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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 12, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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thank god that so many people's lives were saved. we mourn those who were lost and pray for those who are injured. bay area congresswoman visits the wreckage of asiana flight 214 as crews begin moving the plane piece by piece and repairing the runway at sfo. also the grandfather of a missing toddler in oakland wants to keep the focus on finding her separate charges. where the investigation is heading, we'll let you know this morning. arrested for crimes he's supposed to be fighting. the charges against a san jose police officer and how his colleagues are reacting. right now a live look outside, an early morning shot of your bay bridge out there. traffic nice and smooth, but it
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is very early on this friday, july 12th. this is "today in the bay." that's right. it is friday. a neal-good friday. it's 4:31. good morning. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. lots to get to. let's first check the forecast with rob my aida who is in for christina this morning. >> we have a healthy sea breeze reaching southwest at 24 miles county. a pretty mild afternoon, 70s to mid 80s inland. 65 around san francisco and 71 in oakland. now for a look at your friday commute, here is mike. >> we're looking at the san mateo bridge. it's friday, as rob said. light volume expected throughout the morning. right now, of course, 4:31 so we of course have a@ñmx+ light vol here. we'll take you to the tri-valley where we don't have any slowing.
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this is west 580 and south 680. construction north 680. that's why speeds dip down below 60. not a concern. eastbound we have construction on 580 but still have a freeway open for one of your lanes. there's slowing there obviously. east altamont pass road we got word from chp that all lanes reopened after an overnight deadly crash. we had traffic control until just a few minutes ago. expect a few until all that is cleared. new this morning, a live look at the crash site of asiana flight 214. the crew haves been working very hard, working through the night to dismantle and remove the burned out fuselage. crews are cutting it up and from runway 28 left. the airport director says he opens the runway will be fully operational by this sunday. we're also getting our clearest
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look yet of some of the debris from the crash. pieces of the plane are being collected in a remote area of sfo as the ntsb continues that investigation. >> just before#njx crews began dismachblting that plane, congresswoman nancy pelosi and jackie speier toured the crash site. they wanted to meet with local leaders to get a sense of what worked and what can be improved upon in the initial response. pelosi and speier say they were stunned by the destruction and the number of people who actually survived. they're considering legislation that could improve safety. >> whether or not mandatory dreg and chal testing should be done, an increase in hours, whether they should have an instrument on the plane to deflate the chute. there's a lot of things we have to look at. >> mayor ed lee is still
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focusing on the survivors and the injured still in the bay area. today families of the two girls killed in the crash will meet again with the coroner's office. the family of wang linjia hasn't been able to see her body yet. mayor lee says he hopes the family will be able to see their body's suit. here is the latest information we have from the ntsb. at this point investigators are not openly suggesting pilot error, but they did say there were no mechanical problems on the plane. also inside the cockpit there was no mention of problems with the plane's speed until just nine seconds before the crash. ñ than three second before impact, two pilots call for the landing to be phdlabort. ntsb added that the blinding light reported by the pilot was not seen by the otherxg pilots d doesn't appear to have significantly impacted his ability to see the runway. final report on the crash expected in about one year.
