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tv   Today  NBC  July 20, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey. >> it's try day friday. we made it through the sweltering heat and the weekend is almost here. it's july 19th. so happy you're here with us. >> slow down the summer already. >> we just took a look at -- i said oh, my gosh. it's july 19th. stop it. >> we're a couple weeks from august and then it's time for back to school. >> i know. but i don't want my tan to fade. >> okay. how do you plan on maintaining this spray-on tan? >> going and getting my zen
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bronze. >> do you like it? >> no, and it doesn't affect the way i act at pull. >> another survey study is out. this is basically saying we spent most of our time during the day sitting down. >> is that any surprise to you in today's world? >> i get -- most people have -- >> unless you are a construction worker or something like that, then you are standing up and walking around. >> they did this study by a group called -- >> ergatron. they do those special chairs and tables. >> 86% of workers sit all day. they only get up usually to get lunch. >> or go to the bathroom. >> and then come back. >> and then you go home and sit and watch tv. >> another one to two hours. >> and then you go to sleep. only a handful of hours, two or three, where you are not -- or maybe four that you aren't sitting or sleeping. >> thus, our obesity epidemic. >> so they are basically saying
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it's a good idea if you can stand up that you should try standing. >> so let's see if we're capable of standing. >> it's even got its own name. it's called the sitting disease. >> now you and i are pretty active. we work out every day still. >> oh, look. look what happened. ♪ get up and make it happen >> now we feel different heights. >> ever since i had my spray tan, i am like so full of joy. >> now it's weird because i look so tall. when we're sitting -- >> you are quite the woman. i'm telling you. >> we talk about how we try to get a parking place. we'll drive the mall over and over to make sure we get the space that's the very closest to the door so you don't even have to walk from a far away parking space. there's no walking happening at all. >> you can't leave your car and get out of it and go walk around looking for a place to park. >> i know. trying to find the closest spot. >> don't you take the first one you can get most of the time? >> heck, no. you wait until you get the close
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one. >> our mayor bloomberg doesn't want people taking the elevators. there are skyscrapers in new york but he wants us to take the stairs. i think when you can, you should. >> we do that in our studio. >> we have a staircase where we go up and down all during the show. >> i live in the anales of nbc way down below. so i walk a lot. >> and you fly up the stairs in your heels. >> i try. i try. >> so if you were wondering, what are the worst things you can say on a first date -- >> i was just pondering that the other day. >> we have a video from our friend. >> scooter mcgruder. >> he does these crazy videos. all right. let's watch. >> you look a lot different than your profile picture. >> you look so much like my ex. >> how much money do you make, though? >> my last relationship was a disaster. >> we can go back to my place once my parents are asleep. >> can we make this quick.
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she was a little bit hotter than you, also. >> i have to go get back to my wife. >> is that like a wonder bra. >> what bra size are you? >> could you please breathe through your nose. >> >> people confuse prison and jail. i've only been to one. >> i just pictured you naked. i think i love you. >> you know what? you know what? will you marry me. >> i can't do this. sorry. it was a pleasure meeting you. >> don't go away. don't go away. >> it was nice meeting you. >> i know where you live. >> he's cute. i like those. they are funny. >> those are genius. >> i have to get back to my wife. love that one. >> it is time for your friday funny. >> all right. this joke was sent in by facebook fan colleen gaskins. a wife and her husband were laying in bed together one night watching "who wants to be a millionaire." at a commercial break the husband turned to his wife and said, honey, do you want to fool around tonight? she thought about it a moment and said, nah. >> okay. >> and her husband looked at her
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playfully and said is that your final answer? she just rolled her eyes and went -- yes. okay. so her husband thought about it a minute and then said, i'd like to use one of my lifelines. i'm going to call a -- shoot. say it. >> i'll phone a friend. gag on it. >> you were so close. >> i was right there. i was in the zone. >> you could taste it. >> and i blame it on my spray tan. >> it's time for bobbie's buzz. come on, b.t. >> i'm so upset about that. >> cute and funny. >> thank you for sending me this dress to wear today. >> amy motto. so i have a buzz. a new spray. i thought it was a fun headline. we're all obsessed with orbe. it helps with volume. it's dry shampoo essentially with a little hair spray.
