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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 29, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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temperatures near 60 degrees. many cities headed towards the 90s. not as close. your forecast in moments. also, your safety at risk. in you reports showing those q . right now, we take you live outside to the embarcadero. that looks like a cruise ship to me. >> beautiful. >> cruising on the san francisco bay on this monday, april 29th. this is "today in the bay." it is 5:00. good morning. thanks for getting up early with us. i'm jon kelley. i'm marla tallez in for laura garcia-cannon. a sombre start for a central valley community as neighbors an friends mourn the death of an eight-year-old girl.
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this morning, detectives are still on the hunt for her killer. bob redell is live outside the california highway patrol helping with this investigation. bob, what's the latest? good morning to you, marla. chp has joined the state's department of justice and the calaberas county sheriff's office in the search for the murder of 8-year-old lela fouler. this is an area 32 miles east of stockton. this happened on saturday at noon. her 12-year-old brother tells authorities he encountered an intruder in his home around that time. after that man escaped, the brother found his younger sister stabbed to death. the sheriff's office has not yet named a suspect. they have recovered fingerprints and dna from the crime scene. they have been interviewing people, including a neighbor who saw a man running away from the home around the time of the stabbing. spring valley is a small community of about 2500 people located in the foothills of sierra nevada. it is very rural and sometimes can be very remote, which is one
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reason why law enforcement is asking people who live there to lock their doors and be extra aware of their surroundings. >> there are a lot of parents that have to commute and go to work and they are latch key kids. so they come home and they unlock the doors. so i'm really concerned about our neighborhood now. >> deputies will be patrolling bus stops and schools in valley springs at lela fowler's elementary school. tomorrow night, a candle light vigil for her. bob redell, "today in the bay." state run media in syria reporting the country's prime minister has narrow will escaped an assassination attempt. he was unhurt in an explosion in meza. an ied placed under a vehicle detonated as his convoy rode past. a total of six people were killed in that blast. coming up in our next half hour,
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frascy pots joins us live from washington, d.c. she has the latest from the white house and the response to the escalating violence in syria. >> also new this morning, we are getting more information on the bay area police officer who was attacked over the weekend on the peninsula. an off-duty berkeley officer, was the victim of an assault in burlingame. a berkeley police sergeant says the officer was transported to the hospital after an incident and is expected to survive. burlingame police are leading this investigation and aren't saying much at this time. in the meantime, police in the east bay need your help finding a man they say tried to kidnap a 2-year-old girl right in her front yard. pittsburg police releasing the sketch of that suspect. they say the little girl was out playing with her mom outside of their home on snowflake way on friday afternoon when that man walked up, grabbed that girl and reportedly ran off. the mother started screaming and yelling. the man apparently dropped the toddler and he ran away. police say that girl was scarred
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but not too bad physically hurt. a head start on demolition after a vacant hotel in mountain view was destroyed in a fire. about 30 firefighters were called to the tropicana lodge in el camino real after 6:30 last night. two-alarm fire closed part of el camino. firefighters say they used the hotel for training exercises eight months ago. ventilation was already in place to help keep the flames from spreading. investigators say the fire started on the first floor. they are now trying to determine a cause. no one was hurt. animal rescuers in monterrey county now caring for dozens of dogs and cats taken from a hoarders home over the weekend. quite the scene and quite the mess. the spca says monterrey police asked them to help rescue 17 cats and 31 dogs being kept in very unsanitary conditions. the spca says the animals suffering from a lot of things, from flea infestations, dental and eye infections and m
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malnutrition. they are asking for donations to try to help feed and treat these animals. donations can be made to the monterrey county spc online or you can call in. >> 5:05. a protest is planned in support of bradley manning after he was mistakenly named grand marshal for this years pride parade in san francisco. he is the army private who was accused of leaking classifying documents to wikileaks. he is openly gate. an employee at san francisco pride reportedly told manning he had been chosen as honorary grand martial for the june parade. decision was never made official and the board decided his nomination would be a mistake. supporters of manning plan to protest the decision outside the sf pride office tonight. more questions and concerns over the faulty bolts on the new bay bridge. san francisco chronicle