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also the ntsb will be now giving updates from washington, d.c. instead of the bay area. our coverage of the asiana disaster continues throughout the weekend. we want to give you a programming note here this saturday. raj mathai hosting an nbc bay area special where you can see an in depth interview with ntsb chairman, debra hersman and you can also watch as survivors reunite with first responders in the studio. that will air this saturday night at 6:35. it's 4:35. now to a developing story in oakland, the father of a missing toddler, daphne webb is expected to be arraigned on child endangerment charged. he was arrested after he told him he left his daughter in the car with his 87-year-oldqúj mot who has dementia but they don't consider him a suspect in the little girl missing. the 49-year-old said he went into this store on 79th and international on wednesday.ebw
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when he came out, he reported his child missing. >> we're not unreal about this. right now, when you're in a situation that you'll never be in a situation, you hope for the best. that's all ki do right now is just hope for the best. >> police searched the waterway at the martin luther king regional parkway looking for signs of the little girl. some neighbors say they haven't seen that baby in weeks. this man's next job was to investigate sex crimes, but this morning he's being charged with committing one hymn self. tony fregger from the san jose police department on administrative leave. the 33-year-old turned himself in yesterday, charged with possession of sexually explicit photos of a minor which is, in fact, a felony. the d.a.'s office says fregger first contacted the victim in 2010 and may have initially believed she was an adult. investigators say about a year later he found out she was under
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the age of 18. despite that the officer then allegedly asked for and received sexually explicit photos of the young girl. >> police officers are entrusted to carry guns, carry batons, protect the community and enforce the law. mr. fregger is charged with breaking the law. so the public trust was violated in that regard. it was also violated because a minor was a victim in the case. >> as this investigation continues, we will tell you the deputy district attorney says there are no other victims in this one. another strike is looming. b.a.r.t. and its two main labor union also be back at the bargaining table. they have until august 5th to hammer out a new contract or another strike is possible. no meetings are scheduled to take place next week because the apth see's chief negotiator will be on vacation. b.a.r.t. workers went on strike for four days last week shutting
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down that transit system. no agreement was reached, but trains started rolling again after the unions agreed to go back to work under the old deal for 30 days. the key issues. wages, health care and jáp'cisco police cited a man they say was quality vandalizing trees in golden gate park. police telling the chronicle, 65-year-old ken frisch was cited when officers saw him damaging trees in that park. police say they had been searching for him for some time. since last september more than 200 newly planted trees in that park have been damaged, specifically their don'ts had been snapped right off killing those trees. investigators say they are not sure if this is the only suspect in this case. park officials say the damage has cost the city at least $50,000. 4:38 right now. want to get a look at the forecast. >> friday forecast. >> i can already taste it. let's check in with rob. he's up early. lucky you. >> yes, yes.
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happy friday at 4:30-something this morning. it's very early, but a pretty nice start to the morning. seeing numbers in the 50s. low clouds inland keeping our temperatures up. not exactly a chilly start to the morning. you can see the sea breeze into fairfield. patchy low clouds. so look out for that on your morning drive. look at the relative humidity. the marine air made its way into sacramento and stockton this morning. it ensures a case of ocean air conditioning will follow you into the afternoon. south of lake tahoe and yosemite watch out for afternoon thundershowers. for the bay area, things are looking calm. here is a look at the low clouds you can see clearing skies inland and for the afternoon once again the clouds will thicken in on the coast and push inland. by lunchtime we should see mid 70s around the east bay valley, 75 at noon in san jose and low to mid 80s inland today around
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the east bay and areas south of san jose. 60s for san francisco. the weekend will see a little warmup and you'll notice it there for the valleys. saturday and sunday, our highs closer to 90. a brief warmup staying in the 60s on the coast and cooling down as we approach monday. we'll look at the bay bridge. rob is talking about the weather and the changes. we'll watch for the shift in the commute, typically kicks in late they are morning. right now not a problem. obviously there are crews through oakland and 880 in both directions. that's pretty standard overnight. we'll watch for that to build midday as folks head into the city for nice lunches. west highway 4 shows know incidents. there are crews in the area but they should have cleared in the last half hour. i'llck
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southbound. very dark up there, well lit for the drivers. we'll take you to the peninsula. 101 flowing smoothly as well. northbound with the taillights past toward willow, near the ravenswood shopping center. >> you never know when someone is going to say wear bright blue, right? >> that's right. this is a local story in the national spotlight. the film based on the life of oscar grant. "fruitvale station" opens at the grand lake theater in oakland, the met i don't know in san francisco and the california theater in berkeley. the film focuses on the 24 hours leading up to grant's death on a b.a.r.t. station platform in oakland. he was shot and killed by a b.a.r.t. police officer new the critically acclaimed film directed by ryan kugler opens
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nationwide. remember a kid playing monopoly, get out of jail free? forget that. how about this one? paying tñ@ayáay in jail. the program the city of fremont is trying to give -- the latest in the trial of george zimmerman. what's expected in court as both sides finish arguing their case. once embroiled in scandal. now just trying to revive his political career. we'll tell you about eliot spitzer's brand new campaign. that's coming up today.
