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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 26, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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. happening now, thousands of firefighters including local crews doing everything they can to gain the upper hand on a massive fire burning in yosemite that is directly impacting people in the bay area. we have new video of the moments leading up to a deadly shooting in downtown san jose. and the bay area soldier that's getting ready to meet the president and receive the military's highest honor. let's take a live look outside, a gleaming shot. that is your bay bridge over san francisco. a few cars out there for an early morning. we'll get you rolling on this monday, august 26. this is "today in the bay." good to know a few people
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are up with us bright and early getting your monday morning started. good morning. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. happening now, firefighters working through the night as they battle that massive rim fire. so far about 144,000 acres have burned. that is roughly the size of the city of chicago. it's just 7% contained and crews are working to protect 4,500 structures including some homes. >> among the buildings already destroyed, the berkeley tu ol me camping center. jay gray has the latest from the front lines. >> reporter: as the fire continues to grow this morning, so does the army of teams pouring into the northern california mountains to battle the massive blaze. >> all day every day, all night long. we're up to more than 2,800 personnel on the fire, and it's the number one fire in the country right now so they're giving us what we need. >> reporter: air strikes,
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hotshots along the leading edge of the flames and heavy equipment digging out fire lines, moving out dried trees and other potential fuel for the flames. >> we're trying to save the public, these dwellings and houses and make it safe for everybody. >> reporter: 11 homes have been lost, another 4,500 are in jeopardy right now. >> scary thing, but it's just a waiting game. you can't know what's happening. there's a fire on both sides of the highway and our house is surrounded by fire. >> reporter: a fire out of control spreading in most every direction and swallowing everything in its path. which is why so many fire crews have gathered here this morning working to keep this town out of the path of those flames. jay gray, nbc news, toe ol me, california. >> we can also tell you state resources very much stretched thin right now. two fire officials tweeted thought map showing just how bad
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it really is there. there are a total of 12 fires right now burning all across the state. the rim fire, of course, the largest one. coming up at 5:00, we'll take you live to tu ol me county. leading to worries about the local water supply. >> right now for a look at how some of the weather conditions out there are affecting those firefighters, let's turn it over to meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> good morning to you. the wildfire now the size of chicago. it is just a massive, massive undertaking for all the firefighters including some of our local boys up there. what i can tell you is last week when we met on friday, we were talking about the winds coming out of the west. that's a nice onshore flows. the winds have reversed over the course of the weekend making it more difficult. these are dry southeast winds that pump from land to sea. that's going to be another factor they're going to have to overcome as we head throughout the day today. coming up, i'm going to show you a nasa image of the smoke plume
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where all the smoke is headed. i can tell you in tahoe over the weekend, they were reporting heavy smoke and it is very large when you take a look at it from space. i'll show you that coming up and give you a look at the local forecast as well. back to you guys. >> multiple levels of concern for local resources as well as the people involved. my goodness. looking toward san jose, this is a shot of 101, great. look at the map a little farther south, a crash on north 280 that was affecting lanes of 280 at race street. sounds like chp got that cleared as well as the flow on to 80. construction there, 880 around stevens creek. watch the closure for the loop getting onto the freeway. meanwhile, the rest of your south bay looks good as far as the flow on those major roadways. i'll hand it back over to the desk because you have an update in san jose. >> a standoff between a suicidal man and police in downtown san jose has just ended. it was affecting traffic on
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santa clara from 11th to 13th streets. several blocks were shut down just after midnight. the suspect was taken into custody and is being hemmed for psychiatric evaluation. we have new information surrounding san jose, the 33rd homicide of the year. we have the video edited down to show you the moments before and after with the hope of identifying that gunman. as you can see, the victim there riding the bicycle, pulls into a parking lot at third and julian streets on saturday. the gunman, you'll see him running up to him and the victim and then shooting him and running away. just moments later another man on a bicycle rides up and witnesses tell us fired more shots at that victim. at that point a lot of people run to the victim trying to help and they call police. at this point police have not yet identified that victim, but we will keep you posted as this progresses. four people including two young children recovering from gunshot wounds this morning in oakland.
