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tv   Today  NBC  May 2, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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putting t-shirts on every single chair. it looks like gold out there. tonight's game is sold out. >> at roaracle arena. have a great day! good morning. breaking news. this morning, new details on what they took from his dorm room after the attack and why they say they did it. and kris kross mystery. ♪ jump jump ♪ >> a member of one of the most popular rap duos of the '90s dead at the age of 34 as police search for a cause. fans are remembering his music
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search for a cause. fans are remembering his music today, thursday, may 2, 2013. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning. welcome to "today" on a thursday morning. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm matt lauer. we'll have more on the death of chrisc clkelly from kris kross a moment. hundreds of firefighters working around the clock to control what's called the summit fire, burning outside palm springs, california. high winds, hot temperatures only making things worse this morning. >> take a look at what's happening in the midwest. looks more like winter in rochester, minnesota. we'll show a live picture of that snow really coming down at a rate of about an inch an hour right now. we'll have more on that in a moment. we will start with that dangerous wildfire in california. nbc's miguel almaguer has made his way to the scene. good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning. this fire has scored some 3,000 acres, devouring and destroying the home behind me. crews did make progress on the front lines. the storyline today is going to be winds. winds that are kicking up early this morning. on the move overnight, the so-called summit fire sweeping across the foothills of riverside county. flames first exploded out of control wednesday afternoon, feeding on bone-dry brush, fueled by whipping winds, the fast-moving inferno destroyed at least one home. >> the car was restored for my mother. the triumph at one time. now's a -- a used ashtray. >> reporter: joe keener lost his mom to consider last month. wednesday he lost everything else. >> i just got to carry on. i mean, you can't sit there and cry about it -- i can, but i'm going do that probably privately. >> reporter: with 400 firefighters battling the blaze
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on the ground and in the air, crews call the conditions here a recipe for disaster. rising temperatures dropping humidity -- rising temperatures, dropping humidity, and howling winds threaten properties. were you scared you'd lose your snowman. >> scared i was -- lose your snowman. >> scared i was going to lose my life. >> reporter: the fire developing in the undeveloped foothills, evacuation orders were lifted, >> fire season is here upon don't think, oh, i got time. wake up, it's here. this is the wake-up call. >> reporter: with much of southern california in high fire danger, winds today could top 60 miles per hour, hitting a region already up in flames. this fire is now 40% contained, but that means 60% of this blaze still runs unchecked. of course, the big concern is going to be winds. the winds could top 60 miles per hour. savannah?
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>> miguel almaguer at the scene. thank you. sal is keeping a close eye n the fire. >> this is not good news. of this is a recipe as far as the wildfires go. we're going to set up for santa ana winds. high pressure up over the plains. low pressure down along the southwest. and between the two systems, you get a pressure gradient that's bringing those winds on shore and really at a quick clip. we'll show you also temperatu temperaturewise a big problem. 87, fresno, 91, pacific center, 93, san diego, 92. highs are 10 to 20 degrees above normal. here's what we've got. we've got red flag warnings from flagstaff to tucson. we've got los angeles and ventura counties with winds sustained 30 miles per hour, wind gusts in the mountains up to 70 miles per hour, and wind gusts in the valleys up to 50 miles per hour.
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so this is a realies a ies arre disaster for the next 48 to 72 hours. when i come back, we'll talk about the big winner storm that you showed earlier, and we'll also look at flooding rains that are going on in the gulf coast. all happening right now. savannah? >> a lot going in the weather department. al, thank you. meantime, investigators are trying to figure out had caused two -- what caused two passenger planes to clip each other as they prepared for takeoff at a new jersey airport. tom costello covers aviation for us. good morning. >> reporter: hi, savannah. new york airport one of the nation's busiest. last night one plane headed to nashville, one to oslo, norway, got too close on the runway. according to the faa, at about 7:30 last night, express jet flight 4226 was taxiing to the runway with standinavian airlines flight -- scandinavian airlines flight 908 behind it. when the airbus headed to a
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different taxiway, its wing clipped the express jet's tail. in january, two boeing 777s clipped wings at washington's dulles airport. two years ago, an air france operated a-380 super jumbo jet, the biggest commercial airliner in the world, clipped the tail of a regional jet at jfk airport, spinning the smaller plane like a toy. no one was injured in either collision. >> it's the inability of the pilot to accurately judge the distance all the way out to the wing tip. pilots taxi airplanes frequently, but when you have a lot of airplanes and it's at night, it's hard to judge something that far from you. >> reporter: scandinavian air released a statement saying, "the winglet, the very, very tip of the wing was damaged, and is being removed." while a representative from express jet said, "express jet is working in coordination with officials to determine the cause." neither plane could take off, of course. both returned to the gate.
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passengers were rebooked on to other planes. while the u.s. has not had a serious commercial plane crash in more than four years, these incidents on runways continue to be a real concern to both the faa and the ntsb. savannah? >> i'll take it, tom. thank you very much. we have new information on the arrest of three additional suspects tied to the boston bombing investigation. nbc's justice correspondent, pete williams, has the overnight developments on this story. pete, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. three men, all age 19, all said to be friends of bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev, are in federal custody this morning. and they'll remain there until court hearings later this month. they're not accused of having anything to do with planning or carrying out the bombing. this is all about what happened afterward. at the umass dartmouth campus, students say they can scarcely believe it. three more arrests. >> i was just kind of surprised because this has been such like a long, ongoing thing.
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>> reporter: the three, from cambridge and two from kazakhstan, azamat tazhayakov and diak kadyrvayev, accused of taking a backpack belonging to their friend, dzhokhar tsarnaev. the fbi says the three became concerned three days after the marathon attack when the fbi released pictures of the bombing suspects. court document say azamat tazhayakov texted, "come to my room and take whatever you want kwcht "the fbi says the three went to his college dorm room a short while ago. diak kadyrvayev decided they should remove the backpack because he knew when he saw it contained emptied fireworks tubes that tsarnaev was involved in the marathon bombing. the next morning the fbi says the new bedford apartment of the two students from kazakhstan, all three saw television news reports identifying their friend as one of the bombing suspects. agents say the two threw the backpack to the garbage. the fbi found is sick days a
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ing ago -- six days ago and sai contained fireworks. a lawyer said they were not trying to hide anything. >> he did not know the items were involved in a bombing or of any interest or value. >> reporter: the lawyers for all three students say they did nothing illegal. now one other note here. the fbi says a little over a month ago, tsarnaev told the two students from kazakhstan that he knew how to make a bomb. matt? >> pete williams in washington on this for us, thank you very much. meantime, new controversy this morning over the so-called morning-after pill. we have more, tamron hall in for natalie. good morning. an outcry from women's groups following the obama administration's announcement that tell appeal a court decision that ended all age restrictions on purchases of the morning-after pill. this just one day after the fda moved to lower the age restriction on the plan-b one-step morning-after pill from 17 to 15 years old. that product can now be sold on drug store shelves instead of
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being stocked behind pharmacy counters. but women buying it would have to show proof of age. parents are reporting more skin and food allergies in their children, but health expert say they are not sure why. according to a new government study, one in 20 u.s. kids has food allergies. that's a 50--- 50% increase from the late 1990s, one in eight children suffers from eczema or another skin condition, an increase of 69%. north korea has condemned an american man to 15 years of hard labor for crimes. kenneth bayh was tried by the supreme court of pyongyang on charges that he plotted to overthrow the government. his friends say he's just a tour operator. now to wall street and courtney reagan at the new york stock exchange. rough day on wednesday, right? >> reporter: that's right. good morning. gains, the dow posted the worst
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first trading day of any month since june, 2012, on wednesday. investors nervous that a private sector jobs report that came in disappointing perhaps hints that the jobs report on friday will come in below expectations. separately the market will glean insights about the health of the consumer as we get earnings reports from the likes of g.e., kraft, kellogg, and estee lauder. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. we all misspeak, i do, from time to time in this business. for comcast correspondent susannah collins, her report on the stanley cup playoffs has many wondering it was an on-air flub or freudian slip. listen closely. >> this is the season that matters. despite the fact that they've had a tremendous amount of sex during -- success during the regular season, clinching the president's -- >> okay. super kuehcool. she tweeted, "thanks for laughing along with me and my
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"tremendous" slip." there you have it. it is 7:11. back to savannah, matt, and al. and -- >> i didn't catch it. what was the problem? >> you believe they were having a tremendous amount of sex. >> we know that's not true because athletes don't do that before any game. >> what athlete told you that? >> survey says -- >> thank you very much. you remain surprisingly quiet back there. >> al's here -- >> i need this job. >> al's here with a check of the weather. >> all right. first of all, as we were telling you, it has been a rough one for our friends in not only the midwest but throughout the gulf coast. this is rochester, minnesota, right now live. in fact, schools are closed. a first for may for schools being closed for snow. this is nuts. and as we look, there's also a lot of wet weather down in florida. this is also earlier in rochester, minnesota. in florida, we're seeing a lot of heavy rain. in fact, all through the gulf
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coast, some areas picking up from five to ten inches of rain before it's all over. and there is more on the way. okay. here's the radar. you see snow stretching from duluth back into great bend. rain ahead of that. the snowfall basically going to be anywhere from another three to six inches of snow. and then down to the gulf, we are looking at more heavy rain. there are flash flood watches and flash flood warnings now all along the gulf. all the way down into southern florida. parts of miami going to be looking at another four to five inches of rain today. southern florida is going to be a mess. all the way back to new orleans and mobile, alabama. talking about localized, heavy flooding. we're going to get to the local forecast in a moment right after this message.
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come back to jcpenney. we heard you. now we'd love to see you. ♪ 7:14 on what is going to be a very hot thursday. good morning. i'm meteorologist, christina loren, forecasting records today. places like hayward. 91 degrees should be at the old record. setback in 2004. look at where we are headed. very close to the triple digits in places like fairfield and livermore. you will be in the low 90s along the east shore and 83 degrees today in san francisco. hope you have a great day. at's your latest weather. >> that's your latest weather. matt? thank you very much. new surveillance video has surfaced in the mysterious disappearance of a young mother who vanished at her job of a gas station attendant.
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investigators hope it will lead to a break in that case. >> reporter: hands held in prayer for 25-year-old jessica harringa. students in norton shores, michigan, coming together near the gas station where she worked. >> support her family and show her that the community's here to support her and just to get answers. >> reporter: the young mother has been missing for six days. police say they found no signs of a struggle. jessica's purse, keys, and car all left behind. christian van antwerpen works at a guitar shop near the station. he stopped for gas two hours before jessica was last seen friday night. he saw her outside, near the pump, talking to a man inside a silver minivan. >> kind of joking almost like it was a regular kind of guy that would come in there and talk to her. >> reporter: police have released this sketch of a possible suspect. and two surveillance videos taken by security cameras at different locations show a silver minivan traveling away from the gas station.
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this as the community prays for answers and her safe return. for "today," kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago. in other news, the music world is mourning the death of rapper chris kelly this morning. if you don't know his name, you certainly know his group and their hit song. nbc's mara schiavocampo with more. good morning, savannah. good morning, everyone. kris kross was one of the biggest rap groups of the '90s setting trend with their backward clothes and selling millions of albums. last night fans got the tragic news that one member of the pair was gone. with one single -- ♪ jump jump ♪ >> reporter: they leapt to the top of the charts. wednesday, 34-year-old chris kelly, half of the '90s duo kris kross, was pronounced dead after being found unresponsive in his home. while the cause of death hasn't been determined, officials say "it appears it may have been a possible drug overdose." the news quickly spread through
7:17 am
social media with celebs like diddy, ll cool j, and alyssa milano tweeting their condolences. ♪ >> reporter: known by the stage name mac daddy, kelly and his partner, chris smithwere discovered by super produce or jermaine dupree at an atlanta mall in 1991 at just 13 years old. best known for wearing their clothes backwards, kris kross' 1992 smash hit "jump" became one of the most memorable songs of the '90s, spending eight weeks at number one. their debuting album went on to sell four million copies. in recent years there were rumors kelly suffered from leukemia, which he denied in an interview with >> i do not have cancer. i hahave alabecia. >> reporter: early this morning,
7:18 am
kelly's family and so so def released a same sayitatement sa "his legacy will live on through his music, and we will forever love him." kelly's family says no funeral plans have been made. an autopsy is scheduled forred it. i remember wearing clothes backwards to school. they were so influential. a tragic passing. >> a lot of people tweeting saying the song brings back memories. sorry to see him go. thank you very much. coming up, a case that's gripped the nation. new developments from the murder trial of jodi arias as closing arguments get underway today. and the franken-fish that's popped up in central park. we'll have that story. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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wake up with al. no, al, wake up with us. >> we would love to invite al to our home to cook breakfast.
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>> hey, al, come visit atlanta. we'll meet you on peach street. >> impressive invitations, and what's going to happen is one lucky viewer is going to wake up with al, kind of. >> let's clayify that. >> we don't mean go to sleep with al. >> i'm going to go to your house and do the weather. >> we don't mean it in the martha stewart way. >> thanks for that imagery. >> we're going to meet the finalists this morning. >> they may have changed their mind by now, but we have three from across the country vying for a chance for us to do our weather forecast from their home. very exciting. >> we're terrified about another story. have you heard about this ferocious fish that has come to town. >> and as matt reminded me, this fish can live on land "chicago sun times" and eats rats. >> they're worried it could be
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a co-worker saw her slipping something into the children's drinks. she was arrested and fired. high temperatures all day. gusting winds and keeping firefighters were getting an upper hand on a fire northwest of cal astow ga. the fire, we're being told, 60% contained. full containment is expected to happen sometime by this evening. let's check things out with all that wind and warm weather to see things happening with christina loren. good morning, jon. one of the reasons they were able to jump from 50% containment is because the winds are dropping off. 57 degrees in san jose. you are at 51 in gilroy by noon today. the mid to upper 80s on the way. a couple of low 70s at that point right at the immediate coast. that's the only place you are going to catch a break from the heat. 90, fremont. 94, san jose. much-needed relief on the way. we are looking toward the south
7:28 am
bay build. we are looking at 101 with a shot. as you look closely, you see the drastic lane changes. the map will show you, it is slow all over the south bay. north 101 kind of calming down a bit. still, slowing stretches from capital. all the way past the airport, bogging down the top of the screen. mountain view into palo alto. slow through the tri-valley. typical spots through livermore. a crash in the middle of the roadway. jon. back to you. thank you very much for the update. another local update coming up in half an hour. we certainly hope to see you then.