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this is dry conditioner and thick. this will make hoda's life so happy. >> he's got great products. >> it absorbs the in-between oil but will make your hair silky soft and fall, instead of the volume. >> we can do scratch and sniff on our show. if you had our scratch and sniff you'd know what that smells like. >> i am really excited about this, too. urban decay has teamed up with skindenavia. this is the first stabilized form of liquid b6, which means when you refresh your face during the day, this will also help fight acne, make your pores shrink. it's got added benefits while you add moisture. >> okay. great. >> and last, but not least, something right now i say that we ladies glisten. we don't sweat. we glow. >> hoda sweats. >> you know what? i'm sick of being the butt of your jokes.
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>> i sweat like a pig so i can say whatever. >> whatever. >> gold bond has been a secret for men but when you use powder in the bathroom it gets all over the floor and everything else. this is spray powder. >> oh, no. >> spray powder, shaquille o'neal has been promoting this. i had to bite the buzz. you spray this on. it will add a extra layer of absorbent when it's really hot in the dog days of summer. >> hoda, you've got everything taken care of. >> let's go to sara. thank you bobbie. >> baby announcements. >> it's time for the baby announcements when we celebrate new moms and their adorable new additions to their families. our first johnson's baby of the week is nicholas jet scalamanos born june 7th in new braunfels, texas. his parents say their little boy is very expressive. as you can tell from this picture. and he smiles every time they say i love you. next up is a little lady names annabelle ray mcleod born in mt. pleasant, south carolina, june 1st.
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parents ryan and shay love their baby has a full head of hair but they can't control it. her hair stands straight up. tips from hoda to come. >> and our last johnson's baby of the week is cooper wayne hayes born in little rock, arkansas, june 11th. his parents jonathan and elizabeth say their son's favorite thing to do is cuddle and toot. >> of course. that's all of life. cuddling and tooting. >> big congratulations to all our babies. if you want a chance for your baby to appear in our johnson's baby of the week, go to klgandhoda for all the details. there's a really great dateline on tonight. it's a two-hour block. "dateline" at 9:00. i have an hour that comes on at 10:00. it's about a murder in nantucket. a beautiful place. >> i remember when this murder happened. >> she was like a 44-year-old woman who had everything going for her. met this guy who looked, you guys, like the perfect guy. dapper, gorgeous. >> perfect. >> preppy, seemed smart. anyway it turned into this very brutal crime. the way it unfolds is really
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fascinating. it's going to be tonight at 9:00, but this story starts at 10:00. i encourage you guys to take a look. >> again, congratulations on your two emmy nominations, sweetie. >> because i used to be in news. >> you still are. >> we have time for our college shoutouts? >> yes, we do. >> what the heck. let's just take it. the tweets have been coming in from college kids. >> i'm a student at west texas a&m and i watch your show every morning with my coffee in hand. >> and j.k. reed tweeted i'm a student at james madison university and i love watching your show. >> carolina tweeted love you kathie lee and hoda. i go to northeastern university in boston where i work my class schedules around you guys. you guys, please keep sending us your tweets. we may give you a shout out on air. >> and we have a contest. >> we're looking for our college counterparts. if you and your best -- if you and your best friend feel like you are like me and kathie lee, then send us a video of you guys acting like us but not drinking
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because -- >> we know you're under age. >> you're young. we're old. >> unless you've been in college for five or six years already. >> and that could be. >> we're saying no booze in the video. send a picture of you and your bff and it's going to be a lot of fun. the winner gets to take a trip to the cona kai resort in san diego, california. you get round-trip airfare, dinner. i mean, look at this. >> i love san diego. one of the great, great cities in the world. and complimentary parking. how about that. promotional consideration furnished by kona kai resort and marina. >> so we encourage you guys to send in your videos. tim gunn, we love him. >> he's got designs for his latest walk down "project runway." >> i didn't know he could get any bigger than he is, but he is. >> we'll find out.
