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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 15, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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mateo. what we've learned about a three-alarm fire, next. plus a not guilty verdict in florida leads to an outrage on the streets of oakland. we take a look at the aftermath of the george zimmerman acquittal, just ahead. a blood drive at baggage claim. we'll tell you how sfo is giving back in the wake of last week's asiana air crash. some cooler temperatures to start off the work week. i'll have your forecast coming up. this camera looking at the san mateo bridge just started to shake. i wanted to show you the slowdown with the heavier flow more than expected. we'll talk about both coming up. right now we look at the flow across the golden gate bridge. it looks just fine there. mike is checking all the roads for us this monday, july 15. this is today in the bay. good morning to you. it is 6:00. i'm marla tellez in for jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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we saw an early morning blaze for people in san mateo. a fire broke out just before 1:00 at the bridgepointe apartment complex. this is just north of highway 92. crews were able to put the flames out within an hour and a half. luckily no one was hurt, but dozens of people were forced out of their apartments while firefighters tried to put that fire out. those people now allowed back into their homes except for six apartment units. an investigator on scene tells us it appears the fire started in the laundry room from a dryer. mixed emotions about the not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman murder trial are fueling protests here in the bay area and across the country. we have new video overnight showing protesters taking to the streets in new york city, shutting down a freeway in los angeles, and even burning the american flag in oakland. today in the bay's christie smith joins us live at the intersection of telegraph avenue and 20th street with a look at the aftermath.
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good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning to you. well, the zimmerman acquittal certainly touched a nerve here in oakland. we took a drive around this morning, and there are pictures of trayvon martin posted on some of the storefront windows this morning. this is the sears building near 20th and telegraph. several plate glass windows were broken over the weekend in the aftermath of the george zimmerman acquittal in the shooting death of trayvon martin in florida. oakland police declared an unlawful assembly, trying to disperse a crowd near 14th and broadway sunday after a small group started spray painting and breaking windows. earlier, though, much more peaceful as hundreds of people marched downtown. over the weekend, though, an american flag was burned, as you mentioned, as tensions ran high. some of the demonstrators actually worn hoodies like trayvon martin did. in los angeles, protesters clashed with police and a small group actually broke off and blocked interstate 10 for about 30 minutes as the mayor there
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appealed for calm. at least one arrest in los angeles that we know of. in new york, times square was packed. more than 1,000 protesters causing gridlock in the streets, upset with the verdict, while some here in oakland are upset with the verdict, many residents say they're also frustrated that their city was hit again. and i wanted to show you, this is the top of the window here at the sears building, and it looks like in addition to breaking the window, someone left a hoodie up on top. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, today in the bay. >> okay, christie, thanks. much of george zimmerman's case was built on a claim of self-defense. that's prompting questions about what constitutes self-defense and how it differs across the country. we spoke to steven clark, an nbc legal analyst here, to explain. >> you are allowed to use self-defense to defend off an imminent peril, and you're allowed to use deadly force if you're either going to be severely injured or killed. the difference in each state,
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though, is whether you have a duty to retreat or escape before you use force first. in many states, you have no duty to retreat and you can stand your ground and assert deadly force without escaping, even if that would have been easier to do. >> of course, the jury's verdict will stand, but george zimmerman's legal saga is just beginning. we'll tell you what's next for zimmerman and why he could end up in court again. that's coming up at 6:45. it is 6:04 right now. this morning crews are setting up a blood drive at san francisco international airport for victims of the asiana air kra crash who remain in the hospital. it starts just a few hours from now, and bob redell is at the airport with how you can help out. good morning, bob. >> good morning, laura. starting at 9:00 will be this blood drive, something sfo is partnering with the standard blood bank and pacifica today at
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terminal 3 at sfo in the baggage claim. the whole purpose is to replenish supplies thawere partially depleted taking care of victims from asiana flight 214 that were in that deadly crash two saturdays ago. anyone can walk up and donate, but keep in mind, space is limited, so you are advised to call in advance and make an appointment. the blood banks need o negative blood type the most. that's because that's the blood type that anyone can receive regardless of their blood type, and o negative is the blood they use in the ers whenever someone comes in with a traumatic injury and they're bleeding out, that's the blood that they use. so they do need that, and that was used, a lot of it, unfortunately had to be used to help the people who were in that horrific crash. 31 students and teachers who survived asiana flight 214 are back home in china. this is new video from last night. they had been headed for a summer camp in southern california when their plane went
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down. the three teen aged girls who were killed in that crash, they had been members of this group. there is another group of 35 students and teachers who were on that plane. they're going to stay here in the united states to continue their tour. that's according to the chinese consulate. now, most of the people taken to the hospital from that crash have been discharged. there are still several, though, still in the hospital, at least two or still, unfortunately, in critical condition. reporting live here at sfo, bob redell, today in the bay. >> thank you very much, bob. meantime, passengers from that flight who are seeking damages will get vastly different amounts depending on what country they're from. that's because lawsuits in countries outside the u.s. are harder to win and offer smaller payouts. the flight that crashed at sfo was carrying passengers from eight countries. a northern california attorney who is consulting with several lawyers from asia about the disaster says broken bones in plane accidents usually mean $1 million settlements in the u.s.
