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tv   Today  NBC  June 24, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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that. >> go black hawks. i'm a huge fan. >> used to be from chicago. >> love that town. >> that is our show today. thanks for being with us. we'll see you again at 7:25. have a great day everybody. good morning. bring breaking news. where is he? edward snowden, his flight took off without him. what the u.s. is saying about his quest for asylum. keeping vigil. concern gross over the health of nelson mandela. he is in critical condition in a south african hospital. we're live with the very latest. and man on a wire. millions watched nik wallenda's death defying stunt 1500 feet in the air. >> the winds are way worse than i expected. >> he tells us what he was thinking and what his next stunt might be today, monday, june
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24th, 2013. >> from nbc news, this is today, with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm savannah guthrie along side al roker and tamron hall. we're following the breaking news out of russia. which is edward snowden's last known location. >> over the weekend snowden left hong kong for moscow and he is seeking asylum. he was supposed to be on the flight from moscow to cuba and possibly bound for ecuador, and we know the u.s. is trying to block that. >> and second of state john kerry saying there will be consequences if russia or china
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help snowden flee. and we have the latest on that this morning. >> reporter: well, as you say, what a busy and bizarre day here in moscow. there was an airplane that took off for havanna several hours ago now, and when it did there were a total of four empty seats, and one which was intended for fugitive snowden, and meanwhile adding to the confusion, the company is saying nothing at all about snowden's whereabouts. it's the latest twist in the story that becomes more intriguing. he may be inside the airport he could be in an ecuador embassy, and a man was whisked off when he got off a plane
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earlier today. and there was russian reports that he was outside of russian airspace, meaning he was on a flight, some flight, and nobody knows which one. earlier today you made reference to ecuador's foreign minister, and he confirms snowden filed a political asylum, and he said no decision has been made, and u.s. officials are seething about the supreme decision from hong kong to disregard u.s. pressure to extradite pressure and instead let him fly here to moscow. and it has to be said that would never have happened if mr. vladimir putin had not given a free pass to spend the night in the transit area in that airport just behind me. savannah? >> jim, thank you.
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let's turn to a counterterrorism analysts. >> good morning. >> they urged russia to look at any options to expel snowden u.s. had returned numerous criminals criminals to the russian government. >> this is a political question. it's less whether they have the legal authority to do and whether or not putin wants to use his muscle, which he can do through a variety of means, to send him back to the united states. and he has been stripped of his u.s. passport is one option, and we could send a provisional arrest warrant, and my guess is the reason he is not on the plane is the russians want to consider whether there is the right path to leave their airport there. >> and hong kong said the u.s. botched the paperwork that would have led to the arrest of snowden in hong kong, and is there a doubt in your mind that
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the authorities decided to watch their hands of edward snowden? >> i am smiling because there is absolutely no doubt. this is not about a legal document not having the right ts crossed and is dotted. they could stop him, and my guess is hong kong and the government in beijing, neither really wanted to be a player in this, and the easiest way for them to get out of it was to let him travel to moscow. >> he appears to be on a tour of countries that at the very least are somewhat adversarial to the united states. do you think the chinese or russian authorities will get a look at what he is carrying with him as what we just reported, laptops and thu laptops and thumb drives, and do you think the u.s. can get him back? >> well, my guess is that the
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russians and the chinese may not want to get that involved, and in that sense they may not have access to that data. i think it's more likely they turn him over, but i think regardless of where he ends up my expectation is that the classified he has will be released. this is like the movies. there is some other hard drive out theregiven to other people, and i will be surprised if that information is not ultimately made public. >> and other than the channels we have discussed this morning, are there other unorthodoxed ways for them to pick up snowden? >> it would be rendition, and that is using the organization like the cia to quietly go in and take him and bring him back to the united states, and although we have done that in the past, we have fundamentally
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never done that without explicit or implicit approval by the government. >> all right, thank you. here is matt. >> savannah, thank you. we want to go to south africa where the health of the former president, nelson mandela, took a turn for the worst over the weekend. good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning. after so much hope that nelson mandela was making a recovery over the last week, people are really worried about him now. the president of south africa is saying that he is still in a critical condition after he got so much worse through the weekend. he says that he came to the hospital late last night, and that he saw nelson mandela and he said he was sleeping, and one source tells us that nelson mandela is not able to -- has not been able to breathe
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independently and he needed the help of a ventilator some of the time in the last 48 hours, and the president is not confirming that but they say doctors are doing everything possible, with his wife beside his bedside, and we think one of his grand daughters is arriving at the hospital while one daughter has given an interview where she said the family is taking one day at a time. and i want to read a few more quotes, because it's so moving. she says i pray as his daughter that the transition is smooth. he is at peace with himself. he has given so much to the world. matt? >> certainly has. thank you very much. here is savannah. now to florida where opening statements have gun in the murder trial of george
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zimmerman. a >> reporter: guy just laid out to the jury what the state alleges, and he outlined they believe zimmerman went after a woman nearby was on 911 with the police. those recorded screams before the fatal shot -- >> you think he is yelling help? >> yes. >> what is -- >> there's gunshots. >> reporter: it's evidence the state wants to present to the jury in this second-degree murder case, and as opening statements begin, the judge issues a ruling that while the tape can be played for the jury, no experts will be allowed to testify about the call. whose voice that might be. or what one state expert believed was being said.
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>> this is a serious blow to the prosecution. without expert testimony to establish whose voice was crying for help on the 911 tape, it makes it tough to establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. >> george zimmerman said he shot martin in self defense. zimmerman's attorneys wanted to limit the language prosecutors can use, and in a ruling they could describe him as a vigil anti- and a want-to-be cop. >> i would ask the state to stay away from racial profiling, but not the word profile itself as it is used in other terms. >> in the opening statement by the prosecutor, indeed he used the word profiling. the defense attorney is expected to begin his opening statements in about 20 minutes. this is a jury of six women, and the prosecutor says five of
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those women are white women and the other one is either hispanic or black. because there will be no expert testimony, savannah, it's expected this trial will be a little bit shorter than the usual one month that was discussed. >> all right, thank you. let's go over to tamron hall right now, while natalie is on assignment at the grand canyon. there's a big fire in colorado. >> yes, the fire near south fork doubled in size overt weekend and now burned more than 114 square miles. fire officials told evacuees they have no idea when people can return home. high winds are expected today and it's likely to grow again. this is certain to be a week of historic rulings at the supreme court with the biggest decision of this term being announced. one is a challenge to proposition 8 in california which ended same-sex marriage in that state. the second is a test of defensive marriage act passed by
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congress in 1996. it prevents the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages in the 12 states where they are legal. the justices will decide the fate of the voting law passed. and another racially charged case charges a admission. funeral services are planned for thursday morning in new york for the actor. the 51-year-old star died of a heart attack last week. in dayton, ohio, sunday, a moment of silence for two people killed in a crash at an air shore there. a pirate and wing walker were killed when their plane went
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down in front of horrified spectators. gas prices dropping as summer begins. the average price for a gallon of regular is $3.60, and that is down 4 cents from two weeks ago, and the average price for a regular in california is $4.07, and the cheapest gas in tucson, $3.24 a gallon. and chicago's gas is down 25 cents. and then wall street, what is moving the markets today. they are moving down. >> the dow is down more than 200 points 30 minutes into trading on worries about china's economy. and then continuing to look for clues about the fed's moves, and then this week eight fed officials will speak and at least ten economic reports will be released. the return being build as the
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sweetest comeback ever, twinkies will reappear on store shelves july 15th. and the company is now owned by private equity. >> thank you. a weather forecast to remember in canada. it happened when christy gordon saw something creepy and larger than life show up on a camera lens. >> for our area -- oh, my gosh. oh, that was creepy. oh, of course it had to be right on my head. okay -- i have to move -- >> her reaction to the spider cast has gone viral as so many things do. it's 14 minutes past the hour. 7:14 pacific time. any jokes? anybody got anything? >> no, let the video speak for itself. >> it reminds me of the plaza cam where the moth was -- >> not going to say what you want us to say. >> yeah.
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it gives a new meaning to the worldwide web. >> that was not -- >> what a bomb. >> that's unfair. that's unfair. >> take the rest of the day off. >> when is natalie getting back? just kidding. let's show you what we have got. wet weather making its way into northern california where it's normally pretty dry. we will see record-breaking rainfall from central california into northern oregon. some areas picking up two to three inches of rain, and we have your local forecast coming up in 30 seconds. ♪ que todo lo increíble se vuelva visible, ♪ ♪ tres, dos, hola, ula... ♪ aplaudan en la luna. ♪ ula ula, hagamos ula ula, ♪ ula ula ula ula al revés, ♪ ula ula, hagamos ula ula, ♪ ula ula ula ula al revés, ♪ ula ula, hagamos ula ula, ♪ ula ula, hagamos ula ula, ♪ ula ula, hagamos ula ula,
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good monday morning to you. we'll start with this live pike tur of the bay bridge. traffic moving okay. we'll get an official report from mike in a moment. give yourself extra time:/m morning. look at the radar. lots of shower activity across the greater bay area. most will come through this morning. we get a nice dry break before our next round of heavier rain moves in tonight into tomorrow morning. highs will be comfortable. it's ball many out there already. the rest of the week, temperatures are soor towards the end. nbc's stephanie gosk is in attleboro. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt.
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people coming into this neighborhood this morning were being stopped by police to see if they saw anything the day odin lloyd's body was found. aaron hernandez hasn't been seen since he returned here with his lawyer on friday. this is still very much an on going investigation. this morning, aaron hernandez, waiting on police. his house in massachusetts has been searched by investigators twice in less than a week. for over three hours on saturday more than a dozen officers combed through the house, the backyard and the player's suv. two dogs and a local lock smith were brought in to help. in the end police left with multiple unmarked brown bags. the body of 27-year-old odin lloyd was discovered by a teenage jogger not far from hernandez's house one week ago but the investigation has not been limited to that immediate area. law enforcement officials tell nbc news that police are looking at security video from this strip club in providence. the boston globe reports that hernandez and lloyd were seen
7:18 am
together in multiple locations the weekend before the body was found. >> police have video tape of the two men together on the night of the shooting. additional evidence from after 3:00 a.m. shows hernandez arriving back and lloyd is not seen on those tapes. >> reporter: no arrest warrants have been seen in the case and police have named no suspects. the district attorney released only one statement asking the public for help in finding a side view mirror like the one in this picture. i spent time with odin lloyd's family this weekend. they say all the attention made the grieving process more difficult and they hope it will help the case get solved quickly. >> all right stephanie. thank you. coming up, he did it. it took just over 22 minutes and of course nerves of steal for nik wallenda to walk on a wire across a gorge near the grand canyon. we'll talk to him live about how he pulled it off and perhaps what is next. >> and paula deen let go by the
7:19 am
food network after she admitted to using racial slurs in the past, and now fans are rallying behind her. we'll tell you what they're saying. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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cam . this is an nbc news special report. >> good morning, everybody. i am matt lower along with savannah guthrie. news from the supreme court, and the justices weighing in on divisive action. and let's get right to our justice correspondent, pete williams, who is outside the court that will tell us about the decisions.
7:22 am
>> reporter: the supreme court has given the lower courts in this case an incomplete and told them to try again to decide whether the affirmative action is constitutional. affirmative action can be allowed constitutionally only in narrow circumstances, so it basically raised the hurdle for the university of texas to clear. it's an unusual program, it admits the top 10% of all high school graduates in the state and that gives a certain amount of racial diversity because some high schools in texas are predominantly minority enrollment and then the university used race as a plus factor in filling the rest of the class. what the supreme court said is be careful when you do this, a firmtively action is when you give one race an advantage over another. it's an 8-1 decision. that's one of the most surprising things.
7:23 am
two of the justices said they would always find affirmative action unconstitutional. there were only eight justices participating, and this is the longest pending case. this was argued in october. it has taken the supreme court all this time to decide it. it doesn't fully endorse affirmative action or say you can't have it, it just narrows the doorway you have to get through to have an affirmative action program on a campus, and it survives but in a somewhat weakened form. 7-1 decision, i should say. we are still waiting for the decision on the gay marriage cases from california and on the big question of the voting rights act. >> it's going to be a busy week at the court. earlier this week they said it to be one of the most historic weekends in decades. we will have much more
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mike did a great thing. and the people he feeds will too. thanks mike. enjoy the bike. good morning everybody. the time now is 7:26. i'm jon kelley. breaking news coming from washington, d.c. the u.s. supreme court releasing decisions on prop 8 right now -- not releasing the decision, i should say, on prop 8 today. the justices just releasing their decisions on a number of cases, but california's ban on same-sex marriage was not one of them. no word yet if the supreme court has added another session for either wednesday or thursday. the justices have to rule on prop 8 by the end of this month. sunnyvale firefighters have cleared the scene of this fire that just ripped through mobile home park overnight on el camino real near lawrence expressway. one large trailer camper in that park was gutted by the flames there you can see on this cell
7:27 am
phone video. we're happy to report nobody was inside the home at thel po lookout for a jewelry thief who hit a woman with his car as he escaped that scene. police say the man had been looking at rings at don roberto jewelry at east ridge mall. when the employee asked for i.d., he grabbed the ring and took off. police say the suspect hit her with his car as he sped off. lots of things going on in the nbc bay area weather department. possible rain in your area. christina loren here to tell you about it. >> good morning to you, jon, good morning at home. if it's not the rain, it's the fog. make sure you give yourself plenty of time. not a lot of volume here. people aree/q traveling cautiou as we highly encourage you to do. right now mostly wet conditions all across the greater bay area. i'm watching this batch of rain, yellow embedded in the deep
7:28 am
green. lit be 21 minutes-.l from moder rainfall in hayward. 77 in livermore, 73 in fremont. we heat up as we get into the end of the week. mike? >> in san jose we have wipers going just once in a while. some mist still in the area, some drizzle. this is the big backup right now. worried about the tri-valley and specifically east 580 toward foothill. slowing through hayward and union city as well. on the other side of the bay, gnaw crash 101 at third slow through san mateo. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. back in one-half hour with more. hope to see you then. for our families...
