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tv   Today  NBC  March 19, 2013 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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father robert barron. maria is going to be taking a look at the role of women in the modern church. right now, we want to go down to st. peter's square. keir simmons, following the activity all morning long, good morning to you. >> reporter: this is always an historic day but the crowd pouring out here certainly have seen history in the making. some are them are still in the square watching the pope meet world leaders on the big spring, he having told them to respect the environment, think about the weak and the poor. once again this pope bringing his simple style to the most grand of ceremonies. catholics and the simply curious of every color and creed gathered for a ceremony stretching back thousands of years. 132 official delegations from around the world came, and
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leaders of every faith. few religious celebrations as grand, or steeped in ritual as the installation of a pope in the catholic church. from early in the day, hundreds of thousands poured into the square. the pope choosing to greet them in an open jeep instead of the well-protected pope mobile. at one point stepping down, reaching out to children, the sick. the cheers of the faithful here, an audible embrace. then the 266th pope praying at the tomb of peter, leaders alongside him healing the divide 1,000 years old. here to witness history, vice president biden and royalty, a humble priest from south
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america, his message, remember the poor. a communion shared by all, a day no one will forget. and in the last half hour, vice president biden, among world leaders, meeting the pope for the first time. and you can see from the flags, matt, there are ordinary people here from around the world, one particularly special moment was those 500 priests spreading out amongst the crowd to bring the communion, blessed by the new pope and the pope not just praying for people but asking people again to pray for him. >> keir simmons in st. peter's square thank you very much. the largest delegation, official delegation from argentina as you might expect. the president of that country and 19 others here at vatican city. maria shriver is here and robert barron. good morning to both of you. maria, let me start with you.
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you listened to the homily. what did you think? >> i thought it was so inspiring. he talked about the concept of being a protector, he said all of us can protect the environment, can protect the poor, can protect our families. i thought it was meaningful particularly to not to mistake tenderness for weakness, not to mistake caring, those are strong virtues and he questioned what is real power, and real power authentic power is in service. >> i'm glad you said that about that message of don't mistake tenderness for weakness. father barron, this is a gentle man, a humble man. he's been called authentic especially over these last five or six days, let's be honest he doesn't, he's going to have to be a rather tough man to shake up this church in the way a lot of people want it shaken up. >> absolutely. he's a man of franciscan simplicity.
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the clear indication was we need a pope who with clean things up, make personnel change, bring greater accountability, transparency, and make no mistake, they chose him partially for that reason. so he'll make some tough moves. >> we saw the scene where the new pope was surrounded by some members of the old guard church hierarchy. we should expect to see some of those people changing roles. >> i wouldn't be surprised at all. he didn't re-up all the heads of the curia offices, only in a provisional way. that's telling. he said you're in for the time being but i'll pray and reflect and make my own decision so i wouldn't be surprised if some disappear. >> maria he's 76 years old, older than some people expected a new pope to be. do you think he needs to make his mark and make those changes quickly? >> i think he'll make it in his own time. this is a jesuit. they're free thinkers and questions of dogma.
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i think he'll do his own thing. this is a man you get -- you don't get a feeling of anxiousness from him. i get a feeling of great calmness, great reflection and strength. >> thanks for your time and input this morning. right now let's go back to savannah. we're following another major story at home the late winter storm making for a messy commute across the northeast this morning. the weather channel's jim cantore is in concord, new hampshire, this morning, good morning to you. >> reporter: schools are closed from massachusetts up to maine, an unprecedented eighth time in worcester, massachusetts, even some of the worst winters i can remember i've never seen schools closed eight times. auburn, maine, the snow is coming in, in a hurry here, some snowfall rates about an inch an hour. this is what we're going to see in maine, in new hampshire, in vermont, in massachusetts as well with some mix expected in the boston area and end to the precipitation in new york after three to four inches. let's look at the radar and get
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you updated on the latest winter storm and the winter that doesn't seem to want to end here. precipitation we think is going to pretty much continue for a good part of the day right into the evening hours in through here and by the time all is said and done probably five to eight inches more in concord and eventually 8 to 12 more up into maine, some totals up around 18 inches. the storm is coming in, in two phases. we're seeing the coastal storm taking over so all of the holes in the precipitation field will fill in and the snow will come down in earnest through a part of the day. good idea to close schools here as new england prepares for another storm, two days before the start of spring. >> you took the words out of my mouth. two days before spring, but you'd never know it looking at your shot. jim cantore, thank you. natalie morales, good morning to you. >> good morning, everyone. a deadly explosion at an army depot in western nevada this morning. nbc's chief pentagon correspondent has the latest.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is a tragic accident. u.s. military officials tell nbc news that at least seven u.s. marines were killed, at least seven others seriously wounded in that explosion during a live fire exercise at the army's hawthorne depot in western nevada. conflicting reports indicate that a 60-millimeter mortar round exploded as the marines loaded it into the firing tube. other reports indicate that the round may have exploded as the marines picked it up. four of the marines were killed instantly by the blast. three others died later of injuries. two were critically wounded and taken to a trauma center in reno, nevada. the others are being treated at a local hospital there in hawthorne, nevada. now, according to military officials, the marines killed and wounded are from the second marine division in camp lejeune on the east coast. this is all under investigation right now, according to marine corps officials.
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but this is a grim reminder that these military operations are risky and dangerous whether they're in or out of a combat zone. natalie? >> jim, thanks so much. an arrest this morning in the 2002 murder of american journalist daniel pearl. pakistani officials confirmed the arrest of a former militant leader who they say took part in the kidnapping and killing of pearl 11 years ago in karachi. pearl's parents responded to the arrest saying they hope that justice will be served. a wave of violence this morning in baghdad killed more than 55 people within a single hour. the series of bombings targeted civilians at bus stops and small restaurants, wounding hundreds of people. this as today marks ten years since the u.s. bombardment of iraq. we'll have much more on that comings up. now to wall street. jackie, good morning. >> good morning, natalie. well, investors appear to be shrugging off worries off the
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island nation of cyprus as its parliament is expected to vote on a popular new bailout deal today. the deal includes a one-time tax on bank deposits, and it's sparked concerns about the security of savings accounts across europe. natalie, back to you. >> all right, jackie deangelis, thanks. a new battle for new york city mayor michael bloomberg. the health crusader has set his sights on smokers, calling for shops to keep tobacco products out of sights for customers, putting them in drawers and cabinets instead. hillary clinton's newly announced position on gay marriage is fueling speculation she'll run for president in 2016. clinton said monday she supports same-sex marriage because, quote, gay rights are human rights. during the 2008 campaign, she maintained that she supported civil unions but not gay marriage. with a potential government shutdown looming later this month, the white house may have to cancel its annual easter egg roll. kristen welker has more. good morning. >> reporter: natalie, good
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morning to you. the 135th annual easter egg roll is scheduled for april 1st. on friday, the white house sent out a memo to members of congress and other ticketholders warning that if there is a government shutdown, the event could be canceled. here's part of that memo. by using these tickets, guests are acknowledging that this event is subject to cancellation due to funding uncertainty surrounding the executive office of the president and other federal agencies. if canceled, the event will not be rescheduled. this comes on the heels of the white house cancelling tours here at 1600 pennsylvania avenue due to the sequester. those deep across the board spending cuts that congress failed to avert. white house officials say they are not expecting the easter egg roll to be canceled. they are planning to move forward with it as planned because they are not expecting a government shutdown. they are expecting, by the way, 35,000 people at the easter egg roll. natalie? >> all right, kristen welker.
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al roker looks forward to that event every year. let's hope they can get it together. thank you. 7:13 right now. back to savannah and dylan. >> how can we talk about easter when there's snow on the ground? >> with spring starting tomorrow, you think enough already with the snow. but no. >> the groundhog needs to be fired. >> the one year he says spring is going to come early. forget about it. >> he got it wrong. >> he got it way wrong. with the snow coming down in the northeast, there's another storm in the west. you think you're past it at this point in the year, but more snow is going to call, especially across upstate new york through central and northern new england too. this is a huge storm. we had severe weather associated with it down across the southeast with wind damage and possible tornadoes. hail as well. also, a lot of heavy rain down into alabama. now, in the northeast, it doesn't look like much across seattle right now, but this is going to be another storm system
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that brings in perhaps several inches of rain. there is the chance we could see some avalanches because of the weight on the snow out that way. we'll get a check of your local forecast right after this message. the 2013 c-class coupe. ♪ starting at $37,800. ♪ good tuesday morning to you. 7:14. we have showers on the way, but not until 4:00 or 5:00 this evening. and light, from san jose to santa rosa. the showers are coming in so
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late, we'll be able to reach levels close to yesterday. 70 degrees for gilroy. and 69 in san francisco. looking good until thursday. then, we're going to clear you out. forecast. savannah? all right, dylan. thank you. voting is under way this morning for a special election for south carolina's first open congressional district seat. former governor mark sanford one of the names on the ballot after he looks for a comeback. kelly o'donnell is in charleston for us. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. people here say they've been overwhelmed by the number of candidates, many swamping the local tv stations with campaign ads. much of the attention has been on the former governor after his public affair, and he's now seeking political redemption. a chance for an unlikely comeback. >> how are you, mark sanford, good to see you. >> reporter: former south carolina governor mark sanford
7:14 am
is up against 15 fellow republicans running for congress. >> i feel like i'm supposed to be crawling back on to this larger playing field that i had stepped away from for a couple years and i've been blown away by the warmth and graciousness of the reception. >> reporter: that despite his spectacular fall from grace in 2009. sanford had disappeared, having an affair in argentina. now engaged, he says his fiance tries to stay far from the spotlight. >> you couldn't help but be a private person and to have been able to avoid your television cameras and many others over the last four years. >> reporter: his ex-wife, jenny, turned down his request to help on this campaign. >> i said well still love to have you involved any way that you'd like, because you know, she is an incredibly intelligent woman and knows campaigns and knows elections very, very well. >> reporter: among several local officials running is larry gruenz.
7:15 am
>> i'm someone to be trusted to get the job down. >> reporter: billionaire ted turner's son, teddy, is a candidate. and in the democratic primary, the sister of comedy star stephen colbert, businesswoman elizabeth colbert bush. >> i will talk to each other and listen. >> reporter: because there are so many candidates, a runoff is expected between the top two republicans. today is really a test. south carolinians are forgiving of sanford's past the question is will they vote for him again. >> we'll know by the end of today. kelly o'donnell in charleston thank you. today marks the tenth anniversary of the beginning of the war in iraq, a bombardment dubbed shock and awe. richard engel covered it from the start, he's in jerusale sta. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah.
7:16 am
we are in jerusalem where president obama tomorrow will begin a visit to boost relations with israel, the palestinian authority, and jordan. for the united states, the war in iraq began ten years ago, but for iraqis, it never really ended. it began on a clear night, with military precision, as guided bombs brought shock and awe to baghdad. u.s. troops charged up through the desert, and soon baghdad was falling. iraq's oil money was supposed to pay for the war. it didn't work out that way. from now on, the war set its own agenda, an insurgency erupted that became a religious civil war. sunnis versus shiites, americans now stuck battling to keep the two sides from killing each other, and u.s. forces. iraqis accuse the united states of invading to find weapons of mass destruction that were never
7:17 am
there, and destroying a delicate religious balance. the white house stopped claiming all was well in iraq, and thousands more troops surged. the violence dropped, and americans left, nine years, almost 4,500 troops killed, 32,000 wounded, 130,000 iraqi civilians killed. the cost, according to a new study, nearly $2 trillion. >> what adds up over time or the veterans care costs with the way the economic costs sort of pile up and ripple through the decades. >> reporter: so what was accomplished? saddam hussein was removed and democratic elections were held. they got freedom, but they still don't have security. the car bombings are back, the sunni/shiite rivalry has returned. still, many officials from the busch administration say invading iraq was even in hindsight worth it. >> there are always things in a
7:18 am
big, complex operation like a war one looks back on and thinks should have been done better, should have been done differently but i think that the fundamental decision that the president made to remove saddam was sound. >> reporter: ten years later, iraq has yet to recover from the war, neither have many american veterans and their family, a war that consumed and changed our nation's foreign policy, but that few americans talk about anymore. according to a study, americans will continue to spend billions of dollars a year to care for iraq veterans. savannah? >> richard engel thank you very much. coming up more from the vatican where pope francis shook hands with vice president joe biden. matt is there with maria shriver. first this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] made just a little sweeter...
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good tuesday morning to you. 7:26. santa clara is ready to pull out all the stops to bring super bowl l to the bay area. a city council will vote on several resolutions that will meet the nfl's financial demands to win that 2016 event. among them, waiving the city's hotel tax for nfl employees and teams. also suspending two ticket surcharges on the super bowl, and dropping added parking fees. the concessions add up to millions. but officials say the cost will more than be offset by the income and publicity generated by the game. the league owners will decide on may 22nd who will host super bowl xx. christina, how are we? >> good morning to you. looking at the cloud before the
7:25 am
storm. mostly-clear conditions. the afternoon highs are going to jump in the upper 60s and low 70s. we hit highs similar to yesterday. the good news is, temperatures are going to be comfortable. 69 degrees at 4:00 p.m. inland. 63 at the coast. we'll have the seven-day outlook in five minutes. the bay bridge toll plaza has filled in. all of the folks coming down the east shore freeway. earlier, a crash in richmond had things bottled up. now, the slow down for west 80 is causing the backup. we have folks pent up from highway 4. highway 4, very slow. but the crash has cleared from lanes. still very tough, very slow all the way through bay point. that's much farther than the backup typically builds. in the trivalley improved. and is south bay. now, the local news update in half an hour. see you then.
