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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 15, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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commute. the tri-valley had some slowdowns. we look at the incline of the bay bridge. this is our emery camera looking toward san francisco. it's monday, july 15. you're watching "today in the bay." it is 5:00. good morning to you. i'm march la tas. and i'm laura garcia-cannon. today in the bay's christie smith live in oakland where property was damaged and an american flag burned during the demonstrations. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. that verdict was read across the country but very strong reaction right here in oakland. i want to show you, this is the sears building here at 20th and telegraph in oakland where windows, glass was shattered saturday. we also saw some boarded-up windows closer to city hall. overnight oakland police
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declared an unlawful assembly and tried to disperse a large crowd near city hall. but earlier, a largely peaceful crowd marched through downtown, some chanting "rest in peace, trayvon martin," but by midnight a small group had started breaking windows and spray painting. as you said, there was an incident with an american flag. george zimmerman was actually acquitted of the shooting death of trayvon martin in florida. some walked down interstate 10, shutting down the highway for several minutes. also in new york, more than a thousand demonstrators crowded into times square and the surrounding streets. there was gridlock there for more than an hour. also wanted to mention, here in oakland, mayor dean quan made a
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statement. he said some of them dishonored the memory of trayvon by engaging in cities that hurt the city, hurt the growing economy, and it won't be tolerated. that's the latest from here, reporting live in oakland, christie smith, today in the bay. >> thanks, christie. while protests continue across the country, others say they support the jury's decision. >> george zimmerman was never guilty of anything except protecting himself in self-defense. >> that right there was zimmerman's defense lawyer. of course, he says he is happy with the verdict. over the weekend suggesting zimmerman never should have been brought to trial. as the attorney just mentioned, much of george zimmerman's case was built on a claim of self-defense. that has prompted questions about what constitutes self-defense and how it differs across the country. we spoke to steven clark, nbc legal analyst, to explain. >> you are allowed to use self-defense to defend off an imminent peril. and you're allowed to use deadly force if you're going to either
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be severely injured or killed. the difference in each state, though, is whether you have a duty to retreat or escape before you use deadly force first. and in many states, you have no duty to retreat, and you can stand your ground and assert deadly force without escaping, even if that would have been easier to do. >> the department of justice has now agreed to investigate for possible civil rights violations in the george zimmerman case. clark says trayvon martin's family can also bring a civil suit against zimmerman. breaking news just coming into our newsroom, an early morning scare for people living in an apartment complex in san mateo. fire broke out just before 1:00 at the bridgepointe complex at highway 92. no one was hurt but several people were forced out of their apartments while the fire was put out. investigators are looking into the cause. in a few hours from now, a
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blood drive will be held for victims of asiana aircraft for people still in the hospital. bob, you have an update on the survivors. good morning. >> good morning to you, marla. this will help blood supply for people still in the hospital. it will also help replenish the supply of blood that was partially depleted to help victims of last week's crash. this blood drive that's being put on by sfo, the represent tif representactives of the pacifica blood bank. anyone can walk up and contribute, but space is limited, so people are asked to call and make an appointment. 31 students and teachers who survived the asiana airlines flight 214 crash are back home in china. this is video from last night.
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they had been headed for a summer camp in southern california when their plane went down last saturday here at sfo. i say last saturday, it was two saturdays ago. the three teenage girls killed in that crash had been members of this group. another group of 35 students and teachers who were on that plane will stay in the united states to continue their tour. that's according to the chinese consulate. your mentioning about the survivors, most of the people taken to the hospital after that accident have been discharged, however, there are still several who are still in the hospital, including at least two people who are still in critical condition. reporting live here at sfo, bob riddell, today in the bay. passengers in flight 214 who are seeking damages will get vastly different amounts depending on the country they are from. this is because lawsuits outside the country, outside the u.s., is harder to win payouts.
