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tv   CBS This Morning  NBC  June 25, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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the supreme court in washington, again, a decision on prop 8 or the defense of marriage act expected in the next few minutes. that's what's happening "today in the bay." stay with us. >> stay safe and dry. see you tomorrow. (♪). whose idea was this? "today," tuesday june 25th, 2013.
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good morning. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. i'm savannah guthrie. >> and i'm matt lauer. getting back to the heat story there were moment where is they were on that bus and they had to go down like this to get under the overpass. didn't seem like the greatest idea for 6'8", 6'10" and 7 foot. >> did anybody see the hang over three. >> exactly. don't tell them about the giraffe. >> welcome back. good to have you here. did you have fun? >> i had a great time. never been to the grand canyon so it was amazing. >> it's pretty. >> kept your feet on the ground which we're glad about. >> thank goodness. now back to the nsa story. a lot of mixed signals right now about the whereabouts of edward snowden this morning. >> that's right, the u.s. is turning on the heat on russia to turn him over. russian officials are now
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insisting he has not crossed their border. accusing them of harboring him we hear from the foreign minister this morning is "ungrounded and unacceptable." >> let's get to nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell. andr andrea, good morning to you. >> good morning. matt, this is all murky. u.s. officials believe edward snowden is in russia, perhaps at the airport. and they are increasing pressure on moscow today, even though they claim they have nothing to do with the former nsa contractor. in an interview with nbc morning, albert hoe, edward snowden's attorney while he was in hong kong suggests that hong kong and china turned a blind eye to his swift departure. >> the solution was get him out. disappear from hong kong. and at the same time, they realized that the only point that they have to answer openly is about why didn't they stop him at the airport and maybe,
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you know, they have some smart man on the legal team able to spot some error in the documents served on them by the americans. >> this comes as he provides details of how easily snowden fled hong kong. surprising the fbi, which thought he was trapped. >> he used his passport, evidently his american passport. he went through the official channel instead of being arranged to go through a special channel. nothing unusual happened. everything went on as usual, as normal. >> reporter: u.s. officials aren't even trying to conceal their anger at china, which let snowden escape to moscow. >> this was a deliberate choice by the government to release a fugitive despite a valid arrest warrant and that decision unquestionably has a negative impact on the u.s./china
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relationship. >> reporter: the question now, where is snowden and if he is in russia, will vladimir putin tlifr him to the u.s.? putin is hardly a friend, most recently blocking u.s. policy on syria. if russia doesn't cooperate with the fbi there could be consequences. secretary of state john kerry told nbc news. >> we continue to hope that the russians will do the right thing. we think it's very important in terms of our relationship. we think it's very important in terms of rule of law. >> reporter: snowden is evading capture with help from wikileaks whose founder julian assange, spoke out monday. >> it is clear mr. snowden is a whistleblower, by all his actions. >> reporter: assange has had asylum for a year in ecuador's london embassy. snowden has requested asylum in ecuador, a request that will likely be granted. and in another twist, a hong kong newspaper that interviewed snowden said he told them that he decided to leak top secrets and only then sought the job
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with the nsa contractor, indicating, if that's true, that that was his plan all along. >> andrea mitchell, thank you. philip mud is former cia director of counterterrorism and and deputy director of the national security at the fbi. it's good to see you. good morning. >> good morning. >> i know guys with your resume hate when people like me do this, but it sounds like a movie. it sounds like a spy movie complete with an international fugitive and cat and mouse game and at the end of those movies the cia gets their man. do you think right now the cia actually knows exactly where edward snowden is? >> no, i doubt it. i think we'll have a resolution that's much more boring than we'll have right now. this fellow has to find a place to stay. he can't keep jumping airport to airport. let's say he ends up in ecuador, they'll either turn him over, which is very doubtful as andrea suggested, or he'll realize he misses his family and he'll never see his girlfriend again. he's in for a tough life after all this short term excitement. >> but i think you're missing my
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question. in the movies the cia has all kind of tools at its disposal, there's satellite imagines and cameras and bugs and informants on the ground to help pinpoint the suspect. is the cia using tools like that right now to find edward snowden? >> sure, everybody across the u.s. government is and if they don't know where he is now, they'll know where he is soon. the question is, what do you do when you locate the guy? you're not sending a s.w.a.t. team into russia to take him down. the diplomatic back and forth has to succeed. my guess is putin will say thanks very much but no way. >> let me ask your take on something that the "l.a. times" had. an interview with a former kgb general quoted as saying this, "this interesting fish has swum into our nets of his own accord and it would be unthinkable of our special services to miss the rare chance to talk to a u.s. defector associated with the cia." so at the very least would you say that the russian intelligence agency has interviewed mr. snowden. at the worst, have they seen what's on his computers?
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>> i think both are most likely. if i were sitting in the chair in washington, d.c., and somebody like this came into the airport, two things are going to happen. you're telling me we're not going to look at his cell phone and laptop and take him off to a room and talk to him? i'm not talking interrogation, i'm saying why are you here? what do you want to do? is there something you want to tell us? the likelihood that there's been no conversation or they haven't downloaded stuff from his electronic gear is about zero. >> would that apply to the chinese as well before he left hong kong? might that have been part of the price of a ticket out of that country? to see what was on those laptops? >> absolutely. but let's not make this -- i want to pretend i'm the cia guy but let's not make this into black and white. the former soviet bloc versus the united states. we would have done the same thing in america i believe. >> all right. mr. mudd, thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you. meantime, breaking news in afghanistan. an attack on one of kabul's most secure areas. natalie has details on that. good morning again. >> good morning again, guys,
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good morning, everyone. this morning there was a brazen attack on the heart of the afghan government, the presidential callas. duncan was there in kabul when the attack happened. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. this was a daring taliban attack using fake i.d.s to get into what should be one of the safest areas in afghanistan. outside the presidential palace journalists take cover as gunfire and explosions shake kabul's diplomatic zone. a heavily fortified area which includes the u.s. embassy and nato headquarters. among those trying to keep away from the gunfire, a boy on his way to school. >> the flames are in front of us, mate. >> reporter: we managed to get across to a car. a local journalist jumping in, grateful to get out of the open. there's a number of explosions ahead of us. gunfire is coming from all around. you might be able to hear it. we're just outside the presidential palace. there's road blocks. we can't move. we're trying to keep cover here with our friend here who just
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jumped in as well. all we could do was watch and wait as palace guards fired down from checkpoints. >> the gunfire is still going on. >> reporter: the firefight went on for 40 minutes until all the attackers were killed. finally everyone was able to move to safety. the taliban say they were also targeting a cia building. all of this as u.s. representatives try to begin stalled peace talks. natalie? >> duncan golastani in afghan, thank you. the family of nelson mandela gathered at his home in south africa reportedly after an urgent call made by his children. the 94-year-old former south african president is hospitalized for a 17th day. doctors are trying to make him comfortable. he remains in critical condition. a frightening time during the night for boy scouts in new hampshire. it happened at a camp site in belmont, new hampshire, when lightning hit close nearby. 23 scouts and 3 adults were hospitalized but they're said to be doing well this morning. today from president obama,
