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tv   Today  NBC  May 7, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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over the bay. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we are back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> have a great one. see you tomorrow. good morning. breaking news. three women, each missing for a decade, found alive in a cleveland home. this morning, the frantic 911 call. >> i've been missing for ten years, and i'm here. i'm free now. >> the neighbor who helped free them. >> she says help me get out. i've been here a long ti. >> and what we're learning about the three brothers now under arrest. new this morning, new jersey governor chris christie reveals he secretly underwent weight loss surgery, a decision that will impact his health and perhaps his political future. and "mamma mia!" a new museum dedicated to abba opening today. and our dancing queen, natalie,
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is in sweden where two members of the iconic group are reuniting for us live today, tuesday, may 7th, 2013. from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today" with matt lauer live from studio 1a, and savannah guthrie, live from los angeles. and good morning. welcome to a special split edition of "today" at 7 a.m. on the west coast this tuesday morning. i'm savannah guthrie live in los angeles. >> good morning, savannah. i'm matt lauer in studio 1a in new york. and this morning we're following that incredible breaking news. three women who disappeared in cleveland. a news conference was just wrapped up. >> their physical and emotional well being was the prime concern
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now. they did reveal one of the women has a 6-year-old daughter removed from that home we want to get to kristen dahlgren, following developments in cleveland. kristen, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. authorities also called this the ultimate definition of survival and perseverance. it really is an incredible storystor story. each have been missing ten years or so, that is until yesterday, when a neighbor heard amanda berry yelling from inside the house. he was able to help her get free and that's when she called 911. >> 911. >> help me. i'm amanda berry. >> do you need police, fire or ambulance? >> i need police. >> okay. and what's going on there? >> i've been kidnapped, and i've been missing for ten years, and i'm here. i'm free now. >> reporter: amanda berry went missing ten years ago, a day
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before her 17th birthday, while coming home from her job at burger king. berry had vanished. no one hearing from her until monday night when a neighbor herd frantic screams from inside a nearby house. >> i heard her screaming. i'm eating my mcdonald's. i come outside, and i see this girl going nuts trying to get out of a house. i go on the porch, and she says, "help me get out. i've been here a long time. so i opened the door, and we can't get in that way. we kicked the bottom, and she comes out with a little girl, and she says, "call 911." >> reporter: berry and the 6-year-old girl girl weren't alone. also inside the house were gina dejesus, now 23 years old, who disappeared in 2004, and michele knight, last seen more than 13 years ago when she was 20 years old.
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>> we eat ribs and whatnot. i've been barbecuing with this dude. you see where i'm coming from, bro? >> reporter: no indication. >> not a clue that that girl was in that house. >> reporter: three women and young girl are now being treated at cleveland's metro health medical center this morning. >> currently, they are safe. we're in the process of evaluating their medical needs. they appear to be in fair condition at the moment. >> reporter: family members and friends gathered outside the hospital, hugging and crying, showing their support for the girls they haven't seen for so long. >> we love you, baby! we miss you. we've been here with you. >> reporter: destiny says she's been waiting a long time to see her cousin, amanda, again. >> the whole time down here i cried, but now i'm excited. excited to see her, excited to hold her, excited to squeeze her and excited to tell her how much i missed her and love her. >> reporter: police call amman dat real hero in this, although police in cleveland have been
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working the cases very hard for a very long time the three suspects have been identified 52-year-old arial castro and brothers, pedro, 54 and o'neill, 50 years old. they are still processing the scene out here. remember, they have about ten years of forensic evidence to go through to try to figure out what happened to these women. again, matt, the good news is that they are reunited with their families today. >> it certainly is good news. kristen dahlgren in cleveland, thank you very much. john walsh is the host of "america's most wanted," his son, adam, was kidnapped and killed by a stranger back in 1981. john, good morning, nice to see you. >> good see you, matt. >> your first reaction. what an incredible story, not only three women abducted about a decade ago found alive but found together being held >> i was up all night, matt. i was literally so ecstatic. i profiled two of those cases,
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amanda berry and the dejesus case. to see the courage of amanda berry, the real here rocker the tiny window when these three perverts were at her house to go out and save her life, the life of her daughter, probably conceived as a result of a sexual assault or rape and charles ramsey walking down the street, to have the guts, as he said in many interviews. you know, i'm black man this is a white woman, i didn't know if it was a domestic abuse case. >> right. >> i thought about it twice, but he went up there and broke her out. they called 911. matt, it is the most phenomenal ending of these three women are alive. the little daughter is alive. and those three suspects are now in custody. it's a great ending. >> but it does raise so many questions, john. this is a small community. you see the street, the houses are right next to each other. and you heard a neighbor say, i barbecued with this guy, used to watch him tinkering with his cars in the backyard. how does someone put on this normal appearance to the outside world while hiding this deep,
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dark secret inside? >> these perverts are sociopaths, matt. you and i have talked a lot about t jaycee dugard in the backyard for 18 years. you know, neighbors complaining, cops never going in the bang yard to see them. these guys know what they do is reprehensible. they know they have to brain wash these women and terrorize them and they have to function like they're normal individuals. and they probably -- i know they are alleged, matt, but they probably came back and forth, considered these women their sex slaves or whatever, brought them food and acted like normal people in the community. >> and john, let me ask you this i think i have to ask you. there are a lot of other family abducted over the years and they have always held out hope and this story is going to provide an emotional development what is your message to those families? >> never give up hope. we never gave up hope for elizabeth smart. we never gave up hope and the families kept profiling jaycee dugard.
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it's kind of sad that amanda berry's mother died and many of the relatives say she died of a broken heart. but those two families never gave up looking for their daughters. and i say don't give up hope. the not knowing is the worst. it's torture. but many, many times, it's up to the parents to keep the children's names in the public eye and every now and then, we get lucky, matt. i could do cartwheels. if i ever meet charles ramsey, i'm going to give him the biggest hug for being such a brave man. >> john walsh, important perspective on this story. thank you very much. >> thank you, matt. turning to other news, this morning, new jersey's governor chris christie has revealing he underwent lap band surgery. his weight has been an issue for the prominent republican for some time, and governor christie decided that the time was right to do something about it. do nancy snyderman is nbc's chief medical editor. nancy, good to see you. >> hey, matt. >> hearing governor christie had the surgery over the president's day holiday weekend, just two months ago. let's start with the surgery, lap band surgery versus gastric
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bypass. >> not as severe, literally a band that goes around the stomach and squeezes it so the pouch of the stomach is smaller, you eat less, feel fuller sooner and your weight should drop. >> who is the perfect candidate for a surgery like that? >> he is the perfect candidate. over 100 pounds to lose, a bmi over 40. over 18. he always said he's the healthiest fat guy around, no high blood pressure, no diabetes. if he can shed this weight, and i think he will, he will be able to prevent getting the illnesses. >> i spoke to governor christie on the phone this morning. he had this on a friday and was back at work with a very tough schedule on the tuesday afterwards. >> not a shock. >> what about complications? he said to me this morning, he hasn't had any. what would they be, and how soon would they arrive? >> we know how disciplined he is and some rumors going around this morning he shed 40 pounds. the reality is he is going it be
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surrounded by doctors, nurses, dietitians, psychologists. it takes a team of people. because he is so driven, because he has a goal, and he has talked a lot about his wife and his kids and wanting to be healthier, i suspect he is going to do very, very w. >> you say very, very w. >> the model candidate. >> co-lose up to 100 pounds. >> get to fighting weight, frankly, be healthy. the fact he doesn't have high blood pressure or diabetes means he has a head start. >> occurred two and a half months ago over the february presidents' day holiday but just coming to light now. >> pretty cool. i think he is going to do very well. >> nancy, thanks very much. >> you bet, matt. go out to savannah. new details this morning on a troubling arrest in virginia. an air force officer who ran the branch's sexual assault prevention unit now charged himself with sexual battery. nbc's jim miklaszewski is at the
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pentagon with this story. >> reporter: this lieutenant colonel is supposed to help protect women of the air force against sexual assault and he, himself, faces charges. defense secretary hagel expressed outrage over the situation and promised swift action. despite pentagon efforts to curtail sexual assault, those numbers we'll show you sexual assault in the military is still on the rise. >> lieutenant colonel -- >> reporter: air force officer jeff krusinski in afghanistan two years ago. here's his police mugshot this past weekend, scratches on the face, the result of an apparent struggle. he's accused of sexually assaulting a woman in an arlington, virginia, parking lot early sunday. the police report describes him as a drunken male subject who approached a female victim and grabbed her breasts and buttocks before she fought him off and contacted police. >> the military culture has to be changed. it has to be scrubbed of this
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attitude that boys will be boys. >> reporter: the accusations come just as a new pentagon report shows a startling rise in sexual assaults in the military. the numbers reveal that actual reports of sexual assaults last year rose by 6%, up to 3,374. even more troubling, the survey shows that sexual assaults that went unreported skyrocketed from 19,000 to 26,000. >> we've got to see action. they are great at saying we have zero tolerance, but their actions do not support their words. >> reporter: the air force is still reeling from its worst sex scandal ever. 33 basic training instructors have been accused of sexually assaulting 63 recruits at lackland air force base in san antonio. as for the lieutenant colonel, he allegedly attacked a civilian this will be handled in civilian courts and not the military.
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and he is expected to face some kind of arraignment in a couple of days in arlington, virginia. now, he, himself, who was head of the air force special -- or sexual assault prevention program, has been relieved of his duty. >> jim miklaszewski at the pentagon, thank you. new information on the boston marathon attacks. willie is here with that. >> good morning to you. good morning, everyone. the question of what to do with the body of boston bombing suspect tamerlan tsarnaev remains open, the funeral director still trying to find a site in massachusetts, but more than 100 of his requests to cemeteries has been rejected. tsarnaev's mother wants his body returned to russia. all of this as one of the friends of suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev is released to house arrest on $100,000 bond.
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19-year-old robel phillipos is awaiting trial for allegedly lying to federal investigators about the boston bombings. new accusations this morning tied to last september's deadly attack on the u.s. mission in benghazi, libya. nbc chief foreign affairs correspondent, andrea mitchell, has the latest for us. andrea, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the attack on that benghazi mission and its cia outpost went on for hours, but now gregory hicks, at the time the deputy of the mission in tripoli, has told house republicans he called for help from four more special forces officers in italy and was overruled by the military, possibly costing, he says, at least two lives. but the pentagon is pushing back saying the commandos had to defend tripoli and were not prepared for a combat mission. the closest jets were in italy five hours away. still, house republicans say that hicks and other state department witnesses can prove that hillary clinton and her special review board covered up, but the leaders of that independent review board on benghazi, admiral mike mullen and ambassador tom pickering, say that they had unfettered
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access to everyone and everything, and there is, of course, a political subtext here. after all, those republicans are taking direct aim at clinton, the country's most popular demoat and the potential presidential candidate. those hearings start tomorrow. willie? >> andrea mitchell in washington for us, thank you. the fbi say it has foiled a terrorist attack, arresting a 24-year-old man in western minnesota. officials not giving many details yet, but they do say they found a cache of explosives and weapons in a mobile home, potentially saving the lives of several residents in the area. the death toll in the bangladesh building collapse still climbing, now surpassing 700. workers still pulling bodies from the wreckage of that country's worst industrial accident ever. this as the factory workers who survived the building collapse last month are protesting this morning, demanding wages and other benefits. online shoppers are one step closer to paying state sales tax. the senate passing a bill that allows states to collect taxes on internet purchase. the measure now heads to the house where it faces some opposition from lawmakers who consider it a tax hike.
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and in nevada, middle schoolers trying to carry out a little tween justice. 12-year-old jeremy drew caught a las vegas police officer leaving a convenience store with his motorcycle parked on the sidewalk, so the kid called out the cop and recorded the whole thing. >> is there a reason for you to park on the sidewalk? is it like an emergency or anything? oh. can i see your badge number? >> why? >> because i have the right to. >> you do, huh? >> yeah. >> you a junior lawyer? >> no, i just want to see your badge number. >> the officer then asked for jeremy's i.d. but jeremy responded he had none because he's 12. the cop then drove off with his big gulp. it's now 7:16. let's go back to you, matt. how to know how to feel about that one exactly, isn't it? >> yeah. are there a lot of winners in that one? >> no, i don't think so. he'll make a good attorney one day though. >> he will.
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he's the kind of guy you'd want to call if you needed someone. savannah is not the only one out in los angeles. al is there as well, and he's got a first check of the weather. al? >> hey, good morning, matt. let's take a look. we've got, again, a lot of wet weather to talk about. first of all, in the southeast, this low pressure will not go away, just meandering bringing those showering pinwheeling into the east, so as you can see during the day, slowly the system makes its way up into the northeast and so does the rain, so rainfall amounts are basically going to be kind of heavy. one to three inches of rain throughout parts of central mid-atlantic states on into roanoke, charlottesville and washington, d.c. out west, we're looking at a third day of rain here in southern california as the low pressure pinwheels around as well. we'll get to your local forecast in just a moment, but first this message. your local forecast in just a moment, but first this message. to get everything she wants. the best deals are at jcpenney, in-store and online. get 25% off women's apparel and dresses, including her favorite brands
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like liz claiborne and worthington. plus, st. john's bay is back... at 30% off! and get 20% off fine jewelry. we make it easy to find the gifts that mean the world to the woman at the center of yours. the jcpenney mother's day sale. good morning. we still have slight chance for showers. nothing heavy. through thoem, isolated cells for the first part of the day. by wednesday afternoon into early thursday, we are going to clear you out. we are going to warm you up friday into mother's day weekend. up to 84 degrees on sunday. >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> thanks very much. savannah kicked off her >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> thanks very much.
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savannah kicked off her trip to l.a. with a little stop "the tonight show" and miss guthrie, i understand you got a little defensive about an issue i discussed with jay last week. >> not defensive. >> we talked about fingergate. do you know what i'm talking about? >> i know what you're talking about. >> do you want to explain that to earvin. >> do you know who fingergate is? >> no. >> there was a shot during the show that matt made the remark that i've never used a vacuum during my life and then i gestured towards him. >> using a finger. >> index finger. >> but the internet, social media thought that it was my middle finger. >> let's see the photo. >> what finger does that look like? >> to me, the facial expression says middle finger to me. >> no, no. >> well, yeah. >> hand says index, face says middle. >> let's just put it this way, the most aggressive index finger you'll ever run across. >> "today" show is going on the road. where are you going? >> yes. we're going on a week-long adventure. >> okay.
