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tv   CBS This Morning Saturday  NBC  June 22, 2013 5:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning, charged. edward snowden, the man who leaked secrets about the government surveillance program facing espionage. where is he and will he be returned to the united states to face justice. when sorry isn't enough. >> i beg you and offer my sincere apology to those that i have hurt. >> the food network dumps paula deen after she's used racial ep tats. many wonder if her brand can survive. and a rough competition. all the homely hounds vying for the title of world's ugliest
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dog. who was the best of the worst. today is saturday june 22nd 2013. announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with lester holt and erica hill. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on a saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> i'm erica hill alongside jenna wolfe. it's nice to have the family back together. >> it was an exciting weekend for you, father's day and graduation. >> tuition free. >> it's like you got a raise. >> i did. he got an education. it was a full ride but i was driving all four years. >> yeah. >> four years for that joke. four years, every morning on the weekends he was waiting for that joke. >> he nailed it. >> it was perfect.
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it's a tough act to follow. >> we'll show you pictures later. lots to tell you about including a wildfire in colorado. the images are staggering. the town made famous in "national lampoon's vacation." >> the rain is threatening a city. we are going to calvary where tens of thousands were forced to evacuate evacuate. >> how some are spending their vacations chasing tornadoes. later, the tribute planned in honor of james gandolfini. the heart disease that could not only take your life but the life of those you love. edward snowden facing espionage charges this morning.
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we want to start with kristin welker. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the federal government brought criminal charges againstedward snowden. the charges were filed last week in alexandria virginia and were unsealed friday night. snowden faces a number of charges including theft of government property and sharing classified information to anyone who is not clear to receive that information. now each of those charges carries a maximum ten year prison sentence. this is all going on as the past week the political fallout continues. president obama was traveling overseas for the g8 summit. they were called to testify on capitol hill with the director of the nsa saying the surveilness foiled terrorist
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plots. they expressed concerns the programs infringe on individual privacy concerns. it's a debate that continues as the proceedings against snowden get under way. >> thanks very much. erica? >> the question now is what happens next? if he's in hong kong that's where snowden is believed to be hiding out. ian, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, erica. authorities are tight lipped today. they are refusing to comment on the charges brought against snowden and whether they have received any sort of request from the united states. now the police commissioner here would only say that any case would proceed according to hong kong law and procedures. the first move is getting that request from the state. that would come from the justice department here and the chief executive as hong kong's leader is called. they have to assess it to make
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sure it conforms with the agreement to the u.s. before authorizing the police to arrest him. then they have to find out where snowden is. he's out here in hiding somewhere. once he's arrested they begin the legal process with all sorts of appeals for him. he can apply for asylum say the charges are politically motivated. there are multiple layers of appeals throughout the process. it could take months or years. loyals will look closely at the charges themselves. the charges have to be an offense here as well as in the u.s. two of the charges under the espionage act would not appear to be offensive here. that would give a lot of room for lawyers here. the defense, which is stealing state property has a similar offense here. this is only once a request comes from the u.s. this is only the beginning of what could be a very very long
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process, erica. >> thank you. the other big story that has people talking this morning, paula deen. the food network is not going to renew her contract after they revealed she used racial slurs in the past. >> she's known for her southern recipes. it is paula deen's words that landed her in hot water. she issued an apology saying she made mistakes an inappropriate and hurtful language is not good. she admitted to using the "n" word saying she was describing a black man who held a gun to her head when she worked at a bank. she and her brother are being sued by a former employee who is white. it was removed from youtube and replaced with an unedited
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version with deen. >> i am here to say i am so sorry. i was wrong. yes, i worked hard and i have made mistakes. but that is no excuse. i offer my sincere apology to those that i have hurt and i hope that you forgive me. >> meanwhile, the food network announced they would not be renewing paula deen's contract when it expires at the end of the month. public relations experts say there could be more fallout to her $17 million empire. >> thanks very much. in colorado firefighters are trying to hold back a wildfire that threatens to destroy an entire town. the federal government is cutting back to prevent the fires. that's leaving a lot of cities and towns scrambling to do it on their own. >> reporter: with fire crews
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stretched to the limit -- and lives hanging in the balance. >> i didn't think it would be this fast. >> it's a total loss. my chimney is the only thing left standing. >> reporter: a burning question as another surging wildfire is forcing 400 residents of colorado to evacuate. >> give me water. >> reporter: u.s. taxpayers are spending more to fight fires and washington is spending less. they are proposing a 30% cut to removing dead trees and brush. look at how quickly it can fuel a fire. with less focus on prevention the forest service is forced to spend more once the fires are already burning. >> we have to forecast better about where we are going to hit these fires. it's a complex equation that we have to deal with now with the west fire fighting assets.
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>> reporter: in 1991 fighting fires took up 13% of the service budget. last year it was more than 40%. in arizona, local firefighters are taking matters into their own hands using local tax dollars that voters approve, the crews from flagstaff are clearing brush reducing fuel for potential fires. >> it's not a matter of if it will occur. it's when and where. it will be dire if we don't take action to reduce the riske. >> reporter: not all communities have the resources. it's a burning question with no simple answer. >> further north in canada the opposite problem, torrential rains caused the worst flooding in decades. it's so severe the entire downtown of alberta's biggest
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city calvary, has been evacuated. >> reporter: more than five inches of rain in 24 hours sent rivers and creeks surging over the banks. the water rose so fast it caught police off guard. residents scrambled to get out. >> our cul-de-sac had a little water. went for a cigarette, came out and there was a river going down the road. >> reporter: families separated during evacuations reunited. >> a good feeling. >> reporter: in the high river, floodwaters swept away kevin's pick-up truck forcing him to safety. homes washed away. more than 75,000 calvary residents evacuated. the entire downtown shut down and gas and power shut off. >> the streets of so many communities empty of people and
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full of water. to think of the thousands of people who have been displaced. it's incredible how we come together in times like this. >> reporter: with more rain in the forecast some areas may be inaccessible for days. for "today," john yang nbc news chicago. big trouble overnight for southwest airlines. a major computer glitch. >> we have a look at that and the other top stories. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. southwest airlines is off and running this morning. that, after being forced to ground its fleet. the airline says a computer glitch caused them to halt all take offs around the country affecting about 250 flights. southwest says they don't know what caused the problem. they are using a back-up system to get the planes back up in the air. >> president obama's choice for the fbi director james comey. he once served under president george w. bush, now as the obama administration is under fire for
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mass surveillance of america's phone and internet records, the president is nominating the man who fought against warrantless wiretapping by the bush white house. the heir to one of the oldest fortunes is going to jail. the son of millionaire brook aster stole from his ailing mother. finally, this morning, you know, there are certain things that work much better with animals than with people. take for example, the world's ugliest dog contest. it wouldn't translate if they subbed people for dogs. bad breeding is a plus in this one. the mutts who are more likely to be pitied than praise get their moment in the sun. this year is wally. he's a beagle boxer basset hound mix. how many dogs are involved in that mix?
