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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 31, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> the cold, hard reality, mike. live look outside. crisp and cool. a look at the bay bridge from a distance. early morning hour makes that orange look like tang. wednesday, july 31st. this is "today in the bay." >> do they sell that anymore? >> i hope they do it's a classic. astronauts used to drink it. thank you for joining us. 5:00 on the nose. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. after debate stretching into the morning, oakland city council giving preliminary approve toll two controversial issues. following a series of demonstrations featuring violence and vandalism, city council giving that approve toll ban specific items including hammers, wrenches, spray paint, slingshots, potentially dangerous items. >> this is just a tool that we can give our law enforcement
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agencies to be able to remove individuals from the crowd when they do bring, whether it's hammers, bats so forth that would create harm and destruction to our fasts. >> to increase the chances of they're going to be faced with charges of something innocuous like a pen or a pencil or women who have to carry pepper spray, is that considered a weapon if i'm at a protest? nigh i need to get home safely. >> if it gets approval the ordinance would be subject to review after two years. >> shame, shame. >> despite loud disapprovel from protesters earlier, the council approved $2 million grant from the department of homeland security adding 130 surveillance cameras to the city. most located at port of oakland. but a few in the city, including close to the airport. the images from security cameras
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will be sent to a centralized location. just to begin with, the federal government knows this stuff is here. it doesn't matter what public privacy policies, what's the enforcement for that, you know? nobody's going to jail if they -- if they -- if they violate a privacy of this system. you can't avoid this system. there's no way. there's so much power in it. >> the cameras are scheduled to be up and running by june of next year. new this morning, san jose state police looking for a man who beat up another man on campus. police say the victim was walking with a group of friends on the 4th street side of the campus science building when he got into a fight with another man. there was a struggle and some point the victim's head slammed into the concrete. that attacker ran and police are still looking for him. the victim was taken to the hospital. we're being told with nonlife threatening injuries.
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officers do not think anybody is at risk. police in newark looking for a group of vandals who attacked more than a dozen cars. police say before 11:00 on sunday, they received reports of a group of men smashing car windows on arena place a few blocks from the music park. at least 22 windows and smashed, damaging 13 cars. a motorcycle was also pushed over. so far, no arrests in the case. walnut city creek attorney resigned this morning. city attorney brian wenter says members wanted investigation shut down after revealed the city manager knew of the allegations earlier than they disclosed. he says that pressure prompted him to announce his resignation monday. however, mayor silva was not aware of any effort to derail
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the investigation which examined whether city employees fulfilled duties to report suspected abuse after firing this man, 27-year-old. a former employee who had inappropriate contact with teenage girls. he was charged in february with two felonies and a misdemeanor three months after he was fired. in an hour from now, pg&e crews head out to mountain view to work on restoring gas to commercial buildings there. the gas leak forcing crews to shut down charleston road between antonio road and independence avenue after 6:30 last night. businesses in that area they were evacuated. the gas was shut off three hours later. this morning, seven commercial buildings without gas. the cause of the leak remains under investigation. san francisco police need your help finding a missing 80year-old man. eugene smith last seen monday large street near rosa parks elementary school. he suffers from alzheimer's
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disease. police say smith, 5'5", weighing 137 pounds, seen wearing a black giants shirt and black pajama pants. call this one a unwelcomed donation at goodwill. talking about bedbugs. today, exterminators inspect goodwill warehouses after workers uncovered a bedbug infestation. that sounds nasty saying it. "today in the bay's" bob redell live where special bug-sniffing dogs brought in to help out. >> reporter: good morning. dogs can detect bedbugs, have scoured the good will warehouse location in san francisco, they did find nasty little critters. they're going to create that area. later today, the same dogs are go doing the same thing at their warehouse location here in burlingame after bedbugs discovered at both locations friday. they're not sure how the nasty creatures got in there. good will can't tell if they
