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tv   CBS This Morning  NBC  May 27, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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the "today" show is next. heat what is happening "today in the bay" we'll take you to arlington national cemetery and leave you with this shot. enjoy it too w your family and loved ones. good morning. breaking news. another cruise ship emergency. fire breaks out aboard a royal caribbean ship headed to the bahamas. terrifying moments for the passengers and crew. we have a ve report. deadly flooding in texas gives way to the threat of powerful new storms across the nation. what this could mean for your holiday plans. special delivery. a woman in florida rushes to the thopt give birth but doesn't make it inside. she delivers her baby girl in the parking lot and the whole scene is caught on camera. the brave mother, today, may
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27th, 2013. >> from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning on this memorial day. i'm natalie morales. >> i'm willie guys. matt and savannah have the morning off. breaking news. a fire aboard the royal caribbean cruise ship. katie johnson of affiliate wptv is there with the breaking details. >> reporter: we are just learning from the u.s. coast guard that the royal caribbean grandeur of the seas is docked in freeport, bahamas. that happened 8:30 to 9:00 eastern time. a fire broke out just before 3:00 this morning. the ship left baltimore on friday.
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it was headed to cococay bahamas. the fire started on deck three. crew members were able to get the fire contained and it was put oust just before 5:00 this morning. we are learning there were a couple of injuries on board. this is a stressful situation. those injuries involving two people who fainted and one case of high bloochl these people are just getting to the bahamas now. we are looking forward to talking to them about their experience that was handled quickly on board. they were able to put up fire walls which is something most cruises have to keep something like this from spreading throughout the ship. it was contained to one deck. there was a carnival cruise ship put on satandby mode in case an evacuation was need but in this case there was no evacuation
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needed. now to the memorial day holiday and severe weather threatening to disrupt plans as millions of americans hit the roads. mark potter is in key biscayne, florida. good morning. >> reporter: it is nice weather here. we expect a lot of people to come to this beach on key biscayne to celebrate the hole day. later today they will be heading home, joining millions of other americans doing the same thing nationwide. whether you are just heading out for the memorial day celebrations this morning, or are already heading home you'll have plenty of company. nearly 35 million people are traveling this hole day. almost all of them by car. according to the aaa, there are fewer travelers this weekend than last year, but most blame the economy, not gas prices. >> when we interviewed travelers, 62% of them said the price of gas was not a factor. >> reporter: nationally the average price of a gallon of
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regular unleaded is 3.55. slightly lower than a year ago. and analysts predict prices will fall heading in to the summer. aaa says an 8% drop in the number of people traveling by air this holiday can be blamed on three factors. >> fares, fees and frustrations overall, baggage fees, parking fees, wi-fi fees, virtually no end to the list of fees you may be asked to pay. >> reporter: in some places weather is disrupting travel. crews had to scramble to rescue people from cars and rooftops in san antonio over the weekend. and in vermont they have temperatures ten to 30 degrees below average for this time of the year and as holiday vacationers head to this beaches in florida the winds are increasing the rip current
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chances. in northern washington plans are underway to construct a pair of temporary steel bridges across the river where a truck crashed in to a bridge causing it to collapse. cleanup continues at the site of a collapsed highway overpass in missouri. the bridge fell after two freight trains crashed taking out a support pillar. the national safety council is urging drivers today to be careful, buckle up, stay off cell phones and give themselves plenty of time to get home safely. >> mark, thank you so much. in washington today, politics likely will be set aside as the nation and the president pause to mark memorial day. some controversies will continue to royal in the obama administration in the coming days. kristin has the latest. >> reporter: good morning to you. president obama has tried to divert the conversation away from those thorny issues. memorial day will do that
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temporarily as the president prepares to honor those who have served and made the ultimate sacrifice. it comes on the heels of an emotional visit to oklahoma on sunday. with a trifecta of controversies hovering over his administration, president obama visited tornado-ravaged moore, oklahoma, on sunday comforting those who lost everything and delivering a message of hope. >> we know moore will come back stronger from this tragedy. >> reporter: back in washington, fresh criticism of the president on the sunday talk shows over benghazi, the irs and justice department. >> i think he's really losing the moral authority to lead this nation. >> reporter: with the doj under fire for seizing journalists phone records as part of a leak investigation, the president has ordered attorney general eric holder to review his own policies. not good enough said republicans. >> this would be a good time to have a special council come forward or an independent group to look at it. >> reporter: chuck schumer says he plans to introduce a
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bipartisan backed bill that will require the government to get approval from a judge before getting records. >> you need set rules an independent arbiter. we have neither now. >> reporter: the president called for a limited use of drones and closing guantanamo bay, arguing the war on terror is winding down. >> at a time we need resolve the most we are sounding retreat. >> reporter: in defense mode, democrats insisted the president wouldn't let up his fight against al qaeda and said it is time to change course. >> if we are constantly thinking of this in the context of war we stand a real risk of doing things that compromise our values and freedoms. >> reporter: now the president will start the day by hosting a breakfast here at the white house for families who lost loved ones in combat and lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns and deliver a memorial day address. congress is on recess but vowed to keep up its investigation in
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to the irs and doj controversy. >> kristin, thank you so much. mark halprin is a senior analyst for "time" magazine. good to see you. >> good morning, willie. >> oklahoma took a lot of the country's attention but three controversies that could involve the white house, certainly has white house potential, irs, justice department and benghazi. a quick update on all three. >> they are all going to go below the radar. the congress as kristin said, the congress will investigate these. in two of the three, the president agrees there needs to be more investigation, looking through wiretapping reporters, looking at phone mails and e-mails. even the president said they need to be investigated. bnz be benghazi, most republicans are saying the smart strategy and right thing to do, don't call for impeachment but investigate the facts that is good for the country because we need to know
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what happened at this point that any are connected to the white house? >> there is no indication right now that the president himself did anything that i think people would say that is inappropriate. but there is a lot of question about other people around the president, what they did, as well as the question of responsibility. if the president didn't know in these cases, do we need to change the system so that the president himself has more oversight over some of these areas. and as i say, these are going to be investigated. there's still questions. >> do any of these, mark, begin to derail president obama's second-term agenda? he'd love to get a budget deal, he'd love to go on immigration, perhaps go back to the issue on guns. what do all these ongoing controversies mean to what he wants to do? >> it makes it a lot harder. it's challenging for a president when one party is investigating him in the morning and then in the afternoon, try to figure out a way to make deals. making deals with republicans was hard before. it's harder now. the president is going to have
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to say in the next few weeks if he's going to salvage this term, get some things done on the big issues you talk about, immigration and maybe guns, and certainly on the budget, can he work with republicans even though a lot of them are spending a lot of their time investigating him and raising questions about his administration? >> the president made a big speech on thursday which may trump all of this in the long term when history looks back on it where he said he wanted to take america off its perpetual war footing. that was his line. what does that mean practically? what's his vision for the country? >> good. >> look. on memorial day, we all want to pay tribute to and thank the families of those and those who gave their lives. it's a big issue, national security is something a president has first and foremost, you're right. that speech probably one of the biggest speeches he'll give as president to change the way the united states thinks about our security at home and abroad. tons of issues raised in the speech i think we're going to debate that speech and the issues the president raised not just during his term but into the next presidency. >> there are some people who were confused by the speech, given this is a president who added troops in afghanistan, a
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president who has used drones more liberally than the previous president, that he is the one saying let's step back from all this. is this a return to candidate barack obama in 2008? >> in a lot of ways it is. i think part of what the president wanted to do was say, in effect, i inherited a lot of policies from george bush. i inherited wars and a situation which i couldn't change right away. now he's thinking about his legacy, about how he turns as he thinks about leaving office, handing things off to his successor, how does he want to leave those policies? again, i think more than settling a lot of these big issues, afghanistan, war on terror, drone policy, it's opening up a debate that he'll engage in and we'll have the next presidential campaign a lot of these issues will be engaged for the post-obama era. >> mark halperin joining us on memorial day. mark, good to see you. >> good to see you, willie. now to andrea canning joining us with a check of the other headlines, including the latest on that brutal murder of the british soldier. >> yes, we have new information on that. good morning to all of you. we begin with the new arrests in the brutal murder of a soldier in the middle of a london
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street. another man was arrested sunday and two on saturday, making it a total of nine suspects in what has become a massive anti-terrorism investigation. we have also learned that one of the original two suspects in last wednesday's killing was arrested three years ago in kenya, suspected of trying to join an islamic militant group. rescuers resume their search this morning for a brain cancer patient who was being transported for treatment aboard a volunteer medical flight that crashed. the plane went down friday in a wooded area of central new york state. the bodies of his wife and the pilot have been recovered. a big vote of confidence for troubled boeing 787 dreamliners. japan's ana which owns the largest dreamliner fleet put them back into service sunday. planes were grounded worldwide four months ago because of battery problems. new controversy is hanging over the rutgers university sports program. and it centers around the woman hired to give the school a fresh start.