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what is billed as a major speech on climate change is examine expected to call for increased production on lands and take more aggressive steps to increase the efficiency of appliances. now let's head to wall street. what is moving the markets. courtney reagan joins us. a rocky couple of days there. >> the dow is up 80 points but according to s&p u.s. home prices posted the biggest annual gain in seven years. sales of new homes rose in may to the highest rate since mid 2008 and consumer confidence improved. good news for frequent flyers. delta and virgin atlantic are entering into a joint venture. beginning in july airlines will sell seats on some of each other's flights and offering reciprocal frequent flyer benefits for passengers. natalie? >> courtney reagan, thank you for that. well, fans of the chicago blackhawks are celebrating this morning. last night the blackhawks came
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from behind late in the game to beat the boston bruins, scoring two goals in 17 seconds to win the game and the stanley cup. it is chicago's second nhl title in four years. huge congratulations. and good morning, everyone. i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie. we've got some breaking news from the supreme court this morning, a decision to challenge part of the voting rights act that could impact the way elections are held all across the nation. >> this is probably the most consequential civil rights legislation passed in american history. we get to justice correspondent pete williams outside the court. pete, what's in this decision? >> reporter: well, this decision strikes down a key part of the voting rights act, and leaves it up to congress to try to fix it. now, there were two parts of the law that were in question here. this is the civil rights law signed by president johnson in
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1996 -- rather 1965, renewed four times, most recently in 2006. it says that states or counties or towns with a history of discrimination must get permission from the federal government in advance before they can make any changes at all in their election procedures. this is the so-called pre-clearance requirement. well the court upheld that today, but the court struck down the map, the formula that congress has repeatedly used over the years to decide who's covered by the voting rights act. now this leaves it up to congress, but the question is, how likely do you think congress is to do something major like this, to take another look at where discrimination at the polls is a problem, decide who's okay now, who isn't. the supreme court signaled three years ago that it thought that the voting rights act was out of step with the times. things have changed in the
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south, the supreme court said then, in an opinion written by chief justice john roberts and he writes the court's opinion again today, and so the court is clearly leaving it up to congress but the question is, can congress muster the ability and to do what was done -- yes? >> and in the interim, what happens, for example, if a voting law comes up next month? how do they handle it next month? >> reporter: well we'll have to wait and see what the details are here but there are several requests for pre-clearance still pending with the justice department right now, that the justice department hasn't acted on, so we'll probably know here in just a little bit what the details are about what happens now those pending requests. some states, for example new hampshire, asked to be released from the voting rights act and was, but you know, you have to think about this. voting rights act passed in 1965 at the height of civil rights unrest in this country, it was a
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different climate then that led congress to decide where the problem existed and where it was no longer a problem. it's going to take a long time for congress to just do the homework, much less to muster the political ability to get this done. >> to say nothing of the fact that, pete, the case you mentioned 2009 the court explicitly asked congress to rectify these problems with the voting rights act, congress never acted on that so the question is whether or not as you say they'll have the political will to do anything about it. >> reporter: that's right, and the court really did send a very strong message to the congress back then in another case from texas, while warning the congress so in essence this is a follow-up on the court's original homework assignment to congress, only this time it's not just a suggestion. it's a ruling striking down the effective part of the voting rights act. >> considering that that ruling in 2009 made clear the voting rights act was maybe hanging by a thread, are you surprised that
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chief justice roberts wrote an opinion that upheld that very controversial section, that pre-clearance section because that sounds like it remains intact. >> reporter: not in the least surprised, savannah. i would have been frankly shocked if the court held the voting rights act intact, given its earlier decision and given the way the oral argument went. it was quite clear a majority of the court had serious doubts about whether the voting rights act had adapted enough to changing times, and remember what the challenger said here, not only did they say look, we've reelected an african-american president, but we have large numbers they say of african-americans in state legislatures, a growing number in the congress. however, civil rights groups have said that without this section of the law that trying to stop the insidious practice of making it harder for minorities to vote becomes a game of whac-a-mole. i know the justice department in
7:16 am
the white house were already thinking this could happen and they're looking at remedial legislation, something they could ask congress to pass to try to fix this problem but it's quite clear what congress has to do here if they want the voting rights action to come back they have to redraw the map. >> let's make sure people understand one portion of the voting rights act was left intact, another part as pete just mentioned the map that dictates which areas are covered by this provision of the voting rights act has been struck down. it's going to be obviously something that's going to be followed throughout the day. pete, thank you very much.>> we msnbc,, and "nightly news". kerry sanders, thank you. lisa bloom is today's legal analyst. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we'll do substance in a moment but let's start with style. the prosecutor gave what seemed to be a very tight emotional opening statement. >> yes, powerful.
7:17 am
beginning with those provocative profane words out of george zimmerman's mouth when he saw trayvon martin a stranger. >> the defense made a rather unorthodoxed choice in telling a knock knock joke. my question to you is, is this the sort of thing that the jurors will remember or hold against the defense? or is it over? >> we finally found something that both sides in this case can agree upon. telling a knock knock joke in an opening statement is ill advised and insensitive and he did come back and apologize for it. i don't think the jury is going to hold it against him. they'll decide the case based on the evidence. >> the defense had serious points to make. they're really arguing the forensics. do they have good points to make here? >> they certainly do. they go after the police procedures. they say that trayvon martin were not bagged and it was a rainy night. that could explain the lack of blood on his hands and point out that zimmerman was fully cooperative with police. answered every question and submitted to every test and did not lawyer up immediately. >> we saw the defense highlight the injuries that george zimmerman sustained.
7:18 am
that's right, the punch to the nose and we saw a photo of his bloody face, the lacerations on the back of his head. that's important to show that there was a fight and he was assaulted. >> lisa bloom more to come on this story thank you very much. here's matt. on a much lighter note curators at the national zoo are breathing easier this morning following a brief escape by rusty the red panda. nbc's tom costello is there this morning. tom, what did this critter do? >> reporter: he had the whole city on edge. rusty is about the size of a raccoon. in fact, this is his girlfriend, shama, she's sitting right there having breakfast this morning. it was about 7:30 yesterday morning when they realized rusty was gone and the manhunt, or the panda hunt was on. in zoo language, it was a code green. an escapee, not a lion, tiger or hippo. rusty the red panda was on run. last seen 6:00 p.m. sunday and
7:19 am
no one knew where he was. >> by 8:00 a.m. we started what i would describe as an intensive search for the animal. >> reporter: suspect description, thick red fur, long tail with white stripes. a cute white face and far more curious than dangerous. with nets in hand, zoo staffers quickly fanned out across the zoo and into nearby neighborhoods. for hours they searched front yards and bushes, scanned trees and branches. but rusty was nowhere in sight. he was on twitter. soon after news of the escape several fake rusty twitter handles popped up. as did the edward snowden jokes. one user wrote the panda booked a flight to havana with assistance from julian assange. then about 2:15 ashley was walking down the street with her mom and husband, about a mile from the zoo and suddenly for them what looked at first like a raccoon, casually walking down the sidewalk, obviously trying to blend in. ashley knew it was no raccoon.
