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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 22, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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that the chief is going to do the right thing. i think he will. he has said that he is looking at it again. he perhaps may narrow the scope of it. i happen to disagree with that. i think the scope is just fine. >> ahmad cox claims he was the victim of curb sitting by police during a traffic stop. he was never arrested and said he felt humiliated. >> i started to talk to other people in the community and other black friends and they were starting to say the same things. >> the advisory board advises the acting chief, he said that they should have given the policy a chance to work. >> we have expectations of him and his department to come around, while we do not have a chief, and put the plan back in its proper place. >> we wanted to ask the acting chief why he suspended the policy, but we could not reach him for comment tonight. the head of the san jose police officers union, said that he could not say if he supported
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this policy it depended on how far reaching it would be. nbc bay area news. >> thank you, they are unmedicated and unsupervised. dozens of mentally ill patients are being dropped off. it's claimed that nevada's mental hospital put the patients on a bus and sent them out of town. 1/3 of them ended up here. we have more about the city attorney taking action. >> reporter: the city attorney said that some of those patients arrived here in downtown san francisco wheith nowhere to go d no 1 to help them, and chances are they ended up on the streets, and homeless. the dining room at the shelter
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is long. he calls this shelter home until he gets back on his feet. >> the state of nevada may be taking advantage of the services too. >> this type of conduct is deplorable. >> there's an investigation into alleged patient dumping by rawson-neal hospital. over the past five years, they have discharged hundreds of mentally ill patients and put them on buses to cities across the country. 36 arrived in san francisco. >> taking advantage of our most vulnerable and putting them on a bus on a one-way ticket with no support. >> they have located two patients that arrived on a bus from nevada and it's likely that others are in line at help in shelters. >> they will take care of you. which is true, but come on. >> adding dozens of mentally ill people to already crowded
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shelters is dangerous. when something like that happens and the police have to come in here and take somebody out, it's hard on the client. the department of health and human services in nevada said there seems to be a failure at the clinical level t governor of nevada is promising an investigation. >> i think there's a good quality of care there. and they do a fabulous job, if there's a problem, we will correct it. >> in san francisco, social service workers are actively looking for patients from nevada so they can get the help they need. they have investigators search issing for the patients. first hand accounts from the patients will support the attorney's case and could put the future of the nevada hospital in jeopardy. >> thank you, and a almeida county supervisors will hear
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resolution asking for the stopping of send ing fingerprins to the government. >> to comply with federal law and we are trying identify the people that should be deported, committed violent crime, and that they no longer reside in our communities. almeida sheriff said he trusted the law enforcement officials to do their job well. >> a changing of the guard in oakland after three months of patrolling the streets the almeida sheriff's department is pulling out of oakland. they failed to come to an agreement with the city to extend the contract. however, the chp today did extent the contract. they will patrol oakland as many as four days a week. this new agreement will go
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before city council for approval on may seventh. >> translator: the first known members of a terror plot are going to be in court tomorrow. the video shows one of the suspects after his arrest, both men who live in canada have been under surveillance since august. >> to the latest to boston marathon bottoming. the suspect has been charged in that attack. he will be tried in a federal court, if convicted he could face the death penalty. a week after the bombings, boston went silent today, pausing at the exact moment of the attack to remember. >> you want to try to carry on, we are very strong as a city and we push forward. >> the fbi searched the
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19-year-old's college dorm room and found beebes and a large pirotechnic, at the scene where his brother died, the authorities found several explosive devices. they believe the brothers acted alone. two players and a coach from the oakland a's paid a visit before the game to the hospital. they visited 11-year-old aaron hern, he said that he wanted to be a navy seal or a baseball player. >> in the wake of the boston marathon bombings, san francisco's police chief said he wanted more sam ras to monitor city. -- cameras to monitor the city up and down market street. it's the backdrop for many large scale events. and has alate of cameras
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already. the owners we spoke with welcomed the idea of having more. but local aclu chapters are skeptical about the idea. >> the security will help. >> i like it. secure everyone. you know? >> we know that video cameras, do not prevent or reduce terrori terrorism, they are expensive and ripe for abuse. >> right now there's no specifically planned detail where the cameras would be installed. >> the white house is getting a bill for nearlily $8,000. that is how much it cost the town to protect the president during his visit. they plan to send invoices to the white house, secret service, democratic national committee and the two households who hosted the private donor events. the president stopped in san francisco, but city leaders say
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they do not plan on charging him. it's one of the world's great natural wonders, tonight we investigate a growing patron at yosemite. find out why certain urban problems are making their way to the national park. the tsa delays the plan to allow knives on airplanes. and buster posey, like you have never seen him before. he is posing. we will show you the new hipster get up he is supporting and why.