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"the star ledger" reports that julie hermann quit as women's volleyball coach in tennessee 16 years ago after players complained that she subjected them to fear, humiliation, and emotional abuse. history was made last night when robbie rogers became the first openly gay male athlete to play in a u.s. professional league. rogers made his debut with the los angeles galaxy soccer team and received loud cheers from the home crowd. los angeles won, 4-0. a dramatic finish at sunday's indianapolis 500 after defending champion dario franchitti crashed with just two laps to go, tony kanaan was able to win his first indy in 12 tries. he celebrated with not champagne but the usual bottle of 2% milk. and there was a different kind of drama at the coca-cola 600 race in charlotte, north carolina. ten fans suffered mostly minor injuries when the cable and ropes fell from an overhead tv camera.
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the cable also hit the lead car and damaged another, causing a half-hour delay in the race. and fast cars certainly are popular, even at the movies this weekend. "fast & furious 6" debuted in first place at the holiday box office. already taking in more than $98 million, according to studio estimates. "the hangover part iii" opened well back in second place. "star trek: into darkness" fell to third. we wanted to go to the movies but we couldn't get a baby-sitter this weekend. >> it was a good weekend for the movies around here. >> it was, so we stayed home with the kids. >> well, you still had a good weekend with the kids. >> we did. >> thank you. let's turn it over to chris warren with a check of the forecast and he is in for al this morning. >> you know, it's going to be a strong finish to the weekend weatherwise in the northeast after gloomy days. the middle part of the country, the southern plains, the high plains, parts of the midwest, we have to watch out for some strong storms. we're looking at the potential for maybe some isolated tornadoes, some damaging winds, large hail, also some very heavy
7:15 am
rain. and this has already started. we're already seeing that lightning and we are already seeing the storms. very heavy rain which could lead to localized flooding. so you have to watch out for that if you're traveling through the midwest today. watch for these storms to pop up. and this is where that risk does go from texas all the way up to the dakotas. a chance for some of those strong storms. also around the great lakes. you'll have a chance for some showers. possible a few storms as well. but the northeast, after a chilly start, you'll see those temperature readings back into the upper 60s, in some cases closer to 70. that's a look at your forecast across the country. your local forecast is coming up after this. let's put it to the test. all right! hot dog eating contest? [ laughs ] look at that price! nice! that's the thing! walmart checks thousands of competitors' prices every week. i like that! onward! charcoal. if someone else advertises a lower price, walmart will match it at the register. i didn't know that. i'm full of good ideas! okay. not so much muscle! all right, you ready? mm-hmm. that's incredible! that's the walmart low price guarantee!
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bring your last grocery receipt to walmart and see for yourself. good morning to you. it's a breezy start to this memorial day. we have showers headed our way but not just yet unless you live in the north. we're seeing pre frontal participation. all of this north of marin county. in fact the bulk of the moisture doesn't arrive until later on this afternoon. good memorial day morning to you. 68 bayside. 61 at coast. temperatures will stay cool. there's a shower chance by tomorrow afternoon then we heat you up bigtime getting into this upcoming weekend. now here's natalie and willie. >> chris, thanks very much. angelina jolie stunned the world with the recent announcement that she underwent a double mastectomy. >> this morning, cancer has touched the star's life again. nbc's kristen dahlgren joins us now with details. kristen, good morning. >> yeah, tough story. jolie cited a family history of cancer as a reason to undergo that preventative procedure. sadly this morning, that history has claimed another family
7:17 am
member. >> reporter: angelina jolie's aunt, debbie martin, passed away early sunday morning after a battle with breast cancer. >> she was my best friend. the most beautiful woman i knew. >> she was a beautiful person. we're going to miss her dearly. >> reporter: the 61-year-old was the sister of jolie's mother, marcheline bertrand who passed away in 2007, after her decade long struggle with ovarian cancer. earlier this morning in a "new york times" op-ed, jolie revealed she, quote, had an 87% risk of breast cancer and a 50% be risk of ovarian cancer due to her family's likelihood of carrying the high-risk brca1 gene. with the preventative double mastectomy, that risk is now about 5%. >> because angelina jolie has the brca gene mutation, she's at increased risk for breast and ovarian cancer. so it is a very smart decision on her part to have her breasts removed. >> angelina has decided that
7:18 am
it's far more important for her to be there for her children, to live a long and healthy life, and to enjoy that life with her children. >> reporter: jolie's aunt debbie elected to have her ovaries removed shortly after her sister's death in 2007 and was, quote, very proud of her niece's recent decision. >> it gave her a lot of gratitude that she could have -- that angelina now saved her own life. >> and while jolie hasn't talked publicly about her surgery since that op-ed, other women are talking more. this week's "time" magazine even highlights the effect jolie going public might have on other women choosing to get the test and to have that preventative surgery. >> certainly sad as well for her family. thank you, kristen. >> underlines the reason angelina had to have it done hearses. >> why she had it done. >> kristen, thanks so much. coming up, millions of americans planning to visit our national parks this summer, but they might be surprised what they find when they get there. plus, a battle is being waged between wild elephants and villagers in india.
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coming up on this memorial day, come with us for a close encounter with some grizzly bears at yellowstone national park. natalie, as you know, i went into the park. we went looking for grizzly bears -- >> you saw some. >> we did. every time i tell you the story, i get a little closer to the grizzly bears. face to face at this point. >> who's bigger? the grizzly or you? >> oh, the grizzlies got me. plus, before you hit that backyard bash, we're going to tell you where to find the best memorial day sales today. what to buy, what not to buy, what to wait for. all that's coming up after your local news and weather. [ male announcer ] snap out of your snack routine
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good morning to you, it is 7:26 i'm marla tellez. investigators suspect alcohol may have played a role in a crash that kill aid well-known burlesque star. sarah klein known on stage as sparkly devil died from an accident involving a party bus. it happened on 101 in burlingame near the broadway expert. police say her husband raul padilla was driving southbound on 101 when he lost control and landed in the two lanes facing oncoming traffic. that's when a party bus carrying 18 people hit their car. klein was not wearing a seatbelt. padilla is in critical
7:27 am
condition. eight people from the bus were taken to the hospital with minor or moderate injuries. two people were pulled from the car after their car hit a tree. theth is near james leicht high school. investigators say both victims were trapped inside the car. two toz firefighters were called to help pull them out. both victims suffered major injuries but are suspected to survive. investigators have not revealed the cause of that crash. it is memorial day. a lot of you have plans outdoors. let's look at the forecast with christina loren. >> good morning to you. old glory showing you the winds of change in san francisco. we have a storm system headed our way. you can see how choppy it is. on the bay feeling more like fall than the unofficial kickoff of summer. what i can tell you, you will be able to get outdoors without dodging most of the day in the
7:28 am
bay area. showers moving into marin county but it won't last long. the bulk of moisture doesn't come through until later in the day. we'll stay try in the south bay most of the day. if you want to hit the beach. most sunshine in santa cruz. today's highs are comfortable. 70 freemont, 72, santa theresa and 70 degree today in san jose. getting into the end of the week, marla. heat wave. we'll be back in the 90s. over you to. >> from one extreme to the next. we'll be back at 7:26.