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the same injuries overseas means lower settlements, around 20 to $30,000. 6:06. today supporters of drake's bay oyster company is holding a rally for the park service to reconsider its decision to shut down that company. park service took management of that company last year, and they claim the company's boats have negative impact on sea life. the owners of drake's bay says false science was used in coming up with that environmental impact report. today's rally is scheduled for 2:30 at the waterfront restaurant in san francisco. it's a restaurant that gets oysters from drake's bay. 9:07 right now. rob mayeda is here for our weather. >> right now we're waking up to a little bit of fog. the bay bridge is out there somewhere. we have clouds about two inches thick this morning. everyone across the valley is seeing patchy clouds, too.
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not too bad, not chilly as low clouds tend to eep our overnight temperatures up in the 50s. we're seeing that right now, but winds pretty gusty through the karkinas strait. you got southwest winds at 6 miles per hour this morning and the marine winds has made its way all the way to stockton. just in time for the evening commute, you'll see low clouds coming back in with the same pattern we're seeing this morning repeating again tomorrow morning. highs today, upper 70s in san jose, low 60s in san francisco, 68 in oakland, lows inland across the east bay same for tomorrow, but changes will come up wednesday and thursday as high pressure builds in. our temperatures will be climbing back up into the 90s as we approach the weekend. mike? >> he'll show folks the backup. cash lanes on both sides are backed up. i thought we would have the metering lights turned on about 6:00 this morning, but so far we didn't in the last couple minutes. i've been monitoring it, and no, look. you see all those taillights.
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they're slow all the way approaching that overhang. that's the metering lights. all those lanes funnel down to about half of what they are at the toll plaza. we should see that line up right at the overhang once those metering lights are turned on, probably in the next minute or two. meanwhile, the volume of traffic coming off the east shore freeway, slowing as you come past golden gate fields at the richmond center bridge, and heading to university avenues where there is a lot of slowing as well for west 80, so all those folks will definitely have the metering lights turned on in the next few seconds, as we said. the maze is fine as well. tri-valley we have the slowdown at the altamont pass, but dublin and pleasanton, you're still okay. you have a buildup toward livermore and sanol, but just plan on a lot of company there. the eastbound direction, east
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bay we're looking at the westbound direction for 580, smooth. we still have some minor slowing past broadway and we'll also look at a live shot here as we see the san mateo bridge. watch for gusty conditions there as well. back to you. >> thank you very much. happening now, could be k m kar karmageddon in southern california as we give you a live look at the south. route 2 interchange completely closed this morning. just north of downtown l.a. north of dodgeer stadium. on saturday a tanker truck carrying thousands of gallons of gas overturned, caught fire, created this huge plume of thick, black smoke and that created a massive traffic jam. cal tran is racing to make repairs, but they say traffic likely will not return to normal until tomorrow, and we know what a mess that can make in southern california. so until then, 150,000 drivers who use the freeway, they're going to have to find another way to get to work. it is 6:10.
