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tv   Today  NBC  July 27, 2013 5:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning. breaking overnight, new violence in egypt. dozens of people are killed and thousands injured. riots break out. political fall out. two men in scandaled. san diego's mayor is taking time off to get treatment after several women accuse him of sexual harassment. anthony weiner fights to stay in the new york city mayoral race. the terminally ill co-creator of the "simpsons" spends his final days divvying up his fortune.
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today is saturday, july 27, 2013. good morning, welcome to "today" on a saturday. i'm lester holt. >> i'm erica hill alongside jenna wolfe. we are back together again. >> it was all your fault. >> i shouldn't take vacation. >> what's that like in. >> it's kind of nice. you should try it. >> my vacation is coming up in march. >> one of these days we'll take a day off. >> nice to have you back. >> nice to be back. near miami, seven people are dead after a man opens fire inside an apartment complex. this is called one of the worst shootings in the history.
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we are going to update you on that. that's coming up in a few minutes. the end of the korean war in north korea and south korea are marking the occasion differently. ann curry is live in north korea with rare access inside the entry. new concerns over food safety. they have the fda looking add imported food. one sixth of our food comes from other countries but the fda only inspects some of them. there's a new proposal to make sure the foods are safe to eat and tips how you can do your part at home. we want to start with the breaking news in egypt. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there's been discrepancy in the numbers from what happened overnight. they are extremely disturbing. you have the ministry that says 21 people killed in crashes
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between police and supporters of morsi. they say that number is 120. we know there are bodies still in a field hospital that have not been officially registered with the morgue and hospital. the official number will increase. what happened according to eyewitnesses is the protesters attempted to continue their march through a part of the city that was blocked by police. police opened fire with tear gas. activists and eyewitnesses say there were live ammunition fired at the protesters. all of this happened on a day that the military called for their supporters to come out to the streets and raise the ang sity across the country. hundreds of thousands of egyptians poured into tahrir square and across the country. in essence, giving them a green light to crack down on what they
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have been describing as terrorism. many are afraid that means the military may turn back to old ways and the pro-morsi sit-in protest. erica? >> we know you will keep an eye on it for us. thanks. san diego's mayor will enter intense therapy after admitting he needs help. two days after several women came forward saying he sexually harassed them. on the east coast, anthony weiner continues to defend himself from the sexting scandal as he faces calls to drop out of the new york city mayoral race. michelle has more. good morning. >> good morning. itis been a week of politics on opposite coasts. saying i'm sorry hasn't made the accusations go away. in san diego, bob filner is accused of sexual harassment.
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the 70-year-old apologized for being disrespectful and said he was innocent. yesterday, after pressure from the democratic community to resign, he quickly announced he would begin a two-week intensive therapy program to take responsibility for inexcusable conduct. he is not resigning saying he plans to run the city's business despite this. back here in new york, a new sexting scandal involving anthony weiner is taking its toll on the mayoral candidate. in june, he was leading the primary race. now, since the scandal broke and despite his apologies and the support of his wife, huma, his numbers are in free fall. the call for him to drop out of the race is getting louder. women's groups and lawmakers are calling for him to drop out of the primary race. the timing of the scandal, the latest scandal is one of the
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main factors anthony weiner was forced to resign from congress in 2011. he sent texts after he left office. there's over a month left of the campaign. the question is will voters give him another chance? lester? erica? >> thanks very much. we have the author of the book, "you are the brand." both of you are with us this morning. look at what's actually going on here. i think the question that most people have is why? is it ego? what drives these men to do this and keep doing it? >> they are particular men. people in leadership positions, first of all they are takers. they are impulsive people and charming. they make it work for them. that's how they get the position in the first place. then it's seductive being in
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that position and it's easy to abuse your power. people view you with fantastic traits you don't actually have. the people around you say everything you do is wonderful and fantastic. their jobs depend on you. they feed on this. it's an acquired narcissism. you might not have started out that way to begin with, but over time, you acquire this view of yourself. >> in the case of anthony weiner, he continues this behavior that got him in trouble yet makes a decision to put himself out there and run for mayor. in san diego, a mayor accused of sexual harassment and says in two weeks, i'm going to come back to the job. >> i call it the bill clinton syndrome. they think that because bill clinton experienced what he did in terms of the discussion, the
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multiple indiscretions, they think because he came back politically, because he is seen politically as an incredibly powerful brand, they have what he had. they don't have anything like bill clinton had. they don't have the charisma or connect with people. they think if clinton did it, i can do it. if mark sanford can be thrown out then run for congress, i can do it. they don't understand their individual brand of say the problems they have are so unique, are so weird, are so sick to some people, obviously the anthony weiner situation, people can't get their hands around what is this. >> they understand an affair more than sexting? >> mark sanford was in love with another woman. people can relate to that. they don't get the anthony weiner thing. a 21-year-old, 22-year-old told
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her you love her you don't know her, sending pictures of yourself, they don't get that. the thing about the mayor of san diego puts the spokesperson in a head lock? what is that. i'm going for two weeks of therapy and i'll be fine? that's not real. >> it's not real. two weeks is a beginning, a kick start. it's important to know doing something as a maneuver and not engaged in real treatment with real professionals who know what they are doing won't accomplish anything. some people go to treatment with real professionals and still don't get better. it's not a magic wand. tough really engage. two weeks is a drop in the bucket, guys. when you are talking ongoing, compulsive behavior that you have not been able to control at all. you need a long time. >> they drag other people into it. >> the thing is, anthony wein
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weiner's wife decided to do this. i respect that. her brand has been strong. it's going to be hurt. it's going to hurt hillary clinton because his wife is close to her. it's going to hurt the clinton brand. once it hurts other people, that's why anthony weiner won't survive this. >> we could talk about it all day, but we don't have time. >> good to have you both here. a story near miami, a deadly shooting and hostage situation that kept neighbors on edge all night. >> jenna has that and the rest of the top stories. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. police in florida are calling it one of the worst shootings they have seen. seven people are dead, one believed to be the gunman. it happened outside hialeah. when police arrived, the gunman barricaded himself and two hostages inside the unit. s.w.a.t. teams got in and
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rescued the hostages before getting the gunman. six others were fatally shot. the gunman is not identified. ariel castro will serve life in prison with no chance of parole. castro agreed to a plea deal on friday to allow him to avoid the death penalty. the 53-year-old told the judge he had been addicted to pornography and once was sexually abused himself. a formal sentencing hearing is set for wednesday. pope francis continues his trip in brazil. he was welcomed by a massive crowd. anne thompson is in rio with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jenna. pope francis is seeing the kind of reception here in rio that the leader of the catholic church has not seen in decades. pope francis himself is reaching out to the people. when you see him here in rio,
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there's not a picture he won't take, a baby he won't kiss. he accepts all the gifts given to him. it is extraordinary. in return, the people are showering him with affection. last night, as he made his way to the stage people stood ten deep here just to get a glimpse of him. at times, the pope mobile looked like a moving basketball hoop. people were throwing t-shirts and flags at him. his security detail has gotten a lot of gray hair on this trip because of the outreach. this reinforces the message he wants a church closer to the people and a church that embraces those in society. we have seen him meet with drug addicts and young criminal offenders. he took a walk through one of rio's most dangerous
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neighborhoods. the other interesting thing is last night he talked about the sex abuse scandal saying those who left the church because of the actions of the clergy, jesus stands with them. francis will leave rio known as p the people's pope. jenna? >> thank you very much. this morning, i'm not a professional baseball player, but i know the easiest way to catch a baseball is with your glove or should i say with your glove on. phillies/tigers game. cabrera didn't play high school baseball. it would have been easier to use his glove. glove comes off. fan confused thinks it's a funny looking baseball. finders keepers, no, he asked the fan for it back. in exchange she gets here, have this 88 cent baseball.