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>> we're going to hawaii. we're going to yellowstone. we're going to chicago, orlando, and i'm announcing right here now our fifth location. we'll start summer at the jersey shore. >> oh, cool. >> we're excited about that, and it was the index finger. >> thank you. >> by the way, matt, she had the whole thing written, it's on her hand, her itinerary. >> that's embarrassing, savannah. >> well, you know why, it's live, what if i forgot one of the cities? >> there's five of them. >> wow. >> by the way, i guess i didn't scrub it off that well last night because it's still there. >> did you shower? >> yes, and it was -- it was a quick shower. >> i just love that magic johnson was roped into fingergate, the great magic johnson. >> all right, guys. we'll check with you in a little while. we'll see you then. coming up, much more on this breaking news out of cleveland. three women found alive a decade after their disappearances. but first this is "today" on nbc. disappearances. but first this is "today" on
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good morning. i'm jon kelley. the coroner is expected to identify all the victims identified in the deadly limo fire. the nine women inside the limousine were locked inside the rear doors actually automatically lock when the vehicle is in park. they may have been too difficult for the women inside to open as that fire spread. police have arrested two men -- actually, two women and a man arrested after the three crashed a stolen bmw into some bushes in san jose's silver creek neighborhood early this morning. one of the women was wanted in connection with several armed robberies in that area. san francisco's board of supervisors will vote today on whether to impose a 25-foot
7:27 am
buffer zone around planned parenthood clinics in the city. current rules prevent protesters from coming within eight feet of the entrance or patients. it is time to check in with christina loren. very busy in the weather department. what is it looking like? >> i keep checking the radar. every time i check, something new pops up. we have a thunderstorm in the livermore area. we want to start with the live picture. no showers, the highways, nice and dry. the state of california, still dealing with the wet weather. here in the bay area, although they aren't organized, we have these spotty cells. we see more activity as we head throughout the second half of date. our atmosphere is unstable enough for some of the pop-up storms. the best chance will be in the south bay and the east bay. 63 for san francisco. 75 degrees in fairfield. we are going to heat you up just in time for the weekend. it is a traffic tuesday before you head to work. mike knows what could slow you down. >> what will be a slowdown is
7:28 am
680 south. sunol, right by our camera, starting to look a little bit better through the last few minutes. the map through this area, south, still slow. this is the earlier crash area where we had things blocked for hours. still shall very slow. all the way down to sunol. west 580 towards castro valley in towards fremont and the northbound area. throughout the south bay, this is not so bad. we will get heavy tuesday, back to you. enough about the book, i want to hear about your date.
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we're back now at 4:30 on a tuesday morning. it's the 7th day of may, 2013. we've got more on that breaking news in cleveland. three women who each vanished about ten years ago found alive in a home near the scenes of their disappearances. coming up, we'll hear from the man who played a big role in rescuing them, and we'll talk to a neighbor about if there were any signs, any warning signs, any idea that anything was going on strange in that house. i'm matt lauer in new york. savannah and al are out in los angeles this morning. guys, good morning again. >> good morning to you, matt, and, of course, we had a big night here last night. we were at "the voice's" first live show of the season, and al and i are going to show you what goes on behind the scenes while you're watching at home. we were roaming the halls. kind of just took over the
7:31 am
place. >> that's right. two words, matt, foot massage. >> all right. you got my interest there, al. thanks very much. by the way, we're all spread out this morning. natalie is live in sweden with an exclusive first look at the brand new museum that is dedicated entirely to abba, and a little later on a look at the fashions on display at last night's met gala. savannah? >> a lot to look forward to, but we want to begin this half hour with the women who disappeared some ten years ago, now found alive and okay in cleveland. let's get to nbc's kristen dahlgren. she's there with the latest. kristen, good morning again to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah, yeah. a dramatic 24 hours here in cleveland. those three women are now at an area hospital being checked out. that's where their family and friends gathered last night. they haven't seen them in some cases in more than ten years. there is -- there are three suspects in custody. we want to show you a picture of one of them.
7:32 am
this is the suspect believed to have kept these women in this house in this cleveland neighborhood. as i said yesterday, really a dramatic rescue. we want to hear now from the neighbor who rescued them, who helped amanda berry escape. >> i'm eating my mcdonald's. i come outside, and i see this girl going nuts trying to get out of a house, so i go on the porch. i go on the porch are and she says help me get out. i've been here a long time. so, you know, i figured it was a domestic violence dispute, so i open the door, and we can't get in that way because the door, it's so much, that a body can't fit through, only your hand, so we kicked the bottom, and she comes out with a little girl, and she says call 911. my name is amanda berry. when she told me, it didn't register until i got the call to 911, and i'm calling the 911 for amanda berry. i thought this girl was dead. see, the girl amanda, told the
7:33 am
police i ain't just only one. there's some more girls up in that house so they are going up there, you know, 30, 40 feet, and when they came out it was just astonishing because i thought they would come out with nothing. i figured whoever she was, like i say, my neighbor, i barbecued with this dude and we eat ribs and what not and listen to salsa music. see where i'm coming from, bro. >> reporter: and you had indication? >> not a clue. >> charles ramsey, one of the neighbors who helped rescue the women yesterday. let's turn to another neighbor, juan perez who lives near the home where all of this unfolded. mr. perez, good morning to you. good to have you with us. >> good morning to you. >> sir, how long have you lived in this home? as i understand you're right next door, and did you ever see anything that would have raised suspicions? >> i've been in the neighborhood for 22 years, since i was 5, and, no, i can't lie. i've never seen anything that
7:34 am
raised any suspicion. i've never seen anything that, you know, made me feel uncomfortable enough to call the police. i just saw someone who was very nice, charismatic, helped with the community, on the street, and he even helped fix my tire once, you know. i never thought nothing of it. i've known him since i was a kid. >> you're talking about the man who lives there who we now understand is under arrest along with a couple of other men. what do you remember about him, and is it somebody that you know well, someone you interacted with frequently? >> i've known him since i was a child. he was someone that would always see me, say hi, start conversati conversation. i just talked to him like a neighbor, like nothing too extreme. we weren't, you know, friends, like best friends. we didn't, you know, have our own personal time, but it was always just, hey, how are you?
7:35 am
do you need help with this? do you need help with that kind of a relationship? but i knew him very well. >> i'm sorry to interrupt. did you ever see any women coming and going from that home? >> i've never seen anybody come in and out of that home. i thought that the home was vacant. i thought that he probably had another property and that he would just come and check to see if everything is okay. i didn't even know anybody lived there, to tell you the truth. >> one of our producers when i think you spoke to before we came on the air said that you did recall one incident i guess a couple of years ago where you heard a scream coming from that general area. can you tell me about that? >> yeah. we heard a scream, but we -- we didn't know where exactly the scream was coming from because we were inside the house. this was a few years ago. there was a difference between, you know, a playful joking around scream with friends and this kind of scream, this kind of scream, you know, had my sister call the police and make a report, and that was a few
7:36 am
years ago. i don't remember exactly when, i'm sorry. >> were you familiar with the cases of these three missing women as we understand they all went missing separately, but this happened in your general area. you're a longtime resident. had you heard of these young women who had been missing, and had a was your reaction to find out that they had been living next door? >> i was aware of guyana dejesus and amanda berry. i wasn't too familiar with the third lady that they found. i have a lot of mutual friends that know the ladies very well, and when i found out, you know, i know -- i was excited and happy that they found them, but to tell you the truth, i felt, like a tug at my heart. i was a little drunk with emotion because to know that they were two houses from me ten years, i never saw anything, nobody really saw anything, just made me feel like we could have helped earlier, so i don't
7:37 am
>> well, juan perez, i think everyone can relate to that emotion, and we really appreciate you coming on and shedding some light on what's been going on. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we will take a turn now to al and get another check of the weather. . >> and as we look at some of these temperatures that are going on around the country, crazy hot temperatures out west. the jet stream now has retreated up to the north, and so the northern tier of states are really toasty. look at this, yakima, washington, today, 88 for a high, 22 degrees above normal and billings at 77, 10 degrees above normal and moving across the country can you see the temperatures stay awfully warm all throughout northern tier states all the way into the northeast. caribou, maine, 81 degrees, that's 24 degrees warmer than usual. buffalo at 76, so we're talking
7:38 am
very toasty weather throughout the northern section of the country. that's what's going on around the u.s. here's what's happening in your good morning. 7:38 here in the nbc bay area center. anthony slaughter tracking your showers for today. you can see waking up in he can o land arks little bit of cloud cover. nonetheless, sunshine today. more so tracking these showers. you can see still rotated in from the sierra, this upper level low pressure still going to offer a few potential showers for today. maybe a rumble of shower or two. the system exiting the region. warm temperatures for today. even warmer for the weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. well, josiah hawley is one of the singers from "the voice," last night. josiah, you have by any stretch of the imagination a great night. shakira said you rocked it, adam said you've improved by leaps and bounds, rusher said he was a proud coach, so how are you feeling this morning?
7:39 am
>> man, i'm feeling really good, really excited. a lot of work i had to do to prepare for this round and singing a new song, not an easy song, but a big influence of mine and coming in and do the best that i could, so, yeah. >> definitely a high degree of difficulty with that song choice, and usher is your coach, and he's really working you guys hard. >> literally. >> yeah. working out. >> he's got us in the gym doing different boxing things, a lot of calisthenics and explosive training, all helps with breath control, and if you're in control of your breath then you can support the intonation and it will be in tune. you'll be able to have long phrases and hit the high notes. if you're not in control of your breath, just all of that is going to go bad. >> the difference between "the voice" and other shows, these coaches really -- i mean, they coach you. >> yeah. >> like life coaches. how has your life changed since being coached by usher? >> my goal has been to do music full-time.
7:40 am
that's my goal for years, so now i'm here and i'm able to do that, you know, i'm able to have all my focus be on practicing and just growing, you know, in the field that i love and what is my passion in my heart, so it's just -- it's been just an excellent transition, and i'm super excited to be here, you know. >> i know it's such a whirlwind. i hope you're getting a little bit of time to soak it in, but i guess you can watch it all back on tape later. >> i'll watch reruns later. >> josiah, thank you so much. >> thank you so much, guys. appreciate it. >> a lot more about our evening behind the scenes at "the voice" coming up, and then some of the shall we say daring looks on display at last night's exclusive met gala, but, first, these messages. [ baby crying ] my turn. oh, what's that? you got mommy a mother's day present? from where? [ baby coos ] whoa. nice. oh, i totally agree. she is the best mommy ever. [ baby cooing ] it's beautiful. [ female announcer ] the charmed memories collection at kay jewelers. each charm is hand-crafted in italy
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7:45 am
we are back now at 7:44 and time to talk about what was a fun night for savannah and al. guys? >> yeah, we were up late. as we mentioned we were at "the voice" last night and got a behind-the-scenes look at the singing competition on its first live night. >> stage 12, right here. >> i think "the voice" is somewhere near here. i think there's a sign. >> i think what you meant to say is this is "the voice." >> walking, walking, hard to walk in these shoes. >> usher. >> usher, come on. >> no more backstage passes for you. >> that's right. >> you were working out with your team. that was pretty impressive. >> have to appreciate everything. if you want to win, you have to pay it forward. >> i can't imagine somebody who has never done this walking out on stage like this. >> you know, nerves do sneak in every so often, but have you to quiet that and only focus on one thing. ♪ to walk away to let you leave
7:46 am
without a trace ♪ >> looking from over there, it's like a pit stop at nascar. look at this. >> i wore my nighttime heels. sorry, al, i'm like 7 feet tall right now. >> because you're not tall enough. >> two members of the nbc family, give it up from the "today" show, savannah guthrie and al roker are here. give it up, everybody. >> love "the voice" and big fans at the "today" show. one of the contestants from the show live on the "today" show tomorrow. >> summer concert series. who do you have on it? >> a band you might have heard of, maroon five. >> i love you, al roker. >> first live show under your belt. how does it feel? >> i think the competition is a lot tougher than i thought it was going to be. i think judith had a big moment there, and i think ma michelle or usher's team had a huge moment. >> what are you going to tell them to inspire them? >> what are you going to tell them? >> i don't mean to steal your thunder. >> first show -- >> oh, god. >> you watch these other two teams perform. how do you feel your chances
7:47 am
are? >> are you afraid of my team? >> i am a little afraid of your team. >> what do you mean a little? >> and of adam. >> what do you mean adam? >> grows each week. >> shakira, you can understand. let's see your heels. >> yeah. just trying to fit in here. >> my stockings. >> a stocking malfunction. >> it's amazing to watch what happens during this broadcast, matt. i mean, it's an army of people who put this thing on. >> when you think about the fact that these are amateurs coming out there singing, this huge stage, live television, and they all are so composed and do so well. >> you had a chance to size up the teams. what do you think? >> i mean, there's some pretty stiff competition. judith at the end of the night, no question. she brought the house down, but there's a lot of great singers,
7:48 am
josiah we just had had a really good night. >> and all crazy young. >> very young, very energetic which is good because they don't let them sleep. >> by the way, speaking of music, natalie is in sweden for the debut of a new museum dedicated to abba. plus, two members of the group will reunite for us live, but, first, on a tuesday morning, these messages. ♪ [ female announcer ] real fruit flavors. real tea leaves. and real honey. lipton tea & honey, it's all here.
7:49 am
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7:50 am
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7:52 am
is difficult. but choosing which one is even harder. coming up, we are live in stockholm, sweden, reuniting two of abba's members, but first a little trivia for you this morning, matt. where does the name abba come from, is it one, a, a swedish fishing company, b, bjorn baby's first words, the acronym of the band members first names or d, one of sweden's eight islands where the band spent summers composing their music. care to venture a guess. >> acronym for the band members' first names. >> that's right, and we're going to have two of the band members from here coming up in just a little bit. >> took a wild guess. >> abba i'll go with abba on th >> all right. we're back after your local news. ( telephone rings )
7:53 am
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7:56. good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. the return of three kidnapped women in cleveland is eerily similar to the case of jaycee dugard found in antioch in 2009. phil phillip garrido and his wife, nancy, kidnapped her while she was walking to a bus stop. she was missing for more than 18 years. garrido and his wife had kept her in their backyard in contra costa county. both were convicted and are now serving life sentences. dugard released a statement saying, quote, these individuals need the opportunity to heal and connect back into the world. this isn't who they are. it is only what happened to them. the human spirit is incredibly resilient. more than ever, this reaffirms we should never give up hope.