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an attorney who is consulting with agents from asia say broken planes usually mean $1 million settlements in the u.s. the same injuries overseas mean 20 to $30,000 overseas. pittsburgh's city council one step away from approving an ordinance that would hold parents responsible for underage drinking parties. the social ordinance would charge or fine parents with a misdemeanor if underage drinking takes place at their home. according to a california healthy kids survey, 31% of kids' alcohol use said their consumption came from house parties. it will be the second city to have this ordinance. a probation chief will go on trial for child pornography charges. stuart forrest faces two counts of child pornography.
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he resigned last summer after being convicted of child porn. if convicted, he faces three years in prison. ten counties and cities, including some in the bay area, are suing paint companies. they want the industry to pay the billion-dollar cost to remove lead-based paint off millions of older homes across the state. officials say paint companies violated laws by not removing paint from homes built before the 1978 ban. supporters of drakes bay oyster company is being urged to reconsider their decision to shut down that company. they claim the boats have a negative impact on sea life. the owners of drakes bay oyster
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company say false science was used in coming up with that environmental impact report. today's rally is set for 2:30 at the waterfront in san francisco, a restaurant that gets oysters from drake's bay. let's see if it's a good day to have lunch outside. >> i think it will be. later this afternoon, once the sun breaks out, we'll see some pretty comfortable temperatures but a cloudy and cool day out by the coastline. 50 degrees on the coastline, 52 in fairfield. it's quite gusty now along the karkina strait. into the bay, we're seeing those winds stronging off the ocean pushing in low clouds, which by lunchtime, if you're going to be dining outdoors or doing some exercise today, it will spill back inland again before sundown tonight. our temperatures today, 50s. most of it inland towards the
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tri-valley should see some low 80s and mid-80s toward morgan hill. second half of the week, that's when our temperatures will climb up and feel more like summer inland with 90s in the forecast thursday and straight into the weekend. rob? >> you're talking about those offshore winds coming up, bringing moisture along the karkina straits. this is along that path. there is a glow to the lights but i did scan with the camera and i'm able to see all the way up toward the folks coming off the richmond bridge and passing that racetrack. that's a good drive right now. we're showing you west 80 with the headlights on university avenue. speeds blipping around 58, and that's not a big deal as you travel through the maze as well. very light traffic so far getting easted into this monday morning. we also see this start typical. slowing around highway 84, but we had some more slowing starting here around the
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altamont pass. we had a mass tres in tttress i westbound. they have cleared but we have a slow near livermore itself. traffic on schedule for most of the valley. back to you. the health of nelson mandela. what his family is saying this morning. plus a child survives being buried alive over the weekend. the frantic phone call that led to the resc. some big news coming out of hewle hewlett-packard in just a few minutes. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. welcome back, everyone. taking a live look outside. i always like the s curve, the looks of it this morning with all the lights. not too much traffic as we usually see it pick up quite a bit. mike has tabs on the morning commute, though, to help you through those monday morning blues, if you're experiencing them at all. we'll have more in a bit. 5:12 right now. a six-year-old boy remains in
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credits c critical condition as he was buried alive over the weekend and now we're hearing the 911 calls that prompted the rescue. >> my friend's son, he got stuck in a sand dune and he's under the sand dune and we can't get him out. >> very frightening. six-year-old nathan wasner fell into a sand hold 11 inches deep while visiting on friday. he fell into a hole halfway up the dune. rescuers worked for more than three hours to get that young boy out. nathan's father and friend tried to dig him out but were unsuccessful. he is responding to simple commands but he does remain in critical condition. several reports that nelson mandela could be discharged from the hospital soon. his wife and the president say he is responding to treatment.
