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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 16, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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bars. we'll tell you how late-night protests turned into overnight chaos in oakland. and we're waking up to 50s this morning, but in some cases, some wet roadways, too, due to light rain in parts of the bay area. we'll have the details in the forecast coming up. and we'll also look out at the roadways this traffic tuesday. we have a backup of the toll plaza really kicking in. also a sig alert for the east bay. we'll show you that coming up. and we'll check out the traffic here in the south bay. not much going on. this is in san jose. 880 and 280 -- or, rather, 17 -- light traffic there. we're checking the roads with mike, too, on this tuesday, july 16th. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you, and thanks for waking up with us. >> john and laura are off today. an update to breaking news overnight. investigators are looking into the cause of a house fire that killed about 100 cats.
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flames also trapped a woman outside that home. it happened on pulvedero drive, near bernal. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live at the scene with how one of the woman's pets helped save her life. >> reporter: good morning to you, terry. this is the home of sarah muller and the home where she fed and took care of almost 100 cats. most of them trapped in their crates when smoke and flames tore through the house. the bodies, most behind that fend, awaiting burial, where the men are boarding up her home. when the fire started around 1:45, carol was asleep. no smoke alarm to wake her. fortunately, she did have bunny, her rescue dog, who alerted her to the fire already raging in the back bedroom. carol was able to escape to a small backyard enclosure. this is a space she had secured so her cats couldn't roam free, unfortunately it did keep her from getting away from the smoke and flames. she hunkered down in the fetal position on the phone with 911
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until the firefighters arrived. they were able to save her, her dog, and seven of the cats. but the rest, as many as 100, are gone. >> all of the little dead animals that they have found, they put together in one place in the yard, and a friend and i will take all of their little bodies, and soon i will drive them all up to napa where i have many, many animals buried. and i will have them cremated the there. >> reporter: the stanford cat network, which carol founded, the whole point is to rescue cats on the stanford university campus, basically tnr, trap, neuter, release, so they do not repopulate. a lot of the cats are feral or cats that are abandoned. her heart was in this very much.
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she's been doing this for years. according to the fire department, the cats were very well taken care of, looking at them, they were well fed and they weren't just necessarily roaming free in her yard, as i mentioned, it was very secure. and they were in crates. unfortunately, the fact they were in crates, the reason why they were not able to escape. carol is physically okay. she's actually in the white van behind me. but again, she's waiting to bury roughly about 100 of her friends, her cats who perished overnight. reporting live here in south san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." one not guilty verdict in florida has led to three days of protests in oakland, leaving the city scarred by violence and destruction. overnight, protests hit their peak with several people arrested, some bystanders hospitalized, and many businesses vandalized along broadway and telegraph avenue. protesters briefly blocked traffic on interstate 880 last night before continuing to march downtown at times blocking cars, spray painting graffiti, and
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even smashing windows at businesses along broadway and on telegraph avenue. "today in the bay's" christie smith joins us live from flora restaurant and bar on telegraph where a masked protester used a hammer to hit a waiter in the face. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. yeah, i have to tell you, the streets are pretty quiet right now. so what a difference a couple of hours make. we're seeing an occasional police cruiser drive by just to keep an eye on things. boy, day three of the protests really seem to ramp up. as you said, we're at flora restaurant here near the fox theater on telegraph and 19th. many of the windows broken out. a lot of this actually happened on saturday. but overnight, as you said, a mass protester hit a waiter in the face with a hammer. that waiter actually just trying to protect the restaurant. by the end of the night, oakland police had arrested nine people, six men, two women, and a juvenile. and they recover add replica bb gun among other things.