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reporting the new span has more than 1200 bolts made in a material identical to the one banned. they were banned by a national transportation agency because, well, they can crack. caltrans says it was testing 192 bolts on the bridge that are similar to the 32 galvanized bolts that cracked just last month after being tightened good morning. 5:06. i had to turn on my a.c. when i got ready. it was hot. >> i did too. i had the window open on my car cruising in. >> hot, hot, hot, miss christina loren i dropped the top of my convertible when i was driving in. good morning to you. it definitely is warranted out there this morning. temperatures are rather warm to start with. 59 degrees, just one degree away from freezing. excuse me. from 60 in san jose where last week, we are close to freezing. i get two thoughts ahead of myself. that's a good thing. temperatures at 10:00 a.m., warm. 79, fairfield. 75, concord. these are your 10:00 a.m. temps. look at where we are headed by
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noon. we are cranking the heat and not just today. every single day this week. we'll be at 88 degrees at ñplunchtime in fairfield, 88 in antioch. rounding out the day in the 90s, 81, fremont. 76 degrees in san francisco. some of your beach temperatures are going to be down right perfect today and the heat stays on all week. quieter now than it was last night. so 880 moves nicely north of the tail lights past the high street high rise on the toll plaza. another east bay's troubled spot. westbound heyw westbou westbound highway 4, just a little slowing. antioch, fine headed to pits brg. bay point, slowing popping up. a new crash reported around willow pass road as folks are
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headed toward that on the side of the road. some debris reported on the road. some slowing. it slows through the altamont area. the earlier crash has cleared. we have slowing into the area. slow typical for this part of the area. dublin, 84, a little slowing. a quick look at san jose. a live look at 101. we'll show you the rest of the south bay coming up. a busy weekend for a lot of us here at "today" in the ba on friday night, i had the distinct honor of hosting the naacp freedom gala. i had a chance to meet the president, the 61st year of this. proud to be a part of it. our own mike inouye was out
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in san jose's japan town yesterday. look at this. m.c.'ing the spring festival. celebration of japanese american culture and heritage featured dancing and music. also at the event, san jose representative. on friday, our colleague, laura garcia-cannon was hosting the 44th annual ball and recognition for the junior league of san jose. more than 100 volunteers were honored at this year's event. very nice. >> on saturday, look at this. all these green t-shirts out there. >> about 400 volunteers out there. >> we were out there as well. this is christopher clark, one of our contact producers, painting away in east san jose. >> we gave that school a pretty nice makeover. >> scott budman was out there, raj. we had a pretty good crew.
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>> we painted the hop scotch on the playground very carefully. 5:09. another south bay school that got a little bit of a makeover over the weekend. we'll have that coming up next all eyes on l.a., the multibillion dollar fight over who is responsible for michael jackson's death gets under way.
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students at san jose middle school going back to class will find their classroom reformed. service group working to transform the middle school. administrators there say the school was in huge need of a facelift. workers worked very hard out there painting the lockers and the walls. this he added a nice colorful mural on the jut side of the building. >> this school and the neighbor hoot and the community doesn't necessarily have the best
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reputation. so we are working on changing our reputation in the community. by having the church and beautiful day come in, it has been huge. not only did they bring so many people to come in and tell the community other people care, it also brought the community in to help rebuild their school. >> every person working at the school volunteered their time, including the contractors and the painters. >> very good. >> 5:13. tesla is so confident in its cars it now says scheduled maintenance, don't bother if you don't want to. scott mcgrew, a lot of confidence in the cars they don't have a lot of moving parts. the brakes don't need replacing. most of the braking is handled by the motor and not the wheels. in a flog post, tesla founder, elon musk says not only are you allowed to skip scheduled maintenance with no effect on
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your warrant but now tesla will replace the battery system at no cost if something goes wrong. the batteries are the most vulnerable and most expensive part of an electric car. there have been concerns that tesla owner could damage the battery by not following the instructions carefully. tesla says, it will replace the battery even if it is the own inner's fault it was damaged. the company makes two exceptions, collision, that's going to be your insurance company's problem or intentional tampering by a nontesla mechanic. let's check markets this monday morning. kayla tausche is live at cnb this. world headquarters. good morning. we have rebounding from losses the previous week. investors may shift their focus away from earnings and to the federal reserve and the economy. they meet tuesday and wednesday are expected to hold the line on interest rates. data topped off by friday's key
