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tv   Rock Center With Brian Williams  NBC  May 17, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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it is not fair at all. >> but then the hilberlings will tell what happened to their son and brother is not fair either. >> we would never let anybody come between us. i miss him for that. i don't have it anymore. there's no replacing him. >> so zack hilberling tries to keep the ache at bay with an image of his brother smiling, feet planted firmly on the ground, victorious in life under friday night lights. >> i think of him every time i see a football. i mean, it's -- i hear the word football, i think of -- there's so many things that remind me of my brother because he was in my life from day one and he never left. so he's still not gone. that's the best part. that's all for this edition of "dateline." we'll see you again for
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"dateline" wednesday at 8:00, 7:00 central. i'm lester hoelt. rock center with brian williams starts now. is the national broadcasting company. >> tonight, on rock center. >> a woman fighting for her life makes a frantic call to 911, but help doesn't get there in time. her family and police blame this 911 operator who tonight comes out of hiding and talks about her role for the first time with kate snow. >> how could you not stand up and scream and say, i have to get somebody to this person right now? >> i didn't hear it. if i heard as much as you are saying, then i would have. >> also tonight, he's one of the last victims of the boston marathon bombings still in the hospital and along with his
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fiance he has a statement to make about grit and boston strong. >> a million people would not have the same attitude you have. >> i don't have the same attitude. >> you don't? >> i'm so mad but he is so good. >> and zach, comedian and beard enthusiast and private guy considering he's a big movie star. >> sometimes i think i'm shy about pictures. i'd like to write you a note. no thanks. just walk away. >> they just want to text their friend, oh, i met that fat dude. the food history we are celebrating tonight and the late-night friends we're going to miss. that and more as "rock center" gets underway. good evening. welcome to "rock center."
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some crimes force the police to change how they protect us. tonight we will go in one such case that shook dallas. this involves a brutal crime. the attack of a woman, allegedly by her ex-husband. what makes the case unique, as you'll hear is the response by a 911 operator to the victim's horrifying pleas for help and the mystifying response by dallas police. kate snow tonight unravels a tragedy that turns out to have twists and turns no one could have imagined. >> lift your hands toward heaven and let's worship god. >> reporter: vicki cook is the mother of four daughters. it is a close-knit family that worships together every week. last august her eldest daughter didn't show up for church. the family was worried her ex-husband had been in and out of jail for assaulting her. her mother vicki and two sisters say the threats were getting so
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bad deanna had replietd called 911 for help. >> she moved multiple times to get away. he always finds her. he always stalks her to find out where she is. >> i heard him tell my daughter that he was going to kill me. he was going to kill her daughters and then he was going to kill her. >> when she didn't show up on that particular sunday, what was your first thought? >> something's wrong. >> they rushed to deanna's home and discovered water was pouring out of the house. when deanna didn't answer the door, her mother called 911. >> may daughter has been missing since friday. she is 32. >> have you called all the jails and hospitals? >> reporter: at first the operator refused to call police. >> ma'am, can you just send the police over here. >> no, ma'am. >> i said i need for you to send somebody right now. something is going on here and i need to get in this house. >> do you think somebody did something to her. >> yes, i do. >> while she was on the phone i
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was looking for ways to get in. >> you kicked in the window. >> yes. >> when i went in the house the water covered my ankles. there was just that matter much. >> water is all over the floor. >> i just looked and said something is going on in here. what's going on and i walked through her house and i looked at the door and it had been kicked. >> somebody happened in here. >> okay, ma'am. i'm sending police. >> somebody did fighting in here. what's going on? so i walked around her room and i looked at all of the stuff on the floor and i walked in the bathroom -- >> okay. >> so that's when we found her when she was in the bathtub and i mean it was horrible. >> deanna was dead in the overflowing tub. the tap still on. it was a heart-breaking end for a single mother who called her
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own mother twice a day. >> we stand with them. >> reporter: deanna left behind two daughters. aniya is 14 and anicea just turned 16. they were all in morning but their grief turned to anger when they learned on the day she died, deanna called 911 herself as she was being attacked. the family wanted to know why couldn't police save her. >> there were so many questions to be answered wane couldn't get any information at all. >> reporter: at police headquarters, they say investigators refused to release any details. >> we were angry. we were confused. we were frustrated. we were clueless. >> we were wondering what they were hiding. >> reporter: while they were talking to investigators, they overheard deanna's final call to 911 being played in the next room. >> dallas 911. what is your emergency? >> i put my ear to the wall to try to listen closer to try to see if it was deanna. >> why are you doing this? >> hello.