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do you want to visualize? the judges were impressed with his waddle of walks. i don't think the dog's ugly. you get a chance to see him waddle wide on the show tomorrow. please don't tell him i made fun of him in any way. that would be awkward. that's the dog. >> we have had winners on before that were far uglier. >> you are not even close to ugly enough. >> not attractive, sure but ugly, i don't know. i guess we'll have to judge him in person. normally it's the hairless crested chinese. >> yeah. >> you are doing all right, buddy. jenna is really excited to meet you. >> we have a check of the forecast. >> we are talking about flooding in canada and also across parts of the northern plains and the upper midwest. we have flash flood warnings in southern minnesota and also
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across southwestern wisconsin where it's where the heaviest rain is falling right now. torrential downpours with the line of thunderstorms in southwestern wisconsin. no severe weather at this time. there's lightning and heavy rain. we are going to keep an eye out for severe storms later today and sunday with large hail and damaging winds. we could see isolated tornados. we'll keep a close eye on that. scattered showers in the southeast. also in interior parts of new england. scattered showers and thunderstorms. it is hot in texas and the plains. highs well into the 90s. the heat spreads east as we go into su good morning from nbc bay area weather center i'm anthony sawyer, and you can see that we are waking up to clear skies across the bay. temperatures are going to be warm and perfect day to hit the pool. 62 in san mateo, and 57 in san
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jose jose. and inland into the upper 80s and similar to yesterday. fog will arrive at the coast tomorrow afternoon and then a good chance for rain, yes, rain, in the forecast for monday and tuesday, so dust off the umbrellas. latest forecast. erica? >> thanks. it's been a wild week on wall street. the dow rebounding slightly on friday after losing 550 points the previous two days. what's happening here? what should you do with your money and how concerned should you be. kayla is here with answers. good morning. >> good morning. i hope i have the answers for you. >> no pressure right? give us a sense, at this point, what spooked investors? >> for the first time ben bernanke talked about scaling back a massive economic program. this has been four years of trillions of dollars the fed has been pumping into the economy to lower interest rates, encourage
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borrowing and improve the labor and housing market. when he mentioned that investors knew it couldn't go on forever. hearing it caused a knee-jerk reaction. they thought he's not quitting cold turkey. unemployment needs to improve a little bit more and needs to be more growth in the economy. >> you talked about interest rates. that's a major concern for people, not just when it comes to mortgages, but student loans as well. >> everything you do is tied to the interest rate whether you like it or not. whether you have an existing loan or taking out a new loan. if you have a variable rate those could go up in the near term. they change with the market. if you have a fixed rate loan it stays the same. if you are taking on a new loan make sure you look closely at your mortgage. new mortgages, they also move
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with the market. we are seeing a 30-year fixed at nearly 40%. it's climbing. if you want take out a new mortgage, it's narrowing. credit cards, student loans, auto loans, other types of debt are tied to the federal reserve. those rates are likely to stay low. if you don't need one, don't rush to get one. >> good advice. as we look ahead to the week a knee-jerk reaction. looking ahead to the week coming up would be calmer. >> one would hope but unfortunately, the market that we are in right now, we get data about jobs about housing and about the global economy every single day. the market wants to see those numbers keep moving in the right direction. as long as they do the market will move in the right direction. if you see one blip on the radar, expect a knee-jerk reaction. we saw numbers out of china and
5:18 am
it was a pile on effect from the federal reserve this week too. a lot of things contributing to it. >> when you see the people who make the decisions who affect the market we are talking this knee-jerk reaction. as investors and layperson you are in it for the long haul bumps along the way. you have to ride it out. >> you have to ride it out. there will be some bumps along the way. economic experts say the markets will still go up. some say by the end of this year, could be up 15% higher. >> dow is up 13% for the year? >> 13% for the year. it could keep going up. it's just below 15,000. some say it could go up to 18,000. you are going to see sharp sell offs. ben bernanke speaks in august and again in the fall. you are going to have two choppy rides and have a steel stomach. >> buckle up.
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nice to see you. thanks very much. lester? >> thank you. take old clothes or furniture and drop them off at a good will location. the centers employ disabled workers. you may not realize some of them only make pennyies an hour. it's legal, but it is fair? "rock center" takes a look. >> reporter: good will a place where you feel good about leaving clothes and shopping in a tough economy. goodwill's mission is to give people a job who are down on their luck. good will does a lot of good no question about it. we found department of labor records that show hourly wages in pennsylvania as low as 22 cents an hour 38 cents, 41 cents, 44 cents. the list of wages under $2 an hour goes on and on. they are paid according to how
5:20 am
quickly they work. because of a provision in the fair labor standards act in 1938 it's perfectly legal. >> the point of work is to make a living. >> reporter: kathy once worked at goodwill. >> why stop someone from being everything they can be. why stop someone from making a living wage? >> reporter: with a work force of 110,000 people goodwill employs people with disabilities whose pay can be below minimum wage. while some goodwill workers are making pennies, their bosses are fairing a bit better. a half dozen ceos make $400,000 a year or more. many others make nearly that much. in 2011 the ceo of goodwill industries of southern california took home $1.1 million in salary and deferred
5:21 am
compensation. >> how can anybody go into human services thinking they are going to get rich and do so on the labor of the most vulnerable citizens we have? how can that be fair of ethical? >> i think these leaders are having a great impact in terms of new solutions, in terms of innovation and in terms of job creation. >> jim, ceo of goodwill industries international says they give people with disabilities an opportunity to work an opportunity they would not otherwise have. >> it's typically not about their livelihood it's about their fulfillment. >> i think it's the nexus of charity and low expectation. unfortunately, people have gotten this incorrect idea that if you have a disability you are not up to snuff. >> harry smith, nbc news new york. still to come a touching
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tribute planned in italy to honor james gandolfini. this is "today" on nbc. [ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ]
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if lester has an extra large smile on his face this morning, there's good reason because your youngest son cameron graduated last weekend from none other than stanford university. >> he actually graduated last year after four years, but now he went back after the masters. it was a graduate degree. >> i love it. >> do you notice he's wearing flip-flops? >> were those not dad approved? >> look at you with the lid. >> he's not that much taller than me. he just looks that way. >> lester was actually in heels. it all kind of fit. >> very proud of cameron. he starts the workaday world on monday. >> he starts on monday right? >> yeah. >> he's moving home for a little while but just a little while. >> that's what we hear it's a little while.
5:25 am
>> that's what they all say. >> i'm giving him until he's 30 and then he's got to find a place. >> congratulations to all of you. still ahead, the baby ryan owe who could hold the key to saving that species.