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you get a mention on weekend "today." that is the news. i just tweeted a picture of lester holt playing softball yesterday. >> in your office. >> bragging he plays softball. did you win. just bragging. how did you play the game? >> it was "dateline" versus the ad people. who knew people that sell ads could play softball. >> they were so tall. they were like real baseball players. >> they were like 6'4". >> we were debating whether you should be on the "dateline" team or the "today" show team. >> "today" played good morning america. >> real baseball player. anyway, jenna, thanks very much. dylan is tracking tropical
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storm dorian. >> one in the pacific, one in the atlantic. this is tropical storm dorian. it's not a big or strong storm. it looks like it's going to weaken over the next several days. it's going to turn into a regular low pressure system bringing rain to areas like puerto rico and move sboog the bahamas for the middle of next week. this is more interesting. flossie is a tropical storm and will stay a tropical storm as it moves westward toward the big island of hawaii. it's very unusual. it's something to keep an eye on for next week. hitting that well, our weather looks tropical out sooside. we have fog and mist and drizzle sticking around inland to 8:00 or 9:00 this morning and then low clouds will move back in as we head to 6:00. the temperatures all day thanks
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to the all day sea breeze will stay cool to mild around the bay and talking low to mid-60s and 70s and 80s inland. and tomorrow the same and trending cooler into monday and the second half of the week looks good as the temperatures get close to 90s by thursday. your latest forecast. lester? >> thanks. in asia, the 60th anniversary of the korean war. the north celebrates with a lot of pomp and circumstance, the south is marking the occasion in a quiet manner. we have two reports this morning from both countries. we begin with ann curry with a rare look inside the festivities. ann, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you lester. that's right, exactly 60 years is the end of the korean war. north korea has a massive commemoration and invited the world press to be here for it. there were surprises, especially
5:17 am
to the u.n. north korea, a small nation with the fourth largest army staged the biggest military parade ever today. in a show of precision, soldiers by the thousands in step with such intensity, the ground seemed to shake. the parade of weapons with fighter jets and drones. the missiles the u.s. worries could, with enhancements reach alaska and hawaii with nuclear weapons. also notable, soldiers strapped with vests wearing a radioactive symbol. it's unclear what they were or if the weapons were real. the choreography has, he didn't see but his top military officer delivered the message. the surprise? the tone was moderate, not war like. no mention of the u.s. this celebration is being held
5:18 am
in what north korea calls victory day. they have been led to believe they won the korean war. the men and women who fought north korea were given seats of honor. their generation knows all too well the real cost of war. we also didn't see today any evidence of long range missiles. that in the mixed signals is a matter of interest to the united states as they try to understand which direction this nuclear capable nation is heading. lester, back to you. >> thanks. now to south korea where the 60th anniversary is being remembered. ian williams is live in seoul with that part of the story. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, lester. the scene here today couldn't be more different. none of that triumphantism. a solemn ceremony designed to honor those who war but to pay
5:19 am
thanks to the 21 countries which defied south korea. also to thank the veterans here in the hundreds including many americans. now, the ceremony at the war memorial today was presided over by the president of south korea. for her, a bit of a wake up message as well warning people that technically the war is not over. the peace is uncertain appealing to the north to forego the nuclear weapons program in exchange for aid. she was listened to by many american veterans. many of them now in their 80s. don't forget there were some 37,000 americans who died in combat during this war, the war called the forgotten war. looking at this city and this country which changed almost beyond recognition since they were here. for many of them, indication of
5:20 am
all they fought for. lester? >> ian williams, thanks very much. edward snowden is entering his fifth week of hiding out in the moscow airport. kristen welker is here with more. >> reporter: edward snowden's request for asylum. now the attorney general is weighing in. so is snowden's father. he sent a letter to president obama along with his attorney which reads in part, quote, we are appalled your administration scorned for due process, fairness and presumption of innocence. meanwhile, edward snowden's fate remains uncertain. the white house is not throwing in the towel when it comes to bringing accused nsa leaker to
5:21 am
the united states. eric holder is saying if snowden is returned, the united states would not seek the death penalty and he will not be tortured. two key concerns he said in his request for asylum. the letter from holder is inappropriate saying u.s. courts, not the attorney general should determine the case against snowden should he return to the u.s. >> he shared the truth with the american people. >> reporter: during an interview with the "today" show on friday, his father said he is standing by his son. >> i'm a concerned father. i have confidence in my son. i am certain he is speaking the truth. >> reporter: there are tense negotiations with the possibility of cancelling a meeting between president obama and vladimir putin said to take place in moscow on the sidelines of the g-20 economic summit.