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police say a mother and her 8 and 12-year-old girls were caught in the middle of the shooting on 104th avenue near international. a 17-year-old boy who police say was the intended target was shot in the leg. all four victims are expected to be okay. police have not made any arrests. if you have any information, you should call oakland police. a former child psychologist or psychiatrist i should say from san mateo who pleaded no contest to molesting boys during exams back in the 1990s is all set to be sentenced this morning. william airs allegedly touched five boys inappropriately during counseling sessions. he pleaded no contest back in may. some of his victims are expected to be testifying during today's sentencing as well. a bay area native will receive america's highest military award this morning. army staff sergeant ty carter of antioch will receive the medal of honor from president obama at
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11:00. in 2009, 300 insurgents attacked a remote army post in afghanistan. carter fought back and risked his life to save a soldier pinned down by enemy fire. the 33-year-old is just one of about a dozen people who served in iraq and afghanistan who have been awarded the military's highest honor for service. he currently lives in washington with his family. a brand new week means more kids and college students heading back to school. this morning students resuming classes at west valley junior and san francisco state. cal welcoming students back to campus today as well. classes will start there on thursday. also starting school, redwood city school district, pleasanton unified, oakland unified, berryessa union in san jose and luther burbank also in san jose. >> a couple weeks everyone will be back. >> full steam ahead. >> everyone getting up and dressed and ready. what should you wear? let's check in with
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meteorologist christina loren. >> another beautiful day in the bay area. i do want to report that it's going to be a busy day at our local airports with flight delays already out of sfo this morning. temperatures currently are pretty comfortable out there. if you are sending your skids back to school at oakland unified, for example, 63 degrees, a nice comfortable temperatures but a pretty robust breeze especially in the oakland hills. 61 degrees to kickoff a monday in concord, 64 in livermore and 64 in san jose. getting into the next couple days, we're going to warm up and then we're going to cool right back down. so the final week of august is looking really comfortable. we'll take you through the full forecast in just a minute. right now let's check your drive with mike. >> i want to show you this camera at oakland, the camera at the oakland coliseum, taillights jammed up over the high street high-rise and making their way back toward the coliseum. you see the flashing sign moving
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folks over to the right. construction crews moving here. that will cause this slowdown just for the next couple minutes. it seems like a long time, folks, but just a couple. leave early, if you can, as you head up toward the area. at the top of the screen it's gone from red to orange in the last minute and a half. that is improving all the way back, rippling down toward the coliseum itself. >> the earlier closure cleared up as well. 880 seeing a lot of activity. but as far as the volume of traffic overall, looking pretty light to the maze. a couple issues for the north bay as well. highway 37 at skags island, eastbound has a disabled. it sounds like there's not a lot of extra room there. 121 at wagner, we have a crash as well. a closure for 116 farther north because of downed power lines outside guerneville. a lot of issues going on for the north bay. not a lot of traffic just yet. back to you. things are expected to be back to normal on the bay bridge this morning after weekend work
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really caused some massive delays. this is a backup from yesterday with reports of people waiting more than an hour just to get through the toll plaza. that's on a sunday. crews closed three lanes to add fast-trak only lanes. everything expected to be back to normal in a few minutes. >> that's why i'm pushing for hover crafts to fly up above, boom. simple and easy. >> hello george jetsen. >> the warriors arena may be in trouble. the new step san francisco police are taking amid allegations of illegal searches. plus u.n. chemical weapons inspectors targeted in syria. the attack that had them heading for cover. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. at&t u-verse high speed internet
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welcome back. it's 4:43. we just received word u.n. chemical weapons investigations team have been deliberately shot at multiple times in the buffer zone area in sear yeah. we're told the team returned safely to a government check point and will return to the investigation area after replacing their vehicle. the investigators were inspecting the site of last week's alleged chemical weapons attack that killed more than 300 people.