7:57 am
let's check out the story. anthony slaughter is here with us to talk about the tuesday morning forecast we are tracking some showers. most activity located up against tahoe. a little farther in the central valley, a few sporadic showers. we will see dry times but every now and then, a brief downpour. nothing heavy. you want to have the umbrella handy. eve forei even for tomorrow morning. back into the 80s for friday and mid-80s as we head into saturday and sunday. mike, how are those roads shaping up? >> north 101 in san jose. the entire south bay starting to drag. 280, 87, 85, continuing to build for your traffic tuesday. very tough drive for your tri-valley and the east bay. sunol actually recovering. look at castro valley, 580 towards 230 and south 880 out of oakland through san leandro, down through union city. those folks make their getaway.
7:58 am
really bogging down around university. on both sides. take care.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ you are the dancing queen ♪ see that girl >> well, abba has never sounded so enthusiastic? that is our very own dancing queen miss natalie morales enjoying one of the interactive exhibits at the brand new abba museum. let's just let that play a few more minutes. ♪ getting in the swing >> oh, you look great. you sound great, and we are all spread out across the globe this morning. natalie in sweden, we can hear it here in los angeles and matt
8:01 am
holding down the fort in rockefeller plaza. >> al, i'm just waiting for your dogs and cats living together. >> mass hysteria, oh, my gosh. >> come on. i'm not trying out for "the voice" or anything. >> there's a shock. >> that's good, natalie. loved it. also ahead, it was an evening of big surprises in last night's met costume gala here in new york. thanks to a punk theme. we're going to show you how the stars handled that in a little while. >> all right. and then maria shriver is here. she's going to introduce us to two women who were giving a voice to moms in need of love, support and, yes, a good laugh, so looking forward to catching up with maria. >> absolutely. >> and we need your help for an experiment. we need to synchronize watches, because at 8:07 we want you to take a picture of whatever you're doing right at that moment. it could be interesting, and then share it with us with t
8:02 am
the #same morning, and we'll post them on "today".com and share them coming up. it could be interesting. >> all right, al, get to that in a little while. first on a more serious note, more on the big story of the morning. three women who were held captive in cleveland for a decade are free and alive this morning. nbc's kristen dahlgren is outside the home where this all went down. kristen, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. just stop for a second and imagine what it's like for those women and those families today. they had been holding out hope. we don't often hear happy endings in these stories. they held out hope for ten years or so, and this morning they are reunited with those women that they lost so long ago. now, amanda berry, she disappeared in 2003, a week before her 17th birthday. gina dejesus disappeared in 2004, and knight disappeared in 2003 when she was 20 years old.
8:03 am
yesterday they were found in this house back here, and we have the dramatic 911 call, amanda berry after she escaped dialed 911. listen to this. >> i'm eating my mcdonald's, and i come out -- >> cleveland 911. >> help me. i'm amanda berry. >> do you need police, fire or ambulance? >> i need police. >> okay. and what's going on there? >> i've been kidnapped, and i've been missing for ten years, and i'm -- i'm here. i'm free now. >> reporter: you can hear just the absolute panic in her voice and relief. she says i am free and says that she has been held for ten years. so the investigation continues. we're expecting an update from police shortly. we do know though, matt, that they have three men in custody, brothers aged 50, 52 and 54. we've been speaking with neighbors this morning. they say one of them was in this house often.
8:04 am
he was friendly. he was charismatic. he took kids for rides on his atv down the street. he was a bus driver at one point, and they didn't suspect anything. they didn't hear anything or see anything over the last ten years. matt? >> all right. kristen dahlgren in cleveland this morning, kristen, thank you very much. joined now by willie geist. imagine how many times amanda berry rehearsed what she would say if given the chance to make the phone calls over the ten years? >> and to give the courage of doing it, knowing the consequences if it didn't. >> exactly right. >> a lot of other news to get to. air force officer who runs the air force's sex crimes prevention unit out on bail after charges on sexual battery. lieutenant colonel jeff krusinski groped a woman in a parking lot, and his arrest comes as a new pentagon report that shows sexual assaults in the military are on the rise. new jersey governor chris christie is revealing this morning he secretly underwent lap band surgery in order to
8:05 am
slim down for his wife and children. he revealed that he had the weight loss procedure done in february. governor christie declined to say how much weight he's lost so far but did say he had it done to stay alive for his children. voting under way in the high-profile special election to fill a house seat in south carolina. democrat elizabeth colbert-busch is battling former south carolina governor mark sanford. republican's political career was derailed in scandal in 2090 when he left the country to be with his mistress. polls show the race is too close to call. and a california woman's lottery mistake is the top story on yahoo!. she usually buys four tickets at a time from a lottery vending machine. this time though she put in an extra dollar by mistake, and that ticket won a $14 million jackpot. the single mother of four sons plans to buy a house and do a little traveling. mother's day also came early for
8:06 am
this mom whose joyride is going vir. check this out. son put her behind the wheel of a mitsubishi 3dx evo and then rode along with her. go, mom. >> see how this old lady can do. whoa. whoa. this is as fifth as i've ever gone. >> mom dropping the hammer at 900 horsepower, a high octane mom for sure, and apparently start them pretty young down under. look at this. look at this youtube video. baby rider is learning to water ski, at get this, 7 1/2 months old. before you call child services, wait a second. he's been riding behind boats, being pulled along the shore line by his parents to sort of get the feel for it. >> i don't know about that one. >> they have got him locked in
8:07 am
pretty tight and mom's jogging along behind. >> and he's not crying or anything like that. >> no. >> seems to be enjoying it. >> seems to be having fun. >> let's get out to savannah and al in california. >> okay. hey, guys. get your smartphones ready. willie, matt. >> is yours on, maria. >> no, it's not. >> now it is. >> take a picture of the password. >> at 8:07 everybody in america, supposed to take a picture at exactly what you're doing at this moment. >> three, two, one. >> read the prompter. >> three, two, one, snap it. all right. >> now, post them using the #samemorning. >> one picture. >> and we'll check them out a little bit later. >> i don't think mine was in focus. >> you can still take another one. >> you've got 30 seconds, maria. >> where's matt? >> i've got mine there. >> that's good. >> not going to get any better than this. good morning. 8:07 in the nbc bay area
8:08 am
"weather center." i'm anthony slaughter. we have gray skies overhead. we are going to see sunshine, a mixed bag. we will see sun and at times a shower or two. still seeing it on the radar. nothing at the moment but temperatures will be lower 70s inland, 66 san francisco, 72 san jose. keep the umbrellas handy for one more day. warming for the weekend with 80 by saturday.
8:09 am
8:10 am
♪ [ female announcer ] real fruit flavors. real tea leaves. and real honey. lipton tea & honey,
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8:12 am
yeah, uh, thanks for introducing us. anything for a friend. ooh, strong grip! ow! ♪ that song will be stuck in your head all day. back at 8:12 with an exclusive look at the new abba museum. natalie standing by live in stockholm, sweden. natalie, good morning again. >> hey, good morning to you, matt. well, they defined the term super group, that swedish band abba with numerous hits. of course, its famous broadway musical as well as the movie also so famous. well, of course, now there's this place, a museum dedicated to the abba experience, and coming up we're going to talk to
8:13 am
two of the members of the band, bjorn unfortunatelius and anni-frid lyngstad or frida as she's known as by the abba fans. first keir simmons took a tour of the museum. >> have you got your dance moves ready for us? >> the dancing queen. how but? >> you don't want to see this. a tribute to the band that moved a generation and contributed to millions of dancing queens. ♪ and now bands in sweden super group abba can make the pilgrimage to a super active museum, dedicated, yes, the clothes, catchy dance tunes, the genesis of one of the world's best-selling bands. ♪ you can dance >> this is where i'll be, you know, walking fast with my grandchildren when they ask me about grandpa, you know. what was it like? now i can send them here.
8:14 am
>> reporter: but first bjorn gave me a sneak peek nostalgia tour behind the scenes as the museum was being built. i mean, this is what i expect from abba, right? big lights. >> exactly. this is the car that we used to tour in. this is following in love >> reporter: rise to mega stardom, and platform boots. >> those trousers were so tight that, you know, the bus that took us from the hotel to the arena, i had to stand up. >> reporter: this is the actual mixing desk. >> the mixing desk. >> reporter: the pull of the recording studio. >> have your earphones, and you're just going to this bubble. >> reporter: that got the most reclusive member of the band back in front of the microphonech her new album called "simply a." ♪ when you love someone >> it's nostalgic. >> some of those abba years were difficult? >> oh, yeah, they were, because bjorn and i had two small
8:15 am
children that we had to leave at home. >> reporter: her favorite abba song. ♪ the winner takes it all >> that was, of course, after our divorce. >> reporter: there was. >> there was no winner but, yes, the lyrics, of course, deep down inspired by the fact that i went through such a hard time and agnetha, too. >> reporter: at the museum you can belt out your very own abba favorite. ♪ knowing me, knowing you >> reporter: display your best moves here. >> i'll be dancing on this floor, you know. >> reporter: you'll be here? >> yeah, but not in front of the camera. no way. >> reporter: you can dance. >> you can jive. >> reporter: and no one is more surprised about this lasting success than abba. >> we were right in front, and
8:16 am
it was just chance really that millions around the world liked the same thing. ♪ thank you for the music, the songs i'm singing ♪ >> reporter: thank for the music, abba, and natalie, everyone was just breaking into song here. >> they were singing it, as you were, exactly. pretty amazing to see the experience, of course, whenever bjorn unfortunatelius and anni-frid lyngstad are reunited together people break out in songs. keir simmons. >> wherever we go. >> break into song, but not as good as the real thing, i might add. tell us about this incredible place that you brought here to stockholm. of course this is your baby. this allows you to relive some of the memories again. >> it allows me to do that, but primarily it's because the city of stockholm has been asking for this for a long time, and, you know, i thought all four of us said yes to it, didn't we,
8:17 am
because we love our city so much? >> after some hesitation we did. >> because it's a bit weird to build a museum of yourself. >> what was your favorite part of creating this museum? do you have a favorite interactive display? >> the interactive is fun, but mostly i like the story telling in it. >> i like the nostalgic trip, like we have our own corner with all this from family and the atmosphere, you can feel like you're back in the '70s again. >> it is reliving the '70s all over again. >> my favorite part i think was that room right there, where you get to go in and experience what it would be like if i were the fifth abba member. >> yeah. >> which, you know, no worries about that. that's not going to happen. >> that's great, isn't it? >> it's incredible, the best karaoke experience i've ever had. i'll describe it as pretty
8:18 am
great. >> and you've now got it on our ipad and you can show your friends and share. >> send it right to facebook which is a pretty cool thing as well. >> did you do well or did you look awkward? >> no, it was horrible. it was so bad. i mean, of course, your music is known for all the joy that you bring. there were some songs as well that brought some heartache because we know that the band members, you know, you were both couples that split up and went through a divorce, and some of that music we heard in "the winner takes it all," some of those lyrics i think resonate with others as well. is that sort of what brought, do you think, more real reality to your music? >> i don't think so. >> eventually it did, because you write lyrics with the time, and, of course, going through the hardship. >> absolutely.
8:19 am
it's fiction, of course, but it comes from somewhere inside, and from some kind of experience. obviously it does. >> there's been talk of reunions, a lot of people wanting a reunion. >> on the internet, i heard. >> and i heard that you said that you would be up for it as well, frida. >> did i? any chance of that? >> i'm the only one who says no then. >> you're saying no. >> i don't think so. i think all four of us, you know, if we really think about it, no. >> come on, see, they want it. everybody wants it. i think if we twist your arm hard enough. >> oh, well. >> oh, well. he's not saying no here. >> i am, yes. adamantly. >> okay. >> how about you? >> we thank you for the music, and it lives on here in this great museum. thanks so much. >> thank you so much. >> bjorn and frida, great to have you both here reunited once again. i'll send it back to savannah in los angeles. >> all right, natalie, thank you. well, mother's day is this
8:20 am
sunday, and nbc special anchor maria shriver had a chance to recently talk to two women who are giving moms a special microphone. good morning maria, again. >> nice to see you. motherhood is one of many jobs that women juggle today. in fact, recent numbers show 60% of women with children under the age of 5 also work outside the home. and while we all know that motherhood is fulfilling, it's also complex and stressful. well, two moms recognize the need for women to come together and express themselves. >> where's mommy? there she is. >> it's a simple concept. stories about motherhood. >> a moment we rarely get, a moment where we get to experience what it's like to have a child who is a little bit different. >> written and performed by real life mothers. >> your family has been in a car accident. each story strikes a chord because they are real.
8:21 am
it's a community where women desire it. >> what are women surprising to you about motherhood that surprises you? >> i'm not sure why people share the intimate experiences on stage. i'm sitting backstage and i just can't believe that people are doing this. >> expressing motherhood exposes the power of a story. >> and while everyone else was readi ining "what to expect whe you're expecting "and signing up for lemaze. >> she felt an instant bond.
