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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 8, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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this time he is being criticized by one of his own. a lead attorney is speaking out against his boss, santa clara d.a. >> it comes a month after investigators revealed rosen ordered some time sheets be changed. this attorney says he was retaliated against because he stood up to his boss. >> his time sheets were some of the hundreds alterred. he says it wasn't right so he let the d.a. know that. tonight he reveals what he calls a culture of fear and says he is keeping everyone else quiet. >> what jeff is doing is wrong. and somebody needed to stand up and actually call him on it. >> reporter: after two decades at the d.a.'s office and 2 1/2 years as a lead attorney jim sibly has been demoted. >> there is no way this is anything other than retaliation. >> reporter: it began with a
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meeting that lead attorneys had with chief assistant d.a. >> from the initial meeting where heap presented this scheme and was confronted by others saying this might be a bad idea. when you hear the second in command state effectively some people may think what i am doing is a crime that sets off a lot of bells. >> reporter: so sibly wrote these letters to the d.a. asking to not get free time off. after our investigation sibly continued speaking out. as of monday he will no longer serve as a lead attorney. he is being demoted and transferred to palo alto. >> they have known me for 20 years. they know i have a family and have a disabled child, 14-year-old boy with autism. i am going to be spending three
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hours commuting every day. i will be an hour and a half away if there is a crisis. i won't be there for my family and my son. if they had sat and planned how could they most make me pay the price for speaking the truth they couldn't come up with anything better. >> reporter: sibly says he has never been reprimanded and always has done his job well. he called him an excellent supervising attorney. >> is there any reason he would be demoted? no. >>. >> reporter: deputy d.a. is the president of the union that represents sibly. >> the atmosphere within the d.a.'s office over the last two years has been a culture of fear. you either go with what the administration is planning or you pay the price for it. >> reporter: the district attorney's office does not comment on personnel matters and says the claim of retaliation is
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a false claim. county executive tells us he just met with the union that represents sibly. he accepts the union will file a grievance tonight. if that happens it will trigger an investigation into the d.a.'s actions. the attorney general has already opened a civil action. many of our stories come right from our tip line. if you have a tip for us in our investigative unitt give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail. we are following another developing story in the east bay. gun fire in the parking lot of a hayward dmv. the middle school is still on lockdown. police say an officer tried to stop a group of kids playing with a gun this afternoon but the one holding the weapon ran
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off. the armed suspect spun around facing the officer when the officer opened fire. police do not believe the suspect was hit. officers have an area surrounded where they believe he may be hiding. business as usual. the company that owns the limousine that burst into flames is taking reservations for other vehicles in its fleet. should it be? we have just learned that six years ago the state suspended the owner's ability to rent out the limos. kris sanchez joins us live in san jose and the investigation, is there a reason to think they shouldn't be driving the other vehicles? >> reporter: there is no reason that they are bound not to but the cpuc documents referred to a prior business saying he was suspended for not maintaining adequate insurance and not paying quarterly fees. there is no reason why he can't continue operating his current fleet during the investigation.