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7:30 am
a live look at one of the most solemn places in america, that is arlington national cemetery. the final resting place for more than 400,000 members of the armed services and their families and a good reminder this memorial day of the great sacrifices made in the name of this country. president obama will pay his respects at arlington later today. it is 7:30 now on this monday morning, may 27th, 2013. i'm willie geist along with natalie morales. >> and coming up as we honor our military veterans this memorial day, we'll look at a group of young men and women whose dream is to serve the country but they can't because of their immigration status. elephants are raiding small towns in india and the villagers
7:31 am
are fighting back. and speaking of wildlife, i recently had the exciting if a bitter fiing opportunity to go in search of the rare grizzly bear. they make their home inside yellowstone national park. we'll show you how that turned out in just a little bit. >> looks like you saw a couple bears. >> i got really close, natalie. >> really? how close is close? >> the story changes every time i tell it. national parks like yellowstone are a popular destination, but from maine to hawaii, visitors may find the nation's treasurers are showing signs of wear and tear and in real need of upkeep and maintenance. here's nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: they wind themselves through the very fabric of the american heartland. from the geysers and canyons of yellowstone to the depths of the grand canyon, from glacier national park to the florida everglades -- >> they're beautiful, and this is nature that we need to preserve because it's unique.
7:32 am
only the united states has this. >> reporter: 401 parks, battlefields, monuments, seashores, volcanos and deserts make up the national parks system. and americans have been flocking to them since teddy roosevelt took up the cause. today 280 million visitors each year. >> we just hope that our son is going to be able to enjoy this as much as we have with his own family. >> reporter: but the parks and their future are under stress. >> the parks are beautiful. >> reporter: john jarvis is the director of the national parks service. >> but to just maintain it, we need twice as much money as we currently get. >> reporter: just to maintain a building like that. >> yes, absolutely. >> reporter: the budget hasn't changed since 2006, yet most of its costs have only gone up. now the sequester is forcing another $153 million in cuts just as tourists season begins. >> where are you folks visiting from? >> reporter: it mean s 900 jobs have gone unfilled including
7:33 am
rangers, 1,000 seasonal jobs cut, police furloughed, buildings in need of repair haven't been touched in years and some park entrances are unattended. what would teddy roosevelt say if he saw the nation's parks today? >> i think he'd be a little concerned, frankly. >> reporter: mark wensler fights to preserve and protect the nation's parks. >> the problem is a family visits a park this summer, they may see a crumbling road, a visitors center that looks shabby. they may not find a ranger when they want to hear a story about what they're looking at. >> reporter: the backlog for upkeep that needs to be done now totals $11 billion. >> it doesn't matter whether you're a democrat or republican. the american public love their national parks. and the american public expect their national parks to be taken care of. >> reporter: a national treasure in need of some tlc. for "today," tom kos tcostello, yellowstone. >> it's a shame that they need such repair. >> i think a lot of times we
7:34 am
take them for granted. we don't realize what it takes to keep them in the shape they're in. let's get a check of the memorial day forecast. we want to go outside to the weather channel's chris warren who's in for al. >> good morning to you. it's cool out here right now, but we're also looking ahead to the middle part of the week where there could be another set of strong storms. looking at the possibility for severe weather, maybe even a tornado outbreak by the middle of the week. this is the setup right here. you have that gulf moisture. so some very warm and humid air moving up to the north. upper-level system moving out of the rockies. you have the jet stream in place, the cold front dry line, all the ingredients coming together. we'll have to watch really closely for some of the areas hardest hit last week could see storms again. this is for the middle part of the week, wednesday through thursday, could linger into early friday. and the area to watch here, can you see in the red, could see some large hail, damaging winds, and yes, it's possible we could see tornadoes, not just tornadoes but potentially strong tornadoes. looking ahead to today, we are going to see a much nicer day in
7:35 am
the northeast with temperatures back into the 50s and 60s. there's still going to be that chance for storms right in the middle of the country from texas all the way up to the dakotas and showers and a few thunderstorms around the great lakes. the south is looking warm with temperatures into the 80s, plenty of sunshine and then the northwest also going to see some showers. that 7:35. a cool and breezy start to this memorial day. good morning, i'm meteorologist christine loren. look at the sunny knoll. increase of clouds and a mix today. we're not expecting shower activity until the most part until later this afternoon. south of the golden gate bridge between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. 71 degrees in livermore. enough to warm you up to 61 in san francisco and we warm up in the 90s friday and saturday. is off today, but look what we found. it's al roker's avatar. what's your name? >> edward, louisville, kentucky.
7:36 am
>> thank you very much for coming out. remember, you can get your weather anytime, 24 hours a day, just go to willie? >> all right, chris, thanks very much. this morning on "immigration nation," the dream act. the proposed legislation could pave the way to citizenship for 65,000 children brought to the united states illegally. if passed, the bill would affect children who entered the u.s. before they were 16 years old, some who have always dreamed of serving this country. here's nbc's miguel almaguer. >> information. let's go. >> reporter: at chicago's phoenix military academy, honor, service, commitment are core values of the junior rotc program. abigail is a cadet leader, but her 3.8 gpa isn't the only reason she's a standout in her class. >> i'm not afraid to say because it's my reality. >> reporter: born in mexico, abigail grew up in chicago. her dream of attending west
7:37 am
point, of serving the country and wearing a u.s. military uniform is out of reach because she's not a citizen. francisco peralta moved from mexico when he was 3. with a 4.7 gpa, he's at the top of his class. but because he, too, is undocumented, francisco can't qualify for the financial aid he needs to attend college. >> i hope one day i can prove to others that i do deserve to be here. and i do deserve to get an education just like others. >> reporter: in chicago's junior rotc programs alone, it's estimated roughly 1,000 students are undocumented. through the dream act, legislation proposed by the president, those students and countless others could earn a pathway to citizenship by attending college. >> they love this country. they love learning about it. they want to be here. >> reporter: but critics say the dream act is flawed, allowing children to petition for their parents' citizenship and making too many kids eligible.
