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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 5, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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new this morning, we have good news to report. the b.a.r.t. strike is over at least for now. good morning, everyone, it is 4:30, i'mon kelly. >> and i'm laura garcia kelly. >> late last night b.a.r.t. workers agreed to call off the strike although there's no new contract in place. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. i just spoke with one of the commuters in line for the bus bridge from the walnut creek station and she said she just found out about 30 minutes ago on her way here and she was so happy that she won't have to be riding these buses anymore. this is the first one to be taking off this morning, one of the charter buses. now, the striking unions
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basically agreed to a 30-day extension which means that the trains will be rolling again but not until this afternoon at around 3:00. representatives from b.a.r.t. and it's two largest unions that went on strike monday made the announcement just before 11:00 last night. the decision came at the request of the state labor secretary and mediators involved. that means after four days of gridlock, 400,000 daily b.a.r.t. riders forced to find another way around, for them b.a.r.t. will finally be moving again, those workers off the picket line. the issues had been pay, employee contributions to benefits but the agreement doesn't mean everything is settled. >> both parties came to the recognition that it would be a longer period of time to come to a resolution, and as a consequence we signed a 30-day extension and we will work very hard to achieve an agreement by august 4th, at which time the
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contract will expire again. >> reporter: now, b.a.r.t. saying it does take at least 12 hours to get the trains up and running again. they have to run some test trains and getting everyone into position. the bus bridge is going to be a little bit different this morning. they're still running at the five stations that they have been, that is west oakland, dublin, pleasanton, el vecerrit and walnut creek but folks can ride from their station all the way into the city. reporting live in walnut creek, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> good news to start our friday but it's going to take it a while to get them into effect. >> it will be interesting to see how much traffic we have if people are still taking today as maybe a holiday. >> anthony slaughter is in to tell us what's happening on the roads early this morning. >> hopefully for my sake as well. it's the day after the holiday. have a good time the fourth of july. we're looking at the bay bridge approach right now. not talking about a whole lot of
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congestion, lots of green on the map. there is some construction in the area, especially on 880 northbound right across the lake mary area but not much happening this morning. no major accidents to report here at 4:33, but i'm told it's going to be a hot day. meteorologist christina loren is here to talk more about that. >> good morning to you. yeah, a lot of people if you're up right now, chances are you stayed up. welcome to "today in the bay." we've got a great-looking day in the bay. 63 degrees in sunnyvale, 60 at livermore. i have such great news to bring to the table just in time for the weekend. today the heat breaks. it's downright refreshing out there. i know, i know, very nice slow clap from anthony slaughter. as we head throughout the day today we're headed towards the 80s, almost a 20-degree dropoff from yesterday's highs and things change as we head through next week. right now back to you and rest of the top stories of the day.
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whoa! oh, my god! whoa! whoa! run, run, run, run! run! cody, run, run, run, run. >> it's just frightening to hear the horror in his voice. this morning 28 people are hurt after a popular fireworks show in southern california went terribly wrong. this is home video of the massive explosion caused when a launcher that sends the fireworks into the sky is believed to have tipped over. it happened in simi valley about 40 miles northwest of los angeles. 20 people were rushed to the hospital with mild to moderate injuries. another eight people were treated at the park and released. a bomb squad was sent in to deactivate the remainder of the fireworks. crews are still on the scene this morning. we'll have a live report coming up a little later. >> can't imagine how terrifying
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that was for the people in that vicinity. right now we want to take you to the bay area. cleanup under way in a neighborhood on the north san jose/milpitas border. a family was having a fourth of july barbecue when the propane tank they were using simply exploded. the fire spread quickly but firefighters knocked it down before it spread to other homes on sydney drive, just blocks away from milpitas christian school. >> it just goes so quick. a blink of your eye, the total loss of your house. >> everyone was okay at this one. as firefighters were mopping up, another fire sparked two blocks away. this one was caused boy a bottle rocket that fell into the trees and caught fire in a matter of seconds. the flames fortunately were put out before they could spread to nearby homes. firefighters are also mopping up after two separate brush fires in the oakland hills. both fires broke out around 11:30 last night on opposite
