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tv   CBS Evening News  NBC  June 23, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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and right now at 6:00, rain is making it's return to the bay area. a stormy downtown san francisco. on the right, rain drops on our camera. good evening. i'm terry mcsweeney. it is officially summer, it doesn't look or feel that way. it is cloudy and a little cool. we're tracking the changes outdoors, there's some big changes coming this way. >> lard to believe we were talking 80s and 90s a few hours ago. some areas got a trace to a
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couple hundredths of an inch. that is very moisture rich air that is continuing to come in here. you'll notice on the doppler scan not much happening, it is quieting out. there is a couple hundredrths o an inch. off the coast right now, that is going to move through tomorrow morning as we move through the morning rush hour. we will clear out a little for tomorrow before we do this all over again. monday and tooz will be rainy days. we have a timeline coming up and 90s in the future. >> thank you, we have breaking news out of san jose right now. a neighborhood is on lock down
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as police look for suspects. a couple was walking on lido way when this took place. there was an argument between the group and the couple. one of the subpoenas tried to grab the woman's purse, a man tried to intervene, he was beaten, injuries to the head, and the police have been notified they're looking for the six males. nobody is in custody right now, but the neighborhood as you see there, near 101 and 280 off of king road there has been blocked off. police are looking for the six male suspects that confronted a couple. went for the woman's purse, a man intervened and he was injured beaten in the ahead. we'll have more on that. the weight will soon be over, the ban on same sex marriage expected to come down tomorrow. california voters passed
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proposition eight banning same sex marriage. they rules the proposition unconstitutional, the supreme court took up the case. >> it's so hard to find five justices to come not just to a decision, but the reasoning for the decision. there are many different reasons they could agree to it. we know they're talking about setting precedent, and you want to be very, very sure of what you're doing to try to make sure it stays. you don't want it overruled. >> the court has a lot of options, it could hold it up, it could strike it down, it could allow same sex marriages nationwide. you can also rule supporters of prop eight do not have league standings, and it should not have been reviewed in the first place. we know tomorrow, it looks like
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thursday at the latest. nbc bay area will be report frg washington dc tomorrow morning and reports across the bay area when that ruling comes down. a home is destroyed and a family displayed after an early morning fire. it was on south garden court near 101 and 85. the family of three woke up to the smell of smoke and were able to make it out of the home safely. authorities say there were smoke alarms in the home, but they were not activated. the cause of that fire is under investigation. police investigate a crash. police were doing a routine traffic stop when the car took off. they say it was a group of juveniles in a stolen car. they severed a gas line and
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sparked a fire. the driver was booked into juvenile hall. a san jose police officer and a firefighter suffered minor injuries. >> the family of a missing 19-year-old held a vigil today. the 19-year-old has been missing since may 21st. he has a traumatic brain injury. and this week, a neurosurgeon recommended he be changed to medically unstable. it will bring national attention from the fbi. >> sean's medical condition puts him in serious danger of death if he is not found soon. >> the change in status would mean entering his information into a national database so if he shows up in another state police will be able to identify
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him. we now know the identity of the driver who plunged into the bay. debra crenshaw was one of several people in the van. everybody got out education september debra. her body and her van were pulled out. construction work has begun on highway 17 so you can expect delays on the way to the beach and back. it is along a six mile stretch that connects the bay area to santa cruz. work began today, expect lane lowtures in both directions day and night resulting in 10 to 15 minute delays. if your monday morning commute takes you through the south pay, here is good news, new carpool planes opened on
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880. they also added a carpool lane on the southbound ramp. next week, they will begin retiming the traffic on that busy road. tens of thousands of people made the trip to wine country this weekend to wash the annual boys and girls of nascar. today the crowd was created to the grand finale. scott reiss joins us now. >> drinking wine and driving, not good, driving in wine country very good, at least once a year. nascar making it's annual pit top in sanoma. it was an unlikely competitor basking in the spotlight when was all said and done. martin truex junior stole the
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show finishing 8 seconds ahead of the pack. he snaps a 218 winless streak. it was the race at sonoma raceway. this was the napa car driven by martin truex jr. it was his first win since 2007. >> before the race started, i was not 100% kf confident we wo do what we did. today, it was certainly not the day i thought we had the car to beat, and it turned out we did. >> he lost a few, but not as much as i lost. it's so fun, because he deserves it. and the team deserves it. and these things are so hard to win and to put one together and see the smiles makes us so
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happy. >> montoya is back, and carl edwards finished third, and busch and boyer finished out the top five. that is more for now. we'll have more later with giants and a's highlights. we'll tell you about it in a few minutes. >> coming up next, honoring the victims. the man who returns the boston marathon returned with a gift. >> and nelson mandela has taken a turn for the bors. when we return, we'll look at technology made here in the bay area that's helping the stunt man complete this grand feat.