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most of those people arrested actually not even from oakland. six of them, actually, not. three were from here. this is the third protest in the wake of the zimmerman verdict. it started last night, franco gala plaza near city hall. a few hundred people marching. many of them shouting the name trayvon, the florida teen shot, mostly peaceful. and then, as it goes, as the nightfall went, windows smashed, the men's warehouse, a tear gas canister was detonated as oakland police said they had to call for help from an outside agency. >> one of the things we'd like to share is the oakland police department is out here with increased. we have summoned and requested neighboring law enforcement agencies to assist us. we have had rocks, bottles thrown at the officers, and we have made arrests. >> no, it's oakland. this is what oakland is about. it's really important for people to get out and protest. >> reporter: now, we're also hearing that one of the
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protesters may have been hit by a canister that was detonated, an american flag also set on fire. what we're hearing right now is that oakland police are actually asking for the public's help. they're saying that they would like to make more arrests for people who caused all of the vandalism, broke the windows, did the spray painting, and asking anyone who might have video, anything like that, please give them a call. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> christie, thank you very much. protests overnight not just in oakland, but also in l.a. up to 150 people caused chaos on the city streets. the protest of the zimmerman verdict. police say vandals broke windows and attacked people on sidewalks. at least 13 people now under arrest. as for george zimmerman, a jury has acquitted him of killing trayvon martin. but his legal saga is not over yet. coming up at 6:30, we will go live to washington, d.c., for an update on the federal investigation into the case, and what attorney general eric
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holder is doing today that could give us an idea of what we can expect from the investigation. again, that's coming up at 6:30. this morning, the ntsb says it has finished its on-scene investigation at sfo following the crash of asiana flight 214. the ntsb says the investigation will now continue in washington, d.c. some of the wreckage of the flight will remain in a secure storage location at sfo. meantime, asiana airlines says it will increase training for its pilots following the deadly crash at san francisco international. "the new york times" reports the korean-based airline will give all its pilots special safety training, including a new program on landing approaches and automated flight. the pilot of flight 214 was in training for the boeing 777 aircraft and was landing this type of airplane at sfo for the very first time. it is 6:07. santa clara county sheriff's deputies say they want their boss out. the deputy sheriff's association says it will not endorse incumbent sheriff lori smith in
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next year's election. instead, they're supporting captain kevin jenson for the position. today, jenson is set to respond to this endorsement. the union says sheriff smith is out of touch with rank and file and doesn't have a good rapport with other departments. >> i voted no confidence based on a number of issues. lack of staffing. a lack of morale. the inability for our people to go ahead and speak without fear of retaliation from the office itself. >> the sheriff did not want to go on camera, but in a memo, she questioned the voting process for the endorsement calling it, quote, old soviet style. sheriff smith also telling nbc bay area, quote, no small group of special interests can hire or fire a sheriff. meteorologist rob mayeda talking about a warming trend in our future. >> in the future. but right now, in the meantime, low clouds and mist whether skies across the bay bridge, and also into the south bay this
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morn, a view from san jose, looking out towards santa clara, off to the distance. we have low clouds, 3,000 feet thick this morning. so that sea breeze coupled with the low clouds making for a cool start this morning. and it should ensure a relatively cool finish to the afternoon, too. 50s outside for most of the bay area. look at the winds of fairfield, west at 30. and a southwest wind into livermore. typically, you see that during the afternoon, not during the morning. look at the relative humidity. notice the hilltops have high humidity levels. that's what happens when that sea breeze and the marine layer deepens up to near 3,000 feet. so as we go through the morning, we'll see clearing skies inland, starting around probably 10:00 this morning. and as we head towards the evening, more clouds spilling inland. tomorrow will be a different. you will notice this in the seven-day forecast as temperatures climb. 50s and 60s through 9:00. and by 1:00, still cool. 63 degrees in oakland. and 70s to near 80 degrees in san jose. one of the warmer spots we'll see today. but in the seven-day forecast,
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80s are going to seem cool, because you can see where the valley temperatures are headed thursday. low 90s finishing off the work week, and by the weekend, mid to even upper 90s around here on saturday. mike? >> all right, rob. you know, looking over here, traffic tuesday, and there's the traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. as you would imagine, the backup forms very quickly after the metering lights are turned on, and they were turned on just before 6:00. the fast-track lane showing the movement, and the carpooling, through the diamond lane, that's the advantage. looking at the map, a smooth drive through the maze. no problems on 24, 580, 80 through oakland. this is the issue here. it got lighter because of slowing i saw at carlson boulevard. checks from the chp, said a crash involving three vehicles blocking your two left lanes, approaching the merge as folks come off the richmond center bridge. so you will find the slowing approaching the merge. by the time you get to golden gate fields, the traffic moving slowly. we'll track that as chp arrives
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on the scene. over here, a closure for brentwood boulevard, and it will last a couple of hours. possibly 9:00 a.m., around sunset road, overnight big-rig fire. no injuries to cause. and had to close brentwood, rerouted a few blocks around the scene. and looking into the tri-valley with a smooth flow for traffic, westbound 580 still slow as tad bit down past vasca and the build for the dublin interchange. 84 a gentle bield through livermore, but no big surprises for 80. a live look outside, how things are shaping up across the bay. san mateo bridge picking up more company, or speeds close to the limit. and here's the north bay. southbound 101 shows more traffic now at the curves. getting a burst of traffic out of navado, off 101. back to you. >> 6:11. coming up, a juror in the trayvon martin murder case speaks out. what she's saying about the controversial decision to acquit george zimmerman and why she's changing her plans to write a book about the trial.
