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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 28, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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good evening, i'm diane mcdwyer. police say someone shot an employee at home depot. it happened in the middle of the afternoon when the store was full of people. police are on the scene and that is where we find kimberly. >> reporter: home depot is very pussy on sundays, and it was today. two loss prevention security officers shotted a man trying to walk out with a cart of tools
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without paying. they approached that man, a struggle ensued, and police say the plan pulled out a gun and shot one officer and hit the other on the side of the hid with the gun. basically pistol whipped him. the man shot was taken to the hospital and at last check we heard he is still being treated. the suspect is still on the loose. he is described as a white or light skinned hispanic man. 30 to 40 years old. he has a small pony tail. police were going to near by businesses asking for any surveillance video. shoppers here describe it as chaotic chaotic. a sportsperson says they quarantined the area for
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customer safety, and the man that was shot as we mentioned before is still in the hospital being treated. we heard he was shot in the arm, possibly the shoulder area. today's shooting at home depot is the third in three months. a man went into a jewelry store in jewelry mart and opened fire killed two women. the store owner was critically injured as well. he was upset about the value of jewelry he purchased at the store. on june 7th, police say a fight at sports authority late to the death of one man. the suspect used a bat to attack and kill the victim. police arrested the suspect at the store. and a developing story in the south bay, a man is on the run tonight, and he is recoving
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after crashing his patrol car in a chase last night. it started around 9:00 last night when a policeman spotted a a wanted man last night. at some point, both cars jumped the curb and the police car ran into a treat. he was treated for a concussion and back pain. they did not find the man who took off on foot. a woman is dead and a man in critical condition after being in the wrong place at the wrong time overnight. they say the car was traveling at high spaeds before colliding head on this morning. it happened near washington and 139th avenues. the female passenger in the car that was hit died at the scene. that car's deliver was rushed to
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the hospital. the deliver of the other car was hurt but is expected to survive. alcohol play have played a role in that crash. 80 people are dead of a violent weekend in egypt's capital. they tried to expand their sit in camp to be confronted by police and armed civilians. authorities say this is the single most deadly outbreak of violence. the violence hits home for many in the bay area as well. dozens gathered to voice their concerns. they hope to show their opposition. organizers say they're fighting for peace. >> what we're here to do today is say we apt the process, we don't want someone to come up and destroy it because they
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think we're not qualified to exblee express ourselves. >> they believe it's much higher than what is currently being reported. pope francis wrapped up his tour today with service on a beach today. ♪ some three million people reportedly joined the hope including leaders from several latin american countries. nearly the entire two mile beach was filled. the crowd cheered. they said that the catholic church must shake itself up and go to the streets and talk to people. anthony weiner's campaign manager has quit after the
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latest revelations there. he reseened after the candidate admitted to additional expoliticalic texts to as much as ten women. he was forted to admit after retining to congress. the state of his campaign was discussed on "meet the press." former congress member weiner has a pattern of reckless behavior, an inability to tell the truth, and a lack of maturity and responsibility. i don't the hi should be mayor, and i think the voter wills make that very clear. >> he vowed to stay in the race for mayor. >> whatever you did during the last strike, get ready to do it again. they have just one week before the temporary contract extension ends, and at this point there is still no deal. and while goergss are continuing
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to be stalled, they top the list for the highest paid transit workers. >> the real issue is to get a deal in the 30-day period that the governor asked to two parties to try to reach a deal. we have been unsuccessful. >> bart has been working hard to try to find a settlement, and the absence of once person doesn't mean the negotiating team is not there working hard to find a solution to this. >> union representatives say it is still possible to find a negotiation. why blowing up the building could provide new earthquake research. >> and a special visit, we'll show you where the giants are going to celebrate last year's world series win. giants going to meet a very
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special host, but emirates team new zealand today hosting a big, big star. i'll give you a hint, there is risky business on the bay today. we're seeing a cooler and breezy finish too the weekend. low 80s inland earlier today. drizzle and a tropical storm that will be bearing down on the hawaiian islands.
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after four full weeks of america's cup racing on the bay, one of the challenging teams has a distinctive advantage. they're winning famous fans along the way. we have the latest of all of that, hi, lawrence. >> yeah, huge fan, huge movie star. i don't want to give it away. not talking about jack, it's the guy he was talking to. take a look. >> their record setting ac 72 have been the stars so far, and
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the star power increased as tom cruise was a special guest on the team's yacht. they took their record in head to head matches with the italian team to had-0. they bet luna rosa by three minutes. they have manage their progress in the last few weeks. just part of what makes them a complete team. here is the crew leader. yeah, it is been about den years or so now, and that just comes together in situations like that. people deal with it calmly and go to the right areas at the right time. >> and now they keep working to have the same success when the
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finals start on august 6th. >> all right, news for you. we'll hear about barker's day on the water. they will not be part of that august 6th racing. they were undefeating thus far. they're exercising their right to go directly to the semifinals. that is the theme here, diane, back to you. >> we look forward to seeing tom cruise at 6:00. still to come, how the demolition of a bay area building should help with earthquake studies. look at 'em.