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the 1999 lincoln town car that burst into flames on the san mateo bridge is one of seven passenger vehicles that limo stop inc. has registered the other vehicles are one four passenger vehicle, three five passenger vehicles, one seven passenger vehicle and another eight passenger limousine the size of the one that caught fire. according to the website the fleet includes ten passenger limos, 12 paej limos, ten to 14 passenger fans, 20 passenger stretch hummer and 30 passenger limousines, none covered under the company's registration. at the office owner directed all questions to the attorney. outside we found the limo stop registration number on this van and this town car. when we called limo stop's office to ask about reservations
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we are told they are only operating airport shuttles which they are legally allowed to do. the cpuc has said it will fine the company $7,500 per day that it misrepresented the seating capacity if it did so now the cpuc spokesman is telling me he is going to look into whether or not the company violated any rules by listing vehicles on its website as part of its fleet that were not covered under the cpuc registration. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. it happened in broad day light and the gunman is still on the loose. the san jose police department is investigating the city's 14th homicide of the year. it happened just after noon today on the east side of town very close to james lake high school. officers found a man inside a home that had been shot at least once. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the male suspect took off in a
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white car and remains at large. as we mentioned police believe there were others in the house at the time. the motive remains under investigation and police say it is not typical of a gang shooting. this news came as a surprise to nearly everyone in oakland. police chief howard jordan is stepping down for health issues effective immediately. there are a lot of questions as to why and why now. jodi hernandez joins us from police head quarters. what does oakland do? >> reporter: that's a good question. a nationwide search will begin. city leaders tell me that some have seen this coming. tonight chief jordan has resigned from a position he fought so hard and for so long to get. it is a move that has left many here in oakland surprised. >> this morning i did receive notice that effective immediately he is on medical
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leave and taking steps towards a medical retirement. >> reporter: oakland city administrator confirmed police chief howard jordan stepping down after more than 20 years of service the chief announced this morning he is resigning, calling it a difficult decision but a necessary one. >> i personally was very saddened and surprised to hear the chief's decision this morning but i trust that he is doing what is best for himself and for his family. >> i do want to take a moment of personal privilege and thank chief jordan for his 25 years of service. he lives the value. >> reporter: jordan's resignation comes a week after the compliance director released his first report, a report highly critical of the police department's command staff. it is unclear whether that had anything to do with jordan's decision to step down but some in city hall say it is a good
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time for change. >> i thank the chief for his service and wish him god speed and we have to begin the process of finding someone to run this department. >> reporter: assistant chief is now the acting chief. city leaders say they are a family and they will work together to get through the transition. a nationwide search will soon begin. reporting live in oakland. panning for 49er gold again. the company helping the 49ers during the gold rush will do it again with the new team. levi's will pay for the right to put its name on the new stadium. 49ers expected to play in that stadium in 2014. and that's where nbc bay area joins us live with more details on the big deal. >> reporter: one of the most
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high tech sponsored teams in sports will be reaching into the past to name its new stadium. as you mentioned in the gold rush era 49ers worked in levi's jeans now the san francisco 49ers will play in levi's. it will be called levi's stadium. >> they have been working with our region forever. you can't find a better name for the san francisco 49ers stadium. >> this is a great way for us to connect with our loyal fans, with loyal levi's consumers, not just here in san francisco, not just here in the bay area but around the country and around the world. >> reporter: the levi's straus company will pay $220 million for the rights. $66 million will go to the 49ers for sponsorship benefits. >> it's a very large amount that
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will help us pay down the cost of the stadium. >> reporter: choosing a company from san francisco seems to soften the blow of the stadium being located in the city of santa clara. >> i think this is a win for everybody including san francisco. to have our head quarter company rolling off of everybody's tongue. it is still san francisco 49ers but we win as a region. >> reporter: they celebrated with a private pep rally that included coa included. >> that's an interesting business proposition. >> reporter: the santa clara city council will vote tomorrow whether or not to approve the deal. as it is now there does not appear to be opposition.