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if you love fashion, you are probably a fan of the popular show "project runway" which just kicked off its 12th season. it features 16 aspiring fashion
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designers vying for a prize package worth over $500,000. changes their life forever. >> guess what? >> what? >> tim gunn is back as co-host and mentor and taking on a bigger role. take a look. >> here they are up close and personal. >> i want to see the pink because i think it's interesting she layered this twice. >> a tremendous struggle yesterday morning. and i thought i was walking into a disaster. and when i walked up to this, i thought, this looks like bergdorf's window. >> wow, fancy. >> a whole new thing where they can touch it and, by the way, you look smashing. >> as do the two of you. >> we dressed up for you -- dressed down a little bit. >> we're kind of glad we have you here. there's a little breaking news about you. you, congratulations, yesterday, were nominated for an emmy award. >> it's surreal. >> for hosting the show. what did you think when you heard the news? >> i was numb and, frankly, i still am numb. i can't quite believe it. i can't quite wrap my brain around it.
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heidi is the star. how generous is it of she to share that. >> it would not be the show without the two of you. >> we're a great team. i love and adore her. >> tell us about -- we talked about your new role. how has it evolved from what people are used to seeing? >> they are used to seeing me with the designers in the work room and then i disappear and don't reappear until i have to tell someone to go to the work room and clean up their space. even though i'm there for the duration of the runway walk and the judges' q&a with the designers and the judges deliberation. i'm there for the whole thing. so the producers said let's bring him out. let's have him actually sit and watch the runway show with the judges and then i do disappear but then i come back after the q&a with the designers who created the top three looks and the bottom three looks. i come back with the models. we descend the runway steps to the judges. right there in front of their chairs. the judges get to feel the
2:21 am
textiles. >> that's made a huge difference. you can't really see the detail and stuff at that distance. >> but kathie lee, it threw me off because i'm so used to saying to the designers, don't worry about that detail. the judges don't get any closer than 25 feet. well, now, one of the top looks in a future challenge, the judges are looking at the garment up close. they find two pins in it. no more top. >> oh, that's tragic. >> the designer didn't go home, but i was able to -- >> whoa. what happens to the winners of -- your past winners. do they go on to great careers? >> it's a good question. i'm so proud of them, but how far they can go after the show really depends upon their ambitions and their financial resources. and that varies. >> somebody usually has to back them. >> exactly. and i will say since the economy is healing and repairing, i have a huge amount of optimism about where they can now go but for the last four years they've really been held back by the
2:22 am
fact, how much room is there for a new brand out there? >> i want to know how this has changed your life. >> oh, my god. >> you were not a household name until this happened. >> and i was a very happy educator for 20 years. i was chair of the fashion department at parsons. i don't think it gets better than that when it comes to education in fashion. i was at the top of the heap and loving it. it was after i turned 50 this phenomenon presented itself. and i never dreamed there would be a season 2, let alone season 12. >> oh, this will go forever. >> i mean, people do ask me how long can this go on. i think about it being analogous to teaching. every semester i have a new crop of students. every semester, i was re-energized and reinspired. and the -- my students took me places i never dreamed i could go. i mean -- >> but it shows that you genuinely care about these people. >> i do. >> good luck with the show and with the emmy. >> and happy birthday.
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>> we are both going to be 40 in a couple of weeks. >> you can catch "project runway" thursday nights on lifetime. thinking about starting a new chapter in your life, like tim gunn did? we'll tell you how to get started. >> sara gets around with apps that help you discover what's all around you. ♪ chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for boat insurance. geico, see how much you could save.
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time for get appy with sara. sara haines digs up the best apps and websites. >> she has some that will help you discover more about your surroundings. you guys are traveling this weekend so you can try it. first a free app called wikihood. what this is, we put in, it can locate you by gps or search by a city or zip code.