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they had an early birthday celebration for him at a school in johannesburg yesterday. that's what you're seeing here. they told the students that they hoped he would be well enough to come home this thursday to celebrate his 95th birthday. mandela, who remains in critical but stable condition, has been receiving treatment for a recurring lung infection since early june. a dozen witnesses of a deadly stampede at a boxing match. it all started yesterday after a riot erupted following a controversial decision. almost 1500 spectators all took off from that stadium to escape the violence. 18 people died during the chaos, including a dozen women. three dozen were also hurt, including nine children. police say there are only two exits in that building. a man has been arrest the near the boston home of secretary of state john kerry. the man was seen parked in a no parking zone yesterday taking pictures of kerry's house. he was arrested for having an open container of alcohol, but a
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kerry spokesman says a pellet gun was also found in that man's car. kerry was not home at the time. it is 5:15. a trial begins today for one of the only people charged with a crime in the housing and credit crash that almost destroyed the american economy. and scott mcgrew, the person charged is not even an american. >> no, he's french. good morning, marla, though educated at stanford. here he is in the foreground testifying before congress. he calls himself the fabulous fab. other people have called him the poster boy of the economic collapse. while at goldman sachs, he is accused of creating financial instruments he and the company knew it's alleged were toxic. they're actually designed to fail. in e-mails, tour made fun of, quote, widows and/ orphans who bought that instrument on goldman sachs' advice. they settled that without
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admitting guilt of 200,000 in fines. looking ahead, it's a busy week in business. you have google and safeway all reporting profits. also tuesday will mark one year for marissa meyer as ceo. technically she was named as ceo a year ago tomorrow and appeared for work the next day. hewlett-packard named new members to its board. you have ray ozzie of microsoft. james skirn, ceo of mcdonald's and chairman of walgreen's. they have been one of the most comical in business history, but there's lots of evidence they're trying to clean up their act in three more bits of evidence this morning. >> very interesting. scott mcgrew wasn't available. you're a little busy. >> welcome back. it's nice to see you, scott. >> thank you very much. want to check the forecast now with bob. he is in for christina who is
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getting a little r and r, we hope. we're seeing a few changes. we have low clouds and misty skies around san francisco this morning, and our temperatures mostly in the 50s. 50 across the board. 51 in san francisco, 52 in fairfield and livermore. sea breeze is cranked up to overdrive right now. 30 in fairfield. pretty gusty in the salano and delta locations this morning. could mean some flight path changes to san jose airport, but no delays reported yet. with low clouds, some arriving flights may see some delays later on this morning. air quality is fine thanks to that sea breeze today. temperatures will stay fairly cool to mild the next few days. second half of the week, different story. we'll see less low clouds and less of that ocean air-conditioning, so valley temperature second half of the week warming back up into the
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90s. satellite view shows not much happening now, but by afternoon south of lake tahoe might see a thunderstorm shower or two if you're heading to the high country. around the bay, we'll see the sea breeze keeping our temperatures cool. before sundown tonight, look at that, 6:00. you already have the fog getting into oakland. san jose will also see low clouds and some drizzle overnight into tomorrow morning. high temperatures around the bay area today cooler than what we saw this weekend. 70s around san jose, 80s further south around morgan hill to the tri-valley. we'll see numbers in the low 80s. 70s in caster valley and 70s in the north bay, only near 60 on the sea shore today from pacifica to half moon bay. wednesday, inland spots start to warm on up and we approached 90s inland. next weekend looks pretty toasty, 60s on the coast and 90s inland. just like we like it in the bay
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area this time of year. very light traffic, very pleasant. no problems reporting at 280 interchange. we do show yellow from that interchange with speeds down just below 60, so not a concern. light flow throughout the south bay. very smooth drive along the peninsula as well. just below the speed limit, but not a concern because the crews are all clearing from overnight constructions. we're driving across the bay. there is the san mateo bridge, looking really good. there used to be a side where we had some earlier construction. it sounds like the two lanes that are northbound on a street, they may be closed for the morning. fremont at 880, here's the truck scales northbound side as well. you see the light volume of traffic just north of tesla.
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we'll look past the coliseum. just north of there, we're looking at the traffic here as well. this is your commute just past high street downtown. picking up the volume a little bit, but still limited from the coliseum all the way downtown and toward the bay bridge toll plaza. we're looking over toward the toll plaza itself. this is a different pattern than last week. last week we had these lanes off to the right of the fast track lanes. they are all open this morning. and these over here just off to the left have a couple lanes closed this morning, so that's what's been going on, they've been alternating, and that's the reason for a little back-up. send it back to you. thank you, mike. 5:20. california voters may soon be able to cast ballots on saturday. california state senator leyland yee started a bill that would allow them to vote one month up to election day. half of the counties already allow saturday voting.
