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tv   Today  NBC  September 12, 2013 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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. good morning, breaking news overnight. torrential rain triggers deadly flooding in colorado. one dam has broken. at least three others in danger right now. a major university closed. we're there live. we are not exceptional. that's the message from vladimir putin directly to the american people in a bold editorial in today's "new york times." as secretary of state john kerry arrives in switzerland over a key shut down. prince william makes a big announcement about his plans for the future. we'll tell you what he's giving up and why, thursday, september
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12th, 2013. >> announcer: this is today with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rock fellow plaza. it's 7:00 a.m. on the west coast on a thursday i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm matt lauer with al roker. let's get to that breaking news. dangerous and deadly flooding in parts of colorado. sad news at least two people have been killed and a number of homes destroyed. vida from our affiliate kusa is live in boulder. good morning. first of all, give us a sense of where you are and what the risk is at the moment. >> yeah. we are in the north portion of boulder right now. we're along a major intersection. it is broadway and iris. this is north of the university of colorado. i want to give you a live look of what we are dealing with.
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what we're dealing with here all night. we arrived here at this location around 1:00 this morning. and you can see over there, that is a pathway. that's not a creek. we have had continuous flooding coming down that pathway overnight. it is going down a major intersection one way, broadway one way and going down iris the other way. it is right next to homes. it's flooding homes and flooding basements and i can tell you, this is just a snapshot of what we're dealing here in northern colorado in boulder county, as well. just north of here, we were dealing with another neighborhood earlier this morning. lots of neighborhoods under evacuation out here in boulder county. >> vida, we spoke to someone with the sheriff's department earlier when we came on the air on the east coast and talking about these dams and one he said had broken already and three at risk. how many people, can you give me a sense of how many people are in the path of this water? >> well, wewere heading up to that area earlier today. just north of here.
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we were taking u.s. 36 up that way. it was really hard to navigate through there. we were in an open area of u.s. 36 right by that area and when we got word that all of a sudden there was a wall of about 15 feet high of water rushing down left-hand canyon. now, we were south of that area. that area that was being evacuated. hundreds of people being evacuated there. when we were told that we needed to get out of the path. we were headed to a sfotory ande ended up having to evacuate. >> kusa out in colorado. thank you for the update. we appreciate it. >> sounds like a rough few days for folks there. >> it really is, unfortunately. as we look and show you what's going on. we are looking at five to eight inches of rain. meadow lake dam, that's the dam that has broken. five to eight inches in the boulder area and more coming down. this is a live radar and you can see up in that meadow lake dam
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area, we have more heavy rain. rainfall falling at the rate of about 1 to 2 inches per hour. continue streaming. we have an upper level low that is just spinning the moisture into this area. so, we do have flash flood watches in effect stretching from idaho falls all the way down to el paso, texas. including flash flood warnings in parts of texas. look at that rainfall all throughout the southwest into the rockies and colorado. we're talking another three to five inches of rain in the next two days. so, there will be no relief for these folks suffering with all this flooding. >> not good news. al, thank you very much, appreciate it. new developments on the crisis in syria. john kerry kicking off talks with his russian counterparts. vladimir putin is out with an editorial aimed at the white house. andrea mitchell is in geneva, andrea, good morning to you.
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>> good morning to you. well, vladimir putin seems to be trying to gain the pr advantage with that blast of the op-ed in the "new york times" blasting the u.s. and blaming the rebels, not the assad regime for the chemical attacks. as john kerry arrived in geneva this morning, officials traveling with him were dismissive of putin's guest column saying that is not what he and his foreign minister are telling them. putin claims every reason to believe that sarin gas was used by opposition forces. a u.s. strike would unleash a new wave of terrorism in the region. he also takes a swipe at president obama's speech saying it is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional. later today, kerry will meet with his russian counterpart to find out was putin's column just clever pr or are the russians really serious about eliminating assad's chemical weapons?
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they're counting on putin having a lot at stake. >> i think putin has put prestige on the line. >> reporter: zigzagging from military threats to diplomacy weaken the bargaining. >> where putin right now all the cards on getting rid of those chemical weapons. >> reporter: even if a u.n. agreement is reached, can it work? the syrian chemical arsenal estimated to be more than 1,000 tons is scattered. this satellite photo shows a suspected depo. >> this is going to be a lengthy process given the volume of what everyone suspects that syria has. it will take years to eliminate these talks. >> one plus on the u.s. side today is word that the u.n. inspectors who got to the site of repairing to report next week that it was most likely the assad regime, not the rebels responsible for that attack. savannah? >> andrea mitchell in geneva, thank you very much.
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leon panetta served as secretary of defense and cia director. he is with us now exclusively. secretary panetta, good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. >> have to ask you about this op-ed. foreign leader basically urging americans directly not to engage in military. what do you think of the tactic? >> i work with the russians in a number of capacity, particularly as cia director and as secretary of defense. and i think it's pretty clear that the whole purpose of that was to try to weaken our resolve and to try to make sure that we would not fulfill our pledge to conduct military action, if we have to. so, i think he was, he was trying to, in his own way, weaken the united states and the effort to negotiate these issues. >> it's a fascinating op-ed because on the one hand it presence what appears to be a reasonable argument and lectures americans on american law and gets in a few digs while at it. "it is alarming that internal conflicts in foreign countries
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has become commonplace for the united states. millions around the world increasingly see america not as a model of democracy, but relying solely on brute force as relyi ." when you look at the situation right now, is putin outmaneuvering president obama. is he trying to play president obama? >> i think first and foremost. we have to understand that president putin should be the last person to lecture the united states about our human values and our human rights and what we stand for. we know what we stand for. we know what we're fighting for in the world and i think his effort to try to, you know, do this via column in "new york times" is just not going to work. we know who the russians are. >> let's talk about this larger deal that is potentially on the table. diplomacy instead of military intervention do you think it's for real or a stalling tactic? >> i think we have to be very careful and cautious in the way we approach this.
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we have to pursue it. the president wants to pursue what secretary kerry is there trying to get some place. i don't think we ought to kid ourselves. the russians, frankly, have been playing for time along with the syrians. this could be a stalling tactic. i do believe that we have to set some time limits here that we just can't let this drag on. >> do you give a deadline for diplomacy? >> i don't think you set a guideline. we have to make clear this cannot just drag on. ultimately, we have to make progress here. this is complicated and not easy to do. but the last thing is to have this thing drag on for months and then have the united states' credibility harmed by all of us. >> you are the one when still serving in the administration who agreed with cia director petraeus and secretary of state clinton that arming the rebels at that time may have tipped the balance. did the president miss his moment by rejecting that advice? >> i understand why the president made that decision. he was worried about arms
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getting into the wrong hands, but now he's made that decision and i'm glad he has. we have to back up the rebels and we have to do everything we can to ensure that we have some kind of peaceful transition, but, most importantly, we have to be credible in what the president's threat as commander in chief was all about. our national security interest demand. if we can't get them to cough up their chemical weapons, that we will conduct this limited attack. >> former defense secretary leon panetta, pleasure to have you here sir, thank you. we'll take a turn and get a check of the other top stories from natalie. >> good morning, savannah. good morning, everyone. a massive recall of dehumidifiers. recalling more than 2 million dehumidifiers sold under 12 different brand names. they can overheat and catch fire. there have been reports of 46 fires. consumers should stop using them. for more information head to our website.
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that big fire burning in northern california has turned deadly. the so-called clover fire near happy valley destroyed dozens of homes officials say they found the body of a 56-year-old man inside a burned motor home. an apology from officials at logan airport in boston. on wednesday they conducted a runway fire drill at the airport, like this one on the 12th anniversary of 9/11. both planes that hit the world trade center had taken off from logan airport on that day. many people were outraged by wednesday's drill, including a 9/11 widow and massachusetts governor duval patrick called the timing of the test, dumb. a controversial florida pastor is under arrest facing a felony charge. terry jones was taken into custody wednesday after he was allegedly preparing to burn 3,000 kerosene-soaked korans. he is charged with the unlawful carrying of fuel. george zimmerman's estranged wife and her attorney are speaking out about this week's
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confrontation involving zimmerman. at a news conference on wednesday, shellie zimmerman had little to say but let her attorney do most of the talking. >> people are wondering why shellie called 911 and said there was a firearm. you don't want to take a chance. >> and he said that shellie zimmerman wants her relationship with her relationship to end with a wimper and not with a bang. zimmerman will not be charged. and a great catch by a very long-time baseball fan. this one was a foul ball hit into the stands at the giants/rockies game. popped cleanly by virginia smith. you see her there in the stands. she brought her glove to every game. mother of 9, grandmother of 15 and they're signing her up to be a catcher of the team. >> heard more about that. in the next inning she got up and doubled to the gap. >> very impressive.
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>> very good. >> very impressive. >> mr. roker, lots of weather out west to talk about. >> once you get away from the rockies, not so bad. plenty of sunshine in l.a. 87 degrees today. billings, montana, sunny and 81 degrees. we'll get to your local forecast in the next 0 seconds. nd dry has never been our priority. our priority is, was and always will be serving you, the american people. so we improved priority mail flat rate to give you a more reliable way to ship. now with tracking up to eleven scans, specified delivery dates, and free insurance up to $50 all for the same low rate. [ woman ] we are the united states postal service. [ man ] we are the united states postal service. [ male announcer ] and our priority is you. go to® and try it today. 7:13 on a thursday morning. so close to the weekend now. temperatures outside are mostly in the 60s, we're headed towards
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a comfortable day around the inner bay. 78 degrees right here in san jose. 74 in fremont, and 76 degrees on the way to oakland. now, it's going to be warm out in the east bay. but nothing like earlier this week. i'm talking 86 degrees in livermore by tomorrow a touch warmer, then level off this saturday. and that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thanks very much. five years ago this that the investment bank lehman brothers filed for bankruptcy and trigger what would become the greatest financial crasis. unemployment would eventually reach 10%. henry paulson the man at the center of the storm reflects on the meltdown in the latest edition of "bloomberg business week" and in a new documentary "hank." secretary paulson, good to see you. good morning. >> matt, good to be here. >> so much has been written about the very dark days surrounding immediately proceeding september 15th, 2008
7:15 am
and the days after. when you went back to look back at them and talk about this for the magazine and the documentary, did it bring back the pit in the stomach that you must have felt at that time? >> boy, did it. it was, it was the night before we filmed the documentary my stomach tightened up and i had trouble sleeping all over again. >> it was a little bit, someone used the anology with me that as this was all unfolding like being on an airplane that was on fire. it was going down and you had to get out on the wing of the plane while it was going down and fix it. you did a lot of things that were unprecedented. you bailed out aig and tarp came about. $700 billion. when you look back now, secretary paulson, second thoughts about any of the decisions you made? >> the major decisions, i think, we got right. i have second thoughts about a lot of things. the biggest thing i have second thoughts about, i never was able to explain to the american people that every action we took
7:16 am
was for them to keep our economy functioning because if we hadn't had a functioning economy, the situation could have been quite worse. i wasn't able to make that. >> let's remember because you didn't make that case sometimes clearly, you got a lot of criticism. people said, this guy helped out the people on wall street at the expense of main street. >> right. >> one of the things you talk about for the first time is the impact that this actually had on your family. >> yeah, it was not just my family. i guess you're alluding to my brother. >> right. >> but people really all over the u.s. what i talk about a bit in the documentary was after lehman had gone down that week, there was a lot going on. and that we were dealing with multiple crises and it was lehman had gone down on a sunday night and it was friday morning when i came up for air after having met with congress and asked for the extraordinary powers.
7:17 am
and i remember i hadn't given my brother a call. he is a very good friend. my best friend. fixed income salesman, senior vice president in the office of lehman brothers and i called him and i was calling to explain that everything we possibly could, we didn't have the tools to save lehman. before i even got there he said to me, i know. his concern was about me. and i recognized that there were people all over the u.s. that were talking to loved ones. >> the same situation. people hated t.a.r.p. because they thought it bails out these banks that made horrible decisions and bails out these bankers who took home huge bonuses while they were making horrible decisions. you think it was absolutely necessary. >> oh, gosh, yes. >> have they learned their lesson? >> i would say this about t.a.r.p. let's not forget what t.a.r.p. put capital into hundreds of banks. >> but have those banks learned
7:18 am
their lesson? >> money came back plus $3,200. i think banks made mistakes. they come a long way. the banks are better capitalized, better regulated and have much, much better risk controls. but, the thing i say, which still isn't popular and i'm not defending the banks because they made decisions, but their root cause of every crisis is wise and fraud government policies. because no matter how the financial system is set up, no matter what the economic system is, as long as you have people you're going to have financial crises. so, the key thing is to make sure you have the tools you need and the political will to act with force to manage a crisis before it becomes too big. >> it's a fascinating look back and it made me nervous just reading about it. i can only imagine what it it did to you. secretary paulson, good to see you.
7:19 am
>> matt, good to be here. >> the bloomberg business week with the account of this from secretary paulson hits newsstands today. the doumentry comes out on netflix on monday. guys, over to you. >> matt, thank you. want to talk about the vatican. the pope has a new ride. not the popemobile and it's not new either. >> it's sweet. >> a 79-year-old priest gave this gift to the pope. a 1984 reand it's a manual. the pope knows how to drive a stick. >> the vatican says he'll drive it not outside the grounds but for short little rides around the campus. >> that's right. security isn't so happy about this idea. >> doesn't replace the popemobile that is a mercedes. >> there are snow tires in the boot. >> he left them there. coming up, a big announcement from prince william about his plans for the future.