7:38 am
>> what would make more sense would be children who came here very young before 7 or 10 years old and have been here ever since. >> reporter: with immigration reform stalled in washington, the future for so-called dreamers remains unclear. for now they can only wait as congress debates. for "today," miguel almaguer, nbc news, chicago. >> obviously, memorial day is a time to remember the fallen in our u.s. military, but not a bad time to start thinking about the future as we saw there as well. >> that generation right there. that's right. coming up next, elephants caught in the middle between frightened villagers and a dwindling habitat. also, where the sales are and the best bargains may be this memorial day. that's right after this. ♪ ula ula, hagamos ula ula, ♪ ula ula ula ula al revés, ♪ hago que lo imposible sea posible, ♪ ♪ que todo lo increíble se vuelva visible, ♪ ♪ tres, dos, hola, ula... ♪ aplaudan en la luna. ♪ ula ula, hagamos ula ula,
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back now at 7:43 with the deadly battle being waged in india between elfanpant ephants people. nbc's ian williams. >> reporter: it was like a medieval battle. fought under the light of a full moon. domestic elephants driven by fearless handlers confront a herd of hungry, wild elephants intent on raiding a local grain store. there are perhaps 15 or 20 of them. ahead on the road. then the foot soldiers move in. villagers and local forestry officials scaring away the wild elephants with a bombardment of sound and light in what's become a nightly ritual in this corner of northeast india. and this is the third time this house has been damaged. it doesn't always end so peacefully. local villagers bear the scars from elephant raids which have
7:44 am
killed scores of people including this man, crushed by a retreating herd. him and his wife and baby died in what he says was an unprovoked elephant attack. come down here. but the violence isn't all one-sided. elephants are being poisoned and electrocu electrocuted. 65% of the forest? >> yeah, in this area. >> reporter: a conservationist with the wwf is trying to keep the peace. so more and more elephants are being forced down here? >> yeah. >> reporter: he says wild elephants are raiding the villages out of desperation because of their forest habitat and migration roots are being destroyed. he travels the area, speaking in villages and schools, bringing a simple message of peaceful co-existence. >> don't disturb the elephants. leave them alone. >> reporter: but as a herd passes through one of the area's plantations, that's not a
7:45 am
message that's always heeded. these two males have now become separated from the herd, and that makes them particularly dangerous. another group is protecting a young calf. they're teased and goaded by teenagers with sling slot shots stones, leaving bystanders angry and exasperated. >> they will again complain. >> reporter: as the day draws to an end, quick reaction teams go on alert along the edge of the ever-receding forest. they're a squad of trained elephants standing by, another night on the front line of this bitter conflict. ian williams, nbc news, india. and still to come, taking a turn here, have you had breakfast yet? we're going to check out a bacon lover's paradise. bacon fest 2013 coming up right after this. memorial day's here and we're talking with mayreen
7:46 am
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like this woman here. hello! what's your name? linda. linda obviously sacrificed a good haircut so that her daughter could have a warm coat. it's windy. yeah. now you can help people like linda stop with the sacrificing. tell them about light & fit greek nonfat yogurt twice the protein and 80 calories. thick... creamy. taste satisfying, right? eat! light and fit greek! ♪ dannon! and now to what could be the future of texting. messages that put a human face on your texts. nbc's michelle kosinski is in london with this story. michelle, good morning. >> hi, willie. unfortunately, who hasn't had this experience? you send a quick e-mail, a hasty text, but the emotion behind your words is lost or worse yet, it is misconstrued. well, some cambridge scientists are taking this seriously. they've created this computer
7:50 am
model, and they want to put a talking, breathing human face on your text messages. >> so nice to meet you. >> reporter: ah. >> it still needs a bit of work. >> reporter: type in anything. >> i will be your future best friend. >> reporter: add as much emotion you want. >> my favorite emotion is panic. we thought we'd mix a little bit of fear with anger. >> someone please help me. i lost my passport. >> reporter: and a computer shapes the face and voice that could become the way we send messages with a tad more emotion than these guys, anyway. make it sound really sad, really sad. >> that's about 100% sad now. >> i'm going to be late for dinner tonight. >> reporter: quite convincing. playing with this thing is irzis bible. >> why did you have to wake me up at 5:00 a.m.? you know i like to sleep in. >> reporter: and this is the
7:51 am
real zoe, the actress reading 7,000 phrases. >> record the same phrase six times in those different emotions. >> reporter: giving the computer the building blocks to say what you'd like, how you'd like. >> supercalifragilistic- expialidocious. >> a little bit weird. >> reporter: and real emotions are so complex. >> i love you so much. >> reporter: it often takes a sort of cocktail. a little bit angry. why did you try that mix? >> anger is a very intense emotion. so is love. >> i love you so much. >> reporter: whew! it's really getting personal. a little bit spooky. a little bit awesome. who knows where zoe might pop up one day. >> watch out. i'm coming to new york. >> announcer: live from studio 1a. >> so one of the goals of this might be someday for you to be able to program in your own head, a talking head of yourself, which would then read whatever you type in to say. back to you guys. >> do we really need that, michelle? >> i don't know.
7:52 am
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♪ everything pops with pringles stix. [ crunch ]
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good morning, it is 7:56. i'm marla tellez. this morning san jose police are investigating three separate shootings that killed three people. just after 10:00 a man was shot at the intersection of hayes avenue near monterey road in south san jose. the death marks the city's 19th homicide of the year. a fuhr hours earlier two people were killed in a shooting in east san jose. this happened on reinhart drive near a kohl's department store. a neighbor says her son was good friends with one of the victims who she identified a a 15-year-old boy. police have not confirmed the ages and have not released a motive for that. meteorologist christine loren with a look at the forecast. >> hey, good morning to you. a look at san francisco, a mix
7:57 am
of clouds and sun. old glory getting pickup of some wind that will strengthen. as we head throughout the day. this is a cloudy sky. as we head through the day we have a storm system. let's take you to the future cast to see what we're expecting. at 3:00 p.m. areas south of the golden gate bridge, we're expecting showers near the south bay at 3:00 and 6:00. and as we progress throughout the day showers continue in the overnight hours. best weather will be south and inland. 68 degrees bayside. 61 at the coast. getting into the next couple of days, we've got a warm-up on our hands, up to 81 degrees by thursday, then hitting the mid to upper 90s friday and saturday. so go ahead and make the beach plans. back over you to. i don't mind talking about next weekend on monday. that always works at me. we'll be back at 8:26 with the
7:58 am
next local news update. see you then.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ i really want to love somebody ♪ 8:00 now on this monday morning, memorial day, may 27th, 2013. sunny day here finally in rockefeller plaza after a rain-drenched weekend. we're so happy to have all of these great, fine folks with us. happy, smiling faces joining us. good to see you all. lenny, we miss you. how are you? i'm natalie morales along with willie geist. coming up, memorial day sales. some malls will be open and popular day to get deals. >> big shopping day. we were going on our great american adventure, derailed by the storms in oklahoma. we were supposed to go to yellowstone. couldn't make it there. a couple weeks ago i got the opportunity to hike in a little bit and go in search of grizzly
8:01 am
bears. there are about 600 of them left in yellowstone. it was fun, a little frightening. there were some tense moments. >> you live to tell the tale, though, as we say. also ahead, a dreaded ritual of summer. and that is finding the right bathing suit. at least for ladies, it's dreaded. so we decided to have some brave women check out the growing online options. we're going to show you if it was painless and positive. >> my solution is to wear the same one i've worn for the last eight years. it's pretty easy. >> eight years, really? >> yeah. also, an incredible story. a woman who rushed to a hospital to give birth, couldn't quite make it into the deliver room, had her baby in the parking lot. we're going to talk to some of the people involved in just a little bit. >> amazing. first let's go back inside the studio. andrea canning has a check of your headlines. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with an overnight scare on a cruise ship. the coast guard said the fire broke out aboard the royal
8:02 am
caribbean's grandeur of the seas off west palm beach, florida. the fire is out and the ship is on its way to freeport in the bahamas. no reports of any injuries. the body of a young man who was swept away by floodwaters in texas has been found. torrential rains swamped the san antonio area over the weekend, washing out roads and knocking out power. more than 100 people had to be rescued, and 3 are now confirmed dead. president obama is paying tribute to fallen servicemen and women this memorial day. the president's solemn visit to arlington national cemetery comes a day after he toured the tornado devastation in moore, oklahoma. police say an attack inspired by the columbine shootings has been prevented in albany, oregon, and a 17-year-old is under arrest. nbc's ayman mohyeldin. >> it was a tip to arrest a teenage student they allege was preparing to bomb a school mostly with homemade products. they say he was willing and ready to commit mass murder.
8:03 am
but what they don't know yet is why. >> reporter: officials say 17-year-old grant accord had the bomb, the plans, the intent to carry out a large-scale attack and the target could have been his high school. >> this was far beyond teenage curiosity. these could have caused significant damage, injury or death. >> reporter: it was a 911 call that led investigators to his mother's house where police say they found maps, diagrams and a detailed time line for the alleged attack. >> all of those relate to a series of bombs that were recovered from the accused's bedroom where they were in a secret compartment. >> reporter: a source close to the investigation tells nbc news accord's alleged plans were motivated by and modelled after the 1999 deadly shootings at columbine high school. but on a much larger scale. next door to where police found the bombs, neighbors were surprised. >> just a normal teenage, quiet
8:04 am
individual, you know, kind of a loner. >> reporter: over the holiday weekend, bomb experts and k-9 units combed through the west albany high school where the suspect was a student. >> pretty scary. like i don't even want to go to school on tuesday, i guess. >> while all students are expected to return tuesday, the suspect will appear in court where he will be tried as an adult even though he is 17 years old. is he facing charges that include making and possessing an explosive device, but more importantly, aggravated murder. that is an intent to kill as many people as possible. andrea? >> thank you, ayman. a new word this morning about a temporary fix for the collapsed skagit river bridge. two temporary steel bridges will go alongside the one that collapsed. the temporary spans could be finished in three weeks. a moving concert in memory of americans who gave their lives in america's armed services. thousands gathered for the memorial day event saturday at
8:05 am
the u.s. capitol. "american idol" winner candace glover sang "the national anthem. ♪ o say, can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light ♪ what so proudly we hailed >> and just a beautiful voice. it's now 8:05 and back to willie and natalie. >> thanks so much, andrea. let's go across the plaza. we have chris warren in for al this morning. chris, good morning again. >> good morning to you on this memorial day. you know it's memorial day here. look at these two lovely ladies. what's your name? >> alexandra. >> what's your name? >> sara. >> thanks for coming down. you both look great. thank you so much. the weather is going to be eventually great in the northeast. we do van area of low pressure that's finally moving out. so a nice day in the northeast, but you can see right in the middle of the country, we're looking at some strong storms. throughout the day we'll have that chance for these storms.
