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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 28, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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as the rim fire burns out of control this morning, local crews are forced to deal with a new fire in the bay area. multiple homes burned after a grass fire threat. the latest details next. we are hours away from the bay bridge closure. what you need to know to get around. plus, the bay area city that says milk does not do your body good, now it wants to ban it from city events. live to the south bay. a live look at san jose. look at the cloud cover. checking the forecast with meteorologist christina loren on wednesday, august 28th. this is "today in the bay."
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>> good morning to you. 4:30. i'm marla tellez, in for jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check the forecast with metrologist christina loren. >> good morning. welcome back, marla. temperatures this morning are pretty mild out there. you might not need a coat in places like san jose or sweater, for that matter. after in gilroy. 57 in wine country, santa rosa. today's going to be cooler but toasty inland. first, let's check on your drive with mike inouye. >> bay bridge toll plaza, a lot of focus on that for the next five days. we don't have a lot of slowing. i did see a set of flashing lights through the area. no reports on the incline. the entire approach, the maze moves smoothly. 880, slowing both directions between 980 and 5th. road crews were there overnight.
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we see slowing over the next few minutes but so far no big deal. construction going on as you approach the toll plaza. no problem from the san rafael bridge. that's an option over the weekend. 4:32. no ground gained on the massive wildfire burning next to the hetch hetchy reservoir. the rim fire grown to 184,000 acres the sign of san jose, san francisco and oakland combined. more than 4,000 fire personnel fighting the fire but they only have it 20% contained. the fire's destroyed 111 buildings including 31 homes. 5500 other structures are threatened, including thousands of homes. campgrounds within yosemite have been evacuated as well as tu mi
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tuolme. a massive fire destroyed two homes and damaged three morn the fire broke out around 3:30 yesterday just off interstate 80 in fairairfield. fueled by strong winds embers pred to homes on marigold drive. 200 firefights responded. crews were unable to save five homes. investigators are trying to figure out the cause. >> could be as simple as a cigarette, a got that catches the sun the right way. with the grass and the humidity as low as is it, it could be a number of things. >> the house is going to burn. flames were up high. the smoke was unbelievable. it was almost choking us. >> fighting back tears, one woman told nbc bay area she and her husband do not have renter's insurance and lost everything. salvation army and red cross are helping families who were left
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homeless. an emergency test could catch people in contra costa off guard. the current warning system was heavily scrutinized after the fire last august. some received alerts late, others not at all. starting 5:30 tonight, people who live near four refineries and chemical plants will receive call. the tests run through 7:00 p.m. if your cell phone is registered to receive alerts you will receive the test alert tonight. if you have not signed up, you have time to do it. we set up a link on our website, nbcbayarea.c in over 15 hours the bay bridge will shut down so crews can connect the new eastern span. 8:00 the bridge will close for five straight day. caltrans says it will reopen with the new span by 5:00 tuesday morning. as you know, the opening the new span was in jeopardy this year when 32 steel rods snapped.
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tests of the other steel fasteners are going well and there's a chance other parts will not need replaced. b.a.r.t. will run 24-hour service between 14 stations. the plan to run trains on an hourly basis. a spokesman tells us there are overnight shifts not filled by train operators but he expects he will be filled in time. ferry service will be increased during the closure. san francisco bay ferry says three extra boats will head into and out of the city and expects to see ridership jump by 15%. we talked to the metropolitan transportation commission and it says latest the bridge will open is 5:00 a.m. tuesday. it could open earlier, depending how things go. the earliest possible opening would be monday evening. when that happens, expect a bit of fanfare. chp motorcade will cross the new span first, followed by a procession of old cars.
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getting around during the closure could get tricky but we're here to help. go to our website, click on the tab in the left corner. the website will steer you through tie-ups, alternate routes and a live bay bridge camera. fresh off passing a ban on styrofoam a councilman is talking about another ban. introducing a proposal to ban sugary drinks and whole milk at city properties and events. it's a move to promote healthier diets. he first needs the proposal approved by the agenda setting committee. yesterday the city council voted to ban styrofoam takeout contains at restaurants. taking your family to feed the ducks in palo alto could be a crime. the city council is considering a ban that would make it illegal for people to feed wildlife and
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ferrell cats in the city parks and open space preserves. the parks and recreation commission voted to recommend the new law saying feeding animals is causing ducks, squirrels and mountain lions to be more aggressive. if getting caught will cost you $250. newest round in mosquito fog willing happen tonight in north and east san jose from berryessa and alum rock avenue. the fog willing start at 11:00 tonight. weather permitting into let's see if the weather will permit with meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> welcome back. good morning, laura. weather will permit. we don't have thick, low cloud cover in the forecast thismorn morni morning. half as much fog as we had
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yesterday. it will roll back in heavily throughout the next few hours. mike and i will be on top of that. temperatures a touch cooler. 61 livermore. 63, mild start san jose. kick off wednesday. 60 in san francisco. you can enjoy the beautiful holiday weekend headed our way. 76 livermore. 66 lunchtime. you'll be 82 degrees in antioch with another windy day picking up. throughout the evening hours expect winds to build. what i can tell you, if you live around the bay, temperatures are going to be comfortable. open up windows in your home. 89 livermore. a touch above average this time of year later today. 69 in san francisco. if you want that holiday forecast, stick around. we'll have it in five minutes. a look at your wednesday morning drive with our own mike inouye. >> good morning. i want the holiday.
