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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 18, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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traffic. we have crashes popping up. we'll give you the very latest for that approach to the maze and 580 coming up. >> we give you a live look at the cooler start as we take you to the south bay with san jose spark nlg the distance on this thursday, july 18. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm marla tellez. jon kelley is off this morning. a 7-year-old girl was shot to death overnight in her own home in oakland. a grandmother and two other children in that home on wilson avenue near interstate 580 were also shot. today in the bay's christie smith is outside children's hospital in oakland where the two other children are now being treated. christie, this is such an awful story. what have you learned? >> reporter: good morning, marla. it's happened again. another horrible shooting here
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in oakland involving children, this time a 7-year-old girl shot and killed. as you said, she was with two other children. they were brought here to children's hospital oakland. we're told they're in stable condition this morning. we're not hearing much or seeing much in terms of family coming or going yet this morning. oakland police telling us they were called to the 3400 block of wilson avenue about 11:15 last night because of a shot spotter activation system. that's a series of microphones that let's them know when gunfire is happening. also, a number of neighbors called in about the gunfire. what they found, just awful. a grandmother shot along with three children. two 7-year-old girls and a 4-year-old boy. as we said, one of the little girls died of her gunshot wounds. >> the 4-year-old boy and the 7-year-old girl, they were also shot, but they're in stable condition. and the female adult, she was also shot and she's in is stable
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condition. >> what he said there was the grandmother was in stable condition and taken to highland hospital. police say they're not even sure why this home was hit in the first place. could be a case of mistaken identity. a homicide team from the oakland police department was called in after the little girl died. oakland police telling us they have no arrests and at this point no suspect information to share with you. >> reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. 5:02. the man accused of stripping naked and harassing beam at a b.a.r.t. station is expected back in court. the man known as the nak red acrobat pleaded not guilty to false imprisonment and misdemeanor battery charges. investigators say he's the man recorded in this cell phone video chasing the woman at the 16th and migs b.a.r.t. station. he also allegedly kicked b.a.r.t. worker during that incident. people who know him say he may be mentally unstable. the man accused of stealing
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a luxury yacht from sausalito will be back in court today. the preliminary hearing for 62-year-old lesley alan gardner is expected to start at 9:00 the this morning. a judge determined he is mentally competent to stand trial for the march theft of the $2.7 million yacht. gardner's defense team says he is delusional and believed the yacht was hit. two men accused of opening fire in a santa rosa jewelry store make their first appearance in court. travon banks aught austin and alexander bran dpon will be arraigned today. police say the two men entered bennett valley jewelers on tuesday armed with a shotgun and a hammer. they have not said if anything was stolen or who fired the shots. it has been more than a week now and still no sign of 21-month-old daphne webb of oakland. ♪ i never thought i would be
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shaken, oh ♪ >> daphne's mother, 31-year-old key an anna davis says last night at a vigil at 79th and oakland. that's where daphne was first reported missing last wednesday. her father tells police he left daphne inside his suv for a few minutes while he bought a couple of items at this corner market. he says when he came out she was gone. both parents say police are keeping them updated on this investigation. >> i went down today, and they told me that they had some tips in atlanta, georgia and people around here basically on drugs, so some of the tips are kind of far-fetched. >> nothing more that's leading us to feeling as if we're going to find her today. but we are very hopeful. we're prayerful. we want her to come home. we miss her. >> police say they have no suspects in this case. the family has started a website in the hopes someone knows
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something about her disappearance and her whereabouts. >> peninsula police are on the lookout for thieves targeting rental cars. police say seven rental cars inside the parking garage in downtown san mateo had their windows smashed. the crooks popped open trunks and stole items from inside. investigators think thieves are working in groups looking for electronics and cash. they say thieves like rental cars because travelers tend to keep things in their cars compared to people who live locally. meteorologist christina loren is standing by with a look at our hotter day on tap on this thursday. good morning. >> good morning to you. we've got a good looking day shaping up. a lot of people have been missing that summertime weather. it's funny. they're already advertising for back to school shopping. you want to enjoy the summertime while it lasts oovps. your wind speeds this morning are nice and comfortable. we don't have anything really gusty out there. we want to point out how many cities have winds reported out of the west.