7:20 am
live from london with that. new reason to watch out on the roads. are stop sign cameras coming to an intersection near you? first, this is "today" o
7:21 am
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. >> coming up, one giant leap. how dade frog photo-bomb a nasa lunch? where is that frog now. >> i have a feeling it didn't end well for the frog. we move into our new studio 1-a on monday, ahead of an announcement of what will be ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ good morning. i'm jon kelley. a shooting in east palo alto overnight has left two teenagers hufrmt police say this may have been a case of road rage. the shooting happening on farington way near the university avenue and bay road section. marla tellez just talked to one of the victims. what did he have to say? >> it was a scary incident. first i'll show you the bullet holes that are still visible in front of this home on farington way. the 16-year-old tells me he was outside with his 17-year-old brother when a newer model silver honda pulled up and hispanic man got out and started
7:27 am
shoe i shooting. about 15 shots were fired and one struck him in his upper thigh. >> we were actually smoking a cigarette, then the car kind of stopped there where you guys truck is, and as soon as we looked said who is that, we seen him just start shooting. >> reporter: he didn't want to appear on camera. he was released from the hospital this morning. his older brother is still in the hospital but should be released soon. police say the motive is road rage. the victim tells me he doesn't even have a driver's license. he doesn't drive nor does his brother. what is also scary is the family says that this is the fourth shooting on this street since may. live in east palo alto, marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> thank you. let's get to christina loren to check the weather. >> good morning. plenty of 60s tog7i start the d. by lunch time in the 70s, 71
7:28 am
degrees at noon in fremont, 75 in san jose, we'r@ú round out e day comfortably, 77 degrees here in the south bay. looking good in san jose for today. friday into saturday temperatures slowly creep up and then cool off for sunday. >> we're looking toward the bay bridge, backup, look at the maps, no problems down the east shore freeway, it is here from san leandro down to the san mateo dridge jammed up due to a sigalert. but that has cleared. slow in through mission boulevard. on. warm up your home with fall's finest. share all of your favorite t.j. finds... at a price worth posting. see the real deal. search hashtag maxxinista and see the brands people are scoring. t.j.maxx. it would run on the most affordable energy source available. it would charge overnight. every morning, you'd wake up with a full tank, ready to go. if the car was invented today, it would be the 100% electric nissan leaf. with over 200 million gas-free miles driven
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♪ >> 7:30 now on a thursday morning. it's the 12th day of september, 2013. take a look at the rain coming down in fort collins, colorado. and it's been coming down like that for a long time, between four and six inches of rain over the last day or so. al says that is the situation that it is not getting better any time soon. >> that's right. there has been a break in a dam in the area. the leans go northwest of there. on the radar, you can see it is still coming down. it is going to continue to come down. we have so far seen a look at the current radar loop and you can see it's training in there. there is an upper level low the waste water treatment plant has been breached. it's putting contaminated water
7:31 am
into the streets. so far, drinking water is okay. that's in danger. one person has been killed there. >> we heard earlier, there are some people tramd by rising waters. they will try and get to those people in the next couple hours. al, thank you. >> we need to follow. that meantime with we will take a turn and tell you our new studio is almost ready. we will go from outside to inside. >> as you see, look at this, we are getting a sneak peek. >> oh. >> absolutely. we will sell no wine before its time. we have exciting news we will share. we will get to that in a bit. >> also ahead, first it was speeding. then it was stop light. now, the controversial cameras are watching you in a new way. what do you think about stop sign cameras to catch you when you go through. >> oh. >> we do the rolling stop.
7:32 am
>> it's a suggestion. >> exactly. also, jfk, was jfk the intended target of his assassination or an accidental victim? we will talk to the author who is making a controversial claim in his new book. >> we have big news from kensington palace after seven years of service, prince william is leaving his military job. michelle, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, savannah. right. this is a big milestone for prince william, ending nearly seven.5 years of military service that he loves to become a full time royal. he will expand his work with endangered species, this also means saying good bye to that idylic privacy that he and kate held on to in remote wales, their corner of normal life. three years as royal air force rescue helicopter pilot captain william wales as the presence is
7:33 am
known has saved lives. a boy who had fallen into a quarry, a man having a heart attack on a gas rig, a teenage girl caught up in rough surf. now if announcement many anticipated, that he's scaling back at the job he was born to do. >> it's a bit sad for presence william and kate to give up his military so early for him. he loved it. he will have to serve the queen in a different way. he will be king some day. he will have to knuckle down and get on with it. >> that will include much charity work. something will and kate put their hearts into. what they will give is up that beautiful bubble of privacy they enjoyed if remote wales while williams was stayinged there. living in a cottage without staff. kate doing the grocery shopping, kooging theirself. it was their one bastion of onormal life. >> i know i speak for katherine when i say i have never been as beautiful and welcoming as here.
7:34 am
>> reporter: now more bright life awaits. they will have their grand apartment at kensing tovrn 35 palace. >> he rescued 149 people if you are keeping track. he will be able to move into this new apartment in the next few weeks. kate has been spotted with the baby and william's childhood nanny, fuelling speculation that they per situate persuaded her to come out of retirement and help take care of prince george. >> so he will go from rescuing people in quarrys to make sure that george doesn't get into electrical sockets. >> equally important job. >> exactly. let us get a check of the weather now from al. >> today's weather is brought to you by light house black market. it works. >> let's find out what we have
7:35 am
going on for you this morning besides the flooding that has been happening. we got finally some cool air relief coming in. two fronts. first one will bring thunderstorms. can you see boston 85. 89 in d.c. back behind it up in michigan, a temperature of 58 degrees. tomorrow, that front pushes through. we'll have some thunderstorms tonight. temperatures back into the 70s and then by saturday, look at those temperatures, upper 60s to low 60s back to the great lakes, row 70s along the east coast. much needed >> 7:35 on a thursday morning. you're getting so close to the weekend at this point. temperatures are going to be comfortable. you liked yesterday, you'll love today. a look at the embarcadero, looking good here, a few ripples on the waters, it's going to get choppier for the america's cup final race. catch it live here at 1:00 p.m. 67 degrees in san francisco today. 77 degrees in san jose. looking good in santa teresa.
7:36 am
79 degrees. >> that's your latest weather. >> thank you very much. coming up next, have you ever rolled through ra stop sign in the new cameras could be headed to your town. >> al and i come to a complete stop. get ready, the first christmas stop. get ready, the first christmas commercial of the season is wear black. wear white. wear what makes you walk taller. talk smarter. aim higher. wear what goes with anything. and last through three layovers without losing shape. wear what works. wear white house -- black market.
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but there are a lot people that do ride the bus. and now that the buses are running on natural gas, they don't throw out as much pollution into the air. so i feel good. i feel like i'm doing my part to help out the environment. >> it's 7:40. with the newest tacticulesed by police. some people apeep peer to be breaking the law. >> cameras checking to see if you roll through a stop sign or actually come to a full stop. if you roll, you can cut off pedestrians or block an intersection. washington, d.c. is going to be big on them. that's where nbc's tom costello is this morning. tom, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, guys. good morning. we're not just talking act red
7:41 am
light cameras and speed cameras. >> that camera over my shoulder, that's a stop sign camera, looking for anybody that rolls through this four-way stop and there are cameras that watch for pedestrian walkways, whether you block the ber section, it's technology that could be coming to an intersection near you. if you come to the nation's capitol, you'd be well advised to watch your pedals, both gas and brake. no other city relies more heavily on traffic cameras than washington, d.c. 91 speed and red light cameras already with 132 more on the way. the newest cameras pointed at stop signs are about to go live. >> red light, yellow lights, that's okay. stop seens are ridiculous. >> reporter: but maybe necessary. over 30 minutes, we watched 54 cars approach this stop sign in washington. 37 of the 54 rolled right through, including a postal worker and a police officer.
7:42 am
so the new cameras will catch drivers who fail to come to a complete stop at a stop sign. they'll also look for drivers who get caught in the middle of the intersection and block the box when the light changes or drivers who turn no a crosswalk when a pedestrian has the right of way. the fines aren't cheap, depending on the type of ticket, you could be out 50 to $100. >> these are all things our community has asked us to enforce the law. now we'll have the ability to do it with less man power and safer for police officers. >> reporter: two avoid a tick, police advise drivers to come to a complete stop before the white line, to stay out of the intersection if you are likely to get stuck there when the light changes and to wait until pedestrians completely clear the crosswalk. nationwide, communities are turning to traffic cams. more than 500 use red light cameras alone. and safety advocates applaud. >> speeding is a major factor in
7:43 am
crashes and in causing injury and deaths and crashes. >> reporter: but there are skeptics. >> it's a lot of money. est not about security. right, or safety? >> reporter: d.c. raked in $85 million last year alone. there is one way to avoid the tickets. >> if you stop, no fine. >> reporter: yeah, that's true. leak we said, if you come to d.c., watch your ped pedals. metropolitan police here in washington encyst the cameras work. sense they started using speed cameras the number of fatal accidents in d.c. have dropped by 80%. 80%. they're going to keep using them. guy is, back to you. >> that's a big number. tom, thank you very much. when we come back, we got someone special here to make a big announcementant an aspect of our brand-new studio and we'll get to that right after this. . ♪
7:44 am
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she can't control herself around chocolate. she'll devour you. really? i'd be a terrible friend if i didn't warn you. gotta go! yeah, uh, thanks for introducing us. anything for a friend. ooh, strong grip! ow! ♪ so, wanna grab a bite somewhere? here's fine. oh no, oh no, ahhh! >> i think we mentioned over the past couple weeks, monday our time here comes to an end. >> the one thing we are excited is the orange room. this is where our broadcast and digital sides come together. it's someone you know very well. >> he has been on television a
7:48 am
long time. he's made several apeernts here over the past couple months. we are pleased to announce that carson daily is officially now joining our family. >> i think a lot of people associate me with nighttime. i dress as a peadock. truth be told, i am really a morning person. i never felt more manley and unmanley at the same time. [ music playing [ music playing ] over 60 years of incredible morning television now what feels like the beginning of a new era of "today." just recently within i was asked to be a bart of this new exciting room within studio 1-a, called the oirlg room, i was blown away. the "today show" viewer feels like they have a home. they can contact me.
7:49 am
whether it's tweeting, social media. i've loved "the today" show for a long time. when i'm there, i feel like a kid in a kaned star. i think the first time i was on "today," i was having so much fun. i tweeted. "today" is the trl for the adult. look at me. it's "the today" show. i feel like i've been adopted by the first family. i lost my father within i was five. i have two children, jackson 4-and-a-half. my daughteret that. i love my kids more than anything. the role of father is number one. >> his better half. >> jack is usually on a stool right here. >> he knows not to touch the burner. >> my million is the biggest "today" show fan of all times. so this is extra special in order for her to be here. >> we love you so much. >> pretty gullible. i really want to get lost in the
7:50 am
moment. >> to never know how hard a summer storm will hit zpli was on the air once filling in for kathie lee with hoda. it was right around when the royal baby was going to be born. >> to the royal baby! >> i think carson will fit in like flint. the guy with do shot itself. he can outdrink us. >> to be a welcome mat, i will be your digital doorman. >> digital doorman. >> keeping us checked to the social world. i have chinese takeout, carson call me. >> can he peck up my dry clean something. >> carson, you said you were a morning person. you filled in with hoda all last week. we can't wait to get you here. >> i am excited carson is joining us. he is so fun. so warm. >> carson, we loved having you here on a fill-in sporadic basis. we are even happier to have you joan our family. welcome. we can't wait to see you. carson, welcome.
7:51 am
>> thank you, matt. >> now we have to ask the question, what is the orange room? what is it? >> it's a lot of things. and it's exciting. but really at the end of the day, one of the things we are so excited about. it's in studio 1-a. the ability to help us further connect to the "today" show audience. they are a part of our show. >> it's so nice of you to volunteer to wear that orange jumpsuit every morning. oregon is the if you black, we are told. >> it is. a lot of great things we will do. i want to tell you how grateful i am. this is your family. for you to open it up to me. i am grateful for the rich history of this show and to be a small part of the future. thank you. >> five minutes. >> you have about 15 now at this point by my last count. >> i've cleared the path for this one. this is a really important one.
7:52 am
>> it feels like an intervention, by the way. >> let me ask you this, carson, did you have a good night life? >> no, not really. >> okay. good. >> utah piece. i'm a father. i got two young kids. >> you do morning radio. >> i do morning radio. >> i was going to say, those days are over. >> radio i still will do. it's talking to you this summer. you go to bed like 7:00. >> yeah, i do, before the s sun sets. >> thank you. monday, host, importantly. thank you. and the orange room. >> we are back with much more of "today" right after this. ♪ [fuzz pile] we sure have it great here. [curly fry] i know, right. [fuzz pile] movies,music,space as far as the fry can see. [bubble wand] ha.good one. [jelly animal] a great storm comes. we're all doomed. [bubble wand] that guy isn't all there. [fuzz pile] come on,it's a honda,they're built to last... [announcer] we understand life in a minivan. introducing the first minivan
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7:56 am
the time is 7:56. good morning. i'm jon kelley. the man accused of a deadly shooting is expected to make his first court appearance in a few hours. the prosecutors will likely charge 62-year-old craig yuhara today. he is expected to be arraigned in a courtroom some time this afternoon. police say he shot 47-year-old daniel winslow sunday morning. they have not released a motive. a source telling nbc bay area winslow may have been trying to burglarize cars in the area when he was confronted by yuhara. police cannot confirm the report. crews expect to have full control of the fire on mt. diablo by some time tomorrow. that is great news. firefighters say the so-called morgan fire now 90% contained. a little more than 3100 acres have burned. very happy to hear about that. firefighters doing a great job
7:57 am
out there. christina loren, sounds like a nice way to get close to the weekend. fry eve. >> friday eve, yes, can't get there close enough, can we. 7:37. a live look, this is san jose. these low clouds are going to keep us comfortable, ending up in mid-70s in san jose. 77 degrees, 86 for livermore, 85 in fairfield. comfortable temperatures in oakland, 76 for you and 77 in fremont. getting into the next couple bump up, 89 inland, then cool you off saturday into sunday. >> good morning. we had a tough drive the last half hour. commute was jamming up to foster city boulevard. the crash has cleared. things are starting to smooth out. you see it's not so bad overall through san mateo. 101 at third and cesar chavez slow because of a crash into and out of san francisco. 880 drags. look at that. all the way down to fremont. all lanes are clear.