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job reports. dow rising to 14,7126789 the nasdaq slipping 10 to 3279. back over to you. 5:15. jon and marla, over the weekend, tens of thousands of san jose residents got postcards in the mail announcing ebay's new delivery service called ebay now. it is live in the south bay. you can choose from target, home depot, more than a dozen home stores. you do your shopping online and an ebay employee will get in his or her car, go get the thing for you, drive it to your house. here, you can track them online as they go into the store and then follow them on the map, from order to delivery. i tried it out myself, 20 minutes. i looked at the map. i saw my delivery lady, kaitlin, coming down the street. she pulse up. $35 minimum order. it normally costs you $5 for the actual delivery, though ebay has all kinds of specials where they
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want you to try it out. >> what did you buy? >> i bought grass seed. i was out in the garden, i needed grass seed, fertilizer. grass seed is expensive enough. you are out there, dirty, messy. you say, you know what, bring it to me. >> wow, awesome. that's great. convenience. >> or we are just lazy. >> i like the fact that scott mcgrew is working on the garden, in you tulips, new grass. way to go, scott. >> quite the weekend to do it. >> i bet he had his shades on when he went out to collect that package. such a visual for us, mr. mcgrew. 5:15 as you are picking out your wardrobe today. you might want to go all summer. it is going to be very warm later. temperatures are going to end up in the 90s. this morning, it is mild enough. very summerlike start. 59, san jose. 57, livermore. let's zoom into the south bay where we are the mildest this rng month. 70 degrees to start the day in cupertino. that means we are going to see a
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very warm day specially along the peninsula where readings are the highest. good monday morning to you. it is going to be a hot week. make sure you are ready for that. might want to pack the water bottle. put that in the cooler before you head off. a warm day ahead. even warmer than yesterday. you will notice that difference. winds are going to pump from land to sea warming along the way. mid-90s as a result. not just yet. we are going to hold off on that until the end of td week. however, it is going to be pretty close to 90 degrees and hot across the bay for the next few days. very summerlike weather as we head through this week. we could be touching on records. 90, livermore, 81, fremont, 83 in san jose and 83 in los gatos. next couple of days, temperatures stay hot. 91 degrees for wednesday. by thursday, looks like thursday and friday will be the warmest of this warming trend. that means mid-90s in places like livermore, san jose. we could hit the triple digits for the first time in the warmest cities across the bay. you are making that face like you don't want the triple
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digits, mike. also, we don't like this sig alert that has been called. the a carve swerved to avoid a ladder and went over on its side approaching west highway 4 and willow pass rhodes. it is coming out of bay point. it sounds like the slow end is blocked. quite a disturbance, quite a visual over there. we have one lane blocked. it is kicking off early slowing here as this kicks in from antioch with your typical monday commute. we are going to watch this area very carefully. a sig alert they expects will take 30 minutes or more. highway 24, the earlier crash where a deer was hit and killed, activity in the slow lane as you are traveling over here toward the maze. things are pretty smooth once you pass warren. watch for that. looking toward the bay bridge toll plaza, smooth drive. also, very nice flow. we're picking up the volume
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underneath that university overcrossing. this is berkeley. your commute toward the bay bridge. the south bay, very smooth flow right now. no major issues. the yellow here and there. palo alto, no problem. the peninsula, itself, very cool. some say this one could be the trial of the century with $40 billion at stake. opening statements expected in the michael jackson civil case. jackson was rehearsing for his his family suing aeg live for allegedly pushing the singer too hard. they also say the company is responsible for hiring dr. conrad murray to treat jackson. >> the trial is really going to come down to did aeg have sufficient control over dr. murray to encourage dr. murray to treat michael jackson in an improper way. >> you may recall, dr. murray was convicted of involuntary
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manslaughter in jackson's death. he can now be called to testify. the witness list can include jackson's oldest children, prince and paris, as well as quincy jones, spike lee and prince. >> now, to an investigative unit exclusive. they are critical safety documents. pg&e does not want you to see them. that's why the nbc bay area investigative unit is holding pg&e accountable for gas leaks and deadlines. they reported more than 32,000 gas leaks, hundreds potentially dangerous. all have specific federally structured timeline pg&e must meet but they have declined requests by nbc bay area asking for proof it met the deadlines. >> i didn't know anything about the specific requests that you made. so i'll just say, the public has a right to see safety
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information. >> chief investigator reporter is asking tough questions about critical safety documents and holding pg&e and the public utilities commission accountable. yáp)e invited to watch the complete investigation tonight at 11:00. it is 5:21. new worries. the sequestration cuts could put one of the bay area's most famous landmarks at risk. they want to repurpose mun a i's old buses to help the home lis. ♪ ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it.