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welcome back everyone. a live look outside from the south bay. looks nice and quiet, although we see a few people on the roads this morning. we'll find out the forecast as well. rob is in this morning, 4:45. this one has been a pretty fast trial and we can tell you the jury in the trial of george zimmerman could start deliberations as early as today. this morning the offense is set to deliver its closing arguments to that jury. yesterday the prosecution spent out more than two hours laying out the case against zimmerman. zimmerman has pleaded not guilty to second degree murder claiming he shot 17-year-old trayvon
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martin in self-defense. zimmerman, for the record, chose not to testify. the saudi princess charged with human trafficking with now out of jail this morning on $5 million bail. she appeared in a southern california courtroom yesterday. prosecutors san jose she hired a kenyan woman for co-mess tick workforcing her to work seven days a week 16 hours a day for just $220,dkf a month. she was arrested at the condo in irvine earlier this week. the princess's attorney denied the allegations saying it was merely a contract dispute. 4:46. just hours ago former new york governor eliot spitzer submitted thousands of signatures to make it on the primary ballot for new york city controller. he submitted more than 27,000 signatures to the city board of elections, more than the
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signatures needed. spitzer we signed five years ago amid a prostitution scandal. this morning, not a lots getting done on capitol hill after a week back in washington. congress still i*3& gridlock. lawmakers can't seem to agree on how to lower student loan rates. and immigration, still up in the air. while democrats say it's now or never for immigration reform, house speaker john boehner is in no hurry saying he wants to move in a step-by-step, common sense way. the white house remains optimistic a deal will happen. the house passed a farm bill yesterday, but it's the first one in 40 years with no food stamps. as congress gets ready for another break in three weeks, lawmakers are on track to set a record for becoming the least productive ever with only 15 bills passed so far. here is something you don't hear every day, but welcome news a. major cell carrier getting ready to slash prices for the
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data plan. for that we turn things over to courtney reagan live at cnbc world headquarters. 'g. >> good morning, jon. futures are flat following thursday's rally that saw the markets hit new highs. the dow and s&p 500 closed at record highs. the nasdaq reached levels not seen in nearly 13 years. fed chairman ben bernanke wednesday afternoon that interest rates will stay low for a long time. the dow rising 169 points thursday to 15,460. cl. sprint cuts the price of unlimited data plan to $80 a month from the previous $110. the move, which starts today, was partly prompted by customer concerns that sprint would stop offering such plans. the new plans guarantee unlimited data as long as you stay a sprint customer. the change could put pressure on verizon and at&t who steer
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customers away from those unlimited data plans. >> all right, courtney. as tuesday feel good friday. laura and i want you to know that purple on you looks spectacular. >> oh, thank you so much. >> she looks great. >> she looks great every day. this has a little extra pop for our friday. >> a littlewsz extra spring in everybody's step for a friday morning. th >> this is early. we've gotten to the time of year where it's almost the weather equivalent of being on cruise control. comfortable temperatures. no real signs of any heat on the way. right now we're waking up to 55 degrees in san francisco, 58 in oakland, san jose, you can see also in the 50s this morning for you. 52 in morgan hill, and notice the wind direction. we've got a southwest wind at 24 miles per hour into fairfield. that usually indicates you've got the marine air that's pushed
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well inland and maybe patchy low clouds into the altamont pass. drizzle around san francisco for your morning commute. no signs of monsoon moisture. and like we had on wednesday, most of that action is moved off to the east. but for areas around yos might and south of lake tahoe, keep in mind isolated thundershowers still a possibility around the cierras. today fairly healthy sea breeze. east bay inland valleys, you'll start to see numbers closer to 90 degrees around livermore and pleasanton. we'll continue to see foggy conditions. 80s to near 90 inland tomorrow. today we'll see some clearing, briefly so around the coast during the afternoon. you're going to want to find someone this weekend, santa cruz will be the place7fu to be. look how quickly the fog starts to spill back in. by 8:00 tonight, we'll see it spreading back across the east bay. close to 80 in san jose today.