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coming up, more nsa secrets in edward snowden's possession, but will they go public? we'll tell you what they say about the so-called blueprints of the nsa, next. the trial begins of a guy who calls himself the fabulous fab. and some guys have all the luck. we'll introduce you to the baseball fan who hauled in four foul balls in just one game! it starts with something little, like taking a first step.
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and then another. and another. and if you do it. and your friends do it. and their friends do it... soon we'll be walking our way to awareness, support and an end to alzheimer's disease. and that? that would be big. grab your friends and family and start a team today. register at and welcome back at 6:13. you can see low clouds, one of the reasons why our temperatures are going to be cool this morning and perhaps slowing your morning commute as well. mike? >> you know, rob, we see those low clouds, but over here more of a concern, we have no metering lights but the backup here at the toll plaza and on the approach, i'm going to call chp and cal tran to see what's going bn)on, because those meteg lights should be on.
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that bridge traffic is slow right now. we're tracking it, guys. here are today's top stories. protests nationwide following the not guilty verdict for george zimmerman. protesters took to the streets in oakland last night, even burning an american flag. we are still waiting for word on possible arrests awaiting that protest in oakland. a blood drive will be held at sfo this morning in the wake of the crash of asiana flight 214. the drive is hosted by the airport, pacifica and standard blood bank. it will be held at the baggage claim at terminal 3. the journalist who broke the news of edward snowden. he has blueprints of certain information. snowden says it should not be leaked to the public. three members made solid, sober choices.
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>> chp could use some sobriety, marla. i do not have time to name all the things that have taken place at hp. what the company is doing to fix it. it announced three new board members, ray ozzie of microsoft, james skirnner, the ceo of mcdonald's and the ceo of liberty media. last week we learned that hp had lost its crown as top computer seller to china company lenovo. but on tuesday, yahoo will make its quarterly report. also tuesday, it's one year for marissa meyer as ceo. technically she was named ceo a year ago tomorrow, then showed up for work on the first day, wednesday. so if you don't get her a card until wednesday, that would be fine. looking at it is rest of the week, intel reports its profits wednesday.
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google, amd and safeway will all do so on thursday. one of the only people to face charges in the debacle that nearly took down the american economy is going to trial this morning. fabris tour was an executive at goldman sachs. here he is testifying before congress. he called himself the fabulous fab. others have called him the poster boy of economic collapse. while at goldman sachs, he is accused of creating financial instruments he and the company knew were toxic. they were actually designed to fail, according to prosecutors. in e-mails, tour made fun of, quote, widows and orphans who bought those financial instruments on goldman sachs' advice. laura and marla, goldman sachs settled these charges without admitting guilt but for a fine of half a billion dollars. tour's trial should begin any minute now. rob mayeda is in. just a few gusts of wind today.
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>> we've been seeing it along with low clouds in san francisco, but all the way into fairfield and livermore, you could be waking up to some low clouds, and that's the reason why your afternoon temperatures will be running a little bit cooler. this view from the north bay and marin county, looking around san rafael and a blanket of low clouds, which are actually 2 feet thick this morning. no trouble spilling into our inland valleys, and you can see our temperatures outside in the 50s right now and a steady sea breeze up to 26 miles an hour. that's a good sign that the afternoon will look quite cool, at least relatively speaking, by fairfield standards this time of year, with that sea breeze westward and into livermore. air quality is good. the winds that have been quite gusty at times is going to keep those concentrations from getting too extreme, so that's good news. air quality outside is going to be just fine. our temperatures at least the next couple days will stay fairly mild. we're talking 70s to low 80s
6:18 am
inland. 60s on the coast. second half of the week, a little bit of a different story. high pressure will build back in in parts of the desert southwest which may put a shower at times across the sierra here for the next few afternoons. in the bay area, we're looking at patchy clouds breaking up midday and spilling back in rapidly as we head toward the evening. 7:00, you're already seeing low clouds across most of the central bay by the time we get to the evening commute and even drizzle at times overnight into tomorrow morning. 70s around san jose, should still see some lower 80s south of downtown. lower 80s from sanole to pleasanton, but you can see you're looking at temperatures in the 70s as that cool air funnels inland. coolest days of the week, today into tomorrow, then wednesday you'll notice the numbers at the top of the screen for our inland valleys out towards livermore, warming up. back into the mid-90s as we head
