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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 18, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> the fever is across the bay area and the country. we are at a location that has a history of producing smaller jackpot winners. hello, george. >> reporter: it does have a history. we are inside a lucky store for the lottery. this is called the wall of winners. smaller jackpots from scratchers. they have had two $1 million winners here. they would like to add home of the power ballwiner to their resume. people are driving in from san francisco hoping the luck of the store will rub off. they sell an average or $3,000 of tickets per day, even when the jackpot is not high. you can imagine they will sell more than that today. california has only been playing power ball since april. we may see a little history tonight. the biggest power ballwiner ever and the biggest winner ever.
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california was selling $1 million worth of tickets every hour. one woman said she had to play because the jackpot was $600 million. >> i have never even heard of a jackpot this big. i assume multiple people will probably win it. do some good with the money. >> reporter: you hope to be one of those multiple people? >> yeah, of course. >> reporter: what you are looking at is a picture of a guy holding up a $1 million card board cut out. he won $1 million in scratches. this store is looking for the first power ball winner. they draw the numbers tonight. we have live here inside a very lucky store in santa clara. george kiriyama, nbc news. this year, the concerns go beyond alcohol and litter. the race will have what
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authorities call unprecedented level of security. bomb technicians will be on scene as well as bomb sniffing dogs. we'll monitor the crowd of more than 100,000 people. only small backpacks are allowed. police are urging anyone to call 911 if they see anything unusual. a highway patrol officer is in the hospital following a crash connected to the engine tour of california. it happened near deer valley road and marsh creek road. monte francis is at the scene. >> reporter: the injuries are moderate to major. he is expected to survive. you can see behind me, marsh valley road is still closed to traffic following the accident that occurred about 12:30 this afternoon. the chp officer was on his motorcycle and ahead of the cyclists providing traffic control and traveling west on marsh valley road when officials say a silver mercedes made a
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left turn or possibly a u-turn near deer valley road. the motorcycle collided with the car. the highway patrol is investigating what happened and who may have been at fault for the accident. the woman driving the car remained on the scene and was very distraught. >> the silver vehicle made a left hand turn. the motorcycle, chp motorcycle directly behind it. at which point, we are investigating, it's under investigation, the two vehicles collided. >> reporter: the officer was air lifted to the medical center in walnut creek. his name has not been released. he works out of the oakland chp and was here to provide traffic control for the race. again, he is expected to survive. they are in the final stages of the race today making their way from livermore to the top of
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month diablo. in brentwood, monte francis, nbc bay area news. a suspicious package cause add scare for fans in livermore today. police received a call around 2:30 this afternoon with a package. race officials and police quickly evacuated a three block area. eventually, it was discovered it was filled with postcard that is belong to a street vendor. the all clear was given after 4:00. we are told the port of oakland is reopened tonight after the death of a shoreman yesterday afternoon. rescue divers recovered the body of the 78-year-old. he was trapped inside his pick-up truck after it somehow went off the pier. he had been a shoreman for almost 50 years. the coast guard found his truck upsidedown in muddy, shallow water. they closed it in honor of the
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victim. 30-year-old christopher of pittsburgh and 28-year-old terrence of richmond. they were shot driving northbound 880 after the warriors playoff game. the shooters may have left the scene in a dark suv. right now, police are reviewing high quality video in hopes of getting new leads on the suspects. a san francisco man found not guilty of attacking the priest who raped him as a child is trying to change laws. he met with state senator jim bell called coffee with the senator. will lynch grabbed headlines last year after he assaulted jerry linder. he said the reverend raped him and threatened to kill him and his camly. statute of limitations made it
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impossible for him to be held responsible. he wanlts to extend the statute of limitations. lynch say that is doesn't go far enough. >> should this bill pass, it will be better than what we have currently. it's a good thing. it's not enough. i don't think survivors should be bound by a legislature's decision or any entity's decision when they can come forward or not to seek justice and find healing and retribution. >> he wants to put a measure on the ballot to repeal the statute of limitations rather than tend it for criminal and civil cases. he's working through that through roots for social empowerment. hundreds of people lined up at the san jose convention center for a chance to get free dental work. today was the start of the two-day clinic staffed by den tents from around the state volunteering their time.
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patients are seen on a first come first serve basis. the fillings, root canals and extractions from california dental association say 30s% of californians, 11 million people here, don't have dental insurance. some people camped out overnight. tina says she hasn't seen a dentist in ten years. >> i know old teeth, what a big deal. to people like us, it's a big deal. it is a very big deal. >> more than 2,000 people are expected to show up. doors open at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. the services are free. you have to pay for parking. coming up next at 6:00, an olympic gold medalist take families on a special adventure in the south bay. it had to do with literacy. a big buy for yahoo!.