5:22 am
>> they want to send a message they are unhappy with russia and make sure there's a price to pay the longer the snowden affair goes on. >> reporter: there's no guarantee putin will cooperate. >> releasing snowden would be bad for puten. he would be seen as weak and yielding to president obama. >> reporter: the letter from holder stated despite revoking snowden's passport they would grant him a temporary one to return back to the united states. all of this while tensions between the two nations continue to mount. erica? >> kristen welker at the white house. thank you. making the fruits and vegetables we eat safer. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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still to come on "today," two jurors in the george zimmerman trial have spoken out. we'll speak to a legal expert
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and what it's like to be part of the jury in a high profile
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good morning to you and looking live at a picture that is pretty as a portrait this morning. san jose with with a little fog cover and cooler temperatures all around. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayyeda. >> yes. the wind speeds are strong and a strong west wind into livermore and the low clouds will break up for the inland valleys as an all day sea breeze will keep the temperatures running comfortable, and we are talk 70s to low 80s inland and san jose with 78, and we will run into 63
5:27 am
in san francisco, and more of this as we finish off the weekend. more drizzle tomorrow morning and mild temperatures as we move into the beginning of next week. >> we will take it. thank you, rob. we begin with this story. crews have been working throughout the night to try to clean up this muddy mess. east bay mud officials say that a 6-inch water main burst near 6 6300 west avenue sending mud down west foot boulevard which happened this morning. the nearby roads remain shutdown and officials say it could take ten more hours to fix and clear the roadway. more than a dozen homes are without power this morning. santa clara police continued their search for a violent rapist this morning. police say that the man broke into a woman's apartment around 4:00 yesterday morning and raped her at knifepoint. the investigators are not say
5:28 am
much about this except they do confirm that the man got into building by ripping the screen of a bathroom window. it is a sudden wakeup call in a neighborhood where many people say they felt safe for years. >> i think that everybody feel scary, because you see that these kinds of events does not happen everyday. >> it is really fast that i have to walk around there by myself and carry my purse and stuff and it is scary, of course. >> police say that the sexual assaults are rare in santa clara with an average of 21 cases reported a year. the suspect is described as a thin man around 5'3" who does not speak english well. he was dressed in all dark clothing the night of the attack. new this morning the parents of audie pott are add iing a ne defendant to the case. the girl killed herself after pictures of a sexual assault circulated around the campus and the internet. the civil complaint now names a
5:29 am
female whose audrey's parents claim lied and tried to cover up the attack at a party last september. the suit names three 16-year-old boys. her parents claim that the three boys and the girl were in the room during the sexual assault. a hearing is scheduled for august 18th. and to dday in the bay, the step up of the west nile virus and what is being done to try to stop it. we will have more local news in 30.
5:30 am
we are back on this saturday morning. it is july 27th, 2013. a big thanks to the folks out there on the plaza joining us. we'll be out there in a bit to say hello. thanks to all of you as well for joining us. i'm erica hill alongside lester holt. >> a jury found george zimmerman not guilty. the debate over the verdict is far from over. another juror came forward to talk about her decision. we are hearing from trayvon martin's mother and how she hopes her son's death leads to positive change. you wash your fruits and vegetables when you bring them home from the store. the fda is coming out with proposals to make sure imported
5:31 am
foods are safe. >> yeah, far more than i realized. this morning, folks in the south getting unwanted visitors at their barbecues and everywhere else. lots of mosquitos popping up across georgia thanks to the resen rainfall. i don't think anybody would invite them if they had the choice. >> i don't think so. all that ahead, but we continue with the fallout from the george zimmerman verdict. here is mark potter. >> sabrina fulton. after the second juror spoke publicly, trayvon martin's mother spoke before the national urban league and hopes her son's death leads to positive change. >> please use my broken heart to say to yourself we cannot let this happen to anybody else's child. >> reporter: the juror interviewed by abc news was b-29. using her first name, she stands
5:32 am
by the not guilty verdict. >> george zimmerman got away with murder but you can't get away from god. at the end of the day, he's going to have a lot of questions answereds he has to deal with. >> reporter: he wanted to find george zimmerman guilty of second degree murder, they finally agreed there wasn't enough proof to find him guilty under the law. in a written statement, george zimmerman's attorney praised matty saying juror b-29 accepted a tremendous burden, set her feelings aside and cast a verdict based on the law. another juror, b-37 interviewed on cnn thought george zimmerman's killing of trayvon martin was not a crime. >> because of the heat of the moment and stand your ground. he had a right to defend himself. >> reporter: this was a con
5:33 am
shenous jury. >> there's reasonable doubt. that's not a confused juror, that's our system of justice. >> reporter: the four other jurors on the panel have not spoken publicly. serving on the jury was emotionally and physically draining. for "today," mark potter, nbc news, miami. carry desew ta covered the trial. nice to see you. we know this is a divisive and emotionally charged case. with the jurors speaking out, it keeps the discussion going. if you look at the evidence presented and the instructions the jury was given, did they do their job? >> they did their job. i think it's -- when you have cases like this that are so emotional and passional, it's very hard to separate your emotions and passions from taking the evidence and putting it in the categories and coming up with the right decisions.
5:34 am
there were a lot of legal things going on with the case. second degree murder, lesser included defense. lots of issues. we spent a lot of time as attorneys questioning people saying can you set your emotions aside. that's very important. it's part of our system. >> juror b-29 said she did. >> she thinks he was guilty, but the evidence wasn't there. i have been on a jury. >> they won't let me. >> i'm surprised they let me. i let someone walk free that i think was probably guilty. part of the issue is what's reasonable doubt. >> yes, reasonable doubt. the mind of extremely high standards. one of the arguments was did the prosecutor overcharge? one of the things that's a problem, now you have two confusing legal theories. it's all these technical things. the prosecutor made a choice. they did the best job they could with the facts.
5:35 am
people are getting upset. if you watch the trial every day and watch this evidence, you may, you know, as juror, now there's pressure to come forward and explain yourself. >> does it help -- i know it helps attorneys if the jurors speak out, but is it smart for the jurors and does it help the public when they speak out? >> unless you are doing an in-depth interview with lester hurt, i think not. it's technical. you have lots of instructions. anyone in a soundbyte of little snippet can't understand what's going on with a juror. wait until you hear all the evidence, all the issues, all the theories to make an informed decision. you cannot do that in a soundbyte. you have to explain your reasoning during the process. >> we forget how many times the jury is taken out of the room. we continue watching the trial on tv. we hear things they weren't
5:36 am
allowed to hear. they are operating on a more narrow set of facts than the rest of us. >> there was a lot of technical arguments on which tapes could be heard, what evidence could be taken in. you know, we have rules of evidence. we have to lay foundation wharks evidence goes in and what doesn't. those are grounds for appeal. in a lot of cases, jury instructions are an area that get things reverses. >> thanks so much. appreciate it. want to get a check of the weather. dylan is outside with that. it's a beautiful morning out there. >> it is gorgeous. we have cousins celebrating their tenth birthday. what is your technique to climb to the top of the statue of liberty. >> use your hands on the steps. it's like walking on a dock. >> hands and feet. you have to be on all fours.
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they got up in nine minutes. i'm impressed with that. it's going to be a nice day, but a chilly day. you have a huge dip in the jet stream. it is going to create temperatures 15 to 20 degrees below average. high temperatures in parts of northern wisconsin, northern michigan will only get into the 50s today. we are looking at 60s across minneapolis. we are only in the mid to upper 70s across kansas city. ahead of the cold front, we are seeing showers and storms. we'll see heavier rain across pennsylvania. also back in west virginia. the heaviest rain is perhaps three to four inches of rain possible will be down through louisiana through good saturday morning. from the south, you have low clouds from san jose and misty skies out to the try valley this morning. thanks to the strong breeze, temperatures in the low 80s in
5:38 am
livermore and pleasanton up to the mid-80s and more tomorrow morning and little drizzle sunday morning, but monday is cool forju for july standards a then we warm up. latest forecast. >> thanks. just ahead, new rules to make sure the fruits and vegetables we eat are safe. plus, kate's decision to show off her post baby bump and plus, kathi mom.ision to how was school today? [ girls ] good. ♪ thank you. [ package crackles, footsteps depart ] ♪ phew. [ ernie ] we make our cookies the way only keebler elves can: with a little something extra. and now, introducing keebler simply made cookies, made with the same ingredients you find in your kitchen. they're simply scrumptious. and oh-so-uncommonly good.