6:19 am
into friday and saturday, hanging on to those 90s as we go into the weekend. mike? >> i called over to chp. had a little trouble getting information. it sounds like they're swamped. our desk is working with them right now for that traffic management. we're looking at this overhang with these lights. you can't make out if they're green or red, but we'll look for those clues. these cars, if these metering lights were on, would be just past them and this would be clear following the incline. the metering lights not on yet. back to the toll plaza, we also have the backup and this pattern would typically indicate+zd wee those metering lights as well. so you have the backup at the toll plaza, but the metering lights being off means the incline is still heavy. the 880 continues to build, so we'll track this down and bring you anything we have to report as far as traffic management goes. the map will show you also the
6:20 am
sensors show a good slowing down on university avenue. that means a good amount of traffic heading to berkeley and that berkeley curve. the toll plaza will continue to build. the flowoff through the maze is just fine as well as 880 west through oakland are running smoothly. as we move our maps over, we also show the road and weather and traffic systems are tied together. shows gusty winds that rob was talking about, highway 12 coming to fairfield. keep that in mind, likely gusty through fairfield and karkinas and maybe the bay bridges as well. also livermore 84, showing a heavier volume and a little bit slower but nothing dramatic here. south bay not a problem. we'll look at palo alto as well. shopping center, a smooth drive between palo alto in both directions. back to you. the giants and a's are
6:21 am
looking to close the first half of the season on a high note. 1qáu)uggling padres, but they fl behind early and they couldn't catch up. zito had a rough day. padres get the win 10-1. don't forget, lincecum no-hitter. the a's trailed to nothing until the 7th inning when a home run from josh hamilton tied things up. he scored again in the 11th inning winning 3-2. you've seen fans catch a ball at the game, but how about four? that's neil said during the kansas city royals. neil is an indians ticket holder but he wasn't in his seat when he tagged the four balls.
6:22 am
>> you can see the mitt in his lap. you need that when you head out to the ballpark. >> he's pretty lucky, too. >> yes, he is. coming up, he flashes a badge but he's not a police officer, he's a rabbi. we'll tell you why a religious leader is accused of taking the law into his own hands, next. and stadium stampede. we'll tell you why a boxing match led to 18 people being trampled to death. ♪
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at 6:24 this morning, unrest
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continues in egypt. today supporters of ousted egyptian president mohamed morsi are planning a massive rally. they're hoping to attract a million people to march on the streets of cairo. two weeks ago, egypt's military removed morsi from power after overwhelming demonstrations against his policies. since then morsi supporters have vowed to stay on the streets until he is returned to office. it was started after fans rioted to protest a local boxer's loss in a championship match. local media reports some 1500 people tried to get out of that stadium which only had two working exits. police and soldiers were deployed to stop the fighting. a california man is among those injured in this year's running of the bulls. the 39-year-old was run of four runners who was hospitalized with cuts and bruises during spain's annual san fermin
6:26 am
festival. but a 23-year-old australian festival. lu. she's in grave condition after suffering serious injuries from being gored by a bull yesterday. this morning police in northern maine investigating a crash that killed a motorcycle racer traveling at 285 miles per hour. bill warner was trying to top 300 miles an hour at a race yesterday when he just lost control and zoomed off the runway. the 44-year-old was apparently conscious and actually talking after the crash, but he died more than a half hour later at a hospital. a new york rabbi has been arrested on charges of impersonating a police officer. alfr alfredo burdowski is accused of pulling people over. he said he did it to yell at drivers who were cutting him off or he felt just driving too slowly. he has been determined to be bipolar and his behavior manic.
6:27 am
he is expected to plead not guilty in court this week. people wereie vac waltd from an apartment complex last night. new details about a three-alarm fire that sent people scrambling out of bed, next. right now we take you live outside in the east bay. this is a look at the high street bridge that gets you over to alameda. you can see those gray, overcast skies outside as we start this new work week. rob mayeda is tracking the forecast at 6:27. stay with us.
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and this is a live look at the nasdaq this morning where we're ready to kick off the work week with the ringing of the opening bell there. we're also celebrating the home run derby all-star game, major league baseball.