2:28 am
it pulls up everything of notable content in the area. right now i pulled up 30 rock. you have the ge building, rainbow room. it will pull up people associated with the area and why. relevant reason. so it goes into people. it also, you can rate it by how people have been interested before. so let's say you are a family and don't know where to pick from. this is what people have said that have visited those places. >> can i tell you how many people come up to us and say what should i do in new york? you can map it. go to top ten and it will tell you where to go. >> what's it called? >> wikihood. >> and it's a free app. >> okay. even i understood that one. >> the next one is less educational. more functional. hoda, you use this one. this is called around me. >> you've mentioned that before. >> we want to know a nail salon or -- >> i need one. >> you have a special person, though. >> no, i have chips and i'm getting on a plane and i just can't have that, not with my spray tan. >> let's say we want to find a bar in the area. you search it by where you are. gps again. and it just located where the nearest pub is. we can pick from there.
2:29 am
i can also e-mail it or text it to you so it will pull up the information. we're all here come here. >> if i don't want people to know where i am, if i turn on that app does it mean the gps is on. >> when you turn on your location services based on the app you are giving permission to. so they won't be able to locate you when you tweet. you are just giving around me permission. >> perverts cannot find you. >> with the way hoda looks they'll probably find her anyway but not because you tweeted it. and they are free. >> thank you, sara. >> who makes money on these if they are free? >> the advertisers. >> same thing that pays for us. if you are looking for love or a better job, we'll tell you how to get started on the next chapter in your life. >> get ready to play stock or stuff, too? find out if you are better investing in the company or buy the stuff they sell. >> shape up or ship out. we'll show you some yoga moves. >> gwen lawrence is here. >> we're going to bust a move on the beach after your local news.
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we're back on this try day friday with more of "today." if you ever found yourself living a life you wish you could change, today could be just the beginning. how do you take that step toward a new career or relationship. >> here to help you open the book on a better second chapter of marcie, the author of "encore career handbook" and gabriel author of "may cause miracles." >> hi, ladies. >> lovely to have you both here. >> we're going to talk about specific questions in a moment. but so many women are going through that sort of change in their life where they want a second chapter, but they are afraid. they aren't quite sure how to take that step. >> right, right. we see it everywhere. i spent a lot of time talking to people who are kind of -- kids are launched. it's time for something new. >> everything that defined them before is no longer there. >> and it's really about kind of -- sometimes it's about
2:33 am
reinventing yourself. also people have this real urge to do something that matters in the world. we're talking about your second act and better self. but i think people are seeking a way to make a better world at the same time. >> transitions can be very paralyzing for people so i can see there's a lot of fear that comes up around it. so finding tools to really navigate that change is necessary at that time. >> we took a lot of viewer questions and whittled them down to these. let's get some advice. this comes from stacey. i have been a stay-at-home mom for five years. is it possible to go from mommy to career woman without going back to school? that can be daunting? >> yes. the answer is yes. and i think the thing is to stop thinking of yourself as going from mommy to, you know, think of all the work you've done. >> she's still going to be a mommy. >> you'll always be that. what have you done in your community? what have you done in volunteering, fund-raising and running your kids' schools and raising kids and all the issues that raises. have you dealt with learning issues. have you raised money for a big fund-raiser. >> you have done stuff like that.
2:34 am
>> that's the stuff you have to position as the work you have been doing. both in your community and that's going to be the stuff that's going to show up on your resume. you can put it on your linked in profile as volunteer work. >> sometimes it's hard to find what you really want to do. that's what people have trouble with. >> i think it's really helpful to focus on your effortless actions, where were you a philanthropist or working in the cooking arena. what did you do by choice. that can help you get inspired to do that next career path. >> let's go into dating. i'm a 40-year-old divorced just over a year and i have no idea how to get back in the dating world. that's, you know, people say go online. >> it's changed so much when she was dating before. >> i just have to give -- gabrielle is the expert on this. i have personal experience to this one because i lived through that one. and i got back into the dating market at 39 and i met my now husband who was 46 and never been married at the time. >> how did you meet him?
2:35 am
>> online. >> is that the -- >> my mom met her husband on at 55. this is an exciting time to date. it's so easy. there's so many more resources and obviously success stories. >> all right. this one -- >> it's fun. >> all right. she says kimberly writes, getting ready to be an empty-nester. stay at home mom for 20 years. help. >> yes, so you know what? empty-nester, i think i read this question. kids are going off to college. it's kind of like time for your -- we need like school for the second half of life. that's what this woman needs to launch her own encore career and figure out how she's going to match up what she has with what the world needs. and it could be going back to school. could be learning in some kind of whole new way, a fellowship, adult internship. volunteering. there's so many ways to get your feet wet and try some experimenting. >> a lot of it has to do with what you can afford at that point. it's one thing to say i'm just going to become a painter and you don't have to make a living.