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came in on someone's donation. so until all of this is resolved, they are turning away donations at the location here in burlingame. they've had to throw out a lot of donated items, 15 very large boxes of donated goods thrown out. that's about 40 cubic yards in volume. they've had to steam clean items made of cloth. this has cost good will hundreds if not thousands of dollars in terms of lost revenue from the sale of the items. and also the cost of having to rent a new space to collect new denations. all of the money diverted from what they normally would spend it on, job training programs. >> what a tragedy for good will. a big bummer. it's going to take them a while to recoup. >> reporter: if you're not familiar with bedbugs, they do feed on human blood. they leave behind bite marks and rashes. they're not something you want to be coming in contact with. good will points out none have
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been detected at any of the retail locations here in san mateo county and nsf. they hope to have warehouses running by the end of the week. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much. >> ugly bugs. takes the charm off of sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite. >> people are getting up now, right? >> sorry, just bringing you the news. >> 5:07. let's check in with christina loren. let's hope nothing out there that looks like that. >> gives you the heebie-jeebies. live picture, nice clear shot on the golden gate bridge. we don't know what's happening here but we'll find out from mike momentarily. i want to point out how clear it is. part of the reason is the wind. it's gusting in parts of the bay area. but that's keeping fog from settling in for the time. 57 oakland. good morning, san jose 57. same for campbell, santa teresa, 57 milpitas. southwest wind at 30 miles per
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hour, that's your sustained speed, gusting to 50 miles per hour up in fairfield. hold on tight. wind on the west northwest 8 miles per hour. the same goes for san mateo. san francisco, winds dropped off. we could see low clouds come down through the next couple of hours. right now looking clear across the greater bay area. lots of sunshine on tap for today. hazy sun, filtered through the haze and smoke but coming into the bay area. a fire that's burning in southern oregon. 82 degrees livermore. 70 fremont. 76 redwood city. 59 san francisco. we'll talk more about that, which areas impacted by the unhealthy air quality throughout the day. that's my next report. 5:08. first check on the drive and golden gate prij. mike inouye. >> flashing lights new york reason for alarm. the center divide at the golden gate bridge, it's a bunch of
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cones put into, will pop in, pop out. they move the center divide as needed so they're ready for the morning commute two lanes northbound. that's what you'll find after they're finished moving those. oakland, smooth drive. flashing lights were on the northbound side, they have cleared. construction crews are moving. at the coliseum, in the ar crowds because there's a midday game for the a's 12:35. one direction, having their concert there, tonight 7:30. all day see activity, morning commute, slowing for midday game and get out of the game and go to the concert and the evening commute. that's an issue past the coliseum. smooth drive as crews clear between 980 and that spot as well. >> one direction, re raking it >> i think mike's going to the show. >> facebook and the pirates, what the two have to do with each other. what the united nations is upset. details after a large fire
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the taste is irresistible. sweet and salty nut bars by nature valley. nature at its most delicious. police in hayward asking for the public's help to learn about a shooting on the south side last night. receiving multiple calls about gunfire on revere avenue in south hayward. there found a man shot a number of times a few blocks away. he's been taken to a hospital, where police tell us he is in no condition to talk. they also say more than one person told them a white car was seen leaving the scene. police this hour are not sure if that car had anything to do with the shooting. if you happen to know anything about this situation, please asked to call hayward pd.
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5:12. a week before a controversial's gentleman's club set to ep, one councilman proposing new restricts. adult entertainment establishments like the gold club bring criminal elements and should be subject to stricter rules. proposing no touching, no dim lighting and no late hours. the bikini bar slated to open next week, five blocks from city hall. the city will take up the proposed regulations next week. the california public utilities commission weighing in on how to regulate popular ride sharing service. the commission released a proposal it says ensures public safety for both drivers and passengers who use companies like huber, lift, side car. they would have to be licensed by the cpuc, run background checks and have driver training programs and zero tolerance drug and alcohol poll pi icies.
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the commission will vote early september. >> scott mcgrew. a giant victory for ride sharing companies. >> it is. they were following most of the rules already. they all had million dollar per driver insurance policies. they did background checks, they do background checks, safety inspections of the cars themselves. perhaps the only requirement that we listed there was the companies don't do specific driver training. we're unclear on what that will entail. but the point here is what the puc is saying, creating rules for ride sharing legitimizing and legalizes ride sharing. that's got companies very much smiling this morning. other news, the senate will hold hearings on domestic spying and we should see a number of previously classified documents unclassified including, we think, the order to collect data onnual awl phone calls made on the verizon network.