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critics argue people who don't have the time to come to polls in person on election day should vote by mail. another u.s. athlete busted for performance-enhancing drugs. his explanation and apology next.
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good monday morning to you. hope you're coming off a really nice weekend. pretty light traffic right now as we take a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza approach. picking up just a little bit. we'll keep checking in with mike. he's got a look at that morning commute for us. it's 5:23. tyson gay, the 100-metre record holder is pulling out of next week's championships after testing positive for a banned substance. fighting tears, he said he put his trust in somebody and was let down. they notified him of his positive test on friday.
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it came from a sample taken in may. gaye set the u.s. record of six metres at 6.9 seconds. giants had a chance to sweep the struggling san diego padres, but the orange and black fell behind early and they stayed behind. zito had a rough day. padres got that win 10-1. the a's took on the red sox at the coliseum. the a's trailed 2-0 until the 7th inning when a home run from josh donaldson tied things up. donaldson also had the game-winning single in the next inning. they wrapped it up. did you see that? >> yes, right on our air, and i think matt cane's perfect game was also in the bay area. we seem to be a good luck charm for those big games. we have 50les outside right now.
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low clouds all the way from livermore to fairfield. if you're traveling across karkina strait this morning, it is gusty as those winds are inland. the low clouds are going to stick around and come back inland for the evening commute there crossing the golden gate bridge heading into oakland. notice our inland numbers, pretty comfortable today. 70s and 80less s inland, closer 60s on the coast. temperatures start climbing up again beginning wednesday and thursday. mike? >> no delays reported for the karkinas bridge, but just north of the venetian bridge, there are reports. i'm tracking it. these are the curves approaching north san pedro road but still at a limit in arvada and the golden gate bridge. we talked about over on those lanes just to the left of the
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fast track lanes, a couple of those toll cash lanes are closed this morning. but you see the volume kicking in over the last couple minutes. we're looking at the tri-valley where we also see slowing. coming down through livermore and pleasanton, you see vineland. we see highway 84 going through the area, slowing a bit at that interchange. highway 4, coming out of antioch, the tri-valley showing a lot of traffic right now. but you know highway 4 cannot resist that slowdown, guys. back to you. 5:26. reaction to the george zimmerman not guilty verdict hits the streets of the country, including here in the bay area. the clashes between police and protesters, coming up. plus, local search crews get ready to head back out this morning, hoping to find a missing toddler. we'll have the latest on their efforts. a live look outside.
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golden gate. checking your morning commute. and of course, the forecast as we start this monday morning. your work week as well. a lot more news ahead. it's 5:27. it starts with something little, like taking a first step. and then another. and another. and if you do it. and your friends do it.
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tensions boil over here in oakland after the acquittal of george zimmerman in florida. i'm christie smith. we'll show you what happened here in oakland over the weekend. coming up in a live report. and i'm bob radell. we'll trake you live to sfo to tell you what you can do to help the people hurt in the asiana flight 214. some lower daytime highs on the way. we'll have a look at your forecast coming right up. >> we typically ease into the morning commute, but i'm seeing changes at the south bay and the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll check on that, coming up. >> that's why we have you
5:30 am
around, to keep tabs on things like that. all the fog he was talking about out there, hopefully we'll clear thinz thin things up for you on this monday, july 15. this is monday, today in the bay. good morning to you, and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. good morning. i'm marla taez. the protests over the george zimmerman verdict has spilled into cities, including here in the bay. apparently an american flag was burned during the demonstrations. christie, is all quiet this morning? >> reporter: good morning to you. some of these sears workers here in downtown oakland are starting to show up this morning and shaking their heads when they see what some of the store windows look like, all boarded up after van daldals broke out