2:36 am
what if you have to make a living. >> if you have to make a living, then similar to the last question, focus on what you are inspired by, what's exciting for you. if you are going back out to the workforce and interviewing. if you are energized by what you're going after, you'll be more likely to get that job opportunity. >> you have to be honest about your own abilities. i have a friend who just, you know, decided and at a certain age, i'm going to be an actress. and i tried to explain to her, me, too. i mean, we all want to be an actress. it's not as easy as it sounds. you better have some passion about it and willing to put in the work. >> thanks. are you better off buying these products or purchasing stock in the company that made them. >> i like when we play this game. >> how do you even buy stock? >> we'll get all those answers when we test our knowledge with sharon after this. you fifteen or more on car insurance. yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know some owls aren't that wise? don't forget i'm having brunch with meghan tomorrow.
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it's time for installment of stock or stuff. sharon epperson is here to quiz us on our stock market savvy. >> love her.
2:41 am
>> the question, what would happen if you took the same money you would have spent on the stuff and bought the stock instead in that same company three years ago. how would you have done? we're about to find out. hi, sharon. >> hello. i'm glad to be here. >> great to have you here. >> often people say it would be cool to invest in stocks. a lot of people don't know, how do i do it? >> it's really simple. a lot of people think you need a lot of money and need to pay someone a lot of money. that's not true. you can start out simply. pick an online discount broker. compare the fees and services you'll get from them. fill out the application online and fund the account right from your bank account, put the money in. schwab, ameritrade, t.d. ameritrade and etrade are some of the biggest ones. >> love their commercials. >> at schwab you need $1,000. some of the others you may need about $500. >> so it's not a huge amount of money.
2:42 am
>> and the commission about $9 or $10 a trade. >> and scottrade which i think is even less. >> let's play stock or stuff. >> what we're going to do, these are companies you probably shop at all the time. $200. would it be better to have bought the stuff from the company or to buy the stock. so first home depot. better to buy the stock or buy all this paint and redone your bathroom and everything else. >> stock. >> kathie lee says stock. >> you are right. it is the stock. as the economy has started to improve, then we're seeing more people wanting to do home improvements. that's why this company has done so well. that $200 investment would be worth almost $600 today. now you need new shoes. you want to go to jcpenney and stock up on comfy shoes. >> what do you say? >> hoda? >> stuff. >> you say stuff? you are right. >> i hit my buzzer. these are big bells. >> it didn't ring. >> look at this. i dinged it. >> just by a hair, kathie lee beat you there. >> they've had trouble.
2:43 am
they had the president leave and management problems. >> i follow this stuff. >> customers saying we don't really want that. you have to follow. these companies you like them -- >> go back to what they did well before. >> you would have lost about 40 bucks there. ready for the next one. >> i just wanted to be ready. >> you don't even know the company. >> what is it? you like pets. you love your doggy. petsmart. >> i already got that. >> stock. >> you are right. >> because her dog loves this stuff. >> loves the kong. >> they are going to spend on their pooch. that petsmart stock $200. you would have more than doubled your money if you bought that stock three years ago. >> i would have made a lot of money. >> you can pay for your dog walker. >> my son loves game stop. could be there every day if all of these video games. what do you think? >> i say stuff. >> you say stuff?
2:44 am
>> all right. you would be wrong. this is a winning company. you would have doubled your $200 investment in the past three years if you'd bought the stock. the company is expanding stores. all these titles. they are actually a winner. >> all right. >> now we're looking at all these clothes from aeropostale. big teen retailer. what do you think? stock or stuff? >> i'm going with stuff. >> hoda, you are right. you are definitely right. it's really hard. teens are fickle and a lot of people if you want to be at this store, do you want something else? are you still going to wear these clothes? you really want the stuff because the stock has not done that well. >> we're down to our tiebreaker. this one is a tiebreaker. how unusual. >> all this bedding from kohl's. would you like the stock or stuff? >> stock. stock would have done better. >> is she right? >> you would only have made about $25. isn't hasn't gone up much but you still would have gotten some money. >> i would have bought stock in kohl's just because of -- right across the street. michael kors. >> yeah, definitely.