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7:30 on a tuesday morning, the 19th day of march, 2013, 12:30 in the afternoon on a picture perfect morning in vatican city where this morning the world is witnessing the official installation of pope francis. i'm matt lauer at the vatican. savannah guthrie is back in studio 1a. what role will women play in the catholic church under this new pope? we'll have maria shriver's special report on that subject straight ahead and talk to cardinal timothy dolan who just came from the mass and installation. >> thank you. also ahead from new york, bad news if you have borrowed money to attend college. why more schools are filing lawsuits against their former students to collect the money. then tiger woods and lindsey
7:29 am
vonn take to facebook to announce their relationship to the world. we'll get into that story. matt, back to you. >> all right, savannah, thank you very much. we'll begin this half hour about what the role for women holds in the church. maria, welcome back, good to have you here. >> thank you so much, matt. people all over the world are incredibly excited as we know about this pope and no group is more hopeful than catholic women. catholic women and nuns in particular have long run the parish schools, the hospitals and they have cared for the sick and the poor, but as we all know, they cannot be ordained, they cannot say mass and they cannot vote for the pope. now millions of women think it's time for the hierarchy of this church to open its eyes to the reality of what women can and should be allowed to do. >> the woman's issue is a big one because they feel that they
7:30 am
are made invisible by the church. >> reporter: sister joan chidesters aa benedict and nun from erie, pennsylvania. >> i really want those questions of ordination, of inclusiveness, i want them to be very high on the church agenda. we can't ignore them much longer. >> reporter: the call for healing and unity resonates for many who are hoping this pope has the courage to reform the church, from the inside out, and include many who have felt marginalized. >> i have a staff of mostly catholics, only two actually practice, a number of them have gone to some of the christian churches. >> reporter: sister jennifer gaeida is a nun who works with the poor in los angeles. >> the christian churches meet their social needs, their real needs and i think the catholic church has become too much about maintaining the structure. >> reporter: america is a deeply spiritual nation and many who
7:31 am
work in the field say the church better open up or risk losing its faithful. mary anne williamson and rabbi david volpe are on the front lines. everybody is watching this transition in robe with bate eb how will they handle women, divorced catholics, gays, are you hearing about people talking about that in your pews as well? >> anybody who has done any work in the developing world knows the catholic church does remarkable things but you don't want to see the systemic violation of what the church stands for, people crying out and not being heard. >> what do you think the giant evan yellical churches have been able to do that the catholic church has not been able to do? >> they talk about god's action and principles in people's lives. >> reporter: already pope francis' emphasis on simplicity, poverty and forgiveness seems to resonate with people, hungry for
7:32 am
leadership and change. what is your best dream for what the church can become? >> that there would be women in government -- governance of the church. >> reporter: while much of the world waits to see what pope francis does, one woman who already works in the vatican believes all of us would do best to worry less about defined roles. sister judith zoberlin is one of the highest ranking women at the vatican. do you think that people miss the point when they're saying women aren't equal unless they're ordained? >> why should i have to take on a man's role in order to be a good woman. >> in the united states we often talk about the glass ceiling for women professionally. is there a stained glass ceiling? >> i don't see a ceiling. i see trying to become more and more who i am as a woman, as a religious, as a person dedicated to the church in that way, and i don't see that there's a ceiling on that.
7:33 am
>> i love that she said she doesn't see that there's a ceiling. reminded me of a comment my dad made many years ago when he was in alzheimer's, and he said to me if you want to get eternal, you got to go internal. >> well said. cardinal timothy dolan, your imminence, great to see you. >> maria your dad was a great man and wise man. >> very involved in the church. >> do they have reason to be hopeful? >> we all have reason to be hopeful with pope francis, my hope is on steroids after that magnificent mass and hearing him preach and i wonder, somebody in your interview hinted at it, that the new pope can't just be in to maintaining structures. he's got to unleash the energy that was given us by jesus and the holy spirit and i wonder if he's given us a new interpretive key in his homily. he spoke, i don't know if you had the advantage of hearing, of the translation, he spoke of tender love, tender love.
7:34 am
now women are pros when it comes to tender love, and he spoke for st. joseph loving jesus and mary, but then he said this tender love has to go to creation, to god's creatures and especially to those who are most fragile, especially to those who are poor and struggling and feel alienated. women are pros when it comes to tender love. will they have a more accented role in his papacy? i wouldn't doubt it. >> he talked about mercy over these last several days. >> yes. >> he talked about forgiveness and says "we, too i think are these people who on the one hand want to listen to jesus but other times we like to beat up on others." it's your job to take this message back home and preach this to the people of the archdiocese of new york. how will you convey that message? >> he's used these days since his election as a great classroom, and i think all of us today, the cardinals that are leaving, are just regenerated. it's been like a retreat so we
7:35 am
go home filled with hope, filled with zeal, filled with inspiration, detecting a simplicity, a sincerity, a willingness to speak about the raw, simple truths of the gospel. did you hear him today, there wasn't anything cerebral about it. he could have given that homily to fourth graders but yet it was so moving and so beautiful. >> there is a tough job ahead. he is going to look at some s d investigation into the vatican scandal. some things are not going to be good for the church, they'll be hurtful. do you want him to speak about what's in the report openly and publicly? >> i think it would be good. there's nobody who would have sat through the congregations that we cardinals had before the conclave without knowing that the college of cardinals unanimously wants an honesty, a candor, a sincerity, sense of transparency. he heard that and i think he's going to do it.
7:36 am
that was his style as archbishop of buenos aires. the first time he was white in the conclave, we applauded, he looked and shrugged and said now what have i gotten myself into. in other words he's saying here's what i am, i can't be anyone else and be with me. >> the poll is americans want this pope to clean up the church and to bring it back together. >> yes, and it's even better than that. catholics indeed the whole world, they want the church to work. they want this pope to be successful. he'll ride on that crest, and i think we got a winner. >> cardinal timothy dolan -- >> thanks, good to be with you and maria. i look forward to seeing you later. >> more from the vatican in a little while, for now on the weather here is dylan dreyer. >> the rain is letting up a little bit here in new york city but we've got another storm system that's moving into the great lakes, it's more of a lake-effect type system with
7:37 am
winter weather advisories posted across parts of wisconsin, western michigan, will see more snow. kalamazoo the snow is coming down with the east wind. upper peninsula of michigan could end up with 9 to 12 inches of 7:39. good morning. taking a live look. a little haze over san jose. but look how clear the sky is. hard to tell we have rain coming in. a few clouds to show you in san francisco. a nice start to the day. because the showers are move in later on, we'll be able to hit 59 in livermore. and 65 on the way to san francisco. 67 right here in san jose. that rain moves in late and continues through tomorrow. lots of sunshine and warmer weekend ahead. >> and more people coming out of the woodwork now that the rain is coming to an end, savannah? >> dylan, thank you. coming up next, why are some colleges suing their former students? the story right after this.
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7:42 am
here's cnbc's senior correspondent scott cohen. >> reporter: aaron graf is 30 years old and just getting by. >> maybe i have $100 spending money a week, spending money means gas and food. i don't go out to eat. >> reporter: he eechz high school equivalency courses and does remodeling on the side all to pay around $600 a month on his $60,000 in student loans. >> i'm basically paying rent twice. >> reporter: now he has a court judgment against him, george washington university where graf earned a degree in 2010, sued him last year for non-payment of a $4,000 federal perkins loan for low-income students. graf says he is paying his other student loans but something had to give. >> i guess i could get another job where i'm working 17, 18 hours a day. >> reporter: the university wouldn't talk about graf's case but says in general litigation is a last resort, a view shared by administrators across the
7:43 am
country. >> by and large most institutions are trying to work with their students. >> reporter: the problem is that delinquent student loans are growing, passing late credit card payments for the first time and federal law requires schools to collect and sometimes sue. unlike most forms of debt, you can't get out of a student loan, not even by declaring bankruptcy, but with delinquencies rising and budgets shrinking, lenders and colleges are getting more aggressive about collecting, including taking their alumni to court. we found cases filed by yale and the university of pennsylvania which filed some two dozen suits just last year for bad loans and unpaid tuition, a 35% jump from the year before. the university has declined to comment. graff hopes his case starts a dialogue. >> let's talk about why is college so expensive. what is it we're getting to are our money when we put our money into these institutions. >> reporter: it's a conversation colleges are willing to have, but they also want their money.
7:44 am
for "today," scott cohn, nbc news, philadelphia. and coming up next, the sports world's new power couple, tiger woods and lindsey vonn, the way they announced their relationship, right after this. when you're at the corner of "i'm a new parent" and "i have no idea what i'm doing," you need a hand. well, walgreens is innovating to help. by making prescription refills this easy. and we're bringing our pharmacists out front to answer your questions. at walgreens, we'll do more than help you get well. we'll help you stay well and live well. because that's what it really means to be at the corner of happy and healthy. because that's what it really means see lioutdoors, or in.ight. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. maybe even a little better.
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7:48 am
well, tiger woods' love life is back in the news this morning as he and gold medal skier lindsey vonn confirm yes they are details. stephanie gosk has the details. >> good morning, savannah. rumors have been flying around for months and now they've made it official. the most accomplished u.s. skier of all time, arm in arm with the winner of 14 major pga tournaments. after weeks of public speculation and their repeated refusals to comment, lindsey vonn and tiger woods released statements simultaneously on facebook. woods posted the photos and wroed "lindsey and i have been friends for some time but over the last few months we have become very close and are now dating." vonn acknowledged the couple isn't a surprise for everyone. i guess it wasn't a well kept secret but yes, i am dating tiger woods. these two athletes have been getting a lot of attention this
7:49 am
year. tiger woods is winning again, five out of the last 19 tournaments, and now on the cusp of regaining his number one rating for the first time since the 2009 sex scandal that stripped him of sponsors and led to a divorce from his wife, elin nordgren. >> the greatest drug invented for a celebrity in trouble but especially on athlete in trouble is winning. >> reporter: for vonn in february the world cup champion and olympic gold medal winner crashed spectacularly in austria, breaking her right leg and ripping two ligaments in her knee. this month vonn told matt her goal is to be healthy for the olympics in sochi. >> i'm just a year away. >> when will you have to get back on the slopes so that you can be ready for the olympics? >> i mean honestly in the worst case scenario if i trained a week before the games, i'd be fine. >> reporter: u.s. ski fans plus one championship winning golfer
7:50 am
will be pulling for her. woods thanks fans for their support and said the couple want to keep their relationship in private, like ordinary couples. >> except for the facebook pictures. stephanie gosk thanks so much. coming up a new cutting edge relate for alzheimer's, after your local news. yeah, that sounds good. oh my gosh no, no don't look at me don't you look at me there's only one place to get more jt. ♪
7:51 am
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7:54 am
breaking news is happening in san francisco right now. the b.a.r.t. station is shut down while the bomb squad investigates a suspicion item. it's unclear what the item may be. but the closure is impacting service on muni and b.a.r.t. we have a ground crew on the way to the scene. we'll have updates when we get them from him. let's see how it's affecting the commute. >> there's going to be activity around the b.a.r.t. station. as far as the rail systems go, muni and b.a.r.t., use the underground lines through the area. trains are not stopping, they're not going through the station for safety's sake. consider it a full stop in the travel area. major delays reported system-size. muni, the underground is affected. but above-ground near market street. this is around market and fourth. keep that in mind. looking good. a lot better right now. good morning to you. a live look, the calm before the
7:55 am
storm. clouds increasing in san francisco. before those showers arrive. we're going to hit the upper 60s to lower 70s. 66 in redwood city and around 67 degrees in san jose. showers continue tomorrow. we're going to clear out by the second half of thursday. back to you. >> thank you so much. thank you for joining us. we'll have another local news update in half an hour.
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
♪ 8:00 now on this tuesday ♪ 8:00 now on this tuesday march, 2013. that is a live look at auburn, maine, one of the many cities and towns up and down the northeast region that has seen snow and ice, a late winter storm over the night. spring happens this week but you would never know it from pictures like that. we are not feeling it here in the northeast. tuesday out on the plaza for the folks who stopped by and said hello. matt is live at the vatican. your pictures so been so beautiful i'm not entirely convinced you're not on a sound stage in brooklyn right now. >> it looks like a green screen doesn't it? that storm you talked about a second ago delayed our arrival here so i didn't get to see as much of the ceremony that i had hoped to see but they don't waste any time at the vatican.