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sides of the park. 60 firefighters from both the oakland and cal fire departments were called to fight those fires. both fires were contained about 3:00 this morning. crews are still on the scene checking for hot spots. this morning the contra costa county fire department says a 50-acre brush fire in pittsburgh now under control following fourth of july festivities. the fire was reported about 9:00 p.m. in a very large field located in the 700 block of willow pass way near highway 4. now, it look fire crews about an hour to put these flames out. the homeowners association did hire a security company in hopes of stopping people from setting off fireworks. a developing story overseas this morning. live pictures from egypt's tahrir square this morning where ousted president morsi's muslim brotherhood has called for a wave of protests in what they named a friday of rage. the brotherhood says it will not work with the new leadership of the interim president, but is urging followers to keep today's
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protest peaceful. egypt's military says it supports the right to peaceful protests but it's warning that violence and civil disobedience will harm peace. authorities have started arresting senior members of the party including morsi. closer to home, back here in the bay area a campbell couple is dead after a hike on a very popular trail in southern utah. other hikers in the area found the body of 69-year-old patricia wally yesterday afternoon under a tree at the wave. that's located about 40 miles from the utah/arizona border. a short time later a helicopter spotted 70-year-old erlich wally not too far from the body of his wife. authorities believe patricia may have become ill while hiking in the 100-degree plus heat and erlich went to find her. it is believed the couple died
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from heat exhaustion but a coroner's report is spending. it is 4:11. police on the peninsula hope you can help them catch a man who carried out a jewry heist in san mateo. investigators have released this shot of the man they're looking for. they believe he took $50,000 of jewelry and rare coins. the burglary happened on april 11th. this surveillance picture shows the man as he allegedly stole the valuables at a san jose jewelry store the day after the burglary. some people this morning in danville who live right in the path of major water main break, we have good news. crews tell us this morning the broken pipe has finished draining and flooding is now starting to subside but a number of streets in and around that affected area are expected to be closed until maintenance can be cleared and then get all the debris out of there. the water main discovered overnight on harts avenue from
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diablo road out to railroad avenue. a lot of those businesses are simply flooded right now. the cause of the break has not been determined. the americas cup is officially under way. at 11:00 this morning the parade of boats will take place. more than 50 different vessels will be led across the bay by the san francisco fire department's fire boat. it will start at pier 14 and finish at the golden gate yacht club. a number of oar events, at 12:15 the ac-72s will sail the course and at 3:00 there will be a concert featuring local bands at the americas cup pavilion. should be a great day. but there is some controversy in this year's race. the team from new zealand has filed a complaint over new rules. team members say they designed their boat under specific standards and those standards have changed. they say a decision to change the rules should not be made unilaterally but with a
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unanimous vote by all the teams involved. italy's team has also protested the rule changes. no word on if this will prevent either team from actually competing. we told you at the top of the show a temporary strike has been put on hold so they're back in business for b.a.r.t. let's check weather with christina loren. how are things looking outside? >> looking great. good morning to you, happy friday, everybody. hopefully you had a great fourth of july. we have some really good news in the weather department starting with this morning. look at your temperatures running anywhere between 2 to 14 degrees cooler. 24 hours ago livermore 14 degrees cooler. we're going to see a really nice day, temperatures dropping by 20 degrees on average from yesterday's highs. we're starting out with plenty of 50s back on the map. we haven't seen that for quite some time. i want to show you where we were yesterday and where we're headed today.
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walnut creek 104 yesterday, today 82. livermore, 103, 81 today. so it's going to be really, really nice out there. we'll talk about some of the great events happening across the bay area and the weather to accommodate as we head throughout this morning. it's all coming up. first, let's check that drive. >> i was in pleasanton yesterday and that 101 did not feel good at all. i was drinking water left and right. this morning that 81 looks really good. as we approach the bay bridge we're not seeing a lot happening, it's still early in the morning so traffic not too bad. this is really good news as folks get out this morning. as we get you over to the 880 side, the oakland coliseum, you can see traffic moving smoothly. even a little farther south into fremont, no problems here, lots of light traffic. the roads wide open this morning. wherever you've got to go, it is good to go. 4:41 right now. we can tell you one european country may welcome nsa secret
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leaker edward snowden. we'll tell you about the famous man that's already taken in coming up next. plus conflicting reports out of south africa this morning regarding the health of nelson mandela. what we're now hearing. and the price of putting your teen behind the wheel of a car. we'll tell you about some new data out this morning coming up next.