5:31 am
the acquittal of george zimmerman in florida. police tried to disperse a large crowd downtown after violence started sunday night. earlier in the day, it was a largely peaceful crowd of demonstrators upset with how the verdict went. but by nightfall, some in the crowd broke off and started spray painting. on saturday night after the acquittal, much more tense with people vandalizing a car, an american flag burned. protesters encouraged to wear hoodies as trayvon martin did when he was shot. in los angeles, protesters crossed with police. some of them even blocked traffic on city streets and another group broke out from a larger march and blocked interstate 10 for a time, at least 30 minutes there while the mayor there tried to encourage people to be calm. the mayor here, jean quan, said, a small group of people gathered in downtown oakland saturday
5:32 am
night. sadly, some of them dishonored the memory of trayvon martin. she went on to say that by engaging in violent activities that hurt our growing economy and endangered people, this is unacceptable. we will not tolerate violence in our city. that's the latest from here, reporting live in oakland, christie smith, today in the bay. >> thank you, christie. while pro tetests continue acro the country, others say they support the jury's decision. >> there was just not enough evidence to convict him. >> george zimmerman was never guilty of anything except protecting himself in self-defense. >> that's zimmerman's defense lawyer who, of course, says he's happy with the verdict. over the weekend the defense suggesting zimmerman never should have been brought to trial. we will continue to follow the story throughout the morning. we'll take you live to the heart of the controversy, an update from sanford, florida in less than ten minutes away. it is 5:32. this morning the bay area will show its support to survivors of
5:33 am
the asiana aircraft. in just a few hours from now, a blood drive will be held at sfo for victims that still remain in the hospital. bob radell is live with how you can help out. good morning, bob. >> good morning. that blood drive will start at 9:00 this morning and run until 2:00 this afternoon. it will be at the baggage area at terminal 23 at sfo, and the whole idea is to replenish the blood supply for people sent to the hospital from flight 214, that crowd a week ago at sfo. they are putting this blood bank on in coordination of the pacific and standard blood bank. if there is any type of blood type they need the most, it would be o negative because that's the blood type anyone can receive regardless of their blood type, and it's the blood type they give people in traumatic situations like an air
5:34 am
crash. anyone can donate, but space is limited, so you are advised to call in advance and make an appointment. 31 teachers and students who you are survived that airplane crash are back home in china. they had been headed for summer camp in southern california when their plane went down a fewer hours ago at sfo. another group of 35 students and teachers who were on the plane will stay in the united states to continue their tour. that's according to the chinese consulate. there are still people in the hospital. now, most of the people initially taken to the hospital have been released, but there are still several people in the hospital, at least two of them still in critical condition. reporting live here at sfo, bob radell, today in the bay. it's 5:34. the search continues this morning for a two-year-old girl who was reportedly last seen in a parked car in oakland five days ago. oakland police joined dozens of volunteers yesterday in the search for daphne webb. her father reported her missing
5:35 am
and says he left her in his car while he headed into a convenience store. the man says his elderly mother was with the child in the car, but she has dementia. the father told police when he came out of the store, the girl was gone. the search is concentrated on a series of trails near the girl's home on keller avenue near interstate 580. this morning police are investigating the deadly shooting of a teenage boy. police received several calls of shots being fired on murtha drive in east san jose yesterday. when officers got there, a party was just breaking up. they found a teenager inside one vehicle with several gunshot wounds. that victim, who is believed to be 17 years old, was taken to the hospital where he died. no arrests have been made. it is still unclear whether the city's 28th homicide was gang related. authorities in san ramon looking for the cause of a wildfire. a fire broke out near albion road and silva way.
