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tv   Today  NBC  July 3, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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contract negotiations. b.a.r.t. workers remain on strike for a third straight day. we'll keep covering this for you. that's what's happening "today in the bay." good morning. breaking news. ekwipt on edge this morning. 15 people killed in overnight clashes. its president facing a last-chance ultimatum. we'll be live from cairo. sole survivor. the only member of the fightering crew attends an emotional memorial for his fallen friends. and running man. his aton initialing print at 25 miles an hour made this nfl rookie and internet sensation. he'll show us how he does it
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today, live, july 3rd, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt mauer and savannah gutdsry. live from studio 1-a. >> welcome. i'm savannah. >> and matt has the morning off. you are looking right now at cairo's tie regard square. >> and this morning time is almost up on a military dead line to find a solution and bring that violence to an end. we want to get to richard engel. what is the latest? >> reporter: good morning. people are crowding here. they are singing patriotic songs, waving flags. they have hoping this will be a victory celebration.
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these people are against president mohamed morsi. the dead line to have his removed has almost set to expire. we have been told that the eyip shan army has taken over parts of the television building and is now monitoring the television's yut put. there are deep concerns in this country if the president is removed by force. the first clashes of what what could become a if you phase of violence in kwee egypt. in videos posted on line, live ammunition can cheerily be heard. it's the first major outbreak between protesters of morsi to step down because of what they complain as poor performance and
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supporters who back his islamic agenda. morsi himself says he isn't going anywhere. in an angry sheech he said he would rather die than give up the post. the critics say -- in a statement, the army said this would take every effort to prevent terrorism in egypt. a warning to the president's supporters. >> and richard, with the clock now winding down on this deadline, what happens if the military were to take over by force? >> reporter: the question is how will morsi supporters react. the muslim brotherhood was a operation that operated in the shadows for over 80 years. some of the weapons have come from lippia. there are also radical, even
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more radical elements who see his presidency as a fulfillment of a religious prophecy. so there's a deep concern that the muslim broother hood and radical islamic groups will become a bother hood. >> richard engel in cairo for us this morning. >> back here at home in arizona now where the loan survivor of that wildfire tragedy has made his first public appearance. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. finally some good news on the blaze, it is roughly 8% contained. this as we see the man who survives this fire. at a massive vigil last night,
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they paid tribute to the dped. brendan mcdone in a was -- >> i can tell you just from talking to him when he left his lookout position, he said it was less than three minutes that his lookout was burned over. >> reporter: these are some of the final imagineses of the granite hot shot team. they will piece together what went wrong. how can 19 firefighters be overcome by blames with nowhere to run? >> everybody wants disasters to go like a one hour movie. a disaster happens, we get people in within the hour, and the situation is resolved. it zipt work like that ♪ how sweet the sound >> reporter: answers will take time. but grief is well under way. at 21, kevin woe check was the youngest victim. his father, also a firefighter remembers hir last conversation. >> he called the house and he
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said we'll be there today. i won't have reception, so i'll get back to you. i'll call you tonight late. and that was the last time we heard from him. >> reporter: all of the victim's stories are heart breaking. 22-year-old wade parker was getting married in october. instead of a wedding, his parents now planning a funeral. >> he was a wonderful son. and he's with jesus now. >> reporter: no doubt a difficult time as investigators get back to, would. in addition to going to the burn zone, they'll also look at radio logs and weather reports. meantime, we're told the hundreds of vac yees will be able to return home in the next five days. >> in the meantime, president obama's most important domestic initiative is -- to part of the president's health care law. peter election december is at
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the white house for us this morning. >> reporter: that was an abrupt announcement that came yesterday. a big set back for the president's single biggest legislative achievement, obamacare. so the obama administration says it's listening to those businesses, delay what's called the employer mandate. that means the penalties for large employers who don't provide health insurance coverage for their workers have now been delayed to january of 2015. that will let them cut of some the red tape and simplify the process for those big companies. >> and of course as announced on a quiet holiday weekend is the day after the mid term elections. >> reporter: republicans were almost geeful when they heard the news. house republicans have voted to
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appeal this dozens of times and now it will delay it until after the mid term elections. we heard overnight from speaker of the house john boehner who said this is an acknowledgment from the white house that the health care overhaul is flawed. he said even the obama administration knows this is a train wreck. the white house has more complications ahead of itself. they have to deal with this as they try to explain to others that they can sign up for obamacare just three months from now. >> meanwhile, natalie here with a strange new twist in the search of edward snowden. >> after false reports that nsa leaker edwin snowden was hitching a ride on bolivia's presidential plane. >> reporter: good morning. just a rumor that a fugitive edward snowden was on that bow livian presidential praen
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triggered a major air incident over night. vienna airport. and not the destination that bow livian president had expected. his plane departing from moscow was diverted to austria, when france, portugal, italy and spain temporarily closed their air space fearing snowden was on board. but he was not. we don't know who invented this lie, someone wants to hurt our country, he says. morales is one of only a handful of world leaders who expressed support for snowden. he's now launched appeals in 20 countries, snowden has. and nine european countries have turned him down. five countries have said no. the remainder are still processing the request. if snowden does end up in bolivia, the latest incident can be a taste of what's in store.
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the bow livians are blaming the u.s. for the whole incident. confirmation now that the bow livian plane is clear and back in the air. >> thank you. canadian police say they have foiled an ail divide inspired plot to debt toe nate three pressure cooker bombs. police say the suspects planned to set them off during monday's canada day celebration in british columbia. the number of people trying to carry guns on airplanes are on the rise. according to u.s. security officials, so far this year screeners found nearly 900 guns on passengers or in their carry john bags. notions to end the bay area rapid transit strike stretched into the morning. they're facing a third day without train service.
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it's causing traffic gridlock and long lines. now on wall street. kal la, good morning. >> natalie, turmoil in egypt in the middle east has caused the price of oil to jump to its highest point in over a year. they take a few weeks to impact gas prices at the pump, which has fallen this week. in a peculiar move, apple has hired the former ceo of a high-end fashion house. the company would only say he would tackle special projects for apple. fuelling speculation that those projects could be wearable. >> a check woman beat the odds this week after falling i don't want the subway tracks. take a look. the woman who appeared to be falling asleep right on her feet fell into the platform and the
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train pulls right over on top of her. somehow she was not hurt. a group of bystanders pulled her to safety. amazing story. >> thank you. we've got maria larosa here for al. i think the meteorological term is soupy. >> it's complete opposite in the west. we have intense heat confining from las vegas into boise well above seelgs. meanwhile, near record lows for parts of texas. still looking at showers and thunderstorms drenching the eastern half of the u.s. that's a look at your weather across the country. a look at your local forecast in just about 30 seconds.
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on the prius liftback, the number 1 selling hybrid. with plenty in stock, you can drive one home today. ♪ a prius for everyone 7:13 now, wednesday before the fourth of july. today, i'm taking your temperatures down just a touch. still going to be hot but we have played it through the hottest part of heat wave. 103 livermore. 83 fremont. you know what? the heat is going to make for comfortable conditions tomorrow during fireworks time. 9:00, 72 degrees, mostly clear in san jose. for the fourth of july. as we head through friday, cooler weather head our way. saturday to sunday, we hold on to seasonal averages v÷ getting more comfortable over the weekend. that's your weather. juicio de george zimmerman, prosecution and the defense. >> reporter: well, good morning.
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the judge has ruled this morning that george zimmerman studies in criminal justice can be brought up in court. as we go live, testimony is under way. prosecutors want zimmerman's story before the jury so they can learn about what he learned in college. >> exhibit 70 -- >> reporter: george zimmerman's injuries again on display in court. and lead detective on the stand for a second day. >> did you feel it exaggerated the manner in which he was hit? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: the day after he shot and killed 17-year-old trayvon martin, he described what happened in this police video tape. but in court tuesday a medical examiner who analyzed the photos of zimmerman, told the jury that they were not life threatening.
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dr. valerie raul -- >> the word slammed implies great force. and this the resulting injuries are not grave force. >> reporter: but on cross-examination, zimmerman's defense lawyer asked her if they could have come from multiple impacts. >> anything that would medically exclude that the right side was hit four times. >> it's possible. >> reporter: also on the stand tuesday, mark aus ter man. he wrote a book about what he said his best friend george zimmerman told him the night of the shooting. >> do you recall if he touched the gun or just reaching it. >> i thought he had said he had grabbed the gun. >> reporter: the jury also saw an interview that aired on fox news last year. >> and tonight in an
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interview -- >> reporter: george zimmerman was asked if he regrets having a gun that night. >> i feel it was all god's plan. and for me to second-guess it or judge it -- >> is there anything that you might do differently now that time has passed a little bit. >> no, sir. >> reporter: in that interview, zimmerman says he new nothing about florida's stand your ground law. prosecutors believe that college records will show otherwise. his college records he actually said so far that he is not guilty. >> thank you. a former executive at tiffany and company is facing serious charges this morning. accused of stealing more than an million dollars worth of jewelry. >> england leader was arrested at her home on tuesday. investigators say not only did
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they allegedly take the valuables, but then resold them to another jewelry company and con cobbed a series of stories to cover for the loss. authorities say in her role as vice president of product development, england leader house was allowed to check out jewelry for work related reasons. court papers do not name tiffany but refer to an international jewelry company. they say she worked for tiffany. they say she lost her job in february as part of the an overall company downsizing. an inventory review then reviewed since 2012 she had checked out about 165 pieces of jewelry and failed to give them back. they say she abused her position in authority to check out jewelry of over $1.2 million. this jewelry include, among
7:18 am
other items, numerous diamond bracelets and rings with precious stone and 18 karat gold and platinum and diamond pendants. it says that she then sold some if not all of this jewelry to another jewelry company in new york city and gave false explanations to what happened to it. prosecutors say that she was arrested at her home tuesday in the wealthy connecticut suburb on charges of wire fraud and interstate transportation of stolen property. she started working at tiffany as an assistant buyer in 1991 and rose through the ranks over the following years. a tiffany spokesperson said in deference to the u.s. attorney's investigation, we are not in a position to kmint at this time. now the complaint says that fbi agents reviewed records from a bank act and found that about 75
7:19 am
checks from the jewelry reseller had been deposited. the complainntify the husband and he has not been charged in the case. the charges carry a maximum punishment of 30 years in prison. >> thanks. are the royal baby due any day now, excitement is building around the globe. michelle, good morning. >> reporter: hi. what the palace has said so far has been minimal. we don't know her due date. but it hasn't stopped it from becoming a merchandising and media frenzy. that has already arrived before the baby. the world's press is already in position outside kate's hospital. wick paid hasn't -- the public has started giving the royal family gifts. finland sent over a box of supplies that give ever expect
7:20 am
tant mother there. the australian prime minister nited the baby a kangaroo. >> i think it will be elizabeth or diane in a. don't really now. a victoria. >> and placing their bet. the joshtd bapging on it being a door. >> alex an dra is the first. and queen's middle name, second, is charlotte. >> reporter: this one says, made in england. all expected to pump nearly $400 million into the economy here. especially if they decide to buy this bear for $83,000. fitting that it's a bank. while atrog jers the world over. >> there is is a sent of lynnage, a sense of tradition. >> reporter: he says the people
7:21 am
born in the year of the snam are great at putting aside worries. in other words, keeping calm and carrying on. exactly what this chimed might need. >> reporter: this really could happen any day now, even today. we'll likely hear about it after she's already been admitted to the hospital. that's the same way it was done for princess die annia. >> okay. >> i feel like i'm having the baby. >> michelle, thanks. coming up, the mother involved in a terrifying hostage situation. her 2-year-old daughter health at knife point inside a walmart. >> and then an exclusive look at military drone program and a new breesd of pilots being trained
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it is 7:26. good morning, i'm jon kelley. ha breaking thuz no tell you about. b.a.r.t. workers on strike for a third straight day. right now live to nbc bay area's christie smith in oakland, commuters are boarding buses instead of trains out there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there are certainly signs that this strike could be ending soon. not in time for the morning's commute. both sides met with negotiator overnight here in oakland for eight hours. and they plan to meet again sometime later this afternoon. this after talks broke off, of course, on sunday night. they left the caltrans building in oakland here at 3:00 in the morning. they didn't say what the sticking points were now in the past, they had been wages, pension and benefit contributions. again, both sides saying they
7:27 am
will be back at the table at 1:00 this afternoon. that's latest from here, live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. right to the roads. anthony is in for mike inouye now. what's happening? >> watching the bay bridge approach, the toll plaza very slow now. you can see it's been backed up since 5:00 this morning. this is our trouble spot. we do have two accidents in oakland 580 to tell you about. marina bay áwparkway, regatta boulevard. 680 southbound. highlighted the areas. go down newark to avoid the area. backups to livermore. south bay looking good. no major accidents to report. it is slow, though, getting through 101 and 280 through willow glenn. peninsula an accident in burlingame as you approach 101 and broadway. we've been tell you about the heat. christina loren is here to tell you about that. >> still on. it is still on. good morning to you. make sure you're ready for it.
7:28 am
happy to report we got through the hottest point yesterday. today it will be cooler. 66 livermore, 62 oakland. noon today temperatures upper 80s, no 90s like we had yesterday. round out the day, humid, hazy, 103 livermore. 100 concord. 107 yesterday in places like san mateo reason and pleasanton. that heat relief looks good. >> back in a half hour with an update.