2:45 am
they are perhaps on the rise. more people want to get their stuff, their stock may continue to go up. >> sharon, that was fun. should you -- >> don't you want to know what you've won? >> what did we win? >> what did kathie lee win? we know how much you love bambino and we want to give you all of this. >> i can't. i will share it with hoda because she -- >> i just want the kong. he loves the kong. should you tackle that gardening project yourself or call in the pros? >> and yoga. good morning everyone. checking out the forecast for the next seven days. severe weather will take the top spot this weekend. we are looking at the northeast corridor. cold front will bring an end to the horribly long temperatures. it comes adds a price as your
2:46 am
outdoor plans could pay for this one. low to mid 90s to start off your weekend. it will get bet are by the second half of the weekend. planty wet out west too. phoenix in upper 90s. sunday, northeast gets a little bit better. cold front goes off the coast. cooling refreshing air. mid-atlantic, this cold front gets caught up. the tennessee valley, you have your chance of showers and storms. some monsoonal moisture out west. hopefully we can avoid the lightning strikes and just gets the beneficial rain. midwest and the northeast corridor, much better. temperatures will feel like what it says. that's a nice change too. warming up in dallas. phoenix, cooler. because of monsoonal thunderstorms. we go into the work week. monday, featured scattered showers and storms. areas that don't need more rain,
2:47 am
it is coming at you. and it will get stuck here. southeast will see another regime of endless showers and storms. they will be hit and miss through the whole area. but the potential is there for fairly robust shower activity. that continues into wednesday too with 70s and 80s wherever it is raining and warmer where you get the sunshine. a break in the center of the country thursday. but the southeast still seeing storms. of course we want you to tune into wake up with al. all weekday mornings, starting off at 5:30. see you then. what do you think about caffeine? we consume over two billion cups of coffee every week without a second thought. 5-hour energy has less caffeine than some starbucks coffees, plus it has vitamins and nutrients. it's simple... caffeine with vitamins and nutrients. it's the combination that makes it so great. before you make a decision, get the facts. try a sip and find out why
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so many people love 5-hour energy. your carpet stains can reappear. [ laughing ] [ male announcer ] try resolve stain remover, the formula penetrates deep into your carpet and removes stains so they don't come back. trust resolve. forget stains.
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if it wasn't so hot it would be the perfect time of year to get out and work on your garden and yard. but what should you do, and what should you definitely leave up to the pros? >> chris and peyton l.a..on, the most beautiful people on the planet, have your answer. they are husband and wife and host hgtv's "going inquired."
2:50 am
>> hi, guys. >> come on, good looking. >> let's start. >> ready to get your hands dirty? >> when we're here, we're going to put you to work. >> glove up. suit up. >> so first thing we're looking for weeds. this is an easy way to keep your garden, your flowers, your plants, everything looking nice. and especially in this heat. they'll take away from your flowers. >> nothing looks fresh in my yard. it's taken a terrible beating. >> the hydrangeas get killed in this heat. >> will the plant die or just the blooms? >> everything will start drooping. get your hands dirty. pull out the weeds. >> those are weeds. that's a ground cover weed. >> get that out of there. >> sometimes you have to search for them, pull them all out. >> and make sure you get the roots, you get the whole thing. >> i like because there's just -- >> okay. >> nice job. okay. >> you guys are just dropping it right on the floor.
2:51 am
>> that is not my -- >> that's what jerry said to do. >> is this your therapeutic weeding? >> i love dead heading. >> who is the challenge. who can make it look good. >> explain dead heading? >> i use my hands. >> it's like trimming your hair. you want to get the dead pieces off so you can promote new growth. make it look nice. you can use your hands if you don't want. >> no, only cut the dead ones off. >> i did cut the dead ones. >> watch my finger. >> is that dead? >> and then over here. >> that's not great. >> that one was kind of -- >> it was close. okay. >> someone explain -- define dead. >> hysterical. >> okay. we did a very nice job. >> i want it to look round. >> someone take the scissors away from hoda. >> which looks better? that or -- >> she's dangerous.
