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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 31, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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good wednesday morning. coming up on "early today." new york city mayoral candidate anthony weiner fights for his political life in a new ad. >> i know there are newspaper editors and politicians that say i wish weiner would quit. you don't know new york or me. a possible source for an outbreak that sickened hundreds of people. plus saying good-bye to a veteran actress. and a record breaking high-wire walk. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for wednesday, july 31st. good morning, i'm richard lui. anthony weiner vowing to stay in
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the race for new york city mayor. in a new video, he promises to fight amid sexting scandals. >> quitting isn't the way we fight in new york city. it's not about the campaign and not about the candidates and this isn't about me. this is about helping new yorkers, because they understand this is about them. >> well, that video capped a rough day for his campaign. when asked by a reporter tuesday if he was still engaging in inappropriate conduct, weiner side stepped the question, refusing to give a direct yes or no answer. earlier in the day his spokeswoman lashed out at a former intern who posted a negative story about her time on the campaign. she called the intern a fame seeking underachiever who, quote, sucked at her job. she later apologized for that. that after weiner's most recent sexting partner said weiner has fallen to fourth in the latest
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public opinion poll. supporters call him a hero, the government calls him a traitor. the verdict is in for bradley manning, who facilitated the largest leak of classified documents in u.s. history. most cleared against the most serious charges against him. tracie potts is live in washington. good morning. what's next for bradley manning? >> reporter: richard, what's left for bradley manning is the judges are going to have to decide how much time he'll get behind bars for these crimes, releasing hundreds of thousands of pages of documents. but interestingly, the judge looked at not only what he did, but why he did it. manning supporters gathered in front of the white house after hearing he'd been convicted. today sentencing follows what private bradley manning's defense calls a huge victory. guilty on 20 counts, but not
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guilty on the most serious charge, aiding the enemy. manning gave wikileaks battle plans, diplomatic cables, and this video that killed innocent civilians in baghdad. he faces up to 136 years in prison. >> the government is very, very serious about protecting the status of classified information, and people who deseminight it are playing with fire. >> reporter: the judge found manning negligent but said he did not intend for those secrets to land in the hands of osama bin laden, which they did. still, the espionage charges are historic. >> espionage charges have been brought against spies and traitors and not those who leaked information to the media with no ill intent. >> it is a serious precedent, it is a serious abuse, and it will mean the end of national security journalism in the
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united states as we know it. >> reporter: the white house and state department had no comment. in a statement, the top democrat and republican on the house intelligence committee says justice was served. now analysts who have been watching this say it's unlikely, they think, that he'll get the full sentence and that sentencing process, which starts today, could last weeks. richard? >> tracie potts, thank you so much in washington for us. a federal appeals court ruled tuesday the government can collect records showing your cell phone's location without obtaining a warrant. the court upheld the justice department's arguments in a 2-1 ruling. cell phone locations are not protected by the fourth amendment, which prevents unreasonable searches and seizu seizures. cell phone use is entirely voluntary and users forfeit the right for location records to be constitutionally protected. prepackaged salad is the
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source for a stomach bug in iowa and nebraska, but it's unclear if other states are linked to that produce. 148 people in iowa and 78 in nebraska have contract eed the disease. they did not identify a specific brand but said the salads came through national salad distribution changes. 372 cases have been reported nationwide. at least 21 of those required hospitalization. we got some new information on that deadly train derailment in spain. investigators saying the train's driver was talking on the moment on the phone at the time of the incident speaking to an official of the train campaign and also looking at a document. it was traveling at 95 miles per hour, almost twice the legal limit when it went into a dangerous curve a week ago.