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and here's a view now of the san mateo bridge. we have low clouds and misty skies for the morning. we'll let you know what to expect later on coming up. and here's san jose with some of the low clouds off in the distance. the traffic in the foreground, though, moving pretty smoothly here. i am tracking a new crash, though, on the east shore freeway. it'll be a problem for folks through richmond. we'll follow that and the chp updates coming up. and here are today's top stories. firefighters are on the scene of a house fire in south san jose that trapped a woman and more than 100 cats. crews were able to free the woman. she says only about seven cats survived the flames. nine people were arrested
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overnight in oakland during protests stemming from the not guilty verdict george zimmerman. several businesses along broadway and telegraph avenue have been vandalized after protests turned chaotic overnight. one of the six jurors who acquitted george zimmerman says she had planned to write a book about the trial, but now, she has changed her mind. she is not spelled out the reasons for this. but she did say her isolation in the jury room kept her from being aware of all of the outrage over the case. the juror's name has not been released publicly. yahoo! has won an important case in the fight against secrecy and domestic surveillance. >> scott mcgrew, yahoo! may soon reveal some of the ways it was forced to turn over the data. >> reporter: yes, the fisa court has told the government it should allow yahoo! to give us some hint as to what data the nsa or fbi demanded. it's a fuzzy order. the fisa order has given the government two weeks to come up with a timeline to declassify some of the information behind a
6:16 am
recent request for user data. several silicon valley companies have been pushing for the right to tell you more about their role in domestic surveillance. there's actually lots of news out of yahoo!. more to come. yahoo! will report its profits this afternoon, kicking off reporting season. google, apple, facebook, all coming this month. today also marks one year for ma ris -- marissa mayer. if you call ross levinstone, he was there for a few months. jerry yang 18 months. carol barts as ceo, 21 months. a few moments ago, the government released its latest consumer price index showing surging prices in gasoline. otherwise, no threat of inflation. but gas prices absolutely jumping. now, somebody recently said it was likely gas prices would fall. i think that was me.
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two conditions were never met, though, in my defense. first, the fed never -- said it was going to slow down quantitative easing, strengthening the dollar, that hasn't happened. that's one. the other is the military coup in egypt, guys. we did not see that coming. egypt doesn't export much oil. canada exports, like, three times as much. but unrest in the middle east is enough to make traders very nervous. so that's my defense. >> otherwise, you would have been right. >> if i weren't wrong, i would have been right! >> that's right, scott. >> there you go. for the latest race in the san francisco bay is scheduled for today, but it may be another solo run. the italian team is scheduled to race sweden's team at noon. but the sweden team is in the process of repairing its boat after it capsized in may killing a crew member. the team says it should be ready to race in another two, three weeks. it's part of the louis vuitton cup, a series of races ahead of the america's cup. >> yesterday, on the water, there were some winds that people were dealing with out
6:18 am
there. >> yes. pretty gusty. if they were running the trials in the straits, you'd be seeing the strong winds. winds into fairfield, the sea breeze, at 30 miles per hour. let's show you what we're also seeing, plenty of low clouds. there you can see gray skies over oakland, looks like black-and-white television. that's a color hd camera for you. yes, we all worked on that in some point. in oakland, low clouds and some misty skies in a few spots. let's show you the temperatures, now back into color. you can see 59 degrees in oakland. 57 in san jose. everybody seeing more or less the same temperature as the sea breeze brought in a lot of low clouds. southeast breeze into san jose. so one more day we're looking at mild temperatures. 60s and 70s inland. fog sticking around on the coast. tomorrow, though, you'll see some changes in the inland valleys as the temperatures climb on up. the area of low pressure off to the west deepening the marine layer close to 3,000 feet thick.
6:19 am
counterclock wise rotation offshore. you can see the low, it will get out of here come tomorrow. which means less of the ocean air conditioning come wednesday and thursday. but for today and towards this even, low clouds spilling in inland. we'll wake up to a lot ofgnp l clouds tomorrow morning. but today will be the last of the truly cool days around the bay area in terms of afternoon highs. so 76 degrees in san jose. close to 80 inland. and that's going to seem cool compared to where the seven-day forecast is headed for the weekend. 75 degrees in dublin. 62 in san francisco. and on some lower 70s around the north bay and the north bay will also see the temperatures climbing on up starting tomorrow. so here's your coolest day of the week. we're seeing it today. and then for thursday and friday, temperatures start to climb on up. we're talking low 90s inland for thursday. and then maybe mid to upper 90s out towards the tri-valley in time for saturday, and staying in the 90s into early next week. mike? >> rob, looking over here now toward the south bay where the volume is starting to increase. right here, the 288 interchange, some slowing. it might be deceptive, because
6:20 am
we also have crews that are finally clearing the rest of the morning work there. we don't have a lot of traffic so far. we do see that as one of the first spots we typically see slowing. here, 87 hat calmed down after an early first burst after 6:00, but it will build now. you see it around downtown, into north 101 past alum rock. and now we'll see the volume build passing sjac, the international airport. and tri-valley, the earlier debris reported, it's not been a problem for the last few minutes. westbound, we've seen that build over the last few minutes. smoother drive toward you see the slower drive, but the volume is holding steady. folks through livermore or pleasanton. castro valley and the "y" and the slowing now. the commute 238 slows around redwood road approaching 238 and all the way over toward 880 and hayward, picking up the volume
6:21 am
in either direction off the split. san mateo bridge shows a good amount of volume. increasing a bit here. no major issues, but westbound, the commute direction. you have a lot of company heading over the high-rise. still flowing smoothly through the peninsula. the low clouds hovering around the area, but visibility is fine for drivers over there and across the peninsula. here's 101 through palo alto, and an easy drive because of the light volume, all the way into san francisco. no major problems north of sfo, clear all the way into city. and also 280 moving smoothly along that portion. good stuff, guys, on this side of the bay as well. we'll send it back to you. >> smooth sailing, mike, thanks. 6:21. coming up, breaking news out of san francisco. a standoff to tell you about. we'll bring you the details just into our newsroom. that's next. also, jason kidd in court. we'll tell you why one of the east bay's brightest nba stars is answering to charges next. plus, a suspected drug lord behind bars in mexico. new details about the military operation that took him off the streets. it starts with something little, liktaking a first step.