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>> > 7:30 now on this wednesday morning. 3rd of july, to 13. that's a happy crowd zbet getting a jump start on tomorrow's holiday. if you're looking closely, you get a preview of our final concert which is coming up on friday, john mayer will be here. come on down the day after the fourth of july. >> also ahead this morning, it wouldn't be the fourth, of course, without fireworks. music superstar usher playing a big role in tomorrow's display in new york city. he'll be here to talk all about it.
7:31 am
>> and then it's one of the -- military's most controversial programs. the use of unmanned drones. we're going to take you inside and show you what it's like to train as one of its pilots. we're going to ge bin with a terrifying hostage caught on tape. this morning the mother of a 2-year-old girl held at niech point is sharing her story. >> i was literally begging for my daughter's life. >> she still comprehend what transpired during simple trip to walmart. >> here is this huge, huge man standing there with my daughter in his arms. and he has a knife pointing towards her side. >> reporter: store security cameras show that 37-year-old sammy wallace snatching her out of the cart and walking away with her. >> my first reaction was this can't be real. who is this.
7:32 am
>> but it was real and so was the knife. she says he was a complete stanger making be manneds she didn't understand. >> he said real quietly, hey, little mama, you see this knife. >> reporter: witnesses called 911. >> he took a kid. we need someone here immediately. >> there is someone with a knife holding a little girl hostage. >> i did not maintain my composure. i wanted to reach out and grab her, but he had a knife. there was nothing i could do. but stand there and beg for her life. >> reporter: when police arrived, they cleared the store and tried to calm him down. getting him a chair. urging him to release the child. wallis became more agitated. >> after more than 30 minutes, as he held the knife to the 2-year-old neck he started counting down from 60, after
7:33 am
which he said he was going to harm the child. >> reporter: police captain only had a plit second, he got up, walked toward him and aimed and fired. >> when you have a suspect that starts counting down on a child's life, we had to take appropriate action and we had to use deadly force. >> i heard a shot go off. and i thought she was dead. >> reporter: all of his training put to the test. wallace was dead and zeroey reunited with her mother. >> it was scary. >> now at home, it's the simple things that matter the most. >> my hugs are a lot tighter. >> reporter: as for sammy wallace, she says she feels sorry for whatever led him to do this. and some day she'll likely tell zeroey what happened in the walmart that day. but not any time soon. >> almost too much to believe.
7:34 am
>> horrible story. and you feel bad for the other sister. >> can you imagine 30 minutes as a mother of a child. >> and the count down. and how many moms put the kid in the basket you would never even -- >> turn to go grab something. >> happy ending at least for the family. let's take a turn now. get a check of the weather. maria larosa is in for al. >> we're still talking about the heat. the humidity in the east but try heat continuing in the west. heat add advisories for most of the west. five to ten degrees above the average. a little bit of relief in portions of northwest. it is going to be humid out there today. good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. 103 degrees in livermore. feel more like 105, 10 of when you add muggy conditions. humidity makes it feel hotter.
7:35 am
we'll lose humidity by friday. for the fourth of july, count on hot weather in combination with showers and thunderstorms, staying muggy and finally cooldown friday into the upcoming weekend. hope you have a fantastic day. and you can check out your local forecast any time, including your fourth of july holiday forecast at >> we're getting an inside you view of this morning of the military's controversial drone program. we're in new mexico with, exclusive details. janet net, good morning. >> reporter: we rarely get an up close look at drones like this. just overnight, there's word out of pakistan of a u.s. drone attack that killed at least 16 suspected militants. they are increasing use and that's created a big demand for a new type of pilot.
7:36 am
today we get an exclusive look at the training. they're among the most mysterious of the military's arsenal. planes that drop bombs and spy on enemies in the world's danger zones without anyone inside them. often called drones, they remotely piloted air casts, rpas, are a growing part of growing intelligent and ware fair. training here is focused solely on their mission. in the barron desert of new mexico, the air force base is the center for a new breed of pilots. >> what are we looking for here? >> reporter: and be in her own bed every night, and. >> at the end of the day i can go home. it is a different mind set, but
7:37 am
i do get to go home with family. >> reporter: without ever having been a traditional pilot, although many of them are pilots. they will graduate over 400 this year. this plane is completely different than any other type of air cast. some train as long as six months and have never even laid eyes on the plane. >> we have to learn to deal with it in the air and don't have the initial training on the ground. >> reporter: that's because the praens are piloted from what looks like a bunch of freight containers. >> we train about twelve hours a day. >> reporter: from taxiing to take offs. it's all controlled by a team of two inside this box. >> this is why the plane exists in the most part. >> reporter: it offers stunning details for intelligence gathering. look at how these are stored.
7:38 am
taken apart and placed in a box. when they disassembled that plane took less than an hour and putting it back together, less than than an hour. the military doesn't love the analogy of video games, but in effect they're on a virtual front line and fighting a very real war. >> i don't think any of us have seen that before of the drone program. coming up next, the alarming rise in the number of women who are over dosing on painkillers. >> and later on trending, what has a whopping 33 grams of fat and more salt than you should eat all day. we're introducing you to what's being called the worst restaurant meal in america.
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♪ yer always after me lucky charms! whoa. i forgot how good these taste! [ lucky ] ♪ they're magically delicious back now at 7:42. with a dangerous problem facing
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millions of american's. it shows women are becoming addicted to painkillers at an alarming rate. >> reporter: this lady was prescribed purr coset but was soon doctor shopping trying to get more and more. >> so i found a pain management doctor who would prescribe 100 pills. then i would find another one who would prescribe 180 pills. >> reporter: her addiction lasted for 25 years. she's hardly alone. the cdc reports more than 6600 women daiichi year from preskipgs overdoses. the rate of increase for women has been dramatic, up 400% in ten years. >> they need to be reserved for situations where they're really necessary. >> doctors are most concerned
7:44 am
about the overuse of opiate painkillers. now the cdc is calling on doctors nationwide to consider a patient's dependency risk before ever prescribing the painkillers. with the help of a recovery center, she's working to get clean. >> for me it's one day at a time. >> reporter: fighting a dee mon she's lived with for a quarter century. >> let's get more now with dr. nancy snyderman. good morning. you were shocked when you saw a 400% increase for women. >> i think the whole country was taken by storm. and physicians, especially, there's enough blame to go around. doctors who overprescribe, patients who fake symptoms. and i think this is a collective responsibility to say these are great medications when used for the right things. but they are short-term fixes.
7:45 am
>> i've seen a lot of theories about why women in particular may have been seeing this increase. smaller body mass, so maybe the gap between a therapeutic dose is narrower. >> we know that men can tolerate more alcohol and liver enzymes can tolerate only as much can throw at them. we're going to find that some people are more predisposed to addiction and they should be watched careful live. then if you really have problems, you use them. but never with three and four and five refills. one, maybe. but you just come back to see your physician. >> do you feel like the stigma for some of these prescription painkillers -- >> i think the stigma for being
7:46 am
an alcoholic is pretty darn high. increasingly it no longer valium safe, we now know is addicting. people moved on to nar cottics, these are addicting. women can work just fine in the workplace and go home and take four and five at night and combine them with other drugs and alcohol. do not assume that the soccer mon who is driving your kids after school is clean. this phase of addiction is very different now. >> thank you, so much. coming up, pierce bros nan's double tragedy losing his wife and now his daughter to the same disease. but first, these messages. let's play:
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just getting warmed up. >> hit that speed button. and then a little later on, usher will be here. he's going to give us a sneak peek of what he's putting on for the fourth of july fireworks show. and do you talk with your hands? who doesn't? let's show you what that reveals after your local news. wait a sec! i found our colors. we've made a decision. great, let's go get you set up...
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7:56 am
good morning. time now 7:56. i'm jon kelley. let's get you breaking news. middle of a busy morning commute. a third straight day without b.a.r.t. we take you to the san mateo bridge. traffic right there all locked up on your right side. very thick out there. that's the way it is around the bay area as long as this strike exists. right now people staying hopeful that this could possibly be the last day of the strike as both sides met for more than eight hours last night. that meeting actually went into the early morning. and they are making some progress into negotiations and plan to meet again at 1:00 this afternoon. now right to the roads. anthony slaughter in for mike inouye. what's up? >> the bay bridge toll plaza bogged down past richmond and the caldecott tunnel slow getting through that specific location. moving through from 880 southbound location notice as you pass the oakland coliseum traffic is very slow. an accident in sunol that's keeping things slow all the way
7:57 am
through 680 through sunol. advising you to hop over to 84, get down over to newark and down 880 into free month. south bay, an accident on 101 past out 880 keeping things slow. foster slow off the san mateo bridge and into san francisco, 280 very slow as you get into the city. meteorologist christina loren is here to tell you about the weather forecast. >> it's okay. i know you're a meteorologist, too. 103 livermore today. 1000 concord. 87 degrees hot, humid, hazy in oakland. but this is one of the cooler days of past seven. taking temperatures down by a few degrees from yesterday. we'll continue to see those temperatures drop as we head through the next couple of days. what will happen is it's going to be mild for the big fireworks show? san francisco. 60 degrees. showing you your fireworks forecast all morning long every 15 minutes throughout the "today" show. heat breaks friday and it looks good. >> like the look of that.
7:58 am
thank you. as she said the "today" show is coming your way. back in a half hour with another local update. good morning! wow.
7:59 am
want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
8:00 am
one, ♪ ♪ happy july 4th. happy birthday. oh my god, usher is here. >> i'm so excited to be here. >> 8:00 on the wednesday morning, 3rd of july. a party in the usa. i'm savannah guthrie. and coming up, we're going to talk to a guy that has big plans. he's actually setting new york
8:01 am
on fire. usher. >> doing his thank you thing. >> he's the curator of the fourth of july celebration. and we will catch up with him in the next few minutes. >> but the fireworks as well. usher show tomorrow night. coming up this half hour. did you hear about the guy on the video this week. 25 miles an hour on the treadmill. he's getting loosened up on your speed right there. >> and then on trending, we're going to talk about weather, not the mystery of the loch ness monster may have finally been solved. personally, i hope not. before we get to all that, let's get over to natalie. >> good morning. and good morning, everyone. today a deepening kriegs in egypt. the military is meeting in hopes of resolving unrest that's boiled over there in recent
8:02 am
days. there are reports of new and deadly clashes this morning. this as thousands of anti-government demonstrators are filling the streets. he's vowing to stay in office despite the demands that he step down. nearly 17 years after the flight tragedy, the official are standing by that it was accidental. it was caused by overheating and not a bomb or a michl. it crashed off long island in july of 1996 killing all 230 people on board. thousands of people packed a football field in arizona to pay tribute to the firefighters who died battling the wildfire. during the vigil, the name of each of them were read allowed. also attending last night's
8:03 am
vigil was 21 years old brendan mcdone in a. he narrowly escaped after warning his crew of the rapidly changing weather conditions. president obama returned last night. they arrived back after the white house decided to -- companies with 50 or more workers will now have until the end of 2015 to provide coverage for their employees or face fines. young and old patients at a chicago hospital get some intensive care tuesday thanks to the nhl champions blackhawks. some children got to pose with the cup and one new born baby, as you see there, even got to pose inside of it. priceless picture. six college graduates find a unique way to seal their friendship forever.
8:04 am
take a look. that is just perfect. the university grads made this shot by shot remake of the show open for the sitcom friends. and the man who wrote the song liked the video so much he personally contacted the studented to tell them nice job. 8:04 right now. >> let's check in with maria larosa. she's across the plaza. >> good morning. i have to ask, where the heck is -- >> it's -- >> all right. all right. well, we'll go from michigan. how about portland, organiegon. 84 degrees. good news, portland, you do not have 90s in the next seven days. you are having showers and thunderstorms across continuing across the east. major flooding concerns from the
8:05 am
sods east to the mid-atlantic to the northeast today and tomorrow. that continues. by the way, parts of texas could see record low temperatures tomorrow morning. good morning to you. well, you made it through the hottest point of this heat wave and today, we have taken your temperatures down a touch. that means 103 degrees in livermore down from 105 degrees yesterday. you will likely notice the difference, still going to be humid out there. good news is we are going to stay nice and comfortable when the sun goes down for the fourth of july. 72 degrees in san jose, mild and mostly clear as we say happy birthday to this great nation, thursday into friday, things really change. we are going to see more of that dry heat and a return of the 80s. hope you have a great day. . and that's a look at your weather. back to you. >> thank you very much. we are very excited. usher is in the building. here to talk about his fourth of july plans in new york city and a whole lot more.
8:06 am
>> and then the a way to take the hassle out of your travel plans. >> do you do all of the talking with your hands? sometimes a threatening gesture. but first, these messages. [ female announcer ] doctors trust calcium plus vitamin d to support strong bones.
8:07 am
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8:09 am
we are back at 8:09 with what's trending today. trending this morning, lingerie leaks. edward snowden may be having a hard time finding a new home, but a german company found a surprising place for him. it's underwear ads. the ads from blush lingerie say dear edward snowden, there's still a lot to uncover. and another one that says dear nsa, intimates, don't spy them, buy them. on facebook, the company writes snowden a love letter saying we really treat the intimates of other people with great care. there's a couple looking for an
8:10 am
opportunity. might be a bit of a stretch. >> topical lingerie ads, donny deutsche would be proud. >> what woman wants to buy underwear and think of edward snowden? i don't know. >> trending, centers on nutrition advocates targeting the big catch meal at long john silver's. seven ounce fried haddock, hush puppies and onion rings. lab tests revealed the meal contains 33 grams of trans fat, 19 grams of saturated fat and 1300 calories. it says it offers a variety of meal choices, including bake fish and shrimp. >> it's always fish. you think you're going for the healthy option. >> not when it's deep fried in
8:11 am
they did have a side of green beans, though. trending on live science, has the in famous loch ness monster mystery been solved? nonsense says one italian geologist who say it is size mcactivity. it runs right through the area. the loch ness mystery dates back to the 1930s when a london surgeon claimed to capture that strange photo that you see there. it was later revealed to be a hoax. still no scientific evidence proving the evidence of the monster. sorry, savannah, to break it to you. >> we love nesi. >> why are you punching holes in the story? >> meantime, trending on youtube, wow, how fast can you go on a treadmill.