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looking towards san mateo bridge. an alternate to the bay bridge. closes tonight at 8:00. looking here at 7:00, consider it out of bounds, 7:00. san mateo bridge, we see lights of the right. sign reminding you about the closure. the bridge moves smoothly on the maps. the same thing, one of your alternates here, 92. 84 to the sourt, that's the dumbarton bridge, good alternate across the bay. they're a little farther south than some folks might like to take. south bay, northbound routes, no major delays or major construction sites. golden gate bridge, there is fog. that will change the conditions and the visibility over the morning. keep that in mind. if you're not used to using the golden gate, but that's your at nate plan for the next five days, prepare for that. foggy conditions. allow extra time for the
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morning. >> thanks. 4:39. groupon trying to move in on amazon's turf. details in a live report. >> strong accusations this morning against a major bay area police department. the new report alleging racial profiling. new information on the alleged chemical weapons attack in syria. what the u.n. envoy to syria's saying.
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4:43. just in this morning, the united nations envoy to syria says there is evidence suggesting some kchemical substance was usd killing hundreds of civilians. any military strike on syria must have u.n. security council approval. a u.n. team of experts has been gathering evidence from an area near damascus where activists say a chemical attack was carried out last week. britain will put forward a resolution condemning syria for the attack. certainly an historic day. today marks the 50th anniversary of the march on washington and dr. martin luther king jr.'s famous "i have a dream speech." >> free at last. free at last. thank god almost we are free at last! >> that speech delivered on the steps of the lincoln memorial august 28, 1963.
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today, thousands will gather to remember that day. a mash of planned through downtown washington. later a program featuring speeches from three presidents, jimmy carter, bill clinton, president obama. dr. king's family will be there for the commemoration. >> groupon making new moves as it tries to get head to head with am ma ma done. >> good morning. >> good morning. futures higher after the markets tanked tuesday on worries of the increasing possibility of a u.s. military strike in syria. dow closing at its lowest level since june. nas sadaq had its worst day in months. gold jumping. oil continues to surge trading
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near $110 a barrel today. syria does have little oil but traders fear a military intervention could lead to instability in the east and possibly disrupt the flow of crude from the region. the dow dropping 170. users had trouble accessing "the new york times" access and twitter tuesday as both were hit by cyberattacks. the syrian electronic army, a hacker group that supports the assad regime is claiming responsibility. it set up alternate sites for stories. groupon maying moving in on amazon's turf. the "wall street journal" reports the daily deal site is look into a network of warehouses to ship items from its physical good business. it sells products such as memory foam pillows and small appliances. bringing goods in-house will
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reduce the time. >> thanks so much. warm in the south bay. very foggy at the golden gate bridge. christina loren, what can you tell us about the forecast? >> very astute there. you're right on point. i brought out the 24-hour temperature change just to show you. good morning to you. five degrees milder at this point than 24 hours ago. which means the 60s, plenty of 60s in the south bay. a nice day shaping up in wine country, where you are in the 50s. 54 napa. 55 navato. balmy in san jose. 56 in gilroy. microclimates making a big appearance as we head throughout the day today. area of low pressure to the north. high pressure to the east. high pressure dominance feature in the forecast. temperatures nice and warm today. a cooler weekend headed our way. 60s and 70s the coast.