6:30 am
a few of our own going to be baumgartner, scutaro, just to name a few. >> the guys in the uniforms, get them out there. that will cause a rally out there. >> today's monday, july 15, and this is "today in the bay." good morning, i'm marla tellez in for jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. we want to check the forecast wi with john mcgrew. >> as we take a look at times square and the nasdaq, they continue to pick up their act naming executives or former executives from microsoft, mcdonald's, liberty media onto the board. lots of bay area companies report profits this week, including yahoo and google and
6:31 am
safeway. we will continue to keep you updated on all of them. >> sounds good. thank you very much. >> thanks, scott. we do have some breaking news we're following this morning as well. an early morning fire for people living in an apartmentm/v compl in san mateo. fire broke out just after 1:00 at the bridgepointe apartment complex. this is just beyond highway 92. crews were able to put the fire out within an hour and a half and no one was hurt. dozens of people were forced from their apartments as they fought the fire. >> lost out on a lot of sleep. i don't think i've ever seen this many fire trucks in one spot before. >> an investigator on the scene tells us it appears the fire started in a laundry room from a dryer. >> not a good way to start your work week, not at all. rob mayeda, you have a look at the forecast now with some winds that you're tracking. >> wind, and a coping the sea breeze this morning, a lot of low clouds. as you can see over oakland,
6:32 am
overcast skies to start, and loet clouds well inland this morning into fairfield and even the tri-valley. you can see our temperatures with the low clouds moving in, fairly mild to start. san francisco, napa, santa rosa near 50 degrees to start your morning, near 52 in fairfield. you see the winds out of the west and into san francisco, i southwest breeze into san jose. by lunchtime, at least, inland we'll start to see the sunshine break through those low clouds, maybe brief clearing on the coast, but coming off the ocean throughout the day, it's going to be a chilly day there. you already have the fog off of oakland, hayward into fremont. drizzle will continue through at least 9:00. lower 80s out towards antioch
6:33 am
and livermore, 81. look at san francisco and oakland, probably keep the jacket on throughout the day with only low to mid-60s throughout the day. by wednesday and thursday, those highs start to warm up. high pressure building in, which means the valley in the mid-90s as we start into next weekend. mike? >> the morning build over here at the toll plaza. we do have all lanes backed up. cpc report no metering lights. they've held off on those but i'm concerned. the backup is still indicating that if there is anyçúqñ proble the kotoll, on the bridge iftts we may have an issue. a big morning commute coming down out of richmond, but out of oakland and the rest of the maze, it's a smoother, easier drive and that's what's
6:34 am
motivating some of that at the toll plaza itself. as we look toward the eastern area, we're looking at the 24 interchange, although it sounds like the activity should be out of the lanes and just have crews that have to pick up the ladder and whatever debris might be there. south 680, an unknown object as you're heading down alameda. just a typical build so far. through livermore, a smooth drive. speeds in the upper 50s as you travel through dublin. now right here, south 680 at bernell, we see the beginning of that slowdown as well. no problems, though, as you head south toward fremont or north 101 and north 87 both show slowing in their typical spots, the first spots to show the slowing for the morning commute. no problems on the peninsula, so we'll look at the golden gate bridge. not physically fog on the bridges itself but you see on
6:35 am
the marin side, fog might impede your vision here, so we'll end with this shot of the great north bay shot. back to you. >> you know traffic very well. southern california, they're really having a traffic mess as they usually do, but this one will be really bad. we take you back live to southern california this morning where all northbound lanes of interstate 5 at the route 2 interchange, they're closed this morning. that's just north of dodger stadium in downtown l.a. as we take a wider shot here. this is what happened. saturday a tanker truck carrying thousands of gallons of gas overturned, causing a fire and a major traffic jam. look at the size of that plume out there. it was horrible. caltrans is trying to make repairs, but they say traffic likely won't return to normal until at least tomorrow. it's 6:35. after a dozen or more years of legal battles, lawsuits against the paint industry will go on trial today. ten counties, including cities, some in bait area, are suing
6:36 am
paint companies. they want the industry to pay the billion-dollar cost to remove lead-based paint off millions of older homes across the state. state officials allege paint companies violated public nuisance laws by not removing the paint from homes built before the 1978 ban. lawyers for the paint industry argued there are scant evidence of any health problems associated with lead paint. 6:36. still ahead, reopening after a deadly job. we're going to tell you what changed 17 days after an acrobat's death as cirque de soleil lifts the curtain on its las vegas show. now we take you live to the north bay. this is skies overhead. traffic winding along the s curve there on the 101 as people make their way into marin county this morning. it looks like they're moving at the limit. mike knows more than i do. we'll check in with him soon enough. your time is 6:36. stay with us. good morning! wow.