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the fog not really a factor. we've got low clouds hovering at about 500 feet. 55 degrees in concord, 57 in oakland. at noon today, temperatures jumping into the 70s and 80s. 64 in oakland as you break for lunch and 77 degrees on the way at noon in fremont. you'll hold on to that as your high temperature today. winds will pick up. it's going to be pretty nice. in livermore, fairfield and concord we're expecting 90s. thunderstorms right here in the bay area. i'll show you when those come into the nicks and of course you're so close to the weekend now. vial that forecast up next. 5:06, let's check the drive. >> i turn to our camera in emeryville, a little count there, i see one, two, two toll lanes that are red -- just one. they just opened another one. great stuff reopening some of the lanes after overnight closures, typical at the bay bridge toll plaza. you see no backup there. we will give you a look at the maps. you see a smooth drive as well. our sensors very close to the
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speed limit. yellow is showing 60 at its worst through the maze. east 580 around harvard has cleared that accident. no problems. here is where we're starting to ski a slowdown, pretty typical through antioch. 5:07. we start to see the speeds dip down into the upper 50s. at summersville a crash as well. technically it's auto center drive. you see it's summerville on the south side. a lot of folks know that interchange there. we'll track that as well. a live shot in fremont, at the limit for the nimitz in almost every shot. >> thank you very much, mike. even if you're not a sports fan, you can't help but support this particular espy award winner. >> the award show on a 7-year-old brain cancer survivor, jack hoffman.
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nochl nated for his 69-yard touchdown run. the video received more than 8 million views on youtube. it also prompted upper deck to issue a special sports card that features that 7-year-old. >> it was a wonderful moment. his dad got on stage and thanked the nebraska coach for having the courage to put a 7-year-old in the game. >> no kidding. the smallest little corn husker they'll ever see. the unusual new effort under way to save one of the oldest book stores in the bay area coming up. plus the south bay art installation that has people scratching their heads this morning. >> one thing you should absolutely not compare business to ahead in business news. it starts with something little, like taking a first step.
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and then another. and another. and if you do it. and your friends do it. and their friends do it... soon we'll be walking our way to awareness, support and an end to alzheimer's disease. and that? that would be big. grab your friends and family and start a team today. register at it is 5:10 right now. a mountain view preschool is under investigation for allegations of child abuse and a staff member has been put on
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administrative leave. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live outside the school with what parents are being told about the incident. good morning, bob. >> good morning, laura. a letter has gone out to the parents to let them know a staff member has allegedly inappropriately touched one of the young children at the little acorn christian preschool run by the first presbyterian kch in mountain view. mountain view police are investigating after they were notified by the county's department of family and children services. they won't go into details except to say this person has been placed on administrative leave. doesn't have any contact with the students and has not been arrested. >> why is this person not under arrest yet? >> well, we haven't determined whether a crime has, in fact, occurred yet. obviously because of the nature of the report and the amount of kids at the school, we have to conduct a very thorough and
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systematic investigation. that includes the interview of 60-plus students and staff members. that takes a long time. we want to make sure we do a thorough job before determining the guilt or innocence of anyone. >> reporter: the detectives conducting those interviews have been specially trained in asking children those kinds of sensitive questions. one reason why they're interviewing so many people is they are concerned that there could potentially be other victims. the school tells us that they are cooperating with police. outside of that they have no further comment. reporting live in mountain view, bob redell, "today in the bay." 5:12 now. tens of thousands of bay area workers are keeping their eyes on financial news as one by one their companies reveal how well they did for the financial quarter. scott mcgrew generally such good news so far. >> just mediocre, definitely mott the recovery sort of news we wanted to see.