7:20 am
and what did you think? >> i thought it was amazing. i have only ever seen them from the distance of zoo fences or glass enclosures. >> reporter: ashley's mom called the zoo as rusty took off across the street into a courtyard and finally up a tree. rusty was cornered and soon collared. on a hot day in d.c., he was tired of running. >> doesn't seem injured or anything like that. >> was he calm? did he react in any way? >> he was calm. he's tired though. >> reporter: as for how he executed this great escape, the zoo has plenty of questions. >> we'll look at every aspect of the exhibit. we will not let this happen again. >> reporter: but the suspect isn't talking. we're back out live and that is sham sitting there again, rusty's girlfriend. the hope is they will make little baby red pandas but that's down the road a little bit. rusty is fine. he spent the night in the clinic they say he is hydrated and doing well. nobody knows how he got out. matt, back to you. >> tom costello. tom, thank you very much.
7:21 am
mystery solved. still coming up, italy's former prime minister found guilty of paying for sex with a minor and sensed to seven years, but will he actually go to jail any time soon? we're live in rome. an american ceo held hostage inside his own factory by his own workers. we'll hear from him. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
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coming up teens getting a dangerous instant high from alcohol without drinking it. and new grandmother kris jenner will be here to tell us how little north west is doing. after your local news. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪
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it is 3o7:26. good morning everybody. i'm jon kelley. breaking news out of washington, d.c. once again we will have to wait another day to find out about prop 8. the u.s. supreme court releasing rulings on several cases this morning. california's ban on same-sex marriage not one of them. the justices planning to issue more rulings tomorrow and thursday, and they will need to rule on prop 8 by the end of the week. two men and a woman right now in the hospital after what police are calling a random home invasion. it happened overnight in san francisco's bayview neighborhood. officers say three gunmen showed up to the house. a man and woman were shot inside. then officers say one of the victims got aheld of the suspect's gun and shot him right in the face.
7:27 am
we can also tell you two children were in the home at the time. neither were hurt. police are looking for the two other suspects oni-i the run. a deadly car crash snarling up the morning commute 234 one part of the bay area. a big rig and a car collided on southbound 880. you can see it there near stevenson boulevard in fremont. three lanes were closed for most of the morning. police cleared the scene about a half hour ago. let's check in with mike inouye. that was pretty bad out there. still seeing a backup? >> we are. that hit just as the bulk of the commute started to come in, and little more cautiously which you should. past the auto mall parkway sign, a good steady flow of traffic, actually starting way back in hayward before you get to the san mateo bridge. it's slow all the way through union city into fremont. also seeing more traffic on  mission boulevard as folks use that as an alternate towards é 680. northbound routes through the south bay starting to build.
7:28 am
we can see wet roads here christina, not just in san jose. >> a look at san francisco, the golden gate bridge, nice and slick this morning. give yourself plenty o'ç extra time. let's get right to the radar. showers steadily stream onshore. want to take it to futurecast. we'll be dealing with this wet weather for most of the day. but by about 5:00 p.m. tonight, the showers will partially clear. we'll keep showers in the mix for the first part of the day tomorrow and we crank that heat, john, getting into the end of the week. over to you. >>2c3ñ triple digits. we'll be back with another local update for you in one half hour. crystal geyser is always
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bottled at the mountain source. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. crystal geyser.
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then we deliver it directly to you. i want to apologize to everybody for the wrong that i've done. i want to learn and grow from this. >> paula deen's tape add poll gee following the fire storm under her admission under oath to racial slurs. he cost her her food network contract and major endorsement deal. tomorrow on today, she'll speak out in an exclusive live interview. she promises she would be here. in fact, she tweeted about it that she would join us. we'll take that as her official rsvp. it's 7:30 on a tuesday morning, 25th day of june, 2013. i'm matt lauer with savannah
7:31 am
guthrie, natalie morales and al roker. good morning. coming up, a new concern for parents if you can believe this. smoking alcohol. it's a way to get drunk without actually drinking and doctors warn the affects of this can be deadly. coming up the video that all parents should see. >> also we have been told to eat a lot of little smaller meals, graze throughout the day but is the two meal a day diet the way to weight loss. >> and an interview with chris gener jenner. she'll tell us about her granddaughter northwest. an italian court convicted silvio berlusconi. michelle is live with the story. good morning. >> hey savannah. italians are split over this. be berls skoeny has been convicted
7:32 am
before. this time it's abuse of office. paying a minor for sex at the bunga bunga parties. judges gave him a longer sentence than prosecutors asked for. >> all three judges were women who handed down a heavy helping of justice to 76-year-old former prime minister silvio berlusconi. now guilty of paying a 17-year-old run away for sex during berlusconi's world famous bunga bunga parties in his basement. guilty of abusing his office. for getting her out of jail when she was arrested for stealing money. >> berlusconi had ruby immediately released. >> reporter: prosecutors say the billionaire paid ruby nearly $100,000 at least to keep quite. though both she, now a married
7:33 am
mother, and he staying at his villa with his new 27-year-old girlfriend deny they ever slept together. berlusconi's sentence, 7 years in prison and lifetime ban from holding political office. however the sentence doesn't take affect until after his appeals, sure to take years. the decision as polarizing as the man himself. berlusconi became a politician to avoid going to prison. one man yelled at another outside court. this woman's sign calling it a verdict that saves italy's dignity. while his many supporters in the government cry politics. >> there's not even a crime and there is a sentence that is 100% poll situation, it's political prosecution of mr. berlusconi. >> he'll likely never see one day in prison but for many italians this is closing a door on something embarrassing to them. last year berlusconi was convicted of tax fraud but now
7:34 am
it remains to be seen whether his angry political party makes any moves that could shake up the government here, matt and savannah. michelle kosinski, thank you so much. >> let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker that's gone to the steamy outdoors. >> today's weather is brought to you by advil. switch to advil. >> good morning everybody. this is comfortable here. a nice breeze. you're back for your 75th birthday. >> absolutely. >> what's your name. jerry wiggin from columbia maryland. >> you were here for your 65th and your 60th. >> and my 70th. >> this is fantastic. every five years -- you're going to be on the smuckers jar here. i can't wait. it's going to be spectacular. >> willard told me that. >> that's exactly right. let's see what's happening as far as your forecast. the afternoon temperatures for the day, it's going to be hot in the mid section of the country. hundreds in texas on into
7:35 am
nebraska and kansas. look for 90s through the gulf coast. hundreds in the southwest. 90s here in the mid-atlantic states and the east. we have a risk of strong storms from the plains into northern ohio and a slight risk of strong storms. wet weather into the pacific northwest into central california. the heat is on from texas into the southwest. 7:35. happy tuesday to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. a little over a week away from the fourth of july and we're tracking three consecutive days of rainfall. we'll keep the showers in the forecast. this morning count on a slower-than-normal drive. we've noticed the showers putting a hamper on your drive. you'd expect a lighter than normal commute. the showers will clear out early wednesday morning. little geography lesson,
7:36 am