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you are watching "today in the bay." good morning. looking live at the sun coming up over the mountains at the bay bridge toll plaza, but prepare for changes in the weather, and what will it mean for you? i'm kris sanchez with meteorologist anthony slaughter. this is going to be different from the weekday forecast. >> we are talking about rain k you believe it? >> no. >> we haven't seen this much rain that is headed our way coming monday since aperil. so dust off the umbrellas, but today, it is going to be bright. you saw the bright skycam and we are looking at the clear skies across the board. explore the bay with 57 in san jose, and 52 in san mateo, and we are tracking a storm system
5:27 am
that could bring shower active activity, and the activity won't arrive until sunday evening, so you have a good weekend to get in the dry time and enjoy the weekend. it comes along the coast and will arrive monday. through the day, we are talking about a few showers monday and tuesday, but today, dry and warm. temperatures topping out at near 90 and 70s near the coast, and beautiful day across the coast. >> beautiful day indeed. thank you, anthony. we begin with a story that is affecting air travel along the entire coast. southwest was grounded for hours after a system-wide glitch caused all airlines to depart all departing flights at 8:00 last night. that glitch meant that the passengers could not check in and they could not monitor the weight of the plane or check boarding passes. frustrated passengers were
5:28 am
forced to sit and wait. >> frustrated. wanting to go home. cell phones going off and waiting, waiting, waiting to hear and the only comeanswer we got is that the computer was down. >> the airline says that a dozen flights are canceled nationwide this morning which is down from 60 at the peak of the problem. now, to a developing story in san francisco. a rescue crew will return to the chilly waters near the marina green this morning to try to pull a van out of the bay and a woman's body is still inside. they say that the van jumped a curb in a parking lot at 5:00 yesterday afternoon and plunged into the water. the van floated for a while but the witnesses said that the woman was not moving. people screamed for heldp and they used a america's cup team at the nearby golden yacht club
5:29 am
nearby who tried to break the window with screwdrivers. >> bohnch ofa bunch of guys jumped into the water and trying to smash the window ss with tools, but were not able to break the window. >> the van sank and after several hours of searching rescues found the van in the water, but it is considered a recovery mission and not rescue. >> what do you do when you were 18? we will tell you what one man is doing at the nashltional berkeley lab. crystal geyser is always bottled at the mountain source. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. then we deliver it directly to you.
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something from the movie "twister." these are people on vacation watching those twisters. they pay good money to see tornadoes with their own eyes. pretty close. closer than i would like to get. despite the risk business is booming for those companies to take people on a boom chasing thrill ride. we are going to take you along and talk more about it in a few minutes. out on the plaza this morning, plenty of friends in town. we would like to thank everybody who stopped by this morning. looking forward to meeting them in a bit. i'm erica hill alongside lester
5:31 am
holt. also ahead, nick wallenda. a big weekend ahead. >> tomorrow night, he's attempting the most dangerous stunt yet, walking a tight rope over the grand canyon without a thether and net. why put his life on the line? we'll hear from him in a bit. more on celebrity chef, paula deen. the food network is not renewing her contract after using racial slurs. can her brand survive all this press? let's get a look at the tragic death of actor, james gandolfini. he was supposed to attend a movie festival today. mandy clark is in rome. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. today, fellow actors paid
5:32 am
tribute to james gandolfini at the film festival he was going to attend as a guest of honor. he was in italy to receive an award. he was organizers displayed a montage of his films, tv work as a tribute to his career. >> in the clothes and cars you spend everything i make! >> reporter: wednesday he suddenly collapsed in his hotel room. his son alerted staff. doctors could not revive him. he was 51 years old. speculation was growing about what killed him. yesterday, a family friend announced the finding of the autopsy. >> we received the results of the autopsy which say he died of a heart attack of natural causes. the autopsy further states nothing else was found in his system. >> reporter: gandolfini was
5:33 am
known as tony soprano. his ability to make a monther not seem like a monster. >> you thought he was a normal dad and husband and solved the same problems we have every day. >> reporter: back in new jersey at the restaurant where the final scene of the "soprano's" was filmed. yesterday, his sister visits to pay her respects. his body is being prepped to fly home next week. the paperwork to allow his body to be brought back to the u.s. can take up to ten days. gandolfini's family hopes to bring him back sooner wednesday or thursday for a funeral that is due to take place at the end of the week. lester? >> thanks very much. we have a cardiologist from nyu
5:34 am
medical center. good morning. great to see you. >> good morning. >> he was 51 years old, no previous heart issues. is that young to suffer a heart attack? >> it's a tragedy, but not uncommon. nearly half the heart attacks occur in people under the age of 65. >> he was overweight. is the obesity epidemic changing the profile of typical heart attack patients? >> it leads to high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes. add smoking, it's a heart attack waiting to happen. >> we heard of the warning signs, chest pressure shortness of breath like you are going to collapse. it's important to point out different for men than for women. >> women can have those symptoms, but oftentimes they have pressure lower in the abdomen. it's mistaken for indy jegs or upper back pressure. all too often, where an uncommon
5:35 am
symptom is sudden collapse and a cardiac arrest is one of the most common complications in a heart attack. >> when you talk to patients is it something that often starts earlier that is not recognized? >> they feel the symptoms of shortness of breath or tightness, it's a muscle spasm, acid reflux maybe it will go away. oftentimes they wait too long. unfortunately, some people don't have the time to call 911. one of the most important things that people have to do is when you recognize the symptoms even if you take an aspirin, call 911. a tragedy like this reminds us how important it is to help others by learning to perform cpr. >> a lot of people don't want to
5:36 am
spend three hours in e.r. to learn they have indie jegs. >> heart disease is the leading killer of people in our country. >> great to see you. >> thank you. >> let's get a check of the weather. >> i'm loving how many bruins signs are out here this morning. we are going to see a nice day in the northeast today and tomorrow, too. the heat is on across parts of the plains states and through the midwest. 90s today and tomorrow. it will be one of the hottest days chicago has seen. 100s in the desert. we will see a couple scattered showers and storms down through florida today. the best chance of severe weather is across the northern plains into iowa into southern minnesota and wisconsin. the biggest threat will be for the damaging winds, the larger
5:37 am
hail. we could see isolated tornadoes. that heat is all spreading good morning from the nbc bay area weather center i'm anthony slaughter waking up to clear skies. you can see the golden gate bridge here. temperatures are very warm at the coast near 70 and 52 already in san francisco and 57 in san jose and later on in san jose close to 84 degrees. santa cruz 89 and near the san francisco bay, you will be at 72. dust off the umbrellas with rain headed our way monday and tuesday. a few thunderstorms possible. i definitely found the coolest kid on the plaza. how are you doing? >> good. >> you haven't smiled yet. >> i saw a little bit of a smile. >> i was thinking the same thing. is her brand fatally damaged?
