc. >> and chris rock fell a little flat. these are pros. it's tough, opening yourself to criticism, a one time job. >> i would put myself and jennifer lawrence up for it. >> very big of you. >> what the heck? >> take one for the team?
9:01 am
>> exactly. >> what was the vibe of the people inside the theater about se seth macfarlane. it was tough on twitter but a lot of people there said he was pretty funny. >> they loved it. it was good. the reaction was on the inside. you will always get you're always going to get hate on social network. but you said it, al, the numbers were up. that's all they wanted at the end of the day. >> and he delivers to that audience. >> into the demo. >> which i'm not of that demo anymore. >> but they do appreciate the jokes. >> yes, we do. >> let's move to our take two. did you hear about this story? a school has a plan, they say, to help with obese students. this is in massachusetts. some families are getting letters home, being called fat letters, where they're letting the parents of children know, your child's body mass index is too high, technically overweight, in some cases, obese. 32% of the students who get these letters in massachusetts do have a bmi that show that they are, in fact, obese.
9:02 am
some parents say that this goes too far. i don't want the school telling me my kid is fat. some people say this is a good red flag for us to do something about it. >> and the families have the option to not have their kid checked for -- >> right, so they're already in the program. i guess they just don't want to hear the results, perhaps. >> what is this going to do to the kid's mind-set and self-esteem when they go home and their parents get a note saying, you're obese. that's an intense word. >> but the parents don't have to necessarily share that letter with the students. >> and they should know. i mean, they know if their kids are obese or not. they don't need a note being sent home, in my opinion. >> i think it's the job of a pediatrician, frankly, to be the one who's testing the kids and making those kinds of -- >> but a lot of folks are -- we're very blessed, we have good health care. a lot of folks don't have access to that or pediatricians who can take time to do that there in an hmo, they've got to move them in, move them out. so, i don't know. i think that that's a -- it's a big problem. i mean -- >> it's a huge epidemic. >> and maybe it's time we stop
9:03 am
being quite so nice about it. i mean, it is a huge problem that's going to cost us kids, it's going to cost us money. maybe we need to be more honest and up-front about it. and by the way, they also sent home letters for kids who were underweight. it's not just a fat letter, it was about kids they were concerned about generally. take three, this is baby naming big bucks. a woman entered a contest with a company called belly ballot. the winner, she's going to get $5,000 to allow belly ballot to choose the name of her unborn child. so belly ballot will put four or five names up on a website, people go to that website, get to choose, it's online voting, whatever the winner is, her child will be named for life. >> are they like normal names? >> they said they'll keep them pretty normal. >> which actually may be good for the child, because it turns out that this mom to be because the names she thinks, her favorite names for girls would be katura and winter for a body. which are kind of unusual names.
9:04 am
>> ever since celebrities started naming their babies, i feel like every name is fair game. so if the poor kid -- blueberry, it could be insane. i think the mom has good intentions. >> hashtag. hashtag was big in 2012. >> i think she has great intentions, but this should be a personal thing. ask your friends and family. at the end of the day -- >> no, no, by the way, don't ask your family. >> really? for advice? >> no. and if you're expecting, do not tell your family the choice. >> i made that mistake -- >> i'm going to take notes. >> i made that mistake and my parents weighed in heavily, and i was like -- >> it's like telling your buddy you don't like his girlfriend and then he marries her. >> just don't go there. >> methinks somebody speaks from experience. >> she's a wonderful girl, i just want to say. she's terrific. >> makes all her own clothes. >> she's grown on me. >> she's really great. >> all right. let's move on, promptly, to our bonus take. in our 7:00 hour, i had an interview with jon favreau. he's the young speechwriter
9:05 am
who's been with president obama -- >> and he directed spider-man. >> very talented. where he finds the time, i don't know. he's leaving the white house tomorrow at the age of 31. he's been with president obama since the age of 23, if you can believe it, writing speeches for the leader of the free world. one of the parts we couldn't get into the piece, though, was this story he told me about the moments leading up to the white house correspondence dinner in 2011. remember, this is the time when the raid to get osama bin laden was underway and president obama had to sit there, stone faced. seth myers famously made a bin laden joke that cut to the president's stone face, couldn't laugh at it, because, we didn't know this, but the president did, they were on their way to get bin laden. so favro talked to me about writing the jokes for that event and not knowing himself. >> and we were happy with all of our jokes, right? we go in to see the president, and he's like, i like all your jokes, i think everything's fine. there's one joke where the punch
9:06 am
line is osama bin laden, and i would just maybe change that to another dictator. so maybe -- >> did you read anything into that? >> no. no, i had no idea why he was doing this. i said, would hosni mubarak work? and he's like, mubarak would work great. why don't we do that. so we change it, and then that was it. and i found out the next day, just like everyone else did. >> commonly said, give me another dictator. i can't tell you why, but give me another dictator. >> you'll figure it out. >> it's favro and his co-writing partner, john lovett from "saturday night live"? >> no, john lovett, who left the white house last year, is now in l.a. and writes an executive producer for "1600 penn" on nbc. >> they want to go to hollywood. natalie, what else you got for us this morning? >> let's get right to the news this morning, because a lot of news. the reign of pope benedict comes
9:07 am
to an end today as he officially retires. today he met with cardinals of the vatican, one of whom will be named to secede him. after leaving, he goes to castel gandolfo. they'll begin meeting next to month to pick a new pope. and this morning pope benedict promised his obedience to his successor. also in rome this morning, secretary of state john kerry announced a shift on the summit. he said they will for the first time send nonlethal aid toll rebel fighters. officials at the summit called on the syrian government to stop indiscriminate bombings in populated areas, calling the bombings crimes against humanity. president obama meets tomorrow with congressional leaders, but not before the across-the-board spending cuts begin to take effect. today, senate republicans and democrats pushed their own plans for dealing with the so-called sequester cuts, but officials
9:08 am
concede neither plan will pass. today, the senate judiciary committee gets down to work on gun control legislation before sending a bill on the to the full senate. on wednesday, the committee heard from the father of 6-year-old jesse lewis, a first grader, killed along with 19 classmates and 6 adults at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. in an emotional testimony, he called himself the voice of his dead son and said it is time to ban assault weapons and high-capacity ammo clips. you may remember this video, on youtube, it burned up the internet a few months ago, appearing to show a hero pig swimming out to rescue a baby goat after its foot got stuck in a pond. we showed this to you. others showed it to you as well. it did seem too good to be true at the time, turns out, it was. the video was a fake. instead, this little piggy went to work with the help of scuba divers and animal trainers for a show on comedy central. yes, we got duped. well, there was a truly
9:09 am
amazing rescue, though, this one, we think, for real in canada. a retired biologist captured this remarkable video, as a fawn and its mom were trapped on thin ice in nova scotia. the doe had fallen and couldn't get up. the ice was too thin for a person to walk on it. so a rescue chopper was flown in and used the downdraft from its rotor blades to blow the deer to shore, one at a time. i guess that worked. it is now 11 minutes after the hour, and you're up to date. that's remarkable. that's good thinking. i would never think -- >> just hope it's real after the pig. is anything real? >> i hate to ruin it for you, willie. >> we should have been tipped off when the pig went, weeeee! >> yeah, that geico ad. well, comedy central is getting their last laugh, that's for sure. >> al, how about a check of the weather? >> all right, as we show you what we've got going on today, a
9:10 am
big storm coming into the pacific northwest, a warm front ahead of it, the storm attached to that will cause problems for the midwest next week, but in the meantime, we're looking 1 to 3 inches of rain in the pacific northwest, the mountains there picking up about 6 to 9 inches, and here in the northeast, an upper level low, spinning snow from the great lakes on into the new england area, and a little light rain activity along the eastern seaboard 9:12 on a thursday morning. we are so close to that weekend now and this warm-up is going to continue into saturday. so you can get outdoors and enjoy it. a little haze over the embarcadero. but we're in the good air quality all across the bay area. often that is the case when we have offshore flow. temperatures just about as warm at the coast as inland. 72 in livermore. 66 in san francisco and 69 degrees on the way for santa cruz. our latest weather. >> thanks, jason, thank you. >> good to be here. coming up next, new secrets
9:11 am
of fighting a cold from dr. nancy snyderman right after this. [ male announcer ] this one goes out to all the allergy muddlers. you know who you are. you can part a crowd, without saying a word... if you have yet to master the quiet sneeze... you stash tissues like a squirrel stashes nuts... well muddlers, muddle no more. try zyrtec®. it gives you powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because zyrtec® starts working at hour one on the first day you take it. claritin® doesn't start working until hour three. zyrtec®. love the air. claritin® doesn't start working until hour three. i finally found it. it's a different kind of retinol. garnier ultra-lift moisturizer. with pro-retinol from nature... it's tough on wrinkles. but gentle on skin. 95% of women saw a real wrinkle reduction. this is the skin i remember. garnier ultra-lift it's no ordinary nonfat yogurt.k it has twice the protein of regular lowfat yogurt. and at 80 calories, it's the lightest greek yogurt with fruit.