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♪ it is 7:30 now on a thursday morning. t minus 25 hours and counting to the psi spectacular live on the plaza. he'll be here tomorrow morning performing his megahit "gentlemen" and "gangnam style." if you are in the area, get here early. it's going to be crazy. and we're going to also run through the list of great acts that are going to be taking our concert stage throughout the summer. good information for you if you can come on and join the party. >> you've been limbering up, exercising, get ready for your big dance routine. >> inside studio 1a. >> good morning, everybody. the airline that has decided
7:31 am
to charge some of its passengers, get this, for carry-on bags. >> pepsi pulling an ad that some critics say is one of the most offensive commercials ever. and a programming note, tomorrow on "today," a new clue in the search for the treasure of jewels and gold coins somewhere out in the southwest. if you're one of the thousands that have flocked to new mexico to find it, a warning. we'll begin this half hour with the trial of jodi arias, the young woman facing charges of premeditated murder in the 2008 death of her boyfriend. after four months of sometimes graphic testimony, closing arguments are finally beginning today. >> it's the opposite of a who done it. >> did you kill travis alexander on june 4th, 2008? >> yes, i did. >> an autopsy found that alexander was shot in the face and stabbed 27 times. >> she almost decapitated him and dragged him back to the shower and shot him in the head. >> facing charges of
7:32 am
first-degree murder and a possible death sentence, jodi arias told the jury she shot alexander in self-defense. >> he was screaming i was a stupid idiot and he body slammed me again on the tile. >> arias says she doesn't remember much else after the gun went off in her hands. but over 18 days of testimony, she shared intimate details about their relationship, including tapes of her and alexander having phone sex. >> you make me feel so dirty. >> you are dirty, baby. >> the defense wanted the sexual relationship of travis alexander and jodi arias to be in front of the jury because they said travis alexander, the good mormon man was leading a double life and that jodi arias was his dirty little secret. >> i felt like a used piece of toilet paper. >> arias even claimed her boyfriend had been physically abusive. >> he called me a [ bleep ] and kicked me in the ribs. >> but the defense had no witnesses, no physical evidence to support that charge.
7:33 am
and during cross-examination, arias broke into tears. >> ma'am, were you crying when you were shooting him? >> i don't remember. >> were you crying when you were stabbing him? >> i don't remember. >> how about when you cut his throat? were you crying then? >> i don't know. >> arias shot alexander with the same type of gun stolen a week earlier from her grandfather's home in california. and her claims of self-defense are the third version of the story she told before finally confessing that she killed alexander. first, she denied being there. >> i was not at travis' house. >> arias then said alexander was killed by masked intruders. a skeptical jury asked her more than 200 questions during her time on the stand. >> would you decide to tell the truth if you never got arrested? >> i honestly don't know the answer to that question. >> for more, we turn to lisa
7:34 am
bloom. good morning. >> good morning. >> we'll let you have a crack at this and play lawyer. if you're the defense, lisa, what is the best evidence she acted in self-defense as she claims? >> well, they only have her word for it. so she's been on the stand over 18 days, the jury's going to have to believe her testimony. she has a little bit of a finger injury, which i can't do here. which she says is from him assaulting her. and there are psychologists, more psychological evidence. >> and let me turn to you, star. on the prosecution's side, in order for them to make this a death penalty eligible case, they have to prove this was a premeditated murder. what is the strongest evidence of premeditation that she planned it? >> planning from at least two weeks past, behind it. going to steal her grandfather's car, steal her grandfather's gun, renting a car, even preparing to have extra gas in a gas can and then, of course,
7:35 am
afterwards, flight and trying to hide all the weapons. we haven't gotten any of the weapons. >> we have questions from the jurors, something we have in arizona, but not in other states. and it's rather telling. it's an insight into how they're looking at the case. >> this is a smart jury and overwhelmingly male jury. so we're looking at jurors in this case, we can tell from their questions who are very rational, who are questioning the psychologist about whether they'resing outdated tests. they're really on every detail. >> what do you think, star, for having her on the stand for 18 days, there is a theory that whatever they think of her, she's now a human being to them. >> yeah. >> she's become a real person. >> they bonded with their killer even if she's a murderer. i think the biggest issue is going to be if they can reestablish jodi arias as the defendant, not as jodi. >> the prosecutor. >> the prosecutor. >> the prosecutor must reestablish she is a murderer, not just jodi arias. >> you'd be in the courtroom
7:36 am
saying this defendant -- >> no question. and pointing to her. and playing to that theory. the real issue, though, is whether or not they can save her life. she's not going to be acquitted. keeping the needle out of her arm -- >> do you agree with that, lisa? that this is all about keeping her off of death row. >> if the jury believes the self-defense theory, it's a home run for jodi arias, but i don't think expect to see that. she's hoping for a manslaughter conviction which will save her from the death penalty. >> you mentioned the experts a few moments ago. we had various witnesses testifying she has everything from ptsd, battered women syndrome and borderline personality syndrome. do the experts wash each other out? >> sometimes it's the benefit of the defendant, what you've done is muddy the water. the prosecution has a very strong forensic case, strong circumstantial evidence. they didn't really need to get into the argument over what mental defect she had. >> i think the jurors are going
7:37 am
to focus on the stab wounds in his back even though it's a self-defense case and bullet to the head. >> and did jodi arias finish him off and shoot him at the end? >> very quickly, there's been tough testimony about the victim here. >> yeah. >> is that a potential backfiring strategy for the defense? basically blaming and trying to find the victim. >> it's what you have to do on the self-defense case, but it's turned people off on social media big time. a lot of the jurors in this case. we can tell from their questions. let's remember, as star said, she slashed his throat. and the jurors have seen these horrific pictures. we don't see them on television on the coverage of this case, but the jurors have seen that over and over again. the prosecution ended with that. >> great to have your perspective as always, thank you. and now we'll take a turn and get a check of the weather from al. ♪ >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by kay
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jewelers. every kiss begins with kay. >> and we want to introduce you to the first of our three finalists, wake up with al, hoping i'll do the weather from their home. sharon, charlie and and jennifer. welcome, guys. >> good to be here. >> in your application, your essay, you said why i want -- how i like my eggs. and you guys, i guess, have plenty of eggs since you have a dairy farm. >> we have 80 hens. >> how many cows? >> we've got about 72 milk cows and over 100 hens at the farm total counting babies. >> and charlie, this is not just some fly by night operation. been in your family for a while. >> since 1831. >> so your great grand dad started it? >> yeah. >> and you have a bunch of siblings living together on the farm. >> we do. all my dad's brothers and sisters live there on the farm. a group of all my cousins there. >> it'll be pretty crowded.
7:39 am
>> it will be. >> okay. well, you're our first finalist, thanks for entering. we appreciate it. let's check your weather, though, show you what we've got going on. and we've got a big blocking system, high pressure on both coasts, in between t stream, takes a big dip. look at these temperatures out west. we're looking at temperatures anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees above normal. you get on the other side of that system, temperatures drop anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees below where they should be. good morning to you. it is going to be a hot day. we are rifling temperature records once again. 91 degrees in the forecast. high in hayward. that should be the old record that was set in 2004 of 80 degrees. we are talking warm weather in places like fairfield. the further you live inland, the hotter it is going to be. 98 in fairfield, 97, livermore. 83 in san francisco. seven-day outlook shows you we
7:40 am
are going to cool off dramatically. maybe a stray shower on tuesday. half hour, we meet our second group of finalists, savannah? >> thank you so much. coming up next, some call it the frankenfish, others, fishzilla. terrifying by any name and there are signs it may have invaded the lake at central park. we'll ask "today's" professionals to weigh in on the hot topics. 's that? you got mommy a mother's day present? [ baby coos ] oh, i totally agree. she is the best mommy ever. [ baby coos ] it's beautiful. [ female announcer ] the charmed memories collection at kay jewelers. each charm is hand-crafted in italy and with hundreds of charms to choose from, the possibilities are endless. this friday through sunday get this free bracelet or a charm valued up to forty-five dollars with any charmed memories purchase of one hundred dollars or more. at kay, the number-one jewelry store in america. ♪ every kiss begins with kay ♪
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7:45 am
disappointed. lisa myers has the details on this. good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. for families who endured years of anguish or lost their homes, critics say these payments are cold comfort. the banks don't have to admit wrong-doing, and even if there's evidence of wrong conduct, they're not providing that information to homeowners. karen had been fighting to save her home from foreclosure for three years and recently received her compensation payment from the settlement, $300. >> it was more than pathetic, it was insulting. >> timothy, a trucker, said he's been fighting to save his home since his servicer made a mistake, declaring his family behind on the mortgage when they were not. platt received a postkaurt recently saying he'll get a check. he, too, expects $300. >> it's kind of like a slap in the face. we have been trying to work
7:46 am
through this for three years now. and we've lost lots. >> in all, 13 banks will pay $3.6 billion to homeowners under the settlement. the five biggest banks alone earn more than $60 billion last year. the largest payout is $125,000, go to more than 1,000 members of the military wrongly foreclosed on and for 53 homeowners foreclosed on even though they never missed a payment. most, almost 2 million homeowners, get checks of $300 to $600. >> families get pennies on the dollar in the settlement for being victims of illegal activities. >> platt was so upset, he wrote nbc news. >> the banks have misrepresented the facts. >> in the settlement, the banks promised to end the abuses, but platt said his bank has not changed.
7:47 am
>> no improvement whatsoever. in fact, you can't even talk to them. >> both banks declined to comment, and platt now is suing his comment. as for information about wrong doing by the banks, so far federal regulators are refusing to provide that material to congress, claiming the bank's documents are trade secrets, matt. >> lisa myers in washington. thank you for that story. still ahead, would you pay a fee for a carry-on bag? the airline that's about to start charging some of its passengers just for that. up next, the hunt for fish-zilla. apparently, they're worried about it being in central park in new york. first, these messages. nts. well i'll be a monkey's uncle. and we got a hundred dollars in points from sears to use on jim's mower... hold the phone! ...and points from the grill helped pay for my dress... now you're just pulling my leg. get this, sometimes points just show up in our account. get out of town! with points from shop your way, there are more ways to save than ever at sears.
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7:50 am
back now with the hunt for fishzilla in central park. craig melvin there with his little friend. good morning to you. >> he's got gloves on. >> hello there, savannah
7:51 am
guthrie. we bought this one in china town yesterday. it's usually found in the waters of asia and it's called the northern snakehead fish. but since it started winding up here in our waters wreaking havoc, it's earned a more ominous nickname calling it fishzilla. it's a fresh water monster with a snake-like head that can grow up to 3 feet long. >> that fish is way too big to be in this little pond. >> lurking under water, but capable of slithering around the land for days. >> they even eat small rats and all types of stuff. >> so destructive, it's against federal law to have or sell a live one. fearsome enough to earn its own special on natgeo. >> a ferocious fish with massive appetite and razor sharp teeth. >> reporter: prompted wildlife officials in maryland to poison
7:52 am
a whole pond just to get rid of them. they also appeared in the potomac in florida and michigan. but now the so-called fishzilla is taking a bite out of the big apple and with three rows of teeth at that. >> there's nothing in this pond that could chase a 3-foot snakehead away except for a human being. >> signs like these started popping up. >> i just saw a long snakehead like this long. >> reporter: this has been kenneth's fishing hole for 61 years, usually he's catch and release, now it's search and destroy. >> before they take over the lake and eat everything in it, we're going to try to catch them. >> and fishery officials won't mind if he and others take it a step further. >> if they happen to catch one, keep it out of the water and if they want to youthut niz it, th fine. >> that fish could easily crawl back into the water. >> that's creepy. >> yeah, literally, they do creep.
7:53 am
>> reporter: so, guys, they're awfully ugly, but officials stress, there's absolutely no danger to humans. >> okay. we'll leave that in matt's office. thank you so much. we're back after your local news. iginal recipe? dad, i think you ate the bones. i did what? you ate the bones! i ate the bones? i ate the bones! i ate the bones! [ male announcer ] kfc original recipe, now available without the bone. freshly prepared white or dark meat chicken, boneless and skinless. get 4 delicious, mouth-watering pieces in your next 10 piece mixed bucket for $14.99. today tastes so good. ♪ but i won't do that
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it is 7:56. good morning. i'm jon kelley. firefighters trying to find out whether hot, dry conditions played a role in the fire conditions. behind a home in almedon on willow. they believe the fire started when a car battery that was being charged suddenly exploded. the good news, nobody was hurt but at least four people were displaced. police trying to figure out who left a suspicious package and a note in a south bay office building. an employee at the building on park more drive and highway 280 in san jose noticed this package. that area was immediately evacuated just as a precaution. the bomb squad inspected the package and found it didn't contain anything dangerous.