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[ male announcer ] add a wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. welcome back, everyone. taking a live look outside. that's the golden gate bridge. traffic appears to be pretty light out there, but look at the fog. pretty heavy up on top, at least. mike will handle the bottom part for the commute, rob is with christi -- in for christina handling the fog. cory montief was found dead
6:40 am
in his hotel room on saturday. he had had struggles with substance addiction. it's unclear if those struggles had anything to do with his death. cirque de soleil will review performances of each show in las vegas 17 days after an acrobat fell to her death. the troupe says it will substitute something else for that scene that resulted in her deadly drop. tonight's show will be dedicated in that acrobat's memory. we'll have a look at the aftermath of the protests over the verdict of george zimmerman, plus what's next for george zimmerman. details about the overnight apartment fire, next. tesla and hp tries to keep up its act. we'll take a look at business. some misty skies this
6:41 am
morning and cool temperatures. i'll have a look at that, coming up. >> part of that might affect your drive. we have these folks southbound on fremont. they have reports of a car fire. i'll check it out and tell you what may be going on for those centers as well.
6:42 am
6:43 am
right now an update to breaking news we've been bringing you all morning long. dozens of people are back in their homes on the peninsula after being forced out by an early morning fire. this is a live look at bridgepointe apartment complex in san mateo. flames broke out just before 1:00. crews were able to put out those flames within an hour and a half. no one was hurt.
6:44 am
an igator on scene tells us the fire started in a utility space inside a wall and traveled through three floors. mixed emotions about the not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman murder trial are feeling protests here in the bay area and across the country. we have new video to show you overnight, showing protesters taking to the streets in new york city, shutting down a freeway in los angeles, even burning the american flag in oakland. today in the bay's christie smith joins us live at 20th and telegraph at the aftermath. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. very strong reaction here in oakland following the george zimmerman acquittal. we've seen everything from peaceful protest to vandalism. we're near the sears building at 20th and broadway. nearly every window is boarded up here on the telegraph street side after vandals broke these windows over the weekend. police declared an unlawful assembly and tried to break up a crowd that had gathered near city hall.
6:45 am
after a mostly peaceful protest on sunday turned violent by nightfall sunday night with a group of vandals spray painting ask breaking windows again, some set an american flag on fire. earlier there were chants of "rhett rest in peace, trayvon martin," "rest in peace, oscar grant." some of them were wearing hoodies as trayvon martin did when he was shot. people walked near the crenshaw exit and clashed with police there. there was at least one arrest. while many feel justice was served in this, there is a divide, clearly. in oakland, another layer perhaps where some residents are upset that their city once again was vandalized. oakland mayor gene quan released a statement saying, in part, a small group of people gathered in downtown oakland saturday night. sadly, some of them dishonored the memory of trayvon by engaging in violent activities
6:46 am
that hurt our growing economy and endangered people. this is unacceptable and will not be tolerated, this type of violence in our city. again, back here live, a lot of those protesters had on hoodies in honor of trayvon and i wanted to show you on top of one of the broken windows, somebody threw a hoodie right here. back to you, today in the bay. the verdict will stand, but george zimmerman's legal saga certainly not over yet. the justice department is investigating the case for possible civil rights violations. the naacp has launched a move on a dot-org position bringing charges. it's also possible trayvon martin's family will bring a civil action suit against george zimmerman. in that case, he would seek immunity in the stand your ground law. if he was granted a hearing in
6:47 am