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so we will have to get use here. do you like levi's getting the naming rights? you can vote by texting or calling us. you can text 1 for yes or 2 for no. you can tweet us @nbc bay area. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we are tracking the marine layer and the fog at the coast line. i will have the track on the fog coming up. also an nbc bay area exclusive. a visitt to silicon valley to talk tech. a local congress woman demands action from the military. the connection to a controversial facebook page. how is it possible this truck driver ended up in a trauma hospital? >> and we investigate why a man who committed no crime was nearly killed over a traffic ticket. we are back in two. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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it's a nightmare scenario. pulled over by a cop on a remote road and you end up in a trauma hospital. >> it happened to a bay area man. tonight he still can't understand why it happened and even how. the investigative unit has been looking into the incident for six months now. we bring in investigative reporter. how cooperative has the chp been? >> we asked for public records back in february. we have yet to receive records from them. according to data published by chp's internal affairs division there has been a 17% jump in the number of disciplinary against chp officers in the last five years. but the chp won't talk in detail about this case because the truck driver involved is now suing the highway patrol and the officers involved so we went digging on our own and uncovered
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a story we found very hard to believe. it all happened around 5:30 in the morning remote part of the interstate far away from witnesses. parts of this story and some of the pictures you are about to see may disturb you. 58-year-old can retell with clear precision the moments from that morning back on september 2, 2011 out along interstate 80 headed home to the bay area. he speaks in his native language, russian, recounting up until that moment of the incident. that's when he goes silent and cannot speak anymore. for 40 minutes he sits there insisting he wants to tell his
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story but the words won't come. but these pictures speak for him confirmed by medical records, a crushed left orbital eye saukt, multiple facial fractures, loss of consciousness, a concussion, possibly neurological damage. why did this happen? according to court records it was all because he would not sign the ticket citing him for driving his truck for too many hours. the truck driver says he wanted to read the ticket first. so the court records show andrew mural forcibly arrested him. in court testimony and in the initial report filed along with the ticket the 220 pound highway patrolman said he was actively resisting and exhibited extraordinary strength. and they give him the citation -- >> reporter: this is his attorney. >> he tries to tell him that i
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am not violating -- >> reporter: according to the initial report filed he and fellow officer jim sherman pulled over after getting a report of a sleepy driver. these pictures taken by officers on the scene show him lying on the side of the highway, his hands cuffed behind his back. >> he is punched. his arm is broken, his ribs get fractured. they are cutting off the oxygen for a significant period of time. >> reporter: officers charge him with driving over hours and dui. a blood alcohol test came back at zero. white powder seized turned out to be table salt. officers charged him with misdemeanor resisting, obstructing or delaying a peace officer. t that was dismissed after a judge threw out the evidence
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after a defense motion and testimony after what happened on the freeway. >> the only time i have seen worse injuries as a result of police actions when someone is shot. >> reporter: we called and went to andrew's work office but each time he said he could not talk on advice of his lawyer. his attorney said no comment other than to deny all charges in the civil suit. in his response to the civil suit filed in court he contends the force employed was reasonable and not excessive. >> how is it possible this truck driver ended up in a trauma hospital? >> there is on going litigation in the case. i can't discuss why it is that he suffered the injuries to the extent that he did. >> reporter: acting chief who oversees the valley division of chp could not address specifics of the case because of the lawsuit but says he reviews every use of force incident.
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>> in this particular case i don't remember. it wasn't something that jumped out at me like we have serious issues here. >> does the public have anything to fear from your officers? >> if the public, when they get stopped, they simply comply with what they are asked to do, they have nothing to fear, nothing to fear at all. >> reporter: hill says every chp officer goes through extensive training in the academy. we obtained records showing murrill was licensed in boxing at fort hood. >> we are not saying we beat people up but sometimes their actions cause us to have to escalate a particular use of force to be able to take them into custody to protect ourselves and members of the
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public. >> reporter: whatever happened out there that morning nearly two years later it still clearly haunts him. justice would involve the chp taking a hard look in seeing whether either of these people should be riding around with a gun. >> as for whether or not there were internal affairs investigation, punishment or retraining chp won't say citing the law enforcement officer's bill of rights. according to statistics from the internal affairs division, the valley division where murrill worked led the state in the number in the year 2011, that's the year this happened. we can say that officer continued to work for the highway patrol. and because of his injuries he can no longer work and his family is seeking both financial and medical help for him. >> thank you very much. if you have a tip for anyone in
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our investigative unit give us a call or you can send us an e-mail. let's bring in our chief meteorologist on the peninsula tonight and it was threatening all morning to rain but it never did. >> very close to it. we have been getting a lot of drizzle at the coast line as the stratus built up enough moisture. didn't add up to a lot from half moon bay. we did have some of the warmest weather where we did not have fog down at the south bay. 73 in san jose. where we had the fog temperatures remain in the 60s. right now a wide spread marine layer from fort bragg down to santa cruz with some of the thickest fog through san francisco, also mid way through the peninsula. definitely airport delays. let's get you outside to the live hd sky camera network.