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>> this is the 911 call police wouldn't release to the family because of the ongoing investigation. but the family wants the world to hear how deanna fought for her life as an operator listened. >> you need police, fire or ambulance? i need an answer. >> you can't deny she is begging for help. >> police. >> no! >> she is screaming for help. >> stop it. >> eight and a half minutes in to the call deanna is still pleading with her attacker. >> somebody call police. >> reporter: then the call is eerily quiet. >> you hear her last breath on that tape. >> reporter: the family was finally getting answers, but not from police. a local reporter told them it had taken officers 50 minutes,
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nearly one hour to respond to deanna's call for help. >> you knew the call came from her. why didn't you do what you are supposed to do? >> there's no sense of urgency. there's no -- it happens a lot in our neighborhood actually. in our zip code the police take their time to get there but to protect and serve we don't get that in our neighborhood. >> reporter: to deanna's family, it sounded like she had died while she was on the line with the 911 operator. >> what does it say to women in this city when it happened? >> it would say to a woman that these aren't priority calls. >> paige fling is one of the head of a family violence centers. >> it would say to a woman sometimes they are going to get away with it and maybe you do everything right and you still die. >> reporter: the 911 call center has been beleaguered for years, understaffed and overwhelmed by 2 million calls annually. last year, 30% of the operator positions were unfilled. at the same time, incidents of
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domestic violence were at a record high. >> in 2011, we had ten domestic violence murders. in 2012, we had 26. so we know we have a problem. >> reporter: and yet when victims like deanna cook called 911, unless operators knew a gun was involved or someone was already injured the training manual instructed them to enter a code that did not give those calls the highest priority. >> do you wish she had called somebody else that friday? >> that was my main question, why did she even call the police? she knows they take their time. she knows. i thought she knew what i nuchl why didn't she call our cousins, us, why did she call the police first and that's horrible for a woman experiencing violence to think she can't call the police first. >> reporter: the cook family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of dallas. the first person named in the suit, the 911 operator tanita
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hopkins. >> dallas 911. this is tanita. what is your emergency. >> i can't imagine hearing that voice on the phone and not yelling at the dispatch, murder in progress. murder in progress. >> that's what i would have called it, murder in progress. >> chilling unbelievable story and when kate snow continues her report, the 911 operator at the end of that line, that awful day, speaks for the first time. groceries, or even gas bills. kick! kick... feel it! feel it! feel it! nice work! ♪ you got it! you got it! yes! aflac's gonna help take care of his expenses. and us...we're gonna get him back in fighting shape. ♪ [ male announcer ] see what's happening behind the scenes at
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as we continue our report, here's the question -- did a 911 operator in dallas listen to a woman fight for her life over the telephone and fail to help her? the victim's family fears that's exactly what happened here. dallas police seem to lay the blame at the operator's feet. tonight, she tells her side of
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this story for the first time. and what she reveals adds yet another layer to this tragedy. here again, kate snow. >> dallas 911. this is tanita, what is your emergency. >> reporter: she's the voice, the 911 operator on the chilling end of the other call where deanna was pleading for her life. >> reporter: this is the first time that tanita hopkins has let a camera anywhere near her family since last summer when she fwhent to hiding. ♪ as far as most folks in dallas were concerned, tanita listened to a woman being killed and did nothing. >> they blame you. they said deanna cook died because of a botched 911 call that was mishandled by you. >> i didn't blame people for thinking that because they don't know all of the information.