7:59 am
they're already cleaning the streets, taking down some of the barricades and getting ready for the next event. of course holy week begins here on sunday. over my shoulder you can see that pope francis is still inside st. peter's and he is greeting members of the delegations who came here from all over the world. they had a front row seat for history. and savannah, when it comes to front row seats for history, these three people here would qualify. they're villanova university students lauren colgrove, sean hudgins and danielle mcmonagle. they are interns who arrived at the vatican when all this history unfolded. folks, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: lauren, when i say you just arrived it was your very first day of your internship when pope benedict announced he was resigning. what was that like? >> i got into the office that morning at the catholic news service, i was oriented to the room and we went to get coffee and we come back and our editor gets this call on the phone and
8:00 am
all of a sudden you know our office is completely silent and he says that the pope has just announced he's going to be resigning. >> did you think this was going to be the best internship or worst internship ever? >> i thought it would be exciting and it has been. >> talk to me the rest of you came the next day. >> right. >> you arrived the day after the pope decided to resign. what have these last several weeks been like for you? >> the last several weeks have been incredible for us. villanova set us up with the internship and we expect hey we'll go to the vatican and work on a facebook page every once in a while, do a little twitter work but to have the pope resign and to be here at such an historic time has been crazy for us. >> you've been out here in st. peter's, seen pope francis. what's that been like? >> incredible. we thought we were there to see pope benedict's final mass and audience and seeing pope francis there and being a part of it and watching history literally unfold in front of us has been amazing. >> do you have to write some epic paper on all of this,
8:01 am
lauren? >> i'll write a reflection at the end of everything, definitely have good material for that. >> how long will you be here in rome? >> we're here for about another six weeks or so. it's a three-month internship. >> i'm not sure anybody's ever going to give you an internship after this, when things like this happen on your first and second day. good luck to you guys. >> thank you very much. >> we'll have much more from vatican city. maria shriver will take a look at the challenges that the security personnel here face securing a pope who likes to get out and mingle with the people. first let's go back to you guys in new york. >> matt, great to hear the experiences of the students and good of you to assign them some homework. i'm sure they appreciate that. coming up, is this a break-through, we'll tell you about a new treatment for alzheimer's that's raising a lot of hope. la toya jackson is here to talk about her emotional firing from "celebrity apprentice" and ask how her brother michael's kids are doing these days. before that, we get to natalie morales with another check of
8:02 am
the day's top stories. good morning to you, savannah. a u.s. military spokesperson says an explosion overnight at a military facility in western nevada has killed at lease seven u.s. marines. it happened during a training exercise at the hawthorne army depot. deadly violence in and around baghdad marked the tenth anniversary of the u.s.-led invasion of iraq. officials say more than 55 people were killed and some 200 others were wounded mostly by car bombs that went off in shiite areas. the explosions targeted small restaurants, bus stops and gathering spots for day laborers. one of the worst attacks was
8:03 am
attacks was near a 3 c1 attacks was near a main gate to the heavily fortified green zone where the u.s. and other foreign embassies are located. a new battle for new york city mayor michael bloomberg.3 1 the health crusader has now set his sights on smokers calling for shops and supermarkets to keep cigarettes and tobacco markets out of sights from customers, putting them in drawers and cabinets. if approved the ban would be the first of its kind in the country. hillary clinton's newly announced position on gay marriage is fueling speculation she will run again for president in 2016. she supports same-sex marriage because "gay rights are human rights." during the 2008 campaign they maintained she supported civil unions but not gay marriage. polls show a majority of americans support same-sex marriage. president obama reversed his opposition to it last year. and now for a look at what's trending today, our quick roundup of what has you talking online a dramatic day in court made actress lindsay lohan a top google search.
8:04 am
she reached a last-minute deal in los angeles and pleaded no contest stemming from a car crash last june. instead of 90 days in jail she will be at a rehab facility. lisa rinna made her lips a top search item on bing and yahoo! talking about them with hoda monday. she first had her lips injected 25 years ago but had a doctor remove as much material as he could a few years ago. take a listen. >> would you do it again or just leave your lips the way you had them before. >> i would do it again. >> why? >> because this is like my career has been all about, i never had a career before i had the lips. so my lips have had their own career. >> rinna talked about her current stint on nbc's "all-star celebrity apprentice." what does selena gomez have in common with david letterman, they both share an experience with her ex, justin bieber. >> last time he was on, he said something and i said something and then he said something and i
8:05 am
said something, and i made him cry. >> well then that makes two of us. >> gomez confirms she is currently single, which won the approval of both letterman and his studio audience. it was 8:07 right now. you're up to date. let's go back outside to dylan dreyer with another check of the weather. >> thanks, natalie. good morning, everybody. we've got kira here on vacation with her grandma and you left the family home. where are they watching from? >> oklahoma and virginia. >> hello to them. we are actually going to see your pick city of the day have some of the nicest weather across the country, cincinnati, 42 degrees, it's sunny and breezy today and we are also looking at lake-effect snow around the great lakes, heavier snow moves up into new england where we could see up to a foot of snow in some of the highest elevations, heavy rain in southern florida and heavy rain
8:06 am
moving into the pacific northwest, avalanche watches are 8:08 on tuesday morning. good morning, i'm meteorologist christina loren. san francisco looking good to start the day. hard to tell there's a storm blowing in. it's not going to arrive until later this evening. expecting our first shower in the north bay between 3:00 and 6:00. 69 on the way to livermore with showers holding off. sunshine will warm us up to the upper 60s for most bay area cities. >> and that is your latest forecast. savannah? >> dylan, thank you so much. coming up next, live from the vatican, more from matt and maria shriver, including why the pope's new informal style is making things a little complicated for his security detail. and a first of its kind treatment for alzheimer's is showing some remarkable promise. then la toya jackson on her
8:07 am
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8:10 am
♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like 8 grams of whole grains in quaker chewy bars. today is going to be epic. quaker up. ♪ we're back now on this tuesday morning with a special edition of "today" from new york and from vatican city. we're joined once again by maria shriver and time to tackle a serious subject, protecting this new pope. >> that is a big challenge for those who are assigned to make sure that he stays safe because this is a man as we've seen over the last couple of days who
8:11 am
likes people, who likes to touch people. >> he's spontaneous. >> he's a pastor and he gets energy, you can tell, from the people. you saw somebody this morning hold up their baby to him so he could kiss them, so very much on the minds of the people, how to keep this pope happy and safe. ♪ the man some here are calling hurricane francis is just getting used to everything that comes with being pope. his first ride in the pope mobile this morning, preaching to the throngs of the faithful, greeting visiting dignitaries and friends. and most notably, wading into crowds, like this one outside st. ann's church on sunday, getting up close and personal, catching his bodyguards off guard. security nightmare for any protective detail, even the swiss guard who have guarded popes for more than 500 years.
8:12 am
>> i'm sure his security detail is having a rather frank conversation with him now, saying that we can't make a habit out of this. >> reporter: many around the vatican were instantly taken back to may of 1981, when pope john paul ii was shot and critically wounded by metlib ali abjab. >> it wasn't a pope mobile back then, it was an open jeep and he shot and killed hill. >> reporter: fences were erected and magnetometers were installed, hidden in the colonadde to stand everyone who goes inside st. peter's basilica. for events like today's installation, more security is visible. while pope francis may be seeking a simpler papacy, which includes turning down the trappings of the office, this humble priest who used to ride the bus to work may have to get used to being one of the most recognizable people in the world. >> it's very difficult to tell
8:13 am
someone that they have overnight become the target of potentially tens of thousands of people's ire. >> reporter: while hurricane francis may settle into a routine t makes you wonder is there anyone who can say no to a pope who wants to express his love for his people? >> francis has shown that he wants to be outgoing and he wants to go out and touch people, so they will have to allow him to do that, and be as careful as possible. >> that's right, they will have to allow him to do that and be as careful as possible and this is their 1.2 billion catholics, he wants to travel all over the world and touch people all over the world, not just with his words but you know, physically. >> physically as well and what we've seen of him over the last five days it's hard to imagine he's going to change his style too much. they're going to have to meet in the middle somewhere. >> that's right. compromise. >> exactly. maria thanks for that, we appreciate it.
8:14 am
much more from the vatican straight ahead. back to savannah. >> thank you so much. what could be a game changer for alzheimer's patients involves using a pacemaker to send electrical currents through the brain and the earliest signs are encouraging. nbc's tom costello went to ohio state university to see this firsthand. tom, good morning to you. >> hi, savannah. the cdc reports that alzheimer's is now the sixth leading cause of death in the u.s., and nearly 5.5 million people have it. the new treatment for young patients with alzheimer's is getting parts of the brain to reconnect and communicate with one another. it's a heartbreak so many families know all too well. >> how old is this? >> reporter: in this case it's not just joe or peggy jester who is coping with alzheimer's, it's their daughter, kathy. she's only 57. >> it's just difficult sometimes, you know? >> reporter: the words don't always come easily. >> it's sad for peggy and i to
8:15 am
go through this with a daughter, you know, especially when it should be us and not her. your heart just aches when you think about it, and what, you know, what she's going through, because she does have these frustrations and she doesn't want to be like this. >> reporter: so the family decided to do something never before tried with an alzheimer's patient. >> be nice and loud, we're listening to your brain cells. >> reporter: at the ohio state university med center, neurocenter dr. ali rozai placed tiny wires into kathy's brain and connect the those wires to two pacemakers on her chest. >> that battery sense calming or activate signals that activates the different parts of this pacemaker wire and that involves different frequencies, different intensities. >> reporter: the signals push through the damaged areas of the brain and connect with areas needed for concentration, attention, memory and plefl solving. for years parkinson's patients have undergone deep brain
8:16 am
stimulation to calm the brain's activity. will it work in alzheimer's patients? doctors have been testing kathy regularly, her ability to concentrate and solve problems. before they turned on the pacemaker, she didn't do so well. >> did you have a good week? >> yes. >> reporter: but last week she was back, five months after the procedure. >> in the next 30 seconds cross off as many of these things as you can see. ready, go. >> reporter: she breezed through every test. >> speedy today. >> i'm getting smarter. >> reporter: the signs are encouraging. >> we've seen that she at times has better memory and she's more sociable, i noticed that and a little more outgoing and that's a good thing, too. >> reporter: doctors cautioned this is not a cure but already it seemed to have pulled kathy back from the fog of alzheimer's and will hopefully give her a longer, better quality of life. were you at all worried about signing up for this program? >> no, i was the first one to say i'll do t i'll do it. >> reporter: why?
8:17 am
>> because i want to make the world a better place. >> reporter: and for yourself, too? >> yes, but i want to help everybody, you know, anyone that's going through all this. >> she wants to help everybody. this is an fda approved study. there's another study sponsored by the national institutes of health, also looking at deep brain stimulation in early on site alzheimer's patients, three hospitals in the u.s. and one in canada are involved in that study. more perspective from dr. nancy snyderman, nbc's chief medical editor. nancy good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. >> so easy to get excited when you see an early study show promise. are you hopeful about this line of study? >> i am, and i wouldn't be dismayed by the small number of people, because in some ways the brain has been the forgotten organ. we focused so much the last 40 years on the war against cancer
8:18 am
we've forgotten the health of the human brain is as important as anything else. so as tom has looked now at deep brain stimulation for parkinson's and alzheimer's, there's new research looking to treat obsessive compulsive disorder, obesity and anorexia. i think this is the next big frontier. >> staying on alzheimer's for a moment it appears it is most effective for those who have the early onset of the disease. >> there are two times, two types, early onset people in their 50s and 60s, which is heartbreaking and the one we're more accustomed to when people are in their 80s. the real problem is that we don't have any great drugs in the pipeline and we're just figuring out now genetics, trauma, medicines, the kinds of things that might hurt a brain earlier in life, and then might pre-dispose it to alzheimer's and frankly figuring out early alzheimer's from late alzheimer's, but if we don't have good drugs in the pipeline,
8:19 am
but we do have some pretty cool science, the question is can you stimulate the brain in ways that 20 years ago we would have never even considered, and that's what makes this so exciting. >> it's wonderful to get a little bit of hope. dr. nancy, thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> you bet. 8:21 rks we send it over to natalie. the new season of nbc's "all-star celebrity apprentice" is getting started. we're seeing a lot of drama in the board room. this week it centered around la toya jackson and oma rosa and oma rosa lived to fight another day. >> it is a pretty easy joyce. i hate to do it la toya. you made a terrible choice when you didn't bring back ama rosa. because i think i would have fired ama rosa. la toya, you're fired. >> she joins us now, la toya good morning to you. >> good morning, how are you this morning in. >> i'm fine, by all accounts including mr. donald trump you made a major boo-boo when you
8:20 am
didn't bring ama rosa back in the board room which would have made her eligible to be fired. instead we no choice and you had to go. do you regret what happened? hindsight is 20/20. >> i regret it very much. if i had to do it again of course i would bring her back to the board room. >> what were you thinking, why not bring her in, in the moment? >> i truly believed that he fell for the crocodile tears, for the crying. i also believed that he wouldn't have gotten rid of her and those were my thoughts so when you're in there, you're under a lot of pressure and my mind is going, what do i do? he's not going to get rid of her. they view the villain in the show. if i were a producer i'd keep her in the show so keep the mess going. >> rather than thinking about what was best for you. >> yes. >> you two got off to a rough start, a lot of drama throughout the episode and it started off with a challenge when you were supposed to put on a skit, soap opera type skit.
8:21 am
what happened? >> basically what happened was, i'll be very honest and frank with you that throughout the entire task, she was always trying to sabotage what i was doing no matter what it was and making it very difficult, and of course you overlook it and you continue to move forward and you try to put your best foot forward and ignore those little obstacle answer jump over them but they kept coming up, i'm leaving, i want to go home and something just happened, just constantly, and popping back at the last minute and wanting the part back. it was very interesting how people will manipulate their way to become a winner. >> you did use a couple of choice words in describing her as conknifing, scheming, cutthroat, snake, and you brought up her zeelsed fiance michael clark duncan saying her behavior may have contributed to his heart attack. what did you want to say about that statement? because now she is threatening
8:22 am
legal action against you for the damaging remarks. >> i haven't received anything from that so i have no clue. i think michael, i think he's a wonderful person. i think he was a very -- he was like a gentle giant. he was a lovely person, a very sweet person, and i just wish that he was still here with us, but i find it very interesting that and the teammates were saying okay here comes the tears again, they're not sincere, tears of wanting to stay on the show and once again i thought -- >> you're taking back your words then? >> as far as? >> as far as saying that her behavior may have led to his death? >> i didn't mean it that way at all, not at all. not at all. i think we were under a lot of people and people were nudging you and nudging you and nudging you but absolutely not. he was a kind and sweet guy. he was. >> la toya jackson. you can catch "all-star celebrity apprentice" sunday nights at 9:00, 8:00 central on nbc. next the new weight loss
8:23 am
"biggest loser" she's here after your local news.