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syria's government and rebels are blaming each other. but in a statement the white house says there's little doubt president bashar al assad's regime was behind it. >> we are prepared to exercise whatever option if he decides to employ one of those options. while the white house insists no decision has been made on whether to pursue military action, four navy destroyers are sitting in the mediterranean sea waiting for word from president obama on whether to take aim at syria. sentencing is expected to take place today for the army psychiatrist now facing the death penalty for a deadly shooting spree at ft. hood just last week. military jurors found major nadal hasan guilty of premeditated murder for the attack that killed 13 people and injured more than 30 others at the texas military base. the army psychiatrist will spend the rest of his life in prison at a minimum. but prosecutors are pushing for that death penalty and will make their case by putting more than
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20 witnesses on the stand. it's 4:44. facebook changing things up to try to keep business out of the hands of the likes of amazon and ebay. jackie d deangelis with a look how futures are trading. >> good morning. the futures indicating to a lower open on wall street as the dow comes off its third straight losing week. we'll get data today on demand for big ticket durable goods, and also later this week on home prices, pending home sales, consumer confidence and personal income and spending. we saw the dow rise 47 points on friday but fell half a percent on the week. meantime the nasdaq rose 19 points to 3,658. the exit of microsoft ceo steve ballmer may have been more sudden than portrayed by the company. he announced that he's stepping down on friday within a year. but reports say he hadn't planned on leaving quite so
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soon, that the exit date was moved up, fueling speculation of a riff between him and also microsoft co-founder bill gates. ballmer became ceo in january of 2000. since then the stock is down a whopping 37%. finally this morning, facebook dropping its program allowing users to send physical gifts like teddy bears or candy for birthdays and special occasions. the feature had been seen as a threat to companies like ebay and amazon. facebook will still sell virtual gifts like gift cards. >> darn, jackie, i was going to send you a cup of coffee this morning. >> thank you. >> at least the intention was there. >> cream and sugar, too. thanks a lot, jackie. heavy rains from tropical storm ivo continue pounding the southwest. in las vegas out in the middle of the desert, that downpour causing flash flooding. drivers stuck and stalled on the roads left under all that water. a flash flood watch also in effect in cities across southern
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california, especially a lot of h2o in those areas hit by recent wildfires. the rain is expected to last several more days. want to check our forecast locally with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you, laura and jon, good morning to you at home. happy monday. a live look here starting with the golden gate bridge which you can actually see for the time being. it will not be the case all morning long. we are going to see that fog settle in. right now we do have pretty robust wind out there. sfar field sustained speed at 20 miles per hour, at nine in concord, out of the west in livermore at eight miles per hour. that's a cool onshore flow in the bay area. that means it's not going to be too hot even in the warmest cities across the bay area. it's been a pretty mild end to august. temperatures look to stay that way through most of the week. we're going to see the 90s. 64 degrees in livermore to kickoff the day. 61 in gilroy. 65 in sunnyvale. 62 degrees in san francisco. let's take you through your hour
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by hour changes, we start the clock at 9:00 a.m. a lot of kids will be heading out for school. 62 in livermore. at 59 in oakland. i want to show you this because the temperatures are going to drop off. you do want to send them out with a jacket, something they can peel off later today. we have a comfortable day ahead. 77 degrees on the way to oakland, lots of sunscreen necessary as we'll see plenty of sunshine to finish off the day. we'll hit a comfortable 77 degrees right here in san jose and still getting spoiled in san francisco at 65 degrees. we have to get through that morning fog. it's pretty thick. count on flight delays out of sfo. here it is, your seven day outlook, welcome to the new workweek, temperatures will climb to the 90s. pretty close to the 90s for wednesday and thursday as well. not too hot. not talking any big heat. a few clouds on friday. look what happens as we head into the weekend. saturday and sunday sleeping in weather. 82 degrees inland, 74 bay side and 64 at the coast for the weekend. temperatures are going to start to feel even more like fall next
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week. everything i'm looking at right now indicates that. we'll take a close look at the rhyme fire coming up and the conditions the firefighters are up against for today. right now back to you, jon and laura. >> thanks so much, christina. 4:49. police in san leandro asking for help finding an elderly man missing now for nearly 24 hours. this is 81-year-old add doll foe portavez, 5'4", 150 pounds. he was last seen last sunday morning about 7:00. police say he's an avid walker who has been known to walk from san leandro to the san mateo bridge, a distance of more than seven miles. san francisco police officers ready to hit the streets sporting brand new gear. how about video cameras? the cameras will be strapped to the officer's chest when they conduct search warrant checks. the department being
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investigated for allegedly performing illegal searches stemming from a 2011 video claiming to show police entering a home without a warrant. police chief greg ser says the addition of these new cameras will help reduce citizen complaints and only worn during searches. the golden state warriors plan to build a new san francisco arena but it could be hitting a roadblock. new city documents, the repair cost for peers to hold it have raised by as much as $50 million. the delay could cause the team to miss the 2013 targeted opening. the complex is planned for peers 30 357bd 2. dana vollmer joining local lawmakers in the east bay drawing attention to california's hungry schoolchildren. vollmer and assembly member
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nancy skinner calling on congress to expand eligibility for federal nutrition programs to help out families in poverty, urging congress to account for california's high cost of living. a news conference will be held at 10:00 this morning at piedmont avenue elementary school. coming up, we'll show you the new ed edition to the monterey bay aquarium. >> we'll talk about an inspiring feat on the diamond, a pair of indians players going deep for a sick little boy. this might inspire you to leave a few minutes early if you travel 880 through oakland. all this stackup at the coliseum. i'll explain what's going through. we'll talk you through the changing conditions as well as a little slowdown around the bay bridge toll plaza as well.