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the driver hit the brakes, but it was too late. 79 people died in the crash, the driver is facing preliminary charges of negligent homicide. hollywood is mourning the loss of a veteran actor, eileen brennan known for films such as "private benjamin" has died at the age of 80. brennan started her career singing on broadway. she made the transition to the silver screen, nabbing parts in films like "clue" and "the sting." co-star goldie hawn saying, no one ever made me laugh more. now i cry. please keep singing darling from on high. now for a look at the weather. >> great movie. >> great actor. >> i can just picture her saying -- benjamin! >> exactly, exactly. not too long ago. >> '80s, i guess i'm getting old. >> she looked great for her age. as far as the forecast goes,
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the weather pattern for july was very hot in much of the inner mountain west, wet in the southeast and cool in the great lakes. doesn't look like a lot is going to change. we're still looking at an onshore flow on the west coast. the hot weather still stuck there from the desert southwest to texas. cool and rainy weather in the southeast. broken record, more of the same. yesterday was hot as advertised from texas to new mexico, all the way through the deserts of arizona, southern nevada. interior california, warm, so temperatures still a little bit above average in a few spots, but more of the same. it's going to be a nice day once again in the northwest. you're dropping off at night into the upper 50s, low 60s. daylight hours, upper 70s, low 80s. nearly perfect from seattle to portland. still dealing, unfortunately, with cool california coastal coy
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have been lately, including prescott, arizona, today in the upper 80s. this is one of those patterns if it's cloudy, you consider it different, let alone any rain. >> that's what i look for during your reports, is there a cloud over there? that's a little different. thanks a lot. new york city's ban on sugary drinks fizzles, and who in hawaii is offering one-way tickets. plus a daredevil walks a fine line in china when "early today" returns.
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. become back to. he was mistakenly left for four days after a drug raid. daniel chong was released, but he was left in a holding cell. he says he survived by drinking his own urine. penn state's former president and two administrators tuesday stood trial. the former officials claim to have been unaware of sandusky abusing children. any costs that may result of the sexual harassment lawsuit. hawaii is trying something new and potentially controversial in the fight against homelessness, plane tickets. it will offer one-way tickets back to the continental united states. this return to home program is meant to save millions it spends annually on food and shelter for
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the homeless. and here's a nerve racking video to show you, a tight rope walker in china finishing a high-wire walk between two hot air balloons in 38 seconds. there are better things to do on a tuesday. now for an early look at business, bertha kunz, good morning. >> good morning. futures are pointing to a higher start after stocks finished mixed on tuesday, but a lot of data to sift through today. the fed wraps up its two-day meeting, but investors are going to get data on private sector jobs, manufacturing, labor costs, and a first glance at second quarter gdp, which may show the economy slowed in its growth this spring. ford may start selling a natural gas pickup, the first auto maker to offer that option in a light duty truck. it could cost $9,000 to install new fuel tanks. the price of gas is averaging about $2.11 a gallon.
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and the pc may soon be surpassed by tablets, but not on campus. 18% of college students own a pc, but only 18% have a tablet. a big reason, it's still easier to take notes and write papers on a laptop or desktop pc, but i imagine most kids these days have laptops. >> they have everything, bertha, thank you so much. good news for sellers. u.s. home prices up more than 12% in the past year. that's the biggest annual gain since 2006, but a report today is expected to show stagnant growth in this year's second quarter. economists are hopeful the gdp weakness will give way to stronger growth, though, for the rest of the year. new york, keep on drinking those sugary drinks, in moderation, of course. a new york appeals court has ordered a stop to 16-ounce limits on high-calorie drinks. the court called the ban unconstitutional. more than 14 months after
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its disastrous initial public offering, facebook came within four cents tuesday of its $38 ipo. facebook says one of the main reasons is its commitment to mobile game publishing. looking to get in on the google glass game? you're not alone. exclusive invitations are rolling out right now and if you're selected as one of the lucky ones, you'll still have to pay the hefty $1500. the passing of an nba legend and the dangers of a hard candy. and d-day for a-rod. sports when we come back.
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. all right. let's get the latest in sports for you. the pirates have a lot to brag about. they are number one in the national league central division, this after sweeping a double header with st. louis. pittsburgh now has the best record in all of baseball. the pirate's pain for the last two decades could end this year. the beard is back and it's a little bizarre. the former san francisco giants icon goes to rival the dodgers. say it ain't so. brian wilson gets a one-year contract. elbow surgery kept the beard from the majors since august 2012. could it be the "sports illustrated" jinx? alex rodriguez is on the cover. latest reports say he and up to 20 players could be suspended
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friday. a-rod told the magazine he wants to be a role model despite what he says is all the noise. a dallas cowboys writer says barry church missed practice on thursday. church had to have a root canal after he chipped a tooth, he chipped it on the jolly rancher. back in 1946 the first basket was scored in the nba. knicks guard benjamin ossie schectman was the man. he passed away tuesday at age 94. how about a boot camp for sports mascots? at it you'll see slugger the lion training willy the wildcat. the owner was the phillies fanatic for 16 years. if you're interested, average salary, about $25,000 plus benefits. if you're doing the nfl, only eight games a year if you're at home. plus, who actors want to see
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in a sex tape. and a touching tribute to princess die and she looks stunning.
