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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 14, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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today tastes so good. good evening, i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm diane dwyer. our breaking news is a brush fire that is burning just east of the boulder ridge golf club. we have a reporter on the way. when she gets there we will bring you a live report and a update on that. now to another developing story. demonstrators are matchings in the protest for the not guilty verdict for george zimmerman. monte has more. >> the protestors left about 45 minutes ago and they're making
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their way down broadway towards seven street. most have taken their message to the street. within the last hour, they started marching. president obama has called for calm reflection in the wake of the verdict and several protestors here tonight told me that is what they're here to do. unfortunately that was not the case last night after the verdict was announced. in fact mississippi owners spent the day cleaning the graffiti and broken glass. they spray painted cars and set fire to an is american flag. protestors say they're angry about zimmerman's acquittal, and
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some are up set that people are resorting to violence. >> we can't be busting windows out of buildings, we can't get our point across doing nothing negative. >> it's a combination of anger and tiers. frustrate for all of the work that people have put into since the beginning of the trial. >> in addition to the protests here at broadway and 14th, there was a smaller group gathered at 73rd and international boulevard. watch out for possible traffic problems there. the mayor condemned last night's violence. she said, quote, a small group of people gathers and a small group dishonored the memory of trayvon martin by endangering
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people. we understand the protestors are still marching, they're making their way down 7th street. we'll keep you posted on their progress. >> thank you. people also marching in fran. hundreds matched from union square. the protests have been peaceful in fran and a heavy police presence as well in that area. a day after the not dlt verdict, there are questions and controversial around the death of trayvon martin. jay gray followed the story that the teenager was killed through the legal proceedings that ended late last night. >> more than two weeks of testimony and evidence came to a close with these words. we the jury, find george zimmerman not guilty. >> immediate relief for george
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zimmerman, family, and friends. >> instant frustration for those who say justice was not served. >> it shows this is a continuation of racial oppression. >> the lawyers begin to break down the decision. >> he was never guilty of anything but protecting himself. >> this case has never been about race, nor has it ever been about the ricket to bear aght t. but trayvon martin was profiled. >> we have yet to see or hear publicly from martin's parents or george zimmerman since the verdict was read. clearly the finishes of race and fairness fill linger. the courthouse in sanford was locked down sunday. still a handful of protestors gathered outside. their message echoed in chicago
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and new york. >> this has definitely been a tragedy, but coming from the tragedy has been a movement that we would love to have it be more of an awareness. now everyone knows about it. >> everyone including president obama who today released a written statement urging calm. it read in part that as individuals and as a society, how we can prevent future tragedies like this. as citizens that's a job for all of us. some suggest there should be civil action. that is something zimmerman's team says they will vigorously defend. >> the verdict still has nothing to do with civil rights. civil rights can be talked about but not in the context of the george zimmerman verdict. >> in a statement today, the department of justice say they're investigation will continue. >> fras prosecutors say that
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will review evidence and testimony from the criminal trial to determine if they will move forward with their case. stay with us for continuing coverage of this developing story. our website is now tonight, we'll be following the protestors on both sides of the bay. >> another day of searching, but still no sign of a 21-month old girl. her father says he left her in the car with his mother who is mentally disabled. they concentrated on a series of trails along keller avenue. >> the terrain is relatively a lot of vegetation, coverage and so forth. there is a lot of tree canopies
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and so forth. about 35 people and six k-9 units wrapped up about 5:00 tonight. police just cleared the scene on a street where a boy was shot this morning. they received several calls about shots fired. officers say they followed a vehicle, pulled it over, and found a teenager inside who was shot several times. he was taken to the hospital where he died. police have not made any arrests and will not say if the shooting was targeted or gang related. in vallejo, a mother is in jail arrested on child endangerment charges for beat ere her toddler. police say this surveillance
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photo identify her. she apparently walked into a bathroom with her baby boy in a stroller. she left that bathroom leaving the boy behind. investigators say he was left alone for about an hour before he was found. the child is now in child protective services. >> 31 chinese students and teachers that survived the as n asiaian gt flight. passengers seeking damages will get vastly different amounts depending on where they are from. poem from countries outside of the united states are harder to win and get big payoffs. it was carrying people from
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eight countries. broken bones in plane actions usually mean a million dollar settlement in the u.s. and $20,000 to $30,000 overseas. >> why people are being told not to eat a certain brand of pistachios sold here in california. the one boat on the water today was team new zealand is in for the night, but there were fans out here today that would come out regardless of head to head racing or not. that report coming up in just a bit. good afternoon, temperatures today got back into the 90s in or warmer locations. temperatures are expected to cool, and we're talking about a foggy start to your monday.
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we have a food recall to tell you about, treasured harvest pistachios sold in six ounce plastic cups, 12 ounce bags, and 20 ounce clear trays have been recalled. california is one of the four states where the miss attach
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owow -- pistachios were sold. a bill has been introduced for opening polling places for at least one hour leading up to election day. they allowed saturday voting. people that don't have time to come in perp on election day just should vote by mail. >> still ahead at 6:00. a winning lottery ticket worth $2.5 million. >> and a windy afternoon of the america's cup, why people say racing is not the only reason they come out. we'll show you.