8:06 am
with that, very heavy rain, could lead to flooding, large hail a possibility, and it's possible we could have isolated tornadoes throughout the plains. here's a look. anywhere in red we could see strong storms throughout the day today. the great lakes, it is going to be a bit on the wet side. nice in the south, though. nice and warm. sunshine with temperatures into the mid-80s. in the pacific northwest, another system moving in, going to bring another chance for some rain with that. that's a look at the 8:06 now. kind of a breezy and cloudy start to this memorial day. we have showers headed our way. this is san francisco, winds choppy on the bay. you can see the flag billowing in the breeze. mostly hold off on showers until 3:00 p.m. that goes to areas south of the golden gate bridge. a little activity north of the golden gate bridge by 11:00 a.m. 72 in santa teresa today. comfortable temperatures, 74 in gilroy. don't need to run the ac for
8:07 am
unofficial kickoff of summer. >> thank you. coming up next, i go into yellowstone national park to track the rare and sometimes dangerous grizzly bears. i'll let you know how that went just ahead. >> seems pretty frightening. you mow what else is frightening this time of year? bathing suit shopping. is it the perfect solution to your dressing room nightmare shopping online? we're going to show you the answer. and then fire it up. we're going to be grilling and chilling. new twists for your memorial day cookout, but first, these messages. trip stops at the cornf "taking in the scenery" and "hey, they're taking our stuff," no need to panic. walgreens has over 8,000 stores across the country with all your prescriptions on file and just about anything else you might need along the way. because you never know what the road will bring. so swing by walgreens today for all your summer must-haves like snacks and sunscreen, right here. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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get out of town! with points from shop your way, there are more ways to save than ever at sears. oh and this bracelet... i used points to get it for free. yeah, right. and i'm married to lorenzo lamas. hola. this is how to save. this is sears. suave professionals infused moroccan argan oil into our new moroccan infusion line. the results were incredible. [ amanda ] i love it! all this shine, yet it feels so light! [ female announcer ] suave professionals works as well as salon brands. back now at 8:10 with some top ticks on what's trending today. a quick trek of what is buzzing in cyberspace. as we reported earlier, nearly two weeks after the actress revealed her double mastectomy to prevent breast cancer, angelina jolie, her aunt, debbie martin, lost her own battle with the disease yesterday at the age of 61. debbie was the sister of jolie's mother who passed away in 2007 of ovarian cancer.
8:11 am
angelina's preparing, meanwhile, to have even more surgeries to remove her ovaries. debbie's husband, meanwhile, has said about the whole thing that debbie was very proud of angeli angelina's preventative action to save her own life. a lot of women paying attention to this, and certainly we know she also lost her aunt to this. once again, i think it reaffirms her decision and the reason for doing so. >> yeah, we said a little earlier, this completely underlines why she did it. her risk was 87%. >> right. now her risk is 5%. meanwhile, the jersey shore reopened after rebuilding from the damage of hurricane sandy. we were happy to be a part of that on friday. now hospitals in new york and new jersey are preparing for a bit of a storm of their own. almost nine months, a couple months away still, after prolonged blackouts and people being stranded at home, so-called hurricane sandy babies will be making their debuts in late july and early august. despite what you may think, studies show no real connection
8:12 am
between catastrophes and increased births. however, when the lights are out, couples tend to -- >> make their own electricity, i guess. >> something like that. you always wonder if this is actually a real thing. >> you know, i think the births will tell. we'll know in about two months, right? the numbers go up, i think there is a baby boom. >> there's no electricity. we look around at each other. why not? >> exactly. what else is there to do? well, now to a rare clip of jackie kennedy sharing intimate details of her life with her husband, then senator john f. kennedy. the future first lady appeared back in 1957 on the nbc talk show "home" and discussed the challenges of being a senator's wife. take a listen. >> are you at all interested in politics yourself? >> yes, i am. >> in what way? >> well, how could you help but be interested in it if you're married to someone in it. >> and that interview took place at the couple's home in georgetown. and whether mrs. kennedy knew it or not at the time of the interview, she was pregnant with her daughter, caroline. just fascinating to see the old film, now making a comeback.
8:13 am
>> and what always strikes you, as she was young as first lady, even younger there, how young a woman she was. >> and just absolutely stunning. a couple other tv flashbacks. the first "i dream of jeannie," the 1965 fantasy comedy starring barbara eden. she granted her fans' wishes and resurrected her iconic character. she even broke out the crop top and harem pants that was quite controversial. >> yeah, the first time they saw belly buttons on tv. >> there it is again. jeannie back with a brand-new master as she called them back then, none other than president bill clinton. just keeps getting better. it was on the a lavish charity event in vienna to raise awareness about hiv and aids. i'll say it if nobody else will, she looks fantastic. >> amazing. 78 years old. she looks about the same. >> she really does. >> beautiful. and only she could get away with wearing that at that age. talk about making wishes
8:14 am
come true, here's something that fans of the "fresh prince of bel air" had been waiting to see as well. carlton performing his famous moves once again. and will smith was appearing on a british talk show with his son, jaden, when he surprised the audience by bringing out alfonso ribiero, carlton banks, to perform what is known as the carlton. ♪ ♪ it's not unusual to have fun with anyone ♪ >> there it is. >> i thought these were your dance moves, willie. they're stealing your moves. >> those belong to carlton and carlton alone. wow! he's still got it, doesn't he? >> he does. >> 5 million views. >> 5 million views in just a day. marks the first time actually, though, that jaden and will, father and son, performed there together in public. >> that took me back to, like, my middle school years right there. carlton getting down. >> i can honestly -- and sadly
8:15 am
say -- i never saw "the fresh prince of bel air." i don't know how i missed it. >> what? >> i know, i know. it completely went by me. >> did you grow up in this country? >> not much. not much. >> that's true. you were all over the place. >> which i think is why. i have a good excuse. >> valid excuse. >> i was watching "alf" in spanish. >> wow! >> seriously, i was. >> was it better in spanish? >> no. okay. moving on. >> i'm so glad "alf" was available around the world. a great american export, "alf." wow. wow! well, animals and "alf" are always trending online. as we try to plow forward, nothing meets the rare sight of a grizzly bear. yellowstone national park is one of the only areas south of canada where you can still encounter face to face grizzly bears.