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intel says chip sales have fallen, ebay says profit has fallen, yahoo! earlier this week said ad sales were down. we suspect investors aren't really interested in yahoo!. they're interested in alibaba, the chinese company that yahoo! partially owns. it's doing quite well though it's run into controversy. jack ma, the ceo, had an interviewer with the south china morning post newspaper in which he compared tough decisions running a business to the decision to crush the rebellion in tiananmen square. he tends to endorse the decision saying it wasn't a perfect decision, but it was the most correct decision at the time no matter when it is, a leader needs to make this kind of decision. now ma says he was misquoted. the morning post says it stands by its story and, in fact, has
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published a transcript. let's check the markets. hampton pearson is live at cnbc's washington, d.c. bureau. good morning, hampton. >> how are you doing, scott? about an hour and 15 until markets open. we have futures mixed after stocks closed with small gains following comments by ben bernanke that while the fed may cut back on the stimulus program, an interest rate hike is not coming in the near future. tech stocks could come under pressure today. intel and ebay reporting disappointing earnings although ibm was a bright spot. we get data this morning on unemployment and manufacturing as well as earnings from verizon and morgan stanley. the dow rising 18 points yesterday to close at 15470, the nasdaq adding 11 points closing at 3,610. quick look at the markets opening. scott, back to you. >> marla and laura, we've got google and microsoft today reporting its profits. we're in that reporting season where we get to get some idea as
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to how business is going. >> always interesting to see. thanks. >> let's see what the forecast has in store for us. mother nature cranking up the heat. >> she is. you know what? it's been kind of cool lately. if you're wanting to hit the beach, you'll have beautiful weather to do, not just today. let's get right to your wednesday this morning. south-southwest wind in oakland at six miles per hour. out of the west at seven in livermore. temperatures are running really mild out there. in the 50s, low 60s just about everywhere. gilroy at 57. 56 in livermore. it's going to get hot as we head through the next seven days. we have this warming trend that's going to stick around for quite some type. this is actually what we're looking towards as we head through the next five to six days. temperatures in the 90s. we'll add the humidity not until the end of the weekend. we'll also see a chance for thunderstorms. 91 degrees in livermore for today. 77 in fremont and 82 degrees in san jose. seven-day outlook tells the story. we'll remain in the 90s, no
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triple digits. we do have thunderstorms in the forecast as well. let's see how we're doing on your morning drive with our own mike inouye. >> this shot of southbound 101 showing the full s curve here. as folks come around the bend approaching north san pedro road. we have a smooth flow here. want to show the top of the screen. a lot of moisture in the air. visibility is fine like christina said. we are getting pretty early build. we'll see if it holds or lightens up a bit. i'm concerned because on the maps you see through san rafael the speeds are fine as you're passing by 580. farther south towards sausalito, reports of a crash near the waldo tunnel. i see slowing going on as you're heading down out of waldo toward the waldo tunnel and in to sausalito where we do see bridge way marked on the maps. sounds like only one lane is blocked and chp should be able to clear it but the lighter volume of traffic is showing a slower trend through the area. meanwhile, if you're heading into the city on the bay bridge,
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a little slowdown happening on the incline. that means more folks are heading through through the toll plaza. no backup and no metering lights especially on a thursday. a smooth drive through the maze as well. farther east we're looking at your first slowdown starting as on schedule for antioch but heavier than normal because there is a crash heading towards summers ville. be careful for the westbound direction of highway 4. the south bay looks pretty smooth as far as the sensors go. we see a little dip, around 60 miles per hour in some spots. let me show you the volume out there. 880 shows you past the coliseum. northbound 880 looking at a nice easy drive through the construction area. you see one set of crews here. it's between the directions. as you head through downtown, those crews are clearing, a little slowing as we hit the road and get out of the area. a live look at the south bay. we showed you the light sensor action. a pretty good volume of cars starting to hit the road. no big drama and that should sort itself out nicely. we don't usually see slowing in the south bay until about 6:00,
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quarter till. we'll see if it's on schedule so far. we'll see if that's the case. 5:18. alameda county is stepping up its fight against the west nile virus. this week two dead birds tested positive for the virus, one in oakland, the other in pleasanton. officials say they're intensifying inspections and treatments in the areas where the birds were found. the discovery in alameda county makes it the last bay area county to report cases of west nile this year. >> it is 5:18. the nation's oldest african-american bookstore is seeking landmark status to keep its doors from closing. next month the historic preservation commission will decide whether to designate marcus bookstore a city landmark. the bookstore moved to its current location on fill more street in san francisco back in 1980, but an alleged predator loan forced its owners to give up the business and it was bought out by investors who don't want the bookstore to stay. an attorney for the previous owner says the landmark
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designation could give the store some leverage in negotiations to keep it where it is. down in southern california, comic-con officially kicks off in san diego this morning. zombies, assumer heroes and space aliens are expected to flood the city's downtown streets, taking part in the 44th annual pop culture extravaganza. a preview party was held last night. more than 100,000 people are expected to attend the four-day event. some fans are camping out as we speak, trying to be the first in line for presentations from tv shows such as dexter. it's a march of the pink penguins in the south bay. these pink penguin statues near the san jose museum of art are getting plenty of attention this morning. the three penguins are part of an art installation called migration by artist scotty gore ham and photographer krista giffin. the two collaborated on a project, the pallet of the
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penguin on display last december. >> they're pink tuxedos. it's 5:20. we have new details about an unexpected fireworks show overnight. we'll take you there coming up next. we will also take you live for the emmy nominations that are set to happen this morning. pretty exciting. we'll see who will be up for the coveted emmy awards. 5:20 right now.