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a bray area company is behind the life saving technology for a daredevil's attempt to become the first person to walk a tight rope over the grand canyon. he is using a portable weather station to find optimal conditions for the third of a mile walk. 1300 feet above the colorado
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river. it measures wind speed, direction, rainfall, and barometric pressure. >> it's very important that he knows what those wind speeds are. there is a threshold, about 38 miles per hour, and it will not be safe for him to walk. >> he will walk across the two inch thick wire. it will be broadcast on the discovery channel tonight with a ten second delay. >> there is an annual cancer survivor's day. there was a dozen people there to get their air cut off. organizers say raid yar can lead to hair loss. this year's event emphasized nutrition, exercise, and positive thinking about part of the recovery process.
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>> when someone has gone bold, they have hair that looks good and that makes them feel normal again. >> the hair will be donated to wigs for kids, they are low cost or free for those undergoing cancer treatments. a tournament took place in justin herman plaza. 40 teams competed including ten teams of homeless people. it supported sports for social change. it gave job and life skills to homeless and young adults. still to come, a cat with nine lives. how they freed a feline at a fast food joint.
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>> developing news, nelson mandela's condition has deteriorated tonight. doctors are doing everything they can for him. but in the past 24 hours or so, mandela has taken a turn for the worse. he has been intensive care. mandela has had respiratory problems since contracting tuberculosis while he served
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three decades in prison. a man hunt for edward snowden, the u.s. contractor that leaked information about the u.s. electronic surveillance program is going to ecuador to seek asylum. they say the country has received a request for asylum for snowden. this means he will maybe not go to trial in the u.s. which angered some politicians. >> i want him caught and brought here for trial. i think we need to know exactly what he has. >> u.s. officials say his passport was revoked before he left hong kong. the winner of the boston marathon returns to the city with a gift, one that holds
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significant means. the winner of the 2013 boston marathon, back in town to honor all of the victims of the attacks on april 15th. he presented his winner medal to the mayor, saying he and his ethiopian teammates stand in sol day darety with the people of boston. >> we promise that we will return to boston and show that our support of freedom is stronger than any acts of violence. 5,000 runners took part in the annual race in the first big event since the marathon. a lot of them participated in the marathon as well, bringing back a lot of difficult feelings. >> it was a little bit surreal, but it was awesome. it felt great to be out here.