5:38 am
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tornadoes, as we all know are dangerous, they are also mysterious. that's why they are mesmerizing to people. some are paying big money for a chance to see them with their own eyes. we have more on that. not what i would expect for a summer vacation. >> not really but a lot of people are doing it. some storm chasers are offer this opportunity to get up close and personal with nature. is it risky business? they are heading to the storm. >> it's an amazing experience. >> it gets you pumped up. >> reporter: the passengers inside come from far and wide. >> i live in seattle. for me this is an opportunity
5:42 am
this isn't otherwise. >> reporter: they have each paid anywhere from $2600 to $3500 to chase storms for the week in hopes to get a glimpse of mother nature. this man traveled from canada with his brother mark to experience their first chase together. >> it's a select group of people that are excited about violent weather. i'm one of those people. >> reporter: this retiree is on his fifth tour. he's yet to see a twister touch down. >> curiosity leads me to it. i have never seen a tornado. >> at the help is david holder co-owner of extreme tornado tours. >> we are very experienced. we have been doing it for a long time. we are never going to put our guests in danger. >> reporter: tornado tourism isn't new. in the wake of last month's storm that claimed 48 lives, including three professional storm chasers, research scientist john allen says
5:43 am
tourism can be a risky business. >> there are safe ways and unsafe ways. i cannot say they are all safe in the way they conduct themselves. with technology, all storms are not predictable. a storm will fall in an unexpected time or location. >> reporter: it doesn't frighten the guests away. of the 17 tours scheduled, 15 are completely sold out. >> i think about if we do have a tornado, are we safe, first of all. that's the first thing. it's not going to prevent me or any of us from doing this. >> reporter: this group, four days in the journey crossed four states chasing and documenting everything from lightning to hail gusty winds to heavy rain. they have yet to see a tornado, but each day they are hopeful
5:44 am
one will safely twist toward them. so clearly, this is one of those things that is up for discussion. >> it is. the tragedy we saw recently with professional storm chasers. you know storm chasing is dangerous. it's dangerous for the professionals and especially for people who want to go out for the thrill of it. storm chasers do it to keep the public safe. now the public is going into the path of the storms. but i can totally understand why they want to do it. i'm a meteorologist because i fell in love with weather. i don't think it's safe for everyone to get involved. >> going back to you can't help but think of what just happened. >> exactly. >> insensitive in some ways to their family. >> i think the insensitive part is not only to the storm chasers who are trying to get the public out of the way, but the families so devastated by the tornadoes.
5:45 am
i understand the draw for it. sky diving has risks, too. >> interesting one to think about. thanks. just ahead, this baby rhinoceros is the first of its kind. what makes him so special and why? we'll get you answers right after these messages.
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a breakthrough in the movement to keep rhinos from extinction. we had the first indian rhinoceros born through artificial insemination. it weighs over 100 pounds and is getting used to his new home at the zoo. >> it's nice to have you with us. glad to hear mom and baby are doing well. >> they are doing fantastic, thanks for the congratulations. >> what makes this such a big deal? this is pretty important, especially as we look at the future of the species. >> exactly. so when we look at this little guy, he represents the first calf of any rhino species to be born in a u.s. zoo as a result
5:49 am
of the reproductive technology. he's the only indian rhino calf that is thriving from the technology of assisted reproduction using artificial insemination. >> you have a male rhinoceros there. why not let nature take its course? why was it necessary to do artificial insemination. >> as some human couples require the help of doctors to conceive a baby the mom and dad require rhino specialists to produce a calf. in 2004, his sperm was collected and we stored it at a rhino sperm bank. we keep it at minus 320 degrees. in 2012 when the breeding recommendation came for them that sperm was brought back to alabama, thawed and used for the
5:50 am
ai procedure. >> best of luck to the family and the little guy. he's getting a name today, is that true? >> yes. the montgomery zoo chose the name ethan. he visited the zoo three days after he was rescued from a bunker here in alabama. because this little guy, our calf is such a special little guy, we wanted to name him after a special little boy that had a connection with the animal. >> he will grow a horn at some point, right? >> yes, he will. he won't grow it until after he's born otherwise, it would be a little uncomfortable. >> as a mother i'm fine with that. >> thanks very much. congratulations. >> thanks. >> all right. just ahead, some of them are strange looking, others look like they are out of this world. >> they are all so sweet. the pooches vying for the title
5:51 am
of world's ugliest dog, first on "today."
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you are watching "today in the bay." good morning to you and looking live from the san bruno mountain camera. what a way to start the day and beyond. thanks for joining us i'm kris sanchez, and meteorologist anthony slaughter says enjoy it while you can. >> hit the beach or the pool or whatever you want to outside today, because major changes are coming. cooler tomorrow and foggy at the coast, and rain is in the forecast. yes, you heard me rain is in the forecast. 55 in san jose and 52 in santa cruz and i want to fast forward and show you noon tomorrow. know notice the widespread cloud cover tomorrow evening and fog and driz alt -- drizzle at the
5:57 am
coast. and look at the radar lighting up with rain monday. keep the umbrellas ready for monday, but today, keep them in the back of the car and keep the shorts and shades handy. >> shorts and shades and umbrella. okay. thank you, anthony. now to the story in san francisco where rescue crews will return to the wears the to try to return a van to the land with a woman inside. authorities say that the woman jumped a car and plunged into the water. but people on shore said the woman was not working. and the team nearby for the america's cup was nearby and they went to try to open the windows with tools. >> we jumped into the water and with tools, we were smash inging the window trying to get it open. >> they were not able to break
5:58 am
the window, and the van sank. after several hours of searching, they found the van in the water, the but too late to rescue the woman. they were unable to tow the van out of the wa e terterwater, because of conditions, but they will return this morning. southwest airlines are back into the air this morning after they were grounded for several hours last night. it was a system-wide computer glitch that caused the airline to ground all of the departing flights starting at 8:00 last night. that meant that the passengers could not check in and the airline could not monitor the weight of the planes or check boarding passes. it frustrated passengers in san jose. >> cell phones going off, and trying to make arrangements and waiting, waiting waiting to hear and the only answers we
5:59 am
got is that the computer is down. the computer is down. >> the system was back up and running at 11:00 last night and the flights were able to take off, but this morning a dozen flights are cancelled nationwide down from the peak of about 60, at the peak of the problem i should say. and coming up how the police department plans to fight back against rising gang violence on the street. all of those stories coming up right here at 7:00 on "today on the bay."
6:00 am
good morning. it's saturday june 22nd, 2013. here's a look at top stories. edward snowden, the man who admitted leaking top secret details about government surveillance programs now facing espionage and other charges. this morning the burning questions, where is he and will he be returned to the u.s. to face justice? paula deen says sorry, but it's not enough. >> and i offer my sincere apologies to those that i have hurt. >> the food network dumps the celebrity chef after revelations she admitted to using racial epithets in the past. and widespread wildfire. the western town made famous in national lampoon's "vacation" is in jeopardy of being completely consumed by fire.