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>> not so fast after the huge
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backlash, the tsa said they will not allow knives on domestic flights. the u.s. banned all knives from commercial flights since the september 11th attacks. the tsa was going to allow knives back on planes and now they say they will seek nor comme -- will seek more comments from the public. still grounded at sfo and sjc that, could be changing soon. bowing is dispatching engineers around the world to fix the battery systems on the dreamliner jets. the planes have been grounded for three months since batteries erupted. the five-day aweek service was cancelled in january just days after it began. it's one of the world's great natural wonders and millions go to yosemite every
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year to escape into nature. but crime has been found to have found a way in. what the rangers have their hands full when compared to other national parks. >> yeah, it's a park, roughly the size of rhode island. but most flock to a 7 square area mile, that is where we found most crime occurring. one of the biggest problems, drug possession. but that's not all. with the highs of half dome. lows of the merced river, running through the valley. it's another beautiful day in yosemite national park. bags are in the camp kitchen. >> for campers malcolm morgan and his daughter, mia, visiting. >> we are comparing it to disney land, you see more happy faces
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here than you did in disney land. >> but he found not so family friendly activities near his campsi campsite. >> we detected the odor of pot. >> he is not the only one. rangers arrested or cited nearly 900 visitors for drug possession, out of the roughly 3 million traveling into the park. up 18% from five years ago. >> i don't think that we have drug dealers on the corners or anything like that. >> she spends most of her time patrolling the campsites in the valley and said, yosemite is safe. >> do you feel there's a drug problem? >> i think there's a transient drug issue here. it's largely folks coming and
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going. >> but the investigative unit found that more of the visitors are getting busted for drugs here than at other popular national parks. in the last three years, yosemite had 20 busts for every 100,000 visitors. in comparison, out of the 100,000 that made the trip to yellow stone since 2010. just 5 were arrested or cited for drugs. >> i'm surprised to hear that. >> yeah, i think it takes away from the place, knowing that environment is here. >> we also discovered that the grand canyon had 3 busts out of the 100,000 visitors. two at joshua tree and one at death valley. >> they come out with a the spring break mentality. >> those busted are subject to federal laws. >> it's primarily marijuana, mushrooms, and then the parties drug ecstacy.
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>> do you you smoke pot? >> on occasion. >> this climber and local resident said there are more arrests in yosemite because the rangers are more diligent and go after people like him. >> it's really not fair, because they target you. they know they see you around and they know -- people around here smoke pot. >> cases we've handled tend to be people from all over the country. >> criminal defense attorney michael mitchell has represented dozens of visitors at yosemite. he said there's more drug busts because of the concentration of campers in the valley. >> the rangers tend to be able to concentrate their lookout in a tighter area. >> easy picking. >> it could be seen that way. >> i would think that if you are doing drugs in a place like this, you are us approximating yourself at risk. >> malcolm morgan does not care why there's more issues, he
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wants the drugs that stay away from young campers. like his daughter. >> hopefully the kids do not see what is going on and start to follow suit. >> and we discovered in the last three years, yosemite had more incidents of drug manufacturing and larceny and theft. compared to other parks. but with millions visitors going there every year, the numbers are relatively low. you can see the full break down on our website, nbc bay okay, thank you. if you have a tip for any of investigative units send us an e-mail. >> hopefully you had dinner outside tonight. it was beautiful. more like summer than spring. take a look, people had on their summer attire, and this is from downtown. having cold drinks.
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it hit 91, this afternoon, that was just in pleasanton. >> look how cute my town looks on tv. >> maybe it was jessica working the camera. >> oh, you never know. you never know. good ice cream and treats there is. temperatures well above average and we are going get a little more of this coming our way as we head towards the next 24 hours. not just a few degrees, santa rosa, 81, hyes, tomorrow, looks incredible. a lot of sunshine for the interior valleys and back to the east bay and south bay starting off clear. temperatures in the upper 50s. the biggest change is the coast line. we are looking at cloud cover lingering and then building as
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we go through the afternoon. let's look the sky camera network. not much has made it across the bay. we have generally clear conditions, even in downtown san francisco, back towards the bridge. we have areas of patchy fog. as you get near the immediate coast line, that is where we will find the fog contained. the big widespread area of cloud cover that we will expect, it's not going to get here until we are in wednesday morning. marine and napa counties. and then as we go through wednesday. we will see cloud cover increasing and at this point, it looks like the cloudiest time. if you are just tune engiing in one more day of awesome weather and then it's down hill. >> 54 in napa. and upper 50s in the south bay, including san jose and then a
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bit cooler for gilroy, 50 degrees. cooler air from the coast line. slightly cooler tomorrow as the sea breeze starts to get going. 85 in san jose, and 86 in palo alto. and then for the east bay, a round of mid to upper 80s. the hottest could be walnut creek at 88 and the bay will be close to 80. san francisco, 75. 85 in santa rosa. tomorrow, sunny here and clouds at the coastline, as we go through wednesday and thursday, temperatures start to drop. even with numbers going down. not a bad forecast. we are back where they should be with mid to upper 70s, no rain coming in the next 7 days. we could use it and as it looks at least on the climate charts, it's trending downwards. if you are hoping for a big storm, it's not coming here in
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the next couple of weeks. >> by the way, i was at the beach and i got three degrees darker. >> you do have a nice tan going on. >> just ahead, bottom of the ninth drama for the giants.