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the head of the national security agency, this man will speak in las vegas at black hat hacker conference. jane wells is over at cnbc's los angeles bureau with the check of the wednesday markets. good morning. >> reporter: scott, futures are higher. hooray! after stocks ended mixed tuesday. the fed wraps up its meeting today. hoping for clues when the central bank may wrap on the program. the latest in private sector jobs, manufacturing, labor costs and the first glance at the second quarter gdp which may show the economied slowed. the dow slipped one point. the nasdaq rising 17. that's the highest since october 200 but lower than march 2000 when the nasdaq ended up over 5,000. >> those were the days. >> those were the days. new apps to tell you.
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the first one, combines videos from different phones. say you're at a birthday party, upload videos in one place, crowd flick. edit the best angles into one video, crowd flick by the way the flick flik in the app store if you're looking for it. this one is called story. >> i love it already! >> from the same guy who invented jibjab. yes, the abc song. upload a picture to the website. don't worry, there's a laura version as well. be late to work. stick around until 6:15. >> awesome. >> i need a copy of that. my kids will eat that up. >> online on the website. if you want to download them, keep them, that sort of thing, mail them a small fee, three, four bucks.
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the cool thing, a lot of the songs are educational. if you put dad or the kid in the video and it's the abc song, you play it over and over. you're actually -- you know. the guys from jibjab. >> i played ban joe and, two, i'm kermit the frog not here on the set. appreciate that. >> that is the best video of the day. >> i'm honored, scott. thank you. >> i'm scared. don't know what else is coming up. >> dueling banjos. >> i cannot wait to see the laura edition. >> team effort. >> we will get that up on the website. you can watch it over and over and over again. 5:17. what a beautiful day shaping up for parts of the bay area. i've got to put asterisk next to that statement. we still have the smoke coming into the area. a lot of people asking me, is this what's driving my allergies, causing me to have
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headaches? we can't tell whether or not it's for sure it's the case but we have had a lot of report. if you're suffering from allergies from the season and maybe amplified by the smoke, limit activity. 55 san mateo. 62 sunny vail. it's not the entire bay area with the air quality alert. only for parts of the bay area. but look at this. our atmosphere's getting a good mixing now with strong sustained wind speeds 30 miles per hour. up in fairfield, hold on to your steering wheel as you cross the open water bridges. you get strong gusts from time to time and that will be the case this morning. what's happening it's preventing fog from settling in for now. we'll let you know if it's a factor. air quality for today. in the moderate range. yesterday unhealthy levels in the central bay. this is what we're looking at when it comes to smog. as we head throughout the day we get more and more cars on the highway, more of the pollution in the atmosphere coupled with smoke that's coming in from the north. that was where we had the air
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quality alert. at the end of the day you're getting worst of the air quality. you want to limit outdoor activity if you can. fog, smoke, equals fog. limit the time outdoors especially with little ones who suffer from asthma or respiratory issues. more fog and smog tomorrow. that will continue to improve. the weekend, looking good. 70 fremont, 72 oakland today. 59, requiring a jacket in san francisco all day long. getting into that weekend, temperatures start to come up. beaches will be nice and comfortable as we kick off the first weekend of august. can't believe it starts tomorrow, mike. >> i know. i better start thinking of a gift and then forget and then call, sorry, dude, texting's good because you don't have to say that. easy drive towards the peninsula. east bay, report of stalled vehicle approaching the toll plaza.