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beautiful day in santa cruz. 80s and 90s for today in the extreme east bay which will be the warmest part of the bay area. 89 degrees, for example, livermore. 91 fairfield. a dropped your temperatures off by a couple of degrees yesterday. 70 in the city yesterday. 69 today. 82 los gados. a beautiful day in santa cruz at 75. another great beach day closer to the weekend. friday's the warmest of the next seven to it's a days. saturday to sunday we drop off to 85 degrees by sunday. notably cooler monday into tuesday. labor day into your work week, it's going to be nice. temperatures not too hot. upper 80s next week. starting to feel more like fall. the first official day september 21 into the 22nd. autumnal equinox. >> 4:47. a new report out claims
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african-american boys are racially profiled by police in oakland. the oakland-based nonprofit the black organizing project analyzed police reports from 2006 to 2012. black boys made up 3/4 of all juvenile arrests in oakland though they make up less than a third of the city's under 18 population. the group will present its finding in a news conference with the aclu. also present the property tonight at 6:00 with the oakland unified school board. closing arguments in the dirty dui trial of a former sheriff's deputy. on trial for conspiracy, wire fraud, extortion. he's accused of helping private investigator christopher butler arrange dirty dui arrests for the husbands of butler's clients. those arrests were intended for leverage in divorce cases. butler's already serving it's a-year prison sentence.
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a controversial, new planned parenthood location up for debate in south san francisco tonight. city council will hear an appeal from the anti-abortion group. the council approved the application to open a clinic on grand avenue. the new clinic would cause parking problems and cause protests outside. lawyers for planned parenthood say the clinic's unfairly tar getted for ideological reasons. meeting at 7:00. no shoulder pads, no football. that's what 20 players in san jose are facing unless they and their parents raise $5,000 to get new yequipment. if players can't get enough money, they'll be cut from the team. coaches say it's not good for the football program. >> they want to play. when you've got kids that want
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to get off the streets and do right and partake in a sport, you have to cut them, release them, let them go, it hurts you. >> talking about an off-site car washingt wash. the season begins next saturday. more bay bridge students heading back to school. fremont unifies, walnut creek, dublin unified and moraga. also returning in san mateo, foster city, san carlos. >> back to school, some schools deciding not to reenroll in the federal lunch program. the olympic gold medalist ready to start her freshman year at cal. we're getting ready to pick up that construction through oakland. over as you head north toward the bay bridge. bay bridge, yeah, something's going on there you plight have heard about. #
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welcome back. 50 years ago on this day, august 28, 1963, martin luther king jr. gave his "i have a dream speech". the memorial in washington. cloudy sky with huge celebration
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memorial event today. we'll bring that to you as it progresses. 4:54. schools all over the country dropping out of the new federal school lunch program. just a year after it was launched. schools say so many students are refusing to eat the healthier meals pack with whole grains, fruits and vegetables, cafeterias are exact always smiling. number of happy. >> mike, you're always smiling, too, even when you have to deliver the bad news. >> you went for smiling, you didn't get for the phenomenal athlete side of things. >> the day is young. >> you're honest, i'm not an athlete. san mateo bridge moves smoothly. traffic moves nicely on 880 past the truck scales. trucks through fremont, kids are back in school, more kid zones to watch out for. the maps show you, no problems
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through the tri-valley. we have a bit of slowing that kicks in now with as you head towards isabel. typical for one of the first spots. a tiny bit of slowing. north 680 a crash through the area are you past the sunol area towards stone ridge. that looks like it's cleared from the chp reports. carquinez bridge, sounds like debris off the bridge, that's cleared in the last minute. no slowing through the area. highway 29 typical. also slow on that major surface toward east shore freeway, maze and bay bridge. as we look at bay bridge, we're not going to see this shot, the live look for very much longer because of the low clouds. we see both current deck where the red lights are moving over to right and the lower deck of the or deck, the new deck in action at the latest on tuesday morning.
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that will be good news. >> big change. 4:57. as the rim fire grows, massive plumes of smoke spreading across california and nevada. what is it doing to your air quality. b.a.r.t. talks with unions stalled looks like the two sides not returning to the negotiating table soon. what's holding things up, next. you'll need b.a.r.t. when the bay bridge shuts down at 8:00 through tuesday. a live look at the brand-new span that will be in operation next week. can you believe it? we've been talking about this forever. all of the latest information, logon to a special link there regarding the bay bridge closure.
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the massive rim fire spreading, destroying dozens of homes and threatening thousands of others. live to tuolumne county for the latest on efforts to contain the
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flames. and i just received the latest nasa image of the billowing smoke all the way into tahoe and it extends into canada. plus expecting thick fog. we'll let you know when that will clear up and your full forecast. see a glow here as well. san mateo bridge, a new issue for 116 in the north bay. updates from pg&e on that roadway. seems like we've been talking about it for weeks but tonight's the night. the official bay bridge closure for five days. i'm christie smith. what you need to know to get around, coming up you made it halfway through the work week. take a look at this live look from the south bay overlooking san jose. it's wednesday, august 28th. this is "today in the bay."


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