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at the end of the day somebody lost a daughter, mother and sister. that was what was important to me. >> reporter: just like the cook family t family tanita wants to know why the system failed her. from the start there were problems on that day deanna called 911. >> you signed up for overtime that day. >> yes. >> why? >> because we were short staffed. >> you pick up the first call. >> and the first call was that call. >> i need an address. >> deanna called from a cell phone so tanita didn't have an exact address only a street name crimson court. she sent that to the dispatcher, as well as the code for domestic violence. >> when the dispatcher sees that note they are supposed to what. >> they should be dispatching within three minutes. >> that's how it is supposed to work. >> that's how it is supposed to
10:17 pm
work. >> reporter: she kept looking for an exact address and found a match in the system because denan called 911 before. >> once i found the address i was relieved and i was thinking okay she will get the help she needs. >> reporter: nine minutes in to the call, tanita sent the house number to the dispatcher along with the word urgent. >> i typed in urgent and i typed in address updated. still hear disturbance in background, nothing that effect. >> reporter: painful to listen to. you hear a woman who sounds like she is struggling for her life. and the obvious question is how could you not stand up and scream and say, i have to get somebody to this person right now? >> i didn't hear it. if i heard as much as you are saying, then i would have. >> reporter: did you hear deanna choke something. >> no. i did not hear anything that sounded like her choking, no. >> reporter: just before 8 1/2 minutes in to the call, a male voice, presumably dell vek coe
10:18 pm
says i'll kill you, i'll kill you. >> i didn't hear that. >> reporter: not only was she distracted trying to find an address, tanita says the head sets that 911 operators in dallas use don't black out background noise. if you have 20 operators in a room and they are all talking and some yelling and a buzzer buzzing because there are calls can holding, all of that plus you are trying to hear. >> what's your address? >> what i did hear initially was the screaming. to me, that was enough to get the police there. >> reporter: but the emergency dispatch system was break down, too. a confidential police report shows no one in the dispatch room had been reading any of tanita's notes and even when she sthaent urgent message, 26 minutes went by before officers finally started to head toward deanna's house.
10:19 pm
and still no urgency. no lights or sirens. on the way, according to the officers, they stopped at 7-eleven to buy water. deanna's sister. >> what made them think it was okay to stop and get something to drink for a domestic violence call period. >> reporter: it was 11:45, nearly an hour after deanna called 911 when two female officers arrived at her home on crimson court. no one answered the doompl they left within five minutes. >> knocked on the door, asked some people around the neighborhood and left. >> reporter: didn't go around the back of the house. >> no. >> reporter: check the back door? >> no. >> reporter: officers say they didn't go in the backyard because they heard a dog barking. it was deanna's chihuahua. >> they didn't check nothing. they didn't look nowhere. they just left. that's not right. >> reporter: no one knows exactly when deanna died, but the medical examiner concluded that deanna was alive up until
10:20 pm
she was drowned in the bathtub the plain truth is she was alive nine minutes. could you hear her voice on the call? that we know. if somebody had arrived within nine minutes they could have potentially stopped what happened. >> yes. >> reporter: that is what haunts deanna's family. >> if they would have responded as soon as they could they would have been at the corner and as soon as they got the address they could have been there. i think my sister's life could have been saved if they took domestic violence as seriously as they should have. the cook family says there were so many failures so many people to blachlt several people were reprimanded. police chief brown publicly singled out tanita hopkins for failing to enter critical information in to the computer. >> go ahead and add that. >> reporter: she resigned an says no one in the department has ever told her what else she could have done. >> i wanted to know what critical information should i have entered if i'm being
10:21 pm
punished for something then i need to know why. >> reporter: were you thrown under the bus? >> i don't know. i was thinking that i was possibly used as a scapegoat. >> reporter: no one in the dispatch room was disciplined than two police officers who went to deanna's home were not investigated. we wanted to speak to police chief brown about how the department handled the deanna cook case. why it took 50 minutes for officers to finally arrive at their home. when we showed up for our scheduled interview, we were told he had to cancel. who failed deanna cook? >> i think we all failed deanna cook. >> reporter: mike recallings is the mayor. >> they are alleging it is different if you call some low-income neighborhood and you are black versus somebody that is calling from a gated community. you say that is not so.