7:58 am
we had an earlier crash. ♪ (woman) this place has got really good chocolate shakes. (growls) (man) that's a good look for you. (woman) that was fun. (man) yeah. (man) let me help you out with the.. (woman)...oh no, i got it. (man) you sure? (woman) just pop the trunk. (man vo) i may not know where the road will lead, but... i'm sure my subaru will get me there. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> we are celebrating this girl's 30th birthday. >> i want a kiss from matt. >> there you go. happy birthday! >> my husband is overseas in the united states army, i love you. that's what we tell each other every morning. >> every morning. >> it is 8:00 on a thursday morning the 12th of september, 2013. we are so happy to have so many smiling faces with us here in mid-town, manhattan. good morning, everyone, matt
8:01 am
lauer the dream maker him let's make it happen. >> happy birthday him did al get you already? >> he did. okay. >> where is the pink boa, ho? >> it's a little warm. >> happen birthday to you. >> time to help out with bucket lips around here. >> tom hanks has kind of a different role this week. he is actually serving as a juror. we will tell you why he ended up being a part of an unintended disruption in the case. >> also, dr. phil is here. he will join us on the professionals. we will talk about an obituary wear you will not believe. this one was written by the children of the deceased woman. it is scathing. >> it is almost too real to believe. >> it is unreal. we will have them weigh in on that. >> we sponsor an intriguing claim tied to the jfk asass nation giving them attention. was somebody else the intended target? we will meet smms that wrote the
8:02 am
book. >> we will get more on the day's top stories, natalie is at the news desk. deadly flooding near boulder, colorado intensified overnight when one dam broke and several others threatening flooding. two people have been killed in heavy rain last night as it flooded streets and caused mudslides. secretary of state john kerry arrived in switzerland this morning for high level talks on syria. he'll discuss a russian proposal to put syria's chemical weapons under international control. meanwhile, in today's new york times, russian president vladmir putin warns his people an attack on rebels would you unleash a new wave of terrorism. former defence secretary and former cia director leon panetta says the u.s. might explore diplomatic options but be mindful who we are doleing with. >> i don't think we ought to kid
8:03 am
ourselves. this will be very tough. the russians have been playing for time along with the syrians. this could be a stalling tactic. i believe we have to set time limits here we can't let this drag on. >> as savannah said, open-ended talks could hurt u.s. credibility. a federal judge refused to grant bail wednesday to a texas actress who sent ricin laced mail. it poses a serious flight risk. she has been behind bars since her arrest in june. she has pleaded not guilty to all charges, a 12-year-old girl who survived a brain-eating amozambique ba infection was released from an arkansas hospital on wednesday. she contracted it at a water park in july. she is the third person known to have survived the parasite. on monday, she'll head back to school part time. a dramatic video that shows the dangers firefighters face each day was released by boise,
8:04 am
idaho fire officials on wednesday's 9/11 anniversary. they held a helmet camp last month t. fire captain noticed one wall bulgeing out second before it collapsed. he was able to won his crews and everyone made it out alive. and a life or death struggle caught on tape wentz after a 92-year-old man was swept away by a rain-swollen river in columbia. police heard his screams for help. the man was able to hang on to a rope, dangle from a bridge and hang on as he was called to safety. a woman's baby bump was not what it appears to be. now she is under arrest oncocane smuggling charges. officials say the canadian woman tried to board a flight to toronto with five pound of cocaine hidden under a fake rubber belly. a police officer became suspicious because she hesitated when asked how long she had been pregnant.
8:05 am
it is 8:05 right now. >> are you ready with that answer? >> not even close. mr. roker. a check of the weather. >> we will update you. take a lock at what going on in boulder, colorado. natalie reported, two people are now dead. this is a live radar. you can see there are heavy thunderstorms rotating just to the east of denver, colorado. on its way up towards the meadow lake dam. one dam is broken. three others are in danger of breaking. you can see, it's continuing to rain there and will continue to rain over the next 72 hours. we've already picked uppant five to eight inches of ran in that area. we are looking for another three to five inches of rain in the ne >> 8:05 now on a thursday morning. we're so close to the weekend. we have a lot of low cloud cover. the low clouds span all the way inland. you is every can see the thick fog on the fwoelden gate bridge forcing flight delays out of sfo. about an hour and ten minutes. you want to keep that in mind.
8:06 am
also we're seeing thorpgz on the northeast coast of the country, and as a result we have numerous flight delays. good idea to check ahead. 74 degrees in fremont. 77 in san jose, and 67 in san francisco today. >> and that's your weather. >> the wlous is coming out with a new initiative t. first lady michelle obama sent us a special message about it. >> hello "today" show viewers and good morning from the white house. today i'm working to inspire americans from all across the country to the drink more water. that's why i have stolen matt and sa van fa's mugs and exchanged them with water class ifs. water is the best and easiest choice we can make to feel energized, healthy andry freshed. you are what you drink and when you drink water, you are at your best. so drink up. >> michelle obama, thank you very much.
8:07 am
the only problem with that is, she also sent the same miami to kathie lee and hoda. drink up. >> they take a different interpretation of that. >> how much water do you drink a day? >> oh, i don't know. >> equal water to coffee. >> yeah! >> which is why we never see her in her office. >> one rumor. >> so what about you guys? >> i don't drink enough. >> probably two a day. i need to drink more. >> drink up, come on, guys. >> coming up next, nasa's photo bombing frog reaching for the stars. and was president kennedy an accidental victim on the day of his assassination? and dr. phil joins "today" professionals right after a check of your local news. before they earned enough cash back from bank of america to help pay for bennie's expenses... before they earned 1% back on all purchases,
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8:11 am
introducing the all-new corolla. ♪ >> we are back at 8:11 with whalts trending today. the topics making a lot of news online. joining us is the newest member of our family, carson daly. >> thank you very much. i am here to take your order for water. >> you won't get a word in edge-wise. the trending on twitter, do you guys have your halloween costumes yet. >> have you shopped yet? >> he probably took care of his christmas list. >> it may only be mid-september, if you don't have your costume, you are behind, k-mart is rolling out commercials for christmas. >> no. >> christmas, 103 days before the holiday. take a look.
8:12 am
♪ >> don't let the holidays sneak up on you. >> this is for the hay-away program. >> is that cheating? >> do other retailers see that as cheat something. >> absolutely. it is aly-away program. still, 103 days. >> why don't they start around july 4th? >> december 26th of the previous year. >> exactly right. >> meantime, trending on google, a surprise hollywood ending. it happens when the oscar winner was serving as a juror on a domestic assault case. this is what happened during a trial break, a prosecutor not affiliated with the case hanks was sitting on approached him to thank him for serving. well, when the defense lawyers heard about that, they asked for a mistrial and accused the prosecution of jury tampering. meanwhile, on thursday, both
8:13 am
side decided to settle the case on a reduced charge. i don't think it had anything to do with mr. hank's odd development. >> you are a lawyer. is it jury tampering? >> the defense lawyers are thinking, they can't let it slide. the prosecutors. >> for the judge to say what the heck. >> it is darn if you do, darn if you don't. it's tom hanks. it's nice he did service. he does go and causes an uproar. >> a prosecution for a totally different case. >> there is an ol legold legal saying, life is like a box of chocolates. >> trending on our website the comeback kid in an interview with "rolling stone" magazine michael j. fox talks about life with parkinson's disease. he says people look at me with fear and sadness in their eyes. he said i had to understand that before people dealing with me, if they're going to deal with what they think i am going through.
8:14 am
fox says he is doing very well. he is set to star on nbc's michael j. fox show later this month. he is absolutely hilarious. >> we had a chance to do a little something-something with michael j. fox. i won't give anything away. he was in pretty good shape and spirits. >> i think proof is in the pudding. she on sit-coms this fall. well, trending on facebook the frog that photo-bombed a rocket launch. nasa's cameras capturing this amphibian mid-leaf during liftoff last friday. take a look. the space agency is confirming the picture is legit. so why was the frog hanging around during the launch? the launchpad is surrounded by a pool of water. >> that helps insulate it from damage. we cannot confirm no frogs were harmed. we do know back in the '70s when pigs in spring was really popular, we used to see kerr mit
8:15 am
in space all the time. >> i don't think, that's too high in the air. >> that landing -- >> i don't have one. >> he croaks? >> i have been save tag one for years. >> served with a fine -- >> i'd order of fries. >> and that is what's trending today. meanwhile on our 8:00 block, mote varnl speaker also advice on marriage that comes from his own painful divorce. it's become an online sensation. first today's cover story the jfk asass nation nearly 50 years after that tragic day in dallas. conspiracy theories still linger. . >> from dallas, texas, if flash apparently official, president kennedy died at 1:00 p.m. central standard time. >> november 22nd, 1963, six seconds of gunfire in dallas changed history and it's been called the most controversial murder investigation of the 20th
8:16 am
century. >> the majority of americans thinks that john kennedy was killed by a conspiracy yet unsolved. >> a year after president kennedy's death, a warren commission concluded lee harvey oswald killed the president acting alone. there was no conspiracy, no foreign government or members of our own government involved. the dmigs concluded that oswald was a marxist with grand notions of bringing down the u.s. government, shooting president kennedy as well as texas governor john conley that day. but the warren commission's report has its critics. >> most of the warren commission reports is very dependable but there is one huge flaw. the people on the warren commission were never told the kennedy administration was oversees plots to kill fidel castro who was one of the suspects. therefore, people to tend to inject the entire thing. >> a young and glamorous president struck down that day. do we really know the mote ev
8:17 am
for his murder? could he have been an accidental victim? could it have been a conspiracy? nearly 50 years later, for some, questions remain. >> one theory that's getting some new attention right now, was someone else the intended target? james westin, jr., writes about it in the new ebook "the accidental victim." the real target in dallas. this is not the first time you put this theory forward. you did it in "time" magazine in 1989. you didn't get traction then. why do you think it will get traction now? >> well, it was supposition and part of a 680-page biography of john conley. it was unfinished business for me. i had to move on. i was doing the whole life of this man that was involved, 50 years. so i wanted to be a part of this conversation because i think i had something special. >> you mentioned john conley the
8:18 am
governor of texas at the time you say your theory is that he, not jfk, was the full intlend intended target of lee harvey oswald. what's your evidence to back that up? >> well, you have to set aside all the conspiracy theories which i think are rubbish and bring it down to lee harvey oswald, the man. what is his emotional waik makeup? what is driving him. what is the psych logical makeup? the warren commission has it that he was a marxist. well, there are millions of marxists that are not path logical killers. they say he had grandiose notions. you and i have grandiose notions. >> that doesn't make us grandiose killers. >> you hold it down to a grunl. you say this was a grunl. >> we need to have something, strong, internal and emotional driving this violence. >> so john conley at one time the secretary of the navy, he turns down lee harvey oswald's position to have his honorable discharge from the marines
8:19 am
reinstated. are you telling me that oswald held such a juj grudge, such hatred that that's what butt put him in that book depository that day if dallas? >> look, this was a guy that had a 9th grade education. the only thing he had ever done was be in the marine corps. you ask any marine about the years he served and how important is that military interest? >> in your own words, you called this theory astonishing. do you believe it? do you believe this is the reason he ended up with that rifle in. >> do i believe it. i have written it. i believe it profoundly. there has to be something internal. you have to put these two figures together, kennedy and conley and what was oswald's attitude towards each of them. oswald admired kennedy. there was no psychological driving force for him to kill kennedy. >> remind people, conley was injured on that day in dallas. let me ask you this, if i'm lee
8:20 am
harvey oswald, i hate to put myself in his shoes, if i am and i want to kill the government of texas, i know there is a lot less security around the government of texas on a daily basis than there would be during a presidential visit. why wouldn't i target him without oul all that special service and security around? >> this was a guy that had two nickels running together. he can't be runle all over the state after the governor of texas. nor is it clear what governor's itineraries are. i have two instances where oswald does, in fact, stalk john conley. so there is some background to this. unfortunately, there was an act, there was an your ra of spontaneity about this that the car was coming right in front of his window and the important thing was what did he feel that morning when he picked up that rifle to go to work? >> there are so many conspiracy theories out there. you mentioned oswald was a cia
8:21 am
agent. then vice president johnson was somehow involved, that it was castro. you are absolutely anti-conspiracy. why? >> because this was a wretched insignificant man. no foreign government. no criminal organization would hire somebody as unreliable or irresponsible as lee harvey oswald. it's absolutely impossible. i happen to know a little about this because i was trained in army intelligence and in the recruitment of foreign agents. you have to have in that kind of a situation somebody you can rely on that you can plan for months in advance. he's no professional. this is an amateur acting on spontaneity. >> it's called "the accidental victim." >> what happens when a life coach and motivational speaker gets a divorce?