8:22 am
>> and i cried and i laughed and i need to be a part of this. >> why did you feel like you needed to be a part of this? >> being able to do a show where people come together and just love each other. i don't know, kind of like the spirit, and that's kind of what motherhood can do for people. >> does this dress make me look pregnant? >> but this is what sent nicole's life in a new direction. >> i always wanted to do funny. i was always too scared to do stand-up comedy, but they created a place where i felt like i could try it, so ever since then i've been doing stand-up comedy. >> it changed the trajectory of your life? >> it altered my life. >> for some reason when you get up there, it's just a very accepting environment. >> what they have created is a community, a modern day village where women come together face to face, unplugged and encourage each other forward. what do you think your show is doing for motherhood that perhaps your own mothers didn't
8:23 am
have? >> i think that you didn't share as much back then, and not sharing is such a heavy burden to carry. in the media right now we're saying we're overexpose ourself. some people are saying the mommy bloggers are doing that, but i think we tend to hold things too close. >> even if you're not willing to get up and share on stage it helps somebody hear that i'm not alone. >> it's hard not to feel like a failure or to blame yourself. >> what are your hopes for expressing motherhood, and how do you hope it affects the way society looks at motherhood? >> i would just hope that expressing motherhood would just be everywhere to give people a safe place to express motherhood. >> well, lindsey and jessica say like all mothers that it's a gift to be able to be heard, seen and most all to be respected. savannah? >> absolutely, and maria, of course i know you had a very close relationship with your mother, and you actually partnered with p & g, a company that gives to a lot of organizations, including your own. you gave an interview recently that talked about your mom. >> that's right. >> let's take a look.
8:24 am
>> my mother was a force of nature. growing up i never saw anybody like her. she had kind of wild thick hair. she wore men's pants. she smoked cigars. she worked. she played tackle football. she was a competitive, forceful, free spirit, and she changed the world. >> of course she started special olympics, and she started it because she saw how much mothers who had special needs kids were actually struggling, so that was the impetus for her to start special olympics, and procter & gamble has the thank you, mom campaign which was with the olympics, so if you go on their facebook page and you share this video, they will actually contribute $1 to special olympics, so i was really pleased to be able to partner with them to celebrate mothers all over the country, all over the world for that matter. >> and i love how your piece is showing how some moms are having a voice and great to give voice to how we feel about moms.
8:25 am
>> that's right. i think it's those girls are so excited to be able to show their work and to be able to give a platform for moms to tell their story because everybody, in fact, wants to tell their story and wants to tell the gift of motherhood so i hope people go on and look at this video about mommy and think about special olympics and these heroic mothers. >> maria, always good to see you. >> thank you. >> on the "the new york post" remembering our moms and talking about our moms, we want to remind you that if you want to go on twitter and tell us why you love and respect your mom use the #todaylovesmom, and we'll share some of your responses on friday. >> okay. thank you. >> coming up, the man who gave up the internet for an entire year after your local news.
8:26 am
good tuesday morning, 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the santa clara city council appears to be ready to shell out more mope at the new 49ers stadium tonight. the council is expected to sign off tonight on more than $56,000 just to study whether they should paint a bike lane outside the stadium. the money will be spent to study traffic routes, possible road configurations and environmental concerns. see if there's any problems on the morning commute. check with mike. >> sure, getting a little better now. take this shot of oakland. as you're looking on the right-hand side, crews just moved from the center lane all the way over to the right. see that on the northbound side. tow truck and another crew there. fire truck blocking another
8:27 am
lane. this is why it's jammed up around the coliseum. map will show you slow out of 880, southbound direction, continues jammed all the way past 238 in toward hayward and frem, out of union city because of the earlier bleedover from 680, 580 also trying to avoid the sunol area. that is clear now. much better than this morning's sig alert. slow fremont, south bay where northbound routes kick in. not so bad, 101 and 280, laura, back to you. >> thanks for keeping tabs for us. another local update in half an hour. hope you have a great tuesday morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ it's 8:30 now on a tuesday morning. it's the seventh day of may, 2013. ♪ we say hi to some of the nice people that have gathered outside of our studio all morning long. i'm matt lauer along with willie geist. we're holding down the fort in new york while savannah is out in los angeles. before we go out to you guys, i want to tell you that that same morning "today" little photo
8:31 am
experiment we did at 8:07 this morning is now trending on twitter worldwide. we had some great photos taken and we're going to show you some of those right now. i'm not sure if we are going to see -- here coming up we're going to be showing you some of those. all right. savannah and al, out to you. >> folks tweeting us what they were doing at exactly 8:07, so looking forward to seeing some of those. al, your travels are so many, aren't they? >> yes, in fact, i'm excited about this. i'll be hitting the road to visit our wake wa"wake up with winners. first up, hatcher family dairy farm in tennessee. this is the same farm that's been in the family since 1831. >> so you're going to get to work? >> in fact, they say they've got some cows ready to drop some calves. i made be getting ready to go in. >> be sure to wear your birth outfit, i guess.
8:32 am
>> birth outfit? >> whatever you wear to birth a cow. >> this could be another catastrophe. >> wear your birth shirt, al. >> wear your birth outfit. don't forget it. dress casual. >> that's right. >> also from here in our studio, we have jessica alba, actress and entrepreneur here. she was also a guest at the met gala last night so i'm curious to see how she's doing at this early hour. and we've got a performance coming up from the pistol annies. this is a great group. they've been rehearsing all morning long, including miranda lambert, a part of that. they're going to be singing a song for us in a little while. >> cool, and we've got a question for you. how long could you go without the internet? no e-mail, no facebook, no online banking, no nothing? well, one guy did it for a full year and lived to tell the tale. we're going to talk to him, ask him what it was like in just a few minutes. >> i've got a feeling you would be like kramer, i'm out! i'm done. >> instantly. exactly. >> all right, lots to get to, but first -- oh, no, we're going to bring in zachary quinto, one of the stars of the new "star trek" movie that debuts very
8:33 am
soon. mr. spoke. spock, always a pleasure to see you. >> how are you doing? >> you guys are being so vague about this. >> we have no choice. >> nobody's telling us anything about what the crew of the enterprise is going through. >> that's true, by mandate of our fearless leader, j.j. abrams. >> what can you tell us? >> i'm really excited for the movie to come out, that's for sure, and finally let people see it so i don't have to keep a lid on it anymore. >> great, thanks for being with us. see you later. >> come back here. the first movie "star trek," $385 million worldwide, a huge haul. does that put added pressure on you to live up for fans? >> no, i feel like this movie is a lot bigger and bolder and it was a lot more exciting to make in terms of the experience. so, that's the thing that i feel connected to mostly, and all that stuff will happen, you know, beyond me. >> always nice to know. zachary, good luck. >> thanks. >> i think this is going to be
8:34 am
huge. >> we hope so. >> nice to see you. >> all right, let's go back out to los angeles. mr. roker has a check of the weather now. >> all right, thanks so much. quick look, show you what's happening. we've got a beautiful day here out west. the rain finally comes to an end, although some showers will persist. look for rain in the mid-atlantic states into the southeast. the nice weather really from the upper ohio river valley all the way down into the gulf coast, continues tomorrow. risk of strong storms from central texas into the central plains. and finally, the sunshine returns along the western coast. that's what's going on around at 8:34 taking a check of the weather forecast. you'll notice some clouds hanging around the golden gate bridge. we're going to hang out with overcast skies at least for the first half of the day, peeks of sunshine. radar active, more so in the sierra. we will see a few showers throughout the day especially up against the foothills, east bay hills and mountains. otherwise we're not looking at
8:35 am
any major downpours. temperatures comfortable back into the 70s inland, 60s at the coast. >> don't forget, get that weather any time you need it. go to the weather channel on cable, online. matt, willie. >> all right, al, thanks very much. and now willie and i refer to it as the super bowl of fashion. >> it is, absolutely. the metropolitan museum of art in new york city last night held its costume institute gala and "access hollywood's" kit hoover was there. first question -- >> maybe. >> listen, it's sweet. what a great night because it's all about the fashion at the met ball, but the scene was punk rock night, so it was neat to see what celebrities would go to the extreme. some wearing metal, some wearing big old spikes. ♪ >> reporter: they call is the oscar red carpet of fashion. the metropolitan museum of art's annual costume institute gala.
8:36 am
this year's theme, punk from chaos to couture, and there were plenty of both on this red carpet. beyonce. gweneth. jennifer. madonna. but even these trend-setting ladies had to make some pop with a little punk and step outside their couture comfort zone. >> i hope it's not met with total disapproval, but you know how things go. >> one person who did not approve of the sjp style, jessica lawrence, seen here playing with sarah jessica's mohawk. ah, the met gala red carpet isn't just star-studded, it's stud-studded. tonight was all about the metal and the big old hair. for some, the punk look was a little tricky to pull off. >> as a teenager, i thought i was a bit punk, but i wasn't at the end of the day. doc martins was sort of the beginning of the end. >> i tried to get the lips and
8:37 am
big hair to channel my punk. >> reporter: while others were clearly in their element. >> my version of world's end, but i didn't want to cover up my body. i mean, for me, punk is about going against the establishment. >> reporter: and then there was jimmy fallon. >> we're getting thrown out right now. it's kind of embarrassing, but that's how punk we are, you know. punk, what's up. >> reporter: and the punk power also got a little hair-raising. >> tonight was so interesting. it was kind of like, oh, let's go krast crazy with our hair. anne hathaway went platinum blond, which caused a stir going up the steps. >> reporter: but causing a stir is what this gala is all about. in fact, insiders say these celebs definitely pulled off the punk. >> i mean, it's the night where everyone really pushes the fashion envelope and i think no one failed us tonight. >> oh, what a night there, madonna without her pants. it was really fun. the mohawk on sjp. she was the queen bee of the night.
8:38 am
it was for a great cause, the metropolitan museum of art, so great night. >> that was nice. kit, glad you had fun. >> i liked your studded collar. >> i was there last night. when we come back, jessica alba, who was also there last night, she's an actress and entrepreneur and now an author. we'll talk to her, but first, this is "today" on nbc. is is "t.
8:39 am
8:40 am
jessica alba made her movie debut nearly two decades ago. now at age of 32 in addition to acting, she's the president of the honest company and the author of a brand new book called "the honest life." she's also a mom of two girls with her husband cash warren. jessica, good to see you. good morning. >> good morning. >> how are you doing in. >> i'm feeling a little rough around the edges. >> jessica and i saw each other at this event last night. >> yes. >> and she said if you stay late, i'll stay late. >> i think you may have stayed a little later than me.
8:41 am
>> you looked beautiful last night. do you like going to things like that? >> thank you. the met gala is so fun. anna wintour throws the best parties. >> was there somewhere that you looked at and said wow? >> i mean, everyone is incredible and so fashion, and it's -- i think everyone really brings their "a" game. >> the super bowl of people watching, no question about it. >> absolutely fun. >> let's talk a little bit about this bok. most people know that you're an actress and you're an advocate for eco-friendly living. >> yeah, and i guess that's the basis for the book as well. >> yeah. it's also about just trying to eliminate toxic chemicals from my environment, especially for my children. i wasn't sure -- i didn't even know there were toxic chemicals in like cleaning products and baby shampoos and laundry detergent. i had no idea what off-gassing was. >> there's a story that goes i think it was with your oldest daughter. >> yes. >> you were washing her clothes. your mom said this is a good laundry detergent.
8:42 am
>> and i had an allergic reaction. >> what were the symptoms? >> i had hives, sneezing non-stop. my eyes were swollen and my nose was running. i mean, i had like a full-on allergy attack. >> and so is that what caused you to say, wait, i can do a book about this and give some people some helpful advice? >> well, it really was like i did research after this, and i'm like what is causing this, and if i'm reacting like this, how can this be safe for a newborn baby that doesn't have a strong immune system, and then as i did research and i found out there's lots of toxic chemicals hidden under fry grants that are preservatives that are hidden in all of these things in, our day-to-day life. >> in the book you often say here is a good solution and a good suggestion and you do mention the products you make. >> right. >> is this a guide, a cat lag, what is it? >> it's really like you can make stuff at home with baking soda and vinegar, so you can really do diy at home cleaning products with stuff from your kitchen
8:43 am
cabinet, and it's stuff that actually works. or if you want to buy products, i recommend different products. >> not only your own, by the way. >> exactly. different products and different price points. some people like the higher price point. some people don't, so it's really like for everybody. >> well, mother's day is this weekend. you're the mom of two little girls, i think 5 and 2, is that right? >> yes, almost 5, almost 2. >> what do you want for mother's day? >> i would like to sleep in a little bit. >> good luck. >> that would be nice. >> and just spending the day with my girls. i mean, every day feels like mother's day, to be honest. >> it's great. nice seeing you and cash last night. >> yeah. a pleasure to have you here this morning. >> nice to see you, too. >> i won the bet, by the way. coming up, what would your riff be like without the internet? we'll meet a guy who gave it up for the
8:44 am
8:45 am
back now at 8:45 with some
8:46 am
of our same morning photos that's trending worldwide. a picture of a foot, baby having breakfast. the proof of the power of the internet. asked you to take a photograph at 8:07 of whatever you were doing at that moment. there's al roker's, and you responded, just a few of the pictures. keep sending them in. now to a story that i don't know many of us could imagine undertaking. how long could you go without the internet? a few hours, a day, maybe a week while you're out on vacation at the very most? well, paul miller from lived without it for a full year, and he survived to tell the tale. paul, good morning. >> good morning. >> first of all, why this exercise? it wasn't we should say a stunt for the magazine. this is something you felt like you wanted to do for yourself. >> i wanted to educate myself, read a ton of books. i felt if i quit the internet i'd have no time -- i'd have nothing to do other than read books, and also i was really stressed about by the internet. it was really overwhelming >> you felt you were overwhelmed
8:47 am
by all the technology in your life. >> yeah. >> you wanted to put it to the side. >> i just couldn't keep up, you know. there was always more, always more. i never won, you know. you can't beat twitter. five seconds later there's a lot more on twitter. >> what were the ground rules exactly? with retalking total deprivation, no access to the internet at all? >> absolutely. and i didn't have other people use the internet for me. the one exception. i write for a tech website called the verge. i would give them a thumb drive with the articles that i wrote and they would put them up for me. otherwise i didn't look at people's screens. wouldn't let them show me instagram, and i also didn't text message which wasn't the internet but i was trying to avoid the communication >> you went essentially back to 20 years ago. no online banking no, twitter, no facebook, nothing like that, and i understand when you started the exercise you felt like it was working, that your mind was working better and that your life was enriched. >> i was so zen, so bliss. it was really great. i was really free from all that stress and all that distraction. >> but that didn't last? >> no.