5:36 am
it took crews several hours to contain that fire but not before it scorched 30 acres. san ramon fire had 30 firefighters on the scene. cal tran was also called in to help. no structures were damaged and no one was hurt. we now bring you breaking news we're following. an early morning scare for people living in an apartment complex in san mateo. fire broke out just before 1:00 at bridgepointe apartment complexes. that's just north of highway 92. crews were able to put those flames out within an hour and a half, and these are actually live pictures from the scene right now. you see that streets are actually still cordoned off by police as fire crews are still there. the good news to report, no one was hurt. dozens of people were forced out of their apartments, however, while the fire was put out. they have now been allowed back in their homes except for six apartment units. an investigator on the scene tells us it appears the fire started in the laundry room from
5:37 am
a dryer. meteorologist rob maetes in for christina this monday. we have a nice day in store and it's going to warm up through the week, too. >> if you like 90s in the forecast, that's coming up later on, but meanwhile this morning, a lot of low clouds. you get a taste of embarcadero weather in the 50s this morning. pretty gusty around karkina strait this morning. southeast wind in san jose also bringing in some low clouds along the south valley this morning. in the afternoon you can see some of these hilltops in white. still seeing dryer conditions above the marine layer and that's where fire danger will be the highest over the next couple afternoons. cloud cover heading to lunchtime, mostly cloudy skies inland, but you already have fog spreading across the bay heading into the east bay as early as 0
5:38 am
7:00 this evening. i do think toward sfo and san francisco, you'll see some wind gusts at 30 miles an hour and cooling by 4:00 as that sea breeze stays pretty calm. keeping our temperatures down the next several days, and temperatures begin to climb guenin lands. starting thursday, lasting through the weekend. mike? >> looking over here by the bay bridge, we have the start of a backup. it looks a little stronger than we usually see. that includes folks at 880 crossing. we have one less cash lane open, but it should open in a few minutes. a good volume of traffic. no delays on the map, though, for the east shore freeway or the approach through the maze and out of the caldecott, still looking just fine as far as that flow of traffic, so it's just at the toll plaza itself a little heavier. antioch, speeds dipping below 20
5:39 am
at their start point as you come past lone tree, and things should get clear heading toward pittsbur pittsburgh. this is northbound 101 over the 680 interchange. it started about 5:30. that's a little early for the first burst of traffic, especially for a monday, but we're tracking it and it's holding pretty steady for the east bay right now. the san mateo bridge showing a good volume increase over the last five minutes as well. no delays but you have a lot of company. we'll watch the build on the hayward side as well, but so far 880 looks smooth on the peninsula side at 92. 5:39. reaction is pouring in from across the country on the george zimmerman trial verdict. we'll have a live report from florida, next. plus, almost ready to race. following a deadly crash, sweden's artemis sailing team
5:40 am
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welcome back, everybody. we take you live outside to the golden gate bridge. you can see it's relatively clear, not nearly as fogged in as it could be out there. your time now is 5:42. accused nsa leaker edward snowden may have thousands more documents on the national security agency including a blueprint of how it operates. the journalist who first interviewed him says snowden does not want the details made public because it would reveal too much. although the journalist does not think those documents would harm americans or our national security. snowden is believed to be holed up atmos cow's international airport still seeking asylum. one of the world's best motorcycle riders was killed in a race after crashing at speeds of more than 285 miles per hour.
5:43 am
bill warner trying to top 300 miles an hour at a racing event in maine yesterday. that was video of a trial run just minutes before the crash. witnesses say warner lost control of the motorcycle and veered off the runway. he was actually conscious and talking after the crash, but he later died at a hospital. the crash is under investigation. the trial of george zimmerman may be over, but the verdict did not stop the controversy surrounding the case. hundreds of thousands have taken to facebook, twitter and rallies across the nation in the past day and a half to express their feelings about zimmerman's acquittal. today in the bay sara doloff joins us live from san francisco with more reaction there. sara, good morning. >> good morning, marla. there have been some arrests at these protests, specifically in los angeles and new york city, but overwhelmingly, the demonstrations in reaction to the verdict have been peaceful, however, this in no way means people aren't feeling strong reactions of frustration and shock in regards to this
5:44 am
