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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 13, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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15-year-old audria pott, earlier this week, three teenage boys were connect with the crime of raping her. in this case, her pasrents want her name and face to be shown so it will not happen to anybody el else. >> reporter: the three teenage suspects are being held here, there are hearings are scheduled for monday or tuesday. the boys, all 16 years old are accused of sexually assaulting this 15-year-old while she was unconscious at a house party. photos were taken of the attack and circulated through text messages and online. a little more than a week after that assault, audrie took her own life. a vigil has been announced for
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friday at saratoga high school. where she and the suspects went to school. it's expected to start at 8:00 p.m. her partn-- her parents are not spoken publically yet. >> the family of audrie pott are devastated by her loss, they want to know what it is that actually happened to their beautiful young daughter. and we strongly, strongly encourage and hope that people will come forward and help them get answers. >> today the website for the audrie pott foundation, said they have been having technical problems and there were attacks on the system. and said the high interest in the case has over burdened the website as band width. nbc bay area news.
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>> new at 6:05, a break in a kidnapping case involving a ont. carla herndez h been charged with kidnapping and child endangerment. the mother was warming up the car, and walked a to close the garage door and that is when hernandez got in the car and drove away. information from witnesses helped to track hernandez down. nine months after a mother and father were shot in san hoe, police say they have caught the suspect. he is accused of killing the couple in july of last year. all the children were home at the time. relatives say it was a love triangle of sorts. medina was obsessedher.
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> now t annbc bay area if you will, we have new information about george shirakawa, he resigned from his job after being accused of using funds to feed his gambling habit. >> when he pleaded guilty to 12 criminal charges including five felonies he did so in exchange for leniency. he had already resigned from the county board and released this statement t constituents that proceeds in part, i have been in ongoing medical treatment for addiction and depression. i realize i need to accept responsibility for all of my actions. the district attorney's office said it would not seek the maximum penalty on of eight years in prison. >> we were aware of his addiction. we were aware of some of his public service.
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we were awarp of how the community was wronged. we knew he was going to step down right away. and we wanted to end the nightmare. >> but the nightmare is not over for him. according to a recently fired document, three days after resigning and apologizing, he was gambling at thunder valley and was comped a meal at a restaurant. that could hurt his hope for anything less than a year served anywhere other than jail. >> it's similar to a defendant that is charged with a serious alcohol related offense being caught in a bar while they are being sentenced. it's a significant problem when you are asking for leniency and the da is saying that he is not genuine in his effort to rethat bi -- rehabilitation, it's all a ploy to get mercy but he is not really ready to rehabilitate.
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the attorneys are likely gathering proof that his gambling addiction is serious, and the relapse is the normal part of the process. on april 30t 30th the judge wilt a date. >> a gun buy back event paid out $23,000. the need for universal background checks so that no one get as gun that is not get a gun was stated. >> i'm making sure that we don't have assault weapons that are not used for recreational purposes in this country and whether or not they are successful in getting assault weapon ban passed again nationally, i can't speak to. but we do have one in california. >> the week began with president obama flying newtown family
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members to washington to lobby congress. and it ended with the debate for the strongest gun control legislation in decades. building bridges to fight crime. the communities and police gathered in hayward today. it's called the building bridges police and community forward. including several chiefs of police, there to impart their philosophies. >> here is an opportunity to create relationships and have an understanding on of each other's positions and move forward. it's about creating a relationship. >> and today's for -- >> a poste dedicated soldier k . famy and friends, they rename
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post office, the lieutenant kenth ballard post office. he was awarded three bronze stars and a purple heart during his nine years of service and his mother said it's not just for her son but for all military families. coming up next, so many e-mails, so little time. now there could be a way to cut through it all. >> you can black list out anything that has particular key word, like bank or password or anything. coming up, why managing your inbox can help you better manage your life. >> dozens of families are welcome home in daily city, we will show you the latest project and what makes it's different from others in the past. >> and a bizarre attack when investigators say, what a homeless man did to another man parked outside a convenience store. the weekend weao a
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sunny stnd windy finish. we managed highs in the 70s, and quite gusty outside this evening. a chance of some spring showers now in your end of weekend forecast. we will show you that when we come back.