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at 6:24. we are following breaking news. san francisco police are in a standoff with a shooting susp t suspect. you can see from our chopper video police have surrounded this building in the mission district. officers cleared the home, which is located just about two blocks from san francisco general hospital. and now, police are trying to make contact with this suspect. police say a man called 911 about 4:30 this morning saying he had been shot by a man who lives in the building on bryant
6:25 am
street. the victim was taken to the hospital where he is reportedly in stable condition. the motive is still under investigation. this morning, more than 250 suspected child predators are under arrest, including nine teachers and three members of the clergy. this video released by immigration and customs enforcement shows officers raiding an l.a. home and making an arrest. federal authorities say the five-week-long investigation called "operation: iguardian" rescued 61 child victims. it targeted online sexual abusers and those that deal with child pornography. police in india are searching for 16 armed men accused of rape at a mission hostel. investigators say the four victims are between 12 and 14 years old. they also say they are students who were taking vacational courses. last gnpyear, the gang rape an death of a student inside a bus sparked national demonstrations demanding better police protection for women.
6:26 am
-- mexico's most notorious cartel is behind bars. he was captured during a military operation in the northeastern part of the country. morales is a group of former special forces defectors who went to work with drug traffickers before creating their own cartels. they're known for the brutal atrocities. morales faces numerous charges including murder and kidnapping. jodi arias is back in court today to determine whether her sentencing retrial should get under way tomorrow as planned. arias' lawyers will ask the judge to throw out the jury's findings that made her eligible for the death penalty. the arizona woman was convicted of first-degree murder against her boyfriend, but jurors could not agree on whether to sentence her to life in prison or death. former nba star jason kidd will appear in court today to answer to drunk driving charges. back in july, last year, kidd was arrested in long island, new york, after smashing his suv into a telephone pole.
6:27 am
police say he smelled of alcohol and his eyes were bloodshot and glassy. kidd has pleaded not guilty. he grew up in oakland and was a standout player for a couple of years. he was recently hired as a new head coach of the brooklyn nets. 6:27. an update to breaking news in san jose about 100 cats killed in an overnight house fire. we'll tell you why so many cats lived inside and why one woman who lived there managed to escape. good morning! wow.
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hundreds of cats locked in cages as fire ripped through a home last night. rowdy crowds, chaos, violence in oakland. we'll tell you why a not guilty verdict in a courtroom inñ!1 florida is leading to destruction here in the bay area. right now, we take you live to the nasdaq and look who's ringing in the bell. -- comcast that owns nbc
6:30 am
universal, and the media chef that has a new show coming out on bravo, as they are excited. somebody needs to cook up some breakfast. >> a little hupgry? >> they tried to ring the opening bell. there you have it. yahoo! expected to report its profits this afternoon on this tuesday, july 16th. this is "today in the bay." good morning, everyone, i'm terry mcsweeney. >> good morning, it's 6:30, i'm marla tellez. this morning, oakland is reeling from a third straight day of protests in response to a florida jury's not guilty verdict for george zimmerman. this right here is a live look at a restaurant on telegraph avenue where windows were smashed overnight and a waiter was hit in the head with a hammer. the trail of destruction left in the wake of a lit-night march through downtown oakland, which briefly blocked traffic on
6:31 am
interstate 880 and then made its way down broadway. the oakland police department says nine people in all were arrested overnight, including six men, two women, and one male juvenile. the police department says most of the people arrested live outside of oakland. meiç@ime, george zimmerman's legal saga is not over yet this morning. all eyes are on florida where attorney general eric holder will be giving a speech to the naacp. "today in the bay's" brian mooar joins us live in washington, d.c., and, brian, they're hoping the nation's top law enforcement officer will step in. >> reporter: that's right. ericvs7 holder has acknowledged that there is currently a federal investigation. in cities around the country, another day of protests by people who don't believe trayvon martin(anñ got justice in a flo courtroom. >> zimmerman not guilty. >> reporter: they want washington to take another look at the case against george
6:32 am
zimmerman, and attorney general eric holder says he's listening. >> the justice department shares your concerns. i share your concerns. and as we first acknowledged last spring, we have opened an investigation into this matter. >> reporter: today in orlando, mr. holder is addressing the naacp which is pushing for federal civil rights charges. >> part of keeping the faith in our justice system is being able to access the full extent of ou> justice system. >> reporter: a civil rights case would have a high burden of proof. in an exclusive interview with cnn's anderson cooper, the first woman to break her silence says she doesn't believe race played a role. >> i think if there was another person -- spanish, white, asian -- if they came in the same situation they were trayvon was, i think george would have reacted the exact same way. >> reporter: a trial that's over but still being argued in the court of public opinion.