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9:14 am
♪ i win! what's in your wallet? on "today's" daily dose, how to treat all those sniffles and sneezes you can't seem to shake this winter. dr. nancy snyderman here. >> hey. >> why is it during the winter months we see increase of winter colds? >> primarily because we're inside and don't open the windows. there's probably 200 variants of the virus constantly mutating. we don't wash our hands enough and spread it from one person to another. this is a bad year. a lot of colds and influenza and
9:15 am
gastrointestinal stuff and passing it to each other. >> a lot of people when they have a cold think they may be suffering from allergies. how do you tell the difference? >> whether you believe in all the global warming stuff or not, this just in we are seeing allergies year-round and people seeing especially grass and trees. if you have a common cold you can have a runny nose and sore throat and congestion and fatigue and low grade fever. some people complaining it is not just that 7-day cold, lingering a couple weeks. >> perfect for our question from facebook. nicky asks how long is too long to have a cough and chest congestion. hers is going on 2 1/2 weeks, no fav fever, no pain, no other symptoms. >> interestingly you can have a crummy cold linger this long. if she's having a scratchy throat or itching on the roof of her mouth and runny eyes, itchy eyes, it might be allergies on
9:16 am
top of what she thought was a cold before. sometimes colds can turn into secondary bacteria infections but you will be coughing up mu cuss and feel yucky. it goes on for three or four weeks and your eyes water and throat feels scratchy, start to wonder if it's allergy instead. >> let's get to myths versus fact. first one we hear this all the time, you can catch a cold from cold weather. >> the answer is no. look at anybody in cold weather climates always going out in nothing but shirts or sweaters. it is interesting however you can lose so much heat through your head, put on a hat because that will keep you warmer. you don't catch a cold that way. >> next, a netty pot helps with congestion. >> it can. they are an interesting way to wash out your sinuses, either use it with tap water or
9:17 am
distilled water or mild mild saltwater. it can help in an acute sinus infection, i would warn people not to do it. yes. you can wash out your sinuses. people who like it like it. >> some even think it prevents a cold. >> yeah. there probably is something to that but i still think the best way to prevent a cold is a lot of good hand-washing because our hands are so dirty. you and i touch our faces up to 200 times a day. that's the easiest way to get -- >> vitamin c prevents colds, myth or facts? >> it's a huge myth. people like to think popping vitamin c. there are a lot of concoctions that have made people very wealthy you can buy at your local drugstore. linus took this to his death and unfortunately no proof high doses of vitamin c before during or afterward off a cold. >> chicken soup, that has to be good for a cold. >> interestingly, but i can't explain it says chicken soup
9:18 am
makes you feel better and probably helps you get better sooner and may have anti-inflammatory aspects to it. chicken soup is good for the soul and may also be good for your cold. >> dr. nancy snyderman, thank you. coming up, designer items for $100 or less. first, these messages. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. [ female announcer ] green giant broccoli and cheese sauce. only 60 calories per serving.
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9:22 am
coming up some entrepreneurs who turned their little ideas into pretty big business. >> and bobby flay answering all your questions. >> careful. >> first, your local news and weather. we even bettereel about your favorite flavors. so when you call, tweet, and post, we listen. that's why yoplait light and yoplait original are now made with no high fructose corn syrup. and why we use only natural colors and natural flavors in yoplait original.
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9:24 am
it is 9:26 now. good morning. i'm marla tellez. las vegas police say they are no longer looking for 22-year-old tenesha howard who was linked to a shooting and fiery crash on the las vegas strip. but it's unclear if police have found her or if they simply no longer believe she is a person of interest. police are still searching for ammar harris. investigators say harris was driving an suv that fired shots at a maserati, killing oakland rapper kenneth cherry. the maserati then crashed into a
9:25 am
cab, killing both people inside. we have new details in a deadly shooting at a san leandro elementary school campus. reports say 19-year-old tremendou foster was killed because he failed to make good on a debt. this happened at hillside elementary school. randall is charged with murder and is being held without bail. investigators are looking for two other men in connection with this case. we'll check the forecast and also the roads after the break.
9:26 am
welcome back. what a beautiful day shaping up. these are your current temperatures. we're very close to your seasonal averages in places like novato at 55 degrees right now. it's only 9:28. still slated to hit and even break a couple of temperature records. 71 on the way for napa.
9:27 am
that will be a new record. 69 degrees in fremont. 71 in san jose. and 76 on the way for gilroy. even warmer through tomorrow. we want to check your drive. >> back-up happening here. horrible in your driving north out of palo alto and up toward 92. it's slow. looks like something happened farther north at marsh. no reports of crashes going on right now. but you see how tough the drive is heading north past university and really slowing at willow, up towards march. southbound side has slowing. there's a new crash at 92. more problems for the peninsula. avoid mcalister between market and 7th. there's police activity there. >> we'll be back at 9:56 with our next update. see you then.
9:28 am
>> finally in one direction's concert, somebody threw their shoe on stage and hit harry stiles in the crotch. harry's looking for the person who did it while taylor swift is looking for another shoe. >> oh! >> okay. >> wow. >> that hurt. >> jimmy fallon. >> i don't know who's hurting more, harry or taylor. >> and 5 million people worried when they saw that shoe go to the crotch. very worried.