10:22 pm
>> no, it is not. the facts don't bear that out. it doesn't matter. they lost their daughter. it is a terrible situation. >> people are going to hear that tape and go, are you kidding me? how on earth did the sirens not go blaring to her house? ? it will outrage people. >> good. because that happens to women every nine seconds. if people get outraged if that is what it takes at least her death will mean something. >> we're here to say enough is enough. >> reporter: the mayor is campaigning to raise awareness about domestic violence and says he's trying to fix the system. >> was the 911 call system in dallas broken? >> well, i'll tell you this, we have made a lot of changes since that case. >> reporter: at the 911 center, they have hired more operators, ordered new headsets an created new codes that make all domestic violence calls a top priority meaning lights and sirens must be used. >> we're here to say that you can call a guy that hits a woman
10:23 pm
a lot of things but you can't call him a man. >> reporter: in the sea of people at that rally, one woman kept a low profile, tanita hopkins wanted to be there. not only to pay tribute to deanna cook but because of her own history. >> i'm a survivor. >> reporter: you are a survivor? >> i'm a survivor. so i didn't take those type of calls lightly. >> reporter: tanita says her childhood was spent watching her father beat her mother. >> last thing i remember is watching him try to throw my mother from a two-story house and my brother and i were trying to hold her from keeping him from throwing her out the window. >> reporter: the cook family started a foundation called deanna's voice. >> we want the system to be fixed. that's what we want out of. this we want this to never happen to anybody ever again. >> reporter: they are planning
10:24 pm
their own rally in june. >> gives me hope that something good will happen out of this. if the system is broken and i had to be the sacrificial lamb so to speak so they could correct it and no one else would lose their life, it's okay with me. because i would rather go through that than to hear about another woman losing her life. >> a lot of people are now watching for changes. kate snow reporting for us tonight from dallas. coming up next, a month after the boston bombings, he may still be in the hospital, but harry smith found this man and his fiance will never give up. >> you are a nurse. did he look like a guy who was going to live? >> no. but i knew his heart. >> i knew he wouldn't die without fighting. ( telephone rings )
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visa signature. over a month ago the country was riveted by the tragedy of the boston mary thom on this bombings and initially our attention went to the innocent victims. tonight, we want to remind everyone about the people for whom nothing is back to normal, particularly one young man who is among the last victims still hospitalized, a young man who's the picture of grit and resilience. his story tonight from harry smith. >> reporter: we're on boyleston street in boston and on a bright, sunny day like this with the shops and restaurants back open again, it is hard to imagine that just a month ago this was the scene of such mayhem and carnage. the second explosion took place right on this sidewalk in front of forum restaurant. forum is still closed and out front there's a little makeshift memorial with t-shirts and sneakers and flowers and here on the tree is a rubber wristband.
10:30 pm
it says marc fucarile. >> i'm always on my back. >> reporter: marc is still in the hospital. >> what do you remember about this day? >> a lot. a real lot. >> reporter: 34-year-old marc fucarile remembers what happened to him that day. he remembers that one of his legs was blown off, and that a fireman put a tourniquet on him. >> he was screaming for an ambulance. he is like hang in there, buddy, hang in there buddy. i'm like i don't want to die. i have a little boy and my fiance. dwropt die. think of them, hang in there hang in there and the police police officer is like i have a paddy wagon put anymore the paddy wagon. >> he was conscious as he got to the hospital and as he passed out someone said another three or four minute hurricanes wouldn't have made it when jen his fiance, a nurse and mother
10:31 pm
of his son got to the hospital and saw marc she was stunned >> when you first saw him, what did you think? >> i didn't think it was him. he looked like he was 400 pounds and his skin was not his skin. >> crisp brown in places. like a burned marshmallow. >> you are a nurse. you had to have some judgment going on in your mind about what you saw. >> yeah. >> did he look like a guy who was going to live? >> no. i wasn't sure honestly. but i knew he would fight. >> reporter: he would fight.
10:32 pm
>> i knew he would not stop fighting. >> reporter: one leg gone and the other in peril. much of his body terribly burned and shrapnel, marc's flesh is riddled with it. >> reporter: you can see it. it is right on the surface. >> it will just pop up and fall out. there's more bbs, shrapnel in my heart. it came up through a vein and to my heart. it's in my heart. >> reporter: it's in there now? >> yes. >> reporter: yes there is shrapnel in marc's heart and that's the part of the story the family wants you to know about. marc's good heart. >> he is still that strong kid with a big heart that would do anything for anyone. what they did to him that day didn't destroy who he is. >> they did what they wanted to do, terrorize us. but they are not going to terrorize the spirit and our strength for our son.