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welcome back everyone. and a good thursday morning to you. taking a live look outside. it's actually beautiful, before the sun comes up. this is in the south bay overlooking san jose. the temperatures certainly going to creep up today. we'll check in with meteorologist christina loren in just a moment. 5:22. "nbc nightly news" anchor brian
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williams making a big announcement overnight. he's having surgery. >> i've had three prior knee surgeries, all unsuccessful, this is since '77. there are adults alive today older -- younger than my injury. i'm going in for the knee replacement. i'm going in for the whole titanium thing. >> which knee will it be? >> my right knee. >> williams made that announcement on the late show with david letterman. he says he injured his right knee during a high school football game telling letterman it damaged him the joint giving him arthritic pain. good luck to him. an explosive fire erupted inside a fireworks store in indiana. the store in rochester was engulfed in flaechlgs. you can see fireworks exploding over the massive blaze as crews work to try to stop it from spreading. officials say the building is a total loss. no one was hurt, thank goodness. no word yet on the actual cause. >> the last thing you want to see go up in flames there.
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scary. want to check the forecast meteorologist christina loren. temperatures are creeping up. >> going to be a hot day today only if you live in the extreme east bay, not too bad in san jose. 82 for us. 66 in san francisco and 91 in livermore. let's check your drive with mike. >> looking at the golden gate bridge, catching the edge of it here. the glow to the lights, still visibility all across the deck. you can see the lights across the span. also good news on our maps, you can see the slowing i showed you has cleared and so has the crash south 101 around the waldo tunnel. a clear drive from san rafael into san francisco. let me show you the maps farther south. peninsula also clear. no big deal. looking at san mateo and dumbarton bridges, also clear in both directions over the water. the bay bridge toll plaza, no backup except for a couple cars in the crash lane on either sides of the fast track lanes. even at 5:24, seeing a little burst of volume, but no big slowing as you approach the maze, just right there for cash pairs. a ribbon cutting ceremony
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will take place at a brand new massive distribution center in the east bay. the cherry logistics center in newark has been transformed into a state-of-the-art distribution center and warehouse. the 575,000 square foot facility is near mowery avenue far from the from 880. the mayor will be on hand for the groundbreaking ceremony at noon. 5:25. we continue to follow breaking news out of oakland. a young girl shot and killed inside her home overnight in what police think may be a case of mistaken identity. two other children now in the hospital. christie smith will have a live update next. also new details about the wreckage of asiana air flight 214. who is telling the airline to move the remains and to do it soon. expecting the emmy award nominations to come out this morning. giving you a live picture, the academy of television arts and sciences werks eel cover it all for you, 5:25.
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breaking news. sadly an 8-year-old girl is dead this morning shot to death overnight in her own home in oakland. her grandmother and two other children in the house at the time were also shot. it's 5:28. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm marla tellez in for jon kelley. police spent most of the night at this home on wilson avenue just across interstate 580 from fruitvale elementary school. "today in the bay's" christie smith is outside children's hospital in oakland where the two other children are now being treated. christie, do you have any new information for us at this point? >> obviously she can't hear us
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this morning. we'll try to get the audio problems fixed and check back with her as we continue to follow the breaking news this morning. meantime the verdicts will be read for two men charged with a gang rape of a 16-year-old girl at a richmond high school dance. marcellus peter and jose montano are two of six men facing charges for the 2009 assault on a girl outside her homecoming dance. two others have taken plea deals. another two are expected to be tried later this year. a concord elementary teacher accused of molesting a number of students will be back in court again today. 45-year-old joseph martin is scheduled to attend a bail hearing this afternoon. martin pleaded not guilty to 91 felony counts of child molestation. police say he molested 11 students in the past seven years, all on the cam pups of woodside elementary school. if found guilty, martin could face life in prison. >> investigators are questioning students at a preschool in mountain view to identify any other victims of a possible case of child abuse.