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south of san jose we should see mid 80s. tri-valley temperatures in the mid 80s. over to oakland, highs closer to 70. 65 in san francisco and mostly 70s around the north bay. the three-day forecast will bring a slight warmup to the inland valleys. not much change on the coast. as we approach monday, sea breeze fires up again, we start to cool off a little bit early next week. back to you. >> thank you very much. you won't need this, rob, but maybe others watching this morning -- >> why are you look at me? >> i'm not looking at anyone. stop it. if you can pay, you can stay. we're not talking about a hotel or resort. we're talking about jail. this is an inside look at the fremont policeçt department's 54-bed detention facility. for $155 a night and a $45 administration fee, you can actually pay to stay here while serving time for a misdemeanor only instead of being locked up in the county jail. >> like a vip jail.
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>> i guess so. the money gets you a private cell and goes to the city of fremont, part of the pay-to-stay program. the first of its kind in the bay area. >> it's smaller. it's more private. there's less hubbub. there's minimal exposure to any other inmates. the only people that will be in the housing pods at the pay-to-stay people are in are fellow pay-to-stay people. >> some people are against the program saying it favors those with money. the judge, of course, will have the final say as to whether one can stay at the facility or the county jail. >> how about that? less hubbub out there. stayed at for a couple years at school. 4:52 right now. stim ahead, how about a treat for bay area bird watchers. we'll tell you where a baby bald eagle is spreading its wings now. speeding across the desert
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on nothing but sunlight. the big challenge ahead for stanford's new solar car next. a live look here at the bay bridge. traffic moves smoothly. look, the two blue flashing dñc(ut construction crews. still overnight road work crews get to leave for their weekend earlier than we do. we'll track traffic as they leave and you're heading out coming up.
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people along the peninsula
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may notice a new feathery friend flying around. according to the san antonio times, a bald eagle first spotted last month in the tree west of crystal springs reservoir. the california public utilities commission says the eagle took its first flight and will likely stay close to its parents for up to a year. a solar car is definitely hoping will speed right past the competition. the creation is very cool. this one called the luminos and will take place in the world solar challenge in australia. it can cruise at about 55 miles per hour. looks like something out of the jetsons or maybe one of the vacuum cleaners that bounces off the wall. what's it called. >> rumba. >> reaching nearly 1900 miles across australia.
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a very cool sight. >> we have hov lanes. maybe one day we'll have solar lanes. >> smart kids in stanford. >> very smart kids. looking over here. the bay bridge, talking about construction. let's take a look at the golden gate bridge where there is -- the cone also be realigned in just a few minutes northbound. no delays in either direction. you can see across that span with all the lights where rob is talking about the fog drifting through. the slowing we had that had cleared is back. no concerns out of antioch or the rest of the east bay. 101 moving smoothly as well. still ahead on "today in the bay," a family rescued after one man's heroic swim to shore. the bay area connection coming up.
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piece by piece. crews working through the night to remove the wreckage of asiana flight 214 as bay area politicae leaders discuss new laws to deal with the future disasters. good morning everybody. it's 5:00. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the runway where that flight crashed last saturday is expected to reopen as soon as this weekend. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in burlingame overlooking the crash site which has been fairly active in the last few hours. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, laura and jon. you can see over my shoulder that workers have been out on runway 28l. they've been out there since last night cutting apart that boeing 777 aircraft that was once asiana flight 214. it's too big to be taken away whole. throughout the night a crane has been lifting the pieces out of that grass si area and hauling them to another site on airport property until the airport can


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