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millions held their breath last night, as the daredevil made his way across the grand canyon 1,500 up without a net. we will talk to him live in just a moment. 7:30 on this monday morning. i am savannah guthrie, and matt lowe lauer. >> can paula deen bounce back? she did not show up here on friday for a scheduled interview, and she did issue some video apologizes, and now thousands of her fans are blocking to her defense. where does she go from here?
7:31 am
she is going to tell us when she finally joins us for an exclusive live interview that will happen in our studio this coming wednesday morning and we look forward to having her. marriage is not exactly what it used to be, from brad and angelina to the neighbors down the street, some are not getting hitched but with family. and we are going to meet the winner live for yourself. if this dog is ugly or not, judge for yourself. >> if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. >> i give up with my jokes. first, that breath-taking high wire act across the george near the grand canyon. >> for 22 minutes and don't
7:32 am
forget the 54 seconds, the whole world watched as he walked on the cable, and praying and talking and sometimes kneeling along the way. he is at the site of that historic walk. i was trying to think, you slept like a baby or you were too wound up? >> it was the second of the two for sure. didn't sleep at all. >> what was it like up there in terms of all the preparation. how can reality differ from your expectations? >> well, it differed quite a bit, actually. i trained for the worst cases in my hometown of sarasota, florida, while i was train. but i was not prepared for the movement of the cable. the tension dropped down, and we knew the temperature would change the tension on the table, but it dropped down to 6,200 pounds and it was moving wildly under my feet.
7:33 am
>> you are used to the unpredictable nature of this line of work, but were there any truly heart-stopping moments for you? >> there was no point where i thought i was going to fall, but there was points where i thought i wish i could relax. i was hoping to talk to natalie and willie while i was walking on the cable, and i was working for every single foot to get across from the wire. >> you went down and took a knee and teud a tim tebow at that second, and were you trying to stopped wire from moving? >> what happens is as i walk on the cables there is no stabilization on them, so it builds a rhythm on them, and if i kept walking it would get worse and worse, and i tried to stop a little bit by the direction of my father, stop, kneel down and wait a minute so the rhythm would go away.
7:34 am
>> your dad said at one point, can you change your cadencs? yeah, he wanted me to speed. your goal is to get across the wire, not to slow down or speed upl but to make it across safely. >> we heard you say prayers many, many times over, and what else goes through your mind when you are walking across on those long 22 minutes? >> if the wire was more stable i would have been able to relax for sure and enjoy it. i did have three opportunities, where i walked over the edge where i could look down and enjoy the view, and the second time i knelt down i looked down and i was thinking of my great grandfather who lost his life on a high wire, and he is the reason i do what i do, and then i was able to look down one more time. >> you talk about your great grandfather losing his life, and
7:35 am
i would think that would be the last thing you would want to be thinking about while you are out there on the wire? >> yeah, everything he did, it paved a road for me to fulfill my dreams. it's a reality. we do know why he lost his life, and it was due to rigging and he was 73 years old and didn't have the strength to hang on. he didn't have the strength to do that, and we learn there is a time to retire in our business for sure. >> are you already thinking ahead to what your next stunt might be? >> absolutely. i am always thinking ahead. i am two or three ahead of this one. >> that was a tease. >> congratulations. it was heart stopping? >> thank you so much.
7:36 am
>> willie geist and natalie morales were out there to witness that heart-stopping coverage. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. >> he talked about the tension on the wire, and it seemed like plenty of tension to me. what was it like from your seat? >> nerve-racking. i think my heart stopped a couple times. nic stepped off of the wire and he said it was dusty, and then i was like, oh, no. and then 2 1/2 minutes he crouched down the first time to the wire and whthat's when i started to nervous. >> we spent a lot of time around him in a couple months, he was very confident. when he started that walk, we realized there is movement in the wire, and these winds are whipping up and we could feel them up at our position where we were anchoring the coverage, and the gusts would come through and natalie and i would grab each other and grab over there.
7:37 am
>> i love that image, you standing on firm ground hugging each other as he risks his life. >> we were like this. >> i know you were hoping to be able to talk to him while he was crossing and that's something he elected not to do once the walk was underway, and did that make you a little nervous? >> when he started the walk, before we knew there was no problem, and he was talking about the faith and his conversation with his dad was far more compelling anything natalie and i would have brought to it. we made the decision that we would let the moment play out. >> i think it was very clear, too, he needed to focus. we didn't want to distract him in any way. >> you guys have been part of this, and the wire is still right there behind you, any reason to want to give this a shot, any of you? >> i was offered by the electrical company to ride in
7:38 am
the basket across, the rescue basket, but i think i will pass. >> i was in the fetal position up in the trailer. >> thank you. congratulations, and thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you so much. >> we'll take a turn and get a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> thank you so much, guys. i love this sign, hey, al, we have the same hairdo. what is your name? >> cami. >> where are you from? >> indiana. >> how old are you? >> 9. >> we have the same hairdo, but you are much prettier. let's check your weather and see what we have got going on. look at these temperatures. we are talking buy the 90s and 80s. syracuse getting up to 90 degrees. washington, d.c., 91 heat advisory in the new york area.
7:39 am
above normal temperatures a week ahead, and then as we get into the midweek period look for above normal temperatures along the eastern seaboard with wet weather into the gulf coast, and above normal temperatures out west which will not help the wildfire. 7:39. we have rain showers coming down the greet you on a monday morning. good kjomorning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. it's the south bay that will see the most moisture as we head through the next few hours as right now that front is draped from san francisco all the way to the north through concord. here is what we're expecting. as we head throughout the next few hours, we'll continue to press to the south. we'll get unto it in the south bay, steady rainfall for about three hours, then a nice dry break. temperatures comfortable, in the upper 70s inland. more rained then we'll clear out on thursday. cable or online. >> thank you so much.
7:40 am
coming up next, what is next for paula deen after the controversial comments, she lost her show, and still taking heat but fans rushing to her defense this morning. and then a survey, and this one might reveal why millions of you are so sluggish this morning, on monday morning, but first these messages. huh? i can help you narrow it down. ok thanks. this one's smudge free. smudge-free. really? and this one beeps when you leave the door open. get those brand name bells and whistles, even on a budget, with red white and blue savings. thank you! more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. buy now and save $300 on this stainless steel samsung refrigerator. enjoy the whole family at a homewood suites, schedule a 5 o'clock meeting at a hilton garden inn, or hit the links at a waldorf astoria. get great rates at our ten top hotel brands during the great getaway. book now at
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we're back with more on the controversy surrounding paula deen. on friday we learned that the food network would not renew her contract after deen admitted to using racial slurs in the past. that decision has her fans fired up, and some have come to her defense. we have the latest developments. good morning to you. yeah, this story continues. for 11 years, deen earned the adoration of food network viewers with her sweet southern charm and savory recipes. now the network has dumped her, hearing from many of deen's fans who have gone sour.
7:45 am
after her last-minute cancelation friday here on "today" -- >> she's exhausted and will not be showing up. >> reporter: followed by her uto be -- youtube boolg -- >> i beg for your forgiveness. >> and the food network's decision to fire her, it's deen's fans writing the next chapter in the controversy. pages upon pages showing support started popping up on facebook. one called boycott the food network, already over 12,000 likes. another called we support paula deen, an astounding 281,000 supporters, many expressing their anger. "show me an adult person who has not said the "n" word in his life, black or white." one person wrote, "you without sin cast the first stone." another, "i will not be watching food network any longer, and they can keep their magazine also. hold your head high, paula." deen's fans took to the food network's page, as well, where a recipe for zucchini casserole
7:46 am
drew a mouthful of angry comments instead. "it is shameful the way you are treating paula deen," one said. another, "i hope this move hit you hard in your pockets." >> i'm not surprised that paula deen's fans have reached out for her. but the food network is not that concerned about a few thousand people on social media. they have to be concerned about sponsors. >> reporter: meanwhile, outside deen's savannah, georgia, restaurant, this was the line to get in as supporters turned out in droves. >> i commend her by apologizing. i know a lot of our political leaders in the nation can't even say they're sorry. >> people make mistakes, we all have. slip of the tongue, mistakes. let bygones be bygones. >> while deen's devotees stand by her, the question remains, will the general public be as forgiving? >> i think she's going to have a much harder time than marta stewart. i think she's as close to dead a
7:47 am
brand as you can find out there. it could happen, but it's an incredibly long shot. >> despite the fan support, the fallout may not be over for deen. deen also has a deal with qvc. and over the weekend, qvc said in a statement, "qvc shares the concerns being raised around the unfortunate paula deen situation. qvc does not tolerate discriminatory behavior. we are closely monitoring these events and the ongoing litigation. we are reviewing our business relationship with ms. deen, and in the meantime, we have no immediate plans to have her appear on qvc." matt, we should point out for all of those supporters on line who take to facebook and twitter, there are people still critical, of course, as well. >> based on the qvc situation, to be continued. we'll be hearing more. as we mentioned, paula deen will be here for an exclusive, live interview this coming wednesday morning on "today." she has told us she will be here this time. coming up, a tennis rivalry turns nasty off the court with two of the biggest stars in the sport. what they're saying about each
7:48 am
other as wimbledon gets underway. and up next, who won the ugh heest dog in the world contest -- ugliest dog in the world contest? we'll meet the not-so-pretty pooch ahead. first, these messages. we'll mee spooch just ahead. but first, these messages. the acidic levels in some foods... orange juice...tomato sauce... can cause acid erosion. the enamel starts to wear down. and you can't grow your enamel back. my dentist recommended that i use pronamel. because it helps to strengthen the enamel that you have. and i believe it's doing a good job.
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7:51 am
well, we've got a winner here in the studio. top dog at the ugly dog competition is named walle and judges say it was his waddle that sealed the win against the 29 other pups entered in that contest. >> i don't know about this. walle is here along with his owner, tammie barbee. are you happy about this? >> yeah. >> walle has been sitting here. i think walle has a nice face. i don't think that's an ugly face at all. why do you think he won. >> i think it was his body that
7:52 am
won. his sperpersonality. they were looking for oddities in a dog. he has the crooked back and the shorter legs and the high rear end. >> he's like you're talking about me, mom. >> have you always thought that walle was cosmetically challenged or did other people point out to you that maybe he wasn't as attractive as other dogs. >> they always have. he's always had a big head and little body and he's won awards where we lived. >> he looks like scrapy-doo. >> he has a nice personality. >> he's an amazing dog. >> where does walle go from here? it's all downhill from here. >> he has to get going a little bit to see his waddle. >> shoot. >> well, coming up, we'll talk about the supermoon over the weekend. lots of great imagines. >> we're back after local news. [ kate ] many women may not be absorbing the calcium they take
7:53 am
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good morning everybody. i'm jon kelley. a south bay couple recovering this morning from unknown injuries after they were attacked in broad daylight by a group of suspected gang members. san jose police say the couple was simply walkaling along lido street near king and story roads when they were confronted yesterday. the suspects took off. this attack coming on the very first weekend san jose police rolled out a three-phase plan to specifically crack down on that gang violence. we now know the name of a woman who died when her van plunged into the san francisco bay. she's been identified as 60-year-old debra crenshaw of san francisco. crenshaw, one of several people in that vehicle, when it went right in the water from the marina green on friday afternoon. we're happy to report everybody else did escape. it is day one of the workweek. time to check the monlfu forecast with christina loren. what's happening out there?
7:57 am
>> first monday of summer, we are dealing with quite a bit of shower activity. good morning to you, john. taking a live look here. radar shows you we have quite a bit of rainfall draped over the greater bay area. starting to get a break from santa rosa south all the way to san francisco. you can see the general nature of this front. all this moisture is going to press to the south as we head to the next couple hours. it will be through san jose by about 10:30, 11:00.÷ú we have another heavier round of rain tonight and into tomorrow morning. not out of the woods just yet. 77 in livermore. as we head through the end of the week, that's when we increase the heat. let's check the drive. good morning, mike. >> live look shows you e>2ñ101s throughm%b palo alto, windshiel wipers on. some mist is the reason for some slowing. an earlier crash cleared 101 at third, but there may be a an oil spill. watch 880 coming through hayward. very slow off the castro valley y as well as east 580 it starts
7:58 am
to recover through dublin. we're back in a half hour with another local update for you. see you then. ♪ [ roars ] ♪ ♪
7:59 am
[ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ male announcer ] universal studios summer of survival. ♪
8:00 am
monday morning, june 24th, 2013. that's a pretty sight. that is sunrise over the grand canyon. just last night, actually, as nik wallenda traversed the canyon 1500 feet above the ground, made it to the other side happy to report. 90-degree range today with high humidity.
8:01 am
that sums it up nicely there. >> there you go. i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie. al roker. look who is joining us. we have carson daly. you're here >> i'm excited to be here. >> >> perfectly suited for you. iey songs of summer. suings of sum >> that's right. we want to know if it's official yet.yet. do we have a summer jam 2013. 1 >> yes. yes. >> do you have one at home. that's what we're asking you to tweet. you can hashtag today's summer songs.ngs. the song you put the windows in down and drive too. too. does it exist, send us your yo >> do you have one. one. >> i am a big fan of a punk record that just came out, got lucky. >> okay. >> that's my song. gckkaong. that's my jam. jam. >> cool. cool. >> also, have you heard the d t exciting news? news? the twinkie is coming back. saved from the brink of g nk of extinction. tion. >> a big cheer from the crowd. >> it says something on the n t label like this is the greatest comeback in the history of ever. we'll agree.agree. we'll tell you when you'll find them on the shelves. ves. >> it's also the greatest line from ghost busters.usters.