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this morning on today's consumer food safety. a statistic one in six americans get sick from food illnesses. the fda is imposing new rules that should make foods safer for all of us. >> madeline is here to explain the new rules and give us tips on what to do in our homes to
5:42 am
protect ourselves. >> good morning. >> a lot of what we eat is imported. that's what the rules are referring to. >> for the fruits and vegetables. importers, people get things as farm grown. they come in and are distributed. the importers are going to be responsible to make sure they are safe, transported for better safety. a third party referee to inspect them, not somebody's brother-in-law who owns the country. so food that is safe to begin with will get safer. more inspection will be better. there's a lot of things you need to do at home. >> got up this morning, had somberry, ran them under the water. is that enough? >> under the water is not enough. first, wash your own hands. start with your hands. then you want to either, for something like berries, soak
5:43 am
them in a bowl of water. >> how long? >> a few minutes. jostle them around with your hands. the same thing with greens. it's not just a little swipe. then you can take a scrub brush and scrub. you can also do it with something like a beach, be gentle. it's only superficial. >> you have prepackaged things there. are they already washed? do i need to wash those? >> a lot of times they are washed but they are chopped up on machines. it can be contaminated. you also want to eat fruits and vegetables. even the bagged things have to be washed. >> what about things like bananas and melons? >> if you have a natural rapper, peel it off, that will be good.
5:44 am
all the superficial stuff is off. wash your hands ahead of time. if you are cutting them, swap out your knife. >> this is going to get a reaction, but frozen, is it better to go frozen? >> it's great if you want things out of season. global food, if you want berries in january, skip the fresh ones. they are going to be imported. stick with frozen, they are going to be harvested when it's normally grown, often america. you can read the label. it will say country or origin. that's what you want to look for. >> and they have been washed. >> right. >> the fda is being proactive to the rules. >> it's a great thing. a step in the right direction. >> great to have you here. thanks so much. attack of the mosquito. after these messages. ♪ [ villain ] well mr. baldwin... it appears our journey has come to a delightful end.
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georgia is fighting what's a losing battle against mosquitos. >> a lot of rain lately. we have the story. >> reporter: for this family, summer means outdoors of their home. this year -- >> it's really bad. >> reporter: an explosion of mosquitos. asian tigers to be specific. bigger and more aggressive than she remembers. >> sometimes i won't see them sit on my little boy's legs and at the end of the night he has welts all over his legs. >> she called for help.
5:49 am
now her yard is sprayed every three weeks. trouble spots like standing water are treated for larva. she's not alone. business is booming. >> people are calling in the morning saying please help us. >> reporter: experts say the weather is to blame. >> with all the rainfall, we are set up for a bumper crop of mosquitos. >> reporter: in atlanta, it rained 40 of the last 55 days. a rainfall total of more than four inches above normal. there's a silver lining to the cloud of infestation. the mosquitoe we are seeing now does not transmit west nile virus. >> when it rises, they are the ones in the evening when you are home from work trying to barbecue or around your pool. >> some of us have a bigger bite bulls eye on the back. mosquitos are attracted to type o blood, dark clothing, pregnant women and drinking a beer make
5:50 am
you more attractive. >> summer in atlanta. >> reporter: with two months of summer to go, the situation is only going to get itchier. for "today," nbc news atlanta. >> two of the risk factors covered here. pregnancy -- >> beer drinker. >> i don't know what blood type i am. i can't remember. it's in my wallet. >> i don't remember. i can never remember what i am. >> it's important to know. >> it's in my wallet. >> i get bit by a lot of mosquitos so maybe i'm type o. >> bright colors, right? >> you are quiet over there. >> i don't know how to contribute. i know i'm pregnant. i know i like beer. >> you can't fly right now. >> mosquitos ask. frequent flier programs, you know how it goes. >> jenna thinks she has nothing
5:51 am
to contribute. >> should we go back to the softball picture. celebrity beauty secrets without breaking the bank. first, this is "today" on nbc. look at 'em.
5:52 am
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>> good morning, folks. looking live at freemont and some of the low clouds that rob is going to talk about in his forecast, and a nice mild start if you haven't been out just yet. thank you for joining us. i'm kris sanchez with meteorologist rob mayeda. nice forecast if you want to get out. >> yes, if you want to be outdoors and do some exercising, you should be fine. but you will drive through the clouds this morning as we saw with misty clouds leaving pleasanton. 54 in san francisco and the strong onshore breeze in fairfield an concord this morning is going to keep the low clouds even for some of the inland valleys at 10:00 this morning and getting into the afternoon sunshine inland and low clouds hanging around the
5:57 am
coast today. and 60s san francisco over to oakland and mid to upper 70s closer to downtown san jose and still low to mid-le 80s today, but trending to cooler today a as we trend to monday. but in the second half, that is when we will find the 90s back in the inland valleys. >> thank you, rob. today, crews in the east bay are working to try to clean up this muddy mess. they have been at it all night. east bay mud officials say that a six-inch water main burst near 166th avenue sending water rushing down foothill boulevard. it happened around 5:00 this morning. nearby roads are shutdown and officials say it could take up to 10 more hours to fix the roadway and clear it up. about one dozen homes are without water this morning. new this morning the parents of audrey potter are adding a new female defendant to the lawsuit in the wake of their dau
5:58 am
daughter's death. the saratoga girl killed herself after pictures of an alleged sexual assault circulate around her school campus and internet. her parents say that the girl lied and tried to cover up the alleged attack at a party last september. the suit already names three boys. audrey's parents say that the girl was in the room and encouraged the boys in the alleged assault. the hearing of the lawsuit is scheduled for august 13th. the debate of west nile virus is heating up as three more adults were diagnosed. last night officials spent much of the night fogging a three-mile area. they say as many as 1 in 3 mosquitos are infected and the goal is to kill as many as they can before they spread the virus. the product will kill products
5:59 am
on contact, but not harm people. >> it is a product that will be s suspended in the air and as the mosquitos are flying around at night, it will impinge on them. >> before fogging up old piedmont road this morning, and this is considered high season for the virus and a dozen dead birds tested positive for west nile. to dday on the bay, the clo is ticking, and we are once again eight days away from a possible b.a.r.t. strike. we will tell you why the two sides are very far apart this morning.