10:33 pm
>> i can't say enough about him he's endured so much in the past month that it hurts to see him like this. >> i wish there was, you know, that i could somehow take some of his pain away from him even for a minute. >> reporter: doctors worked feverishly through save his other leg and through the countless pans and screams in the middle of the night his family says you won't hear a complaint, not a word of self pity or whisper of anger. >> i thought i knew him and now i know him as being the strongest man i have ever met. >> reporter: because you what his family has seen is difficult to witness. >> we seen the progresses and the setbacks. in our world, it's still april 15th. >> reporter: through good days and bad ones for more than a month now. one of the family members has been at marc's side every minute. >> there sglur and on thursday
10:34 pm
they were great to feel be there when the boston cop who threw him in a police wagon dime pay him a visit. the first time park had seen him since patriot's day. >> you gave me son a father. >> at that time all i knew is this guy needs to go to the hospital right now. >> reporter: officer davis brightened his day but to be honest marc has no idea when he will leave the hospital. >> what do you dream about when you dream about getting out of here. >> getting back to regular life, playing with my son, taking him to chuck e. cheese the red sox and patriots game, the bruins game, you know. >> reporter: yearning for normalcy and yet through it all he has a grateful heart. >> he said this so many times to us there is so much more good in the world than there is bad. >> reporter: his website has been inundated with well wishes. people around the country are pulling for him. >> you don't know how strong you
10:35 pm
are until being strong is your only choice. >> reporter: who knows what puts us in or keeps us from harm and danger? how we respond to it is our choice. a million people would not have the same attitude that you have. >> i don't have the same attitude that he has. >> you don't? >> he is better than me. >> she's mad. i don't want her to be mad. >> he is so good. he evens me out. you know what i mean? like i'm so mad. but he's so good. >> harry smith with our report from boston. if you would like to help marc and the other victims there we put information on our website tonight. coming up after a break, an actor and comedian so different from everyone else in hollywood. he actually wants nothing to do with hollywood. >> it's not for me. i'm not in to that scene. i'm in to doing my job and that's it. i'm not in to that horse
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ladies and gentlemen, this is the national broadcasting company. >> welcome back. you're about to see what can happen when you spend any amount of quality time with zach zach. with "hangover 3" on the way, it is released thex thursday, you are about to see more of him. we got mar than we bargained for and are still recovering from our time spent with him. there's a lot there. this is a complex individual as funny as anyone alive today. he is very definitely the sum of his many parts and he brings all of it to the various parts he has played. when interviewing zach galifianakis, it helps if you ever raised an 8-year-old child.
10:41 pm
>> i do it so the viewer will be entertained by something. >> as an adult he has instructions on how much should air. >> don't do a long piece because people will turn it off. i'm telling you they will turn it off when they see it. >> reporter: because that's a risk we're willing to take we begin with his life story. second generation greek, born and raised in north carolina where his uncle was a three-term member of the house of representatives. yes, that means there was a one in congress. a vh-1 talk show with a yellow stripe, reno 911, the hbo series bored to death and many more. he was discovered as part of the traveling ensemble comedians of comedy. >> sucker for the word the
10:42 pm
spoken word of comedy. >> reporter: she married to quinn lundberg. cofounder of growing voices, a non-profit helping the needy in both north carolina and africa. he has traveled there often. and here's where he gets different from others. there are no pictures, no video. he doesn't do it for that. zach and his wife live on a farm in north carolina, which we got to see only in a video he made for kanye west. >> i have donkeys. i have blueberries. >> but enough about your brooklyn apartment. i asked about north carolina. >> in north carolina i have three donkeys. i have named two of them but i haven't gotten around to the third one yet. but i only had him for a couple of months. we have blueberries, grapes, apple trees, and, you know crystal meth lab.