7:57 am
>> good morning. 8:80. starting to jam up right now. the volume, building up. tonight, the warriors playing the final playoff game for this round. >> looking over towards the maps. north 680, very slow from 580. the earlier crash just cleared from lanes passed there approaching the canyon. another crash involving a motorcycle. look at your commute routes west 580. very jammed up through the tri-valley. not much better. not better at all coming out of castro valley. jamming down past the bridge and fremont. there is your south bay. back to you. >> as mike mentioned shts the warriors playing tonight, taking on the denver nuggets and the vancouver canucks hosting your san jose sharks game through the playoff series.
7:58 am
the sharks leading 1-0. we'll have it all for you coming up later on. see you in half an hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
8 de esta mañana del dos de 8:00 now on this thursday morning. the only thing wrong with that day, in my opinion, was the absence of one matt lauer. but fear not, world, we will make up for that when psi is back friday, tomorrow. >> well, a little disclaimer. i'm going to try and fly back. i have a flight to catch. if it's a little bit late, i'm afraid you're going to have to
8:01 am
handle it for me. if it's very late. i'm not sure that dance is in my wheelhouse, but we're going to see. >> i've seen you dance, i think you've got the moves, and we look forward to seeing that. also coming up this morning, what have we got? >> got today's pros in the house. dr. nancy is not here, but look who we have in? we have padma in. we'll be talking about google glass, which we tried out here idea morning. >> then an unexpected debate about whether women should lean in in the workplace. tom brokaw will tell us why he thinks the 21st century is the century of the woman. >> he prefers good friend, not old friend. >> yes, exactly. >> sorry, tom. you know i meant. >> and we're going to meet our next group of finalists in our "wake up with al" contest.
8:02 am
>> and matt will be on "the tonight show" tonight. >> that's why i may not make it back. >> jay, if you want to tape anything else after the show later, we could do that as well. >> need to check out some dates for martha. >> a lot of martha today from you. all right. let's get over to tamron hall, good morning to you. >> good morning, everyone. three additional suspects arrested in the boston bombing investigation will remain locked up until a hearing later this month. officials say the 19-year-olds are all friends of accused bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev, who interfered with the investigation. two are from kazakhstan here on student visas. they are not suspected of being involved in the actual bombings. the students allegedly removed a backpack come takening empty fireworks tubes from tsarnaev's room and threw it in the garbage once they realized he was in trouble with the police. he told them that he knew how to
8:03 am
make a bomb. the president is flying to mexico today, the second largest export market for the u.s. goods and services. fierce winds and high temperatures are hampering firefighters battling a major brush fire in southern california. crews hope to build a containment line this morning around the so called summit fire outside palm springs. it has already burned at least 3,000 acres of dry brush and one home. police have released a new surveillance video of a silver minivan that may be involved in the disappearance of a young michigan mom. the 25-year-old vanished last friday night from the gas station where she worked. officials have also released this sketch of a possible suspect. and now for a look at what's trending today, our quick wrap-up of what has you talking online. a story we told you about earlier, the sudden death of
8:04 am
kris kross member chris kelly. it surged overnight. it was trending on twitter overnight and this morning. fans left their condolences and memories. actress lindsay lohan posted this instagram pic of herself in the caption, and later locked listen to this one. of backlash after announcing about $2 for coffee and soda and up to $100 for carry-on bags, unless you book directly through them. mountain dew ad after complaints >> all right, man, we got them all lined up. nail this little sucker.
8:05 am
>> i don't think i can do this. >> it's easy. >> better not snitch on a player. >> so the spot was developed by rapper tyler the creator. pepsi has apologized for that now back to al with a check of you by the makers of non-drowsy claritin. with claritin, you can experience powerful non-drowsy relief throughout your allergy season. live claritin clear. we'd like you to meet lori. she's the secretary at the fire department in sulfur, louisiana. she's here with her husband patrick coleman, who works at
8:06 am
another fire house, and chief james stanley. welcome to all of you. >> thank you. >> so you're the one who wrote in. >> yes. for years. and of the "today" show. >> that's awfully nice. >> i wanted do you come to my house, but not my home. second home, the fire for me to do down there? >> oh yes. show on the ladder truck. >> some good firehouse cooking. all right, guys, good luck. that's what's going on around the country. there's the pollen forecast. you can see we're looking at a lot of pollen throughout a good portion of the country, with the exception down into florida where there's a lot of rain. we're also talking about, as you look at the radar, a lot of rain out there, down through florida into the gulf coast. louisiana now finally seeing the
8:07 am
rain. looking for snow back through minnesota on into wisconsin. lots of sunshine. beautiful day in the pacific northwest. good morning to you. it's going to be a hot day. we are rivaling temperature records yet again. 91 degrees the forecasted high in hayward. that should beat out on old record set back in 2004 of 87 degrees. talking even warmer weather in places like fairfield. the further you live inland, the hotter it's going to be. 98 in fairfield. 97 in livermore. 83 in san francisco. seven-day outlook shows we're going to cool off dramatically sunday through wednesday. maybe a stray shower on tuesday. >> and we'll meet our third and final group of we're we'll meet our third and final group of finalists in just a little bit. nk you so much. coming up next, today's professionals are here and they'll weigh in on jason collins' announcement that he is gay. how will it affect his search for a job in professional
8:08 am
baseball. >> and why tom brokaw says this is the century of women. >> and a new look for the honey fitz. we'll look at the president's newly restored yacht. but first, these messages. i've been claritin clear for 12 days ! when your allergies start, doctors recommend taking one clinically-proven claritin every day during your allergy season for continuous relief. 18 days ! 17 days ! i'm still claritin clear ! 22 days of continuous relief. live claritin clear. every day. take the claritin clear challenge: get continuous, non-drowsy allergy relief or your money back. go to for details.
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8:12 am
we're back now at 8:11. and we've got "today's professionals" with us. star jones, donny deutsch. welcome all, nice to see you. we'll start with the subject that brings us full circle to a subject we discussed here about a month ago. we were asking the question when will a male in a professional major sport in the united states come out and say i'm gay? we got the answer this week, jason collins, a pro basketball player did it directly and eloquently. brings us to the next question. what's next? what happens? do we see a lot of other players come out? >> well, let me first of all talk about jason and his career. with his stats, had e would have a 50% chance of getting hired next year. >> he's without a team right now. >> guess what, it's 100% now. it's very interesting. i'm not saying he did it for this reason, but david stern who is a brilliant marketer will not
8:13 am
let the nba reject him even if performance wise he would be. so i find it fascinating at this moment in time he chose to do it. obviously, brave thing to do, career brilliant thing to do. >> i don't think it's a bad thing. even if it does benefit his career, so what, there are such great benefits to what he did. and we're all trying to use whatever we can to stand out. and this is a noble way for jason to stand out. and i think it's a great idea. >> let me get this straight. are you saying if he had a contract for the next couple of years, he might not have come out? >> i'm not saying that. i don't know jason collins, all i'm saying is i'm glad he came out. and if he gets some benefit from it, more power to him. >> i don't think rosa parks set out to be the person who people call the mother of the civil rights era. i don't think jason collins started out thinking i'm going to be this gay hero. but it becomes a movement that equalizes people not based on
8:14 am
their sexuality in work. >> that's where i started and we got off the subject. the question is, does this prompt other major players? some are questioning out loud whether jason collins has the star power to get other players to do the same thing. >> i think he does only because of the reaction from other major nba stars and just entertainers in the media in general. i was on twitter and i saw so many celebrities who don't give a darn about basketball come out. >> let me move on. this next one is interestingly enough about a commercial that ran on our air just a little while ago. jc penney had a very bad 2012, lost about a third of their customers, it was a dismal financial year. they came out with an ad that takes it on right off the bat, straight on. we made mistakes, we're sorry. take a look. >> it's not secret, recently jc penney changed. some changes you liked, some you didn't.
8:15 am
but what matters with mistakes is what we learn. we learned a very simple thing, to listen to you, to hear what you need to make your life more beautiful. come back to jc penney, we heard you. now we'd love to see you. >> we made mistakes, we messed up, come back. you're the ad guy. is this a good approach? >> a couple of months ago i was having lunch with the hedge fund guy who owns jc penney. i said, come straight out and say we screwed up. what they didn't do, i told him that as a friend. i would have gone much further. really had fun and said, hey, we screwed up, what a bunch of idiots we are, we owe you and here's what we're going to do for you. >> i have to tell you, i liked it, and it would make me go to jc penney and see -- >> give them another shot. >> it actually would. i was jc penney kind of girl.
8:16 am
i would go back to jc penney. >> the reason i like is it because what they were accused of when they changed their strategy is alienating their core customer. that ad even the maternal tone of the narrater and the images you see are so intimate. that's what they're trying to do. reestablish that intimacy. >> and trying to appeal to us, the women. >> the women. >> i see it very transparent. if you're going to do a mea culpa, you've got to say this is really stupid. >> do you really want to focus people on the past or looking towards the future? >> you have to reset. that's what we call a reset ad. >> i think if they were going after boys, maybe, yes, but if they're going after girls, we want you to say, i'm sorry, but we've got good sales. >> that's my point, they don't give you that. >> google glass, we tried them on here yesterday. you can do a little e-mailing, take pictures, take video, you can wear them on the street. get all kinds of information. raise your hand if you think you might be signing up for an early pair of google glass.
8:17 am
>> no. >> i would be curious. i would. >> do you worry that somebody could be walking down the street behind you and say she looks nice and talk to their google glass and say take a picture or take a video that you lose privacy if a lot of people start to have this. >> i have already lost my privacy. people already do that, they just get money for doing it. i think what this will do is change the way we think of privacy. because if everyone is a subject of this kind of surveillance, then our very notion of privacy different. it's already happening with google maps. >> here's why i don't get frightened. we will self-police ourselves. i think people wearing them will be a scarlet letter. i think the public has a way of self-correcting. >> not everybody is wearing them. >> if you think about the headphones walking around with your smartphone. if you see everyone with google glass, your privacy is definitely diminished. >> and you behave differently. >> you know when you step out
8:18 am
your door, you're no longer private. >> you do that now. nice to have you all here. let's go over to savannah. >> thanks. there are a few issues that get debate going what the role of women is and should be in our society. you might be surprised who is weighing in now. it isn't a man's world according to cheryl samberg, author of the book "lean in" in which she writes a truly equal world in which women ran half of our countries and men run half of our homes. at a time when there are only 21 women ceos of fortune 500 companies, these words have sparked a debate. >> do not leave before you leave. do not lean back, lean in. put your foot on that gas pedal and keep it there until the day you have to make a decision. and then make a decision. >> and the conversation
8:19 am
continues online with parents on blogs inundated with posts on equality and women in the workplace. in a discussion about lean in, one member writes, quote, made me wonder how i hide my insecurities at work. i don't feel that insecure, but made me wonder if i just mask it. but not everyone wants to lean in at the office. "new york" magazine and "the atlantic" have highlighted that debate with cover stories in the past. and there's a new entry into the discussion it might surprise you tom brokaw writing an essay called "welcome to the century of women." he writes as the challenges of the 21st century demands more from each of us, shouldn't we be thinking about how to free up for the common good as we do about immigration, entitlement reform and debt reduction? and speak of the devil, here he is, tom brokaw. >> now you're calling me a devil. >> i already called you an old friend, i might as well keep at it.
8:20 am
good to see you. >> good to be here. >> say the 21st century will be the century of the woman. and you cite the increase number of women in law and politics at the top of business. is it already here? >> no, we have a long way to go. and i did say the entire century will be the determination of whether it becomes a century of women, which i believe it will be. that gender, your gender has never made as many gains in the history of mankind and it's way overdue, frankly. in the western world, the gains are being made. other parts of the world where we have a lot to be done. the islamic world is a demonstration of that. there is a movement only in one direction, if you look in this country alone, she has reactivated the debate in many ways. we've had more women on the supreme court than ever before, more women in the united states senate than ever before. t an african-american woman runs
8:21 am
xerox. half the law school students, half the medical school students are women. and for a generation coming of age, they're not looking at that gender diversification in the same way my generation did. >> and you write in the piece a couple of times we should be thinking about freeing up women for the common good. what do you mean by that? >> i think the institutions have to change. you begin with a simple idea of let's make equal pay for equal work. also, we have to think about the ability of women to do what they p want to do with their own lives, that is to have babies and still return to the workplace and not lose their place necessarily. i think corporations have to change, government has to change because we're going to need as i say in this essay, we're going to need everybody in the arena to get through the complicated times in which we're now living. >> all right, tom brokaw, good to get your perspective. thank you very much. >> thank you. now a major makeover for the
8:22 am
presidential yacht made famous by john f. kennedy. kerry sanders in west palm beach, florida. and kerry, we were going to bring you this story a little later on. we've seen a storm moving in. time is of the essence. kerry, take it away. >> well, i'm onboard, this is arguably one of the most famous wooden ships in america. the passenger onboard here, well, he made these sunglasses iconic. i don't need the sunglasses this morning. as i step out here, take a look at this boat. it has fallen into disrepair. but after two years of loving attention, behold the beauty. >> all right, mark, stern to starbird. >> it's actually an honor. like being onboard a piece of art history. >> it was a symbol of camelot. crews in the waters along the potomac, palm beach, and
8:23 am
hyannis. many times with jfk and the first lady lounging on the open back deck. >> what i've learned about jfk is his love of the sea and his love of family and privacy and the time he spent on this boat must have been very special to him and his family. >> the 93-foot wooden ship was originally built in 1931 as a luxury cruiser. she was later pressed into service for world war ii as a coast guard patrol boat. then became the presidential yacht for harry truman and served under five presidents. truman, eisenhower, kennedy, johnson, and nixon. but her most famous era was as the pleasure vessel for president kennedy and his family. >> when you think of jfk and the presidency, a lot of the images are of jfk on this yacht with jackie and john jr. and caroline and their cousins.