6:01 am
i'm lester holt alongside erica hill jenna wolfe, and dylan dryer. >> new hope that the only american p.o.w. in afghanistan could soon be coming home. bo bergdahl has been held now for four years. there are new developments to tell you this morning about the case. plus daredevil nik wallenda is at it again. his latest stunt takes him 1,500 feet above the grand canyon without a net. he'll tell us what makes him so fearless. i don't like him standing so close to the edge. >> a little close. also the world's ugliest dog. maybe it doesn't sound like a title you'd want for your pooch, but, hey, it is special. we'll show you all the dogs who competed for top honors and who was crowned the winner in just a few moments. maybe we need to reexamine what comes to beautiful when it comes to dogs. >> all tongues a wagging. in the next half hour a hot new workout to get in shape for summer from surf boards to rope
6:02 am
and even high heels. we'll give it our best shot. >> you're doing the high heels one, right? we do want to begin with the man who leaked national security secrets. edward snowden facing espionage charges this morning. authorities, though don't know exactly where edward snowden is. kristin well kerrker is at the white house this morning. >> reporter: the criminal complaint against edward snowden was filed in alexandria virginia. legal experts say it was just a matter of time before he was charged. some have called edward snowden a traitor, others a hero. this morning he is also a wanted man after federal prosecutors filed charges against him for leaking troves of classified documents, exposing the nsa's secret surveillance programs. it is believed the 30-year-old is hiding out in hong kong. >> the u.s. and the authorities in hong kong have actually been going back and forth making sure that whatever charges are filed conform to the extradition treaty that the u.s. has with
6:03 am
hong kong. >> reporter: a criminal complaint filed a week ago and unsealed friday shows prosecutors charged snowden with stealing government property and violating two espionage laws that make it a crime to reveal classified information to anyone not cleared to receive it. each carries a maximum ten years in prison. glenn greenwald of "the guardian" was first to report on the leak and spoke to msnbc's chris hayes friday night. >> i think when he did what he set out to do he understood it was in violation of the law. he felt it was a noble act justified under basic theorys of civil disobedience. >> reporter: a contractor with the nsa, snowden first leaked the information on june 6. a few days later, snowden came forward revealing himself as the leaker and saying he was in hong kong. >> you can't come forward against the world's most powerful intelligence agencies and be completely free from risks. >> reporter: snowden quickly went back into hiding as his leaks sparked a national debate about the government's spying practices and how a high school
6:04 am
dropout gained access to the government's top secrets. >> it is astonishing that such a person had access to the kind of information he apparently had access to and moreover was able to download that information. so that has got to be fixed. >> reporter: now, according to nbc news justice correspondent pete williams u.s. officials have asked officials in hong kong to arrest edward snowden. once that happens, the u.s. will begin the process of trying to extradite him. snowden has said that he will oppose that. it is a process that could take months and it will be governed by chinese law. erica, back to you. >> one we'll be watching very closely. thak. now to paula deen's fall from grace. the food network says it is not going to renew her contract after it was revealed she used racial slurs in the past. michelle franzen has more. >> good morning, lester.
6:05 am
>> reporter: paula deen earned a reputation in the home by whipping up hearty recipes with a dash of charm. she has come under fire for her words, and now the self-described queen is facing a battle in the court of public opinion. paula deen known for her fat laden cooking served up a public apology after it was made known she used racial slurs. >> i want to apologize to everybody for the wrong that i've done. >> reporter: in the video edited by deen's team before it was posted on youtube, the food network star also made a plea. >> i beg for your forgiveness. >> reporter: a few hours later, a first video was replaced with a new unedited version. >> i am here to say i am so sorry. >> reporter: an attempt at damage control for answers she gave in a legal deposition. deen and her brother are being sued by a former employee who was white, for discrimination claims they deny. >> the complaint alleges that paula deen wanted to have a
6:06 am
wedding that would be southern plantation style, that she used the "n" word to describe african american waiters that would be dressed a certain way. >> reporter: when asked in the deposition have you ever used the "n" word yourself deen replies, yes, of course. it was probably when a black man burst into the bank that i was working at and put a gun to my head. public relations experts say deen's apology ended up a recipe for disaster. >> what she said so far is similar to a child saying i'm sorry i got caught. i wish this thing just went away. >> reporter: deen has been on the hot seat before famous with over the top high fat recipes, she faced criticism last year for not telling the public she was battling diabetes. >> i had to give time to think about it talk with my doctor. >> reporter: on friday deen was a no show on "today," citing exhaustion. >> we arranged an interview this morning. we agreed there would be no
6:07 am
restrictions to that interview. >> reporter: and now deen is out at least one job. the food network announced they are not reviewing her contract. there's a lot at stake. deen's $17 million empire includes cookbooks, restaurants, and advertising deals. >> author of the book "you are the brand." lo lola is a pop culture expert. lo let me start with you. she is her own brand. how deep is the damage here? >> i think, if she doesn't nip this in the bud, it could be amazingly damaging to her brand. her pr people have completely bungled this entire affair starting from the deposition. her answer to the question have you ever used the "n" word should not have been of course? her answer should have been yes, i used it and i'm deeply apologetic. she should have been more contrite at the deposition. from there on it's been a big
6:08 am
mess. canceling on matt lauer, not a good idea. and her people should have said paula, we don't think you're capable of handling this right now. they should never have agreed to allow her to sit down to an interview. >> i appreciate the idea of the media handlers but in the end you take responsibility for your own brand. she's made a lot of money by branding herself. she makes money when she comes on the "today" show to promote herself. to make that commitment to come on the show to have a no holds barred interview with matt and to say, you know what i'm exhausted, which is a euphemism for i'm not ready for the questions, i'm not ready for the followup and then to put this lame video, which only hurts. the more people that see this video, the worse it is for paula deen. she didn't step up. she didn't face the fire. frankly, i think she needs to go away and go undercover and have people try to forget what is very embarrassing for her. i don't think she can recover quickly. >> celebrities go under fire for what they said before. there's almost an arc. the state, you lose the
6:09 am
sponsorships and over time they find their way back into the public life. >> race is different. >> that's my question. race here how does that change the equation? >> i think she needs to go on a mea culpa tour. she has to publicly face the fire sit down with somebody walk us through what was going through your mind. let's hear her side of the story. and then i agree with you. she does need to disappear. before she disappears she needs to put out -- i think she needs to sit down with someone. obviously, i think she needs to sit down with the "today" show and answer the questions. she's got to face the fire. >> how does she explain what was going on in her mind when she said publicly it's acknowledged in my brother's wedding what i really would like is a group of "n" words, boys dressed up in white shirts and black pants serving us. now, that would be a southern wedding. i want to hear paula deen explain what was in her head and go on a mea culpa tour to explain it. my point is if that's in your head and that's in your heart,
6:10 am
what are you apologizing for? that you said it that you got caught. >> that's always the question. are you sorry for what you did or sorry you got caught? >> she has to answer that question. >> we've all said things we're embarrasseded by. the question is what's in your heart. what's in your head. that's not saying a word. that's expressing your feelings. i think this is a long-term situation. i do think she needs to go under cover for a while and ask herself what she believes in and do some good things that are not so public to help some people go away for a while. >> i agree with you. i think she just needs to say i'm sorry. publicly sit down with someone before she disappears for a while. >> on the "today" show. >> we agree about that. okay. >> that's a given. steve and lola great to have you both here. thank you so much. here's erica. >> lester thanks. the prisoner of the only known u.s. prisoner of war in afghanistan are expected to speak today in support of bo bergdahl's release. it comes amid new developments that could help bring him home. >> my name is bo bergdahl.