9:29 am
>> just a little higher. >> natalie. >> just ahead this half hour, we need mom entrepreneurs who had an idea and turned it into a thriving business. here to share their secrets. >> if you want to wear designer labels but you can't afford those price tags we will show you those designer price tags under $100. >> we will be answering your cooking and kitchen questions. we have our pals, bobby flay and giada de laurentiis, called "spilling the beans." >> i'm worried about. i they've been clowning around for hours. >> playing with sharp knives. >> all fun and games until somebody loses an eye. >> keep an eye on these two. >> first, a check of the weather. >> let's look ahead to your weekend starting with tomorrow. on the east coast, we will have clouds, not a big problem. look for sunny and warm conditions southwest into
9:30 am
southern texas, showers in the pacific northwest. saturday, we have rain and snow showers in the southeast. look for cold conditions around the great lakes, more rain in the pacific west and sunday-sunday snow showers and in the east snow in the rockies and northern plains along t good morning to you. the time, 9:32. taking a live look over san jose. this is a day you want to get outdoors if you can because our beaches are mostly going to be rather quiet. all the tourists will come into town, spring and summertime, so get it while it's warm in the winter. 72 for livermore. 69 degrees in redwood city today. beautiful conditions over the course of the weekend. temperatures tumble on sunday. a few showers up in the north bay. and next week the rain returns. willie. all right, al. thanks. this morning on "today's" moms we are featuring a few great
9:31 am
women mom entrepreneurs. and here to join us, the founder of moan >> hi. i'm so excited to be here. >> we have a couple of really good stories. >> we have amazing moms. >> my wife is in this boat. a lot of smart educated driven women that took time off maybe to be with their kids and want to get back in the game. >> there are so many incredible women who have amazing ideas and there has never been a better time for mom entrepreneurs. we will share those stories. and we have julie cole from ontario, she is amazing and inspired when her child was 3 years old with autism and inspired to start this label. mabel's labels. share your incredible story with us and the world. >> we started mabel's labels with three family members, three other women for three great reasons. we had a great product idea and
9:32 am
product missing from the market and looking for that balance, leaving the traditional workforce my child has been diagnosed with autism and we created mabel's labels. >> what's the first step? how do you get something like this off the ground? >> the first step is having an idea. people ask me, i just need that idea. look around, through your day what happens that annoys you? what can you make better. you don't have to make the better, make it prettier, do something. >> what's the solution. so many people have questions and if you're asking that question, something i found, there's probably million officer on people asking that question. >> the's exactly for us. and going to nursery school and dropoff and play groups and stuff written with masking tape and magic marker. hold on a second. we can do cuter and better than this and we did this. >> how much did it cost to do something like this? >> funny going into business,
9:33 am
this is a mom entrepreneur. >> people could it mom tre trenpreneur. >> we won't go to banks and investors, we often use what we call love money. me and my three partners self-funded and started turning a profit really quickly so we could reinvest. and we have been online 10 years and now starting to launch a target retail product. >> family business. congratulations. very cool. let's move down. >> over here we found gay and teisha. they're mom and business partners with sweet foods. it comes from gay's great-grandmother, momma. she learned how to bake it when she was just 6 years old. fast forward to 2007, they attended a women's development
9:34 am
breakfast together. she comes from a family of entrepreneurs and the two teamed up to sell these delicious pies together. >> ladies, welcome. >> thank you. good morning. >> while you're describing this, if you don't mind, i will go ahead -- i want to sample the merchandise. >> sample. >> talk to me about the genesis of this. a lot of people think their family recipe is the best in the world. a lot of people don't take it into a business. how did you get started? >> it was important to me, once i had my daughter to pass on a generational legacy recipe. oftentimes i think what happens when the elders pass on they take the recipes with them. as mom entrepreneurs we need to think about what it is we want to pass on? what is our legacy? for me, it was my great-grandmother, my grandmother, my mother making many desserts. my favorite was the sweet potato pie. >> incredible. i love these women, julie, you have six kids over here, you have this large family you can
9:35 am
try and find the balance to parents and family, incredible. >> keisha, you had to scare up some investors to get this off the ground. how did you do that? >> investors were myself and gay. >> you scared up each other. >> basically we used a lot of resources such as the small business association, the women's enterprise development center located in white plains, new york and also westchester afric african-american chamber of commerce, very valuable resources and the small business center, very valuable resources. they have a lot of classes very much free. based on us hawaiian daupdating business plan, we won a business contest and an award to find funding. >> now, you're in the cookie business, i can see, based on this taste why you've been so successful. >> social media and facebook and twitter so important.
9:36 am
>> very important. >> we can do it from our homes, right, julie? >> big fan of social media. >> congratulations. you're an inspiration to a lot of people. thanks for sharing the pie. >> if you're a mom-trenepreur, log-on and soleil will be answering your questions in an online chat. ♪ ♪ haircolor is propelled into a new era. garnier invents olia... our first ammonia-free permanent haircolor, powered by oil. a major technological breakthrough. oil can do more than condition hair... olia propels color deep inside the hair. maximum color performance. visibly improves and restores hair. 100% gray coverage. pure, luminous, vivid color. haircolor will never be the same. olia creneatw ed by garnier.
9:37 am
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but after one day's use, dishcloths can redeposit millions of germs. so ditch your dishcloth and switch to a fresh sheet of new bounty duratowel. look! a fresh sheet of bounty duratowel leaves this surface cleaner than a germy dishcloth, as this black light reveals. it's durable, cloth-like and it's 3 times cleaner. so ditch your dishcloth and switch to new bounty duratowel. the durable, cloth-like picker-upper. gnocchi. on "today's" style, big name design designer dresses at affordable prices. >> good morning. >> seems we're seeing these designer capsule collections from target to -- >> retailers want to get us excited about shopping. >> it's working.
9:40 am
>> they want the items but don't want to pay the prices. let's start with this new collection called kate spade and saturday. >> you get all that whether it and charm of kate spade in under 100 price points. it's adorable. style watch mod is huge for spring, a way not to spend a lot of money. these bangles are great and under $35. >> this is coming out in march? >> in march. >> isaac miss rajhi for a fraction of the price. >> exactly. isaac mizrahi, a couture designer, extremely high end has all the details you look for in a luxury brand. i love these shoes, so adorable. i'm in love with these pinkiat eye sunglasses, the statement sunglass great way for spring. great way to add to your collection. >> also, celebrities are contributing in their way. >> aren't they, though.
9:41 am
>> to nail polish colors and nail polish names, right? >> exactly. this is mariah carey teamed up with opi to create a collection of nail polishes, $9 a bottle. it has the great liquid sand technology and you get glittery effect. mariah selected these colors. i think it's a great collection. i like them. >> the show girls that hit hbo show, they also have their own collection of deborah litman. >> deborah litman is as on sets with girls as we are and created this box set, $45, inspired by the characters. >> let's look at lauren wearing this derek lamming outfit coming out of kohl's in april? >> we are so excited. exclusively at kohl's. mark your calendars, april 5th, this is coming out. a great collection of dresses
9:42 am
and pieces all inspired by rio. >> love it. very modern and edgy. and la pour's collection at jc penney's. >> she's always been known for her feminine fun design. she brought it to jc penney's called lmour. this jacket is $50. >> i can't believe that. >> i love that. >> really really great. >> jc penney's has been lagging in terms of bringing designers to their store. this is new for them? >> they're ramping up and have other collaborations coming up. keep a watch out for that. >> and vince, we know him for shoes but also doing a clothing line. >> he did a higher end apparel line earlier in the year. this is his. it's great staples, casual but have great pops of color. >> and style. >> everything under 100. >> thank you so much.
9:43 am
thanks, ladies, appreciate it. still to come up next. giada de laurentiis and bobby flay right over there that way. they will be answering your kitchen questions right after this. there you are. try delicious light & fit greek it's no ordinary nonfat yogurt. it has twice the protein of regular lowfat yogurt. and at 80 calories, it's the lightest greek yogurt with fruit. its creamy, thick texture helps satisfy you.