8:02 am
it's all about the twinkies. nk >> then wimbledon starts today but have you heard about the off court feud between marina arina sharapova and serena williams?l? it's about anything but tennis. they are exchanging some rather harsh words.words. we will have the latest on that. >> and the marriage rate is at the lowest point in a century in this country.ountry. celebrity couples are part of a national trend, raising their t kids together without the t the wedding day.da what's behind it all, we'll take a look at that. >> funny you didn't read that tease but that's already. natalie is out at the grand canyon with willie but tamron has a check on the headlines. good morning. good morning. it's a big decision day at the supreme court, one of them this morning dealing with affirmative action. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams has more from the supreme court. pete, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. by a vote of 8-1, the supreme court has set a higher legal bar for colleges that want to use affirmative action in school admissions.
8:03 am
the ruling is a setback for the university of texas at austin. it admitted the top 10% of all the high schools in the state, and that achieved some diversity because some of the schools had a predominantly minority enrollment, but the supreme court said today the university, in using affirmative action, using race as a plus factor to round out admissions went too far potentially and told the lower court to look again, that the school had to pass a very strict legal test and show there is no workable race neutral alternative that will get the desired level of diversity. in other words, the court says you can't take the university's word for what it's doing that it acted in good faith. we'll get decisions again tomorrow. we're still waiting for other decisions on the term, two of same-sex marriage, the test on proposition 8 from california and the defense of marriage act and a ruling on the voting rights act, so the court probably is going to finish on
8:04 am
time at the end of june. tamron? >> thank you. nelson mandela is in critical condition this morning. the 94-year-old former south african president took a turn for the worse over the weekend. jacob zuma says doctors are doing all they can for mr. mandela and the country needs pray for him. murder or self-defense? those are the positions as lawyers make their opening statements today in the george zimmerman trial. zimmerman is accused of second degree murder in the shooting of 17-year-old trayvon martin in sanford, florida in february of last year. zimmerman says martin attacked him. prosecutors say zimmerman, quote, profiled, followed, and murdered an unarmed teenager. a poignant tribute sunday to be the victims of the boston marathon bombings. the men's winner was back in boston to return his medal to the city's mayor. he gave it back to honor the
8:05 am
victims and the city of boston. gas prices dropping as summer begins. we don't usually hear that. the average price of a gallon of regular, $3.60 according to a survey. that's down 4 cents from two weeks ago. the cheapest gas is tucson at $3.24 a gallon and the most expensive, chicago at $4.23 but that's down 25 cents. talk about really quick restaurant service, take a look at this. it's the london waiters race. take a look. 100 waiters going for the prize. you would think it would be a big tip on the line. the first to carry the tray with a bottle of water and glass to the finish line wins a golden o corkscrew and bragging rights until next year. year. it is 8:05.s hardes a way trez.
8:06 am
>> do you know who has a high stress job? al roker. >> no stress here. if i was worried about being right, i'd be stressed out. i'm more worried about making sure these cute ladies get on. what's your name. >> molly. >> whose birthday is it? >> nobody. we love sister number two -- all of these sisters, very cool. very nice. good to see you guys. let's check your weather and we'll show you our pick city of the day, oklahoma city, oklahoma. newschannel 4 kfor tv. one of the greatest nbc stations in the nation. sunny, breezy, 93 degrees today. we have a lot of wet weather coming into california. this is unusual for this time of year. look at the moisture flow coming on in. we are looking for anywhere from about 1 to 2 inches of rain in northern california. some areas picking up to three inches and that extends on into coastal oregon as well. that's what is going on around the country. here's wha
8:07 am
8:06 now. good monday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. slow ride on the san mateo bridge. throughout the day we'll continue to see the showers for the next few hours and then they will clear up. i want to widen out and show you what's left of the front. this is what's left to come through as we head through the next couple of hours. most of the shower is south of san francisco all towards south bay. by 11:00 a.m. we'll be mostly dry, mostly cloudy. highs will be comfortable. with the wet weather, 77 degrees. 62 at the coast. know, our own sarah hanes from the kathie lee and hoda program is entertaining our crowd in the morning. is she not fantastic? she's fantastic. not so much. much. not so much. don't do that. >> no? >> back to you guys. >> thank you so much. coming up on trending, why so many americans find it hard to fall asleep on sundays.
8:08 am
apparently it's not just a problem of thinking about work the next day. and why more and more couples from hollywood to your hometown are deciding to have children without tying the knot. we'll get into that. also the songs of summer that get everybody happy and get you smiling. we'll find out what they are. first, these messages. (birds chirping) [female announcer] looks like everybody's at our biggest sale of the year, the anniversary sale at petsmart. save up to 25% on all nylabone® dog toys
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8:12 am
what is t we are back now at u89 11 with what is trending today, the roundup of the hottest stories online. >> first up, how are you feeling? well-rested. raise your hand if you had trouble getting to sleep. >> every sunday night. >> really? are you serious? this is trending on the huffington post. monday morning, if you're exhausted, you're not alone. 39% of people reported they have the most trouble drifting off on a sunday night. that's more than double the percentage who say the hardest night is saturday night, the runner up at 19%. now of the 39% of the people who struggle on sundays, 70% say it takes 30 minutes longer than usual to doze off. tuesday and thursdays were the easiest nights to fall asleep with only 5% and 3% citing trouble on those nights. what do you think the reason for
8:13 am
people cite for having trouble? >> think about the week? >> try to have a later night on friday and saturday, and throw off your schedule. >> would be considered one of the categories, social jet lag. >> that's what i have. >> and stress. >> what it you walked a wire across the grand canyon and made it, but you asked nick earlier, couldn't do it. >> got the adrenaline pumping. >> think about about the next one. meanwhile an old statue has employees stunned after it rotated without being touched. in fact, the statue did a 180 degree turn without anyone touching. look at it. a time lapse video, but the statue does appear to have turned around all by itself. what do you think is going on? >> the night watch person in the
8:14 am
muse museum, linda blair. she's responsible. >> it's right there. >> fishy. >> do you believe in ghosts? >> i don't think so. >> do you believe in ghosts? >> would you have seen them float by? >> but you can't see ghosts. >> casper. >> did you see ghost busters? come on. that's the one that got me. >> tell them about the tring keys. one of the other biggest trending topics, the super moon. if you glanced up last night. the super moon, the other super moon, al. the largest full moon of the year, you can imagine images went viral. this captured the size and glow of the moon last night. it's when the moon is full and closest to the earth. i just read that. >> yesterday, over the ocean it was beautiful. stunningly beautiful. >> that's fantastic.
8:15 am
coming up next, trending, instagram now offers a video option on the feed. it continues to be popular. one celebrity had a leg up with an enormous fan base. who reached a million likes? >> crazy news. just -- i just -- i'm going to keep going. crazy news, guys. there's video on instagram. >> all right. none other than teen singing sensation, justin beiber. he's shirtless and giggling and forming his online profile. he was the first instagram user to hit 1 million followers. now has more than 9 million. >> doesn't he have a publicist? >> doesn't he have a shirt? >> talking about the giggle, it was part of why it was trending. >> the chain was tickling him. >> tickle me justin. >> just take the iphone away.
8:16 am
that's the grounded for that kid. and his ferrari. finally, on yahoo, sweet news for twinkie lovers, it will be back next month after hostess went bankrupt. hostess says you can expect to see them july 15th. mark your calendar. they say the cakes will taste the same, but they will bear the tag line the sweetest comeback in the history of ever. >> it's never been so good for any company. >> the sweetest comeback in the history of ever. i thought that's when the ball went through bill buckner's legs. >> you went a long way for that one. any mention on the ho-ho? >> no, it's interesting, i was wondering how many people ate twinkies that are going to buy them. we had given them up. >> i had them from high school.
8:17 am
>> scooby doo -- >> the people who complained they were gone are not going to eat them. >> and that's what's trending today. and now wimbledon getting underway this morning, but it's some words being exchanged by two of the world's biggest stars in tennis that's getting a lot of attention. michelle is at wimbledon with the latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: hi. this was a surprising back and forth, sending sports writers erupting into puns. but top-seated serena williams and mia sharapova got personal, quite nasty, and apparently all about love. williams and sharapova have come hard at each other many times. just not like this. >> if she wants to talk about something personal, maybe she
8:18 am
should talk about her relationship and, you know, her boyfriend that was, you know, married and is getting a divorce and has kids. >> reporter: that was at a wimbledon press conference. but this all started with serena's interview with rolling stone gmag. she apologized after it appeared she was placing blame on the steubenville, ohio rape victim. she spoke of an unknown player that many took as sharapova. i'm so happy, i'm so lucky. it's so boring. she's not going to be invited to the cool parties. if she wants to be with a guy with a black heart, go for it. that guy is thought to be referring to her boyfriend, dimitrov, it's also reportedly serena's ex. she apologized for the comments last week. >> and i said, look, i want to personally apologize to you. if you are offended by what --
8:19 am
by being brought into my situation, and i want to take that -- this moment to just pour myself and be open and say i am very sorry for this whole situation. >> reporter: but it was maria who got the final slam over the weekend, the slam to the boyfriend, the married tennis coach. >> they are rivals on the court, and it turns out, rivals in a love tangle. and i think they're intent on trying to manage it. and that is a very messy job to try and pull off. a classic sports soap opera. >> reporter: serena williams has beaten shar are poe va the last 13 times they went head to head. if they meet here, it would be in the finals. could be an interesting match. >> we'll be watching. thank you very much. to savannah and karson. >> we have heard the nursery
8:20 am
rhyme, first comes love, then comes marriage and the baby in the baby carriage. that's no longer always true. good morning. >> being life partners, no longer necessarily means getting married. an increasing number of couples are living perfectly traditional lives, starting a family, but they're saying i don't when it comes to marriage. there's kim kardashian and kanye west, goldie hahn and kurt russell together 30 years. and he put a ring on it in 2011. >> you're engaged. congratulations. >> thank you. >> but yet to say i do. and the most famous, brad by the and ang ljolie. first comes baby, then comes marriage, or not. but this is not just in
8:21 am
tinseltown. >> hollywood affects all of mainstream america, they're affecting how we do relationships. >> more and more couples are walking away from walking down the aisle. marriage is at the lowest point in a century, and the number of cohabitating coupless way up, from 48,000 in 1980 to 7.5 million in 2010. statistics show unmarried couples are staying longer than in the past. after three years, 32% were living together and still unmarried. and in many cases having children. >> it does not surprise me they are choosing to co-habit than get married. it's much less gim dating. a baby is permanent, a relationship not so much. >> it's fueled by changing
8:22 am
cultural ideas of marriage, redefining happily ever after. kids who are products of divorce can be gun shy of tying the knot. as far as the marriage rates, data suggests they will pick up a little in the next few years. >> thank you so much. r.g. allen is a clinical therapist. good morning to you. so you see this trend. what do you think are the reasons behind it? >> people are getting married later, more choices, choosing to have a family. >> i feel like you're staring at me. live with my girlfriend, two kids. what's wrong with you? >> nothing. but people are making different choices. and ultimately, i don't think it's because people are not committed. >> that's my daughter there. >> and you have been together with your girlfriend a long time. >> seven years.
8:23 am
our kids, for us it's about the end game. what's the end game. 2013 when you're a young couple. staying together. >> and not a quick exit strategy. >> the path looks different in 2013. >> is marriage an obstacle to the end game? >> no. they said in the piece, i don't, it's not i don't, just not now. >> people are more accepting. looking at it from a different perspective, and not as judgeal about people making choices. >> if you can live together and raise two kids, the marriage is the party. we can do that every time. >> there's no greater commitment than children. >> exactly. you know what's on the uptick, people are coming to couples therapy, they want to get it right. they want to figure out how to communicate, compromise and make the commitment. they want to get it right. >> and do you feel there's less stigma for couples that are
8:24 am
boyfriend and girlfriend to get counciling? because maybe that's a sign. >> that's working it out. it's like the gym, flex the muscle. to stay in the committed relationship isn't easy. get married, have kids and never have a problem. that's the divorces. talking helps. >> they're not just planning the wedding, planning the relationship. they're more focused on talking about what is and is not working. the indicator of a good relationship is how well you do when things are bad. >> is there a financial aspect? tax reasons or any other reasons? >> for hollywood folks, money is not an issue. but for every day people, finances are an issue. people are saying i'm not going to spend thousands of dollars when we can't afford it. i do want to have a family and commit to you. think about the finances. >> do you worry about the message that it sends to kids?
8:25 am
is there something to be said for the parents getting married? >> angelina and brad pitt said that once they had their children, they want to get married, they haven't, but they want to do it for the children. >> once they get married, we're all in trouble. no more excuse. >> once they go, you're right behind them? >> people can do it better. sometimes second marriages allow people to do it better too. >> you're not worried about the trend? >> i'm not. i think people want to be committed, and they're going to do it, just in time. >> coming up, a look back at the big songs of summer. and a look ahead at the songs of 2013 right after your news.
