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tv   CBS Morning News  NBC  May 27, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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a deadly memorial day weekend in san jose, a pair of shootees kills three people. now officers are on the hunt for the triggerman. plus a crash involving a party bus on the highway kills a burlesque star the suspicious circumstances surrounding the crash. and a look at the bay bridge on this monday, this is memorial day. this is "today in the bay." good morning, it's 4:30. >> lots to get to this morning. let's check the forecast. good morning.
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>> hey, good memorial day morning to you, ladies. good morning to yous at home if you have the day off. i hate to bring this to the table, but unfortunately we have a chance for some showers. i wanted to show you right off the bat. doppler radar is nice and dry for the time being and temperatures are mild. some cities aren't even going to see that rain until tonight, so stick around, the all important memorial day forecast is coming right up. right now back to you two and the stories of the day. >> thank you very much. we start with a developing story, a shooting killing three people and the gunman are still on the loose. a man was hot at hayes avenue near monterey road in san jose. investigators say the man was shot at least once. he was pronounced dead at the scene. police have not released a motive. his death marks the city's 19th homicide of the year and a few hours earlier, two people killed
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in a shooting in east san jose. it hand on ryan hold drive. the neighbor says her son was a friend of one of the victims. >> he's a nice boy. he hangs out with my son every day and they go places and they talk to girls all the time on the phone. >> i believe there are witnesses. whether they come forward or not, i don't know. hopefully somebody out there saw it who can identify this person. >> police have not confirmed the ages of the victims, and have not released motive for the shooting. >> new this morning also in san jose, fire crews used the jaws of life to pull two people out of their car after a high-speed crash into a tree. it hand before 3:00 this morning at the intersection of alan rock and north white road close to james leicht high school. two dozen firefighters were called to help pull them out. >> what makes this a little more
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complicated was the fact the tree landed it. not only did it hit the vehicle, the vehicle hit the tree and the tree landed on top of the vehicle. >> both suffered major injuries but are expected to survive. investigators have not released the cause of that crash. >> people are back home after a bomb scare caused tevacuation o a peninsula neighborhood. investigators say someone found a pressure cooker under a bush outside the lobby doors. the shopping center, apartment complex and surrounding areas were evacuated for three hours until the bomb squad reported the pressure cooker was empty. >> what comes to mind immediately is probably the boston marathon, the tragedy that happened back east and we would like to avoid that here. pressure cookers are obviously -- could be used as bombs and we didn't want to take
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any chance as far as anyone getting hurt. >> police say the incident should serve as a reminder that people need to be more vigilant about what they leave around. 4:34. investigators suspect alcohol may have play aid role in a fatal crash that killed a well-known burlesque star. sarah klein known as sparkly devil died. on highway 101 near the broadway exit. police say her husband was driving south bound when he lost control and landed in the two fast lanes facing oncoming traffic. that's when a party bus carrying 18 people hit her car. padilla is in critical condition. eight people aboard the party bus was taken to the hospital. we have moderate and minor injury. dirty power lines are to
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blame for a dozen power poles catching fire. 5,000 homes lost power. a pg&e spokeswoman said fire started when fog and drizzle mixed with dust and pollution on the line made sort of a mud-like substance. >> the mud can conduct electricity or the substance can conduct electricity. when that happens, on some occasion us, that can lead to what we're seeing today, which is, in some cases, pole fires. >> here's the thing. usually there's enough rain in the springtime to wash the lines clean but this spring has been particularly dry. it is 4:35 and today america honors those who gave their lives serving our country. president obama will give a memorial tribute at arlington national secretary.
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>> reporter: america honors the loss of soldiers. with flags president obama heads to once again lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown. looking ahead, america faces new threats, al qaeda dismantled but not destroyed. the president wants to scale back our use of force against terrorists. not every collection of thugs that label themselves al qaeda will pose a credible throat on the united states. >> reporter: republicans accuse him of going soft on the enemy. >> to respond to the future bin ladens of the world i think is dangerous. >> at the time we need to resolve the most we are sounding retreat. our enemies are all over the planet ♪ god bless america >> reporter: today a time of mourning and celebration, last night's memorial day concert reminds us of america's bond in time of war even when that war is changing.
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>> reporter: today we'll also see ceremonies at member memorials along the national mall including world war ii vets, vietnam vets and women who died in service. tracy potts nbc news, washington. it's 4:37. cities across the bay also honoring veterans. the city's 96th annual memorial day semer to held at mountain view cemetery. in san jose a ceremony will be held at oak hill memorial park and this afternoon at 1:00 veterans will be honored aboard alameda's uss hornet museum. the vta will take part in a national moment of remembrance. buses and light rail will stop for one minute and a moment of silence. >> nice to remember. hopefully a nice forecast.