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it's built with two softshield™ layers. stronger, holds up better, and still a value you love. new angel soft®. now stronger than ever. even smart people miss things.d. i don't think you can afford to leave money on the table. if you've used turbotax and filed your return, it's not too late. come on in, let us check it over and see what we find. if we find money you missed, we'll re-file for you. i will get you every penny. every deduction. every single dollar you're entitled to. if you have a return, bring it in, i'll look at it for free. can't do better than that. this morning, we're kicking off a new series, "spillin the
9:47 am
beans today." we went to our fart chvorite ch bobby flay and giada de laurentiis. you folks will try to help folks out. the first question wants to know when is a good night for cutting basics as onions, garlic, peppers, et cetera. >> in my opinion, i think you need to look for a knife that feels good in your hand. women and men have a different sized hand. for a lot of women, a knife and others a chef knife. i think a lot of important things, you can tell me if you agree, a sharp knife. i am not the best knife sharpener. >> we use the knife that comes with a steel and really what it does is realigns the blade. doesn't necessarily sharpen it like you would with a stone. this is how people sharpen knives and chefs. >> this is also how they cut their fingers. >> no. you take the steel and use the
9:48 am
friction against it on both sides. >> how do you do it? >> come on, giada, what have you got? you can make it happen. >> i use it to sharpen -- oh. >> what are you, marsha stewart? >> oh, wow, al. >> time-out, time-out! i'm just joking. >> thanks for tuning in, everybody. >> you know what, i don't even sharpen my knives. >> you have somebody do it. >> real quickly -- >> we have another one. how do you manage to cook so many things without burning them? >> the problem so many people have they don't know how to plan a menu. when it comes time for service something's cold and things burn. i keep it super simple. figure out an easy menu and what has to be hot and doesn't. yesterday, i made a sole recipe here, 10 ingredients or less, very simple. you on the other hand might have a different answer.
9:49 am
when we cooked together on the plaza you had a halibut dish that had 30 ingredients in it. how do you do it, bobby? >> a good question. the biggest question how to get things to the table is holidays, thanksgiving and christmas. basically, what i do is -- >> have 15 ingredients perespy. >> i make lists so i actually make a plan. i make a plan on my cupboard. >> pre-cut everything. >> everything is pre-cut. the real question is how do you get everything hot to the table? that's the most difficult thing. what i do is i actually -- for thanksgiving for instance, i have chicken stock warm on the stove and warm things with the chicken stock going out. >> you have the ability to rewarm meats. >> you guys have a beef about differences on burgers. >> we have a beef all right. can tell you right now i like my burgers incredibly simple when it comes to the patty. 80% beef, 20% fat. i season very liberally on both
9:50 am
sides with salt and pepper. >> you make all your patties. >> i make all my patties first. >> then you season them. >> wash my hands and go to salt and pepper. >> you? >> i like to season the meat. i don't like to bite into a burger and have no salt and pepper inside the burger. >> that's like meatloaf. >> it's not meatloaf, making a burger. >> you put all kinds of things in it. >> take that back. >> the cutting board. >> he gave me the knife. it was all al. >> cutting board or plastic. >> i believe in plastic for all kinds of meats. what i like to do, bobby thinks i'm a little bit nutty. clorox and water. any kind of bleach with water and spray it. look at willie's face. then, you can lick it. put it under hot water and spread it. he doesn't do that. i want it clean. >> i use anti-bacterial soap,
9:51 am
very hot water and a brush. >> sometimes that doesn't work. >> of course it works. >> he's still alive. >> we can't quite get to all of it. this is a great segment. i can't wait for the next one. and we love martha. >> i love martha. >> i do, too. >> i used to live next door to her in south beach. we had rooms next door to each other. >> let's stop that story right now. >> thank you so etch. we're back in a moment on this week's "today" on nbc.
9:52 am
9:53 am
coming up tomorrow, we have some affordable weekend getaways as we push forward here. >> up next, makeovers with kathie lee and hoda. >> after your local news and weather. >> go away! f ♪
9:54 am
♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to save 5% off every day with your lowe's consumer credit card. good morning to you. it is 9:56. i'm marla tellez. this morning, we are learning more about jeremy goulet, the
9:55 am
man who killed two santa cruz police officers during a shootout tuesday. jeremy's father, ronald goulet, tells us his son fought a lifelong battle with voyeurism and had a peeping tom compulsion. his son was arrested in 2007 for spying on a woman in the shower. goulet's father says the charges enraged jeremy and soured him on the american justice system. goulet's father says his son was facing another claim of unwanted sexual advances when the two santa cruz officers knocked on his door. ronald goulet says his son once told him he would never spent another day in jail and says the day of that shootout jeremy sent a text to his twin brother that said, quote, i'm in big trouble, i love you. here we are with mike and a check of the commute. pretty bad on the peninsula. >> it is. last time i showed folks there was a back-up and it was starting to recede. clearing up through palo alto on the northbound side. but in the last half hour,
9:56 am
another crash farther north around 92 causing another ripple back. seeing a similar picture. here's the slowing on the peninsula. the map shows you it is slow as you approach university all the way past willowi, clearing by te time you get to marsh. looking at the east bay. as you go west 580, still slow. an earlier crash on north 238 has cleared. slow south 880. sounds like things should be cleared from the lanes. things are recovering there as well. looking at west 80 and heading down toward the bay bridge. these are live shots. oakland past the coliseum. there's a little blip right here at the high street high-rise. but things clear up into downtown to the toll plaza. the cash lanes with the back-up but the fasttrack looking good. >> thank you, mike. we're back at 10:26 with our next news and weather update.
9:57 am
9:58 am
. from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. it's thirsty thursday. hoda is especially thirsty today because it's the last day of february. >> oh, my gosh. tomorrow is march 1st. that's amazing. >> i never -- i know. i'm at the stage in life where you shouldn't wish your life away because it's going fast enough anyway, but i'm always happy to see february go. >> i am too. >> i really am.
9:59 am
>> i'm glad it's over. did we have a nice little lunch with a couple yesterday? >> we haven't been together without working, just to hang, and just put all of those terrible rumors to rest. >> behind us. >> we had -- we enjoyed our wine. >> we did. >> we'll talk about the show we saw a little later in our chat. >> we went to frankie and johnny's. the world's greatest shrimp skampie. >> yesterday we disagreed on a topic. >> we respectfully discussed. >> this is the one you guys remember of the yahoo ceo marissa. she decided to put an end to having people work from home. >> right. >> it caused -- >> it was her right as the ceo of the company. >> i think the thing that according to our facebook that bothered a lot of people was that she on her own dime built a nursery next to her office, so she was able to have her young child -- her 4-month-old there at the office while others weren't allowed to work from home. we did a poll because we wanted to see what you thought about
10:00 am
our heated and smackdown debate. apparently 32% of you say that marissa mayer was in the right to do what she wanted. it's her company, and she can do as she pleases. 68% agreed with me and thought i was right. >> you agreed that it's her company. she's the head of that company. it's not her company. it's the shareholders' company. you agreed she had a right to do it. we all agree she's got the right to do it. we also agree she has to live with the consequences of it. she's going to lose some very good people probably, but you said a lot of the people said that they would get a different job if they could. >> if they could. >> i think if you have a choice, right? i mean, this is what some -- wendy white wrote -- i said it. wendy white wrote, "if working from home is not productive, when employees come home, can they just turn off their emails and et cetera?" a lot of people do a lot of work from home, and if you are not supposed to work from home, does that mean we shut it all down? >> it's going to be fun to watch it over the next few months.