8:12 am
nfl player posted this video of himself running 25 miles per hour on a treadmill. this has already raised 2 million views. robert joins us now. good morning to you. >> how are you doing? >> can you run and talk to him? >> i can do it. >> i didn't know a treadmill could go up to 25 miles per hour. >> when you're running with speed you have to put yourself to the limit. >> ours apparently doesn't go as fast at that. i think 10 miles is the light speed. you have actually made the team, the arizona cardinals. >> yeah. >> took you on. do you think this was the proof that you're only as old as you feel? >> yeah. i mean, speed kills. make the most of it this year. >> how do you practice to get to 25 miles per hour. honestly, when i look at that i cringe. it looks so dangerous.
8:13 am
>> running as fast as i do you want to push yourself to the limit to go faster. 25 miles per hour was the next level for me. >> this is a little too easy for him. start with other variables you have to catch carson palmer. >> don't hurt him, willie. he has the season to think about. >> one nfl expert said the only person he has seen faster in the history of the nfl is deion sanders. so that's pretty good company for robert gill. >> robert, enjoy your morning stroll. thank you so much. >> congrats. >> and that is what's trending today. still ahead in our 8:00 block, are you among the tens of millions of americans traveling from the fourth? from gas to hotels, the apps that you will want to download before heading out the door. yesterday we talked about grouchy resting face. today aggressive hand talker. what all the flapping and gesturing really says about you. >> it says everything about us, right? we all do it. first, a man known for pretty amazing footwork, usher
8:14 am
sitting right next to us. eight-time grammy winner, served as a coach on the voice. >> hello. >> do you talk with your hands too? gentle hand talker. >> ventriloquist is my side gig. >> you are the curator of the macy's fireworks, which includes picking the music. did you pick out some of the fireworks and displays in. >> we came together. of course my sound track but also, too, given creative direction and artistic interpretation. singing, dancing on the stage, and working with the light and also singing. it's just another way for me curating my experience and interpreting myself artistically on one of the largest stages ever. >> were you thinking about it, i want a red firework right there, i want this or that? >> yeah.
8:15 am
it took a lot of time and detail to perfect this. of course this is like our american history moment. for 37 years, they've had this incredible show. as a kid, i watched it. now as an adult i'm actually able to curate an incredible experience. >> you have everyone from frank sinatra, kelly clarkson, jimi hendrix. what went into the thinking for who you would choose? >> the logic was creating bookends. something i felt everyone would appreciate, be it old or young, giving a mixture of who we are as people in in america and about life, music, and experience some life. that should be depicted in this fire in the sky moment. >> usher created the ultimate mix tape. no mix tape is complete without usher. how do you pick? >> there was a self-serving moment. i took the liberty of putting
8:16 am
myself in the middle of it all. but they created a specific shell for me, meaning shell, firework. >> usher red, we hear. >> usher red. i wanted to pick songs that were celebratory, recognizable. people partied with these songs, been a part of incredible performances. now you get a chance to see a different take. >> you have omg. >> euphoria. >> are you a fire starter. on a normal fourth of july, would you have the sparklers and try to set off the caps? >> of course. >> i had a feeling maybe you did. get in a little trouble? >> i tried to cure ate my own experience at home. >> meanwhile, you are setting a lot of firework on the voice.
8:17 am
blake shelton. >> that lucky devil. he's living on a high cloud right now. somebody has to tear him down. if not adam, shakira. he's a great coach. he's really taught me a lot. i knew nothing about the show in detail. of course i've seen it as a viewer. but the time and investment in building these artists and helping them interpret themselves and giving lessons to america about what it takes to be an artist is why i wanted to do it. >> what is your response to i didn't know i was an usher fan until i saw him on the show. has this elevated you being on the voice? >> people have a perception of what they think an artist is until they see them in the real moment. when you see someone make an investment in someone else and see the growth, i guess what my opinion about entertainment is. greater than just what i do.
8:18 am
you learn something about me and it's been good. i'm really looking forward to season sick. and mark burnett is definitely -- he figured out something. he figured an incredible thing out with the voice. >> we know you're multitalented. tomorrow 8:00, 7:00 central. usher, thank you so much. >> usher, great to see you. >> tens of millions of americans celebrating by hitting the road. nbc's john yang is at the emergency management command post. john, good morning. >> good morning, willie. it's here at this command post on this big getaway day that they are keeping a close eye on traffic. 22,000 cameras they can access here. with new apps on your iphone or other device, you can keep an eye on it too. ♪ >> the founding fathers would be pleased as nearly 41 million
8:19 am
americans pursue happiness this fourth of july by getting away. aaa says more than 3 million are taking planes. the vast majority, 34 million, are celebrating life and liberty by hitting the highways in their cars. want to avoid delays? there's an app for that. it's called wayz. >> it collects information from millions of users on traffic routes, things like, you know, where there are accidents, where there are speed traps. >> what about gas price? the national average is $3.48, up 15 cents from last year. price are lower in the south and great lakes. higher in the west and northeast. want to make sure you're getting the best price? gas buddy collects prices from millions of users nationwide and sorts them by zip code and plots them on a map. need a confirmation number for a hotel room or car rental? trip it automatically takes that information from e-mails and
8:20 am
organizes it in one place, even synching your calendar. you can avoid other driving headaches with a little old-fashioned prevention. >> the to two reasons are dead battery and a flat tire. >> and if you do get that flat tire, yes, aaa does have an app to call for help. willie? >> john yang in chicago. john, thanks so much. savannah. >> now mind your mannerisms. we tackled brf on tuesday. this morning we are highlighting the aggressive hand talker. good morning to you. >> thank you. i appreciate it. all right. do this for me f. try talking -- i can't even do it. try talking without using your
8:21 am
hands as well. none of this. none of this certainly. it's harder than you think. that's because we have grown so accustomed to gestures to get our point across. some of our best public speakers do it. presidents do it, making a point by using a point. let's give a round of applause for, well, for hands. where would we be without them? research shows that audiences are drawn to people who use a wide variety of hand gestures. >> we learned the great leaders use the ones that are more powerful and dominant. >> that explains the plethora of presidential gestures. those that work with their hands and those that work a room with their hands. >>ive to push myself academically for my family's stake. >> comedian chris is a regular at the couple da club.
8:22 am
>> is that a thing comedians do? >> i definitely talk with my hands a lot. i'm really not even do this on purpose. it's warm in here and you're so beautiful. even though everybody is talking with with their hands for no reason, i'm just getting slapped. people just want to talk to me and i'm getting hit in the face because they're emotional. and comedy, we want to draw audiences. >> it turns out you can say a lot without saying anything at all. tonya is a body language expert. >> why do we use hand gestures at all? >> it's interesting. what we have learned is hand gestures not only help us to think and put our words on paper or put our words out to the public, but they also help the listener. >> bottom line, we all use gestures, at least a little. why? it turns out it has a lot more to do with what's up here than what's right here. if you break this down just a little bit further, studies have
8:23 am
foundt people who communicate through active gestures seem to be warm, agreeable and energetic. those who remain still, logical, cool and analytical. so analyze that. >> let's bring in body language expert jeanine driver. you can't lie to me author. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> what does it really say about you if you are expressive with your hands? >> jenna hit the nail on the head. you are seen as likable. the bigger the audience, the bigger your gestures can be. right now it's as if you're talking to one person at home. you are seen as out of control. keep it within the shoulders area. the higher the more out of control you look like, oh, what am i going to do? >>. >> that's probably a bad thing. >> so you can either welcome someone into a conversation or exclude them from a conversation based on your hand gestures alone. >> this is great. like you're holding the
8:24 am
invisible basketball. we see politicians do this. columbo used to do this. i have to ask you one more person. he would throw you in jail and you would write him a postcard. thank you for throwing me in jail, columbo. you saved my life. >> can you analyze willie and natalie, i think we have a clip of them yesterday on the show. >> oh, yeah. >> here we are. >> what are you seeing here? >> so you're holding your legs here. natalie is playing with her hair a little bit. within the frame of your body. so you guys can r doing a great job. >> so that's warm. >> that's likable. natalie is gesturing with with her right hand. very likable. now look at the person next to you. and say i love your hair style. >> love your hair style. >> you are saying you need hair improvement. >> you don't want to see this. >> no.
8:25 am
>> this is one of the most top five irritating gestures. these are irritating. and the talk to the hand. oh, no you didn't. in the top five. this goes back the italy, naples, back to the 14th century. we can see roman sculptures with hand gestures. >> savannah tried to filibuster her way out of this. we have three gestures. what do you say there, jeanine? >> this is a little bit of what's called the beggar's pose. a dollar, please. a dollar. give me information, she's saying. >> thank you. back after your local news.
8:26 am
good morning tour it's 8:26. we continue to follow breaking news this morning. we are right in the middle of another very busy morning commute. a third straight day without b.a.r.t. take a live look at 880 in oakland, certainly backed up there. there is hope that this could be the last day of the strike, as both sides met for more than eight hours last night and into this morning. they are making progress in negotiations and plan to meet again at 1:00 this afternoon. we will keep tabs on that, while anthony slaughter keeping tabs on the commute for you. >> very heavy at the bay bridge approach now. in fact, every main highway that leads up to the bay bridge from 580 to 880, caldecott tunnel, very slow. stop and go even on 580 moving through oakland. an accident that happened
8:27 am
earlier in sinole, very slow through this area, 680 at mission. you can see i have highlighted the area, you can get around that on 84, hop over to fremont, 880 southbound get you around that the south bay, you will notice there is an accident on 101 just past 880 and also happened, into our newsroom, 280 and mclaughlin avenue has an accident there, keeping things slow. laura? >> a busy morning to say the least. we will have another local news update in half an hour. hope to see you then. have a great morning. crystal geyser is always
8:28 am
bottled at the mountain source. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. then we deliver it directly to you.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 on this wednesday morning. it's the 3rd of july, 2013. a pretty summer day here on rockefeller plaza. great crowd. lots of smiles. if they stick around for another 48 hours they'll hear john mayer in concert friday morning. we hope people will come down. good morning everyone. i'm savannah guthrie along side willie geist who is in for matt and natalie morales. >> coming up, you probably have
8:31 am
a 4th of july party planned of some kind? but do you have a martha stewart kind of party planned? she is here with ideas for your big bash. >> who is in the mood for bargain? we are all. jill martin is here with us. 50 shades of grey is a deal i'll say. that plus cosmetics and much more. >> but you already own the trilogy. >> i do but you can give it to friends that may need it. >> let's bring in jane lynch. >> i'm in the nbc family now. >> you are. >> yes, so tell us about this. i think it sounds really cool. >> we love this idea. >> there's nothing on television like it. it's a game night that we do at sean hayes house and they're crazy and loud and we put it on television and we have six celebrities, two civilians.
8:32 am
all you have to know is people magazine. >> no, your reference level can be pretty low and it's just a lot of fun. we're drinking, we're having a good time. >> oh my gosh. we know you have al roker, hoda kotb. >> yeah, what's some of the games. >> have you ever played celebrity where you try to get -- >> yeah. >> so that's our final round for every game and we have our form of sherades and name that tune and also put like oprah's hair styles in chronological order. >> how heated do the celebrities get? because they look like they're really animated. >> they go nuts. everybody comes to win. everybody has their game face on and even people kind of start out like this end up crazy. >> you're on broadway right now. >> i am. >> you're in annie. are you loving that? >> i'm having the best time. i haven't done that play in maybe 20 years. i won't let that happen again.
8:33 am
i'm having the best time. >> always great to have you here, especially now that we are related. >> yeah. >> nbc family. >> we would love to come to game night too. >> you're all welcome. if we are picked up we'll do a today show special. >> we'll talk about getting it picked up then. that's a done deal. >> good. >> a week from tomorrow, july 11th, right here, 10:00, 9:00 central time. >> great to see you. >> thank you. >> take care. good luck. >> let's get a check of the weather. maria is here. >> good morning, we have some here and he plays basketball with michael. showers and thunderstorms, perhaps very heavy rain expected much of the eastern half of the northwest and they have the road race tomorrow as well. as we take a look, the i-95 corridor in good shape. of course dry and hot.
8:34 am
the macy's fireworks forecast. partly cloudy, warm and humid. oh, it is gonna be a humid day today. muggy conditions, but the good news is not as hot. 103 in livermore. yeah, down from 105 yesterday, 100 in concord. going to return to the low 90s today, where we hit triple digits, even in the south bay yesterday, 93, san jose, 95, santa theresa, broke a temperature record yesterday. get into your independence day, temperatures warm day in the time, going to make for a really comfortable evening, 60 degrees at 9 p.m. in san francisco and the sun drops off and the fireworks light up the sky. you can always check out your local forecast 24 hour ace day at savannah, back over to you. all right. thank you. we have a warning this morning before you hit the road for your holiday destination. july and august are primetime for home burglaries. how can you keep your home from becoming a statistic?