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>> okay, you have heard about them, and now they are here. we are talking about google glasses. >> on your desk here? >> not exactly. >> there's a few people walking around town with them on. scott budman tried them on today. >> you can touch this button and you can initiate a photo taking or a film. but you can say it, you can say, okay, glass, take a pick. >> and it will take a picture. >> that is amazing. not yet for sale for everyone. currently costs $1500. so it's not cheap. and yes, you can surf the web in front of you. it's due to go mainstream next year. >> okay, the vacancy sign is burning bright in silva valley.
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they want to attract more business travelers. 175 of the new rooms will be added as early a as 2014. the market enjoyed an increase in 20% over the previous year. that is the highest increase in the entire state. >> okay, dave feldman who was a giants' ball dude over the weekend will be with us next.
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>> i'm dave feldman, after getting dominated by the bruins they turned the tables and dominated the bruins. they were due for a nail biter. that is what they got. the giants opening up a three-game set with these guys. giants down, one on for posey. homers off of hernandez, it's the equalizer. we are tied at 4.
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posey's second home run of the season. one on for brandon belt, who lines to left center. the game winner, and belt is your hero. 5-4 and a walk off skoon couldn't. -- walk off scenario. >> i want to be ready to hit the ball. whatever i have to do to get ready. i have worked on it all day. we we don't give up. it makes us a special team. it's a lot of fun coming out and playing baseball with these guys every day. that is what helps us come back sometimes. >> a's at boston, it was 42 degrees at first pitch. that is cold. bottom 5, red sox up 4-3. and napoli hits a grand slam off of griffin. now we are top eight. a's down 3-2. eric sogard. hits it deep. really deep. but not deep enough. a's lose the fourth in a row.
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9-6 and a reminder to check out game 2 of the warriors/nuggets playoff series tomorrow, game time at 7:30. warriors pregame is at 7:00. and we were ball boys and i heard you make a joke of it and we were very good. i fielded four balls perfectly and no one got hurt. they have not asked us to come back. and i have not figured it out yet. we were good. >> you looked funny doing it. >> i did look funny, that tell met was too tight on my -- helmet was too tight on my head. i asked for a bigger one. the helmet was squeezing my brain. >> it was all for good tv. good job. thank you, we will be back in a moment. >> all right, see you guys. star command,
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>> okay, usually if you are in gq magazine. you get a lot of ribbing. but barry zito is here tomorrow. >> although you may need barry's contract to afford the outfit. it would be fun. >> this one has giants fans talking. that is posey taking in batting practice. this is not usually how he looks. he is wearing a white jacket. a trucker hat and $325 worth of swet pants. >> flying off the shelves. tomorrow, is a shorts weather. mid to upper 80s.
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low 70s on the coast line. a bit of fog beginning to build and so, shorts weather for tomorrow. and then you are going to need the jacket here as wed throughout the end of the week, no rain. >> shorts or capris.
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thank you very much. welcome to "the tonight show." thank you, thank you. [ cheers and applause ] thank you, have a seat. have a seat. as you all know, this is our first day being back after being off last week. and i want to express my sympathies for all those affected by the marathon bombings. i also want to say how proud i am of my hometown of boston. what a great example to -- [ cheers and applause ] you know, the -- the first responders, the fbi, the police, all the people of boston worked together. all those people with those cell phone cameras to help identify and capture the brothers responsible for this horrific act. all in less than a week. it seems like a tremendous amount of time -- all in less than a week. nice hand -- [ cheers and applause ] thank you very much! do not mess with the people of boston, right there. there ya go.
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thank you. thank you very much. [ cheers and applause ] no you don't. well, in other news, we were gonna have reese witherspoon on the show tonight but she's been booked elsewhere, so i don't know what happened. [ laughter ] oh, did you hear about that? oscar winner reese witherspoon got arrested over the weekend for disorderly conduct as she gave police a hard time for arresting her husband for a a dui. and she admitted she had been drinking, yeah. she kept saying to the cop, "do you know who i am?" [ laughter ] of course, the cop put two and two together. actress, drunk -- lindsay lohan? you know, he -- [ laughter ] he didn't know. well -- here's the thing. here's the amazing part. when the cop said he did not know who she was, she used her one phone call to call her publicist and fire her. okay. [ laughter ] apparently he did not see "water for elephants." apparently. and sports announcing legend al michael -- and we love al michaels, but -- [ applause ] when you'rwr


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