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no additional backup on the approach. it's leaving the toll plaza, if you had to pay the cash toll there. as you cross the bay, smooth drive. no delays. eastbound side slow for a few minutes. you're back up to speed. driving toward 101, 280 also very clear. south bay, no problems right now as far as incidents go. we have cruise clearing from 17 south as you leave 280. that should clear. interchange overnight construction. 101 slows down to 59. smooth drive past capital with changes there. just worried folks get adjusted might have slow at changes at off-ramp. drives tri-valley, easy one. below 50 livermore. through dublin at the limit. live look outside, show you the bay bridge. this is the upper deck here. the headlights going into san francisco, that's fine. no backup at toll plaza. is it lower deck where we had those crews clearing as you
5:21 am
approach treasure island. i saw a backup. now things are starting to clear again. see the red lights? flashing lights through the tunnel, so keep that in mind for the next few out of san francisco and heading to oakland. 5:21. the united nations is accusing facebook of being uncooperative. investigators say they asked the menlo park company for information on suspected pirates operating in somalia but facebook refused. the u.n. monitoring group says it repeatedly asks facebook for accounts belonging to individuals involved in hijackings and hostage taking but receive no help. facebook says u.n. has no legal authority to demand data. the company's faced pressure regarding privacy after revealed it cooperated with the nsa allowing access to users' pictures, e-mails and video chats. firefighters still mopping up after a sanitation company went up in flames down in southern california. this one was both rough and
5:22 am
dangerous. nearly 100 firefighters fighting the flames from the outside of the building in sun valley after part of the roof collapsed overnight. the building was once an auto parts store but being used to store portable toilets. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. we're happy to report in all of the flames, nobody was hurt. 5:22. bieber payback. disgruntled fans are getting back at the pop star next. look at 'em.
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filmmakers will get a shot at brand-new google glass they're releasing before they are available in store. the mountain view company says students at five colleges get a chance to explore exactly how the glasses will help them make film. participating schools, california institute of the arts, ucla.
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usc. once released it will cost $1500. a misstep by justin bieber has fans taking to twitter to get back at him. earlier this month, bieber broke an unwritten rule when he stood on the chicago blackhawks' logo shooting apicture of the stanley cup. >> come on. >> right? players avoid stepping on the logo out of respect. the team ropes it off during the media during interviews. fans got revenge over the weekend. at their handle fan convention. one group tweeted -- created twitter feed, they posted photos. >> standing on his face now. by the end, more than 100 photos were posted. people were having fun with it. >> i worked in chicago for eight years. >> don't mess. >> you do not do that. one of the blackhawk players tweeted out, don't step on the logo bro. >> he's had a weird run.
5:26 am
monkeys, biebs being biebs. christina loren what's happening outside? >> i hope biebs turns it around. s its it temperatures dropping off. air qualify's improved overnight. just want to keep in mind, you want to stay indoors if you can if you suffer from respiratory issues. later on the afternoon the air quality is at its worst. 75 san jose. temperatures cannot be beat for the final day of july. i'll let you know what's to come this august in your next report. 5:26. first check the drive. good morning. >> good morning. update on the crews. we saw them moving the cones, clear from the golden gate bridge, no problem here. farther north, look at the southbound direction. taillights away from us. getting more company. toward lincoln you see that flow continue at the limit. starting to build gently for the north bay southbound commute.
5:27 am
we'll show you the speeds are at the limit to the golden gate bridge and highway 37. quick look at fremont, 880 not a problem. good news here. now open for business. we'll tell you about the major change on a south bay freeway in time for the commute. election results in. who will be replacing disgraced south bay supervisor george shirakawa jr.
5:28 am
5:29 am
shame, shame, shame! >> new this morning, oakland council members working well into the morning making decisions on two controversial issues. we'll have the overnight developments in a live report. what a tragedy for goodwill. seem like a big bummer. it's going to take a while to recoup. >> two warehouses worth of donations trashed because of bedbugs. that's right. go
5:30 am
goodwill, what they're doing to keep the problem from growing. and we do have some gusty winds this morning. cameras shaking around a bit. it's a nice crisp start to the day. 50s and 60s. cooldown continues. change is around the corner for the weekend. we'll give you those numbers coming up. despite all of the green lights, all of the red lights here at bay bridge toll plaza. we'll sort it out, coming up. traffic picking up. fremont out there. >> mike's going to sort that out as well. welcome to work on wednesday morning. last day of july, 31st. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. good to see you. after hours of debate, stretching into the morning, the oakland city council giving preliminary approval to a couple of very controversial issues.