2:52 am
>> next up edging. i was going to do it, but -- >> no, no, you do it. >> so if you want to make a nice clean line in your lawn, nice sharp shovel. >> this is something anybody can do at home. just get your shovel out which we all have our heels on so we leave it to the man to do this part. >> once you get that done, you get a nice clean edge and then eventually you get the edge like this. i'll jump from one to another. >> that looks good. >> a little mulch. >> and the mulch will help keep the weeds out, too. >> thank you so much. love your show. get ready to stretch out the next time you hit the beach. >> yoga moves that will let the sand give you a hand but first, today" on nbc.
2:53 am
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2:56 am
escaping to the beach is a great way to beat this heat. but doesn't mean you have to skip your workout. here to show you easy moves for
2:57 am
the beach is gwen lawrence. >> hi, gwen. >> hi, darling. >> so on the beach, yoga on the beach, is it better than yoga in a studio? >> some poses will be infinitely harder on the beach and some will be easier because you'll be able to use the sand as a prop. >> i'll show you two easy ones and two hard ones. >> do you take your mat with you on the sand? >> no, go right in the sand. make sure that your bikini is situated so there's no malfunctions. >> or leakage if you are lactating. >> oh, god. >> what was that? >> so first thing we're going to do is tree pose, right? it's going to be very hard on the beach because now you are talking about an unstable surface. so we'll work the stability of the ankle. for young athletes it's amazing and the small muscles in the leg a lot harder than if you were doing it on a cement floor like this. >> how long should you hold that? >> 4 hours and 10 seconds. >> i answer the phone like this. i cook like this. >> she does. >> i think i was a flamingo in a former life.
2:58 am
this is more comfortable to me than standing on two feet. next a warrior 3. as you can see how hard it would be on the beach. if you just tipped it over and worked all those little muscles in the upper leg and really feel some core work going on. >> and again, you should hold that pose. >> a few deep breaths. you don't want to go in it and then quit. give it some time to work those muscles. >> you are doing great. >> so next we'll do is easier on the beach because what you can do is you can build up a little sand pile. i'm going to have you sit here in easy cross leg. the block simulating a little sand pile. if you have tight hips or hamstrings it pulls on the pelvis. changes your whole shape and really gives you a lot of pull on your low back. in order to sit up nice and tall, your hips higher than your
2:59 am
heels you build a little sand mound. just sitting like this for some people, it's easy for sarah but for some it's very hard and will build up all those muscles in your spine. it's going to open the heart so you can breathe better. when you stand up, your posture will be so much prettier. >> that's great. >> and then the last one, we're going to stay on the block and you'll straighten your legs out in front of you for seated forward bend. same thing. a lot of people struggle with this. hamstrings are tight. they never open. if our hips are higher than our heels, it's like you are going downhill. so there's no more pulling and yanking. you're just kind of going with gravity and falling into it. and it just gets a little bit easier. >> it's a little hill. >> you can get deeper, quicker. >> we wish you the best of luck. >> in september she'll be opening up her own yoga and cycling center. >> studio 14. coming up next week, barry manilow will be here. >> i'm sorry to miss him. i'm going to be off on a trip with my daughter but bobby flay will be here. apolo ohno gets us playing, well. mel b. will be here.
3:00 am
>> carson daly will be with me part of the week and dean cain for the back half. >> have jeff: miss montana. come on out, miss montana. >> my autism doesn't define who i am. i define my autism. jeff: a new standard of beauty. >> someone said thank you. you give my son hope. jeff: then he found a fortune and gave it back despite degree homeless. your life is really turned around. you have a job. >> yes. [captioning made possible by cbs television distribution] [applause] jeff: hello. hello! roll it! a little bit about me. i'm recently married. i work with my wife on this show and i'm learning how to be a dad to two amazing kids in a blended family is. i'm hosting a talk show


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