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bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean,
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six months ago, superstorm sandy swept much of the east coast. the boardwalk there completely wiped out. there it is. a roller coaster still standing. >> that's kind of like a scary,
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ghostly looking city. >> officials say they plan to remove by memorial day. it is 5:23. a bay area congresswoman says she has some security concerns with the u.s. coast guard as sequester cuts are forcing the guard to draw down patrols. the department of homeland security says $295 million is being slashed why the coast guard's budget. (t&háhp &hc&d why the coast says that's a security concern, because it is forcing the coast guard to cut patrols around potential terror targets like the golden gate and bay bridges. she is hoping the cuts will provide an opportunity to streamline services. >> it is also an opportunity for us, an opportunity for the coast guard to look at how they can comply with their mission without having boats in the water. there are cameras underneath the golden gate bridge. >> congress is in recess this week. the growing concerns with the is he squequester cuts will have t
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wait until next week growing abandoned muni buses can soon be transferred into bathrooms for the homeless. they want to turn them into mobile showers and toilets to be used for the homeless population. they have contacted the public utilities commission about using water hydrants. that is one of 40 muni plans to junk over the next several years. 5:25. a brand new workweek. meteorologist, christina loren, our forecast? it is going to be a hot one. good morning. good monday morning. mondays can be tough but the weather is right on your side this morning. we don't have any thick fog to report. the winds are rather light. we are xloes to about 60 degrees in san jose, livermore, concord, oakland. 55 to start the day in san francisco and 56 in san mateo. the heat is on today. we are going to keep on climbing into the workweek. i'll have your full forecast coming up in just a few moments.
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want to check that drive. back to work monday. >> 101 through san rafphael loos really nice. 121 and old sonoma highway, no injuries reported but a car went off into the ditch. the sig alert was cleared quicker than they thought. they have all lanes open. that short time caused quite a past willow. slowed a bit. unusual and early for that area. that should start to beam out to the normal commute. there you go building for dublin even as we watch. speeds coming down, averaging around 55 toward dublin and pleasanton. a quick shot at the tri-valley area. the start of the build. >> back to you. 5:26.
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safety concerns could cause santa clara county toce i ambulance provider to fire its ambulance provider. >> he is finally heading to trial. accused serial killer, joseph naso, gets ready to defend himself in court.
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hear what law enforcement is doing to try to catch the killer of an eight-year-old girl. i'm bob redell. that story many could go up a mild start to the day. temperatures close to 60 degrees in some cities. summerlike weather arrives this week, two months before the official start. we will take you through your full forecast. so far, we are on pace for most of your morning commute. i will show you that early slowdown we see in the east bay coming up through highway 4. brace yourself. playoff fever sweeping the bay area. we'll let you know where you can grab your tickets to a possible, if they need it, game six for the warriors. >> they are not going to need it.