verdict. thousands taking to the streets over the weekend in cities, like i mentioned, l.a., new york city, chicago, here in florida, tallahassee. all these gatherings, word of them spreading through social media, firing up debate about gun control, race, self-defense laws in america. many of these protesters calling for federal civil rights charges to be filed against george zimmerman. now, he is not without his supporters who say that the jury made the correct verdict in this case, but his court troubles may be far from over. like i mentioned, the u.s. department of justice continues their assessment into martin's death, and an attorney for the martin family says his parents are considering filing a civil lawsuit against george zimmerman, although for now they say they prefer to focus on the memory of their son. marla, back to you. >> okay, sara doloff live from central florida, thank you so much. at cirque de soleil will resume in las vegas tomorrow night, 17 days after an acrobat
5:45 am
fell to her death. the troupe says it will not perform the final aerial scene in resulted in the accident. the show will be dedicated to the memory of 17-year-old sara gareun who fell to her death. the autopsy of gary montief will reveal more about his death. he was found dead in his hotel room in vancouver. montief, who checked hips into a rehab facility in april, has struggled with addiction since he was a teenager. however, no official reason for death has been given. team artemis has been repairing the multi-million-dollar ac-72 and says it plans to be out on the
5:46 am
water in a matter of weeks. >> going through structural tests this week. we've finally got it to the stage where we can flip it over and run all sorts of different loads through the boat. so we'll hopefully be in the water two, three weeks from now. it's sort of hard to tell, but if everything goes nicely, it's not too far away now. >> this weekend emerit's team new zealand was once again the only team on the water for the cup race series in san francisco. it was just a display race. match racing is expected to pick up steam later this week. pretty day on the bay, though. >> yeah, it was a gorgeous weekend and the nice weather continues. >> a little bit cooler here as we start the work week off. maybe too much of a good thing. they'll be seeing gusty winds across the water for the next few days. this morning and the next few mornings, gusty wind in a few spots. quite gusty through the karkina
5:47 am
strait this morning, and you have that sea breeze getting into san jose and winds coming out of the southeast. our temperatures are fairly uniform. this cloud balanket of low clous all the way inland keeping our temperatures relatively mild this morning. just checked the profiler, up above 2,000 feet. it has no trouble spilling into our inland valleys and that's going to keep our temperatures down over the next few days. also keeping our ground and ozone levels down, so exercise plans should be pretty clear the next few days. mild temperatures will continue through tomorrow, and then starting wednesday a little less of a sea breeze and you'll notice our temperatures will start to climb up into the 90s approaching the weekend. pretty quiet weather picture this morning except the sierra later on this afternoon. the central and sierra heading into yosemite could see a few showers in the high country over the next few days. as early as the evening commute,
5:48 am
fog already spilling back into oakland and san francisco and we'll wake up to more low clouds and misty skies tomorrow morning. highs today inland, 78 degrees in san jose, mid-80s inland around morgan hill and we'll see temperatures in the tri-valley in the low 80s. san francisco over to oakland with some breezy conditions. the next couple days, mild temperatures and then warming comes back into the picture. starting wednesday, 90s inland, thursday through sunday in your seven-day forecast. mike? >> i'm going to try to avoid the hot valleys and say the cooler valleys over the weekend. silicon valley, we have some slowing showing up. right here 85. shows a little bit of slowing in either direction. just down below 60 but the volume is kicking in as folks hit the onramps there. from 680 toward 880, we see those first bursts steadily increasing the volume of traffic. from mckee is where it really starts to build and that's where we're seeing a little slowing. it's been kicking in since about
5:49 am
5:30 this morning, so we'll see if it's an early start to the entire north bay commute. the tri-valley, 84 shows slowing all the way down in towards sonul, so a slow drive dipping down a few percentage points as far as your speed goes. nice through pleasanton and dublin. but the bulk of the traffic still over here in the altamont pass coming in the eastern part of livermore. now, farther north, we do have the slowdown as we have the build coming out of antioch. it kicked off with speeds below 20 in some spots, which is typical for the morning, clearing by the time you get to pitsburg and bay point. the yellow reported on our roadway sensors showing you might have that for highway 12, so watch that. quick look at the bay's toll plaza where we'll end our shots here today. the cash lanes with the big
5:50 am
backup, the fast track lanes not so much. we may see the lights turned on early, at 5:00. it's back. gone for months, the twinkie now back on store shelves this morning. that will get you out of bed. but you know what? you might notice a change or two. hmm. plus lots of tech gadgets just got a lot cheaper. we'll tell you which ones, coming up in business.
5:51 am
5:52 am
good monday morning to you. it is 5:52. we've got a food recall to tell you about this morning about miss tash ow-- miss taspistachi. treasured harvest roasted in salted nuts were sold in 6-ounce clear bags or 28-ounce clear trays between february 28, 2012 and april 29, 2013.