8:24 am
8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. an update on a developing story in san francisco. the poul street b.a.r.t. station is now reopen after the bomb squad investigated a suspicious item. the item appears to have plugs in it, and to be some kind of electronic device. you see it there. b.a.r.t. and muni resuming normal routines but passengers can expect residual delays now as things get back to normal this morning. want to check the morning commute, in fact, right now with mike. >> good morning. looks like a battery back-up. we'll let the experts check it out. look at the system, there's major delays for b.a.r.t. and muni. poul station reopens, they are experiencing major delays, the system for b.a.r.t., 15 to 20 minutes. market also very crowd as folks try to find a way and use buses around the area. a lot more surface street
8:25 am
traffic, slow getting into the city typical now. east shore freeway never quite recovered from the earlier crash, slow off the richmond bridge, jammed from hercules toward berkeley. southbay northbound route, slow 101, 85, 280 stretching all the way to mountain view. laura. >> thank you very much, mike. another update in a half hour or so. hope you get a chance to enjoy your tuesday morning. [ female announcer ] it balances you...
8:26 am
8:27 am
it fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley. nature at its most delicious. with simple, real ingredients, like roasted peanuts, creamy peanut butter, and a rich dark-chocolate flavor, plus 10 grams of protein, so it's energy straight from nature to you. nature valley protein bars.
8:28 am
it is 8:30 now on a tuesday morning, it's the 19th day of march, 2013. it's been an historic day here at the vatican. the celebration of mass, the installation of pope francis, before hundreds of thousands of the faithful, and the curious as well. that's been the scene so far here in rome. meanwhile back in new york, outside studio 1a, hundreds of thousands of the faithful gathered as well to pay their respects to savannah and natalie, i think the day here say little bit better than it is back in new york there, ladies. >> we have a nice day out here.
8:29 am
>> a nice crowd out here, maybe not the hundreds of thousands. >> it might not be the picture postcard view from over there but we're having a beautiful morning and enjoying your coverage at the vatican. >> we've been waiting all morning long. >> we've had a good time. maria was fortunate to bring her son, christopher who is 15 years old. it must have been special to watch this together. >> he got up this morning and put on a college shirt and jacket. that's big for a california kid here, and went down to the mass. it's been a moving experience for him and for me. >> reporter: we were talki . >> we were talking to a guy who lives in michigan and teaches english in rome. he says it's been an extraordinary couple of weeks. he walks out of his apartment every morning onto a street filled with nothing but journalists and while he says he thinks the coverage has been great, he agrees it's time for us to go now. he'd like to have his city back. >> they'd like their rome back. >> we're going to do that in just a couple minutes we'll be heading back and see you later in the week in new york.
8:30 am
>> on that note i guess you can take a hint. safe travels to both of you. it's been great having you in the vatican this morning. >> great to see maria again as well. coming up here we'll meet a woman who has 250,000 reasons to smile this morning, it is danni allen, crowned "the biggest loser" she's flown from lubbock, texas, to new york overnight. >> she looks amazing. with spring starting tomorrow we'll check out budget fraendly look for all of those special occasions you may have coming up in the spring and summer. speaking of spring, dylan, bring spring. we'll take it any time. >> you can still see your breath, we have the winter jackets on. spring is not showing up in the northeast any time soon. we have a huge crowd from wisconsin, this is just a school trip. i came to school trips to new york city but i'm from new jersey, it was like a six-hour process for me, but you guys are very lucky, very fortunate.
8:31 am
taking a look at the weather across the country, we do have some pretty cold temperatures in wisconsin, only in the 20s today. we've got teens through the northern plains, we've got 30s in the northeast where the snow is still coming down. you got to go all the way down to the southeast of texas where we're seeing temperatures right now in the 80s and 90s, not too bad down this way. we could see up to a foot of snow in parts of new england, we're also going to see heavy rain and gusty winds out in the northwest. showers and thunderstorms are possible down through florida as well and then cold air surges into the plains with temperatures in the 20s and 30s unt vist chi good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. taking a live look at the green hills in sunol. we do have some rain on the way but it's going to hold off until this evening. temperatures today will be warm enough to get outdoors without a jacket. 69 on the way to livermore. 65 for oakland and san francisco. right here in beautiful san
8:32 am
jose. what about 67 degrees, showers moving in for the evening commute. you want to keep that in mind. as we head throughout the next couple of days, improving skies on the way. by thursday afternoon, clearing you out. >> that is your latest forecast, dylan. it was a nail-biter on "the biggest loser." in the end 26-year-old danni allen lost 121 pounds to take the title and the $250,000 grand prize. good morning, good to see you.. >> good to see you, too. >> good to see what is left of you. >> i know, it's an amazing experience. >> you've flown all night. >> yes. >> you basically haven't slept. >> nope. >> are you on adrenalin? >> pure adrenalin, i love it, i don't want it to go away. >> it was a close finish, comes down to fractions i guess. >> um-hum. >> did you think i've got this one in the bag or were you chewing on your nails? >> i was very secure in my success with this show. i knew no matter what in my
8:33 am
heart i had already won but when it came down the scale i was up against some big boys. i didn't know if i could pull out the numbers i needed to. >> you actually gained 19 pounds of muscle, which is fantastic, but did you worry okay, is that going to count against me or how is that going to play out. >> is t did play a little bit mentally, it's a weight loss numbers. if you're telling me i lost because i gained too much muscle, i'll take it. >> one of the problems you want to have. >> yes. >> so tell me about your life and how you think this will change things for you. >> i can't, first of all i don't think i can imagine how exactly it will change my life but it has and it has given me the self-confidence that i never had before and that sense of belief that i had dream again. nothing's too big. i never would have thought i'd be sitting here today with you and just being the person that i am, and anything's possible, and i just believe it. >> well, you are exuding joy and i know one of the things you've
8:34 am
always loved to do is sing. do you think there will be things now that you'll just have more confidence to do and to try? >> certainly, like i've changed my slogan, i used to be like why me? i'm like why not me? why not me? let's try it. what's it going to hurt to try. >> so what worked for you? if you were giving advice, because i think a lot of people draw inspiration from this show. >> completely. >> and from people like you. what would be your advice? >> i think my best advice would be just never doubt yourself. just try. there's no harm in trying, and honestly, if you fall -- i fell. you saw me on the floor. you saw jillian dump an ice bucket on my head, just keep going. there's no end of the road. it just always keeps going. >> i would be remiss if we didn't mention the money. reward for $250,000, not too shabby. >> i can't believe i have a quarter of a million dollars coming my way. >> do you have any dreams what you might do with it? >> i have so many ideas what i
8:35 am
could possibly do with it but the one thing is jeff and i had a little side to side bet no matter who won we were going to take the other one on a vacation because we knew we definitely deserved a vacation so i will honor that. i'll bring francine pause they can't leave each other. i'll just be the third wheel. i'll find my guy out there. >> we know you'll look good in a bikin bikini. >> my first bikini. >> is there any worry going off the ranch and trying to incorporate everything you've learned into this new lifestyle? >> you know there's worry. it's easy to say i can keep it off but you have to make a plan so the one thing i did was make a plan for after "the biggest loser" i needed one thing and that would be the chicago marathon, october 13th, 2013, so hopefully i'll be running it this year. i'm trying to get in right now. >> danni, you are an inspiration to so many people for those who love it. you started at 258 pounds and
8:36 am
today you weigh how much? >> 137 pounds. >> we are amazed and proud of you. thank you so much. >> thank you so much, savannah. coming up next, glamorous gowns for less for your spring functions but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:37 am
8:38 am
♪ back now at 8:40 with "today's style" and spring officially starts tomorrow so time to start planning for the parties and perhaps weddings you'll be attending in the months ahead. dana roberts rossi is senior fashion editor at "marie claire" magazine. good morning. >> good morning. >> we're going to see the return of the full length gloun. are you seeing more of the silhouette for all body types? >> absolutely. the belief that gowns have to be stuffy or expensive, that's absolutely not the case. they can be very inexpensive and fresh and modern.
8:39 am
>> let's start with a cocktail party gown, our first model is bernadette. tell us about the dress she's wearing. >> this is escape by macy's and it's $175, the dress itself is very modern. i think there's a belief that you have to wear short dresses for cocktail events and that's not the case. you can wear something wrong and the neckline gives it that modern edge, the soured ware, we've added a belt. haller itnecks can be great unless you have super broad shoulders, then you stay away. >> and also very simple with the jewelry, the accessories make this as well. >> less it more with all of these gowns i think, add jewelry and take something off. >> bernadette you look great, thank you so much. next is formal evening dinner gown look here and we have camor modeling for us. >> isn't it beautiful? this is a nordstrom's dress by alex evening and this dress is a perfect example of how you can be sexy and sophisticated at the
8:40 am
same time, the metallic lace at the top is jersey so it's super comfortable and the long sleeves very big trend. >> we're seeing a lot of the leg this season. >> a nice slit. >> she has nice legs. you may as well show them. >> no angelina jolie high slit. >> age appropriate. camora you look beautiful. next occasion is a garden party. for this we bring out brittany, beautiful in yellow, the bright colors we're seeing a lot of as well. >> it's attention grabbing for the right reasons. >> right. >> this is lauren by ralph lauren. around $200. we've seen so many of the primary brights and particularly yellow on the red carpet, julianne moore rocked the yellow dress. the trick is to go with something bright. when you get into the golder more wishy-washy muggy yellow tones it can wash you out. this one the brighter the better and more saturated.
8:41 am
>> her skin coloring she looks fabulous. thank you, brittany. next a summer wedding, people planning for that and you can wear the gowns at the summer weddings again. >> you can. women say what am i going to wear for the wedding? this is bcbg, cutout lace panels, kind of a beginner's way to wear tutocutouts. give your back a good evaluation, be honest and a fake tan will work wonders. >> good to note. >> a place you forget to look. >> lisa looks gorgeous, beautiful, thank you very much and finally the last look is the black tie and here we have iris. you don't have to wear black necessarily for black tie. >> so many people believe that but absolutely not. you do not and el bellishment in metallic is a big trend. naomi watts, jessica chastain with the touches of
8:42 am
embellishment and the higher waist covers a multitude of stinz and makes legs really long because they start up here. this is a great, but again cheap accessories, minimal, less is more and hair and makeup natural. >> ladies come back out for one last look, thank you so much. dana roberts rossi thank you so much as well. >> thank you. coming up next an historic day for country music in the big city. we'll explain but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
we are back at 8:46, some 66 million people listening to it each week, country music is the nation's most popular music genre on the radio. until now you wouldn't find it in the dial in new york city. nbc's craig melvin is here with details on how that is changing. >> a lot of folks are surprised
8:45 am
it took this long, savannah guthrie. it was only a matter of time before country finally conquered yankee territory. ♪ it's a quarter after 1:00, i'm a little drunk and i need you now ♪ >> reporter: sold out shows, grammy awards. and every time lady antebellum played new york city, a question. >> i know there's country fans here. why is there not a country station? >> it's been so, so long since new york city has had a country station. >> plenty of country fans, look around. >> reporter: the boot scoot yin faithful who waited hours in the rain wondered the same. >> i don't know why it took so long. >> country comes to the city. >> reporter: after a 17-year stretch of silence, yankees finally have a country station in america's largest radio market. >> the new nash 94.7, good morning, i'm kelly ford, gorgeous, sunny day -- it seems
8:46 am
like the people in new york have been very hungry for this kind of music and the response we're getting on the phones and out on the streets is excitement, which is how we feel, too. >> new yorkers buy 20% more country music than people in nashville do. >> reporter: for media ceo to keep the music and its stars became too profitable and popular to ignore. >> blake shelton on "the voice" and faith hill the opener for sunday night football on nbc. these are in mainstream. >> reporter: its return to new york air waves is the latest sign of the countrywide takeover. there are more country music stations than any other music genre and six cable tv networks are partly devoted to all things country. in 2012 its artists claimed five of the top ten selling albums of the year. ♪ i've got all the proof i need,
8:47 am
it ain't the whiskey ♪ >> reporter: rising star gary allen says it's the sign of the times. >> country music is about what happens monday through friday and more of the blue collar stuff and the pop is about what happens on the weekends. when times get tough, people kind of pull for american music. >> reporter: one thing's for sure, the city slickers -- >> i love the words and the songs, i love the meaning. ♪ like you got anywhere better to be ♪ >> reporter: fans are thrilled their music is once again taking a bite out of the big apple. >> it was inevitable they'd have to get a radio station. country fans demand stuff, they will pick up the phone and call. ♪ >> and the folks at nash say they're not stopping at radio, they're launching a magazine and there's potential for expanding into television as well. >> love it, sounds good to me,
8:48 am
get my guitar. >> you beat me to it. >> that's crazy. we'd want them to do well. craig melvin thank you so much. just ahead, how to load a perfect dishwasher. we'll show you how. first this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] made just a little sweeter... because all these whole grains aren't healthy unless you actually eat them ♪ multigrain cheerios. also available in delicious peanut butter. healthy never tasted so sweet. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
8:49 am
it's not what you think. it's a phoenix with 4 wheels. it's a hawk with night vision goggles. it's marching to the beat of a different drum. and where beauty meets brains. it's big ideas with smaller footprints. and knowing there's always more in the world to see. it's the all-new lincoln mkz. ♪ back now at 8:52 with doing it right today, where we show
8:50 am
you the best way to do almost anything. la toya jackson was good to stick around with us. we're going to learn how to load the perfect dishwasher. >> our teacher is courtney smith, executive editor of "reader's digest" with do's and don'ts where the new book "don't screw it up." >> good morning. >> good morning. are you good at loading the dishwasher, do you feel you have skills, la toya? have you loaded once? >> i have put things in them, yes. have i turned it on, no. >> that's lesson two. let's start with loading it. >> the biggest mistake is don't rinse the dishes before loading the dishwasher. your dishwasher detergent is built to dissolve the food. if there's no food it's basically going to attach to your dishes instead. i thought we'd play a game. natalie and la toya could hand some dishes and savannah, you've got two seconds to load this however you see fit. >> however i would normally, i'll do it how i normally would
8:51 am
do it. >> big pans. you've gotdicious, glassware. >> i lay my wine glasses down. i do because they break i can't recommend that. this is a small dishwasher, i don't want to complain. >> can all these things fit in the dishwasher, courtney? >> well, probably not in this one. >> there may be trick objects in there for you sarks vanna. >> i think there are. i wouldn't put wood in for starters. >> i think we're done. time is up. savannah, you didn't do a bad job at all and you were right about the wood. it would crack. >> how do you clean the wine out of the to be lets? >> these wine glasses would end up holding water. i would not lay them flat. >> they're probably too big. >> come over with me and i'll show you a properly loaded
8:52 am
dishwasher. with the bottom, you did well because the cookie sheets and roasting pans go on the sides so they won't block the center spinner. this dishwasher is built so the dishes are lined up and have space to get to the water but if you have an older madle you want to turn this section that way so the dirty part faces the center because that will get maximum water exposure. your forks and knives, knives always go down for safety reasons but the forks and the spoons you always want up, and no spooning for the spoons. it's putting things in haphaz d haphazardly, so it's all open. >> what do you do with the wine glasses? >> some wine glasses are sturdy enough. it's a matter of whether they fit and they're sturdy. but you want them up so the water drains, and then your glasses you want between the spokes, not over the spokes
8:53 am
because that keeps them more secure. >> you put bowls in the top drawer, isn't that illegal? >> no, and plastic goes on the top because the heat on the bottom will warp it. these bowls you want them standing up so don't overcrowd so the water can get in from the bottom and drain out. some models allow you to put it upside down if you want. >> i learned something, la toya, did you learn something? >> i learned a lot, thank you. >> coming up, we have bobby flay answering some of your kitchen dilemmas after your local news.