6:11 am
>> reporter: for the first time since he appeared in this hostage video, there's a slight glimmer of hope now that army sergeant bo bergdahl may soon be coming home. after four long years, the taliban now says it's willing to free bergdahl in exchange for five taliban militants held prisoner at guantanamo bay, cuba. in his hometown haley, idaho, bergdahl's family and friends have found new hope. >> they're very, very upbeat very optimistic and hopeful this comes to fruition. >> reporter: the white house called bergdahl's release a top priority. >> there should be no question we're willing to pursue using our intelligence and diplomatic tools in the effort to return him home safely. >> reporter: u.s. officials caution it won't be easy. some in congress may oppose the release of five taliban prisoners, considered among the most dangerous of those held at guantanamo. the officials add that before any prisoners are freed, the
6:12 am
taliban must first agree to end the fighting and denounce al qaeda. >> i would be very surprised to see progress before next year after the afghan elections. >> reporter: it's not clear when the u.s. and taliban might begin the talks, which are certain to be long drawn out, and complicates, but it may be the best chance yet to finally bring bowe bergdahl home. now to a major wildfire burning out west. >> jenna is here with that and the rest of the morning's other top stories. >> hi everyone again. a battle is raging in colorado to save the popular tourist town of south fork from being reduced to ashes. residents and campers are under an evacuation order. the fire is 47,000 square miles wide. it's actually moving towards town at a slow rate. it's now moving at 1-mile-per-hour. now to nelson mandela. new this morning, an update was
6:13 am
released on the health of the former south african president, saying he remains in serious but stable condition in the hospital. also the government there confirmed the ambulance that was carrying mandela to the hospital earlier this month broke down on the way, but that he was never in any danger. the latest now on lung transplant patient sarah murnaghan. her mother says she is awake and answering yes and no to questions by moving her head. this is the 10-year-old girl whose family battled the court so she could receive adult lungs. sarah, who suffers from cystic fibrosis is still on a ventilator and cannot speak. that is good news to hear that she is responding. and finally this morning, are you one of those tough guys who can handle anything but when a bee sweeps in you do one of those flailing crazy things? is that you? this is the story for you. from tampa, florida, insect expert jonathan simkins got called in to remove a nest of yellow jackets from a hive the size of an apartment. what i found was a complex more
6:14 am
than 6 1/2 feet tall 8 feet wide even this guy was nervous with this many yellow jackets swarming around. he did get rid of the nest. he won't say how. he also won't say if there was any arm flailing involved whatsoever. i put that up there with the wallenda job. there's just some things you don't want to earn a paycheck for doing. give those guys a lot of credit. >> definitely not cut out for that. thank you. >> hey, you're welcome. i'm flailing just thinking about it. >> we've got a check of the forecast. we've got a lot of rain in parts of the northern plains and the upper midwest. you can see the rain coming down very heavily in southern wisconsin and just to the west of chicago, which it will be moving into the chicago area eventually. over the course of the weekend, we could see some areas picking up four inches of rain. we are looking at a ton of rain out that way. could see severe storms that way later on this afternoon with the
6:15 am
biggest threat being hail, gusty good morning. it isle:15 and you are taking a live look at the golden gate bridge. here on saturday you are not tracking fog and that is what we are expecting all day long. clear skies at the coast. 52 in san mateo and livermore and in concord and today, plenty of blue skies and warm inland and 72 in san francisco and 79 in santa cruz. now dust off the umbrellas because rain heads our way tomorrow night and monday. latest forecast. lester? >> thanks, still to come, the latest on aaron hernandez. could he be charged with murder? s next inside the world's ugliest dog contest after these messages.
6:16 am
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6:18 am
have you ever seen some of those dogs that are so different looking, you can't help but love them. >> that's the best way to describe the world's ugliest dog contest. it focuses on the dog's inner beauty. >> reporter: they clearly lack star power. lineage is uncertain. their looks could stop traffic. it is puzzling that a contest replacing standard perfection with an invitation to say yes, at the annual sonoma county fair. >> it draws media and people from around the country, around the world. >> i have been a dog guy all my life. the dogs on my shirt are all
6:19 am
that i have at the moment. what exactly is the competition of the negative ugliest, even the word is ugly. ugly. >> come on. >> reporter: it turns out, everyone has a good time with this. there's none of the westminster seriousness with big money on the line. >> they go over like this. like a donald trump. >> the judges add this. >> the dogs know they are loved. i think that's the bottom line. >> i remind people the dog doesn't know it's ugly. >> reporter: all they know is they are fused over. in the end, one of them is named, if not best in show the winner, of sorts. >> give it up for wally. >> reporter: a boxer, beagle, basset mutt.
6:20 am
he's the ugliest over tough competition. judging by the smile from all of them winning isn't what mattered most. for "today," mike taibbi nbc news petaluma california. >> i mean this seriously, wally is crowned the ugliest dog will be here. it is about their inner beauty. >> i don't think that dog is unattractive. i'm not a dog person. >> he has issues. >> three dogs bred into one. it's hysterical. >> can we talk about mike's shirt? was he going for his own contest with that? >> the ugliest shirt. >> maybe. with the christmas sweater thing. first, this is "today" on nbc.
6:21 am
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6:23 am
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6:26 am
good morning. live look from oakland and nice and warm there today. rain? well, it will be arriving in oakland? good morning. i'm kris sanchez with meteorologist anthony slaughter and believe it or not more rain since april. >> right. hard to believe we are talking about rain and summer started two days ago. >> yes. >> and thursday night actually at 10:00. >> day and a half then. >> yes. >> we were both right. >> and so the summer solstice e equinox. the best chance of rain is sunday night at the coast, and then monday and tuesday, everybody expecting a good drenching and as kris said, it is the most rain since april. >> only the best here at nbc.