8:48 am
you know, i found loneliness and boredom like really cool and novel at first, and then it really made me creative, and i did a lot of great things for me, but also eventually i just sort of fell in on myself, and i just started realizing that my problems with productivity and dissatisfaction in life weren't really the internet's fault. they manifest differently with and without the internet and leaving the internet didn't fix everything. >> which element of the internet did you miss the most, in your day-to-day life, what did you miss? >> well, i guess i took it for granted that the internet is where everybody is now. >> right. >> not everybody else quit the internet so it was really hard to stay in people, and, you know, i really missed skyping with my family. like i've got brand new nieces and nephews i haven't skyped with, and that was real tough. >> what was it like a couple weeks ago when you finally ended your full year without the web to sort of come back into society? >> i thought i would take right to it and look at all the fun videos on youtube and have a
8:49 am
really good time. i was really overwhelmed. i'm not that good at the internet yet. i really panicked, and i think maybe we take for granted how difficult and how much of our mind is consumed trying to use the internet. it's not easy. >> it's a pretty bold exercise i don't think most of us could have undertaken. paul miller, thanks for bringing us the story. >> thank you. >> coming up, the live performance from the ground breaking act the pistol annies.
8:50 am
8:51 am
and we're back now at 8:50 with the pistol annies, the hippest and hottest female trio in country music. ashley monroe is hippie annie and angela and miranda lambert is lone storen. their new album getting great reviews. good morning, nice to see you. >> good morning. >> how did you get together? >> we had known each other for a long time and me and angelina wrote in nashville and we called her up in one night and be in a girl band and she said yeah. >> i say the good lord brought us together. jesus is our guy. >> and it's going well but it's time-consuming. >> yeah. >> you wrote all the songs on this. >> yeah. >> and how do you have time to have a solo career and be with this group? >> we drink a lot.
8:52 am
>> kind of a reoccurring theme this morning on this show. >> yeah. >> alcohol with coffee. >> now i know the answer to the next question you're going on tour together so it's ladies road trip. what's going to happen on the tour? >> we'll drink a lot. i think the key to it all is fun. it's about the music, but it's also about having fun. >> we've heard you rejoicing. what are you going to sing for us right now? >> "hush, hush." >> all right, pistol annies. ♪ ♪ my brother got out of rehab right around christmas time ♪ ♪ mama made a turkey
8:53 am
daddy was worried he was gonna have to break up a fight ♪ ♪ everybody was walking on eggshells ♪ ♪ drinking egg nothing instead of beer ♪ ♪ we were holding our tongues, scratching our heads ♪ ♪ wondering how the hell we got here ♪ ♪ hush, hush, don't you daresay a word ♪ ♪ hush, hush, don't you know the truth hurts ♪ ♪ hush, hush, when push comes to shove ♪ ♪ it's best to keep it hush, hush ♪ ♪ we were sitting around the dinner table ♪ ♪ and we were eating our pumpkin pie ♪ ♪ while the sugar-coated dirty little secret was eating everybody alive ♪ ♪ well daddy's reading propaganda ♪ ♪ and he's talking about the end of days ♪ ♪ and cheers to the vodka mama's been sneaking ♪ ♪ let's all gather around and pray ♪ ♪ hush, hush, you don't daresay a word ♪
8:54 am
♪ hush, hush, don't you know the truth hurts ♪ ♪ hush, hush, when push comes to shove ♪ ♪ it's best to keep it hush, hush ♪ ♪ so i snuck out behind the red barn and i took myself a toke ♪ ♪ everybody's here hates everybody here ♪ ♪ hell i might as well be the joke ♪ ♪ i'm gonna dance up on the table ♪ ♪ singing this little light of mine ♪ ♪ god gave it to me what god's it gonna do me ♪ ♪ if i don't buy goode god let it shine ♪ ♪ hush, hush, don't you daresay a word ♪ ♪ hush, hush, don't you know the truth hurts ♪ ♪ hush, hush, when push comes to shove ♪
8:55 am
♪ it's best to keep it hush, hush ♪ ♪ hide your tattoo ♪ put on your sunday best, pretend you're not a mess ♪ ♪ be the happy family in the front pew ♪ ♪ hush, hush, don't you daresay a word ♪ ♪ hush, hush, boy, you know the truth hurts ♪ ♪ hush, hush, when push comes to shove ♪ ♪ it's best to keep it hush, hush ♪ ♪ don't you daresay a word ♪ hush, hush, don't you know the truth hurts ♪ ♪ hush, hush, when push comes to shove ♪ ♪ it's best to keep it hush, hush ♪ ♪ ♪ best it keep it hush, hush >> pistol annies, miranda,
8:56 am
angelina, ashley. thank you very much. the album comes out today. it's called "annie up." check it out. we're back right after this. good morning to you. 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. it appears the pleasant hill dome is doomed. after hours of debate the city council voted early this morning to deny an appeal from residents that would save the old movie theater from being demolished of the theater will be knocked down to make way for a new shopping center. check the forecast, anthony slaughter in for christina. how are we looking? >> looking good.
8:57 am
temperatures are mild but we are tracking a few showers. a lot of the activity concentrated more in the sierra. nonetheless we could see a rogue thunderstorm like we saw yesterday. temperatures mild 72 los gatos, 66 san francisco. keep the umbrellas handy for one more day. we warm up big time for the weekend. now the "today" show rolls on. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. then we deliver it directly to you.
8:58 am
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♪ ♪ welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning. may 7th, 2013. billy bush has already hijacked the show. i'm willie gice. we're scattered all over the world thoday. natalie is in stockholm. helping me out is the great vanessa is williams currently on broadway. also with us for "today's" take three, pair that hasn't been nominated for any award. >> i was anchorman on my team in college.
9:01 am
>> kit hoover. billy bush. "access hollywood live." >> we liked the music. >> who select that? >> that's late-night geist filling in the morning. you know -- >> there it is. >> this little move right here isn't a good move. >> i don't bite it. >> don't want to get too far up. >> all right, we got a lot to talk about this morning. we begin our "take three" by checking in with al at "the voice" last night. >> we had a fun time. savannah and i actually got to be on the voice last night. carson daly came over. which was really nice. there you go. you can see some of that there. we were plugging the concert series zwhich was kind of excite gz. and then we got some behind the
9:02 am
scenes access, so that was really cool, too. boy, i got to tell you, it's amazing to see what goes in to putting this show on, in one of the sound stages, one of the larger sound stages on the universal back lot. man, they really tear it up. they get stuff going and the act right now i think are even more jazzed because these are live playoffs. i mean, everything that happened. when you see it, it's happening live. >> the thing that gets me about that show and "idol." 16-year-olds, 17-year-old, stepping on to live television, they just nail it. the guts and the poise those kids have. >> they really do. in no small part to the coaches. unlike other singing shows, it's about the coaches or the judges. these guys, and womens, shakira,
9:03 am
really care about all of these young singers that they're mentoring. not just talking about them singing but life. usher actually took his team into a gym, saying you know, you got to have stamina, you got to be able to move around, not just for one song but for a whole hour to perform. so, they're practicing while they're doing a citizenous workout. it's pretty impressive. >> roker, your impressive last night was -- performance last night was impressive. you didn't go too long. >> what i loved the bromance with adam levine. >> you know what, i got to tell you, i love them all. blake is sitting there with his starbucks cup of special latte -- and by the way,
9:04 am
vanessa, i saw you opening night. >> you did? >> yes, what a terrific show. >> oh, thank you. >> unbelievable. >> thank you so much. >> you, cube ya gooding. the great cecily tyson. what a great show. >> al, we'll check back in with you in just a second. let's talk about this show. i interviewed you yesterday on a different program across the street. you talked about working with cecily tyson. >> she's one of the women that i used to watch growing up and saying, she did "roots," she did "sounders." these were pivotal roles for women, especially black actresses. she ingrained what a premier actress should be. i look and say, i want to be doing that when i'm her age as
9:05 am
well. she's funny, too. it's a sentimental show, you'll sing and laugh and you'll root for her. >> how hard is it to make it on broadway. it's tough. >> i mean, we're actually in the same cattle gore, best revival of a play. it's finding -- you know, it's the right chemistry, it's kind of freaky how quickly our production came together. we're in the same theater that trip to bountiful debut six years ago, same exact theater. michael wilson has been amazing as a director. of course, an amazing cast. so, sometimes you just get lucky and people love it. you know, c eshecily hasn't bee stage for years. >> you're a paid spokesperson for bayer.
9:06 am
handbags and hearts. >> in the show i'm always talking about for heart, she has these sinking spells. i'm the daughter in law who has to watch her during the day. and she has these spells. i'm here talking about mother's day's coming up. also the correlation between women and the heart disease. we're trying to launch a campaign for handbags for hearts. we want you to carry aspirin in your handbag. you can go online and donate. make the pledge. our symptoms are different than men's. we don't have the normal tingling, pressure on the chest. we have the nausea. fainting. >> call 911 first, please. grab an aspirin and throw it in the mouth. that can save your heart muscle as well.
9:07 am
every pledge people make online, bayer is going to given a equal donation up to $200,000. >> speaking of mother's day, how's mom? >> good. >> by the way, that woman has had -- if anyone has been close to a heart attack it has to be helen for what you have put her through. i have read every page of your book. one word -- bruce. your first major boyfriend. >> she's's blushing. >> she's still hanging in there. >> such a beautiful daughter here. family affair. >> so cute. >> good read for mother's day. vanessa's book, good read for mother's day, ladies. a nice relationship. >> let's move to our next tech. we have someone invited, billy -- not invited to the gala. >> let me just take you inside there. >> modern museum of art, fancy deal. >> all about the fashion.
9:08 am
it is the craziest event. actors and movie stars and athletes. >> what did you wear? let's see. >> don't look at me, long day at the office. first of all, you're behind a bar, i'm doing my california he is -- get that picture off. but the celebrates came out. it's all about punk. it's so fun to see what they're going to wear. tom brady was there. so fantastic. he was so handsy, that's sjp wearing a mohawk. >> love it. >> now, mama bear came out of me, i was so worried about these stairs that someone was going to take a fall. no one did. kim k. got the inside -- the rumor was last year she wasn't invited but she made it. madonna came without pants but who needs pants. her cute young boyfriend wearing a skirt. a crazy night. you saw some gray hair on the car net. nicole richie. you like this for a woman? >> dyed gray. >> dyed gray. >> she had a gray hairdo in a tight bun.
9:09 am
but here's the thing. it's sort of the mirror experience of the female. if barbara walters can have blonde hair and early 80s and a lot of women wear blonde, why not go the other way and wear gray in your late 20s. >> it's not -- >> i just want to get to the point of fame in my career where i can go out of the house without pants. oh, madonna, isn't she brilliant? she's just brilliant, isn't she? >> kind of like one of those old mumbling senile mob bosses, with what is it the banana wheel -- slippers. when that is allowed, willie, i'll join you. we're going together. let's get to some of today's headlines, three ohio women kidnapped have been released from the hospital on this morning after their rescue. amanda berry, gina dejesus and michele knight disappeared separately when teenagers. they were found alive in a cleveland home after berry
9:10 am
banged on a neighbor's window to get attention and then called 911. >> cleveland 911. >> help me, i'm amanda berry. >> you need police, fire or ambulance? >> i need police. >> okay. what's going on there? >> i've been kidnapped, and i've been missing for ten years, and i'm here, i'm free. >> a 6-year-old girl was found with the women, it's unclear exactly what the connection is yet. police have arrested three brothers, all men, in their 50s. house republicans say they have new state department witnesses who will contradict official accounts of what happened last september when four americans, including ambassador chris stevens, were killed during an attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. hillary clinton was secretary of state at the time, of course. a house committee is holding a hearing on that benghazi attack tomorrow. an air force officer who runnells the services sex crimes prevention program is out on bail after his own arrest on charges of sexual battery.
9:11 am
police say lieutenant colonel jeff krusinski groped a woman early sunday. his arrest comes just as a new pentagon report shows sexual assaults in the military are on the rise. the question of what to do with the body of boston bombing suspect tamerlan tsarnaev remains open this morning. the funeral director overseeing tsarnaev's burial is still trying to find a site in massachusetts, but more than 100 of his requests to cemeteries have been rejected. tsarnaev's mother wants his body now returned to russia. all this as one of the friends of surviving suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev is released to house arrest on a $100,000 bond. 19-year-old robel phillipos is charged with lying to investigators about the bombings. and dubbed how to open a beer bottle in germany, the clip seems to defy the laws of physics as a man uses a front loader to pop the cap off his drink, it's a long way to go to get a beer. believe it or not -- let's hope
9:12 am
they don't drink it while operating the heavy construction equipment. >> very thirsty. >> you know what i mean? >> you know what we could do with this front-loader, open a beer with it. >> right? >> and videotape it and upload it. definitely too much to learn here. 12 after the hour. now back to al in l.a. with a look at the weather. >> today's weather is brought to you by soma intimates. your new bra destination. to yoa >> and let's take a look-see what we've got weather wise for you today. we are taking a look at a big low pressure system that's just meandering to the northeast. so you can see those showers and thunderstorms pinwheeling into the mid atlantic states and make their way to the north by late this afternoon. they make their way up into new england and finally make their way out by thursday night. but in the meantime, we're looking at rainfall amounts anywhere from 1 to 3 inches of rain from roanoke to washington, ocean city. and here in the west, we are
9:13 am
looking at another system that's still pinwheeling around the southwest, bringing showers from san diego into central california, and on into the central plains. that finally will move out by sometime on thursday. that's what's going on around th good morning, 9:13, nbc bay area "weather center." can you see we're tracking a few dark skies, definitely talking about the potential for a few more showers. nonetheless, a few peeks of sunshine. notice a lot of that activity positioned across parts of the sierra that will rotate in throughout the day. we could see a rogue thunderstorm like we saw yesterday. overall temperatures are comfortable. 73 redwood, 66 san francisco, 73 san jose. a little bit warmer for tomorrow with a few lingering patches of drizzle with warm conditions by the weekend. what sounds like a children's book, willie, billy, kit and vanessa. >> billy and kit, thank you.
9:14 am
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9:17 am
only at disney california adventure park. dontcha just love that new park smell? getting new details on a deadly limousine accident involving a bridal party in california. in a moment we'll talk exclusively to the driver. two survivors remain in the hospital this morning. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: willie, good morning to you. two of those victims are in stable and critical condition as they recover this morning, we're hearing their firsthand accounts from inside the vehicle. when firefighters arrived on the san matteo bridge, the limousine carrying nine women out celebrating a wedding was engolfed in flames. 36-year-old cried out to the driver, the moving limousine was on fire. >> the fire came out.