8:35 am
>> reporter: you packed up, locked up and set off thinking your home is safe and secure. think again. every 15 seconds, somewhere in america, a home is burglarized. we asked security expert, chris, how to get your house vacation ready. >> we have three or four newspapers piled up here which tells me they have been gone at least four days. you can look at the front door and see they have flyers and stuff left there. i know this home is unoccupied. i'll see if i can get in. >> the nice thing about a quite and private backyard is that. it's private and quite but you can see this being vulnerable. >> it's great for burglars. they can take all the time they want in the world and noise is not a big factor. now they can attack the back of the house and get in any of these doors or windows without fear of being observed. >> this is a motion sensor light which is ideal. anybody that comes up it's going to snap on and can make the burglar think someone is home. >> once inside, they know
8:36 am
exactly where to find your goods. >> usually by the night stands, by the bed, you find the good stuff. >> this is where people usually leave their valuables. >> yes, extra cash, wallets, the drawers will have the hidden -- look at this, hidden items, jewelry. >> hide your valuables. >> you can hide things in cereal boxes. products out there on the marketplace like this ajax can, the top unscrews. you can put valuables in that. >> above all, get to know your neighbors. tell them you'll be gone so they can grab your mail and install lights on timers to give it that lived in look. make it hard for thieves to enter by using low cost door stoppers or, if you can, install an alarm system. >> nothing better than a sign that you can see from the street that this house might have an alarm. it might be set, and it might go off if you break in. >> homes that don't have security systems are nearly three times more likely to be a
8:37 am
target and no one wants to turn their vacation into christmas for the crooks. for today, nbc news los angeles. good warning. coming up, jill martin is here with steals and deals that will have you -- >> but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] when you asked us to remove high fructose corn syrup from yoplait original and light, we were like, "sure. no problem!" and you were like, "thanks, but what about thick & creamy and whips!" and we were like, "done and done! now it's out of everything yoplait makes." and you were all, "yum!" and we're like, "is it just us, or has this been a really good conversation?"
8:38 am
and you were like, "i would talk, but my mouth is full of yogurt." yoplait. it is so good!
8:39 am
back now at 8:39, more than 20 years after losing his wife to ovarian cancer pierce brosnan is mourning the loss of his daughter to the same disease. it's shining a light again on a cancer that can be very difficult to beat. kate snow is here with more. >> the awful thing about ovarian cancer is by the time you show symptoms it's often too late to stop the cancer from spreading but some women do know they're at risk ahead of time. the national cancer institute says 10 to 15% of ovarian
8:40 am
cancers seem to run in the family and that unfortunately may be what happened in the brosnan family. a grieving pierce brosnan pushing forward and resuming work on his latest film days after the tragic death of his daughter charlotte. she was only 41 when she passed away in london on friday. three years after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. her brother posted these photos on facebook. in a statement pierce brosnan said charlotte fought her cancer with grace and humanity, courage and dignity. our hearts are heavy. >> he adopted her when he married her mother, actress cassandra harris. she also died from ovarian cancer at the age of 43. >> for a man with so much looks, talent, fame and money, he has been dealt an awful hand. he had to lose two people he loved dearly to this disease.
8:41 am
>> this is my daughter charlotte. >> he never spoke publicly about charlotte's cancer but made reference to his family's struggles during an appearance on today last april talking about his role in the movie love is all you need as a widower who falls in love with a woman who has cancer. >> i lost a wife to cancer and i'm still dealing with it within my own family here. so i let myself do the project because i thought i could bring something to it. >> not only did charlotte's mother have ovarian cancer, her grandmother died of it too. there's a good chance she inherited a predisposition for the disease. >> it normally occurs in 60s and 70s. so when you have any woman having ovarian cancer in her 40s, that's a red flag for the possibility of a hereditary gene. >> doctors can do testing to look for the gene linked to ovarian cancer and some patients make the difficult decision to
8:42 am
remove their ovaries. earlier this year angelina jolie revealed she had the test and revealed she had the gene for best and ovarian cancer. charlotte's family never said if she underwent genetic testing. she is survived by a husband, a daughter and a son. >> in his statement pierce brosnan said the family hopes a cure for the wretched disease is at hand soon. doctors hope it will prompt other people with a family history to speak that genetic testing. if people know, willie, then they're more prepared. they can make a personal decision about what to do. >> hopefully this gets people thinking about the test. your heart goes out to pierce brosnan and her husband and the two little kids. thanks. coming up next, we'll lighten things up with deep discounts for you on everything from jewelry to luggage. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ [ bell dings ] [ bell dings ] [ bell dings ] ♪
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test test test test test -- good morning to you. >> good morning so the website opens upright when this segment is over? >> this second. go to right now. everything goes fast. everyone knows the deal. go on right now. >> all right. we have audio books. quite a selection. >> it's starting to rain out here. these are great. random house books retail 45 to $55. now over 20 hours of listening. do you listen to audio books? >> i do. because they help me sleep but that's another story. >> so it's 12 best selling titles. so 50 shades of grey, 50 shades darker. i didn't like the actual book but maybe the audio book will be a little spicier but these are great gifts and great if you're
8:46 am
going on a road trip. gone girl another great book. the retail, 44 to $55, the deal $13.50. 75% off. >> that's a screaming deal. that's good. >> next nail polish. always fun for summer. >> the retail is $60. what i like about this is it comes in the gift set. throw a bow on it. great to give a gift. it's a seven piece deluxe set. they're fun colors. summer in a bottle. a nail pile and this all in one treatment. i like that it takes the guessing out. the retail $60. the deal for the box, $19. that's 68% off. >> okay. great. next you have some beautiful colorful earrings. >> yeah, i have a pair on my ears. >> they look lovely. >> retail 110 to 145. they're hand crafted to india from the finest raw materials. two things here, the gem stone
8:47 am
tear drop and double tear drop. 18 carat gold plated with hardware and sold at the metropolitan museum of art. retail 110 to 145. the deal $32. that's up to 78% off. >> you could buy a couple or buy each style. >> i like if you're going to someone's home instead of wine or cookies it's nice to bring something different as a house warming gift. >> yes, very nice. we have beautiful pillows. frog hill is the brand. >> i heard the cheering. >> they're cheering for the pillows. >> jane lynch actually says she has these and loved them. i thought she was going to snag one. retail $159. they're indoor outdoor pillows. they're water resistant. won't fade, 18 inch square or 12 inch by 24. two options here. all different patterns in upscale boutiques around the country. the deal 24.99. that's 84% off.
8:48 am
great for summer. >> we're testing out their weather durability right now with a little sprinkle. >> mother nature is preparing us. >> finally, the weather travel bag. >> yes, an investment but they're beautiful. you see the leather will be worn as we get rain on it and howell it takes it. $329, they're leather. removalable strap. you can bring it on the plane. goes under the seat. black or tan, the deal, $98.70 and that's 70% off. >> great. let's go through the deals. audio books from random house. we have the nail polish will noir, the earrings from saachi, pillows from fog hill, endorsed by jane lynch, and the travel luggage. if you have any questions about these products, log on to our website. coming up next, martha stewart is here with great last minute ideas for 4th of july coming up
8:49 am
after these messages. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
martha on today is brought to you by macy's. >> and we are back with martha on today. this morning last minute ideas for 4th of july. they are endorsed by martha.
8:51 am
>> of course all inside the pages of martha stewart living. happy early 4th to you. >> same to you guys. what are you doing? are you going to celebrate. >> i'll be here. >> oh. >> holding down the fort. >> you'll be celebrating. >> this is for savannah, this is for willie. >> oh. >> these are just paper cups you can embellish. get the kids to do it so everyone has a paper cup. they're very festive. this is another great idea for the drink bucket. they're balloons filled with water and you freeze them. they are a little melted but they're so cute. >> then you don't get the watery ice tub that you end up with. >> they're cute and once they thaw you put them back in the freezer and they freeze again. >> great. >> they are renewsable. this say delicious punch made out of white cranberry juice. you can mix it with lemon or orange or pineapple. any of the fresh juices you
8:52 am
like. it's very tasty and good. >> is it okay to use store bought juice as well. >> of course. unsweetened because the cranberry juice is sweet but garnish this with slices of orange or lemon. blueberries are delicious and use these in the paper cup. look, this is mango cut into little star with the cookie cutter. honey dew melon and all pretty, all healthy and this is a red zinger tea. embellish it with the same fruit. >> i love it. >> very healthy. very nice. if you want to embellish your own cup. >> we have all of these nice tapes. all of these nice stickers. >> that's cute. you just make a little craft station. >> whatever you like and willie, that's your cup. >> you can get the kids on this. go decorate your cup. >> i would not say this is an
8:53 am
adult craft, necessarily. >> maybe for savannah. >> exactly. >> savannah loves doing these kinds of things. >> i really do. >> so you can put the pretty tapes -- all of these are available at the craft stores or at the stationery stores. everything you do is cute. food is important for 4th of july, you need hamburgers, probably, tuna burgers. i'm going to be doing tuna burgers and pies. fresh berries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries. >> and you like doing those. >> and here's your pastry so you can just roll this out. use a piece of plastic wrap. this is a cream cheese sour cream dough. >> you're putting the plastic out. >> yeah, you don't have to use a lot of flower. get this rolled out into a nice
8:54 am
even rectangle and tn pale back the plastic and you can start filling your pie. >> i'm taking artistic liberty with the shape of mine. do you mind? >> no, that's fine. >> put a little egg wash all the way around the edge, like this. >> over the edge. >> yeah, you can do cut it into two squares or leave it this way. a little bit of flower. oh and the berries, use sugar, flower or cornstarch to thicken. and just a pinch of salt. i like a pinch of salt in things. >> brings out the flavor doesn't it? >> it's good. >> i don't have a spoon. >> here's one. >> stir it up. >> that's for the top. just these three. >> yeah, that's that. >> then use your fruit like this right here. >> did you put flour on this? you did? >> just a tiny bit. >> and mine is mostly
8:55 am
blackberries. i want raspberries. >> you bake this at 375 degrees. turn your oven on before, you know, when you start making these so it's preheated and just fold over your pastry. it's a little sticky out here, i'm sorry. but this humidity. >> i know. >> you guys aren't talking about the weather, are we living in panama or new york? i think we're not living in new york any longer. >> all right. 30 seconds. >> what are we drinking -- >> oh, isn't it pretty? and the table -- this is just electrical tape taped on the table and it's removable. >> this is so cute. >> that's where you can put your american flags. all of these are martha celebrations. these are our new products. >> happy 4th of july martha. >> thank you. >> more of today after the local news.
8:56 am
good morning to you you 8:56 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. breaking news we continue to cover. b.a.r.t. works on strike for a third day, creating havoc for the morning commute. go straight to anthony slaughter for a check of the bay bridge roads. >> bay bridge slow approach egg the 580 side or 880 through richmond. take you outside, show what you it looks like moving through the eastshore freeway. things are a little bit tricky here, seeing slow downs, an
8:57 am
accident on albany, but that's little bit further away from our camera, you can see on theñi approach 80, trouble spot is 580. good news, move toward fremont, looking at clear conditions and traffic moving free liz and even palo alto along the peninsula, no major problems there. we are back the "today" show. see you in 25 minutes.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
welcome to today on this wednesday morning, july 3rd, 2013. kind of a muggy day outside as weet ready for the 4th of july, get away day for a lot of people. inside studio 1-a i'm willie geist along with natalie morales. al has the stay off. >> this is an interesting story about this tiffany executive. very high up. she is accused of stealing about $1.2 million worth of diamonds and other jewels from the new york headquaters here and then reselling it to a dealer for more than 1.3 million.
9:01 am
her name is ingrid lederhaas-okun and she was arrested yesterday. >> she faces wire fraud, inner state transportation of stolen property. she was the vp of development. she checked out 164 items and forgot to check them back in. the manhattan u.s. attorney shows that no matter how privilege their position at a company employees that steal face the consequence of the law. we reached out to her attorney. >> in deference to the u.s. attorney's investigation we are not in a position to comment at this time. >> every time i walk into tiffany i notice immediately there's security everywhere and cameras everywhere but it's amazing to think one of their own employees had been doing this for a period of over two years and it went unnoticed. >> that's is secret to the heist. get inside and become an
9:02 am
executive and check out the diamonds. >> apparently she allegedly got around the inventory procedures because the products were under $10,000. where as if she was checking out something worth over $25,000 they would be looking for that the next day. >> yeah. i guess she said some of it was lost or damaged. she had her reasons every time but she made off with a lot of jewels and is saying for it. have you seen dove's latest add campaign? it focuses on the propensity of many women to shy away from the camera. check it out [ music playing ] >> i love that add.
9:03 am
>> dove is very good at these viral adds. >> it's a real person campaign. they have done that for awhile and what that ad shows you is you start as a young kid and you're never camera shy. you're posing for the cameras as and you get older and older you start to realize people judge you and you become more and more camera shy. >> yeah. >> it's sad. dove found that only 4% of women would describe themselves as beautiful. that's a really sad number if you think about it. 64% have destroyed a photo of themselves. i think that number should be higher. >> i was going to say. i hate every photo i've ever seen of myself. >> do you not like taking photos? >> i don't like taking a photo. it's always very disappointing. >> what are you expecting?
