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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 2, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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that kind of heat people have been known to faint, pass out. remember that water. we are following areas of showers, thunderstorms, off to south. monsoonal moisture. producing multiple lightning strikes. near lake tahoe. we will check our chances for lightning in the full forecast. >> so many outdoor activities during the holiday week. bring in nbc's reporter, from the alameda county fair, stephanie? >> hi, raj. most people are indoors now. it is in the triple digits right now. some people are brave enough to sit in the very hot seats. you can see the people getting a little breeze. on the serious side, the livermore, pleasantonfire department says, you cannot under estimate the importance of staying cool. >> reporter: if you want to know
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how hot it is, ask the kids. >> we came here because it's hot. >> reporter: without the fountain it could have been disastrous. >> how hot would you be? >> probably like a sweaty cat. >> reporter: a sweaty cat. that bad, huh? >> yeah. >> reporter: the martinez family lives in tracy where they say it hit 108 today. >> it is actually unbearable. we drive a black car with no ac. even hotter inside our car than it usually its outside. >> reporter: at county fair, temperatures hit near 100. >> we don't use the word hot. we use the word happy. boy are we happy today. >> many took advantage of the misting stations. the city, opened a cooling center at the senior center, ac, walter and games for people, especially the elderly. getting free shuttle ride to and from home to help with the heat.
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though, 77-year-old george mirandi is in control. >> now, my wife is the opposite. she can't stand heat. but i can. a resident for 20 years. i grew up danville. it is such an extended period of time. >> for the kids this is the perfect summer. heat is just part of the fun. >> i kind of like it. because i get to go in the water. >> to stay tuned to, what the temperatures are, i have got nbc bay area iphone app on my iphone. right now saying that pleasanton, hitting 96. you can download that. i also got off the phone with livermore police. they say the number of calls for pets inside cars, doubled during heat waves. they're getting lots of calls. a warning on that note as well. for now, live in pleasanton. bay area news. >> breaking news now -- a live look from the nbc chopper. of san francisco. this is the i-80 eastbound
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approach to the bay bridge. see the cars on the lower half. they're moving. but slowly. typical for this time. we also hear reports that the roads to the freeway are pretty jammed up. talking about the city streets in san francisco. keep an eye on it. this is all because of day two of the b.a.r.t. strike which impacted hundred of thousand of commuters. late this afternoon. both sides announce they'd will return to the bargaining table in less than an hour from now. nbc bay area's cheryl herd live in oakland with details. cheryl? >> you got it right. >> reporter: in about an hour the mediator and chief negoti e negotiator from all sides will come here to caltrans headquarters to negotiate once again. the big question is will anything get done? >> reporter: transit buses heading to san francisco were packed with people, before it arrived at 20th/broadway.
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>> it is an inconvenience. i think what usually takes me an hour and a half to commute tee wotee -- commute to work. took me two hours. >> you would think, knowing this, far more buses. and if they have buses coming to west oakland, you would think this system would have people going to west oakland. to get on extra buses. >> the same frustration is happening across the bay. >> if you worry, come here as a visitor. how do i get home to the airport on time. >> b.a.r.t. riders deal with woes, others worry why b.a.r.t. management and union are not at the bargaining table? >> i heard people, bothering the workers. management didn't want to come back to the table. people have to do what they need to do. >> late today the union and b.a.r.t. management announce they will start talking again. >> we are relieved we get to go back and bargain. our expectation is that we will, receive a substantially different offer from b.a.r.t. management than what we have
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seen since last sunday at 8:00 p.m. >> no one knows what turned the tide. it could be the state legislator started speaking up. >> and, in fact, three state legislators, including lieutenant-governor gavin newsom, sent a letter to all the parties involved. saying that they were concerned about all of the parties bargaining in good faith. also, the b.a.r.t. board of directors, james fange spoke out, we'll tell you what he has to say at 6:00. reporting live from oakland. cheryl herd, nbc bay area news. >> okay, cheryl. thank you. expected to be an active night for negotiations. 6:00, negotiations start again. live look now across the bay, 880 in oakland. not just the evening commute. the red-hot as. thousand of fans heading to the coliseum for the tonight's gail against the cubs. with no b.a.r.t. service that impaths pacts fans. the oakland kill see yum colise
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ghost town. usually on game night, streaming with crowd. empty tonight. a live camera at the entrance to the coliseum. a lot of people resorting to their cars. this game at 7:05 tonight. it is expected to fill up. 20,000 fans aexpect . expected. we'll hear from fans at 6:00. >> with b.a.r.t. shut down, commuters will cruise into work. we have live pictures of the ferry building in san francisco. see people lining up to take the ferry to east bay. yesterday, 18,000 riders. triple the normal amount. my goodness, the ferry expects to carry the same number today. the company expanded service from eight boats to 11 with many filled to capacity during rush hour. for many regular b.a.r.t. riders this is the first time on the ferry. >> not that bad. takes longer than the b.a.r.t.