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officialing plan to demolish a building next month. they're bringing it down in a blast of explosives. scientists are using it to study the most notorious earthquake of all time. >> the tall gray building always head memories for the hayward man. >> she watched the development and has fond memories.
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>> it is a land mark to some, an eyesore to others. dodge's mother worked in the building for more than a doszen years. >> she could watch her house from her office. >> but it's days are running short. next month it will crumble in explosives. >> this is unique, it gives us a chance to really look at how seismic energy moves. >> it presents scientists with a rare opportunity. anyone that has walked the grounds knows about the fault growing throw ground. they say it could be the same as an 2.0 earthquake along the fault. >> we want to see how it travels, how it moves, and how it meoves here in the hills.
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>> it is basically doing it again by imaging the area around there. >> lauren hall could be located in this spot. >> they're signing up neighbors willing to host a seismograph. >> from his front yard, he tends to watch it crumble along with four decades worth of memories. in this case they will outlive the building. it was a windy and sunny day today, let's see what we can expect. >> cooling in the inland temperatures into the north bay and east bay. a chicagoey 59 in san francisco, 67 in oakland, and through you see the wind speeds. southwest wednesdays up to 24
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miles per hour. not quite as windy in san jose, it has been the east bay, the oakland hills where we have seen those winds today from 15 to 30 miles per hour. notice the temperature change. we're going to see those numbers continue today. across san francisco, this will bring not just your average drifts. especially for oakland, san francisco, and the fog spilling in to san jose. mostly cloudy skies not just for san francisco but even in towards the trivalley. we're also watching tropical storm flossie here. it will go between the big island and maui. there will be winds of about 50 miles per hour.
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so tropical storm warnings are up. if you have travel mans here monday to tuesday you may see some delays. back to the bay area, you see all of the fog on the coast, and we'll start to move to the east as onshore winds increase. it will u help pull in low clouds, and we'll see drizzle for the morning. low clouds, numbers mostly in the 50s for tomorrow morning. low to mid 70s san jose. it may not feel that warm, but it is another breezy and gusty day. you're looking at highs in the low to mid 50s and 60s to low 70s. so as high pressure builds back in, we'll back off on that sea
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breeze just enough to allow our inland spots to climb. for now that ocean air-conditioning is cranked way up. that will back off some. >> thank you. the giants may not get the chance to defend their world series title this year, but they're going to celebrate last year's victory one more time. the team is on their way to washington dc for a date with the president. that video here from the last time the team visited the white house, president obama plans to honor the giants again tomorrow for their win and for the giant's community service work. we want to bring in henry for a look at the day in sports. what happen do you have for us today? >> baseball, baseball, and more baseball for you. the a's do the incredible, and more in oakland today, and the
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giants who you were just talking about, what happened this weekend could be more than that. highlights are next when we come back.
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welcome back, the giants had their fair share of struggles and heartbreak. but their series this week with the cubs may have stung more than normal. they hope to avoid the sweep, chicago is not a very good team. sandoval doubles down the left field line.
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we have tied at one. in the seventh inning, castillo wails on one. 2-1 cubs, giants are in major trouble, they lose 2-1. >> one game, we lost by an error. the next two we just could not get a hit. that has been an issue is. that's how you win games. if you don't get them in you will probably not win the ball game. >> it just takes a couple things going right to spring board us into the positive. we could just do better in a series it could give us more confidence. >> over to oakland, the angels and a's, the a's were down 5-0.
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then in the sixth, a fly ball to left, nay collide. and then eric sogard drives in both his teammates. the a's win 10-6. >> it's tough to come back from a five run lead, but these guys are relentless. i expecting a push and got more than i could have hoped for. >> nfl training camp began today. today, jim harbaugh had a little coach speak and more. >> doing everything you can to
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win the next game. the most important game is the next game. for us that's the green bay packers, god willing and the creek don't rise we'll get to that one. >> the coaches always sharing their inside information. diane, i'm glad you're never like that. you're never full of cliches. >> right. the creek don't rise, i like that. dozens of bay area brides get a break on wedding gowns.
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it's a wedding gown sale that benefits cancer patients and a great way to get a deal on a designer dress as well.
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they sell new and gently worn wedding gowns starting at $99. the weekend's event was at the hilton hotel. they get the new gowns donated from designers and retail stores and brides can donate one-worn gowns as well. >> we're funding classes for anyone impacted by cancer. so by purchasing a gown or making a donation it goes into the $2 million their we're raising this year. and, if you have gown to donate, it is dax -- tax deductible. and a nice forecast, a little windy, drizzle tomorrow
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morning, and then we're going to warm up. >> thanks for watching. nbc nightly news is next, and local news at 6:00. on this sunday night, deadly bus crash. new details of what may have caused a church bus carrying dozens of teenagers to lose control and crash just a few miles from home. wedding party tragedy two weebs before her wedding a night out on a woet goes horribly wrong for a bride-to-be. tonight the driver in the hospital and under arrest. extreme weather, flash flooding in the south, record cold in the west. what's going on? safe at sea. new outrage over cruise ship safety standards. what you need to know before booking your next trip. and inside camelot. video of john f. kennedy and his young family 50 years ago this weekend.


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