8:54 am
good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. let's get right to your tuesday forecast. a warm good morning to meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning, jon. it's got that subtropical feel when you walk out the front door. you'll notice it. the reason why, we've got subtropical moist steadily streaming into the bay area. that will be the days until the showers arrive. not expecting much activity until the commute home. the area of low pressure north, tail sweeps through here. by 2:00 p.m. mostly dry. by 5:00 p.m. showers start to
8:55 am
ramp up for most of the bay area. we're not expecting anything too heavy. mostly in the vicinity of half an inch. 73 for gilroy clearing you out by thursday. ♪ i get carried away
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
welcome to "today" on march 19, 2013. last full day of winter. doing a winter good-bye dance. cold weather, hanging on here. not working. got to dance harder as we said, a lot of snow still up north. in the northeast, still a mess. but hopeleyy this is the last. >> hopefully. fingers crossed. >> i'm natalie morales with jason kennedy, dylan dreyer in for al and sunny anderson for take three. al and billy off enjoying vacation time. let's get right to it. a lot of people are talking about the new images of lindsay vonn and tiger woods, making themselves facebook official. confirmed -- >> facebook official. >> officially dating after months of speculation and
8:59 am
rumors. lindsay vonn and tiger woods have both confirmed they are, indeed, an item. woods, 33 years old. i guess wrote on his facebook page, this season great so far. happy with my wins at fortorreyd du f dorale. thank you for your support and respecting our privacy. are we respecting privacy? >> this is the worst kept secret in hollywood and the sports world. met in 2011 at a charity event and spotted four months ago. and he flew his jet to pick her up when she was injured. they are doing our jobs for us. we got your statement. here are a couple of photos to go along with it. >> and i told you -- >> why is there a need in
9:00 am
hollywood to put yourself out there in that way, first to announce to the world, and the same time, you have to do it on facebook or twit ter. >> want to be in "national enquirer." >> you want to control your oes message. >> listen, guess no more, i'm putting it out there, take some photos. >> what is the difference between the people that do that and people that don't? do the people that don't want validation publicly, or is it that they want to be the ones that get ahead of the story? sometimes i wonder about that. >> and i always think, i'm all for privacy, i feel like the way jay-z and beyonce did it was fine. didn't say it for the longest time, oh, hey, by the way, we're pregnant. >> yeah. >> i think that's perfectly fine. so, you know, it's very interesting. >> the less you address it, more the people accept it and it's
9:01 am
like, okay, that's good. not really talking about it not a whole lot of hype around it, and a relationship, use as viewers respect it a little more. >> great for tiger. he's playing really, really well right now when it comes to the golfing world. two tournaments recently. >> five. >> she has been married before, and he was married before to el innordegren. she kind of looks like elin. >> lets let them move on with their lives. take two, the history channel and president obama, a little controversy brewing whether it comes to the bible series if you have been watching it. a lot of viewers feltd that the devil character in the show "the bible" had some resemblance to president obama. now, of course, twitter on the night that this aired, erupted with comments about the actor, who, by the way, his name is
9:02 am
mohammed medi ezuni. the history channel quick to say, he's a well-known actor, played this biblical role in the past. he is perfectly cast for the role. no intention there to have any sort of resemblance whatsoever. >> long before president obama was in office, this actor was playing this role. it's nonsense. the executive producer saying it's nonsense. >> is there a resemblance? do you see it? >> this is where the black girl on set says two brown people actually do look alike. i think we don't all look alike, but in this case there are some resemblances there. casting, he's an actor, why should he lose his job if he looks like someone famous. >> especially if he's played a role like that before, before obama was president.
9:03 am
i feel bad for the actor. guys, just trying to do my job here. it just so happens i look like him. >> and mark burnett has made financial contributions to the obama campaign. >> exactly. >> 2008, 2009. i don't think there is nothing to this honestly. >> there is nothing to it. sunny points out there is some resemblan resemblance. burger king has a new burger out, the turkey burger. sunny, your thoughts on this? the idea to perhaps go a little healthier, alternative for parents when ordering stuff for kids. i want the turkey burger. >> they already have a veggie burger. ahead of the curve when trying to have things on the menu looking for health-conscious choices. still 510 calories, which for a lot of people, a third of the daily intake, and it's just a sandwich. >> whopper -- >> a whopper is 630 calories.
9:04 am
if you're like my dad, get the turkey burger, throw the cheese on there, and mayo, at the end of the day, same thing. >> and a milkshake. >> love you, dad. >> interesting, because a lot of people are trying to -- aot of restaurants and chains are trying to add a healthier option to menus. mcdonald's planning to offer a lower calorie version of the egg mcmuffin. >> just go in for the whole thing. >> what is 50 calories? exactly. >> how can we get the mcribbon 365. >> exactly. >> hello. >> mcdonald's used to have the mclean deluxe. a superliean and delicious. they got rid of that, because it wasn't making a lot of mopney. >> carls jr., stuck around, limited time only thing and been around a couple of years. >> check on the news, right?
9:05 am
>> headlines. in the news this morning, i u.s. military spokesperson says explosion overnight at an army facility in western nevada killed at least seven u.s. marines. several others injured. it happened during a training exercise at the hawthorne army depot near the california border. investigation going on there. pope francis urged followers to open up a horizon of hope during his official installation of leader much the world's 1.2 billion roman catholics. pope francis addressed world dignitaries and a crowd estimated at more than 150,000, urging them to protect the environment and the world's poorest and weakest. a wave of violence this morning in baghdad killed more than 55 people within a single hour. the series of bombings targeted civilians at bus stops and small restaurants. wounding hundreds of people. this as today marks ten years since the beginning of the u.s. bombardment of iraq. an arrest this morning in
9:06 am
the 2002 murder of american journalist daniel pearl. pakistani officials confirm the arrest of a former militant who took part in the kidnapping and killing of pearl 11 years ago in karachi. pearl's parents responded to the arrest, saying they hope that justice will be served. a new battle for new york city mayor michael bloomberg. the health crusader set his sites on smokers, calling for shops and supermarkets to keep tobacco products out of sight for customers. putting them this drawers and cabinets instead. if approved, the ban would be the first of its kind in this country. when it comes to the internet, the weirder apparently the better. the strange clip from russia, wracking up tens of thousands of hits. we're not really quite sure who came up with this unusual dance. we're not sure whose legs are whose. trying to figure this out. it is bizarre. >> i love it. >> i can't figure this one out.
9:07 am
i don't know. we can look at this all day and try to figure it out. very good. you're up to date at nine minutes past the hour. we're talking about a lot of weather here in the northeast. and certainly in the rest of the country as well. >> i know. a lot of snow to talk about. especially in the northeast. where we could see up to a foot of snow. in new york city, you know, we have seen a lot more snow this year than last year, but we're right on track for normal. just a little bit above two feet, normal for new york city. boston, a different story. last year easy with under ten inches of snow, this year, already, 56 inches of snow. well above normal. normally 39.5 inches. snow still coming down. schools closed across massachusetts. heavier snow into parts of upstate new york. heavier snow falls through central and northern new england. not winding down until 10:00 tonight. even then in central and northern new england, the snow will be falling with about a foot of snow expected in some of the highest
9:08 am
9:10 on tuesday morning. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. can you take care of all your outdoor activities if you get them done early before the rain arrives. 69 in livermore, 70 gilroy, 68 for los gatos, 68 on the way to fremont. showers are going to start but not until this evening, mostly between about 3:00 and 6:00. stop that clock on the future cast, 2:00, mostly cloudy conditions. count on slower than usual evening commute. showers clear by late thursday. >> and that is your latest forecast. dylan thank you so much. coming up next, home beauty treatments that will save you a trip to the spa, coming up after this. or tall. it's not all about who sparkles the most. or who is the best dressed. what nature really cares about is what you have to offer. like the stevia plant.
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six flavors. zero calories. in sthis one is just for us and it's perfect.. from the #1 skincare brand for mature skin... l'oreal's new age perfect instant radiance bb cream... it delivers 5 beautifying actions in one lightly tinted cream. 5-in-1 and just the right amount of coverage. wow! age perfect renews skin's radiance, hydrates, firms, evens skin tone, protects. sometimes it's all i wear. new age perfect instant radiance bb cream from l'oreal paris. because we're worth it.
9:12 am
♪ i think i'd have a heart attack ♪ this morning on "tooled's beauty" tricks of the trade. you don't have so spend a fortune at the spa to look good. the chief correspondent of da y, tsu chin, can you put these together at home? >> you're not going to have the pampering but you can do it yourself. what i love about all this stuff you can find a lot of the ingredients already in high-end products but you can get it into a concentrated form not diluted with chemicals or water. this is straight goodness. >> you know what's in it. an aroma therapy facial, starting with tea. >> you cool the teas off of all of these wonderful relaxing teas for your skin and then you have these essential oils and add that. this is great for any skin that has inflammation, sensitive skin. >> rosemary, lavender. >> really calming so if you have
9:13 am
acne or blemishes or sensitive skin this is great and keep it bottled in your fridge for up to two weeks. >> this is what it looks like. >> it's a lovely smell. >> i smell the tea and the lavender. >> this is also really great as an aftershave toner for the men in your family. >> wonderful. over here to a lip tint. is this made from beets? >> it is. we started off with a beautiful lip balm, and we added this is just one drop of beet juice and you can add as much as you want depending on the color. the thing about beet juice, it's saturated in color and if you've ever looked at what's in your lipstick, a lot of it, a lot of that stuff you don't really want to eat so this is a nice natural -- >> how do you get the juice from the beet? >> you can do a juice press or buy beet juice from whole foods. >> you'll demonstrate on martha. >> martha -- >> she's allowing us to do everything to her today. we're going to buy her a big lunch or promotion probably.
9:14 am
>> there it is, this is just one drop of beet juice. >> very natural. >> a deeper, richer color. >> okay now we're moving over to face and body scrubs and let's talk first about a honey mask, now what are the properties of honey good for the face you'll show again on our poor martha? >> she'll be looking and feeling fabulous. honey is a natural ant anti-bacterial and tightens the pores. you want a raw natural honey, none of the processed stuff, you want it in natural form. it's a lot simpler to apply than you would think for honey especially when it's in this form, not as goopy. so martha we're going to slather on the honey. you apply it and as you can see -- >> once or twice a week? >> you can do this almost every day. it's so -- it's just such a natural ingredient. all this stuff is really natural and there's nothing harsh or
9:15 am
chemically about it. >> anti-dak tierianti-bacterial adds moisture. >> adds moisture and the great thing you can do the dishes. >> poor martha, don't worry, we'll let you clean up in a minute. martha has gorgeous hair. >> this is one egg white and two ripe bananas. this is great to add shine to your hair. it sort of seals in moisture. don't worry if we're running through this quickly. all of the recipes are on, lots of tricks. i'm going to take this and -- >> wow. >> martha's hair which has been ravaged by the winter. >> oh my gosh, you poor thing. you didn't know what you were signing yourself up for. >> i'm going to put this on her head. >> yeah. >> here it goes.