9:18 am
it stopped the car. stop the car. >> reporter: she said that flames shot from underneath the rear seat. the back doors, she said, were covered in smoke and fire. >> i cannot get out. help me. i cannot get out. so, i tried to pull her out. >> reporter: the coroner says the five victims who died were all discovered behind the driver's seat. it appears, he says, they were all trying to get through a partition like this one. among the dead, 31-year-old newlywed, the victims were celebrating her wedding. >> flames just started bursting. just everywhere. >> reporter: when the driver heard the first call for help, he thought his passengers wanted to smoke a cigarette. >> smoke, smoke, smoke. pull over. i was looking. i finally kind of looked back a couple of times. and i see the grief on their
9:19 am
face. >> reporter: the limousine with the new bride inside was just minutes away from the last stop, the hotel where her husband was waiting. . the investigation could take weeks. this morning, no answers. just heartbreak. >> i need to go back. i need to go back and save them. no, you cannot go back anymore. >> reporter: the highway patrol said that the limousine involved in the accident, 1999 lincoln town car was designed to carry eight passengers, nine women were inside. the company that owns the vehicle are said to be cooperating with the investigators. >> orville brown was the driver of that vehicle. he's with us exclusively. >> hi. >> you were able to pull two people out of the car and hee roikly so. how are you doing personally
9:20 am
this morning? >> i'm just looking at -- some of the victims, it's real frustrating. it's real -- it's just frustrating. depressing. >> help us understand how all of this went down. we just heard in miguel's piece, one woman leaned forward the partition said "smoke, smoke." can you walk us through what happened? >> once she said smoke, i thought, you know, i thought that she wanted to smoke a cigarette. i said, no, the owner doesn't allow you to smoke cigarettes. i looked at the gps directly in important from of me. it said four minutes. i said we only have four minutes you can smoke that. as soon as said that, 40 seconds. she said no, smoke, smoke. pull over, pull over. i looked back and i saw the grief, frustration on her face. i see a little smoke. i pull over. and as soon as i pull over, the
9:21 am
lady's coming through the partition. i'm opening the door. at that point, two other people had stopped. there was one in front of us and one in back of us. they ran to the back of the car. along i believed the first lady who got out ran to the back of the car. once they opened the door, there were so many flames, everything happened so fast, it's just -- i don't know. everything happened so fast. once they opened the door, the car was completely engulfed in flames. a few other lady, one got stuck i helped pull her through. at that time, man, it was horrific. >> was there any attempt, mr. brown, to get any of the other women out through the partition the same you got the two whose
9:22 am
lives you saved through that window, did you try to get them out? >> i'm not sure. because at that point, there was somebody else in the car trying to help. i'm on the phone. i couldn't -- everything happened so fast. i'm trying to use the phone. i'm shaky, nervous. it was a horrific experience. >> mr. brown, we certainly mourn the loss of life and the families of the victims. but we're thinking of you this morning. thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. we're back right after this. l every time you wear it. neutrogena® healthy skin liquid makeup. 98% of women saw improvement in their skin's natural texture, tone or clarity. it's healthier for your skin than wearing no makeup at all. does your makeup do that? healthy skin liquid makeup. from neutrogena® cosmetics.
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9:26 am
you're free to indulge in every last bit. the laughing cow cheese. have you laughed today? good tuesday morning to you. 9:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the coroner is expected to identify all the victims involved in the deadly limo fire on the san mateo bridge this morning. in the meantime investigators say nine women inside that limo were locked inside. the rear doors of the limo automatically lock when vehicle in park and may have been too difficult to open as that fire spread. police have arrested two women and a man after the three crashed a stolen bmw into bushes in silver creek neighborhood this morning. police say one of the women was wanted in connection with several armed robberies in the area. they also say she's pregnant. san francisco's board of supervisors will vote on whether to impose a 25-foot buffer zone
9:27 am
around planned parenthood clinics in the city. current rules prevent protesters from coming 8 feet in the entrance or close to patients. right now we'll have a break and take a lo at weather and traffic after this.
9:28 am
welcome back at 9:28 taking a live look at our san bruno cam. some fog, blue skies today, will be a mixed bag if you will. yesterday a little activity, livermore, napa, santa rosa picked up some rainfall. today very similar, hit and miss, highs will be comfort ampblt 72 san ross, 66 san francisco. nice and mild in san jose. again tomorrow, showers, leave the umbrella home by thursday. big time warm-up by the weekend, in the 80s. how is the drive shaping up? >> 101 not bad through palo alto, redwood city. look at this system here. i'm going to show you major delays showing up for caltrans
9:29 am
system. a couple of things going on. mechanical difficulties. cars on the tracks. they don't want to hit that car so they have to transfer service there as well. watching for that, sam trans, looking okay in san mateo. east 880 a mess after earlier crashes and reroutes because of problems from sunol. sunol cleared of a sig alert, 580 slowing out of castro, westbound slow, there's your tri-valley, laura, slow this morning. >> a tough one out there. thank you very much. thank you for joining us as well. another local news update in half an hour. have a great morning.
9:30 am
how many break ds you get? it seemed like you were on nonstop. >> yes. everyone wanted to know when did i go to the bathroom? >> when did you go the bathroom? >> i did go once. we had a three-minute break and i ran as fast as i could and to the closest bathroom and then the door was locked. someone was in there. at that point, ins tingtss took over. no, get over there. then, the person came out. >> a hysterical woman banging on your door >> it was desperation. >> and that person was me, no it wasn't me. savannah talking about her seven hour of coverage during the boston bombings. i'm willie geist along with
9:31 am
vanessa williams. how are we doing so far. >> good. >> you're nailing the teleprompter stuff. >> vanessa is helping us out while al and natalie are out on the road. the hottest headlines from hollywood, including the latest on rihannaened chris brown and a scare for j.lo while she was shooting a music video. the hottest products, a self-spinning pasta fork. these are the important issues we tackle on the 9:00 hour of the "today" show. let's head back to al out in the l.a. with a check of the weather. >> let's show what you got as far as the next couple of days. first of all, lets start with today, we are looking at
9:32 am
rain through the southeast, mid-atlantic states, moves into the northeast later. rain in the central plains and out west, although the pacific northwest again, another spectacular day. gorgeous around texas. tomorrow slight risk of strong storms in central texas on into nebraska. we're looking at gorgeous weather up and down the west coast. rain moving into the northeast, mid-atlantic states, sunny and mild from great lakes down to the gulf coast and on into florida. that's what going on around the country, here is what's happening in your neck of the woods. hey, 9:32, anthony slaughter, nbc bay area "weather center." tracking some storms today. not as stormy as yesterday. we anticipate add few showers. can see even see in san jose, a little gloomy. even though we are talking about a few showers, a few peeks of sunshine. radar not too active. later this afternoon, one or two showers pop up. 72 in santa rosa, 73 san jose, same in livermore. keep the umbrella handy for one more day, then bust out the shorts. back into the 80s by this weekend. and this's your latest weather.
9:33 am
vanessa, willie. last thursday night on american idol, amber was eliminated from the singing competition. reducing the mighty four to just three female finalists and amber is here with us in new york this morning. good to see you, amber. >> good to see you, too. >> let's talk about what happened. you had been saved the previous week, you were in the bottom two, did that put a little extra pressure on you? >> yeah, it did. they told us we were in the bottom. they combined the votes. so, i have a disadvantage. >> what is it like for a 19-year-old to walk out on that stage with how many people are watching? is it nerve-wracking? >> it is. because, like a million people watching, judging you and voting. the four judges critique you also. i try to step outside for a second. >> i heard that harry connick jr. was one of your mentors, what did you learn from him.
9:34 am
>> i learned from harry that you should know the meanings of song. >> as you get a chance to stop and look back at the last year of your life, how has it changed you. >> this time last year, i was working at a day care, changing diapers and like now i'm singing for the world. i'm in new york, i vrnt been here since i was 11. i mean, like, i'm really enjoying going everywhere. >> what is the next move? are you going to look for a record deal? >> you know what, not only do i want to sing, i want to act and model. >> all sounds very familiar, vanessa. >> you got to study. you know, obviously, harry gave you some advice about knowing the lyrics that you're going to sing, because you have to bring those words to life with the meaning.
9:35 am
you got to do it you're willing to take the big step and go to school, educate. yeah, yeah, yeah. >> i can see by the look on your face when you walked in and saw vanessa, a pretty good role model. coming up next -- hot headlines from hollywood, right after this.
9:36 am
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9:40 am
>> hello, willie. >> al roker is nice. but vanessa williams, you know what i mean? >> what is going on with chris brown and rihanna. >> he gives an interview. more drama. according to chris brown they're off again. he gave an interview to an australian radio station saying i'm broken up. too young to be in a relationship. he just celebrated his 24th birthday in vegas. his ex-girlfriend was there. rihanna is on tour right now. so maybe she focused on the tour because she was an hour late to her new york show. people weren't happy about this. >> is this an on again/off again incident? >> i don't sthi she's going to walk away. >> they are young. >> they are young. they tweet picture together. he goes back and forth between rihanna. that necklace you see right
9:41 am
there, he bought it for them. >> they'll be back together. >> what happened at the jennifer lopez video shoot. there was a shooting. she had to duck for cover. >> she made it to the met gala last night. >> she was shooting a music video with pit bull in ft. lauder dale, florida. she was with her boyfriend casper smart. they don't know where the gun shots came from. they were right in the middle of the video shoot. >> she's good and safe. okay, alec baldwin, we're hear to hear about this, orphans in the category of best revial. the show is gone after two weeks. what happened? >> this is what happens a lot on broadway. it closes very soon. may, basically. it wasn't doing well. the ticket sales were not there. what's interesting about
9:42 am
broadway, it's not like the movies you can make it back in dvds or international sales. if you don't sell the tickets it's gone. >> vanessa when you sign up for one of these broadway shows, you had a run through the summer, is it always touch and go? >> place are limited. yeah, you hope that people show up. >> that's the true theater. you buy tickets and be there in the audience. you're the ones that spot. >> she's working eight nights a week. let's move on to our hot hash tags. new mariah album. >> she released the single. called beautiful." her daughter is featured on one of the songs. which is really cute. >> melanie was on my christmas
9:43 am
album. she was probably 10. my other daughter gillian was part of a kids' group in a broadway album and she was probably 8 and my little baby who's now 13. was on my last christmas album, the song called was "december lu lullaby." >> you set the trend. because jay-z did it with blue ivy crying in the background. mariah said her daughter wasn't even 1 yet and put together a sentence. >> all of your daughters are bugging you for royalty checks. >> alicia, thank you. coming up next -- those items you never knew you needed. we'll show you right after this. ♪ the itsy bitsy spider ♪ went up the water spout [ grandma ] do this one, this one, and this one. [ notes play ] i love you. bye-bye.
9:44 am
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9:48 am
but forgot it by the time you got out, probably the genius behind these whacky products you want to get your hands on. we have some weird, but useful products. >> this is pretty weird. >> let's start with the spaghett zblishgs it's the dwirlg spaghetti fork. it's great for kids or lazy eaters alike. start twirling your spaghetti like this. start twirling it in midair. lot of these are for the layer humans in the world. now, musical wine glasses. >> an unconventional spin on the wine glasses. these are crystal glasses. what happens is, i'm going to make you guys do this. put your finger in the water, hold the base of the glass and
9:49 am
start firmly -- firmer. >> firmer. >> there you go. i'm hearing noise. are you hearing it? >> you're creating music. it really, i think, we got to practice this one. >> yeah. all right, now, if you have always wanted to cut the perfect slice of cake, you don't need a cut one at all, this is just a slice cake pan, it goes for $11, it allows you to create individual portions of cake and then put them all back together so you can frost the cake so it looks like a cake. when you're done, you can pull out a single slice and awe your guests. then set it down and then is your cake pan. just a slice. >> you don't want to cut. >> this one is actually useful. this is a hand phone cell phone charger. as i'm turning this, it's
9:50 am
actually powering the charger. it's going to charge the battery on my cell phone. in times of emergency, it's great to keep in a glove compartment. when you don't have access to electricity to power your phones. >> all right, cool. >> 3-d printing is my new obsession. have you heard about it? >> i have. >> an ink jet printer moves left to right with print. the 3-d moves left and right and up and down. what's cool, a company will actually let you design your metallic silver jewelry online, all of this stuff came out of a printer. you can go to and customize a design. >> a little piece of metal goes into the prompter. >> and it comes out of the
9:51 am
printer. this is where i draw the line. >> i know you're on twitter. your plant can also be on twitter. believe it or not. this is the botanical twittering plant kit. >> why? >> it will tweet at you when it needs water. that's kind of useful. if you forget to water your plants sometimes. >> really? >> this is the same people that use the twirling spaghetti fork. >> it can detect when there's a lack of moisture. you can does tom program what the message say and this is a desperate cry of help from your plant. i'm dying over here. okay. >> willie, how many times have you had a brilliant idea in the shower and forgot? >> now more bad ideas down the drain. aq aqua notes. things you need to do today.
9:52 am
you can write messages back and forth when you're in the shower. okay, when i was little, i had paper dolls. in essence, 3-d dolls are 3-d. we did the whole cast of the "today" show. willie, al, san va that, matt. they just punch right out of this piece of paper and then you fold them up in a couple of minutes. >> i'm going to jump ahead to the gentleman with the buckle belt. >> this is a beer buckle. it folds down like this. it allows you to go hands-free with your beer. >> now, we're talking. this thing plays music. this is great for kids and adults alike. get the party started and conversation going at the next event. >> guitar shirt and beer buckle.
9:53 am
very cool. >> thank you. we'll consider some of them. the tweeting plant i can't do. we'll be back in a moment. this is nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
i want to thank vanessa williams for being my co-host today. thank you for being here. for a great cause. >> thank you so much. happy mother's day to everyone. go visit handbags from the hear hearts. >> handbags for thank you.
9:56 am
it is 9:56. good morning, i'm marla tellez. the return of the three kidnapped women in cleveland is early similar to the case of jaycee dugard found in antioch in 2009.