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way more quicker. i like to ride the ferry. nice view and all that. >> a spokesman for bay ferry says the crowd are similar to what it carries during events like fleet week. we want to know what you think? how is the b.a.r.t. strike impacting you? call the number on your screen -- >> one bay area strike averted. the east bay regional park district and union avoided a fourth of july strike. employees include lifeguard and maintenance crews at 60 parks. the tentative four year agreement include an annual pay raise and better benefits. >> still ahead at 5:00, when will we start to cool off? >> i know a lot of you are going to be wondering about that as well head into the fourth of
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july holiday. right now all about the heat. we have updated our numbers. almaden valley, 106. campbell, 100. los gatos, 100. outside to the live network. there is cooling fog. what impact it has on temperatures tomorrow. coming up. >> tax money goes into maintaining them. what are we getting in return. bay area highways, earn a dubious distinction. >> also. i get to make a difference. doing this. and everybody i get to touch everybody's lives. they get to be part of mine. >> making a difference with the help of horses. the therapy plan that is helping the handicapped children reach new heights. >> having trouble getting around because of the b.a.r.t. strike? maybe it is better for you. we want to hear your story, send us your bart commuting story at nbc bay area. we're back in a minute. >> closed-captioning brought to you by --
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a key component of the health care law is delayed for a year. the obama administration postponement means employers won't be penalized next year if they don't provide workers with health insurance. the change in reaction to complaints from businesses about the law's complexity and deadline. >> take a look at this. ooh, tight fit. the driver of this big rig tried to fit through a nonwide lane of the golden gate bridge toll plaza. you can see got stuck. this happened during this morning's commute. bridge officials say were minor delays caused by the accident. fortunately no one was hurt. the toll plaza was damaged. the front axel of the truck snapped in the crash. a heavy duty tow truck buwas called in to remove the big rig.
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>> without the b.a.r.t. strike, driving in the bay area can be tough. a list ranks california, 47th in overall performance and efficien efficiency. 49th if you count pavement conditions in urban areas. in a year where california spent $697,000 per mile in road maintenance and highway upgrade. this is a korgd according to 20e reason foundation, a foundation that promotes libertarian ideals. for taxpayers, it is a double whammy. rough roads lead to wear and tear. >> there are a lot of potholes, uneven roads. a lot of seams that need to be tarred up. kind of throws off your suspension a bit. >> it does. california will see an influx of money for highway, mass transit projects since the state gas tax went up 3.5 cents per gallon yesterday. >> edward snowden on the move? late today reports the nsa
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leaker is on a plane with bolivia's president who is returning home from russia. landing in austria after france and portugal refused to let the plane cross its airspace. bolivia denies snowden is on that plane. if he isn't, snowden is running out of options. according to wiki leaks, the former nsa contractor applied in 21 countries. several have said no. another ten or so say snowden need to be on their soil or at one of their embassies in order to get his request considered. his last known location right here, the transit area of the moscow airport. if he is there now he has been there ten days after hiding out in hong kong. >> bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, talking about excessive heat. in the south bay, 8,000, pg & e customers without power. difficult for the elderly right now. >> sure is. forget bake. it is on broil. across the bay area. liver more coming in with one of the hottest at 105.