8:26 am
good morning to you. day 26. i'm marla tellez. firefighters in the redwood city can have more to vote on. they're looking for a deal to allow them to provide fire and emergency services to san carlos. the resolution would affecttivelily absorb the san carlos fire department and its firefighters. they've been sharing firefighting services since 2011. kind of a yucky commute on this monday morning. let's look at the roads on fremont. >> yucky is a technical term we use in the traffic center. this is illustrated by the live shot slowing as you head south of the bridge. this is past tesla and heading towards mission boulevard. then you're med with this in
8:27 am
your northbound direction all around the south bay. crash just south of 101 on 880. moving to the shoulder but really the issue is the northbound route really picking up the volume and the rain having come through the area. working over towards the peninsula where there's a lot of traffic through theá[ san mate bridge. the oakland side, let's get a look at that. very slow at your northbound past the coliseum. things are gumming up. >> that's yucky. yeah. official word. we'll be back with our next local news updated at 8:56. [ wind howling ]
8:28 am
[ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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8:30 am
8:30 now on this monday morning. it's the 24th of june, 2013. our crowd is happy out on the plaza. a hot steamy day and we are playing what had to be last year's hottest song of summer. it's probably going to be in your head all day. we want to know what you think will be the hot summer song this year. >> well, that song will be in my head now for the next hour at at least. it was infectious and per is --
8:31 am
personified summer of 2012. >> good morning everybody. >> can we mention, does there have to be a song of the summer. >> yes. >> there has to be. >> it's a law. >> otherwise we haven't had summer. >> what if a song doesn't rise to that level. >> but every year -- >> i was just asking. don't be hating. >> what about song of 2010 summer -- >> yeah, good luck. >> i rest my case. >> you forget them after the summer, but during the summer. >> i still remember the thong song by cisco. >> also ahead, we have very simple and basic decorative hints for your home. the great things you can do with the carnation. >> that's interesting.
8:32 am
and back to arizona where willie and natalie are still hanging out with nik wallenda and the tight rope. we'll check in with them. >> we have something else to do don't we. >> somebody's birthday. >> anybody? over the weekend. >> no, i'm done celebrating. >> when was your birthday, though. >> oh, matt, come on. on saturday. >> oh, that's nice. thank you very much. >> aren't those the trick candles. >> oh, that's so nice. >> look at that. >> no wonder you invited me in on the 8:00 hour. i get it now. thank you very much. >> no one knows how old you are. >> my mom knows. >> i turned 40 on saturday. i said it. i said it. >> happy 40. >> thank you guys. >> thank you. >> give that a shot there. >> very nice. >> thank you. >> roker. >> if they ask you to smell the
8:33 am
cake, don't do it. >> okay. >> i fell for that before. >> happy birthday. >> thank you guys. >> let's check your forecast and show you what we got for today. risk of strong storms, back into upstate new york tomorrow. we're looking at showers and thunderstorms. a lot of sunshine, sizzling conditions from the mid-atlantic states through the gulf coast. back to work monday. not the site you want to see in san jose. a slow drive caused by partially the wet weather. we'll get things from mike. he'll be along in a minute. from santa cruz to pleasant ton we're getting the showers. they're pushing from san mateo. it will continue in the south bay. we'll clear you out and get a nice dry day and bring in another round of rain late tonight and into tomorrow latest
8:34 am
weather. whose birthday. >> my birthday. >> where are you from? >> i'm in ohio but i live in texas now. >> what's your name? we got a cake for you. happy birthday. there you go. and just pay no attention that it says carson on it. matt. >> all right al, thank you very much. we have an inspirational story now of a sick little girl that was not supposed to make it but she found a family that would not give it. tom costello has that story. tom, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey matt. we first met this little girl in december. she desperately needed a new heart. a heart transplant. well, she got it but there's been serious complications. she went into cardiac arrest and spent the last week on a heart lung machine. doctors at children's hospital hope another surgery scheduled for today will give her that chance at life. give momma kisses. >> reporter: when you're only
8:35 am
six, princess gowns and tiaras are a big deal. especially when you're headed into surgery. >> we'll see you with your new heart. >> it was last december when we first met teresa. her adopted parents found this trail three-year-old with a shortened arm and three fingers waiting for a family. they already had 8 kids back home, four of them adopted but this little girl was so sick, she needed urgent help. >> our whole intent was to bring her home and let her know the love of the family. we knew she was terminally ill. >> terminally ill with only half a heart. her left ventricle missing. her lungs were permanantly damaged. doctors thought she would never be strong enough for a heart transplant. >> my name is teresa. >> but she was determined to get a new heart and her ears pierced. >> and i'm going to get my new
8:36 am
heart when i get my ears pierced. >> she was named after mother teresa. a role model for them who believe special needs childrens in orphanages are too often overlooked. teresa has been a bit of a ham. >> that was fantastic. >> thank you. >> last monday, the family was at the beach when they got the call through another family's tragedy, a heart was available for teresa. >> i'm going to get my new heart and get my ears pierced. >> at first the transplant went well but just a few hours after surgery, teresa went into cardiac arrest. for 30 minutes they performed cpr before putting her on a heart/lung machine. her condition extremely critical. the only family she has ever known has been by her side in philly. a long way from bejing.
8:37 am
>> she is a fighter. she has the strongest will of any human i have ever seen. she is a saint in our eyes. she is a beautiful little angel. >> good night. love you. >> i love you more. >> i love you more. >> today is critical, in simple terms, doctors will try to widen her pulmonary veins so blood can throw into the new heart's atrium. the old heart's veins were too small to hand it will blood flow. >> we know you'll keep us posted. the world needs more families that open up their hearts and home to children from all around the world. amazing. >> up next, on a lighter note t songs of summer. these are the tunes that tend to become anthems and you can't get out of your head. >> we will post the question, what will be the song of summer for 2013. our nominees, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
now is the perfect time to roll down the car windows and crank up the stereos because there's something about the summer songs that goes perfectly with the sunshine, barbecue and vacations. we'll take a look at the prospects for this month's summer songs in a moment. but first here's a look back at some of the best sound tracks from summer's past. last year carly rae jepsen's call me maybe was the best song of summer. maybe because it gave everyone the chance to flirt from celebrities to olympians to the today show family. so what makes a good summer
8:41 am
song? is it background music for falling in love? or does it make you just want to shed your wintertime blues? a dance craze was the surprise hit of the summer of '96. from girl scouts to yankee stadium, there was no stopping it. somehow, a summer anthem gets everyone up and dancing. it doesn't even matter what the lyrics are ♪ under my umbrella >> as long as it takes us some place magical ♪ ♪ won't you take me to funky town ♪ >> if you add in a touch of california ♪ ♪ california girls we're unforgettable. daisy dukes, bikinis on top.
8:42 am
>> a dash of sass. and the most important ingredient of all, the sizzle of summer romance. you may just have the makings of a summer smash that commands us all to get down ♪ looking so crazy your love got me looking so crazy your love ♪ >> all right carson. let's turn to joe -- >> i'm sorry. that was a nice trip down memory lane. >> take it back. >> if that stays in our heads you're in trouble. joe, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> carson doesn't want to admit he was actually doing it in that moment. >> i'll be doing it all day. >> what in your mind makes it a song of summer? >> the number one requirement is it has to be everywhere during the summer. i don't you turn on the radio that song is there. you go out to eat that song is there. you go to the beach, somebody is playing it there. it's blasting out of cars.
8:43 am
it's everywhere and you can't get it out of your head. >> even if it came out in february or march but if it's still driving the radio in summer that can qualify. >> it can but it's got to have a summer vibe. if it came out in february and you're used to that. >> isn't that blurred lines by robin thick? it's everywhere. >> that's the number one song on the billboard hot 100 right now. another requirement and also it's a fun song. that song says summer parties to me. >> the song is fun but the video -- >> wait, is there a video? >> there's the video you can't show and then there's the one that you can show. >> a lot of these songs seem to have a sound of the 70s. >> blurred lines does and another one, get lucky, it sounds like a classic disco song. even florida georgia line, remixed with nelly, it's a party song. got that 70s laid back vibe. >> bruno mars started this whole
8:44 am
thing, the soul revival, that record he put about really started -- where did he come from? he's on every song this summer. >> that's another summer song requirement. >> twisted another song but we see a throw back. what is it about the sound of the 60s and 70s? >> it's fun. you think back on classic disco. you think parties. you're looking for what feels like a more innocent free time and you start remembering back, in this case, to music your parents might have listened to. >> and we always say if the song is good you walk into a party and you say hey, that's the song. >> do you actually do that? >> hey. >> that's why we don't party together. >> do summer songs tend to have longevity? do they become classics down the road? or are they so annoying by august we discard them completely. >> again i refer you to -- >> hot in here nelly, crazy in love beyonce. >> baby got back.
8:45 am
>> some feel like novelty songs. carly rae jepsen. you couldn't get away from it but you were a little relieved when it got cool. >> can a summer jam be a slow song. >> i don't think so? >> but if your piece you had a slow song. >> that was a mistake. >> it's the contender right now, that miley cyrus song. great summer song, party groove. >> go out on a limb, your vote for the absolute summer groove right now is. >> blurred lines. >> get lucky. >> i'm going to say love somebody by maroon 5. >> i'm going blurred lines. >> i said will smith summertime, hey. >> yeah, the 90s called. >> every time you hear that song. >> i'm going to go with blurred lines as well. >> you guys all went with blurred lines because of the video. >> yes. >> honest to goodness i have not
8:46 am
seen the video. >> come on. >> you should. >> your computer. >> it's my screen saver. >> matt's got it on constantly. just stop by after the show. >> it's your screen saver? >> i've seen it twice maybe. >> actually jack showed it to you. >> god forbid. >> if you want to say what your summer song is you can tweet us, #today's summer songs. >> yeah. >> coming up next, kathie is here with home design tips that won't break your budget. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:47 am
8:48 am
this morning on you can do this, life style expert kathie shows us how to get home design tricks that will not break the bank.
8:49 am
>> now i haven't spent a lot of money decorating my apartment but because they've had a bit of a perky personality they have ended up in fun magazines like domino and house beautiful and billie magazine. so it's fun to see them in there. one thing i've learn is that subtlety is expensive. therefore i go for the bold statement and invest in my walls. in my last three apartments i used the same turquoise blue in each of them. why? because it makes me happy and it's cheap. in my current apartment i decided to go with patterns. you don't have to be afraid of wallpaper. you don't have to do the whole place like i did. just pick one wall as an accent. i love bringing the outside in to my apartment and love having something fresh in the house.
8:50 am
but with flowers, that can get expensive. this carnation extravaganza is less than $50. so the morale of the story is, don't diss the carnation. the best piece of advice my friend and designer gave me is to get the art off of the floor and get it on your walls. art can be anything from a giant cardboard butterfly you find on the street to even your husband's broken glitter guitar. one of my favorite things about the house are the happy accents or the things that give it personality so you know that someone lives here. so when your 8-year-old comes along and puts spider man stickers all over your wallpaper or the today show comes along and breaks one of your prized possessions, you kind of have to embrace it. so now, here we are in my son's room where i attempted my most
8:51 am
ambitious project to date. this head board. can you believe i made this myself? just a staple gun and afternoon. it really balances out the basketball hoop in here. thanks for coming by. i'll see y'all soon. >> and i am so impressed. >> oh my goodness, thank you. >> you're going to redeem the carnation. i was once a diss the carnation. >> i'm obsessed with them and here is why. they are so affordable. super cheap. you can get them at the grocery store and they last for three weeks. we'll make these carnations look like a million. >> the first is this sphere idea. >> you can get it at a floral supply store or craft store. you soak it in water and it will keep them alive. then you take a carnation and cut it down to about an inch below the flower. >> why does something always happen to me. >> here you go.
8:52 am
cut it to an inch below the flower and then you just pop it in. >> all right. >> in there. >> and i like to start from the center and make a mohawk and fill in and it's so easy and savannah, we could even whip some of these up for your wedding. matt, al, we'll get everybody in on it. >> you have them all mo monocramattic. >> when you're done it looks really expensive. >> how long would that last. >> it doesn't look remotely affordable which is the point. so it lasts about seven days if you kind of keep these with some water. they still soak up water. >> what would you do? spray bottle or something. >> yeah, spray bottle or soak it in a little saucer. >> that's easy. >> another thing and you saw if you come to my house you'll see the same arrangement over and over and over again.
8:53 am
so it's effective. just take a bunch of carnation and instead of making one giant centerpiece, do a lot of little ones. cut them down to manageable size because you're going to put a rubber band around them. >> okay. so not as short. >> cut them down. >> do you do the diagonal cutting? >> yeah. and if you see over there, we have one that's already done and you just put a rubber band around the bottom and then if you grab that guy over there that's got a rubber band. >> okay, yeah -- wait i wanted to do my own. >> that's beautiful. >> okay. put the rubber band around it. and then you eye ball your vase. and you want to cut it about a half inch to an inch shorter than your vase. >> how's mine? >> pop it in. you eye bald it perfectly.
8:54 am
then you just plop it in and you're done. >> the hardest part was getting the scissors open. >> i know, that was the hardest part. then you're done. i like to mix in objects from your house and layer it with books. it's really so pretty and not remotely affordable looking which is the whole point. >> you made me a believer in the carnation. thank you so much. we'll be back with more of today. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:55 am
8:56 am
and we are back about to wrap up this hour here. what's coming up in the next hour? >> back to arizona and check in with willie and natalie who were out there last night with nik wallenda and they're up to an adventure of their own. >> lots to get to but first a look at these messages and your local news. >> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." it is 8:56 now. good morning. i'm marla tellez. "monsters university" created at the pixar studio. the prequel to "monsters inc." opened this weekend. it opened at the top of the box office. congrats to them. meteorologist christine loren, are you still tracking some rain out there?