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in san frn the cloud cover is continuing to move in. it is going to create more areas of drizzle against the coast line. we take you to the south and a lot of sunshine as we have the camera pointed towards the east and the east bay. and for san jose a little bit of cloud cover across the coastal mountains. let's get you to the forecast as we head throughout our thursday. we will start off with cloud cover and drizzle at the coast. it is going to be a slow burn off of the clouds. by the noon hour we expect by the bay and interior valleys to struggle to get rid of the clouds but we will get a few rays of sunshine and temperatures we think will warm up here to the low 70s but the stay into the 60s by our immediate coast line. on your three day forecast temperatures warming up friday and saturday with low and mid 80s in the forecast and a little bit of beach weather expected as we head throughout saturday with low 70s. we will have more on the seven day forecast and our next possible chance of a storm
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system that could bring us rainfall. still ahead at 6:00. is going to college really worth the hassle? a new report casting doubt. they under went chemotherapy but now local patients are dealing with more medical problems. we will cell you about the ground breaking clinic here in the bay area. and the grand opening in the south bay with a unique cultural flare.
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we've made major advancements in reducing the incidents of broken bones in seniors. we've received recognition for getting hypertension under control for over 80% of our members. we've made significant advances in asthma, immunization and maternity care. and j.d. power and associates ranked us highest in member satisfaction among health plans in california. we're focusing on the big things so you can enjoy the little things. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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cal trans decided on a fix. the repair is going to be costly, in the millions. cal trans says this option is less expensive than the other one they considered. it is called a saddle option. it will carry the weight. it is estimated the cost $5 million to $10 million. cal trans and the contractor aiming for a labor day opening still just as they had planned. it could be the largest
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facility of its kind in northern california open today in the south bay. after years of planning the plaza elmexicano officially opened this morning. it is a partnership between marquez brothers international and county fair grounds. it will be used for a variety of multi cultural and traditional events. the new arena has a sale which provides shade that the original arena lacked. the first event is scheduled for may 19th. a royal visit to silicon valley. the country that wants to take home a piece of the tech economy. >> reporter: representative jackie speier spends a strong letter about women being harassed in the military. i'm cheryl hurd in san francisco. a suspect formally charged in the cleveland kidnapping case and new details about what
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really happened to the three young women held in this home for ten years, next.