6:00 am
good morning. it's saturday, july 27, 2013. here is a look at "today's" top stories. hundreds dead and thousands injured. it happened when police opened fire on protesters. a deadly shooting in miami is the worst the area has ever seen. seven people, including the gunman were killed overnight as police rush to the scene to stop the violence. the fallout continues in two sex scandals on opposite coasts. san diego's mayor is not going to resign. he's going to take two weeks off. in new york as we deals with the
6:01 am
fallout of the sexting scandal, anthony weiner says he's staying in the race as mayor for new york city. good morning, i'm lester holt. >> i'm erica hill. when the co-creator of "the simpsons" found he was going to die, he decided to donate all his money and wanted it to go to charity. a lot of people are weighing in on kate's post baby bump. many women are plauding the decision not to hide it. there's controversy over a tabloid cover on advice of how to lose it. >> interesting. amanda bynes, jimmy fallon and miley cyrus are all getting attention in the wrap up this morning. we want to start with the violence in egypt. we have live in cairo with that.
6:02 am
amen, gulf of mexico. >> good morning, lester. the official death toll has gone up to 38. it's important to emphasize, there's a huge discrepancy in the death toll. late last evening when it began until this morning, many fatalities were taken to a facility. according to them, the death toll is at 120. you get a sense of why there's a discrepancy. according to eyewitnesses and people who participated in the protest, they say they came under live fire by the police when they were trying to continue a march from the sit-in to a nearby area in cairo. now the police insist they did not use live ammunition. they were trying to break up a crowd of protesters clashing with one another and they only used tear gas. all of this came on the day the military called for hundreds of thousands of egyptians to go to the street and support what it was trying to do here in the
6:03 am
country. more importantly, skeptics are afraid the show of force in support of the military will mean the military and police will attempt to break the sit-in protest that's been in place since morsi was ousted from power. many feel the violence we saw last night and over several weeks, could once again repeat itself. that is the volatility. ha is the anxiety many have this morning. >> thanks very much. i want to get to the latest on the deadly shooting in hialeah, florida. seven people are dead, including the gunman. bobby brooks is there this morning with the latest. bobby good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. police are calling this one of the worst shootings in hialeah history. seven people, like you said, are dead. it happened down the road from where we are. this is the closest we can get.
6:04 am
i want everyone at home to hear how the s.w.a.t. team took him out. take a look. the police say the shooter had two hostages with him at the end. that's when police decided to end this a couple minutes ago, medical examiners were arriving here starting to take the bodies out of the apartment complex s. of the dead victims are three men and three women and the shotter who is a man. it happened around 6:00. police started receiving phone calls. when they showed up to the apartment complex, he took two hostages inside. police decided to end the negotiations and take him out. we were able to speak with the daughter of two of the victims when we first got to her she was hysterical. however, she did calm down. this is what she had to say. >> i heard about 15 to 20 shots
6:05 am
and so i went outside and my neighbors were screaming that my parents had been shot. >> reporter: now as you can see behind me, there's neighbors on the street. they have been evacuated from the apartment complex. as for a motive, there is none right now. police have no idea what sparked the rampage. they believe it's going to be a long investigation. >> all right bobby brooks in hialeah, thank you. now to the sex scandal, two of them that are rocking both coasts from san diego's mayor's admission that he needs help to anthony weiner's refusal to drop out of the mayoral race. good morning. >> good morning, lester. they are caught up in their own scandals and allegations. they both apologized publicly, the accusations are not going away. two em battled politicians on two different coasts. in san diego, appearing contrite
6:06 am
and apologetic for what he called inexcusable conduct, bob filner says he'll spend two weeks under going therapy. >> i must take responsibility of my conduct taking action so such conduct does not happen again. >> reporter: the mayor accused of former female employees including a retired admiral. two weeks ago, he said he was innocent. a committee is urging him to quit. so far, filner is refusing to resign. meanwhile in new york, mayoral candidate, anthony weiner toured areas hit by superstorm sandy on friday trying to stay on message and stay in the race amid his latest sexting scandal. >> it's difficult to get my message out here. i'm going to keep trying. >> reporter: difficult when the media and voters are questioning his action. >> had icon ducted myself in the
6:07 am
manner you conducted yours, my job would have been gone. in the privacy of my home. >> reporter: he's been in free fall since the fall out of a sexting scandal after he resigned in 2011 for the same behavior. he was leading the race in june. the front-runner has fallen behind despite the support of his wife, huma. >> he may not be able to recover. >> reporter: several women's groups are demanding he drop out. lawmakers including house lawmaker, nancy pelosi are calling for both men to step aside. >> the conduct is rep henceable. it's so disrespectful of women. what's really stunning about it is they don't realize it. >> there is just over a month left in a primary race for mayor here in new york. anthony weiner is vowing to stay in the race. lester? >> thanks.
6:08 am
the cleveland man who kidnapped three women and held them hostage for a decade will never be free again. >> jenna is live with that and the rest of the top stories. >> yep, that man accused of kidnapping those women, ariel castro will serve life in prison with no chance of parole. he agreed to a plea deal to allow him to avoid the death penalty. the 53-year-old said he was addicted to pornography and had once been sexually abused himself. a hearing is set for wednesday. murder charges are dropped in connection with shooting her husband. she was charged with arranging the 2010 murder. her boss was convicted of the shooting and sentenced to life in prison. prosecutors said after reviewing the evidence, they could not be sure she had a hand in that. two people remain hospitalized after a fire broke
6:09 am
out in pennsylvania. convicts are unknown at the time. it happened in bucks county friday night. it took hours to get the flames under control. it damaged 40 units displacing about 100 people. it's unclear what started the fire. the u.s. says they will not seek the death penalty against nsa leaker, edward snowden. it comes from eric holder in a letter written to the russian government. he said snowden would not be tortured if he returned to the u.s. he remains inside moscow airport. finally this morning, a 1-year-old baby girl is safe and sound after a harrowing friday afternoon. the girl managed to crawl to a tiny space between the brooklyn apartment window and the air conditioner. she ended up on a store awning while her grandmother was in the kitchen. her neighbor saw the tot, raced to the awning, grabbed the little girl.
6:10 am
she is safe and sound this morning. anyone who is pregnant, i'm throwing it out there, with a little girl, one more thing to worry about. stress out. >> not that you are stressed about anything. >> i'm totally carefree. it's an amazing story she is okay and decided to stay on the awning and not crawl anywhere else after that. >> thank goodness. >> thanks. there are two tropical storms we are keeping an eye on. by we, i mean dylan. >> dorian and the other is flossie. >> it is going to remain a tropical storm. it's not going to get too intense. one of the atlantic's first is tropical storm dorian. it's running into cooler water and dry air. it's not a good set up. it should weaken over the course of the week into next week. it is going to be a rainmaker through the caribbean as we head into the middle of next week. here is tropical storm flossie. 70-mile-per-hour winds.