8:57 am
>> indeed, i am. a lot of people caught off guard by this rain. buy are not done. you can see the bulk of the moisture there starting to push south of the south bay. as we head throughout the day, we'll see mostly cloudy conditions getting through tonight into tomorrow morning. the heavier rain will come through and that will clear out earlier wednesday. we'll see highs on wednesday in the mid 80s.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
9:01 am
9:02 am
>> so does he like the cubs -- he's the billow goat. >> he'll come back. >> the show is on twice a year. >> he'll eventually win. >> look at this two weeks getting back to the family and the kids. >> just to be back is hot. today is ugly as you said. it is. we were in central park yesterday and i have a four-year-old that was here with the water. >> you love taking your kids to central park. >> we love it. >> there's my daughter who is nine months now. >> she's the new judge. >> yeah. >> no one told us. >> that's right. >> she just kept hitting the button and spinning. >> 6 million a cycle. >> fantastic. speaking of play time for grown up kids, there's a new study
9:03 am
finds that two-thirds of moms and dads play with their kids toys after they're in bed. >> guilty. >> i was there yesterday getting toys for myself and my mom got my son a gift certificate. there's cool toys out there. he bought these little blade things which are like dredles on crack. it keep mess young. >> did he go aftout to the club? where did he go? >> here dad, you play with my toys. >> did you do the same thing. >> no. i didn't play with any of the kid's stuff. >> i played with the stuff when i was a kid but it's this new thing called, i don't know, i got a life. >> excuse us. >> you play with them with the kids but not after they go to
9:04 am
bed. >> you had a wind mill when you were a kid. >> yeah, please. most popular, lego, trains, nerf guns. >> you're there and you end up -- >> the trains are cool too. the train set. >> that also includes gaming consoles. >> we haven't gotten that yet. >> i need a gateway into the gaming world. >> a gateway. >> i need to figure that out. because you can do health and fitness and bowling. >> the first time i used the wii it was the skiing thing but it's so fun. questionable things about the video game world but they have fun stuff. >> it's a slippery slope. >> but you're there to stop them. you're the parent. >> you're going hey. >> in the dance game, you could get some moves. >> no, i'm beyond help. >> i love this story. >> you go ahead and take this one. >> thank you. i love this one. a woman has taken to social media. this sounds like a joke in a bar but it's true. she has gone on and detailed the
9:05 am
reasons why she broke up with her boyfriend. it has gone viral. we don't know the woman or the man but i believe in my heart this is real. so she gives 20 reasons for parting ways with this ex. reasons include, you can name all of your dudes in one direction. you eat your cereal with water instead of milk. i know men who do that. you use air quotes when you talk about the moon landing, really, bro, and your favorite actor is kirk cameron. >> you eat cereal with water. >> why would you do that? >> save calories. >> you can get skim. >> it's the same thing really. >> anyway, the point is do you guys think that this is reasonable, to go out and air the dirty laundry like that. >> he probably has 20 reasons to dump her. everybody has got something. >> what is the oddest break up then you've ever heard of. >> ever heard of or been a part
9:06 am
of. >> both, i'm listening. any celebrity names. >> i actually was -- i discovered that i was no longer in a relationship by listening to howard stern on the radio. >> i know that story. come on. >> that's how i found out. i was like really, you could have just called me and told me. >> after the break up, publicly, you called. >> i listen. it was a little news item. it was a long time ago. >> did you call her straight away. >> yes and a dude answered. no, i'm just kidding. >> katy perry said she got a text message. >> a divorce text. >> wow. >> i think stallone faxed a break up. >> that was classy. >> if it's over, why does it matter how you end it.
9:07 am
>> as long as you don't have to do it face to face. >> i'm all about avoiding face to face. >> absolutely. >> yeah, hey. >> hey this is al roker calling to break up with you. >> hey, i'm breaking up with you. >> i don't want the confrontation. so earlier carson we were out on the plaza celebrating your birthday. the last time we were here together it was your mom's birthday and now it's your birthday. >> we only come on family birthdays. >> to get gifts. >> we have a shortage of cakes in my house. >> your birthday is june 22nd, 1973. >> you're 40. come on. you look great for 40. >> everyone tells their age. >> my girlfriend said what do you want to do on your birthday and i said what i really want to do is fly on my birthday because at 36,000 feet no one can get to me. >> you didn't want anyone to call and say happy birthday. >> no, i get a lot of that and it was so nice to get the cake today. >> nice to be loved. we'll show love to you in a
9:08 am
different way. we'll question you, quiz you for your birthday since you got all the love. we're here to humiliate you. number one, this is around your birthday. what song was top of the billboard charts when you were born. >> carly simon. i have no idea. >> my love by paul mccartney, love will keep us together, or bridge over troubled water. >> i'm going to take b, al. >> i'm sorry. it's my love. >> you don't remember this? >> yeah. >> this was being played in the hospital when you arrived. >> this is the top song of 1970s. so it was -- >> it was still popular through '75. it didn't just go in and out. >> if my mom was listening to this song, that's why she was in labor for three days. >> i love this song. >> what film was top of the u.s. box office the week you were done. >> french connection.
9:09 am
>> b. >> rocky. >> c. >> battle for the planet of the apes. >> i'll go with rocky. >> no. no. sorry. >> who are you right now. >> sorry. battle for the planet of the apes. >> this is a terrible new game show, al. >> you blew it all up. >> we'll throw you a bone here. with which big name do you share june 22nd? cindy lapper? m it's all three. >> we have something for you. we'll bring it out. >> it's amazing. >> cheese its. >> i love them. are you kidding me? >> dig in. >> way better than the 8:00 a.m. cake. >> it's all there for you. >> thank you.
9:10 am
>> we were actually going to have cheese-its made out of golf balls. >> don't you love them. >> wryeah. >> we know everything. >> let's go check back with willie and natalie. they're at the grand canyon. nik wallenda succeeding to become the first-person to walk across the grand canyon on a wire. these guys host a special last night on discovery. was it as heart pounding as it seemed? >> even more so. being here in person. it was crazy. >> it was. we were sitting on a platform watching for awhile. nik loosened us up. we spent a lot of time with him over the last few months. he said i got this. it's no problem. so he relaxed us a little bit but when it started and he was talking about this is a dusty wire and shaking more than i talk and he was talking to his father, these winds are bad out here, that's when we started to get more tense.
9:11 am
it was gusting, al. there were 35 or 40 miles per hour gusts. >> gusting right now. >> and it's kind of like this actually and natalie and i who are not on a wire were actually holding on to each other at certain points when the gust came through and we'd look over and see that nick was still okay. >> that shot of looking straight down, it's directly lifted from a wiley coyote -- it's the rod runner. look at that. >> that's my favorite. >> i love the 360 helicopter view as well. >> i love when he knelt down and did the kiss. >> yeah that was like a vertigo kind of thing. >> he took a knee pretty quick in the walk. what was it like when you were there and saw him go down early on? what was that like? >> that was about two and a half minutes into the walk when he nealed down to the wire and we look at each other and say this is not going as we thought it
9:12 am
was going to go. i think we expected he was going to be dealing with the wind and we expected there maybe -- even he is a great showman, he likes to play to the crowds a little bit and make people worry a little bit but what you saw out there was all real. there was genuine concern on his part and realized as his dad said he had to work for every step. >> i talked to his sister right afterward and she performed with him quite often and is in the family business as well and she was watching on a monitor and said she had never seen that look on his face. that was the first look of genuine concern. she said it was a face i had never seen on my brother before. it wasn't just us or people watching at home. people that know him well were worried at the beginning. >> it was great tv. you did a great job out there. thank you. al let's get a check of the weather. >> all right. let's see what we've got for you. we've got severe storms from mon tan in a all the way to illinois. large hail, damaging winds,
9:13 am
can't rule out an isolated tornado or two and a lot of wet weather firing up. one to 3 inches of rain up 9:13 now on a back-to-work monday. we have a lot of fog over the golden gate bridge. much of that shower activity is pushing to the south. right to the radar, all of the action is moving into the central valley. most of this has bypassed san jose at this point. we're going to get another round as we head through tonight into tomorrow morning. this next wave of rain is going to be even heavier. by wednesday afternoon we'll clear you out and then we warm up quickly. and that's your latest weather. thank you, sir. up next, what had people running to their computers this weekend? up next, what had people running to their computers this weekend? the hottest gogo!e searches go olive garden. go 2 for $25. go father, daughter.
9:14 am
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[ laughs ] ♪ [ female announcer ] hey ladies. you love it. you've got to have it. cinnamon toast crunch, 'cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresistible. everybody craves those crazy squares.®
9:17 am
millions of us were burning up the internet checking out hot topics. >> daniel is here to break down a few of the top searchers. >> are they writing into the search bar or just traffic? >> yes but they're trending searches. we have seen spikes around particular subjects. not search volume but almost like in the pulse of the internet. >> serena williams and marina sharapova. >> right. they have taken their volley as off the courts but they have discussing each others person lives through the press. both said maybe we should stick to tennis. wimbledon starting today. >> a lot of curiosity. >> people want to know who said what and what is the feud all about. >> exactly. >> and does wimbledon up the ante on that? >> i think it does.
9:18 am
these are sport celebrities in a way. >> and even tiger woods. they had words. >> you never ought to see that. >> especially golf and tennis which is more of the gentlemen sports. >> anna kendrick. >> people are getting to know her. she starred in up in the air and she was in pitch perfect and now there's rumors she may play the part of cinderella. there's going to be a disney movie. people are checking her out and see if this is true. >> do you get any data or feedback of people's curiosity, whether it's positive or negative? or are they stunned that she is going to be sind recinderella? >> probably a little bit of both. some people don't even know who she is. >> paula deen. >> yeah. of course we heard about this story really coming out on friday and then over the
9:19 am
weekend, i think what was happening was people were getting context around it. what did paula deen say. so they wanted to see for themselves what was the context. how did she say this? when did she say this? the story continues to evolve and continue on; we're going to have paula on live wednesday at 8:00. >> that was supposed to happen. >> it was supposed to happen friday and she said she was too exhausted and you can understand the emotional toll this has taken. so she will be here wednesday live with matt. >> more searches will probably continue after that. >> absolutely. now the supermoon. this was so cool. >> no super werewolves that we know of but the moon was closest in the orbit and largest in it's phase. a lot of people were taking pictures and wanting to know what it was about. was it affecting tides?
9:20 am
there are of course stronger tieds and amazing pictures. >> that adds to it too. daniel, thank you so much. we appreciate it. up next, the biggest consumer headlines. >> and if you thought the spectacle at the grand canyon was over, wait until you see spectacle at the grand canyon was over, wait until you see this and didn't know where to start. a contractor before at angie's list, you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare written by people just like you. no company can pay to be on angie's list, so you can trust what you're reading. angie's list is like having thousands of close neighbors, where i can go ask for personal recommendations. that's the idea. before you have any work done, check angie's list. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. i love you, angie. sorry, honey. introducing nexxus hydra-light. hydra-light's formulas with light, deep-sea minerals
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9:23 am
a new survey finds many americans are not saving enough to cover themselves in the event of an economic emergency like the loss of a job. bank says only 24% have cushions big enough to cover 6 months of expenses. about 27% of americans have no rainy day fund at all. the website kayak says it figured out the best time to book your vacation.
9:24 am
prices are falling 30 days before check in and best prices come one week before check in and booking 5% ahead could save you 30% in chicago but for orlando no more than 3 months before check in. >> the company that makes twinkies will have them back on july 15th. it's being called the sweetest come back in the history of ever and consumers spent big bucks on big movies this weekend. monster's university took in $82 million to take the top spot. "world war z" was second. "man of steel" third. it was the biggest june weekend of all time. >> i saw monster's university this weekend. >> did you like it. >> a kitten has 8 lives left after it got stuck in a pipe in washington. people heard it and rescuers were able to pull it to safety
9:25 am
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oooh... the justices released it a couple of hours ago on california's ban. the supreme court has added another session for tomorrow. the justices have to rule by the end of the month. sunny vail, a fire in el camino trail. a large trailer in the park was gutted by the flames. no one was inside at the time. san jose police are on the lookout for a jewelry thief who hit a woman with his car to escape. the men had been looking at rings at don roberto's jewelers
9:27 am
last fall when an employee asked to see his i.d., he grabbed one of the rings and took off. the employee chased him into the parking lot. police say the suspect hit him with his car as he sped off. after the break we'll check your forecast and look at the roads.
9:28 am
welcome back now. the time is 9:28. i'm meteorologist christina loren. this is the golden gate bridge, what you can see of it. we have a lot of fog developing now that the showers are clear in the area. let's take you right to the radar. we still have very spotty rain. the bulk racing into the central valley. that will continue to be the case until tonight when we have a heavy round of rain tonight. you'll need your umbrella for tuesday as well and the first part of wednesday as well. once that low area of pressure heads out of here, high pressure warms us up quickly. a return in the mid 90s by friday of this week. kind of a rough drive this week. >> major changes in the temperatures and major changes in traffic. right now you're looking at 101. the southbound side coming
9:29 am
towards us. coming into palo alto. that's a typical buildz> we'll be back at 9:56. we will see you then. it balances you... ] [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature.
9:30 am
nature valley. nature at its most delicious. welcome back to today on monday morning, june 24th, 2013 and a live look at the grand canyon where last night, nik wallenda became the first-person to walk across the 1400 foot stretch on a high wire. >> that's pretty good. >> willie and natalie saw it all unfold. had their own death defying adventure. it's what's for dinner, deep into the canyon they hitched a ride on one of the more traditional modes of transportation in that neck of the woods. hey, that's my line. they'll tell us all about it. later gator. >> impressive.
9:31 am
>> thank you. >> welcome in. i'm al roker with tamron hall and carson daly. by the way, if you go to my vine, you'll see matt lauer like you've never seen him before. >> what is he doing? >> it's nothing you would ever expect. >> is it legal? >> barely. >> that's a tease. check it out. also ahead, whether your toddler is lying to you or your teenager breaks curfew, we'll talk about teaching your kids values and getting them to respect your rules. >> and coming up all bets are off when we wager in a high stakes game of funny money. just when you thought it was safe. >> i know. >> are we competing against each other. >> yes, i'm going to take your funny money. >> we should put real money up. >> hardcore gambler over here. >> i have a disease. i have an itch.