9:57 am
a man and his wife kidnapped her walking to a bus stop in her lake tahoe home in 1971. dugard was missing 20 years. both are convicted and serving life sentences. dugard release add statement just this morning. she says, quote, these individuals need the opportunity to heal and connect back into the world. this isn't who they are. it is only what happened to them. the human spirit is incredibly resilient. more than ever this reaffirms we should never give up hope." meteorologist anthony slaughter in with a look at potential rain. >> we're seeing a little shower activity across tahoe. you'll notice a lot of activity in the central, around the bay. what we will see will be brief. if you get caught in a shower, make sure you have your umbrella with you. 66 in san francisco, 71 oakland, 73 in san jose and 73 in livermore. keep the umbrellas handy for one
9:58 am
more day. talking about the 80s for friday. a beautiful weekend maybe to take mom out on the lake for sunday. mike, how are the roads looking. >> brief bits of relief. mostly slow for 880 still through fremont. look at this. a nice break. look at the map. we're showing a slow drive as cow down, off the san mateo bridge, slow in spots, fremont off of 680 as well. early morning problems continue throughout the entire morning commute. north 60 slow up 237 where a big rig has been in lanes for half an hour, still trying to get out of lanes, that's a slow drive into milpitas. kind of easing up, marla, back to you. >> mike, thanks. we'll be back with our next local update in 30 minutes. we'll see you again at 10:26.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody, it's booze-day, tuesday, it's may 7th, the year is zooming by. >> what's better than booze-day, tuesday, kath in. >> not much. but there'ses in in the alcohol department. >> we've got to talk about the met ball last night. >> freak show. >> it's so weird. the pictures that you'll see, this is the big premiere event in new york. everyone wants to be invited. this year the theme was, punk was the theme. >> chaos couture.
10:01 am
>> we want to know what you think of these individuals that we hand-picked for our program. sarah jessica parker. go. mohawk, with a mohawk and the leggings. >> the boot. >> like kinky boots. >> yes. >> now, nicole ritchie, look at the blue-gray lid. >> not my favorite. she's just adorable. she's yong, it makes her look like her grandmother. >> anne hathaway went completely blonde. >> i thought she looked -- i hated the dress because it looks like a spiderweb. i thought her hair, she's got a striking face. her features are extraordinary. >> the short hair works on her. >> kim k. put on something that she may regret. what do you think? >> they have not been kind to miss kim in any of the papers. but at least this time she wasn't -- she wasn't baring tons of skin. and cleavage and arms, i think she was trying. >> what about the gloves. >> i think they're just after her. >> you know that makes you a
10:02 am
target. don't you think, wearing that? a little? >> why does kanye look miserable in every single picture. >> miserable. >> he does. there was video we were trying to track down in paris. kim is getting out of her car and kanye is standing there, not helping her. and then she gets out pregnant, out of the car, walks to a door and kanye is standing there and kim is standing there. it's like a standoff, who's going to open the door. she does. she opens her own door. he looks cranky. >> people -- >> what? >> will treat you the way you allow them. and i wish she would stand up for being treated a little differently. we don't know what's going on in that relationship. or anybody else's. >> let's talk about another relationship. >> hoda and blake. >> shelton. let's talk about another relationship
10:03 am
relationship. there's a feud a-brewin'. billy bush is here with us to clear it up. >> you're my new hero, bush-man. >> it's booze-day tuesday, i should only have water, because i've been traveling. >> ever since you went to that convention in january, you've had the bloats, from what i can guess. >> we need to tee this up, because nicki minaj and billy bush are in a full-on -- >> it's a war, it's crazy. >> here's what's happening. let's tell a little back-story. >> you're instigators. >> nicki minaj was interviewed by one of the "access hollywood" reporters. >> access hollywood, laura has been in the business for 20 years and has covered "idol" from the beginning, she's known over there, respected and liked. >> a tiny clip, we have a terrible version, we couldn't get a clean version. >> you lost my number? >> here's what it looks likes. >> i know there's a twitter comments you made today that
10:04 am
caused quite a stir. do you have anything to say about that? >> that question doesn't even make sense. if you want me to insinuate what you're talking about, i'm not going to. >> some tips? >> first of all, you want me to insinuate -- >> that's hard to understand. >> she did that a second time. tell us, you defended your -- >> i defended laura. the twitter comments that laura was asking about and nikki is a public figure. the comments, she went after mariah carey on twitter, saying calling her insecure. why would a woman at her age be so -- this is second age reference she likes to make, my mom used to listen to your music. mariah carey is in her early 40s, making top 40 hits. >> you make that passi i passive-aggressive on that part. the rest is just aggressive. "american idol" has always had
10:05 am
those adversarial relationships, but there's love underneath. paula and ryan, they love each other. that bitterness, sitting like that. >> she dissed your dot-com girl, laura. what did you do? >> i went on the air and i talked about it. i called her the female kanye. kanye, here's a guy who has so much talent. but this giant chip on his shoulder. it's just angry. and with nikki, the question i have for her is why isn't it enough to be great? really talented. give great critique as a judge, i think she's one of the best judges on there. why is that not enough. why does it have to get to the level of bitterness and ugliness. america's television show, "american idol" is the biggest television phenomenon in the history of television, in my opinion. and all of a sudden the ratings are reflecting this -- twitter battle. >> nicki minaj tweeted this, after that little confrontation on the red carpet, she writes honestly if your day was ruined
10:06 am
because i walked away from a question rather than discuss something negative, you need a life, lmao. >> what's that stand for? >> laughing my blank off. >> after i brought it up on the air she went after me on twitter and called me, here's it is. >> the audacity of you to call me nasty with your one-sided journalism, that's what you people do. yes, i'm the female kanye and then the c-word. >> there's two c-words this one was see you next tuesday. which is amazing, because no one has ever call immediate that before. i was kind of stunned for a minute like, woo, okay. i invited her on the show. i said listen why don't you come on the show and let's discuss the large chip on your shoulder. and she said, i will, i'm glad to, my people will contact you or i will be there. and i guarantee you that 99% of your -- cajones that you have
10:07 am
now will disappear. and i said, i've got the 1% and i'll ride on them the best i can. and we'll sit down and we will -- figure out why is it that -- >> with is it coming from? >> the anger. we all have things in our past. >> but it's the way we deal with them. we all have stuff like that, sure. >> i'm dealing with my daughter right now, she has these hormonal issues, she's 14 years old and i'm constantly on her. i tell her, i know you're feeling not so great. but you can't take that out on other people. >> do you think hers is hormonal, nikki's? >> i don't know. >> dealing with people, maybe it wasn't a great connection but you can't -- >> so much of us are just beyond blessed in this world, you know. and stop it. it's just not -- it's not nice behavior. >> mariah carey, there's a report out that right now that she will, that she wasn't going to go on the air on wednesday. down to the final three, not going to go on the air because
10:08 am
she can't take it any more. >> mariah is going to be the professional, she will come on. >> while you're here, can we talk about matt lauer's dance moves? these are so good. he was on "ellen." some of you wonder if lauer's got the moves. he kicked it up. let's watch and we're going to critique. >> let's watch. >> because nobody ever asks us to. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ i'm seeing something that -- wait a minute. watch this part. he's got the arms in. >> i thought it was great. >> i always get nervous when a man dances. especially if i hold the man in high esteem. because it's like don't ruin it, don't come out and do an elaine. >> that's so true.
10:09 am
>> my moves are pretty solid. i read the woman. the man's job is to lead on the dance floor, but you must read a woman. you start careful. you're right here and you're very, very safe place and she is showing signs of that's okay. then you're step it up a little bit more. if she's okay with that, then you go a little more. it's like everything else, i guess in a relationship, i'm sorry. are you trying to say something? >> you start easy, i show that i can move a little bit, not too much, because that's just saying that needs to go more. so are you okay with that. so i move a little closer, i knock a chair out of the way and then -- just glance down, not focusing. >> it's so much sexier, little eye contact and then there's a -- ooh! ♪ ♪
10:10 am
>> it's slow jamming. >> 10:00. >> billy? >> i'm sorry, i didn't mean to -- >> kath's got the moves. >> she's a dangerous woman. >> we love you. we love you buddy. we love you. >> can i borrow this desk, it's 11:00, i'm going to be on the plaza doing an hour and our desk -- >> it looks like an autopsy table. >> we've already discussed that. >> what happened? >> we're using it. >> we have a -- >> thank you, billy. >> thank you, ladies, i love you. >> all right. "the voice" you're already ready to pick a winner. >> i'm going to go out on a limb and pick the winner. >> go ahead. >> the winner is -- roll it up, please, judith. if i'm right, what are you -- >> i saw her single -- ♪
10:11 am
♪ ♪ ♪ it's a new dawn ♪ it's a new day ♪ it's a new life >> i love her. >> i know. >> i'm picking her. you're not picking her? >> i don't know. >> she was a michael jackson back-up singer. she's got a head start on everybody. >> she's a beautiful girl. >> adam and usher performed. >> it was great. >> "superstition." ♪ 13-month-old baby ♪ drop the looking glass ♪ seven years of bad luck
10:12 am
♪ will come to pass ♪ if you believe in things ♪ that you don't understand ♪ and you suffer ♪ superstition is the way >> it's fun to listen to them together. >> sometimes people can be terrific on their own, it doesn't mean that their voices are necessarily going to blend well, but they did. >> they're no donny and marie, but that was good. >> you're crazy. all right, we have three auction winners who happen to be with us. >> who are they? >> tammy ronan, lauren trough and they're standing right there. >> in the dark as usual. >> these three people, they were at the chris evert, she has a great charity event -- they bid money. >> they paid $1.50. >> thank you, ladies, thank you so much. >> the latest star to get the boot from the donald's boardroom. i just saw her downstairs, she's totally fine. >> is she?
10:13 am
>> from "all-star celebrity apprentice [ other merv ] welcome back to the cleaning games. let's get a recap, merv. [ merv ] thanks, other merv. mr. clean magic eraser extra power was three times faster on permanent marker. elsewhere against dirt, it was a sweep, with scuffed sports equipment... had it coming. grungy phones... oh! super dirty! and grimy car rims... wow! that really works! ...all taking losses. it looks like mr. clean has won everything. the cleaning games are finished? and so are we. okay, but i just took a mortgage out on the cabinet. [ male announcer ] clean more, work less, with the mr. clean magic eraser extra power. [ male announcer ] clean more, work less, . t . . . . . . . .
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10:16 am
[ female announcer ] pin for your chance to win a weber grill at marilu's run on all-star celebrity came to a screeching halt sunday night. >> despite an impassioned defense on the board room she found herself on the receiving end of the dreaded two words from donald trump. you know what they are. >> they loved the food, they didn't like the sweet, they didn't like the chess and they didn't like certain other things. and you're the project manager, marilu, you're fired. you did a great job. thank you. >> thank you. >> well, well, well. what were you thinking at that very moment? >> at that very moment? well first of all, you know, what was funny is the week before, it shows you how the roller coaster of this day. i keep telling everybody, if i
10:17 am
have to go down in a sea of flames because of chess, that's okay. we were asked to do two sweets at the barclays center. we had to do kind of -- i took king. i depart want to take, i didn't take joker. and i didn't try to take joker away from penn, because jack was contactually like joker. i had a king theme. i ordered james bond furniture at first, they didn't have that available. so i went okay, i went with kind of a throne thing. i took it way too literally. we didn't have a wow factor. roger hates kings, and he was very wow. but little john couldn't do his deejay thing. >> since you were the leader -- >> certain things. and then penn gillette, who was on lisa's team, he brought in all of foxwoods, he brought in the foxwood talent. >> well he's sleeping with everybody, come on. he called in a few, you know. >> mary, do you think you should have been fired?
10:18 am
>> it's always on the project manager's head, so yeah, i'm sure. i do think the guys got a little snippy on me. >> what about trent? >> i adore trace, i love him and he loves me. he's always like that in the board room. little air yus. we were in the tenth day of working. we were in our tenth day of worki working, i think people got tired. by that time you get into the game and it's so crazy and -- they already knew they would probably be in the final four, as long as -- they threw me out. the only reason i was upset about not getting to the final four is because i loved the idea of the interviews. >> we had on gary busey last night. >> that was weird. >> that was great tv. >> you were buseyed. >> you were buseyed. >> he's a character. >> just keep watching the show. >> he's a doll.
10:19 am
>> very dear. >> that's good for marilu. >> i've got my own radio show, i'm starting next week. i'm -- thursday night i play ashton's kutcher's love interest on "two and a half men." >> stop it! >> he picks up a drunk hilary duff, she's like really sloppy. he falls in love with her, grandmother. you know what, i i don't care. >> a great role, you do it. >> when i was on "taxi." i was 25 when i got the job. i had an 11 and a 9-year-old. you never turn down a job because of an age thing. you go and have fun with it. >> marilu, great to see you. love you. >> and you can catch "all-star celebrity apprentice" here on nova scotia. sara clues us in in time for mother's day, but first, these messages.
10:20 am
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10:23 am
♪ don't stop yes. >> we are back with sara in the city. a special mother's day adventure. >> our girl sara checked with some adorable kids in new york city. >> adorable is right. this sunday it's all about moms so i thought i would ask kids what they really love about their mothers. there are different types of moms we have fallen in love with over the years. june cleaver from "leave it to beaver" was always prim and proper. >> claire huxtable kept everyone in line on "the cosby show" and while "married with children" family may have been dysfunctional. mrs. bundy kept them all together. a point we learned from the children's school 140. >> i love my mom because she cooks good food, and helps me with my homework and she is the kindest ever.