6:11 am
unusual to see it take a track toward the big island of hawaii. again, this is going to be a relatively strong storm. it should weaken before it gets toward the big island. by the time we get to monday evening. worth keeping an eye on. wind, rough surf and torrential downpours with the system. we'll keep an eye on those as th locationary. and here's a look around palo alto. low clouds and mist with some of the low clouds and even into pleasanton and dublin this morning. you can see the temperatures this morning thanks to the sea breeze, looking comfortable inland. 70s and 80s to the trivalley and san jose, and only 60 for san jose and oakland and for the a's game and the giants' game this you will see on the bay area tv right here. and the temperatures will warm up for the second half of next week. that's your latest forecast. erica?
6:12 am
>> thanks. the story of a man who found out he had months to live wanted to give away his vast fortune. jenna has more on that story now. >> you may not know his name, but you know his work, sam simon created one of the longest running shows on television. now, he faces terminal cancer. "the simpson's" co-creator said the millions he gets in royalties should go to charity. for more than 23 years it's been a staple on american television. a run that's earned "the simpson's" co-creator royalties. >> a lot of people give money away. very few give money in such a dramatic fashion in a compelling way. >> diagnosed with late stage colon cancer, the 58-year-old simon has three to six months
6:13 am
left to live. twice divorced with no children, he says in the time he has left, he plans to donate his money to several charities close to his heart. >> he worked with financial advisers to set things up so the work he started doing before he died and he's doing now will continue after he's gone. >> reporter: along with large donations to peta who named their headquarters after him, he started his own philanthropy dedicated to saving dogs from shelters. >> he loves animals. he has specific ideas for what he wants to get done. >> reporter: he doesn't know the end total. >> it's considerable. in an ideal way, he wants the last check to bounce. >> this is a chance for me to fulfill my lifelong dream. >> leaving a lasting legacy in
6:14 am
television and in real life. along with peta and other charities he donates to save the children and the sea shepherd conservation society which named one of the ships the ny simon. >> that is nice. jenna, thanks. still to come, we all scream for ice cream. the whacky and weird flavors out this summer. backlash over one magazine and tips on how new mom kate backlash over one magazine and tips on how new mom kate middleton could lose her this . she just graduated and got a freelance gig. it's not going very well. so she's coming to the new samsung experience shop at best buy to find all the galaxy devices she needs. and get personalized demos. which means less of this... ow! you shocked me! ...and more of this. well done, anne. the samsung experience shop. the place to find the latest galaxy devices and get hands-on help.
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6:17 am
when the royals i mergeed from the hospital with prince george this week, it wasn't just the new baby people were watching. let's be frank, people were looking at kate's post pregnancy body. duncan is outside buckingham palace with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lester. we haven't seen the duke, duchess or baby prince george since they went to stay at kate's parents house. in their absence, there's been a debate after one magazine published what they call the duchess diet. when kate and william stepped in front of the world's cameras this week, they had one thing on their mind, baby george. many women spotted something
6:18 am
else. kate proudly showing her post baby bump in a custom made dress. >> everybody looks at what she's wearing, how she does her hair. for the first time, something more interesting, how does kate look. there she was with a real post baby bump. a big cheer went through the nation. it made us feel less -- i guess. >> reporter: that cheer turned to anger. aftered readers their own duchess diet. the backlash was instant with women calling the front page vile and asking why our society is so weight obsessed. another applauded her saying she produced a beautiful healthy baby, why be ashamed. it's led by casey hill who tweeted in a picture of her own post baby bump that instantly went viral.
6:19 am
>> we are so obsessed with women's bodies. for me, it was the final thing in the coffin. enough already. i have to do something about this. >> campaigners say new moms are put under pressure by celebrities who spring into shape and are happy to share how they did it. in the duchess, they hope to find a new role model. we did reach out to "ok" magazine and got no answer. kate and william are too busy with the new baby to worry about this. >> thanks very much. >> it's always something. if they are too thin or too heavy. no matter what it is. >> i didn't realize once the baby comes out, there's still a bump. i thought it disappeared. >> when you leave the hospital, you have to wear your maternity
6:20 am
clothes. your uterus has to contract for it to go down. it's scientific. leave the women alone. >> crawl back. >> there's nothing i can add to this conversation. it's interesting. >> yeah. anyway. >> still to come on "today," miley cyrus. she's putting it all out there. this is "today" on nbc.
6:21 am
6:22 am
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call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. the golden gate bridge is in there somewhere. lots of low fog and cooler temperatures to start the day. i'm not complaining about that. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda, and all of the weather is good for the outdoor work i have been putting off. >> yes, and the outdoor plans. we have mist and drizzle and low clouds and not just in san francisco, but over to dublin this morning you are seeing it. san jose, partly cloudy and lunchtime the skies will clear inland and then the fog spills back in as we head to the eveni evening. all day sea breeze and by late july standards these are mild. 70s to 80s inland. and mid-70s in redwood city.
6:27 am
and tomorrow the same, we will wake up with low clouds and misty skies and monday, cooler temperatures there as we jump back into the work week. >> thank you, rob. a developing story in the east where the crews are still working to clean up this muddy mess. they have been at it for a while n now. the east bay mud officials say a six-inch water main burst near 16 6th avenue and foot boulevar. this happened around highway 580 at 1:00 this morning. the nearby roads are shutdown and officials say it could take up to ten hours to fix and clear the roadway. a dozen homes are without water this morning. santa clara police are continuing the search for what they say is a man who is a violent rapist. they say that the man broken into the woman's apartment yesterday at 4:00 in the morning and raped her at knifepoint. investigators are not saying a lot about the case, but they do confirm that the man got into the building by ripping the
6:28 am
screen of a back bathroom window, and it is a sudden wakeup call for a neighborhood that people think was safe for years. >> even i think it is scarry, because you see that these events do not happen everyday. >> this is my apartment is very car from my car and i have to go around there by myself and carry my purse and stuff, and it is very scary. >> police say that there only about 21 cases reported every year, and this is a rare incident. the suspect is a rare man who is 5'3" and does not speak english we well. he was dressed in all dark clothing at the time of the attack. parentshe audrey pot is now adding a fourth person to the lawsuit. the amended civil complaint now names a girl whose audrey's parents say lie and tried to cover up the alleged attack in a
6:29 am
party last september. the suit already named three 16-year-old boys. audrey's parents also claim that the teenaged girl encouraged the boys and was in the room at the time of the alleged assault. the next hearing on that lawsuit is schedule d august 13th. coming up today on the bay, stepping up the fight against the west nile virus in the south bay. we will show you what the crews did overnight to try to keep people safe from the taed delay virus. and we have a story about a special wedding coming up today. all of the day's news is coming up right here at 7:00.
6:30 am
we are back on this saturday morning. it's july 27th, 2012 with a great crowd out here. it's packed out here this morning. it's exactly the way we like it. you are all very quiet right now. there we go. that's better. >> i'm peggy. >> we hope aunt peggy is watching. i'm erica hill alongside lester holt. there's been a lot of talk about amanda bynes. the former disney star's parents are trying to step in and help her. they say she is paranoid and poses a risk to others.