8:16 am
recently i threw caution to the wind, went out to the park in search with a little help of the elusive grizzly. >> reporter: massive and powerful, the grizzly bear is one of the most feared animals the world over. an endangered species. one of the last refuges for grizzlies in the lower 48 states is here in the greater yellowstone area. >> in almost all bear attacks, the bear is responding to a surprise encounter. it's reacting defensively. >> reporter: male grizzlies can top the scales at over 700 pounds. they're surprisingly fast. >> they're faster than olympic sprinters. they're faster than olympic sprinters on steroids. >> reporter: i met up with casey anderson, fifth generation montana montanans. he leads tracking expeditions out into the remote montana wilderness. how you doing, man? >> good. >> reporter: thanks for having
8:17 am
me up here. what's the behavior of the bears? they're coming out of hibernation. >> they've been literally not eating, drinking for five months. so now they've come out of the den, and now they're trying to make up all that lost weight. in order to be out there safely, i'm going to give you one of these. this bear spray essentially is your protection against a grizzly bear. >> reporter: let's head out. >> okay. ♪ >> we're just now getting into the sweet spot. look at that, a moose track. a moose. that's a very good sign that there's a bear up there. one of the classic tracking rules is that if you want to know where the big animals are, listen to the little animals. >> reporter: deeper into the wilderness, we made a breakthrough, fresh grizzly tracks. >> definitely a grizzly track. super characteristic of a
8:18 am
grizzly track is these giant claws that you see here. they can be four inches long. >> reporter: what size bear is he? >> he's about a 600-pound grizzly. yeah. >> reporter: how fresh does that look to you? >> well, i didn't see it yesterday. let's try to find this guy. there's at least two bears here right now. let's keep poking up the hill. there's a bear in there. about 600-pound big male. about as big as they get. i call him black bart because he's got that super dark coat. >> reporter: the moment where he stopped, turned and looked at us -- >> he knew we were here. yep. two bears. two good-size grizzlies. could be a female with a male in hot pursuit. this shows how much activity in such a small area, which is pretty rare. >> reporter: so by my count, three grizzlies, moose, coyotes,
8:19 am
birds. that's a pretty good day. you told us if a grizzly bear gets up on hind legs, back away quietly. >> yes. >> reporter: i'm so glad i didn't have to test that advice. i appreciate you taking the time. >> it was awesome. >> reporter: it was a lot of fun. >> what a cool experience. >> my thanks again to casey anderson, such a cool guy, knew exactly where to set up shop and patiently look for a grizzly. good news, i did not have to use the bear spray. he said it's very rare that you ever have to use that. >> we're glad you made it. meanwhile on "today's consumer," memorial day bargain hunting. there are some big deals out there. >> and megan, curator of is here to tell us where to find them. >> morning, guys. >> is this a good time? >> it's not the biggest sale day of the year, but you can get significant discounts. you're really looking for stuff like clothing, accessories and home goods. >> you broke it down for us. women, men, kids, home and families. let's start with women. you found some good deals.
8:20 am
talk first about the cotton tank dress that you wount found at l. >> that's right, it's that nautical look that never really goes out of style. it's right now $29.94, originally $69.50, at least 50% off. it's a great deal, and it's more bang for the buck because like i said, nautical is classic so you can wear it season after season. and you can dress it up, dress it down. it would look cute on you. >> you want to pick it up as it's going on sale because chances are it's not going to be there in your size. >> exactly. you want to be fast. it's going to be pay to be early. there were things i saw friday that i wanted to talk about this morning, gone by sunday. it's hour by hour. >> i'm not a woman in search of stretch denim skinny jeans, but if i were -- >> you might want to go to ll bean. >> okay. >> great deal here. this one is 64% off. these are gray skinny jeans. unfortunately skinny jeans aren't going anywhere. they've been around a few years. they are now $24.99, originally $69. they come in gray which is a cool, different color you might not have in your wardrobe.
8:21 am
so love those. >> if you're in the military, on the lookout for military discounts, right? >> this is happening at forever 21. if you walk into the store, they'll give you an extra 15% off if you have a military i.d. this scarf is also on sale. these are great. we're wearing them all the time. all year long at forever 21. this one is only $6.95 marked down from $8.80. very inexpensive. and scarves are something that we're seeing in every color and every season now. so that's a nice light one that's good for summer. >> perfect. >> let's move over to the guys. classic pair of shorts, american eagle, good place to look. >> willie, do you have the legs for these? >> let's see. yeah, i wear a classic short now and again. >> you notice guys are going a little shorter with the shorts? >> yes. >> i particularly like the lifeguard red, but they come in every color, 40 prz off. they're $23.97, originally $33.95. find them at american eagle outfitters. >> shorts got a little too long for a while.
8:22 am
>> you're a tall guy. >> a little like the balloon pants. >> you also found flip-flops, water shoes at kohl's. >> these are water shoes. they call them water shoes. >> boat shoes. >> they can go dry land or on the boat or at the beach. they're good-looking topsiders. i don't know if you knew this, willie, but there's a lot of neon going on for the guys. if you want to be daring, get these in the fun bright orange or green or also the navy or the black. they are $24.99. they call them five flops and they're marked down from $45. >> real quick for the kids, let's get to kids. we've got polka dot leggings for the girls. >> 30% off and you make your own with your daughter. you can make your own leggings. today they're only $23. >> and for the boys -- >> and the money goes to charity. >> matchable tees for boys. >> from children's place, 4 bucks right now. marked down. so that's a go-to. the boys -- my boys in particular love those sporty shirts. >> megan, great deals on memorial day. >> more on our website,, by the way. and coming up, are you
8:23 am
looking forward to doing some eating around here? >> yes, i am. >> we're talking barbecues. how about visiting the woodstock of pork first? nbc's kevin tibbles got the chance to belly up to bacon fest 2013. >> that's not a play. >> yum. >> reporter: an event so buzzed about, so highly anticipated, the ticket s sold out in mere minutes. >> i was online. it was like getting to see the rolling stones. >> reporter: all four -- >> bacon! bacon! we love bacon! we love bacon! ♪ >> reporter: welcome to baconfest 2013. >> hands up if you love bacon. >> reporter: a day where aficionados and enthusiasts assemble in appreciation of america's favorite cured meat. >> we're going to do everything. we wore stretch pants. ♪ cowboy baby >> reporter: some wear their
8:24 am
bacon devotion on their legs. >> i've loved bacon all my life. >> hello, bacon nation. ♪ >> reporter: some of chicago's finest chefs put their culinary chops to the test to create new twists on old favorites. and compete for the coveted golden rasher. >> i'm always bringing my game. >> it is pretty competitive. >> reporter: call it a sooey smackdown. from sweets -- i don't think of bacon when i think of dessert. >> it's the best bacon cupcake you'll ever have. >> reporter: it might be the only bacon cupcake i'll ever have. to savory -- >> pork shoulder and bacon hamburger. >> reporter: -- to -- what's that? >> this is bacon snow. >> reporter: who knew all these modest strips of deliciousness could be elevated to this? >> i also think that people have strong associations with bacon
8:25 am
about happiness, comfort, childhood. >> reporter: nearly 3 tons of bacon is served in this single-day event. >> it is every man's meat. >> reporter: but all this pigging out is for a good cause. $50,000 goes to the chicago food depository to help feed the homeless. >> peace, love and bacon. >> reporter: while one day just isn't enough for some -- >> every day should be bacon day. >> reporter: -- after a day of lip smacking, finger-licking indulgence, it's probably time for this little piggy and this one to go home. for "today," kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago. >> what a tough assignment this morning. >> i know. we're firing up the grill for memorial day after your local news.
8:26 am
good monday morning to you. it's 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. people are back home this morning after a bomb scare caused the evacuation of a peninsula neighborhood. the bomb squad was called to an apartment complex in mountain view last night. an investigator said someone found a pressure cooker in a bushous the doors. the surrounding area were evacuated tore three hours until the bomb squad reported that pressure cooker was actually empty. time to check the forecast with christina loren. so many people have this day off. >> showers moving in on memorial day. i wouldn't say cancel plans just yet. you can see we have a little isolated activity, marin county as i widen out.