6:33 am
and at this hour, religious leaders are gathering at the justiced department calling foa trayvon martin demonstration in 100 cities around the country on saturday. terry? >> brian, thanks very much. we want to give you right now another live look at the aftermath of the overnight protests in oakland to the spray painting and broken windows. "today in the bay's" christie smith is getting new information about the overnight daniel, and she'll have an update coming up in about 15 minutes from right now. now, an update to breaking news. overnight, san jose investigators are looking into the cause of this house fire that killed about 100 cats. flames also trapped a woman at the home. it happened on pulvedero drive, close to baldwin elementary school. right now, we give you a live look at the scene. now, this is one of the cages that looks like it's one of the cages that some of the cats were kept in. crews were able to free the wm. the woman says only about seven
6:34 am
cats in all survived the flames. we have our bob redell, live at the scene there, and in about 15 minute the, we'll have reaction from the woman who survived the fire. a dog in san francisco recently poisoned by a meatball laced with strychnine is dead. dorothy schechter says her 7-year-old dachshund oscar died of organ failure 11 days after eating the poisoned meatball. warning signs are posted all over the twin peaks neighborhood. police say someone left nearly 100 of the poisoned treats which tests revealed to be lethal to humans as well. the defense fund is offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to a conviction in that case. time now to check the weather. as we take you outside, give you a live look at the bay bridge. oh, man, it looks awfully gray outside. on this tuesday. as you wake up with us. meteorologist rob mayeda in for christina. it's pretty chilly outside. >> it is. we've been watching the low clouds and at times mist falling around the commute, the commute
6:35 am
out of the north bay and drizzle reported. so the low clouds doing a couple of things. blocking out the sun for now, and the marine layer is about 3,000 feet thick for this morning, reaching in livermore and fairfield. temperatures outside thanks to the low clouds not too bad. upper 50s for most of the area now. it is breezy. winds west at 30 again, highs in fairfield yesterday in the upper 70s. close to that again today. southeast wind now into san jose at 8 miles per hour. 10:00, 11:00, we'll see the low clouds breaking up. so around lunchtime we'll see the sunshine around the south bay out towards the tri-valley. and as we go towards the evening, more low clouds spilling back in. but tomorrow will be different in terms of the temperatures. you'll see that coming up in the seven-day forecast. 10:00, still in the 50s and 60s outside. so you can keep a jacket on around the central bay throughout the afternoon. only low 60s and mid-60s towards oakland. 70s around san jose. but tomorrow, things are going to start to warm up. valleys, back into the upper 80s on wednesday. and then 90s thursday and into
6:36 am
the weekend. mike? >> rob, we're looking over here toward the bay bridge toll plaza where actually if you look closer, we'll pull the full screen, and as we look at the toll plaza, you see movement. this is backup for those who go here and watching it every morn be, we see the traffic stop. this is good for the bay bridge toll plaza. the reason this is looking good, look at the maps. light volume of traffic through berkeley, slowing through emeryville, no problems out of the maze. folks here are held up west 80. the shore way, into richmond, an earlier crash being moved to the are carlson boulevard offramp. so all of the traffic is held up before the merge coming off the richmond san rafael bridge. we'll track that as things change, south of 80 toward 16th, report of a disabled, and it is not necessarily the major
6:37 am
commute, but we see slowing through downtown, northbound the commute kicks in because of the volume of 2ñtraffic. a live look for 880 farther south here's freemont, nice, smooth flow of traffic, the volume building, but still at the limit. freemont and into the south bay where the south bay slowdown starts in the northbound directions. we'll show you that coming up. back to you. >> all right, mike, thanks. 6:37. still ahead, a schooner stranded along the east bay shoreline. we'll tell you why it might be sitting there for quite sometime. so... [ gasps ] these are sandra's "homemade"
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at 6:39, experts say crews only have one chance to pull the ship wrecked costa concordia upright and float it to the shore for demolition, but she has to come up now. the cruise liner is still lying on its side, and it's gradually weight along the italian coast. the ship's captain, who goes on trial tomorrow, slammed the cruise liner into the reef last year killing 32 people. closer to home, a richmond couple is asking for help to save an old-fashioned schooner, now stranded and partially submerged off the richmond shoreline. the el debron has been a community fixture for decades. we're a little too far away to get a look at the ship. it started taking on water july 4th and rough waves knocked it around, pitching it into rocks where it is now stranded. the owners are hoping to raise $50,000 to raise the ship and make repairs. 6:40. coming up, much more on the breaking news in san jose.