5:31 am
one of them, a $2 million grant adding 130 surveillance cameras around the city. christie smith live in oakland with details. christie, how it's looking out there? >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. two measures, according to oakland city council members, designed to make the city of oakland safer, es splipecially protests in the downtown area. set off fierce debate with the city council meeting goal to 1:30 in the morning. looks like more surveillance cameras coming to the city of oakland. >> we are having problems with christie's audio. we'll continue following the story. we'll get her back live and follow up. also in oakland, police are open hoping for women who witnessed a murder nearly two years ago will come forward.
5:32 am
police released the photos overnight. pictures found on the phone of the 32-year-old derian stone of fremont, he was shot killed during a halloween party 2011. the women may have witnessed the shooting but took off before police got to the scene? we know who will represent district 2 on the santa clara county board of vup advisupervi. cindy chavez taking 55% of the vote. defeats communications manager theresa alvarado. larry gerstin says chavez's win is a big win for organized labor. >> it's important not only for her, the liberal democrats and organized labor that has taken its hit in the last couple of years. it really opens up an opportunity to move the county and perhaps the city next year back in a direction that labor has done so well in over the
5:33 am
past decade. >> as you may know, chavez replacing disgraced supervisor george shirakawa jr. who resigned in march and later pleading guilty to felony charges including perjury. he's scheduled to be sentenced friday. >> this morning, special bed-bug sniffing dogs brought in to track down bedbugs at a peninsula goodwill warehouse. it comes days after another one was shut down due to infestat n infestation. not a good thing to wake up to, bob. >> reporter: good morning, laura. goodwill telling us this is not affecting retail stores in san mateo or san francisco counties, but two warehouse locations, one here in burlingame, another one in san francisco. both locations had bedbugs discovered this past friday. the bedbug-sniffing dogs scanned the san francisco warehouse location than that area will be treated today. dogs will do the same at
5:34 am
burlingame location. if they find the bugs, they plan to treat them. the idea to get warehouses running by the end of the week. they are not accepting donations at these locations because they don't know where the bugs are coming from. if they're coming in on donations they clearly don't want to exacerbate the problem. they've also had to get rid of a lot of product. talking about 15 very large boxes of donated goods that have been thrown out. that's about 40 cubic yards in volume. they've also had to steam clean a lot of items made of cloth. as you can imagine, this is costing goodwill hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in terms of lost revenue from the sale of the items. money could have been spent on their job training programs which of course is what they raise money for in the first place. >> a city like san francisco, a lot of people who are on the edge of employability and san francisco's trying to work on that. so it's central, i think.
5:35 am
>> if you're not familiar with bedbugs they feed on human blood, they bite us and they also have a tendency to leave rashes. this is why goodwill taking it seriously, they do not want to be spreading any of the things out in the public any further than they might be. saying they're not at anyw retal locations, two warehouse locations. bedbug-sniffing dogs expected to be in burlingame some time today. live here in burlingame, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> who knew they had bedbug sniffing dogs. >> my skin's starting to crawl. it's freaky. nasty. >> move on to brighter things. checking the forecast, christina loren. >> let's get a move on from the video pictures in particular. 55 in livermore. 57 san jose. 62bk] sunnyvale. nice crisp start in san francisco. just about as cool as yesterday. some cities reporting cooler conditions. might need to pull out the
5:36 am
sweat, depending on the threshold for the cold. also a windchill factor out there, make sure you're aware of. wind southwest 30 miles per hour, strong sustained speed in fairfield. 10 oakland. west northwest wind 3 miles per hour, keeping fog from settling in for the time being. i'm watching san bruno cam, fog is starting to settle. we'll let you know if it interrupts your drive. patchy fog on the way. mike and i tracking that for you. by 4:00, winds crank across the bay area. get warmer colors across the bay area, expecting 20 to 30-mile-per-hour winds later today. that will help to mix up our atmosphere and keep the smoke from getting suspended out there in the sky. we still have unhealthy air call at the immediate coast. we'll talk about that in the next report. 70 fremont. 76 los gados. 75 degrees, you cannot beat that, for the final day of july in san jose.