8:22 am
our next guest gerald rogers decided to write down the painful lessons he learned. he posted them. now his 20 tips for saving your marriage have gone viral. gerald, good morning. it's good to see you. >> thank you so much. >> i should mention you wrote this log post, it's very theory, it's raw. you did it in the midst of your pain. >> when i wrote that, obviously, i had no intention i'd be on "the today" show talking about it. it was the night after our divorce was finalized. i had my kids for the weekend. it was like 1:00 in the morning. there is so much pain that happens in the process of divorce. i think a lot of people can relate to that. there is so much change and transition and so much like it was really, really hard. it was like 12:00 in the morning. i sat down, what am i going to do different next time? >> you wrote down these 20 tips. we will scroll them so people have a look at them. it's gotten 20,000 likes, reprinted everywhere. i should mention, we're not
8:23 am
showing picture of your wife, your intention is not to have this all out in the public and relive your own situation. >> yeah. i really want to respect her privacy. i love and respect her and want to honor that. my intention to anything is to serve other people. the advice i wrote for myself rand the fact that there is other people, millions across the world that benefit from it. i'm grateful that god has chosen to give that message to them. >> it's an interesting message, some of this, i heard this before. you have a spin on it. it has a lot to do with personal accountability. one thing is you have to fall in love over and over and over again. >> marriage, any relationship is about continually growing. just like the gorden, if you stop watering, stop nurtureing that garden, it dies. the fact is we're always change, if you are not falling in love over and over igen, that love will fade. >> you said protect your own heart, which i said was interesting. in another place you say be
8:24 am
vulnerable. you mean don't let anybody into that space except for your wife. >> that's a sacred space just for that person in your life. that's where you get to have them be a part of that life. no one else gets that part of you. >> one of the things you say, is be present, be present to q4 wife. >> i think a lot of us guys we get so busy, so caught up in our mind, i have this, you think about work, you think about this. what the woman need is that manning to present with them and fully with her. >> you got some tough words about blame. you say, don't blame her. look inwartd. what's your miami? >> it's all about taking personal account aekt for our life. . it's our responsibility to be the best that we can be and find our own happiness. if we got challenges, look at how did i create these things in my life? >> you wrote this for her husband. i assume it's equally wise as well. >> absolutely.
8:25 am
i wrote this for me. obviously, anyone who wants to make thanks, it comes down to take responsibility, to be conscious in what we create with our life. >> what does your new wife think of this? she sees this is out there now. >> i know. and i feel she has to put up with my garbage for 16 years and i feel really bad because she's very private and obviously i was the one that chose to be public about it. so i am super grateful for the journey that we got to have together. i just wish for the best. >> a lot of people are learning from your honesty. thank you for being here. >> thank you very much. coming up
8:26 am
>> good morning to you. 8:26 now. i'm laura garcia canon. who teens were shot in front of their home on fairington way near the university village shopping center. police say someone pulled up to the house in a newer silver honda and shot a 17 and 16-year-old outside. officers have not said what happened on the road to lead up to the shooting. both teens are expected to survive. we talked to one of them which says this is the fourth time his home has been shot at this we're. >> let's check the morning commute with mike. >> really crowded here. we're looking towards first oakland northbound 880. all the way up into downtown. that's a pretty typical commute. let's look at the roadways. traffic moves pretty much predictably here as well as west
8:27 am
5 through oakland. now, the southbound side has been a problem all the way down into fremont after the earlier -- very early in the commute happened at dakota. it's long since been cleared, but still very cloe sloe all the way down to mission boulevard for 808. on the peninsula from the airport -- two crashes there causing things to bog down in both directions into and out of san francisco and look at 280 both directions out of the city. laura, back to you. >> i'll have another local news update for you in about a half hour. have a great morning.
8:28 am
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>> it is 8:30 on a thursday morning. it is september 12, 2013. as we spend a little time with some of the people spending the morning with us. we always thank them for us. it's another sunny, yet muggy day in new york. i'm matt lauer, along with natalie morales and al roker. >> we will have a song from a new album coming up. should college athletes get
8:31 am
paid? today's professionals will weigh in on that subject and much, much more. we have a special guest joining and dr. nancy as well. >> that special guest is dr. phil mcgraw. phil is here as well. doctor, good to see you here early. you kicked off the new season of this show. you are ending the week with a very emotional gritty story about a high schooler who says she was riepd by a party fueled by alcohol. tell me about it. >> well, matt, we are so concerned about this trend. we saw it in steubenville, ohio. you did a good job reporting. that we have three football players, one under aged girl drinking, no adult supervision. now, four boys are charged with second degree rain. if they're guilty, they can be registered sex offenders for the rest of their life. we have this young woman here who says she was taken advantage of, victimized. so her life has been impacted in a terrible way. where are the parents?
8:32 am
how do you have four boys here not one says, this isn't right. we need to take her home. >> this led to a tweet a couple weeks ago that was a little controversial. if a girl is drunk, is it okay to have sex with her? reply yes or no to@dr. phil. i know you didn't personally write that tweet. it was from the show's accounts. what do you say? are you surprised at the reaction it got? >> i'm surprised some people misunderstood it as a light latered museing. it was a serious question about a serious show. that's why it said hashtag teen alcohol, teen drinking, whatever you said, the you would be upset about young people who say, you go out and party, what itself the big deal? the big deal, it's a crime. you are old enough to be drinking. the deal is you cannot give informed consent if you are intoxicated. so there is no conceptual
8:33 am
section if someone is drinking. kids think about this, a girl request not give consent if she is intoxicated. >> it's one of the subjects you should talk about. your first week back on dr. phil. >> 12 seasons, can you believe it? >> by the way, you will be joining nancy and donny. we'll take on today's professionals. >> i'll be happy to do it. >> notice we're all starting to wear our hair the same way. matt, you had some when we started. >> enspoird by mother nature, unfortunately. >> we get a check of the weather. >> let's see what's going on today, of course, we have been telling about the deadly flash flooding in boulder, colorado. we are looking at strong storms making their way tomorrow into the southwest. it will continue to rain there. the western two-thirds of the country still looking sunny for saturday. we got more sun schein making its way to the east coast. it's going to be a lot cooler in the northeast. mild around the great lakes. more rain in the southwest. into the rockies. then sunday we're looking at, in
8:34 am
fact, even more rain in southern texas into the rockies, central planes. rain in the pacific northwest. along the eastern >> 8:34. low clouds are still hanging out. that's going to translate to a much cooler afternoon. 86 degrees in places like livermore. 75 in fremont today. 77 degrees in san jose. meanwhile, san francisco is ñ degrees. now, getting into the weekend, temperatures are going to jump up just a little bit for friday, and then we have a nice comfortable saturday and sunday ahead. >> that's your latest wet. now we want to introduce you to the newest line jumper on nbc's "the million second quiz." he flew from seattle to new york overnight for the chance to win big money. jacob, good to see you. >> good to see you. man, so that's a heck of a
8:35 am
flight. what time but get on the plane? >> i left seattle. i haven't slept, haven't done anything. here i am. >> so you qualify to come here by plane online. now, online, you fill out a subscription saying you are crazy. when you say you are crazy, what do you mean? >> i don't think you want to know what crazy means when it comes to me. >> well, anything that could get you in trouble? >> it could. i won't do that here, i promise. i am crazy, i like to be crazy, i like to have fun. i like to make the things exciting. >> you are starting to earn your mba. if you win the billing money, what are you going to put it to? >> you know, i will definitely put it to my education. give myself a house. i want to help out my family. thatt the big thing i want to do. >> good luck tonight with ryan seacrest. i hope you get into that money chair. you can catch it live here on nbc. they may have to do it inside because of all the rain that's
8:36 am
comele. let's get birthday wishes from uncle willie. >> oh the sun is slowly setting over the east river and soon to be the hudson river. the first days continue on with smucker's parade and review. let's check on that, if you will, please. we say happy birthday to elma ulmar. help birthday to you. 100-years-old today and my favorite. she makes the best cinnamon rolls in the world. but she didn't know my mother. esteridge burke is from illinois. man, she can move, he request cut the rug. he is the original energizer bunnyment. sheer may, miss brocci 100-years-old today from brooke len, new york. junior's cheesecake, have you ever had it from brooklyn?
8:37 am
oh, you will deflect. she loves to laugh. she is a happy person. i'll bet she's had junior's cheesecake. leo voll, bismark, north dakota. 100-years-old, walks every datest that's his exercise routine harry truman walked. he lived to be 140. all he did was walk. ruth ross from beautiful north ridge, california. 100-years-old today. a social butterfly. i mean, she is absolutely incredible, the way she socializes. and a great, great happy smucker's birthday salute to john anthes 100-years-old from
8:38 am
pineville, north clone. >> coming up next, college athletes generate millions of there are so many things that we do on a daily basis.
8:39 am
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8:40 am
>> back at 8:40. now with today's professionals, here to tackle the hottop topics of the day, dr. donny deutsche, dr. nancy sneiderman. phil, welcome. >> glad to be here. >> let's get going. yesterday, we all marked the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, september of 2001. yesterday, at&t tweeted an image of the twin towers and lights with the words "never forget" on
8:41 am
an at&t phone. did they cross the line, donny? >> of course. they did. the fact that the product was there. the problem advertisers have, yeerlgs they were doing three tv commercials a year, a few tv ads. now, they are sending out thousands of messages a day. that was probably done by a junior person's mistrick. at&t said we screwed up. >> i'll get to that in a second. >> marriott did something in hotels, they had free coffee and muffins from 8:36 to 9:13. i'm not sure they did apologize. any time an advertiser steps over that grey line into the darkness, there has to be someone that goes too far and make an apology at best. >> you got to look at the intention, i think everybody was looking for a way to commemorate that day. bad choice, but the intention behind it water good. >> the intention is always good. they took the photo down and said we apologize to anyone that
8:42 am
thought it was in poor taste. the image was solely to those from the 9/11 tragedy. "time" magazine says it's time to pay dleej athletes. it's been a long simmering debate. they generate enormous revenue for their colleges an universities. should we be paying them? >> i read the article, if kids can sign a tee-shirt, do anything for ten bucks. so i understand that there are all kind of parameters. it's big, big. >> when are we going to quit pretending what we know. they are getting paid. they have been getting paid. i played in 1968, you would get laundry money, money to show a recruit around, money for a job that you never showed up at. i got paid when i was worth about 80 cents a week. it is happening so why is everybody pretending it is not. >> the ncaa rules -- >> they should know better.
8:43 am
>> guys, the reality is obviously, they are getting psyched up. they can't get paid because it's a slippery slope. in reality, they get scholarships. >> all of a sudden you are paying for autographs t. cleenls pay the autograph people. taets are amateurs. they are getting a national stage, scholarships. >> in college, in like their junior year. they're doing it as a stepping tone to the pros. >> all kids don't get to the pros. >> when a child is 16, they can sign it for money, donny cannot. you cannot. >> thoen don't you think tim tebow has sold a few more things? >> i feel bad for these guys to get -- phil i'm starting with you, the reno gazette journal in nevada published and obituary recently, written by the children of a woman that palsed away.
8:44 am
she is survived by her six of eight children, whom she spent her lifetime tortureing in every time possible while she neglect and abused her small children, she refused to let anyone show or have compassion against them. when they became adults, it goes on to say we celebrate her passing and hope she lives in the after life reliving each gesture of violence, cruelty. it goes on and on and on. talk to me about this. >> it often has been said your story will go better if you are the only one telling it. they didn't get an ad so she could respond. maybe she deserved it. that's not becoming to the. they have to live with that. that's not becoming to them. if they had those emotion, tell her. why wait until she dies and put it in the newspaper. >> dr. phil, i'm guessing they did. to me, once again, we don't know the personal stories. maybe this was somehow
8:45 am
katarctic. >> i tell you what, when tarragon, they're gone a long time. it's not becoming to the people that wrote it. >> but it's not closure. those are two very different things. >> very different things. >> cath rah rsis, yes. i hope if there were written, it was one key. >> for their part, we removed the online listing of this obituary mid-day as we review circumstances arounding displacement. once we complete review, we will determine what, if any, actions are required. i will end with a quick run, miss america pageant for the first time ever, miss kansas has shown up in the swimsuit competition showing off tattoos. phil, i know you are a big fan of tattoos. what do you think of this? >> what do you want to see? come on, this is a different time. it's body art. book in our die, thugs did tattoos. in this day and time, my own son
8:46 am
has tattoos. i didn't pick them. >> first of all, why are we having miss america competitions? that's another subject. in my family, if you have a tattoo, there is no tuition. >> what is it about empowered women breaking barriers? >> i would like to leave a message, my duties will never be getting tattoos. >> if you get get a tattoo. >> do not watch. >> nice to have you here. donny, as always, thank you. >> later, a performance from gramny nominees, first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:47 am
♪ [ female announcer ] wherever morning brings you, bring the energy you need. new nature valley soft-baked oatmeal squares. softly baked. made with hearty oatmeal and a drizzle of cinnamon. they're nature valley's brand new take on a morning classic. because when you keep going, the morning can bring you to brand new places. ♪ nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
8:48 am
. we're back with the gram any nominated singer, known for her
8:49 am
soul, funk and rock and roll, on her album the electric lady. we know you're an electric lady, but you're talking about a lot of strong women in your lives. tell us about it. >> absolutely. i wanted to focus on creating a new breed, a new woman. someone who is not defined by her skin color or hair but by what she does for the community. >> you do something so interesting. in some ways the sound is so retro, i pull together all these different genres, but you also have sci-fi and futuristic. >> absolutely. when music is great, timeless, it never goes out of style. and i love to focus on new concepts and ideas. i'm humbled to be on my second album. it's a double album and features some amazing guests.