10:01 am
not just the stock, what happens with that and the value of the company, which is important to shareholders, but the -- what happens in terms of good employees leaving, going off someplace else. great people will find other jobs. they will go to google. they'll go to -- they'll go someplace, facebook. they'll find jobs. but it's going to be interesting to see if there's so much unhappiness there that she then realizes, you know, let's try a little something else. >> another way about it. >> here's what we talked about. this morning as we were talking about your reaction, we understood. i knew -- i thought it would have been higher than most people thought. most people out there watching us aren't ceos. they're people tt have jobs or are working from home or are looking for jobs. you see things from that perspective. how about this perspective? >> what? >> what about if she had never gone to yahoo and the person who was running it before ultimately ran it into the ground and everybody ultimately lost all of
10:02 am
their jobs? which is what happens sometimes when companies are badly run. that's all i just want to say. that's a -- let's -- that's a what if. let's think this thing through. >> i think she could probably have made some choices without being so aggressive about it. like we talked about yesterday, you can say, look, if you guys don't jack up your productivity in a month, we're going to get rid of that working from home thing. let's try this first. let's see if we can get everyone to turn the beat around and if you can, we'll leave it in place. if you can't, anyway, i'm done with serious topics. >> you want to do the best for the company. then the people working there are part of that company, and she will ultimately get to a point where where she does the best for them as well, which will be best for the company ultimately. >> that's what i was going to suggest after i had a sip of wine. >> all right. you might need a bull gulp after this. this woman had to go. you have to go, go, go. >> she lives in place called aaron, tennessee. there was a restaurant that had a sign up that said you only
10:03 am
paying customers can use the rest room. shoo she didn't have time to wait. she went in, used the rest room, went home, whatever. who even thinks about it twice? >> she knew. >> what happened was -- >> she knew what she had done. >> a few days later she went to her mailbox and found -- >> lo and behold -- >> a bill from the restaurant for $5 asking her to pay because she abused their rest room, and they want $5 for the toilet paper square and the water that she used. >> and the soap. >> and the soap. >> and the people that have to -- you know, the labor that goes into cleaning up the bathroom when people have left it. >> the weird thing was the cops had to track her down. apparently they turned it into a whole -- well, the -- i guess the restaurant called the police. the police tracked her license plate. let's talk about the effort that went into tracking down -- >> now think how much that costs the taxpayers because the police officer who should have been looking for criminals is trying to find her. >> tracking down.
10:04 am
>> she as a criminal. according to the rest restaurant, she's a criminal. >> at the end of the day it is an awkward thing. if you have gone to a restaurant, and there's -- >> taser. >> there's a sign and you -- you have to -- you have to, have to go. >> would they prefer that you go right where you are and create a -- you know? you know, this happened to me on occasion. you go in. i always ask. i say, excuse me, i am so sorry, but i have an emergency. may i please -- i have never had someone say, no, you can't, lady. go in the woods. >> i usually dart in because sometimes there's a line at mcdonald's. i go use the bathroom, and then i come out and buy french fries or something. anything. i feel bad about -- i do feel bad about going without buying something. >> if there's a sign. >> if there's a sign. >> but i think it's weird. i mean, look, it doesn't happen often. it's not like people are constantly stopping in and using the bathroom. >> you know, the interesting thing is there really are no public rest rooms in new york. >> anywhere.
10:05 am
>> are there? >> times square. >> that didn't work. that didn't stay. you have to -- >> they want your money. >> and now you have to order two drinks to get over 16 fluid ounces. you know that? that doesn't apply to wine. >> all right. on a plane if you were to describe the most annoying thing in your opinion about flying, what would that thing be? okay. >> another study reveals. >> there was another study. it revealed -- >> trip adviser. >> it revealed the number one complaint we all have is the lack of leg room on flights and how jammed up everybody is and how it's hard. you can't recline, or you could, but you're in someone's lap or someone is reclining and they're in your lap, and it's very uncomfortable. i don't like the feeling. i was flying on that delta shuttle. you can sit anywhere. >> i thought there were two class on that. >> there are. once you get in -- well, i flew
10:06 am
coach, and you can sit anywhere. it's wide open. >> there's a certain number of rows back you have to sit. >> i sat down. a lady got in front of me, and she sat directly in front of me. the plane is wide open. here she is. she reclined. >> like at movie theaters. when you are the only one in there, and the next person comes and sits right in front of you. >> why do they do that? ist not -- >> it's like dogs. they urinate just to -- my space. >> are they oblivious that you're sitting there and that they -- >> i am so aware of everybody. i'm, like, move over six places so there's lots of room for their coat. >> what is it? >> right. >> what is that? >> it's called self-absorbtion. >> and the second was the airline tickets cost a fortune. >> how costly it is to fly. >> when you pay, you think you should get something. >> unpredictable flight delays. now it's going to be six days so you can get through customs, and
10:07 am
the fourth is long security lines. that's going to get much worse, hoda. >> those take forever now. they're slower and slower and slower. >> you know what, i'm exhausted by the time you get on the plane. you're just -- by the time you get through the line and you're taking everything off, i had on a tank -- well, i had on a tank top with a sweater, and they said take your sweater off. i had on a tank. you don't want to be walking around with everything hanging. anyway, i -- >> somebody wanted you to be. we got off the plane in israel. on our way back from israel last year and went through customs, and our friend went flying right through and she had this thing called the global thing. i said i want that. >> did you get that? >> how do i get that? we applied for it. you got to go for an interview and the whole thing. i get my global. i'm so excited. i go to jfk airport because i'm going to fly to l.a. no, it's random. why have it if it's not going to be the great -- no, it's not just international, chrissy.
10:08 am
it's domestic flights. >> someone else is complaining about that too. it doesn't work all the time. >> you're not always right. 99.9% of the time. one time at work on my way to l.a., and another time it doesn't work. it's random. they've got -- >> now we're going to play the best song ever. >> oh, lord have mercy. >> it's a country song, but it's a little bit of a sing-along, and there are only a couple of words you need to know. i chose the back end of this song. this one had such a great thing at the end. >> you never choose the right part of the song. >> this is the best part. get ready to sing along. everybody. it's called "boondocks, little big town." ♪ one day i know no matter where i go i keep my heart in the boondocks ♪ ♪ i keep my heart and soul in the boondocks ♪ >> we're all going to sing together. it's easy to learn. ready? >> i'm going to do the hand
10:09 am
push. ♪ i caught a poker on saturday night church on sunday morning ♪ ♪ you get a line i get a pole loenz we'll go fishing in the fishing hole poker on saturday night church on sunday ♪ ♪ you get a line i'll get a pole we'll go fishing in the crawfish hole poker on saturday night church on sunday morning ♪ >> everybody! ♪ we'll go fishing in the crawfish hole poker on saturday night church on sunday morning ♪ >> oh, one more. >> one more time. >> come on. that song rocks. how about that? ♪ poker on saturday night church on sunday morning ♪ >> i got to say, it's a good one. >> it's a round. >> don't confuse me with your musical talent. it's okay or not okay. >> is it okay or not okay for high couture clothing for kids.
10:10 am
let's listen. >> part of parenting is teaching your child to keep things in perspective. >> not okay. not okay. all right. >> all right, hoda. all right. >> it's not okay. >> we agree. i mean, it's one thing if you get one little thing, but when you see them decked all the time in outfits that are thousands and thousands of dollars. it creates a lot of envy in people's lives, and it doesn't give you the reality you want. ♪ you get a line i get a pole ♪ >> shows like "survivor," "the voice". mark burnett shares his newest adventure with his wife, actress roma downey. >> they're doing some last minute hair and makeup. it's almost time to reveal our ambush makeover. first, these messages. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking.