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"today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live outside the school with what parents are being told about the incident. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, laura. a letter has gone out to the parents letting them know that there has been a staff member who allegedly inappropriately touched one of the young children at the little acorn christian preschool run by the first presbyterian church in mountain view. mountain view police are now investigating. they became aware of this last week when the county's department of family and children services gave them a heads up about this allegation. now we spoke with a detective. he won't go into any detail surrounding these allegations, except to say that this person is on administrative leave and is no longer in any contact with the students. this person has not been arrested. police say they want to interview all the staff and students, talking 50 to 60 people, at the school before moving forward with a possible criminal charge. they also want to make sure that there weren't any other alleged
5:31 am
instances of child abuse. >> our concern is that potentially there's more than one victim. we're trying to again -- the investigation is focusing not just on one student but all the students at the school present and past to make sure that this allegation, either only includes one student or potentially more and we're trying to eliminate any potential other victims or find any other victims that are willing to come forward. >> reporter: little acorn christian preschool in mountain view had no comment except to say they are cooperating with mountain view police and their investigation. reporting live in mountain view, bob redell, "today in the bay." now let's take you back out live to oakland this morning at oakland's children's hospital where today in the bay's christie smith is live this morning with more on the tragic death of an 8-year-old girl shot to death overnight in her own
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home. >> reporter: good morning. sorry i couldn't hear you a little earlier. as you said, an 8-year-old girl shot and kid, just a horrible story. this morning oakland police are asking for the public's health trying to find the person responsible. even police officers are calling this story heinous and shocking. here is what we know. there are reports that the little girl was on a sleepover with other children when someone opened fire on their apartment. the little girl was killed. two other children wounded. a 4-year-old boy and a 7-year-old girl. there was also a grandmother to those two other children that were wounded, too. all of them expected to survive. the children taken here to children's hospital in oakland. we haven't seen much activity in terms of family coming and going. police say this happened on the 3400 block of wilson avenue in the lower diamond district off interstate 580. their shot spotter activation system alerted them that something was going on and so did the neighbors. >> obviously one. but as far as whether there are
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multiple shooters, i don't have that information to say at this point. >> so again police don't have a lot of information to share with us. we can tell you that they believe that there was another adult in the home at the time who was not hurt. this is the 54th homicide of the year so far here in oakland. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thanks, christie, 5:33. this morning we're getting new details about where the wreckage of asiana flight 214 is being held and two is paying for it. the examiner reports sfo is charging the airline $15,000 to keep the wreckage from the crash in a storage facility for two weeks. asiana has to remove it by july 26th. sfo says it does not plan to extend that deadline. last friday we showed you this, live as the wreckage was towed to a remote part of the airport to allow the runway to reopen. a monterey county family is the first to file a lawsuit
5:34 am
against asiana airlines. they filed in federal court seeking $5 million for negligence and recklessness. the attorney for the mon char row family says the mother is now unable to work and her son has serious back problems. three people died in that july 6th crash. let's switch gears and check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. we'll feel that humidity today? >> not till sunday. but, yeah, it's coming. it's going to be coming on strong as we get into that weekend. but hey, what we're talking about today is a hotter pattern. you'll likely notice that. good morning, laura and marla. 56 in napa. 55 degrees to start the day in san francisco. so thanks for waking up with us. pretty good way to wake up in sunnyvale at 60 degrees. 57 in santa cruz. your hour-by-hour forecast for today works like this, at about 80 degrees inland today at noon. if you want to have a barbecue, a good idea to do a lunch barbecue over a 5:00 p.m. barbecue. 91 degrees in the heat of the day inland.