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plus, a live look outside at hp pavilion. the sharks revealed their playoff schedule. we'll have that and all the day's top stories on this monday, april 29th. this is "today in the bay." good morning. i'm marla tallez in for laura garcia-cannon i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. ia central valley community shaken as detectives search for a killer that stabbed an eight-year-old girl to death. she was found dead at her home in valley springs. bob redell is live at the california highway patrol helping the investigation. nothing short of a heartbreaking and tragic scene out there. >> reporter: chp is on the lookout for the person that killed 8-year-old leila fowler. they have joined the department of justice on the hunt for this
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person. she was murdered in her home in the town of valley springs, an area over 30 miles east of stockton. her 12-year-old brother tells authorities he encountered an intruder in their home. after the man escaped, the brother found his younger sister stabbed to death. there have been no arrests. the sheriff's office has asked people to lock their doors. this person could still be out there this morning. deputies will be patrolling bus stops and schools. as for a lead, law enforcement is interviewing people, including a neighbor that saw a man running away from the home around the time of the stabbing. this person was wearing a black shirt, blue pants and a search of the home seems to have yielded some important includes. >> we did collect some fingerprints during that search. we also collected what we believe to be dna. those prints and that dna will hopefully be processed within the next week.
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>> at leila fowler's elementary school, sprarnts been tying purple ribbons in her honor. tomorrow night, they will gather for a community candlelight vigil. a candle light vil inge will be held for brandy martell, the transgender woman killed in oakland. someone shot and killed her while she was sitting inside her car with three others. the vigil is planned for the same place she was killed at 13th and franklin streets near the 12th street b.a.r.t. station. two sisters accused of felony child abuse at a livermore daycare. expected to enter their pleas in court. 35-year-old nazila sharaf and 33-year-old lida sharaf swaddled
5:33 am
infants so tightly their breathing was restricted. they covered the baby's heads with blankets and turned up the heat to make the infants sleepy. a lawyer for the sister says the women did not intend to hurt the young children. the investigation started after social media services or social services made an announcement to visit that daycare in march. jury selection begins today in a serial murder case decades in the making. joseph naso is accused of killing four northern california women from the 1970s to the 1990s. after a lengthy pre-trial hearing and several delays, his trial is finally expected to get underway this week in marin county. naso is acting as his own attorney. a trial also begins against former 49ers player quame harris. he is accused of assaulting his former boyfriend after a fight in menlo park. he was a first pick out of stanford in 2003.
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he also played for the raiders, facing up to nine years in prison. santa clara county says it's ambulance service is not making good on its contract. the rural metro ambulance company provides service for 911 calls. the mercury news reporting the company failed to meet its response time requirement in two of the last six months. the company has also paid nearly $5 million in fines for failing to meet rigid contract terms set up by the county. rural metro says it is now taking violations very seriously and is attempting to address them. cal fire has announced a summer burn ban that will go into effect in several bay area counties today. this means it is illegal to start any outdoor fires over the next five months or so. firefighters say they have had a deal with several small fires over the past few weeks. the dry conditions prompted them to issue the ban a few weeks earlier than normal. typically, the burn ban is
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in effect until we see measurable amount of precip that comes back and we get recovery of the fuel moistures and the larger plant materials and stuff out in the wild land. here is a look at the after if he canned counties, santa clara, alameda, contra costa, santa cruz, stanislaus, monterrey and sean joaquin. >> you said you wanted to be pushed up toward the century mark. good morning, jon and marla. good morning at home. temperatures are nice and mild to start with, 59 degrees. 5:35 in san jose. 57, sunnyvale. the coolest city on the map is santa cruz at 49 degrees. let's take you through your hour by hour detail for today. just to let you know what you are getting into before you head out that front door. we stopped the clock at 10:00