9:32 am
>> dyou should see what she did to martin after news nation? she cleaned him out. >> can i please have the weather forecast for the people watching? >> yes you may. starting off today, rain along the southeastern atlantic coast into the gulf. strong storms into illinois. wet weather in the pacific northwest. sunny and hot through the southwest into texas. a risk of strong storms, hello, a risk of strong storms through the upper midwest and on into northe want a live picture of san jose. we are getting a break from the rain. the heavy steady rain has pushed into the central valley. your radar is actually showing you. we're seeing a nice bout of clearing at least for the next couple hours. very light showers. throughout the day they'll be spotty. probably don't need your umbrella any longer. you'll need t. as we head through tonight and tomorrow morning you'll have more rain on the way.
9:33 am
twice as much came through. with two ay we'll folks that have been living life on the edge the past few days. are you ever coming back. >> shortly. >> carson has it under control there. we'll head out. >> we like the scenery there. >> that's nice of you to say willie. >> we are actually -- >> okay, you guys keep going. carson kind of broke you but it's okay. you keep moving. >> okay. >> well, we are literally on the edge. it turns out there's a few different ways to get around the grand canyon. you can do it how nik wallenda did it on a high entire or go about 20 miles from here and rent yourself a good mule. >> that's right. i went to the bottom of the grand canyon with a jackass and some mules. >> what? wow.
9:34 am
>> are we looking? >> time to look. >> oh, gosh. >> oh my goodness. spectacular. >> you read about this place and you see pictures of it. it could never do it justice. >> you really wonder how this formed. i mean, was it all water in here? it's like the ocean floor. >> we'll have to ask an expert. >> you folks look a little dazed and confused. first timers to the grand canyon. >> how did you guess. >> is it that obvious? >> how old is the grand canyon? >> it's 5.3 million years old. >> how was it formed? >> essentially the rock has to be formed first. it was all pushed up. the elevation here at about 7,000 feet and as it sat there for about 30 million years, the colorado river came in and cut down through the layers of rock like a knife. >> there's only one or two ways to get to the bottom of the
9:35 am
canyon. either you ride a mule or walk down. >> i'm looking at the little trail where the mule is going to take us. >> that will be a fun ride for you natalie. >> it will be narrow. >> every mule has a name. >> how's your math skills. >> not good. >> i'm going to put you on algebra. >> did you pass it? >> i did. >> you did, okay. you drew the short straw. you get twinkie. >> twinkie. >> off we go to the grand canyon. i'm here on algebra, my mule. what about you? >> i'm feeling good about twinkie. a big boy who is a lot tougher than he sounds. >> i would see if you're afraid of heights how this would -- it would bother you. >> that is just breathtaking. oh my gosh.
9:36 am
gorgeous. >> pick up the pace morales. >> come on twinkie. speed it up. >> don't yell at my mule. >> oh yeah. >> you worry about algebra. >> i feel very confident even though i'm right on the edge. this is the best view. look at that. look at that butterfly. did you see that? beautiful. come on twinkie. catch up. >> twinkie is his own man. he goes at his own pace. we're a long way from midtown manhattan. a toast to the grand canyon, to algebra and twinkie. >> spectacular. good job guys. thanks for not throwing us over yet. >> just the way john wayne used to do it. getting breezy out here. >> i know just kind of gusted. >> our thanks to them for setting us up with the good-looking animals and most
9:37 am
pornly thanks to the animals for putting up with these two, beeps. >> hey willie, your dad called and he wants his hat back. >> listen, al, al it was better than the alternative. let me just say that. i'll bring the other one back. >> that is required head gear. >> in full disclosure i have one as well. i just haven't worn it on camera. >> you need a mule. >> it's a good hat. you did a terrific job. we'll see you back here tomorrow. >> coming up next, is your toddler already lying to you? embezzling? >> who are you raising in your home. [ female announcer ] ladies, say "hello"
9:38 am
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that make life worth living. ♪ ♪ sweet love of mine my name is sunshine and i have three beautiful girls. i like taking advil for a headache. it nips it in the bud. and i can be that mommy that i want to be. ♪ [ male announcer ] take action. take advil. so do your kids lie with ease? do you have to force them to get their homework done or make their beds. >> don't worry. you don't have a problem child. that behavior is normal. >> how do you get your kids to respect the rules and stop telling lies? she is a mother of two and deputy editor of parents magazine and deborah is america's super nanny on lifetime.
9:42 am
the lying is not the case. >> we used to think we weren't able to deliberately tell lice. it's a developmental milestone they reach between ages 2 and 4 and the average 4-year-old -- i know you had a 4-year-old lies once every two hours. >> really? >> so every time they speak they're lying. >> here's the one who knocked over the juice, i didn't do it. but it shows that your child is able to think independently from you and also take advantage of the facts for her benefit or his benefit. >> wow. so we don't want our kids thinking that it's okay to lie. >> no not at all. we definitely don't so what we have to do is really teach our children about values, choices and consequences so there are good choices that you can make but then there are also poor choices you can make. along with those choices come consequences. >> when you call him on the bluff, if you know he's lying how much do you let go because they're developing and when do
9:43 am
you call it on them and say you have a choice right now. you can tell me the truth. >> i try not to catch them in the lie. you try to make children successful. so set them up for success. if you know they took the cookie then you say i see the cookie is missing, was it good. next time ask me. >> but you have a list of things you can do to teach values especially when talking about older kids. >> yes, first of all being patient with children. it's important to be patient because when you're patient with them they have an easier time connecting to the value. then you want to be passionate. because you are the child's first teacher and so it's up to you as a parent to really teach those core values in them. >> you say persistence. >> you want to be persistent. it doesn't happen overnight. we live in a microwave society where children need to know it's okay to make a mistake. >> what if you have a child and they're not lying? is that a concern? >> no, that's a good thing. >> that's a good thing.
9:44 am
>> what about rules? you set the rules and i find -- one of the things i know we're guilt of sometimes, we have to be consistent about what the rules are. >> yes, it's so important to be consistent because when you're not consistent what happens is the children start taking you for a joke. it's a joke that mommy and daddy they don't mean what they say and don't say what they mean. it's important for parents to follow through and be consistent with the rules. >> that's one of the most difficult things. kids need to know what the rules are. just like in school, you follow what you know. >> you can. >> print the rules for you. >> kind of on your own think about what the priorities are and what are the key house rules you want to enforce. >> good advice. >> thank you. up next, what's behind door number one? we're going to ante up in a game of funny money right after this. [ male announcer ] erica had a rough day. there was this and this. she got a parking ticket...
9:45 am
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go mother, son. start with unlimited salad and breadsticks. share a pair of apps. then choose 2 of 5 summer entrees. like spicy shrimp vesuvio or new tuscan garlic chicken. so have a date night. have a double-date night. go 3 courses for 2 people just $25. go olive garden! we're all family here. and try our lighter fare menu. 5 delicious choices under 575 calories. with delicious pringles stix. ♪ ♪ everything pops with pringles stix. [ crunch ] all right. time to put our money where our mouths are in a game we're calling funny money. >> it's where pop culture meets finances. the questions are dealers choice. >> who will come out on top.
9:49 am
>> me. >> not me. i'm terrible at games but jean is our host and judge and i think my friend will help me win. >> i'll do my best. no cheeth. here's how this goes. i'm going to give you a category, you each have $1,000 there. 1,$0 1,000 today show dollars. whoever gets the closest gets a prize. >> first category is tabloid father. place your bet. >> i got three on that. >> i got five on that. >> here's the question, mike tyson, and dion and gary all filed bankruptcy. how many years does it take a chapter 13 bankruptcy to fall off your credit record. >> 10 years, 20. >> al gets the money. >> you should know that. al you should have firsthand
9:50 am
knowledge of that. >> by the way, you might -- >> i listened to jean's segments. >> category number two, shopping cents, place your bets. >> i'm going to go 500. >> here's the question, in the song thrift shop, he suggests $50 is too much to pay for a t-shirt. what is the average percentage of their income that americans spend on clothing. average percentage. >> average% of income americans spend on clothing. >> i say 25%. >> and carson gets it. it's actually 3% but at 5% you came close. that number is going down. >> i like to shop. >> not as much as tamron likes to shop. >> category number three, is savings strategy. place your bet. >> i'm going big. i'm going to put 500. all right. here's the question, in season 3
9:51 am
of downtown abbey all the money is gone because robert made one of the most basic investing mistakes. what did he do. >> i've never seen that show. >> what did he not do. >> i know. >> he invested in the recalled meat. >> i got it. >> i got it. >> i need a buzzer. >> where's my buzzer. >> here we go. >> he didn't save. >> he cashed out. >> no he didn't diversify. he put all his money in the railroad that went bust. it's category facts and figures in the episode the calzone, he gets kicked out of a restaurant when trying to pay with pennies. how much does it cost to make a penny. >> it's a losing deal. >> it's very controversial. >> how much does it cost to make a penny is the question. >> i'm going to say 10 cents.
9:52 am
>> 1 penny. >> 2.41 cents. carson you're closest. you get the money. >> all right. >> and you just took all of al's money. >> i know. >> here we go. is that it? >> we're out of money. no more dollars left. >> no more time. we'll have to play this game again. carson would you like the box. behind the curtain you have to choose. one or the other. >> take the box. take the box. go with the box. >> i'll take the box. >> oh. >> what is that. >> karoke machine. >> i'm going home with that one. >> that's pretty good. >> this is great. thank you jean. >> thank you jean. this is awesome. >> thank you. thank you for playing. >> all right. thank you. good information there. >> thanks. >> this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
by the way, i mentioned earlier, i on vine at al roker, this is what you have to see. >> i love vacuuming. >> here's something you don't see every day. matt lauer with a vacuum. who knew. something you don't see every day. i don't know what he had going on down there. >> pretty funny. >> he was working it. coming up, kathie lee and hoda will catch up with marlonwayans.
9:56 am
crystal geyser is always bottled at the mountain source. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. then we deliver it directly to you. clean you out. >> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." it is 9:56. good morning. i'm marla tell less. a south bay couple is recovering after they were attacked in broad daylight by a group of gang members. they were walking yesterday
9:57 am
afternoon when they were confronted. the suspects took off. the attack comes on the very first weekend san jose police rolled out a three phase plan to crack down on gang violence. we now know the name of the woman who died when her van plunged into the san francisco bay. she has been identified as 60-year-old deborah crenshaw of san francisco. crenshaw, one of several people in the vehicle when it went into the water from the marina green on friday afternoon. everyone else escaped. rain starts off your work week. let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you, marla. good morning to you at home. highly unusual to have rain on the 24th day of june. however, that's exactly what's happening. a lot of these showers are deteriorating, heading out of the area. we have another round as we head through tonight into tomorrow morning. want to make sure you're ready for it. we stop the clock for you at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning expecting more rain right in the heart of your morning drive. keep that in mind.
9:58 am
highs are going to be comfortable. 77 degrees, 81 for tuesday. we rapidly warm up thursday into sunday. we'll check your drive. good morning, mike. >> good morning. it was a tough one but compressed. lighter or shorter lived because of the summership. we have it flowing down the east shore freeway. volume in berkeley. the toll plaza, there's hardly any wait. the metering lights are on but should be turned off soon. the north routes finally easing up. a tough drive in the last couple of hours. much better, 87 into downtown. 101 past the airport had the worst of it. >> mike, thanks. we'll be back with our next local news update at 10:26. [ wind howling ]
9:59 am
[ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. it's fun-day monday. june 24th. are you sorry to be back at it this week? but we're going to make you smile today, we promise. >> we certainly are. we're going to show you, first of all if you haven't seen the ugliest dog on earth, we'll show them to you. >> the newest ugliest. >> wally. >> i think we need a recount, though. that's the way i feel about it. >> we'll reveal ones we think should have won the ugliest dog. >> show page three. >> we'll have to show it before we get stuart arted.
10:01 am
come to me. look at that. >> i'm going to my dentist today because my teeth used to look like that but dr. larry rosenthal has changed my life. >> those teeth are terrible. >> how was your weekend, miss thing? >> you know what? we -- i think it was one of the best weekends ever, ever, ever. the only time frank and i left our house and that point we just built was for church. and yesterday morning i was down there early doing devotions and i thought about regis and joy. i said i haven't seen them in a while. we couldn't get together in a while. i said maybe they're home this weekend. they had a new grandchild that lives out in california. their daughter joanna has just had a new baby girl. i give them a call. the next thing we know, they're coming. we had lunch yesterday. i don't know if we have the picture to show. there. >> look at leola. >> look at joy. the shape that woman is in. >> she knows how to pose.
10:02 am
>> there's reg. every time regis comes to our house, he goes, and yet another place to eat. we had a great lunch. and our friends. we just entertained all weekend long. but it didn't feel like it because it's such a comfortable spot. >> the moon. >> i tried to take pictures of it. the pictures do not even show because i looked and said that's the most beautiful thing. i took a picture and it looked like a pin trick on the camera but it was gorgeous. >> speck particularular. and saturday night that's what frank and i did. we went down there, built a fire and had a little vino. >> of course you did. >> but the moon was coming on. it's 11:00. frank and i haven't stayed up until 11:00 with our clothes on in a long, long, long, long time. >> hey, hey. >> all right. i have to say i haven't been out to giant stadium. i've never been to a ball game
10:03 am
there. >> you have to go to a football game with us this fall. >> i'd love to go. they had this health expert that channel 4 locally does here. it was a terrific event. it's the whole football field filled with fun and games for the kids. they had like a 2-year-old run. i ended up taking some pictures with some really nice people who were out there. yeah. look. >> they came to sign your book for them. >> no, they wanted to bring wine. no one would let anyone bring vino into the stadium. >> what has become of this country? >> they were asking for you and there were some adorable kids who were there. most were crying when they came near me. i don't know what it was. >> they have a good sense about people. >> stop it. >> so last night, nik wallenda, did you guys watch that? >> only on the news. i couldn't watch. >> i can watch something once i know it's over and has a happy ending. but to think that -- he's one tiny nano second away from death was hard.