6:31 am
she is not the first celebrity whose parents have come in to try to help her out. several "american idol" contestants are suing the show. they are asking for $25 million a piece. we'll tell you what that's about in the weekly entertainment wrap up. if you have ever looked at hollywood stars and wonders how you can look like that, head-to-toe, make up and all, we have insider secrets that keep them looking red carpet ready all the time. first, a check on the weather. >> i want to tease about the ice cream. >> right. >> we have melting ice cream over there. we are talking creative flavors. some of them involve lobster. i don't know. lobster and ice cream? >> it's real lobster, not a candy that looks like lobster. >> i don't know if i can handle
6:32 am
that. >> we had some yesterday. i didn't try it. other people did. >> it tasted like lobster. >> that makes sense. getting back to the weather, it is going to be nice in the northeast. in the southeast, we are looking at a lot of rain. we have heavy rain moving through parts of louisiana and into the rest of the southeast where it has been so rainy every single day it seems to be raining. in the southwest, the monsoonal moisture brings scattered showers and storms. the threat is for the gusty winds and the lightning strikes with the dry weather that way. on sunday, we are going to see late day showers in the northeast. the rain spreads into the southeast as we head into sunday afternoon. scattered showers and storms across florida. here's a nice view of san jose with golden sunshine off to the west, and stratus moving through the south bay. we have low clouds and mist to kick off the day.
6:33 am
in the afternoon, 78 in san jose and low 80s in the tri valley and 60s in san francisco and oakland and a cool day for tinner bay and coast. we will get more tomorrow with morning drizzle turning even cooler for monday and then high pressure building back and wa warmer temperatures for the second half of next week. heading out to iowa. our is fill yacht, whotv, channel 13, in indianola, iowa. it's the hot air balloon festival. they pilot from across the nation and create a brilliant display of color. it also includes live music, fireworks display. hopefully not at the same time and a parade. if you're in the area, it looks lovely. check it out. lester? >> thanks. former child star amanda bynes remains under psychiatric care after an incident earlier this week that follows months of odd behavior including arrests, strange tweets and more.
6:34 am
now, the 27-year-old's parents are stepping in, trying to help her get her life back under control. here is mike taibbi. >> reporter: in the movies when amanda bynes meets an estranged parent, she discovers she's british royalty. in the real-life version, her parents say their daughter is unable to manage her own affairs. they have gone to court to petition for conservatorship. >> they want to take control over her professional, personal and legal affairs. >> reporter: the case comes after a two-year downward spiral. a progression from movie star -- >> really? >> to cautionary tale. last year, she pleaded not guilty to a dui charge and two hit and run cases. she reached civil settlements. in may she was arrested in new york city. police say she threw a bong out of her high-rise apartment, a charge she denied in court. the events of the past week have been truly bizarre. on monday, she was seen setting
6:35 am
fire in this california drive way, reportedly catching her own pants on fire. >> i'm sad that she is in this condition. she probably had a lot of potential. >> authorities hospitalized bynes. a 5150 hold as it's called. bynes parents filed legal papers spelling out their legal concerns in disturbing detail. >> we believe she is homeless. amanda was extremely paranoid about being watched. bynes did not attend friday's hearing. she's still in psychiatric care. a judge deferred ruling until bynes can appear in court next month. >> the situation with britney spears back in 2008 is eerily similar to amanda's current condition. >> reporter: in 2008 britney spears's father was awarded conservatorship in light of the pop star's erratic behavior. >> most people look at it as a raging success. maybe, just maybe, bynes might get back to the goal she
6:36 am
described to "today" in 2006. >> i love to make people laugh. i hope i can do it for a long time. >> reporter: for "today," mike taibbi nbc news los angeles. >> on to more entertainment news. from miley cyrus bearing it all to possible trouble for "american idol". we have a lot to cover this morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> nice to see you. let's start with miley cyrus who is baring it all for an antiskin cancer awareness ad. how does it set well with her fans? >> i think at this point, her fans are used to the new shocking things she's doing. i don't know if you saw the video she just shot. that was pretty wild. this, of course, she stripped all down. she has a little because she's doing it for charity. it's in the tradition of victoria beckham and other celebrities who have done that similar campaign for the marc jacobs skin cancer awareness. so, you know -- >> it's probably not going hurt
6:37 am
her? is that what you're saying? >> i think any damage to her image may have already been done at this point. she's a long, long way from man hannah montana. >> i wonder how the tee shirts are selling. "american idol" ten people are suing not just them, but the sponsors saying they were kicked off the show because they are black. >> that's right. so you know, on thursday, ten former contestants gathered together and filed suit saying they were publicly, disqualified from idol and they are all black. you do the math. they are asking for $25 million each. this is really big. you know, we are going to see how it unfolds. "idol" has not released a comment on this yet officially. if they get their day in court, if this does bear out, i mean that's going to really -- it's really going to affect the
6:38 am
viewers' perception of the show, right? >> they are kicked off for different reasons. some arrests, others recording contracts. there were reasons at the time. >> there were. but what they're saying is they were the only people targeted by the producer or the show. >> they are saying the way they found out that information about the arrest wasn't done in a kosher way? >> exactly. >> let's talk about "glee." the cast of "glee" got together to honor corey monteith. >> on thursday, the cast and crew had a private memorial to honor corey. it's the first time that everybody got together to honor the person who is part of their family, really. so, you know, that show is kind of figuring out plans for going forward in the wake of his death. you know, what they will do, they are planning to go into production soon, possibly next week. they will do the first two episodes as they planned with tweaking, obviously.
6:39 am
finn hudson won't be part of it. they are playing the third episode as a memorial to corey. then they will take a break and think about what they want to do going forward. >> it's a tough one for so many people. our hearts go out to them. >> we want to end on a top note. fls a lot of baby fever happening. we are not talking prince george. jimmy fallon is a new dad. he had a daughter. penelope cruz has a new baby. there's a lot of stuff going on. i feel this is good fodder for our friend, mr. fallon. >> i think so. if you saw the monologue jimmy did the day after his baby was born, it was so sweet. he talked about -- he looked like the proud dad. he released a photo of the mom. i think going into his new role next year, he's going to have a lot to talk ability. >> good to have you on. thanks so much. >> thank you. up ahead, secrets of the stars. we'll show you how to recreate the same look as some of your favorite celebs.
6:40 am
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just look for the g. pure chocolate goodness that brings people together. when the chocolate is hershey's life is delicious. have you ever wondered how the hollywood stars always look picture perfect?