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we'll check it right now. >> kind of a diesy forecast, ladies, good monday morning to you. if you got to get to working the good news is showers aren't expected until much later today. it really depends where you live whether or not you'll even see the rainfall. 55 degrees. good morning to you, 56 in san jose, 54 degrees in san francisco. as we head throughout the day today, winds will continue to play a factor. it will still be unseasonably cool. temperatures aren't that bad at all. you can see the front just to the north. over chico to fort bragg. so, that means in you want to hit the beach later on today, the best beach city of course is going to be to the south. that's going to be santa cruz. a little breezy, a little cloudy, but still comfortable out there if you want to have a nice beach barbecue for memorial day. as we honor fallen servicemen and women today, i think it will be a pretty nice day. a lot of parades happening. i can tell you those parades
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will be mostly dry especially if you live south of the golden gate bridge. we expect the first showers around 3:00 p.m. hour to hour detail when the showers come to your city in my next report. christina, back to you. >> thanks. in a few hours, strong and brave athletes claim it's possible to escape from alcatraz. the orca alcatraz challenge. 300 brave participants will swim 100 miles to the san francisco shore then run across the city. athletes take part of that around 8:00 in the morning. >> that will be a cold one. >> still ahead, remembering last week's victims of the deadly tornadoes. >> and have boston marathon runners finally got some closure? >> and a huge win for the san jose sharks staying alive for one more game in the playoffs,
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what they say it will take to win in game 7, coming up!
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♪ jesus loves me this i know for the bible tells me so ♪
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children who survived the deadly tornado in moore, oklahoma sang in a special memorial service honoring the victims. the students were from the school damaged last monday. several others spoke to the crowd saying the state would come back from this tragedy stronger than ever before. in the meantime a little further south in texas people picking up the pieces from a flood that killed three people. thousands returned to their home in a san antonio neighborhood since the floods. for some, the devastation was too much. torrential rains caused massive flooding in the area. some homes were buried in as much as four feet of water where some roads were covered up to ten feet of water. firefighters reported 230 water residues over the holiday weekend. a temporary solution for the collapsed washington bridge is expected to be installed as soon as last month. washington governor said
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temporary spans should be installed across the river by mid june. the bridge is the main thoroughfare from mt. vernon to vancouver, british columbia. >> no more important than getting this bridge up and running. >> thursday's collapse was caused after a truck carrying oversized load bumped the framework. the three people all thrown into the water survived. the bridge was considered functionally obsolete. 4:34. a sky dievger was killed after getting tangled in a parachute and plunged into a california backyard. the 62-year-old man was attempting to complicate his maneuver when he got tangled in the parachute and could not free himself. he landed in the backyard of a home and died on the way to the
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hospital. officials are investigating whether the parachute was properly packed. the winner of the boston marathon said he will return the medal to the state. he met with john kerry. he wanted to horne the victims of the marathon bombing by donating his first-place medal to the city of boston. kerry is in ethiopia to celebrate the anniversary of the african union. >> and a dozen runners crossed the finish line in indianapolis instead. as a symbolic jest jegesture, t invited nonfinishers to cross the iconic finish line. as people in the stands cheered them on. certainly very cool out there. 4:45. christi
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christina, you're calling it a dicey forecast. >> if you're up right now, thanks for joining us. if you're headed to work weir he in the boat with you. it's not that bad. temperatures are nice and mild. you can see from the shot of the bridge. camera holding steady but shaking from time to time. we have breezy conditions out there and seeing strong gusts as well up to 35 miles per hour at the coastline this morning. so, hold on to your steering wheel this morning in your high profile vehicle. 55 degrees to start. good morning, san francisco, a lot of people in town for the three-day week. it will be really nice for the first part of the day and conditions will briefly change. breezy for now. winds pick up. right now, away to the north but slowly but surely. if you live in sonoma county. you might want to count on having the barbecue indoors. temperatures will be comfortable especially in the south bay. if you want to hit the beach. temperatures won't be that bad.
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70 in gilroy. 70 in oakland. as we head across the next couple day, things will stay steady temperaturewise and then, ladies the warm-up is on. across the bay, the warm effort as we get into the weekend. we'll talk about the rapid warm-up coming up today. looks pretty good. if you want a beach barbecue, santa cruz is the place to be. >> okay, back to you, 4:57. they say home is where the heart is. that's true for the san jose sharks facing elimination at the hp pavilion. sharks at game six for the playoffs. it is a must-win. the sharks deliver a first goal of the night and went on to win 2-1. that forces a game seven on the road in l.a. after that the team talks about what it will take to win on the road. >> we are just trying to stay aggressive. when we do that, we feel like we
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take control of games. we did great until the end. >> we saw what we had to do to have success tonight. you have to stick to the same things and not worry we're on the road. it's game seven. it's a toss-up. whoever comes more prepared will get the win. >> game seven is tomorrow night in l.a. at 6:00. neither team has lost at home in this series but the sharks are hoping to break that trend. sunday was a good day on the baseball diamond for bay area as well. rockies winning 7-3. matt cain had a slow start. but the team settled into a groove with ten hits against the rockies. >> oakland a's managed to sweep the rockies. the pitcher threw seven shut-out innings two days after turning 40. by the way, the giants and a's begin a four-game series.