8:24 am
>> jfk named the yacht after his paternal grandfather, john francis fitzgerald whomever just called honey fitz. >> if the walls could speak, could you imagine? can you imagine the meetings that have gone on? >> the honey fitz was host to heads of state and kennedy family trips. >> they are the iconic images of a generation. moments our nation shared together. now that the majestic honey fitz is back, a symbol of camelot endures. a texas oil executive bought the honey fitz in 1998 for $5.9 million. that oil executive's father was a classmate of kennedy's during the future president. the honey fitz was a far cry from camelot when it arrived. it was a two-year labor of love. >> mechanically, it is as close
8:25 am
to original as possible. >> one difference in the restoration, the aft was closed the way nixon had it. inside, just one state room. but most of the interior was restored as it was during camelot. jfk's desk and pictures of the kennedies aboard their beloved ship. and now it'll be used to host charity events. >> it's a national treasure and thankfully it's alive and well today. >> were jfk alive and well today, what would he think of this? >> i think he'd love it. he'd probably say toss the lines off and let's go for a ride. >> so the honey fitz is going to begin a charity tour going up the coast. it's going to be used to raise money for children affairs as well as for veterans. and as i sit here at kennedy's desk, let me throw it back to you guys at the studio.
8:26 am
>> well done. >> yeah, kerry, thank you. coming up, we'll meet the last finalist and reveal our winner good morning, i'm marla tellez. it's unclear whether a man who stole a yacht from sausalito will stand trial. this man, lesley allen gardener, is able to aid in his own defense while another says the wyoming man is incompetent. a third doctor's report is expected next month. authorities say gardener stole this luxury yacht from the sausalito yacht harbor in march before running it aground in pacifica. hopefully no cars are running aground in your commute. >> no, they're running but they're not moving much in some spots of the south bay. 280 at 880, in the middle of
8:27 am
your screen, that's all the red at the crossroads. 85 very slow. 101's been okay but generally slow throughout the area. look at 680, through mountain view. the east bay is a problem. slow across both bridges. the tri-valley continues to recover from earlier crashes in livermore and in san ramon. >> thanks so much. our next local news update is in 30 minutes. see you at 8:56.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ it's 8:30 now on a thursday morning. it's the second day of may 2013. that's the guy who introduced us to "gangnam style," now psi has a huge hit on his hands. and by playing this video, it's our way of reminding you that tomorrow morning, psi will be taking over our plaza for a live
8:31 am
concert in our 8:30 half hour. here in the area, come on down, it's going to be a lot of fun. maybe a little bit of bedlam thrown in. savannah guthrie, al roker, and ms. tamron hall. a story that will make a lot of women's feet rejoice. what comes up must come down. we all remember the sky high heels of yesteryear, now the mid heel, the kitten heel is in fashion. >> no one gave me the memo. i wore these and you have on kitten heels. >> old school. >> my feet couldn't be happier. >> and mine are killing me. >> and we'll that case and some of the best trend in low heels and mid heels so far this spring. and how much do you like your job? do you like it enough to get a tattoo of the company's logo on your body? >> or the other -- >> getting a tattoo of the "today" show. very few people know that. >> usually a term we don't use
8:32 am
on the air. >> are we on right now? >> anyway, we're going to take a look at that in take three. >> this is a great cartoon. >> you're just moving on. >> what else is on, mr. roker? good morning. these are your current temperatures. 64 in livermore and 67, the big winner is oakland. we still have really dry heat out there. and the winds are continuing to be rather strong. keep in mind, high fire danger for today. 98 in fairfield. 95 in concord. 383 in san francisco. better humidity recoveries overnight. tomorrow, a touch cooler. and then a lot cooler as we head through sunday. and our third and final
8:33 am
finalist of wake up with al, genevieve from silver spring, maryland. you work at a school, you're a teacher's assistant. and you sent in something. you got a card with al on a stick? >> it's been on my cart for two years now. and i have all my copies for teachers and any important work or crafts i do. >> so the school is obviously going to be a big part of this if you're one of the winners. >> yes, i want you to come to the school to meet everybody and all the teachers. >> we're looking forward to hopefully seeing you. we'll find out later who our finalist is on -- our big winner is coming up on "wake up with al" in a bit. now back to savannah, matt, and tamron. >> and we're joined by craig robinson from "the office." he's also got a new movie out called "people." and craig, you are the leading man in this role. >> yes, yes indeed.
8:34 am
i play a noncertified children's musical therapist. and he owns it. he's in love with his beautiful united nations lawyer girlfriend played by keri washington, and he wants to propose to her. but of course, her father's a judge and he's having no part. >> good look for you, by the way. you mentioned david alan greer. >> absolutely. we had a ball shooting it. we were singing harmony on the set. we weren't singing, we were laughing. >> and it's an exciting time for you. the new movie and an end of an era, "the office." i know you've got big things coming. >> "the office" is ending after nine years. there were some tears around set. i wasn't crying. >> you were crying? >> no. everybody else was. >> we like men who cry. >> i was crying. >> you were. >> you had the small part, you
8:35 am
grew this thing into becoming an integral part of the show. >> about seizing an opportunity when you get out there. and each time it was a welcome surprise when they moved me up enough. i was very grateful. and i just shot a pilot for nbc. there's that bubble of hope that it gets picked up. >> bubble of hope. >> we love daryl, we'll look for the season finale of "the office" on may 16th. great to see you. >> you too. thank you. coming up next, the story of a fascinating woman. we'll have more on that. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
we're back now, 8:37 w >> we're back at 8:37 with an insight into the first lady of france carla brunhy. she's been turning heads since her early days as a model, and recently she opened up to ""vanity fair"" about politics, music, motherhood, and her role
8:38 am
as mrs. nicolas sarkozy. maureen orth is a special correspondent to "vanity fair". her interview is featured in this month's issue. maureen, always good to see you. good morning. >> thank you. >> you interviewed her back in 2008, i think it was. >> right. dmroo why did you want to revisit her? a lot has changed in her life i guess. >> yeah. she's been first lady of france, and she has a new album out called little french songs that she composed herself and plays with her guitar with that breathy, sexy voice, and i thought it was a good time to talk to her because she had a baby at age 43, and she's cona lot of stuff. >> it's just my about an but based on some of the things i've read about her i always got the feeling she was somewhat uncomfortable with life as first lady of france. is that a fair assessment? >> i think she said it was an honor to represent france, and i think france was very happy to have someone as elegant as she was wearing her clothes around the world, et cetera, but i think she's really much more of
8:39 am
a kind of a reclusive home body type, which doesn't seem possible, but i think that's what she is. >> with the media, though, in france there seems to be a bit of a love-hate relationship. i remember they were nasty to her. she was pregnant a few years ago. she gained 40 pounds. in the media they were calling her fat, which was ridiculous. >> yeah. this is a woman who has lived by her looks her whole life, and so here she was at a very vulnerable point in her life. she was nursing her baby, had to wake up every two hours at night, and then ob the campaign trail, and they were saying how bad she looked. she said the americans were the worst, by the way. >> she also -- you know, i also remember the press having this theory about her that once nicolas sarkozy was no longer president she was going to dump him. >> i know. and she thinks that's crazy because she said that power actually brought them together because it makes you so vulnerable because you have opportunities with it, but it also, you know -- you get attacked. so she really is into her family and wanting to be protected and
8:40 am
not alone. >> what about him? what's his future hold? >> well, he is dying to get into the political arena. >> but it's a messy situation. >> but it's a very messy situation. he is being investigated on five different issues right now, and he is really in one of them accused of taking campaign funds illegally. he is one step away from what we would consider indictment, but he has already said that he wants to get back in because president hollande is not very popular. >> by the way, she openly admits she's in therapy and says it plays a big role in who she is as a person today. >> yeah, because she said she wants to be wrinkled without wisdom don't mean anything, and she wants to be wise, and it helps her cope, and she really loves to smooth things over and make everything very happy and easy for everybody. >> maureen orth, should be a fascinating article. again, it's in the current issue of "vanity fair". >> brand new. >> brand new. >> thank you very much. appreciate it.
8:41 am
relief for feet. so long to some high heels. first, this is "today" on nbc. [ male announcer ] no matter what you're doing, or where you're going, southwest airlines takes you there... for less. big sales that help you get away. that's how we fly. act fast to grab flights for as low as $59 one-way to select nonstop destinations. hurry and book now online only at we are southwest. welcome aboard.
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8:43 am
this morning on "today's" style, low heels, high fashion. if are you tired of squeezing your feet into the painful stillettos, you may be in luck. tamron has more on that. >> yes, you can climb down out of the rafters and give your feet a break, ladies. low is hot this season. ♪ >> what goes up must come down even in fashion. the hottest shoes for spring? mid and low heels. that's right. the kitten heel is back. >> designers are doing a version of low heels. valentino. >> one to two inch heels are everywhere. >> we are definitely carrying
8:44 am
more and more of the heel height, and all silhouettes in prints, in different patterns, studs, no studs, exotic details. >> it's a trend many women with appreciate. >> all about the low high heels. you can't walk in any other shoes. you look really strange walking in those shoes. >> perfectly. >> you feel like a giant. >> you want to go off, walk about town. >> fashion trends aren't always realistic, but this one is sort of a win-win. people like the way it looks, but it's also practical and comfortable. >> the lifestyle editor for, good morning. >> good morning. >> auerbach, our hips, we are thanking you for this segment. >> these low to mid heels are sensible, yet still sassy, and i'm a total convert. i've been wearing mid-he'lels, d i jogged to the "today" show today. >> hoof highend designers are getting in on this. >> yes, thankfully. giving us a break. even sarah jessica parker, who is the poster child for high
8:45 am
heel said she's moving the stilletto aside, and she's, you know, going to the low heel. unless they're really, really, really -- colored suede. colors all over the runways, and now we can wear them in a comfortable mid heel. this little shoe from neon and this is just two inches, y'all, and still so cute. then great classic pumps if more jewel tones. >> now we have some t-strap sandals. >> t-strap sandals are everywhere. if you have a closed toe, it's -- it goes grecian in a sandal, and all kinds of styles from the great thong that goes through the toe to, you know, these amazing studs from zara. this is super fancy. >> they're rock star. >> very rock star. just an 1 1/3. you can party all night. >> a little bit of lift makes the leg look good, which is why we all love heels.
8:46 am
>> very classy and lady-like. >> the pointy toe is major. it's one of these looks like a pump, feels like a sneaker. love that commercial. so for $15 you can get a great neon from h & m, and then love the ivanka trump in a cap toe, but in fresh new colors. >> very, very cute. next you have the stacked heel. >> stacked heel. >> now, that's a marathon running heel right there. >> yes. absolutely. i mean, the stacked heel, you know, talk about support. you know, it really gives it to you. there are many moods in a stack heel, though. we have for the square heel it goes really 1960s, but for the tapered heel we've got our gatsby chelsea crew jazz pump, and then can you go 1970s too with this acrylic silver heel and the mixed material from leopard. these are really fun. >> last but not least, comfortable to walk around with the kids or just a leisurely weekend? >> the wedge is making a big comeback, and, you know, it's a little more casual. >> it's sensible because you
8:47 am
don't fall as often. >> you don't fall. >> one good thing to note is it's all about the single sole. our platforms are disappearing, but they're still really comfortable. >> you can wear these with dresses, jeans, shorts. >> we love the wedge maybe with that boho maxi skirt and so cute with shorts. >> are y'all going to -- >> i have never seen you in a mid-heel. >> we'll see what happens. >> you rock the midheel. >> i -- >> i can be in style. >> you're converted. >> we'll be watching. >> thank you, cathy. coming up next we're going to put a new spin on the traditional taco at our taco bar, and we'll reveal the winner with our wake dale: we're from oregon, and we have brought our cheese for you to enjoy. dale: we have a ship on our packaging, not a cow, or milk, or you know, cheese... luke: you see back in the day it was easier for us to ship our cheese up and down the rugged oregon coast by ship, rather than by wagon or baby loaf bus.
8:48 am
dale: we know you know this as it is told and retold by cheese-loving people around the world, but the farmers asked us to mention it. luke: enjoy tillamook cheese. dale: eat all you want. luke: we make tons.
8:49 am
>> >> we are wrapping up rocking the bar scene with juicy tacos. >> that's the last again from taco masters. hey, gale. >> are you ready for some tacos? >> you bet. >> we did stuffed potatoes. i'm make soming pretty fun tacos. i heard you like -- >> i'm crazy for it with a k. >> that's what we're making. i have some beautiful soy marinated flank steak. you are doing a great job. >> yeah, great.
8:50 am
>> i need a little -- i'm going to start with kimchi in my taco. >> you can get it everywhere. >> in so many supermarket brands now make it, which is great. >> what is is it? >> it's fermented cabbage. >> it's fermented cabbage. onion, garlic, some spice. sometimes it has fish sauce in it. it's a classic korean garnish, and it's delicious, and it's really good for you. with it i'm going to have cucumbers for some crunch, some radish. possibly some scallions. sesa sesame. a little seracha right on top. >> crazy, cook y. >> this is a healthy fresh taco. >> i get stuck with healthy. >> you're healthy with the salad. >> okay. >> this is a salmon nicoisse taco. >> our shells are burning. >> oh, shoot.
8:51 am
>> put some on the barbie. >> we're also in australia. we have olives. we have a little bit of tomatoes, radish, and a lemon vinaigrette. >> these are two kinds of taco shells. i have a flour tortilla and also a corn tortilla. >> i just -- >> a little bit. >> then i have some poached salmon that i'm going to put right on top. a little bit more salmon here. then i'm tossing it with some hard boiled egg for that classic nicoise. >> this is the fancyiest taco aye ever had. >> this is not your regular fish taco. enjoy. >> this is the best for last. i'm going try this one. >> nice and warm. gorgeous. this is my southern fried taco. i have a little bit of some creamy coleslaw at the bottom.