9:04 am
all of a sudden you're going to be orson wells. >> young orson wells. aren't you having that moment with your kids where you see little hints of self-consciousness where they were totally uninhibited and now you start to see, not fully self-conscious but moments where they're embarrassed to be in front of people and do things they used to do. >> my oldest is at the point where he doesn't want to be in a picture. i don't want to take pictures. you're nine, you're adorable. you're cute. >> do you have a signature pose when you take a picture? what's your move? >> i don't have a move. do you have a pose? >> i've got -- like i put my hand in my pocket because i don't know what to do with the hands. they're floating. >> the blue steel is that what is it. >> the smolder. >> i don't have that. >> it's good. it's the natalie morales pose.
9:05 am
what is being labeled the world's most solo diner. is this a little depressing? maybe? it's a restaurant made for people that eat alone and who eat alone only. it's in amsterdam and has tables that only seat one person. >> nice music choice. >> break the mood of dining alone. >> there's no taboo for the woman in the corner there. >> she looks like she is in time-out. >> they all put themselves in time-out. >> it means one time or one meal in dutch. i'll go on record, cannot eat in a restaurant alone. >> are you kidding me? i love eating alone. i love people watching. >> what do you do, though? you're sitting there and you ordered. >> a lot of times i'm looking at work or whatever but i like sitting there with with a glass of wine and looking aat people. >> how often does this happen. >> only when i'm traveling. when you're on the road for work. we're sitting up at the bar and making conversation with people. i do that all the time. >> you just sit at the bar.
9:06 am
just waiting. waiting to see what happens. >> no, that's not what i'm saying but with other couples they'll start asking me questions. it's fun. you get to know people and a lot about where you are. >> i think you're right. it's different when we're traveling and you have to eat. >> exactly. i don't make a habit of it but i love going to the movies by myself. >> that i'll do. >> i think it's therapy. >> i'm crying by myself. i like that. >> you get away from your children. >> right. >> so many benefits going to a dark movie house by yourself. >> i'm going to go now. see you later. >> okay, this next story, i do not agree with. shoes men loath. there's a new poll that says wedge heels are the least attractive shoe trend for women in the opinion of men. >> apparently followed by uggs, crocs, platforms, ballet shoes, kitten heels and sneakers.
9:07 am
>> what's a kitten heel. >> the little heel, they're very trendy and in right now but i wore my wedges just for this segment. are those ugly? >> those are tricked out wedges? those are gold plated wedges. >> they kind of are. >> what's the problem with the wedge? are there guys that don't like the wedge. >> dave doesn't like the wedge. >> you just prefer the regular heel. >> men like steletos. >> every man has that thing. >> we do. i'm not against a wedge. >> rachel here has wedges on. they look cute. come on out. they look adorable. >> i really like them. >> they're cute. she looks fantastic. >> they're the most comfortable pair of shoes besides sneakers a woman can wear and still be dressed up. >> the wedge is comfortable. >> they're very comfortable because your whole foot is supported. i think they're very comfortable and stylish.
9:08 am
>> i would go number two on the list. i would go number two on the list, the ugg before the we think because some people wear it out of season in the summer. >> it's not a good look. uggs are -- >> what are we doing guys? >> they look like they have flat feet because it just totally falls. >> right. >> it's like an elephant foot. >> that is a terrible impression. ladies, if you want to look like an elephant this summer, throw on a pair of uggs for the beach. >> your foot has no shape. it's just a lump. >> elephant foot. you coined a new term. elephant foot. i'd rather have gold plated wedge foot than elephant foot. >> i'll let you borrow them. >> not for me. let's do the weather. maria is in for al. she's going to save us. >> proper footwear today, or this, you're ready for the weather. i don't have to ask inspiration
9:09 am
for this choice. >> i'm ready for it torain. >> where are you from. >> indiana. >> he is dressed appropriately. rain will be a big issue across the eastern half of the u.s. you have the high pressure to the east. the low to the west and that is funneling all the tropical moisture and that connection from the gulf of mexico goes clear on up into new england. we could see easily half a foot of rainfall in some of the spots including along the gulf coast where we're expecting dangerous flooding. the one dry spot through the central part of the u.s. where tomorrow morning we're seeing highs into the 9 0s. could see reco 9:09 on a wednesday morning. still going to see triple digits today. the good news is not as hot as yesterday it is humid. 95 in santa theresa. hit about 100 in gilroy, 83 on the eastshore for fremont, 75 in
9:10 am
san francisco. tomorrow, as we are all getting out there, exposed to the elements, it's going to be a hot fourth of july. we are also expecting some thunderstorms, especially for the morning hours. by friday that heat breaks and we are going to hold onto averages this weekend. that's a look at your weather. willie, natalie, back to you. >> coming up next, anatomy, from sexual dysfunction to female facial hair. >> answers to everything. the ones you might not want to ask your doctor. questions like why did i have to read this tease. that's right after this. [ command center ] this is command center. [ man ] 10, 9, 8, 7... [ command center ] countdown ignition sequence started. [ man ] ...6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. cleared for takeoff. [ female announcer ] introducing swiffer steamboost powered by bissell. [ command center ] all systems go. [ female announcer ] steam-activated cleaning pads
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9:14 am
well, we have all had them, the gross health issues that make us too embarrassed to ask our doctor. >> we'll do the asking for you. she is the health director of family circle magazine and the medical director of nyu's women's health center. good morning. >> good morning. >> doctors have seen everything so why is it that we as patients hate to ask the questions? >> part of it is they're not attractive or sexy issues to talk about and then you also have the misperception that they're not important and it's something you need to muddle through when in reality they
9:15 am
could be indicative of something more serious going on. >> let's get to them natalie. >> you go first. >> let's start with this one. first, the dreaded female mustache. >> i really think that you might think it's a cosmetic problem but it could be a health issue. sometimes it's due to hormonal imbalance. it happens as a part of men pause but in younger women i start to think could they have psos you need to bring it one your doctor. >> what are solutions. >> well, there's leg waxing, something more expensive, laser hair removal. bleacher of the mustache and also you can use a medication which decreases hair growth but you also have to use it with a
9:16 am
hair removal technique and you can't use it during pregnancy. >> all right but if you have a much bigger problem see your doctor. >> absolutely. >> the next one, male sexual dysfunction. this is a touchy subject for guys. >> it is. when you bring this up with your guy, make sure you're not having that conversation in the bedroom. anywhere but there. and make it about something bigger than the actual issues in the bedroom. so for example, we know that sleep apnea is tied to it. so make it about hypertension which is also tied to sleep apnea. so then you're having a conversation about heart disease and heart health and it's taking it away from the more embarrassing aspect. >> and think about it. in younger men you have to be concerned it could be due to low testosterone levels. in older men you think about heart disease. high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes.
9:17 am
but how easy is this? in order to get a medication for erectile dysfunction you have to go to the doctor. so it's time you get a check up. >> it's hard as a woman to get the husband to go to the doctor and admit they have an issue. >> absolutely. i have women that have dragged their husband in and you have to. >> excessive burping and gas. ten year old boys love to talk about it but for a lot of grown men and women it can be an issue. >> it is an issue. here are things, if you swallow a lot of air. if you gulp food instead of chew it, chew a lot of gum, drink carbonated beverages or beer, those increase gas formation, so cut back. if the life style changes don't help, get checked out for acid reflux, lactose intolerance or
9:18 am
irritable bowel syndrome. >> the last one, sktinky feet. men and women go through this. >> men are worse. >> shoes are an amazing breeding ground for bacteria. it's dark, it's wet, it's hot in there. you want to change the environment. wear breathable cotton socks, shoes made of leather and other breathable materials. make sure you're watching your feet with antibacterial soap. >> you can make a huge vat of green tea, let it cool down and then soak your feet in that for 30 minutes and it will help combat that. >> but really important, if you have redness or itchyness get that checked out because it can be a sign of a fun gal infection or athlete's foot. >> i love the word for stinky feet.
9:19 am
thank you so much. coming up next, the consumer headlines you'll need as you start your day. plus, who is wearing it better? we'll help you pull off summer's hottest trends in our fashion face-off. right after this. what makes your family smile? backflips and cartwheels. love, warmth. here, try this. mmmm, ok! ching! i like the fact that there's lots of different tastes going on. mmmm! breakfast i'm very impressed. this is a great cereal! honey bunches of oats. i hear you crunching. ♪ this is the car that loves to have fun ♪
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9:23 am
companies with 50 for more employees will go in effect in 2015 after the 2014 elections >> new federal health figures show an alarming rate of women addicted to pin killers. more than 6,600 women die each year due to prescription drug overdoses. many of those overdoses involve painkillers. cdc wants doctors to cut back on the number of painkillers they prescribe. another rough day for commuters around san francisco. the third day of a strike by bay area rapid transit. both sides remain far apart >> new cars and trucks are flying off the lot at a rate not seen before the recession. big pickups leading the way, selling at a rate three times faster than the rest of the industry. analysts say factors like low interest rates and more access to credit are likely behind the boost. well, you can expect gas
9:24 am
price to head higher. oil is back above $100 a barrel because of the current unrest in egypt. that means higher prices for gas are a few weeks away. good news for people looking to sell their homes. home prices shot up 12% in may from the same time last year. that is the biggest jump in seven years. the housing recovery extends over most of the nation. only delaware and alabama saw home prices fall. and this could be a commercial for laundry detergent but it's not. it's called swamp soccer. it brought together 20 teams that were willing to get down and very, very dirty in scotland, fighting through the mud. they say it's tough. they say it's exhausting and it takes strong legs. one player said it is good, not clean fun. dirty fun. >> have you ever played mud football? it turns into a big wrestling match. >> as a mom having to do the laundry -- >> that's where your head goes? >> yeah, dirty. >> coming up, from credit cards
9:25 am
to student loans, we are answering your questions. beer and democrats nothing better for the fourth. we'll help you make the right paring after the weather. ♪ you have to let me know ♪ so i don't make my worst mistake ♪ ♪ turn around and let you go [ female announcer ] when sweet and salty come together, the taste is irresistible. made with sweet, smooth peanut butter and salted, roasted peanuts. sweet and salty nut bars by nature valley. nature at its most delicious. and now try our new chocolate pretzel nut bar by nature valley. to find out we filled this car with trash, attached a febreze car vent clip, and let in real people. it smells good. like clean laundry. i could sit in this all day. [ laughs ] febreze keeps your car fresh. breathe happy. is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats
9:26 am
that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. ♪ [ dad ] jan? b.a.r.t. workers are on strike for a third straight day, however, contract negotiations are on hold, at least for now. we have got new video overnight showing people from both sides leaving the caltrans office in oakland. b.a.r.t. met with union leaders and state mediators until almost 3:00 this morning. a union spokeswoman tells us talks will resume again at 1:00 this afternoon. so we will keep you posted on that. but right now, what's the commute look like? check in with an on thereny slaughter? >> lawyer rark the good news is the fast track lanes are actually starting to move now across the bay bridge approach, that's something we haven't seen since 5:00 this morning so it's been about a four-hour go here that we have been looking at
9:27 am
really slow going across the bay bridge approach. also notice on the traffic maps, things are starting to thin out, a little bit away from the bay bridge approach, 580 to the caldecott tunnel, good news there once you get over to san francisco, things are very smooth. we do have an accident the 180/280 connector, 101/280 connector, rather, south bay 101/280 connector here in the south bay, another accident. lots of green on the map, a sure sign folks in the south bay are moving smoothly, the peninsula as well. >> the weather right after this break.
9:28 am
welcome back now. well, it's not going to be as hot as yesterday, but certainly cooking out there in places like run isny veil, 74, 72, livermore, 70 in navado. look at this actually have lightning coming down offshore near sonoma counties, keep watching this for you today, keeping that monsoonal moisture in the forecast. that means we might actually get some showers and thunderstorms on, yeah the fourth of july.
9:29 am
stop that clock for you at 11 a.m. showers in the south bay, we continue that trend as we get into the evening house, more rain on the way from santa rosa down south to concord and all the way through antioch. so, what that means is if you want the clearest shot of those fireworks, you're going to get them from right here in san jose, 93 degrees today. tomorrow night the sun drops off the at 9 p.m., comfortable conditions, 72, mild and mostly clear. the great news is that sheet finally going to break. back to averages by friday. back to you. >> just in time for the holidays. thanks, christina. another local news update coming up for you in half an hour or so meantime have a great day.