katie and kristin's birthday trip, x -- where's x. >> california. >> and you're here in new york. let's head back inside to matt. >> thank you very much. now a strange story. an american executive being held hostage by his own workers inside his company's plant in china. cnbc's eunice is in beijing good morning to you. >> it's known as china's factory but today we saw it with strain. >> it's not often you're a prisoner in your own company. but that's what's happening to him. >> did you ever think you would be in this situation with so much experience in china. >> no, absolutely not. >> he's the center of a worker revolt. not uncommon for china but rare for an american boss. he decided to move part of the business to india. he layed off 35 workers and paid
7:37 am
them severance. rumors started he was closing the factory. they wouldn't let him out but they would let us in. >> i thought i would have more support on the outside. >> reporter: so the workers are saying he isn't being detained here. they say he is free to walk around the grounds but that that's very different from being held hostage. not to starns. >> first couple of days were very tough. nothing physical, more mental type of stuff going on. anywhere you walk, 14, 16, 18 people following you. >> his lawyers are negotiating. no deal. >> i want to take a shower and shave. i'm only 42 but i'm looking a lot older than i am. >> reporter: held up in his chinese factory. and the american chamber of commerce said this type of hostage taking does happen from time to time but it is rare and
7:38 am
not a major problem for the international business community. >> before i let you go. we're shaky on something. what were happen if that guy were to simply get out of that building and walk down the sidewalk and leave the grounds of the plant and perhaps even get on a plane out of there? >> reporter: that's not going to happen. this is a compound that is very well guarded. he was saying that one of the big main problems is at every single exit there were people. he has scores of workers who are blocking the gate. he wouldn't be able to crawl over the gates at all. even though he definitely wants to. >> what about local law enforcement or the embassy there? why won't they just let this guy get out? >> well, he did actually try to get in touch with the u.s. embassy officials. they have been generally trying to help him but what he was saying was he was mainly disappointed in the local government. the local government didn't help him out and one of the things he
7:39 am
was complaining about the most is he felt he wasn't able to get messages out. his internet is now blocked and the only way he is able to communicate with anybody in the outside world is through phone calls or just shouting out his window as he did to us. >> we'll follow up on this story. eunice, thank you. >> i have to say, that's one of the weirder ones we have seen and even eunice seemed like he was being jostled a little bit by some of the workers. up next, the dangerous new way that kids are getting drunk without actually drinking. a warning about the online videos teaching them how to do it. >> and on trending, heads up, the worst parade route ever? after these messages. to benefit cancer research i rode across the atlantic.
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7:44 am
way some young people are getting drunk. jeff rossen is here with a warning for parents. >> it's weird when you see it. it's called smoking alcohol. you don't drink the booze, you inhale it. the vapors give you an instant high. here's the problem, doctors say it's incredibly dangerous and can be extremely addictive, pure alcohol shooting right into your brain. this morning doctors are issuing an urgent warning after seeing videos like this. >> reporter: this is smoking alcohol. if you have never seen it, chances are your teenager has with youtube hits exploding into the millions. they're vaporizing alcohol. >> i can feel a buzz coming. >> reporter: looks like a game but doctors say it can be deadly. here, putting a small amount of vodka into a plastic bottle, pumping it with air and sucking in the fumes. they do it with beer, whisky,
7:45 am
champagne, the list goes on. >> oh my god. >> reporter: and within seconds, they say they're drunk. >> i might just be wasted. >> these videos scare the held out of me. >> reporter: he runs the partnership at drug >> some kids are probably thinking i'm going to try something new. what's going to happen to me. >> it's bing drinking in an instant. it's like five or six shots into your bloodstream right away. >> reporter: here's the danger, the liquor normally takes time to effect you. first going into your stomach and then slowly processed in your liver. about 20 minutes later into your bloodstream but smoking alcohol is absorbed instantly through the lungs racing to the brain and doctors say it can poison you faster. >> the normal senation when you drink and feel like you're more drunk is to vomit. it's your body's way of expelling alcohol however when you inhale it your brain has no way of expelling it. >> reporter: there's more. experts say some of these videos
7:46 am
lure teens in with false promises like this can help you lose weight. >> if you want to get drunk without the calories then i suggest you start smoking alcohol. >> reporter: or that you can hide it from police or parents. >> there are myths online about this. one, your parents won't be able to smell on your breath. >> it's in your lungs, it's on your breath. >> you can't get a dui. >> absolutely you can. it will be in your blood system. >> and that it's fewer alcohol than drinking alcohol. >> when you're consuming alcohol, you're consuming calories. no matter what way. >> reporter: another myth out there that smoking alcohol underage isn't illegal because you're not drinking. we checked with criminal defense lawyers that tell us no matter how you consume alcohol it's illegal and never drive after this no matter what age. >> all you have to do is look at the people featured in the online videos. you know everything you need to know. you say it's dangerous and
7:47 am
hospitals are seeing cases of this. >> e.r. doctors are on the look out. no hard stats on how many people have gone to the hospitals for this because it's still so new. when you're a patient, you drink too much -- not you of course but somebody like me -- they test you blood and it comes up high but they don't know how you consumed it. it shows up the same way on the test. but this is something they're looking at. >> jeff rossen. thank you very much. appreciate that. surprising new findings if you're trying to lose weight. are you better off grazing throughout the day or is it better to eat a few big meals? and then on trending, from the gender to the name and hair color, a betting man's guide for the royal baby. but first, these messages. the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act.
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. . . . . ............ coming up, how far would you go for your kids. on trending, wait until you hear what one woman did to help her daughter cheat on a test. >> no. >> yeah.
7:52 am
then we'll catch up with one of our favorites around here sandra bullock. >> and kardashian mom kris jenner stops by. >> that's after your local news and weather. r body. you see the special psyllium fiber in metamucil ......... .......... ....... ...... ..... ..... ..... 3 amazis in 1 super fiber. ♪ in 1 super fiber. this 4th of july, celebrate the red, white, and blue with ocean spray cranberry, white cranberry, and blueberry juice cocktails. how did you wear this stuff growing up?
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the time is 7:56. good morning everybody. i'm jon kelley. a father wanted in antioch for allegedly kidnapping his own daughter has turned himself in. investigators say 23-year-old joshua benton broke into a home, started a fight with the child's mother and then kidnapped his 11-month-old daughter. benton left the baby behind when police spotted him nearby. after several hours he finally turned himself in to police. the city of sunnyvale considering a possible ballot measure that would tighten restrictions on guns and ammunition in the city. some of the new rules could include requiring private gun sellers to conduct background checks on buyers and requiring shopping to report to law purchases more than 500 rounds in a single shop. the issues will be discussed tonight at sunnyvale city hall. let's talk about what's happening outside. christina loren is here to give
7:57 am
you your tuesday rainy forecast. >> good morning to you, jon. late june, still tracking rain on the radar this morning. now these showers have become more widespread. we're seeing more activity in the east bay. still not a lot of action in the south bay. want to add the clouds to show you. mostly cloudy across the bay area. more rain fall headed our way as we head through the day. temperatures will be mild. 78 for livermore, 75 in fremont and 64 today in san francisco. we'll keep showers in the forecast through the first part of tomorrow and then we'll clear you up and rapidly warm you up. we should be getting a break. it's summertime. not the case. >> we deserve a break. not a break here either, sorry guys. this is west 92. look how jammed it is off the high-rise heading toward 101. this is your commute direction. that's why you have the slowdown from 92, both directions through san mateo and foster city. dumbarton bridge picks up more volume, probably because of the slowdown for the san mateo.