10:04 am
>> it would be so hard to watch. i watch the clips too. i followed it on twitter. they said he's just left. someone said i can't watch it. this is torture. it's unwatchable because it was so difficult to watch him walking across the grand canyon. took him 22 minutes. >> three football fields long. >> if you hear what he was saying as he started, he was praying pretty much. let's listen. >> i would, too. >> i command it in your name, jesus. authority of god praise you. praise you, jesus. praise you lord. winds are way worse than i expected. praise you, jesus. >> doing good. looks spectacular. >> when you see that wide shot. and the wind. and at one point he had to squat down. >> wasn't it true that -- oh, oh. and there's no net, by the way. he doesn't want -- >> don't take your hand off me. >> why did he do that? >> that's the reason to get to the end. but at the same time how
10:05 am
horrible for his loved ones. >> how about at the end. >> oh, my god. >> make you nervous about that when you are watching the u.s. open and there's a putt and you think you've got it and they lose it because of that. most people get in car accidents a few blocks from their home because they think they're already home and don't have to think about it. >> i would have been praying the whole way, too. >> it's hard for us to put ourselves in, obviously, his shoes. and just say why in the world would you risk something as precious as your life? but we have to understand culturally, that's the third generation of the flying wallendas. that's just what they do. they are circus performers. >> if the kids are at the end watching hour, could you do that to your children? but those children are probably going to grow up and do it. thainge >> they're already in the family business. >> it's part of you. it would be shocking for any other kid to watch his dad risk his life.
10:06 am
for these kid who get used to it. he wants to walk from the empire state building to the chrysler building, nine city blocks above manhattan. >> i think it's a little easier to get insurance when you are going over something that there are no people below you. but to try to block off nine blocks -- >> can you imagine in manhattan? with most people standing there and yelling. yelling at you. stop! don't do it, nik wallenda. >> if you had trouble sleeping last night, sunday night, you aren't alone. >> thank you frank and bambino. sunday night is the most difficult night to fall asleep because you have kind of monday morning anxiety. >> right. >> so if you have trouble sleeping during the week it's going to get worse on sundays. >> and it was last night. it truly was. >> why? >> poor frank doesn't know he's doing what he's doing. so when i have had it and then i knock him over, he's like, what? what?
10:07 am
what? turn over! but bambino is doing it now. >> what's he doing? >> he's a little restless. he's a little restless. >> i know you aren't supposed to sleep with the dogs or your husbands after a certain amount of years, but i kind of like them both, and -- >> i think they are getting bored in the control room. >> the other reason people have trouble falling asleep they have social jetlag which is you stay up later on friday night, sleep in on saturday and it throws off your normal rhythm of your week. >> well, good. >> we talk about the -- >> this is the funniest thing. >> the ugliest dog contest, again, we showed you a couple of pictures. there some are hideous ones in a good way, that are here. why don't you come out. here's wally. >> see, i think wally is adorable. >> hi, nice to meet you. >> were you excited when wally won? >> yes, i was. >> i wouldn't have put wally in
10:08 am
the running. explain the other ones that win this thing. >> this is where the term dog ugly comes from is these guys. >> show us a trick he does that shows off his best act. >> i put him in a contest in our small town. he's won unusual dog or ugly dog so -- >> that doesn't make him ugly. >> i put him in the world's ugliest dog contest. >> what does he do when he gets a sit. wally, sit. sit. oh, wally -- >> wally. >> oh, my god, those little feet. i'm looking at his feet. >> wow, wally. wow. wally is quite the dog, isn't he? oh, yeah, wally. oh, my god. >> so unusual, that's what the judges liked about him. he was different. >> but he's so cute. >> in the face they were saying the rest of him was unusual. >> you think because he's won this he's going to get a big head?
10:09 am
a bigger one? >> that's no joke. stop it. you are disgusting. >> is it going to go to his head, getting all this attention? >> i don't think so. he's had attention since he was a little puppy because he's always looked unusual. >> a lot of puppies have paws like that. you think they are going to grow into it. he has grown into them. >> beagle, bassett and boxer. >> he didn't have a chance. >> but i still think there were some other ones. do we have any pictures of the other ones that were in the running? now tell me -- >> oh, oh, oh. >> no, these aren't -- >> that looks like meredith's dog. >> wally is cute. >> i know. >> oh, the mohawk. oh, wow. >> that's not so bad. >> oh. >> oh, my. is that -- >> how is that even possible?
10:10 am
>> wally wants another one. >> well, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> i prabrought in my favorite thing, but i prefer wally. i spent all weekend out in the sun. you know how i am about the sun. i had some farmer lines and stuff and i wore the 50-plus and kept adding it. this l'oreal paris, it's new. sublime sun. sublime sun sunscreen for about $10 at your local drug store. it's 50. but it also has a beautiful sheen to it. >> does it smell good? >> you tried it the other day and said even you'd wear it. >> i love it. isn't that great? >> here's my favorite thing. i drink coffeemate because i can't have dairy and i love it. guess what they came out with. coffee mate that tastes like
10:11 am
girl scout cookies. like all your favorite girl scout cookies are now in coffee mate form. i didn't think -- i don't usually like sweet innocence my coffee. >> oh, that kind of coffee mate. it's liquid. >> does sara have one? >> yes. this is a jackory mini. it's the smallest external battery you can have for your iphone. you can get an extra 50 hours charging. yeah. when you -- think about when you are traveling. i live by outlets because my phone is always dead. just bring this in your purse or bag or pocket. >> i so wanted to steal that from her. >> you are here. you are trouble, mr. danger. >> my other favorite thing is, i watched the lone ranger last night with my friend army hammer. army is here today along with that guy over there. >> marlon. >> the screamer, we like to call him. don't walk away from your phone. we're dialing up our fan of the
10:12 am
week. he's starring in one of the funniest summer films. >> we're going to hang out with marlon wayans. >> and could it be wedding bells for kim and kanye. plus, a big surprise from brad pitt. and the lone ranger is going ♪ open up! we have come for the foul, unholy beast! the one with the red markings! the miracle whip? stand aside that we may burn it! [ indistinct shouting ] have you ever tried it? it's actually quite sweet. and tangy. ♪ i like sweet things. [ man ] shut up, henry. ♪ fruit, with a cool finish. [ man ] shut up, henry. fruit on one side. cool on the other. ice breakers duo. a fruity cool way to break the ice.
10:13 am
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10:14 am
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10:15 am
if you haven't seen the previews then you probably can't wait to check out one of the funniest films "the heat" which stars sandra bullock, melissa mccarthy and marlon wayans. >> an fbi agent that happens to be sandra bullock's love interest that finds himself right in the middle of all the action. check it out. >> excuse me, i was wondering if you would -- >> okay. awkward. nothing personal but as a rule, i make it a point not to date my co-workers so thank you. >> i was wondering if you would not talk to me in that tone. >> oh, oh, yes, of course. >> it's a little different. >> yeah, of course, why wouldn't
10:16 am
i? >> where would you? >> we should go to the paint factory? >> are we clear here because it got real awkward. >> no, we're good, right? we're really good. >> same page. >> i don't want any -- >> okay. here we go. let's go to the paint factory. >> she doesn't want to date co-workers so spread the word. >> shut up. >> i love being here. you guys feed us wine. let's do it. here's to you. this is the "today" show. we're going to do this. this is like going to breakfast after the club and we're going to continue to party. let's do it. >> this looks so fun. these two girls must have been a kick to work with. >> that's the script and how much was it you guys playing and having fun with it? >> a lot of it was improvise. a script but that whole ending was like improvised. melissa and sandra, they are both really strong with improvising. and it's funny because i was
10:17 am
actually the straight man in the movie. >> you were? >> yeah, melissa is hilarious. the filthiest mouth in this movie. >> who? >> melissa. >> the old black man somewhere down her throat. richard prior somewhere down there just cursing up a storm. she's so funny. they play well together. and they are both beautiful. >> if you'll remake a movie as iconic as the heat you make it with a brand new take. >> oh, "the heat" was an actual movie? i thought it was original. >> was it? >> maybe i'm wrong. >> there was a movie "city heat." >> and then "the heat of the night." >> but enough about me. >> all right. i'm wrong. write it down. once in a while -- >> i'm sorry. i thought there was an old classic movie -- never mind! >> anyway, go ahead. >> what is it like to make this amazing new, brand new movie?
10:18 am
>> well, the brand new movie is amazing. working with both of them is great. sandra, i got to play her love interest. >> how much of a love interest are you? >> i didn't get to kiss her. but i got to look at her in a lot of different ways like i wanted it but i couldn't have it. >> unconsummated love affair. >> when they said cut, like afterwards, in my head, a lot of nasty stuff happened. but on set, it didn't happen. >> you remember when you were here last time. >> what happened? >> do you remember? you screamed a lot. >> from the movie. >> this is what it was. [ scream ] >> now we're going to quiz you. we're going to play a scream and see if you can guess. >> these some ugly dogs. >> here's the first one.
10:19 am
listen. [ screams ] >> who is that? >> one of your kids? >> my son. >> drew barrymore from "e.t." >> that was a good scream. >> scream number two. >> we just saw this. >> okay. scream number two. listen first and then we'll show you who it is. [ screams ] >> psycho? >> close. >> let's roll the tape. this is what it is. >> oh, the original. or was it a remake of an iconic movie? >> we have one last one. see if you can guess this. [ screams ] >> one more time. >> no, that was it. >> now go. >> that was so fast. >> this is the real one.
10:20 am
>> what is this? what are you hitting the shake for? >> giving you something to scream about, baby. >> we wish you great luck with the movie. >> thank you. >> all the best with this brand new movie. >> it comes out june 28th. >> at a theater near you. if your phone rings, pick it up because we may be calling you. we're going to surprise our fan you. we're going to surprise our fan of the week rigo! after this. go olive garden. go 2 for $25. go father, daughter. go mother, son. start with unlimited salad and breadsticks. share a pair of apps. then choose 2 of 5 summer entrees. like spicy shrimp vesuvio or new tuscan garlic chicken. so have a date night. have a double-date night. go 3 courses for 2 people just $25. go olive garden! we're all family here. and try our lighter fare menu. 5 delicious choices under 575 calories.
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♪ ♪ dry hair needs a daily dose of effective moisture. new dove daily moisture has pro moisture complex that goes deep down to hair's cellular level. it moisturizes to give you up to 5 x smoother hair in one wash. dove's most effective conditioner yet. new dove daily moisture. ♪ it is time for one of our favorite things around here when we surprise our "fan of the week." who is it going to be, sara? >> our winner this week is lindsey kaufman. she watches on k.a.r.e. in m minetonka, minnesota. are you there? >> i'm here. i'm so excited. >> a big congratulations. we want to tell everyone, a
10:24 am
little bit about you. lindsey was so excited to receive the aarp magazine with you two on the cover. she also said in her application it was her dream to appear on the "today" show so we're making that dream come true. >> she looks 12 years old. why would she -- >> why does she get aarp? >> because she likes you two. >> she lays her yoga mat in front of the tv to get her workout on while watching her two favorite ladies. do you want to hear where you are going? >> i am so honored. >> oh, lindsey, we love you. >> it's not the nobel peace prize. where is she going? >> the lake winnevista resort in florida. sounds like the perfect getaway for a hard working college student. hotel and airfare provided by star sky hotel and resorts.
10:25 am
>> lindsey, we love you. have a fun time. thanks for all your love and ♪ [ female announcer ] when did we start thinking that eating a tiny breakfast would help us weigh less? ♪ with the special k breakfast, eat all this, with new, hearty special k multi-grain cereal. data shows women who eat breakfast tend to weigh less than those who don't. so eat right, not less. a new perspective. what will you gain when you lose? ♪ what will you gain when you lose? even when you don't now yhave time for a break break with new kit kat minis.
10:26 am
poppable, bite-sized minis that let you make break time anytime. no. mom, check it out! energy drinks. no. hey mom! dare me to do a back-flip? no. 1, 2, 3, 4! no! it's rated for class five white water. no! whooooooo! no, no! no, huh? yes! [ male announcer ] in a world filled with "no", it's nice to finally say "yes". oscar mayer selects hot dogs, no artificial preservatives and gluten free. it's yes food. it's oscar mayer. >> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." good morning to you, it is 10:26. the sunny vail fire department has left the scene. one large trailer in this park was gutted by those flames. no one was inside at the time.
10:27 am
we'll check the forecast and look at the roads after the break.
10:28 am
10:28. we'll see light showers. the bulk of the moisture has come through. your roads are getting an opportunity now to dry out under mostly cloudy conditions. here's your current radar. you n see light showers moving through the east shore. we're mostly dry right in san jose for the evening. there is more rain on the way.