8:52 am
beautiful fried chicken that we made earlier. really delicious. >> yum. >> i'm tossing it with two of my secret weapons. pickles, some slices of nice salty round pickle rounds, and a little bit of honey lemon and tabasco sauce. >> whoa. >> it's so easy. you warm honey on the stove top, and add tabasco, and squeeze the lemon jooirs juice, and let putt it in a squeeze bottle for easy using. >> look away. >> i have a mishu taco, and then this is my bueno diaz taco. it's avocado, jack cheese, and then a little bit of cilantro on top. >> this is awesome. >> so easy to make. >> thank you so much. it's so fun having you here. >> it's great to be on the rock bar all weeklong. >> can you stay forever?
8:53 am
>> i'll make it for the crew the rest miff life. they were so much fun. >> then we've going to reveal the person that gets to wake up with al, but first i believe we have a look back. finalist. but first we have a look back. thousands entered -- >> what's up, al? >> hey, al. >> hi, al. >> al, wake up. it's time to do the weather. >> only three remain. there is genevieve from maryland, a volunteer at a local elementary school. >> come and see us, we'd love to wake up with you, al. >> lori from louisiana, a secretary at a fire station. >> i want you to have breakfast with the firefighters i work with. >> sharon, a dairy farmer in tennessee. >> come on down to tennessee and help me out. >> his bags are packed, his flight is booked. the clock is ticking. who will it be? it's time to "wake up with al." >> all right.
8:54 am
the time has come. we are going to reveal the winner of "wake up with al." if there's a cross underneath your box, you will be the winner of "wake up with al." are you ready? three, two, one -- lift your box. you get a clock, you get a clock, you get a clock. i am coming to wake up with you all! next week, we're in tennessee, we're in louisiana, we're in maryland. to wake up with all of you. we are so excited. how do you feel? your stories were all wonderful and we couldn't decide. so we decided to come wake up with everybody. so we're going to spend the morning on the farm, a morning in the fire house and a morning at school. you guys are terrific.
8:55 am
>> we're going -- i'm hoping i get to learn how to milk a cow. >> okay. we'll see you next week, right? >> next week starting on monday -- on wednesday, we're going to start in tennessee and move to louisiana and end up on friday in maryland. >> all right. >> you guys happy? >> yeah! >> thank you, guys. >> congratulations. we are back after these messages and your local news.
8:56 am
good thursday morning to you. 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. it is still unclear this morning whether or not the man accused of stealing a yacht from sausalito will stand trial. one court appointed doctor says 63-year-old lesley allen gardener is able to aid in his own defense. another man says he is incompetent. authorities say gardener stole a
8:57 am
luxury yacht in sausalito before running it aground in pacifica. good morning to you. it's going to be another hot one, the hottest yet. talking about mid-90s inland today. that means the warmest cities across the bay could easily hit the triple digits for the first time this year. by the weekend, we will cool you off on sunday. cinco de mayo, 77. star command,
8:58 am
8:59 am
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9:00 am
♪ ♪ 8:00 now on this thursday morning, it's the 2nd of may before we get to today's big three. huge news and big surprise. >> that's right. we had three groups on "wake up with al" a farm family that has eight siblings living on their farm. a couple firefighters and a teacher's aide. we decided all three of them were terrific.
9:01 am
instead of just one, we did all. >> they had no idea. >> exactly. >> i visualize you on the farm milking a cow, hanging with some kids, and sliding down that fire pole. >> they don't have a fire pole. it's a one floor in louisiana. they do not have a pole. >> i'm sure they'll put one in. >> a pole to nowhere. >> you'll just slide down it. >> very nice. >> we should point out, you got thousands of admissions. this was not an easy process. >> people had to go in and write an essay 250 words or less. >> homework assignment. >> that's right. >> i love it. >> that's how desperate people wanted to be on tv. >> that's how much they want to be with you. >> just to be on tv. >> will you bring snacks? when you wake up, people want coffee, a danish. >> are you trying to make my job more difficult? >> i want the whole kit & kaboodle if i'm waking up with al. i want snacks. >> me too. but, look, the dairy farms have eggs -- they've got eggs --
9:02 am
>> they're cooking for you? >> well, i'm going to be milking a cow, which will be great. >> i like this. this is fun. >> why buy the cow when you get the milk for free? >> there it is. wednesday, thursday, friday next week, right? >> exactly. >> it's a saying i heard on the farm. >> i'm sorry. i got distracted. i missed something. >> very cool. that's coming up next week. "wake up with al" across the country. let's get to our take three. our take one, tell us what you think about this one. skinvertising. there's a firm called rapid realty offering all the employees a 15% pay bump. sounds good, right? here's the catch, you get the 15% bump if you get a tattoo of the company's logo anywhere on your body. you might say this is a ridiculous publicity stunt until you hear that so far 40 employees have taken the owner and ceo up on his offer and gotten the tattoo. sometimes on a hand. >> wow. when you go to work somewhere else and you might you've now got that on your hand. >> but you don't have to show it. >> well, it's on your hand. >> you don't have to have it on your hand. >> yeah, she's got it on her ankle.
9:03 am
but it would be nice if we were able to work, you know, for many, many years throughout our career. but likelihood of these young people working there forever -- yeah, they're going to be moving on and you've got your company tattooed on your hand. >> is it a permanent tattoo? >> yeah, this is a real tattoo. >> and tattoo removal, i've been trying to get one removed for years. it is not easy and the darker your skin, it's impossible. you're stuck with it. >> you've got a little ink, tamron. >> that's right. i have a little ink. >> oh, wow. did you just throw a gang sign? >> no, that's called peace. it's a peace sign. it means i'm hip. >> oh, it means you're hip? if you have to tell us you're hip -- >> you guys -- would you do it? you wouldn't -- >> not for a 15% raise. >> what's your dollar amount? $1 million. if the peacock -- >> $1 million? yes. and if it didn't have to be visible, you could put it anywhere on your body? absolutely, a my onbucks.
9:04 am
my price is lower than that. >> willie's like i'm a cheap date, give me a taco. >> we asked you, by the way, on on our online poll. would you do it for your company? only 26% of you said yes, 63% say absolutely not. 11% say maybe if it was 20%. so it's the 15% raise. >> money, exactly. it's the dollar amount. we're all basically for sale in some way. >> weigh in on that question by all right. our take two. two very special guests with us. >> yes. >> kathie lee and hoda have taken charlton, south carolina, by storm. not since the union arm rolled in there have the city braced for something like this. >> good morning. you've got to see our crowd, you guys. >> the college has come out, the kids have blown off final exams. >> clearly. >> they're all here with us. >> we're in charleston, and it could not be more charming and the people could not be more hospitable.
9:05 am
we thought we knew what it stood for, but apparently we're wrong. >> wow. >> nice. >> already. >> there's an education for you. >> $40,000 a year for this. fantastic. >> why charleston, south carolina? it is one of the great american cities, but how did you choose charleston? >> it's the friendliest city in america. >> we try to pick special, welcoming, warm loving cities. and we just couldn't resist charleston. >> it's amazing. the food is like nothing you have ever tasted. >> the food is crazy. >> like nothing you've ever tasted in your life. >> i ate, you guys, some fried mashed potatoes. >> wow. >> fried on the outside, inside moist and buttery. >> amazing. >> and then like coconut cake for dessert. come on. >> come on. >> i've got goose bumps. maybe a mint julep or two. >> we're not coming home. can you tell?
9:06 am
>> i wouldn't, either. bring some of that stuff back. and by the way, hit east bay street, just walk up and down any restaurant you choose on that block. fantastic. >> great advice. >> coming up again tomorrow from charleston. we'll see you, ladies. >> bye. >> you know what's not serving fries? take three. >> have you heard about this fishzilla? frankenfish. we're making up all sorts of names for it. >> but the name fits. >> it is in new york city in central park. this is a northern snakehead fish. >> allegedly. they haven't seen it yet. we haven't caught one yet. >> this is a destructive predator fish, eats whatever it sees. >> look at that one tooth right in the front. >> it can survive outside the water. so there are -- >> i saw one in a cab yesterday. >> no. >> this fish is in the water in central park and let me just say, as a father of a 3-year-old who spends a lot of time around those waters in central park, i'm concerned. >> well, the kids shouldn't get
9:07 am
in that water anyway, period. >> but the frankenfish could take out of the water, take your child and go back in. >> yeah, that can happen, willie. i saw it in a movie once. you know what's amazing to me, how new yorkers are responding to this fish, but meanwhile, a 4-foot rat can walk by and it's nothing. the fish is like, my gosh, it could take my kids. >> takes that rat right out. >> that is crazy. >> that fish eats rats. >> and it has multiple layers of teeth. so it's jagged. but i watched a piece of chefs now preparing it. they're trying to make good use of it when it's caught. it's slimy skin, hard to cut, but apparently it's tasty. it's quite tasty. >> really? >> yes, it's like a lawyer. apparently it's quite tasty, so if you get it, don't throw it back in, you take it home, filet it up, you know. >> it's our next cooking segment with giada de laurentiis. >> i'm like filet it up. >> which animal freaks you out the most? if you came face to face? >> rats. mice and rats. >> i think a rat. >> i can handle snakes.
9:08 am
lizards, all that, rats -- just scare me. >> so when you stand on the subway platform and you're seeing a parade of rats. >> and the whole time with my camera, look, instanting it to my mom, this is what they have in new york city. >> they're just prairie dogs in texas. >> they're cuter. all right. a lot to talk about this morning. new details this morning about three people now facing charges following last month's boston marathon bombings. three friends of the younger suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev are accused of interfering with the investigation. officials say they took a backpack belonging to tsarnaev from his college dorm room, a backpack that contained empty fireworks tubes. two of the friends allegedly threw the backpack into the garbage. the fbi says about a month ago tsarnaev told two of the friends he knew how to make a bomb. firefighters are battling a huge blaze and the wind as they try to contain a dangerous wildfire in southern california.
9:09 am
the fire has burned about 3,000 acres and destroyed at least one home. officials fear winds will pick up yet again today. while evacuation orders have been lifted, officials say the danger is far from over. women's groups are upset at the justice department for deciding to appeal a judge's order on the morning after pill. the judge lifted all age limits on who can buy the plan "b" morning-after pill and the cheaper generic version without a prescription. the decision to appeal came one day after the fda reduced the age minimum from 17 to 15 for buying the plan "b" one step pill. the justice department said the judge exceeded his authority in lifting all limits. a pennsylvania woman missing for so long that she was declared legally dead has turned up this week very much alive. northbound's kerry sanders has her story. >> reporter: brenda disappeared 11 years old after dropping off her 8-year-old and 10-year-old children at school. the pennsylvania mother vanished without a trace. police in her hometown were
9:10 am
baffled by the case. eventually, they had the 42-year-old declared dead. but now, 53 years old, frail looking, skin weathered by the florida sun, hair bleached blond, she is alive living in the florida keys. >> alive? oh, my gosh. after all these years as a neighbor, i never thought you'd find her. never. >> when brenda disappeared, she and her husband lee were divorcing. lee heist was a suspect in what many thought was murder. >> there were people in the neighborhood who would've not allowed their children to play with my children. >> police say facing mounting health problems, brenda turned herself into florida deputies that she confessed under pressure more than a decade ago, she snapped, fled to florida, lived under a bridge. at times, scrounged food from dumpsters. >> she said she thought of her family and her children every day and her parents. however, she never acted on that and never made any phone calls, not one. >> police say there is no crime,
9:11 am
so no charges because they declared her dead, brenda's husband collected on her life insurance and the two children who never knew what happened to their mother are now young adults. >> how did you feel? >> shocked in the beginning, a lot of mixed emotions. i think the best emotion i had was i think it's a good thing for my kids. >> brenda, despite a death certificate, alive and no longer in hiding. for "today," kerry sanders, nbc news, miami. well, a deeply emotional and profoundly artistic cover of a song that will bring back memories for all of us. take a listen. ♪ ♪ ♪ who let the dogs out ♪ who let the dogs out
9:12 am
>> covering the song from the baja men in 2000. ♪ who who who ♪ who let the dogs out >> well, he posted that youtube clip tried to capture the emotions behind that not knowing left who let the dogs out. i love that. it is now 12 minutes after the who -- who -- hour. that's kind of gangnam meets i don't know. >> you can't recognize it because who has ever thought about anything other than the chorus. until they get to the chorus. >> that's true. ♪ who let the dogs out ♪ who who who >> beautiful. i'm so moved by that. >> that was spectacular. >> i'm hoping we never hear that song again. >> oh, come on. you're at a party, a wedding, into mitzvah whatever and that song comes on, everyone runs out on the dance floor. >> who are you running with? >> the cool crew. remember?
9:13 am
♪ hear woman shout out ♪ who let the dogs out ♪ who let the dogs out ♪ who -- who -- who >> enough of that. >> tamron, thanks. >> i do what i can. >> yes, you do. thanks so much, now take it out. >> a check of the weather with al. >> let's show you what we've got. we are talking about still snow and also we have santa ana winds out west where we're going to be talking about high fire dangers for southern and central california today with those strong winds. santa ana winds blowing anywhere from 50 to 60 miles per hour, gusts of over 70 miles per hour. and that red flag warning for fire still continues into the southwest. snow stretching from minnesota all the way back down to texas with rain ahead of that. snowfall amounts, 6 to 9 inches and along the gulf coast, we're looking at heavy rain, we're looking at rainfall amounts, anywhere from miami beach back
9:14 am
to mobile, alabama, up 4 to 7 inches in the next 24 hours. that's what's going on >> and that's your latest -- what are you doing? >> we're looking at tweets. >> some tweets we can't talk about on the air. >> people weighs in this morning. all right. thanks. coming up next, ladies in lovely hats. the finalist in the quest for the best derby hat. just in time for the big race this weekend, right after this.