7:58 am
back to you. rough out there, mike?kk we'll have another local update coming up at 8:26. hope to see you then.
7:59 am
8:00 am
we watch every morning. and we're out here. i love it. >> it's our sweet 16. we have placed our own bets on
8:01 am
when the baby is going to come and the brits are getting in on it too. we'll catch up with ben vogel in a few minutes. >> wait until you see his suit. >> good tease. speaking of the heat today, we've got a preview of the new movie by the same man, "the heat." it stars one of our favorite guests, oscar winner sandra bullock. she stars opposite melissa mccarthy. this is very funny, the language not for the faint of heart. >> or ears. >> all right. for so long we have been told the way to lose weight is to graze during the day, take a lot of minimeals, is that really the way to go? we'll tell you not so fast. we'll tell you how you should be and how many times. >> let's go inside. natalie is back from her assignment out west. >> good morning, everyone. we have breaking news this morning from the supreme court. a decision on the voting rights act. nbc's justice correspondent pete
8:02 am
williams is at the supreme court. a big ruling there. >> reporter: it is. the court's conservative majority has blown a huge hole in the voting rights act. it's said that the law that requires states with a history of discrimination to get permission before they change their voting procedures remains, but the map, the coverage map, the list of states covered by the law, the supreme court said is out of date. and many parts of the south, the court said the registration and voter turnout by blacks actually exceeds that of whites. congress said it has to change this before the voting rights act can go back into effect. tomorrow is the last day of the supreme court decisions. that's when we'll get the remaining rules on same-sex marriage. we'll be back here again. >> thank you. the senate is signaling it may pass the bill supported by
8:03 am
obama. the bill could come to vote later this week but is expected to face tougher opposition in the house. the attorney for patriots football player aaron hernandez is lashing out at what he calls a relentless flood of rumors about his client. this as police intensify their homicide investigation. stephanie goss has more. >> reporter: well, aaron hernandez has been keeping a low profile. we haven't seen him out in public in days but his attorney released a statement. only the second one that's been released since odin lloyd's body was found. it reads in part, over the past week our client, aaron hernandez, has been the subject of a relentless flood of rumors, misinformation and false reports in the media. these include the repeated publication of a supposedly confirmed report that an arrest warrant had been issued for aaron. a report that was exposed as untrue. meanwhile, the investigation continues all around hernandez. there was a group of
8:04 am
investigators on monday that searched the pond just down the road. they had wet suits and metal dete detects. it was unclear if they found anything or what they were look for. when asked, they said no comment. >> stephanie goss, thank you. tv producer gary david goldberg has died. he created the sitcom "family ties" which introduced michael j. fox to america. he wrote for the bob newhart show and he was a frequent guest on the program. he died of a brain tumor on saturday. today voters in massachusetts pick a replacement for former senator and now secretary of state john kerry. long-time democratic congressman ed markey is running against gabriel gomez. have you ever been to a concert where you thought the musicians were going through the motion, too mechanical? look at this group playing in tokyo. they take pride in being mechanical. it's actually the robot band.
8:05 am
they give a truly electric performance there. the human band members say the robots pulled off the 30-minute set perfectly after only one rehearsal. pretty cool show. 8:05. let's go back outside to matt and savannah. >> maybe it will be the song of the summer. >> natalie, thank you very much. mr. roker with a steamy forecast. >> that's right. we have some friends from the superstorm sandy. did you survive it? >> yes, we did, we survived the storm and we're out here showing the storm had a face. they were saying look at the eyes. >> look at the face. >> we saw faces. >> you saw faces. >> we want the world to see the face. >> there you go. thank you very much. little artwork there. very nice. let's see what's going on. we show you our pick city of the day, omaha, nebraska. nbc-6. wowt. partly sunny. scattered storms. 93 degrees. you can see wet weather in northern california on into the pacific northwest. we have strong storms firing up right now from the plains into
8:06 am
the great lakes. we're looking at a risk of strong storms, hail, damaging winds. look at all the rain we're talking about. basically from wisconsin on into ohio. anywhere from two to three inches of rain. and we've got a flood threat out there. flood watches and flash flood watches out from north dakota all the way into northern illinois. we've got some friends here. what's your names? >> wendy. >> linda. >> and? >> i'm jesse. >> paul. >> nice to see you. where are you from? >> michigan. 8:06. yeah. late june and we are tracking showers on the radar in addition to flight delays. this is for arriving flights, three hours and 40 minutes out of sfo. going to show you the satellite radar compilation. you can see we have low clouds all across the bay area, midlevel clouds and showers, get rid of those cloud, show you where the rain is coming down, mostly if the east bind the
8:07 am
north bay at this point, we are going to see those hit or miss showers throughout the day today, 78 inland, 74 bay side you 64 at the coast. ain't love grand. high schoo >>l ain't love grand. high school sweet hearts. 25 years. what's your names? >> roy and lisa ayala. >> you had to get permission? >> i might have. >> al, thank you very much. when we come back, we'll talk about a mom who was busted for dressing up like a teen so she could take a test for her daughter. >> that ahead on trending. then, what is the best way to lose weight. is two meals a day really the best way to go? talking to sandra bullock. she has a brand-new movie out called "the heat." we'll find out more about it right after these messages. but there are some things i've never seen before. this ge jet engine can understand 5,000 data samples per second. which is good for business. because planes use less fuel,
8:08 am
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8:11 am
all right. we're back now at 8:10 with what's trending today. these are the stories that are heating up online. the first applies to none of us here. >> good. >> i'll say that right off the bat. however, trending on, if you hate your job, you're apparently not alone. so what percentage of people do you think say they are unhappy at work. unhappy. >> 50%. >> 60%. >> 70%. >> bingo. 70% of people who were asked in this brand-new study admitted they either hate their work or feel completely uninspired on the job. the report says a lot of these people roam the halls spreading discontent. >> we all know people like that. they are the malcontents. apparently they try to spread it
8:12 am
to other people. this costs a lot of money. it costs about $550 billion a year in lost productivity. >> how do they figure that out? do you ever wonder? >> because apparently if you're making everybody happy, they're not doing their jobs properly. only a third said they are inspired oren gauged in their jobs. >> you start grousing on it. >> and it feeds on itself. >> exactly. >> it's sad. >> well, it's a real luxury to love your job, that's for sure. well, trending on e, big bets all over the world for the upcoming royal birth. with less than a month before the duchess's due date, key details about the royal heir is intensifying. here to fill us in is ben. good morning. my first question to you, what
8:13 am
are you wearing? >> i'm blinged in a little bit. i wanted to bring some color to the day. royal blue. you need to put on sunglasses, don't you? >> tell us what the odds makers are betting on with regard to the royal baby. it's more than just gender and due date. >> people are betting on the hair color, the weight. the actual due date is july 13th. they bet it is going to be alexandra, female, weighing 7 pounds. modern names. >> no north wales, right? >> nobody knows what the sur name will be. it could be killed blue wales or killer wales. >> that's why the blue suit. >> i think they probably will stick with a traditional name. it's all speculation.