6:41 am
dozens of cats killed in an overnight fire. we'll tell you where 100 cats were living inside a single family home next. low clouds and misty skies. we'll have a look at the complete tuesday forecast coming up. look at the cars through berkeley west 80. a good volume here. trying to get another burst of traffic as a crash farther north has cleared. it will send more traffic toward the bay bridge. we'll watch as that ripples around the maze. good morning! wow.
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♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. breaking news in san jose. about 100 cats are now dead after fire ripped through a home in san jose overnight. "today in the bay's" bob redell
6:44 am
spoke to the woman who lives in the house. he'll have a live update for us in just a few minutes. first, one not guilty verdict in florida prompts three days of protests in oakland, leaving the city scarred by violence and destruction. overnight, protechts hit their peak, with several people arrested. bystanders were hospitalized and many businesses vandalized. protesters blocked traffic on 880 last night, at times blocking cars, spray painting graffiti, even smashing windows at businesses along broadway and on telegraph avenue. "today in the bay's" christie smith joins us live at flora restaurant at par and telegraph where a protester used a hammer to hit a waiter in the face. christie? >> reporter: yeah, good morning. can you believe that? i have to say much quieter now in downtown oakland. in fact, the cleanup crews are out getting rid of the spray paint spray painted on buildings. this was day three of the protests, much more active and violence than the first few days. i wanted to show you flora
6:45 am
restaurant you were talking about. you can see it's been hit by spray paint. the windows broken out. this is where the waiter at the restaurant got hit in the face with a hammer. the windows were broken out on saturday by protesters. much different than the first two nights, though. police made nine arrests. one of those arrested had a bb gun on him. most of them not even from oakland, though, which has been the case before in some of the protests. people arrested from outside of oakland, demonstrators still upset with the zimmerman verdict, acquitted to the shooting of trayvon martin in florida. hundreds of protesters took to the streets starting at franco gallo plaza in the evening and mashed onto interstate 880, tried to get onto 580. they shut that down. they said they were hit by bottles, rocks, even fireworks tossed at them from the protesters. windows were broken at comerica bank. i walked by the men's warehouse. it's already boarded up. people spray painted buildings at flora restaurant, a scary scene as the windows shattered.
6:46 am
>> one of the windows smashed through. there was literally someone sitting in front of it. it's safety glass, so it just dropped down. but, i mean, it's terrifying. >> no, this is oakland. this is what oakland is about. it's really important for people to get out and protest. >> reporter: now, oakland police called in help from at least nine outside agencies to get a handle on things, and again, nine people arrested. police say that they're okay. the protesters say one of their own was hit by a police projectile. also wanted to mention oakland police are asking if anyone has video of any of the vandalism incidents to please give them a call, because they're trying to make more arrests. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." widespread protests but also in l.a. up to 150 people caused chaos on city streets overnight there to protest the zimmerman verdict. police say vandals broke windows and attacked people on sidewalks. at least 13 people are now under arrest.
6:47 am
for more on the zimmerman verdict, protests in oakland as well as complete coverage of the verdict, visit our website, just search zimmerman. new this morning, we found the tip of the boat in richmond we just told you about during the last block. the schooner that's stuck out there in the water, can you see it off in the distance there? oh, yes, you can. >> yeah. >> yeah, in the picture we showed you, you can see the red and white sails. that's why i didn't recognize it right there. and it looks like choppy waters. we're tracking the forecast with rob, in for christina. >> that's right. the sea breeze that's brought in the low clouds, brought in drizzle at times. the story for the afternoon will be cool temperatures. it won't feel like july again in the valleys. now, 54 degrees san francisco. 59 in oakland. 60 in sunnyvale, the warmest it's been so far this morning. 57 in san jose. the winds quite gusty. you saw that around the richmond area. but out towards fairfield, west at 30 miles per hour. southeast wind at 8 into san jose, and a southwest wind at 10 already this morning in
6:48 am
livermore ensuring a cool day. you can see the relative humidity. when the hilltops are in the green, or 70% or higher, this usually happens when the marine layer is big enough to 3,000 feet tall. that's what we have, ensuring one more cool afternoon with more low clouds staying on the coast for the afternoon. but starting tomorrow, warm-up for the valleys. and then by the time we get towards the weekend, we're talking temperatures in the 90s inland. satellite view, kind of interesting this morning. we have some showers here north of red bluff and also north of lake tahoe for the afternoon. area of low pressure offshore has pumped up the marine layer here in the bay area, but it may kick off showers north of lake county at tiems during the afternoon. a look at the low clouds. by lunchtime, clearing inland, and brother chiefing along the coast, and by the evening, the clouds will spill back in. but the marine layer will get squished down tomorrow, leading to warmer temperatures. again today, 70s around san jose, only maybe near 80 in the warmest places in the inland.