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a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning. just over ten hours b.a.r.t. trains will be back up and running, meaning a little relief for commuters on the roads. late last night b.a.r.t.s unions agreed to extend the contract for a month. that means workers will be back on the job as of 3:00 p.m. contract talks will also resume this morning. to reiterate, this is just a temporary fix. if nothing is worked out by early next month, another strike could happen. in case you had to go to bed early like we do and in case you missed this, last night's fireworks show in san francisco going off without a hitch and it was quite the sight to see. despite that b.a.r.t. strike, tens of thousands made it out to the embarcadero to catch this spectacular show.
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they had to pay a serious price for it. one lot was charging cars $70 to park. that's right, $70 for the evening. that's more than double the charge for the weekday rate. >> pretty out there. the monthly jobs number is due out in less than an hour. seema mody has a look at what it's expected to tell us. >> reporter: good morning. futures are higher. economists expect another steady growth in payrolls but probably not enough to make a dent in unemployment. they expect companies added about 160,000 jobs last month aund employment fell to about 7.5%. but in a case of good news is bad news, some traders are concerned a stronger number could trigger talk that the federal reserve may soon end its massive bond-buying program which has helped to keep interest rates low. the dow closing up 56 points on wednesday, the nasdaq adding 11. in other news, adding teenage drivers to your insurance policy can double your
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annual premiums. the insurance institute for highway safety says drivers under the age of 20 are three times more likely to be involved in fatal crashes. boys often pay higher premiums than girls. rates vary depending on where you live. the iihs says you can take steps to reduce costs such as taking a defensive driving course or making sure your car has safety features like anti-lock brakes. back to you. >> sounds good. thanks so much. it is 4:47 right now. good morning, everybody. welcome to friday. christina loren is here with more good news for us. >> it feels so nice out there. good morning to you at home. look at how much cooler it is all across the bay area. san francisco running 7 degrees cooler. yeah, it's going to be a really nice day today. temperatures dropping about 20 degrees on average. gilroy back in the 50s this morning at 55 degrees and we'll take you to your hour-by-hour
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changes because it's one of those days you can get outdoors just about anywhere without getting too hot. 73 degrees in livermore after a full week, one full week, seven days of triple-digit heat. so much cooler weather today. 81 degrees for you there. 83 in concord, 77 santa teresa and 80 degrees in gilroy. so here, let's spend a little thyme on the seven-day outlook because i'm happy to report we're done with that extreme heat, at least for the next six to seven days. now, i am watching as we head throughout the beginning of next month. it looks like we're going to see another heat wave like that. but i can tell you right now the rest of the month of july is actually looking pretty mild. we're not going to get too hot, at least for a while. we'll let you know if anything changes. but yeah, that was a really, really hot stretch and it's finally over, guys. back to you. >> thank you very much. it is 4:48 right now. we are hearing some mixed messages out of south africa this morning surrounding the health of nelson mandela. documents filed in a court case
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concerning another matter regarding three of mandela's children says the former south african president faces, quote, impending death and is kept alive by a breathing machine. however, south africa's current president says mandela does remain in critical but stable condition. this morning well wishers releasing those balloons over the hospital where mandela is now being treated. he was admitted just about a month ago to that hospital back in june, on june 8th to be precise, with a reoccuring lung infection. bolivia's president threatening to close the u.s. embassy in his country saying that the u.s. pressured european governments to stop his plane from flying through their airspace. at the u.s. consulate in santa cruz demonstrators threw red paint on the walls and burned images of the american flag yesterday. they are angry because president morales was forced to divert his plane and land in vienna tuesday after rumors began that nsa
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secret leaker edward snowden was on board. morales said the incident was a violation of international sovereignty. this morning the u.s. is not commenting on the incident. snowden may have a new place to go. some lawmakers in iceland are proposing granting immediate citizenship to snowden. it's unlikely it will pass. in 2005 iceland granted citizenship to chess master bobby fisher who was trying to ecape prosecution after he broke sanctions against the former yugoslavia. this morning seattle police and the university of washington now investigating why a man armed with weapons and suspected explosive devices was just hanging around on campus. the university's chief of police says officers arrested the 21-year-old suspect wednesday night and also found a scoped
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rifle, shotgun, body armor and several molotov cocktails in a stolen truck from montana. but chief vincent says so far there does not appear to be any threat to that campus. firefighters are gaining the upper hand on the wildfire in arizona that killed 19 elite firefighters early this week. late last night they announced the fire burning near yarnell is 80% contained. more that 600 firefighters battling the fire. you'll recall the fire killed 19 members of prescott's hotshot kr crew on sunday. it has burned about 13 square miles. >> a lot of work out there, very, very rough. 4:51 right now. the warriors doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work trying to land one of the biggest free agents on the market. we'll tell you who he is and what they're doing, coming up next. plus tribute to the troops. the very special promise barry zito made on independence day, next. and tracking your morning commute this morning, we are talking about light traffic right now across the san mateo
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bridge. we do have one accident we'll come back with after this.