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a big playoff game tonight and a fine for the san jose sharks. the words that caused the nhl to fine the team $100,000. cool and breezy evening around the bay area now. the temperatures are dropping back into the 60s. you can see around the area, 60 in san francisco, 69 in san jose. winds 26 miles per hour. tomorrow, a change in the wind direction out of the north. it's going to lead to a warm up and increasing fire danger. we'll talk more about that when we come back.
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the san jose sharks made news off the ice when the national hockey league slapped the team with a $100,000 fine. a live look at the shark tank where the fine might be used for motivation for sharks fans as they get ready to battle the los angeles kings. it's from a comment from doug wilson after raffi torres. wilson said the hit was clean and the decision by the league inappropriate. they ruled those comments inappropriate and the violation of the rules for waiting two days before commenting on disciplinary decisions. sharks fans gathered before the game for a street rally. fans all decked out, many of
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them in teal and black enjoying music, games, face painting and more. >> i'm really excited. i think it's going to be a good game. i have so much confidence they are going to win, it's ridiculous. >> let's go sharks. i think they can pull it off. >> i think he's right. on tuesday, the sharks plan to hold another rally prior to game four, the western conference semifinals. yahoo! is about to buy tumblr. they are scheduled to vote tomorrow on the $1.1 billion purchase of tumblr. the specialty is microblogging. it started six years ago and is popular among teenagers and young adults. it would be the biggest acquisition since marissa myer took over. yahoo! says she will be on hand to unveil something special at an event monday evening in new york two miles from tumblr's
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headquarters. we'll be right back.
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firefighters are slowly gaining control of two stubborn wildfires burning in southern california. the fires are located in the hills and mountains of interstate 5 in los angeles. this is video of the larger of the two. it's burned 4,500 acres. the other 700 acres. both are 70% contained. a plea for help after a fire on the peninsula. it broke out in a five-unit apartment building. american red cross is providing temporary housing for the 26
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people who were displaced. they don't have clothing and various other personal items needed. the non-profit organization is collecting clothing and gift cards for victims of the fire. if you would like to support them, contact the salvation army. the autistic girl who drown was honored today in walk for autism. she was on the minds of many families and friend who is laced up for the walk now for autism speaks. they raised $300,000 to provide support for families living with a child with a developmental disorder. >> this is a great event. it's all about hope. hope is what drives us. here is this beautiful event that you can come to and feel hope all day. >> autism speaks says one in
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eight children is on the autism spectrum. families spend $50,000 per year. nbc bay area is sponsor of the walk and kris sanchez was the emcee of that event. bay area skating star, kristi yamaguchi was signing her children's book today. it was part of all kinds of activities going on at the children's zoo today for an event called kristi yamaguchi adventur adventures. there were arts and crafts stations. this area where kids could practice their reading skills by reading to service dogs. yamaguchi says it's no coincidence it was held at the zoo. >> they originated with the mother goose stories. when i was a kid coming here and relating to stories to what the zoo had to offer.
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>> i was there as well. there i am as emcee of the event. the always dream foundation is piloting an initiative to provide digital books and e-readers. i did a quick change before i arrived here at work. you know -- >> i like that look. >> do i need to switch back, put the sunglasses on. >> shades on and flower shirt. >> hippyish. >> it looks like you were singing. were you singing? >> you know that would not be a good thing. the last time i was at happy hollow, i lost my son there. they took care of him. he was eating ice cream with an employee by the time i found him. >> maybe your shades are too dark. >> it was irresponsible of me, but they took care of him. >> let's check in with rob mayeda. >> what's great about the events we had today, many of them around the bay area, the weather was fantastic.