8:14 am
there's a huge amount of interest. there's speculation it will do a big boost to the economy. >> you said july 13th is the due date. are people speculating it will be earlier or late? >> later. traditionally first babies are traditionally late. >> your child was born at st. mary's where she is expected to deliver. your sister is due around the same time as well, right? >> i would like to do my best. exactly. the baby is due to be born in the paddington. exactly where my child was born. they have a fantastic neonatal ward. >> and the couple themselves do not know the gender? >> that's what they say. people really don't want to know. if you have to have some sort of goal at the end of giving birth, something you don't know. that's the ultimate thing to find out, isn't it?
8:15 am
>> ben and his blue suit, thank you both for being here. >> blue suit trending as well. >> i'm going to pack my brightest when i head there as well. trending on facebook, how far would you go to help your child in school. one mom went way too far in france. she has been busted for allegedly taking a crucial test for her 19-year-old daughter. authorities say the 52-year-old women wore low wasted jeans, converse and heavy makeup. a teacher caught the woman known only as caroline d. as parents, how much have you crossed the line? have you helped out with their homework, done their artwork for them sometimes. >> i can't help them with their homework. they would get a worse grade. >> the math, i'm out. >> i try to help. but i don't cross the line in doing it for them.
8:16 am
because when they get asked about it in class and they can't do it, they look like idiots. >> they fail. >> you can see the parents's art department. >> exactly. there are a couple of those in my kid's class. trending on youtube, find this under bad planning. double decker buses and basketball players 7 feet tall made for a rather dangerous situation. >> get low, get low, get low. >> lebron james and other miami heat players literally had to duck for cover on monday during the parade to celebrate their nba championship. that's almost like the end of the movie "speed." wow. they didn't think this one through. >> tight squeeze.
8:17 am
>> can you imagine if they're waving and all of a sudden the overpass. >> and that's what's trending today. >> speaking of heat, that is the name of oscar winner san da bullock and melissa mccarthy's new film. she plays an uptight fbi agent. and mccarthy a detective. >> i'm out. >> you want to go out? >> we'll take you out. >> lie to me again. i want to feel your body sliding through my delicate hands. >> okay. summer street. >> i'm almost disappointed. >> get me out. >> i'm not kidding anymore. i can't lift him up. >> what? >> i can't lift him. >> tuck your head and relax your body. crap. crap. >> oh! >> he's all right, right?
8:18 am
the car broke his fall. >> sandra bullock, good morning. you're laughing. everybody is laughing. there are a lot of laugh out loud moments. >> kind of good for a comedy, huh? >> what's it rated. >> r. it's rated xxx. why do you ask? >> if you take all the f-bombs out of this movie, the movie is like 11 minutes long. >> yeah, probably. >> there are a lot of f-bombs. >> it's not just the f-bombs, which are like poetry if you ask me. it's also the intent. someone does get shot in the nether regions. >> and you do the shootng. >> very precise. >> were the f-bombs all there or did you get -- >> do not lump me in with that sailor potty moth.
8:19 am
no, i don't remember i don't recall if hers were written. >> you let loose. >> do you like it. >> yes. >> are you ever like that in person? >> are you joking me? all the time. >> the dialogue is hysterical. there's great respect. you said working with her is like working with a rabid cat, which is nice. made me tear up a little bit. >> good. because i meant it. she opens her mouth and you never know what hurtful and offensive thing is going to come out of her mouth about you. it's usually something very personal and embarrassing about yourself. >> so it spills over with the camera. >> yes, it did. the hard part is when it's landed on celluloid. >> the last time you were here i think we were talking about the "blindside". >> oh, bless your heart. >> am i having a moment? >> we were here for extremely
8:20 am
loud. >> i do remember that. exactly. >> i know. and apparently i got very upset with you and you sent me flowers to apologize. i got no flowers. >> i didn't know you were upset. >> i didn't either. >> is that what they write about us? >> can i just get some flowers before the heck of it just before this weekend. oh, crap. >> oh, wait. look what i've done. those are full of water. but those are for you to take with you if you would like. you took some time off after "the blind side" in particular. >> yes. >> i'm curious how you felt about this. i heard where they went out of their way to gos to say you became the old actress whose name was solo above the title who had a movie that grossed morehan $2 million. is that a big deal? you're not normally who wears
8:21 am
awards and stats like that around your shoulders. >> that was brought up to me yesterday. it was too much math for me. the only woman with brown hair who speaks two languages in a film about football. >> who wore a night brace as a child. >> who didn't get braces. >> no braces? >> no. >> no night brace. >> hence, the crooked teeth. it's nice when someone brings it up. but don't embrace that. because you can't control it. then when you embrace it, it doesn't happen again, which it probably won't. >> anything you want to do in film that you vice president done. a stunt, a bit, ride a horse. >> there was a lot i i would like to do and i can't think i can in terms of stunts. you think twice once you have a little baby. i don't want to be in a body
8:22 am
cast. it's itchy. and you have sweat dripping down. i don't want to do that. i want to hug and carry a very heavy sweet little boy as long as i can. >> this is funny. laugh out loud funny, this movie. and i saw it in a room alone. which is the worst way to see a movie. it started out as a full room, but it was empty -- no, i'm kidding. >> i'm going to be upset again. i need some more flowers, "today" show. and maybe a little sparkly something from the jewelry store. maybe. >> i would shake your hand but it's still wet. look at this. joey. >> joey. you guys are so thoughtful. now who has got the jewelries? >> we're out of time. >> saying good-bye from the jungles of the "today" show. >> tell the people at the miller
8:23 am
funeral, we're sorry. sandra, it's nice to see you. "the heat" opens this friday. savannah. >> matt, thanks. well, if you are trying to lose weight, listen up. experts recommended eating six small meals a day. today a study suggests two larger meals a day could be the way to go. madeline, good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. >> tell us about this study. did it show two meals a day might be better to lose way. they were put on a weight reducing plan. 500 calories cut a day. they did this where they ate twice a day or six times a day. so they did it two times. when you compared this they both lost weight. both groups lost weight. the group that had two meals a day lost two pounds more. so it looks like the evidence is shifting the other way.