9:15 am
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9:18 am
this morning on "today's quest for the best" derby hat in america. with the kentucky derby this saturday, we asked you to submit photos of your craftiest homemade headwear. our three finalists here to compete for today's best. brittany, connie from memphis, tennessee, and deanna from louisville, kentucky. the home of the kentucky derby. here to judge today's contest, june ambrose. good to see you. >> good to be here. >> what criteria are you looking for? >> punctuation, creativity, uniqueness. you know, each lady has an expression. i think that's important. >> okay. let's get started with our first finalist. brittany and her paper rose hat. how did you come up with this, brit? >> well, started for my wedding a couple of years ago. i made huge paper flowers for my center pieces, my bouquet and my
9:19 am
husband and i went to the royal wedding in england, and i knew that people wore things on their heads and i thought, bingo, we're going to do a rose hat. i was walking around thinking that everybody wears it, but it's really only the people who go inside the church. and so i was kind of on my own. >> so how do you make this, then? >> well, you get a simple template like this with a little glue gun. you keep on adding layers to it around and like this and eventually comes around like this and add on a couple of leaves on the side and, boom. >> very impressive. >> all right. our next model is connie with your butterfly hat. >> yeah. >> wow. a lot going on there. >> oh, that's wonderful. >> what do you think of this? >> it's walking art. it comes alive and that's what it's about. you can see your personality and you're full of life. i can see that. and she's blooming. i love it. >> and there's seven butterflies, why seven? >> well, there's seven of us ladies, we call ourselves the
9:20 am
magnificent seven, we've been together ten years and we celebrate our birthdays and recently we took one of our ladies, we kidnapped her and took her to las vegas and celebrated her 60th birthday and my birthday is coming up next, we're going to the kentucky derby. we have pink on the hat which represents breast cancer. two of us are breast cancer survivors and the teal color represents ovarian cancer. one of our friends has ovarian cancer. it represents our friendship. >> a lot of meaning. and our final finalist deanna from louisville, kentucky. is this a hat? >> well, it's a fascinator. it's a headband, which is chic. i love it, very high fashion. >> what's the inspiration for this, deanna? >> well, actually, the fascinator keeps you from getting at hair because there's so many evening events. but also the inspiration is my
9:21 am
daughter. >> it's a mother/daughter project. >> it is. >> all right, june. difficult choice. >> they're all so unique and they have all the women work so hard on them. but i have to tell you -- >> okay. here we go. come over this way. >> well, because i love the idea of something being born from inception and blossoming for the spring season, i have to give it to you. >> congratulations. >> best day of my life. >> wow. >> okay. do you have family? >> i do have family. >> kids? >> no, i don't have kids, i have a husband. >> you have a husband. that's better than your wedding day? >> maybe i shouldn't have said that. >> yeah. that's where i was going with it. >> but it is amongst the best days of your life? >> amongst. top five. >> ladies, thank you so much. i'm going to be at churchill
9:22 am
downs tomorrow, you can catch the kentucky derby live on nbc this saturday. right now, we are launching our next best quest to the best. we're looking for the best twin talent in america. from juggling to drawing to dancing and singing. we're looking for a dynamic identical duo or identical triplets, go to to submit video of your sibling act. six of you will win a trip to new york city and a chance to compete live for the title of "today's best." these are getting very weird. meanwhile, coming up, ten things you should try in may. but first, these messages. and we saved a bunch using our reward points. well i'll be a monkey's uncle. and we got a hundred dollars in points from sears to use on jim's mower... hold the phone! ...and points from the grill helped pay for my dress... now you're just pulling my leg. get this, sometimes points just show up in our account. get out of town! with points from shop your way,
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9:26 am
all with the cleanest feel. it's the best for your skin. neutrogena® ultra sheer. 9:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the woman accused of leaving poison orange juice at a starbucks in san jose is expected in court today. the woman is charged with attempted murder. investigators say she makes lethal amounts of rubbing alcohol in two bottles of orange juice and took them to a starbucks store and left them on the shelf. police say it appears she acted alone. also in court today, a morgan hill day care teacher accused of drugging toddlers with sleeping pills. she's pleaded not guilty to child endangerment. prosecutors say a co-worker saw her slipping something into the children's drinks and told administrators. she was later arrested and
9:27 am
fired. high temperatures, gusting winds keeping firefighters from getting the upper hand on a fire northwest of calistoga. the so-called yellow fire is burning through 125 acres. the fire is 60% contained. full containment is expected by tonight. after the break, we'll have a look at weather and traffic.
9:28 am
very late for this amount of slowing. this continues to block 580 westbound in livermore. this deadly crash, a sigalert, all lanes blocked. traffic is getting by only on the right-hand shoulder at airway boulevard forcing a lot more folks down through the city streets of livermore even if they don't want to take that route, they can get back to 680. look at the slowing coming out of the altamont pass. hopefully the weather is still nice out there. >> not so nice in parts of the bay area. i bet there are some people pretty hot in livermore if
9:29 am
you're stuck in your car. 71 degrees. 68 in san jose. and 41 degrees in gilroy. temperatures are all over the place right now because we're getting offshore flow in parts of the bay area. 68 degrees in half moon bay. we are fair game to break temperature records today. and we have plenty of warmth headed our way. your seven-day in just a moment. >> another local news update for you in half an hour. enjoy this hot day.
9:30 am
and in baseball news, the chicago cubs say they will move if improvements are not made to wrigley field. today wrigley field says they will move if improvements are not made to the chicago cubs. >> there we go. the cubs. late night leno humor and that's our way of letting you know that matt is on his way to l.a. as we speak. he'll be jay's guest tonight on the "tonight show." dvr matt tonight on leno. >> i'm so addicted to this hat. >> we've got a match. >> we've got a match. >> tamron hall filling in for natalie who is on assignment. she's going to keep the hat on, we've got a couple of dogs in the house as long as a vet who is going to help common questions about your health. >> we'll be watching that.
9:31 am
then, ten things to try in may from hot accessories to big screen blockbusters. i can't wait to see "gatsby." >> and cinco de mayo this weekend. we have healthy dishes and drink recipes with the flavors of mexico. >> the derby and cinco de mayo. >> that's like a carnival. >> cinco de mayo and derby. >> so leave it on all weekend is what you're saying? >> i will do that. >> let's take a look at the weather. >> so odd. let's show you what we've got for today. a lot of wet weather along the gulf coast, rain all the way up into the upper mississippi. windy and hot in the southwest, there's a fire danger there. then for tomorrow, we're looking at more sunny and mild conditions from the northeast on
9:32 am
into the mid-atlantic states, more rain, florida, gulf coast, up into minnesota, some rain in the western plains, and we're expecting the heat to continue in the southwest on into texas. 9:32 now. temperatures are going to be hot today. i don't even need to tell you. just look at these numbers. 97 on the way to livermore. expecting more record warmth. but this is the peak of the heat wave. starting tomorrow, temperatures will drop off. 90 in fremont. 94 in san jose. not dropping off until sunday. back in the upper 70s inland and maybe a stray shower or two tuesday into wednesday. have a great day. by the way, when you wear a hat like that, you have to dance like this. ♪ >> tamron?
9:33 am
>> it's illegal to tape people without them knowing, you know that, right? >> yeah, because there are cameras around, nobody would take a picture. now to ten things we really want you to know about in the month of may when it comes to entertainment, beauty, fashion. the fashion director of "people's style watch." good to see you. >> good to see you too. >> i love this list. starting out, the "great gatsby." >> finally, right? we've been waiting for so long. it comes out may 10th. but it's already had this huge influence on fashion. apparently a big fan of brooks brothers so they did a special collection for men that's inspired by the movie. we have this great photo hat for $55. >> it's just the classic glamour. >> well, it's that roaring '20s vibe, that flapper look for women and this kind of more classic look for guys. >> i love that. i saw it in the window, it looked amazing. next up in music, new album from she and him.
9:34 am
>> i know. i love she and him, this is their third album. this will get you in the mood for summer. great kind of vintage inspired pop songs. it's super fun. she's got a beautiful voice. >> fantastic. >> so it's a good record to try. >> okay. eyewear. i'm sorry -- >> no. lauren graham has written her first novel. >> "some day some day maybe." it's a story of a young actress in new york in the '90s. >> trying to make it in the big city. >> exactly. and time to grab your sunnies. it's warm out. >> reflected mirror? >> the mirrored lens is the big trend for the summer. these are $99. but super big trend if you're going to buy new sunglasses. >> and on our face in fashion. >> exactly. this is a really exciting website we found at people's style watch. you join, become a member, get deals, get information from
9:35 am
beauty influencers. check it out and they have this great lipstick, which is the color of the season. >> get a membership and -- >> and you'll get great offers. >> next up on your list. is it the jewelry? >> we're going to do this, nails, nails, nails. i'm sure you've noticed the explosion of nail art. this book's about $11 and allows you to do it yourself. save a little money, little time and do crazy nails on your own. >> adorable. >> now we go to the three -- >> you must be really excited about this. >> i'm all about the '80s coming back. >> we're calling it the knuckle ring or half ring. they're about $28, but you sit the ring sort of right here. you've seen celebs like rihanna wearing it. it's a great new way to wear rings. we call it the ring party. >> you load them up? >> but they stop short of your knuckle. it's the new look. you'll see it all summer long.
9:36 am
>> and these are georgetown cupcakes, i know this a mile way a. >> which we die for. >> yeah. >> it's not too late to celebrate mother's day. they deliver nationwide, $29, they'll get there in time. >> great gift for mom. >> another great thing, florals. >> if there's one dress this summer the printed sheathe is a great thing to wear to work. and we're super excited about this collaboration. millie who is known for her fun print is collaborating with banana republic, $79 for the blouse, $55 for the shorts, but it's super fun, great little pop to add to the wardrobe. >> great. we're done for the month of may. we're hip and cool. thank you very much. appreciate it. up next, ask the vet about your pet. answers to frequently asked questions after this.
9:37 am
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9:41 am
ask which transitions adaptive lens is best for you. today's pets is brought to you by purina, your pets, our passion. >> this morning on "today's pets." ask the vet, jill rappaport and brett lavitsky are here to answer pet questions. >> hello. >> hello, peattie. >> he's been watching the show. i don't want to say i put him to sleep. >> we have that effect on people. >> but he's your dog? >> yes, one of my five rescues. having five dogs, i've learned all about various illnesses from minor to major. and got my education without the degree. i thought this was helpful. >> let's talk about some of these. we've got ears, eyes, and talk about teeth in a minute. let's begin, though, with the ears, ear infection is common for dogs.
9:42 am
>> very common. one of the most common things we've seen at the clinic. people notice they start scratching at their ears. what's going on here, we have a little discharge and the dog's just miserable. when children have ear infections, they're miserable, dogs feel the same thing. >> what do you do about it? we've got things here to help. >> wake him up for this. >> we're going to have to get up for this. >> that a boy, peattie. >> one of the most important things to do at home so you can minimize having to go to the vet with these ear infections is routine maintenance. >> which is what i do. i noticed he had an ear infection just by shaking his head. >> and this time of year when the pollen's out, they get the same allergies we do, they become itchy, they scratch which predispose them to the infection. keep it clean, dry, you can prevent some trips to the vet. >> what do you use in there? >> an over the counter wash you can get at the local pet store or vet clinic. there's not always a need to run into the vet for these items.
9:43 am
so you just squirt a little bit on the cotton ball here. >> i massage his other ear. my way of relaxing him. >> hey, buddy. and you can start with the outside. you just introduce the wet sensation to them and work your way into the ear canal. >> he's taking this pretty well. >> they usually do if you go gentle and he's an excellent patient here. >> i do this on a regular basis. i know that's one of the ways people at home can tell if their pet has something going on. >> we have a little bit of discharge here, and he shakes it out and no worse for the wear. >> and let's go to this. we have a before picture. we have peattie before the tear staining and after the tear staining. there's the before. what pete looked like before. >> his beautiful eyes, but see the tear staining. and this just happened within the last couple of months. and i changed his dog food
9:44 am
thinking it was an allergy. >> what's happening there, doc? >> they have a pigment. and when they tear, it can build up on their inner part of their eye there. and anything that triggers excessive tearing such as allergies, eye infections, confirmational changes in the eye as they get older and gained some weight. >> what's a quick treatment we can do here? >> well, they have over the counter, again -- simple things to do at home. they have these wipes. >> nothing to eat. >> he's very good. >> we're 2 feet away from a cooking segment. >> this is torture for peattie. >> and you have to be careful not to get it in the eyes. you're so good, buddy. and you can get a little bit off. and there's also supplements you can put in the food. >> okay. very quickly, we only have a couple seconds left. this is madison, brushing the
9:45 am
teeth. what's the best way to tackle that? >> madison's very good with this. you can get these dental products at your local pet store. you never want to use a human toothpaste. she's actually very good. take them out. >> and you're using a regular toothbrush. >> this is her favorite elmo toothbrush. >> by the way, my son has the same toothbrush. >> and it's chicken flavor, it's a little treat for her after. so she likes it. >> they make that for a human? chicken flavored? >> thank you so much. great tips for people to remember. healthy latin dishes for cinco de mayo right after this. thank you, madison, thank you, peattie. playtime is so much more with a superhero by your side. because even superheroes need superheroes.
9:46 am
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bye grandma! simon says... touch your arm. ♪ look at that. look what you did. [ female announcer ] this mother's day, there's no better way to show your love than with a magic prints card. only from hallmark. this morning in "today's" kitchen melting pot, light recipes with a latin flavor.