8:50 am
>> you have come a long way from kansas city, kansas. >> i have. hi, kansas. >> you even worked once as a maid. >> i could not have imagined this. i remember selling my independent music in a boarding house in atlanta, georgia, living with six other girls and working at office depot. so i'm very honored to be here. >> we're drelighted to have you here. take it away. ♪ ♪ i'm the electric lady and i am your morning coffee ♪ ♪ ♪
8:51 am
♪ ♪ ♪
8:52 am
♪ ♪ ♪
8:53 am
♪ ♪ [ applause ]
8:54 am
>> there she goes. thank you so much. again the album is the electric lady. we're back in a moment. "the ele lady." we are back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:55 am
that was an awesome performance. i'm exhausted just watching you. >> i feel electric. i'm on fire.
8:56 am
the song i performed is about freedom. it's about freeing your mind, freeing your soul, loving yourself for who you are. >> you need to come up with a little more energy. you really do. come out of your shell a little bit. that was fantastic. >> and i want to thank my fans for being out here. they waited and waited and i'm so honored. i don't have anything else to say but thank you. good thursday morning to you. it's 8:56. warning their fans to behave when they host the 49ers this sunday. seahawks are telling fans if 49ers fan they'll be booted from the stadium and have their season tickets revoked. you can play it safe. just watch the sunday night football game right here on nbc bay area. sdmrimplts let's check the
8:57 am
forecast now. >> nothing beats a comfortable couch at home to watch that game. good morning to you, laura. good morning to you at home. temperatures are going to be really comfortable for today, and we're not going to climb all that much as we get into friday in the upcoming weekend. it is the last full weekend of summer. hope you can get on out there and enjoy it. 68 degrees at your local beaches. saturday. 59 on sunday.
8:58 am
8:59 am
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9:00 am
t.j.maxx. . >>. >> welcome to "today" on this thursday morning september 12th, 2013. willie geist along with al and natalie. look who else, carson daly, an official member of the "today" show family. >> orange room host. >> it's been such a crazy morning. i am so thankful to be here. thank you for making the transition. >> so people know the orange room in our new studio, which we will debut on monday is the melding of digital and broadcast. >> that's kind of the idea of it, al. it's a studio in the new 1-a, which we will see on monday.
9:01 am
let face it. i think the average person can understand a place like today for over 60 years has gathered and delivered news as a tra dirnl means. technology is in a crazy place, citizen journalism, a ton of stuff happening online t. orange room will be a place during the live "today" show, we will be able to intersect with what you are doing. >> so we'll be checking in with you periodically on issues, whatever stories are getting the viewers excited or whatever emotions. >> the viewer looks at it as a hub or a new home to them to reach out to me through the orange room to have sort of a richer relationship with the show. we'll see how it manifests in real time when we're on the air with whatever given story we are doing or interview. >> we should request live. >> i can't get enough of that. >> it will always itself be trl to me. somehow, they'll make it work. >> if you look at the first day from "today" show, it was a
9:02 am
gathering of what was cutting edge tech following then. wire machines, wire photos. tape recorders. all that stuff. this is just another iteration. >> we see how in a typical news story, the actual story, itself, takes another life outside the traditional means of news, in the social media space. we can tap into that and add it. hopefully, it will make the news process that much more efficient. >> nowadays on twitter, they're breaking news. >> it's also i view it as kind of a bonus area, too. if you have matt damon on the "today" show, you can talk to carson for ten minutes. >> that's good. matt's boring. >> this will be the place where you will get all those kiddie videos. >> what are you talking about? >> all the stuff. >> the kiddie videos, how dare you? >> going to a dark place. >> we do have state of the art technology in the new orange room him al, you have done some
9:03 am
work on it as well. >> it's pretty excited. >> he has toys. >> wait until you see the stuff we got on monday. >> it will be great. >> we are so glad to have you. we got some stuff we want to show you. how do you feelant an inked up beauty queen? >> why did it take so long? in there miss america. a slightly different interest. this is miss kansas. sergeant theresa -- >> yes. >> did you hear me? she'll be the second contestant from the military to compete. she is also the first to break a longstanding taboo in beauty pageants. the ig i insignia for the core and the serenity prayer down the right side of her torso. quoted, my platform is to empower women to break stereotypes. what a hypocrit i would be if i covered myself." >> she owns it. she looks amazing and the ink
9:04 am
looks great on her. >> would it be different on the lower back and some tribal weerld tattoo? >> fine like a tramp stamp? >> yes. >> what's your twitter handle? >> yeah, basically. >> that's what they call it, i guess. i wouldn't know. >> what i find fascinating is that there is an army dental core. that's pretty cool. dentists who can kill. >> who has nice teeth, i'm sure. >> i didn't notice the teeth. >> this also be i the way will not be a surprise for anyone under the age of 35. maybe old timeling. wow. >> what taboo? what are you talking about? tattoo a big deal. >> when you were here, you revealed the tattoo that you kind of regret now. >> i have a bunch, on my left arm within i was competing in the miss universe, mr. universe, my grandfather is a green beret in the army. i have his big insituation fiia. when it's military like that,
9:05 am
even if there was a dumb rule, they should waive that for people in the military. >> you have one on your ankle. >> i have one, i told he tattoo reportist, the braino. >> you got a tattoo guy >> you got to get it. he did. it's a crab claw coming out of a pocket knife now. >> i got a crab claw. >> he made the exgirlfriend's name become a crab claw. >> that almost looks like a swiss army knife. >> that's what it is. >> that's fan taft ec. >> pocket knife clab claw. >> it's what i'm not doing with that girl's name on my leg. >> it could have been a car. >> it might be next year. >> might be another guy named braino in hel's kitchen. >> brano.
9:06 am
brano. >> it may be rare like miss kansas. >> less pressure. look, i think it looks cool on some people. it's a lot of pressure to live with something like that forever. you want to pick something from the times. >> you need something smart. >> well, that's it. it's like, you can't do something that becomes too trendy. everybody has like a piece or an olm. >> carson has a preamble. >> that would be really bad. >> a lean there. >> wow. >> okay. >> i love this story. my favorite story of the day. >> a utah dad found a creative way to protest his teenage's daughter's affection for simpy clothing. he was fed up for her preference for very short shorts. >> her name is miley? >> that was the real miley. >> we got the wrong one. >> that's the duties. >> she made herself look like
9:07 am
miley cyrus. >> that's the story. she has a look-alike. >> the dad made himself look like billy ray. crazy. >> so the idea is he tried to embarrass his daughter say, listen, if you will wear short shorts, i will. >> he turned the other cheek. >> he puts on the world another best dad tee-shirts. >> do the kids know? >> yeah. >> he went out, mini golf. >> they're mormon, very conservative. he -- >> so he wrote on a bloggings, in our family, we have definite modesty glients. my daughter will know her father cares about her enough to make a fal out of himself. >> i think it's great. the.was mortified. >> we don't know. >> we do, he wrote a whole blog on it. they went out. they had this great evening out at mini golf and everything else, in certain places, she was like, no, dad, why don't we go
9:08 am
through the drive through, we're not going in there, all her friend hang out there. >> a little sent of humor. >> my sister came up once in high school. i was in the kitchen with my mom. she was wearing one of my dad's white tee-shirt, around the neck, she slit it down, bye, mom. get back here young lady and had my dad at dinner that night come to dinner wearing a tee-shirt as a skirt, we had a good laugh. it taught us a good lesson. like no other. sorry, that just got weird. but it's great that the parenting is having some fun with it. >> good. you used to have teenage girls, so, already ilo likes abercrombie and fitch. and so i went in with her. i said, i'm going to boy some cargo shorts. she said, oh, no you are not. i said, yes, i am. i am going to wear them out. we don't go -- >> you are not allowed. >> because she thinks i'm not hip. i'm not cool. i can't wear those. oh, she's right.
9:09 am
>> you can rock 'em. >> isn't there some perverse pleasure in embarrassing your children? >> i don't know. >> you can drop them off at parties and wave. >> when they're that young. >> for halloween, we dressed up our son as a cow or a rock. we sat around, he doesn't know. >> because they're going to make your life difficult anyways. >> you might as well enjoy it if you can. >> the picture in the bathtub, you threaten them down the road. >> you know what i'm going to do, the nicknames, let's do them real quick. women find people, men with short names sexier. i give al roker. >> there you go. you are not willie. >> will. >> isn't it short in that case? >> we can. >> honestly, it's not the nail that does it. i'm sorry to say. >> if not, what is it then? >> it's all about the total
9:10 am
package. the total package. >> the toll package. >> okay. got it. >> i will go to the orange room and investigate this story. google total package. >> do the weather wheel natalie investigates. >> al, you all right? >> not going there. go ahead, al. >> let's see what we have going on as far as your weather is concerned. we have rain in colorado from idaho falls to el paso. we got flash flood watches in effect today. we've seen tons of rain in the boulder area, up to six inches of rain. unfortunately, two people have died. there is more rain on the way. we are talking another three to five inches of rain over the next 48 hours, especially in colorado. so this flooding situation is going to continue. 9:10 on a thursday morning. we still have overcast skies over most of the bay area. taking a live look. this is the golden gate bridge. socked in with fog. still looking at the flight
9:11 am
delays at about an hour and 15 minutes. want to show you the low clouds spanning all the way inland. however, it's that natural ac that's going to keep your temperatures right about at seasonal averages for today. that's 86 in livermore. 75 in fremont, and 67 in san u francisco. so close to that weekend. temperatures are going to come up just a little bit for friday into saturday, and then drop right back off for sunday. >> >> that's your latest weather. carson of your new hosting duties in the orange room. it so happens you love orange cheese-its. >> a big fan. again with the cheese-its. >> yes, we have hidden impact cheese-its all over our studio like a little treasure hunt. >> oh, really. >> as we go to commercial, we will challenge you to fine them, how many bags do we have out here? >> 20. >> let's go. >> organization, let's see what's happening here. >> do i have to look for them? is this a cheese-it game? >> i will tell you there is probably some under chairs. i think we got some under
9:12 am
chairs. i found one! >> wait. i found two. >> there is one over here. under your chair, guys. >> under chairs. there is a chair over here, carson. i found one. >> we will do more than this in the oregon room, i promise you. >> we have digital cheese-its. >> thank you. coming up next, all good things come to an end, an explosionive fen naturally of the hit drama "bun notice." we all have our little tricks. mom swaps one of my snacks for a yoplait. i don't mind, i mean it's orange crème. and when mom said bobby was too edgy... 'sup girl. . . rl. mom never questioned bobby again. two can play at this game. [ female announcer ] swap one snack a week for a yoplait. and everybody wins. yoplait. it is so good.
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woah! what? it's called a smoky eye. [ female announcer ] you may not be the best at new trends but you know what's best for your kids. so we listened when you said gogurt should have only natural colors and flavors and no high fructose corn syrup. thanks, mom. [ male announcer ] prep your lawn this fall. get 20% off scotts seed and starter fertilizer when you buy both at lowe's.
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9:16 am
"saturday night live" makes fun of you. >> what is "burn notice"? >> it's entering its fourth season. [ laughter ] people love it. what is burn notice? ted? >> yes. well, i know it's on usa. >> uh-huh. >> and i know that characters are welcome there. [ laughter ] >> uh-huh. >> so it's a show about characters. >> you can be more specific? >> no. [ buzzer ] >> jeffrey donovan is the show's star. he's here to give us a glimpse into the much anticipated and everybody knows, anticipated series finale. you got to be excited when "snl" spoke about it. you know you have arrived. >> yeah, i thought it was funny. it ruffled a few people's feathers. the show, you meet so many people who love the snow.
9:17 am
and "snl" is saying no one knows what the show is. i think everyone knows what the show is now that it's ending. >> that's season four. now this is season seven. you mentioned the finale tonight. i think you said this is more sweet than it is sad. >> yeah. you know, i want to be proud of what i've done. and not feel like we're leaving something that should continue on and continue. never want to get canceled. we all agree this should be the end of a great run where we go out on our term, and we create the story line that we want to walk away from. there's more hugs and congratulations than tears. >> creating a great show is such a crapshoot. even great shows don't make it after the first year. this has had seven years. what have you said about the script when you first came on board? >> i thought there wasn't anything else on during the summer, usa took a risk and said let's see if we can get an
9:18 am
audience in the summer. they were smart to create a drama that had humor and action. matt nix created a good premise of aspy, james bond. it was fun. we did a lot of spy craft stuff. this final season, high stakes, a lot of drama, and a big, big death of one of the main characters just happens tonight whose been there -- we've all been there since the beginning, one of us dies. i think it's powerful. >> does that character look anything like you, by any chance? >> no. >> you do your own stunts in this show. you talk about james bond. this show is a stunt-heavy show. you've got a rule and you draw the line? >> if there's a chance i could die, i don't do it. >> okay. >> there's a moment in the teaser where i jump off the balcony and the flames came out. that's me. then i burn my arm hairs and a little bit of my hair. and a stunt double comes out and a bigger explosion and he lost
9:19 am
his eyebrows. so there's a fine line. >> when you came in here this morning, i said what happened, you can limping, you do your own stunts, what happened here? >> i was lifting my 10-month-old baby out of the crib and something clipped. this little kettle bell. not to have a gym membership anymore. >> in seven seasons getting your hair burned off to what you lose to a 10-month-old. >> i know. >> jeffrey donovan, great to see you.catch burn notice on usa. all you need to know before you head out the door. and what you need to know from your doctor before you schedule your next appointment. first up, these messages. but that doesn't mean we're all the same. just like greek yogurts. that's why i prefer activia greek. you got that right jamie, there's nothing like it! exactly, because activia greek is the only greek
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[ male announcer ] some people lift your spirits... the same way the smooth, creamy taste of coffee-mate... makes coffee and your day better. coffee-mate. coffee's perfect mate. ♪ the one and only, cheerios he was a matted messiley in a small cage. ng day. so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley.