10:29 am
i'll time out the second set of moisture through the bay area. it's coming through at 11:00. 77 degrees in livermore, 77 in fremont. 75 degrees in san jose. stick around. we'll check the drive forward with mike. we're here at the san mateo bridge. on the ground is a little leftover water from the rainfall. the signs still leftover to reduce the speed because there might be slick conditions. that's still a good warning. there might be the case. the hayward side moved very smoothly for the san mateo bridge. farther back in the tri valley, we have more in livermore. those were your commute this morning. it's moving out quite a bit. the south bay we have rain all over the place. 87 smooth. back to you. >> mike, thanks. the u.s. supreme court will not rule on prop 8 today. the justices released their decisions earlier this morning on a number of cases but california's ban on same-sex marriage was not one of them. the supreme court has added another session for tomorrow. we will have the latest from nbc
10:30 am
bay area's cheryl herd in washington, d.c., coming up in just 30 minutes at 11:00. we hope to see you then. we are back with "today's buzz." we catch you up on all the hollywood gossip you might have missed over the weekend. >> from the paula deen controversy to the latest between kim and kanye. the always naughty but nice. >> how are you? >> good to see you. >> kim and kanye, we heard about the name. >> northwest is the name of the baby. it's no longer a direction on your compass that kim and kanye started to move up that google search. so the direction is still number one but the baby name is certainly moving up. >> kanye has won round one? there's no "k" in that and his name is there and not kardashian. >> she said she didn't want that name. jay leno asked her a mother ago.
10:31 am
jay said there's a rumor it's going to be northwest and she laughed and said no. so kanye -- >> round one to kanye. >> and then the big news this swkd they got married or engaged. that is not true. she does not have the ring on it. they are not engaged yet. is what people are saying. >> james gandolfini, there's a service coming up. >> the body arrived back in new jersey last night. >> it looked like a scene from "the sopranos." to see it in a crate was so upsetting. >> absolutely. and on thursday there's a service here in new york. >> is that private or can the public attend? >> this is the largest cathedral in the world. i did my research. it can hold about 10,000 people. >> that won't be enough for him i don't think. >> a lot of fans there. obviously a lot of his cast mates are coming into this. doing different projects throughout the world but they'll all come in for thursday's
10:32 am
ceremony. >> every time you see footage of someone that's recently passed, doesn't it just -- you can't believe that person is gone. >> you just saw him in a film or in a clip or walking on a red carpet. >> i think people are still digesting this. >> let's talk paula deen. we didn't get to get to it in chat this morning. a lot has been talked about what's going to happen to her career. >> she's lost her contract at the food network where she's been 11 years. >> qvc is putting her on hold. >> dwhoot you think? >> i think that's going to be very difficult. i think qvc is an amazing business. if she keeps selling pots and pans she may have a chance of coming back. she doesn't have a scheduled chance to return. they've not cancelled her but haven't given her a new date. >> they're waiting. >> do you think this is a career ender? >> i don't know. i think that if she is honest and says i'm terribly sorry and she means it from her heart, i'd like to think that -- >> how can people know? apparently her video that she made did not -- >> i think that was about the
10:33 am
video was so badly produced. >> i think sometimes people think i'll go directly to the people on youtube but i think that can sometimes watching you interact is much better in that way. >> also the danger of get something professional person in there with you. it makes it look too contrived and -- >> matt will be fair and give her the opportunity. >> really tells the truth, speaks from her heart, then we'll see what happens. >> all right. weekend box office. big winners. who won? >> brad pitt's movie that everyone was a bit nervous about did fantastic. >> didn't get great reviews at all. >> cost a fortune. they rewrote the ending, reshot it. cost about $250 million. so massive box office. everybody was terribly nervous about it. >> number two, though? >> "monsters" was number one. that didn't get great reviews either. >> so that one did well.
10:34 am
>> monsters number one, brad pitt number two. they were really worried about this movie. got terrible reviews. reshot the ending. cost a fortune and looks like it's going to do okay. >> $250 million. >> rob, lovely to see you. >> rob was admiring our next guest. armie hammer. who isn't? the hottest young actor. i can't look because he's one of my favorites. there he is. armie hammer. s he is now the lone ranger. i'm here at walmart with chenoa, who's looking for a nutritious and affordable alternative to eating lunch out. yes i am. you know the average lunch out is over $7.00 per meal? i know. let something... okay. wof quick lunch options. a meal like this is less than $4.25 per serving. for real? yeah! if you swap out lunch just 3 times per week, you could save over 475 bucks a year. yeah? yeah! a small change equals big savings.
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10:38 am
♪ nice. >> that's got to be a first, right? >> never seen a camera wear a mask. >> armie played both of the winklevos twins. now he's starring in one of the biggest on-screen adventures starring alongside johnny depp reprising the role of "the lone ranger." >> you want me to wear a mask? >> the men you seek think you are dead. better to stay that way. >> all right. but if we ride together to bring these men to justice in a court
10:39 am
of law. is that understood? >> okay. so that's a nice tender moment between you and tonto. first of all, great to see you. >> hi, armie. >> great to see you both. >> see you in your favorite major -- you've been in lots of great movies lately, but you are the lone ranger, baby. this changes everything. >> yeah, well, fortunately i'm wearing a mask for most of the movie. may not change to much. >> as is our entire crew. >> everybody. we're all in that. so you have to -- it took four or five auditions for you to land this role. >> yeah. >> that must have been a little unnerving. >> you'd think every audition you'd get called back you'd feel better. then you thing competition is getting that much more steep. it's a nerve-racking process. >> when you got the call, what did that feel like? >> i was partially convinced i called the wrong person. >> it was like 1,000 ideas i tried to get outas once. >> especially the last ten minutes of this thing, it's
10:40 am
pretty intense. you and johnny depp did almost all of your own stunts. that's not exactly what you're known for. i think when you read this script, i know you wanted to do it. you wanted to work with johnny depp and that director, but what in the world did you say, oh, my gosh, that's going to be -- how long is that, like almost a year? >> like nine or ten months. when it says in the script tonto drags john reed behind a horse i thought, oh, they'll figure out a way to do that. of course you show up on set and they say, we're going to drag you behind a horse. >> what was it like working with johnny depp. he's a terrific actor. did it help you up your game or -- >> totally. it's like you sort of rise to the level. especially when you have rabinsky directing and bruckheimer. it raises your game a little bit. hopefully. >> your prepared to how this could end up changing your life quite a bit? johnny depp can't really walk around and be johnny depp,
10:41 am
privacy and all that. >> put on the mask then nobody -- >> this was the first time i was exposed to anything like this. seeing how johnny has to live his life. like a fugitive on the lam. doesn't look fun. >> this mask really did change how you felt about yourself, didn't it? you were talking about how when you put this on on set, suddenly everyone's demeanor -- >> when i walked out of the trail ter was like, hey, armie go stand over there. but the older guys on set, they just got giddy. >> tell us about your life away from the camera. you and your beautiful wife elizabeth -- >> is she here? >> she is here. have just opened a bakery in san antonio. >> elizabeth, you want to come over and tempt hoda? >> how adorable is she. >> she's pretty darn adorable. >> we just had our two-year anniversary. >> and you came bearing gifts. what's that? >> oh, no big deal.
10:42 am
since we came from new mexico, i might as well get you a couple of flasks. if you are going to drink wine, you might as well drink like a cowboy. >> so thoughtful. >> of course, anything for you guys. >> we're so happy for you. "the lone ranger" is so much fun. watched it last night with a whole gamut of little people in my house and they went crazy for it. i hope you have a big hit. >> it opens in theaters, by the way, next wednesday. >> thank you darling. he's a 21-year-old opera singer who is now singing a new tune after dropping 167 pounds. >> we'll find out how he did it right after this. >> can you open that for me, lone ranger? all the chicken in your grocery store is inspected by the usda before it's packaged. but perdue asked the usda to go further...a lot further. in our hatcheries, feedmills and the family farms where our chickens are raised. they verify that all our chickens are fed an all-veggie diet, with no animal by-products... and they're cared for in a clean, safe environment.
10:43 am
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ching! i like the fact that there's lots of different tastes going on. mmmm! breakfast i'm very impressed. this is a great cereal! honey bunches of oats. i hear you crunching.
10:45 am
[ roars ] ♪ ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ male announcer ] universal studios summer of survival. ♪
10:46 am
♪ we're back with look at me now, the joy fit club and a man fed up with his weight decided to make a change. >> ted pattel lost 167 pounds in
10:47 am
11 months. before we meet him, let's take a look at his amazing story. >> hi. my name is ted. growing up, i loved to perform, but there were plenty of roles i wasn't cast for because of my size. ♪ once upon a time so i turned to opera where i thought i could rely on my voice to carry me on stage. ♪ i've always been a pretty tall guy. at 6'6", i thought my height could justify my weight of 362 pounds. i tried to convince myself that i don't look that bad. but who was i kidding? i was obese. my weight also affected my personal life. i could never get a date. i figured that no one wanted to be with a fat kid. but in my junior year of college, my friend told me about a diet called medifast. i was sick and tired of being winded at my opera rehearsals so i gave it a try.
10:48 am
friends and family didn't believe i could stick to my diet but a month into the program, people started to believe in me and cheer me on. today i've lost 167 pounds. i have more energy, self-confidence -- ♪ oh, what a beautiful morning and better vocal abilities. not only do other people see me differently, but i see myself differently, too. ♪ everything's going my way >> it sure is. here with susthe leader of the joy fit club, joy bauer. hi, joy. >> see how handsome he was before he lost the weight. when i first met him, i thought he was a model. you guys are going to flip out. so if a few things he's completely changed. one, like so many people, he loves chipotle. before he was getting these double steak burritos with rice, cheese, beans, sour cream. 1280 calories. now what he does, he's ordering
10:49 am
the bowls without rice so there's chicken, lots of vegetables and he adds salsa and guacamole. only 500 calories. >> you can have brown rice once in a while, right? >> yes, he doesn't but you can. another thing i think that people don't realize is the sweetened iced teas have just as much sugar as the soda. so he was drinking about eight of these 16-ouncers a day. 1280 calories. but 78 teaspoons of sugar. >> that's unbelievable. >> how many calories? >> 1280 just from the liquid. he is brewing four bags of peach tea and four tea bags of raspberry over eight cups of hot water, putting it over a pitcher with ice and jazzing it up with frozen raspberries and peaches. >> i can't believe that visual. what about diet snapple? >> then you are getting the artificial sweeteners.
10:50 am
>> here is ted's before picture. all right, ted, come join the joy fit club. >> oh, my god! >> awesome. >> standing ovation. >> give us a tah-dah as you do that. ♪ tah-dah >> wow! >> didn't losing the weight change your vocal abilities? >> absolutely. i think a little more lyrically which is more helpful for someone that's my age. i'm still a really young singer and so it's, you know, where i was singing dramatically was not quite the right place for me. it's like carrying around four 50-pound weights. >> and he's getting the hunk rolls now. >> he's a hunk. >> how is the chick situation? >> it's going pretty good. a lot of things in the works so, yeah. >> we're so happy for you. you look terrific. we wish you the best of luck. great success in your career,
10:51 am
too. joy, you always, always amaze us. you can't imagine how many books this man has sold. he's been moonlighting again. >> he's going to tell us all about it. >> we're talking about james patterson. >> this is "today" on nbc.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
james patterson has been on "the new york times" best sellers list more than any other author in the world. let that sink in. >> wow. >> now he's out with two new great reads for the summertime. >> one for you. a thriller called "second honeymoon" and one for your kids which he's passionate about called "middle school: how i survived bullies, broccoli and snake hills." good to see you. this is the first time you've delivered two works of art. >> and it's always the same reason. i want people to get into the habit when they go to the library, go into the book store
10:55 am
go online, don't just get a book for yourself. get a book for your kids. >> such a passion project, getting kids reading. not only is it written well but there are great illustrations so kids could -- >> it's very funny. like when my son jack was 8 we said you'll read every day this summer. he said, do we have to? >> he didn't like reading. >> he's a smart guy. wasn't a big reader. but he read every single day. by the entd of summer he'd read about 12 books. please get your kids reading this summer. >> parents have sort of given up on that. they let them sit in front of the tv, play the video games. >> if you send your kids out into the world and they aren't confident readers, it's like sending them out into the world with a handicap. nobody would do that. nobody in their right mind -- >> they don't realize they're doing that. >> people come up to me, can't get them to the dinner table. you must. and it's fun. that's the nice thing. >> a lot of publishers are running into a hard time because
10:56 am
a lot of things are out on ebooks. >> people aren't going into the book stores as much. >> what do you think the future will be like. >> it's going around. there are more independent book stores, actually. they are coming back. >> something about having that book in your hand. >> i like both. ebooks are great, but, if -- >> they are convenient. >> if you are going to do ebooks you'll have to introduce your kids to them. if you aren't going to the book store or libraries, if your kids aren't reading, they're not going to be able to get through high school. >> for your young people's book, what age group would be picking up the book? >> 8. pretty good 8-year-old readers up to about 13 would be the middle school books. >> tell us the premise of "second honeymoon." >> i think it's my favorite of the thrillers. >> which is what? of the 22 that you've written? >> 800, i think. something like that. so this one is we're revisiting the main character and it took about six years to come up with
10:57 am
an idea that i thought would be a cool idea for it. >> we wish you success but it just seems redundant. >> well, i wish you success, too. >> grandparents that are watching, parents, do it. >> great to see you again. >> coming up tomorrow, the very handsome new dad channing tatum is with us. >> plus, the former first lady of france. >> and all your summer style needs from jill martin. >> have an awesome fun-day monday. guess what's coming up? booze day tuesday. >> something for everybody. ♪
10:58 am
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>> announcer: nbc bay area news starts now. now at 11:00 the anticipation is building for the decision on prop 8. time is running out for the issuing of the ruling on the same-sex marriage band. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning, everyone. the justices from the supreme court handing down decisions on several cases this morning. as we told you, prop 8's future does remain unknown. cheryl herd has the bay area plaintiff fighting for marriage equality. >> another day of uncertainty for those watching the rulings on gay marriage. the plaintiffs left the courtroom today about an hour


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