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a.m. mid-70s in livermore. 78 degrees at 10:00 a.m. in fremont. by 11:00 a.m., the 80s arrive. we will round out the day in the 90s. 90 degrees for gilroy. 78 degrees in pacifica and santa cruz. beach cities are looking good. 76 in san francisco. if you are looking for shade and you don't have a.c. in your home, get ready. it is going to get even warmer. high pressure gains more strength. we will tell you when and how long this heat wave will last and whether it will break. all those questions answered in the next report. first, want to talk to mike and see if he can answer any questions. is it rough or smooth. >> it is very smooth at the bay bridge. we are starting to pick up the volume. it looks hot from this view. christina's forecast was telling you that story. it looks like it is getting started on the commute, which is what happens at about 5:30, 6:00 in the morning. we are looking athe ca the cash
5:37 am
lanes. westbound 80 or eastbound 580, depending on who you listen to. we are looking at west highway 4 where we had some slowing heading in toward concord. we had a crash, a lot of activity there. one lane was blocked. that cleared and quickly cleared as far as the backup. look at all the folks coming out of antioch at the right side of your screen. eastbound looking slow for highway 4. watch that. slowing through dublin as well as livermore for those commute directions. highway 4 westbound, on isabelle down towards that area. nothing unusual. we will show a quick view of san jose to end this report. it is picking up. i'll show that to you coming up, guys, back to you. 5:37 right now. the warriors, game six playoff tickets going on sale at 9:00. that's at ticket master. i tell you wharks the way they have been playing, it may not be needed. that game scheduled for
5:38 am
thursday, a time to be determined. watching last night's game, the way they have been shooting lately, they could end up wrapping up that series tomorrow night in denver. here is a look at last night. the warriors, a commanding 3-1 lead. how about steph curry? >> this kid has come into his own last night. i swear i could have closed his eyes and thrown up a half court shot and made it. >> and he is injured. >> a bum ankle and his thigh hurt. >> and an eye injury. >> lights out, 22. shooting like marla tallez in her heyday. if they win tomorrow night in denver, the series is over and they will head to san antonio for round two. they will end up playing the spurs who knocked off the lakers yesterday. golden state played well. that is impressive. >> the sharks released their playoff schedule late last night, game one in the best of
5:39 am
seven series with the canucks. wednesday night in vancouver. game two is friday night. the first game at hp pavilion will be sunday night at 7:00. game 4 is tuesday, may 7th. >> i feel like we are on espn how about joe montana's son? we could see another montana in a niners uniform. that is nate. >> looks like joe cool there. >> i love it. >> some of the former or the current hall-of-famer was not taken in the recent draft. the niners giving him another look, taking a chance on his son, nate. he will take part in the team's three-day rookie minikamp. that will start next month. good luck to him. >> 13. >> what are his specs? >> he looks a little thick. hopefully, has a go the bay area city reportedly home to the worst potholes in
5:40 am
the country coming up. new this morning, an explosion in syria hours ago. the tension escalating. a live report coming up from there next.
5:41 am
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5:42. state-run media is reporting the country's prime minister has escaped an assassination attempt. lawmakers are calling for a stronger response to the escalating violence. live on capitol hill this morning with the very latest. good morning. >> marla, good morning. let's start with today's explosion. the prime minister narrowly escaping after a bomb exploded near his convoy. we are told others were injured, killed. the prime minister, according to state news media there, seems to be okay. it just goes to show how dangerous the civil war has become, not to mention the new evidence that the white house has now acknowledged of chemical
5:43 am
weapons used by the serial government of its own people. president obama says, first, we need to verify that this information is correct. make sure it is reliable. lawmakers are pressing for action. it was president obama they say who drew the line in the sand and said that if the red line was crossed, the u.s. would have to get involved. the question now, how do we get involved? there doesn't seem to be a lot of support for boots on the ground. however, air strikes are certainly a possibility as we see the situation even as of this morning getting worse new this morning, a brutal scene overseas. the search for survivors now over at the site of that terrifying factory building collapse in bangladesh. at least 380 people now confirmed dead. today, the prime minister of bangladesh touring that site and a nearby hospital where the wounded are now being treated. in the meantime, the owner of
5:44 am
that illegally constructed building now in custody. he was actually captured while he was trying to escape and leave the country. the mother of the two boston bombing suspects says her sons are innocent and she is not a terrorist just someone who found deeper spirituality. zubeidat tsarnaev says they were not involved and they intercepted phone calls where she was speaking to someone in southern russia under fbi investigation in an unrelated case. the man believed to be behind the ricin-laced letters sent to the president and two other officials expected to make his first appearance in court today. the 41-year-old who ran for congress in 2007 was arrested early saturday mornings. he is being charged with possession of a biological alget with intent to uses a weapon. the arrest, following a charge