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first at coliseum. giants are 28-22. the a's are 28-23. >> seven professional sports. robby rogers has been the first openly gay major athlete to play in a professional league. rajjers making his debut against the galaxy last night. three months ago he said he would retire from the sport because he was afraid of possible repercussions. his appearance last night drew loud cheers from the southern california crowd of 24,000. the galaxy beat the sounders 4-0. >> still ahead two bay area middle schools prepared a shine in the national spotlight where they will show off their smarts this week and ditching the ice in an escape attempt for a sea world resident that almost paid off.
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good morning to you, rise and shine. look at that dark shot over the south bay. a little bit of, i guess it's cloud cover out there. meteorologist, christina loren knows best. we'll talk to her. she calls it a dicey forecast. we'll check the forecast in a bit. it's 4:52. two bay area middle schoolers will be in a spelling bee competing for the 2013
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scripts national spelling bee title. she goes to ironhorse middle school and qualifies by spelling words like ideocrkhromatic. students will be competing for more than 30 thousand in prizes. well, there must be something about the sunshine state and powerball winners. florida had its second powerball winner in just a week. saturday's numbers, 2, 6, 19, 21, 27 and powerball number, 25. the $50 million drawing will be split three ways, mr. their were ticket winners in tampa, louisiana and delaware. you'll recall a power baut ticket worth $590 million was purchased in zephyrillis. a penguin in sea world
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jumped out and startled visitors. i guess a worker captured part of that commotion on video. the attraction is sea world's newest and just opened on friday. >> look at it go. >> park officials say they're reviewing the enclosure to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> there's a man in a tuxedo on the loose. still to come a special bay area tribute this morning for memorial day weekend. vet transaboard a warship gets a unique horne. and we have new clues in a drowning death of a local boy. what investigators believe he was trying to get when he fell into a canal. taking a look live at san francisco. a beautiful look outside of san francisco this morning. more news ahead. stick around.
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good morning, we'll have the latest on the memorial drunk driving crash that killed a well-known burlesque star. that storying coming up. plus tense moments as a pressure cooker is found near a peninsula apartment complex. dozens' vacuum waited as a bomb squad is called in. good monday morning to you. right now the radar is nice and dry. but to the north showers are lurking. we'll tell you what time they are coming in if they interrupt your barbecue plans. we have the full seven day forecast coming up. and still a look at the city by the bay. still dark on this monday. it is memorial day, may 27th. this is "today in the bay."
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good morning to you. it's just about 4:58. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> we have more on a deadly bus crash that hilled a local burlesque star and injured a dozen others. investigators think alcohol may have played a role in that wreck. we have more where the stage performer's husband is in critical condition. good morning, bob. >> good morning, marla. we're told that that husband is facing arrest in the death of his wife, sarah klein is his wife. she's a well-known burlesque performer not only here in the bay area but throughout the world. she went by the stage name sparkly devil. she was killed early yesterday morning when the car her husband was driving hit the center divider on southbound 101 in burlingame. the car came to the rest in fast lanes facing a party bus also
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traveling south. both vehicles collided hilling the 36-year-old star from san mateo and critically injuring her husband who is recovering at stanford. >> we believe the driver and passenger had been drinking. we have not arrested them. once we find out what the level of intoxication was, then we'll be able to charge them with either dui and also possible man sliert. >> 9 of the 18 people aboard the party bus were hurt but none of them seriously. >> all right. bob, thanks. people are back home after a bomb squad was called to a peninsula neighborhood. they were called next to the shopping center in mountain view. investigators said someone found a pressure cooker outside the
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doors. a shopping center, apartment complex and surrounding area were evacuated for three hours until the bomb squad reported the pressure cooker was empty. >> what comes to mind immediately is the boston marathon, the tragedy that happened back east and we would like to avoid that here. pressure cookers are obviously -- could be used as bombs, and we didn't want to take any chances as far as anyone getting hurt. well, police say the incident should serve as a reminder that people need to be more vigilant about what they leave around. and as sergeant shawn thompson alluded to. the pressure cooker brought back memories of the bombings in boston. as you may recall the suspects in the bombings carried two pressure cooker bombs in their backpack, they killed two people and injuries others. police say they have more


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