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happy friday, everyone. new reports this morning indicate the warriors right now aggressively shopping a number of key pleasuayers, trying to l big man dwight howard. espn reporting golden state looking to move centers andrew bogut and andres being an as
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well as richard jefferson. they need to shed salary if they plan to land howard. he is expected to decide on his future sometime today. a lot of people think he's going to the houston rockets. earlier this week the warriors made their in-person pitch to howard and reports are howard was intrigued by the idea of playing with steph curry, harrison barnes. barry zito doing something very special for the troops. he promised to give $500 for every strikeout pitched in the major league on independence day. the money will go to the nonprofit welcome back veterans. the idea was from his father joe who died a few weeks ago and loved what the fourth of july stood for. it looks like there were 218 strikeouts in the majors yesterday which adds up to $109,000. so way to go, zito. >> what a big move. what was also impressive was without a calculator you did that quick math. >> with a little sleep and just
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a tiny bit of coffee. 4:55, let's check out the roads. anthony slaughter, what's happening? >> things are really quiet right now. on wednesday we were looking at this area and it was already starting to back up so this is good news. this is a really nice shot. you can see traffic still moving smoothly, no problems to report. down in fremont there is an accident but things are moving slowly. there's an accident 880 northbound at mowery. if you're headed that way in the next half hour heads up, the headlights are facing the oncoming traffic so that's how bad that was there, but crews getting that off to the side. the car was not drivable, so as you approach the area keep an eye on it, especially coming from the south bay because that was on 880 northbound. otherwise, no major traffic reports. jon, back to you. >> thank you very much. new york police right now looking for the man who pulled off a fourth of july stunt right on top of the brooklyn bridge. police receiving an emergency
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call yesterday saying a man was climbing that bridge. when officers arrived on scene he then rappelled down the bridge using some sort of hose, dropping right on to a building in brooklyn. then the man suddenly disappeared. officers at this point aren't sure what he was doing on that bridge in the first place. it's 4:57. no contract in place, but b.a.r.t. workers have decided to return to work. what it means for commuters today coming up. we'll also tell you about the efforts to make pope john paul ii a saint. that takes a major step forward this morning. new details out of vatican city overnight. ♪ [ male announcer ] to all you burger aficionados... show your love. 'cause mcdonald's just topped perfection with the all-new quarter pounder burgers. three delectable new choices
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b.a.r.t. trains up and running in just a few hours from now. a late-night agreement will put b.a.r.t. operators back on the job, but the deal is only temporary. we'll have details coming up in a live report. plus -- >> nothing short of a frightening scene as a fourth of
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july fireworks show in southern california goes terribly wrong. we have the new details we've just learned overnight. and the heat is off. good morning to you, i'm meteorologist christina loren. it's refreshing out there this morning. we're going to get a beautiful sunrise and temperatures dropping by about 20 degrees. i've got your weekend and seven-day forecast coming right up. i'm anthony slaughter and you can see the bay bridge approach, the metering lights not on, but we'll get you out the door on time. this is "today in the bay." and this is a live look outside, beautiful bay bridge this morning. hope you enjoyed your fourth of july. now you made it to the 5th. and, yes, anthony, this is "today in the bay." not only is it "today in the bay," it's also friday. we love saying that as well. it is 5:00, good morning,


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