6:27 am
>> right. talking about the temperatures today, inland close to 90 and again, head up with the fog and the drizzle arriving tomorrow night and rain. dust off the umbrellas. >> thank you, anthony. breaking news in the south bay this morning where a car crashed into a home in south san jose last night sparking a fire. the fire started before midnight on bluefield and vista park drive not far from capital expressway. officials say that the car lost control and slammed into one home rupturing a gas line which started the fire. at least five people in two separate homes were able to make it out to safety. the fire did destroy one home and badly damage the other. one firefighter hurt his leg, but is expected to be okay and one other juvenile who was inside of the car was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. and now to san francisco where a rescue crew will rethe
6:28 am
turn to the waters in marina green to try to pull a van from the water and a woman still inside. the woman jumped a curb at a parking lot around 5:00 and then plunged into the water. the van floated for a while, but the witnesses say that the woman inside was not moving. people on shore screamed for help and a america's cup team at the golden gate yacht club raced into action. they tried to break out the window with a screwdriver. >> bohna bunch of guys were in the water trying to slow down the car with tools and trying to smash the window to get it open. >> the team was not able to break that window and the van sank. after hours of searching, rescuers found the van, and the woman inside, but unable to tow it out because of the conditions in the bay. and in mill peapitas, if this
6:29 am
is where you get your coffee, this coffee shop will be closed because a car crashed into the store. nobody was hurt. and a computer glitch causes major headaches for travelers across the country and especially here in the bay area. we will tell you what to expect.
6:30 am
8:30 now on a saturday morning. it is june 22nd 2013. it is officially summer, the first full day of summer. we are expecting a beautiful day here in new york city. our friends are out on the plaza this morning. just ahead in this half hour we are going to take a closer look at what's happening with aaron hernandez. we have been following this story all week. he's been investigated in connection with a massachusetts homicide. no charges have been filed. he's lost one endorsement. what is next? we'll get into that just ahead. then what is next for nick wallenda. he's at it again. a member of the famous wallenda circus family plans to take a quarter mile stroll over the grand canyon without a thether or net.
6:31 am
we'll find out what makes him so sure he can pull this off. >> speaking of crazy, we are going to put on tight athletic pants. we are going to get physical. we are going to show you four hot workouts to get you in shape for the summer. they are exercises like you have never seen before involving high heels, surf boards and pregnant people. it is a whole host of different things happening here. we'll tell you about that. >> something you don't want to take pictures of. we want to see your workout photos running, swimming. we may use them on air. send them to us with #todayweekend. what do you think? >> nothing like when we work out and dylan and i fall and scrape our legs. i thought of dylan, she did it not long ago. >> don't run in high heels. >> apparently, that's the problem. >> or running shoes. >> you have a check of the
6:32 am
weather? >> yes it is going to be gorgeous across the northeast. we are looking for the threat of severe storms across the plains states and through iowa and into southern wisconsin and southern minnesota as well. we could see gusty winds and isolated tornadoes. it is hot through the plains with highs in the mid to upper 90s. scattered showers and storms in the carolinas. same for tomorrow. the slight risk of severe weather is sitting across kansas and nebraska and iowa again. we will watch that area closely all weekend. a couple late day showers in northern new england. the northwest is below average with more showers. the heat will be spreading eastward. chicago, tomorrow, could see o good morning. at 6:32 a live look tatat the city of san francisco. and from the camera you will notice clear skies across the bay and perfect day to hit the beach or the pool.
6:33 am
54 in sunnyville, and now later today, everybody expecting full sunshine. the temperatures will be warm in the inland valleys and 89 in santa rosa and 89 in santa cruz and 84 in san francisco. dust off the umbrellas because rain is headed our way. heading up to street to east rutherford new jersey. we have the health and fitness expo. we are teaming up with the new york giants to inspire everyone to get healthy. we'll feature cooking demos and tons of celebrity appearances. head over to metlife stadium and take advantage of it. it's totally free. erica? >> sounds good. thanks. >> aaron hernandez is a star player for the new england patriots. he's at the center of a murder investigation. he has not been charged, but he
6:34 am
is in the spotlight. stephanie gosk is there with more for us this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. aaron hernandez and he has lawyer haven't made any comment on this case and they won't. the football player is not in hiding he's at home, waiting to find out what happens here. aaron hernandez returned home with his boston lawyer at his side. neither had a comment after a day that began with false reports of an arrest warrant. no warrant issues and no suspects named in the case. 27-year-old oden lloyd's body was discovered less than a mile from hernandez's home on monday. the police have video surveillance of both men together in the days leading up to the murder. since then hernandez has been questioned by investigators, his house searched and his every move followed by cameras.
6:35 am
>> are you involved in the murder? can you tell us anything you want to say. >> reporter: he lost an endorsement deal. >> reporter: a sports new trigs company said we are terminating our endorsement contract. he's a star offensive player. last summer he signed a five-year $40 million deal. bill belichick had this to say. >> he's improved in all phases of the game. passing, running, protection and overall versatility. >> reporter: the concern is a bright football future might be in jeopardy. >> training camp opens five weeks from today for the new england patriots. it will be a distraction for the patriots if aaron hernandez is arrested charged and indicted and shows up for training camp. >> reporter: this is the time of year football players rest and
6:36 am
get ready. getting caught up in a homicide is going to make it difficult. erica? >> for sure thanks. up next nick wallenda's most daring stunt yet. first, these messages. hello. i am babybel. you see the "mini" on my chest? funny, yes? no. there's nothing mini about me. i'm huge. ahem. any hoo. even my wrapper has a wrapper. flavor? i'm bursting with it. creamy? i ooze it. quality like this... (muffled):...doesn't come everyday. well technically it does because i'm in the grocery but... ooh, how you doin'? rich. creamy. and 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. [ jennifer garner ] why can't powerful sunscreen feel great? actually it can. neutrogena® ultra sheer®. its superior uva uvb protection helps prevent early skin aging and skin cancer, all with the cleanest feel. it's the best for your skin. neutrogena® ultra sheer®.
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6:38 am
his family has been risking their lives for generations. tomorrow night, nick wallenda will do it again taking on the most daring stunt yet. >> he will walk across the grand con canyon on a wire the width of two bottle caps. >> the goal is to make it to the other side. >> when he sets a goal he achieves it. he's hung fl a helicopter by his teeth and walked on top of a moving ferris wheel. he risks his life every time he walks on that wire. back in 2008 a terrifying slip when crossing the wire on foot. >> oh, my gosh. >> minutes later, he set a guinness book record for the longest high wire bike ride. another scare when the wheel
6:39 am
slipped. >> don't go backwards, please. >> tomorrow night, he will attempt to cross the grand canyon on a wire strung 1,500 feet above the ground about as high as the empire state building. he will walk 1400 feet without a harness or net. death defieing stunts run in the family. they have thrilled families since the 1700s. that makes nick a seventh generation performer. >> it's important for me to do it the way our family has always done it. >> it comes with risks. in 1978 his great grandfather died attempting a high wire walk in puerto rico. >> i want to make sure it's done right. >> to ensure it never happens again, he relies on a safety team run by his dad, teri. >> i would be worried sick if i wasn't there.