10:43 pm
>> reporter: if those stories of idyllic back country conjure up a certain tv image, ♪ in fact that song played a big role in his career when the man who whistled it came to zach's school assembly. >> the guy whistled and i remember thinking in sixth grade, he didn't have to bring anything to work. he just showed up and i remember being affected by that whistler. thinking oh, that's kind of -- maybe i can do something like that with my life. not whistling but telg diarrhea jokes. >> reporter: when he is home in north carolina, he goes all in, full emersion from chewing tobacco to chain saws. his farm is the anti-hollywood, and so is he. >> it's not for me. i'm not in to that scene. i'm in to doing my job and that's it. i'm not in to that horse blp blchlt it is so stupid. it is all so dumb. you know? it is so weird to me
10:44 pm
>> a highlight of our conversation came early on when his movie publicist from the studio arrived late. >> jeez. who? >> oh, tell him to leave. >> he ultimately relented. >> come on in, guys. welcome. >> it's all right. >> back to zach. he's a very private, very reluctant celebrity in a culture where everyone carries a camera and wants a picture. >> sometimes i'll say, i'm real shy about pictures. i'd love to sign something, wright you a note. no thanks and just walk away. it is not like they are interested in chatting or talking. they just want to text their friends oh, i met that fat dude. you know what i mean? it is all about them. it is not about you. >> so you didn't get in to this so you could be well known? >> i think civilians look at entertainers and think well, you
10:45 pm
made this bargain. you wanted to be an entertainer. >> i think i would have changed my last name to make it more marketable. >> streamline it is a little bit. if i always wanted to have my name up in lights i would have changed it to "don't walk." while he credits his stylist and beardist with his personal look, remaining anonymous and not standing out has become difficult of late because he's the instantly recognizable star of "the hangover" movies. >> you are going to wear that? are you [ bleep ] with me. >> it is where i keep my things i get a lot of compliments on this. it is a not a man purse. it is a satchel. indiana jones has one. >> cooper seems like the natural target. >> oh, precious. that's what we call him. >> yeah. >> promoting a hangover film usually means hosting snl and as guest hosts go he is pal ably more dangerous, more live
10:46 pm
material, borrowing from his stand up act. >> here's something you will never see in braille. if you see something, say something. [ laughter ] >> he will do almost anything in the pursuit of comedy. he famously shaved his beard for one sketch on snl and then showed up with a fake beard for the next segment. by the end of another show he sacrificed half of his hair. >> unfortunately we could not get to the mr. t sketch. his side job is a project of funny or diechlt it is a take down of every bad celebrity interviewer and every bad interview ever conducted. >> you played in a movie hunger games. >> isn't that your life story? >> you shouldn't say that. that is off putting. >> you should have off pudding. >> between two ferns is just that. he has interviewed the great and near greats with spectacular on
10:47 pm
screen misspellings and simulated violence. our version took place on the small, stifling hot improv stage at the citizen's brigade and our interview went almost two hours and featured highlights like these. >> when i was in the joint that was an expression. [ laughter ] >> that's good. >> you wore tweed. >> it is cold outside. plus, it's my only blazer. >> this is a lightweight poplin. >> we'll be right back with the world's worst bragger. i don't know where this is made. you like mouth breathing? can i guest host the news? >> no. >> this is the longest conversation i have had with anyone in like seven years. it's going to be on tv? >> not any of. this. >> back in the other room, we thought it was a good time to ask about his reputation as an
10:48 pm
inthuzist of what he appeared to light up on national television. >> what's the important of wooed weed in your life? [ laughter ] >> i'm not -- i'm not. i don't want to be known as that thing. >> i think that has left the barn. >> i'm not -- i don't think -- you know f someone were to say to me, you have a choice of picking two vices for your country. the choices are pot or alcohol. i would have to pick marijuana. because it doesn't cause the problems that alcohol causes. it's not to say that it doesn't have -- some negative effects. i'm not saying that. i'm not -- people think of marijuana, i think they think of hey, dude. it shouldn't be that. i know you document by the way,
10:49 pm
i got your text. i don't smoke pot anymore. >> and that's pretty much it. as the two-hour mark approached, it was time for him to take another spin. >> oh, good, one more lap. and time to say good-bye. do you have anything else. >> no. i have nothing to ad but i want to thank you and the naushl broadcasting company for letting me come on and tell my fascinating story. >> so formal, so official. one more word about zach's life on the farm. he doesn't own a television television there. what he watches he sees on his computer and his favorite show is "front line" on pbs. just throw that on to the pile of zach's personality profile. we'll take another break and up next some news that deserves more attention from this past week, including bittersweet news about some other very funny people.