8:24 am
>> the two meals they ate was breakfast and lunch. >> in the study that may be hard for people to do. but if you ate three times a day it's the same thing. it's cutting down how often you eat. >> this is a small group. but do you think it suggests that maybe it's better to do the two big meals as opposed to stretching out your meals throughout the day? >> i think it says grazing all day long may not be the best. i better spread my meals out constantly. the more you graze the more you tend to eat for many people. if this is not you, cutting it down to two or three meals a day could be the way to go. one size does not fit all. >> we may graze but we don't keep the meals that small. let's be honest. >> the six mini meals turn into six major meals. eating less often can help promote the same weight loss. >> do you think you could do it with three and make it more
8:25 am
suitable to what americans are used to? >> three meals a take will be more workable. this is a study. when you translate it to real life, this could be a good way to go. hearty breakfast, medium lunch and a lighter dinner. this was a weight-reducing diet. they cut calories by 500 a day. >> is that the magic number of when you would start seeing weight loss? >> well, that's a workable number every day. that gives you about a pound a week. it depends what you want to tolerate. pound a week is good progress. >> it is, indeed. madeline, thank you so much. coming up, kris jenner live to tell us about her new grand tower and her other baby, her new talk show. and we have a live performance from the former first lady of france. carla brawny. of your local news and weather.
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we're back now, 8:30 on a tuesday morning. it's the 25th day of june, 2013. we have a huge crowd gathered on a rather sticky day here in rockefeller center. they don't seem to mind standing next to each other. that's always a good thing. out on the plaza, i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie, natalie morales and al roker. do you know who is in the studio right now? >> who. >> the former first lady of france is here.
8:31 am
she recently released a brand new album, little french songs and she is going to be here to perform for us in a little while. >> and we also have a great idea for making a meal if you want to get something off the beaten path, mark will show us how to make spring rolls and he promises it is easy. we will check it out. >> anyone can do it. >> anyone can do it he says. >> it seems hard. >> it does seem hard. >> also coming up, she has a great story about an empty nester who decided she needed to do something new with her life along with her dog. so they set off on a new path. we'll tell you about that. >> i got nothing. >> you got nothing? >> why don't you help me introduce kris jenner who is here on the plaza. she has got a brand new show coming up starting july 15th and a brand new grandchild. >> i do. i do. she is amazing and everybody is doing really well at home. >> you have taken lot of photos. do you want to show me your cell phone and show me some of the
8:32 am
pictures of the baby. >> i'd have to kill you. >> it wouldn't be the first time. >> i'm erasing them all after this. >> as a future talk show host, do you have news of any wedding plans of kim and kanye. >> well, you'll have to tune in july 15th. no, you would have to ask them that. i keep that stuff all to them but right now serve good. the baby is doing good and happy and healthy and it's a really joyful time. >> tell us about this show because this is kind of your baby. something you wanted for a long time. >> i feel like i'm giving birth to something on july 15th. it's going to be really cool. it's more of a life style show. health and fitness and fashion and food and some pop culture obviously because we're kind of in the middle of all of that. get it straight from the horses mouth every day. and i'm so looking forward to it and having a really good time. >> so right now who would be your ideal guest? >> you. >> no, seriously. who would you want to have on the show. >> everybody asks me that.
8:33 am
we have so many different ideas and we're putting it together as we speak. we go in about two or three weeks. so we just started putting it together. >> will we see your kids on the show -- sorry al. >> no, you guys keep going. >> al first. go ahead. >> your definitely going to see the kids in and out and a lot of fun. >> al. >> everybody will be checking in. >> come on, al. >> in terms of family. so everything else is good. there's nothing else you want to share with us? no other news. >> not right now. >> it's such a good opportunity. >> i know i could just spill the beans right here. >> kris jenner, you have the gift of gab so this is going to workout well for you. >> thank you so much. a couple of babies this month. >> so july 15th and you can see it on. >> fox. >> fox. >> there you go. >> why do you think i'm going to go downstairs right now and pick her brain.
8:34 am
>> it's nice to see you. >> see you. >> mr. roker. no, i'm sorry -- >> let's show you what we got as far as your weather today. risk of strong storms in northern new england and from the ohio valley into the plains. southeast looking wet. sizzling in texas to the southwest. tomorrow, again, that slight risk kind of hangs out right where it was, new england and the upper midwest. rain in the pacific northwest. southern two third of the country, sunny, hot and humid in the mid-atlantic states, southeast. sizzling 8:34 on a tuesday morning. hard to believe, a little over a week away from the fourth of july and we are tracking showers on the radar this morning. soupy conditions in the city of san francisco. you can see right now where the showers are coming down, but even where you don't see the green on the radar, we still have mostly cloudy conditions all across the bay area. so, kind of gray, overcast day, temperatures are still be comfortable, 78 degrees inland,
8:35 am
74, bay side, 64 at the coast, then we really crank that heat by the end of the weekend. triple digits by monday. any time you need that weather, check out the weather channel on cable or online. >> always good advice. coming up jane pauly, introducing us to a woman and helping others. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
back now at 8:37 with life reimagined today. today jane is working with aarp that produced and sponsored reports for us. good to see you. >> with her husband off and along on long trips and her daughter off to college, it was time to reimagine two lives. hers and her dogs.
8:38 am
>> my dog needed a job. dogs are social i think. they're pack animals and her pack had gotten progressively smaller until it was a pack of one. >> and both of them needed something new to do. >> there comes a point in lives when you're shaken out of your routine. >> and suddenly there's a thing in front of you and it's just called time. it's like a gift and you get to choose what you do with it. i was interested in seeing if i could do something that i had never done before. >> sue had an idea in the back of her head and they could do it together. >> i knew that what she really would thrive on was interacting with other people. a nursing home or a hospital or hospice, those all seem like really good places for such a dog. >> reporter: but to be a certified therapy dog, he would have to pass a test. 15 different tasks.
8:39 am
>> no pulling on a leash. no straining, no wining, no barking. if you fail any partf the exam, you're done. >> reporter: but pransky is a country girl. she had never even been on a leash. >> i was convinced we were going to fail but i was committed to trying. >> sit down all the way. >> you can't get a c and pass. >> you have to get an a. i came up with this plan to get the dog really tired before the test. >> and she passed with flying colors. then came the real test. >> were you as good at it alt first as pransky was? >> no, she was much better than i was. >> would you describe that as out of your comfort zone. >> i would describe it as a lot out of my comfort zone.
8:40 am
>> but she was a natural. >> she was just intuitive that that's what she was supposed to be doing. she lets them do whatever it is they're going to do. >> spreading joy looks easy, but it's exhausting work for her. >> because she has to pay attention. she is always looking to me to like guidance. >> like a dance team. >> it is a little bit like a dance team. particularly when we're in that setting where there's a lot of really frail people. >> pransky's job is just one two hour shift a week leaving sue time to work. she wrote a book. a dog walks into a nursing home. >> what is the value to a person of three or five minute of dog time a week? >> they're getting this kind of warm feeling. this feeling of connectedness. this feeling of joy which is unexpected. >> while at the other end of the leash -- >> there are studies that show
8:41 am
that your life expectancy, it gets longer if you volunteer. >> experts say as much as four years. >> this is going to sound really crazy but people who volunteer, end up feeling richer, as if they had more money in their pocket. i think people have things that they can share that are just intrinsic to who they are. >> and not just dogs. >> therapy work is really demanding. sue says that exercising pransky before she goes to work mellows her out and gives her the stamina she needs to do her job. reality check, she was seven when she started now and she is 11. how much longer can she work? i invite you to join me after this broadcast at 9:15 eastern time. i'll be taking questions on twitter. you can find me at jane pauly today #reimagine. >> i always find it so inspiring
8:42 am
to see what people think to do with their time. thank you so much. coming up next, we'll head to the kitchen. spring rolls made simple. but first this is "today" on nbc. ♪ ♪ i gotta go deposit a check, transfer some money. so it's your uncle's turn. what? wait, wait, wait... no, no, no, wait, wait. (baby crying) so you can deposit a check...