9:23 am
from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers, you can find it all on angie's list. we found riley at the shelter, and found everything he needed at angie's list. join today at . >> taking a look at headlines, a massive recall dehumidifiers. the cpse says they can overheat and catch fire. for more information head to our website some encourages news for homeowners, fewer homes are hitting foreclose years. the number hit an eight-year low. it suggests the number of new homes entering foreclosure might get back to a normal rate next year. katherine the duchess of cambridge is giving up her role as a military wife.
9:24 am
kensington palace says her husband prince william is leaving the armed forces. william served his final shift tuesday as a search and rescue pilot. he plans to devote more time to his baby prince george and charity work and royal doubts. pope francis has a new ride. this will surprise you. he plans to toll around the vatican in the 1984 renault with 190,000 miles on it. you see it right there. it was donated by a parish pleeft who used it on his daily round. the pope agreed to drive it in thesomeble of humility. look, ma, no paws. this dog on a tight rope is a real star. one of the latest entries, top dog in more ways than one. he makes it look pretty easy there. wow. he can balance better than we can. let's go back over to willie and al. he will challenge nick walenda. >> pretty good. how can you balance? >> that's right.
9:25 am
>> let's pause so se can do another one. >> oh. >> still ahead, veterans taking [ female announcer ] nature valley protein bars, with simple, real ingredients, like roasted peanuts, creamy peanut butter, and a rich dark-chocolate flavor, plus 10 grams of protein, so it's energy straight from nature to you. nature valley protein bars. and this park is the inside of your body. see, the special psyllium fiber in metamucil actually gels. and that gelling helps to lower some cholesterol.
9:26 am
metamucil. 3 amazing benefits in 1 super fiber. . >> 9:26. east palo alto police looking fire gunman who shot two teens in front of their home. it happened late last night on fairington way near the university village shopping center. police say someone pulled up to the house in a newer sul ver honda and shot a 16 and 17-year-old outside. officers originally said it was related to a road rage incident but have since backed away from that motive. both teens are expected to survive. we talked to one of them who did not want to be identified. >> as soon as we looked we seen him just start shooting at us. >> that same teen says this is
9:27 am
the fourth time his home has been shot at this year. the bay area man who is also u.s. ambassador killed in benghazi will now be remembered by his alma mater. christopher stevens graduated in 1978. in addition to naming the library after him, the school will include his life as part of the lesson plan in social studies. at the piedmont high school football game tomorrow, there will actually be a special tribute to ambassador stevens at halftime. stevens and three other americans were killed following an attack on the u.s. consulate in libya on september 11th of last year. we'll take a quick break. we'll be back with weather and traffic.
9:28 am
s. >> welcome back. 9:28 is the time. it's going to be so nice out there. watching at the live cameras. fill foggy over the san francisco bay. into this afternoon temperatures are going to warm up nicely. the sun is going to break through that thick layer of low clouds, and we're talking 69
9:29 am
degrees. at 3:00 p.m. looking good out there for america's cup. if you can't get out there, watch it on nbc bay area starting at 1:00 p.m. redwood city today, 78 degrees. looking good into the upcoming weekend. let's look at your drive. >> in general we've had a tough full drive for 880 looking into oakland, about the first in fremont. south 880 still jammed. look at the mapped where's 808 and 680. our speed sensors are showing a very, very slow drive. still late in the commute. slow all the way out of hayward, and actually coming down off of 238 where things are calming down a bit as you head north up through oakland and the coliseum area. much better news. a little slow across the san mateo bridge, and 580 as well.
9:30 am
>> welcome back to "today" on a thursday morning. september 12th, 20 thrown. i'm willie geist along with matt lauer and natalie morales. we all have kids. you know what it's like to put a young child to bed. >> they don't like to sleep much. >> they don't like sleeping. these parents recorded a video of their young son who refused to go to sleep. watch this. >> i like the tv on. i'm not sleepy. i'm not sleepy. i'm not sleepy. i'm not sleepy. i'm not sleepy. i'm not sleepy. i'm not sleepy. i'm not sleepy. i'm not sleepy.
9:31 am
what is this? i'm not sleepy. i'm not sleepy. >> he sounded so cute. >> ae all had those epic battles, right? please just go to sleep. >> my george is 4. he's very defiant. he doesn't sleep like that. he says, i will not go to sleep, like he's standing on top of a mountain. >> like watching a baby patton. >> luke is pretty bad, too. we had a period a couple months ago where he would not sleep in one fight for continuously. he would wake up every two hours and say he was having nightmares. like he was a newborn all over again. >> nikki and lila, they drop off. nikki is a big problem. he wakes up about 5:00 a.m. even on the weekends. he's up. oh, you are killing me. >> i woke up this morning. i felt in the middle of the
9:32 am
night like i was on the edge of the bed. you probably had this, i opened my eyes, there was george. in the bed, between me and christina. there was this weird guy with curly hair, face-to-face. that was my son. >> until you get him out. not having another kid. >> that is birth control right there. >> yep. all right, al, let's get control of the weather. >> tomorrow, here in the east coast, saturday, you've got wet weather making its way to the southwest. the rockies again, where they've had flooding along the west coast, sunny, hot. on sunday, sunday, more mild weather, cooler conditions, northeast mid-atlantic states. rain making its way into the mid mississippi valley, rain moving into the pacific northwest t. sun schein 9:32 on a thursday morning. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina. we still have plenty of low cloud cover overhead, but i want to show you your futurecast because it won't hang around all day. we have the clock at 11:00 a.m.
9:33 am
starting to see mostly clear conditions for the greater bay area. it's going to be nice, though, because of all that natural coolant to start the day. 76 degrees in oakland today. 77 right here in san jose. 86 in livermore. tomorrow we're going to tack on about three degrees warming, and then we're starting to cool down saturday into sunday. >> and that's your latest weather. >> well, ever wonder if your family is getting the best medical care? not sure if your doctor is up to par? >> you are left here with tips on how to tell if your health is in the best hands, a contributing medical doctor. good to see you. >> good to see you, al. >> let's start off with our primary care doctors. you go to the doctor. they immediately want you to change into the awkward gown. >> that isn't always the best thing? >> when you if to the primary care doctor once a year, it's a time to talk about everything and comfortable.
9:34 am
you are not comfortable in that drafty gown with no underwear. i think it's best to have the conversation, talk about issues. when it's time for the physical dpam, you turn into the gown. hopefully your doctor is good with that. >> you want to make sure your doctor is up with the testing vaccinations and stuff like that. >> things change a lot in medicine. it will affect your health care. for example, there is a new recommendation that baby boomers, those born between 1945 and 1965 get a hepatitis c test. that can be a silent cause of liver disease. you might want to make sure your doctor is up to date. >> 245i should be asking have you had a hepatitis b? >> correct. >> you want follow through. a lot of these doctors, they manage health care, they got to move people in and out. you got to make them stop and talk to you. >> absolutely. the days of i'll call can you if somebody is ab nomplal, if you don't hear from them, those days are over. that's not acceptable area. you into ed to heariter way the results of a blood test or
9:35 am
x-ray. things can fall through the cracks. so always find out how am i going to find out the results? if i don't hear from you, can i call you in two weeks? >> that leads to the next one. let go to the begin tocologist, shall we? you say you should get really personal. they should be asking you lots of questions. >> right. so it's not just about the pelvic exam, the breast exam. they need to get into what's going on in your life, your mood? that could to be a seen of hormonal changes. have your sexual practices changed? maybe you got divorced in they need to get into that. that's going to load to how they 15 to you for certain disease an how they treat you. >> i want to call an audeible. you talk about women. with men, we have a fair number of men who watch. what should they be checking for with their doctor? >> well, absolutely, it's a great question. again, stds as well arc big thing for men at any age, blood pressure, cholesterol, those are things that are standardly done.
9:36 am
they also have to worry about different cancer screenling tests. so men as well as women need to get personal, alcohol history, drugs, all of those things. >> prostate, of course, depending on the age. >> okay, now dentist itself, they don't just clean our teeth. they are looking for a sign of other things as well? >> yeah, they should be. it's not all ability cavities. you want to look for oral health, oral cancer dentists pick up. other doctors aren't spending too much time looking alt your mouth. they should be looking at your on the sill itself, your lips, signs of cancer in unusual places. gum disease. we know now gum disease may be linked to other types of disease like heart disease. this is something they should be measuring for gum erosion, things like that. it's not about looking at your teeth or cleaning your teeth. >> how oumpb should you get x rays? >> this is a big concern, we are learning x-rays should only be performed when absolutely necessary. it's not every time you go to
9:37 am
the dentist, you necessarily need an x-ray the full mouth generally once every five years. >> peetd tristians, quickly, parents want to make sure kid are getting the best care. you think there are two traits you should look far? >> you want to lock for ra doctor asking ability your chielt another eating habits, their sleeping habits. they can affect school performance, of course, this is a time when you want to teach them good habits early on, how are they socializing? do they have friends? are they happy? anxiety and depression occur in children. safety, the first time my pediatrician asked me, do you have a gun in the house? i was taken aback. what kind of question is that? actually, these are the kind of questions they should be asking. accidents are the no. 1 safety questions for. these are the topics your pediatrician should be bringing up. >> you are looking for a surgeon, experience counts. dr. raj, thank you so much. up next, natalie and willie. a face off to see who knows more about this fall's fashion
9:38 am
trends. >> i'm betting on me. ♪ [ female announcer ] hello, fall. how you love to make us juggle. ♪ it's back to hyper-planning, playdate-making, front yard-raking, jacket-taking fall. we'll miss you, summer. but shorter days need longer sleeves. and going outside to play takes on a whole new meaning. ♪ doorbusters friday 3 pm to saturday 1 pm. save on liz claiborne, st. john's bay, towels, and more. jcpenney. towels, and more. yowithout thinking officing sotheir own satisfaction. really? you're sacrificing that gorgeous complexion for this? um... it's the playoffs! enough with the sacrificing. start here... light & fit greek nonfat yogurt. thick, creamy, twice the protein and ps 80 calories. it's a home run right? light & fit greek.
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9:42 am
last year. >> here are the rules. we will play three round. each round you will see two looks. you have to find out which is the "it" trend. you hear you are competitive. >> we both are. >> okay. >> let's do this. round one. >> we will see our first set of models. come on out, girls. let's see what the top colors are. >> i know the answer. >> i know the question. i know the answer. >> the question is, which is the "it" color for fall, is it leslie or ragine in her head to toe co ballot blue? >> willie, i'd like to go first. >> co ballot blue. the other was last years. >> the winner is, one point for each of you. she is wearing this fabulous
9:43 am
outfit a. gorgeous jacket from t.j. max, a great blouse, it mixes co ballot and a tip, mix those two colors. fabulously fitting pants from locked these look fantastic on her. i like mixing. >> no, absolutely not. that's the point. she still locks fantastic. don't throw it aware. if updating, go for the do ballot blue. >> thanks, ladies. thank you so much. >> round 2. >> oh, lie lii like that. >> allison and kimberly. >> on this side on kimberly, geometric prints, on this side, the exotic prints, which is the "it" prints? natalie? >> exotic. >> that was last fall. geometric prints. >> the correct answer is, no, that would be allison and her exotics. two fortunately.
9:44 am
a gorgeous coat from nordstrom, leopard is in. look for mixing other prints, a great snake print, zebras, cheetahs. keep the bottom neutral. throw in metallics. they look updated for fall. >> all right. round 3. >> julie and jamie. >> accessories play a huge part in our war droevenlt it's a great way to update easy basics. we have great girls, if you notice, the statement accessories really stand out. for this season, it is all about the necklace and the top handle satchel or the statement earrings and the portfolio clutch? >> how do you know all this? >> i read my fashion magazine. over there. julie. >> okay. >> all about earrings and. so guys are split again. the "it" trend is, that would be
9:45 am
jamie. right here. >> oh! >> in her statement earrings. >> yes. >> so if statement necklace is still really hot. you definitely can still wear it. if you want to update your lock. it's about a gorgeous oversized earring. they're $36. they're still really affordable. if you notice, it's all about the oversize for the portfolio dluch. wear it for a day. you don't have to save it for evening. wear it for day. great accessories. from t.j. max under $50. they have a fun of great accessories. they lock fan taft ec. now we have to declare a winner. >> that would be the tie. >> you have earrings. >> natalie gets one earring. he gets the other. >> you have the one from high school. >> i'm not punching it through. i feel so bad. >> thank you, guys. so beautiful. my statement earrings. >> coming up next, veteran's
9:46 am
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9:50 am
>> i never quit. >> i'm the founder and creator of the never quit challenge. i never quit. neither do the men or women on board. >> never quit. these words are at the core of every service man or woman past and present. and this september 11th, those words rang truer than ever. 12 years after the attacks on the world trade center, a magnetic energy and a feeling of victory fills the air of new york city. this fleet of jet skis barreling up the east coast are riden by proud military veterans and wuded warriors, who are bringing with them, hope, resilience and patriotism. these men and women are a part of six teams that have journeyed from dee west, florida to new york city in an effort to honor the fallen and raise money and awareness for three veteran's challenges. there are six days, 1,600 mission is aptly titled the never quit challenge. a civilian military instructor and the create or of the never
9:51 am
quit challenge. >> this 9/11 with the after math of the terrorist attacks, there is a new generation of veterans that are combat wound, ptsd, we have families in need. so we have, you know, to take care of this generation, so that awareness just doesn't end with the war effort. it actually begins. >> through this mission alone, their days, they've raised $55,000 for charity. one of the riders is an army veteran who served in iraq and afghanistan. in 2004, he was paralyzed in a military accident. >> it's what really motivated me to push myself harder and further than i ever have been pushed. it was on the edge for a good feeling. it was like being back in the days in the military where you bought the to push forward. we try to push forward. >> he is a navy seal, losing both of his legs in afghanistan when he stepped on an ied last
9:52 am
year. >> when i found out both my legs were gone, i wasn't really worried about missile so much as worried about my son and you know wanting to, you know, am i going to be able to do these things like run with him, ply catch with him, do anything with him. and it took me a while to realize that i'll be able to do all those things. >> for him, the never quit challenge has been a source of inspiration. he says this journey is much bigger than him. >> when i was in pain and keeping myself going, i'd think about my brothers that have fallen and how they can't be here to do this. they'd love to be doing something like this and doing it for their families and their loved ones. and with that motivation, i would never quit. >> for these veterans, that's what it's all ability. remembering their fallen brothers an sisters, while looking towards the future and the hope each new day brings.