5:35 am
bay side 79 and 67 degrees at the coast. changes just ahead. i'll take you through the changes and give you the timeline for more heat and that humidity coming up in my next report. first let's check on the drive. yesterday was a rough one, mike. >> it was traffic tuesday. so we're looking over here now for the bay bridge toll plaza. it wasn't traffic tuesday. yesterday was wednesday. my goodness, my goodness. wine day wednesday. the "today" show. we had a number of toll lanes closed, and then they reopened all by one again. there's the backup you see from emeryvil emeryville. the bay bridge toll plaza camera shows all the ones that had a couple lanes closed, down to one closure and the baung starting to build. a little early for this amount of traffic. we'll look at the maps and show you how traffic flows. highway 4 westbound still has the slow drive expected. but if you're getting on to west highway 4 at auto center drive, the crash still reported at the
5:36 am
on-ramp. off westbound highway 4. all these cars are on it. over on the right side, another crash at the highway 4 by pass. it will affect you heading toward brentwood from there. a look at fremont, 880 moves nicely southbound with the headlights. we're picking up a little volume. still at the limit from the dumbarton bridge all the way to mission which is a lot of times the spot. oakland police hope newly released pictures and video will help identify vandals from this week's george zimmerman protests. while none show the actual faces of the vandals, police hope clothing and other characteristics will help tip someone off. hundreds of people vandalized businesses after saturday's not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman trial. later today an oakland city committee will talk about implementing a new anti-weapon law. the proposal would make it illegal to carry makeshift weapons such as hammers, sling shots, clubs and shields during
5:37 am
protests. it was proposed after a downtown restaurant worker was struck in the face with a hammer during a protest on monday. a convicted prostitute once linked to the death of a businessman is expected to go free. raven dixon took a plea deal that dropped murder charges in exchange to pleading guilty to prostitution and drug charges. she's expected to be released from custody on probation. three other people are charged with the killing and robby of ravi cube rah last november. some of the top security experts in the nation are putting apple and samsung technology to the test today, looking at new anti-theft security features recently introduced by two smart phone giants. the experts will use similar tactics to the ones thieves used to try to resell stolen smart phones on the global black market. san francisco da george gascon launch the smart phones initiative last month.
5:38 am
it urges them to install a kill switch that would make the phones useless if stolen. the board of regents will meet this afternoon to confirm janet napolitano's appointment as president of the system. if approved, she would become the first female president in the system's 145-year history. napolitano graduated from santa clara university in 1979 and was also that school's first female valedictorian. 5:38. lights, camera, netflix. why the los gatos company could be the big winner at this year's emmy awards. scott mcgrew has details coming up. what we just learned about the cause of a landslide that swallowed up almost a dozen california homes.
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it is 5:40. good morning to you. president obama will speak today
5:41 am
about the economic benefits of his affordable care act even as lawmakers are once again putting the brakes on the plane by voting to delay the employer plan date. "today in the bay's" melissa mole lay is live on capitol hill with what the president is expected to say and why law makers are pushing back. >> good morning, marla. after this delay a lot of frustration for the obama administration. ha is correct, obama wants to now push ahead as lawmakers are pushing back. today's speech coming hours after republican-controlled house voted to delay part of his affordable care act. his speech this morning expected to focus on billions of dollars in insurance rebates being handed out across the nation. something else he probably will touch on, a report by the congressional budget office saying that the individual mandate will reduce a deficit but increase premiums. we expect the president to talk about another report done by the department of health and human services that says these premiums will be lower than cpo
5:42 am
projections. the house legislation stands almost no chance they'll end the democratic run senate. >> another thing we'll be keeping our eye on. melissa, thanks so much. also keeping our eye on the prime time emmy award nominations. they're being announced. a live look at north hollywood. let's listen in. >> the nominees are, hugh bonnevilleville, downtown avenue. brian cranston, "breaking bad." jeff daniels "the newsroom." john ham "mad men. damien lewis "homeland" and kevin spacey "house of cards." >> lead actress in a drama series. claire danes, homeland, michelle dockity downton abbey. bates motel. elizabeth moss "mad men." kerry washington, "scandal."