5:53 am
california was one of the four states where treasured harvest was actually sold. for more on the packaging, head to our website at twinkies making their big comeback on store shelves nationwide this morning. >> but hostess already planning big changes for their sponge cakes. updates may contain fewer calories, possibly even gluten free. they may start popping up in sports stadiums as well as movie theaters. hostess pulled the sweet treat from shelves. private equity firms bought the company for $20 million. all boxes will have the tag line, the sweetest comeback in the history of ever. that sounds very valley girlish. microsoft wishes it could make something as popular as the twinkie. scott mcgrew, surfaces of the tablet are pretty stale. >> stale enough. they'll have to cut the price of
5:54 am
the tablets from $500 all the way to 350. microsoft sells less than a million of these surface tablets each quarter. by comparison, apple sells about 20 million ipads in the same time period. this is actually a fine tablet if you want to use it for casual web browsing, e-mail. it's just not an ipad. how about the blackberry's updated phone not selling well at all. hewlett-packard this morning named three new board members will go over the details just past 6:00 a.m. meanwhile, investors are reacting to the news out of china this morning that that country's economic growth is slowing. it's still gangbusgangbusters, this quarter, something we can only dream about. there are three things, laura and marla, threatening the growing economy.
5:55 am
you have the slow growth in china, the effort to revive the economy. if it works great, it's great, if it fails, it's a disaster. and the fed is starting to back off its easy money policy. so we're already looking at one out of three. a look at the morning forecast. good morning, rob mayeda. >> good morning. a taste of san francisco weather all across the bay area this morning, into fairfield and even the tri-valley. we'll head those clouds back to the coast by lunchtime and then just in time for the evening commute, little gusty winds coming into sfo, and oakland, you can see the low clouds spilling back in by 7:00. 70s to low 80s, 60s in san francisco and oakland. second half of the week, we see those 90s coming back into the valley. >> exactly. i'm not a fan of them. nothing against them, just not a fan of them. as you head to the top of the screen right under where it says oakland you see that
5:56 am
demarcation. we had a big load taking up space and making things slow. we do show you the map in the area. reported southbound 880, right around broadway, perhaps the onramp at broadway we might have one lane blocked by stalled vehicles. i see a little slowing past the area, but this may be the on ramp, so watch it entering or passing by broadway southbound. meanwhile northbound where i just showed you, there is a little build northbound past the coliseum and a little slowing just north of there as well, but no major issues as far as that morning commute. 880 through fremont, we'll see how traffic goes. saw a couple instances of a burst of traffic, but we're holding pretty steady into the south bay at 880 as well. back to you. here's the question of the month. when will that royal baby arrive? we can tell you dad is keeping busy as he waits for the birth
5:57 am
of his first child. prince william joining his brother, prince harry, for this charity polo match in western england on sunday. the duke of cambridge appeared relaxed as he kept a longstanding commitment to play in this match. he and his wife, the duchess of cambridge, are expecting their baby to arrive any moment. the future king or queen is said to be born in a private wing in st. mary's hospital in london where prince william is said to be born 35 years ago. sending people out on the streets. latest information from the fire investigator next. police in oakland, police and demonstrators clash following that not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman trial.
5:58 am
5:59 am
smoke and flames sent people running from their beds in san mateo. what we've learned about a
6:00 am
three-alarm fire, next. plus a not guilty verdict in florida leads to an outrage on the streets of oakland. we take a look at the aftermath of the george zimmerman acquittal, just ahead. a blood drive at baggage claim. we'll tell you how sfo is giving back in the wake of last week's asiana air crash. some cooler temperatures to start off the work week. i'll have your forecast coming up. this camera looking at the san mateo bridge just started to shake. i wanted to show you the slowdown with the heavier flow more than expected. we'll talk about both coming up. right now we look at the flow across the golden gate bridge. it looks just fine there. mike is checking all the roads for us this monday, july 15. this is today in the bay. good morning to you. it is 6:00. i'm marla tellez in for jon kelley. >> and i'm laura


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