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for the first time we are hearing what happened inside that cleveland home where three women were held captive for a decade. and the details are disturbing. >> one suspect has been charged with the crimes. janelle wang is here with the details. >> late today suspect ariel
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castro was charged with rape and kidnapping. his two brothers have been cleared. authorities found no evidence linking them to the crime. the long process of healing begins for the victims as they return home. with the crowd chanting her name, 24-year-old gina de jesus gave a thumbs up as she returned home for the first time in nearly ten years. >> i feel as it is a dream. >> reporter: crowds greeted amanda berry as she arrived at her sister's house with her 6-year-old daughter. >> we are so happy to have amanda and her daughter home. at this time our family would request privacy. >> reporter: authorities confirmed they are doing paternity test to see if ariel castro is the father. and michele knight remains in the hospital in good condition. all three women were kidnapped one year after the other between 2002 and 2004. over the next decade police say
6:32 pm
kept in castro's home a few miles from where they disappeared until berry escaped and called 911. >> we have confirmation that they were bound. >> reporter: new details about their years in captivity. gina de jesus told police she and the other women were locked in separate rooms and were only allowed outside the home twice very briefly over the ten years. >> i signed criminal complaints charging ariel castro with four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape. >> reporter: ariel castro's family is in shock. >> there was never indication of what was transpiring. >> reporter: our station in cleveland obtained a copy of the police report with disturbing new details. the young woman reported multiple pregnancies and miscarriages. one said she miscarried after being beaten and starved. police would not confirm the
6:33 pm
details of the report saying the investigation is still on going. now to a story you will see only on nbc bay area. we stocked with jackie speier after she sent a scathing letter to the secretary of defense. she is demanding action after a whistle blower told her about a facebook page showing images denigrating women in the military. cheryl hurd joins us in san francisco. who is behind this facebook page. >> reporter: that is the big question. no one knows who is behind it. the pictures are really hard to look at. that is why they got the attention of representative jackie speier and she immediately took action. the letter written by jackie speier includes pictures of the various pages posted by someone who goes by a fake name. it shows pictures of women. they all have lewd captions and all are not appropriate to show on tv without being alterred. the frightening statistic is that you are more likely to be
6:34 pm
raped by a fellow service member than you are to be wounded or killed by the enemy. >> reporter: in the letter representative speier told defense secretary chuck hagel that she wanted to bring their attention to the disturbing facebook page. she told them that there are numerous comments on the page din grating women in the marine corps. >> if you look carefully at some of the sites they are very antiwomen. >> reporter: we reached out to the marine corps in washington, d.c. they released a statement. it says in part marines are responsible for all content they publish on social networking sites, blogs or other websites. there is no tolerance for discriminatory comments. it goes against good order and discipline. amy fairweather is director of
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policy in san francisco. she counsels female veterans. she says even though there has been attention given to sexual assault against women in the military things are getting worse for women. >> there is a serious cultural issue going on. if the people at the top really took it seriously and people had this happen under their command got punished for it, it would go away. >> reporter: cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> facebook is also in the headlines this time for its ceo, mark zuckerburg. he is upsetting prominent political groups. >> let's bring in larry gerston. this comes with the territory. zuckerburg gets into politics and he becomes polarizing. >> it is no secret that facebook like many high tech companies has us pushing for immigration reform with a higher number of immigrant workers who would be part of the package.
6:36 pm
now zuckerburg and the political action company crafted a new strategy to get that support. over the past couple of weeks the pack has spent more than $1 million on ads praising for support for projects like the keystone pipeline and drilling and opposing the new national health care law. all of this in hopes of getting their support for the immigration reform package. and the effort is getting quite the pushback. >> who exactly is upset? >> the combination of prominent, liberal and environmental groups have jumped on zuckerburg for orchestrating a quid pro quo if you would. all of these have had harsh words for the facebook ceo. it is not just words. they have vowed to with hold advertising for at least two weeks in protest of the tactics. >> plenty of other high profile ceos have gotten political.
6:37 pm
do we care? is there a fall out here? >> long term it is hard to know. short term zuckerburg and facebook are catching flack. there is always an element of danger when ceos venture into the political realm. the ceo of chick-fil-a on gay rights, all of these come to mind. the leaderships and the organizations, they all suffer substantial losses as well as soured public opinion. whether zuckerburg and facebook can withstand the heat remains to be seen. for the moment they are locked in political controversy they never expected. >> high profile story. in washington today three state department staffers testified at the hearing about the deadly attack in benghazi which killed stevens and three other americans last year.
6:38 pm
republicans called the hearing and on going allegations misled the nation about that attack. >> it matters to me personally. and it matters to my colleagues. >> democrats continue to claim that republicans just want to damage secretary of state hillary clinton who was then secretary of state a possible 2016 presidential candidate. they beat cancer but now face another battle. still ahead the ground breaking clinic helping patients here in the bay area. plus when the old college try isn't worth it. a new report that questions whether college is the right choice for everyone. i'm jeff ranieri. even with drizzle this morning and a rain storm earlier this week it is not helping the allergy forecast. everything moderate or high. we will have details on hotter weather that will likely make the pollen worse. coming up in the forecast.