5:37 am
changes, yep, summertime reading coming back into the mix. seven-day forecast reveals went next. good morning. >> good morning. i showed you this earlier. now a better situation. full shot, you can see. look at the light bar across the screen. if you can make it out, get close, steady lights are green now. we had one lane closed. now all open. as far as the flow at bay bridge toll plaza. but also look at the other shot from the toll plaza. there is a backup there approaching on the lanes to the right off the hov lanes which are clear, by the way. early backup forming at lanes that were closed overnight. now the backup holding because of the volume of the traffic out of the maze. map shows you the maze moves smoothly. right around the berkeley curve we start to slow. really as you get toward the overcrossing you have to hit the brakes and come to a stop in the lanes off to the left as you're approaching. here toward the earlier slowdown at the san mateo bridge toll plaza, disabled vehicle clear
5:38 am
sw and no problems. slowing approaching the dublin interchange. into the mid-50s and west 84 coming through livermore, more slowing. look at south bay. i'll show you the maps that you're talking about right now. >> we want to let viewers know, traffic in the east san jose may be smoother this morning. the santa clara valley transportation authority opening up the new southbound 110 exit ramps to capital expressway and yerba buena road, part of the improvement project aimed at reducing traffic and congestion and making roads safer for drivers. the project is expected to wrap up early next year. it's 5:38. bradley manning back in court. why he didn't aid the enemy he did leak controversial information that fell into the hand of al qaeda. a live report on how long he could spend in prison, next. also tell you about this situation on trying to catch a
5:39 am
thief. how social media pressured a wanted man to turn himself in to local police.
5:40 am
5:41 am
. sentencing start for private bradley manning, the analyst who leaked top secret information that landed him and in the hands of al qaeda. now we wait to see how long he'll be spending in a military jail. "today in the bay's" tracie potts following the case from washington. at this mohour, everybody wonde what you're hearing. >> reporter: he's facing 136 years for the charges on which he was convicted, that came down yesterday. a military judge saying he was guilty of 20 counts, some included espionage. this was a precedent charging him with espionage. but one very important count of espionage that he was found not guilty of, that's aid an enemy.
5:42 am
because he was found not guilty, he's not eligible for life in prison. the defense team called that a huge victory. but still, they've got a long way to go to convince the judge now in the sentencing phase to keep this sentence to a minimum. a lot of analyst whose have been watching don't think that held get the maximum sentence here. that process starts today. but it couactually take several week. this is sort of set the stage and made a pretty bold statement by the government that they are willing to go after people who consider themselves whistle-blowers but give up classified information to others, including the media, not just other entities or the enemy. back to you. >> setting a major tone on the subject. tracie potts, thank you. 5:42. disturbing revelations about the train crash in spain. the driver was talking on the
5:43 am
for with an official of the company when the train jumped the tracks and heo4 was reading document at the time as bem the black boxes recovered show the train was speeding down the tracks at 95 miles per hour when it derailed going around the curve. the speed limit in the area is 50 miles per hour. the driver was freed from police custody on sunday pending trial on charges of negligent homicide. we can soon know the fate of several major league baseball stars suspected of using performance enhancing drugs. the league has given the use ona list it intends to suspend into the florida anti-agenting clinic biogeny sis. suspensions could come friday. the big name, alex rodriguez, stands to receive the longest and harshest punishment. also part of the story, sources close to the investigation say oakland all-star bartolo colon and melky cabrera will not, will
5:44 am
not, be suspend again because they both served their punishment last season. last week, brewers always outfielder ryan braun accepted a season-ending 65-game suspension. some of the topmakers of energy drinks will be testifying on capitol hill. they will answer questions at a senate hearing this afternoon. at issue, how the companies market those drinks to kids. the senate commerce and transportation committee will hear from the american pediatrics. the morgan hill police department posting a picture of this man, 22-year-old colby worsham on its facebook page. this happened sunday. he's a kid wanted for burglary, larceny, and fraudulent use of credit cards. facebook followers responded, sharing that photo more than 150 times.