8:27 am
most of the bay area thighs and dry and we will remain dry until later this afternoon, executiving the bulk to come between 3:00 and 6:00. showers move south to south bay. as we get to the end of the week, we've got a warm-up on our hands. not very summer-like for the unofficial kickoff of summer but we will. laura, back to you. >> hard to believe, unofficial already. thanks, christina. i'll have another update in half an hour. hope to see you then. have a great memorial day.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now on this memorial day, monday, may 27th, 2013. it is an absolutely gorgeous morning here at rockefeller plaza. a nice memorial day crowd joining us outside for the unofficial start of summer. i'm willie geist along with natalie morales. we're in for matt and savannah today. also andrea canning joining us. we've got a lot planned for you this half hour including maybe the first day you've been able to get outside and use your grill given the weather. we're going to fire it up outside here. we've got new recipes, going to
8:31 am
mix it up a little bit. we've got papaya barbecue sauce. >> delicious. sa ma amazing. as the weather is starting to warm up now, it is also the time of year that we fear the most, at least the ladies do, and that is bathing suit shopping. >> oh, no. i just don't do it anymore. >> three words you don't want to say or do too often. more and more stores now are actually offering options online, though, to help women avoid the dressing room mirror that they dread so much. but can you really get the right fit for what you see online? we're going to find out coming up. alling all burger fans? >> burger fans. i was out here last minute. yeah, i love hamburgers. >> father's day burger battle. how do you like that? >> are you going to be cooking burgers? >> calling out to all fans, if you have a secret recipe, if you think dad is the best griller on the block, enter your recipe. how about a picture of the burger, make a video if you
8:32 am
want. we're going to grill it out here on the plaza on june the 13th. the deadline is wednesday, may 29th, if you think you've got the very best burger. >> do you make a mean 'burgher? >> i do. >> do you have any secret ingredients? >> i can't tell you. it's a secret recipe. >> i like the onion soup mix. >> have you ever had beer in your burger? >> i've done that, too. >> i look forward to hearing your secret ingredient. >> go to right now we want to get chris warren of the weather channel in for al this morning. >> hello to you, willie. the man behind this camera right here, david chesney, it's his 24th wedding anniversary today. happy anniversary, david. and here, your first and also have a big announcement. >> we do. >> we're pregnant. we're having a baby. so we want to tell all our friends and family. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> and thank you so much for coming out. we appreciate that. anniversaries, a lot to celebrate today. of course, it is memorial day as well. and finally, it is going to warm up in the east. especially the northeast. clouds, the rain, that's moving
8:33 am
out. temperatures back into the 60s, even some 70s throughout parts of the northeast and mid-atlantic. the heat will be on throughout the south, the southern plains, you'll see some 90s. you get into kansas, also up into nebraska, the chance for storms to go along with that heat. a little on the gloomy side throughout parts of the great lakes. chance of showers and storms. the pacific northwest will see some cool weather and more showers moving in. that's 8:33. that fog is really thickening up in san francisco. for memorial day you can see old glory blowing in the breeze. that's the good news. that wind will keep the fog from settling into the surface. as we head throughout the day, cooler than average this time of year. 71 inland, bayside 68, 60 at the coast. 70 in fremont, san francisco just hitting 61 degrees today. getting into the next couple days, the warm-up is on. we're going to hit the 90s as wets to the weekend. hope you have a great day. >> chris, thank you. well, now to some incredible
8:34 am
moments in florida as a woman gives birth just steps away from the hospital. the whole thing is caught on film. amy beth cavaretta gave birth to sienna grace. her husband and we had might have were there to help with the delivery, and a family friend snapped these moving pictures. amy and littleaby sienna are with us from oakland park this morning, florida, along with the proud papa, joe, big sister sophia as well as the mid wife, lori ross-burke. good morning to all of you. good to see you. congratulations. >> thanks so much. good morning. >> how are you feeling, amy? and little baby sienna, she looks just perfect. >> i feel great. i feel great. everybody's doing really well. and she's really happy. >> take us through what happened last thursday night. you're on your way to the hospital. you just pull up. when did you realize you weren't actually going to make it inside? >> not until that picture that you see of me leaning against
8:35 am
the wall of the hospital. it just didn't occur to me that we weren't going to get there. and that's pretty much the moment that i think i said to lori, "her head is out." and that was when we knew we weren't going any farther. >> and what was going through your mind at that point? were you panicked at all? i mean, you've been through this before, obviously. we see sophia. you've given birth before. >> no. i mean, you know, women are born to have babies. that's why we have this anatomy. you just get out of your own head and get out of the way, and your body's going to do the work. that's the bottom line. i mean, i'm a firm believer in natural childbirth and, you know, keep yourself healthy and active, and you're going to be just fine. so i wasn't afraid. i just knew that it was urgent and that we were going to do this now. you know, i was in good hands. i had people there to help. >> and now means now. joe, i mean, you're there. you're trying to keep a cool, calm, collected head, i'm sure. but describe for me what you were feeling.
8:36 am
>> well, you know, i had been covering the miami heat for the paper. when we drove up, i saw the lebron james of midwives waiting for us. i knew we were all right. >> lori, there you go, the lebron james of midwives. that pretty much sums it up. >> that's great. >> did you have that much to do? >> well, actually, when amy called me, i knew that her first birth was very quick. so i knew that this one was not going to be a long one. and i'm very glad that i got up and got to the hospital because it was 1:30 in the morning, pretty much. and actually, when amy said, "i'm not going to make it inside, i feel the head," i instinctively put my hand there and said yep, okay, we're going to have it here. and amy was totally confident in her body, and her husband was cool. and the photographer was amazing because she was so nonintrusive and just got the whole thing on
8:37 am
film. it was a beautiful moment. >> yeah, i was going to ask you, amy -- >> i'm so glad lori was there because -- >> go ahead. i was just going to say -- >> i'm glad lori was there. yes, we are. we are. and we were thrilled that emily was able to be there and capture it. you know, she was such a pro about it. she really moved in and out of the space. i even remember hearing the camera and seeing, you know, seeing her there. but it wasn't distracting or anything. i mean, she was really just a pro about the whole thing. >> and she pretty much captured an amazing moment i'm sure no wunl once will capture a moment like that again. thank you for being heresophia, okay? i don't know if she can hear me. >> she's the best. >> thank you, guys and congratulations once again. still to come this morning, picking the perfect bathing suit without the torture of having to try them on in the store.
8:38 am
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now to the story of a mother facing both hope and heartbreak. her two sons have a deadly disease, but only one is getting a potentially life-saving treatment. here's nbc's janet shamlian. >> reporter: against improbable odds, jen mcnairy has two boys are the same genetic disease that slowly robs children of their muscles. >> i can do it. >> reporter: muscular dystrophy is usually fatal by age 20. >> it was actually pretty shocking because i had been told that they couldn't both have it because i'm not a carrier. >> reporter: but that's just the start of jen's heartbreak. one of her children, max, is improving every day while 14-year-old austin is slowly dying. >> he can't get into a chair out of his wheelchair into his bed, onto the toilet. so he's become total care. >> reporter: max is getting
8:41 am
better, she says, because only he qualified for the clinical trial of a promising drug. she says he's running around again, climbing stairs. he even joined a soccer team. is it fair to call it life changing? >> absolutely. it's a miracle. it really is a miracle drug. this is something that nobody ever expected, and he looks like an almost normal 11-year-old boy. >> reporter: nationwide children's hospital is running the drug trial. doctors say other children are also improving. >> everything i can tell indicates that this is a winner. it's a game changer for the disease. >> reporter: austin didn't qualify because he was already in a wheelchair. but jen is determined to save him and other dmd children before it's too late. what is the prognosis for austin? if he doesn't get this drug? >> in the next six or seven years, he will die. but we hope that that doesn't happen. >> reporter: it's more than hope. she's become an advocate, asking
8:42 am
the fda for accelerated approval of the drug which could make it available to children in a year instead of the usual four. the fda tells nbc news it's reviewing the application. austin knows his time is slipping away. >> it's really hard because i know i'm getting worse, and he's getting better. >> reporter: would you like to take the medicine, too? >> yes. >> reporter: a mother dealing with heartbreak and hope on a quest to save both her sons. for "today," janet shamlian, nbc news, columbus, ohio. >> we're thinking about austin and max on this memorial day. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
suave professionals. "today's style" is brought to you by new suave professionals moroccan infusion.
8:45 am
"today's style," buying a bathing suit online. consumer reports' janet lieberman is here to help us through it. good morning. >> good morning. it's miserable, isn't it? >> try to make the process more painful. >> we tried because is there anything to make buying a bathing suit go swimmingly? we tried out three different online sites. kudos to these gals who were willing to do this on national tv. ♪ >> reporter: most of us wish we could look like these models in our bathing suits. ♪ the heat is on >> reporter: now the heat is on to find the perfect swimsuit that really and truly fits your body. >> it's probably one of the hardest things a woman has to do. >> reporter: a trip to the store dressing room can be downright nerve-racking. >> you have to go in and try everything on. it's really convenient for a lot of women to be able to do it online. >> reporter: according to a recent survey, 64% of women will shop online for a swimsuit.