9:16 am
>> so you put it on. >> work it in, lather it. >> it feels fantastic. >> martha is loving it, just loving it. this is okay, it's just natural television. >> she'll have to shower after the segment. >> you put it through like you would a hair masks. hair masks in salons hundreds of dollars but here just a couple of dollars but -- >> okay. >> once you rinse this off you keep it in your hair 10 to 20 minutes. >> you don't have to go to work right now, do you? >> like i said she's getting a huge promotion after this. >> let's move on and leave martha, let her moisturize and everything else here. >> we're going to go ahead and get that off in just a second. okay. >> a lot of people spend a lot of money on perfumes. you can make your own fragrance. >> this is a great to really stretch your favorite fragrance. you take a little bit of body balm or petroleum jelly, you spray the perfume onto your
9:17 am
wrist and the balm keeps that perfume smelling longer and longer. you use a little bit and this will pretty much last all day. you don't have to reapply. >> we have much more on our website >> that's right. >> martha thank you for being such a good sport. we really appreciate it and suchin pak, thank you. >> of course. coming up, casie musgrave performs live in the studio but first these messages. than is some hair, woo! switch t, and you'll dump your old mop. but don't worry, he'll find someone else. ♪ who's that lady? ♪ who's that lady? ♪ sexy lady ♪ who's that lady? [ female announcer ] used mops can grow bacteria. swiffer wetjet starts with a clean pad every time, and its antibacterial cleaner kills bacteria mops can spread around. swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning. ♪ lovely lady so ditch the brown bag for something better.
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9:21 am
♪ i want to scream and shout the 12th season much "american idol" is well under way and unfortunately the first of the top ten contestants had to say good-bye, curtis spence jr. of st. louis, missouri. we're sorry to see you go but good morning. >> good morning, no problem it's all good. >> it's tough being the first out of the top ten to leave. what was the contributing factor? >> i'm really not sure. i no he that i worked my hardest to be consistent and to give america every day and every time that i sing everything that i have and so i left it all on the stage. >> you really are a gospel sing per. >> absolutely. >> that's what you want to do. do you think there's an audience and appetite for that? >> absolutely. i think there always will be a hunger for love, because there are so many people hurting in the world, so god to me is the only who can heal the world.
9:22 am
i want to do things like r&b and think about love because people just want to be reached in a place where they can feel okay and feel like they can make it to the next day and so i feel like i'm the instrument that will go into the world and just share love and inspiration. >> just hearing you talk, like a preacher. >> nikki menage is your biggest advocate. >> absolutely. >> she missed your performance because she was stuck in traffic. if she was there do you think you'd still be around? >> i don't know how i feel about that. i really think, though, that what happened always happens for a reason and so whether she was there or not, i don't think i could really change the past. i just know that i can look forward to tomorrow but the first face i saw once i got back stage was nikki, all i saw was a high five and she was like "you did a great job." all of the judges have been so inspirational and inspiring, giving me the best feedback always. >> we appreciate that. we'll be back after your local news. curtis, good luck.
9:23 am
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9:24 am
good morning to you. it is 9:26. i'm marla tellez. the livermore preschool is still shut down today while the state investigates several violations. the state is trying to revoke universal preschool's license. two employees are now banned from working at any state licensed child care facilities. violations include claims that infants were swaddled too tightly and that one person caring for children had not gone through a background check. the preschool can appeal by requesting a hearing within 30 days. after the break, we'll check the forecast and mike will check the commute coming up.
9:25 am
welcome back now. the time is 9:27. skies getting a little darker in san francisco. still slated to hit highs in the upper 60s and 70s. 69 on the way to livermore, 07
9:26 am
gilroy, los gatos. your seven-day in two minutes. check your drive with mike. >> talking about mass transit, still major delays for muni and b.a.r.t. after service restored through powell street. still show on the east shore. we'll get you back to the "today" show.
9:27 am
9:28 am
the last time he was on, he and a got into eye conversation and he said something, and i said something, and then he said something and i said something, and i made him cry. >> well, then that makes two of us. >> that was selena gomez on david letterman last night confirming she is single, she is not dating justin bieber anymore. making david letterman laugh. >> zinger. >> inside studio 1a, i'm natalie morales, with robert rehn diand dilisten drier. author harlan kubin one of al's favorites, he's had five "new york times" best sellers in a row, out with a new thriller, seems to write about one every year. also our kitchen pros are spilling the beans, giada de laurentiis and bobby flay are
9:29 am
answering your questions and later a live performance from up and coming country star casey musgraves, she is good. >> "usa today" says her debut album is a must grab for musgra musgraves. we're excited. first dylan dreyer has your weather. >> we're looking at snow across a lot of the country and very cold temperatures, too. the heaviest of the snow is through central and northern new england, still expecting up to about a foot of snow, that way a lot of it is already on the ground. lake-effect snow will continue across the great lakes region especially michigan today. we are going to see cold air take hold in the northern plains, temps only in the lower 20s and tomorrow's not much better, lake-effect snow continues tomorrow but the snow showers should be isolated to extreme northeastern maine. we are going to see the warmest temperatures across the gulf coast states but also comes with some thunderstorms, temperatures though should be in the 70s and 80s, and more wet weather makes its way on shore in the pacific northwest, stretching right down into northwestern california, we
9:30 am
even have avalanche watches just because of the weight of the rain on top of the snow especially in the mountain ranges out in the northwest and we'll see some lighter snow showers across portions of idaho. those will move into montana through the day on wednesday and that cold air surges into the mi 9:32 on a tuesday morning. good morning, i'm meteorologist christina loren. this is the last day of winter. you know what, we've got showers on the way. so that's the good news. we need the rain at this point. mostly clear conditions. shower activity expected in the north between 3:00 and 6:00. we're going to clear you out early on thursday, friday, the upcoming weekend and beginning of next week, warming you back up into the 70s. hope you have a fantastic tuesday. >> and that is your latest forecast. natalie? >> dylan, thank you. to "new york times" best
9:31 am
selling author harlan coben" with his latest romantic thriller "six years." take out a little advertising space? >> no big deal. >> couldn't you get' billboard? the new one is out. six years, it starts as i understand it's sort of a heartbreaking romance in the beginning, the main character, jake fisher, is in love with a woman but she breaks his heart, goes off with another guy and marries him instead. >> the very first line of the book is "i sat in the back pew and watched the only woman i would ever love marry another man." >> wow. >> he's at the wedding of the woman he loves. afterwards she says please respect my opinion, leave me alone, don't contact me. last line "i kept my promise for six years." six years he sees an obituary for the husband, goes to the funeral, wife stands up, turns around and it's not the woman he loved, no one knows where she's been, he never married her, no one knows everything. >> and the mystery begins. >> that's the start. >> jake, 6'5", tall guy, are you
9:32 am
a romantic man? >> yes, i am sort of a hopeless romantic. i've been married to the same woman, been with her since i was 20 years old, we have four kids. >> oh. >> oh! i love it, getting the corny stuff in, but i love thrillers but i also love the sense of heart. if the book doesn't move you, if you'rewelling up or flipping pages i haven't done my job. >> i love natalie character. >> totally fictional. >> he goes on the hunt to find natalie and it ends up being one of the situations he could basically end up dead or endanger her as well. >> it's a thriller. you have no idea what's going on i hope the whole time. he's confused but he's going after his heart. here's a sense of redemption. he's loved the woman for six years, he has a chance of finding out what really happened in that wedding chapel. >> i know you have some news to share involving mr. hugh
9:33 am
jackman. >> the hollywood reporter. >> hugh jackman is supposed to play jake in the movie "six years," and i couldn't be more excited. i like someone talented or good looking but hugh jackman will seem to do in a pinch. i'm really thrilled. he's a great guy, read it early on. he's just been great. >> your book seemed to get a lot of hollywood interest which is great for you. you turn one out a year. what is your process? >> that's my job, the same way you got to come here. plumber can't say i can't do pipes today i'm too fancy for it. i try to treat it every day like a job. >> eight, ten-hour day? >> not quite that long but i try to do it every single day, three, four, five hours, i can do that hard writing it's good. >> do the ideas always come to you? >> oh, god no. >> brir's blocwriter's block? >> only bad writers think they're good. if they say yeah, believe me
9:34 am
their book stinks. we're all struggling and insecuring and worrying and if i stop worrying i'm in trouble. >> you make the rest of us feel good. >> the book is called "six years" we appreciate you being here. >> thanks. coming up next your kitchen problems solved, bobby flay and giada de laurentiis will answer all of your pressing questions literally as athey press the mashed potatoes. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i don't think so. [ male announcer ] for years, bob took warfarin, and made a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but not anymore. bob's doctor recommended a different option: once-a-day xarelto®. xarelto® is the first and only once-a-day prescription blood thinner for patients with afib not caused by a heart valve problem, that doesn't require routine blood monitoring.
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9:38 am
>> announcer: brought to you by target, giada's line of exclusive dishes and food is available at target and >> this morning i'm spillin' the beans. giada de laurentiis and bobby flay are back here to answer your questions. we went to twitter to find out what problems you're having in the kitchen. we got a lot of questions. first up, a tweet from iq who wants to know when i buy fresh herbs they're much more than i need and always end up going bad. what is the good way to store them and use them up? what is your solution? >> whatever i have that's left over i put them in a vase like some flowers with a little bit of water. makes the kitchen smell good and i like looking at them. decor. otherwise you could wrap them in a damp towel in the fridge door. >> guys are just not going to do that, not going to happen. i always need to make something with whatever i have left over,
9:39 am
so i actually like to make an argentinean steak sauce, chimachuri, in honor of the new pope so herbs, whatever you have left over and olive oil at the end. >> and red chilies in there, too. >> and a little bit of garlic and vinegar. great steak sauce and goes well for chicken and pork and vegetables. >> and even with pasta and dipping, if you have people come over and get bread. >> this will keep for a week or so? >> i wouldn't keep it for a week but definitely a few days and use it up. >> over here, kristina is asking about homemade mashed potatoes, how long should they be cooked on the stove? >> i like to use a ricer, which is actually rices the potatoes, it -- >> little grains. >> breaks the potatoes into grains like rice. lot of times people use the food processor. it's the number one stick
9:40 am
because you get gooey potatoes, takes the gluten out. little cream, whole milk and butter room temperature and the cream should just be scalded, a little bit warm. >> giada i had your smashed potatoes. >> at my house, i remember. what i like to do to make it easier because i'm italian, mashed potatoes make life easier. >> italians are better. >> whoa, back up. i like them smashed. i cook yukon gold with a little bit of butter, garlic and salt like a tablespoon of butter and i live t skin on. >> i like the skin, too. >> so does my daughter and i take a regular old fork or larger fork. >> just crush them. >> crush them down and i add -- >> say it, parmesan cheese and moscapone. >> martha stewart said she loved
9:41 am
it and said she'll do the same thing. martha is a fan. >> yeah! you use some pasta water to thin them out and of course a little bit of olive oil. >> pasta water you can always keep for -- potato water, pasta water, what? >> you mix them together. little bit chunkier which i like. >> let's get to the steaks, the good stuff. >> get in the middle. >> this is from florida, spill the beans on grilling cold steak or room temperature steak. >> this we differ. giada fire away. >> for me personally to control the temperature on the inside, so that i always feel like if you cook something longer you can't, once it's overcooked it's done so i get mine really cold, you pull it out of the freezer or leave it in the fridge until right before you put it on the grill. >> i feel completely the opposite. room temperature because i want the fat to melt, it will help to cook the steak and keep it really nice and moist and juicy on the inside.
9:42 am
>> giada and bobby we can keep this discussion going all day. >> and we will. >> i'll leave new the kitchen. coming up next, rising country music star casey musgraves coming up. that looks darned good. what do you have? ♪ ♪ with two cats in the yard, ♪ life used to be so hard. ♪ now everything is easy 'cause of you, ♪ ♪ and our la, la, ♪ la, la, la, la, ♪ la, la, la, la, ♪ la, la, la, la. the end. lovely read susan. but isn't it time to turn the page on your cup of joe? gevalia, or a cup of johan, is like losing yourself in a great book.
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9:46 am
>> if you don't know her name yet you will. casey musgraves is a hit song "merry go round" and three academy award nominations. "same trailer different park" her album debuts today. >> hi. >> you are known for being blunt, speaking your mind. does that translate into your music? are we going to hear that? >> definitely you could say that. >> we mentioned the acm nominations, up against martina mcbraid, miranda lambert, taylor swift. are you talking smack before at wards show? >> no smack talking. we're all happy to be in the indicate go category. >> what are you performing? >> "merry go round" that i wrote. >> i'm already a fan. >> ladies and gentlemen, kacey musgraves.