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dublin, 105. pleasanton, 105. and south bay, 100. uncomfortable. dangerous levels of heat. excessive heat warnings in place. and 105 for today not good enough for a record. old record, 112, in 1950. but, still way above average here. typical high, 86 this time of the year. not only the heat, but also the humidity. coming up from the south. a lot of you felt it in the south bay. current temperatures right now in the upper 80s. also low 90s. but the dew points in the low 60s. good enough to make it feel just a little sticky outside. notice some tropical air moving in. tropical air having an impact across the sierra. multiple lightning strikes over the past 45 minutes. likely to stay active there. slim chance we may get a rogue lightning strike here for tonight. keep your eyes in the sky. if you see the clouds build. it is possible in the forecast.
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there is fog at the coastline. not a hot one for us. s when day at the coast. like today. temperate, cooler, 60s there. by the bay, low 70s. interior valleys. mid 80s expected by 11:00 a.m. by all accounts. a hot day for the interior valley. get you outside to live hd sky camera. san rafael, a beautiful picture. mid to high level clouds. subtropical moisture from the south. all and all, it has been, 10, 15 degrees above average. temperature thousands, above average. typical fog starting to roll in. the thing that is producing the home of hot air across the east bay, is all this heat. coming from the desert southwest. that's going to stay in place for tomorrow. and, the reason here, really, while we are taking most of the heat across the east bay. it is a thermal trough. setting up across the trivalley. parts of the north bay. south bay. where you find the thermal trough setting up that's where it helps drag in the most hot
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air. since over the east bay. that's where the hottest air is. see up against the coastline. you have slate lthe slightly co flow. and below 100s expected inland. not only that, fog at the coast for tomorrow morning. by the afternoon hours, again, full sunshine for the east bay. with the areas of clouds expected at the immediate coast. daytime highs for tomorrow. look again, very warm to hot. but not as hot as today. with that onshore flow coming on back. 95, san jose. 97, morgan hill. 98, evergreen. widespread low 100s. 101, walnut creek, pleasanton. san francisco, 73. 82, oakland. 76 in berkeley. exsesive heat warning. remember to drink plenty of water. fourth of july, hot inland.
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going to san francisco. chance of scattered lightning, stray thunderstorms through friday. 10% chance for us. got to put it in. get one lightning strike, a big deal could spark fires. >> thank you, jeff. if you have done something to help the less fortunate, you get a good feeling inside. >> some times a lot more. more purpose and meaning to your own life. that's what happened to the san francisco woman at the heart of tonig tonight's bay area proud. garvin thomas with her story. >> people are telling sarah what a wonderful thing it is that she does. helping physically challenged kids experience the thrill and therapy riding a horse. she is always quick to tell them, she gets much more out of than she gives. both end of the bargain are tonight's bay area proud. >> reporter: unique a word that gets thrown around a lot in the city of san francisco. though not always on target. still describing, the
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combination, tea and polo shop on california avenue as unique, would be a good use of the word. the daughter of a british father and horse loving mother. >> an extension of the home i was brought up in. >> while making sandwiches and selling saddles is how sarah makes a living. it's what she does on the weekend making a difference. sarah is executive director of the james brady therapeutic riding program. >> good. >> sessions held each saturday at golden gate park. children with any number of diagnoses get time with therapists daisy and olaf. >> it is not therapy. it is not work. it's fun. it is laugher. it is loving. climb on. >> sarah says the
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transformations she sees every week are remarkable. children who can feel so ill at ease in the everyday world feeling right at home on the back of a horse. children with so little control of their daily lives getting to be in charge while in the saddle. sarah believes the bond between humans and horses goes back so far, it's made its way into our dna and horses can reach these children in ways no other being can. when i see the moment it is like heaven. smiles. it is hard for me not to get emotional about it. >> perhaps because the kids' lives aren't the only ones changed by the program. sarah says though she has been involved with the brady program since the age of 12, when her parents started it, it wasn't until she was asked to take it over in her late 20s.