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meseda amableuid are calling a e
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on himay and him on fire. he was in his car when it happened ifront of a7/11, a suspect was arrested after the attack, homeless and the attacks seems to be random. design, and all the families an moving in are low income, they each had to spend 500 hours to help build the complex. >> today is the greatest day for the habitat for humanity, we are building 36 homes for our families here. >> after a contract dispute that dragged out for months, a san francisco symphony proofed a new bargaining agreement ste. itdes wage freeze to november but a pay increase over
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4.5% over the two years plus and increases funding for instrument loan plans and musicians must pay more for their medical coverage. musicians walked off the job, and wanted to come back two weeks ago. so just about everyone wants more time and now there's the possibility you can have it. the new service that allows you to filter your to-do list. just ahead.
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>> it took 160 years to do t n tre a monument
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dedicated to the people that were killed in a steamboat explosion. they marked the explosion of the boat jenny lynn. it was headed for san francisco, but a boiler pipe exploded killing many of the 100 people on board. one of the historians spo s responsible for the dedication, talked about the emotion of today. >> overwhelmed. i'm just so excited and a little tearful, it's exciting to see this come to pass after 160 years and it's finally taking its place in california history. so, it's a wonderful thing. >> they hope the memorial sparks the interest that it played in the rich history of steamboat commerce. 20ilon eai ime i finish this have been sent. in fact, 145 billion e-mails are
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sent worldwide every day. we have more on an app that developers say will cut some of e-mail overload. >> from the moment you wake up. to when you are at work. whether it's on your desk top or on your cell, those e-mails just keep on coming. >> and some of it has important tasks. >> but the more time reading may mean less time doing. >> and they seem trivial, but they really hold us back. >> top executives have their own solution, personal assistants that dig through the e-mails. but what about the rest of us? >> i really like to push -- >> this team of three came up with a solution, e-mail valet. the test version used g mail, it's connects you with professionals online and they go through your e-mail, assign tasks and put them in a lift.
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but first, like you hand your keys over to a valet, you have to hand over your password. would people give strangers access to their e-mails. >> we validated that it was a crazy idea. >> this student said less than 4% said is they would be willing to give up their passwords. people like stanford student and study participant, patel. >> privacy is an issue. >> but changed his mind after a ten-day study. you can restrict what the assistant he sees. >> you can black list out anything that has particular key words, bank, credit card or anythi. and they built in a tracking feature. we keep track of what the worker has done. >> and those measures and cutting the headache of reading co e-mails made it well worth it,ecse he said, computer driven e-mail fell flat
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for them. >> none of them really stick for me. >> in the group study, e-mail valet doubled productivity compar compared to those that were managing their e-mail by themselves. the total charge comes in at $60 a month. >> what got them start odd e-mail valet in the first place? the idea came after creating a gaming platform. >> we were measuring how much time people spent playing the game. >> the total? 1 billion minutes. translated to workdays. >> that is 2,000 years. >> with services like e-mail valet, he is hoping to give people time back. fewer e-mails. >> more time to play for games. get more games in there. >> yeah. >> 2000 years. >> spend more time on the
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computer. what is going on, rob? >> priorities, you have to keep them in line today was a great day to get outside and enjoy the weather. notice how much the temperatures dropped off, san jose 61 degrees. when you see the temperatures drop, you know you have a strong sea breeze reaching in to livermore right now. and winds at 16 into san jose, short-term, we will have high clouds passing by and mainly clear skies. and in the wind protected north bay valley, you could wake up to temperatures in the early 40s. we will see more clouds and continued bursts of windy weather at times. you will get another round of winds for tomorrow afternoon. the interesting part of the forecast is monday night to. the system will drop down and we will see a round of gusty winds during the day, especially on monday. gusts up above 45 miles an hour and cooler air coming in. you will notice the temperatures
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dropping for the first half of the week. the other interesting component, a slight chance of showers, not during the day tomorrow. this is 11:00 tomorrow night, watch how quickly any chance of showers gets out of the bay area. when you see a system arrive and leave that quickly, that means winds are behind it pushing it along. that is the story for monday. second half shows a warmup as we go through to the middle of the week. we will see breezy conditions and tomorrow, highs out of the 70s and mainly mid to upper 60s. still closer to 70 afternoon. uppe 6s in and san francisco, another cool day, highs near 60. temperures are cooling down mores we get into monday. it will be a gusty bluftryday. it will feel cool as the temperatures are in the low 60s inlandnduesday, the winds off, e
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transition, gusty winds, second different story, we are talking 70s and 80s coming back. we see less opportunities for rain. and these wild temperatures -- we are back in a moment. [ birds chirping ]
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[ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment.