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for many high school students it is not a question college is the next step. a new study shows it is a step that not everyone should be taking. the center on children and families said the research revealed that college could be a bad financial investment for some people. researchers say some people shouldn't go to college. more than 800 schools were studied and one in five had a negative return in investments. higher ed remains a smart financial smart for most people. in health matters not just fighting cancer but the after effects of chemotherapy. bay area cancer patients have a new clinic to turn to for their skin care problems at the stanford cancer institute. it is aimed at providing support of dermatology care for cancer
6:42 pm
patients. after undergoing chemo or radiation patients often develop unique skin problems. dermatologists help with skin infections. the clinic has been open only a few months now and dermatologists have seen more than 200 cancer patients. i was at the california museum in oakland, down right chilly today. >> and you remembered your jacket. >> i did. >> yes. >> she is well prepared. >> i know. i always give her the forecast updates. live look outside. the fog is rolling in. we are going to be tracking the drizzle in the forecast, possibly airport delays and an awesome weekend coming up in just a few minutes.
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investigators are still trying to figure out the cause of an early morning fire at an
6:45 pm
oakland landmark. flames broke out around 2:45 this morning near the corner of east 18th and lake shore. it took crews about an hour to put it out. this isn't the first time the bakery has caught fire. in 2006 flames caused about $150,000 worth of damage. the bakery opened its doors in 1953. did you know we have royalty in the bay area. only one local tv reporterer was invited. >> we bring our business and tech reporter scott budman. your brush with with royalty. >> we are going to talk about crowns and about cars this evening they are revving up for tesla with the stock price already on fire tonight tesla reporting a profit as expected and a big boost in sales of the model s sedan. shares up another 23% tonight. if you know a share holder have them buy you lunch tomorrow. the tech industry in silicon
6:46 pm
valley is world famous. if you needed more evidence of that we got it today with a royal visit to check out start ups. it is a story you will only see here on nbc bay area. >> reporter: it was a day where royalty met technology, the proud prince and princess of norway meeting norwegian startups in the heart of silicon valley. for crowned princess, a way to use gestures to control a computer mouse, her prince a virtual reality mask to experience the sensation of flying. and when in the presence of royalty proof the norwegians are gaining ground when it comes to cool technology. >> there are also a lot of entrepreneurs in norway that want to do something, that have good ideas and want to see them realized. and many of them want to come here. >> reporter: like this chief executive who moves her startup
6:47 pm
and family from norway to silicon valley to watch her company grow. >> it is a lot easier to meet the right people, make the right connections and network with the right people and capital. norway doesn't have -- >> reporter: silicon valley does. >> for them to have this kind of place to get into the environment here i think is very important. >> reporter: even if it means taking a 4,500 mile trip. a little before that visit the prince and princess visited the campus of stanford university but the prince attended uc berkeley as a college student. >> imagine being his room mate. >> there is protocol. here is our crown prince jeff ranieri.
6:48 pm
>> wind speed anywhere from ten to 20 miles per hour keeping the on shore flow in place not only at the coast line but also oakland. into an issan jose at 17 miles r hour. it will get cloudy for the interior valleys. for tomorrow morning drizzle along the coast and possibly the bay and even 11:00 to remember morning cloud cover will linger with temperatures in the 50s by the bay. to the golden gate bridge you can see the marine layer moving in across the bridge, visibility not reduced too much right now but that will be changing as we head throughout the next six hours. a lot of sunshine out here. we had somewhat of a sunshine hold. it was a real beautiful day but you headed north of that and we had plenty of cloud cover. let's get you into the cloud forecast for tomorrow. at the coast line it is going to
6:49 pm
be the thickest when it comes to the fog from half moon bay. also across the peninsula, the usual drill there. the key difference for thursday's forecast the fact that down in the south bay we didn't start off with too much in the way of cloud cover but it looks like the chances of getting wide spread cloud cover is going to be great. then throughout tomorrow afternoon just like today we will have increased sunshine, a real fantastic thursday shaping up here for us with with wide spread sunshine from san jose up to santa rosa. if you are headed to the coast line bring your jackets with you. it will be blustery with temperatures in the 50s and cloudy skies. with the low cloud cover moving in and minor delays expected at sfo in the morning hours if the traffic can't keep up we could go to major delays. that is something you may wunt to think about. upper 40s and low 50s to start here as we head throughout your thursday morning.