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>> yes, you can say go. what do we usually say to daisy. >> that the loose end that were running her life were tied up for good. >> i remember turning around one day, realizing that -- something that i had been looking for my whole life was always right there. was always right under my nose. >> people always ask, why james brady? he was the press secretary for president reagan, shot in the assassination attempt, well he used horse their rapy to help recover from his brain injury. in honor of him. named the program after it. we spent the day with them. one thing, difficult to capturen the story, is how some children show up so -- hesitant about the horse. one child. i didn't get the whole sequence. frustrated by that. who showed up didn't want anything to do with the horse. by the time we left he was on top of the horse and smiling and going off for a ride with his father walking beside him. >> i love that. so heart warming. >> really terrific work she
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does. >> stimulation so good for them. >> exactly. what sarah was saying, the send sags of being on a -- sensation of being on a horse for those who can't walk, the next best thing, closest thing to walking is the riding on the horse, motion, balance. >> thank you. >> well a roller coaster stopped in its tracks. the bizarre complaints that have shut down great america's newest attraction. >> also -- >> i'm scott budman on a big day for wearable technology. coming up, the silicone valley watch maker making a big move to a store near you. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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get a great deal on arrowhead water, just $3.33 a case. and pick up cheerios for just a $1.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. 48,000 women have died from overdoegs on prescription pain
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medication in recent years. the cdc report find overdoses among women increased by more than 400% since 1999. the report says women are more likely than men to have chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia and migraines. painkillers are prescribed but can be highly addictive. the risk of long term addiction may outweigh any immediate benefits for many patients. nightly news with brian williams will have more at 5:30. >> build as the the tallest, fastest wood enroller coaster in northern california and now the noisiest. great america's newest attraction the gold striker has been shut down. several nearby businees, in santa clara have been complaining abut the noicomplai ing about the noise. it reaches 55 miles an hour. park officials say the thrill of the ride causes screaming passengers to exceed the city noise standard.
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never heard an explanation like that. great america is hoping to fix the problem and they expect gold striker to reopen by fourth of july. don't know how they fix it. tell people to shh. >> they'll do construction modificationize hear. we'll be back in a moment with wearable technology.
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i'm not sure if i do. if you would love to wear your technology it will be a big year for you. >> a lot of smart watches coming out. our business and tech reporter, scott budman is here with the
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sneak peek. >> gentlemwatches seem to be th big thing to hit stores from lots of companies. one bay area company, we followed from the beginning called pebble got good news today. their smart watches are about to go mainstream. >> we are proud to say that pebble is now ready for primetime. >> it is a class iic david and lie@story. we haven't met goliath. david we know is pebble, the silicone valley smart watch that started as a kick starter project, raised a ton of money independently and just clocked a deal to be sold at retail giant best buy. >> it come to a pin the where the features are there and apps are working on pebble and time to see how far this can go. >> we caught up with pebble ceo at the airport. he is busy but took the time to show us the latest features. there are more than 1,100 apps
5:29 pm
for the pebble which syncs to your smart phone to give you information, e-mails and games at a glance. >> for us having pebble available at best buy is really a chance for us to spread the word about smart watches and pebble in particular to a larger audience. >> it also gives pebble a big head start on the rumored goliath. apple. lots of speculation about its possible smart watch plans. but he says he is not too worried. >> i think pretty much, everyone, my mom is rumored to be launching a smart watch in the next couple months. >> does that worry you? >> it's exciting. >> a hot field. for this tech start up. the timing couldn't be much better. >> pebble among the most famous of the kick starter companies that are funded by just you and me, and they sold some 85,000 of the pebble watches to their early investors. now they got to hit the rest of the nation. so interesting to see they've can keep momentum going. >> look at my watch. >> pretty fashionable.
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i like it. >> fashionable. trying to take away most of us are using our smart phones. >> so archaic. >> see you at 6:00. on the broadcast tonight, the showdown in egypt, tonight a remarkable scene there and the situation that could go either way as the clock is ticking down for the egyptian president. richard engel is live tonight in tahrir square. no way out. what we're learning about the fire that killed 19 firefighters in arizona, and is still out of control. plus, a story of heroism from the wife of one of the fallen. women at risk. a new warning about the skyrocketing number of middle aged women addicted to prescription medication and the toll it's taking. and two first ladies describe what it's really like living inside the white house, and the times the building can feel more like the pennsylvania avenue prison. "nightly news" begins now.


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