9:50 am
lala, good to see you. >> good to see you too. >> you've celebrated these with your mom, your dad, your grandparents. >> right. >> what are we making? >> tortillas. growing up in mexico, i spent a lot of summers there and we used to get tortillas every morning, fresh. my father's a chef, my mother's a chef. this is one of the best memories. everybody keeps walking by, by the way, they're like, oh, my god, it smells so good. >> when i asked you, could you just buy store bought? you literally took my head off. >> well, it's like bread, if you buy bread at the store? sure. but homemade fresh bread. so easy. >> where do we start? >> all you add is water. >> is it easy to find? >> yeah, everywhere nowadays. >> flour made out of corn? >> yeah. >> a little bit of water and salt. >> gluten free? >> that's the wonderful thing about it. that's the difference between corn tortillas and flour tortillas. this is why this is a much
9:51 am
healthier option. yes, it's very inexpensive, and it's actually kind of fun to do. i mean, look at this. this is what we had as kids growing up. we had a baby little tortilla press because it was fun. and this is actually the big traditional press from mexico. >> the big mama. >> right. i have some over here already done. and this is the one you could find everywhere. they're very inexpensive, about $10. you can also find them online and so i have some right here rolled out into little balls. and i'm going to show you what happens when i press it. i did plastic. >> you took a ziploc type bag -- >> or you can use the same produce bag you use. don't use plastic wrap, it sticks to it, doesn't work. you press down on that and you've made a tortilla my friend. >> that's it. >> that simple. that's it. and the smell here is just --
9:52 am
tell me it isn't just so overwhelmingly delicious. >> now what are you putting inside of them? >> some chicken i've actually baked off -- or you could grill it. and i'm going to make a really basic sauce. i've roasted tomatoes and i'm going to take some pumpkin seeds and so this is going to be -- >> those are already roasted? >> yes, they are. and blending these separately because this takes warmer and i don't want the tomato to be watery. i want them to be chunky. a little bit of lime juice, some green onions, and some habineros. don't throw cilantro -- >> i'm not doing that. we're running out of a little time. you blend that all up. >> right. >> and you've got the -- >> got that going. that's right. and i'm going to make you a taco. >> okay. >> all right. tacos are awesome. you can put the tortillas right here. >> yeah. >> and we're going to get some chicken. >> yeah. >> and then --
9:53 am
>> want to come in? >> yeah. >> she heard food and she's coming. i love that. >> what is it you like? the margatinis over there or the tacos. >> tacos. >> this is a fiesta. >> all right. we're going to mix these up during the commercial. thanks so much. we'll be back in a moment. but first this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
coming up next, kathie lee and hoda take over charleston, south carolina. >> a taste of some southern cooking. >> it's delicious.
9:56 am
it is 9:56 now. good morning. i'm marla tellez. firefighters are trying to determine whether hot, dry conditions played a role in a san jose fire overnight. the fire destroyed a garage, sheds and also rvs behind a home on almaden avenue near willow.
9:57 am
when firefighters arrived, flames were towering higher than the home. they believe the fire started when a car battery that was being charged suddenly exploded. no one was hurt but at least four people have been displaced. san jose police trying to find out who left a suspicion package and a note at a south bay office building. an employee at the building on park moore drive and highway 280 noticed the package. the area was evacuated as a precaution. the bomb squad inspected the package and found out it did not contain anything dangerous. we just talk about the fire danger out there. let's get a look at that now with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning. these are your current temperatures, not even 10:00 a.m. yet. we are touching on the upper 70s in san mateo. this is the warmest city across the bay area. if we break any all-time records,ing the be along the peninsula or at the coast. 69 currently. in half moon bay, and 66 in pacifica. heat advisory stands from 1:00
9:58 am
p.m. till 9:00 p.m. because of the 98-degree reading we're expecting in fairfield, 97 in livermore and 82 in san francisco. dropping off heading through tomorrow and even more so before the weekend. >> looking at first to fremont, 880 continues to be very slow. earlier crash north of here unleashed this flow of traffic. slow on the maps. from basically down toward mission and towards milpitas. the sigalert continues for west 580, completely closing the freeway, only the shoulder let's folks get by. >> we'll be back with our next local news update at 10:26. see you then.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special southern edition of "today," y'all, with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from charleston, south carolina. >> they're saying hello to you. >> oh, my gosh. >> can you believe we made it to charleston, south carolina? >> isn't this beautiful? the sun is peeking through. >> hello, everybody. >> and by the way, all of these yelling beautiful faces are here for a reason because we're on a college campus. please read that sign. >> it's the oldest -- hold on, baby. hold on, hold the phone. >> you know what? i feel very southern.
10:01 am
hey. oh my. that's a crowd, now that's a crowd. oh, are we at the end? i guess it's time for us to get out. >> i might need a hand. hi, everybody! >> you know what? kath, they know how to party in charleston. happy birthday! oh, my word!
10:02 am
well, well, well! you know what i want to say, hoda? >> what? hey y'all! >> hi, guys. so good to be here in gorgeous charleston, south carolina. >> wow! we thought it was very, very important that we wore hats so we would fit in. >> that's right. >> that's right, everyone -- >> thank you for the applause. >> i love your hat. we want to thank the beautiful ladies, phyllis hats on king street, right? >> i have a little bone to pick with phyllis. >> what? >> a tony bone to pick, i like
10:03 am
hats, i enjoy wearing hats, the producer said there was not a hat to fit my head. i had to have one of these. because my head apparently is the size of willard scott. but that's between us on the show. >> a large pumpkin, but you look beautiful in it, hoda. we love it here in your beautiful city. we should tell everybody it's thirst-day thursday, may 2nd. >> and we're coming to you from a wild and crazy school called the college of charleston. oldest college in south carolina. >> the students, it's now a lot -- this used to be mainly a guy's school. and now it's mainly a girl's school. >> women have taken over! >> the women are out today. >> and i love the charleston harbor. all the little towns that sit on the harbor. the civil war started here right off the coast at fort sum ter.
10:04 am
>> upon landing we knew we were going to fit in. >> i wouldn't exactly call it a sign from god, but sort of. it was a tremendous billboard and it read -- don't worry, drive naked. >> conde nast just named charleston the most friendly stit. the daily beast rated you guys the fourth best drinking city in the country. >> but you know, you guys keep working at it, you'll become number one someday. >> because we're here. >> there's a drink everyone is talking about called the firefly vodka? oh, oh well, look what's here? >> see they're all a part of this motif. >> hi, how are you? >> what's your name, darling? >> jeff. >> and i'm matt.
10:05 am
>> this is joe. >> joe and matt. what are we drinking? >> the this is the indigo iced tea. >> from the cocktail club. >> that's got a bite, doesn't it, joe. >> it's got basil in it, too. that's lovely, guys. >> we want to say thank you. >> thank you guys, god bless. oh, my gosh. >> we want to say thank you guys to the college, you guys have been so welcoming, you came out at the crack of dawn early. we're so excited. and we decided we couldn't go without hearing a cheer from your famous cheerleading squad. >> so we understand they cooked one up especially for us. >> it's custom-made as they say. >> come on out. >> come on, ladies. >> c-o-u-g-a-r-s, kathie lee and
10:06 am
hoda, you're our favorite cougars! >> oh, wow! >> did they call us cougars? >> that's their mascot. >> no, it's not their mascot. >> we fit right in. >> it could be their mascot. >> how old are those girls, they look 12? >> so we do have a couple of topics to get to today. i don't know if you guys know, but mariah carey and nick cannon renewed their vows for the fifth time. but they went to disneyland and she dressed up -- >> that's when it's over. when you go to disneyland. >> she dressed up in a cinderella dress. >> are you ready? >> he was in a pumpkin, the whole thing and they shut the whole park down for this wedding. >> a lot of people -- >> renewing of their vows. >> a lot of people renew their vows. >> i like the concept of it, i think it's important to keep a marriage fresh and all that sort of thing. i get nervous, remember what happened with heidi klum and seal. the people that seem to make a big deal out of it are the ones
10:07 am
that you, you sort of wait for the shoe to fall and i don't want that to happen to people. i want them to renew their vows privately. >> j. lo and marc anthony. nick lachey and jessica simpson. >> just saying. >> it's not a great idea. you know? >> that's why frank and i just ignore it every year. >> how many years have you guys been married? >> we're in our 27th year. that's called a miracle for all of you atheists. >> let's talk a little about charleston. we've fallen in love with it, you guys, it's been such a terrific, terrific place. this is an old city, we took a tour on a horse and buggy. >> with linda, we're going to show you that in a little bit. she showed us all the history about it. there's a lot of great food here that everyone is crazy about, there's something called the coconut cake from the peninsula. there's a wonderful, adorable chef that all the girls are fighting over at "the today show" --
10:08 am
>> including this one. >> where's graham daley. >> there he is, bring it on, daley. >> how cute are you? >> this is the world-famous coconut cake. >> if you bought the whole cake it feeds 16 people? >> about 12 pounds total. we'll ship it anywhere in the 50 states. >> oh my god. >> it's delicious. >> oh my god! >> just like my thighs, 12 pounds. >> oh my lord. >> this wonderful gentleman cooked us some incredible meals while we've been here, they've all been terrific. >> and the crabs are in season now? the softshell crabs. >> we expected a good meal because we heard. every bite was like -- oh my god. >> thank you so much. >> thank you very much. >> better watch out for the
10:09 am
crew. this is my, i guess it's every thursday guests get to pick a favorite song. >> this one i had to pick darius rucker. i'm crazy. this is one of my favorites, it's like when you have the basics in your life, all you need -- a roof over your head and shoes on your feet, you're good. the song is called "all right." let's go. ♪
10:10 am
we got sharon in the crowd, sara in the crowd, do you have some good hats! >> i picked out three. my favorite one was priscilla, because i'm a pink girl. >> what do they win? >> something amazing like a mug. >> a mug! >> with your faces on it. >> i think they would rather have the coconut cake. we've got a big show coming
10:11 am
up. we'll take a tour through beautiful charleston together. >> you don't want to miss it. >> coming up. ♪ [ elevator bell dings ] ♪ wow. ♪ what? ♪ mmm. it looks delicious! i didn't work out this morning. i should try it? yeah. actually pretty tasty. sausage, egg and cheese. mmm! this is from special k? no way! that changes things. [ female announcer ] new special k flatbread breakfast sandwiches. with multi-grain flatbread, eggs, sausage, and cheese. it's only 240 calories. if you guys can come back tomorrow, it'd be fantastic. [ female announcer ] a breakfast revelation. what will you gain when you lose? blast of cold feels nice. why don't you use bengay zero degrees? it's the one you store in the freezer. same medicated pain reliever used by physical therapists. that's chilly! [ male announcer ] bengay zero degrees. freeze and move on.
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10:14 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ welcome back, we're having a great time in charleston, south carolina. >> we had a chance to explore the beautiful city, we found out
10:15 am
the southern way is really a college town. >> beautiful. >> really beautiful. >> i love it. >> we need to see more of it. >> what should we do? >> i don't know how people around here get around. >> what do charlestonnians do, hoda? >> well, well, well. well hi, ladies, are you lost? >> yes. >> well hop aboard. >> thank you. >> we will. >> i'll show you our beautiful town. >> watch your big behind. >> i'm much bigger. >> this is so convenient. >> i'm linda jones. >> hi, linda, how are you. >> are you a native charlestonian? >> i am. >> let's go. >> giddy-up. >> what is charleston best known for? >> hospitality. >> how long have these buildings
10:16 am
been standing? >> that building we passed was my great grandmother's, that was 1890. >> the year frank was born. >> the next four houses, 1831. >> and that's fort sumpter. >> that's crazy. >> where the civil war started. >> this is like a walk through history. >> that was a glorious tour. >> get a taste of a beautiful charleston. >> i still don't feel like we are fitting in. >> i do think i have a few things in my closet that might help. >> hoda, i smell something in the air. >> what is it? >> i believe it is -- gentile. >> there's something missing. >> something just isn't quite right. >> we saw it in the window and we just had to have it.
10:17 am
>> i love my outfit. you look good in yours. >> bless your heart. i was thinking i did, too. >> you look crazy. >> oh look, a bench. >> what are you doing on my property? >> we're with nbc news. >> you need something cold to drink. we've got something special for you. >> i've got a little something to spice it up. >> look what daddy gave me. >> now this is something for you. >> we call it charleston tea. there you are. >> cheers. >> the doctor said honey you peed enough! >> she is so funny. >> i wish we had some more friends to hang around with. >> if you go down to the city market. you'll find a lot of friends. >> we're here among the people. >> but we need to be more with the people, hoda. >> a sesame seed cookie.
10:18 am
>> delicious. >> hey. >> good afternoon to you, sir. >> i feel like a vision of loveliness. >> you're not. >> peanut man. >> these are five peanuts. >> hey hey! >> hey hey! >> i do declare i have worked up quite a thirst. >> we have got you some sweet tea. >> i love some sweet tea. >> here's to charleston and charlestonians. >> you look ridiculous. >> i feel pretty. >> we need to thank everybody at drayton hall. >> i thought our piece was perfect. >> i thought i smelled an emmy. but i believe it was a fart. >> we thought you would think that was funny. coming up next, we'll help you stand out from the rest, we're talking planting. >> i believe!
10:19 am
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10:22 am
better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. it's eb. the historic district of charleston is known for its elegant mansions and also known for its beautiful window boxes. >> unbelievable. >> this is james farmer, "southern living" magazine's editor at large. he should know. >> what are we going to learn? >> we're going to make a classic charleston window box. in the south you don't have a lot of space to garden so you put one right outside your window. you want great foliage. maiden head ferns and you need lime green, you need color. >> different shades of green. >> what i love to do is build up from the color. something like these hydrangeas,
10:23 am
carl hydrangeas, we start in the middle and work our way out. i don't wear gloves, i know y'all got them on. >> dig a hole. >> dig a hole right there, i'm going to put in some maiden hair. and we'll put one on this side and one on this side. here you go, here you go. >> i like it when you call me honey. >> you've got to have something, doing flowers in the south is like doing hair, the bigger the better. >> we'll get some of those caladyams in there, too. >> what what about scent? >> a big old -- >> there you go. >> what about that? >> coleus. >> pop, drop and moss. we're got moss around it. moss covers a multitude of since, we'll start moving it all around. >> what do you want to do?