that case, he would be required to testify as he did not in this current trial. time to check the weather as we take you live outside to san francisco. oh, my goodness, look at mother nature. she has swallowed up -- is that the bay bridge? >> somewhere out there. >> it is. ray mayeda, you're here to talk about when is this going to clear? >> you won't miss the forecast this morning. you have low clouds, and it looks like that inland. you know how cool it feels on the embarcadero where the sea breeze picks up. we're getting a taste of that in fairfield and livermore this morning. oakland, you have gray skies above and the winds pretty gusty not just across the bay but in some of our inland areas across karkina strait. our temperatures this morning, not too bad. a little on the cool side in san francisco. close to 50 right now and mid-50s further south into san jose, and the wind speeds still pretty gusty. southwest at 26 miles an hour into fairfield, and when you see winds that strong early in the
6:48 am
morning, not only will it pull in the clouds, but it's a good sign that your afternoon temperatures will be pretty mild coming up later today. air quality having that strong sea breeze keeping air pollution levels low throughout the area, so there's good news for your outdoor hiking and running plans today. it's going to stay nice and comfortable in terms of our temperatures. a little chilly around the inner bay with some 60s, and come wednesday, that's when temperatures will climb back up. in the meantime, the only active weather around the bay area, it's off to the east around sierra toward lake yosemite, lake tahoe, just a slight chance in the high country. look here in the bay area, you see the low clouds heading back in very early. before sundown tonight, those low clouds will fill back across the central bay and even some drizzle or misty skies. just like we're seeing now in san francisco, this will repeat again heading into tuesday morning. it's the valleys that will see the cooldown. over the weekend, we had mid-90s
6:49 am
today, 80s in soun down san jose. the tri-valley should see numbers in the lower 70s. richmond into san francisco and the coast, 70s in the north bay today. tomorrow may actually be a little bit cooler. breezy at times. strong ocean air-conditioning for us through at least the milgd pa middle part of the week. then those mid-90s fire up just in time for the weekend. >> i want to take you to a live look out here. this is our metering lights shot here. traffic was backed solid all the way across. despite the fact we can't see if it's green or red lights at the metering lights because traffic stacked up here sort of at the racetrack and they're off on that upper deck. speeds a little higher because the traffic she would up at the toll plaza. we look at the toll plaza ours, and we see the backup we saw in all lanes is easing off, and
6:50 am
thinning out and just gently starting to build again, so we did have an early start for those people in the commute because there's still some slowing in berkeley. the maze, north 880 and west 580, moved smoothly as well. we'll give you a live look also at the south bay as northbound 101 is one of your slower spots. typical slowing right around 680 toward 880 and building toward the airport, s jc. north 887 also coming downtown. we had speeds dipping into the upper 60s. and at 85, there is a crash there right around the interchange but it sounds like all lanes of that connector is open. we'll give you one more look÷.ñ outside. southbound 88, there is no problem as you head past the tesla. there is a car fire, and the
6:51 am
southbound side is the commute direction, so i wanted to follow that. police and fire crews on scene. we're going to send it back to you. victims of the asiana air crash that are still in the hospital this morning are getting support from sfo. crews are getting ready to hold a blood drive at terminal 3. bob redell is live at the airport with an update for us. good morning, bob. >> yes, marla, terminal 3 at baggage claim, this blood drive kicks off in just a couple hours. it will run from 9:00 this morning until 2:00 this afternoon, and it's basically designed to help replenish the supply of blood that was partially depleted helping the victims of that airplane crash here at sfo. i'm talking about asiana flight 214. anybody can walk up and donate, but space is limited. they advised you to call in advance and make an appointment.