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[ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ] >> more than 200,000 pajamas are being recalled because the zipper could be a choking hazard. the company says that it runs from the seat to the neck and could come off. so as of right now, there have not been any reports s of bae being hurt. you may see a chang the apps store. you will see an informational
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box bl box below the credit, and it will show the appropriate age for the app. right now, we are going to check in with comcast sportsnet scott reese who is always transparent for us. what is going on, scott? >> i will take it compliment. >> it is meant to be. >> the a's are dropping like flies and not boding well for their nine-game winning streak and a close shave for the giants at rigoley field.
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>> and hi again, scott reiss in the comcast sportsnet newsroom. bumgarner has been masterful throughout his young career, but he could be taking his game to a new level at the ripe old age of 23. there is nate getting his world series ring before the game. here is bumgarner going to score on a terrible throw to make it 3-0 giants. a 6-4-3 triple play, and end of
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inning. sandoval goes up and over to make the catch. he is okay. and bumgarner is the first national league pitcher to get three wins. >> he did a great job, pitch came through for us. and casilla, what a great job he did to bail us out. not our best game overall, between base running and a couple mistakes there, but the pitching picked us upnd wonatam. >> the first day i felt really good, these lastwo i felt -- i felt pretty solid, but definitely still got work to dorks and -- work to do and could be better. >> cespedes explained his wrist on perhaps the worst slide in franchise history and on the dl,
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coco crisp is has a strained gr. the a's were up 1-0 until this bomb goes up and up and away off the bat of hunter and we are tied at 1. same score, top four, prince fielder, can i get an upper cut, please? oh, yeah. anderson's reaction says it all. fielder goes yard for the second time in as many days. sings hits in the series, 2-1 and 5-1 with peralta, he had a 3-run shot that was the big blow in the ball games, tigers win 7-3. a's win streak snapped at nine games. >> when you put together a winning streak of more than one series, it take on a life of its own. and the confidence comes with every game, and you feel like when you take the field, you will win. that was the case again today. jed had a day off and we were down coco and cespedes, we felt
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that we had a good chance to win the game today. >> tiger woods, disqualified almost, that was the buzz and backdrop in augusta as a favorable drop on friday may have gotten him dq'ed. instead he got a two-stroke penalty, what is that saying? what does not kill you makes you stronger. here he is on number eight. and he will just lip out. but a good day, shot 70, that leaves him 4 off the pace. your co-leaders after round 3, there is one of them. snedeker, the birdie on 16, he shot a 3 under 69 today and what about the duck? 2009 master's champ, angel cabrera, on the finishing hole, you bet that is a birdie. co-leaders at 7 under par heading into the final round of play. sharks in action as we speak in dallas, texas, stars leading
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2-0, we will have highlights at 11:00. getting to crunch time, 7 games left and playoffs hopefully in san jose. >> scott, thank you very much. >> all right, rob, one more quick thing, when is all this changing out there? >> by tomorrow night, we could dropping by, then the a few winds are really the big story. that is one of the reasons why tomorrow, you will notice the highs only in the 60s midday, so cooler finish to the weekend and slight chance of showers and then, monday, windy. the second half of the week, that is something worth waiting. >> thank you very much. >> good night. >> tonight, "class action." >> it's the biggest thing coming along in the last three decades. a proposal to end the era of bubble tests. >> that could be posi. skeptics hole. >> people should be talking about th
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>> a staggering amount of financial aid money going unused. >> we could be missing out on $17,000. >> why some kids get college cash and others drown in debt. >> grants that you never have to repay is what we are talking about. how things work is about every day life. online courses from consera are deemed worthy of college credit. >> i do not see it replacing universities. some of my colleagues felt it was disconcerting teaching a class with no students snncht of them. and nine california school districts break away from the state. we are at a moment where we have to think different. >> but will the feds approve their ground-breaking move. >> that is ctry to what the federal government has allowed. here is jessica aguirre.


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