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welcome back. in the northwest we've had some great weather as of late. slight change with more clouds, possibly a shower or two over the next couple of days. upper level low is spinning off the coast. that will begin to move over the northwest in the days ahead. not so much today. today's still a nice day, clouds this morning. this afternoon will be some sun and 80s, but cooler as we go
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into thursday. add in a chance of showers, especially the lower elevations, on friday. thursday up in the cascades a little bit. otherwise it will be a carbon copy of what you dealt with yesterday. >> get out the copy machine. thank you so much. in entertainment for you, reality tv stars joe and theresa giudice free for now. the real housewives of new jersey stars each posted a half a million dollars bond. they pled not guilty to fraud and tax evasion charges, both facing up to 30 years in prison. >> no joke. >> not a joke at all. and millions in fines if convicted. joe giudice also could be deported back to italy because he is not a u.s. citizen. some real teeth in that. a stunning new photo of princess diana graces the cover of "vanity fair" issue. the story will detail the
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two-year love affair with a pakistani doctor. what a great shot of her there. singer sierra's latest release has sold about 60,000 units and may get a boost now that the album is for sale on groupon. i did not stutter there. >> not a bad advertising campaign. little different. >> groupon is still around? >> that's not nice. >> i didn't mean it, really. you can buy a two-cd set featuring her new album and greatest hits for $13.99. >> get both and the sales of her new one will go up. smart. hugh jackman's twitter page, this photo of the wolverine star was snapped as he trained for the next x-men movie. >> that's a dead lift, in case you were wondering. >> thank you. look at that guy, man. don't get in his way. may have something to do with his love scenes in "the
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notebook." he tops the list of actors wanted to be seen in a sex tape. >> who else? >> matt damon, matthew mcconaughey and johnny depp. and finally, according to "the sun," kanye west is sharing his fashion sense with britain's newest royal. the tabloid reports the rapper sent future king baby george skinny jeans and a hoodie. >> i want to see the royal baby in that outfit. >> i want to see the picture when they tweet it, we'll have it no doubt here on "early today." we hope we're just the first stop of the day here.
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leading the news from reuters, u.s. to declassify documents on spy programs. a u.s. intelligence official tells reuters spy agencies plan to release newly declassified documents as early this week, including the programs revealed by edward snowden. in the huffington post, violin worth $1.8 million. police say the 300-year-old instrument was taken by thieves three years ago as an acclaimed musician was buying a sandwich at a london cafe. topping our news for you right now, a little recap. anthony weiner will not quit. in a new campaign ad, he pledged to stay in the race but controversy keeps plaguing him.
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a former intern led him to go on an expletive-laced tirade. a federal appeals court ruled tuesday the government can collect records showing your cell phone's location without obtaining a warrant. the key basis, cell phone use is entirely voluntary and users forfeit the right for location records to be constitutionally protected. talk about pressure, take a look at this tight rope walker in china. breaking a guinness world record. it would take me 38 hours. >> it would take me never. one usher at the oakland a's game knows how to get down. oakland winning against the toronto blue jays. left arm, right arm. the camera scanned over to number 238 here, he's an usher. look at those 180s he does. then the m.j. move. the guy's got it down. next time he's going to be doing, what, a duggy? >> maybe the most entertaining
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part of that game. >> it is. >> i'd sit in section 238 so he'd be there. >> that was the fourth win -- they had a winning streak of four games, he probably helped them. they lost yesterday. time for a look ahead, president obama heads to capitol hill today to meet with democratic senate and house leaders for a pep talk about job growth and tax reform and the president welcomes back the lady huskies of the university of connecticut. the president will honor the basketball team there for winning the 2013 ncaa championship. congratulations to all them. happy birthday to harry potter author j.k. rowling, wesley snipes, mark cuban, 55. here's what's coming up lat later, a-rod's fall from grace. now keep it right here for more news, weather, and sports. thanks for watching "early today." you have a great day ahead.
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shame, shame, shame. >> new, oakland council members working well into the morning, making decisions on on two controversial issues. we'll have the overnight developments, next. election results are in. who will be replacing disgraced south bay supervisor. plus, now open. the major change on the south bay freeway if time for the morning commute. how's this for up to the minute the minute you're up? live look outside. that is the bay bridge. doesn't look like fog. mike has your roads on wednesday, july 31st. this is "today in the bay."


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