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10:14 am
actress, best known for her role on "touched by an angel." >> he is the reality tv mogul behind hugely popular unskrepted series like "the voice, "survivor." >> now mark burnett and roma downey are working side-by-side on a new project called "the bible." a ten-hour miniseries on the history channel. let's take a look. >> i am here. >> i am the god of abraham, of isaac, and jacob. >> you are real. >> i am. i have seen the misery of my people. i am sending you to pharoah to bring them out of egypt. >> how can i set them free? >> i will be with you. >> wow. >> epic. >> welcome. >> yeah. >> great to see you two. what an undertaking. four years in the making, right? >> yes. >> the bible is a long book.
10:15 am
if i was watching a great deal of it, and you are very, very true to the stories. i know that was important to the two of you. you tell a very particular story which you see as one story, don't you? many stories tied together, one story of god calling a people for the benefit of the whole world. am i wrong? >> we see it as one continual love story. god's love for all of us. a lot of people look at it in snippets. it's one continuous story genesis through revelations. >> why did you need to do it? it sounds like. you don't take on something like this unless you felt compelled. >> we felt like a seed was thrown in our hearts. we felt called to do it. it was a great opportunity that we could step in together and work together on this and we're still speaking to each other. >> and you're still married. >> how was that? this is a long process, and you guys are really working together for the long time. >> on location in morocco for how many months?
10:16 am
>> five months. we had dust in places we didn't know existed. >> a lot of krif iss and cracks in your body. >> it's been incredible, though. really. we've enjoyed it. there have been moments, i'm sure, when we thought we might kill each other, but we've made it, and i think that it's deepened our friendship. it's deepened our marriage, and it's deepened our faith. >> mention being married to an angel and ok the set with 400 people, they're always going to take the wrong side in every disagreement. don't listen to what i say. >> you have assembled an extraordinary cast, including your wife, who plays the mother of jesus, and nobody is saying for sure how much money was put into this thing, but whatever you put into it shows in the production value of it. i saw a little bit at your house a couple of months ago, and i thought, whoa, they didn't shishg on the money on this thing. >> when you look at the clip you just showed, that could have come off -- >> as cheesy. >> yeah. it looks terrific. >> we hired an incredible
10:17 am
special effects company out of london. we wanted to be able to bring all of these wonderful moments. daniel and the lions, jesus walking on water, moses crossing the red sea to life with the latest and greatest cgi. >> do you discover that most people who think the bible are boring are the ones that have actually never read it? you can say a lot of things about the bible, but it is not boring. it has so much drama. you want sex, lies, and there wasn't videotape, but if there had been, right? it's extraordinary human drama. >> great story in its own. you think about it. shakespeare wouldn't have existed really without the bible. 1,200 quotes in there, including lord of the rings, narnia. none of these movies would exist without the bible. >> there's so much biblical illiteracy and references in regular literature, and this will help. what do you want people to take away from the whole thing, real quickly? >> it's a love story. we all topt reconnect with the bible. we found on this journey a lot
10:18 am
of biblical illiteracy. it's sort of embarrassing, actually. people who don't even know -- >> take the book back down off the shelves and be reminded how amazing it is and reexperience it. >> it's a modern translation. that will help. >> thank you both so much. it starts this sunday. two-hour premier of "the bible" on sunday, march 3rd, at 8:00, 7:00 central on the history channel. >> going to be terrific. >> all right. our webtastic video is next. >> this one really delivers. >> we're taking time from the bible for this? start with the b. use only natural ingredients. make something original. genuine. real. so peel it open. stir it up. and raise a cup to the real.
10:19 am
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♪ the one and only, cheerios ...but you still have to go see lioutdoors, or in.ight. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. maybe even a little better. visit your eyecare professional today to ask about our newest lenses, transitions vantage and transitions xtractive lenses. experience life well lit. ask which transitions adaptive lens is best for you. ♪ >> it is time for webtastic where our own sara haynes digs up the video you'll want to share with your friends. >> they pretended to be part of a secret society, and the delivery man had no idea what he was walking into. check it out. >> this is --
10:22 am
♪ >> so this happened in hoboken, by the way, and the birthday boy decided to throw a secret society birthday. this is a last minute call. look how freaked out this guy is. they're all in masks. >> oh, freaky. >> now, would you have walked in on that? i don't think i would have gone in. >> oh, my god. >> they pass it around the table. >> oh, my gosh. i would have thought it was a satanic meeting of some sort. >> would you have entered that house? that is the beginning of a really creepy episode of "dateline," right, hoda? >> that's definitely "dateline" friday. >> now, when the guy went back to the store, they said this delivery man is known for making up stories, so no one believed him. >> oh, my gosh. >> then who posted the video after? >> these guys. the friends. >> the birthday boy. >> that's just mean. >> that's cruel. >> it's hysterical. the pizza man was -- >> what if he had a pacemaker
10:23 am
and had a heart attack because of it. >> that is crazy. >> that's a group of guys with a good sense of humor. >> let's hear from our facebook fans if they think that's mean or just really funny? >> hysterical. >> i think it's fun. my brother used to do that to delivery men, but we were in a small town zoosh what about the delivery men that are just trying to make an honest living, hoda woman? >> he got a tip. >> i would have thrown the pizza in. i wouldn't have stepped in. >> never have gone in. >> delivery people of the world unite. >> it is our ambush makeover team that are going to make over lovely ladies. we're going to reveal them in a couple of minutes. ♪ start right. ♪ kellogg's simple grains cereals take you from seed... ♪ spoon. with just a few ingredients. ♪ kellogg's raisin bran, corn flakes and rice krispies. simple wholesome goodness. start simple. start right.
10:24 am
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10:25 am
his former landlord is accusing the pitcher of trashing his mission district townhouse back in 2011 causing at least $200,000 in damage, something lincecum strongly denies. he says he's prepared to fight the case in open court. right now, the case is on hold while the court decides where it belongs. we're going to check the forecast and also the roads after the break.
10:26 am
welcome back.
10:27 am
10:28. we are still slated to hit records. napa, 71 degrees, the forecasted high. that is the record that was set back in 2008. temperatures today are running really warm for this time of year. 76 degrees in gilroy. 73 for santa teresa and 71 degrees on the way to san jose. if you're trying to travel around san jose, not that easy right now. >> things are moving smoothly through oakland at least. this is good news past the coliseum. looking at a nice north and southbound view. the map will show you a little slowing through that general vicinity. but 580 and 880, the morning commute pretty much done, getting to 880 is the issue for north 238. still slow after a late morning crash. took a while to clear. a tough drive off that castro valley. smoother in hayward. north along the peninsula, we have a little slowing. the earlier crashes have all cleared north of palo alto but we have that slowing starting at
10:28 am
university heading up towards marsh. a little bit better now. >> thank you so much, mike. we'll have more of the day's top stories coming up in just 30 minutes. we hope to see you again at 11:00. >> oh, we are back with more on "today" with this thirsty thursday. plaza ambush makeovers with lovely ladies. >> they will give us complete head to toe makeovers and working their magic "today" contributor and stylist to the stars luis bacari. >> and bobbie thomas is filling in nor jill martin. >> how were the pickin's today? >> weather was rainy, but the crowd was still there, and we found two great ladies. >> one of them was named michelle takuta. she's 42 years old. >> adorable. >> from hawaii.