5:45 am
and then voila, 48 hours late,f worsham turned himself in to police. morgan hill police say is it the first time somebody's turned themselves in because of social media pressure. >> family, friend that may have known him, probably encouraged him to turn himself in base ad f of facebook comments. >> police believe this will encourage people to place more photos and videos on facebook page. >> very interesting. >> sign of the times. >> exactly. >> inspector clusso would be proud. >> it's going to be mild. facebook and twitter, who is going to be the hottest social media platform? where do we turn to get our information? 5:45. i'm trying to get my twitter going. follow me on twitter. i've got tips.
5:46 am
57 san jose. jon kelley does. if that makes it worthwhile. 55 in concord. 53 santa rosa. follow all of us, jon kelley, laura garcia-cannon, scott mcdegree, and of course mike inouye, all on there tweeting throughout the show. incentive for you. 57 in oakland. 55 in san mateo. great looking day shaping up. what we're talking about, patchy, low clouds, a weird setup. you don't have thick fog yet. but we could see that develop highway 1 throughout the morning. right now looking good. breezy to windy conditions mixing up the atmosphere, keeping the fog from settling in. three to five-degree drop in temperatures. cooler than average today. go figure, it's heat stroke prevention day. what i'm tweeting about today, if you want tips, store in your computer. i'll have those ready to go in 15 minutes. warmer temperatures this weekend. the sun will come through by 9:00 a.m. you're not going to have to wait until noon for sunshine.
5:47 am
but today and tomorrow that will be the case. we have smoke coming in several very strong wildfires burning in southern oregon that's driving the air quality alert. limit times outdoors if you can. if you notice allergies are intense or getting headaches that could be a signal the smoke is triggering whatever is it that is driving allergies. that could be the case today and tomorrow. friday and saturday, better air quality. temperatures are going to start to come up. if you've been meaning to get out, hit the link in northern california or the beach, comfortable conditions to do so saturday and sunday with better air quality. check the drive 5:47. mike inouye tweeting all the time. >> all the time. retweeting whatever laura and jon said. it's an official term. looking here -- we call it copying -- a nice easy drive right now. no problems getting toward that
5:48 am
san mateo bridge or passing in toward union city. we will talk about that the traffic flow. as i move my map, retate around. southbound, that's your commute direction for 880, the dumbarton bridge, dakota road dixon landing. you're at the limit, ten-minute drive, eight minutes too official because you never know what you're going to see along the way. look at this. a matched the live shot with the map, that's cool. well, it's not so matched anymore. that's 90-second difference in the sunrise. easy drive 880, 101. 101 we have an issue. 17 is not the problem. overall, get you perspective on the south bay. here's the slowing from 680 oakland road. and that's where we have a crash involve two cars. to details on injuries, chp still getting there and feeding it back to us. we'll see how much time it's going to take to clear. sounds like off of the roadway. that amount of slowing could be an issue coming up through the
5:49 am
area. yerba buena, as jon told you. and with the san mateo bridge, easy drive over the bay. last shot i'll show you as folks head over to the peninsula. a lot of company for 92. >> people waking up and headed out the door. 5:49. the man accused of kill two women at san francisco's jewelry mart will be back in court. barry white jr. is expected to be formally arraigned on more than a dozen felony counts including two counts of murder and several counts of attempted murder. police say he walked into the jewelry store july 12th, opened fire, killing two women and critically injure iing the store owner. police on the peninsula on the lookout for a group of thieves who attacked a security guard before making off with thousands of dollars worth of jeans from a department store. mountain view police say, three women spotted stuffing jeans into their bags inside kohl's,
5:50 am
this happened 4:30 sunday afternoon. a security guard says, one of the women actually pepper sprayed him right in the face when he tried to stop her from leaving the store. they took off in a white four-door vehicle with nearly $2,000 in designer jeans. rob i involving pepper spray verizon store in pleasanton. a man walked into the store on johnson drive near hopyard road 11:30 yesterday morning. the suspect grabbed several cell phones and apple ipads on display. he was able to run away. keeping hope alive, a candlelight vigil held for 21-month-old daphne webb, the oakland toddler vanished exactly three weeks ago. her father says he left the girl inside his car with his earl derly mom who has dementia wheel he ran inside the store. when he came out, daphne was
