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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 14, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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good even, i'm diane dwyer. >> across the bay area tonight, people are gathering to protest the not guilty protests in the george zimmerman case. there are protests under way right now as you see in this live picture. this is in oakland. we're live at 14th and broadway where protestorsi are gathering. >> it got under way just about an hour ago. you see behind me this is about 200 or 300 people.
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president obama called for calm reflection in the wake of the verdict, and many people that i talk to here right now say they're here to do just that. that was sadly not the case last night when protestors broke windows, spray painted cars, and vandalized a police squad car. business owners today are cleaning up. people here say they're angry about zimmerman's acquittal. >> what was the purpose of you breaking someone's window. small business owners are struggling just like everyone else to try to make it, and that's not going to resolve anything. that's not going to put george zimmerman in jail or do any of that. >> we want to organize people for call out the system for what it is, a racist system.
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we see that's very evident in this case. >> there is also a small group of protestors gathering this afternoon. the mayor condemned last night's vie lenls. she said, quote, in honor of trey von, let's create a safer, fairer world. the protests continue to happen. there is a strong police presence here and they're here to make sure that things don't get out of hand as they did last night if is taking place in conjunction with other protests around the country. >> monte, thank you. as you just mentioned the bay area is not the only place seeing protests. there are some people calling for legal action to move the case forward. let's check in with brian moore
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in washington dc. several demonstrators marched after a jury found george zimmerman not guilty in the death of trayvon martin. but is that correct the final word? >> that's how it works. this is not over with. that's good, that's our system. >> federal prosecutors have the option of pursuing a civil right's case. >> we're pushing them to do just that. we encouraged them to continue to look at this case. >> a case that from the very beginning has been the subject of fierce debate. >> the evidence did not support the prosecution. and they turned it into a political issue. zimmerman supporters say the jury has spoken. >> a conversation is needed because there is a lot of simmering resentment over this o
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trial. a trial in florida that has welcome a test for race relations in america. all right, so a day after the not guilty verdict, still questions regarding the death of trayvon martin. the reports from sanford, florida. >> more than two weeks of testimony and evidence came to a close with these words from the clerk of court. >> we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. >> immediate relief for george zimmerman, his family, and friends. instant frustration for those who say justice was not served. >> it shows that this is a con tin ration of racial oppression. >> while the lawyers began to break down the decision. >> he was never guilty of anything except protecting
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himself. i'm glad the jury saw it that way. >> this case has never been about race, nor has it ever been about the right to bear arms, not in the sense of proving this. but trayvon martin was profiled. >> we have yet to see or hear publicly from martin's parents or george zimmerman since the verdict was read. clearly the issues of race and fairness still linger. the courthouse in sanford was locked down sunday. still, a handful of protestors gathered. their message echoed in chicago and new york. signs that trayvon did not die in vain. >> this has been a tragedy, but coming from it has been a movement which we are and we would love more awareness. now it's not just a few people in sanford, but it's everyone. >> everyone, including president
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obama who today released a written statement urging for calm. it read in part that as individuals and as a society, we can prevent future tragedies like this. some suggest there should be civil action. something his legal team says they will vigorously defend. >> this verdict still has nothing to do with civil rights. >> in is a statement today, the department of justice says their investigation into trayvon's death will continue. >> federal prosecutors say they will review evidence and testimony here as they decide how to move forward with their case. i'm jay gray, back to you. >> we have been hearing about a possible civil rights lawsuit, what about a civil lawsuit files
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by trayvon martin's folks. >> certainly possible a wrongful death suit is something they're considering. they're working through all of that. right now they're still very upset and grieving the loss of their son and now the loss of this trial. they do face something they may pursue. the george zimmerman team said they will defend that very vigorously. >> thank you very much. >> police are investigating a shooting that killed a teenager boy. it happened in east san jose. officers say they received several calls about shots being fired. police just cleared the scene about 40 minutes ago. they say the party was breaking up when they arrived. they followed a vehicle, and when they pulled it over there was a teenager inside that had been shot several times. that victim was taken to the hospital and later died.
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they will not say if the shooting was targeted or gang related. the search continues for the 21-month-old girl who disappeared from a parked car on wednesday. she was reported missing by her father. he left her in his car with his mother who is mentally disabled. he went into the store, when he came out, the girl was gone. >> a lot of vegetation coverage and so forth. there is some tree canopies and things that we're searching well as roadside areas. >> about 35 people and six [ñk units joined today's search that wrapped up about an hour ago. >> coming up next at 5:00, the
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death of a popular tv star. and a winning lottery ticket worth $2.5 million. i'm lawrence scott at the america's cup in new zealand. there were fans here that would come out whether there was racing or not to be a part of this whole thing. good afternoon, temperatures warming into the 90s in the warmest locations today. we have cooler temperatures to talk about and a foggy start to the day and a marine layer. look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else,
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one of the stars of the fox show "glee" named monteith was found dead in his hotel room around noon yesterday. >> he checked in on july 6th, and he was due to check out today. there were others with him in his room earlier last night, but video and key entries show him returning by himself in the
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early morning hours. we believe he was alone when he died. >> police said they found no signs of foul play. fox and the producers of "glee" called monteith an exceptional person. we have a recall to tell you about, pistachios from treasure harvest were sold in six ounce cups, 12 ounce bags, and 20 ounce trays. californians were just one of four a states were they were sold. for more information go to our website
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even with windy conditions on the bay today, fans got to see a boat make a play around. >> now a full week into the louis voutton course. it will be for match racing in the rest of july, the rest for
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display. at the finish, saluting the fans. >> that's great, that's what they want to see and why they came here. >> meanwhile the folks that we talked to around america's cup park didn't need a head to head competition to make it part of their sunday. >> just the ambience in san francisco is priceless. there's a lot of people out here and it is fun. there is a lot of entertainment options to keep you busy on the weekend. >> as if why we're seeing them, it is because of the fatal armetis crash. we have finally gotten to a stage we can flip it over and run different loads through the boat. so hopefully two or two weeks from now.