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well, you may want to check your calenders and break out your scooby snacks. today is national dog day. the woman behind the holiday says today is the day to pamper your pooch and shower him or her with endless love and affection. it's also aimed at getting people into local shelters to find a new friend or to donate money to their local shelter. how can you help but not love these guys? national dog day was established nine years ago. every day is dog day at our house. >> we're happy to report today a
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puppy stolen from a locked car in mountain view back home with his family just in time for national dog day. mountain view police released these photos of iso a 9-week-old chihuahua, dachshund pit bull mix. police say his return was triggered by reports in social media websites. that haven't said who returned him or how. >> more from our cute furry segment. the monterey bay aquarium releasing this penguin chick born 11 days ago. the chick is the fourth ever to be born at that aquarium. he or she, they don't know at this point, currently on display in the splash zone with its foster parents, but will be moved behind the scenes when the little chick starts to leave its nest. once he or she finally regains the footing, it will be returned to the splash zone with a brand
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new name. i'm thinking tennessee tuxedo, old school. >> the feel good segment. >> awe, look at this, over by the coliseum -- look what i found for you guys, nice cozy huddle in the northbound side of 880. all the red lights. yeah, look at that. the flashing lights are moving over. the last of the traffic break is what you see at high street, you regain your speed into downtown. now the bay bridge toll plaza has overnight road work. laura told you about the closure going on over the weekend. we saw some of the crews leave this shot here. i turned our camera from emeryville. the three right lanes still reopening over the next couple minutes by just after 5:00 we should have all traffic flow established at the bay bridge toll plaza. again, getting ready for the closure and changes wednesday night at 8:00 p.m. >> a pair of cleveland indian players accomplish an amazing
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feat for a young boy living with cerebral palsy. before saturday's game carlos santana and jason kipp nis met 8-year-old niko who asked both players to hit a home run for him. >> guess what? >> they delivered. during his trot around the bases santana appeared to point at niko and his family. his son fell in love with baseball while playing in an area league open to kids with disabilities. isn't that cool? >> love that story. 4:57, this wildfire continuing to rage out of control in yosemite. we'll have the latest on the efforts to contain the massive fire coming up in live reports.
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i'm bob redell live in the south bay with surveillance video of the latest killing in the south bay that could lead to the identity of the suspected
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gunman. also the rim fire burning out of control in yosemite. local fire crews getting ready to go back out on the front lines this morning. we'll have a live update next. we'll take a close look at the weather conditions firefighters are up against and your local forecast which i can tell you is going to be really nice for today. we'll have your full seven-day outlook. folks backing up at the bay bridge toll plaza, road crews changing over here as far as the toll lanes go. we'll show you the latest on that coming up. monday morning, a live look outside. that's a beautiful live look. it's monday, august 26. a lot of news ahead. this is "today in the bay." good morning everybody. 5:00 on the nose. thanks a lot for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the rim fire baring down on campers


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