5:43 am
and robin wright "house of cards." >> you just heard them nominate "house of cards" twice, one for the actor and actress. the bay area keeping a closer eye than in years past because los gatos-based netflix could make history. scott mcgrew joins with more details. >> we're talking netflix being nominated for emmys. do you ladies watch "house of cards?" >> i don't. >> i have not. >> what's interesting, data we just got this morning says actually very few people, even netflix subscribers watch "house of cards." this coming from a private company that says, in fact, more people watch star trek reruns than "house of cards." this despite "house of cards" being outstanding. netflix has turned into old
5:44 am
television. "30 rock," "breaking bad," all kinds of things. netflix reports profits on monday. let's go to real washington. ben bernanke spoke before the real congress. he will again today, appeared to back down from earlier statements that said the fed would start hiking interest rates when unemployment hits 6.5%. that's supposed to be the new rule, marla and laura. 6.5%, we start hiking rates. apparently that's not going to be the case. watch wall street today, all the easy money ending soon. you remember roseanne rosanna dana. the party is back on. congratulations to netflix. we'll have a rundown of how many emmy awards. we saw two. >> so far -- >> nominations. >> we'll keep dipping in a little bit so we can see. this is lead actress in a comedy series. they just announced the lead actors in comedy series as well this morning. we know jason bateman was
5:45 am
nominated. >> reality competition program. "the amazing race." shock. "dancing with the stars," "project runway," "so you think you can dance," "top chef" and "the voice." >> the nominees for variety series are "the colbert report," "the daily show," "late night with jimmy fallon," realtime bill maher and "saturday night live." >> for outstanding mini series or movie. the nominees are "american horror story as sigh lull," "behind the candelabra," "the bible," "phil specter," "political animals" and "top of the lake." >> nominations in comedy series
5:46 am
category are "30 rock," "the big bang theory," "girls," louie, "modern family" and "veep." >> let's bring bruce back to help announce final category. b. dog. >> nominations in the drama series category are "breaking bad," "downton abby," "game of thrones," "homeland," "house of cards" and "mad men." aaron i'm excited to announce you've been nominated for outstanding supporting actor in a drama series for "breaking bad." neal, congratulations you've been nominated as producer host of the 56th annual tony awards. congratulations. >> that will be a good show. if you're watching the announcement, netflix got
5:47 am
another one with "house of cards" nominated for. >> marla has a cameo on "breaking bad." it's pretty cool. not a great show for kids. but hey, check it out. i'm addicted to that show. i love it. don't let the kids around the tv if you're going to be watching it. 5:47. if you want the kids outdoors, don't want to have them inside watching the tubal all day. it's probably a good idea to have them get out as early as possible in the extreme east bay. you've got all day long around the bay. it is going to be kind of hot. 90s return. by our bay area standards, 90s, we call that hot. 55 to start the day in san francisco. 57 in oakland, 60 degrees in sunnyvale. 56 in santa cruz. let's talk about what we're expecting for today. take you through your hour by hour changes. it's never the same story in the bay area. by 7:00 a.m. today, mostly cloudy conditions.
5:48 am
by about 10:00, we'll see clearing. that sun will break through earlier. also a building breeze is going to help to bring your temperatures up. here is what's happening, the area of low pressure finally moves to the north. high pressure comes in. as this thing gets closer to us, lit pull in monsoonal moisture. it will start to feel sticky icky through the second half of the weekend starting on sunday. that's when the true temperatures actually feel hotter. today it will feel like 91 degrees in livermore, 77 in fremont, 82 in san jose and 66 degrees on the way to san francisco. of course, catch the giants right here tomorrow night. we'll have that game on nbc bay area. mike inouye, wasn't it cool to see how many nbc shows made that list? >> i was surprised. the first one and there was more than one. i was just thrilled. "the voice," i love that. i also love some of the other programs. i want to get netflix, just a pitch to the wife. >> looking to the south bay,
5:49 am
101, it calmed down to just the upper 50s as a concern right at alum rock. no big deal. 87 also shows a little build in volume. the south bay showing a typical pattern right here. we'll also show you as folks travel over here west 237, all starting to see the slowdowns. i'm zooming in because 880 to 237 has been a problem until the end of school. it calmed down. it's back ginn. we're seeing a heavier flow into mountain view for the next week or so. the tri-valley, into livermore and dublin, slowing rurnd isabelle and vasco. as you travel 580 toward the castro valley y, more volume. redwood road toward 238 shows 580 slowing as well. smidgeon the map. now a live shot. we'll show you foster city and the approach. looking at an easy drive westbound. hayes, but not a problem for visibility. a quick look here. we'll end with the bay bridge toll plaza. each cash lane shows the easy
5:50 am
backup and the fast track lanes easy flow. a wildfire burning near palm springs forced hundreds of families out of their homes overnight. the mountain fire has already burned more than 30 square miles southwest of palm springs. evacuation orders are in effect for at least 300 homes in the nearby communities of idle wild and fern valley. seven homes have already been destroyed by the fire which hand been burning since monday. cal fire says at this point it is just 15% contained. we now know the cause of a mysterious landslide that swallowed several lake county homes in may. an attorney for 41 homeowners in a subdivision near clearlake is blaming a leaking county water system for that slide. he says the leak went undetected for months, saturating the hillside and causing the ground to give way. eight homes were destroyed. ten others are still in danger of sinking. the attorney is now seeking $5 million for each homeowner t. county has 45 days to respond to his claim before a lawsuit can
5:51 am
be filed. it is 5:50. fresh off his sb win, a new promise from 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick that will have fans very happy.