9:53 am
>> when you are feeling down about yourself or something, you think about this. it's an inspiration. >> never quit. >> wounded warrior project, iada, operation members, if you can, you are able help these guys out. >> absolutely. >> we are beam. this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
. >> all right. move it out. >> bye-bye. pack it up. >> are they going to put down with you guys?
9:56 am
>> it is 9:56 now. good morning. the man accused of a deadly shooting near san jose state spartan stadium is expected to make his first court appearance in just a few hours. prosecutors will likely charge 62-year-old craig uhara today. he is expected to be arraigned
9:57 am
in a san jose courtroom this afternoon. police say he shot 47-year-old daniel winslow on sunday morning. they have not released his motive. a source, though, tells nbc bay area winslow may have been trying to burglarize cars in the area when he was confronted by uhara. police say they cannot confirm that report. crews expected to have full control of the fire that's burning on mount diablo by tomorrow. firefighters say the so-called morgan fire is now 9d 0% contained. a little more than 3,100 acres have burned. closer to the weekend, maybe you're headed out to see america's cup today on the bay. let's get a look at the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> thank you, marla. beautiful thursday shaping up out there. especially if you have the privilege of heading out to america's cup. temperatures already nice and comfortable. even at about 69 degrees at 3:00 p.m. if you can't make it out there, don't worry. we have you covered. all that starts right here on nbc bay area at 1:00 p.m. 86 degrees on the way to
9:58 am
livermore today. 74 for fremont. 67 degrees in san francisco. meanwhile, we will be hitting the upper 70s in san jose. not too hot, and a cooler weekend ahead. let's check your drive. good morning, mike. >> good morning. things are starting to calm down finally for a rough day. this is north 880 past the coliseum. still bogging down around high street. we'll look at the bay bridge where a lot of those folks are headed. heading into san francisco. america's cup racing going on today, so expect a lot of crowds around the marina. we're looking over towards fremont, south 880 still bogged down around the mission boulevard into the south bay, and even in the north bay we have a late burst here coming down. back to you. >> all right, mike. thanks so much. we'll be back at 10:26 with our next local news update. see you then. [ mom ] in my family, we're big cereal lovers.
9:59 am
so we just look for this g. 'cause general mills makes over 40 yummy flavors that are 130 calories or less per serving. and they're packed with vitamins and minerals. from lucky charms to cheerios. over 40 cereals. 130 calories or less. [ laughs ] ♪ [ female announcer ] hey ladies. you love it. you've got to have it. cinnamon toast crunch, 'cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresistible. everybody craves those crazy squares.®
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and it's a beautiful thirsty thursday. beautiful day in new york city. hi, hodi. >> hi, girl. >> we've been here a long time already today. >> we've been very busy because we welcomed carson daly to the "today show." >> we sure did. none of us knew it would happen until yesterday. there's a countdown to the new studio that we will be showing the press today and showing america on monday.
10:01 am
>> it's like here's where my living room is. >> we won't make excuses on what is not finished yet. oh, but we haven't painted yet. >> and we don't know where the bar is. have they designated that. >> we bring the bar with us. >> carson is going to host something called the orange room. >> he's going to be the link two between the -- >> >> the interweb and the people. >> okay. and he's also going to be link between what's going on on our set and you at home. >> done try to make it so easy. it will be fun, though. he's very comfortable. he's very relaxed. we already love him. it's been here forever. so it seems very, very natural. he is. welcome, welcome. we have one more money in the zoo. >> yes, we do. yes. now hoda and i yesterday after the show, we went to cancer fitzgerald. every year on 9/11 they ask some
10:02 am
people to come to generate funds for their 9/11 funds. you go in and everybody was there in their cubicles with all their stuff in front of them. i don't know how they understand any of it. >> the reason is they lost two-thirds of their employees on 9/11. so they really made it a priority. they've never forgotten about it. >> they had the single largest loss. one of them was my friend tom, my dear friend terry's husband. i try to go there every time i could. even though it's raising money for a serious thing, it's a lot of fun. >> it is a lot of fun. you get a percentage of whatever deal they do. >> all of it. the whole commission. >> last year they raised over $3 million. >> 14 million, right, chris? >> you and i were there. we were on fire. how much you going to trade? you kept making them trade more. and they did and we made lots of
10:03 am
money. >> we had our way with them. that is bruce jenner. i had no idea bruce was there. i want to publicly apologize to kris, who was nowhere to be seen. you know. >> that's an interesting shot. >> hello to you. >> yes, yes, yes. now, you know, we all know about your little dog blake. love blake. everybody knows what's happening with blake. remember the same day i gave cinnamon lee to my friend. that picture was just sent to us yesterday. basically taryn say on her way to the vet to get cinnamon lee fixed. how cute is he? >> adorable. >> how cute are they when they have no idea what's about to happen? she just sent a text saying tell kathie lee i'm going to kill her.
10:04 am
they can't find cinnamon lee's second ball. now they're going to charge me two times as much to fix him. they think it's in his stomach. she gave me a one ball dog. and there he is. the one-ball dog. >> he don't know. he's like what? >> i had two when i got here. >> i will pay the difference, taryn. i'll pay it out of the gifford family foundation. >> hysterical. so if you were watching million second quiz, and when you watch it it's weirdly addictive. t a trivia game. it's live. ryan seacrest is on the rooftop in new york city and it's fun. they have different people reading questions out to the contestants. and we read a question apparently last night. so let's see what we said. >> this is a video question from
10:05 am
the "today show's" kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. >> in roman mythology, who is the god of wine? is it cupid, janus, bachus or tartarus. >> four-point question, katie. answer it or double it back. five seconds. she's going to answer it. what did you say. ? >> "c", bacaus. she's up by seven now. >> she's a wino. good for her. >> i should point out, living in new orleans for many years. we pronounce it baucus. but they told me it was backas. >> that's the way it goes. anyway. you know who is amazing? >> who? >> besides carson daly is ryan
10:06 am
seacrest. he can do anything. if you guys enjoy "america's got talent", one of the things they do really well, a terrific act involves dogs. >> they won it last year. olate dogs. they were darling. well, they returned last night for a little performance. these dogs are incredible. see what they can do and stack them up against your dog. >> oh, i don't like that. look at this. okay, they are the happiest little dogs, too. >> yeah, they're tails are wagging. oh, nobody likes that. >> i love that. >> why does have to be in the back? you know, the dogs are better than the men. >> the tails are wagging. there's part of me that looks at it and goes ew. >> they love it.
10:07 am
see, they love it. >> oh, they're so happy! i wish blake could do anything. anything at all. he just rolls over like that. >> should i tell my famous joke? >> no, no, no, no. no, you can't. you cannot tell. >> so funny. >> "america's got talent", by the way the finals are tuesday and wednesday at 9:00, 8:00 central. >> we haven't seen this, but we're told it's by the same people that new k-mart commercials. >> it's a christmas ad. >> but there's a reason for that. it's 104 days until christmas. k-mart is trying to get people to become part of their layaway plan. these are the same people that made the commercials that we loved so much. >> we'll show you a new one first.
10:08 am
♪ >> don't let the holidays sneak up on you. shop early with k-mart free layaway and shop member prices can be put on layaway. >> sorry, it's too early for christmas. i don't care if it's layaway or not. >> this is not my favorite one of theirs. which one do we love the most? >> there was a shipping commercial. they wants you to ship your pants. ship your pants. >> let's watch it again. >> always fun. >> ship my pants? right here? ship my pants, you're kidding. >> you can ship your pants right here. >> you hear that? i can ship my pants for free. >> wow, i may just ship my pants. >> billy, you can ship your pants, too. >> i can't wait to ship my pants, dad. >> i just shipped my abouts and
10:09 am
it's very convenient. >> very convenient. >> i can ship my drawers. >> i just shipped my nighty. >> i just shipped the bed. >> if you can't find what you're looking for in store, find it at and ship it to you for free. >> genius. that was the best one. >> you're going to spoil my day. >> i'm actually going to make your day. this is an oldie. this is kenny loggins. >> then i'm gonna love it. >> everybody pay close attention. crank it up ♪ whenever i call you friend >> you know who is with him? >> stevie nicks. how can you love a great song and then love the garbage you love. ♪ >> here's stevie.
10:10 am
♪ forever and ever! ♪ ♪ day by day here it comes. no we have to -- here it is. crank it. this is the part. this is the part that we need. ♪ sweet love showing us a heavenly light ♪ ♪ i've never seen such a beautiful sight ♪ >> all right. that's a fantastic one. ♪ i know forever we'll be doing it doing it doing it ♪ little bit. dirty bit. little bit. >> there's one i'll play for you maybe tomorrow. >> okay. kenny loggins wrote a song called cody's song. and i recorded it later. >> all right. >> we're going to play it
10:11 am
tomorrow. >> no, we're not. we're going to play it on monday. okay or not okay. is it okay or not okay to sport a grill? here's what we said. >> not okay at all ever. end of story. >> but what do you really think? unless you are a rapper, they are not okay. >> even if you're a rapper. >> rappers can wear what they want. >> i don't see any reason for them. i really don't. okay, you know what time it is, hoda woman? >> i suppose you're going to tell me. >> i'm not. but once again, he will. >> okay. >> it's time for "be bold today." sponsored by progresso healthy. bold flavors for the bold hearted. >> and together we're going to spice up your life. >> all right. now is your chance to be bold and try something you've always wanted to.
10:12 am
>> we'll help two people achieve something off the bucket list today. send us a one-minute video about your goal, what you would like to do. we could choose you. chances are not. but we could. >> it might happen. >> you know who is coming up today? first of all, ambush makeovers. >> ricky gervais. >> and he's got a new series on netflix. he's going to be here to tell us all about derrick. you're going to fall in love right after this. progresso takes your heart healthy diet from bland to bold. [ p hone ringing ] [ daughter ] hi mom. hey honey, the trip's great, very relaxing. are you sure you can't make it? but you come every year!
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10:16 am
>> he's best known as cocreator of the hit show "the office" as well as his sharp tongue. >> now ricky gervais is the writer, director and star of a new series. it's so great. i love it on "netflix." it's called derrik where he plays a gentle care taker in a retirement home. >> oh my gosh. we just watched them this morning. >> this is so amazing. >> most everyone else on tv is fake, but we're real. >> the best show in the world. >> honestly, we didn't know what to expect.
10:17 am
netflix is surprising us all over the place. i thought it would be hilarious. but you said, i would rather make people cry than laugh. >> i've always snuck a little drama into my work. but this is a show about kindness so it's more out there. >> is "derek" based on someone who knew? >> it's based on a lot of people you meet growing up. they may be nerds or outsiders, but i wanted kindness to come along and trump everything. the people you see are not like brad pitt and johnny depp. they're ordinary people doing extraordinary things. >> we don't spend enough time with people like derek in our world. we're too quick to dismiss people like that. >> >> yeah, and they're funny and smart and sweet. >> and you learn important things from them. >> we saw you on the golden
10:18 am
globes doing your thing. a lot of people saw you as that spot. >> we have to be more brash, arrogant. we have to bring down authority whenever we can. i loved it. i was shocked at first. by the end, by the third one i think people got it. oh, i get it. they're jokes. >> and they're not meant to hurt people. or destroy my career. but in derek you see a whole another side to mr. gervais. >> yeah. you have to be in charge. >> we didn't get to that one yet. is it the question? >> yeah. it's scripted. but it's a documentary so it has to look unscripted.
10:19 am
there's one in particular where i could not stop sobbing. >> yeah, but you were probably drunk. >> no, i wasn't. i don't start till 10:00, truly. i have my standards. >> yeah. when you start at 9:00 you know you've got a problem. we see selfies all over the place. yours is unique. >> the idea is you have to make yourself look as hideous as possible, you know, with only the face you've been given. [ laughter ] . are you in the tub? yes, you are. musing himself. >> look at that. >> will you show us how to make a hideous face. >> nobody needs to know what we were doing. that's not right. >> all you have to do is make yourself look as awful as possible. so you get your chin like that. you get it from under there.
10:20 am
all right. so take it. okay. ready. >> that was hideous. >> yeah, that's pretty hideous. >> and i wondered if it was real wine. >> are we going to show it? . here's what i love about it. that's pretty bad. >> that's amazing. >> excuse me. that is talent. this is horrendous. >> they're used to us. >> we're drunk. hello, hello, america. >> what i love is he does this. it doesn't take that long to wash everything out. and then you have all this lovely hot water. >> i don't want to waste the hot water. exactly, yeah. end of the day, maybe a glass of wine. >> why wait?