6:49 am
mostly low to mid-60s across the bay from san francisco over to oakland with mist and drizzle at times. a little light rain, too, in some of the coastal hilltops and low to mid-70s. we'll see mist and drizzle at times. tomorrow, a bit warmer. and then a lot warmer into the weekend. mid-90s coming back friday, saturday, and staying warm into the start of next week as well. you can see the temperatures staying in the 90s inland on monday. mike? >> all right. you know, we'll take you out there and see how things are shaping up. let me she you the maps, first of all. looking over toward the slowdown. coming out of richmond and san pablo, the red fading into orange. it's a little better than a few minutes ago when we took a look. the earlier crash at carlson boulevard has cleared to the shoulder. the service patrol doing a nice job. the big backup stopped here is now mooshing down into berkeley. you'll see a lot more traffic as we talked about over the next few minutes. heading down towards berkeley, the speed limbs down toward the
6:50 am
berk lib curve and hitting the toll plaza in the next few. we have the metering lights on, and the backup slow to the maze, north on 880, folks headed toward san francisco. if you're heading south of that bay bridge, looking at 880, where earlier issue with the stalled vehicle in the lanes, right around 16th, has also cleared to the shoulder in the last few minutes. so we now have a slower but improving drive as you're heading south from 980. northbound from the colosseum, you will see the slowing commute there as well. and foster city, the drive over san mateo, it moves nicely. no problems over 92. the dunn barton bridge in similar fashion. no delays on 102. and the south bay, we'll show you that in the next report. also, san rafael, the north bay showing good volume increase now. there is some slowing there and a little bit building through san rafael, so we should see the speeds drop over the next half hour. we'll show you the south bay in the next report. back to you.
6:51 am
>> mike, thank you very much. breaking news we've been following. san francisco police still in a standoff with a shooting suspect. you can see from our chopper video police have surrounded this building in the mission district. just getting word that the police have their guns drawn, shields ready. they are moving in the area of the home. they cleared the home, which is located about two blocks from san francisco general hospital. trying to make contact with the suspect. this is the 22nd and bryant. police say a man called 911 about 4:30 this morning saying he was shot by a man who lives in that building. the victim was taken to the hospital. he's in stable condition. the motive is under investigation. an update now to another breaking story overnight. investigators are looking into the cause of a house fire that killed about 100 cats. flames also trapped a woman at that home. this happened close to baldwin elementary school. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live at the scene with reaction from the woman who has
6:52 am
extremely deep passion for cats. bob? >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, marla. this is the home of carol miller and her stanford cat network. you can see carol right there. she's physically okay. this is where she fed and took care of around 100 cats. most of them trapped in their crates. you can see she's looking at one of the crates there. they were trapped when smoke and flame poured through her house overnight. their bodies, the remaining bodies are behind that fence, awaiting for burial. when this fire started around 1:45 this morning, carol was asleep on her couch. she tells us she had a smoke alarm, but for whatever reason, it did not go off. fortunately, she had bunny, her rescue dog, you can hear now barking in the white van there, she alerted her to the fire already raging in her back bedroom. carol was able to escape to the small backyard enclosure, a space she had secured to her cats could roam free. unfortunately, it kept her from getting away from the smoke and flames. she ended up hunkering down in a fetal position on the phone with
6:53 am
911. the fire department was able to save her, her dog, and seven of the cats. but the rest, as many as 100, are gone. >> they were well cared for and terribly loved. they were like my children, and i devoted my whole life to them. >> reporter: carol founded the stanford cat network many years ago to try to rescue a lot of the cats who are roaming free on the campus. the idea is to trap, neuter, and return them. so, in other words, bring them here, have them neutered or spayed, and then return them to the environment where they could feed on their own with different feeding stations they had set up on campus. she tells us that here at her home, animal control did perform regular inspections on her home, because she had so many animals, and, yes, she did pass those inspections. she said, quote, these animals were healthy, loved, and had nowhere else to go. reporting live here in south san
6:54 am
jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> all right, bob, thanks very much. new this morning, we're getting a first look at the man concord police are on the hunt for in connection with stabbing two others. police now say this man, 21-year-old john gleason jr. repeatedly stabbed two men after asking them if they were gang members. the stabbing happened last wednesday night outside the bon fair market on grant street near highway 242. the victims were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. police have a warrant for his arrest. he is considered armed and dangerous. new details this morning in the shooting near the hayward bart station. police are now searching for a man in a silver honda. police say the man shot at a pedestrian on a street yesterday afternoon. the victim, who was not hit, said the shooter pulled up next to him and started to fight before firing three to four rounds. police are looking for witnesses who saw the man shoot the gun from his vehicle. the man accused of last week's double homicide at a san francisco jewelry store is expected in court today. barry white jr. stands charged