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supporters rallied today urging leaders to take a second look at the environmental impact of the shellfish cultivation of drake's estuary. they were barred until at least 2012. now that lease is up, and the interior department and the national park service want it to tran sis from commercial development into a protected part of the park. the company says it's a historic part of the community and false science was used to evaluate the environmental impact. fans got to see one of the boats make it's way. nbc bay area has more from america's cup park. >> now a fuel week into the cup
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challenge series in the pursuit of the america's cup, they're taking to the course four-days a we week. new zealand took on the course on sunday, and at the finish they saluted the fans. >> that's what they want to see, and that's why they came here. >> meanwhile the folks we talked to didn't need a head to head competition to make it part of their sunday. they had plenty of reasons to come check things out. >> it's pretty priceless. there is a lot of people out here, and there is a lot of entertainment options. >> for why we're seeing them go solo, it's because of the artemis crash that was fatal. the boats are doing through structure tests this week. we got to a stage where we can
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flip it over. hopefully it will be two weeks from now. it's hard to tell, but if everything goes nicely, it's not too tar away now. >> the next match race not set until next sunday, july 21st. that's from the america's cup, i'm lawrence scott, back to you in the studio. >> anthony has your workweek forecast right now. very nice, temperatures in san francisco got back to 66 degrees. and the winds were not too gusty today to help some of the folks on the water. 92 was our warm spot today in gilroy. as far as the conditions in the next 24 to 48 hours, we're looking a cooling happening.
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getting back to 84 on tuesday. places lick oakland and san francisco will be closer to 60 towards monday and tuesday. a school down and then we crank things back up. we're talking about 90 widespread by next week. it will be very hot as we get toward the next seven days. off to the east bay, that's where our warm pops of air holds you have. let's take you outside and show you what it looks like on our live hd sky camera network. you see in foster city, a marine layer trying to creep over those hills. that's what we're waking up to tomorrow. and tomorrow you see fog will really take hold across parts of san francisco and it will be spreading to the east bay as we head towards tornado warning morning. we'll probably see a few airport delays. you notice wid spread fog from
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the north bay to the south bay. tomorrow we'll see plenty of sunshine unless you live in san francisco. it's not going to be a completely foggy day. there will be peeks of sun there. i would not be surprised if we saw a little fog at the golden gate. temperatures coolers specially in the north bay. santa rosaz at 49 to start the day. again, tomorrow temperatures go down just a little bit, not as hot as it was today. off to the east bay we get close to 90 today, about five degrees cooler. heyward only at 70 for tomorrow, so consider a jacket.
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66 in oakland for your daytime high tomorrow. fog will be with us for the first part of the day, tuesday we're back close to 90 degrees. so the heat that we experienced around the fourth of july, we have a break from that this weekend, but things get hot as we go toward the later part of the weekend. a nice break today, tomorrow, and tuesday. >> we missed it this week, but next weekend, it will heat back? >> yeah. >> the exactly the flower you would sent to your sweetie on valen tines. it's known as the stinky plant because it gives off a disgusting odor. the plant cycle is unpredictable and play bloom once every few
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years or a decade and more. i went a few years ago, and i missed the big stinky day, and it was smelly, but it wasn't disgusting. >> was it a scientist that named it stinky plant? >> not sure. >> check your lottery tickets, we'll fill you in. look at 'em.
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if you purchased a powerball ticket in san francisco, you better check. one ticket matched fei of the six numbers in last night's drawing. it is worth $2.6 million. the numbers are 8, 37, 2, 35, 22, and powerball 6. the winner only missed the power ball number of 6. the person has 180 days to claim the prize money. okay, phew. >> now we have a tale of a team doing a heck of a job all season long. maybe the best in the majors. >> the a's really finished
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strong. the final at bat, and who oakland is sending to the all-star game. also this, a day after tim lincecum's no hit, san francisco went for the sweep in san diego. highlights of that coming up here next on nbc bay area.
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it's not just that the giants partied too hard last night. they had a hangover effect or a mental let down. and the giants were going for a four-game sweep of san diego. a tie score, and this one goes deep to left center. now it is two for the padres. and the next batter, will, the
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same thing. the padres up 3-1 at this point. a rough day for zito, but the padres go on to win 10-1. i try to look at it as a good series. the boys did well down here. take this series, and it puts us back on course. hopefully, this is how we'll play when we come out of this break, this type of baseball. >> that's how the giants go into the break. how about the a's and red sox? josh donaldson, that one over the edge in left center. we need to go to the 11th. ryan cook gets a strike out to end the frame with bases loaded. two on for josh donaldson. a little shot to left field, the
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a's win 3-2. and donaldson got a little pie action in the face. >> this clubhouse believes we have one of the best teams in baseball. it was just one of those things. we get an opportunity to play snn like the red sox, we're going out there to send the message that we're a really good team and that we're for real. >> more good news out of the coliseum. the hard throwing righty is a perfect 25 for 25 this season and they will replace his teammate on the american legal staff. it is his first all-star appearance. >> yeah, it is definitely an honor. my first all-star game. so we'll get after it for a
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little while, and it's something you want to go up there and soak it all in and enjoy myself. comcast sports net marter ins to bring you the best in the bay area, live reports from the big apple, the latest on the a's and giants all-stars. and we leave you with one very cool fact on the oakland a's. it is the first time they have a sole lead. the last time they did that in 1990 they went on to the the world series. sounds good, and i want to make a quick direction, thank you brody. i mentioned that stinky flower was in berkeley, it is in washington dc. so don't go running to the berkeley botannical gardens
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because it is not stinky. thank you, we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00.
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