5:51 am
gone. last seen wearing orange pajamas with pink socks. the vigil organized by the klaas kids foundation. 5:51. after more than three decades, this is heartbreaking news for mike inouye and his son, a popular peninsula destination for kids and adults alike ready to close its doors. when last day, next. >> mcgrew boys have take ain't few laps there as well. we'll take a look at how the saudis are worried about our oil supply ahead in business. the thing is bee,
5:52 am
i got my mom wrapped around my little finger. do you? yeah, i do. huh. i said i want honey nut cheerios uh huh. and she just totally caved. it's all about psychology buzz. psychology? as long as i don't tell him the cereal is healthy -- he can't get enough. sad, really. i kind of feel bad that i tricked him. was easy. surprise... uh, ha ha ha. ♪
5:53 am
get your motor running but do it fast. the popular peninsula landmark ready to close its doors after 35 years. malibu grand prix says it's taking its last lap. the family entertainment center
5:54 am
features go-karts, miniature golf, batting cages. the general manager says, even with reduced rent, it hasn't been making money. now the grand prix will close on august 18th. get a couple of weeks to get the fun in. >> we ask slip over there maybe during lunch. facebook shares trading after hours $38.05. >> a nickel higher than the stock has ever been. a nickel higher than the $38 facebook traded at in its first day of disaster russ trading on the nasdaq. facebook is, for the first time ever, now trading higher than its initial price by five cents. we're about, what, 35 minute open on the mark where we will actually make it official. this is the day investors were waiting for. if you bought facebook on the open market, not as insider but regular investor you have made a nickel. congratulations. we're getting our first sneak
5:55 am
peek at what may be the jobs number friday. data hinted 200,000 jobs created in june. the fed, by the way, ends its regular meeting today, too. we don't expect surprises there. and then here's a strangely satisfying bit of news. the saudis are apparently worried about how much oil and gas we have in america. cnbc reports saudi prince has written a memo where he warns the u.s. fracking of shale oil is going to hurt the saudi economy. 92% of the money in the saudi economy comes from oil. fracking is controversial, scientist as degree the amount of energy in the u.s. is enormous. the deposits have oil, natural gas. so much kas gas gas in canada, it's too cheap to ship pitch tanker is more expensive to move than the value inside, there's so much of it.
5:56 am
>> scott, thank you. the facebook thing, it's all relative. five cents now feels pretty good. >> depending how much stock you have. >> exactly. hitting the right direction, we'll take five cents any day. christina loren how's the weather looking? >> looking good. i want to point out now, we still have that smoke drifting into the bay area. fires burning well to our north. keep that in mind today. we'll give you a complete update in a few moments. 84 inland today. bay side 72. 59, a cool day, for you at the coast. hazy conditions. let's check the drive. good morning, mike. >> good morning. bad time for the south bay. northbound 101, look at traffic off of 680. starting at tully road. show you the map. this is still left over from the crash i told you about on the maps north 110 oakland road, crash reported blocking the fast lane. three cars involved in the crash
5:57 am
as chp arrived. slowdown from tully. alternate, north 280 to 87 to get around the backup. rest of the south bay might see the ripple. police looking for your help after an overnight shooting. new details, next. what police are saying after a late night attack at a south bay college campus. this fire at a southern california business.
5:58 am
5:59 am
at 6:00, fed up and taking action. what oakland decided overnight to keep protests from spiraling out of control on city streets. you can call this one a creepy crawley investigation at two bay area goodwill warehouses today. new details about bedbugs that
6:00 am
wormed their way into donation bins on the peninsula. >> good morning to you. temperatures are nice and crisp to start. in the 50s and 60s. we've got the air quality alert in place. but the big story in the weather department the cooler than average temperatures. we'll give you the lowdown coming up in weather. we're going to show you the slowdown. basically a creep here north 101. yeah, a big crash. a big backup. a way around it, but i'm concerned about these folks now that are just changing lanes. a live look outside. can you make out the bay bridge? >> a little bit. >> at least traffic crawling across. last day of july, wednesday, july 31st. this is "today in the bay." >> where did july go? august tomorrow? >> there you go. >> 6:00, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. privacy concerns versus public


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