6:55 am
with last friday's shooting deaths of two clerks at san francisco's gift center and jewelry mart at 8th and brannan streets. the store's owner also suffered gunshot and stab wounds. is he in critical condition at the hospital. police arrested white after a short chase outside the store. investigators still do not know the mot ev behind the deadly shootings. on the agenda for tonight's ci council meetin collect damages to that city from the chevron fire. the council is expected to adopt a resolution in report of gathering expert data to assess the cost to the city resulting from that fire. in closed sessions, council members have been discussing whether or not to sue chevron. more than 15,000 people sought medical treatment after the august 6th fire. a group of experts say despite a series of construction setbacks, the new bay bridge is safe for drivers. mercury news reports dozens of renown bridge engineers and other experts have investigated every construction issue on the new span. among other things, they looked
6:56 am
at reports of bad welds, broken bolts and rusted tendons, things we've been telling you about here on nbc bay area. following the reviews, the experts declared the construction2ru issues either untrue, resolved or fixable. turning to business in tech, yahoo! kicks off a long string of news out of bay area companies. >> scott mcgrew is opening the financial books. >> reporter: that's right. good morning. yahoo! reports profits this afternoon after the closing bell, and it's going to do it differently this time by videoconference instead of the old-fashioned phone call with reporters and analysts. today also marks one year since marissa mayer took over as the helm of yahoo!. yahoo! gets to choose the date of its release within a narrow window, so it's choosing to report today. not a coincidence, i don't suspect. as we take a live look at the markets this morning, the dow and nasdaq down ever so slightly. tesla down big, about 5%, after hitting an all-time high yesterday.vrj the federal trade commission will start sending out checks
6:57 am
today to people who bought skecher shapeup shoes, the rounded shoes, it's part of a $40 million settlement. the federal trade commission fined skechers of the company made, quote, unfounded claims that its shape-up shoes would help people lose weight and strengthen and tone their buttocks. i so rarely get to say that word. >> well, you just did. >> throwing that in just for fun. >> all right. >> if you use the shoes for walking or running, they probably would do all -- >> probably were doing all those things. yeah, you have to file a clachlt you're not getting a check just because you got the shoes. >> yes, exercise helps always. scott, thank you so much. it might be a good day to go for a run. you won't be too hot. >> you run every day. what are you talking about? the weather doesn't bother you. >> hey, i love to run. >> and i think if you are less inspired than marla, it will be a nice day to head outside. you have cool temperatures and breezy conditions around the bay area. 60s and 70s pretty much everywhere, except near 80 inlnt, and then come tomorrow, well, it will feel more like summer inland valleys, upper
6:58 am
80s, 90s back in the picture. mike? >> i, for one, am less inspired than marla for running. i mostly have trouble walking. over here, the folks are driving without issue. we did have a good slowdown, and now things look like they're smoothing out. 101 in san jose, and north of the shot, we did have reports of a dog running around in the lanes. traffic is moving slowly. sounds like they did a -- looks like they did the traffic break and that's what caused the smoother drive. 680 around the bend, things were going on there with an accident, the crash has cleared, though. and a smooth drive. and so, traffic tuesday not so bad. 101 is bearing the brunt of that. 87 slowing into downtown. the tri-valley has a slowdown out of the altamonte pass. the typical build in here. 238 at the castro valley y, where the focus of the commute is, heading up north on 880 through oakland, slowing as well as south 880 through heyward, and the build is kicking in over the last few minutes.
6:59 am
back to you. >> you are all over it. one final check of the day's top stories. the ntsb says it has finished its on-scene investigation at sfo following the crash of asiana flight 214. the ntsb says the investigation will now continue in washington, d.c. some of the wreckage of that flight will remain in a secure storage location at sfo. firefighters are on the scene of a house fire in south san jose that trapped a woman and about 100 cats. crews were able to free the woman. she says only about seven cats survived that fire. nine people were arrested overnight in oakland during protests stemming from the not guilty verdict of george zimmerman. several businesses along broadway and telegraph avenue are now vandalized after protests turned chaotic overnight. and that's what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back at 7:26 with a live local news update. >> have yourselves a great day. >> we appreciate you waking up with us. enjoy your day.
7:00 am
>> we put our vote in and the bailiff had taken our vote, that's when everybody started to cry. this morning, the first vote in the jury room that had some jurors ready to convict and the emotions that ran high. from hot to hotter. another day of oppressive and dangerous heat and humidity across a major portion of the u.s. when will it break? and it's twins.


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