5:45 am
dropped against another man, kevin curtis, who claims he was framed. he is the one that identified him as the culprit, a man he does have a past with. lawmakers and mental health experts are gathering on the peninsula to talk about another shooting. san mateo county is looking at getting more mental health services in schools and collaborating more with law enforcement. >> we are going to look at the relationship between schools and law enforcement. how can they communicate better? how much information can school personnel provide to law enforcement without violating hippa or privacy rights. >> the goal is to create a standardized emergency plan for schools in san mateo county. the summit begins at 8:30 this morning at the oracle conference center in redwood city. >> one world trade scepter will today become the tallest building in all of the western hemisphere. the skyscraper replacing the
5:46 am
fallen twin towers, new york's tallest building. the final sections of the 408-foot spire are set to be lifted up to the top of the site today. spectacular to see that coming together. the port authority says a six-ton steel beacon will be installed at a later date. good morning. it is 5:46. if you are getting ready to head out the door, what should we wear, light clothing? >> light clothing, sleeveless, make sure we keep it covered in san francisco. that new law is in effect. we have a good-looking day shaping up. it is that kind of weather that you will want to dress in layers and slowly peel off throughout the day. you may not need the layers in some cities, starting out closer to 60 degrees. milder by 10 degrees in santa rosa than 24 hours ago. 13 degrees milder in novato.
5:47 am
the off-shore winds pump from land to sea and keep your beach temperatures just about as warm as what we're going to experience inlad today. however, there will be a difference as we head throughout the end of the week. high pressure takes control. the triple digits are in the forecast for friday. keep that in mind only in the warmer cities across the bay. it will be the first time this year so far. sfre stretch of summerlike weather. no rain in sight. in fact, if you wanted to hit the beach, you are going to get beautiful conditions to do so. the sun doesn't go down until close to 8:00 p.m. you get sunlight all day lorng. wind out of the north, 10-15 miles an hour. comfortable readings if you want to hit the beach. half moon bay, 69 degrees.
5:48 am
the warmest beach city, santa cruz at 78 degrees. sun is up in 15 minutes. it stays up until about 7:55. that means you can get out there after work. it is going to be hot enough to where you do want to seek shade or hit the beach. 90 at livermore. 76 in san francisco. tuesday into wednesday, we hold on to the heat and crank it up thursday and friday. temperatures are going to be in the mid-90s in places like livermore. antioch, gilroy, you are fair game for triple digits. we will keep you posted. we are expecting our air quality to suffer. i am happy to report, we still have good air quality, mike. that's some good news. you can keep that coming if you would like. we'll try our best. we'll do what we can. there is yellow reported on the roadways. that means the speeds are coming down a bit. i haven't heard about any crashes or incidents. 880 and 17 southbound. 17 over the summit heading towards santa cruz, a lot of desire to go to the beach.
5:49 am
87, a good deal of slowing. this is the first person we typically see about this time just before 6:00 a.m. we will watch and see if they hit an stick. going up the peninsula, smooth drive. 84. the dumbarton bridge. c caltrain moves smoothly. muni through the city, earlier problem. that cleared without delay. 46, without any delays. live look as things start to build at the bay bridge toll plaza. we build at the cash lanes and down the eastshore freeway, good build. 5:49. san jose business leaders going to bat for a new a's ball pash. the san jose downtown business asoc yag association is discussing a possible suit against major
5:50 am
league baseball and the san francisco giants. a san jose a's stadium would generate an estimated $130 million a year in new spending within the city. here is some good news for oakland. some of the bumpiest roads in the city are soon going to be fixed. kicking off their annual blitz. the pothole blitz, an effort to fill about 3,000 potholes by the end of june. they better get moving. work will begin on claremont between clifton and hudson street. then, each week after that, crews will move to another does district to get things done in oakland. keeping with the pothole theme, one bay area city has the dishonor of being home to the country's worst rhodes. th roads. the road information project ranks san jose number one when it comes to drivers paying the most for car repairs caused by road damage. drivers in the south bay pay an
5:51 am
average of $756 per year. los angeles is second on the list followed by san francisco and oakland and honolulu at fourth. when you are number one on the worst roads list, there is no need to buy the big foam fingers. >> no. you don't want to show it off. how about this one. drinking beer gets more social. we will let you know how one brewer has integrated beer drinking.