10:24 am
>> i want to have a competition. >> i want to see who can do the best window box. >> excuse me. >> these are mine. >> whatever you want. you can use anything. >> okay. here's what i want you to do. >> these are classic charleston-style window boxes. >> mint juleps for the winner. >> you plant your window boxes. >> we're going to go, kathy, one reason we do this, in pots, you can change them out easy. look at that. >> this is a maiden hair. >> the trouble is not enough room in this pot. >> i want color in there. >> i can't plop it in we'll work it out. >> the blue motif. >> where's the moss? >> you go the some moss. >> i need the pretty blue. >> lord a-mercy. [ buzzer ] . >> time's up, who won?
10:25 am
>> get the judge carefully. >> i love the esthetic. >> get the judge carefully. >> i loveenough about the book, i want to hear about your date. well, he showed up in a van. [ women ] oh-awww. [ voices in background ] [ female announcer ] swapportunity. the opportunity to swap a higher calorie snack for a delicious 90 calorie yoplait light. ♪ sorry... about your date, the details of your date. [ female announcer ] just one swap a day helps keep the calories away. yoplait. it is so good. [ female announcer ] just one swap a day helps keep the calories away. parebut not on your face. juvéderm® xc is the gel filler your doctor uses to instantly smooth out lines right here. temporary side effects include redness, pain, firmness, swelling, bumps, or risk of infection. ask your doctor about juvéderm® xc. soft, sweet coconut covered in rich, creamy chocolate.
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10:27 am
more evidence. police say she mixed lethal amounts of rubbing alcohol and two bottles of orange juice. then took them to the starbucks and left them on a shelf. a customer saw it happen and reported it. police have not released a motive but say it appears she acted alone. we'll have a look at weather and traffic after the break. nig? they went to a sleep number store. the only place in the world you'll find the sleep number bed, with dual air technology. it allows each of you to adjust to the support your body needs. you'll only find sleep number at one of our over 400 stores nationwide, where queen mattresses start at just $699. and for those who sleep hot or cool, now save $500 on our temperature-balancing memory foam bed set. sleep number. comfort. individualized.
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it is 10:28 and we still have a tremendous back-up through the livermore valley. this is video from our chopper, the back-up coming to the bottom
10:29 am
of your screen, just one lane gets by the scene of this deadly crash where we have basically now just reopened the slow lane. the slow lane and the shoulder westbound. but that ties up traffic coming out of the altamont pass. it's jammed from 580. things are starting to move better. but it's also hot, isn't it? >> going to be one of the hottest regions across the bay area starting with a look at where we have a heat adviser in place until 9:00 p.m. everywhere you see shaded in yellow, except the immediate coast and bay area, slated to hit the hottest day of the year so far. 98 in fairfield. 97 in livermore. and 92 in fremont. we'll let you know when we'll get some heat relief. and i'm heading out there right now for our 11:00 show. >> we look forward to that. the golden state warriors are back home tonight for game six of the playoffs. if they beat the denver nuggets tonight, they'll advance to the next round to face the spurs.
10:30 am
tonight's game is sold out. how crews are scrambling to come up with enough t-shirts for fans. that's coming up in 30 minutes. ♪ maybe tomorrow you'll open your eyes all your sorrows will fade ♪ >> all right, you guys, charleston is a beautiful and picturesque town, so it doesn't surprise any of us that hollywood hasn't looked around and said what a perfect place for a movie, right? >> exactly right. so here to quiz us on the movie, the music and the television connections to this fine city is john laverne, he's head tour guide. >> so we should point out that we each have teams here. team hoda is hannah. she is a student here and a junior and wearing my name honor
10:31 am
shirt. and jenny, who's a ninth grade teacher. >> i have team lauren, and claire. they are both going to graduate next week right here on this stage. >> if you are ready, take it away. >> all right, welcome to the charleston challenge! let's listen to the questions. team hoda, team kathie lee, let's go. scenes from the 2003 film "cold mountain" were shot here on campus. which actor or actress earned an oscar? >> what's the answer? >> renee zellweger? >> what is renee zellweger? >> renee zellweger is the right answer. >> okay, next question. let's go. "the notebook" was also filmed here in charleston, but what was the name of the town the movie was set in? a, seaside, south carolina. b, seabright, south carolina. c -- >> seabrook!
10:32 am
>> we said seabrook. >> read all the answers. >> seabrook island it is. >> we said that. >> y'all said poughkeepsie, south carolina. >> the college of charleston was used as a backdrop in that movie. i don't know if any of y'all saw that but this was rachel mcadams' college campus scene. anyway. question number three, which lifetime network series currently shoots -- >> oh! >> "army wives." [ cheers and applause ] >> no, you've got to hit the button. >> it's fixed, as usual. >> three to nada. >> the honor guard shoots all over campus.
10:33 am
question number four, which celebrity couple recently tied the knot -- >> oh! >> blake lively and ryan reynolds. >> that's the right answer. >> next question. >> i love this game. >> singer darius rucker, a native from charleston, the solo artist who got his start as lead singer of -- >> hootie and the blowfish. >> yes. >> oh, that's not the question. >> according to the band, who or what is hootie? a nickname for a friend who wore glasses? a nickname for dareus, who has big eyes. or -- >> what is it? >> it's a. >> a is the right answer. >> you guys are obviously getting a real education here. he got inducted into the grand
10:34 am
ole opry last year. listen up, ladies. which talk show host was raised in charleston? >> stevphen colbert. >> stephen colbert. >> a charleston themed gift basket. $250 gift guards to the mcintosh restaurant. dvds. >> good job! >> that was so fun. >> you guys, good job. it was awful. a boy band concert and 10,000 screaming tweens. it was terrifying. and then we were autographed against our will. yeah,i woke up stained... in the dryer!
10:35 am
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10:38 am
there is such a distinctive sense of style when you're here in charleston.
10:39 am
some people call it preppy, some people call it coastal. >> i like it. >> and stacy small is the local style guru. owner of the hampton clothing, great shopping, amazing, nice to see you. >> thank you for having me, i'm excited to be here. you think of the city's heritage, it's beautiful beaches. all of that plays an influence on our style here. look at our first model. i love the pop of color in the sandals. the cobblestone streets are beautiful to look at but treacherous to walk on in heels. so next we have chelsea, he is a southern gentleman, head to toe, wearing color and i love the loggerhead polo he's wearing is american cotton and made here in south carolina. >> i like the belt, too. >> we'll talk about those in a minute. the little sandas he's wearing are by hari-mari, they donate $3
10:40 am
of every sandal sale to help fight childhood cancer. >> go over there and be gorgeous, okay? >> and these shows are a big deal, we've learned. >> everything is monogrammed. we think it's about heritage and tradition, putting your family's stamp on something. you can make your own, these are by a local designer. speaking of that belt you're talking about that he's wearing. when you get your first fish, you get your first woven belt, these are about $35 from land's end. >> i love the bow ties. >> the colors, the prints. men aren't afraid of color down south. >> well, real men aren't. >> there you go. >> we have some great lacquer trays. klg and hoda. >> all about entertaining and
10:41 am
having fun. >> we always have guests coming to visit. >> you do all kinds of stuff in those little mason jars. >> david and marcus, from rag and bone came to visit charleston for our five-year anniversary. we hung those in trees with a candle. put a drink in these, sweet tea vodka. >> be careful. >> that's adorable. >> next we want to talk about how to get a little southern style into your house. geometric prints, all of these from a local store, celadon and a little sea grass. >> and if these go missing, i know where they went. >> three things you can't leave charleston without? cally's biscuits. when you think of the south, you think of biscuits, these are beautifully packed, ready to ship. >> you've got to have a little bit of this. throw in a polo with the state logo. a lot of pride in south
10:42 am
carolina. palmetto tree, got to grab one. and wheatgrass basket. andrea brown from a market let me borrow these. >> thank you very much. coming up, our girl sara will take us to the birds -- literally. [ male announcer ] there's a story behind the silver of philadelphia cream cheese. it always begins with fresh local milk blended with real, wholesome cream. going fresh from the farm, to our fridge, in just six days. because we believe in fresh taste. mmm. [ male announcer ] when it comes to taste, philadelphia sets the standard. and introducing the new standard in afternoon snacking. made with real ingredients like milk, cream, and belgian dark chocolate. new philadelphia snack delights. and belgian dark chocolate. pure chocolate goodness that brings people together. when the chocolate is hershey's
10:43 am
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10:46 am
♪ ♪ all right, award-winning cookbook authors grew up in this fine city developing a love affair with the cuisine. and the lee brothers, we're so delighted to be here, "charleston kitchen." we're happy to be here. >> we're starting off down here i understand with some moonshine. >> we are in the south, after all. >> moonshine martinis from our new book. spiced with madeira. >> where do you get moonshine. >> you don't ask. you do not ask.
10:47 am
you take donations. >> you shake it up and we garnish it with boiled peanuts. >> the boiled peanuts, from the peanut man. >> are they good. >> you want to try, kath? >> sure. >> this is unconventional garnish, but in the low country. it's nice and saucy. see what you think. >> i think it's fine. >> oh, my gosh, that could take the nail polish off. >> now we see something -- >> please help yourself to a little shrimp this is nice pickled shrimp. it's not pickled like a dill pickle, it's just marinated. >> shrimp, fennel, chilies and a little brine over it. >> and cook it up like that? >> this is shrimp-rific today, this is shrimp and grits. shrimp that have been cut
10:48 am
lengthwise. cut it lengthwise and that's why -- >> because they'll curl up in a fetal position. >> exactly, you know this. >> they grab more gravy. >> what is this gravy? >> tomato puree. >> fresh tomatoetomatoes. >> is there particular tomatoes you like to use? >> the ones from john's island. close by. >> and garlic, and shrimp that are already to go. >> look at that shrimp and grits. >> we'll talk a couple of those. >> here we are in charleston, after all. >> these look amazing. >> how many shrimp and grits have you eaten today? >> this is our first. >> what is that dessert? >> moving on. >> don't take it, thank you. >> it's a cool sort of accident. it's got this sludgy bottom,
10:49 am
apples and pecans. >> it's not the prettiest. >> that's part of the charm. >> it's super rustic, super delicious. >> delicious. with a meringue type top. >> it's delicious! >> i'll just take one more tiny bite is. >> i had heard the cuisine in charleston, until you're here and taste these tastes, you have though no idea how many spectacular it is. >> we told you that sara is going to the birds. >> she is for the birds.
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
you know what, sara made her way to the center for birds of
10:53 am
prey. >> i'm a little afraid of this. >> it's a wonderful place that hosts baby birds and more importantly it's a rehab center that hopefully gets these birds back in the air. >> vultures circle overhead are a clear sign that you're at the center for birds of prey. here, hawks and other large birds are trained to show off their awe-inspiring flights. the training starts early. >> he does not like being in that box. >> the barn owl still sports his down-like feathers. >> a name would constitute an animal being a pet. so we have to be very careful that people don't associate this cute young animal that is hanging out around people, behaving kind of like a pet animal, might. >> this little guy may not get a name, but he already has a zoo in colorado waiting to host him. >> he cranes his next to help
10:54 am
focus and explores his surroundings like a toddler. he's obviously a little hungry. so i help feed him a lunch of gourmet mice. >> if you hold it close to his face and wig it will around, this is the glamorous part of the job. >> the center also serves as a hospital for injured birds like this wild hawk. undergoing anesthesia for an x-ray. >> we inserted a pin surgically to align the bone during the healing process. >> from wounded wings to broken bones, about 500 wild birds are brought here every year. the goal is to help heal them and when they're ready, the center releases them back to the wild. like this american bald eagle. >> why is the focus here on birds of prey. >> every bird that comes into the hospital has a story. there's a reason why it's here. and birds of prey, because of that niche that they occupy in
10:55 am
the ecosystem, very often are the first impacted by some issue. >> of all the birds at the center, there was one flying favorite i couldn't wait to meet. this eurasian owl. >> you hold your hand up and off she goes. it takes your breath away. this up-close and personal rush enraptures audiences, teaching the importance of these winged wonders to the environment around us. >> you can see attitudes shift about how important these birds are to us. when we begin to think about that, and to think of how we connect to that and them to us. it's a light bulb that goes off.
10:56 am
>> so can you see being here with them, what a wonderful place it is. >> it is. >> we have the founder and executive director of the avian conservation center. >> jim, keep your eye on this bad boy right here. >> we have birds flying over our audience, is that safe? >> yes it is. >> not if they're going to go poo-poo. >> we only lost one person. >> this is a peregrine falcon. quite a successful conservation story. it was almost eliminated from north america because of toxins, now the bird population has stabilized. >> that's amazing. >> we want to thank you for all that you're doing. thank you for coming to see us. >> and we want to thank everybody in charleston. >> we're going to find a great
10:57 am
southern gentleman for hoda. we'll have a great time.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
good morning to you and thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning, everyone. happening right now, this wave of all the hot weather we're having continues bathing the bay area. simply a sauna out there. likely to hit record highs today along with a heat advisory. here's a look live at sunol where the hills are out there in the distance. getting a little bit browner and darker today. we have team in coverage on the bay area warm-up. christie smith will show us how people who work outside right now are trying to deal with the heat. but first, to meteorologist christina loren in san jose with exactly how hot it's really going to get out there. yo reporter: good morning to


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