9:30 am
we're back now with more of today on this wednesday july 3rd, 2013. a big crowd getting ready for the 4th of july in new york city. i'm willie geist along with natalie morales. al is off. coming up this half hour, answers to questions that impact your bottom line. from deciding which credit card to pay off first to when you should start taking your social security. we'll give you what you need to know. >> you have seen them everywhere this summer. the crop tops, the cut outs, the denim, the prints, do you know how to pull them off? all together. there's a right way and wrong way. our models are going head to head to see who is wearing it
9:31 am
better. >> that's slow motion fighting. >> if you're shopping today for your 4th of july cook out, we'll tell you what beer goes best with burgers or fish or whatever you're firing up on the grill but first a check of the weather from maria. >> let's start off with the 4th where mother nature is going to have fireworks of her own here. we have rain and showers and thunderstorms. heavy rain from the gulf coast up into the northeast. i-95 corridor. still hot in the southwest but improving in the pacific northwest. the central u.s. continues with the best weather. we have potential record lows for parts of north texas tomorrow morning and that continues on into the end of the week. more rain continue there is for the east coast. now macy's fireworks, looking good right now. by 8:00 p.m. partly cloudy skies, warm and humid and light southwest
9:32 am
willie, natalie, back to you. >> thanks. answers to your money questions. >> if you're thinking about closing a credit card or shopping for a college loan, jean has the dos and don'ts. >> good morning. >> we have viewers that have a great question for you. lynn is from maryland and here with with her daughter jordan. what's your question for jean. >> good morning. if you can hear us what's your
9:33 am
question. >> in an effort to teach my children ages 10 and 16 financial responsibility i have used the chores and rewards system. what's the best way to teach them to spend and save and when do we go into our pocket for items they might want? >> i love this question. i don't use the chore reward system with my kids at home. they get an allowance. they have to do chores anyway because they're part of the family but i think you should look at what they have to pay for when they're with you and when they're not with you. if they want to do something with their friends, that's something that should come out of their budget. they want to have dinner out while you're cooking at home. that's something they should pay for and you want to make sure they have enough money during the week to pay for some, but not everything. that way they still have a real reason to do the work. and as i'm sure you learned with your kids natalie, the money they earn is so much more valuable to them than any money you actually give them. it's really important. >> absolutely to treat
9:34 am
themselves. >> thank you. great question. let's move on to an e-mail question. jean, we have several credit cards, three of them, plus a few store cards. my husband wants me to pick two cards and close the others. what will that do to my credit score. how do i choose? my oldest card has a high rate and my newer one is 7.9%. >> help. she has gone through a couple of things, if you close the oldest cards in your wallet that will take down your credit score. if you close cards that have a really big credit limit, that's going to take down your credit score. first thing i do is pull the credit score. go to credit karma and do it for free. the second thing i would do is transfer the balances on the older car with the higher interest rate to the lower card. so pay it off in the cheapest fastest way possible and then, it's okay to close cards as long as your score is descent in the 700s. do it slowly, one every few months. >> okay. the next question comes to us on
9:35 am
video. let's take a look. >> hey. it's caitlin and my mom and my dad. as an incoming freshman, what's your best loan advice. >> student loans. >> and as parents do you recommend that we cosign. >> two parter. >> big one. so as an incoming freshman, you want to try to keep the amount -- the total amount that you borrow over the course of college to the amount that you expect to earn your first year out of school. so the average salary right now for a college grad is about $45,000. if you have going to be working as a computer engineer, closer to 60. if you're working as an english major or writer, it's closer to 30. keep that in mind. as far as cosigning, don't even look at it until you made sure that you have maxed out all of your eligible for federal student aid where cosigners are not even an issue. >> we can get into that a lot because interest rates have now
9:36 am
gone up. it's really important for students to read the fine print when it comes to that, right? >> yeah have a real discussion with you and your parents where you talk about, okay, if i don't have a great job coming out of school and i still need to meet these obligations, what are my options? can i live at home? can i pick up an extra job on the side? approach it now rather than later. this is smart. >> let's go to facebook where marie has a question. she wants to know if she should collect social security at age 62 or wait until 66. what do you say? >> or wait even until age 70. for every year you wait after age 62, you get about an 8% bump in your benefits. that's a better return than you're going to be able to meet on a guaranteed basis by investing your own money in most cases. the only reason to take social security when you're younger is either if you have a feeling you're not going to live much longer which is a depressing
9:37 am
subject we don't want to get into but some people are in that situation but also if you need the money and you're married and you're the lower earning spouse, you take it, allow your spouse to wait and have the spouse's benefits accumulate and take that benefit down the road. >> lot of great topics. thank you as all. coming up next, a fashion face-off. can you tell who is wearing the winning look? we'll show you how to pull off summer's hottest trends right after this. [ male announcer ] it's 7am and steve is already thinking about tomorrow.
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9:41 am
we are helping you pull off some of the summer's trickiest trends with a fashion face-off. our models will go head to head to see who wears it better. >> yeah, this is a throw down she is here to show you how to rock the winning look. >> good to see you. >> good to see you guys. thanks for having me. >> explain the rules. two people come out. >> that's right. we'll show you who is wearing it in the trendiest way. the stylish way. >> let's get to the denim on denim round. in this corner and this corner. >> who is rocking it better. >> denim on denim. who do you think wins. >> raka. >> bravo guys. she is the winner here. let's talk about why she wins
9:42 am
this round. >> sorry lee, nothing against you. >> that's right. we love lee. >> but raka is wearing a top that has dots on it. it breaks up the head to toe denim. don't go matchy so we picked this top with the polka dots. we gave her a color of american eagle jeans in the same family but different enough and we broke it up with brown accessories. that's how you get it done and i think she looks good for under $100. >> absolutely. we're totally biased. we love her. she is one of our great producers. >> thank you very much. round 2 in this corner we have amanda versus lisa duking it out over the crop top. >> so it's like the fashion version that comes back every 17 years. people don't know what to do with it. we're going to show you it can be wearable. who do you think wins this
9:43 am
round? >> i'm thinking -- is it over here? >> this is amanda. >> i'm going amanda. >> you guys, two for two. i'm impressed. amanda wins this round. here's why, she is wearing a r ma marilyn monroe for may ses crop top. it's all about fit and proportion and the blazer covers anything that might be a little questionable. you can really pull this off and then the footwear is also important. on lisa it's all just a little too much. it's not kind of working so for amanda the calvin klien heels and it looks po polished and sh >> round two, the battle of mixed prints. we have katie. >> it's a fashion face-off. i'm not sure. >> all right. >> i think i know. >> i'm thinking kendra is the
9:44 am
willie. >> clearly kendra. >> okay guys. >> you don't like the mixed prints. >> too much going on over there. >> sorry. >> on kendra, this one is really simple you guys, a lucky uniform is always stripes go with flo l florals. you have banana republic and zara. look for the one unifying color. it's blue and she looks hot. >> and the nude pump and everything. >> don't mix all of your prints. >> just keep everything nude from then on. >> looking good guys. >> last now, one corner, they're facing off with cut outs. >> this is a tough one. we might get you on this one. >> cut outs are like what we're seeing up top. >> you see where the skin is, it's cut out from the dress. do you think it's our side or megan or the other side? >> they both look good. can i call it a tie.
9:45 am
>> that's very cocktail attire and beach attire. if i'm going to pick i'm going here. >> i'm going with megan. >> and the winner is megan and willie. here's why. they're close, though, natalie. it's true. but megan's dress works best for this trend because what you want to do is you want to keep everything else casual and simple which we did there. florals are a way to make it girly. cut outs should be about the skin and not the bells and whistles. >> it's a lot but for a cocktail party it might be fun. >> it's about evolving your personal trial; thank you ladies. >> very educational for me. >> congratulations on winning the fashion face-off today. >> up next, if you're ready to graduate from buying the cheapest beer on the shelf, we'll help you pick the right beer for your 4th of july bash right after this. what makes your family smile?
9:46 am
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it's one of the biggest delimas of summer affecting men and women everywhere. what beer do you buy for the cook out. >> he's here with perfect pairing. sam, good morning. >> good to be here with you guys. >> good to have you here. i'm not a beer drinker so this is going to be an education for me. >> are you a wine drinker? >> yeah, why should i pick beer over wine.
9:50 am
>> it has all the diversity and complexity and food compatibility of wine but it's a more affordable luxury. you don't have to be a millionaire to buy beer like you do world class wine. >> let's get started. >> that beautiful class is pale ale. lots of grassy notes like fresh cut grass. >> do you smell it like a wine. >> yeah, heck yeah. and they'll play well with the lime and cilantro's that's in the first dish. >> a lighter boor for lighter food. sort of like in wine, right? >> in general, yes. they're made by hundreds of breweries in america. it's your patriotic duty this weekend to drink american beer. >> does the glass matter? this is different.
9:51 am
>> different glasses put owl different characters in beer. >> this one is about driving them to your nose. >> we're going to throw something else at you. >> the burger. >> this is a bison burger with a very spicy mustard and now we're getting into the wheat beer family of beers. and they're kind of like the super friends of food pairing. they have all unique powers but come together to fight the evil of wine dominance with food. try that and let me know what you guys think. >> that's good. >> fruity. >> more lemony. >> it's made with orange peel. so yeah, citrus. >> i can taste that. it's very refreshing summertime beer. >> with a burger what that's going to do is the sweet fruit notes are going to tamper the spice and smoke that comes from the mustard and cheese. >> can you find these easily at a store. >> yeah, if you go to craft
9:52 am you can look up the styles and find great pairing advice for any meal you can advantage. >> you serve this in a cool glass too. >> that's a traditional belgian shifter. that's driving it to your nose. >> let's try the next beer. >> this is a german style beer. with the flounder, more delicate dish. gets a little bit more delicate beer. while it doesn't have fruit or spice added, the spice notes comes from the german yeast and that throws a lot of banana, cloves, bubble gum. >> this is so good. >> a very good defacto beer garden beer. >> here we go. >> yes, so good. >> delicious. >> that one goes great, almost like a white wine would with fish and vegetable dishes as well. >> sam, you made us a lot more sophisticated. >> you guys dress up well when you're holding your beers.
9:53 am
you look beautiful. >> if i have a choice, i'm having a dog fish with every meal. >> i like the plug. thank you. >> we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. ♪
9:54 am
[ roars ] ♪ ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ male announcer ] universal studios summer of survival. ♪
9:55 am
it's a little early. >> look who showed up when there was booze. >> i know. you're stealing it. >> nothing like breakfast beer. >> we're going to catch up with these two coming up. >> yeah, we got usher. these two coming up. >> yeah, we got usher. >> usher. ♪ we don't have a ten step filtering process for our water. we don't need it. because crystal geyser is made
9:56 am
by nature, not by man. crystal geyser is always bottled at the mountain source. or how to keep from driving all over for deals for the 4th. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. throw a holiday cookout! thick, juicy new york strip steaks are just $4.99 a pound. get a great deal on arrowhead water, just $3.33 a case. and pick up cheerios for just a $1.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. 9:56, we continue to follow this breaking news, another busy morning commute, commuter goes a third day without b.a.r.t., we give you a live look outside, 880 in oakland. doesn't look too bad as far as it has been.
9:57 am
you know, there's hope this could be the last day of the strike, as both sides met for more than eight hours last night and into this morning. they are making progress in negotiations and they plan to meet again at 1:00 this afternoon. let's take a look at the roads with anthony slaughter, who's in for mike. >> yeah, marla, talking about the bay bridge approach, focusing on this all morning long, you can see things starting to thin out in the specific location. great news. even just a few feet away from the toll plaza. you can see traffic isn't even backed up, great news, things starting to thin out, not only there but all the way to the east bay, altamonte pass, 880, the san mateo bridge and the dumbarton bridge, things looking pretty good. the south bay, lots of green on the map. slow pockets head from 101 northbound, mountain view, the hayward, outside in palo alto, traffic is heavy, nothing to report as far as any accidents that the hour. marla, back to you. >> actually, want to check the forecast with christina. >> oh. >> yeah, you can just call me
9:58 am
skip. 9 9:57, i'm tracking hot pockets and lightning firing offshore. here is sonoma county. nobody really lives in this area of sonoma county. be more in the arena of those fireworks, the natural kind for today. going to see quite a bit more over the local mountains, coupled with the really hot temps, 103 degrees in livermore, folks. 83, fremont, 93 in san jose. we are going to get an even better chance for thunderstorms tomorrow, also expecting light showers across the greater bay continued by friday as stable atmosphere moves n we are going to hold onto it all the way through this upcoming weekend, finally hitting seasonal averages, out of the triple digits, more importantly, the 90s. marla, back to you. >> never skip you, christina. be back at 10:26.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody, it's wednesday wines day, it's july 3rd, one day before the big bash. >> i wonder if it's a shortened week for a lot of people. >> i doubt anybody's coming -- tomorrow it's july 4th. they are taking a half day maybe today to get ahead of the ball. >> right. >> you're going to be -- >> in it thick. where are you going to watch the fireworks? >> from our backyard, which is a perfect spot. it's going to be fun. so far it's just me and frank
10:01 am
and the dog. >> how does that sound? >> that sounds kind of good, actually. the older you get, the better it sounds. you know, i wanted to let everybody know that's going, if you happen to see hoda out and about, she truly does not like you to make eye contact with her. >> what are you talking about? >> and if you speak to her, please call her ms. kotb and don't look her in the eye. by the way, you know the great bookstore we love there? i'm doing a book signing there on saturday. >> don't look her in the eye! we have some breaking news about alec baldwin. alec baldwin has made a statement. he says he will never, ever tweet again, and he would, quote, love to quit acting. >> which we've heard from him before. >> both things. >> i don't remember the tweet thing. he does take down his account, doesn't he? >> this all stemmed from -- >> i want to do something so outrageous, i want to take down
10:02 am
my twitter account. >> he, clearly, has some issues. when he was at james gandolfini's funeral with his wife, somebody wrote his wife was tweeting during the funeral, which was not the case. anyway, so he decided when he found out this guy was saying these things, to write some tweets. we looked at all of them in a row, which had been taken down. every couple of minutes he tweets a really nasty thing to this guy. i mean, they happen over the course of probably five minutes, and some of them are pretty -- we can't even say them on the air. >> no. >> but they are, you know, nasty. he says they are not homophobic. there's argue one of them clearly is. anyway, he apologized to glad, glad said they were fine with it. anyways, he also wants to stop acting so his child that's upcoming will not be in the spotlight and have to deal with everything. what do you think of this? >> the one thing he's really, really good at is acting.