9:47 am
♪ if you ain't got two kids by 21, you're probably gonna die alone ♪ ♪ least that's what tradition told you ♪ ♪ and it don't matter if you don't believe ♪ ♪ come sunday morning, you best be there in the front row like you're supposed to ♪ ♪ same hurt in every heart ♪ same trailer, different park ♪ mama's hooked on mary kay, brother's hooked on mary jane ♪ ♪ and daddy's hooked on mary two doors down ♪ ♪ mary, mary, quite contrary, we get bored, so we get married ♪ ♪ just like dust, we set until this town on this broken merry
9:48 am
go round and round and round we go ♪ ♪ where it stops nobody knows, and it ain't slowin' down, this merry go round ♪ ♪ we think the first time's good enough so we hold on to high school love, sayin' we won't end up like our parents ♪ ♪ tiny little boxes in a row, ain't what you want, it's what you know ♪ ♪ just happy in the shoes you're wearin' ♪ ♪ same checks we're always cashin' to buy a little more distraction ♪ ♪ mama's hooked on mary kay, brother's hooked on mary jane, and daddy's hooked on mary two doors down ♪
9:49 am
♪ mary, mary, quite contrary, we get bored, so we get married ♪ ♪ just like dust we settle in this town on this broken merry go round ♪ ♪ and round and round we go, where it stops nobody knows ♪ ♪ and it ain't slowin' down this merry go round ♪ ♪ mary, mary, quite contrary, we're so bored until we're buried ♪ ♪ just like dust we set until this town on this broken merry go round ♪ ♪ merry go round
9:50 am
♪ jack and jill went up the hill ♪ ♪ jack burned out on booze and pills ♪ ♪ and mary had a little lamb, but mary just don't give a -- ♪ >> kacey musgraves, thank you so much. first this is "today" on nbc. [ mom ] dear chex cereal, i just had to write. you can't imagine how long i've been searching for something like this for my family. i'm amazed you make so many great flavors that are gluten free. my guys are crazy for chocolate chex and honey nut chex. for me, it's cinnamon. it means a lot to be able to
9:51 am
give them something that's good for them, that also puts smiles on their faces. 'cause i really love those smiles. we're the harris family. and we love chex. [ male announcer ] love chex? connect with us on facebook.
9:52 am
and thanks once again to kacey musgraves and the band, they're headed to albany next, catch them there. >> great job. >> coming up tomorrow, jill martin is back with her "steals and deals" and we'll break through your diet barriers to help you lose weight. up next, holdy's cohost is dulei hill. time for your local news and weather. bye, guys.
9:53 am
9:54 am
it is 9:56. i'm marla tellez. one man is dead this morning after san jose police say he tried to run over an officer with his car. three san jose police officers try to pull over a stolen car in the city's east side last night when the driver reportedly refused to stop and instead rammed the back of an unmarked police car and also an officer. an officer shot the man.
9:55 am
he died at the hospital. no officers were hurt. miss christina loren is standing by with a look at the forecast that includes some showers. >> hey, thanks, laura. we have a good looking day. mostly cloudy, sunshine, temperatures will still climb into the upper 60s, 70s. getting into the next couple days, temperatures will drop off, clear out rain showers. friday, upcoming weekend, lots of sunshine and comfortable reading. good morning, mike. >> looking at the bay bridge, haven't had a chance to look at it much but have the back-up in those lanes. slow drive down the east shore freeway. another crash around central avenue. a tough drive just north of the racetrack. 880, 101, of course, always an issue. 85 recovering after earlier crashes. still slow from 280 towards mountain view. el camino things start to clear
9:56 am
up. more slowing through the east bay and tri-valley. starting to clear as you're approaching dublin interchange. get you right back to the "today" show in just a couple of seconds. [ female announcer ] it balances you...
9:57 am
it fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley. nature at its most delicious. with simple, real ingredients, like roasted peanuts, creamy peanut butter, and a rich dark-chocolate flavor, plus 10 grams of protein, so it's energy straight from nature to you. nature valley protein bars.
9:58 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody, it's booze-day, tuesday, tuesday, march 19, 2013. kathie lee is off, and guess who is with me, the star of "psych," dulay hill. you remember him from "the west wing" your name was charlie. i didn't know how wildly popular you were until i tweeted something about you coming on the show. who are these crazy twitter followers you have. >> they're called psychos. >> they love your show called "psych." >> they're psych-os, you know
9:59 am
what i mean. when i have my drink with you, do i put my pinkie out with you or not. and they said, when in doubt, pinkie out. that's for all the psych-os out there. we're going to run a clip from your show, but we stood the words "suck it" were in there, but just a few moments ago we got it cleared from the powers that be. >> can i sing suck it, that's the question. ♪ suck it >> what are you doing? >> look, it's not what it looks like. i'm just taking additional photos for my soulmate dating online profile. >> i thought there was something truly embarrassing going on in hee. >> look, i need to be in love. everything i've met is a killer or after a killer. >> let's scour the internet where everyone knows it's just
10:00 am
decent normal people looking for love. >> you think you know so much. look at this she's like an indian princess who bakes pies. and i have a date with her. so -- ♪ suck it >> i didn't know which clip it was, but there it is. have you ever done online dating? >> dulay, you went there. i'm a prowler of the online dating sites. because i'm afraid to actually go on and do it. so i like to snoop around and see who's on it the funny thing, you can go online and find someone, and if you want to find what they're like, you can go on their facebook page and their twitter account and become a stalker. i think there are other ways. without diving in the pool. i would be afraid of that kind of dating. >> you wouldn't do it? >> i wouldn't do it.
10:01 am
>> why not? >> i don't know, it's just -- i'm such a private person overall that having that out there like that would be a little -- odd to me. >> well we know you're private, but we want to know how popular you are. so here's the deal -- we've been begging for facebook fans over the course of several days, because we're shameless, we're going to see how much you can move the needle on our facebook fan thing. right now, we have 522,260 facebook fans starting now. we want to see if those -- psych-os can go on our facebook page. >> psych-os? i need say nothing more. psych-os, let's go. >> go on our facebook page and like us. >> come on, let's go! >> what is that -- at mr. ed lovers, we do it psych-o all the time. >> who is mr. ed lover. >> he has his commentary on
10:02 am
crazy stuff in the world. and when there's something crazy, he goes, go dog psych. >> i thought you were up on pop culture. >> we're doing a one-on-one with pop culture. and we also have la toya jackson on. she's one of our guests, there's a lot swirling around on her, she just got canned on "the apprentice." she and omarosa, it can get nasty. she and omarosa, on a website she said she was going to sue la toya. >> i think they love each other. i think when it's all over they go and have a drink, you know? >> now, you've never met la toya? >> no, i've not met la toya. i've met a good portion of the family. >> who have you met? >> i met michael. i met michael jackson in 1985. i was doing a show called "tap dance kid" in los angeles. so i spent the night at another
10:03 am
actor's house and he came by. >> how was that? >> it was surreal. >> was it what you thought it would be? >> it was amazing. went out into the back room, he went out onto the balcony. he looked at wilshire boulevard and he went out and put on his mask and fedora and went back out. >> and janet? >> i had a crush on her. >> you did? >> who didn't have a crush on her. i had a crush on her simpnce "different strokes." >> and who else? >> i met the dad, joe jackson. and i met jackie the other day, at a restaurant in l.a. she was with a friend of mine, don lewis. and he came in and talked. >> you have time to meet la
10:04 am
toya. >> i made my way through the family. >> a breaking news story you have here, tiger woods and lindsay vonn have officially announced to the world that they are dating. >> oh, my gosh. >> there's been rumors swirling around. tiger has been embroiled in the cheating scandal. lindsay is divorced and had a recent accident on the slopes. >> what is he looking at? >> he's not looking at the camera. >> what is he looking at? >> he's like -- look at that girl over there. i'm just playing man. >> no, you're not. no you're not. playing. >> all right -- >> it's a joke, man. >> so tiger is with, here's the thing. i wonder if someone has a pattern like tiger has had with these women and i know he's come clean about all that stuff. do you think a guy like that can break a pattern. do you think a guy, not speaking
10:05 am
about tiger, but just guys in general, the friends of yours who you know are chronic cheaters, can they unring the bell? >> it all depends on whether they play michael jackson's "man in the mirror" then they can make a change. >> really? >> it's possible. ♪ make a change ♪ for once in my life ♪ kids in the street wrought enough to eat ♪ ♪ who am i to be blind ♪ pretending not to see their needs ♪ ♪ and lost our dream >> that's great. ♪ that's why i'm starting with me ♪ >> i can't go that high, though, you know what i mean? >> we're glad you can't. we're going to play a little game. ways looking through something and i saw that taylor swift. and adele and i realized when i
10:06 am
was clicking around online. they were almost the same age. the two of them, they're seven months apart. but when you look at what adele has done in her life and she has a baby and stuff and where taylor is in her life. it seems like they're very spread in their life but actually are very close. we're going to play who's older. are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> here's the game. our first up is lindsay lohan and scarlett johanssen. who is older? >> i say scarlett. >> i say scarlett. >> we're right. >> what are the ages, scarlett is 28, lindsay is 26. look at lindsay at 26. that's tough, that's tough. okay, steve carrell or will ferrell. >> i'm going with will. >> steve is 50, will ferrell is 45. a five-year age gap. >> you can't let the grate fool
10:07 am
you like that. >> lady gaga or carly rae jepsen. >> i'm going with gaga. >> carly rae. >> carly rae is 27. gaga is 26. that's a shocker. is there another one? barbara walters or bill cosby. who is older? i'm going with cosby. >> i'll go with the cos. i'll go with the cos. >> dang! >> don't ever follow hoda. >> we want to point -- angelina jolie or jennifer lopez, who is older? j. lo's older. >> jolie. >> thank you. i want to quickly point out that since we started the chat, we told you we had 522,000, because of you, we're up a thousand. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> we're not done yet, psych-os.
10:08 am
we know you said you were in this tap dancing thing with emanuel lewis. >> i did "the tap dance kid." >> let's watch a clip, we know you've got it in you. you're going to show me -- ♪ ♪ >> oh yeah. >> daniel marley and i. >> okay. >> and -- >> my man jason samuel smith right there. here's what i want to do, show you a little tap dance. every tap dancer knows the shim sham. that's easy. >> here we go. >> hoda, hoda, hoda, you said you took some tap lessons. >> i took them in third grade.
10:09 am
what is this? >> boom, boom, boom. >> i have heels on. >> here's what we going to do. you go -- wow, hoda. >> there's a song i love. this is my kind of music. you guys have music. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ don't stop the party >> we've got a lot coming up you guys, la toya jackson is here and she's going to talk about what's happening. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:10 am
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10:13 am
omarosa. >> after duking it out with a challenge, things came to a head. >> la toya made a stunning move, check it out. >> it is a pretty easy choice. i hate to do it, la toya. you made a terrible choice when you didn't bring back omarosa, i think i probably would have fired omarosa, la toya, you're fired. >> oh, oh, that was painful. la toya, welcome to the program. >> thanks for having me, guys. >> well, cheers, we brought you a little red. >> you're going to make me drink something, aren't you? >> look into the ooh eyes. >> you know what happenes if you don't look into the eyes? they say seven years of bad sex. >> that's what they say. >> talk to us about that scene. so you made a strategic move in this case. and you chose not to take omarosa with you in the boardroom. >> i did. >> why did you decide to move like that? >> that was the biggest mistake. i should have brought her back. i was bringing her back and she
10:14 am
started the tear, crocodile tears and i thought donald wanted it. i thought he will not get rid of her. they need that villain. they need that bad person to keep the mess stirred up. i go, what do i do here. i was in a catch-22. there it is. catch-22. so, you know i should have brought her back. >> can i ask, your scenes with omarosa were vicious and horrible. i mean watching you two, we felt uncomfortable watching it. what was it like going head to head with omarosa? >> very uncomfortable. i don't like confrontation and i get very nervous. i shouldn't say that because people like her will take advantage of you. i was so nervous when she was yelling at me. i thought i was going to faint. but i had to remain strong. >> will was something in there, i think what really pushed one of her buttons, is you made a clark about michael clark duncan, her fiancé that passed away. something along the lines that
10:15 am
she may have caused that heart attack. >> that was way after. that wasn't with her. >> would you take that back? >> absolutely. are you kidding? when you're saying things on the spur of the moment and things of that nature and the behavior of the individual, which all the teammates were just like, why didn't you do it, why didn't you just take her out? >> is she suing you for that. i read that she was suing you? >> i have no clue. i haven't been served anything. under what grounds? >> you know if you read it on the blogs, it's true. >> yeah right. >> have you been watching some of the young jackson kids, i think everyone is routing for them, how are they doing? >> they're doing very well. >> i saw you before. >> where? >> l.a.x. in the airport lounge and you walked by, it was early in the morning and i was going to take a picture, but i thought it was early in the morning and i'm going to leave her alone. >> that was sweet, but you could have. >> i have a serious question for
10:16 am
you right now. >> go ahead. >> will you take a picture of us? >> okay. okay. hold on one second, hold on. just hold on now. there we go, there we go. >> ready? one, two -- aw, one of you looks great. >> thank you so much. very nice to meet you. >> nice meeting you. >> you can call the all-star "celebrity apprentice" sunday nights at 9:00 here on nbc. coming up the guys are gathered, they're going to ask the question you want to ask your guy. they can juggle? sometimes makeup needs a little magic.
10:17 am
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10:19 am
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10:20 am
relationships. first up, the steamy sexy, he's been married 17 years. and next is comedian and actor rick younger who is married with a son. and we've got bob ginny. he's divorced and he's the host of "showdown." >> and last but not least is the single "cosmo" bachelor of the year, ryan shingelo. >> and sara haines is across the street at the nbc experience store. >> first up is an age question. >> what is the age-appropriate difference for dating? >> okay. very good question. >> i'll, the age difference? >> the gap? >> for me i have a dividing line. like because i'm reached the point now where i'm old enough that other adults are too young
10:21 am
for me to date. if i have to explain to you who marvin gaye are, y'all are out. >> i realized lately that i have this thing, if my standards are too high, i'll lower them. for me, as long as they can buy me a drink and not use a fake i.d., i'm in. >> you can't be old enough to be their uncle. even if you're like the cool uncle. you got to be -- >> what about older women? would you go for an older woman? >> zena, age is really just a number. >> how old would you go? >> you're as old as you feel. so -- >> how old? >> you can be 36, 37, if you're acting and we're on the same maturity level i'm all for it? >> what's the picture like now? >> what have you got? >> next up we have -- >> a facebook question.