6:42 am
we wanted to know, too. we went out to uncover the secrets of the stars. you have good tips for us. >> i do. we have to remember, as glamorous as they look, they don't always wake up that way. they have tons of make up artists with tips and tricks up their sleeves. what did i do? i went straight to the sources to find out how you, too, can unchannel your inner star. we watch them with wonder as they stroll the red carpet and admire their beauty across the pages of glossy magazines. sure, every star has his or her secret weapon. some secrets are meant to be shared. so to spill the beauty beans, a team of experts. ♪ >> reporter: consider them your personal glam squad. if there's any man who knows secrets, it's you. >> i know a lot of secrets.
6:43 am
they are beautiful girls but they have tricks of the trade that make them look spectacular. >> what are they? >> we have the hair. the eyebrow. the make up. all put together equals movie star. just like that, he sent me around town in per suit of secrets. first stop, aka the brow whisperer. >> it's a feature you can change without injectables and plastic surgery. it sets the stars apart from the rest of the population. >> don't overpluck. the arch should be where the brow bone goes up. >> the ingredients are retinol. huge ingredient. ferulic acid. alpha and beta acid. they sound big. they sound scientific, but they
6:44 am
are on labels. the secret, find them, use them and stay on it. >> more coveted than botox is this tidbit. >> marco, the biggest secret of the stars when it comes to hair is hairpieces. >> i think i need hairpieces. recognize this look? here is how you get it. buy a doughnut at the drugstore, the rest is easy. make a pony, pull through. simple, sassy and red carpet ready. want bangs, but don't want to commit? clip them on and off. to channel beyonce or kim k., snap hair in. the best part, you don't need a hollywood budget for the look. there's an array of extensions on the market. when it comes to make up, ladies listen up. contour sg a word you need to know. here is a tutorial. find a concealer two shades
6:45 am
lighter than your skin. dot it like this. now with a color three shades darker, draw a line like these. blend, bronze and watch your face transform. now that you are in the know, go for it. give yourself the star treatment you deserve. after all, this role was made for you. >> great tips. we saw you putting on false eyelashes. >> this is my go to. i don't like it but i like tan legs. >> my tan is all fake. with the eyelashes, you can get them at the drugstore for $3 or d extensions that last three months. they last longer. these are great tips and tricks i learned. >> we picked someone out of the crowd, maria lopez from north carolina. she's here celebrating her 31st
6:46 am
anniversary. that is her before picture. now we get the big reveal. come on out glamour girl. gorgeous. >> doesn't she look so good? this is what we did. it was really, really quick and easy. we did with the make up, basic contouring and the hair. this is what i want to focus on. we put these hair extensions that cost $30 from the drugstore. we lifted her hair up, we have four pieces in her hair. not only do the ladies of nbc endulg in but every star you see. >> they give you extra lift and volume. >> she looked gorgeous before. it's just a little extra ump to step it up a notch or two. >> how do you feel? >> great. >> where are you going to dinner? >> i don't know. >> where are you being taken to dinner tonight? >> i need to ask my husband. >> somewhere good.
6:47 am
you look great. do you think you would use any of these things at home? >> definitely. i love it. >> she can take the extensions with her, right? >> it's our anniversary gift to you. i said how do you feel? she said important. >> i love that. you look gorgeous. thanks for being with us today. thanks for being willing to be a part of this, you look great. >> thanks. >> more to come, this is "today" on nbc.
6:48 am
6:49 am
national ice cream month. if you thought we were going to end without paying homage to it, you are wrong. >> this is our civic duty. ice cream really seems to be going gourmet. >> it is.
6:50 am
basil to lobster flavored ice cream. creameries are committed to thinking outside the pint. they are making cones, cups and sundaes more delicious than before. this national ice cream month. >> in general, i'm a cookie dough guy. >> reporter: creameries are getting fancy. they scoop balsamic strabl, basin, chocolate coconut. ben and bills has lobster ice cream. sub zero uses liquid nitrogen. salted caramel ice cream. homemade sauces and toppings. ample hills in brooklyn, new york, they use local organic and hand crafted ingredients to make ooey gooey butter cake and the "today" show's morning mash up. >> any day, we are cracking 500
6:51 am
eggs, 25 gallons of milk, 25 gallons of cream. 75 pounds of cane sugar. >> mix-ins most of those creates in-house also. >> chocolate sprinkles. >> we know what they like. america's favorite flavor? vanilla. more than 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream produced last year. according to research done by baskin-robbins, your preference in the cup gives insight to your personality. chocolate chip, you are generous, competent and go getter. what about rainbow sherbert? rocky road? you are engaging and a good listener. embrace your unique characteristics. raise a cone. take a lick and give thanks for the creamy, delicious treat that we call ice cream.
6:52 am
>> now it's our turn. our friends at ample hills in brooklyn made an ice cream just for us. it's the "today" show smash up. you are starting already. you don't know what's in it. >> it's melting. >> cookie dough and praline. what do you think? a lot of stuff going on here. >> it's early for all that yumminess. >> i like taking vanilla ice cream and putting a bunch of toppings on top. that's what this is. >> vanilla was most popular because people mix it with other things. >> thanks to the folks at ample hills. nice job with the smash up. i would change the name. smash up. >> it's good. everything is in there. >> it's mash up.
6:53 am
how do you feel about that name? anyway, we'll be right back. [ laughter ] smoke? nah, i'm good. [ male announcer ] celebrate every win with nicoderm cq. nicoderm cq is the unique patch that helps prevent the urge to smoke all day long.
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and finding the courage to let her go. but what about the little victories? a smile... a confident glow... or a "thanks, mom." these are the victories we're famous for. famous brands, famously easy... famous footwear. victory is yours. back on a saturday morning. coming up tomorrow here on "today," you will meet a great family, the smiley's from maine. he was in the navy and deployed for a year. they have a wonderful story. >> later on nbc "nightly news," so long. have a great saturda
6:56 am
i'm kris sanchez and coming up next on today in the bay, a muddy mess in the east bay as a water main sends water rushing down a city's street shutting down a major intersection. we will show you when a new roadway could reopen. and now a closed fire station in pittsburgh and how that has been affected. and now days away from another b.a.r.t. strike and both sides are growing farther apart, and we will show you why. to d today in the bay is next. look at 'em.
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7:00 am
meteorologist rob mayeda who predicts better temperatures. >> yes sh, there is a strong se breeze and anybody who likes the 7 o0s and the 80s will be happy. we have misty skies and drizzle and place where you would not expect the low clouds such as dublin where you will be seeing i. and in livermore, southwest winds and the low clouds will start to break up inland by 12:00, and then by 2:00, staying inland and back towards the coast and into the evening. winds are out of the west primarily 10 to 20 miles per hour, and numbers as we head into the mid-afternoon, 70s to low 80s, and chilly day in san francisco and low to mid-60s for saturday. we will let you know if the temperature trend continues in the weekend forecast in a few minut minutes. >> okay. thank you, rob. we begin with a story in the


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