10:03 am
>> yeah, he's great at it. >> even people who are not fans of alec's behavior all agree this is a brilliantly talented man. >> right. >> here's the thing i know about actors, there's always another actor to take somebody's place. people retire all the time and then come back. what most actors cannot stand is passing up on a great script, you know, you don't want to act anymore when you're exhausted until that great script comes along and a chance to work with meryl streep or a director, it's complicated -- >> greatest romantic comedies ever. i love the scene when he's eating the ice cream with his shirt off. i love that scene. >> lying on the bed. it's just -- you know what i saw the other day, too, i know it's about alec. i love everything that meryl does. meryl and i are very tight. mom, you've got to see "hope springs." finally watched it the other night. i went, oh, my gosh, so much fun
10:04 am
to see actors like that, meryl and tommy lee jones at the top of their game in a really adult film, just smart, grownup film. >> yes. >> it's grownup. >> really relatable, by the way. >> yes, yes, yes. i looked over, cass, i hope you don't think this is me and your dad, you know, she just knew i'd love the film. highly recommend that. but back to alec. >> anyway, he did tell "vanity fair" he'd like the idea of being out of the public spotlight. >> i don't think he's going to make as much money doing anything else. you're going to miss that. that affords a very nice lifestyle, and it would be interesting, because his new wife, whom i've met, and she's very sweet, she met and fell in love with alec baldwin the movie star, right? not that's why she fell in love with him, but those were the circumstances. makes alec alec and you wonder
10:05 am
if somebody would be as content if their life changed. i think he truly does regret very, very much the thing that happened with his beautiful daughter ireland. she seems to have forgiven him. if his daughter has forgiven him, we should be able to, too. this all brings up paula deen one more time. >> can't help it. >> it's just out of control and it's not commensurate with what -- it doesn't make sense. >> the people that say it's overblown are jesse jackson, jimmy carter, bill mauer, howard stern. if you think of the list of -- natalie cole, if you think of the list of people who are saying, okay, not great what she said, however, do you lose -- look, if you're -- >> punishment should fit the crime. >> if you're a true hate monger, let's pretend you really, really are a hater, you can actually see that happening. you lose everything because of it, but i don't think there are -- i don't think most people
10:06 am
think she's a deep-seeded hater, i think they said she said a few things in her life that she regrets. i don't know. >> it's not as if she's a right wing conservative, though, and the media is after her because of that, because i think she did work for obama's campaign and the last presidential race, i believe. so it's not that. i don't get it. >> seems weird. it does seem weird. it always comes back. every time someone's criticized for doing something in public now, you can't help but compare the two. >> it's just out of control. the other thing that's out of control -- >> what? >> royal baby watching. she's not the first woman to have a baby. >> but we can't wait. it's july 11th. >> i wish her all the best, but get a life. >> people with pitching tents. they are waiting for the baby to be born. >> to be crowned. get it? that's funny. >> take that, that should be a bumper sticker. waiting for the baby to crown. anyway, soe wonder what the
10:07 am
baby would look like and so did a south african gymnast -- >> no, we didn't. >> geneticist. not easy to say that. anyway, so this is what this south african geneticist believes the baby would look like, and go. okay. >> all right. >> it's a blend -- >> okay? what's going on? >> are they the grownups? >> the bottom one looks a little like ellen degeneres. i don't know how ellen got into the family tree. >> does look like ellen. >> if it was my eyes, the bottom third looks like ellen. and the first one looks like hilary swank, but there's a lot of inbreeding, i guess, that goes on with, you know -- i'm only kidding, only kidding. they do have a colorful history, by the way. i have a friend who knows
10:08 am
everything. you see the show "the tudors," you know. >> all of that interesting stuff. well, someone has gone to a lot of trouble to paint a picture for us. mark paints and it's unique u using wine? >> wine not? >> wine not. >> so, drum roll. >> this is what he made for us. we haven't seen it yet. apparently he used red wine, blush, and some white. >> i don't want to ruin it. here we go. >> wow! >> oh, my god. that's wine? >> how would we know? >> how did they do that? >> yep. >> look at the two circles for your wine glasses on the side. >> oh, my god. >> that's talented. >> oh, my gosh. i love it when somebody paints our picture. who do they think is going to take it? we're not going to do a solomon thing and cut it down the middle. >> you can have it. >> i like it, i like it.
10:09 am
>> mark schreiber if you want to know more about his art work. i can't believe he does that. >> i can't believe you're wearing that dress again. just kidding. just kidding. look at some of his stuff. >> amazing, amazing. we have a followup. we were asking you guys yesterday how do you feel about having a cute gynecologist or o.b. and our facebook fans decided they wanted to get in on the conversation. jenni wrote, my gyno looked just like my first love. i had to cover my face with a sheet when he checked me. >> she still has issues, obviously, with that first love. >> jeanette wrote she had to have a vaginal ultrasound and while performing it her doctor said, and i quote, you have a cute little uterus. he ended up delivering two babies from my cute little uterus. >> sounds inappropriate. this is the one i love. mary sue won't even leave her
10:10 am
last name, her friend went to the gynecologist and on the way to the exam she stopped to use the ladies room. there was, as usual, no toilet paper in the stall, so she used a kleenex from her own purse. when she got into the doctor's office, he quickly looked up and asked, are you giving away stamps today? it seems that a book of stamps was connected to the kleenex and one of them peeled off on to her. >> she had a stamp downstairs. oh, my god. >> we can't make this stuff up. thank you for sending in. we want these college kids to tweet us. >> what should they tweet us about? >> tweet us about your gynecologist -- >> no, your trips to the gyno, who cares? while you're listening to your favorite summer song. >> every summer they come up
10:11 am
with a song that seems to be the one that is the signature for the summer. >> you picked it, too. >> this is the song, robin thicke's song, this is the song of this summer, "blurred lines," you know it. ♪ ♪ get up ♪ get hurt like it hurt ♪ what you doing like work ♪ hey ya ♪ baby can you see >> it's with pharell. it's a great song. you picked yours. >> i did. what represents summer. ♪ summer beach, makes me feel fine ♪ that is a song. >> that's a good one. >> mellows you out, doesn't it? can you listen to a song without doing this?
10:12 am
>> that one i can. here's a good one, too. this one has got a little bit of country, little nelly. ♪ window down and cruise ♪ i put my window down >> your songs take so long to get going. >> because i want you warmed up and ready. >> so out of there before it even starts. ♪ usher is here to put a little spark in your 4th of july. find out how right after this. usher is so upset he's not in find out how right after this. usher is so upset he's not in that blurred lines video. all this produce from walmart and secretly served it up in the heart of peach country. it's a fresh-over. we want you to eat some peaches and tell us what you think. they're really juicy. it must have just come from the farm. this right here is ideal for me. walmart works directly with growers to get you the best quality produce they've ever had. what would you do if i told you all this produce is from walmart?
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to keep my skin baby soft. you've really got this "mom thing" down. ♪ ♪ you have to let me know ♪ so i don't make my worst mistake ♪ ♪ turn around and let you go [ female announcer ] when sweet and salty come together, the taste is irresistible. made with sweet, smooth peanut butter and salted, roasted peanuts. sweet and salty nut bars by nature valley. nature at its most delicious. and now try our new chocolate pretzel nut bar by nature valley. there's almost nothing he doesn't do, signing his first record deal at 14, usher has been singing ever since. now with eight grammy's to his name, he's now a businessman and judge on "the voice." >> the sky is the limit.
10:16 am
tomorrow he's going to be lighting up your independence day as the curator of the macy's fourth of july fireworks show, hand picking the music you're going to be hearing on one of the great, great, great evenings of celebrating our nation. >> hi! >> we thought you'd be on your yacht in the south of france, but you're with us. >> even if i was in the south of france, it wouldn't be speedos or thongs. i went to "the voice," but you don't want to know me that well. >> why not? >> usher in a thong! usher in a thong! on a yacht! >> these are the only cheeks you're getting. >> dimples. >> what you're doing is pretty incredible, it's never been done before, you are the curator of the macy's day fireworks extravaganza. what does that mean? >> let me start with this, in 37 years, macy's has never had
10:17 am
anyone be the curator of the experience. >> what does that actually mean? >> curating of art is one's interpretation of what it is. for me, curating this experience, this is my opportunity to work along macy's to create an image in the sky, artistic image in the sky. i see curators of art. artistic curators, malcolm mcclain, in terms of what he was able to do with punk rock and curating. >> not familiar with that one. >> russell simmons. >> i know him. >> russell simmons curator to music. >> what sort of music are you hit something. >> is "summer breeze" in there? >> no, i'm sorry, i left that one out. i have a little sam cooke. to me, that kind of represents, i think, what we are, culturally
10:18 am
as people, what the standard of life has been, what the conditions of our life have become. how things have begun to change, you know? what i thought about the musical score, thinking about bookends, youth and an older generation who really do appreciate music. can we create a story or sound that works together. a lot of times i'll blend the music together. i have an orchestra and jimi hendrix working together. jay-z and alicia keys and frank sinatra. in the middle of it, i put myself in there. >> which song did you use? >> a few, actually. >> nice to be the curator. >> just got a minute left. you had such a great contestant on "the voice." >> michelle samuel. >> she did you proud. >> i'm performing in atlanta and we're going to spend a little time down there. she has been an incredible story, and i just think that it
10:19 am
was an incredible experience, incredible artist. season six i'll be back. >> you had a real connect with her that was really special. i think we all saw that. >> see good things for her ahead. >> i see major things for her in the future. great that bradberry is continuing to move on, but i think it would be ideal for us to put together music. >> that's great. we'll look forward to seeing what you guys do. >> good luck tomorrow. >> tomorrow's going to be fun. you can catch the macy's 4th of july fireworks spectacular at 8:00/7:00 central right here on nbc. time to check out the photos that made you say what the what? >> can't wait. >> love it. hey! yummm! totally got it all! don't forget your favorites, girls. hey girls! the good ol'days when we could eat as we wanted. yes, but we are not 18 anymore.
10:20 am
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10:23 am
and you know what that means. >> what the what? time to check out all those whacky photos that made you do a double take. sara, what you got, hundred? >> couple cute ones. first right to the caption contest winner from last week. we showed you this photo, and the winning caption, you have to know when to hold them, know when to fold them, and when just to bite the table and say nothing. >> cute! >> okay, moving on to our first photo from kate barclay in houston, texas. >> that is hysterical. >> can you really blame him? >> no, he's hungry. >> mama, mama. >> pat curry submitted this photo. >> look at her face, that's what's so funny. >> the next photo is -- okay, end roadway, needed that sign there. definitely needed that sign. >> wouldn't have been clear otherwise. >> absolutely not. next up, a photo from nikki meyers from cumming, georgia. >> oh, my gosh. >> i can do that, you're not so
10:24 am
cute. >> that cat is huge. >> that cat is chubby. meow. >> and finally, from miami, florida, this photo, pre-need cremation. >> what does that -- >> exactly. consult before you're cremated? >> where are we, a funeral place? >> we have no idea why you'd need to pre-need. >> this is the worst part down at the bottom, immediate distanc assistance. >> that doesn't go well. >> here's the new photo for next week's caption contest. this is from barbara sweet. >> lola, very, very sweet. sorry, you put a dog and a kid in the same picture -- >> and you win. >> that's what we're going for here. >> thank you, doll. >> you can go to our facebook page and submit your photos. >> know someone in the millennial generation?
10:25 am
i have two of them. find out how they are so different from we boomer types. [ doorbell rings ] donuts? ♪ you're cute. [ door closes ] [ female announcer ] new special k protein cereal helps keep you fuller longer. willpower. what will you gain when you lose? how ya doin'? mmm. [ birds chirping ] okay bye bye! [ female announcer ] help satisfy your hunger longer with special k protein bars and shakes. willpower. what will you gain when you lose? with special k protein bars and shakes. dare to whisper. color whisper lipcolor from maybelline new york. sexy, sheer color with a whisper soft feel. no oils, no heavy waxes. color whisper, sheer, soft color.. maybe it's maybelline. we get cats. they always figure it out. so they deserve a smart choice in litter.
10:26 am
we make fresh step scoopable with carbon, that's trapping and eliminating odors. fresh step, your cat deserves the best. these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? i just wanted you to eat more fiber. chewy, oatie, gooeyness... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one. at 10:26, breaking news, the b.a.r.t. strike, workers on strike the third day slowing down the commute all morning long, until now at least, get a check on the roads with anthony slaughter. pretty good. >> this is great. haven't seen this all week long at this time. looks like folks have their
10:27 am
plans down and you can see things moving smoothly at the bay bridge approach, even from every different direction from 80 through the caldecott tunnel and 123, bogged[vl down earlier things moving smoothly. get you outside, see what things are looking like, eastshore freeway, approachinging the bay bridge, things are moving smoothly, the job cleared, things moved farther south fremont, traffic moving smoothly, peninsula, 101 northbound smoothly, southbound smoothly, no major traffic headaches to report on this wednesday. all is good here, 10:27. marla? >> nice too see, okay, anthony. thanks. we will check your forecast after the break.