10:29 am
her daily beauty routine consists of wearing no makeup, throwing her hair in a ponytail. she jumped at the chance to get a makeover. let's take a listen. >> okay, ron, tell me why you think michelle deserves a makeover. >> really she doesn't, but look at her, but we're from hawaii. >> she doesn't deserve a makeover? >> definitely, she is a single mom, and look how gorgeous she looks. >> it's your birthday trip, right? >> yes, it is. >> and you have a little gafr with your sister before you came? >> she didn't really color my hair too good. my gray spots. >> well, louis is going to take care of that, and i am going to find you a pair of heels. is that okay? >> yeah. >> okay, great. >> thank you. thank you. >> yes, indeed. it is show time. michelle is here with her uncle ron, who has the blindfold on. we met ron a second ago. please keep your blind fold on until i ask you to take it off. here is michelle. >> whatever you want to do. >> michelle's before. let's see the new you. >> great. >> birthday girl.
10:30 am
>> all right, ron. are you ready? take a look at your birthday girl. >> oh, my god. how beautiful is that? oh, my god. >> are you ready, michelle? spin right around here, sweetie, and take a look at yourself. >> oh, my god. >> you look awesome. >> be everybody plays with their hair and covers their face. >> you look beautiful. >> look right here at this camera. >> tell us about the hair. >> the hair is very exciting. she wanted to keep it long, but we had to do some adjustments. we did some shaping around the face. this is a side swept bang, and that accents your facial features. her hair was naturally black, and she had to color the gray. is it dark? yes, but it's a softer brown. it just lifts up her whole look. of course, inid mrai played with the eye eye makeup. >> ron, what do you think? >> great. perfect. we'll enjoy the rest of our new york trip now. >> and, bobbie, a little black dress. love it. >> this is her birthday trip,
10:31 am
and she's going to see "wicked" tonight, and she just needed step out. >> yes, you are. >> that's awesome. you look great. >> you look fantastic. >> tell bus the dress. who makes this dress? >> mthis is a maggie london dress. you have such a great spirit, and this says you're ready to have some fun. >> the aloha spirit. >> yes, you do. big round of applause for michelle. you can join your uncle. >> second lucky lady is kate hardy, 21 from stonybrook, new york. hasn't cut her hair in over two years, and last time it was only to donate it for charity. >> wow. >> we decided it was final time for her to get a brand new'do. let's listen to kate. >> we're here with kate, kelsey, david, and amy. she's petrified. >> she is. she never gets dressed up. >> are you afraid of heights? >> no. good because i have some really great heels for you. >> oh, god. >> honestly, you deserve a makeover, and we're going to get you in something hot so you can go for drinks with your girls, okay? >> ready?
10:32 am
>> yes. >> you're not convincing anyone. >> okay. i'm ready. >> okay, good. >> we're ready. >> all righty. kate is ready, but there's a gentleman there as well, i think. it would be awkward if he is not. for kate, kelsey, adam, and david. you know what, it's a long story. apparently an awkward one. we're just going to take one last look at kate before and bring out the new kate. >> wow! >> wow! >> all right, you guys, take off your blind folds. >> get ready. >> oh, my god. >> i love it. you look awesome. >> kate, turn around and see what they're talking about. >> hopefully kate is pleased. hard to tell sometimes. you look awesome. >> you look cool. look right here at that camera, sweetie. >> what a difference. >> wow. all right. >> louis, what did you do? >> working on physical training, right, kate? athletic training. excuse me. what we wanted to do is take
10:33 am
away that job and give her a sexy, sporty new york look. now the hairline. this is the new long hair. only to the shoulder, and this is what long hair looks like today. the side part. all of this we saw at the academy awards, and then, of course, i lightened her hair to give her that that pop, and you look so beautiful. >> what is wrong? >> what are you thinking? >> she never dresses, never -- no makeup, no hair done, literally nothing. >> you have never seen this before. >> no. >> she's bawling. she's bawling. >> we're really good friends, and i just -- i'm speechless. >> oh, bobbie, this dress is beautiful. >> the only athletic training you need to do is learn how to walk in those heels. i asked if she was afraid of heights, and she said no, and you are going to the athletic from here to the athletic training seminar you're here for. you're going to go in that dress. >> i love it.
10:34 am
everybody is crying, including bobbie. all right. let's bring michelle back out. a big round of applause to both of our lovely ladies. careful. >> everybody looks great. >> all right. all about jennifer aniston's wedding plans and all the movies and -- >> everything you want to check out this weekend. all for you. right after this. save them.
10:35 am
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10:38 am
it's so mmm you might not believe it's a hundred calories. yoplait greek 100. it is so good. ♪ it started with a whisper >> oh, it's thirsty thursday, which means it is time for our weekend chatter. >> here with everything you need to know from movies to music and tv is e news krpt and our dear pal jason kennedy. >> how are you? >> nice to see you both. >> this weekend is a movie-going weekend. what should we see? >> maybe 21 and over starring "miles teller from "footloose." he had a break-out role. weep keep in mind, this is a movie from the writers kind of "hangover." >> sophomore and juvenile. >> you might have to close your ears. >> any other movies you like, jason? zi like that one a lot, to be honest. i think that's the go to. >> did you just sneeze? >> i sneezed. right on television. >> no one ever sneezes. >> i have been sick, and now i
10:39 am
feel like a million bucks. >> i never have seen anyone sneeze. >> how cute? >> i thought it was a cough. >> let's watch it again. we don't have it. >> that was weird. >> what should we rent if we're going to rent a movie? >> i feel like you guys like "twilight." a little rob, kristen. i'm kidding. >> you're wrong. >> if you need the "twilight" fix, this is the last film in the franchise. >> it won every razzie. >> it still does very veshgs well, and then chasing mavericks good. >> what's that? >> you guys -- >> my friend abigail spencer is in it. it's about a story about surfing. >> based on a true story. gerrard butler got really injured shooting this movie. pinned him down by a wave. it's getting good reviews. >> didn't do as well in the theaters as it should have, but i'm looking forward to that one. >> let's talk music. nick leche is release agnew cd. >> first we find out that 98 degrees is going on tour. the ladies were freaking out. they're coming out with an album for the first time in, lining
10:40 am
are ten years, and then nick is doing this lullaby album. it's got a lot of the classic lullaby songs, and but he co-wrote four original songs that was inspired by his son. that's coming out in a couple of weeks. >> we had donny wahlberg op yesterday, and he is excited. >> it's called the package tour, which is a debatable name. >> jennifer aniston, some of the plans have been released for her wedding. >> we saw just sxin jennifer looking happy at the red carpet. >> she's got the wedding band and the date. she's got the dress. >> mr. know it all. did they cooperate with this particular "people magazine" interview, or -- i'm just asking. >> normally they cooperate, but you are getting a lot of sources in this article saying it's going to be an intimate affair with some close friends rash she's not quoted directly, but she also may change her last name privately, so jennifer
10:41 am
thorough. among close friends. >> that's good. they picked the dancing with the stars cast we saw. >> yes, ashley judd, anyone? andy dick, huh? i'm sorry. i'm starting rumors today. >> ashley is busy running for the senate. >> what i was going to say ashley judd talked to wynona about it and was surprise thad her sister, wynona, was going so do it. >> for herself after helping her husband back to health. >> andy dick, aliraisman. remember her parents -- >> the one to watch is andy dick. the man can go -- >> at may be a train wreck. >> love you. >> love you too. >> maybe. amtrak. >> we're going to tell you how to keep more cash in your pocket. >> our experts will answer your money questions. first, these messages. >> that was a weird sneeze. i have never seen anything like it. [ male announcer ] this one goes out to all the allergy muddlers. you know who you are.