6:52 am
this is something the blood centers said, o negative is something they need the most of because you can use it regardless of any blood type. as you can imagine, during what happened during this plane crash, there was a lot of o negative that, unfortunately, had to be used. 31 teachers and students that survived that plane crash, they're back home in china. this is video from last night. they had been headed for a summer camp in southern california when theirdt plane t down. two girls killed in that crash, they had been members of this group. another group of 35 students and teachers who were on that plane will be staying in the united states to continue their tour. that's according to the chinese consulate. as far as the people hurt in that crash, most of them have been released from the hospital, but there are still several that
6:53 am
are still in the hospital. unfortunately, two of them, at least two, still in critical condition. reporting live here from smo. for more information on today's blood drive and for continued coverage of this investigation, visit our website any time. just click on fullcrashcoverage. the red. fire broke out last sunday. one person died, 21 others were injured. 9100 people were left homeless by the fire. this morning investigators in san ramon are looking for a cause to a wildfire there. flames broke out around 7:15 last night on a hillside above some homes near albion road and silva way in southwest san ramon. it took crews nearly an hour to
6:54 am
fully contain the flames but not after 30 acres were scorched. no structures were damaged and no one was hurt. about two acres burned yesterday afternoon around 4:00 on a hill on winfield drive near coleman. it took a helicopter and a dozen fire engines to control that fire. a 21-month-old girl was last seen in a car in oakland five days ago. oakland volunteers joined authorities yesterday in a search for daphne webb. her father reported her missing and says he left her in his car while he headed into a convenience car. the man says his elderly mother was in the car with the child, but she hasr dementia. the father telling police when he came out of the store, the girl was gone. the search is concentrated on a
6:55 am
skill home near the vicinity. shots were fired on murtha drive in san jose yesterday. they found a 17-year-old teenager in a car with several gunshot wounds. that victim was taken to a hospital and died. it's unclear weather the ímuci 28th homicide was gang related. a trial begins today of an officer accused of child pornography. authorities reportedly found 400 photos of child pornography in september. he argued it's there because of his job. pittsburgh city council one step away from accepting an
6:56 am
ordinance that would hold parents responsible for underage drinking parties. this social ordinance would find parents with a misdemeanor if their home. . they say their main source of alcohol consumption came from house parties. it will be the second city to have this ordinance. now part of the nasdaq 500. >> boy, they just continue to grow. >> it's a prestigious move for the electric car company. tesla shares take the place of oracle. oracle moved to the new york stock exchange. the nasdaq 100 is a list of 100 companies that trade on the nasdaq. it's not the sames the nasdaq composite index, so when i say nasdaq is lower three points, that's the one i'm talking about. tesla just hit a 60-week high a few weeks ago.
6:57 am
tesla is. this list just accused of ray ozzie, james skininner, he is the ceo of mcdonald's, also the chairman of walgreen's, and robert bennett, former chair of liberty media. they bought the company for $11 billion only to realize they overpaid by 8 billion. if you google hp board and scandal, a google search, you get 212,000 results. >> do you really? that many. >> yeah. rob mayeda in for christina. a lot of cloud cover out there. >> it's going to take time for
6:58 am
these clouds to break through. 68 in oakland, 62 chilling degrees in san francisco. the next two days will be on the cool side. second half of the week, though, that's when the 90s come back as we approach. this is north 880. we have a little bit of slowing but all lanes clear, destruction on the shoulderer s though, since we're back home. 85, slow from 17 up to the lawrence destroy. also there is a crash right around that 17 interchange. again, out of lanes but a distraction. slows all the way to union city. that's the build beyond the san mateo bridge and the san mateo bridge itself. west, a smooth drive getting some company. we're okay for the bridge, but
6:59 am
you will have fun at the golden. protests nationwide this weekend following that not guilty verdict for george zimmerman. protesters took to the streets in oakland last night, even burning an american flag. we're still waiting for word on possible arrests linked to that protest in oakland. at sfo at 9:00 this morning in the wake of the crash of asiana flight 214. the drive is hosted by the airport, blood centers of the pacific and sanford blood blank. it will÷ be held from 9:00 to 2:00 this afternoon. >> authorities said the fire arted an internal. we take you live outside to this fire in san mateo. we'll bring you updates
7:00 am
throughout the "today" show, and during our 11:00 broadcast. >> that's what's happening today in the bay. we'll be back at 7:00 for a live update. thanks for being with us. good good morning. breaking overnight -- >> nationwide protest. nationwide protest. >> the system has failed. >> protests against the acquittal of george zimmerman from times square to a freeway in los angeles. th morning, why the legal battle over the controversial case may not be over. >> get ready to bake. a massive heat wave impacting tens of millions of people. temperatures skyrocketing from chicago to maine. al will tell you how hot it's going to get where you are. >> "glee" tragedy. an autopsy planned today on 31-year-old cory monteith found dead in his hotel room over the weekend as friends and cast


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