6:50 pm
54 in san jose. let's get you into that thursday forecast down in the south bay with the most sunshine by the afternoon. it looks fantastic. 76 in gilroy. 75 in san jose. 72 in palo alto. just a slight sliver here of cooler marine air back for the east bay will keep you a little cooler than the south bay. 72 in dublin. 60s here from hayward to almeida even including oakland. 72 in santa rosa. on your three day forecast it stays pretty much dry here other than the morning fog and drizzle tomorrow morning. as we head to friday and saturday temperatures warming up. saturday looks pretty good for us a slight chance of showers.
6:51 pm
it is about 15% i am putting it on the seven day forecast. >> we will happily take it. the warriors, a big night for them and a big night in san francisco. they are scoring big with the local legendary restaurant. they managed to save it from the wrecking ball. it has to go to make room for the warrior's new waterfront arena so the restaurant is moving 600 feet. >> we are fans, too. as long as we are here to stay it is all good. >> not a big move. they are excited about the move which will perfectly preserve their little burger shack. they and their customers don't want a shiny new place. the only thing that will be changing will be the address.
6:52 pm
>> more on the giants. >> yes it is more on the pesky, pesky giants. you know they have lost the previous two games to the phillies. giants also had recorded four walk off wins so far this year. that is called-for shadowing. giants and phillies. top of the ninth giants up 3-2. michael young comes in to score. bottom of the tenth two outs. it is pronounced hero singles to right. all is right for the world. giants win 4-3 in ten innings. your thoughts? >> the giants look like they had wednesday's game in the bag. starter giving up one run over seven innings pitched. he exited the game with a 3-1
6:53 pm
lead and a standing ovation. missed tuchopportunities but th giants in a situation they have become familiar with and gave taurus the opportunity to record the team's fifth walk off win this season. >> i just got a few hits. we played really good. we just have to continue to just play like this. >> we would like to win some games by more than one or two runs eventually but i think we have a group of guys that is going to continue to scrap and go out there and put pressure on the other team. >> over the years you go back to last year's post season. it's like these guys are entertainerers cht. >> reporter: a scary moment in the eighth inning for reliever who exited the game with a right knee injury. from at&t park for nbc bay area.
6:54 pm
thanks very much. golden state warriors game two round two playoff series in san antonio against the spurs just underway earl ay on tonight at 11:00. complete highlights and reaction. it is the reaction that makes us better than everyone else. >> good for you. >> i'm going through. i will go to red's to celebrate because they are being good sports about this. i recommend everyone go to red's. >> jessica is crossing her fingers and her toes. >> i am. >> you are a lot of luck. >> we'll see you at 11:00. earlier we asked you regarding the 49ers do you like levi's getting the naming rights for the new stadium? 69% of you who called, voted or texted us said yes we do like it. we appreciate your participation. i'm sure levi's does as well. they paid $220 million for the
6:55 pm
naming rights. we're back in a moment.
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tonight at 11:00 it's the hottest ticket in town, the rolling stones hit the stage at hp and we are taking you back stage tonight after "chicago fire". >> we are going tonight? >> maybe we will. thanks for joining us here at 6:00. we leave you with a live look at the shark tank. they are about to take the stage in a short while. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad
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