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if everything goes nicely, it's not too far away. >> teams certainly counting on that. teams not set until next sunday july 21st. let's go back to you in the studio. enough breeze on the bay for some nice sailing today. >> yes, very pretty out there. anthony, what can we expect coming up? >> we will see it continue in the next couple days. it will become cooler and that fog on the coast is starting to intensify. fog all the way down to half-moon bay. and it's this fog that we're concerned about for tomorrow morning and tuesday morning that will give us delays at the airport. it's very extensive up to about 2500 feet. we been telling you all year long about how dry it has been. california now in a severe
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drought, 95%. this was just put out by the climate prediction center just a few days ago. they just show all of the bay area under a drought condition. we have been telling you that since january. the numbers speak for themselves from @únapa to santa cruz. we have entered into our new water year. we only got a trace of rain in san francisco, but this ased to the reservoir and helps the irrigation. and it is something to watch as we head to fall. let's show us our live camera. not much going on. very light wind as well. even across parts of freemont. so really as we head toward the
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next several days the fog and temperatures that will start to cool. 92 in gilroy. a wide range of micro climates in place in most of the area right now. winds are on shore temperatures today got into the 90s. here we go to start the day tomorrow. lots of cloud cover. down into san jose. you're getting some of that action as well. will also wake u to low clouds. by the afternoon we'll start to clear out with the exception of places. there will be a few years of fog, we're not expecting it to be a complete foggy day. if you have some flights, you may want to check those with the fog being very extensive.
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the good news is if it was too hot for you today, the temperatures go down tomorrow. it was 92 today, same in walnut creek, but closer to the watcher it is 60s and 70s. even cooler in san francisco, only 61 degrees tomorrow in the city. still a comfortable 74 in napa. oakland cooler at 66 degrees. things get cool tomorrow and tuesday. then the return of the 90s as we go towards thursday and friday. next weekend could be very hot. if you're trying to make plans, you should do them outdoors. it will be beautiful. the unfortunate thing is we need rain. every little drop counts. >> thank you. tyson gay, the u.s. 100
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meter world holder is pulling out from the championships after testing positive for a drug test. he was notified on friday. it came from a simple in may. he beat the record from running 100 meters in 9.69 seconds. can we still just relish in the tim lincecum thing? >> that's what i'm talking about today. >> yesterday. >> that's what we'll do, we'll just always have yesterday, guys. let's start with this. one oakland athletic gets a well deserved on nor ahead of a show down. first, those giants. the day after tim lincecum's no hitter, highlights coming up
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from the xfinity sports desk.
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good even, i'm jim kozimor. for the oakland athletics, they're in first place in their division and they take on the red sox. today was the rubber game of the series. no hits earlier, hemd. josh donaldson, and he goes big. a man on. red sox face one, ryan cook strike out, and man is he excited. two on for josh donaldson, and a
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little flare up the inside short part. donaldson talks a pie in the face. that one has to taste good. >> he is a tigfighter. he looks forward to them. and that's really kind of the tale tell for me for what kind of players they are. there is added focus, desire, commitment to what he is doing. i mean it is pretty great and impressive to watch. >> so a good finish for the athletics. they are headed to the mid summer classic in new york city. a perfect 25-25 save opportunities this season.
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the 35-year-old australian's first all-star appearance. comcast and the bay area working to bring you everything. we have a full production team to bring you up dates from the apple. we'll be bringing you the latest on the athletics and the giants all-starts. remember, loesch is the manager that will do it. four days off for the giants and the a's. not a great day for them, 10-1 they get beat, and they won three of four, and we always have saturday night. >> thanks. >> we'll be back.
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we're following breaking news out of san jose tonight. there is a fire just south of the boulder ridge golf club. it is burning in open space, but it surroundedly hundreds of palms. we're told 13 fire engines are responding to the scene and a water dropping helicopter. if you purchased a power ball ticket in san francisco, you better check those summers. someone just game a lot richer. a ticket matched five of six numbers last night and it is worth more than $2.5 million. the numbers were 8, 37, 2, 38, 22, and 6. how much is that worth?
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>> $2.6 million. >> i like that. we'll see you at 6:00. good night. on this sunday night, after the verdict that has polarized the nation. cheers and protests as george zimmerman is found not guilty. tonight reaction from all sides in this closely watched case and what's next for george zimmerman, why his legal concerns could be far from over. on the rise. at the height of summer travel season, gas prices suddenly spike, and are said to rise even higher, leaving millions of families to pay the price. tracking your mail. after revelations about the government tracking your calls, what we've learned about a similar program at the post office. and the tragic loss of a bright, young star. tonight the latest on the death of "glee" actor cory monteith, as hollywood mourns one of its own.


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