5:52 am
5:53 am
the oakland a's giving you a chance to see the thome run king in action. the team says they will open the gates of the coliseum one hour earlier at all friday home games for the remainder of the season so people can get a chance to see yoenis ses speed des. on monday the 27-year-old won this year's home run derby during the festivities knocking 32 homers out of the park clup. did you watch the espys last night. colin kaepernick can add this espy to his trophy case. he instagramed this photo for brand new trophy for best break-through athlete.
5:54 am
he followed it up with this tweet saying thank you to all the fans for helping me win my first espy. know my focus is on that lombardi trophy. can't blame him. all right. it is a busy day in the business and tech world. microsoft and google all reporting today, scott. >> they are. some of them are going to send a letter as well to the nsa including microsoft and google this morning asking the nsa and washington to give them more freedom to explain what in the world has gone on in the tech world as far as secrets go. we'll be watching that. we will be watching the financials as well. and you'll recall ben bernanke is back on the hill again today talking about unemployment and the sbrest rate as well. then we were talking earlier about netflix. they got two nominations -- correction -- three nominations in the emmys. it's hard to say how i feel about that because i like
5:55 am
downton abbey as well. best actor, best actress oovps, robin wright, she's phenomenal in that and best drama as well. >> that's the thing. all the nominees are really great shows. >> they real will are. who would have ever thought we'd talk about netflix getting an emmy nomination. >> first of its kind. >> making history with an online show. pretty cool. thanks. meteorologist christina loren, take to check the forecast and get ready for little warmup. >> little bit of a warmup. not too bad. not triple digit territory. you know, also it has been kind of cool. a return to summer, a return to beautiful beach weather starting today. that translates to a hot day inland. heads up, 91 degrees there. bay side 79 and 67 degrees at the coast. he's a man who enjoys netflix and a safe drive to work. here is mike inouye. >> don't combine the two. you can't watch netflix while you're driving. passenger seat. in the north bay things
5:56 am
dramatically changed over the last minute a. lot lighter traffic flow. a brighter shot. the light bouncing off the clouds, the haze in the area. you see it at the top of the hill with the low clouds hanging out. visibility for drivers is okay. the golden gate bridge, a separate situation as the clouds are coming down. they're actually touching the deck on the marin side. watch that out of sausalito and waldo tunnel. you might have lower visibility as you head toward the golden gate bridge and northbound as well. the map shows also we have slowing still on the incline. no metering lights yet. no problem for the bay bridge. >> thanks, mike. 5:56, america's cup racing will continue on the san francisco bay this afternoon. but it is expected to be another solo run. emirates team new zealand slated to race artimus at noon. the boat could be ready to hit the water by next week though.
5:57 am
you can catch today's sailing action live on cozy tv and we'll have complete highlights on nbc bay area news at 5:00 and 6:00 tonight. we continue to get new details on a quadruple shooting in oakland overnight. a young girl killed inside her own home. two other children and another woman injured in that same shooting. christie smith is working the story. she'll have a light update with new information next. plus banned boy scouts, young kids told not to show up at this year's jamboree because of their weight. what the boy scouts are saying in response.
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now at 6:00, an 8-year-old shot and killed at a sleep over. we're live with new details on why the house may have been targeted. also reports of child abuse
6:00 am
at a south bay preschool. an update on the investigation ahead in a live report. a storage fee at sfo. we'll tell you how much it will cost asiana airlines to store the wreckage of flight 214 and how long the charred remains are allowed to stay. it's a cool start to your thursday morning. temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. we're turning up the heat in the weather department. i'll let you know how hot it will be where you live and when we'll add thunderstorms to your forecast. >> i'm watching the effects of the low clouds, affecting visibility and also a stalled big flatbed truck affecting the drivability through oakland. >> a look at the drive as people head into san francisco on the golden gate bridge. you cannot make out the ggb on this thursday because of those low clouds. christina has a full look at your forecast on this thursday, july 18. this is tod"today in the bay."


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