10:50 pm
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♪ >> we are back with our wrap up. the end of the evening and a look at the week's news with a hip of the hat to the land mark contribution made to our nation's eating habits on this night of all nights. here we are on a friday night, and if you grew up old-school catholic that meant fish on fridays and if you grew up in our house it meant your mother loved to you and told you they were chicken fingers. they were fish sticks everyone's enter-level seafood and the man who invented them has died. e. robert kennedy ran general mills and fish sticks were his idea. >> fish sticks. >> reporter: and they turned in to a lightly bread gold mine for the company.
10:55 pm
some were amazed to learn that fish weren't actually shaped that way later in life. there was news on the goo front this week as this thing appeared in the street in china. people were understandably horrified by the blob. and of course the natural question became who did it and ran? but then we got the official excuse, the smelly foamy mass wasn't left there it seeped up from cracks in the street before later receding. authorities said it was a harmless liquid soil softening agent from a construction site. no one on chinese social media believed it. they will now be suppressed. in dog news, the postal service says l.a. is the worst city for dog attacks on letter carriers. okay. so that's not los angeles or a letter carrier, but how would you like it if scruffy was biting at your ankles as you are trying to deliver this week's j. crew catalog and the latest
10:56 pm
value pack. there were 69 dog attacks on workers in l.a. last year. don't get cocky san antonio and seattle. you were number two and three on the list. next week happens to be national dog bite awareness week, but please don't celebrate it at home this week with a theme party. there was news this week in continuity errors those thangs don't match in movies and tv shows like in when in "days of thunder" tom cruise is playing cold trickle and his co-star calls him his real name any way. the storm trooper that hits his head in star wars and the pirate in a t-shirt in pirates of the caribbean and the kid that knows the gun is about to go off in north by novrms floto switching sides in lord of the rings. and in brave heart heading to the dangerous horse battle why not just drive in to bat until
10:57 pm
that white car in the background? we mention this because there was a rare mistake in last week's "mad men." watch his watch. there it is. then it disappears and then it is back. and who's a good dog? his name is hero and these two kids became internet heros this week, when she, a student at the university of illinois urban that posted this photo of the two of them in cap and gown hero knows 40 commands, he turns on the lights, opens doors, pulls her a up ramps and she says she couldn't have graduated without him. that's a good dauchlg a notable public display this week as the czech president appeared checked out during a public event as in hammered, gooned, bakd. he contends he was coming down with a virus but whoa was he unsteady on his feet. he had to use the wall to stand up, barely could keep his ice open and basically greg lieu gain nis off the top of the
10:58 pm
lounge eventually landing in a chair to light a cigarette. >> i can't figure out how the heck we lost. >> reporter: as we head to the weekend, one request, watch snl carefully tomorrow night because it's the last time you will see this whole cast together. it's been one of the greats in the show's 38-year history. for starters, how are we ever going to find the newest new york city hot spot? the talented mr. bill hadder is departing, master of characters and there are reports of jason, and all-star cast member from the bunch and another rumored departure the versatile fred armstad on top of the fact that seth meyers will be leaving as weekend update anchor. he is replacing fallen who's moving up to replace leno. so for fans of snl it means upheaval tempered by the knowledge it is one show that
10:59 pm
has regenerated, regrown and reinvented itself before our eyes and live from new york. it will be an emotional night and emotional curtain call. ben affleck is the guest host tomorrow night for the season finale of saturday night live. that will do it for our broadcast this week. for everyone who works so hard on this friday night to bring it to you, thank you for being here with us. have a good weekend. your late local news begins now. next at 11:00, police prepare for bay to breakers. plus, no second chances. taking a tough love approach to even petty crime. the news starts in po seconds.
11:00 pm
they share a border, but not a policy on crime and punishment. the dramatic difference on how santa clara and san mateo counties react to crimes. >> a power ball jackpot that has people lining up and the bay area liquor store considered the lucky lottery spot in the entire state. >> and willing to wait for help. a live picture now. why hundreds of people are braving the cold and wind and darkness


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