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>> i had no security concerns. >> the terrible events of april 15th brought the city together, and many agree that the gift from the marathon winner is one more example of what has become a familiar refrain, boston strong. >> that is definitely a sign of community, and showing a lot of respect for the city of boston also. >> that was john rooney reporting. the weather around here is a huge deal. talking about three quarters of an inch of rain. >> back over the next 24 to 48 hours. it is hard to believe we have not been able to get all of that rain all winter long. now as we get into the summer, it will be three quarters of an inch, you can tell where our jet stream is. we have rich moisture air traveling in our jet stream right now. these both, combined, will allow
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for this area of rain to move in. sitting off of the coast of california, and this is what we will be tracking as we go towards tomorrow morning. just to give you an idea of how unusual this is, san jose, the last time we say was it was about .15 of an inch. as you notice, where ever we fall, we're more than .09 for the average june rainfall for the entire month. if we get more than that, we're going to smash that. basically it is very unusual weather setting up. you'll notice by 11:00 tonight we'll have a few areas of drizzle. tomorrow morning in the north, tomorrow, during the day, things will dry out a little bit. a little sunshine here and there, but overall, as we ahead towards the evening hours, we'll
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have more rain in the picture for the morning commute. so it will give us a little moisture in the south bay. we're talking about trace amounts from morgan hill to san jose. now, off to the east bay, livermore, you can see a trace to .15 of an inch. if you get towards the peninsula we'll see amounts up to about .35 of an inch. it will be along the santa cruz mountains where we can see three quarters of an inch before always is said and done. 60s and 70s across the board. 74 in livermore. the three day forecast keeps the rain in place. you'll notice wednesday's high back among the mid 80s. it will be really nice. we're talking about temperatures back in the 90s. it will put a bandaid on the
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wild fire issue we had across the bay area. across the last month or so we have had a wild fire every week. we'll be back with a cat resc rescue. [ woman ] hey! [ man ] hey, louis! [ woman ] thank you. ♪ mmm. now, why can't you grill chicken like louis? there is something about a... man who knows his way around a grill. it's so manly. [ grunts, laughs ] we talkin' about louis right? [ woman ] mm-hmm. it's like some kind of grill master.
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[ male announcer ] so good they'll think you grilled it. kentucky grilled chicken. freshly prepared and slow grilled to juicy perfectio try a 10-piece mixed bucket for just $14.99. today tastes so good. bad luck for a black kitten that got stuck in a pipe. it ended happily. two men passing by a wendy's
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restaurant heard calls for help. the small kitten was pulled from a pvc pipe. they were able to reach the kitten using a wire with a loop on the end. she was taken to a rescue center. she is fine and now up for adoption. sports after this.
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hi, everybody. the cubby cove is a far cry from south beach, the marlins continue to make themselves comfortable. they started a new streak today. out to the yard we go, the giants fishing four a four-game split and they didn't get it. a dad tried to make a play on a foul play, and the son says come
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on, dad. a rough day at the yard all around. it was a 3-2 game in the 7th, but the same inning on the corners, he rounds into a double play, miami explodes late and wins 7-2. amy gutierrez puts a bow on the series. >> a very frustrating series, the giants only able to take one of the four game set. they were only able to play eight runs over four games. you combine that with some base running blunders, struggles in the bull pen, and lack of the long ball and yam was clearly the better team over the last four games. >> we just got shut down. their starters and bull pen, they played great. we got out played here. >> you can try to make executioexecutiocuseexcuses,
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but we didn't get the job done and we didn't throw the ball like we needed do. >> everybody is happy that sandoval will be back on monday. he he had a two-game rehab assignment and could provide power to the line up. nick noonan goes back to aaa baseball. a rubber game between the a's and mariners. brandon moss unloads. a solo shot died at three. we get baseball in the pacific northwest. a pinch-hit, first pitch walk off home run. they hit two of three in the series. >> it wasn't a very good one for us. didn't expect to go two and
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five. there is not much that we can do about it now. we can come back on tuesday and play our best baseball. >> the a's are off tomorrow, and the giants will begin a series in los angeles. terry, you heard amy mention that sandoval will be back. and i don't care how much the giants are scuffling, you know they'll get up for the dodgers. >> yes, the home run today the first for that team in 90 innin innings. >> no one will be around tomorrow for a game, which is good, because it will be raining. >> yes, that is good, if you are going to work or school, you want to carry the umbrellas tomorrow. a morning event and the then
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rain returns tomorrow night through tuesday. thank you for choosing nbc bay area news at 6:00, have a great night.
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