8:46 am
manufacturers like lands' end are trying to cash in on this growing trend, making it easier to shop online in the privacy of your own home. >> we have a lot of tools at to help ease the shopping experience. we also have live chat where you can click and at any time ask a question and someone will respond to you. >> reporter: but are these tools able to fix your swimsuit fashion fears? we asked three brave volunteers to bare almost all by diving right in and shopping online. game on? >> game on. >> game on. >> reporter: we asked each one of our gals to shop at different websites, utilizing their online tools. let's go with the full coverage. laura who hadn't bought a bathing suit in 15 years took the plunge at cher shopped at and stacy dived right into we gathered poolside two weeks later to see how the suits measured up. okay, ladies. i want to know from each of you what you think.
8:47 am
laura was happy with her lands' end suit and thought her online experience was easy. >> what i liked was you don't just go in and have your size. you give the measurements. >> reporter: is this the size you thought you were? >> no, my size was different than i thought. >> reporter: you look cute. >> and it holds in i think the right places. >> reporter: stacy, on the other hand, decided to venture out, trying something different for her on everythingbutwater. stacy, how do you like your suit? >> well, i don't love the suit. i liked a lot of other suits on the website more. but i wanted to try something that i normally didn't have. >> reporter: and what don't you like about this? >> it's a lot of movement. i would order a lot of suits and then have a choice. >> reporter: cher also chose something that she wouldn't usually wear from swimspot. but it seemed to make a splash with her. what do you think of her suit? >> i love it. i would have never thought of wearing a tankini. i usually try on about ten of them, so i'm excited.
8:48 am
i'm happy. >> before you order any of these bathing suits online, make sure they're fully returnable, and to be safe, you might want to get a few different models and sizes so you can return them. >> a little try them on and see what works for you. what should you know about returns if you do want to return? >> first of all, you can't wear them. especially with bathing suits. they have to have that sanitary strip on. you have to have tags on. but they are very liberal. they understand it's a miserable proposition. and some of them will stay with you -- swimspot -- they'll stay and chat with you until you get it right. a lot of them have free shipping. check the site. >> thank you. joining us is janae is a beauty and style expert. when it comes to fit, a lot of women know their sizes, but how can it be different in a bathing suit, and how important is it to make sure you have the right size? >> you can't really shop by your dress or pants size. it's sort of like buying bras. it's that gray area. you really have to get the fit right. you really want to pay attention to the vendor's sizing chart and really follow that as closely as
8:49 am
possible. and also, many times they will ask you for your measurements because they offer specific features like a long torso bathing suit. you really have to know these measurements. so you use a tape measure like this, the sewing kind, not the kind in your husband's toolbox. >> and be honest, right? >> exactly. torso measurement which most women don't think of, the waist, the bust, much like you're fitting for a bra, and then the hips. and those are kind of the key measurements that you want to be aware of. >> and what else can you do to make sure that you get the perfect fit? >> well, you can also utilize the features on the site like oftentimes they have live chat so you can kind of get sales assistance while you're, you know, browsing. they have shop by your body type. they have customer reviews which are really important to look at because oftentimes another customer will tell you, this suit runs small. so it's sort of really important to kind of utilize everything that's available on the website. >> i always look at the customer reviews. i do find that that definitely tells you if it's going to be true to size or not. >> absolutely. >> well, ladies, good job.
8:50 am
good stuff. i hope the ladies overall had a good experience. >> thank you. they were troupers. >> they were. brave ladies. >> janice lieberman and janae luciani, thanks so much. we're going to heat up the memorial day grill. we're going to heat up the memor[ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for ann to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citi tablet apps. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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8:52 am
in "today's kitchen," we are grillin' & chillin' this memorial day. >> here with us, the host of "man, fire food" on the cooking channel, roger, good morning. we've got a great recipe, a chicken recipe, a lot of people will be firing up their grills. this one, tropical flavor and involves papaya. >> it's papaya barbecue sauce on the grilled chicken. everybody loves the flavors of the sweet, sour, but not everybody wants the high concentrated sugar from ketchup. there's an alternative way to do it. >> it all starts with the marinade. >> the marinade is down here. so we have a little bit of coconut cream, okay? lime juice. some lemon juice. >> coconut cream, can you just kind of -- you can buy that, right? >> yeah, you can buy that stuff. or if you've got really good quality coconut milk, you skim off the very top part, you can use that as well. lime zest, lemon zest, garlic, ginger and some cilantro. >> i'm liking it already. >> oh, yeah, it's really tasty. okay? mix that up.
8:53 am
we're going to add a few chicken breasts to that. >> okay. >> okay? season it with a little bit of salt and pepper. like that. and i like to just get in there with my hands. >> yeah, get your hands dirty. >> you know what i mean? food is like that. >> memorial day, get down and dirty. >> especially barbecue. >> where does papaya come into this story? >> check this out. we take the papaya. we're going to cut this in half. >> you want a ripe papaya, right? >> stick the seeds and dump them in. >> you got it. >> workout, huh? >> why do you use the seeds? >> the seeds and the pulp. what happens, if you've ever had a meat tenderizer, it's made out of that. >> throw that in there, too? okay. >> we're going to mix that up. that helps tenderize the meat. truly i would do this up to 24 hours. it really helps break it down. >> put it in the refrigerator for 24 hours. >> it's all good. we're going to pretend we did that and move over here, okay? >> perfect.
8:54 am
>> we're going to add this chicken to the grill. like so. and we're going to let that sear, just really nicely. we want to color on there. leave those seeds. they'll fall off. and actually, those seeds dehydrate them and use them for black peppercorns as well. really, really nutty, open, bright flavor, okay? >> do you have a time on the grill? guys always worry about how long do i leave it on. >> i like to let it get a nice sear until it wants to peel away. then i'll flip it and then i'll get to the barbecue sauce. >> okay. >> check this out. i have onions that have been softening in here and habanero. >> give it a little kick. >> a little lime and lemon juice once again. rice wine vinegar to give you a little bit of that sweetness as well as the acidity. >> perfect. >> some water. okay? and some sugar. i'm going to add a little bit of sugar because the papaya has a kind of open citrusiness, right? you want to offset that a little bit, okay? you can also use honey, agave, if you're looking for health
8:55 am
benefits. >> we're not. >> just give it to us straight. >> so this papaya is diced up, okay? i just took the skin off, diced it up. we're going to let this simmer for 30, 40 minutes. let it start to break down. after that i'm going to take an immersion blender, a stand blender, food processor and puree it until it's nice and smooth, okay? then by that time, hopefully i'll get a little bit of a sear on my chicken just like that. okay? and with the magic here, we have a little bit of the papaya sauce that's already been done. and pureed. okay? and you see how it's come down really -- >> beautiful color. >> and it's tasty. it has a unique flavor, right? >> delicious. i'm going to try this. >> like that. >> that is so good. >> and we let that go. okay? >> i love it. it does have that tanginess. >> yeah, a little tanginess,
8:56 am
right? >> roger, delicious. >> delicious. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, thank you. >> we'll be back with more of "today" after your local news and weather. good monday morning to you. 8:56 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. santa clara valley transportation agency honoring veterans this memorial day. the vta will take part in a national moment of remembrance. this afternoon at 3:00 buses and light rail will stop service for one minute in a moment of silence. see what the day will hold weather wise. check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> it's not going to feel like
8:57 am
the unofficial kickoff of summer. the good news is, the showers that come in will hold off until later today. a little prefrontal precipitation pushing in. still sitting well to the north of the bay area. this is for later today. showers south of the golden gate bridge by 3:00 p.m., warm-up towards the end of the week. enough about the book, i want to hear about your date. well, he showed up in a van. [ women ] oh-awww. [ voices in background ] [ female announcer ] swapportunity.
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the opportunity to swap a higher calorie snack for a delicious 90 calorie yoplait light. ♪ sorry... about your date, the details of your date. [ female announcer ] just one swap a day helps keep the calories away. yoplait. it is so good.
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♪ and welcome back to "today" on this monday morning, may 27th, 2013. it is, of course, memorial day. we've got a great holiday crowd joining us on the plaza. it doesn't hurt that it's an absolutely beautiful day here in new york city. inside studio 1a, i'm willie geist along with natalie morales. i know you didn't see the liberace movie, but everybody's talking about it. >> i'm seeing the likeness of michael douglas to liberace. unbelievable, the transformation. >> it's called "behind the


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