10:28 am
10:29 am
welcome back now. the time is 10:29. and yeah, look at this we have got some thunderstorms seideling up the coastline of sonoma county. at this point, they are all starting to push to the north, but we are still fair game for a hit or miss showers and thunderstorms. especially the higher elevations we head through today and temperatures are already running warm out there. running around 103 degrees in livermore, 82, fremont, 93, san jose. 100 in gilroy. coming up at 11:00, let you know when the heat will finally break. and take a close like at some of your fireworks forecast across the bay area at 11:00. >> a good question, christina, are you ready for the fourth of july? pyrotechnics in san francisco are. we are talking about the professionals, of course. coming up in 30 minutes 11:00, our very own bob redell will give us a behind-the-scenes look at this year's san francisco fireworks show. you don't want to miss it,
10:30 am
always a lot of fun to watch. hope to see you at 11:00. we are back with more of "today" on this wines day wednesday. we're ready to play who knew, since tomorrow is, in fact, the 4th of july, we have a bit of american trivia. kathie lee is right across the street at the nbc experience store, ready to hand out $100 to those who get the questions right, and those who don't get kathie lee's "scandalous" cd. hello! and here with me is a woman who knows her stuff, the author of "five rock stars of the american revolution." all right, let's start with you. >> this lovely lady is 30 years old today, she's from new rochelle and she's half my age. all right, sweetie. why do we celebrate the 4th of july with fireworks? is it because the first 4th of july celebration had fireworks
10:31 am
and the tradition continued, because americans like to have large celebrations, is it because president abraham lincoln liked fireworks and people fired suit, or fireworks means a party is under way? >> c? >> no. look what she gets for her birthday! >> oh, my god, she gets the "scandalous" cd. all right, the correct answer is a, tell us about that. >> so we actually got started really early with fireworks. in 1777 in philadelphia they launched 13 rockets and they represented the 13 states of the union, so, yeah, it got started right off the bat. >> all right, back across the street. >> from north carolina, how many counties nationwide have the word "liberty" in the name, one, two, three, or four? who would know that? >> seriously. >> good luck with that one. >> thank you. i'm going to go with three, c. >> huge day for kathie lee's cd.
10:32 am
>> it is, especially that one. correct answer, this is a difficult one, four. four counties. >> yes. we are a country that has a lot of places that are called liberty. in fact, there are 59 in total. most of them are in pennsylvania with 11, and we do have four counties with the title of liberty, so that's in georgia and florida, montana, and texas. shout out to liberty. >> okay. back across to kathie. >> wow. okay, from honolulu, hawaii, finish the lyrics to this classic american song "this land is your land this land is my land from california to the new york islands from the redwood forest to the gulf stream waters, this land was made for you and me. >> all right! >> that is a great one. she nailed it. all right. that's a great song. it reminds me of being in
10:33 am
elementary song when we used to sing that. >> it totally does. i still get weepy when i hear it. all the way back from 1940. >> lasted a long time. >> yeah. >> back across. >> this lovely lady is from indiana. all right. the first time the american flag flew with 50 stars representing each state was on july 4, 1960. which state does the 50th star represent, alaska, new mexico, california, or hawaii? >> okay. hawaii? >> she's right. >> yes, indeed. >> quick on the google. hawaii is the 50th. >> yes. as a matter of fact, they had to redo the whole flag when hawaii joined the nation in 1959, because when you have 49 stars, it's very different from when you have 50, so president eisenhower, that was his job, to make sure we had a new flag and, yeah, on july 4, 1960, it was
10:34 am
raised for the first time. >> all right. we have time for another one. >> okay, just celebrated a birthday, too, from illinois. true or false, the 4th of july is the most popular holiday for barbecuing. >> yes. >> yeah. oh, yeah. >> it is, indeed. it's a big one for that. >> it is. we love barbecuing, and especially on this holiday, 71% of americans barbecue. >> wow. >> on this holiday. i know, right before, let's see, memorial day with 57%. >> okay, thank you for coming and helping us celebrate the 4th early. >> thank you, hoda. we're looking for answers when it comes to understanding the 20-somethings. we're going to talk all about it right after this. go! go olive garden. go 2 for $25. go father, daughter. go mother, son. start with unlimited salad and breadsticks. share a pair of apps. then choose 2 of 5 summer entrees. like spicy shrimp vesuvio
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10:38 am
there are 80 million of them out there, and they are taking over the country. >> we're not talking about -- we're talking about millennials, also known as generation-y, the 20-somethings always texting and tweeting. they move from job to job and seem to be more laid back about life and seem to be very entitled. >> she added that in herself. or whether you are one or you live with one, you may be surprised with what you're about to learn. here to explain the millennial generation are psychologist dale atkins, who's the other one, the
10:39 am
lady is dale, and gen-y, 29-year-old dan. we have preconceived notions, we should say, about millennials. >> i have two. >> there's a bit of entitlement going on, a bit of selfishness going on, not as strong of a work ethic, are we on target? >> media portrays them as narcissistic and entitled, but i think really differently. >> really, show us some data, big boy. >> most diverse generation, most educated generation, they would rather have meaningful work and freedom and flexibility over more money, and even though the economy has hurt them so bad with double unemployment rate versus the national unemployment rate, they are the most optimistic generation. >> based on what, what is your data? >> you feel like the whole lives are ahead of them and they can really make a difference in the world. >> i think they've seen that they can. one of the things that's so incredible is, as dan says, they
10:40 am
have the sense of optimism and see there are opportunities worldwide because they are always connected with the world and with one another of how they can make a difference. they've been affected by 9/11, they've been affected by all of the disasters in the world, by the recession. >> they are resilient, you think. >> they are resilient and rewarded for their creativity, which is one of the reasons as dan's talking about when they get into a workplace, they want to be rewarded for their creativity and be able to be heard. >> that's the optimum thing. when they get into a workplace, they can hardly get a job. i'm surprised there's optimistic. the ones i talk to are very discouraged. >> instead of just getting a job, a lot are starting businesses or nonprofits. if they can't have meaningful work in their job and can't give back and the company doesn't give back to the community, they want to do their own thing. >> some don't have a choice. i think the older generation, obviously, stayed in a job for 30, 40 years. it's interesting they are not
10:41 am
afraid. there's a lot of jumping around from job to job and no fear, even in this bad economy, that they can get another one. >> boomers stay 11 years, millennials just two. >> why do you think they are willing to do that? >> they are looking for opportunities where they feel they'll really fit in and be heard, as i said before, and where they'll feel challenged and they want to be able to have a sense of -- they are not so interested and dan has done so much research, on moving up the corporate ladder, but feel they can make a contribution. while they are at a job, often they are very intentional in their work, but they are also noticing what else is out there, and if something else suits them as they are growing, they are going to make another jump. >> i can see it that way, but there's another way to look at it, as well. we are such a disposable world and we want everything like this. we see a lot of young people come through here who want our job right away, that want to start out little and do the
10:42 am
jobs. there is some of that, which is an entitlement thing. wait a minute, you got to do the work to get the thing. >> another interesting thing, millennials are my lillennials forcing you to use technology to interact with them, so now all of us are becoming more narcissistic, we're putting our expression out there and letting people know what we're up to. >> to your point, kathie lee, it's important one of the things people in an older generation can teach the millennials is what it means to be committed and work hard to get where you want to go so that it isn't that you walk in here and you're there. there's a possible wonderful interaction where both generations, all generations, can teach each other. >> thank you very much. thank you, dale. is that coffee you're drinking ruining your diet? >> the answer is yes, the fancy coffee drinks with all the cream. >> says who? >> this guy right here. and after nine years of working at walmart, i know savings.
10:43 am
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10:44 am
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bottled at the mountain source. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. then we deliver it directly to you.
10:47 am
you know how it goes, you're out running errands all day or feeling the afternoon slump at the office and all you need is a fix from your local coffee shop. >> before you grab one, check this out, a list of drinks that can do your diet in, and the choice you should make when you're counting calories. the site's executive editor is arthur. i knew he was coming. >> stop it, they said he was coming. good to see you. >> these drinks can really kill your diet, no question. >> absolutely. we've got some healthy options for your unhealthier options here. let's take a look. we're going to play a little game. >> we like games. >> whoever comes in first will tell the calorie difference for the different drinks. >> this is our buzzer, coffee beans in a can. >> starbucks ribbon crunch frappuccino and the iced skinny mocha. what's the calorie difference,
10:48 am
do you think? >> 400 calories. >> very good, almost, 460 calories. >> what's wrong! that wasn't right. that was incorrect. >> it's incorrect. i agree with hoda. how many was it, 460 i was going to say it, but nobody gave me a chance. >> i'm sorry, hoda. i'm sorry. >> moving on. >> here we have the dunkin' donuts caramel -- frozen caramel coffee and iced caramel coffee light. what's the difference? >> i'm going to let you guess. >> i'm going to guess 350. >> you have gotten close, but not there. >> oh, no, i get the point because you were wrong. now it's even! what is it? >> 430. >> mcdonald's frappe chocolate chip and iced coffee with french vanilla syrup. >> why did you shake? >> for fun, i like to see my arms flap. 600. >> that was ridiculous.
10:49 am
>> go ahead. >> no, i won. she guessed wrong. >> you're actually close to the amount of calories that the whole drink has. it's 630 calories, which is the highest calorie for any of these here. >> this one? that's crazy. >> the alternative is 120 calories. >> it's, like, 500 or something. >> educatively close. >> here's the car met frappe and smooth roasted iced coffee. >> go ahead, hoda. >> i'm not shaking, if you get it wrong you don't get the point. 400. >> okay. and that would be close, but not quite there. 510. >> without the caramel, though, it would be all right, right? >> any of these, if you take the caramel or the whipped cream -- >> or the chocolate. >> which one is better? clearly, that one. >> if you go with the buzz words here, take those off, lata, chilled, supreme, cap, these are
10:50 am
going to be higher. >> tell us the calorie difference. >> horton's, we have the mocha iced cap with cream and iced mocha with skim milk, difference in calories is 340 calories. >> those add up, baby. >> sprinkles will kill you. >> frozen birthday cake latte and skinny iced mocha, difference here is 330 calories. >> thank you, healthy options. >> you have a chance to check out the full report, check out we have fun games the whole family can play together. first, this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
10:51 am
10:52 am
or how to keep from driving all over for deals for the 4th. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. throw a holiday cookout! thick, juicy new york strip steaks are just $4.99 a pound. get a great deal on arrowhead water, just $3.33 a case. and pick up cheerios for just a $1.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
10:53 am
the holiday weekend is about to begin, and you can turn on the tv for your kids, let them play video games that will keep them busy, or create quality family time together. >> whether you're hitting the
10:54 am
road or staying put, fun games to keep the whole gang entertains. >> how are you? >> let's go! >> okay, this is lawn twister, and this is fun and easy to make. this is shaun and steel helping me out. boys, want to put your hand on red? all you need are four cans of spray paint, make sure the green is bright so it shows up on the grass. put your right hand on red. and you cut out cardboard, pizza boxes. >> right hand. >> and left foot on blue. good luck with that. right hand on yellow! >> exactly. you can make a little spinner with the paper plate. >> so cute. >> so fun. >> all right. this is a scavenger hunt? >> this is really wholesome, just give them a list of things to find. maybe a hairbow or can of corn, digital cameras and phones make it easy. >> where are they going to get a can of corn? >> neighbor, then they take a
10:55 am
picture of the corn and whoever gets the items first -- >> oh, pictures with the cell phones now. >> don't have to steal anyone's wedding picture this way, you know? technology in an old-fashioned game. >> technology. >> this is called rollers, sort of a cross between bowling and shuffle board. these are the goals, you set them up, then roll your disks towards the goal. easy to play, easy to pack up. >> kids are going to love this next one. it's a glow in the dark item. >> why go to the bowling alley? you can turn your driveway into a glow bowl. fill pop bottles with glow sticks and paint a ball. i painted the ball with glow in the dark paint, then you try to bowl. >> good luck with that. >> it's a granny bowl. >> excuse me. >> good one, grandma. >> those are heavy. really got to whack those babies. >> really got to hit it. spend a lot of time in the car, but doesn't mean you can't take fun on the road without do it yourself road games.
10:56 am
this is road bingo. have the kids look for things with magnets. these are cookie sheets you can use. >> rest area, cover it up. that's so clever. >> you can also do it with felt and buttons covered with velcro, too. >> great idea. >> thank you. these are called story bags. this is fun and creative. just fill a bag with ordinary items from home and then everyone tells a story. so, i could start. >> you'd like this. big excitement when the cupcake -- >> kinky story out of that one. >> take a turn? >> yes, i would! >> clever. >> you can never count on the weather, but if you're stuck indoors, doesn't mean you can't have fun, turn your house into a crime scene. >> it is anyway. have you been to hoda's apartment? >> i have not. do something fun like who stole mom's cookie recipe and let them look for clues. >> magnifying glass. >> you know, all the hoopla and family around, you don't all
10:57 am
have to be in the same room at the same time. i love a roving game of scrabble, put it up in the corner. this is a nice set and let people play as they pass by. you can keep score throughout the day or highest word of the day wins. >> funny with bubbles, this is always cool. >> doesn't have to be hard. >> bubble with socks. >> with socks, what? >> juggle the bubble. >> what do we -- oh! >> so they -- oh, good one! >> got one, there you go! >> that's fun. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. what's happening tomorrow, hoda woman? >> tomorrow we are celebrating the holiday with a an all-male dance review. >> thunder from down under, aussie guys. and another hot tee, benjamin pratt. of course, we have our ambush makeovers. have fun on the 4th of july. >> yes, everybody, have a great, great, great wines day wednesday. we'll see you tomorrow, everybody.
10:58 am
>> bye!
10:59 am
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new hope today in the b.a.r.t. workers strike could soon be over as both sides promise to return to the negotiating table. but that's no relief to commuters who waited in long ferry and bus lines once again this morning. >> and they needed even more patience. most of the morning at the bay bridge toll plaza. we will give you a live look right now. this is much less congested than we have seen much of the morning. good morning, everybody, thank you very much for joining us, i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. eight hours was just not enough. both sides taking a break after negotiations lasted into the early morning hours. nbc bay area's christie smith is live in oakland where the labor unions and b.a.r.t. are expected to get back to the


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