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♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
10:46 am
>> it is time for today's money and all the answers to all your financial questions if you actually still have some. >> all right. we wind up some of our fans at the nbc experience store who want advice from this money. >> she's the host of "financially fit" on yahoo. >> shall we get to it? let's go across the street to sara. what do we have? >> hi. i'm looking to purchase a home, and in an attempt to not go into debt, i eliminated credit cards, reduced limits, and although my income allows me to borrow for a home, my debt to credit ratio changes that. what should i do? >> what? >> so essentially -- >> take it. >> what just happened? >> i feel like i'm 3 years old. she has good income, but in order to qualify for a mortgage, the lenders want to know that you have an ability to manage credit and a lot of credit. they want to see large lines of credit on credit cards. not that they're racking up debt, but that you have access to these credits and that you
10:47 am
can manage them responsibly. she only has minimal credit lines, and that's not good enough because that does lower your score. >> she's doing the right thing by not -- >> there's a catch. you have to know sort of what goes into credit score models and one of the big ingreetents of having a lot of ample credit available to you, and so what she needs to do is open up a major credit card. not a credit card with a $500 limit. like a major credit card with $10,000, and use it and pay it off every month. >> i think it's jonathan, but let's see. >> hi. i'm an athletic training student at stonybrook university. i have several student loans, including private and federal, and i want to know how consolidating them could help me pay them back. >> we just saw him. >> consolidating -- >> he was an ambush makeover guy. >> he is go for a two-fer. yes, consolidation is a smart way to manage your loans. consolidating just the private and just the federal. you can't consolidate private with federal, so just something to keep in mind, and it's a
10:48 am
great way, again, to consolidate one payment. maybe you can lower your interest rate. a great way to get off on the right track with your stupt loans. it can get pretty hairy when you are graduating. >> we have another question from the crowd. i think it's from jammal. >> hi. my paycheck isn't able to cover the difference of my rent going up. what am i able to do? >> rent has gone up 4% year-over-year in this country. one of two things. you either need to find more affordable rent or raise his income, and so first part -- >> or get a roommate. >> that's part of making the rent more affordable. negotiating with his landlord. maybe he can get a lower rate if he strikes a two-year contract rather than a one-year. >> do you think people were surprised that there was a 2% -- where did this come from? >> a couple of years ago we didn't have that payroll cut. that's something we were already adjusted to. we had a gift the last year of getting that payroll tax cut, and now it's --
10:49 am
>> it seems like a surprise to an awful lot of people. >> to everybody else struggling to pay house, think about maybe taking advantage of that extra room in your home and renting that out, check with your landlord and see if that's okay, or, you know, think about how much you're spending. rule of thumb, 30% on rent. no more. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. >> how to make dinner with just four ingredients. >> and one bowl. >> first -- >> add a little love. >> first, "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t.
10:50 am
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>> today's kitchen brought to you by ritz, open for fun. >> what's cooking? we have some delicious one-pot meals you can bhip up on a xwriz week night. >> each recipe calls for just four ingredients, and can you find them in australian chef kim mckosker's new book called "one
10:53 am
pot, one bowl. i added the baby. >> i am not a chef. just a passionate cook. >> oh -- >> okay, good. >> what are we whipping up? >> a really simple enchilada cake. most homes have a tortilla. all we do, tortilla down. to that we want some chicken, or salsa, whatever. four ingredients. this is all you need. >> dump the chicken. we want some sauce. on to that. >> just like a salsa. >> yeah. then we want -- >> layer. >> cheese on top. what i love about this recipe, if your viewers are like me and they're a busy mommy during the day and they morph into captain veggie smuggler at night, then you go to your freezer and look for any leftovers you have. >> put some peenz in it. >> add whatever you want. >> the problem in your family, add a lot. >> add a lot. >> a little more zoosh a great way to smuggle in. >> if you do it lasagna-style.
10:54 am
>> when you bake it -- funny. when you bake it, the actual tortilla becomes this soft, luscious lasagna. >> tortillas, you usually think about cutting. >> definitely cut. >> another tip, take your tortilla, fold up the bottom, around, and it becomes -- >> make a cone. >> oh, my god. >> bake it. cheese on top. make a cone. >> a cone. >> beautiful. then you go all four ingredients. >> just four ingredients, and you can add extras if you want. >> i have three little boys under 10, and they love it. they love getting involved. customize it to what your family likes. >> how long do you bake it for? >> 375 for about 35 minutes, and -- >> beautiful, by the way. >> this is what -- >> look at it. >> it's adorable. >> it looks so good. >> you'll be amazed what you can make with those few ingredients. don't think four ingredients, no flavor. >> depending on what else you have in your refrigerator.
10:55 am
>> tell us about the next. >> okay. this is is just three ingredients. >> what do we put? >> tomatoes, and before you ask whether they're plain or flavored, whatever is on sale. whatever is on sale. sag time and money. that's what we're all about. onions and butter. put those three ingredients into a pot. >> why did you put the onion -- >> put it in water. it just peels. >> it peels really super easily. >> the thing you learn on "the "today" show." >> really easy. the longer you can leave those three ingredients on your stove top in one pot, the nicer the flavors. give it time to blend and meld. deep, rich beautiful pasta sauce with three simple ingredients. saving time and money. >> key lime pie. >> would this possibly be one? >> you know what i love about a key lime pie? >> who ate my pie? >> you serve it up time and time again, and you will get your
10:56 am
family, your friends honestly how did you make that? you know it's a good one. it's just some eggs, some condensed milk, and lovely limes. >> thank you. >> all these recipes are on our website. >> tomorrow mom-approved this is an nbc news special report. the resignation of pope benedict xvi. here is savannah guthrie. >> good afternoon from the vatican where in less than two minutes, pope benedict xvi will become pope emeritus. he's the first leader of the catholic church to retire in nearly 600 years. he came to a window of the vatican's vacation retreat and told the crowd i'm simply a pilgrim who is beginning the last stage of his pilgrimage on
10:57 am
earth. he left the vatican for the final time as pope after a meet with the cardinals. he boarded a helicopt er to the papal retreat. the world was watching as benedict xvi quite literally flew off into the sunset taking in the vatican's dome and all the beautiful sites of rome. he now assumes what he says will be a -- >> the cardinals get down to the serious business of choosing the next pope. but first they have to get to know each other because 57% of the cardinals were elevated in the last eight years. monday, the formal meetings will begin with the cardinal electors. those under the age of 80, and those over the age of 80. they'll talk about the state of the church but agenda number one is the start date for the conclave. and we hope to get that
10:58 am
information monday or tuesday. >> some people, anne, are expecting a lengthy conclave as there is no clear front-runner. >> exactly. >> anne thompson, great be with you. a lot more on this historic day tonight with brian with. i'm savannah guthrie from the vatican. and just like that, it is official at this hour. pope benedict xvi is now hope emeritus. the pontiff's resignation becomes official right about now. this morning, he flew by helicopter to castel gandolfo, the papal summer residence what he was greeted by thousands of supporters and one final public appearance as pope. he will stay there until his home inside the vatican is
10:59 am
ready. right now, this is a live look at castel gandolfo and the iconic swiss guard walking off at this hour. they have dedicated their lives to protecting the pope. history right before your eyes. good morning. i'm marla tellez. jon kelley is off today. people around the world watch history unfold in the vatican this morning as pope benedict xvi bid a final farewell to his flock of faithful. here in the bay area, catholics attended mass this morning with a little bit of a different perspective. arturo santiago joins us live with the reaction from parishioners here in silicon valley. >> reporter: this historic occasion is observed around the world from rome to san jose and here at st. joseph's cathedral. there was less than a handful of parishioners at this morning's mass at the same time benedict was stepping through his last time as pope.


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