10:24 am
>> i love my mom, she cooks for me, takes care of me and loves me. >> i reason i love my mom is because i -- >> i love my mom because, because she lets me play. >> i love my mom because she takes me to a party. >> i love my mom. >> i do have a mom. this is a picture of her, i drew her and she's 68 years old. >> wow! >> she looks like a ninja. >> i love my mom because she loves me and her heart. >> what's your favorite thing that your mom says to you. >> i love you. >> aw. >> that never changes, no matter what. >> the best words in the world are i love you. >> part of a special educational alliance after-school program which was so great for these kids. >> really nice, i think your mom
10:25 am
looks great. a beautiful woman. >> in a crayon drawing. how to speak in way that when did you know that grandma was the one? when her sister dumped me. grandpa was my dad a good athlete? no. oh dad, you remember my friend alex? yeah. the one that had the work done... good to see you. where do we go when we die? the ground. who's your girlfriend? his name is chad. and that's where babies come from. [ male announcer ] sometimes being too transparent can be a bad thing. this looks good! [ male announcer ] but not with the oscar mayer deli fresh clear pack. it's what you see is what you get food. it's oscar mayer. it's what you see is what you get food. of course everybody has secrets. in fact ... you are looking at one of my secrets right now. new revlon nearly naked™ makeup covers flaws melting into skin to even out your complexion. so the only one who knows you have makeup on ... is you. dare to be revlon.
10:26 am
one square inch of deliciously smooth chocolate in creamy milk... or rich dark. incredible indulgence. one square inch of bliss. hershey's bliss. good morning to you. it is 10:26. i'm marla tellez. police have arrested two women and a man after the three crashed a stolen bmw into some bushes in san jose's silver creek neighborhood early this morning. police say one of the two women was wanted in connection with
10:27 am
several armed robberies in the area. they also say she's pregnant. after the break, we'll take a look at the weather and traffic. enough about the book, i want to hear about your date.
10:28 am
well, he showed up in a van. [ women ] oh-awww. [ voices in background ] [ female announcer ] swapportunity. the opportunity to swap a higher calorie snack for a delicious 90 calorie yoplait light. ♪ sorry... about your date, the details of your date. [ female announcer ] just one swap a day helps keep the calories away. yoplait. it is so good. welcome back, 10:28. a live look at the golden gate bridge. a little but sky there, definitely talking about cloud cover today. in fact, we may see a brief shower, maybe brief thunderstorm but the key word here is brief. we're not talking about a long duration of rainfall. 73 in redwood, 73 in san jose,
10:29 am
cooler here, 76 in san francisco. keep the umbrellas handy one more day. tomorrow bust out the shorts and the 80s forth weekend. mike, how are the roads looking. >> umbrellas to shorts. traffic moving nicely. fremont lighter than half an hour ago. san jose looks good coming towards 280. that's the camera, not the lighting. folks, you're dealing with sunlight. look at the maps, slowing in the medal 280, south looking good, slow north 680 approaching 237. they just moved that big rig from the roadway and calavares is recovering. back to you. mike, thanks. breaking news coming into the newsroom. the coroner just identified the five women killed in the limo fire over the weekend. all five were nurses celebrating a brilgs shower saturday. one of them was the bride. we'll tell you more about them in about 30 min at 11:00. jon kelley and i hope to see you then.
10:30 am
warp speed! >> i told you we would make it. >> there you are. >> hot. >> we're back with more of "today" and that was a scene from the much-anticipated next installment of the "star trek" franchise, called "star trek into darkness." >> spock and captain kirk are working out their differences. >> we want them to get along. >> human spock is played by zachary quinto.
10:31 am
>> you've got outrageous eyebrows. brooke shields has nothing on you. >> because you can't stop looking at them. >> you focus. >> that's where we live, right there. >> that's how i feel about you guys. not because of your eyebrows because you're luminescent. >> he keeps it in control. >> you were just in london promoting the film. what kind of response are you getting so far? >> unbelievable. the movie is so much bigger than the first one, on so many levels in terms of the magnitude of the film itself. >> they spent more money? >> yeah. and the reaction that we've garnered -- is also bigger and bolder. >> it's a crowded field right now, right? >> it is. i think we're the only movie coming out next weekend, the 17th. but yeah, this summer blockbuster season kickoff. >> where did you shoot all of this? >> all inform l.a. and the last ten days in northern california. >> you had big shoes to fill, playing in role did you feel intimidated? >> leonard nimoy was in the
10:32 am
first film. i knew i got the job with his blessing and we've subsequently come amazing friends. >> he's a very nice gentleman. >> he's incredible. has lived a fulfilled, creative, authentic life, i have nothing but respect for him. >> where does one go to get his inner spock. >> most people think he's emotionless, he just doesn't express it the same way as other people. >> to watch him have to deal with it, because it surprises even him. >> that's true it happens a lot in this film. i think there are elements with my personality that line up with the character. i'm also different in other ways. >> is there a little bro-mance going on with you and captain kirk. >> did you get that die nam snik. >> dynamic? >> it's spiritual tension. it's palpable. >> who's kirk and who's spock? >> she's spock? look at her, she's an aegyptian
10:33 am
goddess. >> you and me, baby. >> when you're not doing the filming of this movie, you've got a broadway show coming up. >> i'm making my broadway debut in the fall. >> we did the production up at the american repertory theater in cambridge. >> excuse us. >> as long as you come see us. >> what that's right are you going to be in? >> i don't know. >> what's your role? >> in the play? >> yes. >> i play tom wingfield who is basically tency williams' most auto biographical character. >> he's confused, anxious, excited to live a life and he's an incredible -- to learn as much as i have about tennessee himself and to -- to get to know his life and his journey and his experiences, one of most rewarding things i've done so far. >> that's fall? >> yes. >> we wish you great luck.
10:34 am
>> awesome. >> he was at the met show last night. >> and got in at 5:00 a.m. >> "star trek in the darkness" opens nationwide in theaters and imax theaters on may 16th. >> to make mom feel special right after this. alright, kid, let's get ready for this morning's quiz. christopher columbus sailed the ocean blue... in 14 hundred 92. nice! follow me. the missouri river is this way! lewis and clark expedition of 1804. oh, he'll never get this. magellan, 1520. awww my 8 layers must've given it away. [ female announcer ] big days call for a breakfast packed with fiber and nearly a day's worth of whole grains. kellogg's frosted mini-wheats cereal. this is one giant leap for mini-kind. [ female announcer ] keeps 'em full. keeps 'em focused. whoo-hoo! fruit, with a cool finish. [ female announcer ] keeps 'em full. keeps 'em focused.
10:35 am
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10:38 am
it's a day moms look forward to every y > . it's mother's day. if you vice president bat her a gift yet, don't worry. >> our expert is here to help us. we love this lady. and this is our kind of pampering, bubbly in bed. we would happy to make room for you. >> it's sparkley. >> ladies, we've got a lot of neat gifts today, starting off boozeday tuesday. this is a family-owned winery in california. it's sparkling wine with a hint
10:39 am
of champagne. >> i love it. >> first of all -- >> the labels. >> hint of almond. >> two bottles for the price of one, free shipping. >> is that right? >> yeah. >> oh, wow! >> and then, go ahead. >> i'm looking at the strawberries. >> do you want one. >> bring them over. what the hey. >> am oh, the bedding. >> beneath the trees? don't you feel like you're sleeping under the stars? the first company in the u.s., you are the stars, to bring 100% certified organic bedding to the united states. >> stop it. >> this california company employs 40 employees. jammies, $50. free shipping. we've got these stunning robes. absolutely like spa-like living. for hard-working moms. the collection over here, for moms who whine, you don't know any, do you?
10:40 am
this is from a website that creates american brands. hand-etched glass pitchers. >> oh, come on. sip a little. >> also from made collection, peterboro baskets. 150-year-old mahandmade basket company from new hampshire. and these are handmade in south america by artisansartisans. and for women of certain age who wants to look fabulous on the beach. >> and readers. >> flutter >> are they expensive did you stay. >> dhe athey are expensive, but they're solid, great case. >> you get the case. >> wimberley inc.
10:41 am
20 colors, 20 different charms. mix and match. 15% off. this is another cool concept. these are beautiful clutches all handmade. you choose your inside color, you choose your outside color. >> you design it yourself. >> you're your own designer. >> you can put a beautiful custom label inside. >> these are crazy. >> aren't these stunning? this is the first time they're debuting, a new company, young company. these are low top and high top. they've got free shipping right now. everybody has free shipping, but it's limited time. >> you better hurry. >> that's right. >> now, this is l.a. celebrity like massage therapist and healer to the stars. she is her own company as well. beautiful, 100% organic. i think even vegan products for your body, bath, hair. for moms on the go. this is baby kauchi.
10:42 am
for moms who want to spend on their babes. this is just beautiful. moms who facebook, a lot of people have facebook pages, i don't, and you go on and click gifts, $40 at your doorstep at pro flowers. >> all great. >> always great. how to speak so that everyone in the room takes notice. and cooking from real housewives. teresa is here right after this. >> she is here. [ male announcer ] there are many ways to thank our military families. walmart and operation homefront are thanking them by offering a little help when they need it the most. operation homefront provides assistance to our servicemen and women when they have unforeseen difficulties. [ mcmahon ] i was first introduced to operation homefront when we found out we were having a baby. even when i'm gone, she has a helping hand. thank you for everything you've done for us. [ male announcer ] walmart has teamed up with kellogg's to make a donation to operation homefront
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whether you've got a job interview, have to speak at a pta meeting or are out on the dating scene, the idea of speaking publicly makes a lot of people crazy. >> how do you beat the butterflies and get the room to hang on your every word? here with advice is an executive
10:47 am
coach and founder of the public speaking program, own the room. hello, bill. >> hello, thanks for having me. >> how do we own the room? >> just be yourself first of all. >> why did you look at me when you said that? >> a lot of people, it's a common phobia, you step up to a podium or before any crowd and you feel terrified. but you say, if you do certain things, you really can make it easy. >> everybody thinks nervousness is really just trapped energy. everybody is fine talking to their friends, but they put a plastic bubble on your head and you start breathing your own air. when you take the bubble off and focus on the audience. >> you say it's not about you, it's about them is the first thing. >> the real super-secret to get over nervousness is to get over yourself. it's not about he moo. it's about the audience, that's when everything starts to flow. >> should you have something rehearsed, if you have to speak before a group or bullet points? >> i like bullet points, 8 0%
10:48 am
rehearsed, never 100%. >> when i see somebody step to a microphone with a big long list, i'm out. >> should people just not do that? because you're going to lose your audience right off the bat? >> i like the bullet points, memorize the headlines, when you read the newspaper, you read the headlines first. when you're too scripted, it's all about you. i've heard kathie lee give terrific speeches, it's always about story-telling. >> hoda, you're a terrific speech giver. >> statistics touch the head, but stories touch the heart. >> it's the longest art form in history. story-telling. if you can tell a good story quickly, not take too long. >> what about humor right off the bat, does that get people on your side right away? >> one guy said i tried to tell a joke and it didn't work. if they try in the beginning,
10:49 am
they may not know you're funny yet. just tell another one. >> what if something falls flat. you're standing there, you've said something, no one's reacting, they're shifting in their seats, you're blowing it. >> or you're on national tv doing the news? >> yes, what should you do? >> revert with humor. the brain needs a second to defibrillate. let me retry that again or take two. let me try that again. >> that's not funny. >> just if you buy yourself one second, whatever is funny for you, all you need to do is buy yourself one time. but when you're human the audience pulls back and they connect even more to you. >> do they pull for you? if you're falling flat, should you in any way rely on the kindness of strangers that are out there that are first grateful it's not them. but also think oh my gosh, you're going to be all right. >> i think people are always rooting for you, they want you to do well. are we being judged? yes, bus people are rooting for
10:50 am
you to do well. allowing yourself to be human does connect you with the audience even more. >> all right. great to see you. thanks very much. she definitely knows how to work a room. >> "real housewives of new jersey star" theresa juidice cooks in our kitchen.
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
in today's kitchen, we're firing up the grill italian star, with theresa juidice. >> the reality star is sharing recipes from her fourth cookbook, fabulicious on the grill. >> you're very busy. >> what are you doing? >> i've been working out. a lot of yoga. >> getting rid of all of that
10:54 am
italian angst. >> let's talk about the third and fourth season. >> we've moved on. >> we're moving on. >> this cookbook is about grilling? >> yes. today we're making marinated chicken breasts with grilled apple rings. >> what are we marinating the chicken in? >> kathie -- slice them that way. >> like life savers. >> and pouring in the wine. >> white wine and onions and apple cider. and olive oil. >> ooh. >> and rosemary. >> dump it in. >> rosemary. and a pinch of salt. >> how long do you soak it in the zip-loc? >> two hours. >> no more than two hours, after that, the chicken will get rubbery. >> i didn't know that. >> uh-huh. >> and then what do you do?
10:55 am
put that -- >> put a third in here. >> with the apples. >> correct. >> and the rest goes in with the chicken? >> yes. >> okay. >> and then we put pieces on the grill. >> rosemary. >> i'm cooking. >> rosemary. olive oil. >> it does smell like italy. >> rosemary and apples. >> it's a marriage made in heaven. >> okay. >> there you go. >> 13 years and four babies. >> four? how old are you kids now? >> gia is 12, gabrielle is 8, milana is 7 anded ed audriana i three. you put it on the grill and how long do you cook it for? >> three to four minutes on each side.
10:56 am
>> these are thicker. >> these could cook a few more minutes. >> and down here. let's look at the final -- >> look at that, look at that. >> is that zucchini? >> it looks fantastic. >> that's grilled zucchini. >> how did you, put the zucchini on the grill, too? >> i marinated it with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. and grilled peaches with vanilla ice cream. >> you don't really think about grilled fruit. >> grilled fruit is delicious. >> put it on. >> the zucchini is great. the balance sammi. >> isn't that delicious? >> delicious. >> good luck with your cookbook. >> tomorrow do you have on? >> matthew resolves all your relationship questions. >> and molly ringwold will stop by. >> great mother's day wines,
10:57 am
finally something we really want. have a wonderful day, everybody, god bless. ♪
10:58 am
we don't have a ten step filtering process for our water. we don't need it. because crystal geyser is made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser is always bottled at the mountain source.
10:59 am
11:00 am
received the names of all five women killed in the limousine fire on the san mateo bridge. good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. we have known for a couple of days the women in that limo were celebrating a bridal shower and that one of the women killed was the bride. now the coroner has just identified all the victims involved in this terrible accident. nbc bay area's kristi smith joins us live in san mateo county with the very latest. kristi, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, martinez. yeah, the coroner just released that grim list to me. all five women killed in that limousine fire over the weekend. they range in age from 31 to 46 years old. the coroner hasn't released the


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