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today's kitchen is brought to you by las vegas. your summer vegas get away awaits you atlas >> we're back now at 8:44 with how to cook everything today. on the menu this morning, spring rolls. >> the cooking technique differs from one country to the next but mark said they can be easy to make. we'll put him to test on that. >> good morning to you. >> i read the directions. this seemed difficult to me. >> well, if we had the time to make 10, you would be experts but even making one you're going to do it.
8:45 am
>> okay. >> let me just show you this over here. they don't need cooking. they just need to be soaked. so you pour them -- >> that's hot water. >> actually boiling water over them. you cover them. you let them sit for about 10 minutes. you drain them and then you have that. >> we're using those on the interior. >> everything here is an option for the interior and what the wrap we're starting with is rice paper which is beautiful, thin little cakes of rice. >> mine is broken already. >> okay. >> so dip in here. this is hot water for like five seconds. >> okay. >> and then rescue it. let it drain a bit. >> that's good savannah. >> thank you. >> and get it on the -- that's good. >> and put it on the towel. >> okay. >> just lift this little edge so that we'll make sure that it comes up later. >> okay. got it. >> and now, as with everything you're going to wrap you don't
8:46 am
overstuff and you don't under stuff, are there any rules? anything you don't want to put into a spring roll? >> bean dip. >> matt we have meet for you. you can use meat. it's nice if you put the attractive stuff toward the outside. >> you said don't overstuff, don't under stuff. >> what's right? >> what's just right is sort of a little bit of everything. you want herbs, you want some vegetables, the man goes look very pretty actually. >> are we putting this on top of one another? >> keep it all to the bottom third. >> i'm sorry. >> that's all right. i just need explicit direction. >> so something like this. >> okay. >> asparagus is very nice too. >> now, these can be complicated to eat, right? >> no, they'll be very simple to eat. >> i got here early because i hadn't made these in awhile. i learned how to make these in vietnam actually where these grandmothers sat around laughing at me because i was so bad at it
8:47 am
but the fact is with a little practice -- >> all right. >> they're pretty easy. >> now with the noodles -- i didn't show you this but you want to cut them with the scissors so they're not too long. you can use way more than that. >> you said don't overstuff. >> i know but the thing is what you'll see is really more. >> it's easy to cut that, right? >> no, you're fine. i would cut it more. >> all right. let's get the folding going. >> what keeps it from breaking as we fold? >> it will tear a little bit. but the next level will. start as you would a burrito and tuck that under. >> it's very thin. i'm afraid it's going to break. so you just roll. >> roll. >> you make it tight. >> as tight as you can make it. that looks great. >> look. >> tuck in the little ends so that people think you're a professional. >> great. >> do you have a dipping sauce or something? >> we have three dipping sauces. they're located way over there.
8:48 am
that's a vodipping sauce with garlic and chilly and lime. that's mixed with mayonnaise and that's soy ginger garlic scallion. we need our dipping sauce. >> i feel very accomplished. >> really when i got here this morning, i wasn't doing anything that well. >> good. >> but it progresses from really bad looking to better looking. >> and the lettuce wraps but they're hard to eat. >> and what you spray with the water and do the same thing is much, much easier and looks beautiful. >> do you want to do the tease? >> no. >> we'll wait. coming up next, live performance from the former first lady of france. but first this is "today" on nbc. ♪
8:49 am
[ roars ]
8:50 am
♪ ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ male announcer ] universal studios summer of survival. ♪ the toyota concert series on today, brought to you by toyota. >> we're back now, 8:50 with carla bruni. you probably know her as the former first lady of france. the wife of the former president but she is also an accomplished singer. recently she released her 4th album, it's called little french songs. nice to see you. welcome back. >> thank you very much. >> your last album came out in
8:51 am
2008. you have been busy between then and now. >> yes. >> have you been working on these songs the whole time. >> yeah, writing songs, you know, and also to record them and of course hi to do it in between. i also had a baby. >> about a year and a half ago. >> yeah. >> was there ever a question that you might go and do performing while you were first lady or was that taboo. >> it wasn't taboo but it was not so comfortable with security and i didn't want to impose that to, you know, all the security and the french audiences. >> for awhile you were one of the most talked about first ladies in the world. no question about that. now you have taken a step back. you're out of the spotlight except for performing, you're a wife, you're a mother. your an artist. are you enjoying more of the anonymity. >> i wouldn't call it anonymity but i like very much quite life and music and family. that's all i like. >> is there something you miss about being first lady. >> no, nothing at all.
8:52 am
it was a great experience and a great honor as well for me but i don't miss it. with little french song now i can go on tour and, you know, i can play my music and i also can be home a lot more. it's wonderful. >> one of the songs on the album is about your husband. >> yeah. >> and in it, do you refer to him as a pirate or am i missing the translation. >> no, no. i was just saying even though he wears a tie, very proper person with very good customs and tie, he could be like a pirate. but it's just for fun. it's a song. >> i probably read too much into it. what are you going to sing right now. >> i'm going to sing little french song which is a title of the album and a title of one of the songs. >> perfect. >> thank you. [ singing ]
8:53 am
[ music playing ] [ singing in french ]
8:54 am
8:55 am
[ whistling ] >> carla bruni. thank you very much. once again the album is called little french songs. we're back after your local news.
8:56 am
it 18:56. good morning, i'm marla tellez. one of apple's original creations goes on auction today. it is signed by steve wozniak. check it out today through thursday. showers throughout the bay area. let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you, marla. good morning to you at home.
8:57 am
take a live look at your radar, still have the showers streaming onshore. right now the front has actually lifted to north. seeing the most action up in the north bail. going to continue to see these on and off light showers as we head throughout date today. as we head toward the end of the week, go in the other extreme opposite. major heat headed our way. triple digit buys monday. filtering process for our water. we don't need it. because crystal geyser is made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser is always bottled at the mountain source.
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a crowd outside. they're waiting to get inside the club today. >> that is club music. >> yeah. a little house music here. >> with carson daly it's appropriate. >> i think they're just dehydrated. they could care less about us. they just want to get inside. >> tuesday morning, june 25th, 2013. inside studio 1-a. natalie morales and -- wait a minute, where is willie. >> he timed it just perfectly. he's on a beach in hawaii w


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