10:22 am
right here, from brooke. here's a good question. would men rather you play a little hard to get or be more anxious to meet them or go out with them? >> mauritzio? >> i think men want to play a little bit hard to get. it's just so easy. you have to be a little bit open about it. you need to let the guy know that you want to be with him but you have to play hard to get. >> if you play too hard to get, you won't get got. >> a happy medium. >> this is extremely important for all women out there. you need to know the difference between playing hard to get and being hard to get. you want to be hard to get and not play hard to get. >> how old are you? we're going to take a quick break and come back with more from our panel, after your local news and weather. >> that's a good point right there. lift your spirits. lift your expectations.
10:23 am
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10:25 am
ayers suffered a hip injury and died three weeks later. he was well-known in the area where he sold the chronicle for the last 30 years, most recently at the montgomery b.a.r.t. street station. up next we'll check the forecast and the roads.
10:26 am
welcome back. the time news 10:28. we told you your skies would darken up. that's exactly what's happening here in san francisco but still relatively mild out there. subtropical moisture streaming in. your high today similar to yesterday, 64 in san francisco,
10:27 am
rain moves in later this evening. mostly at about 5:00 p.m. we'll take you through your full future cast and show you seven-day at 11:00. show you the drive. hi, mike. >> good morning. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza where we have a back-up. almost 10:30, 10:29, we have all lanes back to the end of the parking lot. there you are slow here. east shore, all these folks through berkeley westbound 80, university, slowing by the time you get to the exit. still a good volume of traffic at that site. in the city problems with transit. b.a.r.t. and muni reporting no delays, the powell street station, a suspicious device there, all cleared away and back to normal. the extended service for the world baseball classic. keep that in mind. marla. >> more of the day's top stories in 30 minutes. jon kelley and i hope to see you at 11:00.
10:28 am
♪ ♪ we're back with more of "today" on this booze-day tuesday with, my special co-host, "psych" star, dule' hill and our guys' tell-all panel including mauritzio, and rick and bob and our bachelor, ryan. we're going to check in with sara. >> i'm here with sarah from york with a fitness question. >> i'm a big foodie and i can't remember the last time i worked out. how important is it for me to work out to impress my man? >> super important. i mean i think it's really cool, it's fun. you know you always want your woman to look good, to have beautiful calves when she wears the high heels. i think it's super important. >> to me it's, as long as you're happy with yourself, you know, i like to eat so -- we could eat together. all of the guys that want you to work out -- >> i only work out so that i can eat and drink whatever i want.
10:29 am
i could care less. >> are you guys turned off by heavier women. >> no one wants to be like feeling a rock. you want someone with something soft. >> i like to go to the gym and work out. so if a girl would like to do that with me, that would be awesome. >> let me ask you about heavier woman. >> i like a nice solid woman. i like curves. and i'm, i'll be the first to admit i think most guys won't admit, but you know, all of us probably got a big girl in our past. it's like right here on the borderline. >> you know there's nothing wrong with that. >> bob's over there going, yeah. >> he's thinking about it right now. >> he's like, yeah. >> let's go on to nancy. here's a facebook post from nancy. how do you make a man romantic when he's not. what if your guy is not touchy feely? >> that's the old adage when you meet someone and you love them. now okay how can i change them. if you find a guy who is not
10:30 am
romantic. he might at best be able to do a little bubble bath once in a while and some flowers, but that's as good as it gets. >> it's not teachable? >> you have to kind of put yourself in the line of fire, touch him gently. i think most guys who say they aren't romantic, they aren't into public displays of affection. but when you do genuine things where you're touching them, guys love being rubbed up against, next thing you know they become romantic. >> put on some sexy lingerie. you get out the tequila and your man becomes romantic. >> you want to find a man who is more touchy feely -- find a new man. >> a nontouchy feely person, it's uncomfortable for me to hug friends and family, almost. i probably need some counseling. when i'm with a girl i really like i want to touch her and be you know, physical contact with her, all the time. i want that. >> okay. we get it, we get it.
10:31 am
>> i always recommend a buck-naked run through is good for what ails you. if you think he's not -- just run through and after a while, the thrill of the chase -- >> run through, not you, that's just wrong. >> we have time for, let's go back to sara again. >> we've got cindy from florida. >> hey, guys, spring cleaning is around the corner, how do i get my husband to help me clean up around the house. >> buck-naked run-through. you run through with one of those dust things, put a little french maid outfit on. >> the first one to finish dusting -- >> do any of you guys like cleaning. >> i do. i'm a clean freak. >> i don't mind it. >> i'm not neat, but i'm clean. i have to have a clean bathroom. like i may throw my clothes not hang them. but they have to be clean and i don't like a lot of dust. >> mauritzio. what about you? >> i like to be clean all the
10:32 am
time. i everything is clean so i don't have to clean it. >> who cleans it? >> i don't know. >> dule', were you great as well. we'll go head to head after this, pop culture face-off. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker oats. today is going to be epic. quaker up. today is going to be epic. discover the power of l'oreal's volumizing fibers. voluminous false fiber lashes mascara. dramatic volume from every angle. lashes are... volumized, lengthened... dimensionalized, curved!
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10:35 am
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10:36 am
references in that show. >> and since i appear to be the king of pop culture, the folks thought it would be cool for me to take on daytime's queen of pop culture, hoda. >> billboard magazine's joe levy is here to put us to the test. >> buzz in to answer this first question, we all know that video killed the radio star was the first video to ever be on tv. who sang it? >> i say -- i buzzed first. >> who hit it first? >> you did and your answer is? >> the bangles. >> no, it's the buggles. >> we're 0-0. name all the characters on "friends," first and last names, all the characters on "friends"? >> all the characters on "friends"? >> going on to question three. ha does digging into the sitcom
10:37 am
archives, what does "alf" actually stand for? >> alien life form. >> there we are, 1-0. question four, come on, ben stiller's character's name in "meet the parents is" -- >> i didn't push it. >> a, bernie focker, jack, greg, or henry. >> wait, what are they again? >> bernie, jack, greg, or henry. >> i think it's henry. >> i say jack. >> and you are again both wrong. greg gaylord focker. >> what was the name of the volleyball in the tom hanks movie, "castaway." was it nelson? >> nelson. >> wrong, wilson? >> wilson! >> i knew it was the son. >> in dirty dancing no one puts
10:38 am
baby in the -- corner. >> that's true. that's just the set-up, but thank you for playing. what was baby's real name? was it lisa, dolores, marlene or frances. >> first one, a. >> no, it's frances. >> this is going really well. i believe it's 1-0. >> no, it's 1-1. >> it's 1-1. >> it's tied as we come to the tiebreaker. these finish these lyrics to thrift shop. >> i know these. i know these -- ♪ i got $20 in my pocket >> i'm running looking for a color. ♪ this is freaking awesome >> i know it like last week something you brought this up on the air. so this is bogus, this is, where's don king? >> so i think we have a tie.
10:39 am
>> can i get a drink? >> do we have time for one more? >> yes. a tiebreaker, a "west wing" question. >> you better not beat me at this. >> wait a second. didn't i just get the "thrift shop" one right? >> the judges will give it to you, you're leading 2-1. a "west wing" question, president bartlett's first name in the -- >> josiah. >> okay, way to go. >> we win. >> look at that. >> totally unqualified, i believe both of you are totally unqualified. >> that's why we're here. it comes out in may, check it out, psych-os. >> time for a family fashion show for easter. >> that was awful, terrible. the allergy muddlers. es l you know who you are. you can part a crowd, without saying a word...
10:40 am
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10:41 am
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10:42 am
10:43 am
10:44 am
it's time for today's style. an affordable easter fashion for the whole family. >> before you head out to pick up the bonnets and clip-on ties, you want to check out the spring trends. >> amy goodman is the author of "wear this, toss that" is here with some adorable models. >> gorgeous models with truly affordable styles. plenty of time to get your fashion before easter. >> we're going to get started with our '60s sweeties, we have two little adorable girls coming out. olivia and fiona. >> with these great pops of patterns, which are very much 1960s style. in addition to having lots of neon incorporated. >> i want to say for those family who is may not want to go out and buy one dress just to wear for easter, these are wearable clothes beyond the
10:45 am
holidays. these are from hannah anderson, these gorgeous dresses start at $28 and the shoes by kohl's. >> fiona is your daughter. >> she is. >> next is the garden party. >> cash, bryson and hunter. >> this is super preppy and modern florals all mixed together. we have an argyle vest that is so snappy sweet with moccasin shoes to match from the children's place. on bryson we have a kohl's two-piece ensemble. retail is $70, but the dresses in this category as of this morning are $40. >> and hunter's outfit, whole outfit head to toe, $34. >> go like this, hunter. >> next up, we have remy, may, paris, melissa and bill. >> this is an applique category.
10:46 am
the mirror dresses on the girls from haute look. and baby zara has the gorgeous rosettes on her pink gown. the shoes are from marshall's with the little sparkle and mom and bill are both wearing outfits from tj maxx's. sparkle for the holiday season and bill is not afraid of color i love him wearing orange. >> the baby, you want to eat those cheeks. >> you lost one, but that's always fun. >> we have a runner. >> thanks, guys. >> our next category is geek chic, let's bring out zachary lucas and armond. >> aren't they wonderful? >> the kids were blown away from the seersucker suit separates, from nordstrom's, they're not looking like penguins, they're mix and match with the shorts on one side and the pants on the
10:47 am
other. and a wonderful dress from the banana republic. the pop of print with the navy and the green matching in with zachary's tie and don't forget the bow tie on darling little one lucas. from made right here in brooklyn. and the romantics, worn by the eggert family, kyra, hunter, taylor and mark. >> this fashion season, it's about romantic clothing with crochet and lace kyra has a dress from the burlington coat factory and you've got to love the fedora at $12. and mom is wearing a beautiful dress from piper lime and the colors of emerald green is the color for the season. but don't forget about the milky pastels which are on trend and dad is matching up with the bit of the patel. this ensemble from land's end and no-iron pants, brand new,
10:48 am
who wants wrinkly pants on easter. >> let's bring everybody out. >> come on, everybody come, if you're still around. >> there it is. you guys, what a great segment. beautiful kids, you guys, thanks, wave to the camera, if you'd like! >> i know, so many things atotally affordable. i love pointing out hunter with the under $34 outfit. that's wicked. >> you're going it see me rocking that. >> coming up, we do a little drinking. >> after the easter passover. great wins all under $15, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:49 am
10:50 am
10:51 am
time to raise our glasses whether you're headed to an easter sunday brunch or a passover seder. these wines are all under $15.
10:52 am
>> we're going to put all of those wines to the test. >> ray aisles is the executive editor of "food and wine" magazine. >> i'm thrilled to be here and i have some great affordable wines for some upcoming holiday meals. this wine is the barkan classic chardonnay, an israeli wine, kosher for passover. this is a light kind of chablis-style wine. ideal for matzo-ball soup. there's a little thing on the back label that has the kosher sign with a p or it sass kosher for passover try to figure out exactly what the requirements are. this one, segal's, again israeli, it's a merlot cabernet blend, i think for $14.99 it's a really good red wine. >> there's an idea that all
10:53 am
kosher wines are sort of maneschewitz-like, but these are good wines. >> unbelievable. because you've got your coconut ma mack roons, kosher for passover. i think this zinfandel, from california, rich, fruity, intense, the baron herzog. >> i love them all, that's not my favorite. moving on to easter. we have hit all the holidays. easter, now i always like easter is basically ham or lamb, or both, those are the two big easter dinner things in the u.s. so a ham -- >> why not? >> bring them on. for ham i like a sparkling wine. the saltiness of ham and the sparkling bubbles and the acidity is prosecco, $13 a
10:54 am
bottle. really crisp. >> i love that. isn't that good? >> and sparkling wine, should you have leftover easter eggs and you're making devilled eggs, sparkling wine is one of the few wines good with eggs. lamb, shiraz. >> how do you pronounce it? >> if you're anywhere from australia, it's "sirah" but if you're in australia it's shiraz. big, because why not? a big, fruity, intense, slightly peppery red, again, very afford ab able. finally. the kids get candy for easter, the adults deserve something sweet, too. so the tawny port. >> i love this. >> this is fonseca tawny, not dry, sweet.
10:55 am
and this is, you know, nutty caramely, sweet, character. >> i'm on to you. and they go with -- >> perfectly with peeps. >> dule', i want to give awe big thank you, we did great, bring it in for a big one. we love you, we love you. all right, tomorrow we have anthony anderson coming, you guys, he is, he is a little crazy. >> you're in for a treat. see you later! >> my pleasure. in the catholic
10:56 am
10:57 am
10:58 am
official as pope francis is installed as the first jesuit to every embrace the papacy. good morning and thanks for being can us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. no doubt the entire world was watching this morning. it was nothing short of a powerful and personal scene as pope francis was formally inaugurated in vatican city. >> hundreds of dignitaries from all over the world including vice president joe biden joined the crowd of hundreds of thousands to watch the mass. nbc's jay gray has more from rome. >> reporter: pope francis delivered a strong message to the hundreds of thousands
10:59 am
gathered in st. peter's square long before he walked to the altar, the microphone, kissing babies, flashing the thumbs-up sign and delivering the special blessing. >> that perhaps is the most striking thing there. the fact that with all these dignitaries here, people here, the pope stopped so he could greet a severely handicapped person. i think that sums it all up. >> his humility and dedication to the poor and weak defined his earl days of the papacy. ten either that were among the homily at the mass. francis elude to problems and to, quote, be protectors and take care of one another, a midge that resonated with the crowd. >> i think we got his spirit from the day he was elected.


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