6:40 am
>> when he steps on the wire tomorrow night, he hopes to carry on a dream and a family legacy. >> toward the end, i will tear up. i see my kids. i see my wife. i see the smiles on their face and the relief. the exhaustion goes away. it's excitement. we can celebrate. >> i was commenting. i didn't like watching him stand by the cliff. >> it's too close to the edge. >> i can't believe his dad is there. my mom has a hard time when i travel to d.c. call me when you get there. his father watches this. what a responsibility. >> he should wear a helmet. >> whatever. i'll let you all think about why that was a stupid comment on my part. anyway. >> sky wire live with nick wallenda airs on the discovery channel. >> we'll show you great ways to get in shape this summer including one that involves heels.
6:41 am
first, this message.
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be happy. be healthy. this morning on "today's" fitness, the first weekend of summer. that means bathing suit season is upon us. we have transformed the plaza into a fitness center with the help of crunch gym. we are going to start with a new work out called surf set and sand. we have an instructor here. explain what we are going to do. >> crunch partnered up with surf, set, fitness. it's a circuit dallas. we are going to start with our pop-up. you come down here on the surf x and we are going to start paddling out into the waves. nice job. we are going to get into a pop-up. come up push yourself up into a
6:44 am
plank, position bring your right leg forward and stand facing me. you got it. yeah there you go. you are going to catch some waves here. >> this is really an abexercise? >> it's working strength and cardio. grab on to the rail here. you can real feel your legs working. all right. great job. looks good. excellent. part of the class is done on this and part we are going to do in the sand as well. >> what sort of thing are we exercises here? >> legs quad glutes core. we are paddling, so really a total body work out. >> how long do you do it typically? >> the class is 45 minutes. half is on the surfer x and the
6:45 am
other in the sand. >> the longer we are up here the more i feel this now, the quads. >> excellent. yes. surfing is one of the most athletic sports out there. >> this is popular? >> yeah. it brings the beach into the gym floor. >> will it help me become a surfer? >> it will help. >> thanks very much. >> thank you, lester. >> let's turn it over to jenna. >> you would never know lester is from california with all the surfing moves. next up zumba. i was told we were going to sit down and it would be easy if you are pregnant. i walked over here and you are doing a weird thing i never imagined. i have never done zumba before. >> let's do it. >> it's a simple move to the chair.
6:46 am
now, hip circle. two, three. >> i'm not a strong dancer. >> this is what you do. >> top. top. there you go. now circle. >> i hope i don't have this baby by mistake. >> step shuffle. very good. nice and easy. >> distracted by zumba and you burn a lot of calories and working your muscles. >> exactly. now a little flavor. >> okay. wow. look at my flavor you guys. okay. i'm having fun. this is popular. people swear by zumba. clearly i don't because i'm so bad at it. what? you guys are so good. i don't want to ruin it by being in the shot. people of all ages are doing this? >> all ages.
6:47 am
it's for everyone. so much fun. >> what is the fascination with all the dancing? get your groove and get out there? >> the music is amazing. you get all the fun you can. you make friends. you are happier. healthier and happier. >> i'm so happy right now you have no idea. i feel like things are happening for me. moving and shaking in really good places. this is awesome. you are great. >> thank you. >> over to dylan. >> i am joined by kim and we are doing battle roping. these are very very heavy ropes. >> it's a full body workout. >> what do you do with the ropes? >> we are going to show you. come over here. squat down. >> okay. >> grab your rope. >> all right. >> we want to make big tidal waves. this is the tidal move. roll it up. >> are you kidding me?
6:48 am
>> let's see what you have. yeah. >> where are we going? >> last five. now next move is a quick wave. >> quick wave. >> rapid-fire. >> okay good. move your arms as fast as you can. >> good. weird faces, too. now, we are going switch it out into a lung with a hammer curl. >> okay. >> give me power. all right. yeah. drop it down. >> let's make it harder than it already is. how do you feel? >> that is so heavy and to get that end of the rope to do any
6:49 am
kind of wave. i'm out of breath. you're like whatever. i'm impressed. we are now with carol johnson who does this is stiletto strength. the last thing i think i should wear for a work out is a pair of heels. that's the point here. >> we partnered with nine west. it's all lower body and you get your strut on and learn how to walk properly in heels and look great in style. >> great style. it's going to help lift the lower region, right? perfect. >> walk two three and a snap. and a walk two, three, snap. you are strutting to the right. two, three and back. >> yeah that's it. >> chose though shoes off. tap shoe. and two. strength here. lift it up. that's it. now walk on the red carpet.
6:50 am
walk forward, forward, forward. it's a supermodel strut. turn turn and shimmy back. >> like this? >> strike a pose and strike a pose. that's it. do it all together. >> we'll find out. ready? >> walk walk and attitude. and a walk. show those shoes right here. show the shoes. and lift. that's it. take a walk on the red carpet. walk. oh yeah and turn. turn. show me the attitude. and toes and toes. that was it. >> i think i have it down. thank you for being with us. thanks to everybody for shong us those fantastic workouts. we asked you to show us your instagram photos of your workout. i think we have a few of them right now. maybe. maybe not.
6:51 am
there we go. >> up your workout. we love it when you share them with us. wow. >> is that nick wallenda? >> no. this is what he's doing. this is five times the width. this is one inch off the ground. >> nice. >> it's heavy, right? >> this trains us to do what? >> be strong. >> to do anything. to take on the world. >> we'll be right back. wait a sec! i found our colors. we've made a decision. great, let's go get you set up... you need brushes... you should check out our workshops... push your color boundaries
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6:55 am
wallenda. he's going to attempt to cross the grand canyon. >> see you tonight on "nightly news." >> you got it. you got it. ♪ good morning. i'm kris sanchez.
6:56 am
coming up next on day in the bay. a recovery and not rescue after crews try to get a van with a woman inside out of the marina green. what you need to know about your flight after a glitch grounded passengers for hours up and down the west coast. plus rain two days into summer, you bet. meteorologist anthony slaughter will tell us when and where, and get the weekend started with "day in the bay" right here in two minutes.
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>> announcer: from nbc bay area this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. looking live at a different perspective of the golden gate bridge. a sail both there in the distance and a beautiful start to what is a warm weekend and then a change is coming. thank you for joining us. i'm kris sanchez with meteorologist anthony slaughter, and we were saying that we would need the dramatic music, because you have rain in the forecast. >> it is hard to believe. i said we have to find this old thing. >> what is that? >> umbrella. >> haven't had it since april. >> right. in fact, when we had to use it was a quarter of an inch.
7:00 am
this is the most headed our way sunday night. it is going to be dry, but give you the head's up first right here off of the bat. 57 down in san jose and 50 in gilroy and maybe you are making plans to go out to a, the tshgst&t park and the temperatures will be fantastic. and 72 will be the top temperature at at&t at 2:00 this afternoon and clear skies across the board. in fact, everywhere else the temperatures are going to be comfortable, and the warmest across the trivalley. 88 in livermore and santa fe and as we can tell you the rain is in the forecast arriving tomorrow night, and we will detail it for you coming up in a little b


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