5:52 am
5:53 am
zubeidat. welcome back. happy monday. a gorgeous shot over san francisco. fresh off what was nothing short of a spectacular weekend. christina loren will be along to tell us about temperatures going up and up. you will find some areas 90 degrees and above. it is 5:53. you can go from drinking buddies
5:54 am
to instant facebook friends with just a little clink of your beer glass thanks to a new invention by budweiser. the buddy cup contains high-tech chip technology and integrated with facebook. once two people clink the classes together in a toast, this he become friends on the social networking site. scott mcgrew and i were talking. when you have having some beers, you might not want to be friends with them. >> unfriend them. >> a red led serves as confirmation, that, yes, congratulations, you have a new friend. 5:54. here is a plot twist no soap opera fan could have anticipated. one life to live is back and so too is all my children. >> i think this shows how far hhulu has come. the two soap operas returned this morning. both are available online for
5:55 am
free. one life to live and all my children were canceled. here is a clip brand new from hulu. >> i don't need to be protected. i'm not a kid anymore. i'm a grown man. >> matthew. >> i've had enough of this. >> no, you haven't, not as long as you are living under this roof. >> one of the show's producers tells national public radio the new online format means they can make the soaps even steamier. i should point out, our parent company is part owner of hulu. to another soap, when we last left ben, he was showing no interest in interest rates. the federal open markets committee meets this week. this is where in theory, they talk about raising interest rates. they can't lower them. they could raise them but they won't, because the economy is nowhere near reaching the criteria for such a jump. you could become fed governor. walk into the meeting and say, i say we do nothing and you would fit right in. >> facebook filed new financial
5:56 am
papers. we learned cheryl sandberg is the best paid person at facebook, about $600,000 salary plus $25 million in stock. last year, she had $821 million worth of stock vested so her retirement looking good this morning. >> i just started reading her book. >> it is really interesting. >> i would highly recommend it as well. >> i am going to be the new ceo of something. i'm not sure what. >> lean in. >> cheryl sandberg is inspiring me. >> hire me. meteorologist, christina loren, you too, ceo of the weather department. >> hey, i'll take it. it is good to be employed this time of year, this time in the country. we have a good-looking day shaping up. temperatures starting out in the 60s. we are pretty mild out there. you don't need a heavy coat this morning by any means as we head throughout the day today. we will hit the 9. you will notice the difference. your full forecast coming up in a moment. mike inouye. we are looking at the number 880 right here. the live look at the freeway. it is traveling southbound
5:57 am
through fremont with these head lights. that's just fine. we will look at the maps. a typical build through the area. northbound heading away through the area. durham, report of a crash coming in. south lake, a big rig. there may be one lane blocked traveling north. that is counter commute. that will be an issue. we will end with this look at the tri-valley, continuing to be a build. >> it is 5:57 right now. still ahead, we'll tell you why a bay area woman who killed her own son is now out of prison three years after she was sentenced. also, more than a decade later, the search continues for remains at the site of the world trade center. this morning. [ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy...
5:58 am
and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
5:59 am
we always saw her in pink or purple, just happy. everybody loved her. >> morning. the memory of a little girl during a manhunt to track down
6:00 am
her killer. what her brother is telling police about the stranger he reportedly found inside their home. plus, suffering in secret inside a hoarder's home where rescuers found dozens of sick animals and we will let you know how you can help them recover. >> a narrow miss, the overnight blast targeted at syria's prime minister and how he escaped. you want to prepare for summerlike weather. we are cranking up the heat. temperatures close to 60 just about everywhere. we are headed towards the 90s and warmer days ahead. your full forecast coming up. a crash will affect folks who are heading through sunol and a new crash in san jose. a bad spot for 101. >> we will show you what's going on in the south bay. love that shot. coming up over the hills out there, a way to inspire you to start off the workweek on this monday, april 29th. this is "today in the bay."


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