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temperatures in the 70s, close to 80 inland. mid-60s san francisco, 73 in oakland and 73 in san hoe a. 80 in san jose. 84 in santa rosa, the warmest spot of the day. we are running a few degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. it will continue for sunday and monday as temperatures continue to climb here as we wrap up the weekend and head into next week. interesting, the wind direction is still mostly on shore, pushing in cooler air. clouds to the coast later tonight. the winds will pick up. it leads to changes as we go through the day tomorrow. overnight, we see low clouds approaching the coast again just after midnight. watch what happened here after sunrise. winds working down the coast. it will clear things out. it's good news. the numbers in the 60s. clearing skies and temperatures close to 70 perhaps by noon in san francisco. it's an improvement from the lower 60s. san francisco heading up to
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santa rosa. a warmer and breezier location around the bay area. the bikers, as they head up to the hills, they may encounter gusty northwest winds into the afternoon hours. clearing skies around the bay area now. a weather system is passing by to the north. high pressure building behind it is the reason for the shift. northwest down the coast for sunday leading to more warming. monday, the issue, the winds may turn offshore meaning clearer skies. drier air. the temperatures will climb into the 80s. maybe near 90 in some spots monday. if the winds get too gusty and given how dry things have been, it's not out of the question. we may see red flag warnings going on in the hill tops. watch the winds closely. tonight, low clouds coming back to the seashore as we head toward tomorrow morning. clearing by mid-morning. 40s and 50s to get your morning started. tomorrow, the temperature climb
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continues. close to 80 in san jose. low 80s south. mid-80s tomorrow. close to 80 in santa cruz. the warmer places around the area, likely to be sunol. maybe close to 90 for sunday. back over to san francisco, near 70 degrees, mid-70s in oakland. this warm up that gets started today will continue for at least two more days. monday is the warmest and driest. at times breezy in the hills. look at the temperatures drop off. tuesday and wednesday, the winds coming in and dropping the temperatures slightly below average for some spots for the middle part of the week. the pattern starts to reverse toward next weekend. no sign of heat waves. no chilly weather there in the seven day forecast. we are right in the middle. hopefully everyone is happy with that. outdoor plans looking great. >> i'm happy.
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>> she's happy, we're all happy. >> makes life easier. still to come, "saturday night live" says goods bye to a cast member.
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there are some changes coming to "saturday night live." >> tonight's season finale hosted by ben affleck will mark the farewell of at least one long-time cast member. after eight seasons of memorable impressions, bill says good-bye to studio 8-h with musical guest kanye west. he said leaving "snl," i can't get serious when i see that. leaving "snl" was a hard decision, but it has to happen at some point. the head writer and weekend update anchor, seth myers will be departing, not right away, he will be back in the fall then be
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back next year. >> i am nowhere near ready to leave saturday. >> it's not his last show. >> tonight could be the final show for two other long-time cast members. jason and fred as they will reportedly leave to pursue other projects. they have not commented on that so far. >> big changes. >> minnie is going to tell us about the day in sports. we have horses and giants. >> we have sharks, too, the whole zoo is in the sports department. an impressive hitting series. it is a big day in horse racing. the second leg of the triple crown. we have highlights of the preakness stakes, coming up.
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it's not buster posey or pablo sandoval with the longest hitting streak right now. nope. it's marco scootero. remember what they got for signing the three-year deal because of his age? the team is getting their money's worth. a 16-game hitting streak. this makes it 17. he's hitting .500 during this hitting streak.
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blanco hits a single. tim lincecum gave up three in the bottom of the third. the giants are trailing, 3-1. the 138th preakness stakes at pimlico. orb was the favorite. this is the second leg of the triple crown. it is long shot, oxbow who starts out of the gate. this is what he does out of the stretch. >> oxbow. itsmyluckyday. oxbow and gary stevens to win the preakness. >> oxbow, 15-1 odds. orb finished fourth. there will be no triple crown winner. his 14th triple crown race. it's the most in horse racing history. >> let me say this, i think i
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got a hall of fame right. i think we can plan this thing, we can talk about it, we can talk about strategy. once that gate is open, they have to make decisions. gary made great ones. he really -- i told him, i said if you get on the lead, get into the cruising speed and just let it happen. >> third round of the byron nelson championship, cal state product, john, this is on the par 4, 14th, the second shot from 162 yards out. that's an eagle. he's tied for fifth. the leader, bradley, this is on 11 for birdie. gets it to go. he's at the top of the leader board. the sharks needed 1:34 before dan boyle scored the first goal of the game against the kings. they are now up 1-0 in the first period. they are down against the kings,
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two games to none in the best of seven series. the sharks need to hold that lead. they need a home game. i'm going to grab dinner, a power ball ticket and i'll be back for the highlights at 11:00 tonight. >> thanks for keeping us up to date. >> on your plans for the evening. >> there's so much going on. we have to watch the giants and the sharks and get the power ball ticket. >> turkey or ham sandwich, i'm curious. i don't know. >> a salad. >> thanks for choosing nbc bay area news at 6:00. >> our special is up next. "class action." good night. tonight, "class action" -- >> i'm the first person in my family to finish high school, not college. >> he made it to uc berkeley.
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>> our financial model at rk looking for and more like that of a private university. >> tonight, he talks about the ups and downs of his tenure and answers the tough questions, are out of state and foreign students stealing spots at berkeley that could have gone californians. the ten commandments of the exams. >> thou shalt not panic. >> for some, downsize. words of caution tonight from a bay area education leader. >> nine hours of sleep a night. few of them get that. a high school success story. >> it was a school you didn't want to drive by. it seemed scary. >> inside the transformation at oakland tech. >> i'm going to school. i get to go to oakland tech. it's an honor to go


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