10:21 am
>> yeah. amazing. >> now we want to send us a new selfie of you in the bathtub having a glass of wine while you're bathing. >> how do i do that? are you on twitter? >> she is. >> i have somebody that does that stuff for me. okay? >> i imagine you have do everything for you. >> whatever is necessary. i'll introduce you on the way out. we love you. we love "derek." you have to watch it. it is delicious we hit the plaza in search of a doover. ♪ na na na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ i'm gonna use my two hands ♪ i'm gonna move a mountain ♪ i woke up to a light bulb on ♪ every little thing is possible now ♪
10:22 am
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try new almay liquid lip balm. it feels great on my lips. only from almay. you got to try it i'm home! [ scraping ] hey...dinner. [ male announcer ] of all the things that happen on your wooden surfaces, disinfecting has to be one of them. clorox disinfecting wipes. gentle on wood. hard on germs. clorox disinfecting wipes. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate ♪ we, we chocolate cross over ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over ♪ [ male announcer ] fiber one 80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate >> it is 10:26. east palo alto police are looking for a gunman that shot two teens right in front of their own home. it happened late last night on fairington way near the university village shopping center. police say someone pulled up to the home in a newer silver honda
10:27 am
and shot at a 17 and 16-year-old who were sitting outside. officers originally said it was related to a road rage incident but have since backed away from that motive. we spoke to one of them that says this is a fourth time gunfire has erupted near their home. we'll have a look at weather and traffic after the break.
10:28 am
>> welcome back. meteorologist christina loren, we have a fwood looking day
10:29 am
shaping up. fog burns off in particular. still cloudy out there. the sun still breaking through through some parts of the bay area. still going to be really sunny for today's america cup phenyl races. all the action starts right here on nbc bay area 1:00 p.m. 77 in san jose. we'll have your seven day in a half hour. let's check your drive with mike. things are moving much more nicely. all of the lanes. you should continue to see this break up. as we look at the maps, we do see there's still a slowdown, but no big deal. it's just fine. there's another crash right around dakota, and a little slow as it continues to come out of hayward, and really good now. back to you. >> all right, mike. thanks so much. former 49ers talking about concussions in the south bay. ronny lot, the keynote speaker at sapta clara university annual sem pose yum on sports concussio concussions. he is considered to be one of the hardest hitters in the nfl. we'll tell you what he has to
10:30 am
say about concussions. that's coming up at 11:00. see you then. ♪ and we are back on this thirsty thursday wh our plaza ambush makeover. our dynamic duo was out in the crowd searching for the perfect pair to surprise with a whole new look. >> everybody, let's sing along. lewis la la la la. >> and author jill martin. all right, it's a little muggy out there today. >> a little muggy. but we were able to find two women who didn't have a clue how glamorous they could be. >> okay. katie is 30 years old. as a mother of two with a
10:31 am
commuter husband, she rarely has time to focus on herself. she jumped at the chance to get pampered. >> we spotted katie because of the teenage mutant ninja turtle. i know you wanted to cut your hair. >> exactly. i'm so excited. i'm planning on donating it to locks of love. very excited. >> what do you think of all this? >> it's pretty cool. she's been a stay at home mom, and i've been out of town a lot. she has taken a lot of responsibility with the kids, and she really deserves something nice. >> thank you so much. >> we like it when people say thank you. >> enalike ramsey. he's kind of cute in that turtle shirt. >> ramsey, please keep your blindfold on. here is katie meadows before.
10:32 am
all right. katie, let's see the new you. all right. oh my god. >> turtle man is going to go into shock. >> ramsey get ready. take off that blindfold. >> whoa, turtle man. >> oh my god. >> katie. >> he likes what he sees. spin around. like in the mirror. >> you look hot. >> is that arson? okay. spin right around. you look beautiful. am i going to need to get kleenex for you? >> that's giselle. >> i chose to keep her hair longer. because she's 6'2". this is a super model. she just didn't know it. i slightly lightened the hair. making it a little bit blonder on the ends. but still keeping it very
10:33 am
natural so she can maintain her hair style when she goes back home. >> look at ramsey. he is liking what he sees. >> she's ouls gorgeous, but she looks great. >> that dress is perfect. >> this is a brand called nue by i love it. because people don't think you can wear turquoise in the fall. >> she's a super model. she can do whatever she wants. >> the boots from nine west. >> fantastic. good job. okay. our second lady is theresa h hubbell. she's 58 years old. no, no. she's 45. you guys have to choose between one or the other. her hairdresser has been trying to convince her to color her hair for years. she decided today is a great day for a new look. >> i can't believe that you're her mom. you look like her sister. >> thank you.
10:34 am
but i know you want this for your daughter. tell us why. >> she's a wonderful daughter. she's awesome. we get alock well. it's she's awesome. i have three children, and they're all awesome. >> what do you think about this for your wife? >> it won't take long to make her beautiful. >> we've all determined that she is 58. which is still younger than i am. so it's her husband joe and mom diane. that would be kinky. but anything can happen around here. and we don't judge. let's bring out the new theresa hubbell. >> oh, nice. all right, you guys ready? take off your blindfolds, please. ♪ all right. want to see what they're looking at? >> oh!
10:35 am
thank you. >> she said thank you. that's a good sign. >> i'm telling you, washing away the gray washes twaway the year. 30 minutes and it's a whole new woman. they updated her hair style. something as simple as moving the part over to the side. dog gone it. >> and layering the top a little bit more. >> thank you. >> and all the makeup, that makes everyone look fresh and younger. >> beautiful. >> you look gorgeous. >> i recognize the earrings, jill. >> the earrings are kendra scott. i love the whole look on her. if you want to look slimmer, it's great to put on another texture. you see the leather going down the side. this is also from edress. >> mom, what's going on? >> great son-in-law and a beautiful daughter. >> what do you think? >> i think i need a makeover.
10:36 am
she looks too good. >> let's bring katie back out. so good. so good. [ cheering ] thank you, jill. all right. now she's here to tell us about her truly electric album. >> and actor kirk cameron is here. he puts his faith on the big screen coming up next. >> wow. screen coming up next. >> wow. wow, ladies. young women are sacrificing so much today screen coming up next. >> wwithout thinking of wow,their own satisfaction. really? you're sacrificing that gorgeous complexion for this? um... it's the playoffs! enough with the sacrificing. start here... light & fit greek nonfat yogurt. thick, creamy, twice the protein and ps 80 calories. it's a home run right? light & fit greek. ♪ dannon! go cougars!
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10:39 am
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10:40 am
she is known for her funky critically acclaimed music, awesome dance moves and is fearless in rocking her sky high hairdo. >> and now she's come out with her second cd. it's called the electric lady. we're so happy to have you with us. >> i'm honored. i'm humbled. i love y'all. >> the very first thing you notice when someone takes a quick glance at yo is your hair. >> it's a monet. >> how much work goes into the monet? >> it's a lot of love a lot of ideas. >> you don't give your secrets away. you are a fascinating young lady. from kansas city, right?
10:41 am
>> born and raised. >> tell us what your musical influences were. >> i grew up in a musical family. my dad. his family. in the choir. according to my auntie i would sing michael jackson songs in the choir. i was always listening to bad or beat it. >> that's funny if you break into that at church. that's funny. that's a sermon. >> absolutely. i was preaching. get it together. we in church. >> a lot of people just got to know you because you sing along with the group fun. how did that collaboration come about? >> they reached out to me. they were big fans of my last album. they pretty much reached out a couple times like we really wanted you to be on the song. i listened to it and i loved the song. they were on tour with me. they opened up for me. yeah, yeah. we had a relationship.
10:42 am
it was great. i'm honored to be on such a big song like that. >> the critics are going crazy over this. how could someone so young be understanding all of it so well and with such grace. you have a beautiful spirit about you. >> thank you so much. i'm very thankful. this is my second full-length album. it's a double album, and i got the opportunity to go for it. i brought in an orchestra, horn players. i duet with erika bondu. solange knoles. and i got a chance to work with my musical hero prince. >> what do they think back home? >> i hope they're proud. i always want to make them proud. that's the bad thing is leaving the family. they're so supportive that they make me want to keep working hard. >> you can tell how well you
10:43 am
were raised. there's a song you have called tight rope. i was at the billboard music awards and that song came on and the whole place exploded. there was something about that song tight rope. >> yeah. >> hold on. >> show us how to do it. >> this is your morning cardio. come on. come on. come on. >> oh. >> and this song is about finding your balance in life. life will give you so many highs and lows. ♪ high low ♪ you got to tip on the tight rope ♪ >> oh i love her! >> you are adorable. >> thank you. thank you. and actor kirk cameron is going to take on a leap of faith next. >> he will answer questions
10:44 am
[announcer] there's no hiding the goodness of the latest from beneful baked delights. new heartfuls are made with real bacon... ...and oven-baked to crisp perfection. add a soft apple-flavored center ...and say no more. new heartfuls from beneful baked delights. spark more play in your day. fruit, with a cool finish. fruit on one side. cool on the other. ice breakers duo. a fruity cool way to break the ice.
10:45 am
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10:48 am
it is an age old question. why do bad things happen to good people? >> actor kirk cameron tries to answer that question and quite a bit more in his new documentary, unstoppable, a personal journey that he embarks on. and he's with us here again. you were here from monumental. and this is an interesting thing. one night, all over theater in the country. >> that's right. >> a live event. you're going to be doing it from liberty university in virginia. >> that's right. >> tell us about it. >> that's right. that's right. well, this is a live event. so simultaneously tens of thousands of families will gather into theaters and see this movie that looks tragedy right in the face. >> right in the eye. >> and i'm attempting to answer the question, where is god in the midst of tragedy.
10:49 am
in the memory of 9/11 and school shootings and my friend that just died of cancer, i want to know the answer to this question. >> a 15-year-old young man, right? >> named matthew. people always ask that. how could god let this happen to a child? what did you learn on the journey? >> i learned it's okay to ask the question why. some people come from a background that says it's not to ask why. >> don't insult god. he has his ways. that kind of thing. >> but throughout history when people ask the question why with a sincere desire to understand, there's a treasure of an answer waiting. my attempt is not to answer this with some trite religious thing, but give the story, the history. if we can climb up to heaven's balcony and get a wide angle view of all of history through the garden of eden and the flood and up to today, maybe it makes
10:50 am
sense in a larger story. we can see that god is up to something, it's magnificent and we can trust him. >> it confirmed your faith. it didn't make you lose your faith, right? >> what i think should have shredded my faith and made many people walk away from god actually made my faith stronger. i'm hoping to give that hope and inspiration to others. >> you know what, you don't know how you're going to react if tragedy hits you in the face. if you lost one of your six beautiful children. or if i did or if you lost people, you question. but you point is god is big enough for the question. and if you seek him he will give you the answers you're looking for. >> i'm trying to give people a fresh, creative look on how to look at things like this. honestly. and we create the garden of eden and adam coming out of the dirt. >> it's so cool when adam comes
10:51 am
out of the dirt. >> he's very hot. >> and he's bald. which raises a lot of questions. #. >> so just so quickly again, it's on september 24th. what time? or how do you know where it is? >> go to put in your zip code. you can see the theater near your house. and it's a one-time showing. k at night. be there that night or you don't get to see it in theaters. >> it's really moving. >> you're going to put it on dvd afterwards, right? >> yes. >> i shouldn't have said that. no he's not! one time only to see it in the movie theaters. all right, 1,227 interesting facts to blow your socks off, and good thing i'm only wearing spanx. >> how many of them will kathie lee and i get right? >> not many. >> get the buzzers ready. ♪
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
all right, calling all trivia lovers. the popular british show has made a success out of sharing witty and entertaining facts, catching the attention of a lot of americans. >> now the creators john lloyd and john mitchum are sharing their knowledge in a new book. 1,227 quite interesting facts to blow your socks off. and they're going to put our wisdom to the test. >> we asked a question in the tease. the question was, what's 10 inches tall and can run faster than usain bolt? we didn't know the answer. >> a domestic cat. >> what if it's a fat cat? okay. i'm not going to question every answer. i'm just telling you. >> question one. apart from nasa, what organization did 11 of the 12 men belong to?
10:56 am
>> he hasn't given you the answers. >> that's minus ten for you. >> why? is it an at a, b, c, d thing? >> i don't like your attitude. >> i like him a lot. >> that was a good guess, all right. >> a, the u.s. navy. b, phi beta kappa. c, the boy scouts. >> i'm going with "c" the boy scouts. they weren't all phi beta kappa. >> is that correct? >> yes. okay. we're ready. >> now next question. what is the most shoplifted book in the usa? "a", ""fifty shades of grey," "b", the bible. >> i would guess "fifty shades
10:57 am
of grey." but i'm going to bo with sourcerer. 208 million. >> that's quite interesting. >> okay. question three. >> i love this game. >> which hollywood star's middle name is tiffany? >> is it "a" scarlet johansson. "b", julia roberts. "c" richard gere. >> i'm going with scarlet johansson. >> i hope it's richard gere. >> it is richard gere. it was his mom's maiden name. >> what do 97% of people do when trying out a new pen? >> scribble with it. >> yeah. okay, what do they write? >> their name. >> correct. >> did she win?
10:58 am
>> yes. >> bring it on, jerry. i already have one of these! but i love it. i'm going to share it
10:59 am
11:00 am
>> i don't think anything can be bad enough to just start shooting at a house that you don't know who lives in. i don't think anything can be that bad. >> right now the hunt is for a gunman who shot two teenagers. a home riddled with bullets, and we can tell you this is not the first time this house has been targeted. good morning, everybody. thank you very much for joining us. i'm john kelly. >> good morning. i'm marla teye sdwl. no one called 911. instead east palo alto police picked up the barrage of gunfire using their shot spotter technology. that's what led them to this home on fairington way near university' is and bay road teenagers shot. i spoke to one of them who was


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